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Test Case Name: Checklist for win-webcontent-jaws test

A list of JAWS function keystrokes to test with Firefox


This file contains a checklist of all of the special JAWS keystrokes to be tested with Firefox.

These keystrokes were found in the JAWS documentation in the "JAWS Commands for HTML" document and JAWS Keystroke card for Internet Explorer.  The goal is to ensure that JAWS has equivalent function with Firefox as with Internet Explorer.

This checklist can be used in conjunction with the "win-webcontent-jaws" test case.  That test case contains instructions and web page elements to be used when verifying these keystrokes.

JAWS Keystrokes to be tested

Check when completed Keystroke Function
Basic text navigation
. Alt+Left Arrow Back a page
. Backspace Back a page (same as Alt+LeftArrow)
. Alt+Right Arrow Forward a page
. Alt+D Move to address bar (location or URL text field at top of browser window)
. Insert+A Read address bar
. Insert+A twice quickly Move JAWS Cursor to address bar (same as Alt+D???)
. Insert+F6 Display List of  headings
. H Next heading
. Shift+H Prior heading
. Alt+Insert+Home First heading
. Alt+Insert+End Last heading
. 1 through 6 Next heading at level
. Shift+1 through 6 Prior heading at level
. P Move to next paragraph
. Shift+P Previous paragraph
. L Move to next list
. Shift+L Prior list
. Ctrl+Insert+L Display list of all ordered, unordered, and definition lists
. I Move to next item in a list
. Shift+I Prior item in a list
. F8 Select list
. Q Move to next block quote
. Shift+Q Previous block quote
. Ctrl+Insert+Q Display List of block quotes
Other misc. keystrokes
. S Move to next same element
. Shift+S Prior same element
. D Move to next different element
. Shift+D Prior different element
. Shift+Period (.) Move to next element
. Shift+Comma (,) Prior element
. J Jump to line
. Shift+J Previous line
. Z Move to next division
. Shift+Z Prior division
. Ctrl+Insert+Z Display list of divisions
Links and images
. Insert+F7 Display List of Links
. Tab Next Link
. Shift+Tab Prior Link
. V Next visited link
. Shift+V Prior visited link
. U Next unvisited link
. Enter Open link
. Ctrl+Enter Open link in new tab
. Shift+Enter Open link in new window
. N Next non-link text
. Shift+N Prior non-link text
. A Next anchor
. Shift+A Prior anchor
. Ctrl+Insert+A Display list of anchors
Graphic images
. G Move to next graphic
. Shift+G Prior graphic
. Ctrl+Insert+G Display list of graphics
HTML Form fields and controls
. Insert+Ctrl+Home Move to first form field
. F Move to next form field
. Shift+F Prior form field
. Insert+Ctrl+End Move to last form field
. B Next button
. Shift+B Prior button
. Ctrl+Insert+B Display List of  buttons
. C Next combo box
. Shift+C Prior combo box
. Ctrl+Insert+C Display List of  combo boxes
. E Next edit box
. Shift+E Prior edit box
. Ctrl+Insert+E Display List of  edit boxes
. R Next radio button
. Shift+R Prior radio button
. Ctrl+Insert+R Display List of  radio buttons
. X Next check box
. Shift+X Prior check box
. Ctrl+Insert+X Display List of  check boxes
. Enter Enter forms mode
. Numpad Plus

Laptop: CapsLock+; (semicolon)
Exit forms mode
. Insert+F5 Display List of form fields
. Shift+F8 Enter/Leave multi-select mode
HTML Frames
. M Move to next frame
. Shift+M Prior frame
. Insert+F9 Display list of frames
. T Move to next table
. Shift+T Prior table
. Ctrl+Insert+T Display List of  tables
. Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow Move to and read next cell
. Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Move to and read prior cell
. Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow Move to and read cell above
. Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow Move to and read cell below
. Ctrl+Alt+Home Move to and read first cell
. Ctrl+Alt+End Move to and read last cell
. Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 5
laptop: ????
Read current cell
. WinKey+Down Arrow Read next row
. WinKey+Up Arrow Read prior row
. WinKey+Comma (,) Read current row
. Insert+Shift+Home Read from beginning of row to current cell
. Insert+Shift+Page Up Read from current cell to end of row
. WinKey+Period (.) Read current column
. Insert+Shift+End Read from top of column to current cell
. Insert+Shift+Page Down Read from current cell to bottom of column
. F8 Select table
. WinKey+J
(or Ctrl+J in IE)
Jump to table cell (from within a table)
. Shift+WinKey+J
(or Ctrl+Shift+J in IE)
Return to previous cell
Additional JAWS functions
. Shift+Insert+F1 Display element information
. Ctrl+Shift+Insert+F1 Display detailed element information
. F8 Select entire element
. F5 Reload web page
. Insert+Esc Refresh JAWS virtual mode
. F3 JAWS Find next
. Shift+F3 JAWS Find previous
. Ctrl+K Temporary place marker
. Ctrl+Shift+K List, Goto, or Modify place markers
. K Move to next place marker
. Shift+K Previous place marker
. Insert+Ctrl+Enter Activate mouse-over

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Last update: 16 July 2006