That's a long time on the Internet, so let's celebrate five years of working together to make the Web better for everyone.



Want to join the fun? Try the ideas below, and when you're finished be sure to post a photo or video of your project to Flickr with the tag 'Firefox5'. The best photos and videos will be rewarded with cool Firefox swag


Borrow a projector and shine the Firefox logo on the wall during your party, or make a logo stencil and place it in front of a flashlight for a cool effect. Or, go crazy and get a searchlight to create your very own Firefox "bat signal"!


Think of the most interesting way you can combine Firefox and light. For example, create the logo out of candles on a birthday cake or program your very own lite brite! The more creative, the better.


Get the Firefox logo on your phone and take a picture holding it in front of a local landmark. Or, organize a bunch of friends for a big group photo with the logo on everyone's phones.

Reminder: have fun, but be safe and use common sense. And get permission before projecting our logo on public buildings!

Looking Back

How has the Web changed since 2004? Read more on our Hacks blog.

Looking Ahead

Firefox is going mobile! Get a sneak preview of what's in store.

Get Creative

Design a 5 Year poster and share it with the world on the Creative Collective.

Wish Firefox a Happy Birthday!

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