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SUN Mozilla Accessibility Task Force


  1. Mozilla Support for Linux/UNIX Assistive Technology Developers
    Mozilla supports the AT-SPI (Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface) in HTML and in our user interface (based on XUL technology). This makes it possible for the developers of Linux and UNIX accessibility software, such as screen readers, voice dictation packages and screen magnifiers to provide support for Mozilla.
  2. Mozilla/Gecko Keyboard Navigation Proposal
    Proposes keyboard navigation mechanisms in "Caret Browsing Mode".
  3. Mozilla Accessibility
    Mozilla Accessibility Documents For Developers.
  4. Introduction of Sun's Beijing Mozilla Accessibility Team
    This is about Sun's Beijing Team who is focusing on Mozilla Accessibility project.
  5. Mozilla Accessibility on Linux/Unix
    There are some useful documents about mozilla accessibility on unix, including gnome accessibility architecture.
  6. Accessibility QA
    This is about QA for mozilla accessibility especially on unix. It includes test cases, test tools and some test documents.
  7. Accessibility API
    This is the description about Mozilla Accessibility Interface.
  8. FAQ of Accessible Mozilla on UNIX/Linux
    There are answers to frequently asked questions about the accessible mozilla on UNIX/Linux.

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