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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.10.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
671745 Intermittent failure in test_replay_metadata.html | Should have received two ended events for 320x24…
634881 A new tab (from another group) is present in a group after a session restore
598040 Poor performance w. canvas-based library
688154 Remove return value (and |new| success-checking) from NewRequestAndEntry (imgLoader.cpp)
688158 geo.enable => false should make navigator.geolocation undefined
712743 Investigate if we could reduce traversing by checking if node is black
696362 OpenDatabaseHelper's dtor can release objects on the wrong thread.
688174 IonMonkey: LInstruction::InputIterator should support instruction with snapshot and no operands.
696381 Library search field should be opaque regardless of aero glass
688190 Add various console warnings
674485 Style inspector is missing a color legend for it's rule colors
491589 Convert ns{Int,}{Point,Size,Margin,Rect} to typedefs
696390 Crash [@ vp8_filter_block1d4_v6_ssse3 ] when jumping through HTML5-Video
696393 S390 xptc invoke broken
507988 gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled should be live apply
663646 intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/ta…
704612 disable plugins on android for aurora (10)
655462 "ASSERTION: aPrevFrame must be the last continuation in its chain!" with columns, abs pos
688238 Move Init() arguments into the constructor
696437 Add Gfx AppNotes for mobile
680082 Texture Size check in ThebesLayerOGL is wrong for platforms that use TiledTextureImage
688277 add way to examine WeakMap keys in browser tests
688279 Clean up test_favicons.js
704693 Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) uses tablet-only Honeycomb theme
598204 Make <feImage> work with xlink:href=[svg-image.svg]
696517 Crash [@ gfxASurface::SetDeviceOffset]
688327 spidermonkey shell (Debug build) runs code incorrectly when both -m -D are specified
688333 [Skia] Import skia source files and get them building on mac
688342 [Azure] Let nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure use backends other than D2D
647390 Remove the calloc+placement-new pattern
688365 [Skia] Enable 'new AA' mode
688366 [Skia] Fix Skia bug with radial gradients of the same radius
688367 [Azure] Implement Skia backend for Azure
688368 [Azure] Make SourceSurfaceSkia copy-on-write
549116 Enable Direct2D by default
672002 Move HTML panel to a docked "panel" in the main browser window (highlighter)
688389 Multiple tabs in Pop-up windows (created through Panorama)
672006 [highlighter] Selecting a Node should update the Highlighter's main toolbar with a breadcrumb displa…
598289 Unable to paste CF_HTML from clipboard if StartHTML/EndHTML set to -1
663831 Style inspector should be controllable from the highlighter
663833 [highlighter] Add a floating toolbar next to the selected node
696603 "(new MozBlobBuilder).append(null);" crashes
688416 Test for Bug 502959 relies on XHR event listener being an nsIDOMEventListener
688417 Test for Bug 505915 expects setting XHR.onreadystatechange to cause unwrapping of the object passed …
688422 Memory usage increase detected in Mozmill Endurance tests 19-20 Sept 2011
696618 Spreadsheet of Google Docs stop response for a while when I input values continuously
696627 Re-enable incremental linking for debug builds using VC10/11
672064 twitter-text.js is slow to load in Firefox
696651 Crash when document.close() called with document.write() (of the same doc) already on the call stack
688461 Search result for tabs from other windows is truncated for certain sites
688465 success callback never fires when a position update is triggered after getCurrentPosition() prompted…
688468 Fix up nsIFrameMessageManager::sendAsyncMessage/nsISyncMessageSender::sendSyncMessage IDL signature
696661 Make nsIJSEventListener::mHandler a JSObject
696663 Make nsIJSEventListener::mScopeObject a JSObject
696665 nsJSContext::JSObjectFromInterface should take a JSObject scope parameter
254298 nsPlainTextSerializer.cpp should not use AssignWithConversion
663899 .jar should not be openable on Mac or Linux, download only (CVE-2011-3666)
696668 nsIScriptContext::CallEventHandler should take a JSObject scope parameter
680286 IonMonkey: Generate code for LUnboxObject.
713067 cannot determine the location after sharing Geolocation
500079 QCMS slows graphic handling, even on systems that can't use it
696690 Memory reporter for the startup cache
680315 IonMonkey: Implement Calls to C++
647560 Incorrect font rendering with 2 sec delay greyscale->subpixel on scrollable div
622992 Fennec crash in base::CloseSuperfluousFds at startup
688531 Remove NameList
619930 Change the back/forward buttons tooltips to notify users that right-clicking/click-holding the butto…
688544 Make nsFrameLoader::mOwnerContent an Element*
696739 Cannot change options on Travelocity site using mouse
697756 Video capture feature of Android depends on raw video feature
688558 Context Menu for Inspect Element can Create 2 Highlighters
680375 Source Editor line gutter should have a bit of margin on the right.
688571 JS_PropertyIterator is broken
696768 Consistently check OGL framebuffer completeness in non-debug builds
647624 Remove property access inc/dec ops
647626 Remove compound GET*PROP opcodes
696788 Build using jemalloc and SDK compiler crashes shortly after startup
688600 Remove the iQ dependencies from the Remote Debugger
631258 WebGL shader paints using arbitrary textures, some even belonging to other processes, on Mac OS 10.5
704987 Ignore the hotfix add-on when warning users about incompatible add-ons before updates
655836 Information leakage between canvases and origins [Windows D2D]
680413 Allow using child process message manager in chrome process
696803 Clang warning: unused function PushMarkStack(GCMarker *gcmarker, JSShortString *thing)
688618 "trailing" while panning in fennec
688619 Make FrameLayerBuilder::DisplayItemEntry use an nsAutoTArray
680432 IonMonkey: Greedy Allocator: erasure of xmm register.
696817 Cycle-collect nsDOMWindowUtils
598517 X3DOM demo causes bad glBindTexture call in fake-black-texture code
696830 Add a "Closure" scope to the debugger property view
688641 Allocate GC chunks using helper thread.
705026 Kindle Fire: Menu on has blanked out items
688646 Update tests/js1_5/Function/ to conform to ES5
688648 Dispatch mozfullscreenerror event when requests for full-screen are denied
696844 Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15892
682754 Date.parse() with ISO date should tolerate a missing colon in the timezone
696849 add test cases observing cross-domain XHR in chrome code
680482 Dump more complete Javascript heap graph
655907 Start homing class-prototype lookups directly in the global object, not in a windy series of steps b…
696876 Rename class CodeGenerator to BytecodeEmitter
672312 Mini-require should be pulled out of GCLI and made a submodule so it can be shared with Source Map
696889 Upgrade ANGLE to r802
680509 Source Editor should highlight the current line
664131 Expand console object with group methods that indent future console messages in order to create sepa…
664142 DEFAULT state exposed incorrectly for HTML
696914 IndexedDB: IDBObjectStore.delete and IDBCursor.delete should return undefined
696918 Restrict key input in DOM full-screen mode to explicit whitelist
688733 nsWindow::mIMEComposing is used uninitialised
557671 OpenGL Image Layers need thread safety
696941 Privatize more stuff in Token
664179 Allow Cross-Origin URLs in EventSource (Server-Sent Events)
696953 Separate analyzeFunctions pass from the parser
696957 Add Sparc, POWER/PPC, IA64 big-endian detection to jscpucfg.h.
647809 SVG feSpotLight light source position, limitingConeAngle and filter area (clipping) wrong
656006 Crash [@ nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnStartRequest(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*) ] | ASSERTION: You ca…
688776 test_doublewrappedcompartments.xul relies on XHR event listener being an nsIDOMEventListener
688779 restore en-US hyphenation to the Android package
688787 don't use MOZ_GFX_OPTIMIZE_MOBILE for GetEchoPasswordImpl()
704622 [1.9.2] .jar should not be openable on Mac or Linux, download only (CVE-2011-3666)
696989 Lower network.http.max-connections to 48 on windows until bug 692260 is resolved
688798 disable client side rendering for maemo only
713381 Crash [@ nsRefPtr<nsBuiltinDecoder>::operator->() | nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::ScheduleStateMachi…
680625 Refactor configure's compiler checks
451250 Turn the POSTDATA prompt into an information page (when navigating in session history)
697014 Javascript test case testTypedArrays.js failed on sparc with typed array and TI
697016 Refine JS memory reporters
656059 Remove TraceRecorder::getClassPrototype(JSProtoKey, LIns*&), replace with TR::getObjectPrototype(LIn…
672456 inflated character spacing in svg file when harfbuzz is disabled
688844 Stop using PBuffers for plugins on OS X
697039 GCLI should officially drop support for older browsers
697048 Copy surface data URL's to clipboard
697057 Scaled patterns are blurred
697061 [followup on bug 296795] better string handling in nsJAR.cpp
688882 Investigate stack buffer overflow in nsLocalFile::EnsureShortPath
680692 GPOS contextual chaining positioning does not work
680694 Remove TableRowsCollection::Init
713468 xulrunner builds include OpenWebapps.js, breaking add-on installation in Fedora
656130 "ASSERTION: unexpected child list" and more
697102 Fix a typo in xpcom/base/nsIErrorService.idl
697109 browser_styleinspector_webconsole.js sometimes fails with instance stylePanels[1] is hidden
688925 Use unique links for the plugin-crashed UI (notification bar vs in-content)
688939 Assertion failure: script->ownerObject == owner, at jsscript.cpp:309
688968 Assertion failure: copied == 0, at ../methodjit/FrameEntry.h:179
418633 imgITools fails to decodeImageData for GIF images
697168 ReadPixels, TexImage2D, and TexSubImage2D incorrectly accept untyped array buffers
688996 "ASSERTION: Wrong root"
615279 JM: Undo ADD and INC/DEC in overflow path to avoid unnecessary syncs/moves
689008 Optimize XHR2 blob response
590711 panorama usage with MOZ_ACCELERATED=1: after click on "group tabs" button, firefox displays a total…
697210 Remove nsIDocument::CreateElem's aDocumentDefaultType argument
697211 conformance/state/gl-object-get-calls.html test failures
394119 "Wrong" time from dc:date without a colon in timezone offset
689036 Clean up extensions/pref/ makefiles +
689037 Remove unused layout/tools/layout-debug/
689040 Clean up services/
689043 Clean up xulrunner/
689045 Canvas Shadow swap/Init API rework
689046 createPattern(zero-size canvas) should throw
689051 drop the drop shadow on the back button for Windows 7
697244 Quickstub nsIDOMWindow.self
697247 IndexedDB: Database opening needs to block other database openings from proceeding
689058 Implement Document.mozFullScreenEnabled
656292 clearing history leaves empty site folders in the "by site" view of the history sidebar for many boo…
689066 Fix c++11 incompatibility
689069 [Skia] Forcibly disable frame pointer for ARM optimized functions
680880 Security problem with loadSubScript on 1.9.2 branch
635038 Minor update 3.5 users to 3.6 and EOL it
689078 Error in saving tab value: TypeError: this.parent is null
689101 Binary compatibility of jsval on MSVC
680917 Assertion failure@yarr/PageAllocation.h:103 on ia64: system page size is 0x4000 while requested siz…
639959 Update NetworkManager 0.9 connection states
689118 Firefox- Crash Report [@ js::AutoCompartment::AutoCompartment ]
402401 Malicious web site resizes Firefox and calls alert(), making it seem as if Firefox has crashed and o…
705509 Crash in mozilla::places::Database::GetAsyncStatement close to startup
689128 crash when calling nsIEventListenerService.getListenerInfoFor with null argument
672748 Style inspector UI refresh
697333 Update ANGLE to r809 to grab two important fixes
697336 Clean up nsDataObj::SetText on Windows
705530 Support strictCompatibility option in update.rdf
689157 Add support for building with clcache/ccache on Windows
451591 Suggested tree cleanup for gfx/
599048 Search results lose focus and search is closed on switch back to window with search results (window …
674647 Switch the OS X debug builds to 10.6
689164 Disable Style Inspector from Highlighter UI
650072 Make object equality testing faster
607251 Aero broken when switch Basic/Aero Theme while minimize/un-minimize window
689179 The -moz-font-feature-settings contextual swash (cswh) is on by default
705572 Kindle Fire: YouTube videos do not open in unavailable YouTube App
689195 nsLocalFileUnix.cpp:1432:78: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-W…
697390 Using switch-to-tab before Panorama moves new tabs around
689204 nsHTMLTableElement.cpp:1020:27: warning: unused variable ‘readDisplay’ [-Wunused-variable]
697407 Another Orion upstream update
640065 "Tabs from other windows" text disappears with background window
697410 Hide snippets container when it's empty
689235 We need raw data on thread performance
689680 WebRTC: missing include <stddef.h>
689252 cleanup/remove geo.wifi.* preferences
689256 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/components/sessionst…
705641 Incomplete framebuffer abort in mozilla::layers::LayerManagerOGL::CreateFBOWithTexture
672876 Inspect panel opens up on the wrong monitor
689269 The conservative GC can use (not just read) uninitialized memory
705663 Fix braindead WebGLTexture::HasImageInfoAt
697475 deCOMtaminate nsSVGPatternFrame::GetPatternFirstChild
689285 [[ThrowTypeError]] should not be extensible
672902 Highlighter should be useable via keyboard.
689288 xpcshell\tests\js\src\xpconnect\tests\unit\test_attributes.js and test_params.js are perma-orange on…
689301 Compile error in nsTimerImpl.cpp with gcc 4.6.0 on Fedora core 15 x64
525468 nsIPrincipal.origin attribute should be based on asciiHost
550047 Removing 'x' attribute from foreignObject doesn't move it
689319 update to current rule for handling malformed media queries
664744 "ASSERTION: unknown nsISVGValue" with getTransformToElement, createSVGTransformFromMatrix
697515 weakmap.set returns itself instead of undefined
689325 IonMonkey: Insert type guards on TypeSets attached to MParameters
550065 Incomplete repaint when removing transform attribute
709947 Don't use the ESSL backend of ANGLE
328908 Give nsHTMLSelectElement an Init function
656589 Crash [@ cairo_d2d_present_backbuffer ] invalid & oversize select option content causes crash on cli…
689362 mv js/src/{jsvector.h,jshashtable.h} js/public
689366 Crash [@ mozilla::layout::RenderFrameParent::GetLayerManager]
697560 WebGL Conformance fails on 'read-pixels-test'
681183 Make jemalloc_stats.committed meaningful on *nix (where MALLOC_DECOMMIT is not defined)
681202 support x86 android
689397 Work around the broken-ness of gcc4.2 on Mac which causes the protection implemented in bug 666414 n…
632064 remove/deprecate JS_GetScopeChain in lieu of JS_GetGlobalForScopeChain
656646 Firefox Crash [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::MaybeRecreateContainerForFrameRemoval ]
713991 Geolocation fails when used with large number of access points
689416 CSS 3d Cube is very slow in OGL backend
681229 Paste of \r\n in textarea gets converted to \n\n
689432 Disambiguate use of "samples" by introducing "frames" in a number of places
689433 Align nsAutoTArray<E>'s elements to their natural alignment
656666 Update HudService.jsm to allow GCLI integration
656668 Create Export from GCLI project to JSM
697629 nsToolkit "negative leak" on every run
320799 .clientWidth reports different width for two <select> fields of exactly the same width if one has a …
173345 Performance: empty switches have strange performance characteristics
697636 requestFullScreen should not work on navigated-away documents
697643 Crash [@ JS_IsExceptionPending] modifying a live NodeList
697646 Don't create tiny property tables
697647 flicker on html5/webm video
664894 Eliminate nsWebSocketEstablishedConnection and fold code into nsWebSocket
660451 Crash [@ nsIFrame::GetParent() | nsCSSFrameConstructor::MaybeRecreateContainerForFrameRemoval(nsIFra…
697666 Don't build the jstracer by default
714067 Last component of Arabic ligature is sometimes duplicated
697689 XHR broken on local filesystem
689501 CSS 3D Poster circle crashes on debug desktop build (Mobile FF)
615799 Numerous problems with skype addon
689532 GCLI leaks memory
684266 text-overflow: ellipsis with negative text-indent but padding bigger than text-indent shows ellipsis…
386440 Cairo image scaling/composite significantly slower on Linux.
689546 Simplify attribute updates to svg elements
591249 event dragleave not properly dispatched if drag-and-drop aborted with ESC within iframe
697750 Follow-up: replace about:home sync "links" (actually buttons) with links.
697753 WebGL Conformance fails on 'framebuffer-object-attachment'
689564 fails
697757 context-attributes-alpha-depth-stencil-antialias.html test failures
678811 Huge leaks with Video DownloadHelper after closing large changeset diffs on hg.m.o
673188 Compile regexps lazily
66984 Need name for new image library (rename libpr0n)
656810 Implement js::NumberObject
681387 caretPositionFromPoint seems to return different offset as what the selection offset is (backout bug…
665014 Selecting text in the GCLI output area is broken
632252 The find bar should be visually styled to match the add-ons bar
681407 crash nsLocalFile::CopyMove
550338 Broken focus when returning to editable documents from menus
689610 GCLI should publish devtools.gcli.enable pref in browser/app/profile/firefox.js
705997 Remove additional Java Consoles
689626 Brief flash of out-of-position content when keyboard opens with OGL layers on Galaxy Tab
706026 Crash in nsXULTextFieldAccessible::FrameSelection
656875 Scaling down the body makes the smallest text pieces disappear.
665070 WebGL functions allocating buffers/textures must check that the GL call succeeded, to prevent allowi…
697845 only call glFinish in RenderLayer, not in UpdateSurface
689659 devtools/ has two entries for inspector.html
706049 Firefox 9.0 Crash Report [@ nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::Contains(unsigned int, int*) ]
697861 Remove defined variables analysis
681480 Conditional forward button on gnomestripe performs animation when switching tabs
685655 Add parentheses to pymake's shell metacharacter blocklist
689679 Add What's New page to the Firefox Update Experience
673296 Origin handling in EventSource is bogus
693848 AboutPermissions is not batching when it's supposed to
615976 Implement WebGL antialiasing
706090 IndexedDB: OpenDatabaseHelper can release atoms off the main thread.
632365 Delay status updates for links further
542260 Crash [@ nsIFrame::GetParent] | ASSERTION: no placeholder frame for out-of-flow frame: 'Not Reached'…
697917 Avoid atomizing the token for nsDOMTokenList containment tests
681535 XUL reflow telemetry
689736 parentheses are flipped in RTL (e.g. Hebrew) text
681546 Avoid large cache evictions as disk fills by smoothing "smart" max cache size
697931 Remove KidHashes when possible
697933 Allow HashTables to have a capacity as small as four
681550 Add "Save as Image" to context menu for HTML5 video
616016 Visually identify status bar add-on items in the add-on bar while customizing
689759 Style Inspector needs a no-results placeholder
648801 Prototype a proxy-based NodeList implementation
665196 Change in-content plugin crash UI to submit a crash report and reload the page in one step
699325 Assertion failure in nsSMILAnimationFunction::ComputePacedPosition when doing paced animation betwee…
689779 IonMonkey: Eliminate negative zero checks for a*a
697975 [TABLET] First start animation is performed for the first startup if device is in portrait
697978 reftest-analyzer images do not display using Nightly
697989 don't use domstorage-flush-timer in dom/tests/mochitest/localstorage/test_bug624047.html
697992 Use DebugOnly/NS_WARN_IF_FALSE in dom/src/storage/nsDOMStorage.cpp
696599 Corrupted free [@ free | moz_free | nsACString_internal::Finalize| nsFSURLEncoded::URLEncode]
689804 Disable orion in scratchpad on aurora
689808 Disable highlighter on aurora
698015 crash js::analyze::ScriptAnalysis::printTypes
640677 Separator is double in HELP menu of "View Source" and "View selected Source" window
689831 IonMonkey: Change type testing API
681653 Augment RegisterTools API in Highlighter to deregister tools
665279 XPathResult's constants are undefined on XrayWrappers
695243 Bug 692759 broke clang builds
640716 Options of unfocused HTML select claim to be focused
698061 document.importNode should comply with optional argument omitted
699745 Don't use \u escapes in
689878 Refactor the code in search.js as there are couple of loose global methods
698074 "Assertion failure: hasSlot() && !hasMissingSlot(),"
370396 Control+Tab to an empty tab panel in a tabbox causes focus to leave the tabbox
509664 Restore hidden pref (as
698088 Initializing WebGL fake-black textures doesn't rebind previous texture bindings before drawing
616169 Update the LIR opcode table file format to make adding opcodes easier
599791 CClosure::ClosureStub silently drops exceptions
698100 Sync FrameState entries based on tracker
666580 Use a transaction for indexedDB schema creation
689924 Change "Inspect" shortcut to Cmd+Opt+I, Web Console to Cmd+Opt+K (Mac Only)
689928 White space in the left side of the tab bar
689934 Transition on infobar during webpage scrolling in highlighter
698137 Playing webm video corrupts FPS Counter
689946 Docked HTML panel in the highlighter should remember its height
681755 Investigate which of the rulehash arrays should be nsAutoTArray
698148 TI: GC related crash [@ JS::Value::isMarkable]
698153 NSIS ApplicationID project build problem with resource1.h
698156 TI: Assertion failure: addr % Cell::CellSize == 0, at ../../jsgc.h:711
689968 CssLogic is slow at skipping UA rules for the unmatched selectors view
698162 Session Restore (and Undo-Close-Tab) restores bug pages with "Reset Assignee to default" and "Reset …
575283 Cleanup mozconfig files on all platforms
632630 Should add debug flag of assembler obj when MOZ_DEBUG_SYMBOLS
681791 When trying to create a too large canvas, don't throw, instead just use a smaller drawing buffer
620171 [@ ImageContainerOGL::GetCurrentAsSurface] if GetFormat() can return anything other than PLANAR_YCBC…
665412 Broken focus when returning to editable text field after closing a tab while focused in the Navigati…
706387 Send the compatibility mode when using AMO Search API
296795 ZipReader doesn't handle non-ASCII characters
347042 Copy Image to Clipboard leaks memory
698212 Uninitialized video memory with 10.6 Integrated GPU on certain pages
698213 pymake chokes when the target is "./" (building using pymake on windows busted...)
625639 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending()" with setUserData, getter
690031 '__proto__' appears in Object.getOwnPropertyNames(Object.prototype) on FF7 while it didn't in FF6
698232 [ImageMap] s/IsInside/GetArea to simplify the code
690056 Implement visibility api
698249 Unnecessary nsresult rv declaration in nsFileChannel::OpenContentStream
681867 Scrolling a GMail email conversation is really slow and chunky
698255 Make pymake's grep-for option work
698257 Make pymake's info behave like GNU make's info
690068 highlighter and infobar should not be visible if node is not highlightable
698266 Some chrome javascript code breaks function of scrolling by drag thumb
591780 spell checker should support dictionaries from restartless addons
698278 Style Inspector window blank after switching tabs
665527 Firefox freezes for multiple seconds when opening about:permissions
682996 Remove Panorama group name from titlebar
685841 WeakMap: Add WeakMap which entry life is based on the value mark instead of the key.
616386 After close Add-ons Manager, tab should go back to recent use tab.( recent use tab should be selecte…
690120 Firefox 7 - Warning on textarea (Warning: Use of getAttributeNode() is deprecated. Use getAttribute(…
698318 Share Arc to Bezier code used by canvas, and Azure
698331 get rid of *WithConversion (intl part)
10209 problems with absolute or fixed position on table [ABS POS] [FIX POS]
690151 Bump Chatzilla compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.7 / Firefox 10.0
690160 Bump Venkman compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.7 / Firefox 10.0 / Thunderbird 10.0
690196 Google's Blogspot thinks Firefox 10 is an unsupported mobile browser
673820 Stop parsing integers when something else than [0-9] is found
696666 nsIScriptContext::BindCompiledEventHandler should take a JSObject scope parameter
608291 [D3D] Missing pref to force layers acceleration on blocklisted hardware
682021 IonMonkey: the successors in MTableSwitch need to get sorted by pc
690222 data table elements used to determine layout-guess attribute shouldn't be picked from nested tables
690225 Universal XSS likely with MultiByte charset (e.g. japanese sites)
690227 Back out bug 455694 (tab drag/detach animations)
550969 white_point_from_temp doesn't handle out of range T values in opt builds
690235 fix mac build with clang
698440 IndexedDB: Implement optional version syntax.
665702 expose session information in getBrowserState
682088 Value "browser.display.focus_background_color" should allow for transparent or alternate CSS value
477291 Should not send keypress event before calling interpretKeyEvents
690292 JM: Different output with testcase involving E4X with and without -m, -a and -n
690297 handling of boolean prefs in gfxPlatform broken by the PRBool->bool rewrite
698495 Implement a getElementIfPresent object method
608391 crash on exit: assertion failure: ABORT: X_GLXMakeCurrent: GLXBadDrawable
698526 toolkit/ typo -- add_makefile not found
674843 TM: Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0 or Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::allocated]
698534 Build fails when smil is disabled
684402 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_GETGNAME
477358 Kill NS_USE_NATIVE
690354 Idle expiration never runs for clean databases
706740 Firefox locks up and won't shut down when visiting a phishing test page
698551 Nodelist prototype property getters/setters are called with wrong |this|
690361 Switching tabs re-enables the highlighter
690362 Fix incorrect parenthetical grouping of nsXPTType::T_PWSTRING_SIZE_IS in xpcwrappednative.cpp
682180 libffi doesn't allocate executable trampoline buffers in OSX 10.7
698584 OOM crash [@ JSString::isLinear] with regular expression
698586 Don't build browser/components/dirprovider/tests/ when using --disable-tests
674012 Remove "check for gcc 3.0 ABI"
616672 Warn on access of LSProgressEvent.position, LSProgressEvent.totalSize
690414 syncNotification.xml leaks 'Observers' and 'Notifications' into the global scope
690418 ChromeWorker global inaccessible out of DOM scope
685779 Add a pseudo class for elements which are ancestors of the DOM full-screen element
665853 Crash [@ nsAbsoluteContainingBlock::GetChildListName] with null this | ASSERTION: The frame is marke…
690432 Logging.h passes a string directly to printf
698630 Remove --disable-smil build option and "#ifdef MOZ_SMIL" wrappers
682247 telemetry for IA2 deprecated methods
690443 GLContextEGL::CreateTextureImage ignores its aUseNearestFilter argument
706834 Crash in nsXULTreeAccessible::TreeViewChanged
690456 cleanup ScaleFactors
690459 remove usage of PR_TRUE and PR_FALSE from base plugin code
698653 Flip extensions.strictCompatibility pref in Firefox to make addons compatible-by-default
698656 mParent pointer should not be in nsSHEntryShared
690469 ShadowThebesLayer Init/Swap API rework
665894 HTMLCollection with expandos gets confused about element ids
689884 Remove no-op makefiles & combine those that only |DIRS = a_single_subdirectory|
690486 Kill nsISVGValue, nsSVGValue, nsISVGValueObserver, nsISVGValueUtils and nsSVGStringProxyValue
395585 OOM problems in nsPNGEncoder.cpp
616774 XPath double minus should coerce to number.
698703 Source Editor should display text with the user's preferred monospace font size
698706 Regression in reordering due to bidi isolation of block elements with display: inline
674161 Middle mouse paste is not subject to the javascript: URL security changes in bug 656433 (current pag…
436600 Hyperlink behavior wrong in div with unterminated p
682367 Call nsINode::GetChildAt less
698753 Entrust SubCA: 512-bit key issuance and other CPS violations; malware in the wild
690566 ShadowCanvasLayer::RenderLayer doesn't ApplyFilter for each tile
698762 Remove unmatched rules from style inspector
633239 event loop responsiveness for Android
690603 Remove PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE use in media code
575917 crashinject.exe gives me "Error 5 in CreateRemoteThread"
625071 IndexedDB: Implement deleteDatabase
690608 Assertion failure: !assm->error() regression during Mochitest "test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.htm…
682420 Rename nsINode::GetOwnerDoc to nsINode::OwnerDoc
690615 Debugger ThreadClient should prevent packets from being sent during invalid states
600505 App update preference ui favors disabling app update
666049 Remove JSFloat64, float64 and float32
688547 Use Element* for nsIDocument::{SetSubDocumentFor,FindContentForSubDocument}
690645 "Assertion failure: pc_ >= script->code && pc_ < script->code + script->length," with trap
690648 Clarify popup-only move/resize window preference label
690650 TI: Crash [@ js_InternalInterpret] or "Assertion failure: codeArray[offset],"
638031 nsStringStreams should support using a refcounted buffer
690656 Stop creating QWidget in DragService ctor
698856 Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15981
690668 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\components\passwordmgr\test\…
690669 Remove PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE from widget/src/windows
690670 Create a place to put device interaction code
698866 Typo in errNonSpaceInTable key of dom/chrome/layout/
608756 Consider caching display structs in the ruletree even when floating/positioned
461304 Loading URL by pressing ENTER on already present URL in location bar doesn't maintain URL encoding
690682 error: couldn't compile a simple C file with some versions of binutils
682496 program-test.html test failures
526853 Firefox 3.6b1 & 3.7a1pre Crash [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::MaybeRecreateContainerForFrameRemoval(nsIFr…
682504 js-ctypes doesn't handle void callbacks
682507 Expose tab.linkedBrowser.__SS_restoreState as a tab attribute to help style unloaded tabs
690700 Remove PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE from widget/src/gtk2
526864 unused parameter aFrameToUse in imgContainer::DoComposite
690705 Nightly/Aurora restart their process when running when selected from 'Recent Apps'
690713 [highlighter] move DOM related methods from TreePanel.jsm to a new jsm
682534 Implement conditional forward button for winstripe / large icons mode
682536 Showing/hiding the conditional forward button shouldn't resize the search bar
698921 Rule view override calculation misses disabled properties
674351 can't close inspect
698929 Implement event.stopImmediatePropagation
698932 Use rv in Navigator::JavaEnabled
698935 Error in errStrayStartTag key of dom/chrome/layout/
366347 Default collate option sometimes off for printers that support it
707142 Support unprefixed responseType == "json" in XMLHttpRequest
657994 Factor out common bits of FileReader
658001 need to clear mouse capture if the capturing frame is inside a hidden deck panel or hidden tab
658005 need an API for real visibility of frames
404060 Returning to a previous web page (with Alt+Left-Arrow) puts one at top of page rather than on the hy…
698974 querySelector on createDocumentFragment triggers "ASSERTION: Unexpected root node"
698983 EV (Extended Validation) sites are shown blue instead of green
698986 "This plugin is disabled. Reload the page to try again"
690797 replace PR_TRUE and PR_FALSE with true and false in cocoa widgets
688789 Stop touching the frame tree to determine whether a node is editable or not
94199 fastload XBL methods and properties
699002 Use a xul:checkbox for "Only user styles" option
690816 [tabletui] When Fennec starts, remember whether the landscape sidebar was open or closed
690822 GCLI web tests should be capable of being run in the browser
707207 Get an object signing certificate (or two!) for signing the hotfix add-ons
690825 "Assertion failure: !wrapper->unwrap(NULL)->isProxy()"
699025 GL_INVALID_VALUE in RenderbufferStorageMultisample with llvmpipe on WebGL context creation with AA
690834 replace PR_TRUE and PR_FALSE in plugin code outside of dom/plugins
559766 add accessibility support for @list on HTML input and for HTML datalist
690857 Windows 7 Taskbar Previews broken on Nightly
617136 Investigate RegExp slowness on Peacekeeper snippet
674482 Make Style Inspector's header fixed to ease knowing which element is being inspected
682677 --with-system-png with libpng-1.5 is broken after Bug 600556 fixed
690870 [TABLETUI] Add white horizontal divider after first group of Sync JPAKE characters
641731 SVG images should not honor :visited selectors
690892 replace PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE with true/false in mozilla-central
699101 NO_MAC_JEMALLOC can't work on 10.5, so display a warning when it's specified
682727 Crash during datamove (ACCESS VIOLATION READ) [@ memcpy | nsAString_internal::Assign(unsigned short …
690933 Assertion failure: log2 < tl::BitSize<size_t>::result, at jstl.h:223 or crash with memory corruption
690934 Uninstalling installed language pack reinstalls same language pack on restart
699130 Paste is disabled after using it once in Scratchpad
325418 Calling init function of NsiTimer after calling cancel will add new time to old time.
699134 Extension block request: Roboform
690943 Remove jsobj.h from INSTALLED_HEADERS
707328 backgroundUpdateCheck isn't firing its complete notification correctly
658178 Make XHR2 response/responseType work in Web Workers
658181 [meta] Accessibility bugs blocking the newly developed Yahoo! Mail web app
690950 Balanced-paren motion commands don't work in js/src/assembler/assembler/X86Assembler.h
699143 beginElement() begins not taking document time into account
690959 Wrong results with String.prototype.replace, rope
690961 "ASSERTION: Won't check if this is chrome, you want to set aWantsUntrusted to PR_FALSE..." due to op…
690962 Remove useless assertion now that we use bool instead of PRBool
633627 Optimize gfxAlphaBoxBlur::Paint on ARM
690973 [tabletui] Opening a new tab in portrait mode does not open the awesomescreen
690974 Add strict equality inline paths for objects and strings
527141 Addon update check should take into account compatibility preferences
682790 ignore implicit label association when it's associated explicitly
682791 Ensure that all functions have an internal name for Panorama
704988 Check the hotfix add-on is signed by a specific certificate
690990 "ABORT: should not get marked modified during parsing"
704989 add workaround for broken Outlook Web App (OWA) attachment handling
690992 App tabs break deleting cookies on close (FF8+)
674612 [10.7] Text to Speech on Lion not reading highlighted text.
609080 Invalid titles in win7 taskbar
691001 E4X performance enhancements
691002 get rid of odd image map accessible tree creation
691003 jemalloc's minimum alignment must be word sized on Linux
691012 DOMTemplate needs chrome tests
666446 lots of animated gifs swamp us with paint events
650071 Optimize |arguments| usage better
682840 Malformed Silf table leads to failed assertion [@gr_cinfo_base]
650077 Make Array.length faster
691041 Unused variable origTargetContent in nsRootAccessible::ProcessDOMEvent
699237 Implement getElementIfPresent for typed arrays
691046 worker.postMessage behaves like there is a hidden exception in Cloud9 Ace
699240 Ctrl+F4 should not close App Tabs
691054 Back out bug 667980 (getNetworkLinkType) on Android because of scary permissions
641903 [meta] GCLI needs a command registry
691059 "Illegal operation on WrappedNative prototype object" on's prototype.js
691061 Don't use EXTEND_PAD on printing surfaces
691073 while running jsreftests on my local tegra, I get a crash
691087 Scribd pages displayed with missing content on the latest trunk (position:absolute combined with -mo…
93077 href="#top" does not work like in IE/NS4
691106 3D transforms Box1 demo crashes
682919 "-moz-transform-style: fixed" is parsed as preserve-3d
699308 [highlighter] highlighter closes during iframe requests
314525 Server push jpegs don't display when doctype specified
674744 Implement conditional forward button for pinstripe
691133 xpcom: AURORA_BASE_20110927 fails to build darwin/x11
658368 Expand console object with time and timeEnd methods that add a simple timer implementation
691137 Awry text rendering on canvas using hardware acceleration
691138 ipc: AURORA_BASE_20110927 fails to build darwin/x11
691143 Warning while compiling LifoAlloc.h: warning C4146: unary minus operator applied to unsigned type, r…
699347 Crash when viewing source of an XML file that has an XML declaration without the encoding pseudo-att…
691156 Handle putImageData(nonfinite) correctly
674776 SIGSEGV while profiling page with many functions (JS debugging)
691175 Unable to back out of Awesome screen
691184 Don't throw on setting ctx.textAlign, ctx.textBaseline
560116 jsgcchunk.o does not compile
699383 Remove unused 'aboveTextDecorations'
691192 JSAutoEnterCompartment::enter shouldn't need to malloc()
691194 Move filter element attribute processing to the frame class
158715 important imagelib bugs
699395 Modify zone_good_size to call je_malloc_usable_size_in_advance
691215 crash nsXMLPrettyPrinter::Unhook , I believe document.replaceChild (in bookmarklet) crashes FF 7.x
691217 nsWindow::OnPaint() returns NS_ERROR_FAILURE even if return type is bool
699419 Add callback support for expanding/collapsing property tree elements in the debugger
699420 Update OTS to r74
691245 jprof doesn't build on Fedora 15 - missing library
691248 XUL tree items shouldn't pick up relations from XUL tree
699459 Add a pref to disable Battery API
699468 IndexedDB: Rework DatabaseInfo handling
699475 Integrate RuleView into Highlighter Sidebar
691298 Remove aDoSetAttr arguments where callers always pass the same value
691306 Style Inspector MDN help links fail to lead to MDN articles for some properties
685927 Make stl-wrappers more lenient when compiling ObjC with GCC
691320 typo in GroupItems.newTab from panorama
699516 Rename WEBKIT_lose_context to WEBGL_EXT_lose_context
699522 WebGL lose_context extension was not listed by webgl.getSupportedExtensions()
691338 [TABLETUI] Reposition arrowbox container on rotation
699541 Pasted HTML shows twice in Orion
691354 GL layers on Android: Most reftest failures are caused by pixels values being 'slightly' off
404637 Excessive color fringing in default builds vs. --enable-system-cairo builds on Ubuntu
650411 assert that JSRuntime is only used in a single-threaded manner
691377 crash [@ mozilla::net::CameraStreamImpl::transmitFrame]
700959 Enable incremental linking on 64-bit Windows, but not on 32-bit
584894 Move the jpeg code to a saner location
699592 Would like a way to ask if a property is inherited by default
691411 Move js/src/xpconnect to js/xpconnect
691418 Back/escape key goes back twice in local tabs
683229 Add user space profiling using Simple Profiler System (SPS)
691424 crash [@ mozilla::plugins::PluginModuleParent::WriteExtraDataForMinidump]
691431 Firefox 10.0a1 Crash Report [@ WrapPreserve3DList ]
699626 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | should draw with 64,128,255,128 | image comparison (==) …
683245 navigator.buildID throws in content processes
699633 Inline workers broken in Firefox 8
691443 crash [@ nsAccessibleWrap::GetHWNDFor]
699636 Highlighter sidebar resizes to follow the highlighter box
699641 many of the layout/base/tests/ tests don't run on Windows
290044 Minimum font size setting screws up scaled SVG graphics
503039 [HTML5] Self-closing tags show as error in view-source (even with new parser)
302294 [meta] Bugs in rendering of long text strings (e.g. thousands of characters)
699661 Make obj->getElement actually call into the ops getElement hooks
683280 Workers: creating workers from 'localhost' or an IP address fails
699668 long garbage collector sweep times due to LifoAlloc destructor in JSCompartment::sweep
646361 No focus event fired on document when focus is set to the document while focused in a plugin
699673 For certain pages in UTF-16, the label of the tab that shows the page gets messed up.
694149 Tweak sync intervals to reduce server load
625955 Group's columns value is not reset correctly after tabs are removed.
564444 [DWrite] rendering of text with @font-face includes dots in lower-right corner of each glyph
699705 Getting a property off an array that lives on a non-native on the proto chain and has a getter that …
691534 Use asyncFetch when loading files in aboutHome.xhtml
634197 assert if accessible tree update triggers reflow
675164 Inherited splice doesn't call delete
683361 audit JS engine and mozilla js::Class-based checks which are broken by proxies
699749 Don't say "astral" in error messages
699750 s/int/PRInt32/ in nsHtml5TokenizerCppSupplement.h
699752 Extra preposition "in" in an error message about bad tags in "head"
699753 errNcrControlChar defined twice in
691571 Canvas 2D hardware acceleration makes createPattern flicker
691579 Get rid of broken multiple homepage code in startPage()
691583 Dispatch event when restricted key input occurs in DOM full-screen mode
683394 Incorrect check for resizers in content
691593 IM: Assertion failure: *pc == JSOP_CALL, at jsopcode.cpp:4143
691597 IonMonkey: IonBuilder's jsop_neg() assumes unguaranteed slot availability.
683407 IonMonkey: Trace embedded GC pointers in JIT code
691603 IM: Assertion failure: GlobalIonContext, at ion/Ion.cpp:126
699796 Note objects holding JSScript as roots in the CC
699799 Don't AddRef/Release every uncollectable document before cycle collection
691612 Backoff handling is broken
699807 Don't create runnables for setting the title on unlinked documents
699810 nsJSTimeoutHandler DEBUG_CC code should null-check result of calling JS_GetObjectFunction
694172 IonMonkey: Greedy regalloc bug around calls
617901 Tab group's title field should expand when possible and needed.
699826 Nodelists should expose proto properties when indexing outside the list range
675252 Check for locale updates before updating Fennec
699832 Style Inspector needs a way to display treetwisties that will work on all operating systems
691646 Pattern tile pixelated on patternTransform
699857 Workers: Allow data urls
675287 Make Document.documentURI readonly
437722 Relatively positioned buttons should be abs pos containing block
695546 IM: fix ARM build bustage and warnings
691681 Build warning in gfx/angle/src/compiler/ParseHelper.h file (-Wreorder)
691690 Can't copy the multibyte character correctly from the location bar
634347 The add-ons manager opens in the background if browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground is true
691695 Refactor RegExp components as prep for overhaul
683506 GCLI needs an 'inspect' command
691701 notification-pop-box box in url bar needs -2px on margin otherwise the background color of the gurlb…
691703 MOZILLA_STRICT_API is no longer used as a preprocessor variable
697351 Implement a has() trap on nodelist that doesn't involve dealing with property descriptors
683517 Make nsExpirationTracker expire all tracked objects when "memory-pressure" notification is observed
691712 Add some pretty resizers to the Highlighter toolbar when the HTML tree panel is open
691721 Potential memory leak in DevTools test
691725 Unable to use mouse to select an item in Select Drop Down list in 32-bit mode on Mac
699925 Implement event.stopImmediatePropagation in workers
691734 After bug 673958, opening a page with a defined anchor target in the address no longer causes NVDA t…
691736 Style inspector selector error with inline styles
691754 Change the decoder constructor to use a c++ reference instead of a pointer
691763 Fennec Layout is broken on initial startup after landing bug 688505
668254 Highlighter doesn't handle full page zoom
618046 No focus change event when Shift+Tab at top of screen
691775 3.3% performance regression in tscroll suite on XP after landing of bug 666446
699968 Rule view locale link needs to be updated.
691781 Remove checked-in xpidl lexer/parser and generate them explicitly during build
699978 Tools should notify the highlighter when they've modified a node
683597 Change jemalloc's accounting for huge allocations to round up to the next page boundary, not to the …
691792 Change of src attribute for animated gifs no longer works as expected
691818 AndroidManifest.xml implies that camera and autofocus are required
691824 Hang using latest nightly
659059 [meta] GCLI should have pop-up help enabled
659061 [meta] GCLI should be enabled without help UI
292799 canvas need not override GetContentForEvent
700036 Put the style inspector into a xul document.
700044 Duplicate rule views after tab switching
691864 3d css does not work correctly with iframes
708283 NullPointerException in VideoPlayer on launch
675520 Crash [@ js::NativeIterator::isKeyIter] with evil proxy
691909 Avoid an unnecessary memory allocation for GTK clipboard code
691913 Add some needs-focus annotations
700124 Attempting to use JNI in child process [@ mozilla::AndroidBridge::EnsureJNIThread]
691934 js::types::TypeSet::add could consolidate calls to js::types::TypeCompartment::resolvePending
675553 Switch from PRBool to bool
694225 Remove nsWebShellWindow::GetNamedDOMDoc
691947 Relax DOM full-screen API security constraints for requests coming from chrome
691959 GCC 4.6 build warning: "nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:9934:8: warning: variable 'done' set but not used …
683777 Firefox Crash in nsDocShell::InternalLoad
700166 Hg rm dom/interfaces/threads/ since it's no longer built
691976 Firefox Crash [@ JS_updateMallocCounter ]
691978 CssLogic doesn't discern between inherited and not-inherited properties.
601872 Remove directory
593684 The new Stop button is too eye catching
691992 Fully split up {g,s}etAttributes into property/element/special/generic forms
691993 Fully split up deleteProperty into property/element/special/generic forms
683804 2x regression with JM+TI compared to JM+TM on the darkroom subtest of kraken
700194 Speed up style inspector creation and refresh.
700201 Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default
700203 Pymake needs to survive native commands doing sys.exit(0)
683823 Update in-tree libvorbis to SVN r17688 (or later)
683838 Different regular expression result since Firefox 7
692031 DOMTemplate async loops do not drop the loop element
266048 [meta] PRBool(foo & 4) does not produce PR_TRUE, etc.
692039 Split up defineProperty into name/element/special forms
569166 Enable Direct2D by default for some subset of hardware
593744 nsWindow.cpp should assert if mLayerManager is null before Returning from nsWindow::GetLayerManager(…
700243 Rename csshtmltree.xul's 'header' class
683873 [highlighter] move the close button to the toolbar
667490 EventSource should use the same nsIContentPolicy type as XHR
692067 WebSockets don't trigger content policies
692069 Shove regexp backend-specific stuff behind a comprehensible interface
692071 The Context Menu and Awesomelist are dismissed in the same time, if a tap is performed outside the C…
593768 Remove --enable-cpp-exceptions configure option
683885 Assertion failure: self, at dom/workers/EventTarget.cpp:170 | Crash [@ mozilla::dom::workers::events…
700272 Remove non-functional resizer from the style inspector
675702 nsICertVerificationListener should be called on the main thread
705173 Crash with canvas
683906 Make the Highlighter Toolbar look like shorlander's design
454532 Font glyphs incorrectly displayed with certain printer drivers
692105 Useless null check in nsFrame::IsSelectable
659338 layout/xul/base/test/test_resizer.xul needs to move to mochitest-chrome, but fails on osx and winxp
577419 Yellow tinting on text when using certain values of CSS opacity and ClearType is enabled
642957 TI+JM: remove x|0 and x << 0 optimization
716688 Add Assamese to shipped-locales on aurora and beta
692114 IonMonkey: ABICall: Handle Value size objects as returned value.
708499 Reproducible memory leak when calling nsISemanticUnitScanner
495511 Remove All Cookies button is enabled when no cookies are present
692120 The star button doesn't need to observe bookmarks changes till bookmarks service is alive
692122 nsToolkit::StartAllowingD3D9 leaks the nsToolkit object
692123 Back system button not working on context menu
702448 Create some view source UI mochitests
692130 move panorama code to browser/components/tabview
703815 Click to activate message is displayed even if plugins are disabled
667576 linked MathML formulas fail to correctly display visited and unvisited colors
683967 Firefox 9.0a1 Plugin Crash in mozilla::plugins::PluginModuleChild::ShouldContinueFromReplyTimeout [@…
700357 Do GC_SHRINK when we have lots of decommitable arenas
356294 Enable MSAA-only code only on windows
692183 Incorrect behavior of preventDefault() when used with context menu
659425 get average session length from crash stats and Test Pilot studies
700387 Remove the Style Inspector breadcrumbs
323562 Should find Xrender, freetype2, fontconfig using pkg-config
692203 "ABORT: Rendering should be disabled" with markerHeight="0"
675821 "Pair a Device" and "Set up Sync" links at bottom of the Firefox home page
692208 IM: Assertion failure: defaultCase_ == (uint32)-1, at ion/MIR.h:653
692211 IM: Assertion failure: top->isEntryFrame(), at ion/Bailouts.cpp:291
692213 IM: Assertion failure: Bad SSA value, at ../jsanalyze.h:1089
708599 Open button can't be used after installation
691541 content area is incorrectly offset a few pixels to the right upon startup
497664 "Clear Recent History" dialog has "Form & Search History" grayed-out & force-checked, when there's n…
626694 [OGL] Inverse website colours
684039 Land jsarena rewrite for realsies
495624 accessibility shouldn't be caching the current focus
692243 InferSpew for TypeObject::setFlags should print flags in hex
692260 Increase in network.http.max-connections appears to cause hang, requires browser restart
528444 Empty xlink:href treated like absent xlink:href on SVG <script>
692291 IonMonkey: Correctly extract JSFunction from JSObject for calls.
503879 deCOMtaminate nsIToolkit
692300 Assertion failure: srcArgs.callee().getFunctionPrivate()->native() == native, at jswrapper.cpp:740
692305 Append PID to cycle collector graph dumps
675923 [meta] GCLI should allow display of Javascript completion
454749 Absolute positioned child of -moz-column is incorrectly placed
692332 IonMonkey: Miscompilation of 1/x.
692333 Split up setProperty into name/element/special forms
691560 crash [@ mozilla::AndroidBridge::InitCamera]
536692 "ASSERTION: Placeholder relationship should have been torn down already"
667639 [adbe 2912052] Firefox Crash @ speex_bits_remaining
700555 Intermittent crash [@ nsBuiltinDecoder::NotifyDataArrived] during test_contentDuration7.html
643213 "Assertion failure: ((op2 & ~OP2_IMM) <= 0xfff) || (((op2 & ~OP2_IMMh) <= 0xfff))" on ARM
692366 "Assertion failure: srcArgs.callee().getFunctionPrivate()->native() == native" with subarray()
700566 pressing enter or copying URL on an http:// site whose hostname begins with "ftp<digit>" results in …
692381 Remove one of the Android library extraction code paths
692382 IonMonkey: 10/05 merge has gone awry.
708772 XUL Fennec uses non-tablet Gingerbread theme/UI on tablets running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
690204 Use CallArgs in jsarray.cpp
700591 test_history_expiration.js has a daylight saving time timebomb
692400 Style inspector appears to ignore inline styles
492232 test_Scriptaculous.html | testElementMorph - 7 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors (or 6 assertions, 2 …
651444 qcmstypes.h redefines intX_t types already defined by sys/types.h
618690 JM: TypeInference: Hoist array bounds checks
618692 JM: TypeInference: Loop invariant code motion
692424 GCLI and DOMTemplate could use a Promise implementation
692434 == instead of = when trying to assign a new encoding name in XHR
676059 Make redirect prompting depend on HTTP-safeness of method, not presence of request body
692445 No language list after tapping on "Change Language" button
692458 mDebugMode reveals GLContext context currency error on Windows
684759 Implement better sorting for preserve-3d child layers
700685 /tests/dom/indexedDB/test/test_deleteDatabase_interactions.html | Exited with code -2147483645 durin…
692506 Regression in SVG content generated via DOMParser.parseFromString() in FF7
692520 Getting selectionStart / selectionEnd from a hidden textarea results in an uncaught NS_ERROR_FAILURE
692523 missing "os" module import
659763"text/plain") broken with HTML5 parser
692537 Location bar and search bar shouldn't be transparent with aero glass & tabs on top
684347 nsZipWriter::addEntryChannel(queue=true) creates corrupt zip file
692543 Make the Style Inspector UI faster
692548 Properly print OGL Shader compile errors on Android
692550 console.log("%s", null); should log "null"
684362 IonMonkey: Crash building SSA for an infinite loop
577867 No way to un-group separate instances on Windows 7 TaskBar
610650 Change implementation of HTML5 landmark elements to conform to implementor guidelines
692573 Incorrect rendering of resized animated gif images
692578 IonMonkey: Test failure on js1_8_1/decompilation/regress-380237-04.js
668004 Generalize the downloaded GPU blacklist to non-Windows platforms
553324 Intermittent failure in test_media.html | Different amount of expected children of [ 'audio' , role:…
692593 Rev uuids for nsIDOMDocument subclasses on Aurora
364914 Don't spell check a <textarea>'s initial contents until I focus it
659828 Outer table frame's width is set to the width of the containing block
577911 don't ignore return value from SetGlyphsFromRun (was: mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in gf…
668024 Array.prototype.splice test262 bugfixing and rewriting
692605 Perma-orange Aurora (and Beta) Linux opt (non-PGO) browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.…
692606 clobber needed after changing --enable-jprof (or --enable-shared-js?)
684418 Remove a couple of enablePrivilges from the feed previewer's mochitests
684431 dragleave event not fired when drag is canceled with Esc
692628 IndexedDB: Support IDBCursor.advance
692629 IndexedDB: Support IDBObjectStore/IDBIndex.count
692632 IndexedDB: support empty objectstore/index names
700835 [Mac] Firefox 8 and up crash with Apple's latest Java updates for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 closing tab/win…
692652 IndexedDB: Index updating is broken
692657 Make JSOP_REGEXP fast
697076 Fix Clang warnings
692668 IndexedDB: make IDBDatabase.transaction call toString on any value that isn't an Array or DOMStringL…
692669 IndexedDB: remove nsIVariant from IDB* interfaces
692674 IndexedDB: Set the errorCode to "ABORT_ERR" for *all* pending requests when IDBTransaction.abort() i…
684489 Firefox won't show user-generated maps on Google Maps
692983 Make the scanner scan into a PropertyName in certain places, to ease pushing PropertyName into highe…
692712 Pre-filter recommended add-ons JSON instead of filtering at startup
692716 e10s support for UI in Panorama
684529 Remove script object
700915 Very frequent crash in dromaeo_basics on 64-bit
659963 Consistently use infallible memory allocation in CSS parser
356870 mlabeledtr disallowed
692743 include hyphenation dictionaries in omnijar
692744 Shadow rendered around space character using text-shadow
692752 text selection highlighting should paint behind text-shadow
692759 [OOPP] Firefox 8.0 not rendering Core-Animation-based plugins (like QuickTime) in 64-bit mode
627228 "Name this tab group" textbox shrinks when focused
692767 about:home shows tabs from last time with wrong encoding, non-ASCII characters are broken
619043 crash [@ nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor::RunFlushLoop()] mainly with NoScript
692782 Bug 690670 broke clang builds
619055 Text cursor should be active only when mouseover() the exact area of the group name field
693001 IndexedDB: objectStoreNames should not be updated on closed databases when another connection adds/r…
692807 Update the code from Orion upstream
684618 Deny requests for DOM full-screen when windowed plugins are present
684625 Display a warning when DOM full-screen mode entered or restricted key pressed
692819 Assertion "Shutdown the shutdown accessible!" when collapse XUL tree
692821 Reftests for bug 437722 fail on Android
692826 nsIEntropyCollector and nsIScriptChannel interfaces missing in build due to overwriting dom.xpt from…
414302 Incorrect selection events in HTML, XUL and ARIA (originally filed because of XUL tabs)
692847 Speed up Array.shift, and Array.{pop,shift} on empty arrays
692865 IndexedDB: IDBDatabase.version should not vary over the lifetime of the DB
692884 Manage GC's black/gray color transitions from JS, not xpconnect
381602 First tab to HTML listbox does not actually focus an item (only provides fake appearance of focus on…
692903 InferSpew should identify the scripts it talks about in more detail
455338 allow all frame classes (any elements) to be absolute positioning containing blocks when position:re…
692911 js::types::TypeConstraintSubsetBarrier::newType makes useless call to target->addType
684721 GCLI templater and devtools templater need to be in sync
692918 tries to compare compiled python objects
692919 Need to somehow check to make sure that the list returned from GetChildLists doesn't have duplicates
479959 [HTML5] Re-implement text/plain loading using the HTML5 tokenizer
701146 Multi-case window id's breaks toolbar customizations
692960 Add Array.concat stub for concatenating two known dense arrays
692961 Capturing image on camera api crashes [@ mozalloc_abort | __swrite | dexDataMapAlloc]
692968 crash when doing javascript animation of 3D transform (css3-3d-transforms)
692970 Intermittent browser_locationBarCommand.js | Urlbar is still focused after click
512749 "ASSERTION: containing block height must be constrained" with table, r&a pos
676590 Properly handle location changes in the script debugger
676592 Add a property viewer to the script debugger
692978 Split up lookupProperty into name/element/special forms
676599 Copy .hgignore to .gitignore to help out people using git
635645 consider increasing the amount of scrolling performed by using the arrow keys
692991 IndexedDB: IDBDatabase.transaction should throw if the database hasn't been fully opened yet
684800 Measure slop in TI-related JS memory reporters
684803 "data:text/html,registertool tests for inspector" leaked during mochitest-browser-chrome
684806 Unable to upload 0KB file if an observer reads the upload stream and rewinds it
701193 xpcshell-tests for add-on manager broken when update channel is set to aurora/beta/release
684818 shift+tab fails on editable document after context menu is closed: enable mochitest
684821 Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLElement
652054 Crash running jellyfish demo on 64-bit
684826 Last typed character from password field is not visible when password is filled in
683482 remove replaceWholeText()
684835 GCLI creates many 'reference to undefined property' errors in the error console
635691 GetAttention() flashes the grandparent window although the parent window is in the forground
684853 Implement WebGL OES_standard_derivatives extension
684862 Pasted heading in Orion doesn't have a line number, and will disappear when navigating to another li…
693057 Update libvpx to v-0.9.7-p1
668488 GCLI.jsm should include definitions of Node/HTMLElement and other DOM objects
701260 Deny requests for DOM full-screen when windowed plugins are present in the entire doc tree
701262 redirect requests for fonts cause font load to fail
430927 "\x001".toSource() doesn't eval to "\x001"
660315 Add three entries to PSL:,,
684893 Re-implement "happy eyeballs" IPv6 autodetection at TCP open, or similar
570215 docshell/base/crashtests/432114-1.html triggers "ASSERTION: Dying in the middle of our own update?"
693100 Lots of "warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Wint-to-pointer-cast]" with gcc 4…
709485 Regression: Tablet UI browser does not resize correctly after toggling sidebar
701298 browser_searching.js broken when update channel is aurora/beta/release
693110 crash nsWindowsShellService::GetShouldCheckDefaultBrowser
693124 "Assertion failure: cannot reenter" in Proxy::objectClassIs
694422 IonMonkey: Failing test for bug 691597
693131 Problems playing 11kHz WAV audio and short files on Android
684947 "Assertion failure: thing->compartment() == rt->gcCheckCompartment || thing->compartment() == rt->at…
185236 fire "load" event on stylesheet linking elements when the sheet load finishes or "error" if the load…
693145 simplify class animation processing
709531 Addons Manager tests should have AMO-related prefs reset after each test to disallow network access
684958 DOM Templater should include async functionality via promises
693154 Remove Document.xmlStandalone
693155 Add parens to clarify operator precedence in TransformFunctionsMatch (nsStyleAnimation.cpp)
693160 Cleanup nsWindowRoot::GetControllerForCommand a bit
693162 Remove Document.xmlVersion
557896 Display OpenGL info on error console
627647 "ASSERTION: Can only call this on frames that have been reflowed" after enabling accessibility
693191 [D3D9] Unblacklist D3D9 layers on NVIDIA 6200 device ID 0221
627672 XPCOM component ( is not registered although it should be
693212 Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending(), at js/src/jscntxtinlines.h:299
676831 [OGL] GL Reftest on Android
693219 setting innerHTML makes page jump
673958 rework accessible focus handling
676846 [about:permissions] Basic Auth Passwords not taken into Account
693240 Lots of assertion with SPARC after s/PRBool/bool/
627718 Firefox - Does not report map tag info correctly
693258 Figure out test failures when turning off new list DOM bindings
685073 Manage nested key events for IME
693282 BasicShadowableThebesLayer leaking backBuffers
693283 cannot detect endian of Android x86 on libsydney
693301 Remove ConstructProxyObject
676918 [ANGLE] crash from CanvasLayerD3D9::UpdateSurface [@ gl::Context::readPixels(int, int, int, int, uns…
693311 JM: Wrong result with !==
595008 Make Android IME more efficient by reducing communication between Java and Gecko
463940 Contextual alternates not used
693323 NodeList DOM bindings break the build with clang
685135 GCLI should display popup hints in a column left of the console output
701528 Hardware Acceleration Causes Rendering Issue with Background Attachment "Fixed"
693341 Add XPConnect test coverage for dependent params
660588 Crash [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::FindFrameForContentSibling(nsIContent*, nsIContent*, unsigned char&,…
693364 Leak in CompartmentPrivate::RegisterDOMExpandoObject
693371 Merge fx-team into remote-debug to get the Firefox 10 updates
693389 Update urlclassifier DB for Mozilla com->org move
693393 Improve poor man's Maybe<AutoCompartment> in JSAutoEnterCompartment.
693404 MacOS overreports RSS of Firefox with jemalloc
693406 INFERFLAGS=full causes assertion with multi-compartment tests
685218 expose layout-guess: true object attribute for datatable="0" attribute on HTML table
677027 Implement conditional forward button for gnomestripe
685228 IonMonkey: setABIArg should use MoveOperand instead of Register.
693422 Make possible for Qt FF create main QGraphicsView outside of XPCOM (ala faststart static UI feature)
693425 test file layout/forms/test/bug536567_subframe.html isn't used
677044 GIF animation drops all frames after a certain point
693432 IonMonkey: Apply TypeBarriers to Calls
677050 UI lock when HTML parser is used from a http-on-start-request observer triggered by an object load f…
660687 Configure options to change MOZ_APP_BASENAME and disable system extensions
718039 Canvas element for Angrybirds webapp is displayed upside down
693467 Firefox 10.0a1 Crash @ mozilla::plugins::PluginModuleParent
677085 Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLFrameElement
414946 Use jemalloc on mac
701669 crash when changing profile in profile manager
87277 Tables don't collapse outer vertical margins [MARGIN-C]
650794 Disable HTML panel and make it use registerTools API
693519 Don't call GetHitDepthAtPoint if we didn't hit anything
693520 Fix backface-visibility handling
693521 Improve Preserve3D layer sorting
546068 Regression: Position is not being updated when atk_text_set_caret_offset is used, effective 11th Jun…
505115 CSS3 3D-Transforms
690396 TI: Assertion failure: hasSlot() && !hasMissingSlot(), at ../../jsscope.h:652
685358 Always allow on stack recompilation for methodjit code
644409 Make scratchpads save their state across restarts
693563 Generating dombindings_gen.cpp multiple times results in a different file
521549 Crash [@ qcms_transform_data_rgba_out_lut_sse2], [@ qcms_transform_data_rgb_out_lut_sse2]
693589 The debugger client requests frames after the server has resumed
685400 Add a new syntax to -moz-linear-gradient per latest css spec
685402 Change tab/navigate should exit DOM full-screen mode
644452 Focus not set when switching to cached document with back or forward if anything other than the docu…
693609 IonMonkey: Share ValueOperand manipulation.
693610 Drawing text to a <canvas> overlaps incorrectly (Windows, probably Azure)
701804 Pageactions this._handlers is null
669049 .response with .responseType='blob' doesn't work correctly for large remote file
513409 GC arena allocation uses VirtualAlloc with 16 KiB allocations on x86/Win32
669061 Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.13.1
685456 Don't freeze tabItem size when the tab wasn't closed by a mouse click
693655 Firefox 10.0a1 Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::AnchorJump() ]
685465 js\src\jsobj.h(333) : warning C4099: 'js::GlobalObject' : type name first seen using 'struct' now se…
693658 Firefox 10.0a1 Crash [@ mozilla::a11y::FocusManager::ProcessFocusEvent(AccEvent*) ]
685472 Assertion failure: !thisFe->isNotType(JSVAL_TYPE_OBJECT), at methodjit/Compiler.cpp:5574
685476 App tab icons should not act as drag handlers for groupItems
669096 Injecting function from chrome extends the lifetime of navigated-away inner window
710060 crash [@ je_free | CloseDir]
677294 need a way to create new JS scopes and run scripts against them (same compartment)
693692 JaegerInterpoline and JaegerInterpolineScripted should have call frame information
693703 Make WebGL mochitest log useful information about failures
697250 An interval timer set for a longer delay can fire twice between firings of an interval timer set for…
693712 SpiderMonkey dtrace build breakage
300519 Extending the HTMLCollection prototype has no effect
644596 [console] expand console object with missing methods
686335 navigator.plugins.refresh() does not refresh the plugins array
710175 Revert to old View Source back end for Firefox 10
677411 GC: Refactor GC timers
693801 nsHTMLReflowState's second constructor has redundant initialization for mFlags.mIsTopOfPage from par…
710192 Assertion failure: !isIndex(&dummy), at vm/String.h:854
693813 Don't evaluate blacklisting decision for downloaded blacklist on X11
693815 Disable jstracer
693821 Using TimeDuration/TimeStamp from static constructors should assert
693847 Squelch unused name warnings in Nitro in release builds
677464 Update "NOTES" sections in MathML demo pages
620122 crash [@ nsContentList::PopulateSelf(unsigned int)]
685666 test/mozmill/ relies on target-specific variables being propagated to dependencies
702058 WebGL google maps is upside down
693875 Allow DOMParser to make SVGDocuments
693183 Move image element attribute processing to the frame class
685692 "Move to Group" should always insert the moved tab into the same place
650858 Instantiating nsICertOverrideService at startup throws NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE and makes Fi…
693886 Non-threadsafe builds broken with JS_CallOnce link error
693887 Implement a rule-centric style view
693890 Can't build with --disable-accessibility
693894 NodeList crash [@ js::GetObjectShape]
693895 Remove slow calls to js_ReconstructStackDepth
685707 IonMonkey: Implement JSOP_DIV
693905 Android audio has numerous issues
693907 Move JS_CallOnce to jsapi.cpp
702107 Geolocation Service broken because of access token
685727 Remove What's New page from the Firefox Update Experience.
677543 Not clearing WebGL framebuffer in teapot demo
693928 Intermittent jsreftest.html?test=js1_5/extensions/regress-347306-02.js | application timed out after…
693938 Remote viewport ThebesBuffer always using CONTENT_ALPHA format
693948 expose layout-guess: true object attribute on CSS table accessible
693949 Drop nsCStringArray
693955 GCLI source code should be formatted perfectly
682423 Malformed Feat table in Graphite leads to crash [@graphite2::read16]
693961 Assertion failure: array, at ../jsanalyze.h:1032 or Crash [@ js::types::TypeSet::baseFlags]
677581 Update in-tree libogg to 1.3.0
693966 TI: Assertion failure: isOwned(), at ../../jsscope.h:414
693971 TI: Crash [@ JSObject::getProto]
685782 nsDocShell::SetHistoryEntry doesn't sync correctly when |this| has a parent that is itself a subfram…
702183 Fennec 9.0b1 now asking for extra "read sensitive log data" permission
693996 Errors when switching scripts in the debugger
694008 xptcinvoke_gcc_x86_unix.cpp fails to compile on mingw
694009 crash mozilla::dom::binding::instanceIsProxy
694018 Remove legacy info-item css
677643 crash nsTHashtable with HTTPS everywhere extension
694033 Add Telemetry probes for windows which have had mutation event listeners
694039 Work around OpenGL quirks in the plugin process
694046 Invalid MOZ_CAN_RUN_PROGRAMS declaration in
694047 Turn off the locale picker
702250 Disable jemalloc on mac 10.5 due to crash in ozone_size
669486 Both the Style Inspctor and GCLI use the same template engine, but different copies of it
694068 Automatically download and install an available hotfix add-on
653119 GCLI should have l10n functions to help localize both in the browser and in firefox
694084 Showing/hiding the conditional forward button resizes the search bar in a new profile (when the url/…
685893 style inspector properties and methods to be moved out of the panel
691852 Add some documentation to TimeStamp comparing it to C++11's time_point
685900 csshtmltree.refreshPanel should use a setTimeout loop to improve performance (cancel-able)
685902 Improve csshtmltree speeds by adding a has[Un]matchedSelectors() method
653139 GCLI should be localized
702295 DOM Fullscreen interacts badly with Pandora
694119 CfgLister case LIR_jtbl asserts.
685937 GCLI has 2 copies of index.html that are virtually identical dryice should be able to save the day
669556 Video and audio stutters on lots of YouTube videos
694135 IndexedDB: Don't throw if there are unknown properties in the options objects to createObjectStore/c…
694137 DOMTemplate tests should not use setTimeout
694140 With GL layers, panning/zooming causes corruption and wrong colours on Fennec
694142 Use styles with XML layouts in Android
694145 IndexedDB: various methods should accept both keys and KeyRanges
573078 [Mac] OOM in nsHtml5StreamParser::WriteStreamBytes [@ mozalloc_abort(char const*) ]
677774 IM: Implement conditional operators
694165 Regression: some SVG images hang browser when loaded via data URI
685977 Urlbar's first hit neither from History nor from Bookmarks?
661403 fix MOZ_INSTALLER code w.r.t.
677788 length_is duplicates size_is
686002 Clean up more standard-class initialization bits
694204 ESC to exit DOM full-screen stops all loads in doc
686013 SVG <use> and filters won't load fragments referenced via a data URI (ending with a fragment ID)
312309 Prettier canvas image resampling/resizing when using drawImage
694210 Assertion failure: UINT32_MAX - startingIndex >= count, at jsarray.cpp:2711
694213 Make nsDisplayItem::GetBounds implementations always return an area in our coordinate space
694215 IonMonkey: Greedy regalloc bug in jit-test/tests/basic/testSwitch.js
686024 Right-click on the active tab focuses the tab itself occasionally
694224 Widget creation methods don't use the appshell argument
522193 WebGL calls are slow because of memory allocation churning
694226 Merge nsWidgetAtoms into nsGkAtoms
694227 nsIBaseWindow::blurSuppression is not used
669658 [highlighter] Improve the keybindings
686044 Crash with after path.pathSegList.appendItem and GC
694256 Build error: JS_FloorLog2 is missing
686065 Don't clear nsSessionStartup::sessionType after the session startup phase finished
415730 convert existing API tests into mochitests
694261 link xpcshell against jemalloc on ia64
645111 Add call frame info to Jaeger* inline assembly routines
694266 Change about window to be an accessible dialog and put all relevant static info into its acc descrip…
677883 [e10s] WM_GETOBJECT regularly fails on content process windows in anything but the first tab
694268 Modifier keys (e.g. shiftKey) always true for touch events (e.g. touchstart)
153600 ProcessScriptElement should use successvalue as indicator
686083 No way to switch between GL implementations for WebGL
604176 dom/src/threads/test/test_longThread.html | Exited with code 1 during test run [@ nsAttrValue::GetSV…
694298 Changing SVG text to empty doesn't repaint
686110 TestDllInterceptor.cpp fails to compile on mingw
694306 Keywords should not be permitted in destructuring shorthand
693254 IndexedDB: db.transaction([]) should create a transaction with empty scope
694311 Unable to open Sync connection dialog prompt after providing faulty credentials - no access to Sync
694313 GCLI css file is registered in winstripe but not in other themes
590855 Exited with code -1073741819 in test_menubar.xul (JS_ASSERT in CheckValidGCThingPtr)
686429 test cases for MIME headers need refactoring
689160 Investigate and Fix leaked csshtmltree.xhtml windows in Highlighter+Style Inspector
710712 Measure peak virtual memory usage of link.exe process during libxul PGO link
694335 Enable jemalloc on MacOS 10.5
686150 PSM attempts to validate client certificates when displaying the client cert picker
694360 Permit unicode escape sequences in keywords (thi\u0073 is a keyword, not an identifier)
693265 Carefully review the exposed GCLI API
694378 session restore fails when selectedWindow > number of windows
702572 Minimized prototype.js broken in Firefox 9+
571507 Crash [@ mozilla::layers::ContainerLayerD3D9::RenderLayer() ]
694397 Typo in "notCached.longDesc"
505991 Location bar should not decode precent encoded overlong UTF-8 sequence
686230 JSCallOnce
661663 Have to #define XP_WIN when building app with embedded SpiderMonkey JS engine
694432 Nightly fails to start on Windows 8 since 20111012 build
694438 TI: Crash on Heap in LangFuzz driver
686248 SSL certificate EV status not calculated correctly in e10s systems
686255 modules/libpr0n/src/Endian.h shadows /usr/include/endian.h on a case-folding filesystem
719025 Unity Plugin flickers in Firefox 10 beta
694450 #winstripe-urlbar-back-button-mask is not vertically centered
694454 Function caller property no longer skips over eval frames
686283 JSAPI Test "testScriptinfo" hangs on ARM.
448717 Firefox improperly names html file type "Firefox Document"
694481 IonMonkey: Greedy regalloc bug on x64, callTypeBarriers.js
694495 [Win64] Google MapsGL crash, in D3D9, called from ANGLE's glFinish
694499 Android cross compile on OS X doesn't set IS_LITTLE_ENDIAN
694503 image map doesn't get updated when map element is removed as part of container subtree
596222 Crash [@ mozilla::widget::WindowHook::Lookup] on shutdown with MaxTo enabled
694527 JM+TI: Add better fast path for jsop_regex now that RegExpPrivate is lazy
694533 LDRH/STRH/LDRSB/STRSB are supported on ARMv5-
694537 Propagate OOM from HTML5 fragment parsing to code that calls nsContentUtils::ParseFragmentHTML
686371 Fix pixman compilation for iOS
678181 large uptake in crashes in gfxFontGroup::FindFontForChar on OS X
686405 remove the debug button and just sleep for 5s
670036 Quicktime Plugin: WAV files play once, then never again
694621 IonMonkey: Remove TypeSets from MInstructions
506206 ASSERTION: There should always be a DOM node for an event: 'Not Reached', accessible/src/base/AccEve…
686453 Ensure as many cairo surfaces are non-null as possible
686454 Avoid reloading and decoding splash image when updating the text
573161 These are not the media test failures you are looking for
686464 Leave it to Android to unpack the content process executable
661900 LRU-SP not fully implemented in memory cache: small entries avoid eviction
702868 AddonInternal.hasBinaryComponents doesn't affect AddonInternal.appDisabled until after initial insta…
604571 Copying frames from <video> to <canvas> with drawImage glitches
694709 If $DXSDK_DIR and $MOZ_DIRECTX_SDK_PATH disagree, building breaks in ANGLE -- only use MOZ_DIRECTX_S…
702903 IAccessibleRelation::get_target broken
678330 Use IOKit to get precise GPU information in GfxInfo on Mac
694722 Remove support code for obsolete platforms from js/src/
514503 NJ: Add sanity check filter
481737 ondragleave and ondragexit not getting called when dragging out of one presentation shell into anoth…
694730 Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15815
694759 Make nsIScriptContext::GetNativeGlobal return JSObject
694763 Remove nsIScriptContext::DidSetDocument
694767 Scratchpad paste via menu not working
694769 Remove nsIScriptContext::GetScriptGlobal in favour of GetGlobalJSObject
571900 Improve test coverage for selection events.
694781 nsIScriptContext::ExecuteScript's second parameter should be a JSObject
580109 Support fast D2D surface compositing
694801 VC11 fails to compile angle because pool_allocator<T> doesn't have operator =
694802 VC11 cannot compile nsWindow.cpp because it #includes <pbt.h>
694804 Failure to serialize security info for e10s should be a hard error, not a warning
530968 Crash [@ strchr] due to Internet Download Manager (idmmzcc.dll)
694811 Linking with VC11 fails with an undefined reference error to _IID_IAsyncOperation
610054 Clean up RFC 2231 MIME param handling, and add support for RFC 5987 subset
623403 svg reftests gradient-live-01*.svg are perma-orange on WinXP
694838 nsIScriptContext::EvaluateString's second parameter should be a JSObject
383549 Add Set/ClearFlagBits API to gfxTextRun
334411 Implement paint flashing
694863 SVG rendering is clipped when it should be not
694865 VC11 cannot compile the IE profile migration code because pstore.h no longer ships with the SDK
694867 nsIScriptContext::ExecuteScript's first parameter should be a JSScript
686684 The debugger UI should remember its size across sessions
694880 The editable state is not updated correctly when designMode is turned off
686691 PrefixSet loading should use readahead
703079 Always dispatch mozfullscreenchange to owning document
694896 [10.7] Fix jemalloc hang, crash on Mac 10.7 and enable jemalloc on 10.7
694913 crash nsIMM32Handler::OnMouseEvent
686732 Implement minimal-capabilities WebGL mode
694932 GCLI should make the same JS security checks as JSTerm
686742 Move YUV conversion code into gfxUtil functions
684638 Google Docs Spreadsheets Sluggish
694943 crash nsIFrame::GetConstFrameSelection
694953 Crash [@ nsAString_internal::EqualsASCII ] with <svg:mpath> linking to a non-SVG element
645804 Reset caps lock and alternate key setting when switching between input elements
653997 When using tab groups in FF4.0 - page titles prefixes (name of tab group) are mixed
694994 Android GetAdapterDescription string is ambigious
703198 JAWS doesn't announce combobox navigation in collapsed combobox
654056 Build IPC support for mips, hppa, ia64, s390(x), powerpc64 and sparc
695017 IonMonkey: Null Increment error
695025 don't use false when we really mean NULL
514804 gfxPlatform::GetRenderingIntent returns an int, not a bool
645887 Generic interface for recording JIT-generated code
703237 Figure out why browser_inspector_highlighter.js and browser_inspector_iframeTest.js fail when the st…
695051 IonMonkey: Remove all references to jsc::ARMAssembler
375564 Remove ifdefs for 10.4 in Mac a11y code
383759 Focus event inconsistent for search box autocomplete
662288 Implement CSS3 unicode-bidi: plaintext
670484 IonMonkey: Implement function calls
613149 Support HTML5 bdi element and CSS property unicode-bidi: isolate
678687 TI: ammo.js runs very slowly
564002 Top margin on table doesn't allow it to clear a previous float
678694 Battery API
640136 onchange & input events are not fired for all form elements on restore
621363 SpecialPowers ipc setter code does not receive new value locally until next event loop run
695094 Move js{scan,parse,emit}.{h,cpp} into js/src/frontend/
695097 Split up frontend/Parser.{h,cpp}
695102 [PATCH] fix comment typo in nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h
695108 Android-only sporadic "REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | reftests/svg/filter-extref-differentOrigin-01.…
662358 Implement mingw variant of nsXPTCStubBase::StubXX directly in assembly
686941 Consider making nsIDocument::mCachedRootElement a weak pointer
686942 Video starts playing after seeking to end
695138 Fix inout memory leak in XPConnect tests
686957 Final video frame is not displayed when seeking to end
678783 warnings-as-errors - MSVC C4265: 'js::WeakMap<Key,Value,HashPolicy,MarkPolicy>' : class has virtual …
695171 Make our operator new throw bad_alloc
670596 GC: Allow unused arenas to be marked as uncommitted
400265 trunk uses wrong (unwanted) rendering engine for fonts
646043 Hardware acceleration seems to require discrete GPU on Macs with two GPUs
703398 IndexedDB: SQLite files with unknown schema versions should not be deleted
695213 GC: Add total time to gc/Statistics
698868 Add "Product" to Adapter Description for Android
695231 Disable animated orientation change in Meegotouch window/scene manager
695238 Reflect.parse doesn't reject missing RHS in object literals
695240 Vorbis playback is broken on Android
678859 Runaway memory usage with DOM Animation (Windows only?)
695245 misc view related code cleanup
695252 when switching cards in a deck we don't need to purge all thebes layer contents
659278 [Azure] canvas.drawWindow() renders content from different windows
654295 Closing last tab of a group doesn't show Panorama
662489 Reorganize the nth-index cache to have a better chance of O(1) hits and less branching
449509 Division and remainder operators evaluate operands in wrong order.
687081 Add telemetry for time to find a cache entry
695275 Fix and test ThebesLayer to ImageLayer optimization
687085 Add Telemetry for hit rate & revalidation rate per cache type
703472 Retain the DataSourceSurface in GetThebesSurfaceForDrawTarget
695287 Move Navigator declaration to Navigator.h and definition to Navigator.cpp
695290 Assertion failure: frame.stackDepth() == opinfo->stackDepth, at methodjit/Compiler.cpp:1672
695303 Add mozilla::clamped function
695304 On the latest Nightly - Bookmarks are not imported from IE
384011 when autocomplete window pops up, should fire events for 'tree table' but not for 'window'
687121 GCC 4.6 build warning: "js/src/xpconnect/shell/xpcshell.cpp:549: warning: variable 'preBytes' set bu…
695320 TabView::init fails to handle session store window state changes that hide/show the toolbar
695322 browser_privatebrowsing_searchbar.js is broken when run on its own, and doesn't fully clean up after…
695324 Fix precedence problem found with clang warning
695325 netError.dtd should use &brandShortName;
408630 inserting ellipsis to VERY long string (Length>MAX_INT) works wrong by integer overflow.
687166 GCC 4.6 build warning: "layout/xul/base/src/nsSplitterFrame.cpp:997: warning: variable 'current' set…
694797 Cairo fails to build with VC11 because it tries to #define inline, which is a keyword in C++
703568 Disable Battery API by default in Firefox 10
678995 Orion editor in Scratchpad's gutter is too narrow
687188 [Skia] Skia radial gradients should use the 0/1 color stop values as it's clamp value
687189 [Skia] Implement SkPaint::getPosTextPath
670816 IonMonkey: Run generated code
687204 android.text.ClipboardManager in android.text has been deprecated
695406 Need reset front buffer if ContentType is different
687216 XHR in worker to bogus URI leads to Assertion failure: foundIndex != size_t(-1), at c:/dev/mozilla-c…
687220 XHR POST in worker with null body and upload load event listener leads to Assertion failure: GetPriv…
687225 configure does not detect MSVC 2011 compiler
695421 Loading the web page crashes Gecko > 8
695422 Return NULL instead of false
695430 crash on print preview - nsFrameList::InsertFrames
687243 Firefox/WebSockets uses non-minimal payload length encoding
695440 Create sidebar for Highlighter tools
687257 OSX 10.5 M-oth permaorange brought across by latest JM merge
695450 Rename CodeGenerator.h -> BytecodeGenerator.h to avoid conflict with IonMonkey
711195 Perform the range checks for non-boolean telemetry pings at compile time
687275 Misc mozconfig detection code improvements
679088 Line numbers don't line up to lines in orion
695493 JM: Fix opcode spew
695496 IM: break out CompileInfo for static compilation information
451788 TM: Multiplying, dividing, modulo two integers promotes to double
687318 Allow createProcessingInstruction in HTML
687320 Try to open correct on OpenBSD
351449 RegExp Exponential explosion (hang) tracking
685263 Location Bar doesn't highlight domains with ports
711900 Make Firefox 10 not have more GC/CC related hangs than Firefox 9
679140 Do all SSL error processing on the main thread
670951 Mac XULRunner builds fail intermittently during unification
646377 Focus event fired for accessible in previously active tab after opening a new tab from menu
695538 Missing trailing spaces during anonymous table boxes generation
212218 Implement DOM Level 3 Document properties/methods
695549 Rename everything in the front end
687358 Remove nsWWJSUtils and use nsJSUtils instead
687361 Implement IndexedDB setVersion API changes
687367 Bionic domain name functions are not thread-safe on pre-3.0 Android
433418 Accessibles for focused HTML Select elements are not getting focused state
687372 ImageLayerOGL should not destroy surface given as argument
695577 E4X syntax should not be accepted in ES5 strict mode
690735 Upgrade ANGLE to r774
687393 HTML select options gets relation from containing label
687398 Assertion failure: JSID_IS_ATOM(propid), at jsgcmark.cpp:595 or Crash [@ JSString::isLinear]
687400 Kill isSameNode
693469 Implement mozilla::ArrayLength and mozilla::ArrayEnd
696201 Switch content lists to nsTArray
687422 Remove isElementContentWhitespace
687426 Remove Document.xmlEncoding
695623 xul:browser is subject of focus event when tabbing from chrome to content process
589132 Tab group names are too big, text needs to be cropped on end, with ellipses for long titles.
692109 The intended crash in nsIFrame::GetOffsetToCrossDoc won't actually crash with some compilers
687446 Allow debug symbols to be found under gdb without extracted libraries
695639 nsLayoutUtils::GetFontFacesForText does not use the proper offset into the textrun
695644 Duplicate package manifests exist for the script debugger
539997 remove nsTryToClose.js from Firefox
679271 Intermittent a11y/accessible/events/test_tree.xul | Test timed out, sometimes with a leak
695665 Remove instances of getMostRecentWindow from the script debugger
638328 Investigate the XPC overhead on WebGL calls.
687486 Throw INVALID_STATE_ERR when dispatching uninitialized events
671104 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/plugins/test/test_npruntime_identifiers.html | Test timed out - OR…
695685 dump in JS modules/components goes to stderr and doesn't flush
674182 Arbitrary code execution with NoWaiverWrapper/CrossOriginWrapper
610203 When using Alt+Enter in the location bar in popup windows, the tab should open in a full browser win…
695728 Handle tabDetached events in the script debugger
671160 ASSERTION: Uh, inner window set as event target!
695752 Give js::ParseNode a constuctor and make its subclasses new_-able
695756 Implement js::BooleanObject
687565 Orion in JS mode doesn't highlight the 'let' keyword
695758 Don't limit E10s event/focus handling to xul:browser, but allow also xul:iframe
687568 Extending the selection causes Scratchpad to scroll without making the selection visible
687573 Orion does not maintain X offset when navigating vertically
687577 Extending the selection horizontally followed by vertically doesn't work correctly
687580 Orion doesn't support drag and drop
589289 D2D beta tracker
646641 If a document has multiple history entries (either by pushstate or anchor navs) only the last one is…
687610 [OOPP] [10.6] [10.7] QuickTime hangs FF while trying to play a sound from the plugin process
623872 Cmd + L is not focusing location bar in popup windows
671240 Text from Name Group text-field shifts to the left while writting
671243 Empty text-field area goes outside of minimized group when hovering with mouse
695832 Perspective origin is wrong when we have a transform origin
687642 Change JSOP_GETELEM to use the narrower, split-by-property-type APIs
679467 scratchpad doesn't display the value false
663090 TI+JM: inline String.fromCharCode
695861 "ASSERTION: Can't find frame in lines!" with -moz-column, "unicode-bidi: -moz-isolate"
695867 Crash [@ LookupPropertyById] with getPropertyDescriptor returning a NodeList
671297 Add memory reporters for textruns and associated data
679509 Synology file browser fails to list local hard drives with FF7 and newer
687710 Restoring session causes hang from nsSHEntry parent loop
695907 Use qualified C++ definitions in js/src/frontend instead of wrapping whole .cpp files in namespace j…
695912 Add antialiasing to the downloadable blocklist
482921 [HTML5] Re-implement view source syntax highlighting using the HTML5 parser
514663 Renable test_elm_media.html
695935 Make document.mozRequestFullScreen() asynchronous
687754 [followup on bug 487242] unread attribute set at different times during page load
695947 [Linux PGO] Intermittent test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | Test failed, "successfullyParsed s…
687766 Remove binary xpidl from the tree
622232 DNS prefetches continue after a tab is closed
695962 Remove a bunch of unneeded null checks
695965 valgrind: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) in nsUrlClassifierDBService::Ch…
695968 valgrind: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) in nsLookAndFeel::NativeGetColo…
679590 Intermittent failure in browser_607016.js | sanity check that tab doesn't have extData
695977 Addons shouldn't be compatible by default when their minVersion is greater than the app version
671406 Create a list of commands that could be useful in GCLI embedded in firefox
695985 CFI for JaegerMonkey assembly code should apply one instruction *before* entry point
695989 Linux incremental builds don't pick changes to jemalloc
696009 [Linux 32bit PGO] Intermittent test/webgl/test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | Test failed, "Una…
696012 e10s support for Panorama Tests
696013 Nightly crashes @ mozilla::layers::BasicShadowCanvasLayer::DestroyFrontBuffer
696014 [hu] Remove Bluu search engine from Hungarian builds
696020 onkeypress attribute on <body> no longer gets events happening on the window
696021 Scrollbar down arrows points up
581341 Remote CrashReporter::AnnotateCrashReport from child processes
687843 WeakMap: Add MarkOf and factor MarkPolicies.
696038 Battery API: Android backend
696041 Battery API: Linux (upower) backend
687851 Create a locales directory in the devtools module, move all devtools l10n strings to it
687854 Move the Inspector code to browser/devtools
687855 Orion fails to update the syntax highlighting correctly with modifications to the DOM
688824 Hide restart if locale is changed to current locale
698860 Workers: Cycle collector calls DOM worker from wrong thread
474893 List controls should fire a focus event on the selected child when tabbing or when the selected chil…
540433 Remove nsIDocumentViewer
696093 WebGL doesn't work after Bug 615976
696107 HTML attribute editor in highlighter conflicts with new keyboard controls
696108 extract EmitFor
696109 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending()," with Reflect.parse
646968 let-block variable initializers are statically outside the let-scope but dynamically inside it
515907 Support taskbar icon overlay in Windows 7
712517 Rotating device can display blank white screens
679753 Remove Scratchpad's status bar, the Environment menu and the Tools menu
696139 [highlighter] Attach the InspectorUI instance when notifying "highlighter-ready"
687951 "too much recursion" errors with large compiled JS files
663378 Intermittent failure in layout/style/test/test_acid3_test46.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window…
687966 Use JSScript, not script objects, as keys in Debugger maps
581473 possible uninitialized variable use in XPCConvert::JSData2Native
696163 Remove default livemark
696167 test_contextmenu.html doesn't respect highlighter preference
655209 Sparc build broken / Makefile not enabling arch for methodjit files
679786 telemetry reporting for use of depricated ISimpleDOM* interfaces
696175 Crash [@ nsLineBox::CachedIsEmpty] with inline acting as an absolute containing block
450418 absolute positioning containing block established by relative-positioned fieldsets is misplaced
696179 search engine "alias" getter caching is broken, results in many unnecessary synchronous SQLite reads…
696180 Add support for inherited properties to the rule view.
696181 Properties disabled in the css rule view should not be lost
687991 Nightly users are crashing on
696188 Leak nsCSSValueList with multi-transform and transition
630657 SVG masks are rendered incorrectly
696195 nsTArray should have SafeElementAt specializations for smart pointers
573321 Preferred effect is not determined properly which sometimes causes "ASSERTION: Expected word size" w…
688012 Fix the most egregious xpconnect formatting abnormalities
696205 Consider adding an optimization for id selectors to querySelectorAll
696211 Align ChunkInfo by inserting padding in Chunk
696220 js1_8_5/extensions/reflect-parse.js is failing
655263 remove views from decks
696233 Consider having four separate hashtables with smaller entries in the nth-index cache
688044 ASSERTION: Why is the root in mDirtyRoots already?
696248 Flipping between "fixed" and "not-fixed" headers in GMail scrolling is slow
696261 JS engine comments contain many references to 'tempPool', which has been renamed to 'tempLifoAlloc'
704456 [10.7] Crash in __-[ChildView maybeTrackScrollEventAsSwipe:scrollOverflow:]_block_invoke_1
696266 Add some values to layout/style/test/property_database.js
692215 IM: Assertion failure: backing.firstCopy == stackPosition_, at ion/MIRGraph.cpp:362
688083 With in-content plugin crash, send crash report option should be synced amongst windows/tabs
704468 Wrong rotation direction for rotate3d(x,y,z,angle)
696284 Add a comment explaining why we allocate BytecodeEmitter on the heap
696287 Assertion failure: !suspended (../core/../nanojit/LIR.h:2251)
696288 Regression: Processing.js Performance Tests don't work
376803 Correct logic to determine if nsDocAccessible is focusable
655337 Use a JAR friendly method of loading hyphenation dictionaries
688126 nsIAccessibleText::setSelectionBounds doesn't fire text selection changed events in some cases