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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.11.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
704512 nsBMPDecoder::WriteInternal: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
696324 Provide JS API for adding items to the Android menu
704520 Flash content does not have a placeholder if on Android 3.x
712719 NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoAppShell.notifyIMEEnabled
679961 Popup blocker blocks bookmarklets with, if the bookmarklet is executed from inside of me…
704538 Create telemetry probe to ascertain what proportion of users may prefer bug 695482's new 'open searc…
704539 channel.URI is undefined in Sync
679966 WebVibrator
589857 Remove nsFileControlFrame::mTextFrame on trunk
696354 When a media load is redirected, currentSrc should return the pre-redirect URI
693595 Missing classinfo for WebGLExtensionStandardDerivatives in a build without WebGL
720934 [meta] Android Sync 0.4 code drop
712743 Investigate if we could reduce traversing by checking if node is black
709980 INNER_UNMAKE_PACKAGE doesn't work with omnijar
704558 Accept encoder output options in encodeImage and encodeScaledImage
679986 Assertion failure: limit >= start, at jsregexpinlines.h:274 or Crash [@ QuoteString]
532533 [10.6] Crash in [@ fnt_SH_Common(fnt_LocalGraphicStateType*, long*, long*, int*) ] when loading site
696379 file:/// urls and about: urls don't seem to be scrollable
704575 Union dirty rects instead of painting all of them
704576 remove CVS cruft from browser/app/
696386 Crash on Quit [@ JS_ResumeRequest]
696399 close connections and misc cleanups in dom
704593 Remove JS-specific nsGlobalWindow::ClearTimeoutOrInterval()
712787 remove showScreenshot (dead code)
712791 Crash when running Pageload Zippity tests, restoring on
180328 Xft-related leaks
704621 Add per-window DOM memory reporters
704622 [1.9.2] .jar should not be openable on Mac or Linux, download only (CVE-2011-3666)
696436 Rename MoCo-generated Aurora and Nightly Mac builds to "" and ""
696449 crash PL_DHashTableOperate (stack overflow from nsContainerFrame::RemoveFrame)
696450 Implement pointer increment/decrement in js-ctypes
671875 Ensure transport events are correctly propagated with the new pipelining code
696461 Ux Designs For Primary UI
704666 hunspell/README_en_US.txt and hunspell/README_mozilla.txt have DOS newline characters
376997 Render standalone images against a dark gray background
696498 Clean up *, add omitted makefiles & use more conditionals
704691 Fire STATE_IS_NETWORK notifications with print status so that the download manager can track "Save a…
721076 Prevent default on touch events should prevent long taps and double taps
704693 Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) uses tablet-only Honeycomb theme
721079 Calling preventDefault on the first touchmove event prevents panning, but not quickly enough
630970 [ANGLE] WebGLES shader crash [@op_mod]
573631 trace malloc for x86_64 Mac OS X builds is too slow
639168 Fennec 4.0b5 crash [@ gfxContext::gfxContext]
704709 Hardware volume buttons in full screen mode triggers full screen warning message
704710 Refactor GfxDriverInfo/GfxInfo(Base) to support string device and vendor IDs
721099 Update mozilla-aurora to NSPR 4.9 beta 6
704723 Add memory reporter for XPConnect
590036 Make eval(json-like string) fast for arrays too
508117 TM: locking stats for SS
696535 "make check" and "pymake check" fail because build/'s own "make check" fails to find manifestparser
704729 extra semicolon after NS_DECL_EVENT_HANDLER() caused compile error with Solaris Studio
704735 _state is not initialized in Android-MessagePumpForUI ctor
704738 Page/content does not resize on device rotation/orientation change
721129 Incorrect BigInteger comparison in JPakeCrypto
647403 Firefox 4 submits string encoded with Big5 as UTF-8
704754 expose abbr object attribute on header cells
672006 [highlighter] Selecting a Node should update the Highlighter's main toolbar with a breadcrumb displa…
704780 GCLI documentation is too monolithic. Split it up
672013 Allow SVG-as-an-image to be drawn into a canvas without marking it as write-only
704784 Only show scrollbars while panning (finger down), fade away on finger up
704788 Help compiler ignore mDebugMode branches on non-debug builds
704789 GCLI properties files should not use \ for continutation lines
696602 Active tab not shown in tab strip on return from Panorama
704795 Assertion failure: isGCThing(), at ../../jsapi.h:536
696604 Remove nsIScriptContext::CompileScript's aScopeObject parameter
712999 doesn't work
655658 NetUtil.readInputStreamToString should have aCharset argument as optional
704820 Simplify nsContentUtils::ReportToConsole
721208 Tab screenshots can hose the gecko event loop
721209 tab screenshots unnecessarily big for background tabs
721214 Use Tabs.selectTab to select a new tab instead of sending a Tab:Selected message to gecko
704832 GCLI echo command causes a parse error on the console
598339 "GPU Accelerated Windows 0/1" needs to be simplified to prevent user confusion
704837 Regression in bidi reordering
704838 help_intro.html and help_man.html contain English text
704839 Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects
704841 Use implicit_jscontext for Components.utils getters
696660 Outparamdel nsIScriptRuntime::CreateContext
647518 Allow mozRequestAnimationFrame requests to be cancelable
704866 Firefox Crash [@ firefox@0x1 ] [@ -[NativeMenuItemTarget menuItemHit:] ]
696683 handleGeckoMessage throws java.lang.NullPointerException on startup
729453 Reduce nsTArray::SwapArrayElements's stack allocation from 8kb to something much smaller
672111 Zombie compartment with AdBlock Plus due to redirect detection
721271 Post-0.3 Android Sync Aurora uplift
696702 re-enable downloadable fonts on 1.9.2
704898 Enable elfhack
704911 Unusable performance selecting text on github
704913 Rename GCLI's Display to Console
721298 Fennec XUL has no suggested addons
721301 font.size.inflation.minTwips is set for XUL Fennec
704922 Racy bookmark handling in
721320 Improve BrowserDB / LocalBrowserDB performance
696745 Remove nsIMenuRollup
680376 Source Editor does not give visual indication of read-only mode
524732 jsreftests - js1_5/Regress/regress-344804.js | js1_5/Scope/regress-181834.js FAIL
704970 Favicon missing on URL bar; visible in awesome screen
590283 Bookmark folder item count should use correct plural forms
647628 Remove SKIP_POP_AFTER_SET
467409 Nested about:sessionrestore instances causes huge sessionstore.js file
704989 add workaround for broken Outlook Web App (OWA) attachment handling
704991 Can't dismiss Element Inspector in Full Screen
688615 Wrong reg key used in Installer shell icon handler code
705000 [New Tab Page] Black labels don't match Windows 7/XP color theme
696813 preparation patches for parser, emitter, decompiler
705009 DeviceMotion accelerationIncludingGravity values are in units of "G"s
467444 Missing spanning rows in print preview at page break.
699134 Extension block request: Roboform
696825 IonMonkey: Add yet more features into the ARM backend
705019 CTypes prototype hierarchy should behave more realistically
696832 Ux Designs for Menu
696833 Ux Designs for Awesome Screen
705026 Kindle Fire: Menu on has blanked out items
713228 SQLiteDatabaseCorruptException: database disk image is malformed: PRAGMA synchronous=1;
713229 configure only requires NSPR 4.8.8, but we require NSPR >= 4.9 beta 4
697795 Split up remaining TOK_* kinds whose meanings are conditioned on token.t_op
680465 Source Editor syntax highlighting for CSS is a bit confusing
705043 History sidebar: page titles are expanded, but URLs remain compressed
533015 LoadFilter should handle the new load instructions, but does not
664109 Requests for changes to the TLD whitelist for IDN, to add .ee
705072 - The site does not work
705074 All uses of DOMTemplate should use new template function
688695 Deferred session restore doesn't behave correctly for a single tab group
705084 Battery API: chargingTime should return 0 if there is no battery plugged in
713283 Profile migration takes forever
705092 Kinetic scrolling on web content is a bit too slow now
705100 remove nsISupportsArray from migration
705112 crash JNI_CreateJavaVM | sa_stream_destroy
451161 defaultPref overwrites user prefs
680556 Make NS_Alloc infallible
705133 move all linux CC and CXX lines to a central mozconfig snippet
705136 don't mention ppc
664179 Allow Cross-Origin URLs in EventSource (Server-Sent Events)
623220 Add-on bar and Find bar close buttons don't line up
705145 Multiple selection lists cannot be scrolled
705146 Selected entries are dismissed if a tap is performed over a multi-selection list
705154 Crash in chromehang | mach_msg_trap | ABORT: HangMonitor triggered
705156 embedding/test/test_window_open_units.html is flaky
721547 don't generate large screenshot when tab menu is opening
705166 Entering text in inputs fields has regressed in performance; lagged input
721551 Need split builds for Fennec that serve XUL Fennec for tablets and native Fennec for phones
705168 Remove some references to the tracer in the methodjit
705173 Crash with canvas
705179 Implement initial canvas accessible and baseline test.
549533 improve cycle collector performance
705187 Use IDL for nsIScriptableRegion::GetRects
705188 Use IDL for mozIJSSubScriptLoader::LoadSubScript, {xpcIJSModuleLoader,nsIXPCComponents_Utils}::Impor…
713381 Crash [@ nsRefPtr<nsBuiltinDecoder>::operator->() | nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::ScheduleStateMachi…
139942 CSS errors in chrome
705191 IonMonkey: jit-test --ion flag broken on TBPL
721577 Race condition in about:home for tabs from last time
705206 svg filter used in mask's group fails to render correctly
631479 Add Graphite2 to gecko
705212 [ICS] - Dim ic_awesomebar_go.png and ic_awesomebar_search.png
713408 Don't clutter log with history entries in Profile Migrator
565953 Intermittent failure in test_pluginstream_err.html | test frame has unexpected content - got "NPP_St…
723746 regression: XUL Fennec uses non-tablet layout on ICS tablets
684153 Nonexistent spidermonkey macro JSOPTION_NATIVE_BRANCH_CALLBACK is documented
703268 Add an optional English note in the debugger dtd
664284 Add HSTS support for websockets
705247 IonMonkey: getgname does not need a shape guard with TI
664290 Find the lowest acceptable value for image.mem.min_discard_timeout_ms
484067 SVG filter region clipped if Firefox thinks a smaller region is sufficient
697063 Tabs.getSelectedTab returns null until Gecko starts and will cause crashes
705262 Style Inspector left-margin should be increased
713464 English labels displayed initially on multilanguage apk instead of localized strings
697085 Link to mac malloc headers in memory/jemalloc/osx_zone_types.h
697086 Content permission notifications not dismissed on page dismiss
672511 Morph nsIAccessNode::uniqueId
705280 document.head is slower than other methods to access the head element
721667 Incomplete framebuffer abort in mozilla::gl::GLContext::SetBlitFramebufferForDestTexture with "error…
697095 Unable to open more tabs than current screen-height permits in landscape view
697098 Tab panel scrolls to top during current and active page load
688908 Update .asia listing in PSL comment
697110 Support doorhangers for popup blocking
713503 prefetch urls from known url shortening sites before gecko is running
697120 Show favicon on all entries in awesomebar
697121 Handle search entry focus properly when switching tabs
697122 Show only label on awesome bar tabs while keeping native tab look
705320 Use IDL for xpcIJSWeakReference.get
705324 Remove nsAXPCNativeCallContext::{GetRetValPtr,GetReturnValueWasSet,SetReturnValueWasSet}
697140 GCLI creates nodes in the wrong namespace
705333 Use IDL for nsJSCID::{CreateInstance,GetService}
697144 Unable to interact with aboutCertError
660959 Figure out a better setup for figuring out link state
705344 Use IDL for Components.(utils.)lookupMethod
705351 IM+TI: check for int32 when loading doubles from property/array slots
705355 Use IDL for Components.utils.evalInSandbox
705357 Use IDL for Components.utils.getGlobalForObject
705358 Over scroll / scroll should not exist when page is fully zoomed out and all the content is in the vi…
705365 Set the plugin hang timeout shorter than the Firefox hang timeout
697175 Split up TOK_EQOP into individual types for all its subtypes
697177 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/indexedDB/test/test_setVersion_exclusion.html | This test left cra…
697179 Miscellaneous parser/scanner cleanups
705386 AutoLocalJNIFrame should use JNIForThread()
713586 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at org.mozilla.gecko.ui.PanZoomController$…
705401 Kill the last remaining vestiges of TraceVis
705404 build separate accessible tree on mac
533374 LiveTable::live needs to handle stb and sts, but doesn't
713600 MasterPassword helper is missing _tokenName
623492 [ANGLE] WebGLES shader assertion failed: (false && "Default missing"), function operator<
705414 Check JS_DefineElement for failure in nsScriptableRegion::GetRects
689042 Error in the console when using Panorama
699203 looks for a non-existent directory "CVS" in order to run.
705428 Remove dead code: nsXMLContentSerializer::AppendToString(const PRUnichar*, PRInt32, nsAString&)
713622 Enable elfhack
705433 Remove dead code: TestNode::HasAncestor
705434 Remove dead code: nsXULDocument::ContextStack::IsInsideXULTemplate
705435 Remove dead code: CanvasUtils::LogMessage(f)
705436 Remove dead code: getDocumentTypeCB
705437 Remove dead code: nsCoreUtils::GetLastSensibleColumn
705438 Remove dead code: nsHTMLCSSUtils::RemoveCSSProperty(nsIDOMElement*, const nsAString&)
705439 Remove dead code: nsHTMLEditor::GetBlockSection / nsHTMLEditor::GetBlockSectionsForRange
705443 Use IDL for nsIDOMWindowUtils::GetClassName
705444 Use IDL for jsdIValue::GetWrappedValue
705451 html anchors do not always update in url bar
705454 Loading of module PMMERGE to compute screen size is wrong
705461 Use MOZ_CHECK_HEADER(S) everywhere
705464 typo in
705466 Use MOZ_CHECK_HEADERS to check for cpuid.h
377787 Cycle collector performance tracking
697279 "Assertion failure: !tc->inStrictMode(),"
705473 typos in
705479 Parallel builds (-jN) on Windows should fail early if gmake is being used
697297 Remove TOK_UNARYOP, split it up into multiple token kinds
721888 Fennec native build doesn't flag java warnings as errors
705508 Let JS console print to stderr with printErr
680937 don't leak wrapped native WeakMap keys
697322 Add easier to use reset method to CallReceiver
648171 fix JS_Enumerate leaks
705516 Missing Favicons in the Application Menu Bar
697335 Another memory reporter for the startup cache
697339 crash after deleting email while using gnome-orca 3.19 xdesktop [@ nsAccessible::Role ]
287740 Expose advanced table semantics
713729 FlingRunnable runs constantly after panning and releasing without flinging
705559 Speed up canvas-to-canvas image drawing with Azure/D2D
710148 Remove MOZ_REQUIRE_CURRENT_SDK from nsPrintDialogUtil.cpp
672796 MOZILLA_GUARD_OBJECT_NOTIFIER_ONLY_PARAM and friends shouldn't be in AutoRestore.h
311007 state change events not fired without a channel
705572 Kindle Fire: YouTube videos do not open in unavailable YouTube App
697383 implement navigator.mozApps
246827 newly added languages should appear on top of the list
705580 No Animation Of WunderMap Interactive Radar on Nightly
713774 Crash on rotation after adjusting viewport - part ii
615472 Geolocation prompt should ask the user a question
615474 Geolocation prompt alternate choices should be more descriptive
713780 Performance : regression on performance startup between 12/12 and 12/13
705589 mozilla-inbound build is broken after Bug 685395 part 3
705590 measure system font fallback times and other cases where fonts are enumerated
648252 Remove nsViewSourceHTML.cpp/h from the tree
705597 about:blank subframe entries in session restore make browser slow
658272 Implement figure and figcaption accessibility
705602 Use mallocSizeOf in prefixset memory reporter
713803 JNI() verses mJNIEnv in widget/src/android/*
705621 No tab item is selected after removing last tab in a group outside Panorama
664693 All built-in GCLI commands should be documented for security review
705654 Fix uses of uninitialized memory found by valgrind in 632423-1.html
664696 GCLI commands should be reviewed for security issues
705663 Fix braindead WebGLTexture::HasImageInfoAt
696512 Redirect clicks to clickable elements nearby (smart link tapping)
492675 crash from MyWebSearch toolbar or WOT extension [@ nsStyleSet::FileRules(int (*)(nsIStyleRuleProcess…
705668 Remove IIDs on WebGL implementation classes
705669 Firefox Crash Report [@ js_ReportOutOfMemory ]
640136 onchange & input events are not fired for all form elements on restore
705673 remove stale mUniformTextures
705678 [ICS] - AwesomeBar truncated in landscape view
713874 Black thumbnails are produced by GeckoSoftwareLayerClient.getBitmap()
697494 Outparamdel nsIParser::GetStreamListener
713887 Javascript error when using the menu quit to quit fennec
517298 jsreftest|browser failures - js1_5/GC/regress-203278-2.js | js1_5/Regress/regress-203278-1.js | js1_…
695155 Reload
697537 Shrink JSFunction
713922 Don't allow user to use empty password for master password
705731 Create InspectorUI.notifications.DESTROYED notification
443588 Locationbar google/yahoo traditional Chinese search corrupted
697546 Add a scriptable way to set a dock badge text
697549 Use NativeWindow.doorhanger in ContentPermissionPrompt.js
713934 Update PSM to use SSL_AuthCertificateComplete instead of SSL_RestartHandshakeAfterAuthCertificate
713936 Update mozilla-central + mozilla-aurora +mozilla-beta to NSS 3.13.2 final release (requires NSPR 4.9…
707448 Cleanup nsHTMLFormElement::DoSubmitOrReset a bit
689367 layout/build/nsLayoutModule.cpp:761:1: warning: 'kNS_CANVASRENDERINGCONTEXT2DAZURE_CID' defined but …
648429 HTTP cache: compress all compressible files
696532 Add-on manager
591101 bholley testing bug for git-bz
689443 Use a linked list for PerWeightData
697640 "ABORT: Update current interval recursion depth exceeded threshold"
714029 Avoid jsctypes-test dependency on the xpcom glue
705845 Add telemetry for size of values stored in localStorage
632119 For all data URI images, "View Image Info" says "Dimensions: 0px x 0px" & has broken "Media Preview"
697659 Use doorhangers for Password Manager
705856 Enable SPS profiler on Linux
705862 OS X crash reports don't include adapter vendor ID and device ID
714062 Add-ons Manager page should be opened once, e.g. tapping on "Add-ons" should switch to opened about:…
542032 Don't look up prefs on every tab & window close
705873 [ObjShrink] "Assertion failure: (jsuint)keyval >= obj->getDenseArrayInitializedLength() || obj->getD…
705875 XPConnect is passing null references into xpcom interfaces
705879 "Assertion failure: isGlobal(),"
703376 IonMonkey: Add alias sets
697701 Support double-tap gesture to zoom
705895 [ObjShrink] Crash with testcase at weird location (likely null deref)
703456 Kill REPORT_BUILD; kill it dead
697709 Fix stlport linking for ARMv6 Android builds
705903 Web console filter button should retain checked state when any of its menuitems are checked
705904 Kill nsRefPtrHashtables of WebGL objects, allow unreferenced objects to be freed, fix about:memory r…
703379 Share media resources automatically when playing the same URL
697720 Add 'Clear private data' preference
697726 Stop
583041 Style Editor integration
147691 assertion: enabling/disabling quirk stylesheet too late
697732 Back/forward from javascript do not update Java-side state
705931 [Mac] Firefox 8.0.1 crashes when many Java applets are loaded
705932 Inspector should allow copying the current element's id/classes
681360 Async initialization for Orion TextView
700654 [layers] Different tabs don't have different visible areas
705943 [SeaMonkey] mochitest-other: browser_bug92473.js and browser_bug134911.js report "Console message: […
673178 TI: Major sunspider regression on July 15
697761 Memory leaks when running the debugger mochitests
714148 NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.db.AndroidBrowserDB.updateFaviconForUrl
705959 Move static feature blocks to compiled-in blocklist
697773 Cannot type in AwesomeBar URL bar with hard keyboard
705974 Remove files deprecated in Fx7/Fx8 when updating to Fx9
656824 Use ARB_robustness and EGL_CONTEXT_LOST to detect driver resets in WebGL
689598 Implement downloadable device blacklisting for Android
705983 Firefox a11y is not enabled on GNOME if config.use_system_prefs.accessibility is false (default)
705987 Use mallocSizeOf in the layout memory reporters
705994 Intermittent test_preload_actions.html | [finished] Length of array should match number of running t…
705996 "ASSERTION: horizontal damage extends outside table"
705997 Remove additional Java Consoles
705998 IonMonkey: ion/bug674694.js hangs with greedy allocator
656847 "Assertion failure: strcmp(rval, forelem_cookie) == 0" with trap, destructuring, decompilation for w…
681425 Tabs in Firefox (Preferences) should look and feel like native OS X tabs
665167 [jsdbg2] Eliminate non-held scripts
697821 Build failure on Mac OS Lion in libtheora
706020 Remove outdated Seamonkey Profile Migrator (Part 2)
706026 Crash in nsXULTextFieldAccessible::FrameSelection
706033 Chrome migrator should notify of Migration:ItemError when there are errors
697842 cancelling compositonstart causes unexpected result
714234 Handle window.close() via DOMWindowClose
706049 Firefox 9.0 Crash Report [@ nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::Contains(unsigned int, int*) ]
697858 Restore tabs from previous session, including history
706057 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: interval->start() < pos && pos <= interval->end(), at ion/LinearScan.c…
673296 Origin handling in EventSource is bogus
706067 Make takeFocus work on widget items
706068 IndexedDB: Keys placed on an object by an autoincremented objectStore ignore complex keyPaths
689685 All devtools strings files should contain an 'optional English' note.
697881 XCode 4.2 no longer provides a gcc-4.2
402971 Too many phishing pings in FF2.0.x
706088 IndexedDB: Put and autoIncrement don't get along very well.
706090 IndexedDB: OpenDatabaseHelper can release atoms off the main thread.
714285 No context menu on long tap on inputs without type=text attribute
697904 filter interferes with pattern in svg
706108 Remove unused largeIcon logic from applications.js
706110 JS Correctness: Different output with options "-m -n" vs. "-m -n -a"
706113 Remove null checks after constructors in VideoDocument.cpp
618765 unbind VBO required in order to share GL context with toolkit
706149 Improve Firefox browser_bug462289.js, after SeaMonkey bug 630140
632433 [SeaMonkey] mochitest-chrome: permanent "test_autocomplete2.xul | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.…
706164 [CC] Add telemetry for CC forcing GC
509562 [BC] ASSERTION: program error: '(i >= startIndex) && (i <= endIndex)'
697988 We should use weak references to observers in nsDOMStorage.cpp
697990 fTexSubImage2D row by row is too slow
706186 xulrunner-stub.exe depends on mozutils.dll
706192 ua.css specifies invalid value 'none' for 'clip' property
698002 Port v8 based profiler to Mac
722586 Correctly update active/inactive browsers
689105 Accessibility in main window broken for VoiceOver, VO doesn't see anything but the title bar and its…
689834 Muted attribute not respected
698028 "Assertion failure: !getProto()->inDictionaryMode() || getProto()->lastProp->frozen(), at ../jsobjin…
566959 make JSProxyHandler::family a data member instead of a virtual method call?
689847 Expose active state on current item of selectable widgets
706236 SPDY Deadlock/SIGBUS
706240 JS Correctness: "reference to undefined property" vs. "is not defined" errors with/without methodjit
706249 "ASSERTION: We've overflowed the mSpec buffer" in nsStandardURL::BuildNormalizedSpec
714445 nsWebMReader::ReadMetadata reads preferences off the main thread
698075 Potential memory leak in AsyncChannel::Echo(), ::Send()
722655 Crash on about:home if tab title is not defined
706283 window.mozRequestAnimationFrame(null) crashes
674770 contenteditable breaks middle-click to open links when middlemouse.paste=true
698095 Tab count increment/decrement needs animation
689913 Assertion failed: (false), function writeConstantUnion
698107 Return nsnull instead of false
706301 calling Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(xraywrapped_htmlcollection, 'length') makes 'length' subsequ…
706303 IonMonkey: snapshot_ already set in assignPostSnapshot()
689920 Integrate Tilt with existing Firefox developer tools
689924 Change "Inspect" shortcut to Cmd+Opt+I, Web Console to Cmd+Opt+K (Mac Only)
706316 Assertion failure: isGCThing(), at ../../jsapi.h:536
706323 Tab overflow is no longer working - overflow arrow appears - tabs won't slide left
706180 Use /tools/gcc-4.5-0moz3
706335 Accessible text breaks when quoting header is removed from plain text reply
706339 Chrome migrator always offers migration even if Chrome is not present
698150 [ObjShrink]: Assertion failure: type->canProvideEmptyShape(clasp), at ../jsobjinlines.h:1538
706348 [IncrementalGC] "Assertion failure: static_cast<Cell *>(thing)->isMarked(),"
714542 Mac build uses pretty naming for *.checksums files
698169 [WebGL] texSubImage2D with an Image seems to copy premultiplied alpha values
722752 Home page shows set up banner even though Sync was just set up
706369 don't use nsIContent::GetChildAt to iterate through children
714565 Concurrency issue in
280391 SVGSVGElement.getElementById not implemented
698185 mixed-direction (bidi) text in <canvas> is broken
698195 Use AfterSetAttr to process script href changes
583510 Toolbar separators are invisible
698201 Remove tracer
460637 [BC] ASSERTION: invalid BC damage area: 'PR_FALSE'
706398 "gSearchEngine is null" when about:home is closed early
706406 <maction> doesn't work when click event is called stopPropagation()
698228 [ImageMap] Don't use GetPrimaryFrame when not needed
706430 Restoring a session without Panorama data fails with Panorama already loaded
706433 Add JS shell compile flag for more determinism (differential testing/fuzzing)
690053 Land initial arm port of IM
698248 Remove FORCE_USE_PIC
706447 Assertion failure: isMarkStackEmpty(), at js/src/jsgc.cpp:1781
698256 Want Substring(data, length) convenience method
706449 Fennec crashes due to SMS receiver unregister call
706452 Assertion failure: !rt->gcRunning, at js/src/jsgc.cpp:2313
698261 Remove the aElementType argument of NS_NewElement
698264 build fails because of undefined C++11 user-defined literals
608153 stay on app tab when switching groups
695279 Make the script debugger UI l10n-friendly
706460 Unable to scroll down to thumbnail listing on new about:home in landscape
613360 ContentProcessParent uses thread observers unsafely
698275 Various cleanup in HTML element implementations
706474 Use -fno-keep-inline-dllexport in mingw builds
698291 [dir=auto] changing window size doesn't re-renders textarea with dynamic widths
698299 "Assertion failure: !ret && cx->isExceptionPending()" in SecurityWrapper::nativeCall
706503 Add a OMTC preference
706515 [patch] Non-initialized variables in nsGeolocationProvider.js
714708 NullPointerException at GeckoInputConnection.notifyIME
690133 Remove JSObject::clasp
698326 Add memory reporter for the url-classifier
714711 A few unused local variables in PanZoomController.onScaleEnd
714713 Comparison of strings using ==
714715 Variable is used before a null check in GeckoApp.launch
706528 Remove mozBeforePaint event vestiges
706532 JS Correctness: Different TypeError variants with/without methodjit
710310 SPDY: Google Docs Save Large File intermittent failure
706574 show native about:home in onCreate()
698359 Remove SSL thread (nsSSLThread) hacks implemented for SPDY
704852 Calculate compatibility mode when accessibility starts
706558 Remove SetEventCallback
722945 Transactional behavior for store (don't return stored records in subsequent fetch)
641027 GC: Snapshot-at-the-beginning write barrier for incremental GC
714762 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at Tabs.getTabAt
698380 Give nsIScriptContext::EvaluateStringWithValue a JS::Value retval parameter
698382 Give nsXBLProtoImpl::InitTargetObjects and nsXBLPrototypeBinding::InitClass a JSObject outparam
698383 Make nsXBLProtoImpl::mClassObject a JSObject
698386 Pass JSObject to nsXBLProtoImplMember::CompileMember
711683 Use Clang's feature-detection macros for feature testing, not its "marketing" version numbers
698388 Pass JSObject to nsIScriptContext::CompileFunction
698389 Give nsIScriptContext::CompileFunction a JSObject outparam
698390 nsIScriptContext::CallEventHandler should take a JSObject handler parameter
690201 dead code - mLastDrawEvent never used
698394 Pass JSObject handler to nsIScriptContext::BindCompiledEventHandler
698395 Give nsIScriptContext::CreateNativeGlobalForInner a JSObject outparam
698397 Introduce nsScriptObjectHolder::setScript
698399 Use nsScriptObjectHolder::getObject in some more places
698400 Use setObject in nsXBLPrototypeHandler::EnsureEventHandler
698402 Store JSObjects in nsGlobalWindow::mCachedXBLPrototypeHandlers
698404 Pass JSObject to nsIScriptContext::ConnectToInner
698406 Make nsXULPrototypeAttribute::mEventHandler a JSObject
706599 Handle no default in gonk key dispatching
698408 Pass JSObject to nsIScriptContext::SetOuterObject
698410 Pass JSObject to nsIScriptContext::InitClasses
706610 remove trailing semicolon after namespace decl
706611 Remove JSOP_NOTRACE
698420 Make nsScriptObjectHolder typesafe
706615 Panning motion slows, then jerks
698436 Switch to custom spinner
706636 Create empty state thumbnail, just in case
714829 Unused StringBuffer is created in GeckoApp.addEnvToIntent
706641 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(thing)), at jsgc.cpp:4148
706644 Going back from about:home still displays about:home
141397 Ensure Mozilla extensions begin with -moz-
682077 Remove nsITreeImageListener
706659 IndexedDB: Still have some issues with complex keyPaths
706663 Empty Favicons on about:home look like checkboxes
92264 Support element.outerHTML property
706667 Make about:home pretty
690285 JM: "Assertion failure: asCall().maybeStackFrame() != NULL," with trap
706672 Exit DOM full-screen on windowed plugin focus
714874 Fix Java warnings for Fennec and Sync
706684 Resting your hand on the device causes zoom to freak out
706690 Content scaling via CSS transform is jagged while layers are active
706692 IonMonkey: Add support for StackIter
706699 IonMonkey: Regression in IonFrameIterator
706702 Tracking bug for GfxInfo Android blocklisting support
714921 IndexedDB: deleteDatabase is broken
706731 Add support for defaultMuted attribute
706734 "this.veilContainer is null" in browser/devtools/highlighter/inspector.jsm
706736 unclosed tab recreated in wrong tab group
706739 Don't evaluate static blocklists and special cases during evaluation of downloaded blocklist
706740 Firefox locks up and won't shut down when visiting a phishing test page
706743 Drag site icon into bookmark folder annoyance: tooltip gets in the way
698552 Update mozilla-central to NSS 3.13.2 BETA 1 (NSS_3_13_2_BETA1)
706746 notification bar button handler should indicate it has closed the notification bar
698563 IonMonkey: rather than generating nothing, generateArgumentsRectifier should generate an ArgumentsRe…
698564 IonMonkey: implement gc tracing for ARM
698565 stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify()
714950 Unable to see characters typed in landscape fullscreen VKB
690376 Crash [@ JSObject::nonNativeSetProperty]
706762 IndexedDB: deleting an index leaves it in the objectStore's IDBIndex cache
723151 No drawable resources defined for eclair
698579 IonMonkey: implement the mul family of instructions on ARM
723159 Base64.decode not available on eclair
714972 Opening links from external apps doesn't work after OOM
698590 images with fractional opacity are positioned outside container when page is zoomed
698593 Ux Designs for Preferences
706787 Crash on s390x (nsXPCComponents::AttachNewComponentsObject() fails).
698598 Ux Designs for Doorhanger Notifications
706808 JS Correctness: Different object types with/without TI and defineProperty/prototype
698621 Add telephony worker for dealing with RIL messages
723200 Enable multitouch
706822 Delay when opening the AwesomeScreen and intermittent UI pauses when scrolling through listing of it…
706830 pressing "back" doesn't return user to about:home
706834 Crash in nsXULTreeAccessible::TreeViewChanged
723243 SimpleScaleGestureDetector uses getActionIndex(), which is not available in eclair
706876 no "site options" in native ui menu
715074 SIGBUS on unaligned access in Key::EncodeNumber
698695 IonMonkey: make ARM pass jit-tests
608589 Tab fails to close, waiting for the closing animation's transitionend event
687160 Source Editor should provide a line-based API
633170 [ANGLE] OOM while parsing malformed #pragma
674147 remove the SSL thread (nsSSLThread)
723305 Tabs menu uses smoothScrollToPosition(), which doesn't exist in eclair
706924 Rename JSOP_PUSH to JSOP_UNDEFINED at some point
706932 crash nsHtml5OwningUTF16Buffer::
674168 support chrome multiple profile migration
723323 Add the extensions.getAddons.getWithPerformance.url to mobile default prefs
690558 Implement most of Debugger.Environment
709013 Handle the MozApplicationManifest event in b2g/
692630 IndexedDB: multiEntry indexes
706958 Add ClearOnShutdown() function which will clear a smart pointer on shutdown
723349 Fix params in addTab on session restore failure
698778 IonMonkey: don't allocate a register for constant comparison operands
715164 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in advanceBounce()
690598 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///home/cltbld/talos-slave/test/build/reftest/tests…
706984 NullPointerException @ getProfileDir( on startup (thrown but caught)
706986 IonMonkey: unexpected argument types should be barriered / cause reflow
706997 [IncrementalGC] "Assertion failure: static_cast<T *>(t)->arenaHeader()->allocatedDuringIncremental,"
715190 glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES shows error 501 frequently
698816 crash_reporter.xml needs native theming
477635 'blind' download ftp folder inaccessible since 3.0.5 ~ 3.0.6 - 550 PWD
715204 Non-ascii titles are displayed as garbage during session restore
707017 JS Correctness: enumeration order (on native objects which have an enumerate hook) depends on whethe…
698828 Adding bookmarks doesn't work (Honeycomb, maybe ICS?)
703565 IonMonkey: Port exit frames to ARM
706297 Unnecessary glFinish before glReadPixels in LayerManagerOGL
707033 Kill the hashtables of WebGLUniformLocation's held by WebGLProgram's
707054 browser_bug703210.js does not remove event listener
707061 Rename js_ValueToString as js::ToString, and make check-for-string-inline the default
715260 Remove Web Apps shortcut intent from allowing one to add the Android widget
715275 No favicon / default favicon image is very fuzzy
707085 "ASSERTION: Battery API: When charging and level at 1.0, remaining time should be 0. Please fix your…
723472 reftest graphite-03a causes spurious "out of memory" crash due to zero-sized allocation request
707090 DOMApplicationRegistry (Webapps.jsm) must not do any mainthread I/O
698899 TI: "Assertion failure: type->canProvideEmptyShape(clasp),"
707092 Crash [@ GetTopLevelWindowActiveState] printing "-moz-appearance: -moz-window-frame-left"
707094 DOMApplicationRegistry (Webapps.jsm): Use FileUtils.jsm for simpler and more robust nsIFile handling
723480 Single touch broken in Feb 1 2012 XUL Nightly
707098 Crash [@ BidiParagraphData::AppendFrame] removing RTL text
698917 Be smarter about removing & from prompt labels
715303 No focus on select when tapping on selects
707114 Inline JSLinearString::mark
707121 msvc* dlls will never get removed on update
707124 Add URI to fetch schema version in BrowserProvider
698933 Don't return 'false' from CreateSharedMemory()
698936 dragleave is fired on previous drop target after successful drop
715326 Loading about:config initially via adb shell shows zoomed-in viewport
707142 Support unprefixed responseType == "json" in XMLHttpRequest
707150 Add mechanism to enable/disable Fennec's local bookmarks/history DB
620301 [ANGLE] WebGLES shader assertion failed: ((ch == '.') || (ch == 'e') || (ch == 'E')), function lFloa…
592464 [OGL] fall back to image surfaces in EGL TextureImage code
685838 IonMonkey: Implement JSOP_NEWARRAY
698967 test_transitions_per_property says "interpolation of lengths" in non-length-testing functions
698968 Add mallocSizeOf functions and start using them
707162 regression in GC scheduling between Firefox 9 and 10?
723550 Lots of base64 decode errors in logcat
707173 SPDY Telemetry for Connection Management
698985 Near-permaorange Android TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | canvas/image-rendering-test.html | image comparison …
707180 JavaScript strict warning: 'Reference to undefined property aBrowser.__SS_restoreState'
699001 fieldSelectionSelect in should use … instead of "..."
567943 D3D9 Containers should hold a reference to children
699017 aria-required attribute on file input not read by JAWS
699037 Remove a11y dependency on e10s build flag
699041 Remove MBool / MB_TRUE / MB_FALSE
699052 Android back button should close the selected tab and return to the previous tab when possible
625329 Pinned tabs are used when setting homepage from current tabs
702240 [CC] Investigate nsPurpleBuffer::Block sizing
666312 Warning followed by assertion from reftest/tests/modules/libpr0n/test/crashtests/delaytest.html?5235…
510670 gzip-encoded image is not decoded ("corrupt") when dragged from Camino/Firefox
682712 Changing the styles to cause frame reconstruction can make the caret behave in a strange way in edit…
527083 Nanojit should have 8-bit and 16-bit store operations
699117 Style Editor does not load long (>5k) gzip encoded stylesheets completely
715507 GlobalHistory is accessing Gecko on the wrong thread
707321 Intermittent browser_581593.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror…
469758 Incorrect error message with adjacent "let" blocks
690952 Remove the crazy navigator preservation behavior
707337 [IncrementalGC] "Assertion failure: started,"
699147 Simplify length list parsing
690961 "ASSERTION: Won't check if this is chrome, you want to set aWantsUntrusted to PR_FALSE..." due to op…
699155 Tabs list ordering
699156 Support Typed Arrays in XPConnect
707351 Remove tracer-specific stuff from jit-tests
707352 Remove NS_FINAL_CLASS
699166 TI: "Assertion failure: hasSlot() && !hasMissingSlot(),"
699170 Tons of JS_* redefined warnings on mingw
699185 Building SpiderMonkey with clang warns up the wazoo
690994 "ABORT: Attempting to make self-dependent instance time"
707383 Rename ValueTo{ECMA,}{Ui,I}nt32 to either the spec names or clearly non-spec names
707384 TI: "Assertion failure: getCode(offset).loop," with trap
723772 regression: Panning in XUL fennec does not start until finger is removed from screen.
699199 Upgrade path from XUL to native fennec
715586 should generate sha1 and md5 checksums
707395 Remove deprecated PR_ABS/PR_MIN/PR_MAX uses from nsSHistory.cpp
633673 failure: /tests/content/canvas/test/webgl/test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | Can't create a We…
666446 lots of animated gifs swamp us with paint events
682832 Gnome 3 proxy settings ignored
699222 Add File Socket functionality to IO thread for B2G RIL comms
699227 Make ParseNode::getKind() and Token::type different types
699228 Unused variable in nsImageFrame::GetContentForEvent
723808 disallow inheriting of system principal in type=content docshells
707439 Flash plugin wrong location on zoom & pan
699256 Handle RIL parcels in a ChromeWorker
699258 [Skia] Get Skia backend working on Windows
707454 Remove JSOP_TRAP
666500 add two subdomains for .CL (Chile) at request of NIC
707466 No tab item is selected after removing last tab in a group outside Panorama (follow up)
699279 On memory pressure, JS should do a SHRINK GC
723861 and are missing in Gecko10.0 for both Win & Mac
715673 Hande browser-lastwindow-close events
699298 Add GC timing data for TI sweeping and XPConnect
699300 Second external URL request does not open page
691113 pyxpidl throws an exception when a trailing ; is missing from an interface definition
707498 Use a template to get the array length for nsGenericElement::FindAttributeDependence
700914 Lazily initialize the rulehash tables
707507 Zombie compartment at AMO in Nightly
699319 Implement cross-thread communication
707512 Windows pymake builds using MOZ_OBJDIR set to an MSYS style path, fail with an unclear: "No rule to …
707515 (ObjShrink) sunspider-string-fasta regression
691135 intl: AURORA_BASE_20110927 fails to build darwin/x11
715730 Flash app restarts after clicking a selection when click to play is turned on
699351 Ability to render browser contents outside a viewport
699356 "Source of: [URL]" does not appear in the title bar with HTML5 parser-based View Source
707555 Update ANGLE to r901 (v1.0) to grab correctness fixes
699365 "ASSERTION: Unsupported parser command!" with CSS filter
535530 View Source highlighting of entities off by one; When a semicolon has been tokenized in a character …
707563 Intermediate surfaces change rendering of 3d transforms
707576 Remove nsIDOMNSElement
683007 Empty window created in Windows taskbar after plug display:none
705024 GLContext->Layers code doesn't properly guarantee that it resolves the GLContext before using its co…
707586 Remove font.allow_double_byte_special_chars pref
699395 Modify zone_good_size to call je_malloc_usable_size_in_advance
707593 Clean up makefile generation in js/src configure
699409 Add telemetry for number of entries in nsDiskCacheMap
699411 GCLI should use a sensible naming convention for its class names
699415 IonMonkey: improve block reordering algorithm
699418 Implement about:config in html
674843 TM: Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0 or Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::allocated]
707613 Crash in jsdScript::GetParameterNames at js::AutoCompartment::enter or JS_FunctionHasLocalNames or j…
707622 "ASSERTION: vertical damage extends outside table"
676359 Add ! and ! to PSL
707629 Complete mozTelephony call API functionality
691253 JavaScript strict warning: chrome://browser/content/browser.js, line 10581: reference to undefined p…
699446 Add cache for constructing new objects from the VM
707641 Assertion failure: !script->createdArgs, at js/src/jsinfer.cpp:1662
707643 100% CPU usage and unresponsive script dialog pops up during page loading -
715836 android.view.ViewRoot$CalledFromWrongThreadException: Only the original thread that created a view h…
707645 Fix set-but-unused warnings reported by GCC 4.6 in jsobj.cpp
707648 make check fails on 10.6 with clang (Assertion failure: OnLionOrLater() || gCriticalAddress.mAddr !=…
724045 createMobileBookmarksFolder doesn't set title or parent
707662 spdy null deref
707664 OOM reporting should unlock the atoms compartment and thread-unsafe usage of atomsCompartmentIsLocke…
707665 Save as PDF option should be disabled for about:home and any XUL documents
699482 Talos complains about GfxDriverInfo static constructors, they might slow down startup
707677 Use defaultPrevented instead of the deprecated getPreventDefault() in front-end code
707682 java.lang.NullPointerException @ Tabs.isSelectedTab(
691299 Crash at js::RegExp::executeInternal
707694 Efficient JS File API - Well-known directories
699507 Cleanup the cairo win32 backend
715894 Only draw the dirty rect when gralloc is in use
683127 New custom ELF linker
699513 Advertise Telemetry opt-in on mobile
699528 Significant perf regressions when Firebug is installed (even inactive) because debug mode is on even…
691337 100% cpu svg file in tag <animateTransform> parameter "begin"
453776 Strange behavior with replace, unshift
707732 Misc improvements on Android DB commands
715925 Options inside optgroup should show up as indented in select helper popup
707734 Disable 'click and drag' text selection in nsFrame.cpp for touch enable devices
718703 Sync crashes from Pair a Device link in sync settings
683172 Source Editor should automatically set up Undo/Redo key bindings
707750 Assertion failure: static_cast<Cell *>(thing)->isMarked(), at jsgc.cpp:3530
724145 telemetry for search hijacking
699575 move browser modules to browser/modules
724161 simplify drag&drop checks for javascript:/data: URIs
642243 run binscope to alert us and turn the tree red when we don't use ASLR and other protection tools
707800 Add more sampler labels
560349 memset is slow and lame with gcc
707816 [IncrementalGC] Crash [@ IteratorNext [inlined]] or "Assertion failure: !aheader->hasFreeThings(),"
699626 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | should draw with 64,128,255,128 | image comparison (==) …
724215 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEvent.addMotionPoint(
695433 Inspect element re-opens when you switch away from tab
697070 Tab menu favicon takes on previous favicon if no favicon present in document
707842 Multiple shapes are sharing BaseShapes that have PropertyTables, which shouldn't happen
707845 IonMonkey: Better organization for VMFunctions
707846 [mac] remove unused nsAccessibleWrap::GetUnignoredChildCount()
707852 [mac] remove the Objective-C wrapper
699668 long garbage collector sweep times due to LifoAlloc destructor in JSCompartment::sweep
707861 Implement EXT_robustness in EGL (ANGLE)
707865 Convert nsTArray::SizeOf() to nsTArray::SizeOfExcludingThis()
707868 factor setting of CC and CXX for mac os X
707870 nsDOMEventTargetHelper should Disconnect mListenerManager itself
699682 "Assertion failure: length != 0,"
720092 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (0 ... 88168) ends beyond length 0
707882 Xulrunner make deb fail, rm xpidl
707883 Rename and move around dom/telephony to be more generic
707886 Platform support for non-e10s click-to-play plugins
691505 ensure Graphite uses infallible malloc to give well-defined OOM behavior
716089 Crash on startup: malformed query in local DB history query
699706 Scroll open tab into view when the tab list is opened
707899 IonMonkey: load initialized length from elements vector
707915 Broken invalidation of mCachedUsage in nsDOMStoragePersistentDB
699724 Shrink js::HashTable
699725 crash nsEventStateManager::FillInEventFromGestureDown
707919 IonMonkey: fix getgname/setgname shape guard
511316 TM: Current SunSpider Performance Comparison
707926 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_POS
707929 java.lang.NullPointerException @ ZipFile.getInputStream(
691547 Navigation Timing API returns incorrect values for navigationStart if subframe loads after main page
699741 Do not prevent sending levelchange event if the change is less than 0.01
699742 battery.level should be a double
699743 Implement battery.chargingTime
699744 Implement battery.dischargingTime
486761 nsThebesImage::Draw does not pad correctly on Mac
699762 Style Inspector expandos should be platform specific
707956 Restore original zoom scale on double rotation?
699780 Redundant call to Seek() in nsStorageStream::GetOutputStream()
699786 Cancel pending favicon requests for tabs that changed location
585099 should emit adjacent consts in the same enum
699793 Clear favicon urls database when history is cleared
707988 remove content/base/public/nsIDOMGCParticipant.h
699801 Excessive memory usage (including 400MB of binary input streams) caused by firebug when chunking a f…
708006 "Assertion failure: hasSlot() && !hasMissingSlot()" with frames, seal(window)
708015 support both xul and android UI at the same time
699826 Nodelists should expose proto properties when indexing outside the list range
708019 Firefox Crash [@ gl::Context::clear(unsigned int) ]
708034 Don't #include __FILE__
721484 Contenteditable demo doesn't work with touch events enabled
585163 [d2d] TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | svg/text-scale-01.svg
706897 Intermittent test_destinationURI_annotation.xul | Test timed out, followed by a cascade of other err…
731043 Builds from mozilla-beta shouldn't default to official branding
708062 Page zoom use at Twitter causes feeds to disappear leaving only the page background visible
708063 IonMonkey: Increase the range of vldr and vstr
650720 [HTML5] canvas.toDataURL("image/jpeg") should composite onto black
708065 Fix configure check for -pipe
699876 Import the initial b2g/ directory
724455 conformance/textures/texture-mips.html and conformance/textures/texture-npot.html fail on 10.7
699885 ALT+TAB/CTRL+TAB while entering DOM full-screen should exit full-screen
668163 Broken overlay on top of Bing maps
701014 Dismiss keyboard when scrolling through Awesomescreen results
708106 Remove consts for pre 10.4
708107 remove calls to ignoreAllUncaughtExceptions from some devtools tests
699917 Crash (Java OOM) on ajax site
699918 Add a Profiler XPCOM Module
708114 Disable Android StrictMode for release and beta builds
429592 catch process hangs
708124 Unnecessary glFlush calls in Layers code
699937 content overpan gets stuck over panning
699940 mouse events have the wrong x,y when zoomed isn't 1:1
710578 Can't load chrome pages
708151 Handling of deleted records
708155 Dynamic modifications to 'opacity' on SVG <foreignObject> don't invalidate correctly
708156 SpiderMonkey can use stale script analysis when debug mode is turned on
691775 3.3% performance regression in tscroll suite on XP after landing of bug 666446
642624 If shutdown Firefox when all closed windows are popups, exception occurs and session isn't saved.
618051 Enable IDN for .si
699974 scripts evaluated from plugins may prevent the slow script dialog from ever appearing
708169 Report deprecated mozRequestAnimationFrame usage (no-arguments style) to console
691788 Add type behavior info to PCCOUNTS
355928 "invalid string escape mask" messages are strange
708185 Remove homepage preference
700006 [layers] about:home show dead space
708200 Do not create timer to fire geckoLoaded
708207 Implement getShaderPrecisionFormat in WebGL
159346 Scrollbar not working when moving mouse out and in again
708215 The safe JS context doesn't report errors
700034 [HTML5] view_source.editor.path no longer works with Cset cd9add22f090.
708228 Infinite recursion crash [@ regexp_trace] with incremental GC
691847 Firefox Startup Crash @ js::Bindings::getLocalNameArray
700042 "Syntax Highlighting" button in view source-code menu doesn't work
700057 Japanese WOFF with TrueType outline no longer display EUDC (Gaiji) characters
708253 Use IDL for Components.(utils.)reportError
691876 Cannot run Windows jsshell nightlies: mozutil.dll missing
708261 findReferences crashes in shell js/tests (js1_8_5/extensions/findReferences-01.js et al)
700070 Debugger: onExceptionUnwind resumption values can cause assertions
710996 Possible double-assignment in JS_GetValidFrameCalleeObject()
691884 Pressing Escape 'Esc' should close developer 'Inspect' mode.
503470 3D JavaScript demo (also known as Chrome Experiment "monster") doesn't perform
708278 crash when right clicking in OSX after plugging or unplugging external monitor
708280 delay checking for update
700090 "ASSERTION: mEndOffset is beyond the end of this node" with MathML
708283 NullPointerException in VideoPlayer on launch
683712 Crash [@ CalcQuirkContainingBlockHeight]
700108 IonMonkey: Implement OSR
708305 Fix 2 PR_* to false/true in spdysession
708307 Decouple tile size from texture size
700116 ABORT: should not get marked modified during parsing: '!data->mSheet->IsModified()'
634581 [Windows SeaMonkey (and Firefox)] reftest: permanent "TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | file:///e:/builds/slave…
700127 Assertion failure: !fe->isNotType(JSVAL_TYPE_DOUBLE), at methodjit/FrameState.cpp:820
708326 Use IDL for Components.utils.forceGC
708330 Use IDL for Components.utils.getWeakReference
708331 Need additional columns in browser content provider
700151 Enable DOM full-screen API on desktop Firefox by default
700153 opening page in new tab opens it in background, but url bar contents in foreground
697087 Multiple notifications content permission prompt
699691 Remove an unused argument to ino2name in {js/src/,}config/pathsub.{c,h}
714710 LayerRenderer.checkFrameRateMonitorEnabled should use start() instead of run()
708360 Zombie compartment when using adblock plus "select element to hide" tool
675593 nspr4!1.pgc path misstake on nspr pgo build
700172 Fix XBL_DeserializeFunction's signature
659213 status bar text is drawn with grayscale anti-aliasing
700179 [Skia] Crash in GetSourceSurfaceForSurface on windows
708379 Haptic buzz when tapping on clickable elements
708382 investigate faster GC scanning of objects
701061 nsISupportsUtils.h(94) : error C2027: use of undefined type 'nsIContent' when building widget\src\wi…
705656 Broken SKIA compilation on mingw
700195 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending()" with isPrivilegeEnabled throwing
700199 EventUtils.js should use synthesized events for sendKey(), sendChar() and sendString() rather than u…
700202 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending()" with nearNativeStackLimit, document.write
511791 configure and PGO fail with ICC
716594 OOM crash in nsNSSCertificate::Read
716595 Pressing back button in select form helper popup causes the first option to be selected
708405 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending()" with Proxy, old NodeList binding
651072 Support HTML parsing in XMLHttpRequest per XMLHttpRequest Level 2
700234 get rid of *WithConversion (widget part)
708430 New js MSVC2010 warnings: jsscope.h(511) C4309 & C4369
708441 IonMonkey: Call uncompiled and native functions.
708443 minor cleanup in animationPolling.js
708446 [Gonk] Audio system control for telephony
692067 WebSockets don't trigger content policies
700260 Tab size broken in view-source
700261 Add .chargingTime/.dischargingTime support to hal code
700262 Add remainingTime support to upower backend
700263 Add remainingTime support to android backend
708464 Create click to play UI for fennec native
700277 nsWindow::BringToFront doesn't handle first opened window properly
411626 Need regression tests for JPEG image decoding
716673 PanZoomController needs an in-depth review/clean up
708485 Add Special Folders with Sync guids to Bookmarks Store
700295 Crash at its_getter
700300 [ObjShrink]: Assertion failure: pobj == found, at jsinterp.cpp:1456
700302 trunk crash in strlen coming from jsds_FilterHook (via nsDependentCString::nsDependentCString?)
700303 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_SETGNAME
528288 Implement SPDY protocol
511909 [css3-conditional] allow @-rules inside of @media and @-moz-document
708519 Repair, move, and pref off the frame rate meter
683946 jsapi.cpp hits build warnings (treated as errors) for NativeX64.h: "error: 'nanojit::SavedRegs' defi…
700331 Remove inspectstyle() from the Web Console
700333 Highlighter close button has a bogus hover state on Windows
692143 Enable accessibility in android builds
708528 [Gonk] Add telephony components to package-manifest
708538 [Gonk] Update the 'b2g' directory with changes since last import
700348 fix showBookmarkDialog warnings
700351 Fix deep object inspection in the script debugger
716736 Re-add performance metrics to AMO ping
700354 Use of AsyncTask needs some cleanup.
667593 Intermittent test_bug650955.js | test failed from ###!!! ASSERTION: entry in process of deactivati…
659407 Remove duplicate theme files
493561 New reftests/bugs/481948-3.html fails, on my Windows 2000
716760 "Pair device" string addition
708569 IonMonkey: fix clang warnings
708570 Make libfreebl depend on libnspr
700393 launching fennec with url results in a fennec with a splash page
700402 ABORT: syntimer not null: '!mSynTimer', file /builds/slave/m-in-osx-dbg/build/netwerk/protocol/http/…
700405 CAIRO_HAS_PNG_FUNCTIONS defined for moz_cairo_tree but cairo-png not compiled
708599 Open button can't be used after installation
699734 Crash in xpcshell on sparc linux
716811 Local DB calls getAsBoolean for IS_FOLDER, schema uses integers, ClassCastException results.
700429 mochitest-1 test_webgl_conformance_test_suite unexpected-passes are good passes on lion
716818 potential race condition in GeckoThread
323604 [BC] ASSERTION: CellIterator program error: 'PR_FALSE'
708629 Avoid using uninitialized pkey_stack
716825 Don't load system libraries with their full path
708643 If Firebug is installed, using "Inspect Element" twice results in 2 inspectors, one uncloseable.
716841 EventSource::GetInterface goes into infinite loop if EventSource hits an HTTP redirect
716842 l10n repacks need the makefile in mobile/locales
708651 NullPointerException in BrowserProvider.getDatabasePath
675884 Implement Event constructors
544821 [OS X] UI Refresh
698378 Give nsIScriptContext::EvaluateStringWithValue a JSObject* scope parameter
716863 pages are not properly framed after page is scrolled
695648 Remove unnecessary friend class mozilla::AutoRestore<bool> from nsContentUtils
700490 remove nsICharsetResolver
700498 Clean up some StringBuffer helper methods
700501 [ObjShrink] "Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type for arg 0: <0xf6b0aaa0>," or "Assertion…
708695 Fix issues found by clang's scan-build
725083 Handle undefined sourceURI when installing add-ons from search result
700508 Disallow non-leaf memory reporters
708701 Implement HTML event ctors
643167 Spidermonkey configure should build js-config with MAKE, not GMAKE
700512 Workers + Files exposes threadsafety assertions with DataOwner
602212 Use js.msg when CSP blocks eval
700517 Add "ret imm16" instruction for x86 and x86-64.
700519 remove -fpascal-strings from mac build options (js version)
700520 Unable to tap into editboxes to set focus or get a VKB
716906 Add "Firefox Sync" item to settings
692342 Eliminate use of XPT_TDP_POINTER and XPT_TDP_REFERENCE in gecko
585849 Firefox 4.0b2 Crash Report [@ mozilla::`anonymous namespace''::ContainerState::ProcessDisplayItems(n…
708735 Use <stdint.h> types in JSAPI, remove {u,}int* and JS* integer types
700544 IndexedDB: Start a transaction when created, not when first request is placed
553091 ImageLayers should have a size
708741 [IncrementalGC] "Assertion failure: started,"
708745 Fennec gets into a bad state trying to handle opening new tabs via target attributes in anchor tags
700555 Intermittent crash [@ nsBuiltinDecoder::NotifyDataArrived] during test_contentDuration7.html
716945 Figure out why Flash hang volume dropped very significantly in 10.0a1 trunk on 2011-10-29
708754 Use IDL for jsdIDebuggerService::WrapValue and remove WrapJSValue
700565 NPE at 145
700566 pressing enter or copying URL on an http:// site whose hostname begins with "ftp<digit>" results in …
370713 [BC] ###!!! ASSERTION: damage area expanded incorrectly: '((0 == mAreaStart.x) && (mRowGroupStart ==…
684187 dom::Element instead of nsIDOMElement for nsEditor::mRootElement
675996 Extend moz_favicons with GUID column to support Sync
315549 [BC] ASSERTION: invalid BC damage area: 'PR_FALSE'
700575 Update PFS to push Shockwave v11.6.3.633
708772 XUL Fennec uses non-tablet Gingerbread theme/UI on tablets running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
708774 Make landscape keyboard be fullscreen
708775 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: trc->runtime->gcIncrementalState == NO_GC || trc->runtime->gcIncr…
594091 [gl] clear out render area at start of every renderlayer
700589 HTTP content type charset parameter accepts single quotes
708788 Add telemetry probes for new/close tab animations
692405 Convert the debugger UI to a module
692406 Add a hidden pref to disable the script debugger UI
528569 Storage stream's output stream should report itself as blocking
708797 The sync door hanger notification doesn't have a border when using classic or third-party themes
708800 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(thing)), at jsgc.cpp:4176
708805 Assertion failure: static_cast<Cell *>(thing)->isMarked(), at jsgc.cpp:3529
700614 Wrong .mozconfig rule in .gitignore
700616 Clicking on a command in the top level GCLI menu does not work
708819 Crash [@ JSObject::defaultValue] due to recursion
659675 --with-system-png fails with libpng-1.4+
700643 Windows power management messages shouldn't rely on hidden window
708836 Remove all mentions of imacros
708838 Fix js1_8/extensions/regress-422269.js to use findReferences instead of failing randomly
717031 Disable disk cache in FF11 on mobile
708846 Clean up some of the SVG namespace checks
692466 [highlighter] transitions should be disabled only while scrolling, not when the node is locked
708851 Any gcc that supports firefox support -pipe
700668 Don't enumerate all compartments for every traversal of a XPCWrappedNative
717056 More Android Sync setup strings
700679 Show warning on alpha-numeric key input when in full screen mode to prevent phishing
708873 Write unescape to match spec and document StringBuffer API's memory usage characteristics
700685 /tests/dom/indexedDB/test/test_deleteDatabase_interactions.html | Exited with code -2147483645 durin…
381203 Anonymous setter functions!?
700695 Fix common issues with the debugger stylesheet
708888 Remove no-longer-needed SVGDocumentWrapper::kSVGAtom
586010 dump() output from JavaScript is not visible in Android device log
710703 "Enable Flash" text is confusing
717085 Bad viewport appears after restart from forcequit
512307 Recognize and parse RFC 822 dates that use "Z" as a timezone
667962 jemalloc in 2010 doesn't work on gmake
265610 Scrolling content below a transparant GIF is really cpu intensive
708926 RIL does not reconnect on socket connection loss
702517 [Azure] Increase canvas test tolerances so that we pass with Skia
717121 crash nsMIMEHeaderParamImpl::DoParameterInternal
692547 Split up array_extra
700740 Remove 'out' label from obj_toSource
700741 Add a scriptable way to know if an element is focusable
561482 Switching tabs in a popup with a readonly locationbar doesn't update the locationbar (spoofing)
676172 Intermittent failure: test_xhrAbort.html | Got different results! - got "readystatechange(1, '', [ex…
721634 Compare Startup times for Multi-Locale vs. Single Locale Builds
710473 Backout the nsDerivedSafe part from bug 666414 to make PGO builds on Windows work again
700752 Various RegExpPrivate cleanups
710712 Measure peak virtual memory usage of link.exe process during libxul PGO link
700754 Add Profiler responsiveness hooks
705251 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: isLowered()"
700756 Support transparent flash plugins
700764 Esc doesn't make iframe leave DOM fullscreen mode
659807 Implement Tilt: a WebGL-based 3D visualization of a Webpage
703888 Remove obsolete comment in dom/
700770 Style Inspector's Rule View can't scroll vertically
708963 Tautological comparison (unsigned int >= 0) in gfxFont.h
700773 Cleanup some integer types in qcms
700792 [ObjShrink] "Assertion failure: isScope()," with trap
684410 Move JSObject::newType and TypeObject::emptyShapes to a hashtable
700799 [ObjShrink] "Assertion failure: withobj->getClass() == &WithClass,"
700802 Make JSLinearString::ensureLinear (mutatis mutandis for JSFlatString and other subtypes, and for is*…
602504 intermittent reftest failure in reftests/svg/smil/event/event-begin-timeevent-3.svg | image comparis…
709005 Sync the browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand pref
692625 Flatten directories in the tree that only contain a single subdirectory and no files
709010 Add an empty components dir to b2g/
692627 IndexedDB: Support complex key paths
676245 Make unicode-bidi:isolate the default for block elements instead of unicode-bidi:embed
700822 Land hardening option and win32 ExecutableAllocator randomization
692635 IndexedDB: abort event should bubble
700829 Thebes gfxPlatform.h file depends on internal api nsString.h
692642 IndexedDB: support indexedDB.cmp
700835 [Mac] Firefox 8 and up crash with Apple's latest Java updates for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 closing tab/win…
692652 IndexedDB: Index updating is broken
717231 Downloads are not added to the Download Manager (stock ICS 4.0.3)
692659 IndexedDB: fix sort order for indexes
700854 {Media,Image,Video}Document should reference an external stylesheet for use in styling their content…
700856 Move styles from {Media,Image,Video}Document to external stylesheets
692671 IndexedDB: remove timeout in database operations
709067 JS Correctness: Another issue with/without TI and defineProperty/prototype
705272 [CC] Don't traverse the hidden window
684505 Remove JSObject::objShape and Shape::shapeid
684507 Remove JSObject::isNewborn()
700895 Check for IsResourceDoc() instead of GetDisplayDocument() in nsFrameLoader::MaybeCreateDocShell(), t…
702544 Android MOZ_JAVA_COMPOSITOR changes
700910 Implement macro-based support for C++11 = delete deleted function syntax, in at least some compilers
700913 Add persistence and timeout features to Doorhangers
692722 add -d flag to xpcshell for debug mode
700915 Very frequent crash in dromaeo_basics on 64-bit
700916 white space issues cause devicemanagerADB not to load URI
700917 splash screen shown even with non-default profile
709113 Add ach, ff, km, lij, wo to the Firefox build
700922 Cursors in are not closed
676607 Patch our gcc 4.5 to fix gcc's PR49911
676349 Implement high-resolution platform timers for the Windows platform
709120 There is often a perceptible delay when the screen is updated during panning
700930 BMPs <= 8BPP can have bad color tables when color table is processed in parts
700931 Android GfxInfo attempts to use Build.HARDWARE field on SDK <8
692741 Check that GCLI JS completion works with window.sessionStorage
692742 GCLI popup dialogs sometimes have scrollbars
709127 Implement MouseEvent and UIEvent ctors
700936 New tab / tab switcher button should be at right
700937 Scaling of favicons should be either 1x or 2x, never inbetween
700943 Favicon background should be close to white, since icons often assume a white background
700951 Back button "stack" is inconsistent when selecting the URL bar
700959 Enable incremental linking on 64-bit Windows, but not on 32-bit
709152 There is excessive checkerboarding when panning, especially on single-core devices
709160 ObjShrink broke nsXPConnect::Traverse's cycle collector dumping code
702556 JS exception "aTabs[0].linkedBrowser is null" in nsSessionStore.js
700992 Fix GCC compile warnings in XPConnect
709193 Win PGO builds hitting 3GB virtual address space limit, failing with: "nswindowmediator.cpp(821) : f…
701002 Put Java stacks into a separate field (not AppNotes)
684619 Assertion failure: addr % Cell::CellSize == 0, at jsgc.h:665
709205 use services::GetObserverService instead of do_GetService
610902 Keyboard shortcuts should appear in grey text
676439 Implement Binary Messages for Websockets
684638 Google Docs Spreadsheets Sluggish
701023 strictmode Disk read Violation on startup
701025 IonMonkey: ignore fat increment/decrement ops
660070 Use EGL_CONTEXT_LOST to detect driver resets in WebGL on Windows with ANGLE
449157 Implement the looping attributes in media elements
307832 Consider storing the string length in atoms
725634 Google Search results not working when cookies disabled
438917 Toolbar buttons are clickable outside their drawn boundries
709256 Make no-op flushes faster
709259 Appearance of "spinning" cursor regressed sometime between Thunderbird 8 and 9
709265 nsBrowserProfileMigratorUtils.cpp's AnnotatePersonalToolbarFolder is dead code
701092 Limit session restore attempts
701093 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_GETELEM & JSOP_SETELEM
701098 Taskbar window registration call to NS_GetSpecialDirectory is using the wrong profile constant
701125 IonMonkey: moveValue needs a relocation marker
709322 Make break/continue parse nodes type-safe
709339 [meta] First functional drop of native Sync
706682 don't access bgra[4]
635618 Typing goes incredibly slow in a contentEditable div when there are a lot of divs
709348 Refactor and improve reconciling and storing of records
725736 getaddrinfo and related functions are not wrapped since bug 683127 part 2
537325 Address bar and other text edits stop working after loading a pdf into the browser using Adobe Reade…
660215 Remove .local from PSL
709369 Firefox 9 emergency: update ANGLE to the same version used in Firefox 10
692988 anp_system_getApplicationDataDirectory() is just plain wrong
701183 Make MOZ_DELETE use deleted function syntax in compilers other than clang without causing a warning
709384 "ASSERTION: Don't schedule the same document multiple times"
504586 mochitest-plain: docshell/test/navigation/test_bug430723.html fails if asynchronous scroll doesn't f…
709391 Implement short-term in-Fennec shipping solution
455443 cache the parent for the accessibilityAttributeValue(NSAccessibilityParentAttribute)
668437 mouse events for :hover in XUL popup firing incorrectly
652056 two minor improvements to cycle collector dumps
701210 nsTArray::SizeOf() should use malloc_usable_size
701212 Get rid of "browser" sub-folder in browser/themes/*stripe/
701222 Crash [@ js::frontend::EmitTree]
701224 Crash [@ js_FindXMLProperty] or "Assertion failure: nameval.isObject(),"
701227 "Assertion failure: (obj)->propertyCount() == 1,"
709432 BrowserProvider overwrites provided GUIDs
705332 Need a way to get at-a-glance progress info for a build (which files are being built) without slowin…
701244 "Assertion failure: 0,"
701245 JavaScript Error: "browser is null" {file: "chrome://browser/content/browser.js" line: 1091}
684863 Crash @ TOutputESSL::writeVariablePrecision
701248 Assertion failure: ((js::SrcNoteType)(((*(sn) >> 3) >= SRC_XDELTA) ? SRC_XDELTA : *(sn) >> 3)) == SR…
701251 Entering DOM Fullscreen leaves Firefox Find Bar on the screen.
496458 Improve perceived performance: Load frontmost tab first, and group loading
701259 crashes on videos when scaling to large width/height
701260 Deny requests for DOM full-screen when windowed plugins are present in the entire doc tree
701262 redirect requests for fonts cause font load to fail
701273 prototype mismatch for nsXBLProtoImplProperty and nsXBLProtoImplField (bool vs const bool)
373594 Missing quotes around string in decompilation, with E4X @foo
660315 Add three entries to PSL:,,
709470 Use mallocSizeOf in the xpti memory reporter
701284 Continous 'nsAppShell::ProcessNextNativeEvent' messges dumped to logcat
701285 No favicons display after loading pages
619324 failing to build on Solaris with native Sun compiler
709483 Off-by-one in dom/base/nsDOMClassInfo.cpp
701292 clicks are transmitted when panning
725869 Set the plugin hang timeout back to 45s
709493 Return JSObject* from nsIScriptTimeoutHandler::GetScriptObject()
701305 Refactor DoorHanger code to make it easier to support persistence/timeout options
684922 Crash due to too much recursion through GetCustomIterator
603008 Support multitouch on Android
709511 Remove unused nsCharsetMenu::SetCharsetCheckmark
709512 Remove setters from nsIPrivateTextRange
709513 Remove unused PREF_GetCharPref
709516 Remove unused _tostring from nsNPAPIPlugin.cpp
709518 Remove unused 4-argument nsRenderingContext::InvertRect
709519 Remove unused 1-argument nsRenderingContext::DrawEllipse
709522 Remove unused imgFrame::Get{X,Y,Width,Height}
709523 Remove dead editor code
709524 Remove nsIScriptContext::SetDefaultLanguageVersion
709525 Remove unused 1-argument nsDeviceContextSpecGTK::GetPrintMethod
709526 Remove unused confirm_overwrite_file from nsFilePicker.cpp
693143 Crash in _cairo_dwrite_font_face_scaled_font_create
709528 Remove unused nsDeviceContextSpecG::SetMultipleConcurrentDeviceContextsSupported
701342 Revoke mPendingTitleChangeEvent when unlinking document
660387 Add TLD to PSL
701348 qcms_transform_precacheLUT_float does not properly free dest buffer
701351 Vertical/Horizontal scrollbars missing with new compositor
717739 turn off non-native sync
725945 Crash in nsCacheService::Unlock
701370 URL Bar needs affordance
701371 Move memory/mozutils somewhere else
709565 B2G telephony: implement DTMF
701376 show search engine(s) when there are no/few awesomebar results
701378 Use the tab count (number) instead of the down arrow to indicate multiple tabs
701380 Implement a native about:home (start page)
709575 Remove unnecessary ipc/chromium files
721741 Make Flash plugins work on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
709584 Make Hal observer management a bit more generic
660437 Different output with testcase with and without -n
701406 loads with duplicate headers in the content
709603 Remove unused variables 'type' in CallMethodHelper::Get{ArraySize,InterfaceType}FromParam
693221 Remove JSObject::capacity and JSObject::initializedLength
693227 Remove nsIWindowsShellService.unreadMailCount
709622 tests with empty body should cause a JS strict warning
709629 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(thing)), at jsgc.cpp:4217
709632 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: trc->runtime->gcIncrementalState == NO_GC || trc->runtime->gcIncr…
709634 Assertion failure: isInterpreted(), at ../../jsfun.h:176
717841 Replace Date().getTime() calls with SystemClock.uptimeMillis() or System.currentTimeMillis()
701458 Enter compartment while initializing in CreateDedicatedWorkerGlobalScope
709653 Fix GC heap memory reporters
701467 Remove JS_TRUE/JS_FALSE from xpconnect
701274 JSD's jsd_ThrowHandler uses value from wrong enumeration
685097 IonMonkey: Implement a maximum recursion depth.
480300 mozilla-central Tinderbox random crashes in layout/generic/crashtests/* [@ nsHTMLAnchorElement::Unbi…
717869 New records being created with GUIDs with trailing newlines
414781 Top of Bookmark Sidebar gutter isn't rounded in new Mac theme
595008 Make Android IME more efficient by reducing communication between Java and Gecko
701508 IonMonkey: Incorrect result from CallGeneric on x64
701517 Battery API isn't Moz-prefixed
709712 WebGL demos causing repeatable crashes
701523 Make loading script actors optional in DebuggerServer.init()
701527 Add support for IndexedDB
652376 Remove mozilla/xpinstall and move mozilla/toolkit/xpinstall to somewhere more sensible
709721 Slice out media libraries from libxul
603243 remove pitfall nsTString_CharT(char_type c) constructor
586863 Add invert support to cairo, or else remove #ifdef GFX_HAS_INVERT from layout
562289 Using a system proxy ignores socks_remote_dns pref
709747 Support nsCOMPtr<T>::forget(I**)
709748 GCLI 'help' command causes firefox to crash
537718 video should scale for a small window
423032 Use static analysis to find missing cycle collector class, Traverse and Unlink declarations
697194 Favicon caching
627842 Allow minimum font size based on size of frame
693389 Update urlclassifier DB for Mozilla com->org move
709485 Regression: Tablet UI browser does not resize correctly after toggling sidebar
709776 Move tri-licensed Android library parts under mozutils
717975 only expose m-c implementation of navigator.mozApps on b2g
690372 Give an IID to dom::Element
693424 "ASSERTION: Should not be calling this on a non-display child" in nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::GetBBoxCo…
701618 min-width assertion when entering DOM full-screen mode
701620 Various parse node kind disambiguations
668855 add WeakMap support to the cycle collector
709817 The webpage position hangs if a scroll up action is performed several times
701627 doesn't fire MozScrolledAreaChanged events as the page gets bigger while loading
701628 Remove _COMPILER_PREFIX
603332 Missing preferences that cause support problems in about:support (Troubleshooting Information)
701637 DOM related GC | Cycle Collector Crash triggered by harfbuzz buffer overrun
693449 IonMonkey: More ARM improvements
709845 Copy-paste of link from URL bar after opening link from Facebook Android app gives redirect link, no…
701656 transform 3D don't work in transform 3D element
701664 GCLI build should use the latest dryice build
701666 Removing TxObject define and Double typedef from xslt
701669 crash when changing profile in profile manager
709862 RIL: no more "incoming" events after the first
693479 Remove JSObject::privateData
709875 add enumerateAll to navigator.mozApps API
660728 Intermittent test failure in layout/reftests/svg/smil/transform/scale-1.svg
709888 Remove UA switcher
701703 Null pointer exception thrown loading Fennec Start Page
685321 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: int, at jsinfer.cpp:341 with destructuring…
685322 Create implicit constructors on floating-point types taking integer types
660747 TM: perlstress-001.js failing without tracejit or methodjit
685326 Add Round{In,Out} to BaseRect
701712 GCLI help should be more, um helpful
709907 "ASSERTION: Calling InvertSign with an unsupported unit"
701716 navigator.vibrate Android backend is missing an AutoLocalJNIFrame.
709909 [IncrementalGC] Crash [@ JSObject::finalize]
702681 Do not walk both ChunkSet and the internal chunk list
709914 Slice out WebGL and the ANGLE compiler from libxul
709915 Change name of RIL socket from rilb2g to rilproxy
709920 "ASSERTION: viewBox width must be greater than zero!"
701730 StrictMode: Disk Read Violation when opening the awesomebar (rememberLastScreen)
701735 xpc_qsJsvalToWcharStr shouldn't const_cast
693551 removeChild(): unexpected title tooltip after removing SVG element at mouse position
709947 Don't use the ESSL backend of ANGLE
611648 Can't install sutAgentAndroid.apk from tests package alongside Fennec build
701761 Assertion failure: !rt->gcRunning, at jsgc.cpp:2078
701762 DOMTemplate fails when ${foo} returns undefined
669001 Vary: User-Agent + new UA string (i.e. after update) + HTTP 304 = broken cache
709962 Eliminate required column references in browser content provider query interface
701772 IndexedDB: Autoincrement should not share counter between object stores
693586 jprof should support circular buffers
685395 Redesign IME APIs of nsIWidget for mobile devices
669012 Disentangle nsIContent::DoneAddingChildren and script handling
693589 The debugger client requests frames after the server has resumed
709976 DNS: asynchronously refresh cache entries near expiration upon use
709977 Don't use xpc_qsAString in IDB Key.h
701787 Investigate if synchronous XHR in window context should not support new XHR responseTypes
587100 jstracer.cpp fails to compile on AIX/xlC due to alloca
704058 Synchronize the m-c parser Java sources and the htmlparser repo Java sources
701790 Remove unused group.* strings in the Style Inspector
505192 Chrome profile migration for Import Wizard and Migration Assistant - cookies, history, and bookmarks
701804 Pageactions this._handlers is null
705427 Remove dead code: nsAttrAndChildArray::SetAttr(nsIAtom*, const nsAString&)
701822 Add TEST_DIRS Variable
701826 Preferences gets unchecked temporarily when going to the preferences page
701830 Rescaling at new resolution after zoom does not occur
701834 Missing favicons for some sites
701835 Removing a bookmark repeatedly crashes Fennec; java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Empty values at a…
710029 Assorted build system tweaks for B2G/Gonk
701839 Wrong favicon displayed when both default location and link exists
710041 Build fixes for gonk widget backend
710051 Port the android libsydneyaudio backend to gonk
710060 crash [@ je_free | CloseDir]
701870 Make sure that setting a preference, then quiting, results in the preference being saved
718257 Syntax error breaks add-on install restart doorhanger
701875 Rename omni.jar to omni.ja
669138 submitting .<thai> IDNccTLD
710103 Update XPCShell tests for GfxInfo blocklisting
718296 Can't access host without tld
701913 Bookmark icon remains selected when navigating to another page that is not bookmarked
513503 TM: compiler warnings should cause orange on tinderbox
701947 VKB does not appear when tapping into an iframe text box
710147 Pass more targets from to the build system
701956 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_DUP2
701957 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_EQ &  JSOP_NE
701958 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_GETPROP as a call to the VM
701973 Eliminate token munging
695897 IonMonkey: Refactor IonFrames and Bailouts
710175 Revert to old View Source back end for Firefox 10
710176 Socket transport service thread pegs the CPU spinning to send data on a SSL socket that is blocking …
710178 "ASSERTION: Battery API: When charging and level at 1.0, remaining time should be 0. Please fix your…
701987 Remove checkbox for add-on auto-checking for updates (extensions.update.enabled) from the options wi…
587301 Display page title in tooltip when hovering over a tab thumbnail in TabView
701990 IonMonkey: Merge write barriers
701992 Element FullScreen API should hide Sidebar
701993 IonMonkey: Implement LLoadSlotT on ARM
701994 Tab counter animation should show overlapping of numbers
701996 Merge widget/src/android from birch back into mozilla-central
710192 Assertion failure: !isIndex(&dummy), at vm/String.h:854
702003 Assertion failure: xml, at jsgcmark.cpp:268 or Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::allocated]
710205 DNS Cache Telemetry
679971 remove Navigator.taintEnabled()
702029 Push all console logging to android's adb logcat
702036 JSEventListener could have weak mTarget to reduce CC overhead
702043 Firefox 8 "layers::ContainerLayer::GetType" Memory Corruption
472669 AwesomeBar incorrectly encodes a URL when choosing it from drop-down history
710246 Investigate substantial increase in libxul size since Gecko 10
702058 WebGL google maps is upside down
689087 Firefox on Lion doesn't recognize the Baskerville font
726656 broken by the rename to omni.ja
702081 Some bookmarks dialogs lost the folder picker, thus making hard to choose their location
702093 Sporadic "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/image/test/mochitest/test_bullet…
702102 Cleanup nsHTMLEditor::GetEmbeddedObjects
702106 Remove xpc_CloneJSFunction
702107 Geolocation Service broken because of access token
702118 Use IDL for nsIDOMWindowUtils::GetParent
603820 Use registerCleanupFunction in our tests
710331 UX for bookmarks and history import
693948 expose layout-guess: true object attribute on CSS table accessible
710335 about:home - add UI for when there are no thumbnails or no addons
702146 Add override style sheet for :-moz-full-screen-ancestor
554691 js_RegisterCloseableIterator uses a runtime-wide lock
710341 Bookmarks menu button has improper toolbar-icon size when placed in the Personal Toolbar
693958 Background for video file-only views scales badly
694561 Remove JSObject::flags
685781 Addition of to the PSL
595671 Animated images (GIFs) cause severe performance issues
702178 Remove and
562915 escape characters in content-type charset param not parsed properly
702182 bug698584.js should allow oom
702183 Fennec 9.0b1 now asking for extra "read sensitive log data" permission
710392 exclude about: pages from top sites on about:home
620291 useless assert of free_block [@ CodeAlloc::free]
702217 OOM crash in nsUrlClassifierStore::ReadPrefixes or nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::SetPrefixes
726797 Multi-GPU Detection Broken on Windows Gecko 11
694030 Qatar [.qa] Stub zones addition to PSL
702223 nsXMLHttpRequest::GetResponse duplicates quickstub code
653080 intermittent mochitest-browser-chrome leak of 2 domwindows opened by browser_tabview_bug597980.js
710432 Linux GfxInfo does no checks on feature
710433 The bookmark menu item should always say "Bookmark", not "Remove"
702250 Disable jemalloc on mac 10.5 due to crash in ozone_size
708231 Fix set-but-unused warnings reported by GCC 4.6 in jsexn.cpp
710447 IonMonkey: Invalid hoisting in basic/testBug529147.js
702256 [Gonk] Add DOM API for turning screen on/off and adjusting the screen's brightness
563002 [meta] JM: Get browser to pass Tinderbox tests
710463 Textures should be placed in drawable-nodpi folder
702275 check AddObserver return code in nsDOMStorage.cpp
571209 Make chunksize in jemalloc a compile-time constant under MOZ_MEMORY
702283 Remove dead code RegionMark
702287 Add a down carat to tab counter
710481 Remove tracer leftovers in CustomQS_WebGL.h
710486 Remove unnecessary mkdir objdir/js/src/nanojit
702295 DOM Fullscreen interacts badly with Pandora
702302 Create a single-locale repack magic
710509 Allow Skia to easily be switched off
710511 Rename ANP DrawingModel to prevent conflict with AsyncDrawingModel
694133 Switching tabs should not undo rearrangement of tabs [3-finger drag]
407415 NaNs in gfx*Font with font-size:0 and font-size-adjust
702330 Revert to drawing Flash plugin with a SurfaceView
702331 Update Orion from upstream
702334 Fix deadlocks caused by Flash
702338 Enable plugins
702339 Go back to using an AbsoluteLayout
702342 Filter Button should remain popped up when unchecking a suboption if any of the other suboptions rem…
708071 Spelling suggestions creates a zombie compartment
505738 nsScriptableRegion::GetRects doesn't handle failure from JS_NewArrayObject [@ JS_DefineElement - nsS…
702352 crash in js::detail::RegExpPrivate::decref
710548 Add the offline-app, webapp-manage permissions to pre-installed apps.
694169 IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_CALLGNAME
700434 Dismiss doorhangers on pressing back / tapping outside
620452 jsemit.cpp compile failure when #undef JS_HAS_SHARP_VARS
702375 Element with -moz-transform-style preserve-3d is not rendered at all
669612 In scratchpad, add "*" postfix to window title when editor contains unsaved changes
702386 Support setting persistence to -1 for doorhangers
710581 set-but-unused warning in PropertyCache::fullTest withh GCC 4.6
694206 Add Gonk (B2G) widget backend
653248 WeakMap values reachable only from DOM are marked black
702403 Kinetic scrolling shouldn't do a fling animation when stopped
702407 The "fake display port" hack is breaking sites
702412 [layers] float comparisons should use an epsilon
702413 GLContextCGL::ResizeOffscreen leaks buffer if ResizeOffscreenFBO fails
702416 [layers] Replace homebrew classes with Android ones
702420 Page size detection should use the results from MozScrolledAreaChanged events
538588 Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Offline Storage confusing: Clear Now button only affects disk cach…
538595 Clear Recent History should be able to clear offline cache
702437 Implement MOZ_OVERRIDE to start using C++11 override controls
702439 javascript: links don't work in subframes of a page with a CSP policy, even one in report-only mode
694612 window.performance is null in a webpage loaded via <object>
661509 Remove .yu from PSL
702477 Change the names of nsSVGPathElement::GetScale and nsSVGTextPathFrame::GetPathScale
702480 Fix description of js-gc-heap-unused-fraction
702483 Rename heap-committed-unallocated-fraction to heap-committed-fragmentation
702491 JSPROP_READONLY shouldn't be set when parsing a jsobj property descriptor with a setter
546844 [meta] Need the ability to draw persistent transparent areas of Chrome over Content
702496 Fix MOZ_GCTIMER makeTable
702502 Use an iterator to iterate over compartments
702503 PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE added as a result of bug 666446
702505 ots is stripping out GPOS/GSUB tables for Caflisch Script Pro
702507 can we remove JSCLASS_CONSTRUCT_PROTOTYPE and JS_IsConstructing_PossiblyWithGivenThisObject?
702511 Battery API: Please clarify what values are actually being returned from .chargingTime and .dischar…
702515 [Azure] Implement GetStrokedBounds for Skia
702516 [Azure] Implement Bilinear filtering for Skia backend
694325 Android DNS is single threaded
718904 java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String at org.mozilla.gecko.AwesomeBar.onCreateContextMenu(A…
702523 js_FloorLog2wImpl should be public
702528 IAccessible::get_accName should return S_FALSE when there's no accessible name
702529 Add GetVsize and GetResident methods on Solaris
718928 AndroidManifest.xml does not depend on Sync manifest include fragments
710745 Don't expose WindowIdentifier in Hal.h
710748 Remove useless forward declaration in Hal.h
702572 Minimized prototype.js broken in Firefox 9+
718961 History-visited link color
653427 Prompt to save file before closing Scratchpad window
702583 Use IDL for nsIJSON methods
710780 Fail to load Comments and "Add your comment" button -
710793 Move hal's private methods outside of Hal.h
710804 [b2g] Use postMessage instead of an event to the homescreen for closing an app
702614 Flash should use Skia to implement ANPCanvas and similar interfaces
710808 some text appears overly large
702619 Swiftly closing two tabs at once results in an NPE at org.mozilla.gecko.TabsTray$TabsAdapter.<init>(…
702621 GCLI needs fixes for the minor issues created by bug 692742
702627 Flash: queue invalidation after async surface request
694436 Crash when dumping CC heap dump if Firefox can't write to the cwd
702629 aria-orientation should be applied to slider and separator roles
702633 Broken painting on
661681 Enable A-Trust-nQual-03 root certificate for EV in PSM
702642 DOMTemplate is relatively slow when evaluating JS ${}
710835 Form autocomplete popup list flickers as you type
694455 [birch] Android Prompt Service
702653 Add prefs for Flash plugin activation: on demand/always on/off
588149 Inspector: move the toolbar from the HTML panel to the toolbar area of the window
702656 Fennec zoomed shadow layers scrolling is incorrect
727246 disable split release for beta 11
669903 double unlink crashes [@ nsGenericHTMLElement::ClearDataset()] nsDOMStringMap's Unlink
178393 nsAccessibilityInterface module load should also work when GTK_MODULES is set
710878 Bookmark label can omit part of the text in the link
694495 [Win64] Google MapsGL crash, in D3D9, called from ANGLE's glFinish
710885 In some cases tapping to activate Flash does not activate Flash
702696 Path length scale factor should not be affected by the 'transform' attribute
678128 "Assertion failure: sharedBlock," with e4x
702707 Web console is buggy in window mode
701481 App Tabs lost with current nightly: SessionStore: The session file is invalid: TypeError: this._extr…
694526 Implement Function grip actor message handling
694538 Implement Object grip actor message handling
702739 Pre-render overflow area of frames translated by CSS transforms, that are active and partially visib…
702740 --enable-trace-jscalls build is broken
710933 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: savedTos < gcmarker->stack.tos, at jsgcmark.cpp:810
710934 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: nextTos <= limit, at jsgc.h:1647
710936 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: c->gcIncrementalTracer.isFinished(), at jsgc.cpp:3365
710940 Firefox Crash [@ AffixMgr::parse_file(char const*, char const*) ]
702753 implement "make install" for android
710946 BaseShape::getterObj (and setterObj) are not write barriered
710947 Assertion failure: !rt->gcRunning, at jsgc.cpp:2083
710950 JSScript::function_ is not barriered
702764 Library loading times need to be adjusted on birch
686381 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_AND
710961 add-on syncGUID being set twice
702770 Expose GfxInfo properties in about:support
710967 Possible bug in AffixMgr::parse_convtable()
702776 Missing margin in the highlighter and web console buttons
702779 Up-to-date communication on Developer Tools vision and progress
686398 WebGL crash, addressing Texture ImageInfo out of bounds
710981 Add mozCancelAnimationFrame
571726 TM: JM: NewObject is way to fat and branchy [meta]
702799 Don't change a RefPtr when using the implicit conversion to TemporaryRef
710995 Possible bad null-check in ShortcutResolver::Init()
670036 Quicktime Plugin: WAV files play once, then never again
702809 IndexedDB: Should be able to create an index with an empty keyPath
702812 Nightly hangs on startup, jemalloc in backtrace
687901 IonMonkey: simple inlining
661877 Enable storing files in IndexedDB
670072 Font sizes smaller than 0.5px are not painted correctly under GDI
719233 Whitelist only known working devices for direct texture support
686466 Get rid of application.ini in non-xulrunner applications
702851 Move cairo_scaled_font_t into gfxFont base class
719240 Don't dispatch touchmove events if the user's finger hasn't moved far
702858 Do not stop listening to battery changes when in the background on Android
702861 browser chrome mochitests trigger uncaught JS exception in CssHtmlTree.jsm
670095 gfxWindowsPlatform.cpp fails to compile on mingw
694672 [birch] Support doorhanger/ContentPermissionPrompts
719253 Fennec cannot init EGL libs due to wrong library name
711071 Fix velocity calculation
694688 [birch] Implement Preferences activity
702883 Avoid JNI for lock/unlock of ANPSurface
711079 split OTS out of libxul on Windows to relieve pressure on the linker
702889 IndexedDB: Change SQL schema and some cursor queries for faster performance
702897 crash nsLineBox::IndexOf
702903 IAccessibleRelation::get_target broken
702904 Crash in JSC::Yarr::Interpreter::allocDisjunctionContext
702905 Crash in JSC::Yarr::Interpreter::matchDisjunction
432575 OS/2 fontconfig issues compared to ft2lib
702915 Assertion failure: static_cast<Cell *>(thing)->isMarked(), at jsgc.cpp:3556
604614 [Web Console] Provide multiple suggestions for command line input
719309 Disable touch events widget code
702926 Remove spinner from AwesomeBar
709709 Remove unused nsDragService::GetShellVersion
667385 nshttppipeline::isdone wrong
702941 Disable HTTP pipelining Winstone when talking to Servlet Engine
661991 Start using the new Common Item Dialogs in Vista and later in nsFilePicker
702952 Pages are cut off, especially after zooming out and pressing reload
702964 Support subregion lock on plugin surfaces
711158 Another recursion crash [@ regexp_trace] with incremental GC
711165 GC: DenseArrays are missing some barrier calls
702983 Opening a new tab doesn't reset scroll position
457226 mochitest for ARIA states
711184 make sure we don't do any work creating about:home if we're not showing about:home
701528 Hardware Acceleration Causes Rendering Issue with Background Attachment "Fixed"
711195 Perform the range checks for non-boolean telemetry pings at compile time
711199 Replace menu icon images
711203 XPConnect wstring test doesn't get called
694821 Dragging tabs over blank thumbnails leaves traces over it
703015 Outlook web access attachments download as .aspx
703024 Back out bug 662996 (OCSP requests leak cookies) because of bug 701019
703028 Bug 685322 added 8000+ compiler warnings to windows builds (of the form: conversion from 'const int3…
703029 Expose pref for "optimal" text size in Fennec UI
700169 Refactor code to use StringBuffer
711226 Separate desktop and ES 2.0 symbol loading
621119 Decompilation creates an invalid string literal
678465 'document-element-inserted' doesn't fire on ImageDocument
711095 make GC scanning compatible with the incremental GC
703057 Put DrawToFile on another thread.
696078 Move filter attribute processing to frame classes
703062 GCLI should do some coverage analysis to improve test coverage
645726 [Harmony Proxies] derived set trap doesn't set accessor properties
711266 GC: JSRope::flatten should call post barriers unconditionally
703079 Always dispatch mozfullscreenchange to owning document
703087 Temporarily enable assertion in isalloc_validate in release builds, to test for potential ozone_size…
694901 [birch] meta name="viewport" support for native Android front-end
703094 AwesomeScreen should use same background as URL bar
711288 Property redefinition from accessor to data doesn't default to writable
711289 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(thing)), at jsgc.cpp:4147
703098 Remove the url.file.exist check in BrowserCLH.js
629371 Replace deprecated bookmarks dialogs methods from the codebase
703109 [Azure] Add CreateOffscreenDrawTarget to gfxAndroidPlatform
719494 Closing tabs is too slow sometimes
719499 backport 020e61c8efed, 25fe3fddc59e and d377d38a23d3 to aurora
703122 is not cleared
703123 web console "Web Developer" filter button should be renamed
703125 Memory increase/leak when scrolling page rapidly
662173 DataTransfer.getData should lowercase its argument
703141 screen.width/height and window.innerWidth/Height are incorrect in
719531 FallibleTArray uses infallible malloc
703150 Cannot drag scrollbar thumb if mousedown event is called stopPropagation()
712477 [ICS] Landscape resources are not used in landscape mode
634654 Add RegExpPrivate cache
686775 External API version of StripWhitespace fails to strip \b
711352 DisableFontActivation is incorrectly releasing CF objects it doesn't own
711357 leaking a CGFontRef during activation of a downloadable font
719557 "Full Screen" add-on (window.fullScreen) has problems in native Fennec
703174 browser_drag_bookmarks_on_toolbar.js calls finish() more than once
719560 Can't publish split native and xul builds under the same product on android market
701560 template version of merge sort
703186 image map's focus outline may not be painted correctly if focus/blur event's stopPropagation() is ca…
711381 v8-support.h fails to compile on mingw
711385 DrawTargetD2D.h fails to compile on GCC (mingw)
695003 Race condition when deleting cache directory
703197 Printing a display:none iframe should work
703198 JAWS doesn't announce combobox navigation in collapsed combobox
703202 ARIA comboboxes don't fire value change events
703210 tooltip is not shown if stopPropagation() of mousemove event is called
334573 Rename nsPLDOMEvent to nsAsyncDOMEvent
604913 Tooltip for icon should be provided in Panorama
703218 Flash content doesn't resize
695032 [GTK/X11] selecting text in scratchpad doesn't place it on the X primary selection
695035 [GTK/X11] middle clicking in scratchpad should paste the X primary selection
708394 Avoid LayoutInflater in constructors
703235 Remove ConsoleStorage
703237 Figure out why browser_inspector_highlighter.js and browser_inspector_iframeTest.js fail when the st…
705665 Don't whine while glDeleting non-existent GL object
703260 Reduce view usage in event handling
711453 Error serializing viewportmetrics org.json.JSONException: Forbidden numeric value: NaN @ org.json.JS…
695076 Crash in ANGLE's libGLESv2, in glTexImage2D on a cube map, invalid read in gl::Texture::createSurfac…
700211 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: ins->type() == MIRType_Value, during pushTypeBarrier().
719669 J-PAKE: throw when g^x^q % p = 1
711478 Windows PGO builds building without profiling data
711488 Replace some forgotten PR_TRUE with true in dom/battery && dom/sms
703305 Bug 701996 broke elf hack
703307 Make gonk work (build/start/draw) again
703317 non-threadsafe allocator for nsIntRegion causes TestDataStructures to fail
687929 null cx Crash [@ JS_BeginRequest ] with dom workers
629595 [OMG NOT FIREFOX!!!!! SeaMonkey] mochitests-1: permanent "test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | C…
701584 Mini-abstract some offsetofs noted in the initial patch for bug 699185
703333 Remove pointless const_casts from SVG DOM list classes
695145 xul & js modified files are not updated when reinstalling
498543 Audit users of JS_THIS_OBJECT in SpiderMonkey for correctly null-checking the result
695152 Tabs, Separate activity, some ui spec needed
703347 Add a background image for the "void beneath" the web
711543 Get thumbnail images of tabs loaded in the background, and display them in the tab menu
695165 Forward
580481 "ASSERTION: row can own border only at table edge"
695170 History, visited link styles
695176 Session history
695177 Sharing
703374 browser.cache.memory.enable set to false causes pages to fail to load
637840 after closing a group in panorama, focus should go to the last used tab in the last used group
703378 Native Fennec executes javascript: urls pasted or typed into the awesome bar
695187 Addons for testing
703380 XMLHttpRequest can fire an abort event after a load event, but should not
711579 WGL is broken without robustness
449436 TM: unregress from tracemonkey landing in m-c tracking bug
695199 Bookmarking: Add/Remove from Menu
695201 History management
711592 Update ANGLE to r924
703411 GCC 4.6 build warning: "gfxUserFontSet.cpp:582:16: warning: variable ‘status’ set but not used [-Wun…
711611 NSPR's obsolete int32, int64, etc. types get defined without an opt-out #define
711616 Adding to a WeakMap makes the CC go boom
703428 [Skia] Ignore invalid stroke widths
703430 [Skia] Cache ScaledFontMac in gfxMacFont
711627 ContentProvider Authority doesn't match with AndroidManifest
703444 Port SPS profiler to windows
703449 Add 'browser.dom.window.dump.enabled' pref to profiles
687951 "too much recursion" errors with large compiled JS files
392159 Middle-click paste doesn't work under Mac OS X when middlemouse.paste is true
711648 Pre-commit underline is not shown for the composing text
703463 [Skia] Don't copy data to SourceSurfaceSkia snapshots when the DrawTarget is destroyed
711656 Firefox 11.0a1 Crash in TextStageManager::AddStagesForSubrect with Intel GMA X4500HD, 4500MHD, and H…
711658 Intergrated gpu no longer used on Nightly
678891 [10.7] Bug 668953's current two-finger swipe has ~700ms delay but no animation to hide it
539133 remove broken Opera profile migrator
703472 Retain the DataSourceSurface in GetThebesSurfaceForDrawTarget
719860 Nothing happens when opening a .swf flash file directly
711672 Break most of the mfbt->JS header dependence
687102 JS Shell-only crash with line2pc/pc2line [@ js_getOpcode]
703487 Implement ARB_robustness in WGL
703491 Silence Nv3DVStream assertion
703500 Cannot drop file to <input type="file"/> if drop event is called stopPropagation()
703508 Make nsNSSSocketInfo::GetErrorMessage() lazy
703516 Move GLContext* code out of thebes
687134 Expose pccount to chrome code
233307 deCOMtaminate nsIScript*
703531 ARMAssembler.cpp:118:14: error: 'x' was not declared in this scope on ARMv4T
703534 Build failure on platforms without YARR JIT
695345 Bring back ISO8601DateUtils.jsm
703544 Crash [@ JS::Value::isMarkable]
711737 Orion should support all the CSS properties from CSS1, CSS2, CSS2.1 and CSS3
703546 "Warning: Error in parsing value for 'clip'. Declaration dropped." in "resource://gre-resources/ua.…
604682 AudioAvailable event dispatch does unnecessary copy when there are no listeners
695358 JavaScript error: chrome://browser/content/content.js, line 3: redeclaration of var Cc
678978 memory leak in nsMultiMixedConv.cpp
701623 Using dirty rects for repainting causes corruption
711757 Fatal Exception: GeckoLooper Thread @ java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: width and height must be >…
703568 Disable Battery API by default in Firefox 10
703575 nsIJSInspector throws NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_IID errors in debugger unit tests
711769 Update Hyphen to version 2.8.3
711775 Implement MOZ_NORETURN to wrap up no-return syntax across compilers
564332 putImageData throws exception when drawing to a smaller canvas
703602 Unclosed Cursor warning in Fennec Native
711799 Jeff's Saturday-afternoon warning-killing rampage
515192 Update cairo to 655a4dbc36d95ce4a82cbc13aa9e2002b41fa4de
703610 Return level=1.0 when the battery is full (Battery API UPower backend)
670857 Various hudservice tests have deliberate uncaught JS exceptions that will cause a test failure in th…
621708 Update .au entry in PSL
703630 Share option should be disabled for these protocols: about:// chrome:// file://
703633 TreePanel.jsm uses a resource:/// url that ought to be resource://gre/
695444 Form history
695446 Password manager/Form Fill
695449 Zooming perf
703645 rm SRC_TRACE
695457 Use android system backend for Awesome Bar data
695458 Android Prefs
695461 Download notifications
703654 Improve document's CC Describe
695463 Native Android Sync implementation, to integrate with Native Fennec
703656 Attempt to use JS function on a different thread calling nsIWebProgressListener.onStateChange & nsID…
703660 IndexedDB: Compress structured clone data with Snappy
703663 Intermittent test failures in browser_dbg_script-switching.js
720048 Move Tab:Foo listeners and associated tab logic into Tabs
703667 Intermittent test failures in test_breakpoint-01.js
695477 Use an indicator in toolbar to reflect security state
703670 Intermittent test failures in browser_dbg_propertyview-08.js
720058 Crash when tapping multiple comboboxes, then dismissing multiple dialogs
695485 UI for handling <select> interaction
703680 support both embedding/android and mobile/android/base
220357 PSM : consistency in use of cleaners between nsNSSIOLayer.cpp and nsCertPicker.cpp
679110 Improve detection of multiple GPUs in about:support
670930 Texture updates happen synchronously and harm interactive performance
703699 Fix use-after-free problem with write barriers and XPConnect
711900 Make Firefox 10 not have more GC/CC related hangs than Firefox 9
646366 "Assertion failure: pobj == found,"
351458 Potential SQL injection in /netwerk/cache/src/nsDiskCacheDeviceSQL.cpp
703715 Add Telemetry probes for sync XHR
670967 On Windows, fire a memory-pressure event when the amount of available virtual address space or physi…
711929 Full screen and loading animation issues when playing OGG videos
695569 Scroll indicators for web content
670994 nsHttpPipeline::ResumeSend() in not unreachable
720152 java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Unknown delete URI content://org.mozilla.fennec.db.browser/…
703770 Mac Accessibility Verifier errors
711216 Form autocomplete popup doesn't disappear when input gets out of view after pinch zoom
703790 navigator properties implemented with nsIDOMGlobalPropertyInitializer are not initialized on page re…
703791 IonMonkey: Eager compilation fails on basic/testBranchingUnstableLoopCounter.js [visitToInt32(MIRTyp…
711993 Check to make sure we have a valid URI in PermissionsHelper observer
695610 Move nsImageFrame::GetContainer into imgIContainer
707125 Shrink the final string in str_unescape if possible
703815 Click to activate message is displayed even if plugins are disabled
703818 [ObjShrink] "Assertion failure: hasSlot() && !hasMissingSlot(),"
695635 tracking bug: unprefix WebSockets
695640 Profile View Source pre chunking and remove it if unnecessary
712032 Intermittent cluster of failures on a single build: test_XHR.html | wrong blob size, test_pluginstre…
703842 Binary ends up with a R_SPARC_WDISP22 relocation that doesn't support
687459 Effective TLD list does not include and domains
709863 Crash [@ JSC::MacroAssemblerCodePtr::executableAddress]
638316 remove parent
703861 German hyphenation: Wrong orthography variant selected (lang="de-AT-1901" doesn't work)
703867 Update /dom/tests/browser/browser_popup_blocker_save_open_panel.js to use MockFilePicker.jsm
703871 Missing ifdef ENABLE_TESTS in layout/tools/layout-debug/
703874 Remove redundant |ifneq (mobile,$(MOZ_BUILD_APP))| from makefiles in browser/*
713578 java.lang.NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.Tabs.closeTab(
721216 Bitmap compression on main thread causes the tab strip to take a long time to appear
703889 Remove |ifndef DISABLE_XFORMS_HOOKS| since it's never defined
728466 [ACR] Restarting during application startup locks the database and forces the user to re-allow all a…
687511 build/autoconf/make-makefile enhancements
703898 Remove superfluous |ifeq (,$(filter WINNT OS2,$(OS_ARCH)))| from build/unix/
703917 Upgrade ANGLE to r885
531888 Overzealous compilers don't like Assembler::intersectRegisterState
712118 Form autocomplete is broken because we're not receiving compositionupdate events
703927 Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r16237
679352 Remove libreg
703930 Add |set -o errexit| to * to abort the build on errors rather than just hiding them
695743 Save as PDF
703938 Move WebConsole style from toolkit to browser
334411 Implement paint flashing
703942 get rid of *WithConversion (plugin part)
703945 blank screen after rotate on every site
720333 Only the last letter typed is displayed when HKB is used
720353 Crash with abort message "xpcom_runtime_abort(###!!! ABORT: unknown union type: file /builds/slave/r…
703990 incorrect/misleading messages in test_tooltip.xul
703992 SVG animation with indefinite repeatDur doesn't repeat
704004 Firefox in “work offline” mode crashes when starting a Websocket
704011 mozfullscreenchange event handler assumes target is an element not a document
704013 nsStyleLinkElement::ParseLinkTypes should check for HTML5 white space
720400 Crash in nsPluginInstanceOwner::RemovePluginView @ mozilla::AndroidBridge::EnsureJNIThread
630290 Build warning: "TestObserverArray.cpp:90:123: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned intege…
704022 PlaceholderLayerClient OOM at ByteBuffer.allocateDirect
720408 Exception handling message "Tab:ScreenshotData": java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
695835 Move favicon download to a separate thread
695836 sync last screen and last uri preference
704034 loopstart, loopend, playcount attributes in no longer exist in the spec
695843 Nested omni.jar for Android
704039 Make document.mozCancelFullScreen restore previous full-screen state
728617 Update Mozilla to NSS 3.13.3 (and mozilla-10 will need NSPR 4.9)
704049 Radio button shouldn't be checked by prevented default click event when any radio buttons in same gr…
720442 When scrolling input fields into view, scroll them to just above keyboard instead of top of screen
701706 Virtual Keyboard is not dismissed if a tap is performed outside the focused input field
589374 Inspector: HTML panel keyboard access
687679 JS_CompileFile* should handle UTF-8 (xpconnect doesn't convert non-ascii wchars correctly)
687683 Debugger ignores Debugger.prototype.onEnterFrame hook's resumption value
687687 Log messages to console explaining why requests for DOM full-screen have been denied
720461 Crash in profile migration NumberFormatException [@ PlacesTask.migrateHistory]
695887 IonMonkey: Introduce lazy bailouts
728656 Crash @mozilla::gl::GLContext::InitExtensions
712277 Crash in nsCacheEntryDescriptor::nsCompressOutputStreamWrapper::Close @ MOZ_Z_adler32
704088 Pass dom::Element to nsLayoutUtils::SurfaceFromElement
704089 Enable IDN Display for .срб
712284 Remove dladdr hack for NSS on android
695902 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: ins->type() == MIRType_Value,"
712296 IOException on startup due to ZipFile closing before ZipInputStream read in AboutHomeContent
712300 Checkerboard over about:home footer area
720494 Move GeckoApp.handleAddTab logic into Tabs.addTab
605808 "layers.prefer-opengl" won't work with D3D10 available
573043 Enable Extended Protection (channel and service binding) for NTLM authentication
704123 Inspect Element background shading in document too dark
704127 Implement MOZ_FINAL
704136 [ObjShrink]: Crash [@ js::HeapPtr<JSString, unsigned long>::operator] with gczeal(4)
701722 Multiple cancel prompts generated by tapping in-progress downloads several times
392867 PNG encoder error handler incorrectly returns to caller
704171 Remove the no-argument form of requestAnimationFrame
704175 requestAnimationFrame callback function name should be "sample", not "onBeforePaint"
695986 Android video playback suffers from bug 669556
712380 Add support for clobbering the Android resources when needed
720574 Remove unused variables and imports
466626 nsStyleLinkElement::ParseLinkTypes should return a bitmask
720581 Access static fields/methods in a static way
696014 [hu] Remove Bluu search engine from Hungarian builds
704207 HeapValue::gcKind should return JSGCTraceKind
704210 Add license headers to files gfx/gl/ and gfx/thebes/
712414 Throbber does not stop after running on pages that use document.write without document.close
622303 Web Console should remember filter settings.
687843 WeakMap: Add MarkOf and factor MarkPolicies.
704228 Keybindings not restored in Highlighter when returning from other tab
696039 Assertion failure: !js_PrototypeHasIndexedProperties(, obj), at jsarray.cpp:2605
696049 Battery API: Windows backend
687861 Horizontal scrolling in Orion with very long lines is slow
687865 Line insertion in Orion with very long lines is slow
712448 Slim wrappers do not use deferred release mechanism, causing GC crashes
685767 Factor blur internals out of gfxBlur into a standalone class in gfx/2d
532240 implement NJ_EXPANDED_LOADSTORE_SUPPORTED for x64 backend
630549 Intermittent browser_tabMatchesInAwesomebar.js | Registered open page found in autocomplete
704284 Firefox Crash @ nsXMLHttpRequest::IsWaitingForHTMLCharset()
597789 --disable-rdf breaks the build
719493 Switching tabs is too slow (can take 5-10 seconds)
704295 Autocomplete with a variable name that is equal to a prefix of a global variable makes it impossible…
663338 parseInt fast-path should not handle very small numbers
707207 Get an object signing certificate (or two!) for signing the hotfix add-ons
704313 Add proper, overridable <stdint.h> support to mfbt
712506 [Galaxy Nexus] Excess lines in favicon and reload button on XHDPI devices
704317 Disable nightly checking for cross-compartment pointers in GC
712517 Rotating device can display blank white screens
589640 (ietestcenter) HTML5 Foreign Content 14/24: <altGlyphDef> is not an SVGElement
696139 [highlighter] Attach the InspectorUI instance when notifying "highlighter-ready"
712527 Closing a tab will wipe the content area and will not refresh
712536 null pointer crash when rotating about:home
704351 JS Shell-only crash with dis() [@ JSGenerator::floatingFrame]
720737 Debug intent doesn't extract libs with new linker
678546 "Assertion failure: next == JSOP_IFNE || next == JSOP_IFNEX," with trap
687982 Innocuous uninitialized value in nsBMPDecoder
712559 top sites section of about:home resizes when thumbnails populate
704369 Factor frontend::EmitTree
712574 Better to use just <include> and avoid <merge>
712576 Add GPS-A support on android
712579 Load nssckbi from the location of nss3
704391 Add more JS runtime memory reporters and fix the existing ones
704399 Gap between background and border when using border-radius (due to antialiasing?)
704400 Implement --enable-dmd
671634 Useragent should be different between phones and tablets
671639 Crazy flashing with Google Plus hangout
704414 Remove debug button in native UI
704416 HTML acronym and abbr names should be provided by @title
712614 extensions.js never stops observing extensions.update.enabled
696232 Use an enum to pass flag value to InitArrayElements
704456 [10.7] Crash in __-[ChildView maybeTrackScrollEventAsSwipe:scrollOverflow:]_block_invoke_1
679887 TI: GC pause regression for many tabs
704464 IndexedDB: Quota prompt not launched when creating new database
704467 Crash in AwesomeBar @ mozalloc_abort | __swrite | dexDataMapAlloc
704468 Wrong rotation direction for rotate3d(x,y,z,angle)
696282 Implement native toast alert support
688093 Update reflect.js for spec changes related to "-0"
704478 JS Shell Workers broken (Assertion failure: rt->onOwnerThread(), at jsapi.cpp:6326)
711333 Race condition when moving and updating textures
704482 SVG <set> and <animate> elements allow key-logging w/o JavaScript
704490 Add support for using local DBs for Bookmarks and History
204786 Add setting to change delay before tooltip shows
696307 "ASSERTION: Layer already in list" and crash with transform, -moz-column, abs pos, shadow
557047 Replace mailnews specific ifdef (MOZ_MAIL_NEWS) in cookie code with tests for a protocol flag
696315 Menu > Quit is not really closing the application
704510 js::MaybeGC(JSContext*) (jsgc.cpp:2167): Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
696319 Scroll web content input into view