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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.12.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
704512 nsBMPDecoder::WriteInternal: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
696324 Provide JS API for adding items to the Android menu
704520 Flash content does not have a placeholder if on Android 3.x
712714 Remove JOF_CALLOP
712719 NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoAppShell.notifyIMEEnabled
720912 IonMonkey: Log the location of aborts
704539 channel.URI is undefined in Sync
720925 IonMonkey: Add Object comparison
696353 What happened to the arguments element IC ?
712738 Clang Static Analysis: Assigned value is garbage or undefined in content/media/nsBuiltinDecoder.cpp
720934 [meta] Android Sync 0.4 code drop
712743 Investigate if we could reduce traversing by checking if node is black
720941 Remove JSDOUBLE_COMPARE and content's equivalent DOUBLE_COMPARE
720952 [MacOSX] Some (or random?) builders report "Typelibs contain definitions of interface nsIDocCharset …
720955 pyxpt: Report IIDs when they differ
720957 contentLength is unsed in nsJSONListener::OnDataAvailable
712767 Send profile-before-change in netwerk/test/TestSTSParser.cpp
720962 don't build nsBrowserProfileMigratorUtils.cpp on Linux
704583 Add testing mode to FocusManager to address running webdriver tests concurrently
614476 gfxPangoFonts sets up grapheme cluster boundaries twice
696398 Need an api to analyze panning performance
720975 Switch to vertical layout only when the window width < 550px
688208 nsWindow for Android doesn't check whether the instance is destroying or not after dispatching an ev…
385106 design + implement actual register{Content,Protocol}Handler dialogs
712787 remove showScreenshot (dead code)
720981 Remove element.iQEventData when it's empty
712791 Crash when running Pageload Zippity tests, restoring on
712793 Add missing browserIsRemote variable to test harness conditions
514198 freetype2 (cairo) doesn't compile on m-1.9.1
700434 Dismiss doorhangers on pressing back / tapping outside
614513 Crash in nsCacheService::DeactivateEntry during Linux Talos
696436 Rename MoCo-generated Aurora and Nightly Mac builds to "" and ""
712828 Mark slow tests as slow
712835 Add a memory reporter for the nsAtomTable
712837 Fix flakey jstest js1_5/extensions/regress-371636.js
696461 Ux Designs For Primary UI
712846 IonMonkey: implement OSI thunk on ARM
712847 warning C4099: 'nsCSSSelector' : type name first seen using 'struct' now seen using 'class'
712849 CSS top border is missing after assigning
712858 Remove lingering XPT_TDP_POINTER uses in XPConnect
90268 move plugins to content - plugins should withstand a reframe of the object frame
712867 Orion is white-on-white when using High Contrast Black color scheme
712868 tilt does not honour webgl.force-enabled preference
712870 skia works on non-tier1 platform
712876 Replace ISO-8859-9 (latin5, etc.) decoder with windows-1254 decoder per HTML5/Encoding spec
721069 Remove default case from filter switch statement
704687 Add MOZ_FINAL to classes which were NS_FINAL_CLASS but couldn't be MOZ_FINAL when nsDerivedSafe exis…
711368 gcli.css uses both box-sizing and -moz-box-sizing
721076 Prevent default on touch events should prevent long taps and double taps
704693 Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) uses tablet-only Honeycomb theme
712887 Style Editor should always show the Save button on the currently edited style sheet
696512 Redirect clicks to clickable elements nearby (smart link tapping)
704706 Crash [@ nsSVGPathGeometryFrame::UpdateCoveredRegion] with SVG filter
712907 Assertion failure: lastProperty()->hasTable(), at js/src/jsscope.cpp:493
696532 Add-on manager
696535 "make check" and "pymake check" fail because build/'s own "make check" fails to find manifestparser
712923 [Mac] Heading elements h1 through h6 are not recognizable by VoiceOver
712927 [Mac] VoiceOver often repeats the document title as if it were a groupbox/fieldset heading/legend
704738 Page/content does not resize on device rotation/orientation change
712937 crash in nsTypedSelection::selectFrames
655594 Remove body margin on image documents
721131 Speed up build in content/svg/content/src - clean up #include directives in its header files
704758 "ASSERTION: null frame" in PresShell::HandleEvent with focus, navigation
712959 Image decoding prefs aren't reloaded when they change
696586 Allow access to XHR2 blob response in progress events
712973 Use InputReader from libui in gonk widget backend
614671 fuzzer for jpeg
704784 Only show scrollbars while panning (finger down), fade away on finger up
712990 Endian issue with YarrJIT
712999 doesn't work
721205 GLContext::fReadPixels uses format GL_BGRA on Android, causing GL_INVALID_OPERATION
672054 Remove nsIDOMNSUIEvent, nsIDOMNSMouseEvent
721208 Tab screenshots can hose the gecko event loop
721209 tab screenshots unnecessarily big for background tabs
721214 Use Tabs.selectTab to select a new tab instead of sending a Tab:Selected message to gecko
716853 IonMonkey: Mark the invalidator thunk
721216 Bitmap compression on main thread causes the tab strip to take a long time to appear
696647 Remove unused (invalid) MathML atoms
721230 Implement stub compressed texture support
696662 HTTP Auth headers cannot be modified after http-on-modify-request got fired
631138 Write a comment explaining Shapes and the property tree
696379 file:/// urls and about: urls don't seem to be scrollable
696683 handleGeckoMessage throws java.lang.NullPointerException on startup
713068 IonMonkey: Invalidation leaks IonScripts
713069 Remove AutoEnterCompartment calls from finalizers and assert
721265 Firefox migrator: form history support
721271 Post-0.3 Android Sync Aurora uplift
721272 IonMonkey: TypeObject guards in TypeBarriers are always-taken
720431 Can't close Style Editor with cmd+w
704575 Union dirty rects instead of painting all of them
680327 Use NS_LITERAL_CSTRING instead of nsDependentCString
696386 Crash on Quit [@ JS_ResumeRequest]
721294 Clean up nsIPresShell::DidPaint/WillPaint related code
666349 Update WebSocket API to latest draft
721298 Fennec XUL has no suggested addons
721301 font.size.inflation.minTwips is set for XUL Fennec
704918 GCLI 'console clear' doesn't clear everything in the console
704922 Racy bookmark handling in
721313 Don't run normal end-of-parse code when parsing full doc from a string
557476 [MathML3] munder, mover, munderover: add support for the align attribute
672166 Merge nsIScreen_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH into nsIScreen
721320 Improve BrowserDB / LocalBrowserDB performance
696748 [ARM] Assertion failure: (inst & mask) == expected, at ../methodjit/ICChecker.h:56
617203 "First character must be the start of a cluster ..." assertion failure with pango-graphite
713149 hal_impl has no method GetCurrentBatteryInformation
721345 crash js::ContextStack::popInvokeArgs, Browser Crashes when close a tab(heavy script site)
721350 Style Editor auto-scroll to the selected style sheet is annoying
721353 Fix invisible outline regression introduced by bug 719022
704970 Favicon missing on URL bar; visible in awesome screen
713167 Microsoft.VC80.CRT SideBySide errors, browsercomps.dll
713168 Hack in support for maguro touch screen
713169 gfx/skia/src/core/SkAdvancedTypefaceMetrics.cpp:163: error: explicit instantiation of non-template '…
598482 Hook up invalidation flushing to the refresh driver and make all painting asynchronous
713172 Download Manager breaks shutdown sanitization, forcing sanitization at startup instead
715513 [Azure] Implement text in Cairo backend
74206 Potential discrepancies in some variable definitions
713183 Split all the property-access ops into property, element, special, and by-value ops
705000 [New Tab Page] Black labels don't match Windows 7/XP color theme
699134 Extension block request: Roboform
713209 Crash [@ __memcpy_ssse3_rep] through JSRope::flatten
713214 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: started, at js/src/jsgc.cpp:1848
696832 Ux Designs for Menu
696833 Ux Designs for Awesome Screen
705026 Kindle Fire: Menu on has blanked out items
721413 [New Tab Page] Load links lazily when opening a new tab
401931 Tabbrowser performance optimizations
721420 WantAllTraces should disable Skippable CC optimizations
713229 configure only requires NSPR 4.8.8, but we require NSPR >= 4.9 beta 4
721422 [Page Thumbnails] Re-enable tests and make them work with URI_DANGEROUS_TO_LOAD
713232 Built in Profiler hangs the browser on Windows
701870 Make sure that setting a preference, then quiting, results in the preference being saved
565791 Show all previously installed lightweight themes in AOM
713260 Add a Tilt test for content location changes
664109 Requests for changes to the TLD whitelist for IDN, to add .ee
713266 Update ANGLE to r930
721466 Compiling with graphite enabled is failing with VS2010
721467 Add a codepath to only use glTexImage2D instead of glTexSubImage2D when texture uploading in GLConte…
713276 Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r16456
713278 Teach NS_StackWalk to walk the stack of other threads too on Windows
713283 Profile migration takes forever
705092 Kinetic scrolling on web content is a bit too slow now
692614 IndexedDB: Support all spec'ed key types, including arrays
713287 Animation for closing the last tab has a slight delay near the end when the tab bar overflows
721484 Contenteditable demo doesn't work with touch events enabled
615001 Fix readPixels (pass the gl-enums-test.html test)
713311 give the remaining scope objects typed interfaces
580368 Stop shipping Oriya [or] Mac builds on 3.6.x
721510 Always decode at least one chunk when decoding a rasterimage
721511 [cairo-dwrite] avoid excessive buffer allocation/deallocation when drawing glyph runs
721515 Add Documents, elements and textnodes to BBP
705145 Multiple selection lists cannot be scrolled
705146 Selected entries are dismissed if a tap is performed over a multi-selection list
713340 jsShell_ErrorFormatString arrays are too large
524925 Avoid reflows for transform changes
721535 [Firefox] "Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file: bin/components/chardet.xp…
721543 Call forgetSkippable before CC
721547 don't generate large screenshot when tab menu is opening
721548 Cleanup purple buffer during cycle-collector-forget-skippable
705166 Entering text in inputs fields has regressed in performance; lagged input
721551 Need split builds for Fennec that serve XUL Fennec for tablets and native Fennec for phones
713360 [highlighter] Breadcrumbs bar started looking funny after bug 497995 landed
705173 Crash with canvas
713369 Between 30 min-1hr Firefox crashes when it is using WEB GL on Google Maps.
721564 Get module information for the profiler on Windows
713381 Crash [@ nsRefPtr<nsBuiltinDecoder>::operator->() | nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::ScheduleStateMachi…
721577 Race condition in about:home for tabs from last time
713391 There should be a test to make sure Tilt is opened via the access key
705200 Add mozilla::gfx::Matrix::IsIdentity()
705204 Add mozilla::gfx::Matrix::operator!= and operator==
721589 Intermittent M4 failure: /tests/image/test/mochitest/test_error_events.html | Got onload for error-l…
680635 IonMonkey: JSON output omits LPhi nodes.
705212 [ICS] - Dim ic_awesomebar_go.png and ic_awesomebar_search.png
713408 Don't clutter log with history entries in Profile Migrator
713415 Stop trying to package dom_threads.xpt, since it was removed by bug 649537
713416 Remove unnecessary class nsUniCharEntry
713417 Crash [@ nsIRange::UnregisterCommonAncestor] with designMode
713418 Stop trying to package MacOS/Contents/Plug-Ins/ since we haven't put anything in there since bug 520…
697040 The Script Debugger onNewScript notifications don't always fire
713426 RIL: implement 3G data call APIs
713427 crash IsElementVisible
721625 Linux Repacks broken after Bug 719659
721627 Don't return nsRefPtr/nsCOMPtr from nsDisplayImage
705244 Properties window in inspector has the values hidden (overflow-x) when window is open
172768 xft tracking bug
721634 Compare Startup times for Multi-Locale vs. Single Locale Builds
721636 IonMonkey: patching for ICs should invalidate the instruction cache on ARM
697063 Tabs.getSelectedTab returns null until Gecko starts and will cause crashes
647914 Horizontal and vertical SVG paths are omitted from bbox calculations if they have siblings
669138 submitting .<thai> IDNccTLD
697070 Tab menu favicon takes on previous favicon if no favicon present in document
713462 Investigate if black content lists don't need to be traversed
713463 Support JM+TI for architectures without native square root
713464 English labels displayed initially on multilanguage apk instead of localized strings
721658 Temporarily enable accessibility for nightly builds off the accessibility projects branch
688891 Change Sprinter to js::CStringBuilder backed by js::Vector storage
697085 Link to mac malloc headers in memory/jemalloc/osx_zone_types.h
697086 Content permission notifications not dismissed on page dismiss
697087 Multiple notifications content permission prompt
721667 Incomplete framebuffer abort in mozilla::gl::GLContext::SetBlitFramebufferForDestTexture with "error…
697095 Unable to open more tabs than current screen-height permits in landscape view
697098 Tab panel scrolls to top during current and active page load
688908 Update .asia listing in PSL comment
697110 Support doorhangers for popup blocking
718297 Add EnumerateAll to nsPropertyTable
664344 fuzz testing against websockets client implementation
713498 Allow keyCode and charCode to be different in the temporary mozKeyboard interface
713499 "ASSERTION: null parent matrix"
713502 input event should be fired after compositionupdate
713503 prefetch urls from known url shortening sites before gecko is running
697120 Show favicon on all entries in awesomebar
697121 Handle search entry focus properly when switching tabs
697122 Show only label on awesome bar tabs while keeping native tab look
525095 Artifacts left behind when reducing horizontal scale of text with font-family="sans-serif"
713517 Add IPC support for alpha
713519 getCharsetAlias should throw for unknown character sets
713526 IonMonkey: stub + PIC for SETPROP and SETNAME
697144 Unable to interact with aboutCertError
705347 Crash [@ nsCOMPtr<imgIDecoderObserver>::nsCOMPtr<imgIDecoderObserver>]
566092 Inspector highlight doesn't handle reflows correctly
721741 Make Flash plugins work on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
705358 Over scroll / scroll should not exist when page is fully zoomed out and all the content is in the vi…
721744 configure: error: mozilla/js/src/ctypes/libffi/configure failed for ctypes/libffi
713553 Remove GetRTStringByIndex
713554 Remove xpc_SameScope declaration
705365 Set the plugin hang timeout shorter than the Firefox hang timeout
713560 MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT doesn't use 'reason' as often as it could
713571 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_PICK & JSOP_SWAP
713572 annoying black flicker on menus and dropdowns
684177 Intermittent browser_styleinspector.js | Test timed out
639848 Add method to webconsole.api to add a button to the console toolbar
713578 java.lang.NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.Tabs.closeTab(
680816 Reusing an XHR2 object with responseType of "arraybuffer" does not work
713586 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at org.mozilla.gecko.ui.PanZoomController$…
713597 Crash removing full-screen element during "resize" event
697215 Cannot scroll panel on OS X
713600 MasterPassword helper is missing _tokenName
713610 "ASSERTION: 2nd pass should never guess wrong" in TextOverflow::ExamineLineFrames
713612 add closing curly bracket to avoid disrupting the rest of the CSS
664466 Sometimes hud is undefined in HS_deactivateHUDForContext
713622 Enable elfhack
705451 html anchors do not always update in url bar
713645 Remove unnecessary jscntxt.h inclusions
721855 Honour pref on OS X
697282 IonMonkey: Support JSOP_CALLPROP
713676 Keyboard shortcuts (ESC, RETURN) no longer work if the content area loses focus.
590797 CSS editor panel should be resizable
713687 Network API: Android backend
618660 Tracking Bug for AIX 5L port of Firefox 3.6 branch
713359 CSS cut short in Style Editor
713693 IonMonkey: Compile Add with String and Objects (Assertion failure: NYI, at js/src/ion/Lowering.cpp:3…
689118 Firefox- Crash Report [@ js::AutoCompartment::AutoCompartment ]
721888 Fennec native build doesn't flag java warnings as errors
664547 IM: LICM (Loop Invariant Code Motion)
631801 Available() does not work on SSL Stream
623610 Remove support for geostd8
713728 Workers: Need a shutdown observer topic
713729 FlingRunnable runs constantly after panning and releasing without flinging
721068 update to latest graphite2 code from upstream
713747 Rip out non-UniversalXPConnect privilege manager functionality
713754 Native key iterators should have an array of JSString*
713755 Use constructors to create a.<here> and a[<here>] parse nodes
713756 Remove js/src/tests/src/jstests.jar
713759 Split PNK_INC and PNK_DEC into pre- and post- variants, rather than depending on an op for this
705572 Kindle Fire: YouTube videos do not open in unavailable YouTube App
713773 Ensure GC Statistics totals are initialized
369710 No talking alerts
713778 nsICycleCollectorListener should not enable trace_all by default
713780 Performance : regression on performance startup between 12/12 and 12/13
715615 nsHTMLTableElement CC handling is suspicious
713792 stop QueryInterface()ing to nsIAccessibleImage internally
713803 JNI() verses mJNIEnv in widget/src/android/*
722003 "ASSERTION: null nsSVGPathGeometry frame" and crash
722011 [skia] Comma at end of enum list is not valid in c++
722014 large number of reftest failures, possibly related to incorrect font-size inflation?
713825 Move nsIDocCharset and nsIDocumentCharsetInfo into docshell
713828 Stop styling page-proxy-stack
713829 Remove unused brandFullName string in nsGNOMEShellService::SetDefaultBrowser
705640 Implement DOMError as defined in DOM 4
713835 Style Editor search box shouldn't be round on Linux
713841 Too much padding in back and forward button tooltips
722046 remove extra semicolon after NS_DECl_EVENT_HANDLER
705663 Fix braindead WebGLTexture::HasImageInfoAt
713856 Dynamic change of DOM in lists before block element creates blank line
705669 Firefox Crash Report [@ js_ReportOutOfMemory ]
697479 Implement Harmony simple Map and Set builtins
713865 Don't traverse XBL and XUL protos so much
713866 Remove nsXMLEncoding.h
713867 IonMonkey: fix arrayPrototypeHasIndexedProperty
713870 IonMonkey: don't crash when scripts are invalidated during compilation
713874 Black thumbnails are produced by GeckoSoftwareLayerClient.getBitmap()
713887 Javascript error when using the menu quit to quit fennec
599207 "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/content/base/test/test_websocket.html | test 2 took too long to finis…
672944 text-overflow ellipsis with -moz-box
703347 Add a background image for the "void beneath" the web
689337 Desktop notification interfaces should not be marked 'function'
713915 IonMonkey: ARM implement some more NYI's, and fix our stack tracking
713916 DOMGCFinishedCallback should schedule just GC buffer shrinking, not a shrinking GC
713922 Don't allow user to use empty password for master password
721099 Update mozilla-aurora to NSPR 4.9 beta 6
722117 "ASSERTION: CalcDifference() returned bigger hint than MaxDifference()" with blink
722118 make package fails if --disable-tests (Fennec Native)
697549 Use NativeWindow.doorhanger in ContentPermissionPrompt.js
713934 Update PSM to use SSL_AuthCertificateComplete instead of SSL_RestartHandshakeAfterAuthCertificate
713935 Fix debug builds on gonk due not having HAVE_SYS_UIO_H defined
713936 Update mozilla-central + mozilla-aurora +mozilla-beta to NSS 3.13.2 final release (requires NSPR 4.9…
681170 aspect-ratio-1a.xhtml, canvas-1b.xhtml, aspect-ratio-3a.xhtml, aspect-ratio-3b.xhtml, aspect-ratio-1…
713944 "Assertion failure: (shape->writable()),"
566489 Enable inline autocomplete again, but make it smarter (perceived performance)
713952 IonMonkey: Crash in math-cordic with --ion -n
722167 Severe Graphics corruption
664824 TI+JM: make JSOP_IN fast
713977 IonMonkey: TI assertion trying to inline with --ion -n
713991 Geolocation fails when used with large number of access points
713997 IonMonkey: On-Stack Invalidation crash in jaeger/inline/undefinedLocal.js
410904 http_referer request not being sent with embedded flash
715652 [Azure] Implement significantly more of the 2D API for Cairo
711557 Expose a friend API for js::ObjectClass
722211 Update WebGL conformance tests to r16765 and adapt mochitest to harness changes
714027 Devtools sidebar box has a weird background when opened on Windows
714029 Avoid jsctypes-test dependency on the xpcom glue
714035 Remove application.(telnet|tn3270|rlogin)
697659 Use doorhangers for Password Manager
714052 Remove JS_NEITHER
714057 Remove uintn users from XPConnect
714062 Add-ons Manager page should be opened once, e.g. tapping on "Add-ons" should switch to opened about:…
673105 Implement high-resolution platform timers for Tier I platforms (umbrella bug)
714066 Missed FreeChunkList call in JSRuntime::onOutOfMemory and other fixes
714067 Last component of Arabic ligature is sometimes duplicated
673108 Modifying a `range` in the selection, having multiple selection in the same node, ends up to corrupt…
714078 Code in AudioSession::OnSessionDisconnected needs to run asynchronously
714083 Update to point to
697701 Support double-tap gesture to zoom
607593 WebGL crash [@mozilla::gl::GLContext::fFramebufferRenderbuffer]
721129 Incorrect BigInteger comparison in JPakeCrypto
697720 Add 'Clear private data' preference
697726 Stop
714115 CF_HTML Bug when pasting from Word and Excel if you use a , instead of . for your decimal point
697732 Back/forward from javascript do not update Java-side state
580502 [meta] CSS styling for Console
714132 Possible double release of a NSColor
705945 "ASSERTION: MemoryReporterMallocSizeOf: computedSize is too small" (JSObject::sizeOfSlotsArray)
714140 Charlton Company trademark notice can be removed from About dialog
714148 NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.db.AndroidBrowserDB.updateFaviconForUrl
632233 XULBrowserWindow.onLocationChange looks for a "disablefastfind" attribute in all content documents b…
566700 remove sharp variables
697773 Cannot type in AwesomeBar URL bar with hard keyboard
714162 Don't traverse certainly alive selections
714164 cmd_scrollLineDown/Up have disappeared
714169 File js/public/HashTable.h cause warning
714178 Expose CPP from configure to the build system
689605 [meta] GCLI should be ready to be shipped, preffed on
714183 Import downstream widget/src/gonk changes from b2g
599498 Web Console CSS aesthetics
545015 configure sometimes fails with "rm: cannot lstat `conftest.exe': Permission denied" followed by "C++…
607692 Consider inlining parseInt for numeric (double or int) arguments
705997 Remove additional Java Consoles
714205 IonMonkey: Merge some framePushed changes to x86
697830 Delayed DNS prefetch queue is disabled for e10s
714218 Move element/property/special-specific handling for a few classes out of getGeneric methods into spe…
525816 XMLHttpRequest should allow to specify a network timeout in ms (for async requests)
714234 Handle window.close() via DOMWindowClose
697858 Restore tabs from previous session, including history
591363 (in)visible state is not always correct?
714250 Optimize nsTransactionManager traversing
714256 Remove nsTransactionManager::Lock()/Unlock()
714258 rv unused in nsEditorController::RegisterEditorCommands
714264 Move JS memory reporting code and data structures from XPCJSRuntime.cpp to js/src
706079 ignore aria-activedescendant referent having no ARIA role
714272 Desktop icon on Tools/Options panel disappears if choosing to 'Save files to' Desktop
714276 nsDOMWindowUtils::NodesFromRect doesn't have a security check
714280 Make gcMaxBytes a hard limit
714281 Show the all tabs button only when the tab strip overflows
714285 No context menu on long tap on inputs without type=text attribute
714286 Cycle collection log should be written to a place where the process can write to
583218 "Web Console" menu item should be checked when the Web Console is open
714306 Service handle leak in netwerk/base/src/nsAutodialWin.cpp
714307 Flickering display in emulator (need to copy updated region from front->back buffer in /dev/graphics…
714312 detect machine/endian.h to get endianess on BSD systems
714315 Use DirReaderFallback on OpenBSD, getdents64 is not defined there
714332 Fix uint64 types usage in dom/workers and dom/base
714342 page-proxy-stack should be a <hbox> rather than a <stack>
714344 Intermittent Assertion failure: !noAvailableArenas() (during browser_bug687573_vscroll.js ?) or Talo…
714347 pymake: $(sort) should remove duplicates
618770 Titlebar gradient breaks off abruptly at the toolbar in windows without tab bar when tabs are set on…
714350 Remove nsXPConnect::RestoreWrappedNativePrototype
714353 Remove nsIXPCScriptable::Trace
714363 Remove XPCWrappedNativeScope::mPrototypeJSFunction
714365 DictionaryHelpers.cpp gets rebuilt on every build
706186 xulrunner-stub.exe depends on mozutils.dll
607854 SVGTests interface is not implemented
714393 IonMonkey: integer-2 fails with type inference assert
722586 Correctly update active/inactive browsers
714396 IonMonkey: segfault walking the stack on ARM
714397 IonMonkey: Cannot inline functions with too many provided arguments.
707927 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_MOD
714411 Silence 294 warnings when building with clang due to -Wmismatched-tags
714418 Remove nsIXPCScriptable::DONT_SHARE_PROTOTYPE (and make all XPCWNProtos be shared)
706227 Add way for JS_GC API users to give detailed reason for invocation
714420 object-aspect-ratio-2a.xhtml | assertion count 1 is more than expected 0 "ASSERTION: RECURSION_LEVEL…
714422 Silence 271 warnings due to GetCurrentProcessArchitecture being a *static* inline, never used, when …
714428 IonMonkey: remove spillRegs()
703434 Add support for Qt resource files (qrc) which possible to pre-compile with rcc compiler
714445 nsWebMReader::ReadMetadata reads preferences off the main thread
714458 Don't include jscntxt.h in xpcprivate.h
714459 Rename RadioManager / nsIRadioWorker
722655 Crash on about:home if tab title is not defined
493280 unify font family/style management and matching across platforms
616169 Update the LIR opcode table file format to make adding opcodes easier
698095 Tab count increment/decrement needs animation
657141 Page scroll is lagged and slow
198391 Copy in view source window inserts not existing empty lines
689913 Assertion failed: (false), function writeConstantUnion
714496 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS test_smilCSSInherit.xhtml | deeply-inherited font-size halfway thr…
673543 crash nsDiskCacheMap::DeleteRecord
714509 zombie compartment due to "super start" extension
689939 Infobar disappears when node fills top and bottom of screen during page zoom in highlighter
714519 [quirks] list bullet/number disappears when item that wraps has all contents in 2 nested inlines and…
706340 add gfxinfo data to telemetry data
714542 Mac build uses pretty naming for *.checksums files
714547 Array passed from another domain behaves like Object
722752 Home page shows set up banner even though Sync was just set up
714562 Intermittent Assertion failure: info.prevp, at /builds/slave/m-in-osx64-dbg/build/js/src/jsgc.cpp:77…
714565 Concurrency issue in
714572 Fix nearly all warnings building image/ on Linux, debug, with clang
540984 Foxyproxy not aligned correctly in the Tools menu
714580 JS_ASSERT_IF prints extra parens on failure
477015 Create namerules based tests for accessible name of images.
714587 "ASSERTION: unexpected disconnected nodes" with full screen, selectAllChildren
567135 Need CFI for xptcstubs_arm
714594 Don't list app tabs in the all tabs menu
714597 GfxInfoCollector.h used in Thebes API depends on string internal api
591718 getBoundingClientRect needs to take transforms into account
714600 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: [0xf6c001c0], at jsinfer.cpp:349
657260 "ASSERTION: nsTDependentString must wrap only null-terminated strings" with btoa()
714607 jit-test/tests/basic/bug680217.js takes a long time
714613 Dead code in nsShiftJISToUnicode::Convert
718484 Merge browser_privatebrowsing_beforeunload_enter.js and browser_privatebrowsing_beforeunload_exit.js…
698237 Invalidate affected frames when a range in a selection is modified
714633 Release message manager related data structures more aggressively
706442 Firefox 10.0a2 Crash Report [@ js::LifoAlloc::getOrCreateChunk(unsigned int) ]
190347 Let FreeType2 handle Type1/etc rendering too.
714639 Closing browser tab from Silverlight crashes Firefox @ js::ContextStack::popInvokeArgs
714646 jsgc.cpp fails to compile on Win64 GCC
698263 Rename mozilla::imagelib namespaces to mozilla::image
714649 Make ExpirationTrackerObserver final
649114 Text-anchor middle is not computed correctly for element scaled to 0
706460 Unable to scroll down to thumbnail listing on new about:home in landscape
714656 [IncrementalGC] Assertion failure: numSavedRoots < NROOTS, at jsgc.cpp:1077
731043 Builds from mozilla-beta shouldn't default to official branding
706472 IonMonkey: not inlining function call in 3bit-bits-in-byte
714669 nshttpconnection::pushback() asserts incorrectly
714676 IonMonkey: Frame descriptors are not always correct
714686 IonMonkey: Unbox OSR Values.
714694 Add IdleService to gonk backend
714696 rm lingering remains of tracer in js::Value
714697 rm lingering remains of JSCLASS_CONSTRUCT_PROTOTYPE
714708 NullPointerException at GeckoInputConnection.notifyIME
714710 LayerRenderer.checkFrameRateMonitorEnabled should use start() instead of run()
699385 Remove support for pre-Windows 7 SDKs
714713 Comparison of strings using ==
714715 Variable is used before a null check in GeckoApp.launch
714717 nsIdleService: timeout event doesn't fire regularly on non polling mode
698335 "ASSERTION: Invalid offset" with bidi, -moz-column, :first-letter
714723 CAOpenGLLayer based plugins not being rendered on Firefox 9.0.1
714727 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: (live->empty()), at LinearScan.cpp:632
714728 Remove jsword?
665578 [ATI on Mac] WebGL demo "To the Road of Ribbon" crashes in useProgram [@ ATIRadeonX3000GLDriver@0x5a…
411627 Need regression tests for GIF image decoding
690164 white space between hidden elements causes line break in list item elements
714741 Fix the spelling of the comment in SpdySession.h
493558 File > Import menuitem but no Export menuitem in Library menu bar [Mac]
706554 Add nsRefPtrHashKey
665597 Include margin calculations in FinishAndStoreOverflow
714752 Make imgIContainerObserver::FrameChanged take an imgIRequest*
722945 Transactional behavior for store (don't return stored records in subsequent fetch)
714760 Remove obsolete testing code for the old parser
714762 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at Tabs.getTabAt
690187 entire text in cell being replaced by ellipsis from text-overflow
706574 show native about:home in onCreate()
698384 Document.createNodeIterator's 2nd and 3rd parameter should be optional, and remove the 4th (entityRe…
698385 Document.createTreeWalker's 2nd and 3rd parameter should be optional
641047 Analyze ai-astar performance
714777 Refactor fragment parsing out of nsHtml5Parser
665628 Memory leaks with jQuery in FF 4
706615 Panning motion slows, then jerks
657076 e10s FTP: Improve error handling in FTPChildChannel
714814 IonMonkey: ReflowTypeInfo does not use the right PC
698436 Switch to custom spinner
706230 GCLI should have a jump-to-scratchpad feature
706636 Create empty state thumbnail, just in case
714829 Unused StringBuffer is created in GeckoApp.addEnvToIntent
706644 Going back from about:home still displays about:home
712572 hang forever in since 20111220 nightly
706663 Empty Favicons on about:home look like checkboxes
706667 Make about:home pretty
706674 WebGLFramebufferAttachment's are not WebGLRectangleObject's
714874 Fix Java warnings for Fennec and Sync
706684 Resting your hand on the device causes zoom to freak out
706690 Content scaling via CSS transform is jagged while layers are active
583816 Tab should not move to the page when there's nothing to complete in the Web Console
714894 Remove tracer specific JSOP
729453 Reduce nsTArray::SwapArrayElements's stack allocation from 8kb to something much smaller
706724 firefox-beta repository: error: ‘ftruncate’ was not declared in this scope
714921 IndexedDB: deleteDatabase is broken
706733 Chrome migrator shouldn't duplicate type constants
714942 Implement minimal UI for Jump to line in the Source Editor
714949 IonMonkey: Implement {Load,Store}element{T,V} on ARM
714950 Unable to see characters typed in landscape fullscreen VKB
714951 [Mac] Aurora & Nightly icons incorrectly positioned in mounted DMG image's finder window
690376 Crash [@ JSObject::nonNativeSetProperty]
723151 No drawable resources defined for eclair
328056 Pressing Ctrl+Y in an empty input field invisibly adds \r\n to the end
714967 Export mozilla::services::Get* to external consumers as well
714972 Opening links from external apps doesn't work after OOM
714974 RIL: Turn off debug output by default
714976 [mac] the Role description for the web content is AXWebArea instead of "HTML Content"
698593 Ux Designs for Preferences
698598 Ux Designs for Doorhanger Notifications
723200 Enable multitouch
706822 Delay when opening the AwesomeScreen and intermittent UI pauses when scrolling through listing of it…
706830 pressing "back" doesn't return user to about:home
698652 Minimum font size and canvas don't get along very well
715045 Remove old vc support code
715048 is generated into $topsrcdir instead of the $objdir
706859 Update the script loading code in the debugger
715056 "ASSERTION: wrong node" and crash [@ nsIRange::UnregisterCommonAncestor]
715059 Make ParseNode non-copyable
198964 Enable smooth scrolling by default
706876 no "site options" in native ui menu
715074 SIGBUS on unaligned access in Key::EncodeNumber
706886 Line-through disappears after editing overridden rule in style inspector
715088 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: no payload..., at CodeGenerator-x86.cpp:137
706897 Intermittent test_destinationURI_annotation.xul | Test timed out, followed by a cascade of other err…
665939 Uncommon ligatures used by default
717198 Remove tag observers
575830 Image zoom (Page zoom) is reset when I switch tabs
633177 initprop/initelem, sharp variables and duplicated property names
715098 nsICacheMetadata::visitMetaData blows up in debug mode if the visitor returns false
715099 Convert nsProfileMigrator to JS so we can use JS modules on migration
715103 Move parser unblocking management from nsContentSink to nsScriptLoader
706914 JM: Compile large scripts in chunks
715110 Don't use getPreventDefault in editor
715112 Remove duplicate document.close() state tracking
715113 Pull updated Snappy revision (>=r56)
10606 Uninitialized memory error caused by nsMargin
526703 Screen readers announce ARIA list items, tree items, and listbox items as "not selected"
715123 Style Sheet Titles should be moved someplace less confusing in the Style Editor in Vertical Orientat…
690552 ScratchPad should display exceptions as a comment, just as it does for results
715129 fp.appendFilters(nsIFilePicker.filterApps) does not show ".exe" file in the file picker
723323 Add the extensions.getAddons.getWithPerformance.url to mobile default prefs
696495 texture-mips.html failures might be workaroundable by setting minification filter before glGenerateM…
723349 Fix params in addTab on session restore failure
715162 Move LazyIdleThread to XPCOM
715163 Mouse click + drag causing Tilt to Translate instead of Rotate on First Open
715164 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in advanceBounce()
706984 NullPointerException @ getProfileDir( on startup (thrown but caught)
387503 Make nsINode bits into an enum, move a macro into an inline function
715185 Remove 'using namespace mozilla::dom' from nsDOMFile.h
534963 [MathML3] Mechanisms for controlling the Directionality of layout
715190 glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES shows error 501 frequently
715198 browser is loading compressed data directly to the page
592320 [meta] A new Inspector for analyzing page elements
715201 GC: missing barriers in BaseShape's new constructor
715203 -moz-column-fill property does not update from within script correctly
715204 Non-ascii titles are displayed as garbage during session restore
715206 Remove XPConnect from IDB's LOCAL_INCLUDES (again)
698828 Adding bookmarks doesn't work (Honeycomb, maybe ICS?)
719949 Unmark listeners in XHR, WebSocket and EventSource if the object is black
715232 Crash in glCopyTexImage2D on Gonk, when creating an intermediate container-layer fbo during composit…
715857 Disable a11y tests that put <tabbrowser> in random XUL documents and expect it to work
715240 DECODE_ON_DRAW_LATENCY is wrong
707049 Dynamic analysis for identifying moving GC hazards
707051 Failure to mark some shapes during delayed marking
715260 Remove Web Apps shortcut intent from allowing one to add the Android widget
715265 don't allocate a JSString per element in array_sort when there is no comparator
715275 No favicon / default favicon image is very fuzzy
715276 IonMonkey: CallVM with Value& and double.
723472 reftest graphite-03a causes spurious "out of memory" crash due to zero-sized allocation request
707672 openUILink[In] behavior should not be determined by browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground
707090 DOMApplicationRegistry (Webapps.jsm) must not do any mainthread I/O
715284 websocketchannel.cpp 2377 compiler warning
717231 Downloads are not added to the Download Manager (stock ICS 4.0.3)
707096 We need a public API for TypedArray / ArrayBuffer
651695 Massive memory leak running CubicVR demo
698917 Be smarter about removing & from prompt labels
715303 No focus on select when tapping on selects
690732 TI: Assertion failure: nativeContains(cx, *shape), at jsscope.cpp:891
584237 [meta] Compartments
649778 document.write may cause a document to be written to disk cache even when the page has Cache-Control…
707124 Add URI to fetch schema version in BrowserProvider
715325 shutdown indexedDB during xpcom-shutdown
715326 Loading about:config initially via adb shell shows zoomed-in viewport
715328 Add some more MOZ_FINAL
715332 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: Tag == OP2, at ./ion/arm/Assembler-arm.h:999
698949 Refuse untrusted keypress events in editor
707150 Add mechanism to enable/disable Fennec's local bookmarks/history DB
710414 Split out the conservative testing for a GCThing from marking it
707162 regression in GC scheduling between Firefox 9 and 10?
715357 IonMonkey: Fail invalidation properly
723550 Lots of base64 decode errors in logcat
682611 decom nsRange
682625 Crash, null pointer deref [@ mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceParent::BackgroundDescriptor ]
707207 Get an object signing certificate (or two!) for signing the hotfix add-ons
715405 Add a type-safe linked list class
567956 Sometimes inspector panels take up space in browser window as though they are a normal box
707223 AzureBackend is not aligned with the other Graphics information in about:support
715417 Eliminate getPrincipalArray and globalPrivilegesEnabled from JSPrincipals
715418 Test case for bug 650995 has wrong name: test_bug650955.js should be named test_bug650995.js
592552 History is shared among all Web Console instances
699052 Android back button should close the selected tab and return to the previous tab when possible
715453 Remove computedSize from nsMallocSizeOfFun
715460 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: interval->start() < pos && pos < interval->end() on ARM
715465 Extraneous reportError in preferences/advanced.js
715471 use fallible allocation for potentially large buffers in nsTextFrameThebes.cpp
715474 Successive zombie compartments with add-on "Screengrab (fix version)" 0.96.3c
715481 IonMonkey: Respect ION_DISABLED_SCRIPT in CanEnterAtBranch().
666500 add two subdomains for .CL (Chile) at request of NIC
557520 Embedded blocks should serve as bidi separators
715498 Bring back the "compile only" option for the shell
715501 GCLI should be built with the latest version of dryice
707313 gcWeakMapList can become circular
715507 GlobalHistory is accessing Gecko on the wrong thread
715511 IonMonkey: type based fast paths for GETPROP and SETPROP
707321 Intermittent browser_581593.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror…
718634 Move CanSkip* to nsCycleCollectionParticipant
715518 WASD controls don't work in 3D view if typeaheadfind is active
559878 browser.urlbar.autoFill replaces typed characters in awesomebar with tab match URL characters
715528 Drop old bits about cross compiling from ppc to x86 and default OS X for ppc.
699155 Tabs list ordering
715543 Fix the debugger after the latest merge from fx-team
723746 regression: XUL Fennec uses non-tablet layout on ICS tablets
715555 Fix "unusued" spelling
715561 Startup crash with some extensions
674603 Text scaled, rotated 90 degrees and with text-anchor="middle" does not render correctly
709086 Don't use JS_GetParent in mozJSSubScriptLoader::LoadSubScript
715576 libalerts_s.dylib incorrectly links the static version of spidermonkey (in static-js configuration)
723772 regression: Panning in XUL fennec does not start until finger is removed from screen.
715582 Send quit-application in browser/components/privatebrowsing/test/unit
699199 Upgrade path from XUL to native fennec
715586 should generate sha1 and md5 checksums
707403 When opening a tab in background, zombie compartment is created by Scriptish/Greasemonkey with some …
622232 DNS prefetches continue after a tab is closed
674647 Switch the OS X debug builds to 10.6
707423 IonMonkey: compile global scripts
723808 disallow inheriting of system principal in type=content docshells
699233 Misleading safe-mode UI misleads users during troubleshooting
715618 SharedLibrary operator= doesn't handle self assignment properly
707436 nsSetSmartSizeEvent can cause a lot of IO on the main thread
707439 Flash plugin wrong location on zoom & pan
715634 Cleanup XPCJSContextStack
715645 add makefile vars to disable Makefile regeneration rules
715647 I want to be able to remove nodes from the Tilt view
707460 Fix WebGL framebuffer statuses and errors
715662 browser-only methodjit crash (triggered by CSS transform tests)
723861 and are missing in Gecko10.0 for both Win & Mac
715672 Fix typo in ipc_message_utils.h
715673 Hande browser-lastwindow-close events
715678 Fix indentation in gonk/nsWindow.cpp
715679 Handle more than one window correctly
715682 "Assertion failure: !isIndex(&dummy),"
699300 Second external URL request does not open page
674725 WebSMS (or Messaging+)
674726 WebTelephony
691118 "ASSERTION: aPrevFrame must be the last continuation in its chain!"
715700 localStorage gets out of sync in Private Mode
576439 background on navigation toolbar if tabs on top even if hidden
715704 Add a quartz implementation of mark_dirty_rectangle
715710 [New Tab Page] Black bars behind titles should be lowered in opacity from 80% to 50%.
715718 [Skia] Unitialized variable 'margin' in SkDraw.cpp
711841 Add VoidString() or NullString() or NullDOMString()
715720 [Azure] Support DrawTarget in CanvasLayerOGL
715730 Flash app restarts after clicking a selection when click to play is turned on
715737 IonMonkey: Queueing instructions for LSRA is extremely expensive.
715739 document.write from inside a wyciwyg document adds to the cache stream
700922 Cursors in are not closed
695461 Download notifications
715756 Workers: Enable TI and allow JIT hardening to be disabled
707567 prepend http:// to URL copy selection only if (at least) full hostname is selected
707570 [SeaMonkey] "browser_bug435325.js:15 - ReferenceError: gPrefService is not defined"
715766 IonMonkey: Track Bailout rate and provide localization data in debug builds.
715769 Kill unused enums nsWidgetType and nsLanguageSpecificTransformType
715770 Kill nsRecyclingAllocator
715773 B2G SMS: Package dom_sms.xpt and set temporary permission prefs
715783 delay load for comdlg32 and winspool
715791 doesn't preserve line numbers when preprocessing Java
715800 Ignore all directories start with obj* in .gitignore
699418 Implement about:config in html
674843 TM: Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0 or Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::allocated]
710491 Remove NS_SPECIALIZE_TEMPLATE from nsAutoRef documentation
715817 rm SRC_EXTENDED
715819 __defineGetter__ and __defineSetter__ can mutate non-configurable properties
715821 Don't have __define[GS]etter__ use CheckRedeclaration handle conflicts
715822 OGL CleanupResources should cleanup Texture resources too
707643 100% CPU usage and unresponsive script dialog pops up during page loading -
715836 android.view.ViewRoot$CalledFromWrongThreadException: Only the original thread that created a view h…
707650 Remove extra slash character from web console test uris
617539 get rid of _MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH interfaces on trunk after we branch
707654 embeds relation on root accessible can return not content document
713228 SQLiteDatabaseCorruptException: database disk image is malformed: PRAGMA synchronous=1;
715852 JS Test Failure on ecma_5/Object/proto-property-change-writability-set.js ( Assertion failure: shape…
724045 createMobileBookmarksFolder doesn't set title or parent
707665 Save as PDF option should be disabled for about:home and any XUL documents
650322 Remove 'ac_add_options --disable-installer'
625849 Drop the prefer_gl in the WebGL mochitest on windows
642136 Debugger access to closure environments
711866 Crash when multiple source tag are loading a MP4 file and close the window.
707678 DryIce destDir feature not working
715872 Change the order of -framework options when linking XUL so that it works on 10.6 -> 10.5 builds
707682 java.lang.NullPointerException @ Tabs.isSelectedTab(
691299 Crash at js::RegExp::executeInternal
650345 Implement minimal UI for Find in the Source Editor
715882 Tooltip(title attibute of the element) pops up even if the element has been removed.
715883 Remove JSRuntime::gcEmptyArenaPoolLifespan
715885 Crash in -[ChildView draggedImage:endedAt:operation:] @ PrepareAndDispatch while dragging, in 32-bit…
715887 Rename "Properties" to "Computed" in the Style sidebar
715892 In the Style Editor, remove the stylesheet filter
715894 Only draw the dirty rect when gralloc is in use
683127 New custom ELF linker
699513 Advertise Telemetry opt-in on mobile
715907 crash in jsd_NewValue @ JSCompartment::wrap with Firebug
700951 Back button "stack" is inconsistent when selecting the URL bar
715916 Crash [@ mozilla::gl::GLContext::UploadSurfaceToTexture ][@ XUL@0xf6ea2a ]
707732 Misc improvements on Android DB commands
715925 Options inside optgroup should show up as indented in select helper popup
715930 Use stdc++compat.cpp on OS X too
718703 Sync crashes from Pair a Device link in sync settings
707749 I need to click on the bookmarklet twice to make it work. If document.write is included in the bookm…
715943 StackFrame marking should not skip its JSFunction
715947 add telemetry for number of setTimeouts during an nsITimer run
715952 glxtest incorrectly creates the backing pixmap and causes X errors
724145 telemetry for search hijacking
617651 turn off optimizing surfaces in the multipart/x-mixed-replace case
429241 \x... and \u... in RegExp parsed wrong if not followed by enough hex digits
485237 Need to treat popups consistently
724161 simplify drag&drop checks for javascript:/data: URIs
683205 Create reftests for RLE8 BMPs
675015 Suppress synthetic mouse events due to scrolling until the scroll is complete
702330 Revert to drawing Flash plugin with a SurfaceView
715999 removeChild(): unexpected title tooltip after removing SVG element at mouse position
716004 Traverse nsXBLDocumentInfo less often
707814 Awesomebar autocomplete box appears in the wrong place
716013 "Assertion failure: static_cast<Cell *>(thing)->isMarked(),"
486643 deprecate sharp variables
724215 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEvent.addMotionPoint(
716027 SetReservedSlot in jsfriendapi.h is missing a writer barrier
716031 Intermittent chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/editor/libeditor/base/tests/test_selection_move_comm…
716032 Fix false is not a good pointer warning
716033 Move write barriers from jsapi.h to jsfriendapi.h
707844 IonMonkey: try switching bailouts from three instructions to one or two
675078 rm JSThreadData and JSThread
707848 [Azure] Implement paths in Cairo backend
232716 [xft] need to add 'Uncode' font(s) to a fontconfig search pattern
707854 IonMonkey: Implement ICs for JSOP_GETPROP
707855 [fennec] [font inflation] mobile twitter fonts too large on latest nightly fennec mobile
691478 JavaScript strict warning: resource:///modules/HUDService.jsm, line 5012: reference to undefined pro…
699682 "Assertion failure: length != 0,"
716068 de-OptimizeSpanDeps
720092 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (0 ... 88168) ends beyond length 0
691505 ensure Graphite uses infallible malloc to give well-defined OOM behavior
707893 Add a (temporary) global pref to ignore X-Frame-Options
716089 Crash on startup: malformed query in local DB history query
699706 Scroll open tab into view when the tab list is opened
486716 Darwin/X11 - No certs, libnssckbi.dylib fails to load
585030 l10n review for inspector
699725 crash nsEventStateManager::FillInEventFromGestureDown
716112 Add an optional message argument to MOZ_ASSERT
699731 Remove PR_INT64_MAX / PR_UINT64_MAX from non-nsprpub source
716119 Miscompilation of conditional expressions
707929 java.lang.NullPointerException @ ZipFile.getInputStream(
716127 Always sharing Geolocation fails to determine location on every other reload
717371 Don't use nsINode::GetChildAt in PresShell::GoToAnchor
716006 Don't traverse NodeInfoManager so much
716139 Don't try to generate js/src/analysis-tests/Makefile, since the directory no longer exists
716145 test_eventctors.html calls SimleTest.finish needlessly
716146 Telemetry: close disk cache output stream
707956 Restore original zoom scale on double rotation?
716149 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: *from != *to in GRA
703721 (ObjShrink) Move arguments object private data to a reserved slot
721079 Calling preventDefault on the first touchmove event prevents panning, but not quickly enough
716167 Add a release-mode assertion that XPConnect is never used off the main thread
454024 "ftp:///" (no hostname) gives an empty list of files instead of an error
699786 Cancel pending favicon requests for tabs that changed location
716176 GC: missing barriers in BaseShape::operator=
699793 Clear favicon urls database when history is cleared
568724 Debugger needs user interface sketches
675221 Remove XPCOM proxies
673689 introduce namespace role
691609 Floating scrollbars draw under border/background
609710 TestStartupCache.cpp has build warnings for deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'
708015 support both xul and android UI at the same time
208309 there is no Bidi/Joining algorithm on Arabic/Persian texts in MathML
716215 nsHTMLEditor::IsEmptyNodeImpl checks if the parent is a form widget instead of the child
708031 refactor the ifdefs in nsStackWalk.cpp
716226 CSSKeyframeRule created by CSSKeyframesRule.insertRule has invalid value for parentRule/parentStyleS…
708036 debug assert abort in nsLayoutUtils::InflationMinFontSizeFor() when playing fullscreen video test
716229 Plain text in WWW pages now appears to be double-spaced? (line height is double, too tall, newlines…
716236 Cleanup GuardObjects.h
716238 ThunderbirdTry: "reftest/tests/content/media/test/crashtests/495794-1.html | load failed: timed out …
273874 Firefox migrator for new profiles
708051 Avoid IPC x ipc confusion on case insensitive filesystems
568806 Clean up "media events"
724455 conformance/textures/texture-mips.html and conformance/textures/texture-npot.html fail on 10.7
708072 Test page for stretchy and large operators
617961 Expose the device ids on OS X in about:support
708075 the shaped-word caches should be flushed on memory-pressure notification
593396 implement typed arrays BYTES_PER_ELEMENT
683510 GCLI needs a 'console' command
716286 Fixup how we handle ScaledFont interaction between skia and mac
716289 crash in nsCacheService::SearchCacheDevices
716293 IO on the main thread caused by nsDiskCacheOutputStream::Close()
699917 Crash (Java OOM) on ajax site
699918 Add a Profiler XPCOM Module
708114 Disable Android StrictMode for release and beta builds
429592 catch process hangs
593433 Inspector leaks on shutdown if left open
708125 OGL Layers thrashes current context in UpdateSurface and RenderLayer
695170 History, visited link styles
699937 content overpan gets stuck over panning
699940 mouse events have the wrong x,y when zoomed isn't 1:1
716332 For double-buffered windows, temporary fbo used to determine mFBOTextureTarget isn't deleted
702386 Support setting persistence to -1 for doorhangers
708144 After loading a new page, the WebArea is no longer accessible
716338 Makes content/html/content/src warning free
708151 Handling of deleted records
708154 Add (hacky) non-GL compositor backend to gonk
708159 Avoid unnecessary work done by multi-reporters nsMemoryReporterManager::GetExplicit
618051 Enable IDN for .si
716357 Fix license header in FilteringWrapper.cpp
708176 [WebAPI] Allow privileged pages to access cross-origin properties in child iframes
720142 Use nsIntRect for table damage
708185 Remove homepage preference
679183 Handle DOM mutations correctly as far as selection is concerned
716380 socket transport n != 0 assertion
708191 Don't draw when the screen is off on gonk
609890 window.console API messages from before the Web Console is opened don't show
700006 [layers] about:home show dead space
708200 Do not create timer to fire geckoLoaded
716397 [Linux] "Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file: bin/ (package-…
716402 first in a row of identical letters positioned 1 px too far apart
716408 Minor cleanup in table code
716415 [Skia] Update skia to svn revision 2980
716417 Crash in nsINodeInfo::NodeInfoManager() called from LookupMediaElementURITable
711958 Add a 'length' property to DOMSVGStringList
716424 remove unused string kDocumentIconPath
702403 Kinetic scrolling shouldn't do a fling animation when stopped
716456 "ASSERTION: aRoot not an ancestor of |this|?"
716469 IonMonkey: Port ICs to ARM
708280 delay checking for update
708283 NullPointerException in VideoPlayer on launch
667324 "ABORT: We expect aDirtyRect to be non-null" with <foreignObject> in <pattern>
667329 Add CSP support for websockets
708303 Use pinReg/unpinReg more in write barriers
708307 Decouple tile size from texture size
716504 IonMonkey: LMulI should not bailout if the result is positive zero
700124 Attempting to use JNI in child process [@ mozilla::AndroidBridge::EnsureJNIThread]
716512 gcparam broken: Assertion failure: value >= rt->gcBytes, at jsapi.cpp:2900
708322 NoteJSChild shouldn't add children if the non-CCKind node is non-gray
716518 Add beforeTraverse and purpleCleanUp phases to CC
708331 Need additional columns in browser content provider
593645 use popup.triggerNode instead of document.popupNode for tab context menu
716527 nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::PaintSVG may dereference null aDirtyRect
700153 opening page in new tab opens it in background, but url bar contents in foreground
667387 nshttppipeline::taketransport
716541 Do not fail build on -Wuninitialized when treating warnings as errors
716549 Flush layout on mousemove events so that they get delivered to the right place
714711 A few unused local variables in PanZoomController.onScaleEnd
659213 status bar text is drawn with grayscale anti-aliasing
697906 IonMonkey: MoveResolver does not handle hairy cycles well
708377 Don't use NonstandardTo{Ui,I}nt32 for typed arrays
716570 Rename blob URI scheme from "moz-filedata" to "blob" per spec
708379 Haptic buzz when tapping on clickable elements
716576 nsCacheService closes its databases too late
708394 Avoid LayoutInflater in constructors
716589 crash nsDocAccessible::GetNativeWindow
716590 WalkStackMain64 shouldn't skip frames unless it's walking the thread that called NS_StackWalk
716593 test_bug596001.html calls SimpleTest.finish needlessly
716594 OOM crash in nsNSSCertificate::Read
716595 Pressing back button in select form helper popup causes the first option to be selected
700221 Fix for bug 495798 makes us not drop native theming for any style changes other than background colo…
708415 Review SPDY protocol patches
716619 Simplify GC probes
708431 Video controls fail to initialize if an extension implementing nsIContentPolicy is present (e.g. Adb…
716624 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: unexpected type, at ../ion/LIR.h:568
716629 Mark deleted JSFunction methods as private
716630 Kill editor's warnings
719731 Get rid of window mediator's getMostRecentBrowserWindow across Tilt codebase
716090 IonMonkey: Invalidate inactive IonScripts
716638 mozalloc_handle_oom should propogate the failed allocation size into crash reports
716639 Add a constructor for gfxQuartzSurface that takes a gfxIntSize
724284 use after free in nsXBLDocumentInfo::ReadPrototypeBindings
708464 Create click to play UI for fennec native
618353 window frame is one pixel too wide on win 7
683891 Stop exporting symbols that are THEBES_API from libxul
716663 "checking for gcc PR49911... mozilla/configure: 9506: test: no: unexpected operator"
716673 PanZoomController needs an in-depth review/clean up
708485 Add Special Folders with Sync guids to Bookmarks Store
708486 IonMonkey: Add guards into the code generator for IDIV on ARM
249735 F6 goes to the first focusable element instead of the address bar (does not focus on location bar)
576903 Intermittent "assertion count 1 is more than expected 0" in crashtests/284852.html from "ASSERTION: …
700298 BatteryManager should initialize mScriptContext and mOwner
716688 Add Assamese to shipped-locales on aurora and beta
716692 browser.js needs to stop observing browser.tabs.onTop when the browser window is closed
716699 Add FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in some SVG/SMIL directories
528284 Intermittent failure in js1_5/extensions/regress-371636.js | Numeric sort performance Expected value…
716702 jsopcode.h:661:5: warning: C++ style comments are not allowed in ISO C90
708519 Repair, move, and pref off the frame rate meter
716713 "Assertion failure: ss->top >= 2," or "Assertion failure: top != 0," or "Assertion failure: newtop <…
692143 Enable accessibility in android builds
692145 Firefox Crash [@ nsTextFragment::CharAt(int) ]
692153 contenteditable=true breaks copy menuitem
602044 compile warnings with harfbuzz
683967 Firefox 9.0a1 Plugin Crash in mozilla::plugins::PluginModuleChild::ShouldContinueFromReplyTimeout [@…
716736 Re-add performance metrics to AMO ping
700354 Use of AsyncTask needs some cleanup.
708548 exterminating trace ghosts
716753 IonMonkey: Stack allocation bugs in GRA
716754 Crash when accessing navigator.mozTelephony from chrome page
708567 Remove build/unix/gnu-ld-scripts/jemalloc-standalone-linkage-version-script
716760 "Pair device" string addition
708570 Make libfreebl depend on libnspr
700393 launching fennec with url results in a fennec with a splash page
536557 Implement CSS3 text-align-last
716115 56 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost at js::Vector with testcase as detected by Valgrind
708599 Open button can't be used after installation
716793 Dispatch synthetic mousemove off the refresh driver
561152 Startup issue: Selectively be able to invoke session restore
716801 Handling of null location redirects susceptible to exploitation by CRLF injection.
716802 [Skia] Implement new Azure API functions in Skia backend
708613 Move SplitView component in devtools/shared
716811 Local DB calls getAsBoolean for IS_FOLDER, schema uses integers, ClassCastException results.
708620 Whine to console when a form is submitted using an encoding that can't represent all of Unicode
718850 IonMonkey: JSOP_AND cannot be used in loops.
716818 potential race condition in GeckoThread
716819 Move nsToolkit::VistaCreateItemFromParsingNameInit() and nsToolkit::createItemFromParsingName to Win…
716825 Don't load system libraries with their full path
708641 Firefox much slower at sprite perf test than Chrome
593956 [meta] Firefox 4 Developer Tools
716841 EventSource::GetInterface goes into infinite loop if EventSource hits an HTTP redirect
716842 l10n repacks need the makefile in mobile/locales
708651 NullPointerException in BrowserProvider.getDatabasePath
118828 Editing plugin header files is a recipe for disaster
716845 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: current->entryResumePoint()->numOperands() == nargs + info().nlocals()…
692274 remove the two blockChain hacks
692277 Remove js/src from xpconnect LOCAL_INCLUDES
716855 [Page Thumbnails] Screenshots should contain the the top-left corner
692281 Re-license the core source map lib to BSD
643130 No separation line between the tabs and the toolbar when "Always show the tab bar" is off
716863 pages are not properly framed after page is scrolled
716871 remove nshttp::CLAMP
716877 test_eventctors.xul calls SimleTest.finish needlessly
725083 Handle undefined sourceURI when installing add-ons from search result
700508 Disallow non-leaf memory reporters
700520 Unable to tap into editboxes to set focus or get a VKB
716906 Add "Firefox Sync" item to settings
716914 Group tabs generate error "redeclaration of const Cu"
454790 Find does find text in -moz-user-select: none nodes, but doesn't highlight them
708745 Fennec gets into a bad state trying to handle opening new tabs via target attributes in anchor tags
714775 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: <0x1812200>
716945 Figure out why Flash hang volume dropped very significantly in 10.0a1 trunk on 2011-10-29
700565 NPE at 145
716961 clean up HTTP header field name constants in nsHttpAtomList.h
708772 XUL Fennec uses non-tablet Gingerbread theme/UI on tablets running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
708774 Make landscape keyboard be fullscreen
708782 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: no payload..., ion/x86/CodeGenerator-x86.cpp:137
717004 nsGenericHTMLElement.cpp:1627:12: error: variable ‘rv’ set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-vari…
717019 Intermittent /tests/dom/tests/mochitest/general/test_getContentState.html | Test timed out.
700639 Make the script debugger UI look right on RTL
717026 small-shot.ogg seems to play twice (again)
717027 IPDL compiler doesn't generate code to handle message type SHMEM_CREATED_MESSAGE_TYPE when no other …
717030 Cancel fullscreen animation when entering dom fullscreen
717031 Disable disk cache in FF11 on mobile
700654 [layers] Different tabs don't have different visible areas
697043 GCLI's inspect command should use an overlay rather than direct node manipulation
717047 Use cmath instead of math.h in nsMathUtils.h
717056 More Android Sync setup strings
717059 Use glibc backtrace on profiling builds
700679 Show warning on alpha-numeric key input when in full screen mode to prevent phishing
717066 Remove unnecessary nsresult return value from nsGenericHTMLElement::GetLayoutHistoryAndKey
463122 Components.utils.import throws NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND for components that fail to import other comp…
471319 undoing the last action of a textbox immediately after emptytext was displayed inserts a line feed (…
586010 dump() output from JavaScript is not visible in Android device log
717085 Bad viewport appears after restart from forcequit
717092 Low-memory tracking pref names are inconsistent
102699 Implement text/html for
716168 Remove browser/components/wintaskbar/* leftovers from bug 699575
717110 [New Tab Page] Tooltips should be added to page thumbnails
708920 IonMonkey Implement branchPtr and some other branch MacroAssembler functions on arm
700734 Unnecessary "not derived from nsISupports" warnings for XPCOM pseudo-enums
717121 crash nsMIMEHeaderParamImpl::DoParameterInternal
20802 Should use logical resolution from OS when higher than 96ppi
627012 Investigate crash reported by Adobe w/subclasses (Acrobat/Reader X) [@ _SEH_prolog ]
708935 Assertion nsStandardURL not threadsafe
676172 Intermittent failure: test_xhrAbort.html | Got different results! - got "readystatechange(1, '', [ex…
710712 Measure peak virtual memory usage of link.exe process during libxul PGO link
676178 Dashed stroke on text does not behave properly when scaled
700756 Support transparent flash plugins
717141 B2G telephony: correct default dialer app
717147 input events during composition are not trusted events
717154 Intermittent test_bug199692.xul | finished in a non-clean fashion (in chrome://mochitests/content/ch…
717155 Frob a different backlight device
717156 B2G telephony: crash after page reload due to improper callback unregistering
717158 B2G telephony: unknown (outgoing) call index is assumed to be incoming later
717173 Crash @ JS_ReportPendingException
717174 plugin is all black with wmode opaque on a xBGR display and no RENDER
717184 Netvibes stopped working in nightlies
717186 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_CALLLOCAL
356742 [cocoa] Sheets are offscreen if opened when all windows closed (attached to hiddenwindow)
717191 browser_scratchpad_bug690552_display_outputs_errors.js leaks the scratchpad window
717193 IonMonkey: spectral-norm correctness bug with LSRA
717195 Export dombindings.h
709006 Implement a Orion theme that matches the DevTools theme
717203 Remove old speculative HTML parsing code
709015 Modify the install-gaia target to generate a default webapps,json for b2g/
717208 sometimes __noSuchMethod__ is not found out and throw Exception: func is not a function
717216 Don't return nsnull from nsXBLDocGlobalObject::EnsureScriptEnvironment
700835 [Mac] Firefox 8 and up crash with Apple's latest Java updates for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 closing tab/win…
717220 Tons of 'comma at end of enumerator list' warnings
717223 Delayload linking of gkmedias.dll broke mingw compilation
717224 Misc libraries fail to link on mingw due to missing -luserenv
709039 "Copy" keyboard shortcut closes the Scratchpad window Aurora 10.0a2
717235 [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: analysis->ranInference(), at js/src/jsinfer.cpp:2263
717243 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/tests/mochitest/geolocation/test_clearWatch_invalid.h…
712096 Exiting 3D (Tilt) mode of the developer tools should show a transition back to a flat page
717251 Assertion failure: js_CodeSpec[*(regs.pc)].format & ((1U<<5) | (2U<<5)), at js/src/jsinterp.cpp:1275
717252 JS Test Failure on js/src/tests/e4x/Regress/regress-323338-2.js
717254 IonMonkey: generateVMWrapper clobbers non-volatile registers
717258 Fix CSS typo in winstripe/devtools/common.css
717278 Vector should have const and non-const begin()
700913 Add persistence and timeout features to Doorhangers
700917 splash screen shown even with non-default profile
619002 When deleting text from edit fields the wrong text is reported through at-spi
717311 gfxUnicodePropertyData.cpp:sCatEAWValues takes up more space than it should
709120 There is often a perceptible delay when the screen is updated during panning
684546 The Scratchpad editor's undo/redo state is preserved across file loads
668163 Broken overlay on top of Bing maps
676359 Add ! and ! to PSL
700936 New tab / tab switcher button should be at right
700937 Scaling of favicons should be either 1x or 2x, never inbetween
700943 Favicon background should be close to white, since icons often assume a white background
692759 [OOPP] Firefox 8.0 not rendering Core-Animation-based plugins (like QuickTime) in 64-bit mode
716207 Cleanup in nsTextEditRules
709152 There is excessive checkerboarding when panning, especially on single-core devices
676400 IonMonkey: Write a MIRGraph Invariant Checker
717370 Cleanup range-using and nearby code in editor
692795 Firebug should be able to suppress web console prompted by scratchpad
717374 IonMonkey: Don't spill all registers for OOL VM calls
720310 Rename BrowserSetForcedDetector and remove doReload parameter
701002 Put Java stacks into a separate field (not AppNotes)
692817 nsA(C)String::SetLength overflow in EncodeInputStream
701014 Dismiss keyboard when scrolling through Awesomescreen results
701023 strictmode Disk read Violation on startup
717411 IonMonkey: Add fstp instruction to the macro assembler
668263 Sometimes grossly inflated, sometimes no spacing in PDF output
717417 [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: isFunctionFrame(), at js/src/vm/Stack-inl.h:75
714855 RIL: Implement ICC states transitions and ICC codes (PIN,PIN2,PUK,PUK2) handling functions
717425 GCLI forms should 'submit' when ENTER is pressed
53878 Mozilla color image handling code is different from the bgcolor color handling code
717434 B2G telephony: audio isn't switched on for incoming calls and never switched off once switched on
152192 Colors in images and in HTML don't mean the same thing
725634 Google Search results not working when cookies disabled
709262 Disable disk cache for users who have "Clear private data at shutdown"
692879 Implement CoreGraphics Azure backend
635544 rename nsIWidget::DrawOver
676515 More detailed opcode-level profiling
701092 Limit session restore attempts
717489 "ASSERTION: line participants must not be containers" in nsLayoutUtils::IsContainerForFontSizeInflat…
717491 "Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file: bin/components/proxyObject.xpt (pac…
717492 [New Tab Page] URL bar history pops up when pressing toolbar buttons
717494 IonMonkey: Reference error in test case due to wrong scope chain
717498 nsThread::mEventObservers doesn't get cleared at thread shutdown
717501 vm/Unicode.h:index{1,2} could be slimmed down
717503 IonMonkey: Fix assert when a GC occurs in a global script
717505 Crash [@ nsAccessible::VisibilityState] when closing a tab, depending on when accessibility was enab…
717509 IonMonkey: implement BoundsCheck on ARM
717511 Bad intersection of injected HTTP headers leads to Content Security Policy (CSP) Bypass
710776 [SeaMonkey, Debug Windows] xpcshell: 4 of the test_proxy-*.js report "ASSERTION: nsStandardURL not t…
717526 a lot of warning on nsStringAPI.h on win64
611032 Errors from before the Web Console is opened do not show
709339 [meta] First functional drop of native Sync
709348 Refactor and improve reconciling and storing of records
725736 getaddrinfo and related functions are not wrapped since bug 683127 part 2
660215 Remove .local from PSL
717560 If input event handler shows alert dialog during composition, Fx stops painting everything
701182 Additional descriptive text for Help > About $PRODUCTNAME in Aurora and Nightly
676607 Patch our gcc 4.5 to fix gcc's PR49911
701190 position:fixed items disappear due to wrong translation
643847 "Assertion failure: !entry->vindex,"
619273 Move the selection state bit from frames to content nodes
709391 Implement short-term in-Fennec shipping solution
717584 FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/canvas/src
652050 Some non-code change on 2011-04-21 caused four SVG reftests to fail on Android, due to "intl.accept_…
275223 Page Info columns should be sortable
709400 Would like to to override nsIInlineSpellChecker with javascript but [noscript] methods are blocking …
701210 nsTArray::SizeOf() should use malloc_usable_size
717596 GCLI: automatically added '}' is not displayed in this one place
717598 Backout changeset 05f3cb:13e49 missing reviewer from comment
709423 IonMonkey: Extend callWithABI to work with float arguments
717622 GCLI: typing in a for loop causes an exception
709432 BrowserProvider overwrites provided GUIDs
701245 JavaScript Error: "browser is null" {file: "chrome://browser/content/browser.js" line: 1091}
136002 inconsistant margins (no right margin) when viewing straight image (jpg)
701259 crashes on videos when scaling to large width/height
701260 Deny requests for DOM full-screen when windowed plugins are present in the entire doc tree
701269 WebGL / Canvas displaying uninitialized video memory.
701284 Continous 'nsAppShell::ProcessNextNativeEvent' messges dumped to logcat
701285 No favicons display after loading pages
332648 Expose js::AutoGCRooter and its subclasses via a public header
701292 clicks are transmitted when panning
725869 Set the plugin hang timeout back to 45s
709486 "Warning: Ignoring obsolete chrome registration modifier 'xpcnativewrappers=no'" message in error co…
717683 get rid of nsIAccessibleDocument uses
717689 unneeded nsCOMPtrs to nsAccessibles
603008 Support multitouch on Android
455553 New Tab Page feature
709509 Remove manual refcounting and QIing from nsBulletFrame::DidSetStyleContext
684938 Proxy nsXPCWrappedJS::Release to the main thread
717711 telemetry for time spent in between CCs
717713 Add -Qunused-arguments to Clang compiler flags
709533 Remove unused FindFirstString in mozHunspell.cpp
578462 code cleanup: fix typos, remove unused variables, and a bit more
660387 Add TLD to PSL
717733 Fix int64 types usage in js/xpconnect
701351 Vertical/Horizontal scrollbars missing with new compositor
619433 [meta] TypeInference browser integration
717739 turn off non-native sync
627628 be smarter about dispatching starved paints
717753 [SeaMonkey] mochitest-a11y: test_focus_browserui.xul needs to support non-Firefox applications too
709562 nsAutoDialWin does not need to load rasapi32/rasdlg dynamically
701371 Move memory/mozutils somewhere else
709566 B2G SMS: PDU parser and formatter
709567 B2G SMS: DOM to RIL plumbing in ril_worker.js
701376 show search engine(s) when there are no/few awesomebar results
709569 Create some tool to generate helper code for webidl dictionary value reading
717762 Proliferate js_memcpy and PodCopy
701380 Implement a native about:home (start page)
717769 Fix Profiler on Linux
709578 Replace :-moz-system-metric with @media blocks
701387 RegExp related GC Crash [@ JSRuntime::updateMallocCounter] (Memory corruption)
717772 Delay autocomplete of pasted value
717773 Crash [@ SpdySession::LogIO] on gmail
644047 Hang [@ js::Interpret ]
708585 Add preference to control how app tabs are loaded when restore_on_demand is set.
713550 Move Base64 code in XPConnect away from nsXPConnect
717788 spew ion IR to local directory instead of /tmp
701406 loads with duplicate headers in the content
676831 [OGL] GL Reftest on Android
537569 File menu and Filter field in about:config have same accesskey
717805 Remove CopyArrayElement
668654 IM: LICM - identify loop invariant instructions
668660 IM: LICM - hoist loop invariant instructions
717819 position:absolute element inside a table reports wrong offsetParent
693250 "ASSERTION: Wrong scope, this is really bad!" with document.write on vanished about:blank
652297 Stop trying to package MSVC DLLs in debug Windows Firefox
635918 Does not play user defined sound for incoming mail.
508760 Remove MSVC6 support from the tree
693269 Ensure jstermhelpers work in JS mode in GCLI
693280 Android DNS lookup port is incorrect usage for external function defines
717862 Error: Goto dbus_done bypasses a variable (or an exception) initialization.
717863 default pagesize is 8192 on Solaris/SPARC
717869 New records being created with GUIDs with trailing newlines
717870 Space is incorrectly ignored when adding text to <svg:text>
595008 Make Android IME more efficient by reducing communication between Java and Gecko
717906 Flash does not work under Linux since bug 708570 landed
717908 disable unreliable test
701527 Add support for IndexedDB
693343 accessibility always disabled in GNOME 3 unless GNOME_ACCESSIBILITY is set
717921 Making multiple ThebesSurfaces for the same DrawTarget confuses the Thebes surfaces
709731 IonMonkey: allow reusing input registers for output registers
644199 canvas is painted with artefacts after unlocking screen
709748 GCLI 'help' command causes firefox to crash
709756 expand/close marks and html elements are not aligned in html inspector
697194 Favicon caching
711319 IonMonkey: Remove ARM-specific codegen that should be generic.
709485 Regression: Tablet UI browser does not resize correctly after toggling sidebar
709776 Move tri-licensed Android library parts under mozutils
717975 only expose m-c implementation of navigator.mozApps on b2g
709792 Remove --enable-tracejit build option
507419 nsTableRowFrame::AppendFrames and InsertFrames are not consistent in terms of ordering
717988 TI elem and prop counters being printed incorrectly
718001 Wifi: Automatically run dhcp when we connect to a network
701623 Using dirty rects for repainting causes corruption
709817 The webpage position hangs if a scroll up action is performed several times
701627 doesn't fire MozScrolledAreaChanged events as the page gets bigger while loading
701635 Style Editor should have a page loading placeholder
701637 DOM related GC | Cycle Collector Crash triggered by harfbuzz buffer overrun
718022 can we further nerf f.arguments?
718025 Add support for stacktraces on Windows to the built-in profiler
718026 Only walk the stack on profiling builds
718032 Make stackwalking for other threads cheaper on Windows by avoiding involving a third walker thread
709845 Copy-paste of link from URL bar after opening link from Facebook Android app gives redirect link, no…
677079 Remove jscntxt.h from INSTALLED_HEADERS
713504 Stop trying to package jetpack.xpt, since it was removed by bug 711838
652520 JM+TI: integer analysis
627956 Fold widget/src/build into widget/src/windows
709880 Tilt should support transformed elements
705407 OOM crash in nsScriptableUnicodeConverter::ConvertFromUnicodeWithLength
709885 Simplify GC read barriers
709887 inspector highlights SVG foreignObject elements at wrong position
709888 Remove UA switcher
701703 Null pointer exception thrown loading Fennec Start Page
701706 Virtual Keyboard is not dismissed if a tap is performed outside the focused input field
723159 Base64.decode not available on eclair
701711 GCLI should integrate with the existing web console property viewer
701716 navigator.vibrate Android backend is missing an AutoLocalJNIFrame.
693527 add Watchpoint support to the cycle collector
701722 Multiple cancel prompts generated by tapping in-progress downloads several times
447771 allow Linux distributions to submit crash reports to
701730 StrictMode: Disk Read Violation when opening the awesomebar (rememberLastScreen)
698588 Optimize DecommitFreePages
677166 Implement Network Status API
693551 removeChild(): unexpected title tooltip after removing SVG element at mouse position
718128 Implement ArrayBuffer.slice
718132 IndexedDB: Intermittent Failing to get JS wrapper in IDBRequest::NotifyHelperCompleted
718133 Remove keyboard shortcuts for zooming to 1:1 scale when viewing standalone images
611648 Can't install sutAgentAndroid.apk from tests package alongside Fennec build
718150 Shadow layer Swap() implementations for images and canvas don't work correctly the first time
562506 Process icon are builtin, while launcher icon uses the system icon theme
658999 Shader compiles on Linux and OSX but not Windows
709971 reflow telemetry
587095 Autocomplete in console is over aggressive
718170 Use nsINode in IsEmptyNodeImpl/IsVisTextNode/IsEmptyCell
709980 INNER_UNMAKE_PACKAGE doesn't work with omnijar
669026 Scrolling with arrow keys is broken if any element on the page has contenteditable=true
701804 Pageactions this._handlers is null
693615 element.lookupNamespaceURI(null) in text/html page cause NS_ERROR_FAILURE error on XrayWrappers
718202 Crash @GetCollectionForType with __proto__
718206 spdy socket transport event bugs
718210 spdy hdr decompress context screwed up by server push
720505 MarkRuntime should not be exposed in jsapi.h
701830 Rescaling at new resolution after zoom does not occur
701834 Missing favicons for some sites
701835 Removing a bookmark repeatedly crashes Fennec; java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Empty values at a…
701839 Wrong favicon displayed when both default location and link exists
710032 Utility function to flatten inlined frames into contiguous native regions
718228 tab close transition to transparent is too fast
718236 Inconsistent layout with bidi, removing span that separates numerals
695877 IM: Each MBasicBlock refers to a graph and its generating CompileInfo
710055 Merge PushActiveVMFrame and SetVMFrameRegs
677294 need a way to create new JS scopes and run scripts against them (same compartment)
718257 Syntax error breaks add-on install restart doorhanger
718259 Remove the resizer button in the Inspector Toolbar
718266 Simplify dasharray code
619967 non-directional filter primitive attributes with percentage values are not resolved correctly
718281 Hide Tilt outro transition in a pref
710098 "ASSERTION: vertical damage extends outside table" with changing colspan
718296 Can't access host without tld
701913 Bookmark icon remains selected when navigating to another page that is not bookmarked
636379 Intermittent WinXP TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | dynamic-text-04.svg | image comparison (==)
718303 Tilt intro and outro transitions aren't very precise when page is zoomed
710112 cleanup xpcom/io for windows (reduce LoadLibrary/PR_LoadLibrary)
718311 instanceof for worker properties segfaults, crash [@ WorkerGlobalScope::GetOnErrorListener ]
710130 IonMonkey: Implement callVM on ARM
718329 Add max tolerance value to fuzzy reftests
718330 Add URI of owning document to nsGenericElement::Traverse logging
701947 VKB does not appear when tapping into an iframe text box
718334 [Azure] Test changes require for skia-azure canvas
718340 Don't traverse black windows
712278 IonMonkey: rework fixed registers
710152 GCLI javascript completion should stop providing completions with 'complex' JS input
701961 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_THIS
701964 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_LENGTH
701966 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_NAME
238509 setting non-system dpi value causes scroll to alter glyphs drawing
710163 EXT_lose_context semantics are no longer valid
718357 Do not use new console when browser restarts on Windows
710176 Socket transport service thread pegs the CPU spinning to send data on a SSL socket that is blocking …
701994 Tab counter animation should show overlapping of numbers
718382 IPCMessageUtils.h(70) : warning C4099: 'base::FileDescriptor' : type name first seen using 'struct' …
710219 Separate debugger JS modules from plain scripts
710231 Add mozbrowser{loadstart,loadend,locationchange} events for <iframe mozbrowser>
718425 Make all Tilt animations less choppy
701370 URL Bar needs affordance
718431 WebConsole doesn't show the "warning" icons on warning and errors
718440 Add more sampler labels to various places
718442 Have .hgignore and .gitignore ignore the project files Eclipse IDE creates
644729 Popup window with all toolbars visible causes new tabs to open in another browser window
726656 broken by the rename to omni.ja
709568 B2G SMS: Implement RIL <-> DOM glue
644746 Call updateVisibility when constructing the tabs container rather than when addProgressListener is c…
701378 Use the tab count (number) instead of the down arrow to indicate multiple tabs
710292 create a typedef for nsCharSeparatedTokenizer<nsContentUtils::IsHTMLWhitespace> and convert users in…
718485 Building layout/media doesn't link gkmedias.dll on Windows
718494 nsHTMLTableSectionElement.cpp:188:12: error: variable 'rv' set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-…
718500 View > Character Encoding > Auto-Detect menupopup is broken
513702 /gfx/cairo/cairo/test/ Remove useless lines
718504 Remove some GetChildAt callers
718505 IonMonkey: LSRA: don't search for blocking intervals if the register was free
718513 Synthetic bold does not work with src:local(...) @font-face declarations under DirectWrite
718518 Remove all usages of non-standard flags argument to String.prototype.replace
718521 Incorrect clipping of multiple items using rounded rectangles
710331 UX for bookmarks and history import
710335 about:home - add UI for when there are no thumbnails or no addons
702144 Scratchpad russian codepage
702146 Add override style sheet for :-moz-full-screen-ancestor
710345 Upgrade pywebsocket to v606 (support final WS spec)
718541 Can't build a working optimized Windows from trunk since bug 715821 landed; resulting build crashes …
702158 [Skia] Get Skia backend working on Linux
718546 bug389321-1.html: Use EventUtils sendChar() to send the char, not sendKey()
685781 Addition of to the PSL
702167 Sporadic TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/content/base/test/test_bug371576-1.html | Wrong order of exec…
677597 [jsdbg2] Crash [@ JSObject::getParent]
718564 Intermittent 541714-2.html | assertion count 4 is less than expected 5 to 6 assertions or 467493-1.h…
702183 Fennec 9.0b1 now asking for extra "read sensitive log data" permission
718569 Intermittent 10.7 failure in linear-gradient-1b.html followed by pluginproblemui-direction-1.html, p…
710380 IndexedDB could use the tool from bug 709569 for dictionaries
694002 crash in AffixMgr::~AffixMgr
710392 exclude about: pages from top sites on about:home
700031 "ASSERTION: Can only call this on frames that have been reflowed" with too-deep frame tree
709589 Some engine manager cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews
723243 SimpleScaleGestureDetector uses getActionIndex(), which is not available in eclair
718600 remove JSRuntime::(rtLock, state)
702217 OOM crash in nsUrlClassifierStore::ReadPrefixes or nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::SetPrefixes
700429 mochitest-1 test_webgl_conformance_test_suite unexpected-passes are good passes on lion
726797 Multi-GPU Detection Broken on Windows Gecko 11
694030 Qatar [.qa] Stub zones addition to PSL
703157 Using Object.defineProperty to change a property from that property's setter fails for objects with …
718617 ObserverList provided by ipc/chromium conflicts with mozilla::ObserverList
718624 [Mac] "pressing" links does not work
710433 The bookmark menu item should always say "Bookmark", not "Remove"
718629 intermittent waitpid failure causes OpenGL features to be blacklisted on X11
718631 Fix Gonk build after bug 598482
702250 Disable jemalloc on mac 10.5 due to crash in ozone_size
702251 Decommit unused arenas in the background
718650 IonMonkey: Reset script use count when invalidating scripts
710463 Textures should be placed in drawable-nodpi folder
694084 Showing/hiding the conditional forward button resizes the search bar in a new profile (when the url/…
719253 Fennec cannot init EGL libs due to wrong library name
702287 Add a down carat to tab counter
718679 ipToString in nsWifiWorker.js uses wrong byte order
718681 Correct the preprocessor condition in mozilla_sampler_get_features
718683 IonMonkey: Add a generic GETELEM instruction
710492 Cycle collector visits parent of JSObjects many times
702302 Create a single-locale repack magic
628589 [SeaMonkey] mochitest-plain-4: permanent "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/gfx/test_acceleration.html |…
710511 Rename ANP DrawingModel to prevent conflict with AsyncDrawingModel
710516 Printing JS stacks hits fatal asserts
710521 Refactor gfxFont to separate out drawing stroke and drawing to path
694138 IndexedDB: Allow passing an array as keypath
702334 Fix deadlocks caused by Flash
702338 Enable plugins
702339 Go back to using an AbsoluteLayout
718733 Allow JSAPI tests with principals
718737 Add a startup timeline event on nsDocShell::LoadURI
710551 IonMonkey: Finish implementing visitCallGeneric
718752 Cannot open read-only file anymore using nsFilePicker
710578 Can't load chrome pages
686003 The test for bug 507902 navigates away from the page while it's in progress
718786 JavaScript shell exits with a zero status when program is terminated
497995 Implement border-image revisions in latest css3-background
702407 The "fake display port" hack is breaking sites
702412 [layers] float comparisons should use an epsilon
579535 Remove AddScriptBlockerAndPreventAddingRunners() API and make nsDocument's onload blocking safer
702416 [layers] Replace homebrew classes with Android ones
702420 Page size detection should use the results from MozScrolledAreaChanged events
718809 getBoundingClientRect returns incorrect results for certain 3D transforms
612320 remove useless viewport changes
720891 GC: de-specialize TypeObject marking
702466 Crash with EIP=0x00000000 when parsing SVG+XSLT
661509 Remove .yu from PSL
718857 Entering document.body.innerHTML into the Web Console (GCLI) fails and throws exception
677902 Style Inspector: add an option to filter properties by category
694289 GCLI test command is missing from the initial demo set
702483 Rename heap-committed-unallocated-fraction to heap-committed-fragmentation
587797 IndexedDB: make it possible to access IndexedDB APIs from chrome
710703 "Enable Flash" text is confusing
612400 Remove triple-buffering (!mTarget) hack added to get tests passing with double-buffering on mac
718899 Implement Cu.forceShrinkingGC / Cu.schedulePreciseShrinkingGC
358452 Firefox: Let authors put line breaks (newlines) in tooltips (title attribute)
718904 java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String at org.mozilla.gecko.AwesomeBar.onCreateContextMenu(A…
686137 Setting audio.mozFrameBufferLength has no effect on MozAudioAvailable.frameBuffer.length
718928 AndroidManifest.xml does not depend on Sync manifest include fragments
694353 "Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file:" : freebl3.chk + nssdbm3.chk + soft…
710750 ESC key should exit Tilt (page inspector 3D)
717841 Replace Date().getTime() calls with SystemClock.uptimeMillis() or System.currentTimeMillis()
710762 Keyboard control for zoom in tilt (page inspector 3D)
702572 Minimized prototype.js broken in Firefox 9+
718961 History-visited link color
723305 Tabs menu uses smoothScrollToPosition(), which doesn't exist in eclair
718968 Remove old include paths from
718973 It would be nice to have more Tilt notifications
252033 gtk2+xft text clipping problem: only first word of line is rendered, rest of text displays on mouseo…
718982 IonMonkey: Add a generic SETELEM instruction
718990 Atk-based plugins to slot into our a11y tree stucks orca in some flash web pages.
710805 Assert validity in xpc_qsBasicString
702614 Flash should use Skia to implement ANPCanvas and similar interfaces
718999 make "You can't dereference a NULL nsCOMPtr" assertions fatal
710808 some text appears overly large
702619 Swiftly closing two tabs at once results in an NPE at org.mozilla.gecko.TabsTray$TabsAdapter.<init>(…
702627 Flash: queue invalidation after async surface request
555176 Provide the same formats we do on drag when copying images
702633 Broken painting on
719018 Style editor shows wrong number of rules in files
719021 Saving an empty new style sheet does not display the file name upon saving
719022 Digits-only file names get .css prefixed in front of postfixed
710835 Form autocomplete popup list flickers as you type
719028 Style Editor does not highlight a few CSS2.0 and CSS3 properties
694455 [birch] Android Prompt Service
702653 Add prefs for Flash plugin activation: on demand/always on/off
719049 Sometimes iframes xy positions aren't calculated correctly in Tilt
727246 disable split release for beta 11
686296 Assertion failure: obj->isExtensible(), at jsobj.cpp:4649
710883 Create js::BufferUnderloaded for use in JS engine
710885 In some cases tapping to activate Flash does not activate Flash
694509 IonMonkey: Add function calls for ARM
710917 Label hovering doesn't work if moving mouse from target to label
678154 Porting MethodJIT to MIPS architecture
669969 Make TypeObject a GC thing
637202 Assertion failure: entry->vcapTag() == 0, at jsinterp.cpp:4381
710932 Create more parse node types from pure constructors
713774 Crash on rotation after adjusting viewport - part ii
710940 Firefox Crash [@ AffixMgr::parse_file(char const*, char const*) ]
710941 Simplify parsing to the right of a dot in a property access
719135 IonMonkey: Compile unspecialized SUB, MUL, DIV and MOD
710948 IonMonkey: visitCallGeneric() should be platform-independent.
710958 Remove gfx{Glitz,DirectFB,QuartzPDF}Surface
710961 add-on syncGUID being set twice
710964 No longer dispatch incoming WebSocket messages in CLOSING state
696030 nsGIOProtocolHandler.cpp:241:3: error: ‘MonitorAutoEnter’ is not a member of ‘mozilla’ when building…
710970 Possible bad null-check in mjit::Compiler::performCompilation()
710972 Build failure: nsGSettingsService.cpp:298:36: error: ‘G_VARIANT_TYPE_STRING_ARRAY’ was not declared …
686398 WebGL crash, addressing Texture ImageInfo out of bounds
710975 Possible bad index checking in nsIEProfileMigrator::TestForIE7()
710980 Array overrun in intl/chardet/tests/DetectCharset.cpp
710983 IonMonkey: LSRA does not spill correctly
719176 Add a temporary buffer of samples so that we can make the decision about whether to include them lat…
710985 IonMonkey: implement LoadValue
710987 Possible duplicate conditional in WordSplitState::FindSpecialWord()
710988 Possible operator precedence error in ots_gdef_parse()
710990 Possible duplicate expression in SVGOrientSMILType::Interpolate()
710992 Possible bad memset in pixman_image_set_transform()
670036 Quicktime Plugin: WAV files play once, then never again
710997 Possible double-assignment in PuppetWidget::DispatchPaintEvent()
686433 move out nsXULSelectableAccessible class from nsXULMenuAccessible.h file
719202 Possible uninitialised value use in mozilla::imagelib::nsBMPDecoder::WriteInternal
702820 Allow XHR to data URL
719231 IonMonkey: Miscompilation of unconditional for loops
719233 Whitelist only known working devices for direct texture support
716523 ClearOnShutdown() should assert if called after XPCOM shutdown
719239 Gecko Profiler: Stackwalk feature isn't reported properly
719240 Don't dispatch touchmove events if the user's finger hasn't moved far
711049 Adjust MathML text integration point treatment to comply with spec changes
711052 Remove a pop loop from <rp> and <rt> handling, because the loop has been removed from the spec long …
694672 [birch] Support doorhanger/ContentPermissionPrompts
489877 Placement of letters is inconsistent with SVG transform (rounding?)
719254 rename nsBrowserGlue's _onBrowserStartup
711063 [Azure] Create Thebes Wrapper around Azure
702878 [Azure] Extend gfx::2d API for Azure Thebes wrapper
301471 XUL error pages should have 'Try Again' button focused, eliminating the need of additional Tab press…
694688 [birch] Implement Preferences activity
711073 win widget nsFilePicker doesn't build with Vista sdk
702883 Avoid JNI for lock/unlock of ANPSurface
719271 Site-specific zoom level shouldn't apply to video and plugin documents
719273 Make the TLS windows code more includeable
686514 Ctrl-plus and Ctrl-minus should scale directly-viewed images even when otherwise using "zoom text on…
719283 WebSMS: Update RIL backend to match latest interface changes
711071 Fix velocity calculation
719292 Error: hud.jsterm is null in resource:///modules/HUDService.jsm:2074
719309 Disable touch events widget code
678352 'h' entered as first letter in location bar is overwritten with 'w' when browser.urlbar.autoFill is …
670162 Bugzilla tweaks uses a lot of memory in the System Principal compartment
719315 Use-after-free in LifoAlloc::freeUnused
702939 Split debugger.css between theme and content stylesheets
694754 document.lookupNamespaceURI(null) in application/xhtml+xml page return not…
711144 LD_LIBRARY_PATH should be prepended, not appended
719346 IonMonkey: ICs add non-IonCode jump targets to jumps_ list.
702964 Support subregion lock on plugin surfaces
711168 Implement the compositor protocol for OMTC
702983 Opening a new tab doesn't reset scroll position
555529 Restore session in background while waiting for an answer to "Set as default browser?" during startu…
711184 make sure we don't do any work creating about:home if we're not showing about:home
711195 Perform the range checks for non-boolean telemetry pings at compile time
719389 Fix "#ifdef MOZ_WINSDK_TARGETVER >= MOZ_NTDDI_LONGHORN" from bug 441197
711199 Replace menu icon images
711205 Set WebSocket message size limit to 2 GB
720647 Add message managers to black-bit-propagation
719408 Remove broken paths from files in layout
713822 Simplify @media queries
703031 [highlighter] Refactor the highlighter code. Create highlighter.jsm
719416 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !has(reg), at ../../../js/src/ion/IonRegisters.h:346
670277 WARNING: NS_ENSURE_TRUE(mState == STATE_TRANSFERRING) failed: file netwerk/base/src/nsSocketTranspor…
711240 Expose BAD_TLS_INDEX and xpc_qsStringToJsval publicly
622348 JavaScript Math.round incorrect for (2^53)-1
129613 [Meta bug] Add AUTF8String, ACString, AString types to XPIDL
694862 Implement navigator.mozVibrate for B2G
694863 SVG rendering is clipped when it should be not
703057 Put DrawToFile on another thread.
719457 When the URLs are very long (style editor), the user needs to resize to see the editor.
719459 titlechange event for <iframe browser>
703079 Always dispatch mozfullscreenchange to owning document
711273 rm cruft: JS_REQUIRES_STACK,, jsstack.js, fallibility of PutBlockObject/UnwindScope
694901 [birch] meta name="viewport" support for native Android front-end
703094 AwesomeScreen should use same background as URL bar
719482 IonMonkey: Add slow paths for GETGNAME/SETGNAME
703100 remove the existing text-run word cache and replace with a simpler and more efficient scheme
698816 crash_reporter.xml needs native theming
711300 Add GPS support for gonk
719493 Switching tabs is too slow (can take 5-10 seconds)
719494 Closing tabs is too slow sometimes
719499 backport 020e61c8efed, 25fe3fddc59e and d377d38a23d3 to aurora
719501 Allow JavaScript-navigator-property properties to be null
621201 JS_STATIC_ASSERT modernization (also provides HP-UX/aCC fix)
55959 [META] Navigator 4.x plugin API implementation
703133 Firefox Crash @ nsImageLoadingContent::OnStartContainer
629411 Tests for animation resets
711333 Race condition when moving and updating textures
694954 [highlighter] [infobar] If a node is not visible anymore, the infobar should point to the direction …
719531 FallibleTArray uses infallible malloc
711341 Tilt should give focus back to Highlighter when closed
719538 use nsIWindowsRegKey in Windows shell service
694964 crash [@ gfxSharedImageSurface::Open] when a layer is painted twice in the same transaction
719541 IonMonkey: bounds check hoisting/consolidation
711353 gfx/angle/src/compiler/osinclude.h:22:2: error: #error Unsupported platform. on GNU/kfreebsd and pro…
711355 memory management errors in
711358 [b2g] Add indexedDB-unlimited permission to pre-installed apps
711359 [BC]Table border incorrectly rendered after 'display:none'ing some table rows
719557 "Full Screen" add-on (window.fullScreen) has problems in native Fennec
719560 Can't publish split native and xul builds under the same product on android market
707020 Increase the frequency of update checks temporarily when landing bug 481815
719562 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_THROW
711381 v8-support.h fails to compile on mingw
719575 gfx broke my clang builds
711388 WORKER_RUNTIME_HEAPSIZE too small for big PDFs in PDF.JS
711404 PRUint64 means PRInt64 in xpconnect
701826 Preferences gets unchecked temporarily when going to the preferences page
490225 CMD-T opens a new window instead of a new tab when Downloads window is in focus
703218 Flash content doesn't resize
719612 Mozilla Firefox Ogg Vorbis Decoding Memory Corruption (ZDI-CAN-1477)
531200 Table split across page is missing most of its contents in print-preview (with rowspan, large spacer…
703239 fix build Warnings in editor/
719627 Remove ScaledFontCairo in favour of merging its functionality into ScaledFontBase
719628 Fix formatting/naming of ThebesSurfaceKey
719629 Add ThebesIntSize() convertor function
719631 Support creating offscreen DrawTargets for the Cairo backend
719632 Add Network API fallback methods to the hal's gonk backend
711446 Test defaultMuted with reflect.js
711447 Close connection in nsPermissionManager
711453 Error serializing viewportmetrics org.json.JSONException: Forbidden numeric value: NaN @ org.json.JS…
539426 Print to file by default PostScript, other Gnome apps default to PDF
695075 IonMonkey: Teach GC to walk Ion frames
719669 J-PAKE: throw when g^x^q % p = 1
711480 malformed conditional in js/src/shell/js.cpp
711490 Add telemetry, memory reporter for counting low-memory events
711491 Add glibc backtrace feature in profiling builds for the SPS Profiler
686927 IonMonkey: On-Stack Invalidation
719698 GCC 4.6 build warning: thread_helper.h:107:13: warning: ‘bool mozilla::tls::create(mozilla::tls::key…
705678 [ICS] - AwesomeBar truncated in landscape view
629595 [OMG NOT FIREFOX!!!!! SeaMonkey] mochitests-1: permanent "test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | C…
670556 Wrong condition in else-if statement (mozilla-2.0/intl/uconv/util/uscan.c) let you access outside th…
621408 Popup windows should use tabs-on-bottom styling
588642 WebConsole contentwindow setter and getter to allow coexistence of console objects
695145 xul & js modified files are not updated when reinstalling
555883 Retain OGL layer content on SetVisibleRect
704317 Disable nightly checking for cross-compartment pointers in GC
695152 Tabs, Separate activity, some ui spec needed
702952 Pages are cut off, especially after zooming out and pressing reload
695155 Reload
719732 /*global */ comments in Tilt's codebase add more confusion than help
711543 Get thumbnail images of tabs loaded in the background, and display them in the tab menu
695165 Forward
719742 expand-libs doesn't put .i_o object files from Linux PGO first pass in a list
719744 IonMonkey: Fix some safepoint bugs
711554 finalize statements and close connection
715243 Add ability to log mozilla::gfx::Matrix
719749 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: interval->start() < pos && pos < interval->end(), at LinearScan.cpp:12…
695176 Session history
695177 Sharing
719754 Rewrite a11y tests that put <tabbrowser> in random XUL documents and expect it to work
711563 reduce space and relocations required by quickstubs tables
711564 [10.5] Firefox Crash [@ GLEngine@0x620cf ]
490384 mochitest-plain: random "test_bug466586.html | undefined"
703378 Native Fennec executes javascript: urls pasted or typed into the awesome bar
695187 Addons for testing
646038 URL destination flickers when the mouse pointer is over a link positioned at the bottom corner
719774 IonMonkey: date-format-xparb correctness bug
695199 Bookmarking: Add/Remove from Menu
695201 History management
703398 IndexedDB: SQLite files with unknown schema versions should not be deleted
719783 In the Rule View, pressing Escape close the whole Inspector
711602 "ASSERTION: bad size recorded" with mozVibrate
695219 IonMonkey: Rewrite most (if not all) of the constant pool logic
695222 Implement column-fill property of CSS3 spec
711616 Adding to a WeakMap makes the CC go boom
711623 rt->gcNumFreeArenas is not updated properly
711626 GC: More barriers on object internals
711627 ContentProvider Authority doesn't match with AndroidManifest
711647 Add MOZ_DELETE to a bunch of deliberately-not-implemented methods
711648 Pre-commit underline is not shown for the composing text
711649 OGL Layers resolves its source texture in RenderLayer() instead of UpdateSurface()
711654 Cannot upload images from URL to OS file upload dialogue since build 20111215
719849 global variables pollute the browser window during devtools tests
711658 Intergrated gpu no longer used on Nightly
637931 [tracking] JSObject evisceration
719855 IonMonkey: congruentTo should be opt-in rather than opt-out
719860 Nothing happens when opening a .swf flash file directly
711671 Rename nsTelephonyWorker / nsITelephone to nsIRadioInterfaceLayer
711675 Zombie compartment with any add-on implementing nsIContentPolicy (Adblock Plus, NoScript, GreaseMonk…
719878 AllFramesIter does not find all frames when the current segment contains only a native call
711690 Downloadable fonts shouldn't warn about unsupported formats if supported formats exist
711704 trailing comma in nsXULTooltipListener.h
678940 [Linux] Firefox 6 consumes a lot of system memory just after start when using…
719917 Add some more network and plugin related SAMPLE_LABELs
719918 Bullet JS demo broke on Nightly Jan 20
711727 Followup cleanup for files in IndexedDB
539699 ITypeInfo nsAccessibleWrap member should be static
654388 "Restore Previous Session" button is always hidden if "Default Browser" dialog pops
678965 telemetry for injected screen reader dll's
711737 Orion should support all the CSS properties from CSS1, CSS2, CSS2.1 and CSS3
719933 In the Inspector, the arrowkeys shortcuts should be used only when the higlighter or the toolbar are…
719934 Disable GCLI by default
711748 Remove FIT_U32 from XPCConvert
678982 potential null pointer dereference in gfx/layers/d3d10/ImageLayerD3D10.cpp
711757 Fatal Exception: GeckoLooper Thread @ java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: width and height must be >…
711763 IonMonkey: Simplify the greedy allocator
711778 Zombie compartment with Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon 0.2.9 after clicking on a link
703602 Unclosed Cursor warning in Fennec Native
711799 Jeff's Saturday-afternoon warning-killing rampage
711809 css 3d transforms rotateY rendering incorrect
711818 MOZILLA_GUARD_OBJECT_NOTIFIER* should use a MOZ_ prefix to follow MFBT style
621708 Update .au entry in PSL
613517 URL is not maintained for links or images after copy/paste in contenteditable
703630 Share option should be disabled for these protocols: about:// chrome:// file://
723480 Single touch broken in Feb 1 2012 XUL Nightly
711826 Remove nsJSRuntimeServiceImpl declaration
695444 Form history
695446 Password manager/Form Fill
695449 Zooming perf
711838 Remove the jetpack service
711839 --disable-ogg configure option breaks build after bug 689834
695457 Use android system backend for Awesome Bar data
695458 Android Prefs
715291 Style Editor throwing CSS warning on Error Console, Unknown property '-moz-box-back'.
629925 Return status panel to the left when mouse leaves the area
695463 Native Android Sync implementation, to integrate with Native Fennec
703656 Attempt to use JS function on a different thread calling nsIWebProgressListener.onStateChange & nsID…
711851 Add a noise background to the devtools toolbars on Mac OSX
720048 Move Tab:Foo listeners and associated tab logic into Tabs
580786 Support fuzzy matching for reftests
711859 Add a IsObjectInContextCompartment API
695477 Use an indicator in toolbar to reflect security state
711864 [BC] "ASSERTION: program error: '(i >= startIndex) && (i <= endIndex)'" with colgroup, colspan
720058 Crash when tapping multiple comboboxes, then dismissing multiple dialogs
711867 Track dirty region in gonk widget backend
695485 UI for handling <select> interaction
720067 re-merge StackSpace.h with Stack.h, extract gc/Root.h
720069 Intermittent test_browserFrame1.html, test_browserFrame2.html, test_browserFrame3.html "iframeLoad i…
720070 Crash when producing IEEE754 S-NaN values using Typed Arrays
720071 "nsFilePicker.cpp(992) : error C2027: use of undefined type 'IFileDialog'" when using"--with-windows…
720079 array.join("") is GC-hazardous
670930 Texture updates happen synchronously and harm interactive performance
711895 Tweak the warning options used for GCC builds
722127 Build --with-system-libvpx is broken for libvpx-1.0.0
711900 Make Firefox 10 not have more GC/CC related hangs than Firefox 9
720094 Only have one implementation of JSDOUBLE_IS_NaN, not two-via-ifdefs
711903 EventUtils.synthesizeKey() shouldn't dispatch keypress event for modifier keys if the type isn't spe…
711908 Fix a bunch of GCC warnings in layout
171237 Find in Page: highlighted result should be at the middle of the page (vertically centered) instead o…
687337 Update IndexedDB implementation to latest spec
711914 Fetching bookmarks information during onBeforeItemRemove may break the bookmarks cache
720110 URL autocomplete breaks keyword bookmarks
711919 Remove AWT_11 and CM_BLDTYPE from
720124 Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink
711936 IonMonkey: add LLabel
715308 Decode ::Draw()'n images before other images
703758 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/devtools/styleeditor/test/browser_styleeditor_new.js | T…
707117 a small 'typo' in lirasm at assemble_load
695569 Scroll indicators for web content
704387 Switch statements slower than If statements
720150 SPDY Division by Zero [@mozilla::net::SpdySession::HandleSynReply]
720152 java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Unknown delete URI content://org.mozilla.fennec.db.browser/…
711963 Crash [@ @0x0 | nsSVGTextFrame::GetCanvasTM]
720157 Crash [@ nsGenericHTMLFrameElement::OnLocationChange]
711966 Change Tilt button label to "3D View" and the accesskey to "w"
716677 test_bug296375.xul makes incorrect assumptions about the event ordering
711216 Form autocomplete popup doesn't disappear when input gets out of view after pinch zoom
711970 Use openUnsharedDatabase in localStorage SQLite
720163 style="Foo: bar'" incorrectly diagnosed ('%1$S' instead of "'")
711972 Use a StatementCache in localStorage
720168 Crash in nsHttpChannel::CallOnStartRequest @ objc_msgSend | nsOSHelperAppService::GetMIMEInfoFromOS
515374 add a flag to make missing file warnings fatal
711986 [b2g] Use semi-transparent floating scrollbars for scrollable frames
711993 Check to make sure we have a valid URI in PermissionsHelper observer
589114 Use frame scheduling for animated Fullscreen toolbar hiding
720190 In pymake, the UnexportDirective class is missing a dump() method
703029 Expose pref for "optimal" text size in Fennec UI
712006 Remove the Binder class from localStorage
679240 [OOPP] Investigate issues system sleep might have on plugin timeouts
646473 "End User Rights" reads like a protest sign (should be End-User Rights)
719850 Web Console should be checked according to the selected tab
695635 tracking bug: unprefix WebSockets
712021 spdy: crash on cancel of queued session
720219 Clean up various sizeOf functions
712029 Implement a way to reset the modelview matrix in Tilt
712032 Intermittent cluster of failures on a single build: test_XHR.html | wrong blob size, test_pluginstre…
712034 Clean up jstypes.h
687459 Effective TLD list does not include and domains
712594 libffi fails to build on mingw-w64
646512 HttpChannelParent::OnStartRequest deep-copies nsHttpHeaderArray
712055 Remove xpc_qsInt32ToJsval/xpc_qsUint32ToJsval
695677 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | layout/reftests/svg/as-image/svg-image-script-2.svg | im…
703878 Race condition causing IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '.deps/nsINavHistoryService.h.p…
703882 crash nsExternalAppHandler::nsExternalAppHandler
155022 Selection is not painted after stylesheet change
728466 [ACR] Restarting during application startup locks the database and forces the user to re-allow all a…
719429 Fix canvas data leak in DrawTargetCG
720288 Don't do a default browser check in debug builds
720292 add more cycle collector edge names
712113 Either brace should be clickable to add new properties in the Style panel's Rule View
712118 Form autocomplete is broken because we're not receiving compositionupdate events
695743 Save as PDF
712129 Various assertion improvements for MFBT
712134 Log messages to console explaining media load algorithm failure
703945 blank screen after rotate on every site
515530 Merge nsHTMLContainerFrame, nsContainerFrame to one class
720333 Only the last letter typed is displayed when HKB is used
701305 Refactor DoorHanger code to make it easier to support persistence/timeout options
718072 WeakMaps constructor doesn't always get initialized on the global object
720353 Crash with abort message "xpcom_runtime_abort(###!!! ABORT: unknown union type: file /builds/slave/r…
302566 when JavaScript is disabled, alternate content provided within the canvas element is not rendered an…
712169 Assertion failure: canAllocUnaligned(n), at js/src/ds/LifoAlloc.cpp:100 or Crash [@ __memcpy_ssse3_r…
712171 [Chunk Patch] Crash [@ js::mjit::Compiler::generateMethod]
712175 /delayload gkmedia.dll
490997 image scaling produces grey line artifacts at some downscaling percentages
712188 Return correct websocket close code when browser navigates away from page.
712198 Remove NS_WIN32, NS_UNIX and NS_OS2
720393 NVDA's virtual buffer often breaks with iFrames, started January 23, 2012 build.
720400 Crash in nsPluginInstanceOwner::RemovePluginView @ mozilla::AndroidBridge::EnsureJNIThread
704017 [RTL] The Inspector rules view should be LTR
704022 PlaceholderLayerClient OOM at ByteBuffer.allocateDirect
720408 Exception handling message "Tab:ScreenshotData": java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
712217 Update OTS to r77
695835 Move favicon download to a separate thread
695836 sync last screen and last uri preference
712224 Make jprof generate output that can be parsed by the 'cleopatra' front-end viewer
712226 Crash when fclose(NULL)'ing a battery-status FILE*
728617 Update Mozilla to NSS 3.13.3 (and mozilla-10 will need NSPR 4.9)
720428 Runfield is slower with quartz azure canvas
622127 WebGL no longer works on Intel X driver
695859 Don't progressively display images during decode if we have all of the data
720438 Update ANGLE to r963
704056 remove 'countryCode' from nsIDOMGeoPositionAddress.idl
720442 When scrolling input fields into view, scroll them to just above keyboard instead of top of screen
712254 Use StdInt.h in platform.h
589375 Inspector: style panel keyboard access
660747 TM: perlstress-001.js failing without tracejit or methodjit
712261 HUGE performance regression on FF9+ (sunspider benchmark)
712265 [Chunk Patch] Assertion failure: lval.isBoolean(), at js/src/jsinterp.cpp:4739
712266 [Chunk Patch] Assertion failure: array, at ../jsanalyze.h:1016
712267 [Chunk Patch] Assertion failure: lifetime && lifetime->head == uint32_t(head - outerScript->code) &&…
720461 Crash in profile migration NumberFormatException [@ PlacesTask.migrateHistory]
695887 IonMonkey: Introduce lazy bailouts
728656 Crash @mozilla::gl::GLContext::InitExtensions
687698 Integrate Style Editor's automatic transitions
712277 Crash in nsCacheEntryDescriptor::nsCompressOutputStreamWrapper::Close @ MOZ_Z_adler32
687702 Skin the Style Editor according to shorlander's mockups
704089 Enable IDN Display for .срб
712284 Remove dladdr hack for NSS on android
712286 Tilt continues rotating without any keyboard or mouse actions
712289 jsval has different alignments in C and C++ (jsdIValue.getWrappedValue broken on 32-bit)
712291 broken window resizing on qt/maemo/meego
712296 IOException on startup due to ZipFile closing before ZipInputStream read in AboutHomeContent
712299 don't require manual syncing of font data (kCSSRawFontDescs et al)
712300 Checkerboard over about:home footer area
720494 Move GeckoApp.handleAddTab logic into Tabs.addTab
718100 Web workers should GC more
720511 arr.join("") doesn't always let indexed properties on the prototype show through
704132 Style Inspector's left column should auto-fit text contents
716738 Add FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in layout/tables
704143 [Azure] Crash in nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::InitializeWithTarget
712341 dump in workers doesn't appear in adb
720536 unmark ELM listeners
712347 "The image ... cannot be displayed because it contains errors." error message is hard to read on the…
482975 browser_477657.js is unreliable | the window was maximized - Got 3, expected 1 or | the window was e…
704181 Change how web console specifies its fonts
704182 webconsole forces wacky lists on GCLI
704184 Find a better way to scroll web console output
712380 Add support for clobbering the Android resources when needed
720574 Remove unused variables and imports
720581 Access static fields/methods in a static way
720601 Update package manifests after renames and removals
703098 Remove the url.file.exist check in BrowserCLH.js
712414 Throbber does not stop after running on pages that use document.write without document.close
720611 JS shell function to eval with filename
696042 Battery API: B2G (without Android APIs) backend
720630 Add a way to unmark all the listeners in black documents
720853 Need read barrier for atom table
712448 Slim wrappers do not use deferred release mechanism, causing GC crashes
678529 [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: !args.rval().isPrimitive(), at jsinterp.cpp:679
720650 Remove nsLoggingSink
712460 GC: missing barriers in jsexn
712472 click-and-drag in Tilt becomes wonky after you do full-page-zoom (Ctrl +)
712477 [ICS] Landscape resources are not used in landscape mode
712480 Assert in most JSAPI functions that we're not inside a GC
712483 Make WinUtils
352037 Undo Add To Dictionary
712488 GC: missing barrier in JSFunction clone
720686 Add bunch of methods to xpcpublic so that xpc stuff can be marked black/in-cc-generation
720695 Lexicographic sort on integers broken on array of integers that includes -0x80000000
712506 [Galaxy Nexus] Excess lines in favicon and reload button on XHDPI devices
712509 [Skia] Skia code is linking against libstdc++ operator new on Android
712510 Clang Static Analysis: Garbage return value in content/html/content/src/nsTextEditorState.cpp
712517 Rotating device can display blank white screens
712519 Remove WINDOWS-1252 encoded chars from tests
712523 IonMonkey: Fix getFrameInfo. (rounding error on Int)
712527 Closing a tab will wipe the content area and will not refresh
720721 Pdf.js rendering broken with Coregraphics azure canvas
712536 null pointer crash when rotating about:home
720737 Debug intent doesn't extract libs with new linker
696162 Fix jsgcchunk's AllocGCChunk to be more efficient and to avoid potential problems on Mac 10.7
712559 top sites section of about:home resizes when thumbnails populate
720758 Uninitialised value use in gfx/layers/basic/BasicLayers.cpp
720759 Windows warning patrol
712571 nsIFilePicker.filterIndex always returns 0
679804 IM: Implement LCompareV and LCompareVAndBranch
712574 Better to use just <include> and avoid <merge>
712576 Add GPS-A support on android
720769 Enable nsTransferable in Gonk backend
712579 Load nssckbi from the location of nss3
712584 Properly use .def files on mingw builds
712585 Export vpx_codec_control_ from gkmedias.dll
712587 Mark all graphitle2 functions as local
671634 Useragent should be different between phones and tablets
655255 Remove nsICharsetDetectionAdaptor from the tree
679832 GCC 4.6 Warning on 64-bit linux: nsCheapSets.h:178:43: warning: cast to pointer from integer of dif…
655261 Remove nsIParserFilter from the tree
712614 extensions.js never stops observing extensions.update.enabled
720808 Add nsJSEventListener and nsGlobalWindow to BBP
720811 this._activeCall is null is the call has not been answered
704430 Remove nsLayoutUtils::GetFrameFor
720815 IDBRequest.h:161:77: warning: extra ‘;’ [-pedantic]
716787 FAIL_ON_WARNINGS cause Mac OS X build failures with "[mangled variable name]$non_lazy_ptr can't be u…
712629 Make Wifi work under gonk
679226 Fold widget/src/ into widget/
709962 Eliminate required column references in browser content provider query interface
720837 use a different wordmark and possibly other branding changes for Firefox 10 ESR
720840 GC: Call MarkStringUnbarriered directly
712649 Components.utils.getWeakReference(null) should fail silently (as it used to do)
688078 IonMonkey: Poor register allocation on benchmark
720848 Trace through watchpoints from TraceRuntime
704467 Crash in AwesomeBar @ mozalloc_abort | __swrite | dexDataMapAlloc
704468 Wrong rotation direction for rotate3d(x,y,z,angle)
704469 overflow: hidden, auto, or scroll removes css3-3d-transforms 'perspective'
712665 GonkHal.cpp fails with debug builds
696282 Implement native toast alert support
703141 screen.width/height and window.innerWidth/Height are incorrect in
696291 Support ARM soft-float in JM
704490 Add support for using local DBs for Bookmarks and History
712683 Don't use GetMessage for SmsEvent implementation
714068 firefox icon no longer displayed in gnome-panel
696315 Menu > Quit is not really closing the application
598012 Provide same functionality as error console without changing prefs, e.g. by enhancing web console or…
704510 js::MaybeGC(JSContext*) (jsgc.cpp:2167): Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
696319 Scroll web content input into view