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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.13.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
342016 Malicious auth might be able to cause overflow
724993 "ASSERTION: Item should only return null for out-of-bounds access" after explicitly adding null
724994 Silence RIL signal strength logcat messages
712363 SSL connections do not work correctly when not managed by the socket transport service (including es…
718852 [ARM] Assertion failure: lastResort != FrameState::InvalidIndex, at methodjit/ImmutableSync.cpp:133 …
661509 Remove .yu from PSL
739334 Cleanup bookmarks based AsyncTask
724999 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !entered && i < mLength, at ./dist/include/js/Vector.h:373
725000 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: input->type() == MIRType_Int32, at ion/Lowering.cpp:354
722953 Cause hardware buttons to illuminate when button is pressed
725003 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: js_CheckForStringIndex(id) == id, at js/src/jsatom.h:107
591884 Migration wizard does not import favorites toolbar from IE7, IE8, and IE9
700429 mochitest-1 test_webgl_conformance_test_suite unexpected-passes are good passes on lion
714413 Sensor support for gonk
722962 intermittent failure in /tests/content/base/test/test_XHR.html | hello pass
725011 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: analysis->jumpTarget(pc), at ion/TypeOracle.cpp:152
703643 be able to copy from the rules view
694958 [highlighter] [infobar] limit the size of the infobar
725015 [SeaMonkey] permanent "dom/tests/mochitest/bugs/test_resize_move_windows.html | Test timed out."
725016 Need to restart firefox 12.0a2 twice to get specific extension to work
723510 Workers: double-error reporting in location.toString and incorrect assumption about JS_GetInstancePr…
751643 Heap-buffer overread in WebGLContext::CompileShader (nsIDOMWebGLRenderingContext_CompileShader when …
712733 "Long URL Please" add-on creates zombie compartments on pages that have links which the add-on suppo…
720926 Incremental GC needs read barrier on xpc_UnmarkGray
718853 IonMonkey: Inline code for calls to built-in functions (Math.abs etc, like JM+TI)
708643 If Firebug is installed, using "Inspect Element" twice results in 2 inspectors, one uncloseable.
753705 Increase the timeout in waiting for discovery pane to load
655367 fingerprinting installed apps through a timing attack using moz-icon: and WebGL
725036 'perspective' property doesn't reject negative numbers
692269 Remove jsstr.h and vm/String.h from INSTALLED_HEADERS
704394 Spell checker thinks "quinoa" is a misspelling
727087 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_TOID
725047 Remove the hack for dragging bookmarks toolbar folders on Linux
723636 IonMonkey: implement MRegExp as a warmup op
708667 Add telemetry probe for startup
523304 expose text-underline-color and text-line-through-color text attributes
723637 layout/reftests/transform-3d/matrix3d-*.html don't seem to test anything
735297 Documentation for RepositorySession
718914 Compress input events
696331 "ASSERTION: Principal mismatch. Not good" with marquee, document.write, onmouseleave
725061 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: opd->type() == phi->type(), at ion/Lowering.cpp:1302
725062 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: a.isFloatReg(), at ion/shared/CodeGenerator-shared-inl.h:81
726369 Make the circular buffer reader code safer.
624109 Startup crash in gfxWindowsPlatform::VerifyD2DDevice with iZ3D
723018 Toggle the private browsing attribute of all root docshells when transitioning through private brows…
725067 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::gc::ChunkBitmap::markIfUnmarked]
712640 Split PSL into "registry" and "owner-requested" sections
725069 Html Comments being shown in DOM as text nodes. Regression from firefox 9.0
720974 Remove IsMozEditorBogusNode(nsIDOMNode*)
698381 Node.cloneNode's deep parameter should be optional (default to true)
725072 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::ion::LAllocation::isTagged]
735313 Assertion failure: checkLength(length), at vm/StringBuffer.cpp:50
720980 Quick rule view ... quick layout fix until we have mockups
585813 Script Timeout at tabbrowser.xml:1457 when closing tabs
720982 Duplicated code: nsHTMLEditor::CreateBRImpl / nsPlaintextEditor::CreateBRImpl
706647 measure plugin shutdown with telemetry
704259 try/catch blocks seem to be ignored in window.onerror when the first error originated from addEventL…
739418 If a rethrown exception is uncaught, report the stack trace of the original exception, not the rethr…
727131 Pref needed to allow "Search Google for" tabs to open in background
753757 Mozmill test failure /testPrivateBrowsing/testDownloadManagerClosed.js | "Window has been closed. "
704138 [ObjShrink]: Crash on Heap with Proxy
716895 IonMonkey: Segmentation fault running deltablue.js
720992 Tilt should use mozAnimation for all its animations, instead of intervals
712804 B2G SMS: Support UCS2 encoding
727141 Build busted in mfbt on inbound
696422 Remove unneeded/unwanted @BINPATH@/ (from bug 681893) in
723047 Stack frames should display the location next to the function name
737384 Assertion failure: thing, at js/src/jsgcmark.cpp:7 or Crash [@ js::gc::MarkInternal]
712809 B2G SMS database
544875 Investigate mNavigator usage in nsPluginArray and nsMimeTypeArray
723053 Crash @ mozilla::image::RasterImage::IsDecodeFinished
723055 remove nsLocalFileUnicode.h
723057 Scratchpad title bar is prefixed with multiple * symbols when working on a file saved repeatedly
737394 Remove CapturePicker.js from
727156 fix warnings in toolkit/mozapps/update/
285374 sync xpfe colorpicker.xml with toolkit colorpicker.xml
655478 CSSStyleDeclaration.setProperty shouldn't require the third parameter to be set
563319 Test performance of Visual C++ 2010 build vs. current trunk nightly build
723064 Many debug xpcshell-tests show leaks of 1 each of Mutex, ReentrantMonitor, nsTArray_base, nsThread, …
721019 [Page Thumbnails] Add telemetry probes
626813 laptop touchpad scrolling doesn't work on other pages/tabs while PDF file is open through browser pl…
727167 Firefox 10 needs update to official NSPR release 4.9
720831 Use a whitelist for mozTelephony instead of a single url
662891 Require Android 2.2 (API level 8)
725126 Fix 10.5 perma-orange when build created on 10.7 machines
721031 IonMonkey: Make native calls faster
720632 WebSMS: Expose SmsRequestManager as a scriptable XPCOM service
727178 [ANGLE]Display flickers on certain webgl demo.
687127 Large compiled code thrown out and re-compiled constantly
723151 No drawable resources defined for eclair
729453 Reduce nsTArray::SwapArrayElements's stack allocation from 8kb to something much smaller
723088 Several invalid memory reporters when scrolling on 4walled
716945 Figure out why Flash hang volume dropped very significantly in 10.0a1 trunk on 2011-10-29
725138 tidy up formal access, remove dead Stack code
724398 specialize js_GCThingIsMarked to GRAY
753813 Cache is disabled if you have too many old cache directories to delete
710973 Possible bad input validation in PresShell::SetResolution()
698519 Update to libjpeg-turbo 1.2
395972 Crash in [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::FixUpPluginWindow(int)]
723099 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: string, at jsinfer.cpp:352
90268 move plugins to content - plugins should withstand a reframe of the object frame
724261 Use nsINode in nsHTMLEditRules::RelativeChangeIndentationOfElementNode
723102 [New Tab Page] Can't Hide/Show New Tab Page when closing left tab
725152 Stereoscopic 3D videos not properly detected
442736 If is equal to 3, browser.warnOnQuit should be changed to false
727202 GeckoAppShell.allocateDirectBuffer and freeDirectBuffer don't use jemalloc to allocate/free buffers
716963 sessionStorage doesn't work in file:/// documents
737445 java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String at org.mozilla.gecko.FormAssistPopup$AutoCompleteList…
723110 crash _moz_cairo_scaled_font_destroy with on Linux
739697 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [mozIStorageConnection.beginTransaction] Stack trace: resource:///components/nsFo…
708777 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: unexpected type, at Lowering.cpp:538
723114 Need a macro that expands to __builtin_unreachable on release builds
637099 Remove JS_ClearScope calls on windows
727212 mark debug only variable as such
723117 Fix desctruction code in CreateCompositor
737454 Intermittent test_bug518777.html | Test timed out
725167 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Given view not a child of android.widget.AbsoluteLayout@4... at …
725168 Element iterators should use [[Get]] and not peculiarly ignore the prototype chain
737457 Intermittent browser/devtools/tilt/test/browser_tilt_picking_highlight02.js | Test timed out | Found…
727218 mark nsSVGImageListener final
727220 Fix _CGLContextObject's forward declaration
727221 mark LastDictionary and nsElementDeletionObserver final
727222 mark some classes in content/html/content/src/ final
721079 Calling preventDefault on the first touchmove event prevents panning, but not quickly enough
725178 get rid ensureAccessibleTree of common.js
725180 Create test suite for libmar
727230 Add a virtual destructor to WebGLExtension
721087 [New Tab Page] Cells should have an outline to indicate their positions
736519 jssubloader files are not packaged properly
624833 Mozilla should copy iOS's touch event model instead of making up its own
739522 sites with SPDY stop being able to load. Hang at "Looking up". Continu…
723139 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: JSVAL_IS_DOUBLE_IMPL(l), at ../jsval.h:416
723221 Properly premultiply during JPG encode/decode
716997 Allow new DOM bindings with 0 methods or properties
678086 [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: fp->isScriptFrame(), at vm/Debugger.cpp:393
750625 crash in nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::GetPrefixes
736972 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: at<init>(
723147 Refactor: GCLI inputter has getCurrentAssignment and assignmentChange
727244 dragging a link onto a tab results in a JS exception: Error: "draggedTab is undefined"
760013 Split testSuggestHistoryBookmarks in 2 tests
725198 js_DoubleToECMAUint32 implementation seems to be unnecessary
725199 include build machine name in about:buildconfig
725200 about:newtab briefly shown in location bar of new tab
717009 Inline ListBase<LC>::instanceIsListObject and ListBase<LC>::getListObject
723154 Some Flash objects don't work if content policies (Adblock Plus, NoScript, GreaseMonkey etc.) are pr…
714964 Reduce writes in current DOM Storage implementation
717013 Add new DOM binding for DOMTokenList
751832 Addons tests are failing with "Selected category has been loaded"
725209 BasicBufferOGL redraws it's entire content when it attempts to self copy.
542938 Firefox should give a setting that disables oncopy, oncut & onpaste event handling
649435 Remove the frozen date from the User Agent String
723290 IonMonkey: make new OSI mechanism build on ARM
736609 Malloc error with ArrayBuffer, Uint32Array and Uint8Array
700240 Improve display list debugging
720289 Leaving a File picker dialog open triggers an unresponsive script dialog
674171 [jsdbg2] Debugger.Frame.prototype.onPop
598244 nsFileControlFrame should not parse the accept attribute but nsHTMLInputElement should do that
724586 Replace raw strcats with StringBuffer in obj_toSource
725223 Add-on "URL Bar Cleaner" 0.2 (under review) causes immortal zombie compartments
489704 Parser bug enables breaking quoted attributes without quotes (XSS)
723181 add some comments to TelemetryTimestamps
712942 B2G telephony: support connecting and disconnecting events
653551 Jaegermonkey Sparc back-end broken on sparc64
721136 transform property serialization doesn't normalize case
725233 [TSF] Remove text event hack for the nsEditor's hack which will be removed by bug 622247
700659 Slay nsHashSets.h
723190 Crash @ nsGfxScrollFrameInner::ScrollToImpl
716841 EventSource::GetInterface goes into infinite loop if EventSource hits an HTTP redirect
725240 Re-enable font hinting for "mobile" when we don't care about non-reflowing-zoom
688377 about:license always contains license information about DirectX dlls
586286 Update Mozmill tests to remove deprecated assertJS calls
725717 GCLI needs a 'tilt' command
723200 Enable multitouch
725376 Firefox hangs when visiting
735490 Delete mobile/android/chrome/tests/
691103 nsBoxObject::SetPropertyAsSupports cannot recognize nsInterfaceHashtable.Init error
724519 syn retry causes the connection to hang
708874 API for locking pseudo-class state of an element
725259 ARIA role combobox shouldn't allow aria-valueXXX attributes
723157 Call forgetSkippable more often
717070 Create button to initiate migration to a clean Firefox profile
731181 Assertion failure: cx->runtime->gcNumber == gcNumberBefore, at js/src/vm/RegExpObject.cpp:655
751320 JavaScript variable intermittently not assigned value after operation (Firefox; stand-alone test cas…
719122 Setting a breakpoint in a line without code should skip forward
702739 Pre-render overflow area of frames translated by CSS transforms, that are active and partially visib…
725268 [Page Thumbnails] Reduce API provided by PageThumbs.jsm
119061 SVG elements to which :hover apply do not restyle when moved under the mouse pointer
712982 can't select line by clicking the line number in scratchpad
719127 Debugger error: jschar out of char range; high bits of data lost
724356 Crash @ gfxMixedFontFamily::ReplaceFontEntry
727921 "Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0,"
598304 XHR rewrites non-POST methods upon 301/302 redirects
751905 about:memory and JS console broken on inbound tip in unpackaged build
706850 Need a "visited" livemark item icon
725284 elfhack doesn't preserve alignment in program headers
741670 Add-on sync should ignore hotfixes
495912 Expose alternative content in Canvas element to ATs
725289 Unprefix Blob.mozSlice
418091 [OS X] keyboard shortcuts with symbols not shown in menus
723244 RIL: implement parcel length guards
725293 update Unicode support in SpiderMonkey to v6.1
737582 Remove redundant "gingerbread" and "honeycomb" themes and unused theme files
622301 Drop support for using DOM objects as prototypes of random objects and having DOM operations on the …
717104 check liveness in hasAnyLiveHooks
723249 JSString::dump, JSString::equals, JSObject::dump debug-only helpers
723252 Various nsHTMLEditor cleanup
311605 default browser checking should be done from nsBrowserGlue, not in delayedStartup
724944 IonMonkey: Crash [@ JSString::isAtom]
717113 Speed up js::IsWrapper
721210 Remove dead include paths from XPCOM Makefiles
724703 Mark a couple more functions on SVGLengthList as const
696636 Visiting a site makes FF crash with Intel GPUs (after Mesa/GL error messages)
723261 Leaking ANGLE compilers when WebGL compileShader fails
725312 Rename nsDOMEventTargetWrapperCache to nsDOMEventTargetHelper in dom/telephony/
717121 crash nsMIMEHeaderParamImpl::DoParameterInternal
710978 Title attribute of a window is not updated in nsXULWindow::SetTitle
723271 IonMonkey: Segmentation fault running deltablue.js (2)
733512 FreeType: Multiple security flaws to be fixed in v2.4.9
749623 Fennec 13.0b1 only compatible with large+xlarge screens
235853 [PAC] Defer proxy resolution for HTTP and HTTPS PAC to avoid blocking main thread during DNS resolut…
617528 implement the HTML5 "context menu" feature (contextmenu attribute)
729427 Incremental GC should mark filenames of newly allocated scripts
723286 Remove JSContext * parameter from heap-traversal and related API
717143 Remove bogus margins when force-reloading standalone image
721242 After using Firefox migrator, the password manager sometimes can't decrypt passwords
536480 Innerize windows when passing to C++ from JS
713052 disable alt+click or alt+enter to save links by default (with a hidden preference to re-enable)
702813 Pages with many DOM objects which don't live in the document can cause multi-second CC pauses
717150 Support for adjusting the system clock and setting the time zone
730853 If incremental GC or compartment GC runs all the time, CC never runs
721248 make nsICycleCollectorListener builtinclass
725349 Fix a few tests that miss a space before reporting expected value
723090 Add telemetry probe for the opening time of the site identity popup
715111 IonMonkey: OSI does not work with OOL VM-calls
723305 Tabs menu uses smoothScrollToPosition(), which doesn't exist in eclair
674535 Lastpass causes immortal zombie compartments
725357 IonMonkey: Don't call TypeScript::Monitor from the GetElement stub
522607 [css3-background] Accept background-position values like "bottom 10px right 10px"
725360 Closing the tab when the debugger is paused should cleanly exit the debugger
500081 Can't start dragging a menu toolbarbutton with type menu after the popup has been opened
696085 WebSocket connection opening across page loads
723676 Firefox crashing when applying XBL with empty method
698772 content called by chrome observer can access privileged components
721274 [jsprofiling] Crash on Heap
690425 HttpChannelChild incorrectly attempts to delete actor when kept alive connection dies
618876 Support internationalized <input type="email">
718570 GC: Mark stack refactoring
649599 Make getAttributeNS return null for absent attributes
721280 IonMonkey: Don't bailout on all out-of-bounds array accesses
680321 Media preload state should reset in resource selection algorithm
686466 Get rid of application.ini in non-xulrunner applications
747926 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: void, at jsinfer.cpp:352
717190 IndexedDB: follow-up of accessing IndexedDB API from chrome
711047 Remove RangeException in favor of DOMException
725388 Expose the Orion mouse events in the Source Editor
675694 Implement a way to dump parse trees from within C/C++
718573 Potential XSS attack with ISO-2022-KR/ISO-2022-CN near 1024 bytes
722955 IonMonkey: Bailouts can corrupt rectifier frames
723346 GC: make sharpObjectMap a modern HashTable
153667 launching venkman crashed [@nsHTMLContainerFrame::ReparentFrameView]
735636 PromptService list view has bad scroll performance
730862 Disable signmar by default and provide an option to enable it
700822 Land hardening option and win32 ExecutableAllocator randomization
695705 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug628061.js |…
727449 Show only mobile bookmarks folder contents (no folder node) if there are no desktop bookmarks
713116 B2G Bluetooth: Turn bluetooth adapter on/off
684445 Orion source editor should have built-in context menu
723359 IonMonkey: order of compares is incorrect on ARM
719039 After the Highlighter was refactored, ESCAPE key closes Inspector when Tilt is open
677616 add hy-AM to the list of mobile locales on aurora
721315 avoid potential dangling mFamily pointers in font entries
740823 Disable creating and bundling the Feedback add-on
260849 identify unread live bookmark items
548375 Implement background-repeat as a keyword pair as well as just a single keyword
737692 Menulists and textboxes need better styling in add-on options
721322 Garmin Communicator plugin stopped working for uploads on
723349 Fix params in addTab on session restore failure
721324 Allow the source code editor of Scratchpad & StyleEditor to be themed
660216 getBBox and getCTM on foreignObject should/should not include 'x'/'y' offsets respectively
733614 CSS 'height' property on a multi-column block is not respected
725405 Move the inline-output comment to the next line (not at the end of the current line)
699565 Implement Harmony for-of loops
725426 Incorrect getBoundingClientRect() for transform-style: flat
680371 Source Editor should implement placeholderText differently
495337 Make sessionStorage use principals instead of string domains.
725429 Clean up *, Feb 2012 edition
719288 Draw filled and stroked SVG text in a single Draw call
676281 [jsdbg2] Debugger.prototype.findScripts
720103 ASAN: heap-use-after-free READ of size 8 at nsSMILTimeValueSpec::ConvertBetweenTimeContainers
729532 Improve first-run profile import experience
616893 suspendRedraw needs some tests
719294 cx-less js::PCToLineNumber
682431 Add memory reporters for URIs and Links
717249 Assertion failure: !uses->next->next && uses->next->popped && script->code[uses->next->offset] == JS…
724116 add additional URL types to implement "channel" parameter for Google plugin
725446 BBP for ContentList
698823 Introduce virtual cursor/soft focus functionality to a11y API
733640 Check in tests for bug 718516 (attachment 596072)
720747 Completely silence RIL worker by default
719607 The HTML Tree Panel should NOT use the registerTools mechanism
697762 Land the debugger in m-c
723021 Move stackLimit to JSRuntime
315857 <textbox>: Inside the "onfocus" event, the 'this' object refers to the HTMLInputElement and not the …
733651 Snippet fails to load on about:home due to error
711125 Make the debugger client's setBreakpoint pause the debuggee automatically
722681 Show the tab close button immediately when the second tab of a window is opened
723418 in function GonkCameraInputStream::Init(nsACString_internal&, nsCaptureParams*):/home/cjones/mozilla…
723023 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: analysis->jumpTarget(pc), at ion/TypeOracle.cpp:156
723420 Don't make sure the root accessible is created when window gets focused
700893 API for tracking unsaved/saved state in source editor
723423 GCLI should use node to serve files rather than python/
709088 Put dump() calls in debugger code behind a pref
749648 startup crash in CheckASLR (mostly correlated to add-on)
711139 MOZ_VERIFY_MAR_SIGNATURE build option for verifying MAR signatures
720294 Refactor style sheet switching code in browser.js
473576 font-family text attribute should expose actual font used
735996 HTTP layer improvements
324074 Chrome-privileged content does not get automatic wrappers
723435 Properly cleanup enabled vertex attributes after a program is used in Tilt
707052 regression in patch for bug 90268
699353 "ASSERTION: aOffset must be in the frame's range" with caret browsing
724517 IonMonkey: Folding null/undefined in jsop_getelem_dense is not safe
723441 SVG to IMG Html Element rendering performance (very slow handling of <use> targeting a data: documen…
418290 SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE message has typo
680436 Shrink to fit not working reliably
711157 about:home Visual Refresh & Launcher
723446 Access to a keyframe's cssText after dynamic modification always crashes Gecko
721731 Bookmarks don't show up in awesomebar results
723711 Return the profile data as JS objects
725500 The js test suite freezes
723453 Heap overrun (read + write) in nsBMPEncoder::ConvertHostARGBRow
625151 Alt key sometimes fails to open Menu bar
468275 Audit alloc failure in theora xiph codec
723459 Add an API to SourceEditor to retrieve the character(s) used for indentation
735749 No back button in awesomescreen on Maemo 6 Harmattan (N9)
731654 Style HTML5 form validation popup
676359 Add ! and ! to PSL
680456 Don't run compileAndGo scripts on globals with a cleared scope
721417 Can't drag and drop URL into about:newtab
713226 Assertion failure: (static_cast<Cell *>(thing)->isMarked()), at jsgc.cpp:3556
713227 Tracking: Built in Profiler
725517 Error during configure after bug 683127: "line 25335: test: too many arguments"
723232 nsHTMLEditRules::RelativeChangeIndentationOfElementNode removes divs with any one attribute
723472 reftest graphite-03a causes spurious "out of memory" crash due to zero-sized allocation request
512529 Fullscreen mode (F11) does not synchronize with window manager fullscreen mode
739858 Crash [@ nsAString_internal::Assign ] with downloaded font
720643 B2G SMS: Notify SMS send success
725524 Error during configure after bug 713377: "line 17185: test: -eq: unary operator expected"
702894 Remove pre-DOM API full-screen video implementation (using esc to exit full screen video from built-…
719383 Remove DIST_INSTALL from gfx/qcms/Makefile
735768 make persistent telemetry more robust
711193 turn on "don't load tabs until selected" by default
725530 How does the public suffix list test data determine local is not a true TLD
718255 Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch
725532 IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_DEFVAR, JSOP_DEFCONST.
714839 Make nsCSSFrameConstructor inherit nsFrameManager
725535 "ASSERTION: Only transformed frames should have UpdateTransformLayer hint"
716208 Simplify nsHTMLCopyEncoder::IsMozBR
721442 [New Tab Page] Display the URL of the page on mouseover of thumbnails on about:newtab
718939 Java applet causes text entry fields to become semi-unresponsive
717349 Telemetry to measure checkerboarding
709158 updater.exe is not verified to be a particular product's/channel's/version of the updater
662055 advanced Hebrew diacritics are shown correctly only in particular order
727120 [Page Thumbnails] Don't store thumbnail image in disk cache folder
683499 GCLI needs an 'edit' command (for CSS only to start with)
723498 Uninitialised value use in nsInputStreamPump::AsyncRead
698923 MethodJIT.cpp:263:1: error: size of array ‘js_static_assert98’ is negative
721452 Inserting invalid xbl:handler into a content document causes issues
664109 Requests for changes to the TLD whitelist for IDN, to add .ee
725550 Remove jsdouble
725552 Add Cross-Process Mutex to ipc/glue
724750 3D transform backface-visibility has no effect when applied to an element with display:table
723379 audio starts playing when it didn't before
721460 Don't use GetIsCSSEnabled internally
723509 update Unicode support to v6.1
590390 DeCOM nsICharsetAlias
721463 GC: minimize jsgcmark's interface
646510 Perf regression since Firefox 3.6 with SVG Polyline element
721467 Add a codepath to only use glTexImage2D instead of glTexSubImage2D when texture uploading in GLConte…
717373 Remove the textarea fallback from the Source Editor
709182 "connecting" in tab title when reloading is unnecessary visual noise
709183 Callback path and arguments are taken from the service work item, which is untrusted
723040 IonMonkey: Don't coerce comparison operands
674370 [10.7] Support animation when opening windows in Lion
723523 Crash [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::CreateWidget ] [@ nsCOMPtr_base::assign_assuming_AddRef | nsObjectFr…
723525 Mark classes final or add virtual destructor in content/*
724839 Don't use :invalid in tests style but input:invalid
725576 serialize principals only once per top-level script
716556 Potential buffer overflow in nsScriptableInputStream::Read with 4GB data
721483 Clean up RemoveElementIfNoStyleOrIdOrClass / HasStyleOrIdOrClass
639564 Letters on SVG Wow "Text Effects" demo (in the 3rd row on the 4th page) are placed over each other
725581 caretOffset for textarea should be -1 when textarea doesn't have a focus
723534 Remove dead default cases.
713485 Crash when invalid drive is used in local file URL
725584 IonMonkey: refixulate OSI on arm
721489 Older Adreno 200 drivers intermittently crash when uploading RGB565 textures with glTexImage2D
728342 Crash near null with testcase involving mjitChunkLimit
737875 OOM Crash [@ nsQueryInterfaceWithError::operator] trying to execute random memory
713301 Audio (and other services) not initialized in emulator
705110 Triggering DOMAttrModified event handler causes "Use of getAttributeNodeNS() is deprecated" warning
721496 Remove code ifdef'd MOZ_WINSDK_TARGETVER for pre-Windows 7 SDKs
713305 WebGL no longer triggers discrete graphics mode on dual GPU MacBook, affecting content performance
721498 Should use remote timestamp when raising windows
725595 Drop native object checks from JS_(Get|Set)ReservedSlot
725599 B2G telephony: speakerEnabled does not work
725605 IonMonkey: CallGetProperty should accept both objects and strings
725606 XForms for Gecko 5
709223 GCLI needs a 'resource' type
686805 Do incremental zip decompression in our linker
616892 Some DOM mutations of SVG documents ignore suspendRedraw
680556 Make NS_Alloc infallible
604781 Watchpoints set on setters do not always trigger; and, zombie setters!
735856 Opt robocop failure after upgrading to SUT Agent 1.07 upgrade (testWebContentContextMenu | Bookmark …
723048 CSS Class names for scopes shouldn't have spaces
725618 Source Editor: keyboard shortcut for moving lines up/down
734624 java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occured while executing doInBackground() at android.os.AsyncTas…
680564 Nightly seems choppy on
723781 Intermittent "reftest/tests/docshell/base/crashtests/436900-1.html | Exited with code 3 during test …
727145 Pass -Wno-return-type-c-linkage to clang
709240 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_NOT
720300 Awesome bar shouldn't start search on Enter key pressed if there is composition string
723372 B2G telephony: audio should be turned on during dialing + ringing
724395 get rid of GetUniqueID impl from nsPluginInstanceOwner
736495 Some scripts are importing modules with resource:///gre instead of resource:/// and vice-versa
725418 IndexedDB: getAll/getAllKeys with an explicit 0, null, or undefined value for the maximum number of …
711297 Report startup cache age via telemetry
717442 WebGL should shadow GL state so as to minimize state queries
719492 Telemetry for time spent in between GCs
715400 Error with sharps does not cause shell to stop processing input file
724259 Add nsHTMLEditor::IsNodeInActiveEditor(nsINode* aNode)
717451 Telephony: Keep telephony objects on multiple pages in sync
701071 <iframe> element is exposed across domains by its name attribute
724873 Don't include nsString.h in nsIXPathEvaluatorInternal.h
739808 rm null closure no-clone optimization
705174 Scrolling is extremely slow on onLoad
725655 gcc 4.7 build failures (missing headers)
719895 nsComponentManagerImpl::KnownModule::Load should not return a nsresult
699033 [ANGLE] Assertion `typeName' failed // Parser Crash [@ TType::TType]
724079 Use the mac profiler backend again
724145 telemetry for search hijacking
723618 compile errors on Mac OS X 10.7 targeting 10.6 SDK
725667 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_CALLNAME
725668 [New Tab Page] Typo in NewTabUtils.jsm - undefined variable
713383 Directly viewed images should be printed with a transparent background on the body
694952 Crash at startup under valgrind
597689 Attempt to sort optional toolbar items in order of popularity
725674 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_LAMBDA and JSOP_DEFLOCALFUN
721579 Remove rt->gcTriggerBytes and rt->gcLastBytes
679026 Add gcMallocBytes per compartment
737966 Evaluating nsIXMLHttpRequest.responseText throws on certain parsing errors
684720 NetworkGeolocationProvider.js uses a sync xhr
724210 don't use canvas to take screenshots for tab thumbnails
627379 Add test for @hidden attribute
694964 crash [@ gfxSharedImageSurface::Open] when a layer is painted twice in the same transaction
676533 /restartTests/testDiscoveryPane_UpAndComingModule/test1.js sometime fails due to a TimeoutError
393910 Serialize "0" as "0px" for lengths instead of "0pt"
657524 Audit jsopcode.cpp for use of *pc that doesn't take traps into account
719647 Add Touch Event support to Gonk widget backend
731837 GC: investigate pause time increase between Aurora and Nightly
709310 Implement Handling of 5xxs, X-Weave-Backoff, Retry-After.
717504 Intermittent test_overlapping_transactions.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: -2147483645)…
717506 telemetry for xforms use
711935 Crash in XPC_WN_GetterSetter @ msvcr80.dll@0x14500 while dragging a tab with TorButton 1.4.5
725700 Keyboard arrow keys and scrollbar buttons should have consistent scrolling distances
563318 switch trunk builds to use Visual C++ 2010
428742 when show appropriate warnings on quit/restart
717511 Bad intersection of injected HTTP headers leads to Content Security Policy (CSP) Bypass
723656 IonMonkey: Remove OSI mumbo jumbo from generateVMWrapper()s.
713417 Crash [@ nsIRange::UnregisterCommonAncestor] with designMode
703178 Build warnings in security/manager/ssl/src/ [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
96971 Move GetSystemFont from nsIDeviceContext to nsILookAndFeel (?)
697040 The Script Debugger onNewScript notifications don't always fire
717521 Moving the map in Bing Maps locks my X11
715474 Successive zombie compartments with add-on "Screengrab (fix version)" 0.96.3c
720675 OOM Crash [@ JSString::isFlat] with NULL deref
705236 Allow trailing separator in SMIL values list
750293 Right margin (in ltr context) can cause overflow
584407 Create popup menu for inspector HTML panel
723672 IonMonkey: Remove unnecessary MIR conversion op in jsop_pos
729817 freezes and crashes @ when on github
580314 Move jstl into mozilla/tl
725723 rename reftests/flexbox/ to reftests/box
721628 A slew of JS memory reporter clean-ups
715260 Remove Web Apps shortcut intent from allowing one to add the Android widget
724773 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !ranges_.empty(), at js/src/ion/LinearScan.h:289
723680 Fix failing test layout/reftests/transform-3d/preserve3d-1a.html
716136 Add JSGC_GENERATIONAL flag to build system
727163 fix compiler warnings in accessible/
717540 Don't use JS_Assert in MFBT
691801 nsPluginNativeWindowWin.cpp: 'return' : truncation from 'nsresult' to 'bool'
739793 allow passing previous version to post-upgrade homepage override URL
725736 getaddrinfo and related functions are not wrapped since bug 683127 part 2
721642 js/src/jsproxy.cpp's proxy_TraceObject need not handle function proxies
713451 B2G RIL: Handle request errors
723444 Angry Birds is running jerky
723069 The debugger should allow breakpoints to be set in the embedded editor
699121 Style Editor should save file:// URLs immediately
722163 Convert JumpListBuilder to use LazyIdleThread
725747 [B2G] Huge regression in WebGL panning speed on Galaxy S 2 after switch to FBOs
724094 Use fTexImage2D instead of TexSubImage2D when uploading full width
725750 Restore auto-Mozilla network joining hack
660215 Remove .local from PSL
725752 BBP for XBL protos
732719 Assertion failure: allocated(), at ../../jsgc.h:495 or Crash [@ markIfUnmarked]
711418 Font inflation has no effect on sites with html, body { height: 100% } or similar (e.g.,
738043 getPref() isn't working in custom.cfg file after upgrading to TB11 (MCD/autoconf)
705276 Split style inspector CSS between content & document CSS
731901 update.status telemetry ping is not reporting correctly
740094 Bookmarks folder icons don't appear anymore
721663 Crash in unpackImageRow @ CGAccessSessionGetBytes on Mac OS X 10.5 while printing or previewing
688897 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL layout/reftests/border-image/470250-2.html | image comparison (==)
623362 nanojit: avoid harmless race on nHints[]
518915 NPAPI claims NPWindow::clipRect is only used on Mac, but that's not true
725765 Sprinter cleanup
736007 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.sync.repositories.Server11RepositorySession$Rec…
725768 BBP for ObjectHolders
640917 Make SVG foreignObject a CSS fixed position containing block
596439 give searches from url bar a unique parameter to distinguish it from search bar
688908 Update .asia listing in PSL comment
725773 Only compress touch move events on Gonk
707342 Intermittent browser_webconsole_completion.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through…
724781 Java related crash with deleted this | [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::Destroy() ] [@ nsObjectFrame::SetI…
723728 15% slowdown on Emscripten-generated code since bug 718128
690965 "ASSERTION: Cannot get transform matrix for a null frame!"
757262 Youtube keeps playing audio after closing
646276 Images are all blocky
709402 Form history repository layer
697115 [CC] add additional information to cycle collector's error console logging
693021 Intermittent test_seek.html | Exited with code 1 during test run from "Assertion failure: !aOther.Is…
742174 Allow empty Location headers again
684831 Tidy up about:license
723746 regression: XUL Fennec uses non-tablet layout on ICS tablets
320294 too much space between upright <mi> elements
723754 gtk2compat.h:219:8: warning: C++ style comments are not allowed in ISO C90
736391 Don't store places record
725804 Don't add active network requests (XHR, WebSocket, EventSource) to CC graph
717613 Make sure the primary selection is not updated too often in the Source Editor
709423 IonMonkey: Extend callWithABI to work with float arguments
724129 crash in nsXBLDocumentInfo::cycleCollection::Traverse (caused by addons?)
662324 Add "Fill" and "Fit" position support for "Set As Desktop Background..."
707382 Merge nsIDOMDataTransfer and nsIDOMNSDataTransfer
721719 Font issue: Two characters painted at same position (ICS)
719674 JS Crash on heap with invalid memory being executed
723772 regression: Panning in XUL fennec does not start until finger is removed from screen.
717631 Selection in Scratchpad behaves strangely if selecting into the gutter
406336 nsIArray documentation (IndexOf, enumerate) is wrong.
721729 GCLI failed to update page resources when page changes
734019 The big picture hangs , and finally Browser crashes with null signature
416581 style system should use better language information for choosing font preferences
719686 Assertion failure: (d.lengthAndFlags & FLAGS_MASK) == DEPENDENT_BIT, at js/src/vm/String.h:340 or Cr…
473569 Restrict text-position to allowed values
709448 File input click() handling should perhaps allow openControlled popups
721737 Make sure that Makefiles needed for repacks are there for xulrunner firefox repacks.
699210 Add memory reporter for base shapes
723767 IonMonkey: Fix nomethodjit build
719560 Can't publish split native and xul builds under the same product on android market
721741 Make Flash plugins work on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
714650 Assertion failure: !inDictionaryMode(), at jsscope.cpp:612
694287 Bottom edge of forward button interferes with back button
716014 Investigate if we could use CompartmentGC more often
609107 [Windows] Update dropmarkers for main window.
729940 Stop using crappy hashing functions in Gecko
723797 Delayload oleacc.dll
572659 Don't expose the Gecko patch level (13.X.Y) in the UA string, only show the major version (13.X)
723799 Use mallocSizeOf in the DOM memory reporters
725848 Worker hang at shutdown with XHR
717659 add telemetry for reflow in background tabs
707386 Remove use of drag session from treebodyframe
721758 Beta builds should be able to apply release mars
723808 disallow inheriting of system principal in type=content docshells
656225 [A11Y]New profile item in firefox4.0 user profile dialog is not accessible.
721762 After having dragged the bookmark tool bar button that a menu had been opened , Drag drop functions …
722406 Cleanup nsHTMLEditor::SetCaretInTableCell
725862 Allow test_websocket.html to be run in a loop to track down oranges
725137 RIL: process registration state + GPRS registration state
725867 Optimize anon content in BBP
721772 Only accumulate ISimpleDOM usage bool for Telemetry once.
725869 Set the plugin hang timeout back to 45s
699247 Remove support for executing on Windows 2000
721777 Capture calls to redirect them depending on their target
725875 Gridtube 1.4.3 add-on causes a single zombie compartment
721780 Rename XRE_Main to something more useful
525175 Fix timing issue with test_name_nsRootAcc.xul on Linux.
723833 IAccessibleText::setCaretOffset on location or search bar causes focus to jump
725885 Worker interval timers can be deleted prematurely.
725888 Unfriend js_GetClassPrototype, and remove a bunch of calls to it
721794 Add SAMPLE_LABEL for cycle collector entry points
722411 Cleanup nsPlaintextEditor::GetAndInitDocEncoder
725897 Remove the inaccurate nsSVGUtils::ToAppPixelRect, and use nsLayoutUtils::RoundGfxRectToAppRect inste…
701322 prefs.js comment points to obsolete location
740235 Prevent about:home from creating a full window component alpha layer
711564 [10.5] Firefox Crash [@ GLEngine@0x620cf ]
725901 RIL: Data call fixes
705422 Remove all cookies button not disabled when filter is applied via Page Info dialog
721807 APKOpen.cpp fails to compile on X86 android
719760 Shockwave for Director plugin keeps on crashing
452781 Allow specifying wildcard that matches all simple netbiosnames in network.automatic-ntlm-auth.truste…
740242 | Received unexpected exception while running application ''NoneType' object has no attr…
652179 MIPS: Select endian/float tests on target
705429 Remove dead code: txNamespaceMap::lookupNamespace(const nsAString&)
705430 Remove dead code: txXPathNodeUtils::getDocument
740247 Follow up: HTTP 412 Error due to inconsistent server & local timestamps
705432 Remove dead code: txResultRecycler::getNodeSet(const txXPathNode&, txNodeSet**)
453530 Distributed feed updating will cause frequent temp table syncs (and fsyncs), make livemarks dynamic …
215963 clean up nsJISx4501LineBreaker (sic)
713628 [IMM] Do nothing if composition string isn't changed even when WM_IME_COMPOSITION is received
721821 diacritics in RTL text (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic) are displayed incorrectly in SVG
725918 "ASSERTION: No pattern returned from paint server"
402335 [Meta] Leak bugs hit or found during manual testing (litmus testcases/extension testing)
627616 font-face fonts not loaded over authenticating proxy
723873 setting about:newtab as homepage should place the cursor in the location bar at startup
701347 scratchpad (orion): ctrl-v, Edit/Paste, Right Menu Paste all do not paste
725925 ShadowableThebesLayer does useless extra composite into 1x1 fake surface
719782 Addon Customize Your Web causes zombie compartment
648690 Update libpng to version 1.5.9
711601 B2G Bluetooth Boiler Plate
724467 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: !unknownProperties(),"
693172 Move all subclasses of nsDOMEventTargetHelper to nsDOMEventTargetWrapperCache, and then merge the cl…
723894 Firefox 13.0a1 Crash @ JSAutoEnterCompartment::enter
732087 Assertion failure: addr % Cell::CellSize == 0, at ../../jsgc.h:861 or Crash [@ js::gc::ChunkBitmap::…
718324 [Linux, QT] "Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file: bin/chrome/icons/defaul…
735741 Clean up about:home
723939 Linker needs to align to 16k boundaries on armv6
729248 Smarter upload of our clients record
723907 reftest: intermittent "TimeoutError: command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed" on shutdown
725956 Do Not Track Plus addon (fully reviewed) 2.0.3 causes zombie compartments
701383 Intermittent test_websocket.html | Exited with code 1 from "###!!! ABORT: Current message in progres…
724864 perfprobe.cpp doesn't compile on mingw
420811 Change broken-image.gif and loading-image.gif to PNGs
619469 animation should be disabled for failing conditional-processing conditions
534349 Assertion Failure: New Context, Property Cache Enable, Concurrent GC
732951 EnsureMutable() returns true (success) even when it failed due to OOM
709585 Add API to shut down and reboot device
725970 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_GETFCSLOT
740306 Back button does not dismiss the keyboard in awesomebar
709589 Some engine manager cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews
709590 Listen for orientation changes to implement screen rotation in gonk widget backend
658937 The Status Bar hides the search results when using Find Again and the Find Bar is closed
660441 removal of cx parameter from IsAboutToBeFinalized
711642 ResizeOffscreenFBO should deguarantee that it does anything but resize the FBO
723791 fun_getProperty needs a method barrier
728028 simile timeplot display regressed between firefox 10 and 12
696242 Pass arrays and lengths separately less often, and pass just the array more often, inferring the arr…
734177 Add tests for BrowserProvider
713632 Unused variable 'doc' in nsPluginInstanceOwner::CreateWidget
711653 SVGFilter out of bounds read (Address Sanitizer)
723942 ImageLayerD3D*.cpp does not compile on mingw
711656 Firefox 11.0a1 Crash in TextStageManager::AddStagesForSubrect with Intel GMA X4500HD, 4500MHD, and H…
721897 migration plan for sm-valgrind01
727135 GC: indirect ID marking
723111 Make it easier to completely unwrap an object
725647 [SeaMonkey] mochitest-a11y: test_embeds.xul needs to support non-Firefox applications too
725998 get rid nsAccessibilityService::GetAccessibleOrContainer and GetContainerAccessible
701423 Log the id and classes of an element in cycle collector dumps
732147 Send tab to device: receiving pushed tabs
726004 Fix bmp/ico orange (bug 721917) by listening for image data errors
687093 Clicking on a stack frame in the debugger should put the caret in the proper source line
726007 Add telemetry probes for forgetSkippable
730105 top sites takes almost 3 seconds to load content
735660 Fix db migrations in BrowserProvider
724476 WebGL noticeably slower recently on Firefox 12 & 13 with D3D9
721920 Honor the 'lang' attribute on SVG as we do in HTML
650241 Location returned by accessibles sometimes incorrect when page zoomed
726018 Don't update top site screenshots when receiving 404, 500, etc results
734211 Expose API for querying the existence of Sync accounts, creating accounts
719877 Tilt should use Highlighter's zoom property (screenPixelsPerCSSPixel) instead of markupDocumentViewe…
720385 Implement index property on <option> in <datalist>
727477 Battery API: On Galaxy Nexus, the Battery API reports "charging" and "full" even if not full and no…
724563 Set network.http.spdy.enabled true 2/7
721933 add way to invoke a compartmental GC via the API with a reason
702158 [Skia] Get Skia backend working on Linux
553999 A simple file that containts 1023 Unix LF chars kills Firefox, but it works on IE, Chrome, Opera, Sa…
715792 Process client record commands
750424 nsXULPrototypeNode::Release should add itself to the purple buffer
721939 "Assertion failure: vp[1].isObject(),"
728086 Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at ../../jsval.h:796 or Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::alloc…
736279 Followup to fix bugs in about:home Visual Refresh
719896 gInitialized in nsParserModule.cpp isn't necessary
723473 Crash in nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::SetUpStreamListener @ nsHttpHeaderArray::VisitHeaders with Flas…
721947 don't use nsIWeakShell
752668 Wrong array access in media/libtheora/lib/decode.c causes crash
704223 styles added in data urls are displayed badly in the rule view
726864 package the wakeupservice in Firefox
283681 [Meta] PREfast issues
731024 Unsupported record types causes Android Sync to reorder folders containing livemarks/queries/separat…
703523 #ifdef windows and crash reporter specific parts of browser.js
693284 non-debuggable builds (MOZILLA_OFFICIAL) don't expose extracted libraries to gdb
723659 crash PresShell::DidDoReflow
723121 [New Tab Page] Dragging and clicking on a thumbnail freezes the thumbnail grid
736296 StrictMode violation: DatabaseObjectNotClosedException from AboutHomeContent.loadTopSites()
328745 toSource: unnecessary sharp variables
585563 The inspector style panel should link to the CSS editor
719916 style inspector loses focus after entering attribute name
723122 fix clang build
705582 add async purplebuffer-cleanup phase to CC?
720380 Assertion failure: lastProperty()->hasSlot() && getSlot(lastProperty()->slot()).isUndefined(), at js…
723864 Remove dead default cases in gfx
683059 Crash [@ nsObjectFrame::IsOpaque] with applet and changing style onunload
723806 JS CTypes prints function types incorrectly
613319 move gcRootsHash and gcLocksHash into compartment
723796 rename nsAccessible::GetAllowsAnonChildAccessibles
657588 [adbe 2875277] Crash [@ std::_Construct<MessageLoop::PendingTask, MessageLoop::PendingTask>(MessageL…
705594 optimize system font fallback
738049 Use LayoutInflater.Factory to optimize rendering custom views
715274 Update styling of History and bookmark folder subheadings for pre-Honeycomb
720591 NoSquint 2.1.2 add-on causes zombie compartments
712109 Implement non-fatal chromehang by turning on frame-pointers on a branch
586818 Renable test for chrome://mochikit/content/a11y/accessible/test_name_nsRootAcc.xul | Test timed out.
719841 Do not innerize an object assigned to __proto__
707654 embeds relation on root accessible can return not content document
723809 TestTArray.cpp:886:28: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-c…
715849 yasm and GNU as should add debug flag if MOZ_DEBUG_SYMBOLS=1
727223 "Assertion failure: !obj->isBlock(),"
746572 Inline autocomplete release tracking
754766 Can't post tweets on web Tweetdeck in FF 15, 14, and 13
717904 Add-ons Manager is broken after installing an extension with browser restart
726097 Hit testing broken
621708 Update .au entry in PSL
730196 Frequent Windows build timeouts during make_pkg or make package pretty buildstep, often with a "--- …
724281 suspend-02.svg fails randomly
724886 Push images from plugins instead of pulling from nsObjectFrame
722808 XUL Fennec nightly build fails with "L10NBASEDIR not defined by configure" in embedding/android/loca…
724709 Bring EnsureTextRun docs up to date.
731663 Port |Bug 593566 - Bookmarks with blank name are wrongly exported (broken codepage symbols in the ex…
721082 Percentages in -moz-perspective-origin aren't relative to element's border box
736352 Aborting… doesn't.
539601 window.sizeMode incorrect when using full screen mode
726115 GC: indirect JSTraceCallback
717924 Move the HTML tree view in the Page Inspector above the inspector toolbar
722021 Assertion failure: key.index() >= 0, at methodjit/BaseAssembler.h:788
722023 Assertion failure: !isIndex(&dummy), at js/src/vm/String.h:857
499093 Fix discrepancy between tr count and row count in nsHTMLTableAccessible::IsProbablyForLayout
592743 Style inspector specificity calculator makes mistakes
722028 Assertion failure: static_cast<Cell *>(thing)->isMarked(), at jsgc.cpp:3670
588909 Replace Gecko/<date> with Gecko/<version> in UA string
719982 Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart | Modal dialog has been found and proces…
719983 Replace uses of nsUXThemeData::sIsVistaOrLater with WinUtils version routines
747871 Enable IDN for .fr/ .re/ .pm/ .tf/ .yt/ .wf domains
722035 Use 'content' instead of shell.home where it is possible
717524 Google Labs SMS channels website shows garbage characters
722037 Security warning (viewing_mixed) shown on secure page which has images with javascript protocol
724717 Firefox 13.0a1 Crash Report [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::CARefresh ]
737129 Possible Exploitable Crashes with Low Memory [@ nsiNodeInfo::NodeInfoManager ] with js::mjit::EnterM…
322068 searching bookmarks should not find nor show live bookmarks children
719994 loads of principal-inheriting URIs (e.g. javascript:) on chrome-privileged pages (e.g. about:session…
739519 Timed Sync is throwing HTTPFailureException 412 error
734332 Remove unused 'Tab:Selected:Done' message
728190 Assertion failure: kind == GetGCThingTraceKind(thing), at js/src/jsgcmark.cpp:219 or Crash [@ JSStri…
726799 "Assertion failure: !f.fp()->finishedInInterpreter()," with mjitChunkLimit
727140 MAPLE: crash [@ TouchBadMemory]
664707 Unable to use drop-down list (<select>) in a div with transform:translate
640132 Status/link panel gets in way (obscures a find result at bottom-right side of page)
724502 UpdateTransformLayer and UpdateOpacityLayer change hints incorrectly merged by style change processi…
717958 OMTC: Access to OGL FPS counter preference should only happen on the main thread
727233 don't delete an interface
441481 excessive IO on urlclassifier3.sqlite
717963 Use getBrowserURL() in Firefox tests to ease porting them, part 1
691340 IonMonkey: Implement JSOP_INITELEM
719042 Tilt should use the new Highlighter API
723313 Stop using conservative stack scanner for VM stack marking
723480 Single touch broken in Feb 1 2012 XUL Nightly
704977 Awesomeness calculation should use nicer recency decay
722068 Sub-tile invalidation isn't working properly on pages with animations
696174 add way to grab JS heap dump at the same time as the CC dump
722071 Implement array style indexing for SVGStringList
715928 thumbnails not updated (or not able to be generated for some internal pages?)
726212 "Assertion failure: isDenseArray() && idx < getDenseArrayInitializedLength(), at ../jsobjinlines.h:5…
722075 testing/mochitest/tests/browser/ has commented-out lines before $(NULL)
707740 Ability to lock in a pseudo class in the page inspector
515232 "distribution" searchplugins dont work for complex general.useragent.locale
730273 Hardcoded add-on's on about:home linked to wrong base URL
726180 IonMonkey: bad code generated for if (a || b)
726182 Add JS_GetFunctionPrototype
725873 Back out bug 716538 from Aurora on February 16th
724137 Support debug trace printouts in EGL
715946 getComputedStyle().MozTransformOrigin and MozPerspectiveOrigin sometime return percentages
705707 Style Inspector doesn't take into account chrome:// stylesheets
691373 IonMonkey: Implement JSOP_TYPEOF
734382 Don't show the list of activities if there is only one
730289 Filepicker should allow picking or capturing media instead of having a specific button for capture
724146 IonMonkey: Fix invalidation crash on x64
722100 Use ondblclick instead of hard-coded time interval to detect double clicks on ui.js
732343 Crash in CNavDTD::OpenContainer @ SinkContext::OpenContainer
731613 No way to exit safe mode after it's triggered by crashes when Nightly is started with the -profilema…
695482 "Search Google for <selection>" should open in the foreground, not be governed by loadInBackground p…
712223 [highlighter] Breadcrumbs bar doesn't always have the same size on Windows and Linux
736444 replace abouthome/noise.png with reasonably sized copy from about:newtab
710176 Socket transport service thread pegs the CPU spinning to send data on a SSL socket that is blocking …
726210 IonMonkey: add various push functions to ARM
718020 test_bug583889.html: "Error: uncaught exception: [object StopIteration]"
736456 captureAndStore callback may try to access destroyed browser
722121 Remove CheckRedeclaration
726218 Fix totally wrong OOM handling in MapObject.cpp
726220 IonMonkey: ContainsCodeAddress has an off by 1 error
726221 IonMonkey: branch tables also need to have their offsets updated to account for pools
713934 Update PSM to use SSL_AuthCertificateComplete instead of SSL_RestartHandshakeAfterAuthCertificate
726223 Map and Set constructors should take a single optional iterable argument
713936 Update mozilla-central + mozilla-aurora +mozilla-beta to NSS 3.13.2 final release (requires NSPR 4.9…
722129 Tilt visualization mesh isn't correctly positioned when scrollbars are present or when the document …
726226 IonMonkey: reverse Pool code does not use the correct pool
596515 Add a possibility of styling form:invalid
738516 Auth cache should be set for all requests, not just authenticated requests
754894 Catalog sheet code is broken at least in unpackaged build
726230 Remove JSIntn, JSUintn
719164 Silence glxtest to get rid of spurious messages from the GL
701656 transform 3D don't work in transform 3D element
724516 Unregress handling of large standalone images that should span multiple pages when printing
745679 Heap-use-after-free in indexedDB::IDBKeyRange::cycleCollection::Trace
726236 IonMonkey: give actualOffset a sane type
711901 Use mallocSizeOf in the source image memory reporters
738526 SessionStore TabValue APIs are busted
738527 Syntax error breaks removing closed tabs
726241 XHR should not double AddFeature itself.
724091 give searches from the context menu a unique parameter to distinguish them from other searches
740581 Make about:home's Sync button label localizable
703718 Unify dbg-server.js and dbg-server.jsm
724177 30-50ms (5%) Firefox startup speed optimization on Windows in nsLocalFileWin
603370 Reorder symbols when linking libxul
724203 Optimize nsLocalFile::IsDirectory on Windows by 50% giving 5ms startup improvement
713965 De-generify the deletion APIs
707131 GCLI Completer could be simplified if repeated spans are not a performance issue
724207 Save 15-20ms on startup from unused file attributes fetch when opening files
723496 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: live->empty(), at ion/LinearScan.cpp:670
726258 Horizontal scrollbar doesn't appear on overflow:auto block with horizontal overflow and auto height …
726259 bookmarks toolbar top border
722164 Investigate Azure Quartz Interpolation Quality
572661 Don't expose the Gecko build date in the UA string
410870 Favicon not used for some feeds after visiting an entry
738554 Some robocop tests have race conditions that could result in timeouts
546044 Printing MathML: mfrac and msqrt bars are too thick
690771 Implement the debugger pause request (at the main loop)
696533 Add-ons preferences
722176 Inline autocomplete becomes inactive after deleting an entry in location bar history
443649 RSS feed stories appearing in search results for All Bookmarks
720130 tab key should not focus <object> nodes
732941 OOM Crash [@ nsCOMArray<nsISelectionListener>::operator[]] due to unhandled alloc failure in nsTyped…
693510 drop support for prefixes from border-radius* and box-shadow
724231 applying synthetic styles to a GDI font entry may result in garbage text (incorrect glyphs rendered)
715308 Decode ::Draw()'n images before other images
716042 GC: missing barriers in TradeGuts
695857 update harfbuzz to latest code from upstream
717698 Add support infrastructure for about:jank
726287 misc decomtamination in nsHypertextAccessible
723843 UI Enhancer add-on causes immortal zombie compartments
722196 Rule view not showing media query information
735790 Tab thumbnails only scale 3/4 of the window
715867 sizemodechange event fires during resizing on mac, even when sizemode/windowState doesn't change
410904 http_referer request not being sent with embedded flash
708484 Add camera capture stream provider for gonk (temporary solution)
726298 Expose Map and Set size
722479 browser/components/thumbnails/test/ tests leak chrome://global/content/mozilla.xhtml
724252 Don't QI in nsDocument::GetDefaultView
740637 Better handling of unexpected failures during info/collections fetch
722206 Change layout/reftests/bidi/718236-1.html to avoid subpixel failures on win7 unaccelerated (and 7182…
724256 Optimize move file calls on Windows, saving about 2ms per call (1 call on startup)
677154 Detached document accessibility tree
722139 Turn on harfbuzz shaper by default for Hebrew on all platforms
724260 Add nsHTMLEditRules::IsInListItem(nsINode* aNode)
716069 GC: missing barriers in NewObjectCache::newObjectFromHit
699686 when the list of AP cause the request URL to be > 2000 chars, no geo is returned
341287 LOG_SCOPE macro in ImageLogging.h doesn't do what it looks like
724264 Consolidate code that checks whether an element has a non-_moz_dirty attribute
697641 Implement proximity sensor backend for android
718122 IonMonkey: OSI register discrepancy between LIR and callVM
724268 Simplify nsHTMLCSSUtils::GetDefaultViewCSS
724269 Add nsHTMLCSSUtils::IsCSSEditableProperty(nsIContent*)
724270 Use nsINode in nsHTMLCSSUtils::GetCSSEquivalentToHTMLInlineStyleSet/GenerateCSSDeclarationsFromHTMLS…
716080 Restore Previous Session does not re-use blank tabs
722225 Improve Firefox startup speed by ~5% (-70ms) on Windows by optimizing D3D10CreateDevice1
697651 With patches in bug 90268, display:none autoplay youtube video embeds now autoplay
609588 Remove all cookies button is disabled in search results
732382 Save As PDF freezes the application
724278 fix -Wset-but-unused-variable warnings in nsJSNPRuntime.cpp
712243 cleanup nsNotifyAddrListener
738617 'let' reserved keyword breaks some websites
726331 make nsComputedDOMStyle a cycle-collector skippable class
724284 use after free in nsXBLDocumentInfo::ReadPrototypeBindings
719754 Rewrite a11y tests that put <tabbrowser> in random XUL documents and expect it to work
701758 Support for MathJax fonts
499008 Move editor over to new drag and drop api
435521 Crash in [@ GeckoNSMenu performKeyEquivalent] when rapidly cycling DM window
724292 Android Marketplace activity opening issue
722245 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: unexpected operand kind, at ion/x86/Assembler-x86.h:260
726343 Improve DOMEventTargetHelper CC logging
722248 Some chrome accessibles report incorrect visibility states
723852 Use a runnable for canvas.mozFetchAsStream()
677194 Assertion failure: !JSVAL_IS_PRIMITIVE(val) in nsDOMConstructor::HasInstance
720439 GC: make jsgcchunk's backend allocator take arbitrary size and alignment
423949 Content can exploit FireBug using __scope__ (Fx2 only)
451918 Remove |APP_XPCOM_LIBS| from /browser/
723853 Remove dead default cases in content/canvas
720208 Implement DOM4 DOMException types and codes
722260 Assertion failure: a.asBits == b.asBits, at js/src/builtin/MapObject.cpp:99
724310 Drop cx argument from JSObject field and fixed slots infallible API
690404 Simplify the script name in the script debugger
725903 PathExtentsToMaxStrokeExtents needs to take a transform argument
726364 "ASSERTION: unexpected disconnected nodes" with range, splitText, mutation event
716127 Always sharing Geolocation fails to determine location on every other reload
722273 [New Tab Page] clear internal links cache on 'browser:purge-session-history'
687459 Effective TLD list does not include and domains
707940 Rule view should maintain user entered values
726374 [CC] clean up COLLECT_TIME_DEBUG
312680 unknown protocol error produces dialog instead of error page
676071 Use ANGLE's identifier name mapping to avoid tickling drivers with long identifiers
726380 "Assertion failure: !maybeShared()" with regexp.compile
696210 Make DidAnimate methods non-virtual now that all overrides have been eliminated
699758 The SVG map in IE's "Best Practices for Getting Started with SVG" blog doesn't work
723517 Drop cx argument from JS_GetClass(cx, obj)
695796 Use Breakpad symbol tools for SPS
460146 CSS3 border-image images should appear in Page Info -> Media
722238 IonMonkey: implement simpler mechanism for On Stack Invalidation
614974 Drag & Drop of text with a contenteditable in the document ignores dataTransfer rewrites
707959 add telemetry to determine effectiveness of font and shaped-word caching
726392 Text with "-moz-text-align-last: right" does not hug the right as the window widens
726393 crash [@ java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.processKeyDown(Ge…
696291 Support ARM soft-float in JM
718203 prevent self-XSS in homepage icon (disallow javascript: drops)
714109 Add missing post write barriers on Generators
723861 and are missing in Gecko10.0 for both Win & Mac
722305 Remove contentAreaClick's redundant return value
726402 Intermittent test_bug369370.html | image width - got 400, expected 378, | image height - got 300, ex…
492931 Case change algorithm in DOM should use ASCII upper/lowercasing
689540 Expose IA2 margin- object attributes
704406 Add support for showing and hiding restart doorhangers in Add-on Manager
738695 Remove some redundant and unused IME code: mComposing and returnIMEQueryResult
724362 Remove DOS carriage returns from CanvasImageCache
722315 Increase Firefox startup speed by ~5% (-76ms) on Windows by lazy loading CLSID_DragDropHelper
722318 Fix race in connect_to_supplicant
728301 Enable new security checks only for the service (Temporarily)
726416 Fix some content/ build warnings
726417 Signed/unsigned comparison in nsCacheMetaData::UnflattenMetaData
707987 Ability to set breakpoints in the Source Editor (orion)
726420 unicode-bidi:plaintext should make all-neutral paragraphs LTR
725230 Enable and fix assertions in linker code
650649 url-classifier bloat (memory use grows slowly even in new profile, idle browser, showing blank tab)
722331 IonMonkey: Bailing out when unboxing OSR values
718284 Cycle collector crash when using the default Wikipedia(en) search plugin with HTTPS-Everywhere
726429 JS_ValueToString fails to convert integers to string because static string setup can trigger gc in m…
568734 Some decompiled code with sharps does not compile
695711 js/src is not built with -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections when topsrcdir is.
718240 Fennec carries out a full session restore when killed
740769 [Thunderbird, OSX 10.6] Intermittent "test_bug325418.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0)…
726434 Return DOMString for XMLHttpRequest.getAllResponseHeaders()
720291 Intermittent browser_styleeditor_new.js | content's background color has been updated to red - Got r…
683429 Remove nsDebugDetector
710054 Add {nsString,nsCString}::SizeOf{In,Ex}cludingThis
726440 The star panel should not replace the header with itself each time it's opened
726442 [meta] Run the CC less often by removing childless nodes from the purple buffer
726443 Time range is not selectable by mouse when “Clear recent history” is opened via shortcut
722348 remove JSRuntime::requestCount
718253 Critical omission from en-us spelling dictionary
718254 IPDL unit test harness doesn't compile
595375 Crash @ _d2d_compute_bitmap_mem_size
722352 Modify Google Search String Attributes
735475 Generalize shouldIgnore
725920 Firefox extremely slow when loading my Ogre3d port
738741 No way to distinguish between KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER and KEYCODE_ENTER
726346 Implement a version of nsICycleCollectorListener for devtools
458167 Fix bad usage of "it's" (and other misc typos) in comments
640443 Absolute position within relatively positions flexible box elements doesn't work
728509 Crash [@ js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT] with mjitChunkLimit
724414 ABORT: comparing iterators over different lists: 'mListLink == aOther.mListLink' | ASSERTION: aForFr…
601535 content/media should use CheckedInt.h
720320 Starting Firefox with Wifi offline causes stays in offline, and no visual indication of offline mode…
726465 eCSSUnit_Turn is missing from nsCSSValue::SizeOfExcludingThis
718274 Add a ::DispatchUntrustedEvent and ::DispatchEvent to nsContentUtils
737867 Apply ViewHolder pattern on AwesomeBar listviews
735137 Strict mode violation in TabsTray.onCreate
646600 Incorrect behavior (and decompilation) when sharps are nearby
716233 Use Roboto as default on ICS
726474 Exiting fullscreen by clicking in other monitor breaks re-entering fullscreen
547063 nanojit: reinstate NJ_COMPILER_ARM_ARCH static assertion in njconfig.cpp
710092 Tests for the RIL worker
701901 Failure in testSearch::testGetMoreSearchEngines.js
718287 Remove plugins ForceRedraw functions
724432 Backout nsChangeHint_UpdateOverflow for all properties except transforms. (bug 719177 etc)
726481 Reduce calls to nsLocalFileWin's IsDirectory by not calling it when enumerating directories
660387 Add TLD to PSL
703692 Source Editor: add support for the focus/blur events
719718 hostxpt is unnecessary
725241 IonMonkey: Add fast paths for iterators
714201 IonMonkey: JSOP_MOD support for ARM
687579 Remove support for globalStorage
693724 IonMonkey: Support monomorphic function calls
723929 Avoid access to uninitialized mLastPaintEndTime
469584 Moving a tab from last to first adds a "selected=false" attribute to all other tabs
724452 use nsFocusManager::GetFocusManager() more
724453 nsTextFrameThebes assumes wrong bool size
726502 nsDeviceMotion::DeviceMotionChanged may index out of bounds mWindowListeners array
726503 FILE_FLAG_SEQUENTIAL_SCAN always being passed for all file IO
724456 nsLineBreaker assumes wrong bool size
738556 Need a reliable and representative talos checkerboarding test
726507 HTML and XUL accessible classes shouldn't use nsAccessibilityService::GetAccessible
722412 Cleanup nsPlaintextEditor::SetDocumentCharacterSet
710125 Reduce LoadLibray/GetProcAddress for user32.dll and oleacc.dll on a11y
722415 Cleanup nsHTMLEditor::GetHTMLBackgroundColorState
722416 Outparamdel nsHTMLCSSUtils::GetElementContainerOrSelf
724465 Http referer on a plugin initiated post request is causing a Http/400 from IIS
722418 Various nsEditor cleanup
722419 Cleanup BeginningOfDocument / GetFirstEditableNode
738804 back out keyword.URL prompting changes
724471 [IMM] two sets of composition events are fired for a composition of Korean IME
722424 Build warning: ‘mozilla::ipc::SyncChannel::mTimeoutMs’ will be initialized after...‘bool mozilla::ip…
681556 Default sandboxName to the caller's filename
736512 Followup to about:home refresh broke long labels
691707 Enumerating new proxy-based DOM bindings should enumerate the prototype too
738812 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/docshell/test/browser/browser_bug435325.js or content/ev…
721065 pyxpt: Report Typelib name(s) when IIDs/names differ
739925 OTS off-by-one may result in arbitrary code execution
715323 nsBuiltinDecoderReader::NotifyDataArrived() should have a 64bit offset parameter
699905 - update_nssckbi - security/nss/TAG-INFO-CKBI
658948 Assertion failure: chars[length] == 0
719446 getComputedStyle().MozTransform shouldn't have "px" in it
723561 Create telemetry stopwatch helper to easily store/retrieve timestamp data
722439 Fennec fails to build with javac 1.7 because of warnings
650760 Create Help menu for Scratchpad
741135 Update Mozilla to NSS 3.13.4
701962 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_NEW with callVM().
722444 Initialize mData for 0 sized surfaces
701965 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_ITER
721493 Cleanup nsHTMLEditor's HasAttr / HasAttrVal
394769 setTimeout/setInterval "lateness" argument breaks expected behavior
708116 Factor out video frame update logic
691419 The command line background graphic should be moved to the devtools directory
721510 Always decode at least one chunk when decoding a rasterimage
722460 gBrowserThumbnails uninit sets a property that has only a getter
693790 "ABORT: Expecting at least one non-identity operand"
722463 Transforms should not work on non-replaced inline elements
738848 FormAssistant null error when Fennec is in background
744993 page block as "Reported Attack Site" even though block should have been removed
736804 Bump iid of MozBlobBuilder
724230 On-demand tile patches are risky and unnecessary without further patches/testing
718374 The Options dialog allows a Library to be set as a Download folder but doesn't preserve the selectio…
718375 Ghostery 2.6.2 and 2.7beta2 cause zombie compartments
715970 Highlighted node should center in the visualization (Tilt)
738859 Increment mActivityDepth for all activities launched from GeckoApp
749156 Failure in /testPasswordManager/testPasswordNotificationBar.js | Expression "id("password-save-notif…
726573 Change .hgignore and .gitignore to ignore Eclipse IDE project files in subdirectories, too
716334 Slow Titlebar/Toolbar rendering when creating a new window
730671 The last paragraph of a right-to-left comment on facebook is shown reversed
726576 Optimize calls to nsLocalFileWin's HasFileAttribute
180771 Controllers and commanddispatchers are scary, same with focusedElement and focusedWindow, maybe some…
724530 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: unexpected type, at ion/Lowering.cpp:626
693811 "Assertion failure: shouldCacheProtoShape(cx, proto, &shouldCache) && shouldCache" in ListBase::nati…
726580 Uninitialised value use in gfxUtils::GetYCbCrToRGBDestFormatAndSize
708149 Handling of unsupported bookmark records
726582 Uninitialised value use in nsSMILCSSProperty::ValueFromString
718391 Ifdef jsshell packaging with MOZ_PACKAGE_JSSHELL
702388 Convert Makefiles to use |TEST_DIRS += foo| instead of |ifdef ENABLE_TESTS \n DIRS += foo|
707037 Revert the update check frequency increase
723501 Mark MemoryReporter_* final
711900 Make Firefox 10 not have more GC/CC related hangs than Firefox 9
726591 Download link on Developer Tools Blog is 404'ing
734784 Clean up includes in content/media
282177 resync xpfe bindings with toolkit widgets
726595 RegExp related memory corruption (SIGTRAP + Valgrind Errors)
519752 Crash @ nsPluginHost::TrySetUpPluginInstance
736845 Remove useless "container" div from about:home
722510 Remove no-longer-used argument from nsBlockFrame::DrainOverflowLines(nsBlockReflowState& aState)
708175 Form controls with fixed width or height shouldn't have their text inflated
702032 investigate mega blobs in the cycle collector graph
651192 Implement new AsyncDrawing model for plugins
724562 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: isLowered(), at ion/MIR.h:422
720467 Use a FBO instead of a PBuffer in GLContextProviderEGL
726612 Not getting Battery API charging events when plugging device into mains power
706134 ARIA listitem shouldn't expose selectable state and pick up aria-selected and aria-checked
756665 Closing a background tab in tablet mode changes the selected tab.
704089 Enable IDN Display for .срб
711269 Intermittent OS X 10.7 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | image/test/reftest/bmp/bmp-24bpp/bmp-size-7x7-…
728672 IBM/LOTUS Sametime meetingroom JAVA applet fails to start
728674 Use-after-free [@ js::mjit::Compiler::bytecodeInChunk]
724579 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::ion::IonFrameIterator::checkInvalidation] or [@ js::ion::IonJSFrameLayout::c…
641025 Incremental GC
723558 login plugin display in blank since 20120201 nightly
723217 White boxes instead of plugin content after tapping to play
732776 Crash on heap [@ js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT] with mjitChunkLimit
752681 Galaxy Note and other mid-sized devices receive XUL Fennec's phone UI, instead of Native Fennec
714346 Zooming out on pages adds white line to top of content
726636 JS Shell: Crashes with call to mjitChunkLimit without arguments
720493 nsIdleService sometimes fails to restart its idle time detection timer
694205 lang attribute not passed to font layout/rendering layer
714352 Listen for NITZ updates from rild
724584 ASSERTION: QueryInterface needed: 'query_result.get() == mRawPtr' in imgRequest::Init
695922 Reinstate or delete the assertions in TokenPos::TokenPos and TokenPos::box
707859 sometimes fires mousemove event after dragstart
722551 Freezing function proxies doesn't work.
722552 Remove xul panel for html tree from browser.xul
720148 ARIA button should expose press action
726975 Tidy up browser/app/ and skip a shell execution
726634 Fix the maximum nodes limitation in Tilt
717077 OSI doesn't actually work on ARM
726656 broken by the rename to omni.ja
687745 URL & SSL/TLS Spoofing and saved password stealing using multiple history.back() and history.forward…
714663 Crash [@ js::HeapPtr] or [@ js::PropDesc::initialize] with Proxy
690419 Script debugger picks the wrong highlighting engine in URLs with a query string
724615 Fix TARGET_CPU usage on ARM
700561 "ASSERTION: Principal mismatch. Expect bad things to happen" with view-source, proto
720521 MozillaMaintenance service does not get uninstalled when Firefox is uninstalled
751242 Some tests fail with "can't access dead object" since patch on bug 695480 has landed
368267 Tracking issues with sharp variables in javascript.
726978 Remove useless NS_New(Native)LocalFile calls in nsBrowserApp.cpp
724455 conformance/textures/texture-mips.html and conformance/textures/texture-npot.html fail on 10.7
736915 Print Selection prints a blank page when the selection is inside a table in SeaMonkey2.8 & Firefox11…
691355 Crash when headphones removed while listening to audio
722581 Add note about stl::List to mfbt/LinkedList.h
727226 mark some classes in content/canvas/src final
721860 addonBar keyboard shortcut enabled in non-browser windows
722586 Correctly update active/inactive browsers
688069 fix String.prototype.{replace,match,search,split} for transparently wrapped regexp args
738976 java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occured while executing doInBackground() at android.os.AsyncTas…
722594 can we remove xpc_CreateMTGlobalObject and mMTCompartmentMap?
722595 Add memory reporters for misc things hanging off JS objects
720838 [Page Thumbnails] Use canvas.mozFetchAsStream()
722598 Crash [@ js::mjit::JITScript::destroyChunk] or "Assertion failure: i < nchunks,"
622247 Remove the hack for bug 23558
696755 automatically open the inspector sidebar on inspect if previously-active
716538 [New Tab Page] Set to enabled by default on Nightly
356011 kfreebsd support
717219 Source Editor should highlight the current line in HTML documents
734893 LinkTextView in the tabs tray can be slow to draw
724654 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: hasGlobal(),"
720559 IonMonkey: Cannot compile functions with JSOP_THIS using OSR.
714416 Support multiple screen orientations in gonk backend
722609 Rename the js-total memory reports
718516 crash @xul!nsOverflowContinuationTracker::SetUpListWalker
407221 Change l10n notes in
730806 Crash [@ js::mjit::Compiler::scanInlineCalls]
715380 Provide telemetry on timers created by webpages
712378 Add interface to control lights
673468 Wrapped JS objects used as keys can disappear from WeakMaps
724938 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::HeapPtr<js::ion::IonCode, unsigned int>::operator]
722622 no_such_method_trace (trace function for NoSuchMethod objects) is unnecessary
710335 about:home - add UI for when there are no thumbnails or no addons
719136 [Azure] Scrolling Wolfram Alpha causes crash
722626 Implement DOMRequest
716628 Support "turn" unit from CSS3 Values and Units
720580 InitClassesWithNewWrappedGlobal should only create one global (with JS_NewCompartmentAndGlobal)
730821 Don't do security enhancements on x64 Windows builds
733979 Opt-only Crash [@ js::gc::MarkInternal]
722636 "Undo Add to Dictionary" context menu is displayed outside of text fields
689870 Add memory reporter for (shared) GPU memory
722639 Needs some automated tests for bug 692145
649564 Intermittent failure in test_socks.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | Component retur…
685781 Addition of to the PSL
542424 "ASSERTION: New (SVG > 1.1) SVG viewport establishing element?"
718557 Clean up DOM Websocket close logic.
726751 OMTC: Fix Maple test
722656 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: entry->prop == shape, at js/src/jsinterp.cpp:1275
696033 Add xperf probes
724706 Use NS_NewBlockFormattingContext instead of NS_NewBlockFrame with the bfc flags.
704227 Corrupted Content Error in the router's web interface
710373 Pressing the vertical slider down arrow with smooth scrolling should move three lines instead of one
722663 open a new tab from Panorama view should reference gWindow.BROWSER_NEW_TAB_URL
726761 deserializing Histogram SampleSets shouldn't check count sums
722666 GCLI will work with node 0.4.9 but package.json claims 0.5.0 minimum
726764 Massive memory leak in BrowserQuest HTML5 game with CoreGraphics Azure backend enabled
501485 investigate new NPAPI plugin unloading strategy
382702 Nonexistant about: url should show an error page rather than throwing a dialog
673405 Rename GetDocAccessible() to Document()
722672 Dropping a .xpi file on about:newtab does not trigger addon installation
708407 The menuitem label is unclickable if toolbarbutton type="menu" with CSS -moz-transform: scaleX(-1)
618051 Enable IDN for .si
720169 IonMonkey: OSR entry executes loop test an extra time
724025 transform-style: flat behavior does not seem to match WebKit or spec
726777 use after free in ~nsXMLHttpRequest
739066 Empty thumbnail (about:blank) entries on about:home and blank rows added to Top Sites after clearing…
720636 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_TelemetryPing.js | false == true
724266 Add dom::Element* nsHTMLCSSUtils::GetElementContainerOrSelf(nsINode* aNode)
720638 B2G RIL: Read MSISDN
724736 Move js::StringBuffer into js/src/vm/StringBuffer{-inl.h,.cpp}
722689 Slay nsCheapSets.h
707862 Reset childCount on SHEntry when all children have been removed
723243 SimpleScaleGestureDetector uses getActionIndex(), which is not available in eclair
673541 [10.7] Problems building on OS X 10.7
719319 unnecessary to use additional OS_LIBS for firefox.exe
702217 OOM crash in nsUrlClassifierStore::ReadPrefixes or nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::SetPrefixes
724161 simplify drag&drop checks for javascript:/data: URIs
661260 don't unregister plugins as content handlers just because they are unloaded
726797 Multi-GPU Detection Broken on Windows Gecko 11
694030 Qatar [.qa] Stub zones addition to PSL
673551 GC: Add environment variable for mark stack size
580814 Error: Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsINavHistoryContainerR…
702225 Implement revised nav bar button appearance on Windows
511762 Unwanted horizontal scrollbars on
739093 Remove the fullscreenflex
725977 Update table cellpadding / cellspacing to spec
706328 IonMonkey: Handle LSetElement for Out-of-Bounds Index.
723588 Tilt outro animation doesn't correctly align the 3D mesh with the 2D webpage if the HTML panel is op…
704285 Include certificates inside updater.exe and use them to verify MARs
560927 Possibility of script injection: FF incorrectly parses & interprets malformed <script> tag
659760 Review patches for HTTP pipelining
674720 WebContacts (or Contacts+)
718629 intermittent waitpid failure causes OpenGL features to be blacklisted on X11
720679 Crash @ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::CancelAllTimeouts while closing Firefox
724776 Selecting a Character Encoding throws a ReferenceError: SetForcedCharset is not defined
722729 Expose API for calling LinkConstructorAndPrototype
724778 Style Editor: Fix toolbars alignment in Firefox 11 and 12 and 13
745712 FillInHTMLTooltip should not use title attributes from XUL ascendants
722734 Add Valueify/Jsvalify signatures for jsclass that work on const pointers
720688 Add the ability to strip MAR signatures
714545 Intermittent crash [@ js::gc::Chunk::releaseArena] during shutdown
716594 OOM crash in nsNSSCertificate::Read
724275 fix -Wswitch warnings
724788 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::FindPropertyHelper] or "Assertion failure: shape_,"
615595 Forms of UTF-16LE documents are encoded in UTF-8, although _charset_ declares UTF-16LE
724790 can we avoid this hasOverriddenArgs funny business?
650784 Implement HTML to plain text conversion as a DOM walker without nsParser dependency
720697 Provide internal API to get canvas image data as nsIInputStream
724796 [New Tab Page] newtab page breaks newtab+undo combo
726845 GC: indirect Value marking
723515 Add telemetry probe for the opening time of the Firefox app menu
722752 Home page shows set up banner even though Sync was just set up
719499 backport 020e61c8efed, 25fe3fddc59e and d377d38a23d3 to aurora
723937 Make sure all the obviously private properties in Tilt start with an underscore
724808 First run import wizard doesn't show up on Firefox 12 and 13
724810 Remove JS_AddExternalStringFinalizer and store the external string finalizer directly in string
539694 accessible objects should have private copy constructor
706381 Java related crash with deleted pointer in esx
726863 Add mobile-specific strings for add-on error messages
712528 win64 buildbot doesn't set WIN32_REDIST_DIR
726866 remove nsIMessageWakeupService interface, since it isn't built
714579 crash in mozilla::a11y::FocusManager::IsFocused @ nsINode::OwnerDoc
720258 Inline autocomplete should only autocomplete URLs you've typed
687958 I'm unable to keyboard to "continue anyway" from the untrusted site page.
717923 Use an icon for the inspect button
722777 Tables with 'transform' property set don't act as abs-pos/fixed-pos containers
724826 nsCategoryImp returns incorrect General Category for certain Unicode values
719503 selection.deleteFromDocument() throws for collapsed selection
716636 Assertion failure: PZ_InMonitor((ss)->firstHandshakeLock) || !ssl_HaveRecvBufLock(ss)
714590 "ASSERTION: no self" with treewalker filter, modified __proto__
724832 Fix mochitest leaks after the latest merge from fx-team
704354 "DragAndDropJacking" (?) + javAscript: URL = XSS
724283 Building with NSIS 2.33u restricts installation on all service packs of Windows XP
724966 All menu is closed without intending after open submenu and move mouse pointer
696166 Write a test for the CssLogic specificity calculator
708455 IonMonkey: Discard JIT code before and after major GCs
726889 rename nsMediaStream
712554 Remove MSVC6 support from Cairo Readme
726891 Move nsAudioStream rate/channels/format members up to base class
657261 Remove proxy-to-main-thread from new async drawing model
726894 Add copy constructor to DebugOnly
595823 100% cpu usage with host local address and failure to see RST's
703774 Intermittent ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | content/chrome/layout/xul/test/test_bug159346.xul | scroll…
724286 Fix TelemetryTimestamps, AddonManagerPrivate global scope pollution and whitelist __SSi
714614 Assertion failure: self->nativeContains(cx, *aprop), at jsscope.cpp:1000
724855 Add the missing nsIObserver interface to nsSmsManager
714616 Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at ../../jsval.h:873 or Crash [@ compartment] or [@ js::arr…
691178 "ASSERTION: should have a JS object by this point" with iframe hash navigation, GC
710594 Adapt WebGL about:memory reporters to the new memory reporting API
704134 [ObjShrink]: Assertion failure: pobj == found, at jsinterp.cpp:1459
712581 Display the property details in the debugger using transitions
724872 IonMonkey: Crash with illegal instruction (--ion-eager)
715953 add telemetry for how many background timeouts are scheduled within 30seconds
718730 [Azure] Fix Direct2D A8 drawtarget snapshots
724875 IonMonkey: Implement write barriers
715074 SIGBUS on unaligned access in Key::EncodeNumber
724711 Remove unused variable from nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::DoReflow
726928 SVG elements disappear while zooming
671634 Useragent should be different between phones and tablets
223125 Closed connection is not reported
612246 /tmp/mozilla-media-cache directory not multi-user safe
722840 Add inherited private browsing attribute to docshells
731034 crash [@ java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: charAt: 1 >= length 1: at android.text.SpannableString…
388079 Deleting multiple cookies deletes wrong ones and/or not all selected
743325 Touch events are broken in XUL Fennec
593822 vbox in tab-view-deck needs an ID
726943 Fullscreen button in HTML video makes the browser go fullscreen but not the video
726944 Remove JSClass::xdrObject and related functionality
608161 SVG SMIL: Don't use HasAttr to test for presence of animated attributes
673698 Intermittent failure test_seek.html | split.webm (or seek.webm) seek test 1: Video currentTime shoul…
745379 Spdy/2 Spec has priority values backwards
716709 RIL: call state on SGS2 has extra uint32
726950 Remove nsObserverBase
726951 <canvas> clip with shadowBlur, has vertical offset
636841 Mac App Store rejects embedded XULRunner for private APIs
724614 3D scaling makes text blurry
724978 nsColumnSetFrame should be an absolute container
735151 Intermittent browser_tilt_picking_highlight02.js | Highlighting a node didn't work properly and | an…
726960 Introduce xpc::NonVoidStringToJsval
726961 Remove unused variable database from IDBIndex::Create
726962 remove stray instances of PRBool that have crept into gfx
737203 Intermittent testBookmark | testBookmark | bookmarks list has 2 children (the bookmark we added and …
620468 "ASSERTION: viewport width must be nonnegative"
726968 Fix some dom/ build warnings
716729 Identify root cause of favicon crash on some Honeycomb/ICS devices' Bookmarks database
691267 HTML input button and HTML 4 button should share the same class
710589 Close button is still displayed in Telemetry notification when selecting Privacy Policy
698303 [Meta] Mark DOM method arguments optional per the DOM4 spec
722880 Support for attribute "width" on mtable
722882 Regression in scripted SVG attribute changes
227268 Subject line in File | Send Link... mail uses strange characters instead of non-ASCII characters (pr…
726981 remove stray instances of PRBool that have crept into content/*
683503 GCLI needs commands to control the debugger
731080 [firefox] Merge Google search plugin changes with google-jp.xml
706506 The debugger refreshes the editor contents on every pause
726988 remove stray instances of PR_TRUE that have crept into WebGL code
698018 Last closed tab in window becomes temporary Zombie compartment with Roboform add-on installed
720846 scriptable PRNetAddr / script access to nsSocketTransport self address.
716751 matchMedia() listeners lost
720468 Add an "*" at the beginning of a file name if the file needs to be saved
722898 IonMonkey: Unwrap StackArg for snapshots
707320 Allow histograms to persist to disk
722124 Profiler cleanup
595926 Purge last traces of REQUIRES from the build system
589784 Remove role="label" aria processing.
638937 Crash when mixing columns, first-letter & float
726964 Remove unused sDOMStringFinalizerIndex
724168 IonMonkey: Invalidated IonScripts are not traced
715785 Make ImageContainers independent of LayerManagers
718816 Orion upstream update (with debugger ruler support code)
432097 Live bookmarks need 15 minutes to reload if connection drops before the first update
756152 disable persistent telemetry to prevent telemetry data loss
719872 [skia] Crash [@ SkTypeface::UniqueID] switching tabs to a Flash document
724967 All clicking action fails after sub menu open and close
637101 (Try to) Ensure screenshots on test timeouts are not taken too late
735209 [ICS] Application icon visible on dismissal of the the clipboard action-bar
721575 backport 020e61c8efed, 25fe3fddc59e and d377d38a23d3 to FF10 ESR 2
722924 Buffer overflow when decoding Ogg Vorbis
696301 Allow sites to enable x-domain window.onerror information
751598 sync Mozilla trees to npapi-sdk r20
724975 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: loop_->loopHeader() == block->loopHeaderOfBackedge(), at ion/AliasAnal…
724976 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: thisArg->useCount() == 0, at ion/IonBuilder.cpp:2202
737265 Correct creation of special folders
751602 compile fixes for drawing models (add ifdefs)
708595 Clarify download history related preferences in the Privacy pane
722933 add -MACHINE option for link.exe
744788 connectionmgr timer tick needs refreshed setTarget if we went offline
452393 Accelerators should not be affected by keyboard layout Part Deux.
496298 Implement ARM NEON optimized IDCT for JPEG decoding