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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.14.0.1See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
722263 New Tab Page: changing browser.newtab.url require restart.
735422 Compilation on Linux ARM is broken
737300 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: defdata->classPrev == __null, at ion/ValueNumbering.cpp:464
737301 make package fails with safe browsing disabled
745494 "ASSERTION: Didn't restore state properly?"
745495 Crash using screen object from removed iframe
737307 universal XSS by confusing docshell with short-circuited loads
745502 pushState crash [@ nsDocShell::AddState]
712735 [CC] Don't add JS holders with no gray children as XPConnect roots
737313 nsCSSFrameConstructor::ConstructInline leaks the inline frame if one of its children fails to constr…
753705 Increase the timeout in waiting for discovery pane to load
745524 Minor code cleanup in PopupNotifications.jsm
745525 Use handleEvent in PopupNotifications
417851 get rid of access check in ComputeGlobalThis
532544 Firefox tears while scrolling on win32
729154 Telemetry for a11y instantiation by unknown cause.
770116 Test failure 'The pane did not load in time: paneTabs ' when switching panes in preferences window
737352 B2G RIL: typo in RIL iccIO
737354 Embedding initialize GL context before gfxPlatform::Init
704589 Support updating of natively-installed apps
745555 line-breaking position is different between Firefox12-Nightly14.0a1 and Firefox11
737364 replace the cx argument with rt in the GC-related API
737365 stop using the cx during finalization
753757 Mozmill test failure /testPrivateBrowsing/testDownloadManagerClosed.js | "Window has been closed. "
737376 Wifi: Shut down the wifi workers cleanly
737379 change Comments to roles::ROLENAME
737381 The Firefox Migrator should use the new migration system
737384 Assertion failure: thing, at js/src/jsgcmark.cpp:7 or Crash [@ js::gc::MarkInternal]
721001 [Mac] password entry fields not identified as such, entering password does not generate typical audi…
335980 "Sorry, don't know how to delete across frame boundaries yet"
737392 Start onResume() observers in a Runnable
737394 Remove CapturePicker.js from
737398 Linux 64-bit debug builds of WebRTC use non-PIC stl function on builders
712836 Reloading live stream causes HTMLMediaElement.error.code to be copied to new clone of resource
737417 Split charset source constants out of nsIParser.h
742765 this._indexedDB is undefined in SettingsManager.js
737433 flash not loaded
737435 Windows builds fail to start due to missing MSVCR100.dll
712865 Shrink CDBValueStorage
737445 java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String at org.mozilla.gecko.FormAssistPopup$AutoCompleteList…
737454 Intermittent test_bug518777.html | Test timed out
696495 texture-mips.html failures might be workaroundable by setting minification filter before glGenerateM…
737456 Contacts API: Improve number lookup
737457 Intermittent browser/devtools/tilt/test/browser_tilt_picking_highlight02.js | Test timed out | Found…
737462 nsDeviceMotion w/ bug 735330 leaks mochitest-3
737463 nsJARInputStream leaks if it is closed before the stream is inflated
737464 Add frame and iframe globals to the debugger when present in a page
745661 Type inference assertion fails in safe mode
745662 Trigger a release-build crash when the discard tracker is used off the main thread
745679 Heap-use-after-free in indexedDB::IDBKeyRange::cycleCollection::Trace
742776 Location bar folds case back to history entry, if there's a history entry which is case-insensitivel…
696533 Add-ons preferences
712924 [Mac] li elements inside an ul element are announced as "list box"
447866 http pipelining is bursty
557278 OGG audio handled as OGV video
483555 dom-level1 and dom-level2 Mochitests reports miss test url
712933 B2G SMS: split overlong messages and stitch them together when receiving
742780 Turn off the debug mode by default for dom/system/gonk/systemlibs.js
745712 FillInHTMLTooltip should not use title attributes from XUL ascendants
696569 [webgl] Canvas problems with the Premultiplied Alpha context creation flag
737535 10.0.3esr opens "whatsnew" page after update.
721156 aError.stack is undefined in the Error Console when exception is thrown in Scratchpad
738690 [Azure] Properly convert patterns to userspace in Azure
737565 Range.comparePoint() should throw exceptions per spec
745758 ipdl compiler should order members to avoid holes on 64-bit platforms
688415 Outparamdel nsDocument::GetRadioGroup
737570 ignore overwritten arguments via (non-toplevel) function statement named 'arguments'
737573 Valgrind detects leak at Malloc, js::SaveScriptFilename (8 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost)
737575 Text doesn't appear on
737582 Remove redundant "gingerbread" and "honeycomb" themes and unused theme files
737583 historic moments - webrtc
737587 "ASSERTION: unbalanced suspend count!"
745780 update harfbuzz to latest code from upstream
680246 makefiles: add a makefile library rule to support thread safe directory creation
704827 WebGL: new object-deletion-behaviour.html test failures in r16167
696636 Visiting a site makes FF crash with Intel GPUs (after Mesa/GL error messages)
737612 Range.insertNode() on a detached text node throws nonstandard exception type
729427 Incremental GC should mark filenames of newly allocated scripts
737624 Remove support for non-memory XDR operations
688187 Build Makefiles from WebRTC GYP files
729453 Reduce nsTArray::SwapArrayElements's stack allocation from 8kb to something much smaller
737344 Binary compatibility of jsval on SPARC
737667 GCC build warning: sps_sampler.h: In member function ‘void ProfileStack::push(const char*)’: warning…
737675 Implement -moz-touch-enabled for Android and Gonk
737677 Fix sub-optimal handling of -Wno-extended-offsetof for older versions of clang
737678 Fix android-on-mac bustage caused by -Werror=declaration-after-statement
737686 Avoid using glTexSubImage on PowerVR
737692 Menulists and textboxes need better styling in add-on options
491947 Disable DDE shell integration
713132 Make missing file warnings fatal on Firefox
672175 Clean up / reorganize / better encapsulate our scroll widget code and figure out some way to write t…
737724 make IsDefunct() inline
718240 Fennec carries out a full session restore when killed
745934 CSS transitions have horrible artifacts
707320 Allow histograms to persist to disk
598482 Hook up invalidation flushing to the refresh driver and make all painting asynchronous
737754 nsScriptLoader.cpp:1286:50: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true
737758 Improve bug 206438 to also work on OSX and Linux
749648 startup crash in CheckASLR (mostly correlated to add-on)
737765 aLength is not used in insertTextCB()
729576 Update the remote debugging protocol to reflect the recent spec changes
705001 [New Tab Page] Spacing and thumbnail sizes should adapt to screen size
647665 Url bar at bottom left does not disappear if link is removed from dom
737780 reproducible crash in js::GetNameFromBytecode with home-snippet-server.xpi
729589 fix mochitests for compartment-per-global
737783 IonMonkey: GETELEM: Fast path for typed arrays
737784 WYSIWYG editor in Mambo ceases to visualise following update to Firefox 11 (TinyMCE)
745556 Include shared library info in text profile dump for android symbolication
745981 [AccessFu] Switching to a tab without a set virtual cursor raises an error
745982 [AccessFu] Move BORDER_PADDING to VisualPresenter
729173 WebMobileConnection
737793 Final call state on receiver's phone is 'disconnecting', not 'disconnected'
745991 nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:8973:64: warning: suggest parentheses around ‘&&’ within ‘||’ [-Wparenthes…
680456 Don't run compileAndGo scripts on globals with a cleared scope
745993 Fix failing test from bug 708175
745995 Natively-installed webapps should use the app's icon for their taskbar and system menu icons
633602 Implement Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock) API
737814 Mark nsIHTMLContentSink as obsolete
737816 Use the autofocus attribute to focus about:home's search box
737818 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: JSOp(*bodyStart) == JSOP_NOP, at IonBuilder.cpp:1758
721442 [New Tab Page] Display the URL of the page on mouseover of thumbnails on about:newtab
746021 browser_webconsole_bug_603750_websocket.js breaks with compartment-per-global
737830 Default browser check is broken (Error: win is not defined)
734641 Intermittent mochitest-browser-chrome browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-br…
737863 nsBaseHashtable::SizeOfExcludingThis should be declared const
737867 Apply ViewHolder pattern on AwesomeBar listviews
737875 OOM Crash [@ nsQueryInterfaceWithError::operator] trying to execute random memory
721502 HttpChannelParent.cpp:336:0: warning: ignoring #pragma warning [-Wunknown-pragmas]
737889 Spell checking is broken when typing Facebook messages
729702 Near-duplicate code in LayerManagerOGL::CopyToTarget() as GLContext::ReadPixelsIntoImageSurface()
680556 Make NS_Alloc infallible
728350 Updated Telemetry help->about message to match notification message
737909 Fix opt -Werror build with clang
737911 Shrink bits for CACHED_PROTO_KEYs and add two new JSClass flags for the new DOM bindings
664203 GCLI needs a tests to check that a command without mandatory param causes ERROR
696975 extend the list of legitimate data table structures for layout-guess object attribute
729748 Cannot start playing a Command and Conquer app natively - game stuck on load
746135 PopLocalFrame won't be called if an error occurs in AudioRunnable::Run()
483992 9 dom-level1-core and 4 dom-level2-html Mochitests run fine(?) but need to check/report success(/fai…
713369 Between 30 min-1hr Firefox crashes when it is using WEB GL on Google Maps.
746139 local JNI frame won't be popped if init fails
721569 Blob should have a constructor.
746148 When unable to find dictionary try also LANG variable to determine dictionary
737959 Debug builds can no longer be launched with MallocStackLogging
746951 Avoid inlining js::MarkRangeConservatively with AddressSanitizer builds
746156 isolate webapp runtime files into subdirectory of Firefox package
205485 execCommand("backcolor") should work the same as execCommand("hilitecolor")
697006 Add desktop support for the Open Web Apps API
746168 Wrong font referenced in attributes/test_text.html for the cursive test
737983 Winrt compiler extensions conflict with svg 'generic' keyword
737984 Win widget gesture headers conflict with new Win8 SDK
737986 Win wifi headers conflict with the new Win8 SDK
737988 Win8 SDK is missing memory reporter headers
672453 Whine to console when an HTML file falls off the 'good' encoding detection path
631500 Let openUILink accept an object with named parameters
737997 "Assertion failure: rt->gcMode != JSGC_MODE_GLOBAL" with certain GC prefs and gczeal
738003 [css3-animations] make keyframe cascading be per-property rather than per-rule
738007 Non-functional tweaks to nsCSSFrameConstructor::FlushAccumulatedBlock
639705 [10.7] add fullscreen support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
746213 Support mozApps.getSelf/getInstalled in desktop runtime to allow apps to access receipts
738022 gonk gps - test GpsInterface size before using
746221 browser_webconsole_bug_651501_document_body_autocomplete.js fails with compartment-per-global
721654 Crash in mozilla::AndroidBridge::HandleGeckoMessage
721659 Bad renderer of images with Javascript script due to reading width/height (dimensions, sizes) immedi…
688897 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL layout/reftests/border-image/470250-2.html | image comparison (==)
647951 is null
680721 Tracking bug for WebGL 1.0.1 conformance test failures
729878 [New Tab Page] Implement new layout
680727 "Try again" in an error page does not write it in global history
738072 Use uint32_t for slot numbers, indexes, counts, etc.
737412 nsTHashtable and nsBaseHashtable memory reporter functions crash if given a null sizeOfEntryExcludin…
738075 Remove JSFunction::u::n::clasp
738076 Crash in [@ nsCARenderer::SetupRenderer ]
729886 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !usedRval_, at ../../vm/Stack.h:207
279330 Midas hilitecolor command only works in CSS mode
729899 IonMonkey: boxed JSFunction of inlined frames should be stored as a constant value in snapshots. (no…
697132 Create API for content to keep the screensaver from turning on (or to prevent phone/tablet's screen …
549683 use jshashtable instead of jsdhash in jsscope.cpp and jspropertytree.cpp
738102 devicemotion causes shutdown crash
721719 Font issue: Two characters painted at same position (ICS)
746296 Check for antialiasing should be samples>1 not samples>0
697147 remove useless MOZ_INSTALLER= for Android
738108 querySelector with ID attribute does not enforce "subtree" constraint
721730 UI hang + Infinite loading + JS Script warning on chromium nightly builds listing
721731 Bookmarks don't show up in awesomebar results
729924 maction: statusline actiontype should use the second child as a message
738118 Don't duplicate 10.7 SDK shims
738121 disable compassneedscalibration event
738122 Corrupted Content Error on Firefox 12 and later due to an empty Location response header
721741 Make Flash plugins work on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
738126 WebGL doesn't check if texture is valid for generateMipmap
738128 Panorama uses the synchronous cache API, which may block the main thread on disk I/O
729940 Stop using crappy hashing functions in Gecko
738136 more scripts need to be excluded from cmaps on OSX
738137 Try to create PBuffer offscreen context on NON-X11 builds always
736058 ringmark's Web Storage test fails
721758 Beta builds should be able to apply release mars
656225 [A11Y]New profile item in firefox4.0 user profile dialog is not accessible.
729955 Debug Crash [@ nsIFrame::GetSize() ]
746344 gfxImageSurface should allow allocation without memset
738153 Remove JSScript::inlineData
738157 missing nsSubstring_h___
738158 Gallery app in Gaia doesn't show photos sometimes on Nexus S
379709 During the initial reflow of SVG we should assume scrollbars won't be needed
738160 Fix "beause" spelling in /browser/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
736542 Bug 727637 causes about:newaddon to not show up with magically appearing XPI's
746356 Ignore unexpected js files in testroot
738176 jemalloc is not entirely disabled on OSX 10.5
746369 Cannot install apps that do not specify an icon in the app manifest - Clicking Install in App Doorha…
738178 use BGRX shader for RGB24 image surfaces
721804 GCC 4.6 build warning: image/src/RasterImage.cpp:400:13: warning: variable 'frameToUse' set but not …
738197 handle potential failures in gfxFont::GetShapedWord more robustly
720995 [Mac] VoiceOver does not see form fields that are nested inside label elements
762796 Make access key tests more verbose in reporting affected nodes
762798 l10n tests shouldn't make use of window title but windowtype property
738233 Fix test for bug 329212
730066 Crash at mozilla::layers::ImageContainer::GetCurrentSize on printing…
607195 NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR should be reflected in JS as DOMException::SECURITY_ERR
736000 l10n note for withBlock says it's for localScope
746466 Gradient background in about:home is only one viewport height tall
738277 IonMonkey: SETELEM: Fast path for typed arrays
738279 crash in firebug-debugger after stepping over an bad object reference
738287 frequent browser/app/profile/extensions/uriloader@pdf.js/test/browser_pdfjs_main.js | Test timed out
730105 top sites takes almost 3 seconds to load content
730108 IonMonkey: Pool bug
738302 disable building docs for libunwind so b2g starts building again (follow on to bug 683229)
740187 [Skia] Prevent the ARM implementation of memset16 from failing if count=0
605021 text-transform doesn't work on non-BMP characters (plane 1 characters, Deseret)
730161 Remove DOMFileException and IDBDatabaseException
746548 crash in nsCacheService::Lock
738366 Default styleWithCSS to false
713799 Rearrange the "window-objects" sub-tree in about:memory to make per-tab memory usage more obvious
648265 provide dexcomed table interface version
721079 Calling preventDefault on the first touchmove event prevents panning, but not quickly enough
738380 Remove nsINode::GetScriptTypeID/SetScriptTypeID
754766 Can't post tweets on web Tweetdeck in FF 15, 14, and 13
738385 queryCommand*() should not throw for commands that don't support them
730196 Frequent Windows build timeouts during make_pkg or make package pretty buildstep, often with a "--- …
738392 Plugin doesn't render inside a CSS transform on Mac
746588 [Azure] Cairo-pattern matrices specify the conversion from DrawTarget to pattern but Azure is invert…
730209 Dictionary list should show raw language subtags when names are unavailable
738404 update to use 680246 - file batch #1
730221 delegate transcoding of JS principals to the browser
738416 SetHighAccuracy method is missing in Qt Location provider
722033 Remove calls to synchronous openCacheEntry in nsHttpChannel
402964 Import Safari bookmarks shows up in Bookmarks Toolbar
599164 Pipeline according to transaction type and known server state
746629 Installing an Application on Windows reports DOMError - missing uninstaller from package
738440 Support queryCommandState("stylewithcss")
722068 Sub-tile invalidation isn't working properly on pages with animations
746645 Adding the white-list for myapps (or stage-myapps) has no effect with a clean FF profile
722079 Error: button is null ... inspector.jsm when Right Clicking on Breadcrumbs
730273 Hardcoded add-on's on about:home linked to wrong base URL
730282 Firefox Crash @ mozilla::SignalTracerThread
744306 B2G RIL: reponse id collision in Akami & RILv6
730289 Filepicker should allow picking or capturing media instead of having a specific button for capture
664764 Firefox crash @ mozilla::layers::BasicLayerManager::PushGroupWithCachedSurface
672961 CSP blocks domains incorrectly when on a site with non-standard port
738501 Implement ability to create Windows shortcuts from javascript
746695 Update libpixman to 0.24.4
754894 Catalog sheet code is broken at least in unpackaged build
738516 Auth cache should be set for all requests, not just authenticated requests
738526 SessionStore TabValue APIs are busted
738527 Syntax error breaks removing closed tabs
738535 FileReader's onload event may cause 'compartment mismatched' assertion
746728 Add type lookup fallback for emulator
722154 Review custom quickstubs' necessity
718375 Ghostery 2.6.2 and 2.7beta2 cause zombie compartments
738542 Increase plugin.scan.SunJRE preference from 1.3 to 1.6
599289 default zh-TW and zh-HK fonts of several years ago should be replaced by the latest ones
738554 Some robocop tests have race conditions that could result in timeouts
738556 Need a reliable and representative talos checkerboarding test
738559 add mozglue for gonk
738561 cleanup mozglue for gonk
705796 telemetry: gather stats on how often disk cache is corrupt.
738572 Include nsIHTMLContentSink.h in fewer places to make it easier to get rid of it
738577 IonMonkey: Unwrap MPassArg in encodeSlots().
746771 Mac installer needs to use updated webapp.json structure with registryDir instead of app.profile
738581 fix various warning on mozilla/intl
725210 Add internal observer notification for last PB docshell going away
738593 Rename IsProxy to IsDOMBinding
738608 Introduce nsINode::Length()
697657 test_bug470377_2.js test_prefs_store.js test_AddonRepository.js test_bug470377_1.js test_dss.js test…
746810 ASSERTION: Target channel not in the process of opening: 'ChannelOpening == aTargetChan->mChannelSta…
722235 [New Tab Page] Refresh icon does not convey the idea of resetting thumbnails
738635 fix XUL tree accessible leak and add XUL tree mochitest sugar
746834 Fix the test for Bug 575561 to not use DOM objects after navigating the window.
745699 "ASSERTION: Whoever was caching this font group should have called UpdateFontList on it"
730452 GC: make moveDenseArrayElements trigger post write barriers always
705877 Implement short-circuiting of some sort for descendant selectors
738647 DOMStorageImpl::GetKey shouldn't throw
738649 Incorrect return value check in nsHTMLDocument::EditingStateChanged
738654 nsINode::RemoveChildAt can't fail
746848 Create pref for webapps installer dry-run
738662 Add tracing/warning information to help debug XUL overlay problems
705911 [Page Thumbnails] Save screenshots of redirecting sites
738688 [Azure] Add support for color patterns
730497 Remove the flat closure optimization
361858 Use nsFileProtocolHandler::ReadURLFile in nsIEProfileMigrator::ResolveShortcut
738691 [Azure] Deal with stroking text and appending glyphs to the current path
738695 Remove some redundant and unused IME code: mComposing and returnIMEQueryResult
738700 xpc_UnmarkGrayObject should take nsISupports, not nsIXPConnectWrappedJS
722320 Maintain extra state about wifi
738705 Remove dead class CompareByContentOrderComparator in nsFrameList
738709 Firefox 14 alpha1 hangs on this page
697754 WebRTC alsa support requires libasound 1.0.14
746913 Plugins NativeRenderer X/qt/gtk includes defines cleanup
550309 window.ImageData prototype should exist
738740 Code from bug 737434 doesn't compile with clang
738741 No way to distinguish between KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER and KEYCODE_ENTER
738744 "ASSERTION: Form controls should always have parents"
665023 XPITriggerEvent::Run (nsXPITriggerInfo.cpp) should use NS_OK, not 0
730562 Inconsistent layout with rtl, replacing text node
738759 Add nsContentUtils::CheckSameOrigin overload taking two nsINodes
738760 Move nsContentUtils::GetContextAndScope into nsDocument.cpp
738761 Remove nsIScriptTimeoutHandler::GetScriptVersion and pass JSVersion to nsIScriptContext::EvaluateStr…
738762 Pass redirect and error information to global history
738769 "ASSERTION: must be purple" with setUserData
738771 Outparamdel nsEditor::GetDocument()
738774 [Page Thumbnails] Channel leaks intermittently
722391 Upgrade to zlib 1.2.6
730587 Stash pointer to the subtree parent on nodes in disconnected subtrees
746975 update graphite2 library to latest release
746993 Editor selection caret acts strangely when pressing enter after a <br> node.
738804 back out keyword.URL prompting changes
738812 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/docshell/test/browser/browser_bug435325.js or content/ev…
730625 Important languages are missing from the preferred language dialog
730629 Hide http:// and single trailing slashes when displaying hyperlink target URLs
722439 Fennec fails to build with javac 1.7 because of warnings
353802 IE migrator: three registry with DWORD type are treated as REG_SZ
714260 Provide double bit-twiddling macros in MFBT
695214 XPIDL compiler should enforce [retval] parameters coming last
742566 [Azure] Add unit test framework to Azure
747041 resource:///modules/ and resource://gre/modules/ should be clearly-differentiated
747047 Add security framework
747048 Fix libjingle linkage on mac
738858 PDF Viewer homepage doesn't exist
738859 Increment mActivityDepth for all activities launched from GeckoApp
730668 Clean up test_placesTXN.js
730671 The last paragraph of a right-to-left comment on facebook is shown reversed
738865 Use Small tiles should not be android only.
738868 Use js::HashTable instead of JSDHashTable in XPConnect
738874 Don't allow non-classinfo XPCWNs to be wrapped cross-compartment
714302 add support for HTTP status code 308
763479 Update tests sometimes fail with 'New wizard page has been selected - got finishedBackground, expect…
723746 regression: XUL Fennec uses non-tablet layout on ICS tablets
738912 Need to get dictionary members in lexicographic order
673381 about:support - add some runtime library version numbers (NSPR/NSS)
206438 Smooth scrolling should use the 'smoothwheel' algorithm
738919 [Azure] [Quartz] ctx.mozDash does not support odd number of items
738929 Speed up building of layout/svg/base/src by cleaning up #include directives in its source files
730753 OOM crash with repeatedly calling canvas getContext
738956 test-page-mod.testHistory is triggering a compartment mismatch assertion in debug builds after the m…
738957 nsMathMLForeignFrameWrapper class and related files are dead
706193 footer text on inflated too much
706194 Adapt and check in tests from webkit for new unicode-bidi attributes
531396 APIs for tracking garbage-collector activities
722586 Correctly update active/inactive browsers
738975 Speed up building of layout/svg/base/src by dropping content/html/content/src from the include path
738979 pdf.js: Gradients in PDF file are rendered solid black
738985 heap-use-after-free at mozilla::dom::indexedDB::IDBKeyRange::cycleCollection::Trace
745757 Simplify CSS selectors involving the navigation toolbar and the tabsontop attribute
738996 Remove agnostic Hold/DropScriptObject nsContentUtils functions
730806 Crash [@ js::mjit::Compiler::scanInlineCalls]
739004 Switching print orientation in print preview makes canvas disappear because it clones the static doc…
739008 [SeaMonkey] "test_sts_privatebrowsing.html | [SimpleTest.finish()] No checks actually run"
730821 Don't do security enhancements on x64 Windows builds
739020 Restore ANDROID_SOURCE for b2g
730830 Don't add the Mozilla networks if they already exist
747226 IonMonkey: Crash in TypeScript::SetScope
730846 Download Youtube Videos addon leaves zombie compartments
739040 Crash in nsStringBuffer::Realloc() during Feed sniffing (on second visit ?)
730853 If incremental GC or compartment GC runs all the time, CC never runs
739048 "Tap here to activate plugin" placeholder shown for unsupported plugin content
747245 ASSERTION: "Oops! You're asking for a weak reference to an object that doesn't support that." when …
730862 Disable signmar by default and provide an option to enable it
722671 Components.utils.getWeakReference gets a weak ref to the JSObject, even when the underlying native s…
739066 Empty thumbnail (about:blank) entries on about:home and blank rows added to Top Sites after clearing…
665342 In the sync setup window, delete the border between upper and lower sections, and change background …
747264 don't sync smoothScroll/autoFill/newtabpage.enabled prefs
673543 crash nsDiskCacheMap::DeleteRecord
739090 Support AudioSystem::setForceUse/AudioSystem::getForceUse on ICS
739093 Remove the fullscreenflex
739095 Offscreen context without offscreen texture does not need YFlip
722723 Migration tool sets proxy to "None" when migrating from IE, instead of "Use System Proxy Settings"
739108 Set android_sdk_version on gonk
739115 Port wifi and netutils code to ICS interfaces
739116 Fullscreen exits upon subsequently entering fullscreen if window isn't maximized
739118 Audio is hanging and crashing fairly often in ICS-rebased gonk
714545 Intermittent crash [@ js::gc::Chunk::releaseArena] during shutdown
739124 Remove unused nsCharsetProber::SetOpion and overrides
739129 give nsTArray convenience functions to get the last element of the array
632634 Use longer hover link popup for long URLs
739132 --disable-necko-wifi causes "Error: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file: bin/compo…
722752 Home page shows set up banner even though Sync was just set up
739139 Fix build of nsAppShell.cpp on gonk-gb
739142 crash in nsTimerImpl::PostTimerEvent
706381 Java related crash with deleted pointer in esx
730961 GC: fix up indirect marking internals
698205 [Azure] Direct2D CreateGradientStops leaks Stops array
739171 Don't save tabItem data while updating tabItems
739188 Allow crosscompiling for Windows without NSIS
739191 get rid nsAccUtils::GetDocAccessibleFor(const nsIPresShell* aPresShell)
739192 Source Editor should toggle comment on line or selection with one key binding
739193 nsTextEquivUtils::AppendTextEquivFromContent shouldn't use GetAccService()->GetAccessible
714631 Redirect to an HTTPS resource that returns an Atom/RSS content type with an invalid body causes the …
731024 Unsupported record types causes Android Sync to reorder folders containing livemarks/queries/separat…
747161 assignment to undeclared variable tmpIcon
714650 Assertion failure: !inDictionaryMode(), at jsscope.cpp:612
739234 state[0] is undefined when initializing DOMWifiManager
722853 Determine Private Browsing state from nearest docshell
714663 Crash [@ js::HeapPtr] or [@ js::PropDesc::initialize] with Proxy
739248 fix "comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions" warnings in mozHunspell.cpp and moz…
747442 Only unlock orientation if the received mozfullscreenchange is for fullscreen being disabled
739253 optimize AccEvent::GetDocAccessible
747451 Desktop web runtime user agent breaks apps expecting "Firefox" in the UA
739260 fix nsBrowserApp.cpp "comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions" warning
731080 [firefox] Merge Google search plugin changes with google-jp.xml
745804 Backport 196ede3d3505 to esr-10 to make Windows no-accel reftests work
741709 nsAccessibleWrap::get_accParent() shouldn't use do_QueryObject to get a nsDocAccessible
681937 Enhance PSM's key generation strategy with tokens/escrow
714712 add built-in PDF support to Firefox with PDF.js
726592 Uninitialised value use in nsTextFrame::GetChildFrameContainingOffset
722917 IonMonkey: TI is not enabled for ARM
605180 Fix build warnings in netwerk/
649194 Abort when the cache IO thread can't be created
739316 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_stack-05.js | editor …
722946 GC: allow for inline re-keying of hash tables during iteration
739334 Cleanup bookmarks based AsyncTask
739335 Wifi broken on Gingerbread
739343 Use After Free in nsHTMLSelectElement (ZDI-CAN-1301)
722965 Remove MOZ_TOUCH ifdefs
731158 Mozmill test failure /testPreferences/testPreferredLanguage.js | could not find element Link: Gruppi
747545 Uevent Poller causes compile error when built debug due to ScopedClose member change
731162 Zap nsIParser::Parse(const nsAString&, ...
747550 Style button doesn't work since bug 707809
755750 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: [0xf6c00180], at jsinfer.cpp:352
722986 WebContentConverter uses global Private Browsing state to make decisions
731181 Assertion failure: cx->runtime->gcNumber == gcNumberBefore, at js/src/vm/RegExpObject.cpp:655
673853 "ASSERTION: Form control should have a parent" (form inside input, @form attribute)
739392 Update built-in mozconfig with new gonk build options
673860 [Thunderbird] Adding more than one addressee in message composition, we don't create accessibles for…
739417 InputReader doesn't send motion up events
739418 If a rethrown exception is uncaught, report the stack trace of the original exception, not the rethr…
739421 Implement ARB_sync in GLContext
739432 .inplaceEditor expandos on content objects aren't visible cross-global in a compartment-per-global w…
723053 Crash @ mozilla::image::RasterImage::IsDecodeFinished
739439 Make nsFrameConstructorState::GetGeometricParent() a const method
723064 Many debug xpcshell-tests show leaks of 1 each of Mutex, ReentrantMonitor, nsTArray_base, nsThread, …
707604 Intermittent browser_tabview_bug706430.js | one groupItem - Got 2, expected 1 and | single groupItem…
710335 about:home - add UI for when there are no thumbnails or no addons
739452 RIL IPC Thread crashes on Desktop Builds
739457 Images loaded into background tabs are decoded immediately
673922 Screen Orientation API
731276 remove CSS computed style getters from nsIAccessible
731287 don't use GetComputedStyle for background-color in HTML table layout guess
723099 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: string, at jsinfer.cpp:352
747205 Webapps installer follow-ups
739488 Fennec Native nightly crashes in mozilla::AndroidBridge::EnableLocationHighAccuracy when page reques…
747688 Heap-use-after-free in nsFrameList::FirstChild
739498 Add Javascript layer for mobile accessibility
739510 Speed up construction of char * properties
739519 Timed Sync is throwing HTTPFailureException 412 error
739522 sites with SPDY stop being able to load. Hang at "Looking up". Continu…
739524 replace TreeViewChanged DOM event on direct call from XUL tree
719675 [New Tab Page] Make sure the New Tab Page is accessible
739532 don't malloc BytecodeEmitter
723151 No drawable resources defined for eclair
739537 Leading spaces in selection not exported to clipboard upon copy
739541 Please add some sort of JSAPI with the performance characteristics of ToNumber()
714968 B2G telephony: support a second incoming call
747742 Arrowpanel isn't at the right place with the new identity block (Windows, Linux)
706784 Firefox 8.0.1 Crash Report [@ nsLinkableAccessible::GetValue(nsAString_internal&) ] (mainly correlat…
731361 Change bluetooth firmware loading to use a DOMRequest based API
739557 intermittent editor/libeditor/html/tests/test_dom_input_event_on_htmleditor.html | Editor4, html and…
739574 Set the tabsontop attribute on the navigation toolbar and simplify CSS selectors
752681 Galaxy Note and other mid-sized devices receive XUL Fennec's phone UI, instead of Native Fennec
723200 Enable multitouch
682244 Auto-Update of CRLs not working with DD.MM.YYYY date locale
731398 Realtime raytracer regression
739591 Implement filter xlink:href
731406 Contacts API: Incremental Search
739600 No IPv6 connections in Fennec 12+
723217 White boxes instead of plugin content after tapping to play
723219 disable JS Set and Map before Firefox (12) Beta cycle
739604 Crash in ThebesLayerOGL when using MOZ_DUMP_PAINT_LIST
739612 Cleanup A11y tests and test-suite organization
665885 Handle Keep-Alive: max=value header, vain red state transition
723243 SimpleScaleGestureDetector uses getActionIndex(), which is not available in eclair
198956 nsRange::GetNodeLength declares len as unsigned and uses it as signed
731437 Huge spike on caused by incremental GC
739632 fix "deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings]" in EventTarget.cpp
665906 thumbnails of long pages (e.g. are not updated correctly if page load was interr…
739635 fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings in gfx/thebes/
739636 Install web app on host OS - Mac
739659 Uncaught DOMException is not clickable on Error/Web Console
682329 Certificate error dialog box pops up when closing tab
739674 test_tmpl_storage_bad_parameters_2.xul (and others) don't close their database
747871 Enable IDN for .fr/ .re/ .pm/ .tf/ .yt/ .wf domains
739680 onsettingchange is not called when the setting is changed inside another window
313700 Stale information in about:plugins (pluginreg.dat) after a plugin update
739685 rm clearly useless makeAtom calls in BindNameToSlot
739687 [SeaMonkey] test_classifier.html and test_classifier_worker.html fail
723305 Tabs menu uses smoothScrollToPosition(), which doesn't exist in eclair
739697 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [mozIStorageConnection.beginTransaction] Stack trace: resource:///components/nsFo…
731506 Scrapbook Plus add-on creates zombie compartments
706932 crash nsHtml5OwningUTF16Buffer::
682360 Merge nsILocalFile and nsIFile interfaces
739706 gfxFont.cpp compiler warnings on OSX
526717 remove non-working "Set as desktop background" from the UI for unsupported desktops
747902 Readd --ion -m -n flags to shell for compatiblity
731521 border-width:0 interferes with inheritance of border-style
723333 IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_NEW without callVM().
731536 text-transform:capitalize behavior is incorrect per CSS3-Text spec
731538 Get new version of navigator.mozApps on trunk and enabled
731541 Install web app on host OS - Windows
747926 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: void, at jsinfer.cpp:352
723353 Add chrome window API for per-window private browsing
731546 Add link to marketplace on about:home
731550 IonMonkey: minor assembler improvements/fixes
739760 doubles and floats can't be used in dictionaries
756152 disable persistent telemetry to prevent telemetry data loss
739793 allow passing previous version to post-upgrade homepage override URL
739796 Make same-origin cross-compartment location expandos visible in a compartment-per-global world
739800 Format profiler address tags with "0x" prefix
731611 Choose revision to base demo on
731613 No way to exit safe mode after it's triggered by crashes when Nightly is started with the -profilema…
739808 rm null closure no-clone optimization
739810 Cycle collector should traverse nsGlobalWindow::mLocalStorage
723427 dexpcom GetUnignoredChildren()
723445 Crash in js::StackIter::settleOnNewState @ CrashIfInvalidSlot
748027 Make the identity box transparent in more cases
715260 Remove Web Apps shortcut intent from allowing one to add the Android widget
723453 Heap overrun (read + write) in nsBMPEncoder::ConvertHostARGBRow
739840 Make nsDOMEventTarget subclasses inherit from nsDOMEventTargetHelper first
731654 Style HTML5 form validation popup
715274 Update styling of History and bookmark folder subheadings for pre-Honeycomb
739854 IonMonkey: Remove negative zero check on MToInt32
731663 Port |Bug 593566 - Bookmarks with blank name are wrongly exported (broken codepage symbols in the ex…
723472 reftest graphite-03a causes spurious "out of memory" crash due to zero-sized allocation request
739858 Crash [@ nsAString_internal::Assign ] with downloaded font
723480 Single touch broken in Feb 1 2012 XUL Nightly
739866 Store last accessed timestamp
723484 Graphic crossfade doesn't work anymore
748071 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: !"Need to determine correct offsets for generateEnterJIT() args on Wi…
739883 decomtaminate impl of GetSummary() on accessible tables
739889 densify nsOuterDocAccessible
715319 More multi-octet encoding issues
739898 Stop using enablePrivilege in test_bug480509.html
739899 GC: Compartment creation during incremental GC shouldn't reset the GC
739901 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::HeapPtr<js::ion::IonCode, unsigned long>::operator js::ion::IonCode*] or [@ …
739905 nsFind should use nsGkAtoms
731721 Source Editor stepping support
739915 Remove Firefox 2 UI migration code
739919 browser/components/build fails to link on mingw
723536 IonMonkey: Optimistic GVN can miss breaking dependent congruences
739925 OTS off-by-one may result in arbitrary code execution
739927 "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/tests/mochitest/dom-level1-core/test_characterdatadeletedatanomod…
726799 "Assertion failure: !f.fp()->finishedInInterpreter()," with mjitChunkLimit
729532 Improve first-run profile import experience
723563 Use findScripts to retrieve the list of scripts known to the debugger
698996 Firefox painfully slow rendering SVG elements
739962 fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings in content/
633471 crash if I delete a PKCS#11 certificate when smart card is logged out
739968 MigrationUtils.jsm import should use app modules resource url
739969 Regression: Fixedpoint division in blur code was replaced to integer division
559746 add a11y mochitests for <input type="tel">
739972 Stop using GetChildAt in svg layout
707224 Firefox doesn't import bookmarks from Safari
739995 Intermittent test failures in browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js and others | Found the exp…
731807 Error building mozilla-central on Windows 8 - 'ksguid.lib' not found
731824 App icons on windows 7/XP for native apps appear to be showing a black background
731826 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: tag <= CalleeToken_Script, at ../../ion/IonFrames.h:70
650355 Stop accepting MD5 as a hash algorithm in signatures (toggle security.enable_md5_signatures to false…
743199 Unmark Document's and Window's ELM
731837 GC: investigate pause time increase between Aurora and Nightly
715454 Current group is switched when using switch-to-tab and opening new tab
748238 HTMLMeterElement should not be form controls
747299 tests for testRestartChangeArchitecture broken due to a bug in startUserShutdown
736878 keyword.URL reset prompt doesn't properly re-set prefs if default engine is modified
740064 Refactor XrayWrapper
740067 Make CreateNeededTablePseudos return void
740069 Land Paris Bindings and use them for XMLHttpRequest
704977 Awesomeness calculation should use nicer recency decay
741842 Improve BCP 47 language tag support (extension, singleton, privateuse)
740079 B2G Wifi: Add a synchronous API to get the current wifi state
731896 text copied from html tables with ctrl+select not to be separated by tabs anymore.
731901 update.status telemetry ping is not reporting correctly
740094 Bookmarks folder icons don't appear anymore
731906 Video DownloadHelper 4.9.8 add-on causes zombie compartments
731923 Convert the N "gfx-surface" memory reporters to a single multi-reporter
740120 text-transform:lowercase should use conditional mapping for Greek sigma
641821 Implement mutation events replacement (sync approach) (using moz prefix)
670853 undetermined progressmeters should expose mixed state
346914 Infallible JS_SetPrivate
740138 [Skia] Use SkDebug_android for Android instead of SkDebug_stdio
740153 Don't expose HashTable entries directly from HashMap/HashSet
723772 regression: Panning in XUL fennec does not start until finger is removed from screen.
723773 Liveness analysis makes mistakes when analyzing try/catch
740167 IonMonkey: 15x slower on reduced kraken audio-beat-detection benchmark
723793 Lazily initialize libcubeb
698169 [WebGL] texSubImage2D with an Image seems to copy premultiplied alpha values
740185 Mark safe JS context black
633691 Mitigate clickjacking of about:certerror
740188 Screen Orientation API: implement locking
740190 Screen Orientation API: implement locking in Android
740191 [Skia] Fix SkBlitRow_opts_arm.cpp for compiling with NEON and Thumb enabled.
723808 disallow inheriting of system principal in type=content docshells
764782 Update closeAllTabs to use about:newtab instead of about:blank
740212 IonMonkey: Inline allocation for LCreateThis.
740217 simplify plugin instance object creation
764807 Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart if using about:newtab
740235 Prevent about:home from creating a full window component alpha layer
715928 thumbnails not updated (or not able to be generated for some internal pages?)
740242 | Received unexpected exception while running application ''NoneType' object has no attr…
740244 We should not compile glx test when EGL provider enabled
723861 and are missing in Gecko10.0 for both Win & Mac
740247 Follow up: HTTP 412 Error due to inconsistent server & local timestamps
740252 EventListenerManager disables various things in RemoveEventListener even if there can be still liste…
707488 Crash in nsHTMLTextFieldAccessible::NativeRole or nsXULTextFieldAccessible::NativeRole
740259 add ALIASEDVAR ops
691108 Intermittent netwerk/test/unit/test_bug650955.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1), see f…
674728 Allow web apps to be "pinned", so that they're guaranteed to be fully cached locally
535466 Turn "Adding child where we already have a child?" warning back into an assertion
740268 DisableDeviceSensor doomedElement isn't being set correctly
633773 Use Google's HTTPS search by default
740271 adding all partial ligature advance measurements should result in the ligature glyph advance
732087 Assertion failure: addr % Cell::CellSize == 0, at ../../jsgc.h:861 or Crash [@ js::gc::ChunkBitmap::…
756665 Closing a background tab in tablet mode changes the selected tab.
740300 B2G RIL: improper behavior in RadioStateChange
740306 Back button does not dismiss the keyboard in awesomebar
711843 Fix uses of typedarray outside the engine
732120 IonMonkey crashes on box2d benchmark
740313 Uninitialised value use in mozilla::gl::GLContext::ApplyFilterToBoundTexture
732127 Error building IPDLUnitTests with VC11 on Win8
740324 cubeb_winmm.c fails to compile on GCC
740331 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | layout/base/tests/test_font_inflation_reftests.html | reftest co…
732147 Send tab to device: receiving pushed tabs
737791 WM_CLASS class string is localized, breaks gnome-shell (gnome3)
707589 [Gonk] When screen is enabled/disabled, send visibility change events to windows
732167 eliminate duplicate headers in content/
740363 Amazon Price Tracker - leaves zombie compartments
715792 Process client record commands
740372 Handle MOZ_GFX_OPTIMIZE_MOBILE in gfxASurface and gfx2DGlue format conversion functions
740375 get rid nsIAccessible innerHTML method
609305 Move element tests into separate folder.
740389 Clean up openTopWin and mark it as deprecated
535594 Fix/Clean-up 'security.enable_java' preference references
740397 Make tests that try to get use SpecialPowers
576558 Full-screen video displays black screen
445509 Make sure CSS text attributes are performant - use nsIFrame instead of computed style
650322 Remove 'ac_add_options --disable-installer'
740442 ALIASEDVAR Patch: Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: float, at jsinfer.cpp:35…
740443 ALIASEDVAR Patch: Assertion failure: function()->isHeavyweight(), at jsscript.cpp:1928
740445 ALIASEDVAR Patch: Assertion failure: op == JSOP_LOCALINC || op == JSOP_INCLOCAL || op == JSOP_LOCALD…
740446 fix overwritten-arguments handling in the front-end
740452 add a convenience target for check-sync-dirs so the test can be run independent of config…
724072 If using multiple processes, display pid along with NS_WARNINGs
740467 Make test_XHR_timeout.js use addEventListener(..., obj, ...) instead of on* = obj
740469 JSNative->JSFunction fixup should happen in DefinePropertyById, not DefineProperty
740477 The dutch IJ digraph is not handled correctly by text-transform:capitalize
715907 crash in jsd_NewValue @ JSCompartment::wrap with Firebug
732292 use XPCOMUtils.defineLazyModuleGetter in sessionstore
584848 Ensure Location Object works with compartments
650386 CSP should not follow redirects for report-uri
355480 Round-trip change for "const arguments;"
740509 Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(*thingp)), at jsgc.cpp:4351
740515 nsView.cpp:990:32: warning: format ‘%p’ expects argument of type ‘void*’, but argument 5 has type ‘n…
740526 Preland the LookupName refactoring for Paris bindings
732343 Crash in CNavDTD::OpenContainer @ SinkContext::OpenContainer
740542 [jsdbg2] Debugger needs a way to get Debugger.Object instances other than addDebugger
740557 Add a Copy-On-Write surface wrapper (gfxReusableSurface)
740560 [Azure] Add Factory::CreateDrawTargetForData
714616 Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at ../../jsval.h:873 or Crash [@ compartment] or [@ js::arr…
740563 IonMonkey: Disentangle virtual registers from instruction id's
732377 Add the API for Paris bindings to nsXMLHttpRequest
740570 Add conversion functions between SurfaceFormats and ImageFormats
748764 Possible Arbitrary Code Execution by Update Service
732382 Save As PDF freezes the application
707809 Refactor creation of registered sidebar tools iframes in InspectorUI
709158 updater.exe is not verified to be a particular product's/channel's/version of the updater
724210 don't use canvas to take screenshots for tab thumbnails
740595 "Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0:"
765172 Crash during a11y/accessible/focus/test_takeFocus.html | Exited with code -1073741819 during test ru…
724217 New Tab page should be user skinnable
740603 "Copy Rule" in the rule view includes expanded shorthand properties
732413 DISALLOW_INHERIT_PRINCIPAL is ignored when calling checkLoadURIWithPrincipal with aPrincipal=system …
740606 Consider disabling the rule view's context menu
740609 Crash [@ JS_HashString] under js::SaveScriptFilename
724230 On-demand tile patches are risky and unnecessary without further patches/testing
740615 Move rule view copy code into CssRuleView.jsm
744663 test_websocket_basic.html: additional improvements after bug 621347
740622 IonMonkey: Check for disabled script before inlining.
740627 "ASSERTION: viewport height must be nonnegative!"
766510 We need to delete persisted.addons in teardown of testAddons_uninstallExtension/test5.js
740637 Better handling of unexpected failures during info/collections fetch
716067 Possibly missing UnmarkGray in a few places
740654 "Assertion failure: enumerators == cx->enumerators,"
724273 FavSync (preliminary reviewed) version 1.00.5 add-on causes immortal zombie compartments
732466 Uninstalling a native app while the app is running leaves the executable in place
740662 Replace InspectorStore dictionaries with Inspector instances
724284 use after free in nsXBLDocumentInfo::ReadPrototypeBindings
732480 update-settings.ini shouldn't be packaged when updater is disabled
740673 Remove unused template indirection from the WeakMaps
724292 Android Marketplace activity opening issue
732495 shutdown leaks on a fresh profile due to XBL cache
732496 Assertion failure: spoff == js_ReconstructStackDepth(cx_, fp_->script(), pc_), at vm/Stack.cpp:1150 …
740696 [Mac] we have children that are expired.
740702 nsHyperTextAccessible::GetDOMPointByFrameOffset should take nsAccessible*
740581 Make about:home's Sync button label localizable
747408 Increase default sampling rate to 1ms
740707 cross_fuzz crash in mozilla::dom::Navigator::GetMozBattery
732518 [tracking] Get an experimental build of win32 Fennec running in metro
716142 GC: Allow multi-compartment GCs
732528 image/test/reftest/jpeg tests fails on android when we turn browser.tabs.remote=false
732533 layout/reftests/backgrounds has 11 tests that fail on android when we turn browser.tabs.remote=false
421242 allow relations in anonymous content for binding parent
724352 Extra scrollbar on overflow:auto blog post
732547 layout/reftests/font-features has 1 tests that fail on android when we turn browser.tabs.remote=fals…
740743 overflow not implemented for legend elements inside fieldset
231162 text-transform is not using language dependent casing rules
714647 Add rooters to get rooting analysis to pass sunspider/v8bench
740751 Intermittent failure in browser_dbg_script-switching.js | The second script is no longer displayed, …
748948 Possible race condition when launching updates from service after security checks
740758 dexpcom nsAccessible::GetValue
650649 url-classifier bloat (memory use grows slowly even in new profile, idle browser, showing blank tab)
747418 Add-ons restart tests are broken due to broken behavior in startUserShutdown
732576 MAPLE: make getViewTransform fast
740769 [Thunderbird, OSX 10.6] Intermittent "test_bug325418.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0)…
740771 Stringify null for Storage.getItem/setItem/removeItem
740775 Intermittent browser_dbg_update-editor-mode.js | The second script is no longer displayed | The firs…
732585 Drag and drop images into message window is broken
746055 Increase image.mem.max_decoded_image_kb so as to avoid doing tons of sync-decodes on pages with many…
740784 Undo (Ctrl+z) in textarea adding a newline (\n) to the text
667064 SVG: text elements inside a <svg> element
732610 Make nsIFrame::ComputeSize take a bitfield |aFlags| instead of |bool aShrinkWrap|
740805 Treat JSM files as JS scripts in the debugger
740807 Clean up favicon code in Panorama
716232 SIGSEGV (segmentation violation) crash in Javascript at ChatZilla startup
722808 XUL Fennec nightly build fails with "L10NBASEDIR not defined by configure" in embedding/android/loca…
740811 SVGSVGElement doesn't look into Element.prototype
740815 [Azure] Add support for component alpha
699856 Refactor nsSearchService.js to not use a database engine
740823 Disable creating and bundling the Feedback add-on
617947 Merge 'class nsQuickSortComparator' into 'nsTArray'
726949 Web Console uses |window| object as a prototype for the real global, which we no longer support
724455 conformance/textures/texture-mips.html and conformance/textures/texture-npot.html fail on 10.7
743178 Some eventlistener keeps documents alive
732652 Remove JS_GetScriptedCaller
740851 ARIA undetermined progressmeters should expose mixed state
740855 Make tests that try to get use SpecialPowers
740857 Remove dead code from nsFrame::BoxReflow
732667 Browser freezes at Github source view when hovering the source with the mouse
732675 IonMonkey: scratch register gets overwritten on ARM
757262 Youtube keeps playing audio after closing
732691 Further cleanups in /mozilla/editor/libeditor/html/nsHTMLDataTransfer.cpp found in bug 368758
724504 about:newtab page titles look overly bold on Ubuntu
732704 compressedTexSubImage2D takes 8 arguments, not 7
722864 nsFilePicker uses global PB service to decide whether to add choices to recent documents
758363 Implement NPN_ReloadPlugins for out-of-process Plugins
716333 get rid of WithConversion (xpconnect part)
732719 Assertion failure: allocated(), at ../../jsgc.h:495 or Crash [@ markIfUnmarked]
708149 Handling of unsupported bookmark records
740919 gkmedias.dll should be in dependentlibs.list
724539 [New Tab Page] Context menu not selectable from lower part of the grid
716354 freetype2 detection doesn't consider cross-compiling
519752 Crash @ nsPluginHost::TrySetUpPluginInstance
609865 XMLHttpRequest losses Basic authentication credentials
708175 Form controls with fixed width or height shouldn't have their text inflated
740945 remove unused and un-built nsSVGLeafFrame
667222 In texSubImage2D, check that the update format matches the existing texture
732761 pymake: add __repr__() methods to more data types
732762 pymake: Combine adjacent strings in Expansion.finish()
757340 Preferences window uses an animation on OS X which causes a early return in the paneId setter
740957 Webapp installer doorhanger should show a standard icon, not the icon related to the app
740958 crash in nsAccessible::GetBounds
740963 [Skia] Handle non-multiple-of-two dash lengths in HelpersSkia::StrokeOptionsToPaint()
749156 Failure in /testPasswordManager/testPasswordNotificationBar.js | Expression "id("password-save-notif…
732776 Crash on heap [@ js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT] with mjitChunkLimit
732779 Date.prototype.setXXX functions don't evaluate all parameters
732544 layout/reftests/generated-content has 1 tests that fail on android when we turn browser.tabs.remote=…
732806 Profiler Crash [@ mozilla::FramePointerStackWalk ]
741005 XPCNativeWrapperMap appears to be completely unused
732820 Cap to the amount of memory used by decoded images
741038 Dumb down mt touchscreen detection
732847 IonMonkey: Crash on Heap near [@ js::ObjectImpl::getClass]
732848 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::HeapPtr<js::ion::IonCode, unsigned int>::operator js::ion::IonCode*]
732852 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: throwing, at jscntxt.h:1178
732853 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: spoff == js_ReconstructStackDepth(cx_, fp_->script(), pc_), at vm/Stac…
732855 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: iter.slots() >= CountArgSlots(fp->fun()), at ion/Bailouts.cpp:208
741048 Remove gfxAtoms
732857 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: isArgument(), at ion/LIR-inl.h:73
732858 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: pc == target, at jsopcode.cpp:6008
732860 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: index < natoms, at ../../jsscript.h:735
741053 crash in nsIDocument::GetRootElement
732863 IonMonkey: Crash [@ JSString::isAtom]
741056 Crash when visiting https sites via proxy that needs authentication
732865 Clean up the GLContextProvider classes
741064 treeView.js: "function PTV__buildVisibleSection does not always return a value"
741065 controller.js: "function PCDH_onDrop does not always return a value"
741066 browserPlacesViews.js: 2 "function ... does not always return a value"
727637 nsBrowserGlue does unnecessary work when there are no new add-ons installed
739913 Use kernel wake lock when the "cpu" topic is locked
751643 Heap-buffer overread in WebGLContext::CompileShader (nsIDOMWebGLRenderingContext_CompileShader when …
716532 [New Tab Page] Remove "site strip" at the top and re-style buttons
741111 IonMonkey: slower on reduced SS crypto-aes benchmark
667388 When using postMessage to call a ChromeWorker method getting a "could not clone object" error
716544 Use --enable-warnings-as-errors for Android builds
741125 Fix up Paris Bindings WebIDL parser
741126 require plugin for instance creation
741131 Negative timeout values should be clamped to 0, not ignored
716556 Potential buffer overflow in nsScriptableInputStream::Read with 4GB data
732941 OOM Crash [@ nsCOMArray<nsISelectionListener>::operator[]] due to unhandled alloc failure in nsTyped…
732942 IonMonkey: ArgumentsRectifier susceptible to infinite loops on arm
741135 Update Mozilla to NSS 3.13.4
732946 IonMonkey: when writing ImmGCPtr's make sure there is enough room for any immediate
732949 IonMonkey: Rectifier frames are wonky on ARM
732951 EnsureMutable() returns true (success) even when it failed due to OOM
732952 IonMonkey: Implement LNot on ARM
732962 Implement signing on demand for xulrunner
732963 xulrunner shouldn't use pretty name for checksums files
746572 Inline autocomplete release tracking
741163 crash in mozilla::dom::bindings::prototypes::XMLHttpRequest::get_onreadystatechange
741164 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::Initialize
724781 Java related crash with deleted this | [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::Destroy() ] [@ nsObjectFrame::SetI…
741166 crash in AndroidGLController::ProvideEGLSurface
732982 Expose a Wifi API to the DOM
732988 Make NPAPI Async plugin drawing scale correctly
716607 Add .pm, .wf, .yt to PSL
741202 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: NYI, at ion/Lowering.cpp:480
700246 The color of some toolbar icons goes to white (inverted) with a dark persona
735007 AmabayFox addon leaves zombie compartments
741218 Loading a page with content-type application/json causes crash [@ nsHTMLDocument::StartDocumentLoad …
741223 MutationObserver cleanup
733035 need a way to postMessage from sandboxes (without source window object)
741241 IonMonkey: segmentation fault after calling new on local function
741242 Profiler address output broken by bug 739800 on Mac 64 bit
741246 simplify plugin instance creation and initialization
741248 pymake builds fail in nsIDOMBatteryManager.h or nsIDOMNavigatorBattery.h since the Paris bindings la…
741250 "ASSERTION: Item in list without parent"
708494 testUntrustedConnectionErrorPage.js fails to find element getMeOutOfHereButton
741266 with 3 or more arguments should call OpenJS, not Open
735214 [inspector] Give the focus to the toolbar and make the buttons tabbable
741284 add async file request method
741287 expandlibs_gen ignores missing files
741289 Sydneyaudio does not include MOZ_ALSA_CFLAGS
683954 [Layout] Implement an abstract view of the layout of the selected node
716729 Identify root cause of favicon crash on some Honeycomb/ICS devices' Bookmarks database
733115 After creating a new tab group, 2nd RETURN should open that group.
741322 Refactor debugger UI, make it slimmer
741333 Remove PRBool/PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE that crept in
740688 Use uintptr_t instead of PRUword, and intptr_t instead of PRWord
741347 Remove nsIXPConnect::DefineDOMQuickStubs, call DOM_DefineQuickStubs directly instead
741349 Get rid of the mozilla::xpconnect::memory namespace
684017 jsctypes: implement GetLastError and errno
708594 Slow right-click response with add-on Firegesture
708606 Implement a WebIDL Parser for future DOM Bindings
741378 Rejigger JS memory reporters to mirror jemalloc's
741384 Change MOZ_NOT_REACHED added in bug 732343 to MOZ_ASSERT(false)
725002 RIL: Merge Phone and RIL objects
737966 Evaluating nsIXMLHttpRequest.responseText throws on certain parsing errors
741398 make ARIA state map extensible
743428 make package fails on platforms where profiler is not available
741415 Disable mozApps for Beta 13
749623 Fennec 13.0b1 only compatible with large+xlarge screens
716880 'Switch to tab' to a different Panorama group and then activating an app tab returns to previous gro…
733265 B2G SMS DB tests
733266 B2G SMS DB: Use MSISDN from RIL as own phone number
733268 B2G SMS DB: fix deleteMessage behaviour
733277 Prevent firing timers from lock contention with the main thread
733282 Crash in nsHtml5TreeBuilder | ASSERTION: The Unicode decoder wrote too much data.: 'end <= NS_HTML5_…
725092 remove cx argument from principals-related callbacks
740710 B2G SMS: Timezone offset sign is wrong
725095 [Meta] OMTC: Land Android compositor
684138 Remove GARBAGE='$(OBJDIR)/vc20.pdb $(OBJDIR)/vc40.pdb' from
741506 Removing nodes while a bookmarks popup is open in OS X native menubar zombifies them.
700553 test_add_remove_dictionaries.xul silently fails with uncaught JS exception
659594 Use MozAfterPaint to redraw thumbnails
743451 test_keys.js fails in some time zones.
741540 Thread-unsafe nsWindowsDllInterceptor::AddHook is used in AvailableMemoryTracker after other threads…
741543 Some scratchpad browser chrome tests pollute next ones
725161 js::StackFrame::getValidCalleeObject can create a bad cloned method
725167 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Given view not a child of android.widget.AbsoluteLayout@4... at …
536758 line-height reported by window.getComputedStyle is incorrect if font-size is 0px
725180 Create test suite for libmar
733374 WARNING: The two measurements of 'explicit' memory usage don't match
740725 Add down-casting to nsXULTreeAccessible
733382 editable state bit should be presented on readonly inputs
737996 Remove some nigh-useless configuration bits from jsversion.h
741580 Remove nsXULPrototypeElement::mScriptTypeID
708825 "ASSERTION: Fault in cycle collector: traversed refs exceed refcount" closing window nearScriptStack…
585946 Location / search bar splitter moves to the end of the toolbar when toggling "tabs on top"
86247 MathML fonts need to be bundled and auto-installed from .xpi
725714 Mistype a URL Once and Autocomplete Will Forever Block You From Editing to Correct URL
741615 Replace Debugger.prototype.wrap with something more compartment-sensitive
725247 Turning the screen on doesn't repaint the screen
725249 intermittent browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_propertyview-08.js | Test timed out
725254 IonMonkey: Need optimistic GVN for gaussian-blur
733461 [jsdbg2] Debugger.prototype.findScripts doesn't implement 'query' parameter
729817 freezes and crashes @ when on github
741666 touches for touchLists are not refcounted correctly
741670 Add-on sync should ignore hotfixes
741681 replace nsAccessNode::GetPresContext by nsDocAccessible::PresContext
741683 move nsAccessNode::ScrollTo to nsCoreUtils
741689 GLContext init failure when ANGLE and !EXT fb extensions are present
736114 B2G Wifi: Fire notification for signal strength changes
741697 dexpcomify CAccessibleComponent
717122 B2G network manager component
741699 telemetry for uiautomation.dll
741701 CAccessibleHyperlink::get_anchor shouldn't use nsIWinAccessNode
733510 Transition boolean a11y telemetry to 'flag' telemetry as appropriate
741703 stop using QueryInterface in CAccessibleHypertext
733512 FreeType: Multiple security flaws to be fixed in v2.4.9
741707 rm unused a11y CIDs
742114 GC: don't mark through type->interpretedFunction twice
741724 clean up nsPluginHost::SetUpPluginInstance
741726 rename nsPluginTag::mEntryPoint
741730 Remove USE_GLES2
741734 "paste withoug formatting" doesn't fire OnPaste event in contenteditable element
741737 Configure libvpx with pkgconfig
717175 Crash @ gfxFont::AgeCacheEntry
733562 Offscreen FBO must not be created for Global Shared context
717180 Re-fix bug 98654 (Make document.write after window.location not blow away the document)
741762 Make localization crop tests a bit more useful
725384 native developer tool panels dont remember last state
725393 New Tab Page: XUL file needs more IDs (and maybe less generic)
733607 Maple: Rounding of visible/opaque regions when zooming prevents the use of opaque layers (and 16-bit…
733612 Add a pseudo-class lock menu to the infobar node menu
725430 Add feature to sourceeditor/scratchpad: comment/uncomment line/block of code.
725432 HTML buttons with aria-pressed not exposing IA2 TOGGLE_BUTTON role
700867 Smoothly scrolling a page results in screen tear and stretched text
553412 Implement Indexed Database API
733640 Check in tests for bug 718516 (attachment 596072)
733641 Stop migrating Windows/IE SSL configuration (enabled versions of SSL and/or TLS)
741839 consolidate $(wildcard calls) to reduce overhead
733650 Use smslib as the device orientation backend on the mac
733651 Snippet fails to load on about:home due to error
733652 remove geolocation address
733653 Device Orientation - Use a default value of 100ms as the sensor interval
709083 DoneCreatingElement for button called in the wrong place
233950 Make a MathML font XPI
738043 getPref() isn't working in custom.cfg file after upgrading to TB11 (MCD/autoconf)
741868 nsAppShell filters sensor events
741869 nsAppShell corrects sensor events
750066 Heap-buffer-overflow in nsHTMLReflowState::CalculateHypotheticalBox, with nested multi-column, relat…
717302 [AZURE] backgrounds of elements using -border-radius are drawn with an additional offset from browse…
668157 dom should use mozilla::Preferences
738049 Use LayoutInflater.Factory to optimize rendering custom views
209424 undisplayed <object> with usemap gets link-image border anyway
750109 Use-after-free in nsINode::ReplaceOrInsertBefore
717349 Telemetry to measure checkerboarding
717350 Doom Cache Entries with last-modified inconsistency
586286 Update Mozmill tests to remove deprecated assertJS calls
700981 appendChild has become slower when appending a very deep tree
512566 [@font-face] font data urls should be loaded synchronously
709183 Callback path and arguments are taken from the service work item, which is untrusted
725576 serialize principals only once per top-level script
733773 Building with a value for --with-arch different from our default for MOZ_ARCH should reset our defau…
736696 "87984 (3812d0ce274e) Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central" went wrong
738063 B2G Wifi: Consolidate ctypes-related worker code
741984 Continuously re-uploading textures while on Fennec homescreen
733793 Crash in js::CrossCompartmentWrapper::getPropertyDescriptor @ xpc::WrapperFactory::PrepareForWrappin…
679356 After tapping link, panning down causes mouseout and mouseover events
643692 Implement GYP generator generating Mozilla Makefiles
705302 IonMonkey: Add an OOL path for truncating doubles outside int32 range
422540 GStreamer backend for HTML5 video element
742030 Cloning a node can change its style attribute
696299 Valgrind jobs are failing in js/src/shell/
586401 Potential vulnerability left after the patch in bug 585284
733861 Use std::ostreams for profile stringification
733863 Clang-compiled js::mjit::LoopState::hoistArrayLengthCheck confuses valgrind into reporting UMR
676533 /restartTests/testDiscoveryPane_UpAndComingModule/test1.js sometime fails due to a TimeoutError
709310 Implement Handling of 5xxs, X-Weave-Backoff, Retry-After.
717511 Bad intersection of injected HTTP headers leads to Content Security Policy (CSP) Bypass
742091 Texture format detection broken by 740372
742098 refactor observe() into a set of distinct methods
750293 Right margin (in ltr context) can cause overflow
742107 Use GRE_HOME on Gonk
733922 Fix Qt port compilation with --enable-skia
725736 getaddrinfo and related functions are not wrapped since bug 683127 part 2
733941 Fennec: In DrawPixelSnapped we seem to hit CreateSamplingRestrictedDrawable a lot
692984 Implement Environment.prototype.getVariable, .setVariable
733950 create arguments object eagerly
733951 Qt port does not compile anymore due to bad includes order
742149 WebIDL parser needs to support IDL array return values
742154 Work around media crashtest hangs in cubeb_winmm.c
733966 IonMonkey: Improve NotV and test(not(foo))
742160 Import and enable AudioUnit cubeb backend
742163 Clean up JSScript::jitArityCheck{Normal,Ctor}
701205 The updater informational messages should not be italicized
742167 extendedAttribute in the WebIDL data model needs a better name
709402 Form history repository layer
733979 Opt-only Crash [@ js::gc::MarkInternal]
742174 Allow empty Location headers again
733984 Prepare Location object wrappers for a compartment-per-global world
725793 OOM crash in nsNSSCertificate::Read
733990 B2G RIL: Handle errors for ICC IO
742183 Handle MicroTasks correctly with showModalDialog
742184 CGNativeToSupportsMethod should use a CGIndenter for its whitespace needs
742190 Leak with MozMutationObserver
742200 optional jsval arguments ('any' in the IDL) should become JSVAL_VOID, not JSVAL_NULL, when there was…
544503 Editor should not observe all mutations on the document if it's initialized with a root node
734018 Don't patch DOMRequestService into Services.jsm
734019 The big picture hangs , and finally Browser crashes with null signature
734022 IonMonkey: We Invalidate before we Invalidate
734023 Remove language arguments from nsIScriptGlobalObject methods
734029 Move nsJSContext::{Set,Create}OuterObject to nsGlobalWindow
742222 Execution of request.onreadystatechange crashes Firefox
742226 Implement a generic uevent poller
750424 nsXULPrototypeNode::Release should add itself to the purple buffer
742237 Crash [@ nsMutationReceiver::NodeWillBeDestroyed] during GC
734046 Don't export __aeabi_* symbols from on ARM
734050 Build stlport as part of our build process
586598 Implement GetBuffered API for GStreamer backend
742253 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_HOLE
742261 Remove useless queryCommandText/execCommandShowHelp methods
734079 Update SVG frame bounds asynchronously, and get rid of the suspendRedraw code
742274 B2G: Hardware buttons do not work on akami.
742281 Append instead of assigning OS_LIBS in xpcom/tests/windows/
557890 Update Google search plugin suggestion URLs
758691 Failure in awesomebar tests with 'Autocomplete popup has been opened'
734121 makefile: add utility functions for identifying argument calling context for user functions
701361 Add a telemetry probe for finding out how commonly multipart XHR is used on the Web
725945 Crash in nsCacheService::Unlock
668606 oninput (input event) doesn’t work for contenteditable elements
717759 negative pipelining feedback on failed image parses
701377 setTabState() always unhides the tab
676803 Thumbnails are not generated for hidden tabs in stacked groups
734151 remove new lines from the div class in the CC log
678051 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
742357 Use macros to declare nsIMutationObserver functions in nsMutationReceiver
742358 dbg-transport.js could use some documentation
734167 Crash in JS_ReportError caused by unbounded recursion
742361 GCC 4.8 mingw fails to compile cairo due to missing ffs declaration
734177 Add tests for BrowserProvider
742371 Remove MutationReceiver from MutationObserver when the target is deleted
742376 DisableDevice is being called with types that are not known device sensors
725996 New Tab Page should not respond to dragged bookmark folders
742384 In CDataFinalizer, .dispose() should return something useful
726004 Fix bmp/ico orange (bug 721917) by listening for image data errors
726005 IDRefsIterator::Next() should use nsDocAccessible::GetAccessible()
734198 Contacts API: Add Sorting
726009 Bookmark folder in New Tab page crashes Firefox
742395 restrict device sensor events to windows
726018 Don't update top site screenshots when receiving 404, 500, etc results
734211 Expose API for querying the existence of Sync accounts, creating accounts
734215 Constructing a typed array with a security-wrapped array buffer produces incorrect result
496653 Command line option --class <WM_CLASS> does not work, proposed MOZ_WM_CLASS workaround
742414 Firefox crashes when viewing page source
742419 Implement new identity block design (lighter weight with a generic icon)
537624 "ASSERTION: Already have an undisplayed context entry for aContent" with {ib}
734237 elfhack crashes when handling built with NDK r7b
316447 inserting an horizontal rule <HR> sets size="2" width="100%"
750625 crash in nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::GetPrefixes
742438 jsworkers.cpp:170:35: warning: NULL used in arithmetic [-Wpointer-arith]
734259 Clicking a system stylesheet in the style inspector does not open the source
726069 get rid nsAccUtils::GetPositionAndSizeForXULContainerItem
734263 Set offscreen surface format according to screen format
726072 nsAccUtils::GetMultiSelectableContainer should use nsDocAccessible::GetAccessible
734280 [New Tab Page] clean up newtab test suite
717904 Add-ons Manager is broken after installing an extension with browser restart
742482 Add support for MutationObserver.takeRecords()
742491 Make nsWindowsDllInterceptor::AddHook thread-safe on x86-32
717916 Add an Inspect button and a node menu to the infobar
734302 Enable the Gecko Profiler on native Fennec
717922 In the PageInspector toolbar, move the HTML Tree button in front of the breadcrumbs display
685156 WebGL's hint function incorrectly generates an invalid enumeration
734317 libpng: Confirmation of another heap-buffer overflow not affecting mozilla
729960 Source Editor: add shortcuts to quickly jump to the code block start and end
734324 implement device motion - rotation rate and acceleration
734325 implement device motion - compassneedscalibration support
742519 IonMonkey: Build of revision ec53c5d4c3dd crashes on Kraken/imaging-desaturate
734332 Remove unused 'Tab:Selected:Done' message
734335 Build failure because of missing NoBarrier_Store on non-arm non-x86
570505 CSP code makes URIs out of strings out of URIs
725869 Set the plugin hang timeout back to 45s
742544 Don't change global shared context multiple times
742549 crossorigin attribute on script elements not reflected in crossOrigin IDL property
742550 testSuggestHistoryBookmarks.js fails with 'The page title matches the underlined text - 'grants' sho…
734366 WebSMS: nsISmsDatabaseService.getNextMessageInList proccessId parameter should be optional
742560 Increase Fennec's disk cache size
742561 IonMonkey: Inline allocation for JSOP_NEWOBJECT.
742562 IonMonkey: Inline allocation for JSOP_NEWARRAY
734371 Adjust toolbar color for Australis
734373 Implement Australis toolbar button design
734374 Adjust the URL and search bar border color for Australis
742570 Better shell tests for GC
734382 Don't show the list of activities if there is only one
734383 IonMonkey: IC for JSOP_GETELEM
742581 nsStyleCoord::GetCoordValue() signature is inconsistent (nscoord vs PRInt32)
734391 coalesce the device motion events
734400 IonMonkey: Elide DivBy0, NegOverflow, and NegZero checks in LDivI when inputs are appropriate consta…
742606 IonMonkey: Lowering of ArrayPopShift fails on "undefined" output (Assertion failure: unexpected type…
742610 Remove opportunistic caching support from nsHttpChannel
578771 Contenteditable element breaks word selection on all other input elements of the page
734423 Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to 1.0.1 in-principle-final (r17159)
726235 break out XPath code into separate module
718053 1,104 or 1,932 bytes in 92 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 1 of 1 as detected by Valgrind
742636 Keep observed node alive during microtask if there are transient observers
742645 Adding exception accidentally allowed in framed certificate error page
734454 One should be able to define a new atom without changing four different pieces of code
643967 js_CloneScript does not preserve principals for nested functions
723157 Call forgetSkippable more often
726272 [Page Thumbnails] don't capture error pages
742657 move nsAccUtils::GetRoleMapEntry(nsINode *aNode) into nsARIAMap
734475 Take the full union of native sets when bringing non-PreCreate XPWNs across compartments
751832 Addons tests are failing with "Selected category has been loaded"
734490 "no viable overloaded 'PRIxPTR'" when building with Clang or GCC 4.7
736815 crash in js_ValueToBoolean
742695 densify nsARIAGridAccessible
734517 GC: missing barriers in InitExnPrivates
743786 Assert if ClearOnShutdown is called off the main thread
734530 Facebook comment box disables spell check
742727 [Azure] Azure-Thebes wrapper: Italic and underlined Text disappears for some fonts
677194 Assertion failure: !JSVAL_IS_PRIMITIVE(val) in nsDOMConstructor::HasInstance
726347 [Page Thumbnails] add preference to disable capturing thumbnails in the background
726352 Move SAMPLE_LABEL from nsEventListenerManager::HandleEventInternal to nsEventDispatcher::Dispatch
652635 Fallback missing @longdesc to aria-describedby pointing to <a href>
734566 optimize layout of TextAttrsMgr
685421 Geolocation - V2 - Specification Compliance
742775 Turn off the debug mode by default on SmsDatabaseService.js
603512 Adjust Connection Pipeline Status for Unexpected Large Transaction Content-Length
726393 crash [@ java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.processKeyDown(Ge…
603514 restart pipelined transaction on read stall more aggressively
726396 Huge performance regression on WebGL with ANGLE+D3D10
742782 [New Tab Page] Error: aCallback is not defined
742788 js/src/jsinterp.cpp:954:31: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true
742797 B2G Wifi: Fix wifi shutdown (and restart) on ICS
742805 Do not dump ril socket failures on a desktop build with --enable-b2g-ril
726429 JS_ValueToString fails to convert integers to string because static string setup can trigger gc in m…
734624 java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occured while executing doInBackground() at android.os.AsyncTas…
742827 Fix bug 671591 landing problem
726444 Implement the Downloads Panel
742829 IonMonkey: Don't allocate space for content of NewArray when data isn't set immediately
595375 Crash @ _d2d_compute_bitmap_mem_size
742833 In WindowsDllInterceptor, write to the trampoline value as soon as it's valid
742835 makefiles: will need a special case rule to handle 'mkdir dot'
742837 Remove dead code and cleanup around nsDOMScriptObjectFactory
742843 Some weakmap cleanups
726460 Inconsistent layout with bidi, changing text node
726461 cairo-qt-surface not compiling with Qt5
734657 Upgrade ANGLE to r1042
701901 Failure in testSearch::testGetMoreSearchEngines.js
734677 High memory leak for playback photo album (due to Page Speed add-on)
734681 Shutdown the decoder in SourceDataComplete() if decoding is already finished
734685 Support IPC Thread::SetName on Mac
742884 Cleanup in nsComposerCommands.cpp
726502 nsDeviceMotion::DeviceMotionChanged may index out of bounds mWindowListeners array
734701 Intermittent mochitest-browser-chrome failure browser/components/downloads/test/browser/browser_dele…
734706 The Page Style menu's "No Style" menu item shouldn't have to stop the command event propagation
734707 Jank feature has unintended side effects
710135 Move screen.enabled/brightness to power manager interface
644608 Implement full dependencies for expandlibs
743680 don't export nsARIAMap.h
734724 Inline nsIScriptContext::ConnectToInner into its only caller
759311 Assertions in update tests have to be more verbose
742935 Some pipelining patches has not been landed correctly
751142 Add manifest files for running entire test suite
751143 Add restart tests and disable skipped tests in manifest files
734763 "Assertion failure: rt->gcMode != JSGC_MODE_GLOBAL" with certain GC prefs and forceShrinkingGC
732765 Crash @ mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak_P | mozilla::gl::GLContext::InitWithPrefix with abort message…
532062 localStorage/sessionStorage should return undefined (not null) for undefined keys
726590 Uninitialised value use in nsEventListenerManager::HandleEventInternal
734784 Clean up includes in content/media
726595 RegExp related memory corruption (SIGTRAP + Valgrind Errors)
210501 case-folding support for non-BMP (Unicode plane 1 and above) characters (ToUpper,ToLower, ToTitlecas…
734812 Make the linker error out when text relocations are defined with DF_TEXTREL
726628 [new tab page] Thumbnail title text display larger on Linux comparative with Windows
710259 New Safari migrator (OS X & Windows)
710264 Chrome profile migrator: runBatched does all its work in an async callback
743034 Fix script proto exec for compartment-per-global
725951 Don't assert if mObservers is null when removing an observer from ObserversManager
521853 make cycle collector faults fatal
726656 broken by the rename to omni.ja
620164 nsTheoraState::MaxKeyframeOffset doesn't need to use MulOverflow
743047 GC: missing barriers on script atoms
743049 Inconsistent error message for uncaught JS exception in Console
751242 Some tests fail with "can't access dead object" since patch on bug 695480 has landed
464527 Need wrapper for callbacks
743056 nsPrintfCString should always require a buffer size
734869 Shutting down gonk sensors leads to freeze on main thread
743076 Suppress warning warning C4355: 'this' : used in base member initializer list in HttpChannelChild an…
317093 Midas: strong and em aren't recognized while formatting the text
603817 Bookmarks toolbar items disappear if placed on tab bar with many tabs open
743088 Consistent failure of jit-test bug673812.js on 64-bit with -a -m -n
734903 Undefined reference to XRE_GetProcessType in nsMediaCacheRemover.cpp on mingw
743096 IonMonkey: Crash [@ malloc_consolidate]
743101 Assertion failure: srcArgs.callee().toFunction()->native() == native || srcArgs.callee().toFunction(…
734910 Enter the compartment of the new global before calling FinishInitForNewWrappedGlobal
734911 Adding breakpoints sometimes doesn't work
743114 [Mac] regression: autocomplete should be ignored
710347 Failure in testPasswordManager :: testPasswordNotSaved
726734 plugin instances should reload when the src/data URL changes
751320 JavaScript variable intermittently not assigned value after operation (Firefox; stand-alone test cas…
644832 Flash content doesn't render when scale transform is applied to parent element.
734946 Disable incremental GC for Firefox 13
734953 Remove skew() transformation function (leaving skewX() and skewY())
743148 Profile manager Listbox background color is black when the listbox has already scrolled at the time …
530157 js1_5/GC/regress-383269-01.js & regress-383269-02.js - random jsreftest failure, with message "Leak …
653038 Replacement image for sync-bg.png smaller optimized PNG.
677616 add hy-AM to the list of mobile locales on aurora
734975 Remove the XULRunner installer on Mac and switch the package to a .tar.bz2
734976 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure: cx->isExceptionPending() || cx->runtime->hadOutOfMemory, at metho…
734978 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure: cx->typeInferenceEnabled() && hasLazyType(), at js/src/jsinfer.cp…
709590 Listen for orientation changes to implement screen rotation in gonk widget backend
734982 Map ARIA role "form".
734984 MAPLE: fps counter is black
726794 Nonexistent macro WTF_PLATFORM_LINUX used in MacroAssemblerARM.cpp instead of WTF_OS_LINUX
743179 B2G SMS: error notification for REQUEST_GET_SMSC_ADDRESS failure is not fired
727341 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure: function() && types && types->hasScope(), at ../jsscriptinlines.h…
718608 Migration code shrink and cleanup: unified code for notifications and error handling, prepare for de…
710431 Telemetry for browser window open
727344 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure: verifiedRange, at methodjit/BaseCompiler.h:123
718627 [Mac] Navigating by character, or interacting with, the text in the awesome bar does not speak the c…
735012 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure:>typeInferenceEnabled(), at methodjit/MonoIC.cpp:1173 or Cra…
735014 GCs triggered from pagehide can interfere with the loading of another web page
735016 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure: !hasLazyType(), at ../vm/ObjectImpl.h:198
735017 Clean up namespaces and naming for gonk dom objects in gonk specific code
661293 the tabmodalprompt dialog's prompt label doesn't get the text properly associated for accessibility
743217 Do not allow iframes to lock the screen if a parent window's element is fullscreened
706867 "Future-proof" installed apps for future Gecko versions
735031 Fullscreen API implementation assumes an HTML Element
751422 <img onerror="..."> execute even when inline scripts are blocked by CSP
735045 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure: !var.lifetime && var.saved, at js/src/jsanalyze.cpp:933
767820 Failure in testAboutPrivateBrowsing.js | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed
767821 Failure in testRemoveAllCookies.js | Timeout waiting for page loaded
767822 Failure in testGreyLarry.js | Timeout waiting for page loaded
726863 Add mobile-specific strings for add-on error messages
735059 Second and third execCommand() parameters should be optional
751454 GC hazard around mNativeScriptableSharedMap when creating compartments
743264 Update pdf.js to Version 0.2.536
407401 Remove namespaced ARIA support in feed parser
743280 update to use 680246 - file batch #2 - cosmetic patch edits moved to a separate bug
736915 Print Selection prints a blank page when the selection is inside a table in SeaMonkey2.8 & Firefox11…
735094 IndexedDB: Use new fangled string constants
735109 unregister message listeners on shutdown in Webapps.jsm
743306 Fix MOZ_Assert and MOZ_Crash for Android
735118 Add a --debugger flag to
743315 "Assertion failure: enumerators == cx->enumerators" with recursive getter, mjitChunkLimit
735127 Fix "beause" spelling
743325 Touch events are broken in XUL Fennec
726943 Fullscreen button in HTML video makes the browser go fullscreen but not the video
735136 get rid of nsHTMLSelectOptionAccessible::GetPositionAndSizeInternal
735137 Strict mode violation in TabsTray.onCreate
735139 Improve browser_pageInfo.js a little
735141 Bottom of tall image within scrollable div not drawn until text below image is in view
735151 Intermittent browser_tilt_picking_highlight02.js | Highlighting a node didn't work properly and | an…
735152 Entirely too frequent test_xhr_timeout.html | time to abort is 0, timeout set at 2000 - got "timeout…
743351 [jsdbg2] Debugger.Script should provide a 'staticLevel' accessor
735161 Method JIT allows assignment to undeclared in ES5 strict mode code
718779 Cannot view mp4 file in FF 9
735164 Handle properly WebGL offscreen context in Platform context environment
735165 B2G RIL: Change nsIRadioInterfaceLayer::CALL_STATE_RINGING to CALL_STATE_ALERTING for consistency
735166 Intermittent timeout in browser_newtab_bug734043.js
735170 WebTelephony: add API to hold a call
723349 Fix params in addTab on session restore failure
702411 Rule view shouldn't update during highlighting
735187 Re-enable inline autocomplete once its blockers are fixed
735191 fails to crosscompile on case-sensitive OSes
735194 gfxDWriteFontList.cpp fails to compile on mingw
743393 background-attachment:fixed > black / white areas when maximizing
735209 [ICS] Application icon visible on dismissal of the the clipboard action-bar
743404 nsHtml5TreeOperation.cpp:276:28: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true [-Wt…
751598 sync Mozilla trees to npapi-sdk r20
743407 ALIASEDVAR Patch: Assertion failure: fp->script()->varIsAliased(index) == aliased, at jsinterp.cpp:1…
743408 ALIASEDVAR Patch: Assertion failure: script->needsArgsObj(), at methodjit/Compiler.cpp:4065
743409 ALIASEDVAR Patch: Assertion failure: data.s.payload.why == why, at jsapi.h:470
751602 compile fixes for drawing models (add ifdefs)
743416 Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::OpenInternal] with preventDefault in DOMWillOpenModalDialog
735228 CAccessibleComponent shouldn't use GetComputedStyle
735233 Shift-F6 should focus the location bar rather than the first focusable chrome element
718852 [ARM] Assertion failure: lastResort != FrameState::InvalidIndex, at methodjit/ImmutableSync.cpp:133 …
743433 Remove .orig file which are accidentally added by bug 680246
743438 Move some style rule functions from nsIContent to Element
743444 Lighting Filter clipped when kernelUnitLength specified
653339 Speed Dial Feature
735261 navigator.mozConnection should be an instance of EventTarget
735262 Make leaf address profiling saner
735268 Restore StorageEvent test which is accidentally removed
743475 WebGLBuffer::FindMaxUshortElement passes wrong template arguments to FindMaxElementInSubArray
735297 Documentation for RepositorySession
710727 share character map between fonts with identical coverage
735305 Update WebTelephony impl to use the new DOMEventTargetHelper API
735312 Still unable to import bookmarks from IE on initial import wizard
735313 Assertion failure: checkLength(length), at vm/StringBuffer.cpp:50
718938 Add RAII helper template to MFBT
735330 move device motion from dom/system to hal
727140 MAPLE: crash [@ TouchBadMemory]
743813 Fix the warnings generated by WebGL activeTexture
741052 crash in mozilla::FileBlockCache::Close
604266 Remove '--disable-installer' option and 'MOZ_INSTALLER' variable
735342 CanSkip for unoptimizable nodes held live by a binding manager
727156 fix warnings in toolkit/mozapps/update/
669813 Assertion failed: (ch == '\0'), function ReadToken
710774 Qt needs to dispatch DID_PAINT events
686203 Focused contenteditable can prevent other elements from getting focused on right-click
735357 Update ContactsAPI implementation to new IndexedDB constants
743559 Remove unused JSRuntime::xml_singleton fields
743560 Building Firefox on top of xulrunner failed after d36aeec1abe1 in m-c
735378 Compositing step for WebGL readback allocates a gfxImageSurface per composite
743574 Deprecate DOMException.code
743575 Console should display line number for warning messages
735391 IonMonkey: Inline Math.sqrt
743587 Intermittent Linux talos crash [@ nsHttpConnection::CloseTransaction]
735400 IonMonkey: Optimize JSOP_FUNCALL
743593 Crash in _moz_cairo_font_face_destroy
637099 Remove JS_ClearScope calls on windows
637101 (Try to) Ensure screenshots on test timeouts are not taken too late
735408 IonMonkey: Fast-paths for typed arrays
719025 Unity Plugin flickers in Firefox 10 beta
743603 B2G Wifi: minor code readability improvement
735419 gfxTextRun constructor has unused parameter 'aText'
743614 B2G Wifi: Beef up error checking a little
743617 Temporarily disable omtc on gonk
760013 Split testSuggestHistoryBookmarks in 2 tests
743630 Remove unsed variable XPIDL_COMPILE
735439 reorder fields in gfxFontStyle for more efficient packing
743632 nsHTMLEditor::GetNextHTMLSibling(nsIDOMNode*, PRInt32 nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode>*) is broken
743635 B2G SMS database initialization accesses Directory Provider off the main thread
735448 IonMonkey: Fast path for JSOP_SETPROP adding case
415972 provide solid state drives to all firefox users
710895 Port IE profile migrator to JS
735475 Generalize shouldIgnore
735477 Test the new features of Promise.jsm
735481 CSS class selector became case sensitive
743676 densify base/nsFormControlAccessible
489728 (TUnit) TestTXMgr.cpp printf()s need update
735490 Delete mobile/android/chrome/tests/
735491 Fix a possible recursion in DebuggerScript_trace
727319 B2G SMS: Notify SMS send failures
735517 Web Apps icon always appears when other popup notifications appear
735518 Implement NSIS uninstaller for natively-installed web apps
735519 Fix a bunch of "inlined function used but not defined" warnings
751905 about:memory and JS console broken on inbound tip in unpackaged build
735533 Remove copyright notices from empty files.
735536 B2G SMS DB: Use new fangled IndexedDB string constants
719154 Remove support for nested event loop filters
735544 Allow exception stacks to cross compartment boundaries
738356 Add JSAPI for binding functions
735549 Generate the jsreftest manifests at build time
735550 unmark gray objects held alive by nsXBLDocGlobalObject of skippable nsXBLDocumentInfo
735552 nshttpconnectionmgr.cpp:513 NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE incorrect
760130 Skip tests that rely on Flash if it's not installed
743747 fix bug 603514 landing
726071 get rid nsAccUtils::GetPositionAndSizeForXULSelectControlItem
735564 about:newtab has on-hover UI that doesn't work well with touch-screens
735573 "Failed to setup pref service" on first-run from ResetAndReadUserPrefs
735574 Extremely frequent leak of 1 BackstagePass, 2 Mutex, 9 ProxyListener coming from New Tab Page (mochi…
743767 Firefox crash @ memcpy | GlyphBufferAzure::Flush
735579 TH width not updated when changing the width of a cell in the first row that's not the first cell in…
735581 B2G RIL MSISDN follow-ups
735583 eliminate the non-NS_... versions of FONT_STYLE_* and FONT_WEIGHT_* constants
366944 Range.surroundContents doesn't check node type early enough
735589 B2G SMS: ctypes undefined error in systemlib.js in xpcshell tests for SMS
743785 nsNPAPIPlugin.cpp:385:8: warning: unused variable ‘javaIsEnabled’ [-Wunused-variable]
735594 --enable-jsd=no fails to build
735598 Qt QWS embedding (without-x)
735602 Add possibility to choose EGL backend on Non-Maemo Linux/Qt/Gtk builds instead ofo GLX
596351 Proxies should throw TypeErrors for assignments to read-only properties in ES5 strict mode
735638 makeutil library func: checkIfEmpty
653703 Correlate C++ profiling with event loop non-responsiveness
743817 make font inflation reftests live in reftest harness rather than mochitest
743820 Update to the overload resolution changes to make interfaces with indexed props and arrays/sequences…
735636 PromptService list view has bad scroll performance
727446 Let the window owning a storage dispatch an event when the storage changes
735645 expose sub and sup elements in text attributes
735647 ReflowCountMgr risks overrunning stack and heap buffers on 64-bit systems
735648 Cmd + Opt + something shortcut keys don't work in "Dvorak - Qwerty ⌘" keyboard layout
743843 Components.Exception should provide an options object API
735660 Fix db migrations in BrowserProvider
735666 crash [@ nsIDocument::GetContainer() ]
727476 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure: compartment()->activeInference, at js/src/jsinfer.cpp:2161 or Cra…
727477 Battery API: On Galaxy Nexus, the Battery API reports "charging" and "full" even if not full and no…
743868 GC: fix barriers in SupressDeletedProperties
735680 Update icons for webapps doorhanger notification
743878 Move uint8_clamped into ObjectImpl.{h,cpp}
743881 IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_NEWINIT
735691 Make toolbar buttons borderless in the default state
743885 Fix an OOM handling error in HashTable
735699 IonMonkey: GETELEM: Add a dense array IC
711126 Extend Promise.jsm
743896 Fix test failure misattribution for timeouts in the unix testrunner
743907 Add cursor mapper support back to libui
678374 Panorama/App Tabs: not shortcut icon; no icon if
746577 ASAN: Opus crash [@nsNativeAudioStream::Write]
621036 Disable CreateOffscreenPBufferContext printf_stderr's?
711157 about:home Visual Refresh & Launcher
711164 Add support for stepping to the debugger
735741 Clean up about:home
686595 [meta] IonMonkey: inlining
743941 B2G Wifi: More small cleanup
735761 Fix double-printing of progress bar in jsreftest suite
735763 Turn off FPS by default
735768 make persistent telemetry more robust
735778 Call MOZ_ASSERT if RemoveObserver is called with an observer that is not present
735781 Make sure nsScreen don't call RemoveObserver when it's actually not observing
727590 uniformMatrix*fv handles its transpose argument incorrectly
735790 Tab thumbnails only scale 3/4 of the window
743988 linking with MOZ_GLUE_PROGRAM_LDFLAGS should use the C++ compiler if necessary
735810 Don't try to package MSVC dlls if WIN32_REDIST_DIR is not set, in Firefox
719427 Fix malloc logging tools on OS X
719433 IonMonkey: enable SETPROP PIC/stubs for ARM
735826 jit-tests broken for browser builds on mac
735829 Report PDB name in chrome hang reports
724751 IonMonkey: Change shell behavior so --ion -n is default
719453 Expose Orion's getLineStart/getLineEnd in SourceEditor
744034 TI disabled in compartments created for iframes
735856 Opt robocop failure after upgrading to SUT Agent 1.07 upgrade (testWebContentContextMenu | Bookmark …
727666 Worker hang at shutdown with XHR
744052 Restructure HashTable::checkOverflow for easier reading
735861 Make shared-libraries.h not build on platforms where Gecko Profiler is not supported
735871 Remove the --disable-sps configure option
735877 Update syntax hints in pref files to reflect the fact that you can't use computed values (e.g. 2 * 4…
735879 Add more delay to some browser chrome tests that often timeout
711304 Implement a sequential version of RiverTrail's ParallelArray in SpiderMonkey
301705 XMLHttpRequest: 0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE) [nsIXMLHttpRequest.status]
727690 Wifi doesn't reconnect after restarting the b2g process
686735 Implement no-gfx-driver-workarounds mode
735894 Fire the image discard timeout more often
744088 remove nsCycleCollector_getRuntime
735898 BuildDisplayList takes too long on
719515 Selection.extend() should replace the existing range, not mutate it
719518 Selection.extend() with no ranges should throw standard exception type
719523 Selection.selectAllChildren() on a Document always produces end offset of 1
457384 A regular HTML block underneath a plug-in sometimes punches a hole in the plug-in
735915 make atk interface vfuncs static
735916 With 'javascript.options.mem.log' enabled GC status messages are broken
719533 Range.extractContents() shouldn't modify the DOM if the range contains a doctype
719536 The Gecko Profiler add-on needs to be able to symbolicate for Linux
703155 Port Mozilla Qt to Qt5
694964 crash [@ gfxSharedImageSurface::Open] when a layer is painted twice in the same transaction
285374 sync xpfe colorpicker.xml with toolkit colorpicker.xml
735943 Crash @ nsCSSFrameConstructor::ProcessPendingRestyles
719560 Can't publish split native and xul builds under the same product on android market
735958 B2G 3G: Typo in datacall management causes leaks and inconsistent state
744152 [Page Thumbnails] Capture thumbnails only for the selected tab
368758 Remove obsolete workaround pref editor.quotesPreformatted
735974 jsmess games hang and use lots of RAM
605991 Drag-and-drop may be used to steal content across domains
735987 [New Tab Page] Dropping blocked links onto the grid again should unblock them
711418 Font inflation has no effect on sites with html, body { height: 100% } or similar (e.g.,
735996 HTTP layer improvements
744192 GC: ensure there are no implicit post barriers in a Vector
736007 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.sync.repositories.Server11RepositorySession$Rec…
482057 When the Ctrl+F Find bar is enabled and the Find text box is focused, smooth scrolling does not work
736012 Assertion failure: enumerators == cx->enumerators, at jsinterp.cpp:453 or Crash [@ js_SuppressDelete…
735704 RotateLeft32 conflicts with winnt.h macro
736028 [Page Thumbnails] default thumbnail size should be 1/9th of the user's screen size
621347 [SeaMonkey, WINNT 5.2, Debug] mochitests-1: intermittent "test_ws_basic_tests.html | Test timed out"
736038 intermittent devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_bug731394_editor-contextmenu.js | The correct script…
678695 Settings API
739805 Calling getTabState() on a not-yet-restored tab wipes out text and scroll data
744243 'border-image' shorthand should not accept odd trailing slash
719674 JS Crash on heap with invalid memory being executed
736059 do some cleanups of nsAccessible::GetAttributesInternal
686909 The system suffix is for system generated events only
723424 dexpcom GetUnignoredParent()
736066 Build NSS object files more like the rest of the tree
719686 Assertion failure: (d.lengthAndFlags & FLAGS_MASK) == DEPENDENT_BIT, at js/src/vm/String.h:340 or Cr…
727884 Make nsWrapperCache::WrapObject take a JSObject scope instead of XPCWrappedNativeScope
744272 disable test_watchpoints.xul
744929 Snappy Symbolication Server - Mismatched Content-Length and body length may result in exception
736087 Wifi: Rename the DOM service to not have the ns prefix
736091 Wifi: Add a nsIDOMWifiManager.forgetNetwork function
736092 Wifi: Need a notification for "about to connect"
744285 Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(*thingp)), at jsgc.cpp:4278
736096 Wifi: Re-prioritize the configured networks to avoid overly-high network priorities
727921 "Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0,"
482162 Intermittent: test_value_storage.html timed out on WINNT 5.2 mozilla-central unit test
711552 Create click to play UI for desktop
619670 onLowMemory may not work on Android
736134 [Azure] Implement more advanced DWrite text rendering parameters
736135 IonMonkey: remove negative zero check when Mul get's followed by Sub or Add
736141 IonMonkey: x + 0 equals x only when x can't be -0
727960 Incremental builds for mobile are too slow
744347 Remove last traces of EventException
719776 [Azure] External dependencies slipped into Azure
711588 Update WebGL conformance tests to something that includes Doug's getShaderPrecisionFormat tests
736168 GC: remove MarkablePtr
744366 Assert about expected readyState before readyState transitions
727987 Assertion failure: obj, at ../../jsval.h:774 or Crash on heap (JIT) or Crash [@ js::gc::ChunkBitmap:…
737022 Re-enable strict warnings while parsing XUL
711618 implement basic click to play permission model
695235 XPIDL compiler should enforce size_is parameters being T_U32
736196 Wifi: Fix handling of passwords
736200 Contacts API: Using cleaner IDs for the mozContact objects
736210 "ASSERTION: Don't know how to merge this stuff" with astral char, ß text-transformed to SS
728021 Bug in regexp interpreter in recursive function
728028 simile timeplot display regressed between firefox 10 and 12
728029 Preserve added JS properties on the JS object returned by webgl.getExtension
742565 nsRange.cpp:668:47: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-comp…
744417 B2G Wifi: better nsIDOMWifiManager.forgetNetwork function
736227 "ASSERTION: unexpected state" with MathML, astral font name
736229 Stop storing expando objects in the wrapper cache
724748 simplify RegExpShared lifetime management
711656 Firefox 11.0a1 Crash in TextStageManager::AddStagesForSubrect with Intel GMA X4500HD, 4500MHD, and H…
703474 Setting gczeal to 4 and back to 0 causes everything to leak
742393 JM+TI: Don't inline array.concat if Array.prototype has indexed properties
736251 smooth wheel precise scrolling isn't very responsive
736252 stop using QueryInterface in CAccessibleAction
745303 Let Panorama use the thumbnail service
744464 nsPlainTextSerializer.cpp:414:30: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true [-W…
728086 Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at ../../jsval.h:796 or Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::alloc…
736279 Followup to fix bugs in about:home Visual Refresh
735749 No back button in awesomescreen on Maemo 6 Harmattan (N9)
744480 cairo_dwrite_font_face Memory Corruption Vulnerability [V-49y00m3lf2]
539683 defunct object methods should return CO_E_OBJECTNOTCONNECTED
728103 Shouldn't we change modifier for HTML accesskey from Control to Control + Option?
736296 StrictMode violation: DatabaseObjectNotClosedException from AboutHomeContent.loadTopSites()
744489 Fix incremental GC assertion in ValidateIncrementalMarking
744501 Variables declared with 'var [...]' have wrong scopes.
744507 Cleanup GetPriorHTMLSibling/GetNextHTMLSibling
736316 Components.utils.getGlobalForObject should unwrap cross-compartment wrappers
728127 use GetComputedStyle carefully
769090 waitForDownload() has to return early if download failure occurs
732389 image map accessible tree is not updated when image map is changed
736326 nscoord/nscolor typo
457803 "nsDragService.cpp(146) : warning C4146: unary minus operator applied to unsigned type"
728142 Replace old synchronous favicons calls in tabview
736342 Don't write media cache data on the main thread
744535 IonMonkey: Invalidate/recompile scripts on change to ThisTypeSet
744541 Heap-buffer-overflow in utf16_to_isolatin1
744543 LayerManagerOGL doesn't build on Linux/clang
736352 Aborting… doesn't.
728171 Make use of Scoped.h
719982 Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart | Modal dialog has been found and proces…
744564 Allow to create EGL context from Widget provided GL context (embedding approach)
728190 Assertion failure: kind == GetGCThingTraceKind(thing), at js/src/jsgcmark.cpp:219 or Crash [@ JSStri…
736389 "Assertion failure: mElements.Contains(cur)" with -moz-column, :first-child
736391 Don't store places record
736400 media.[ogg,webm,wave].enabled cannot toggle off media playback
720023 Context menus for selected URLs should be the identical as for links
744607 scroll causes lines in webpage
736416 intermittent browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser_625016.js | Test timed out, followed by ot…
744611 Use right compartment iterator when profiling scripts
736424 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_tabview_bug600645.js | The app tab icon has the right ta…
744617 Remove simple uses of JS_FrameIterator
736435 xulrunner-stub.exe crashes in gfxUserFontSet::OnLoadComplete when using CSS with @font-face
728244 Enable the Script Debugger to debug B2G/Gaia
736444 replace abouthome/noise.png with reasonably sized copy from about:newtab
736456 captureAndStore callback may try to access destroyed browser
736459 WantAllTraces should disable nsINode::Traverse, nsBaseContentList optimizations
711895 Tweak the warning options used for GCC builds
744666 Text in Text-box when scrolled doesn't render correctly
736476 Title page for New tab is about:newtab after restart
744670 Port IonMonkey changes of StackIter to inbound.
744674 Create shortcut for webapp - Windows
736487 Cleanup and ease browser_480148.js
728301 Enable new security checks only for the service (Temporarily)
736495 Some scripts are importing modules with resource:///gre instead of resource:/// and vice-versa
720126 Find in Page: always centering highlighted result makes it hard to see relative positions of multipl…
736512 Followup to about:home refresh broke long labels
736519 jssubloader files are not packaged properly
737155 allow http processpending q to add more than 1
728342 Crash near null with testcase involving mjitChunkLimit
285982 crash in [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::Destroy()]
742619 Intermittent browser_pluginnotification.js | Test 11c, Should have a click-to-play notification
744743 [Page Thumbnails] Don't capture thumbnails in private browsing mode
736555 don't use magic values to implement deleted args
736563 Mark global objects black if they belong to an active window
498998 Implement timeout for XHR in Worker context
736589 Crash [@ nsDOMStorage::GetNamedItem] with sessionStorage, GC
736591 Intermittent crash in jsreftest.html?test=ecma_5/RegExp/regress-617935.js | load failed: null, or ap…
744788 connectionmgr timer tick needs refreshed setTarget if we went offline
736605 Add more timers to GC statistics
736608 On some linux systems webrtc fails to link due to not finding XML_* functions from expat
736609 Malloc error with ArrayBuffer, Uint32Array and Uint8Array
736619 remove the unused struct ClearedGlobalObject from XPCJSRuntime
736643 Add timestamp support to GC/CC JSON output
474505 Replace uses of nsVoidPtrHashkey with nsPtrHashKey<T>
744842 don't include actual args in error.stack.toString()
737175 Make jemalloc build on ICS
734855 Device Orientation - Make EnableDeviceMotion finer grain
736660 compilation fails: 'source' is not a member of 'nsGkAtoms', if MOZ_MEDIA is not set
499093 Fix discrepancy between tr count and row count in nsHTMLTableAccessible::IsProbablyForLayout
744860 Full-screen HTML5 video on third of screen (with CSS max-width)
622491 Enable global scope polluter in standards mode
720300 Awesome bar shouldn't start search on Enter key pressed if there is composition string
736686 Implement Blob constructor in Worker
736687 Deprecate MozBlobBuilder
736689 Disable tearing on OS X
744887 Build error: nsFilePicker.cpp(227) : error C2065: 'nsPIDOMWindow' : undeclared identifier
744888 Work around NVIDIA driver bug in glBufferData
728508 Fix check for duplicate keywords on the search engine manager
728509 Crash [@ js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT] with mjitChunkLimit
736707 B2G SMS: Support type-0 message
744901 Store the page size in FrameMetrics in CSS pixels in addition to device pixels.
736716 remove unused and broken tiling code
744925 Snappy Symbolication Server - GET request throws exception
744927 Snappy Symbolication Server - Invalid Content Length throws exception
720353 Crash with abort message "xpcom_runtime_abort(###!!! ABORT: unknown union type: file /builds/slave/r…
572899 Reftest mathml/semantics-1.xhtml fails with STIX 1.0.0
744933 Linux builds of the demo branch of webrtc on alder don't appear to do media
736742 Decompiler omits sequential-evaluation parens on RHS of destructuring assignment
736743 Fix OGLComment
736752 Compartment mismatch in JetPack 'test-content-proxy.testTypedArrays'
736753 Fix the includes in layout/svg/base/src so that we can stop including nsSVGSVGElement.h in nsSVGCont…
736761 crash in mozilla::image::DiscardTracker::EnableTimer
736763 CanSkipInCC when adding roots
736764 Remove dependency on preferences dialog for tests which only set preferences
433662 make range.insertNode insert the node into the range even when the range is collapsed
712191 Clean up websocket close codes and abort logic
745387 IonMonkey: Make IonOptions per-JSContext
744964 Plugin click-to-play popup notification icon should use the plugin icon, not the add-on icon
409095 sizemode attribute always set to 'normal'
736778 GonkCaptureProvider doesn't compile with DEBUG on
712203 "Next tab group" keyboard shortcut doesn't work after "restore previous session"
663058 "Cut" operation in Library or sidebar acts as "Copy"
736791 SVG: getAttribute('transform') does not report Y value when set with setTranslate(X,Y) where X=0
722180 Remove error codes for proxies
736795 Some shell help() messages have extra periods
744993 page block as "Reported Attack Site" even though block should have been removed
736802 Qt EGL Maemo compilation broken
736804 Bump iid of MozBlobBuilder
728623 sunspider benchmarks regression on Win 64 Build
707037 Revert the update check frequency increase
384571 RFC 2231 parameters not decoded when appearing in reversed order
589377 Page and style inspector documentation
736836 build with/without system nspr: hal/sandbox/PHal.ipdl
474695 "ASSERTION: Principal mismatch. Not good" at
736845 Remove useless "container" div from about:home
736846 about:home launcher buttons jerk down as the icons load
736848 about:home's layout-independent initialization tasks should use DOMContentLoaded instead of the load…
736850 crash in mozilla::layers::ShadowBufferOGL::EnsureTexture
745054 [Azure] Make skia usable on windows by pref and build options
728672 IBM/LOTUS Sametime meetingroom JAVA applet fails to start
728674 Use-after-free [@ js::mjit::Compiler::bytecodeInChunk]
745066 Add comments documenting the declaration of nsSVGFilterInstance, its methods, and its members
736875 Compositor perf warning need to be filtered up to 15ms
745068 Minor front-end cleanups
728686 JS_NewPropertyIterator disables IGC
736887 nsHttpChannel.cpp: warning C4244: 'argument' : conversion from 'double' to 'PRTime', possible loss o…
736890 Speed up building of layout/svg/base/src by cleaning up #include directives in its header files
704124 Firefox Crash @ gfxContext::SetSource
736895 Suppress warning warning C4355: 'this' : used in base member initializer list in nsHttpChannel::nsHt…
687745 URL & SSL/TLS Spoofing and saved password stealing using multiple history.back() and history.forward…
736898 Avoid signed/unsigned comparisons in tools/profiler
736902 Remove support for unused SetSwapRectangleANDROID symbol
736903 nsHttpChannel wraps the aOffset value it passes to its stream listener instead of clamping it
736905 [SeaMonkey] "a11y/accessible/relations/test_ui_modalprompt.html | Test timed out."
704140 Failure in /testToolbar/testBackForwardButtons.js | Timeout waiting for element with id mission_stat…
704147 FunctionType.ptr doesn't expose call/apply
728724 BGRA glReadPixels throws error on PowerVR SGX540
736918 Intermittent "test_nodb_pluschanges.js | false == true"
745114 B2G Wifi: trigger `onstatuschange' callbacks when the wifi status changes
736924 "Assertion failure: mElements.Contains(cur)" with {ib}, basefont, body
745119 Clean up TEST_URIs in webconsole tests
736944 crash in nsAccTreeWalker::NextChildInternal @ nsIFrame::IsGeneratedContentFrame
597684 Use Assoc-Req HTTP response header to validate Pipelined Responses
736954 Adjust bottom border color for Australis toolbar
736959 Don't wrap PR_Malloc and other NSPR allocation functions
736963 Move jemalloc'ed strdup/strndup definitions
736964 IonMonkey: Fast path for typed array length access
736972 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: at<init>(
638673 JS_TRACER not defined in testFuncCallback.cpp
736978 Remove JS_FinalizeStub
687833 Screen tearing when scrolling with arrow keys on Slashdot
622300 Speed up DOM JS-to-C++ unwrapping some more
761569 Failure in testCloseWindow | can't access dead object
663271 Add memory reporters for the DOM
737006 Use internal ply only if needed
720628 Improve error reporting of Promise.jsm
737013 Expose sanitizer flags to extensions/XULRunner apps that wish to use sanitized fragment parsing
742778 Turn off the debug mode by default for dom/wifi
720638 B2G RIL: Read MSISDN
614146 Intermittent mochitest-3 Shutdown | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output, under mo…
704259 try/catch blocks seem to be ignored in window.onerror when the first error originated from addEventL…
737029 Wifi: Use DOMRequestHelper.jsm in DOMWifiManager.js
737032 add isValidXULTab() method to ease tab checking
728846 Fennec uses 20% of a 1GHz A9 CPU to flash text box cursor
720659 "Auto-completing" address bar doesn't play nice with IME
745236 fix f.apply(arguments) optimization bugs
745241 clean up some plugin stream functions
704285 Include certificates inside updater.exe and use them to verify MARs
737060 don't traverse a nsXULTemplateBuilder with an observed document
720679 Crash @ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::CancelAllTimeouts while closing Firefox
614188 Import Google's double-conversion into mozilla/mfbt
745261 check calls to SetupCairoFont for failure
737071 nexus s image layers are not drawn on B2G
720688 Add the ability to strip MAR signatures
745266 Operator precedence is wrong in nsEventStateManager::PreHandleEvent
728886 B2G RIL: support RIL_VERSION = 6
745272 nsAudioAvailableEventManager.cpp:195:35: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always t…
737084 Do pthread_atfork in jemalloc on mac and android
737087 Error event fired on <script> load failure is not per spec/other browsers
638785 "Edit This Bookmark" and "Remove Bookmark" label is missing in Edit Bookmark dialog
745287 Fix recent a11y build warnings
745291 Superfluous ; in X11Util.h
712528 win64 buildbot doesn't set WIN32_REDIST_DIR
738617 'let' reserved keyword breaks some websites
728926 Intermittent failure in browser_dbg_script-switching.js | The correct script was loaded initially. |…
737122 Attr nodes shouldn't have children
671591 pipeline robustness - restart partial idempotent transaction
712552 Remove MSVC6 support from trace-malloc
737129 Possible Exploitable Crashes with Low Memory [@ nsiNodeInfo::NodeInfoManager ] with js::mjit::EnterM…
711139 MOZ_VERIFY_MAR_SIGNATURE build option for verifying MAR signatures
703774 Intermittent ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | content/chrome/layout/xul/test/test_bug159346.xul | scroll…
696182 CSS rule view should support media queries
679801 "New Tab", "Panorama" and "List All Tabs" buttons do not get inverted on Aero with tabs on bottom
737149 undefined MOZ_MEDIA breaks build of nsTreeSanitizer.cpp (error: 'video' is not a member of 'nsGkAtom…
745342 Use more lazy services from Services.jsm
720771 Support finalization for CData objects (ctypes.finalize)
737156 Map role=note to IA2 role NOTE instead of SECTION
745352 Remove broken include paths from content files
737167 Build changes to support gonk-ics
745360 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::ArgumentsObject::createUnexpected] or [@ js::StackFrame::isNonEvalFunctionFr…
745361 Handle conversion rules totally break static typing
671634 Useragent should be different between phones and tablets
737173 Fix AudioManager and sydney_audio_gonk on ICS
704406 Add support for showing and hiding restart doorhangers in Add-on Manager
728983 Maple invalidation problems with scrollable layer and multiple <div>s
712600 incorrect rendering of opposite-direction run with a <bdi> inside it
720794 Screen Orientation API: implement reading and event
720795 Screen orientation API reading and event implementation in Android
737182 2D texture corruption on Mac/Intel with large texture sizes >= 4993
720799 Don't use mDocShell in nsScreen
745379 Spdy/2 Spec has priority values backwards
614310 Map <section> to pane (like role="region")
737195 GC: missing barrier on JSFunction::atom
737196 Make camera code build on gonk-ics
745390 IonMonkey: Add and enable browser config options
737199 Make gonk backend support ICS InputReader
729009 Send plugin src as plugin sub-request's referer
737203 Intermittent testBookmark | testBookmark | bookmarks list has 2 children (the bookmark we added and …
688061 toolkit/xre clean target messages
737221 GC: HeapId::pre barrier needs to check for strings
745422 Wrapper fundamental traps should be factored out into a separate base class
729040 Mozmill test failure //testAwesomeBar/testGoButton.js | controller.assertJS: Failed for 'subject.vis…
729041 Remove nsEditorParserObserver
729044 nsFind should use nsContentUtils::IsHTMLBlock instead of nsIParserService::IsBlock
737239 Use bit twiddling for gfxUtils::NextPowerOfTwo on non-arm builds
729048 Move nsParserService::CheckQName to nsContentUtils
729049 Inline IsXMLLetter, IsXMLNCNameChar, DecodeEntity form nsIParserService
737245 Typed Arrays should handle cross-compartment wrappers
745445 Remove arguments.callee from browser.js
737258 GC: pass real addresses to the trace function
729067 changes LDFLAGS before calling js/src/configure
745454 one-to-many mapping by text-transform:uppercase (e.g. ß) interferes with line-breaking
737265 Correct creation of special folders
731875 Geolocation doorhanger might cause a zombie compartment
745466 initWithPath fails for "~"
688125 Add memory reporters for thebes font objects
746837 Fix sessionstore to handle an exception thrown when attempting to focus a window that has been navig…