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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.15.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
745478 Pass JSObjects to nsXBLProtoImplMember::InstallMember
753672 Dragging and dropping a bookmark in Chevron makes wrong order.
753677 Visually distinguish between configurable, enumerable and writable properties
734552 Silverlight 5.0.61118.0 Crash Report [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P | mozill…
778263 JavaScript Error: "Error selecting word: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 …
630810 Should convert from native keycode to DOM keycode for every keys on Windows
630811 Implement DOM3 KeyboardEvent.getModifierState()
770079 Reload and Bookmark disappear from menu in Nightly on tablet with And. 4.03
744112 Qt QGL context conflict with WebGL context current states
745507 test_location.html fails if it is executed alone
745508 Remove unused "From an HTML File" mode from the migration wizard
753705 Increase the timeout in waiting for discovery pane to load
729133 preconnect http sessions before cache lookup
753713 Fix indentation in nsSVGOuterSVGFrame::AttributeChanged
745528 execCommand() should apply style="" to only inline elements, not blocks
756404 Address post-landing review comments from bug 512525
745530 "ASSERTION: can't scroll to empty anchor name" with null char
750943 Define abstract interface for hardware device access: MediaEngine
745535 dynamic change of the maction actiontype attribute doesn't work
770116 Test failure 'The pane did not load in time: paneTabs ' when switching panes in preferences window
745542 Remove support for font-weight and point-size attributes on the font element
761929 java.lang.IllegalStateException: The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView(…
729162 Add per-docshell observer list for private browsing transitions
720971 GCLI types should have default values
748216 Avoid dynamic allocation of nsHTMLTextAreaElement::mState
745555 line-breaking position is different between Firefox12-Nightly14.0a1 and Firefox11
753755 [Page Thumbnails] Disabling thumbnails should not create empty folders
753757 Mozmill test failure /testPrivateBrowsing/testDownloadManagerClosed.js | "Window has been closed. "
753758 Saving a canvas state doesn't carry mozFillRule
745568 Fix nsXULDocument::CloneNode
753772 [VC8] gfx/2d/Factory.cpp compilation fails since bug 732985 landed
729204 Private docshell tracking won't work with multiple content processes
761975 extra ")" makes Firefox RPM Nightly build failed
753784 Mask layers are applied incorrectly in native android fennec
721020 [New Tab Page] Add telemetry probes
753790 Build bustage with MSVC9: mozilla-central\gfx\2d\Tools.h(81) : error C3861: 'hypotf': identifier not…
761984 Failure in testFocusAndSearch | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed
735936 "Assertion failure: !(flags & (0x40 | 0x80)),"
753813 Cache is disabled if you have too many old cache directories to delete
745498 Add testcases for DOM4 exception types
778409 Compartment mismatch accessing during COW prototype remapping
753835 [Azure] Text-shadow artifacts at descenders
753845 Race condition in selectTab causes all manner of badness
262326 First Radio button not selected by default in initial Migration Wizard.
614585 mochitest test selection functions for nsIAccessibleText
745659 Remove obsolete nsPrintfCString constructor which takes a length
753852 crash [@ BlockingResourceBase::CheckAcquire] in 327571-1.html 371124-1.html 371124-2.html 372554-1.…
753854 -[NSOpenGLPixelFormat initWithAttributes] should be passed a 0 terminated array
778438 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AwesomeBar.onCreate( on Honeyco…
745673 WebGL GetBufferParameter shouldn't accept illegal pnames
712910 Use stdint for HAL
737315 Fennec not properly showing font awesome
745685 Parse <font size> per HTML5
712924 [Mac] li elements inside an ul element are announced as "list box"
753885 Add JSOPTION_ALLOW_XML (make E4X support optional per-context)
745701 Strip existing styles more aggressively in execCommand()
737510 Try to keep the buffer size easily tileable (tile snapping)
753895 WebRTC won't build on Win64
675879 clean up nsIAccessible action methods
712944 B2G telephony: ensure error scenarios are covered
748243 Move test_bug514437.html and test_bug588683-*.html to content/html/content/tests/forms/
745723 Only store known fails in currentStatus.js for richtext2, like for richtext
753931 GC: RelocatableValue needs different post barriers
745740 De-ns-ify nsApplicationAccessible
745741 Find a way to get easy code coverage information on GCLI unit tests
704782 GCLI should split theme and content CSS
753939 Add logic so can autoload library makefiles on demand.
750980 Implement gBrowser.visibleTabs cache
745762 double-conversion.h fails to compile on mingw
750983 ICO crash [mozilla::image::Decoder::Write]
753978 Be able to know if a window is part of an application
770369 Update revision of Jetpack tests used on Mozilla-Aurora to fix tests
753986 [AccessFu] Read virtual cursor position's subtree
753990 Allow appcache to work with a custom cache (profile) folder within a single application
745802 JS OOM Testing: Crash [@ js::HeapId::operator jsid]
737621 link wording temporarily grow smaller if you click on a link to go to a page
754018 B2G RIL: Read SIM contacts
756454 [Azure] Use 2D texture for gradient realizations
737640 BaseShape default copy constructor gets used
745842 clean up plugin stream listener creation
754040 GLContext.h:70:27: fatal error: thread_helper.h: No such file or directory
631165 Internationalize keycode values which can input characters and its rule should be consistent on all …
754046 "ASSERTION: mRequiredRadioCount about to wrap below 0!" with radio root
721284 GMail broken on Windows builds with JS PGO enabled
754056 Crash in gfxReusableSurfaceWrapper
762259 Drop vendor suffixes from EGLImage for internal uses.
704919 GCLI CSS needs some minor tweaks
762265 Modernize EGL extension detection, similar to GLContext's IsExtensionSupported
754076 WebApplicationMgmt onuninstall getter doesn't return value
745897 Add Paris binding APIs to WebGLContext
729514 GCLI needs a way to execute os level commands
745899 Add support in Nullable for sanely dealing with |sequence<T>?| types
745904 GCLI needs extra unit tests for recently added code
750859 Gut unused CAPS code
720970 GCLI should present command parameters/options in completion area
741039 Make TypedArrays and ArrayBuffers follow WebIDL spec
737737 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::ion::LinearScanAllocator::populateSafepoints] or [@ js::ion::LIRGenerator::v…
749645 Use fallback files in hal/ when a backend isn't implemented instead of having randomly defined metho…
754138 Rect.h generates lots of warnings when building content and layout
754140 Set mozapp status on iframe by sync message on the parent instead of injecting a script
754141 nsGlobalWindow should know in which web app it is running
754142 ASSERTION: Why don't we have a Window here?
487504 Audible changes to volume (and mute state) lag behind setting value
754146 Crash [@ js::HeapPtr<js::BaseShape, unsigned int>::operator] with use-after-free and findReferences
729571 Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(*thingp)), at jsgc.cpp:4363
754151 Adding cycle collection to something with a preserved wrapper is painful
762345 Skip all the QIing stuff in the TreeMatchContext constructor if possible
754155 IonMonkey: AssertReversePostOrder failure on test_localStorageOriginsEquals.html
721389 New Tab Page doesn't retain zoom level
754160 tools/trace-malloc/lib/nsTraceMalloc.c fails to compile
713203 nsMemoryCacheDevice::mTotalSize can go negative after leaving private browsing
754165 fire document load events on iframes too
754171 Failed to build at config/elf-dynstr-gc.c and nsTraceMalloc.c
745980 integrate breakpad and crash reporter into desktop webapp runtime
754176 Make TestLineBreak unit test
745986 [AccessFu] Display page loading states
754179 Remove some dead front-end code
754180 Give ObjectBox and FunctionBox constructors
754181 Don't store the strict mode code flag twice
744193 Install web app on host OS - Linux
675927 [Mac] The Web Console Window freezes when drag and drop the parent tab to create a new window
737808 Separate breakpoints and scripts handling in the client from the server
754196 <SELECT> drop-down list scrolls with mouse wheel unwillingly if you move mouse pointer at the same …
754201 Latency when switching tabs with Firebug due to GC
737821 [Firefox] Files which are already bundled with xulrunner are listed in package-manifest.
754209 OSFileConstants.cpp does not build with VC9
754218 crash in nsFrameScriptExecutor::Traverse
762411 getScreenCTM scaling broken on inline embedded 'svg' elements
754228 nsBaseStateUpdatingCommand::ToggleState shouldn't have an aTagName argument
754230 IA2::get_states should expose STATE_DEFUNCT if accessible is defunct
754241 add window-objects-layout-pres-contexts to about:memory
664130 jwatt's random small patches that need somewhere to request review
754243 ###!!! ASSERTION: We don't have a glyph, but font indicated that it supported this char in tables?: …
754244 xpidl parses long longValue as long long Value
754251 Can't set breakpoint in Script Debugger
746066 Contacts API: Add v1 and v2 fields
762452 file filtering behaves strangely
762454 File filtering "@" operator doesn't search for functions
721497 Assertion failure: compartment mismatched, at ../jscntxtinlines.h:153 with dumpStack
746084 provide extended logging for a11y module
762479 Update Migration schema check to Places v21
726986 GCLI help output should be better
754292 Make spellcheck-textarea-ref.html blur its contents so that we would test the right thing
746103 Crash [@ js::types::TypeSet::add] with valgrind errors indicating use-after-free
754299 Update gcMaxMallocBytes of existing compartments in JSRuntime::setGCMaxMallocBytes
754303 Periodic extended GC pauses when running Coppercube Backyard WebGL demo
754311 Copy properties before nulling out the private of about-to-be-transplanted reflectors
623242 Intermittent browser_bug553455.js | Should have seen the install fail - Got addon-progress-notificat…
748313 queryCommandState("bold") doesn't recognize CSS if selection is collapsed
754329 Crash with cairo mutexes enabled
757871 FT2FontEntry spews unwanted warnings when (optional) font tables are absent
754333 [layout view] not updated when breadcrumbs are clicked
754342 Sync pane shows "undefined" as username when using in-content preferences
746151 Followup patch to add missing elements from bug patches: 734121, 73638, 688061 & 738404
737969 Land Win8 metro build config changes on mozilla-central
574132 Prototype Harmony's rest parameters in SpiderMonkey
754364 optimize scaled/repeated path (when CreateSamplingRestrictedDrawable is not in use)
615112 Potential integer overflow leads to incorrect buffer size in nsCSSValue
754377 crash in nsDocAccessible::AttributeChangedImpl
754384 nsDragService's mNativeDragTarget is completely unused
762580 Pageload responsiveness perf regressions, likely from IGC
754393 Check for Updates always needs 2 tries
762588 channel-prefs.js is at the wrong location in FF-on-XR setups
757882 remove a 200+ redundant lines from nsAHttpConnection implementations
762590 Telemetry.canSend check doesn't prevent pings from being sent
746215 Invert tcheckerboard (and tcheckerboard2) output and make it cumulative instead of average
746217 Cannot open windows even from the same domain
705258 Hang in gfxDWriteFontEntry::GetFontTable
746228 pack JSPropertyDescriptor better on 64-bit hosts
754426 nsScreenManagerAndroid::AddRef called from wrong thread during OMTC GLContext creation
746236 Fix make -C firefox-debug jstestbrowser
729853 Cannot launch pop-up dialog for facebook and browser ID when running app natively
746238 pack TypeCallsite and TypeCompartment better
754432 Let Thunderbird have access to ContactService.jsm and ContactDB.jsm.
705284 Mozmill endurance test for bookmarking all tabs and opening and closing them
459532 Faulty event compression in gtk2 widget implementation
746253 OOM when creating a lot of garbage without pauses with IGC on
754446 IonMonkey: test_atob.html - Exited with code 1 during test run
754457 Disallow ErrorResult copy constructor
738077 Clicking tab close button in inactive window on OS X should close tab
746272 localStorage data loss when read, remove, then read
688929 restoring the browser often leaves windows offscreen (on windows)
746276 several layout structures can be packed more carefully
754469 Import blessings Python package into mozilla-central
746279 pack nsFont more carefully
615213 Remove nsIGlobalHistory (Components.classes[";1"]) code
590640 Editor loses type-in state when injecting some elements
738101 Add support for more Unicode properties
754488 Build warnings in FrameLayerBuilder.cpp: "warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer ex…
754489 Qt port does not need linking with glib
754491 IonMonkey: Mark values of native functions called from IonCode.
762691 Use single AndroidHttpClient for all favicon requests
754503 Some embedded Flash on will not load (plugin object area is blank)
738131 implement device proximity
623444 Replace libsydneyaudio with a callback based audio library
762722 Tabs UI buttons and rows should have orange highlight
656231 Cleanup the HUD object properties, add xul:tab reference
770928 Unable to invoke the text-interaction bar (ActionMode) on a URL in Android 4.1
582513 ended event may be delayed up to two seconds on platforms using PulseAudio
746358 New role for definition list
754553 Remove indexed property access from localStorage/sessionStorage
754556 Twitchy element positioning when scrolling
754557 JS fails to build with --enable-methodjit-spew
754559 SPDY causes timeout while loading page
746370 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: JSOp(*(script->code + tn->start + tn->length)) == JSOP_ENDITER, at js/…
746376 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !templateObject->hasDynamicSlots(), at ion/IonMacroAssembler.cpp:381 o…
746377 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: mir->type() == MIRType_Value, at ion/x86/Lowering-x86.cpp:54 or Crash …
746382 Save a copy of mozconfig in objdir
754575 Cache.Trash* files fill up disk space
754582 Fix unused-result warnings in Windows-specific code
672667 IndexedDB demo causes leaks and never-ending assertions: "Should be impossible!: 'aRecursionDepth > …
754588 Intermittent mochitest-plain-5 leak of about 35KB or 67KB (7 AtomImpl, 1 BackstagePass, 1 Connection…
746397 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: unexpected type, at ion/Lowering.cpp:822
754592 Lazily allocate conditional processing data
713643 [css3-background] fix followup issues from bug 497995 and unprefix border-image property
762796 Make access key tests more verbose in reporting affected nodes
762798 l10n tests shouldn't make use of window title but windowtype property
754608 [New Tab Page] shows thumbnails from pages with "Cache-Control: no-store", and HTTPS pages when HTTP…
770993 ConsoleAPI.js consumes excessive amounts of memory
770996 partial mars broken for mac partner builds
746421 nsTextBoxFrame doesn't include glyph overflow in its overflow rects
730042 New tab thumbnails no longer display thumbnails
754625 No such file or directory: '../../../../xpcom/idl-parser/cache' after checking in eae1858ccc6d (Bug …
754627 GetBounds on bullet return wrong values
752461 First time after choosing to "Never activate plugins for this site" the video is still playing
754641 Fix 32-bit --disable-methodjit builds after bug 739512
754643 Fix build warnings in content/media
746452 textPath does not handle startOffset with non-user-unit/non-percentage units correctly
746456 Disable cubeb nsAudioStream backend on Aurora
754653 Typo in fix for Bug 724509
746470 hg ignore mozconfig*
754668 When resetting a required input, it becomes invalid
754669 Update WebGL tests to r17794
361460 nsDocumentFragment::QI should not fall through to nsGenericElement::QI
623615 Scrolling by mouse wheel lagged on Add-ons Manager. It is remarkable if enabled smooth scrolling
746496 B2G telephony: update the audio system for incoming calls and holding calls
746499 Links in the GCLI output area should open in new window (not in the output area)
754696 Make nsSVGOuterSVGFrame call UpdateBounds on its children before calling FinishAndStoreOverflow
508942 Make filters usable in defines
757933 Switch nsRegionAllocator to ThreadLocal and avoid extra library call
746512 configure tests for nsis are duplicated for Web App Runtime
746515 Prefer wrapping elements to adding style="" to them
754712 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(thing)), at js/src/jsgc.cpp:44…
754713 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: void, at js/src/jsinfer.cpp:353
714725 XPC_WN_Helper_Finalize should use deferred release
754718 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: enumerators == cx->enumerators, at jsinterp.cpp:464 or Crash [@ js::Un…
754719 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: ins->lhs()->type() == MIRType_Int32, at ion/Lowering.cpp:659
754720 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: ionInlineFrames_.numActualArgs() <= ionInlineFrames_.callee()->nargs, …
754725 Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at jsval.h:760 or Crash [@ compartment]
746541 Assert that nsXPConnect::ReleaseXPConnectSingleton removes last reference to nsXPConnect
500784 Video/audio files over 2^31 bytes in length are unseekable
357898 Migration fails to fire on launch if the previous system default browser is Opera
754751 [Azure] Fix GetClippedGeometry to work with rectangular clips
756576 nsDOMAttributeMap::Init should be removed
759307 rename nsHTMLImageAccessible to ImageAccessible
746572 Inline autocomplete release tracking
754766 Can't post tweets on web Tweetdeck in FF 15, 14, and 13
754771 Add identifying information to all system compartments
757945 Can't open the page context menu when inspecting (highlighter = unlocked) on Windows.
754777 B2G RIL: Add a Helper to read String delimiters
751120 GCLI focusManager should remove slowTyping code that's commented out
746601 unexpected 'arguments' read from the debugger should work like f.arguments, not return 'undefined'
754795 OSFileConstants.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64
754797 libopus fails to compile on mingw
664688 JavaScript evaluation "permission denied" after navigation to a different domain
722034 Cache entry check--CheckCache()--is done on the main thread, causing the main thread to wait on the …
737470 spdy v3
771202 Custom-spliced plugin prototypes disappear after transplant
746632 If no fallback colour is specified we shouldn't draw anything when the URL fails to resolve
754830 calculate link states separately
748397 JSON from garbage-collector activity tracking API (bug 531396) is broken with comma as fraction sepa…
754834 Developer tools missing tooltips
746646 GCC 4.6 build warning: nsContentEventHandler.cpp:369:28: warning: comparison of unsigned expression …
746648 Too large script labels in various pages
738457 Show a useful error message for sites using MD5 certificates (and add missing NSS error codes until …
746650 Unable to create language pack on Windows XP: Error message: "couldn't compile a simple C file"
763036 Long taps broken on Top Sites tab
738465 implement device light sensor
582818 [OGL] Enable GLES compositing by default on Android
738468 DebuggerScript_getUrl crashes if script->filename is null
754857 Speed up text leaf accessible state calculation (aka don't expose readonly state on text leafs)
566444 Make Proxy Exceptions Multi Line
738479 Debugger.Script objects whose referents are non-compile-and-go are crashy
733297 When saving a video from Page Info, the file picker title is "Save Image"
599217 WebM buffered: should use duration for end time of last buffered range
754866 make mozilla.widget.disable-native-theme export shared bool across widgets
771251 OOP crash reporting access the directory service off the main thread
754869 MustPrune should take nsAccessible*
754872 Avoid using two passes for glyph overlap on mobile
607417 Reconcile position:fixed with async scrolling and displayport+meta-viewport
754879 reorg IEnumVariant implementation to traverse accessible children
746697 crash in nsOfflineCacheDevice::ChooseApplicationCache with offline cache
754894 Catalog sheet code is broken at least in unpackaged build
561973 make install doesn't install js shell, and make clean doesn't remove it from the build tree
738525 Add IC for JSNative getters
759333 Update tests have to obey 'Applying update...' state since bug 307181 has been landed
738528 Android still image support for getUserMedia
730337 GCLI: Can't select items in JS autocomplete
754915 Web App runtime should auto-disable profile-loaded addons and disable add-on installation via the we…
730340 Don't use expando properties for storing data on places nodes
681192 Give scrolling APIs a flexible "allowed scroll destination range" and use it inside Gecko
746731 Uninitialised value use in nsHttpConnection::CanReuse
746733 WebGL GetProgramParameter shouldn't accept illegal pnames
746738 WebGL GetShaderParameter shouldn't accept illegal pnames
517363 Preserve video poster aspect ratio when scaling
746740 Should GetProgramInfoLog throw if fGetProgramiv returns a -1?
746741 add makefile targets to encapsulate rebuild/repackage/install steps on android
738558 B2G RIL: get cell location and cell id in processRegistrationState in ril_worker.js
753877 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | layout/generic/crashtests/541714-2.html | assertion coun…
730383 GCLI: this.getLookup is undefined
763152 Building against libxul-sdk doesn't link against jemalloc
722197 Add a preference to map some domain names to localhost
754968 Make BindingUtils.h not require private xpconnect headers
763166 crash in mozilla::AndroidGeckoLayerClient::SetFirstPaintViewport
763167 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserToolbar$2.onCreateContextMenu(BrowserToo…
746787 If the browser is minimized at the time of a start of downloading, "Download door hanger panel" neve…
763175 Crash in AndroidGLController::ProvideEGLSurface during CompositorParent::ResumeComposition
754985 Shadows are not drawn in device space on Fennec
754989 Nuke dead cross-compartment wrappers during brain transplant
730417 When using dummy PBuffers, don't require any specific formats
754997 Move <iframe mozbrowser> method overrides back into C++
755001 Add "remote" attribute to <iframe mozbrowser>
763200 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp$FilePickerResultHandler.handleActivity…
755010 IonMonkey: Address worst-case compile performance on extremely large scripts
711564 [10.5] Firefox Crash [@ GLEngine@0x620cf ]
746829 Group jsreftest shell options by type
648526 Emit JSOP_OBJECT when array initializer contains negative numbers
755025 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xulscroll.html and/or textbox-setsize.xul | image compar…
738642 Finalized marketplace icon for about:home
774371 Re-enable 7" tablets on the beta product when FN15 ships there
664918 Infrastructure for media stream graph processing
746839 rm FunctionBox::methods and CleanFunctionList
746843 StackFrame::scopeChain() should return a HandleObject
746853 WARNING: SQL statement 'SELECT * FROM moz_downloads ORDER BY id DESC' was not finalized
755056 nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::mRect should include its x/y offset
738674 Addon blocker shouldn't block built-in PDF viewer
746868 Some subtests in test_doc.html fail with Bug 695480
673148 Make the Web Console async
689535 dom.importCssString in GCLI util should check to see that the CSS isn't already there
746885 Make DOM fullscreen approval UI cooperate with pointer lock
661057 Clarify text on button that restarts/updates
755080 Add some tests for binding codegen
746891 Opus crash [@opus_decoder_get_nb_samples]
640405 Data race on sa_stream::bytes_written (in libsydneyaudio)
730530 - Buttons not visible in Tiberium Alliances
746915 Move editor-related tests to editor/
771498 FileHandle: getFile() should return a DOMRequest (instead of a FileRequest)
755117 recommend button needs to reset when url changes
744349 Create message distribution mechanism for DBus Bluetooth Signals
755121 can't move the chat window on Windows
746933 Create a JS helper module for common IndexedDB functionality
714172 Change fullscreen menu for Lion
755142 Use ssize_t to store length of the sensor list
730574 Content-Disposition: quoted-string in RFC2231-continuations not handled
755157 IonMonkey: Eager compilation of jaeger/bug585310.js: Assertion failure: thing, at gc/Marking.cpp:82
746966 Main body text on is not enlarged by font inflation
763351 kCacheMissedViaReval (3) is never reported in cache disposition telemetry (e.g. HTTP_CACHE_DISPOSITI…
763352 [SPDY] Accessing google homepage through proxy throws download prompt
755163 Some jit tests fail with compiler optimizations disabled
749818 Harmony Number.isNaN
755167 spdysession::mConnection should not be nsHttpPipeline
755172 Add MOZ_FINAL to a bunch idb classes
755174 spdysession::readsegments may not set reader without transaction
730599 GCLI should close all hints when escape is pressed
746987 unicode-bidi:plaintext is supposed to work on inline elements
746990 crash in nsXULTreeAccessible::Value
763381 GC Hazard with new Xray Expando Architecture (Jetpack compartment mismatch)
755190 Enabling b2g bluetooth will lead to system crash
755200 Simplify SetSelectionAroundHeadChildren
755202 Simplify GetChildNodesForOperation
755204 Use nsINode::GetChildCount() in nsHTMLEditRules::MakeSureElemStartsOrEndsOnCR
763411 Elements cut-off in preferences dialog for rm locale
747033 Implement dl_iterate_phdr in the android linker
755229 Use YASM for libvpx on mingw builds
763424 CSS ::after doesn't work for <td> (dynamically)
779811 When zoomed Text-selection handles separate from selection on device rotation
771621 Check sameDocument on location change
755243 Use nsINode in nsHTMLEditRules::AppendInnerFormatNodes
697903 Move form data functions from sessionstore into JSM
748467 mobile/android/installer: dependency build
755264 Use nsINode in nsHTMLEditRules::DeleteNonTableElements
730694 Crash when combobox dropdown persists across page load
747083 Update the identity icons to have a darker lock icon for HTTPS and greener lock icon for HTTPS+EV.
755277 Build bustage (MSVC10, pymake): Target 'pixman-mmx.obj' has multiple rules with commands | Target 't…
763479 Update tests sometimes fail with 'New wizard page has been selected - got finishedBackground, expect…
755289 Developer toolbar missing the cross in close button
266511 Import Wizard doesn't show what items were imported
738908 calculator buttons on don't work
738914 Intermittent test_websocket.html | Exited with code -1073741819 from a crash [@ nsHttpPipeline::IsDo…
755310 Use nsINode::Length() in nsEditor::CreateTxnForDeleteInsertionPoint
755311 Simplify SetDocTitleTxn::SetDomTitle
755314 Make nsBaseStateUpdatingCommand::mTagName an nsIAtom*
755316 nullhttptransaciton based spdystream does not finish
755320 having remote="true" in iframe breaks page loading
755322 All input types should not be suffering from value missing when the element is not mutable
703834 Factor out TransportSecurityInfo superclass from nsNSSSocketInfo
771720 Miscellaneous gc/Statistics.cpp improvements
738953 The tab title, when reading a PDF file using integrated PDF Viewer, shows "http:..."
771726 d-pad navigation of browser toolbar in unpredictable
771727 d-pad gets stuck in tabs panel after it goes away
755346 Global variables are not displayed in the debugger frontend
755355 Clicking URLs from within Mac OS X native apps, brings Web App to front
763559 Enable WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc for machines using Angle
714408 support for hardware-accelerated audio/video decoding (part 1: libstagefright/OMX support for Gonk)
722603 Complex CSS 3D scenes scroll slowly
771757 Subdocument scrolling is broken on any page with touch events
758045 compiler signedness warning in jsopcode.cpp
734835 Failure in testBackgroundTabScrolling | Right scroll arrow has been highlighted
755388 "hud is null" when using the edit gcli command
747197 Move number-conversion methods into NumericConversions.h
755396 fix definition of when a formal is aliased by the arguments object
747207 Adjust NPAPI Async values to match finalized spec
763592 Page reloads get treated as same-document location changes
763593 Firefox 13 incorrectly displays photos on Skydrive
747213 Protect the crash reporter from being unloaded
747218 [layout view] Pref on the layout view
747219 decomtaminate GetCellAt() on accessible tables
747220 [layout view] update the UI
730840 Use getBrowserURL() in Firefox tests to ease porting them, part 2
747225 [layout view] Show when the margin have the "auto" value
747227 decomtaminate GetCellIndexAt() on accessible tables
747228 [layout view] We should not use the animation when the layout view is opened on a non-user action
747231 layout is different (overlap / extra space) when loading from landscape and switching to portrait ve…
739040 Crash in nsStringBuffer::Realloc() during Feed sniffing (on second visit ?)
739045 Should support DOMError IDBRequest.error
780009 Update to NSS to version 3.13.6
747243 jsgc.h(1386) : warning C4273: 'js::PrepareForFullGC' : inconsistent dll linkage
747247 Fix assertions about null owners
749864 Typed array argument codegen for bindings
747251 JS_CompartmentGC declared, never used or defined
747257 cant open mp4 videos directly via file:// or http:// when gstreamer support enabled
755452 BasicTiledLayerBuffer::PaintThebes passes aPaintRegion as the region to invalidate to mCallback
722685 Console logging is slow
755457 Switch tests to using MozReftestInvalidate to avoid random failures
753619 Fix the progress bar totals in
747270 [AccessFu] UtterangeGenerator should return string lists in all generator methods
739079 Pin/unpin sidebar icon is non-intuitive
747272 [AccessFu] Filter out whitespace text leaves in navigation
747274 Tegra hits slow path 'bits_image_fetch_bilinear_afine_pad_r5g6b5'
755467 SpdySession::RestrictConnections() should use conn->EverUsedSpdy()
755480 Optimize WordSplitState::FindSpecialWord some more
730907 Need to update libvpx to 1.0.0
728026 MAPLE: geolocation shows little map fragments while the map is being loaded
474705 unnecessary HAVE_INTn tests from js/src/
755491 sidebar click handler overactive
747303 ALSA shouldn't check on Android/x86
760796 Intermittent browser_responsiveui.js | preset 2 or 7: dimension valid (width or height) - Got X, exp…
747311 autodetect android_toolchain on Android/x86
673586 Implement lastModifiedDate property for the File interface
755508 NaN dates are not valid keys
755509 Add tests to ensure that deleteDatabase sets undefined success result
747322 jemalloc crashes during malloc_init_hard on s390x
755533 "canplaythrough" doesn't fire with small media cache
747346 Cleanup nsTextEditRules::CreateTrailingBRIfNeeded()
722775 rm sameGroupAs
755546 orientation change and video app don't work together
755560 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: isObject(), at ../../jsapi.h:509
755564 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::HeapPtr<js::BaseShape, unsigned long>::operator] with ParallelArray
739185 Incorrect colors on pictures with PDF Viewer
739190 change AppendTarget(nsIContent* aContent) to take nsDocAccessible* argument
755578 simplify Compiler::generatePrologue (a tiny bit)
755581 Some extra post-CPG memory reporters for JS
739198 stop GetAccService()->GetAccessible usage in AccEvent::GetAccessibleForNode
657279 "ASSERTION: Didn't SaveReflowAndBoundingMetricsFor frame!"
747393 races - "OSError: [Errno 17] File exists: '../../dist/bin/chrome/browser/content/browser…
755591 [Azure] mPermitSubpixelAA is not properly initialized
747409 Cannot launch multiple different native applications - All apps launched re-launch the 1st app launc…
755603 Frozen to-animation is broken
747412 Installing Favimon does not show the right parenthesis on the desktop shortcut or start menu
747418 Add-ons restart tests are broken due to broken behavior in startUserShutdown
722845 Necko channel infrastructure for nextGen private browsing
755618 WebGLExtensionCompressedTextureS3TC uses nsDOMGenericSH instead of WebGLExtensionSH
747429 Make it possible to start a remote debugger only in a new chrome window
731047 Clean up old profile after Firefox profile reset
722857 DOMStorage should obtain Private Browsing information from related docshell
747434 way to blacklist / shadow Components from sandbox
706478 GCLI should use Object.defineProperty rather than getX() to help template engine avoid allowEval
755631 Extraneous Exceptions in Cross Origin Wrappers
755636 Implement a dom::Sequence for sequence arguments, so that we don't have to expose details about fall…
747445 block on onLowMemory() event
755639 "Assertion failure: L.isSet()" with gcPreserveCode()
747448 makefile optimization: investigate replacing $(shell cd $(DEPTH); pwd) with builtin $(abspath)
755646 Hide UI for toggling tabs on top unless the user disabled tabs on top
751265 Clean-up android mozconfigs
747469 GCC 4.6 warning: nsHTMLDocument.cpp:2308:49: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is alwa…
747470 Cannot launch applications in Windows XP/Vista
755663 other-licenses/snappy/src/snappy-c.h:49: error: comma at end of enumerator list
616401 nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContext ignores JS exceptions
747629 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (a ... b) ends beyond length c or has end before start…
690135 create scope objects eagerly or not at all (and don't break the debugger)
673752 Every error page fires onLocationChange twice
673759 [MathML3] Remove namedspace value overriding
747492 Flash can open VKB even when the plugin element does not have focus
747493 Craiglist Forums Unusable / pages with framesets not fully visible
707580 Do not remove some directories generated by |make package| when re-called
755691 accessible/public/ia2 is being rebuilt unnecessarily using pymake on Windows
755692 accessible/public/msaa is being rebuilt unnecessarily using pymake on Windows
772079 invalidThebesContent is immediately destroyed after calling ApplyThebesLayerInvalidation
747508 high {Frame,ns}PropertyTable usage in DMD stacks for HTML5 spec
763898 Permaorange Android test_bug691215.html | Test timed out. | followed by: test_bug427060.html | finis…
747516 mozilla::dom::Link should be one word smaller
722942 nsPluginHost and nsNPAPIPluginInstance use Private Browsing global state to set plugin properties
747528 Dynamically use draw time measurement to do better viewport prediction
722956 Intermittent "###!!! ASSERTION: thread pool wasn't shutdown: '!mPool'" during test_history_tracker.j…
755730 don't mask out Indic codepoints in OpenType fonts supported by OS X 10.7
731157 [New Tab Page] thumbnails disappear when switching to private browsing mode
731158 Mozmill test failure /testPreferences/testPreferredLanguage.js | could not find element Link: Gruppi
747543 Convert JIT registration API to use JITChunks in place of JITScripts
747554 "Assertion failure: script->varIsAliased(i),"
722981 nsMediaCacheFlusher uses the global Private Browsing status to decide when to flush the media cache
755750 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: [0xf6c00180], at jsinfer.cpp:352
739380 Introduce a new class for representing elements
215094 Seamless Profile and Data Migration [MAC]
755768 IonMonkey: Fix script use count when both Ion and JM are enabled
749920 Unprefix MozMutationObserver and add a warning about use of mutation events
755778 [jsdbg2] Debugger.Environment.prototype.type never returns 'with'
747588 nsHTMLImageAccessible should set eImageAccessible in mFlags
751286 eventPhase NONE constant
665677 Intermittent test_bug330705-2.xul | The first box element is still focused after blur() has been cal…
780367 java.lang.IllegalStateException: ScrollView can host only one direct child at android.widget.ScrollV…
747601 Only create .plist file after icon has been downloaded
747603 Firefox:Inspector cannot start up with DOMi
755796 Contacts API: multiple sorting fields
763990 Branch 13 bundles vulnerable libpng
763991 fennec build configs should define MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING
747608 The identity-box should have a smaller font-size and a gradient end border instead of a solid line
755808 Add more options to shell evaluate() function
747617 document.all() has stopped working again because JSClass changed and consumers were not updated
747619 WebGL skeletal animation rendered incorrectly
723053 Crash @ mozilla::image::RasterImage::IsDecodeFinished
723059 Replace text with icons in the debugger toolbar
755828 pymake should copy gmake behavior of not rebuilding targets with no commands, even if they're out of…
747637 Restore skew() support
723062 Allow the user to edit the value of a debuggee object's property in the debugger
755832 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: <0x102503060>
755834 Use even lower precision bilinear interpolation when scaling 565 to 565
755836 Undef near in Dictionary Helper code generator
747645 move to browser/locales/ to make it easier to localize
752661 Media element reloads opus file multiple times when play is disabled.
649350 Cleanup/reorganize the HUDService observers and listeners
747224 [layout view] handle the key events correctly
747675 Investigate if max forgetSkippable times could be decreased
755869 [Skia] Update Skia to a more recent revision
739490 Incorrect border painting on the edge of surfaces
755875 Use ValueToInt64/ValueToUint64 in XPCConvert::JSData2Native
747688 Heap-use-after-free in nsFrameList::FirstChild
743406 GC: only set tracing location if we call Mark
723120 '{' command should be hidden so GCLI looks more like a command line not a REPL
755889 Inline NonstandardToInt32
735223 Drop support for ancient NDKs
739512 Shrink JSScript
755902 crash in nsDOMWindowUtils::GetFileId with nsDOMWindowUtils::getFileId(null)
755903 Map the hardware camera shutter button to a key event
755904 Rename the pkey_xxx variables
739522 sites with SPDY stop being able to load. Hang at "Looking up". Continu…
718539 (font-feature-settings) update syntax used for -moz-font-feature-settings
747718 ColorLayer optimization doesn't account for rounded rect clipping
747720 Strange text rendering on because font inflation uses different width basis within the …
739531 Can't duplicate a tab with designMode and no body
756772 IonMonkey: OOM Testing: Crash [@ js::ion::MBasicBlock::stackDepth]
702159 When in DOM full screen mode, there should be a context menu entry to exit full screen
714973 Emergency calls on B2G
742044 Create BluetoothManager object for managing multiple adapters and firmware loading
739556 maction@selection should only be taken into account when actiontype="toggle"
747749 Android Reftest harness crashes with compartment-per-global
723176 support mac dmg signing in the build system
772341 Enable Opus support by default
739575 Alternate content is shown for Flash objects when "Tap to Play" is enabled for plugins
755961 plugin stream decomtamination: nsIPluginStreamListener
749951 In member function ‘JS::Value js::StackIter::thisv() const’: error: control reaches end of non-void …
723206 Constructors implemented in JS from IDL should be allowed to have arguments
633096 Rewrite afterAllTabItemsUpdated in head.js using a tabItem observer
780554 Mozmill test failure testSearch/testAddMozSearchProvider | Current URL contains the wrong search ter…
755979 IonMonkey: Use actual arguments for bailouts.
715024 Get rid of nsCocoaFeatures
747793 Audio crackles since 20120417 Nightly
764186 SpdySession3 closes its connection immediately when the first and only transaction is NullTransactio…
747803 Remove NS_SIZE_IN_HEAP
764188 Use a better event for trigger java screenshots
731423 GC: Don't do incremental GCs during V8
764192 Temporarily enable some jemalloc assertions in the hopes of catching heap corruption (bug 709860)
673499 Remove Whitespace
747815 DOM bindings should enforce constness of string in params
747816 OTS r77 assumes little-endian
756010 [VC8] "gfx/2d/ImageScalingSSE2.cpp(112) : error C3861: '_mm_castsi128_ps': identifier not found"
747819 When wrapping new-binding objects that are not prefable, don't generate the fallback-to-XPConect cod…
747822 [Azure] Implement push/pop clip in Cairo backend
747825 Make WebGLContext an nsWrapperCache
747826 Make Nullable::Value return a const ref
747827 Add a way to reflect typed arrays in the new DOM bindings
756021 resolved provider origin is incomplete
731447 <button> element inside an anchor element is underlined
747834 Script codes broken by harfbuzz update
682299 Implement crossOrigin attribute for <video> element
682305 Certain kinds of XMLHttpRequests fail to operate with JS implementations of nsIChannel
706888 Arabic joining does not work properly on the native UI
764237 Compile of XULRunner fails - 'strcasecmp': identifier not found, 'snprintf': identifier not found
747857 Text input suddenly grows in size after typing certain amount of characters
747860 Put vs2010 configurations into a common directory
682329 Certificate error dialog box pops up when closing tab
747870 Unaligned access in XPCCallContext::XPCCallContext
747871 Enable IDN for .fr/ .re/ .pm/ .tf/ .yt/ .wf domains
747872 Windows constants for js-ctypes (Chrome Workers)
747873 Provide error information when input configuration not properly initialized
756066 StorageEventInit.key should be nullable
756073 Remove xpcprivate.h include from nsGenericElement.cpp
764269 Application updates fail to apply under Linux
756797 crash in TypeConstraintProp::newType
756087 nsAccessible::GetChildCount should return unsigned int
739708 layout/reftests/canvas have 16 tests that fail on android
756094 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: defdata->classPrev == __null, at ion/ValueNumbering.cpp:464
723328 Move the privacy preferences to in-content UI
747919 browser/devtools/layoutview/test/browser_layoutview.js leaks chrome and content windows
731537 Script list contains only one script after location change
772502 Image slider remains highlighted after a tap is performed over it
780699 Firefox hangs with "Don't keep activities" developer option enabled
739740 libc constants for js-ctypes (Chrome Workers)
477598 Make XPCWrappedJSClass::CallMethod use public rooting APIs
739743 Tiny pixel differences in deferred tree tests
757599 Settings API: add test for closed lock
731555 calling requisition.exec with existing text in the input element causes GCLI to raise exception
764324 Fix breakpoint handling for Fennec and B2G browser actors
674225 support the Opus voice codec in <audio> and <video> elements
756152 disable persistent telemetry to prevent telemetry data loss
707007 GCLI increment and decrement operations cycle through selection options in the wrong order
707008 GCLI defered types don't work properly
707009 GCLI doesn't always fill in default parameters properly
756167 make-makefile test failure if the source path contains perl regexp metacharacters
747977 Arrowpanel isn't at the right place with the new identity block (OS X)
731594 [bidi] Reversed text on Facebook photo galleries
756171 Fix warning in LayerManagerOGLProgram.h
756813 crash in mozilla::layers::ImageContainer::GetCurrentSize
690643 Canvas transformations after beginPath() is not applied to 2nd call of stroke()s or fill()s.
747990 WebappRuntime should have same User Agent as Firefox
707037 Revert the update check frequency increase
748001 make in toolkit/library will make in dependent dirs, but not quite correctly (no LOCAL_INCLUDES?)
756195 registry db needs a builtin flag
764389 Inner window reuse can cause the compartment principal to not match the window
723431 DOMTemplate should allow customisation of display of null/undefined values
739069 [New Tab Page] doesn't display 9 thumbnails
754089 remote mozbrowser's messagemanager shouldn't have parent
756219 two pieces of nsComputedDOMStyle code cleanup
756225 Make respect declareOnly
240131 NPStream's necko stream ownership and handling seems shady.
756229 Fix some warnings in layout
756231 Remove NativeToSupports, replace with reinterpret_cast
748040 remove "memory hooking stuff" from cycle collector
723465 Investigate if ListBase<LC>::finalize should use deferred release
756235 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::allocated]
756236 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(thing)), at jsgc.cpp:4466
756238 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: JSOp(*(script->code + tn->start + tn->length)) == JSOP_ENDITER, at ion…
748047 Reset-profile feature is broken
756240 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: unexpected frame type, at ion/IonFrames.cpp:584
739858 Crash [@ nsAString_internal::Assign ] with downloaded font
756243 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: kind == GetGCThingTraceKind(*thingp), at gc/Marking.cpp:231
756247 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: float, at jsinfer.cpp:353
756251 Pass extendedAttributes to CGCallGenerator
756253 Beta crashes @ _cairo_user_data_array_fini on (desktop site) while zooming or panning
756256 Add support for object arguments and return types in new DOM bindings
756257 Replace xpc_qsDOMString with a conversion function in new DOM bindings
756260 building without JS_HAS_XML_SUPPORT is already broken
748069 [AccessFu] Document UtteranceGenerator
739882 decomtaminate getting row and column count on accessible tables
747271 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: opd->type() == phi->type() on test_webgl_conformance.html
739884 decomtaminate impl of UnselectRow() and UnselectCol() on accessible tables
764467 resize event handler in browser.js gets triggered at unexpected times
748085 Previously installed apps no longer work after updating Nightly
748088 Native android reftest are not testing OMTC+OGL
150073 nsCRT::strlen(const char *) should go away
748091 IonMonkey: Incorrect output in compiled FreeType
756287 [AccessFu] Introduce PresenterContext to encapsulate and cache tree operations
772676 History visit counts are all 1 after migration
758198 Intermittent crash in reftest/tests/content/media/test/crashtests/691096-1.html [@…
723530 double error reporting in ctype JS api implementation
748109 cannot find any test cases
748112 WebGL Water demo broken on Windows by long identifier mapping, because of double underscores
764497 Malformed layout on about:addons
759567 Add video and music to device storage on gaia
748130 mobile/android/base/locales/ -- replace FORCE dep with file dependencies
756325 channel-prefs.js appears in new 'preferences' location on fresh installation but remains in 'pref' f…
625273 Intermittent browser_tabview_bug587503.js | In the end, the group was showing a dropSpace - Got fals…
748161 Improve visible tab indication in tab list menu
559747 a11y mochitest for <input type="search">
715397 ability to build m-c on 10.7 (lion)
731786 B2G RIL: Support SIM cards that require PIN codes
559759 add a11y mochitests for <input type="email">
756372 Change |seeking| to prevent seeking in WebM livestream.
748181 click-to-play: what to do with liveconnect?
592534 InitScopeForObject should never make an empty shape (it needs a new name, too)
748188 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: iter.isNativeCall() && iter.callee().toFunction()->native() == DumpSta…
756381 make FocusManager::FocusedDOMNode faster
756383 make nsHTMLAnchorElement::IsHTMLFocusable faster
755483 support private browsing mode
756389 B2G Bluetooth: unexpected crash in DBusThread::StopEventLoop
748199 Installation fails if name of app conflicts with native applications
764587 When downloading a complete mar after the partial fails it shouldn't be throttled.
723628 speculative connect hint interface
748209 Allow compositorParent be created in custom Thread
748211 getVertexAttrib should not be returning a value for the VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_POINTER pname
748212 Crash [@ js::RegExpShared::execute] or "Assertion failure: isRegExp(),"
756405 non-scaling-stroke-02.svg fails on Android
748214 Cannot use the Geolocation API within the desktop web runtime
745929 CSS transitions stutter
731832 Dropping HTMLImageElement.x broke this web page
731836 Add a preference to use Mesa llvmpipe for WebGL software rendering (Windows-only for now)
748223 Pack nsEditor better
756424 [Azure] Tab Title Icon disappear when opening modal dialogs
756427 crash in GlyphBufferAzure::Flush @ nvwgf2um with set to true
748237 It's not possible to include a header using jshashtable from any dir that uses FAIL_ON_WARNINGS=1 du…
756430 Missing return statement in DrawTargetD2D::FillGlyphsManual
748240 "view-source:" doesn't load HTML from AppCache
747299 tests for testRestartChangeArchitecture broken due to a bug in startUserShutdown
748249 Pass ringmark ring 0
731866 Copy and port current preference tests to run against the in-content preferences
756443 makefiles: add mkdir_dep helper functions
731868 cycles through CanvasRenderingContext2DUserData can leak everything
748254 A font-face descriptor ending in ',' right before the '}' makes us miss the '}'
740063 Add nsINode::AsDOMNode();
731878 Implement DOM3 mouse event's buttons and getModifierState()
740072 Perspective origin checks the parent frame instead of style parent
772841 doesn't do anything
748266 Paris bindings for WebGL canvas context
748267 Paris bindings codegen for sequence types
740076 autoFill should be disabled by the autocomplete preference
756462 Stop unnecessary propagating COORD_CONTEXT_CHANGED notifications to descendants of nsSVGInnerSVGFram…
748276 Navigation Timing treats javascript: loads as starting a new navigation, which affects all timing fo…
723712 JS_ASSERT(!target->isCachedEval) with Firebug
764679 SecReview: Script Debugger: prefs
748307 Support execCommand()s insertText, forwardDelete, insertParagraph per spec
748310 execCommand() insertImage/createLink should return false with empty value, not throw
723737 Move the advanced preferences to in-content UI
756513 Enable the script debugger by default
756516 Ignore .clang_complete files
664029 Make indexeddb mochitests run in fennec
756529 [AccessFu] Change activation preference to accessibility.accessfu.activate
731957 GCLI listeners should be past tense
748343 remove support for "java" DOM object
730933 GC: make IsAboutToBeFinalized indirect
756549 Sync updates cause explosive memory usage leading to OOM
756551 spdy stream index integrity checks
756555 Coalescing upload region can cause us to try to upload outside the valid region
748379 xulrunner builds broken by "webapprt: No such file or directory"
756575 android-platform detection is broken for android-x86
748384 RTL pages which scroll horizontally have broken rendering
748385 Remove browser.identity.ssl_domain_display
641892 Support showing multiple popup notification icons at the same time
748389 "Missing WebRT Files" when opening app
756584 Check in crashtest from bug 720305
751420 Wallflower addon causes every website visited to be retained as a ghost window
756587 ensure manifest urls belong to same origin
756589 testcase: importScripts works only with same-origin
764782 Update closeAllTabs to use about:newtab instead of about:blank
756593 require SSL for manifest origins?
745961 Very hard to find the clickable region for adding a new CSS property in the Style Inspector
756600 OOM Testing: Glibc Abort due to invalid free in js::TokenStream::~TokenStream
617339 window.arguments is undefined when opening an HTML file with a long-ish comment at the start.
756607 Rewrite device WebAPI Marionette tests
510849 web storage (localStorage/sessionStorage) empty string as key not supported
756610 IonMonkey OOM Testing: Crash [@ js::shadow::Object::numFixedSlots]
756612 IonMonkey: OOM Testing: Crash [@ js::ion::CodeGeneratorX86Shared::visitOutOfLineBailout]
764807 Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart if using about:newtab
715656 js::StackFrame::markFunctionEpilogueDone to updateEpilogueFlags
740233 AppUserModelID never gets set if it's already generated
756618 IonMonkey: OOM Testing: Assertion failure: nslots_ == slotsWritten_, at js/src/ion/Snapshots.cpp:363
732046 Audio Data API on Linux
756888 Rollup of a bunch of small GCLI changes
715667 js::StackFrame implementation has stray 'toFunction' coercions
725486 Failure in testSecurity/testSubmitUnencryptedInfoWarning.js | The value in the search field should e…
756632 IonMonkey OOM Testing: Assertion failure: frame.stackDepth() == opinfo->stackDepth, at js/src/method…
666538 Use Telemetry to collect Panorama usage/perf data
756651 Fix build warning
773039 Talkback announces all items in menu when menu is shown
723889 GCLI resource type should be customized for mozilla
748466 sync npapi maemo defines
756659 IonMonkey: Crash at weird location of 0x00007ffff7f60d58 with testcase
756665 Closing a background tab in tablet mode changes the selected tab.
760072 layout/style/test/test_visited_reftests.html ran additional tests after finish() was called
740287 [New tab page] missing thumbnails on an old profile, fixed by deleting disk cache
682944 snippets with iframes in them break the "Restore Previous Session" button on default homepage (about…
756674 use dom mutation observers in place of mutation events
767819 testDefaultBookmarks failed | waitForPageLoad(): Timeout waiting for page loaded
767821 Failure in testRemoveAllCookies.js | Timeout waiting for page loaded
740312 IonMonkey: OSR unboxing does not work well with phi's
732124 Build errors with VC11 Beta - mixing MTd libs with MDd exes fail to link
732125 Content pane for In-Content preferences
478174 arguments[i] should alias parameters even after return
420837 "new Iterator()" throws a tautology
707569 Speed up |make package|
715768 [Azure] Tracking: Enable Azure-Thebes wrapper by default
707577 Create a |fast-package| target on mobile
707578 shouldn't copy older files
756732 "Assertion failure: clasp->flags & (1<<5),"
748541 Disable the Downloads Panel in Firefox 14
756735 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.Favicons.cancelFaviconLoad(
625664 accelerometer support using Windows 7 Sensor API
756740 Allow to build for mipsel with Android NDK r8
756745 xptcall fails to build with mipsel-linux-android target
756746 Quote paths in linker scripts
763621 Intermittent test_process_error.xul | Exited with code 1 during test run [@ + 0x424] […
748569 Fix (most) remaining migration bugs for Firefox 14
756767 [Azure] Reduce memory peaks due to surface creation
748580 websockets: omit close code (rather than code=1000) when no close code passed to close()
756777 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: addr % Cell::CellSize == 0, at ../../gc/Heap.h:832
756780 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: type == MIRType_Value || type == MIRType_String || type == MIRType_Obj…
756781 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: IsMarkedOrAllocated(static_cast<Cell *>(thing)), at jsgc.cpp:4466
756786 xulrunner won't start on linux (and probably mac)
748601 nsMaiInterfaceText.cpp should check internal role not atk role
756796 crash in TypeConstraintPropagateThis::newType
715837 Crash @ mozilla::net::HttpChannelParent::RecvMarkOfflineCacheEntryAsForeign
756798 crash in js::mjit::Compiler::jsop_getprop
756799 crash in TypeConstraintCall::newType
748609 Permaorange on mozilla-beta testAboutPage | page title match - about: page title is correct
666693 Remote IndexedDB for multiple IndexedDB-using processes
756808 Build failure: |Error remaking makefiles (ignored)| followed by |No rule to remake missing include f…
420938 ProfileMigrator's GetDefaultBrowser does not work any more on Vista
756919 Assertion failure: fp_->isGlobalFrame() || fp_->isDebuggerFrame(), at vm/ScopeObject.cpp:1231
718690 [Mac] Various form element states not communicated to VoiceOver
512525 Implement the <view> element
756823 rm Root, s/RootedVar/Root/g
756825 Fix up nsPrintfCString comment
748637 Refactor primitive value argument conversion to make it more readable/scalable
748645 Upload TiledThebesLayerOGL outside the transaction
732262 default_abi.toSource() is useless
748647 INHIBIT_PERSISTENT_CACHING is incorrectly propagated after a redirect
748649 Add PLayers async NoSwapUpdate
765034 GC hazard during global object creation
756844 Intermittent test_browserFrame9.html | First Screenshot is not blank and/or | Screenshots differ
748654 Drop patch using moz_alloc in ANGLE to remove one possible cause for the allocator mismatch crashes
650353 have one global object per compartment
756850 Some combinations of Hebrew vowels and consonants not displayed in certain fonts with harfbuzz
756851 "Assertion failure: hasAllFlags(OBJECT_FLAG_DYNAMIC_MASK),"
756855 IonMonkey: Crash at weird location of 0x00000001005ead60 with testcase and --ion-eager
740473 Preference to disable device sensors
748667 B2G SMS: can't receive normal SMS, message.header is undefined
740482 Create nice breakpoint icons for the SourceEditor in the Debugger
765065 Annotation for crash reports: "Are we GCing?"
748684 GCLI shouldn't require removeCommand before addCommand
765069 Close by swipe velocity checks are wrong
748686 Security tests are failing due to favicon UI change
732303 Redesign safe mode dialog with the profile reset option
748692 Dynamically created style rule gets disabled/removed
707733 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | layout/reftests/svg/smil/container/deferred-anim-1.xhtml…
748694 Switch Maemo WebGL to FBO
756887 Require.jsm should have support and tests for firebug/NetMonitor style modules
781464 Do not add stack to result if assertion passes
756890 Fix an easy set of GCLI/Developer Toolbar display issues
748701 crash in nsObjectLoadingContent::IsPluginEnabledForType
756896 Don't include xpcprivate.h in FileIOObject.cpp
781476 expando properties aren't accessible on certain objects when running same origin code in different c…
756903 Fix test_platform_colors.xul for 10.7
748716 don't export ApplicationAccessibleWrap.h
748719 put ApplicationAccessible class into mozilla::a11y namespace
765106 Video controls are using the desktop binding
748724 de-ns-ify nsRootAccessible
748725 nsINode::GetParentElement() should return dom::Element*
765110 TextLeafAccessibleWrap is never instanciated
748727 Include AddressSanitizer blacklist file into the tree
740543 Rule view does not update when window is resized
748736 Switch tcheck2 to use CNN
642241 Experiment with better UI presentation methods in GCLI
249159 implement 'word-break' properties of CSS3
748739 Make AddressSanitizer work with --enable-stdcxx-compat and gcc >= 4.5
759670 Intermittent accessible/events/test_docload.xul | Test timed out.
756936 Incorrect MouseEvent.mozMovement{X,Y} values when pointer locked on secondary monitor
748745 readString through CDataFinalizer
759671 Extra semicolon at the end of SkMatrix::I() declaration breaks build on OpenBSD
732365 Assertion failure: hasAnalysis(), at jsinferinlines.h:1416
748752 nsNPAPIPlugin check for private browsing value will not work
765139 Heap-use-after-free in nsDocument::AdoptNode
634074 Cannot validate valid certificate chain when looping/cross-signed certs are involved
748764 Possible Arbitrary Code Execution by Update Service
748766 Only count connected websockets toward max-websocket limit
756944 Import ALSA cubeb backend
765156 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.PropertyAnimator.invalidate(PropertyAnimator.ja…
756965 mozilla::ThreadLocal only allows pointers
748776 CDataFinalizer should be able to maintain the exact type of a CData
593129 Clean up jsscope.cpp methods to be object-independent
756972 Support showing response bodies for "application/x-web-app-manifest+json" requests
756973 make RootAccessible::NativeState faster
716014 Investigate if we could use CompartmentGC more often
756975 make RootAccessible::NativeRole faster
748785 Enable NPAPI Async drawing model by default on windows
756983 Isolate focusable and unavailable states from State()
765179 WebGL crash when empty string is passed to getUniformLocation, getAttribLocation or bindAttribLocati…
707836 Handle URI navigation outside app domain for native apps
748797 add a build option that forces MOZ_LINKER_EXTRACT to be enabled
756992 Only show fullscreen warning when requesting across domain or in unapproved documents
756993 Reset hide fullscreen warning timeouts when a new domain enters fullscreen
748802 browser-thumbnails.js uses global private browsing state instead of per-window state
748803 Frame with elements blocked through hosts file prevents from scrolling down the page with spacebar
724228 Use getVariable instead of getVariableDescriptor until the latter lands
724229 Briefly flash the variables that changed between pauses
748816 Disable tearing with OpenGL on OS X
773393 Move filepicker and activity-result code out of GeckoApp so it survives activity destruction
766510 We need to delete persisted.addons in teardown of testAddons_uninstallExtension/test5.js
748832 Remove useless painting suppression code
757025 crash in mozilla::hal::NotifyScreenConfigurationChange
732451 Need an "Empty Stack" placeholder in the script debugger
765220 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.String.isEmpty at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserToolbar$2.onCreate…
765221 White text shadow for lightweight themes with dark text looks weird
757034 import OpenBSD's sndio cubeb backend
765227 bgupdates upgrades the MozillaMaintenance twice, should only run on replace
757039 Handle non-uniform scales when doing device space blurs
748852 Contacts API: Fix leak, error handling
773431 Wikipedia mobile sliding reference div unclickable
757049 GTK immodule receives invalid cursor position when the surrounding text contains any non-BMP Unicode…
748858 Use the startPoint argument of mozIDOMApplication.launch
757060 redit fails to compile on mingw due to wmain linkage error
765254 Sync on Android is not translated at all in Suomi (fi)
707911 Rewrite StackTraceToString to use StringBuffer
716107 Better key input support in DOM full-screen mode
740694 Add a third options to ApplicationID's Set for dual mode
773466 Console will stop displaying output
740719 b2g-gonk is hanging on shutdown again
740721 pinch and zoom don't work on the Windows with touch input displays
748915 Implement JS_IsArrayBufferViewObject
757109 [AccessFu] Handle moving from invalid virtual cursor positions
755604 Incrementalize JSCompartment::markTypes
748924 PDF viewer: New interface + Mochitest controls
748926 UI: Basic l10n support
748927 Add UI elements for the remote debugging case: starting a server and selecting the server to connect…
757125 Make more MathML operators mirrorable
750145 "Assertion failure: failedURI (We don't have a URI for history APIs.)"
748937 Switch JSD destroyScript signature from JSContext -> JSFreeOp
740747 dexpcom nsAccessible::GetName
740750 Use nsITreeView* instead of nsCOMPtr<nsITreeView> as followup to bug#739524
748948 Possible race condition when launching updates from service after security checks
740766 dexpcom nsAccessible::GroupPosition
740767 GCLI node type fails when there are no matches
732576 MAPLE: make getViewTransform fast
748961 Ranges added with addRange to the current Selection (getSelection) are not immediately available in…
748967 desktop runtime needs to disable globally installed add-ons
771997 Find in Page doesn't work for more than one tab
748983 foo instanceof XMLHttpRequest always throws
724408 [Page Thumbnails] no thumbnails with browser.cache.disk.enable set to false
757177 4 unused variable warnings in new file SVGFragmentIdentifier.cpp
748986 IonMonkey: Marking phase should mark gcThings given as arguments of VMFunction.
740795 Don't ship PDF Viewer as an add-on
765372 Add some null safety to isElementClickable
748994 Regression in rawfennecstartup 'throbber start' time
740803 Put the debugger in its own compartment again
765388 assertion: GL supports OES_EGL_image without supplying its functions.
773581 Failure in testGetMoreSearchEngines | Search engine 'IMDB' has been installed
732631 Selecting to a open a new window within an app, then exiting the app does not shut down the applicat…
732639 Create event loop thread for bluetooth dbus on gonk/linux
658913 Thumbnails for to-be-restored tabs are not rendered
765413 Warning: Unknown property '-moz-transition-properties'. Declaration dropped. Source File: chrome://…
757222 deleteDatabase should fire a versionchange event with newVersion === null
717393 [Azure]Subpixel AA is disabled
756988 Mark more SVG feature strings as supported
470510 Investigate not clearing the inner window's scope on page transition (JS_ClearScope)
749039 Assertion failure: addr % Cell::CellSize == 0, at ../../jsgc.h:859 or Crash [@ js::gc::Cell::compart…
749047 Cannot save downloaded files from within the desktop web runtime
749048 IonMonkey: CloseLiveIterator read a wrong slot: Assertion failure: isObject(), at ./jsapi.h:507
749055 duplicate nsMathMLCharForeground items created for a single frame
757909 add in-tree mozconfigs for android/armv6 and android/x86
757253 Implement real update in the rule view
757262 Youtube keeps playing audio after closing
317093 Midas: strong and em aren't recognized while formatting the text
749075 Improve performance of display list construction, ComputeVisibility and layer construction
749080 Headphone support on ICS causes build error
599983 Remove use or optimize performance of moz attributes in editor and serializer
724509 Add an "Option" menu in the Inspector Toolbar
757278 Handle positions are not saved.
757282 Pause when an exception is hit
758363 Implement NPN_ReloadPlugins for out-of-process Plugins
757284 Issues with (large?) uploads stopping halfway (youtube, mediafire)
752902 Heap-use-after-free in nsSMILTimeValueSpec::IsEventBased
708136 Firefox 11.0a1 Crash [@ mozilla::gl::GLContext::DeleteOffscreenFBO ]
765486 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.db.LocalBrowserDB.isBookmark(LocalBrowserDB.jav…
757296 Windows line endings in nsDocument.cpp
757304 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: trc->runtime->gcIncrementalState == NO_INCREMENTAL || trc->runtime->g…
314939 Combobox dropdown menu too high
716349 ASSERTION: 'bad height: 'metrics.height>=0' and ASSERTION: bad width: 'metrics.width>=0' with mspace
749118 CSS opacity regression
749127 Intermittent browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_propertyview-06.js | The localScope doesn't …
749128 Make sure to have JSContext before creating TabChildGlobal
503370 Library doesn't handle CTRL+F correctly
757329 [Azure] Deal with transform changing while a path is built
749139 MS bitmap fonts are not rendered as expected even if Hardware Acceleration disabled
749143 View-port is duplicate when zooming past the minimum level
757336 Cleanup probes handling in CompileScript()
757340 Preferences window uses an animation on OS X which causes a early return in the paneId setter
757346 Draw rounded rects into mask layers without clipping
749156 Failure in /testPasswordManager/testPasswordNotificationBar.js | Expression "id("password-save-notif…
773735 Do not use tablet layout on devices with screen size "large"
732777 GCLI 'pref set' command should display a warning before use
749164 tcheckerboard2 sometimes returns NaNs
749173 Remove AutoPreserveCompartment
757368 moving the caret with arrow keys don't work any more in editor if a floating panel contains a focusa…
732793 GCLI web should have arrow like GCLI in firefox chrome
757371 Regression: restoring type-in state can add redundant tags
749182 crash in nsSessionStorageEntry::~nsSessionStorageEntry
749186 crash in nsFontInflationData::FindFontInflationDataFor at crash address 0x28 (((nsIFrame*)0)->GetSta…
749187 Ensure new tabs and windows opened in private browsing mode have docshells set accordingly
757380 BasicLayers Paint ignore NULL Clip when render with groupTarget
757381 [AccessFu] Indicate whether a text entry field is multi line.
757382 [AccessFu] Indicate whether a link has been visited previously.
757383 [AccessFu] Indicate form field states such as required or invalid
741004 Create a hotfix add-on to communicate the FF13 de-support
757392 crash in nsIDocument::GetRootElement mainly with JAWS 11
750276 Make CompositorParent transforms not android-only
749205 UI: New interface from UX team mockup
716439 Implement clipping to rectangles with rounded corners on the GPU
757400 !!script->compartment()->debugMode() == !!originalDebugMode_
749209 Happy Eyeballs implementation still not quite right
732830 Allowing downloadable MathJax fonts
749215 toolkit/devtools/debugger/ should install debugger JSMs as symlinks for development
749222 Create a separate way to start a chrome debugger
757415 JavaScript Error: "mozApp is not defined" in BrowserElementChild.js
749226 IonMonkey: Repeated bailouts can cause stack overflow
732845 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: mutationCount == p.mutationCount, at ./dist/include/js/HashTable.h:688
749231 toolkit/devtools/debugger xpcshell tests should always run with devtools.debugger.log pref set
741040 Make an ArrayBufferObject subclass of JSOBject
741041 Wrapper hygiene for typed arrays and friends
380595 Need unittest for nsIIdleService
757428 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: Crossing fingers: Unable to read snapshot slot., at ../ion/IonFrameIte…
757431 Assertion failure: v->toGCThing(), at gc/Marking.cpp:327 or Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::allocated]
717428 AndroidBrowserDB/BrowserProvider cleanup
691898 Use YARR interpreter instead of PCRE on platforms where YARR JIT is not supported, since PCRE doesnt…
743370 B2G RIL: Removing SIM card results in endless "connecting..." message
757439 Use the updateButton string for the Update & Restart button in the About dialog
757440 crash in nsHTMLTableAccessible::ColCount or nsHTMLTableAccessible::RowCount with JAWS 11
757442 Native Fennec nightly always uses en-US for Java strings regardless of system language
759755 Links on some web pages are rendered misplaced
773830 ###!!! ABORT: attempt to initialize OOP crash reporter before in-process crashreporter!: 'gException…
749258 toolkit/devtools/debugger xpcshell tests that throw errors do not fail
732875 Move CheckedInt to MFBT
184013 put a useful gdbinit in the tree so it's found automagically
724686 General pane for in-content Preferences
478927 Need a way from chrome to know when error pages load
585425 implement threadsafety pieces of harfbuzz for os x
732452 create a "no scripts" label for an empty scripts menu in the debugger
751567 [comm-central, Windows] "js\src\gc/Root.h(303) : fatal error C1075: end of file found before the lef…
757469 Implement ctypes.off_t
749278 Rename "Script Debugger" to "Debugger"?
757477 [Responsive Mode] restore previous size / preset
757483 Score Rush gets more choppy w/ igc
650988 Do image scaling on the GPU
757485 Remove nsIXBLService interface
757486 Allow browser frames to bubble some whitelisted events
757487 GCLI test suite has broken dependencies in browser
757488 DomTemplate fails when it gets a live NodeList
716529 GCLI help crasher workaround should be fixed properly
757504 decomtaminate GetColumnExtentAt/GetRowExtentAt on accessible tables
757507 Implement read-write file streams
749316 Put Debugger object into chrome scratchpad
757512 B2G RIL: SIM Card Lock DOM Requests don't properly clean up
757518 PGO build gets stuck in a loop on systems where /usr/bin/makedepend is not present
749329 Cleanup TypeInState
757526 Use stdint instead of PRInt types in WebGL implementation
732955 OOM Crash [@ mozilla::FramePropertyTable::PropertyValue::IsArray] due to unhandled alloc in FramePro…
757537 wrong kind of string for printing CC message about forced GC to error console
749357 TiledThebesLayerOGL can draw un-rendered areas of tiles
724789 Some sites are wider than they should be
749367 <script type="text/template"> content parsed as JavaScript (+E4X)
732985 [Azure] Extremely large images are rendered garbled or not at all after scrolling
773952 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp$MenuPanel.onPopulateAccessibilityEvent at or…
749385 Use deferred release for documents in nsHTMLDocumentSH::ReleaseDocument
724819 [meta] GCLI improvements for FF13 part 1
724821 Firefox menu bar becomes disabled after toggling toolbars while "Customize Toolbars" dialog open
749399 HttpMonitor/NetPanel needs a resend request function
749401 HttpMonitor/NetPanel should display events [load, DOMContentLoaded, MozAfterPaint]
757594 Implicit Makefile rule changes in bug 748001 broke libvpx's obj_int_extract
758415 Implement per-origin Xray expando sharing for Wrapped Natives
749404 HttpMonitor/NetPanel should limit the number of displayed requests
757598 [AccessFu] Have fallback click for inaccessible javascript
307039 Greek text not converted correctly to Small-Caps.
741216 Cannot drag & drop file path onto INPUT type=file(I can drag & drop file path onto Browse... button…
716644 expandoify accessible roles
765799 newOffset used uninitialized in nsRange::InsertNode
724841 Searching from the address bar lower cases search phrase sent to search engines
708459 Implement mechanism for selecting which installed Firefox version will be loaded to run natively-ins…
757613 Use manifest.webapp instead of manifest.json
749425 Scissor rect incorrect with scaled viewport
749426 RenderDocument for entire page of OOMs due to CreateSamplingRestrictedDrawable
749429 Increase displayport to 2000 for all strategies
741245 Remove nsresult return value from nsXPConnect::GetSafeJSContext()
724862 Implement protocol support for modifying the values of a debuggee object's properties
741258 ASAN: unresolved symbols in libnssutil3.dylib
757644 init list build warning for mock_Link.h
757645 can no longer enable a service in about:social
757646 Passwords Content Provider silently returns empty strings for username and password if Master Passwo…
759789 content/base/test/test_bug435425.html ran additional tests after finish() was called
749459 The desktop web runtime fails to create WebGL contexts because it can't load the ANGLE libEGL.dll
765845 Hang in DrawTargetD2D::FillGlyphs
749467 canvas renders incorrectly
740192 Screen orientation needs a specific security model for installed web apps
757667 Clean up Proxy tracing
774052 crash in js::types::TypeObject::sweep
757670 make nsIPresShell::GetLinkLocation faster
758428 shell swallows compiler bugs
749482 Adjust assertion for RemoteImageData
757063 document.querySelectorAll now throws when used with a proxy as argument
757676 implement harmony default parameters
749485 Switch Paris bindings to using a struct for the result of fallible methods instead of a raw nsresult
749486 js::ToInt32 broken when it gets inlined
290735 when opening a file from the Download Manager (nsILocalFile::launch on Windows), the working directo…
683954 [Layout] Implement an abstract view of the layout of the selected node
749493 Database unlocking code doesn't run due to Java exception in getWritableDatabase()
757690 Merge TokenStream::TokenStream() and TokenStream::init()
749499 Fix CrossProcessMutex ctor counter
749500 Bug 731878 breaks SDK 10.5 build
757694 Fix line endings in nsHTMLTextAreaElement.cpp
667586 Clear identity block when typing a different URL into location bar
757699 Simplify the code returning uint32_t to JS via IDL any in the WebGLContext a bit
774084 crash in nsBuiltinDecoder::GetSeekable
757703 support unitless values for mpadded attributes
757704 getScreenCTM() crash
708553 Hovered element state is not relinquished when entering and exiting fullscreen mode
757707 Intermittent crashtests/752784-1.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
528332 Feature Request: Implement non-scaling-stroke
741325 Sort the scripts in the menulist by filename
741328 Add a search input to easily/incrementally find scripts => with live buffer switching
757718 Crash with SVG requiredFeatures, adoptNode
749527 When trying to 'copy' a picture directly from Firefox into a windows live chat box, it copys the ima…
749530 Build failure on MIPS because of missing atomicops_internals_mips_gcc.h
747514 [jsdbg2] Implement Debugger.Environment.prototype.callee accessor
759803 Remove padding and add side-splitters to common.css in Debugger
741348 crashreporter failing to build with current trunk
749545 Crashes and brokenness in WebGL demo
757739 crash in nsAccUtils::MustPrune
749548 IEProfileMigrator.js and SafariProfileMigrator.js are always in the components manifest
307181 Eliminate wait while restarting Firefox after update (apply update in background)
749550 dbg-server.jsm includes dbg-client.jsm with resource:/// instead of resource://gre/
757745 popup panel sometimes doesn't show anchor
757746 Popup panel has no right border
741367 Creating second XMLHttpRequest via Components.Constructor throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE
749563 Consumed Alt key (i.e., preventDefault() is called) causes to activate menubar
757757 Add dexpcomed version of GetAnonymousElementByAttribute
757758 Honor hardware screen rotation
749573 "make install" doesn't install xpcshell and in the SDK
749588 address space limiting is incompatible to AddressSanitizer
749589 Less-leaky classinfo for XTF
736602 Change inactive tab timer clamp setting to something higher than 1hz
692255 Find a way to get rid of prefetch files on Windows for faster startup
757794 Constant "command timed out: 1200 seconds without output" in test_0200_app_launch_apply_update.js
741415 Disable mozApps for Beta 13
757807 Ghost windows on
749617 10% tpaint regression with compartment-per-global
757811 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: (extendedJumpTable_ + i * SizeOfJumpTableEntry) < size() - SizeOfJumpT…
749620 Invalid stack memory access in CompareLexicographicInt32
749626 Theme update: make the close button code generic and implement the dark theme for menulists.
749628 Implement a "Responsive Design" tool
774205 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection$<n>.run(GeckoInputConnecti…
766018 Use-after-free during GC on shutdown
700493 Firefox Crash in nsJARChannel::OnStopRequest @ nsXULPrototypeScript::SerializeOutOfLine (Correlated…
749648 startup crash in CheckASLR (mostly correlated to add-on)
749649 crash in nsIOService::SpeculativeConnect
757845 Add edge label to write barrier assert
757847 CompositorParent::TransformShadowTree should use FrameMetrics& instead of FrameMetrics*
749658 Tabs with long file names triggering tab-overflow with 8 tabs
757852 B2G Emergency Calls: Make them work on ICS.
741474 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/tree/test_img.html |…
774248 Request Desktop Site does not work if sites use cookies to remember UA
462959 Implement nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement::GetPlayed()
725105 Fix non-OS-double-buffered GL layers
757878 Add a fast path for 8888_over_565 with NEON
659577 Don't alias stack variables
700538 nsHTMLEditor should override IsRootNode
749693 JS shell global doesn't need JSCLASS_HAS_PRIVATE or its_finalizer
749695 building with --disable-jemalloc fails
749697 Assertion failure: cx->stack.containsSlow(fp)
749698 Assertion failure: any, at jsgc.cpp:3303
733320 [WebSMS][B2G SMS] Add 'read' attribute to nsIDOMMozSmsMessage
749711 WebGL texture conversions: support conversions increasing texel size, conversion from int to float f…
716949 [Page Thumbnails] Cached images are discarded way too easily
733337 Picture being rendered outside intended region
774300 Sync authentication errors if passwords contain non-ASCII characters
741544 Very frequent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | -a -m -n | /builds/slave/m-in-lnx64-dbg/build/js/sr…
749739 New email sound notification file cannot contain spaces (Linux - Thunderbird 12)
741549 Mochitests for navigator.mozApps
725170 crash java [@ java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (142793 ... 142794) ends beyond length 7…
757944 libEGL error 'call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)'
692409 Add a pretty resizer and the dark theme to the debugger
757946 nsConverterOutputStream logs "WARNING: Flush() lost data!" at close if underlying stream is already …
757949 GCC 4.6.3 build warning: nsXULDocument.cpp:2384:40: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 …
757954 [AccessFu] Report object states in a scalable fashion
757959 Can't see tabs in Full Screen Mode
749768 Disable --valgrind flag for when running "make check" with AddressSanitizer
757977 Don't use uint32 in nsCycleCollector::ScanWeakMaps
749788 Various errors exist in JNI code
766173 Potential malloc error in nsScriptSecurityManager::GetScriptSecurityManager()
749794 B2G telephony: need to reset audio state when phone call ends
749795 Getter for NPNVprivateModeBool is broken with OOPP
725234 GCLI needs minor refactoring with the incremental UX improvements
742099 Localize pdf.js strings and replace with the final strings for release
749812 [AccessFu] Display text editing changes
683390 Switch to Tab graphic is displayed in the wrong vertical orientation with tabs-on-top enabled
725238 GCLI needs a way to turn off all hints and popups
725239 GCLI needs a settings system
758010 C++ new/delete aren't wrapped with jemalloc on Android
766205 video playback seems to occasionally use RGB frame instead of YCbCr on Fennec
749822 IonMonkey: Optimistic argc passed to uncompiled functions.
398038 <mpadded height="20 10"> triggers "###!!! ASSERTION: Unexpected Pseudo Unit"
413960 viewport changes should only affect transforms if we have a viewBox attribute
750295 don't cache gStringBundle in nsAccessNode
749839 Speculative HTTP connect gets wedged if server replies before request sent
741652 Make JS_{Start,Stop}Profiling work with perf on Linux
758044 Clean up naming of natively-installed webapp installation directory and uninstall registry key
733469 Move the applications preferences to in-content UI
749856 implement backend for dispatching OMNA WAP Push notification
733473 Implement initial prerequisites for in-content preferences, and landing page
752031 Librarify the jsrefest suite
749860 Heap-use-after-free in nsBorderColors
725286 Plugin placeholder text for the unsupported platforms is misleading
717096 Crash may occur when switching between webm tab or App and Flash tab (java.lang.IllegalStateExceptio…
717103 MediaStorage API
758072 Pivot fails to traverse backwards to previous sibling if current node does not match rule
749883 txDOM.h appears to be unused
766269 Permanent orange: TEST_UNEXPECTED_FAIL | test_0030_general.js | test failed (with xpcshell return co…
749890 Intermittent test_spdy.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), | false == true - See follow…
758083 Make manifest paths consistent with openwebapps manifest paths
749892 Intermittent browser_tabview_apptabs.js | Test timed out followed by many more failures ending in br…
733513 Enable accessibility on Mac
756846 Prefetch files are sometimes in use on clear operation
758096 ###!!! ASSERTION: SwitchSensor not thread-safe
758097 WARNING: NS_ENSURE_TRUE(rv) failed: file /Volumes/mac/moz/b2ggecko/hal/gonk/GonkSwitch.cpp, line 131
753039 Error building gonk on OSX due to
758108 Display test failures immediately
766304 ScopedGfxFeatureReporter uses preference service off the main thread
758120 Symantec Japan site is broken with
749931 "Migration to a clean Firefox profile" feature doesn't suggest browser history migration
749933 Build error with gcc-4.7 after Bug 745057 fixed
749935 Vertical scrollbar missing on specific sites since upgrading to Firefox 12
733553 FF keeps loading and continuously calls "onerror" handler on multipart image stream when image in st…
758132 Remove warning pragma from jscompartment.h
766326 ###!!! ASSERTION: invalid default font returned by GetDefaultFont: 'defaultFont'
626068 Mismatched free() / delete / delete [] @ mozilla::layers::LayerProgram::~LayerProgram() (LayerManage…
758143 Add xpc::GetCompartmentPrivate
749953 panning (scrolling) does not work correctly on Android XUL nightly builds and wikipedia home page di…
741762 Make localization crop tests a bit more useful
758164 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !comp->rt->gcRunning, at ../jsgcinlines.h:333
725397 Some mozApps helper should be accessible from C++ trough a XPCOM component
749974 Items in Developer tools menu have inconsistent check state
749976 Reduce the curve tolerance to match skia on mobile
758179 Image script broken (images appear highlighted after clicking on thumbnail)
758181 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::ion::MNode::block] or [@ js::ion::Loop::isInLoop]
717228 One of the GCLI keyboard tests fails under node
758193 Places maintenance causing excessive battery usage
750006 render active layers at full scale and transform them on the GPU
717242 manifest.appcache with an invalid domain in it will reliably crash firefox (once the URL is approved…
758206 Add a new telemetry histogram for the reason preload is activated
758208 Intermittent failure in browser_dbg_stack-04.js | Should have no frames after resume - Got 2, expect…
758209 IonMonkey: Disable DVG stack search when building with --enable-more-deterministic
750023 Crash @ nsDOMBlobBuilder::Flush
750026 rm some unneeded nsCOMPtrs
758224 bug in nsPluginStreamListenerPeer dtor, pushing nearly-invalid address to an outside reference
758236 update harfbuzz to pick up (in-progress) Indic shaper
692707 e10s support for TabItems in Panorama
750053 Simplify error handling around collapsed selections in editor
741862 B2G 3G: Settings API hookup
673873 display placeholder when focusing an empty input
750056 Launcher panel moves to the top of about:home page when in RTL mode
782825 Disable bug 716014 for Firefox 15
750061 firefox locks desktop when dragging tab from tabbar
750062 Assert preconditions in IsVisTextNode
750063 Allow passing null to nsTextEditRules::CreateMozBR's outparam
750064 Add some GetPriorNode/GetNextNode overloads that take nsINode
750066 Heap-buffer-overflow in nsHTMLReflowState::CalculateHypotheticalBox, with nested multi-column, relat…
758526 Configure fails to find gcc plugin directory with some gcc
750073 Use nsContentUtils::WordBreaker() in nsTextServicesDocument::FindWordBounds
758268 IonMonkey: Rename forbidOsr and use it when calling functions directly
750079 Cleanup code around nsHTMLEditor::HasAttrVal
561664 document.activeElement should never return native anonymous content
512514 Implement hyperlink targeting of animation elements
750085 Pass nsIContent to SetInlinePropertyOnNodeImpl and use nsINode APIs to iterate over children
758278 Sweep crossCompartmentWrappers of all compartments, not only collected ones
733708 gfx/layers fail to compile on mingw
750093 Cleanup SetTextProperty in nsComposerCommands.cpp
750094 Some cleanup in nsComposerCommands.cpp
750103 Cleanup nsEditor::EndOfDocument()
664324 [session restore cleanup] Remove trailing whitespace
750109 Use-after-free in nsINode::ReplaceOrInsertBefore
750111 mozMovementX is transient and becomes zero later
758304 [Mac] crash in nsAccUtils::IsTextInterfaceSupportCorrect()
758315 Desktop GL implementation of glGetShaderPrecisionFormat should return precision 23, not 0
586286 Update Mozmill tests to remove deprecated assertJS calls
733747 Highlight changed items in the rule view
758337 Fix mistake in mfbt/LinkedList.h comment
750146 Heap-use-after-free in RestoreSelectionState::Run
733768 GCLI API hardening: requisition.exec should return outputObject not boolean
750161 B2G RIL: typo in cardstatechange event
750163 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/content/media/test/test_streams_element_capture.html | Ex…
741979 downloaded blocklist doesn't support unspecified version comparator
750172 Do background image scaling on the GPU
733794 The GCLI build file (node-main.js) is too big. Cut it up
750183 Don't nuke chrome->chrome cross-compartment wrappers
758381 Build fail on MacOS X 10.7
750191 move IsTextInterfaceSupportCorrect under DEBUG ifdef
758384 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting "TypeError: is not a function" with ion and XML
750193 get rid useless DEBUG_A11Y code
750196 remove ROLE_SYSTEM_ definitions
774775 XRayWrapper does not handle new bindings constants
758396 Let MFBT LinkedList allow const
750207 pop3 on linux checks quota incorrectly, resulting in wrong "Insufficient disk space" messages
758401 Add message manager getter from docShell
758404 Use LinkedList instead of arrays for WebGLContext to track WebGL objects
722082 getParameter(COMPRESSED_TEXTURE_FORMATS) should return a Uint32Array, not a plain array
750216 don't export headers that aren't used outside
758410 Installs of service should not attempt to clear prefetch as indicated in maintenanceservice-install.…
714861 [B2G] Implement <iframe mozbrowser> as a separate proccess
758420 Apostrophe followed by a letter creates two apostrophes
717462 WebTelephony: notify errors
750231 Opus crash illegal instruction [@quant_band]
635548 Spurious "attempt to run compile-and-go script on a cleared scope" errors in wake of bug 630072 patc…
742047 Move sessionStorage functionality to JSM
758432 Fix SetScaleToSize call for plugins
742051 Remove the backwards compatibility for the old formdata format.
733863 Clang-compiled js::mjit::LoopState::hoistArrayLengthCheck confuses valgrind into reporting UMR
750253 XPConnect is rebuilt unnecessarily
676533 /restartTests/testDiscoveryPane_UpAndComingModule/test1.js sometime fails due to a TimeoutError
750264 Give IDLType an operator!=
750267 Remove tools/elf-dynstr-gc
750269 Places transactions leak windows in CPG
750272 OOM crash in mozilla::layers::ThebesLayerBuffer::GetContextForQuadrantUpdate
758466 B2G RIL: ensure radio state and '' setting value are known before modifying the ra…
733892 crash aswJsFlt.dll (Avast) and Ant extension
733894 Refactor LayerManagerOGLProgram.h
758471 Don't sweep native interfaces during compartment GC
750282 Remove TCF_COMPILING
750283 notify observers of a11y init / shutdown in nsAccessibilityService
750284 WidgetQt Drag service should be initializing in different threads
750287 don't cache is form fill enabled pref
758481 When seeking in an unbuffered range after having ended a media, networkState is NETWORK_IDLE
750290 Remove tools/leaky
758483 "struct utsname" should be used to declare unameobj
758484 correct comment syntax for mapfile
744910 Remove FileException from workers
758486 Settings API: make debug output a bit more useful
758487 libopus fails to compile on Solaris/SPARC
750301 add static asserts internal and xpcom accessible roles are the same
758494 Make double conversion built with Solaris Studio compiler
725733 crash js::analyze::ScriptAnalysis::addTypeBarrier
758505 Avoid invalidating when setting identical animation values.
676586 [meta] Implement a script debugger
750318 localization note and string ID change required for helpSearchManual in
758516 nsSVGGenericContainerFrame.cpp failed to compile with Solaris Studio compiler
742136 [meta] IonMonkey: Enable eager compilation for jit-test.
758524 Generate enums.js and useful_arrays.js with other "libs"
758525 remove extra semicolon after NS_INLINE_DECL_THREADSAFE_REFCOUNTING
750334 rotating image appears too big during transition, then snaps to correct size
742145 Need support for the various typed arrays types in WebIDL parser
758530 Sync does not initialize automatically anymore
332548 Wrong renaming of double downloaded files
742156 Stringifying EventTarget throws
746285 pack nsXBLBinding more carefully for 64-bit
750356 ReusableTileStoreOGL.cpp:16:37: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions …
750358 AsyncTask onPostExecute sometimes runs on GeckoBackgroundThread instead of main thread
742168 ParisBindingsEnabled should be renamed
742170 CGCreateInterfaceObjectsMethod should probably use CGThings for the CreateInterfaceObjects calls.
758561 "ASSERTION: Mask layer has invalid transform"
750370 GCC 4.6.3 build warning: nsDocument.cpp:6636:51: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is …
742179 Move MakeRandomString to xpcom/ds
758568 Use SessionStoreInternal instead of passing it to SHistory and TabsProgressListeners
717616 Empty jsloader and jsloader\resource directories added to the Firefox 10.0b4 installer and thereby t…
717618 Web Console is closing lazily with GCLI
758579 Doctype in GCLI xhtml files needs fixing, as does the license block
742197 Verify that unannotated string conversions are correct in Paris bindings
758583 "ERROR: Potential deadlock detected" with mozCaptureStreamUntilEnded
734013 Implement the pane-switching functionality for the in-content preferences
734015 Slow down parsing of web pages in background tabs.
766789 Fire mouse events closer to the tip of the handle image
742217 Reduce the use of namespaces in Paris bindings
734031 Make sure the GCLI first run experience is good (web side)
750416 Assertion failure: *vpp <= *endp in restoreValueArray
709460 GCLI needs a screenshot command
758613 Condense JIT handle information in scripts
750424 nsXULPrototypeNode::Release should add itself to the purple buffer
758617 Crash in js::StackIter::settleOnNewState()
766812 Exception in HUDService-content.js when the Web Console is closed during network requests
734045 GCLI resource doesn't always find script tags
749029 Apps cannot operate offline right now - Offline cache cannot be used
742240 Handle unsupported commands per spec in execCommand/queryCommand*
758625 0 length spdy responses not always terminated properly
758635 GeckoLayerClient.viewportSizeChanged gets run twice on surface size changes
750445 Fix for bug 235853 landed broken: unused variable in LookupProxyInfo.
750447 Builds broken after libvpx update
758644 Contents/CodeResources isn't included in MARs
734082 Set mRect and the overflow rect on SVG leaf and container frames
750476 Fix comment in gc/Barrier.h
766865 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid index <n>, size is <n> at java.util.ArrayList.throwInde…
766867 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp$
758683 Change the pause icon to a play icon in the debugger toolbar
750498 Support IPC Thread::SetName on Linux
758691 Failure in awesomebar tests with 'Autocomplete popup has been opened'
766885 [pt-PT] awesomebar placeholder awesomebar_default_text not translated
758696 Add a dialog to the debugger to deny or allow incoming server connections
750507 Need a talos jank test
731293 Crash in nsBaseContentList::cycleCollection::CanSkipReal caused by nsDocument::NodesFromRectHelper
766904 Make sure unlockOrientation() is a no-op if the orientation wasn't locked
758713 crash in nsIDocument::GetRootElement
717757 GCLI doorhanger eats mouse click
750527 NV GL driver messes up when relinking the currently-bound program
750528 [AccessFu] Add preference for enabling/disabling AccessFu
766914 Unable to play videos on mobile YouTube; redirection loop on 'Play'
750538 Remove jsgcstats.{cpp,h}
758732 configure sometimes fails with "rm: cannot lstat `conftest.exe': Permission denied" followed by "C++…
758735 TestSettingsAPI.cpp:14:20: warning: ‘gFunction’ defined but not used [-Wunused-variable]
750547 Remove a dead branch from js_AtomizeString
758741 Support symbolicating windows system libraries with local symbol server
750551 Vertically oriented boxes in RTL display elements mirrored vertically
750556 crash in mozilla::dom::Element::ClearStyleStateLocks
701415 Generate detailed JS information for cycle collector dumps in opt builds
750568 Cannot use twitter or google accounts within the desktop runtime - Needs to be whitelisted on origin…
750573 IonMonkey: GetProp cache doesn't handle __noSuchMethod__
750574 [10.8] Build fails with "arch: posix_spawnp: egrep: Bad CPU type in executable"
750575 Invalid read (from deleted presShell) calling canvas strokeText during full-screen transition
742384 In CDataFinalizer, .dispose() should return something useful
750577 Use self rooters where needed
750580 Remove cyclic dependency between Parser and BytecodeEmitter modules
758773 m-i build broken on Mac
750582 IonMonkey: eager write on global non-writable properties. (jaeger/bug584647.js:2: Error: Assertion f…
750583 FUEL gShutdown array uses an n^2 algorithm to empty the array, causing huge shutdown times
738132 B2G SMS: Support application port addressing
750588 IonMonkey: webgl test failures on tbpl
734205 GCLI dryice build should not package any CSS in gclichrome.jsm
758782 makefiles: declare mkdir_deps targets .PRECIOUS
750592 B2G RIL: only enable RILQUIRKS_CALLSTATE_EXTRA_UINT32 on SGS2 gingerbread
750598 Use better heuristics for when to use linear vs nearest when drawing images
734215 Constructing a typed array with a security-wrapped array buffer produces incorrect result
766985 Don't show the warning triangle icon for sites with mixed content
693259 GCLI needs a 'pref' command
783373 Change mobile-specific Google search URL to standard Google search URL
750606 Remove TreeContext::parser
742422 Use JS_NewObjectWithUniqueType when creating DOM protos
742425 Remove the compartment-entering in WrapNewBindingObject
758812 Break up browser.js into smaller pieces, Phase 1
767005 FF 13 "signed in or out another window" for due to use system proxy setting
775211 Custom menu is a tad slower to expand on initial invoke in Jellybean (Android 4.1)
668716 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS test_bug632379.xul | Popup should open in the same place when the …
758833 Correct opus preskip handling
758838 DeviceStorage.enumerate() doesn't work
758841 4 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost as detected by Valgrind with Evaluate
758849 UPower isnt linux-only
742141 Need to support the 'float' type in the WebIDL parser
758852 crash @ nsHttpConnectionMgr::nsHalfOpenSocket functions in Private Browsing
717893 GCLI: Cannot copy a Exception result from Log
595022 Remove JS_SealObject
758870 de-ns-ify nsDocAccessible
767070 Text selection performance is bad on android
758884 [AccessFu] Regression: virtual cursor gets stuck on banner graphic of Marco's blog
758885 CSS :hover regression in Firefox 13 when an element's class name is set by Javascript
757418 [AccessFu] On some Wikipedia pages, document title is repeated whenever returning from a link
758890 TableTicker isn't destroyed when profiler is stopped
741324 Make it possible to start a debugger in a new firefox instance
644209 i18n tests assume they can load non-UTF from chrome:// URIs
480376 Video should indicate when there's no audio track available
723135 Language packs should work for all releases of a branch, maxVersion should use * for compatibility r…
750717 Output linker max virtual size using 'TinderboxPrint' so it will appear in the TBPL summary box
750728 Rip out graphite from libxul
758925 update in-tree virtualenv to 1.7.2
717972 If the web console is too small the GCLI help section is not visible
767125 Pref on background updates on Windows for Aurora with the fix to bug 760577
742550 testSuggestHistoryBookmarks.js fails with 'The page title matches the underlined text - 'grants' sho…
750745 Allocate nsLineBoxes from their own presshell arena list
750747 Rip out libpng from libxul
734365 Rule view focus management needs an overhaul
677036 Unify parsing length and mpadded attributes
726189 get rid of search engine "used" attribute, since it causes unnecessary I/O
750768 Contacts API: add DB modification event
575688 implement DataView from Typed Arrays spec
734386 GCLI resource type could be more helpful
734404 Implement NPAPI Async accelerated DXGI model
758990 Don't allow feed: URLs with an innerURI that inherits the page's security context
758991 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Missing ReferenceError with caller and ion
742614 Allocation of string is not checked in WebSockets text frame parsing, which can lead to data being t…
759001 B2G/gonk should use nsAndroidCharset instead of nsUNIXCharset
759008 LIBOBJS in config/ is unused
750817 Some xpcshell tests in netwerk/unit rely on Xpcomlib property and fail on Android
742626 Allow indexedDB parent directory to not be the default profile directory
750820 Use-after-free in nsGlobalWindow::PageHidden
759017 whitelisted key events does not contain correct keyCode information
759019 Make nsHttpResponseHead and nsHttpRequestHead copy-constructable, assignable, and const-correct
759020 swallows some seg faults
750834 JM+TI: don't throw away code on every GC
759033 densify nsAccessible
726267 New tab page sometimes doesn't show thumbnails
595200 Cyclic references in HUDService httpActivity
759044 Intermittent test_browserFrame2.html | Too many mozhidden events
750853 mozilla/a11y/Role.h:817: error: comma at end of enumerator list
726279 Generalize use of Services.jsm in nsSearchService
726283 consider using NS_GetContentList() directly in nsHTMLRadioButtonAccessible::GetPositionAndSizeIntern…
447757 Up to half the keyCode assignments in keyup/keydown events are missing or wrong.
742672 GCLI needs a new home
743640 IonMonkey: inlineNativeCall should use different return values for errors/aborts
775442 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: at java.lang.String.substring( at org.mozilla…
726291 GCLI needs fewer events
759061 nsINIParser.cpp fails to compile on mingw
759063 toolkit/xre Windows tests link to unneeded updatecommon lib
750872 Add yet more GCLI tests, this time for developer toolbar
759076 Enable ccache for Linux 64 debug builds
750894 IonMonkey: Fix StoreSlotT write barriers with unknown type information
750907 Move the marking declarations out of jsgcmark.h and into a header with minimal dependencies
750910 add warning about removal of java DOM objects to Aurora
759105 stop console spamming by MSAA events
759115 Bump minimum Android SDK API level we require to 14
742736 [css3-background] spread box-shadow + border-radius on two opposite corners should keep sharp corner…
759124 Implement useCurrentView
750936 disable webapp support on Aurora for Firefox 14
734554 Windows and Mac intermittently "ShutdownLeaks | leaked 20 DOMWindow(s) and 2 DocShell(s) until shutd…
726366 spdy should support tunnel through http proxy
759135 Move a __proto__ property at the bottom of the list
742753 Click to Play should permit each element
750950 Crash shortly after startup, about:home not filled in
726376 Too-much-recursion crash with IndexedDB "cmp" function
750959 Re-enable incremental GC on Android
750960 OMTC: Qt AppShell should use CurrentThread object for event dispatching
750961 Avoid GDK_POINTER_MOTION_HINT_MASK / gdk_event_request_motions
775552 Logic error in bug 755264
759169 RenderTrace.cpp doesn't compile when MOZ_RENDERTRACE is enabled
677252 Reimplement keycode computation in cocoa widget
480647 execCommand('fontSize') doesn't change font size if content font size is specified in css
759178 WebGL extension strings should be case-insensitive
750989 Pause Profiler during saving
751003 Consolidate all GC heap structures and methods into a single header
751012 Reframing ancestor of out-of-flow textarea's placeholder loses the scroll position of the textarea
734629 /Developer/Tools is hardcoded, but doesn't exist anymore since Xcode 4.3
759208 CheckedInt.h depends on undefined value of signed arithmetic
759213 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: isObject(), at ../../jsapi.h:476 or Crash [@ js::UnwindIteratorForUnca…
595375 Crash @ _d2d_compute_bitmap_mem_size
734641 Intermittent mochitest-browser-chrome browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-br…
718260 Intermittent crash in test_xhrAbort.html [@ mozilla::dom::workers::xhr::XMLHttpRequestPrivate::Dispa…
751030 Import PulseAudio cubeb backend
759225 Android devices with Tegra 2 don't support multiple current GL Contexts, hence WebGL is disabled
751035 Remove various unused nsHTML*Element related methods
742849 Disable AvailableMemoryTracker tracker on x86-64
759612 Opus granule position handling is incorrect
701901 Failure in testSearch::testGetMoreSearchEngines.js
759246 Clean-up SharedContext a bit
759249 Bad cast in nsTableFrame::InsertFrames
750501 fix build failure in nsDOMClassInfo.cpp due to missing nsIDOMMediaStream.h when MOZ_MEDIA is disable…
751072 Remove tools/profiler/libunwind/src/autom4te.cache
751077 navigator and location are undefined when using sandboxPrototype=chromeWindow
751079 get rid misuses of nsAccessible::GetBoundaryFrame
759275 Specialize unwrapping to HTML elements in dom bindings
759278 Support binarynames for attributes too in new DOM bindings
759282 Location bar should have the same horizontal spacing between the icon and text as the autocomplete p…
759289 IonMonkey: JM -> Ion calls are slow
300540 CSS Frame Constructor does not construct root frame sometimes
760064 don't include NotificationController.h into headers
759305 De-ns-ify nsHyperTextAccessible
759306 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: thing, at gc/Marking.cpp:85 or Crash [@ js::gc::Cell::compartment]
701963 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_LOOKUPSWITCH
759310 de-ns-ify nsHTMLTextAccessible file classes
759311 Assertions in update tests have to be more verbose
759312 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type in object [0xf77001a0] root_: [0xf7700220…
751129 "ASSERTION: Whoever was caching this font group should have called UpdateFontList on it", take 2
742941 Restore an automated test for File objects
751139 Assertion failure: fun->isBoundFunction(), at jsfun.cpp:807 or Crash [@ js::CallOrConstructBoundFunc…
694534 GCLI gives FOUC when console is first opened
751142 Add manifest files for running entire test suite
751143 Add restart tests and disable skipped tests in manifest files
751144 warning: ok is undefined in dom/base/WebApps.js
693806 RFC2231/5987 encoding: charset information should be treated as authoritative
751151 Rip out harfbuzz from libxul
755976 Virtual D-Pad does not send key press events when caret browsing is enabled
759346 Ctrl+ช (The key is '+/=' key on ANSI keyboard layout) doesn't work as Ctrl++ but work as so on IE
767543 Multiple swyped words are broken in AwesomeScreen using Swype Beta
751163 OMTC Linux: Firefox crashes when closing a window in which a video is playing (OMTC only)
751164 Convert debugger.xul to XUL, remove HTML bits.
710922 Firefox Crash [@ JSC::ExecutableAllocator::sizeOfCode ]
751167 makefiles: $(MAKE) -C mobile/.../locales libs call should be a nop for dependency builds
726593 Implement FileHandle
759364 Run the Silverlight plugin OOP in 32-bit mode on OS X
753249 Remove non-TCF_FUN_FLAGS from TreeContextFlags
751176 OMTC Linux: Canvas and Video blinks when using OMTC and layers acceleration on Linux
751177 Cannot uninstall natively-installed webapps whose names contain unicode characters on Windows
751186 Rip out qcms from libxul
751195 Turn ASan function instrumentation blacklist into code annotations
753253 crash in nsAccessible::ScrollTo
743008 WebTelephony: support multiprocess
751201 Rip out expat from libxul
759399 nsOggReader preroll support
759402 crash in TraceXPCGlobal
759409 JM: Cleanup CompileRequest
753657 Remove the remaining flags from TreeContextFlags
751219 Opus codec in <audio> and <video> should support gain header
759417 MapsMemoryReporter asserts with device #s > 100
751227 Remove nsPresShell::mStackArena, make it a separate stack class
734847 Make nsTHashtable infallible by default
732780 GCLI commands should not need to use document to create a rich output
759438 crash in nsHttpTransaction::HandleContentStart
755994 CSS text-shadow is incorrectly rendered for selected RTL text
759457 -moz-transform causes box-shadow quirks
759460 Preprocess channel name into nsUpdateService.js instead of just using 'default'
762620 Evidence that idle-daily can start misfiring
751273 Rip out cairo+pixman from libxul
693933 nsFrameSelection::GetSelection() should return nsTypedSelection
751278 Horizontal scroll doesn't appear when jQuery UI datepicker used
751280 Remove 2-arg form of xpc_FastGetCachedWrapper
743094 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: safepoint.gcSpills().empty(), at js/src/ion/IonFrames.cpp:432
710330 Implement bookmarks and history import from Android system DBs
743099 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: isLowered(), at js/src/ion/MIR.h:429 or Crash [@ js::ion::VirtualRegis…
743102 Desktop Click to play blocks Silverlight - prompted to Install
757365 Don't use uint8 in DocumentRenderer{Parent,Child}.cpp
759489 only package webapp runtime l10n files when the runtime is enabled
759490 Opus timestamps are not being used properly for seeking
759498 defaults bound to functions are broken
710347 Failure in testPasswordManager :: testPasswordNotSaved
743119 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::Interpret] with infinite recursion
759504 return NULL instead of false for getPrototype
751314 fix -Wsign-compare warnings in nsGlobalWindow.cpp
760099 add logging for events/test_docload.xul
751320 JavaScript variable intermittently not assigned value after operation (Firefox; stand-alone test cas…
743129 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !cx->runtime->hasIonReturnOverride(), at ion/Ion.cpp:980
751323 Cleanup nsHTMLEditRules::RemoveEmptyNodes()
751328 Use nsINode::GetChildCount() in nsTextServicesDocument::CreateDocumentContentRootToNodeOffsetRange
751331 All jsids should be canonical
759524 ASSERTION: aKeyEvent.charCode is modified unexpectedly
751334 Redundant TabView.init call in restoreWindow leaks the browser window when the window closes before …
702184 sporadic REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | reftest/tests/layout/reftests/bugs/598726-1.html | image com…
756007 [Azure] Cairo backend - push/pop clip, check and fix path invariants
521969 Cannot reference tooltip by a changed ID inside XBL
758739 Use of virtualenv broke using system ply library
700030 IonMonkey: Add interrupt checks
751355 Linux and Fennec profiling builds should be built with disable elfhack and not strip symbols
751356 Pres shell arena allocation methods should be inlined and non-virtual
317190 Change "Check Now" to "Set Firefox as the default browser"
751370 Do not use accelerated layers for small popups windows on Linux
743182 Not every mobile device uses RGB565
751375 structure webapp runtime Makefiles correctly
751383 IonMonkey: Eager+GCZeal: Infinite loop of compile, bailout, Interpreter, GC, follow JSOP_GOTO and c…
612128 execCommand can inject HTML into non-editable parts of a document if a text control is focused
751396 Fire slice callbacks only for "outer" GCs
751398 Make jsdService participate in cycle collection for all of its hooks
758748 Cannot build in toolkit/xre any more!
767791 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (0 ... <n>) ends beyond length 0 at android.text.Spann…
751412 Invalid stack memory access in double_conversion::StringBuilder::AddSubstring
751416 Remove unused txList[Iterator] methods
735036 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure: table, at ./dist/include/js/HashTable.h:450
751422 <img onerror="..."> execute even when inline scripts are blocked by CSP
751425 shell exit code for runtime error differs between -e and -f
759618 Introduce pivot movePreviousFrom and moveNextFrom.
751428 [AccessFu] Remove spaces and catch exceptions when localizing role names
751429 Drag action is not changed on pressing Ctrl, until the mouse is moved
751431 [Skia] Rip out Skia from libxul
743241 Remove -DOSTYPE and -DOSARCH from
759626 Large amount of heap churn seemingly coming from InferSpewColorable (Debug-only)
743243 add functions isTarget() & isThisTarget()
767820 Failure in testAboutPrivateBrowsing.js | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed
751437 Weird artifacts under the progress bar
767822 Failure in testGreyLarry.js | Timeout waiting for page loaded
710479 ASan reports invalid read in PopOffPrec
759640 typo in feBlend reftest
759641 small clean up of a11y logging
497498 drag-leave signals are not received due to processing X events before returning from the drag-motion…
759643 Properly always create a DXGI 1.1 device
759645 enable extended logging for a11y tree and text changes
751454 GC hazard around mNativeScriptableSharedMap when creating compartments
735073 Plugins can be fooled by window.location (again)
751458 Workers can trigger slow script dialogs if no other script runs while a worker is posting events to …
751463 [Azure] Rip Azure out of libxul
749533 SkAdvancedTypefaceMetrics.cpp:19:52: fatal error: ApplicationServices/ApplicationServices.h: No such…
751467 Update the noise.png texture so it tiles more seamlessly
759666 HTML option doesn't have disabled state inherited from disabled optgroup
735091 Sync pane for In-Content preferences
464758 <select> with :after content doesn't open
743287 We need to back PDF.js out of FF14 once it's merged to mozilla-aurora on 4/24
726904 nsVideoFrame::GetVideoIntrinsicSize setting wrong size
751482 Move wcsdup and je_dumb_free_thunk out of jemalloc.c
735099 Re-enable incremental GC on desktop platforms
759677 Crash when playing some HTML5 videos with cubeb
757397 Make tests packaging less verbose
751488 Can't reload the page after clearing private data
759681 typos in clipPath reftests
759683 cc1plus: error: unrecognized command line option "-mssse3" after bug 755869
751493 move out the nsHTMLComboboxListAccessible logic from nsHTMLSelectListAccessible::NativeRole
751496 get rid nsAccessible::GetBoundsFrame
751497 replace nsHTMLSelectOptionAccessible::GetSelectState by nice inline
751505 fix and reenable toolkit/components/ctypes/tests/unit/test_finalizer_shouldaccept.js
743314 Force CanUploadSubtextures on Maemo6 harmattan
751509 Don't assert that about:memory percentage reporters are less than 100%
751511 Remove -fno-common flag
751515 Crash with convertToSpecifiedUnits()
751521 --enable-system-pixman is broken after Bug 751273 fixed
743336 Settings API: Add service
759730 Use COMPtr in nsIEHistoryEnumerator
759734 "seek.webm" test got timeupdate + pause events after it got the ended event
784311 Dummy test necessary for remote restart tests due to 0 passing tests
751547 Clean up action enums
758589 "ASSERTION: Must have view manager" with mozRequestFullScreen, contenteditable, selection.toString
759745 content/events/test/test_bug238987.html ran additional tests after finish() was called
759747 Fullscreen Flash video does not appear on ICS
759748 crash in nsHTMLEditRules::WillDoAction
407495 Make SVG documents with percentage width/height respond to page zoom
751561 Call forgetSkippable twice before CC
735178 CSS3 animation at blinks
742391 split config/ into a hierarchy of makefiles: file batch #1
759757 content/base/test/test_copypaste.html ran additional tests after finish()
756045 Turn "ASSERTION: anonymous nodes should not be in child lists" into an NS_WARNING
759762 Screenshot code wasn't updated properly for RTL pages
759770 Fix build error when warnings-as-errors in nsSVGUtils.cpp
751585 XPCOM component loading is rejected because of either advapi32 or shlwapi in Windows XP dont have AS…
749810 getText(0, -1) fails with empty text
751594 ResizeOffscreenFBO for maemo not renamed in bug 748694
759788 Java related Crash [@ nsPluginNativeWindow::GetPluginInstance(nsRefPtr<nsNPAPIPluginInstance>&) Plug…
751597 Network geolocation provider fails to get wifi data
751598 sync Mozilla trees to npapi-sdk r20
751602 compile fixes for drawing models (add ifdefs)
751607 Update opus codec to the draft-12 source
759801 content/media/test/test_playback.html ran additional tests after finish() was called.
751611 Add mozconfig files for building Win32 binaries on our Win64 bit platforms
743421 Anchor navigation resets click-to-play state
759806 Revert spurious opus license changes
702463 Make smooth scrolling use the refresh driver notifications instead of using its own timer
743429 imdb trailers report missing plugin with CtP enabled
751623 crash in nsRootAccessible::Name
759821 Intermittent crash during crashtests/348811-2.xhtml [@] [@ nsBuiltinDecoder::Pau…
749229 nsEventSource.cpp:1113:35: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true [-Wtype-li…
751635 IonMonkey: Handle f.arguments: Assertion failure: isFunctionFrame(), at ./vm/Stack.h:807
702487 crash [@ PK11PasswordPromptRunnable::RunOnTargetThread]
751641 Flash player does not start (all plugins have a Java MIME type added)
751643 Heap-buffer overread in WebGLContext::CompileShader (nsIDOMWebGLRenderingContext_CompileShader when …
751647 speculative connect doesnt follow spdy ip pooling
710693 x-imap4-modified-utf7 is exposed as a supported encoding name
612391 CSP should use an HTTP channel instead of XHR for reporting violations
751663 Implement new device proximity like event that fires only when the screen is close to the user's fac…
751668 Avoid incorrectly using EXTEND_NONE
743480 "ParallelArray.prototype.length" causes an uncatchable exception
759866 Crash more aggressively if we aren't going to be able to paint
739679 Add a Shadowable TiledThebesLayer implementation
776253 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AboutHomeContent.onInterceptTouchEvent(AboutHom…
166240 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.location (except JOYSTICK)
702532 Unnecessary preprocessing in the devtools jar manifest
694344 crash WaitForSingleObjectEx with invalid parameter handler called from rand_s
751690 Parts of long pages stay on low-res tiles forever
743499 [Azure] Asseration failed: (mCg) [@mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetCG::Init]
751694 Smoke-test a 32-bit build of Firefox made on one of our Win64 builders
751695 Make our builders pick the correct mozconfig on Windows based on whether they're on a 32-bit or a 64…
751697 Upgrade to zlib 1.2.7
759891 Update libjpeg-turbo to 1.2.x branch r831 (or later)
727127 [meta] GCLI improvements for FF13 part 2
759902 mostly remove the cancer of JSBool in js.cpp
751711 Fix usage of nsIAlertsService in nsBrowserGlue
759904 Crash [@ JSContext::generatorFor] or "Assertion failure: fp->isGeneratorFrame(),"
759908 MediaStreams need Notify callbacks
751727 Remove nspr TimeStamp implementation
751732 White/blank screen on Motorola devices
751733 Padlock icon state (gray/green) may be hard to see for people with mono/dichromacy
735355 Update mozmill tests to use MPL2 license block
776325 WM_CLASS not set properly on xulrunner applications and apps where the app name is not the same as t…
776329 crash in nsSurfaceTexture::GetTransformMatrix on Honeycomb and above
776331 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::RedrawPlugin on ICS and JB
759948 libstagefright based media playback doesn't receive ended event when complete on B2G
735373 3D transforms of images seems to have been broken
776334 crash in mozilla::gl::GLContextEGL::ReleaseSharedHandle on Honeycomb and above
751766 Remove unused function MOZ_Crash
489623 JSOP_SETPROP does not run resolve hook when adding properties
743581 Remove nsCRT::strlen(const PRUnichar* s) from nsCRT.h
751774 Intermittent mochitest-plain-2 Shutdown crash in nsWindow::Destroy in nsDragService.h
751779 Support leaf addresses on mac/win with speudostack
743590 [Azure] League Of Legends website has big black bars on either side
759976 Remove JSDEBUGGER*
750620 Make double-conversion portable to exotic architectures
759979 Compiler warning: 'MOZ_LAYERS_HAVE_LOG' macro redefined
743601 Remove GLIB check for OSX
726903 Remove hidden media.webm.force_stereo_mode preference
751796 [AccessFu] disable() does not shut down event listeners
751797 crash printing due to font inflation
759995 Stop warning on use of the global scope polluter
759997 Factor out the three arms of SurfaceFromElement into separate functions
743615 ImageData structured clone is broken (Peacekeeper)
743618 onchange is not fired when container has "overflow" altered by ":hover" rule
751814 [Skia] Fixes for ARMv6+ and ARMv4T
751818 Remove DefineGlobal and lots of related stuff
760013 Split testSuggestHistoryBookmarks in 2 tests
776399 undo incompatible IDL changes done in bug 663057
751828 densify nsHTMLListAccessible
593614 [Meta] Site rendering is very HDD intensive, especially after cold start(due to font enumeration)
743638 Implement screen orientation API in gonk
751832 Addons tests are failing with "Selected category has been loaded"
760033 GCLI context panel is clipped on Windows
751842 Import editing spec tests
751845 Cleanup after bug 691898
760038 crash in NotificationController::WillRefresh
137450 Problem copying and pasting a table from a web page to excel
735471 Add a pref to switch between window'd preferences and in-content preferences
739710 update to use 680246 - file batch #2
751865 shouldn't apply filters to file names given on the command line
784640 [fr] Infinitive for "Find the next/previous occurrence of the phrase" tooltips
735492 B2G 3G: Simplify data call handling in ril_worker.js
760070 Make the __exposedProps__ warning appear as an error in the console
760071 Debug scope proxies don't let eval-in-frame code define new properties
678152 GCLI should be more visually appealing in Firefox
751881 keyCode of keypress event for Tab key and ESC key is broken on Windows
760074 Shouldn't be calling InstantiatePluginInstance in an inactive document
735499 B2G RIL: Leaking "options" object when rild responds with an error
760076 Wrapper construct users Wrapper::GET rather than Wrapper::CALL
719117 Crash @ mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak_P | nsIFrame::GetOffsetToCrossDoc with abort message: "###!!!…
760080 editor/libeditor/text/tests/test_bug569988.html ran additional tests after finish() was called
710935 Measure lag in handling user input
751896 BasicTiledThebesLayer should use OPERATOR_SOURCE
745178 Update libpng to version 1.5.10
760094 Ignore .egg-info directories in source tree
751905 about:memory and JS console broken on inbound tip in unpackaged build
727331 JS OOM Testing: Assertion failure: !rt->gcRunning, at js/src/jsgc.cpp:2990
751910 [Responsive Mode] ui review
760103 IonMonkey: Math.floor/Math.round correctness bug
743720 Import Speex's audio resampler in the tree
751924 JS strict warnings in gGestureSupport code because functions don't always return a value
735543 Overlap TCP/SSL handshake with typing in search box
751929 Crash when Alt+Space (inbound hourly crashes but not inbound nightly same change-set)
760130 Skip tests that rely on Flash if it's not installed
743748 Reenable ANGLE shader translation on Android
735557 Add about:preferences to the inContentWhitelist
743753 Always generate WebGL warnings (remove webgl.verbose pref) and other related improvements
497995 Implement border-image revisions in latest css3-background
751955 Lion fullscreen check should be more versatile
760164 Remove some useless message data passed to BrowserElement events
747921 Intermittent failures on app installation on windows 7
760169 l10n for fennec native release 14
751999 Split SetDocShell apart so it's easier to see what's going on.
555392 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/svg/smil/container/deferred-tree-1.xhtml
747926 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: void, at jsinfer.cpp:352
752008 Remove the dependency on MSVC for building ANGLE
743819 Spell checking causes performance degradation in Firefox 10+
752015 rm MethodJIT-inl.h
661908 unified virtualenv for m-c
747642 cleanup in AndroidJNI
743830 Add a pref to disable xrender backend
735641 No way to deselect image of image document after select all (Ctrl+A)
760218 Missing favicons for pages that don't specify favicon size
620958 Refactor HS_logConsoleAPIMessage as a method on HeadsUpDisplay prototype
750661 Win PGO builds hitting 3GB virtual address space limit again, failing with: "nshtml5attributename.cp…
702880 Allow pages to explicitly change visibilityState of child iframes
760226 Remove unneeded EGLContext creation in
752042 Support running code after successful wrapping in Paris bindings
752045 Editor seems to want document fragments to QI to dom::Element
743854 GC: extra barriers in ArrayBuffer::create
743839 navigator.mozApps, assignment to undeclared variable
719293 `console.log({foo:bar})` outputs nothing in GCLI console
756918 Assertion failure: block_->needsClone(), at vm/ScopeObject.cpp:1216
686528 Start Page (about:home) could be better on tablets
752067 build broken in ipc after prctl changes
596420 Web Console cleanup: HUD_createController() should be HS_createController()
743879 Eliminate lazy atoms
743882 Fix session restore tests for compartment-per-global
760277 Move Webapps.js and Webapps.jsm out of dom/base
539095 Expose high-resolution timing API to web content
752092 Support building SpiderMonkey without JS_HAS_XML_SUPPORT
743906 Use Optional<> around optional arguments without default values
702948 Get rid of Range.detach()
768494 Provide an accessibility string for the menu button on ICS
727535 GCLI needs a way to allow negative numbers without a minimum
760311 content/html/content/test/forms/test_change_event.html ran additional tests after finish() was calle…
752121 IonMonkey: Disable C1/JSON Spewers in debug builds
752125 [AccessFu] Switch to a role-based traversal rule
752127 [AccessFu] Abolish anonymous functions
760322 Update the loading and connecting throbbers
752131 [AccessFu] Do not return empty string elements in utterances
760325 content/media/test/test_timeupdate_small_files.html ran additional tests after finish() was called
735752 GCLI menus don't show options properly
752139 libtheora ARM asm should mark its stacks non-executable
752141 Big pauses when playing sounds in BananaBread
760335 Suppress Android gcc 4.4 warnings about "mangling of 'va_list' has changed in GCC 4.4"
752149 [OS X] nsCocoaWindow::ConstrainPosition uses wrong screen in multi-display setup
760342 Add debug check for HashTable::Enum incorrect usage
743961 Crash [@ JSStructuredCloneWriter::startWrite]
752161 Plugin check pref set to instead of causing a useless redirect and making it…
760357 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.onPrepareOptionsMenu( at…
764337 Firefox 14+ requests images inserted by JS multiple times if not cached
760364 Fix comments referring to long-removed audio monitor.
732936 Feeding TypedArray to js-ctypes
755429 Mixed content icon draws too much attention
752202 [comm-central, Windows] "Could not create the directory: ..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\_tests\testing\moch…
752203 Cleanup nsEditor::NodesSameType
760396 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (a ... b) ends beyond length c or has end before start…
752205 Assertion failure: v.toString()->isAtom(), at ../frontend/BytecodeEmitter.h:547
752209 Use nsINode::GetChildCount() in nsHTMLEditor::AbsolutelyPositionElement
752210 Use nsIContent in nsHTMLEditor::RelativeFontChange
752216 Port |Bug 641892 - Support showing multiple popup notification icons at the same time| to SeaMonkey
760413 Update in-tree V8 benchmark to v7
752226 Remove JSVAL_IS_OBJECT and fix its callers
752228 No showing click-to-play doorhanger icon on some pages
719461 iconchange event for <iframe browser>
768614 WebGL compositing broken on Android (affects only Firefox 14)
760424 browser_tab_dragdrop.js is buggy, doesn't remove the correct event listener
752234 Guard nsOpusState::Time against inactive streams
744053 Assertion failure: isValid(), at ../../jsscript.h:380 or Crash [@ js::mjit::JITScript::destroy] or C…
219767 move most of nsStyleUtil into nsRuleNode.cpp
752250 Thunderbird stderr prints many messages: JavaScript error: , line 0: nothing active on context
739775 Cleanup GLContext ResizeOffscreenFBO
752253 Remove nsEditor::GetIndexOf
752254 Massive Performance Problem for users with B2A CLUT display profiles
744063 'Fullscreen playback' NVIDIA stereo 3d for youtube not working in FF 13 or higher
752259 Huge, 100MB+ Memory Usage Regression In Recent Nightly
738413 [Azure] <div> backgrounds are sometimes corrupted or not updated
703121 Turn on WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS for TBPL builds
563862 Expand support for nsIAccessibleEvent::OBJECT_ATTRIBUTE_CHANGED
752280 Thunderbird builds on Ubuntu fail with "undefined reference to `mozilla::Time*`
752286 crash in nsJSNPRuntime::OnPluginDestroy @ XPCWrappedNative::GetUsedOnly
589595 random timeout in test_load_source.html followed by other timeouts and application crash
752293 Y'CbCr to RGB ARM asm should mark its stacks non-executable
752294 Firefox fails over to maximized when trying to open a window in Lion fullscreen mode
744103 eliminate the cycle collector's vestigial language agnosticism
653994 [Windows] crashtest: intermittent "99776-1.html | assertion count 1 is more than expected 0 assertio…
752304 Logic error in nsHTMLEditor::SetInlinePropertyOnNodeImpl
758563 Warn developers about the deprecation of non-__exposedProps__ COWs
727738 GCLI needs an external API that is future proof
752319 Use testharness.js for the cross-origin localStorage tests
719552 Scheme-less URLs references in the style sheet are lost when editing
776909 Crash Report [@ java.lang.IllegalStateException: MultiChoicePreference entryKeys and initialValues a…
555727 NS_DECLARE_FRAME_PROPERTY breaks VC9 builds; also breaks opt builds on OS X 10.7
752341 canvas fillText stopped supporting gradient fill
678615 remove ExplainLiveExpectedGarbage
752351 Implement fallback MediaEngine backend
752353 Implement DOM bindings for getUserMedia
752357 about:memory should show compartment names for non-system compartments
760555 Remove JSVAL_IS_OBJECT from the source tree.
752374 GCC integer overflow warnings in jsatominlines.h
719609 Basic unit tests for SPDY
752379 Assertion failure: regs.fp()->prev() == regs_->fp(), at js/src/vm/Stack.cpp:339 or Crash [@ CrashIfI…
752380 [Azure][Skia] Refactor gfxFont out of Azure
752381 Merge System Principal compartments in about:memory
760577 Keep the mar file around when staging an update in the background
752389 Launching any application attaches a /undefined to the end of the URL
760583 Thunderbird crashes when saving an email as draft or trying to send, in nsHTMLEditRules::WillDo; Per…
736010 Make downloaded fonts usable in nsMathMLChar
736017 GCLI should allow startup settings
752402 Blob constructor should take ArrayBufferView as a member of blobParts parameter in addition to Array…
752406 Remove locale.OSTYPE in
752409 Intermittent browser/browser/components/thumbnails/test/browser_thumbnails_storage.js | an unexpecte…
727834 Add an API to (re)parse a style sheet inplace
760608 Preconnecting first connection with NullTransaction to non-SPDY HTTPS servers broken, hang for 30 se…
760614 Retry on connection failures, to address transient network errors
752426 crash in mozilla::AndroidBridge::TakeScreenshot
752428 crash in nsDOMWindowUtils::SetDisplayPortForElement
588593 Can't right-click-move tab to un-named tab group
670514 Arbitrary File + Directory read via .lnk files on Windows Share
737075 unmark gray observers implemented in JS held by observer service
727864 Enable DLL preloading when MozillaMaintenance service disabled prefetch
744253 IonMonkey: Add IonMonkey frame support to FrameRegsIter.
686913 HTMLProgressElement should not be form controls
736066 Build NSS object files more like the rest of the tree
752455 text-transform disrupts cluster support in word-break:break-all
752459 word-wrap:break-word should not break up base+diacritic clusters or surrogate pairs
752098 Crashes on MemBench with incremental GC enabled
750733 Use handles in API object hooks where possible
449363 Support media attribute of <source> elements
752468 Old jetpack versions cause zombie compartments (gecko regression)
719717 Move the tabs preferences to in-content UI
736102 Decide on units for Wifi + MobileConnection signal strength
756199 panel styling
744311 Don't use -1 to represent "unknown" in memory reporters
752514 "Aborting sync: User password has changed" after profile migration has failed
621446 Crash [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelParent::RecvRedirect2Verify ]
744332 Remove nsXULPrototypeScript::ScriptObjectHolder::mLangID
744344 B2G RIL: Add DOM API for getting the list of available networks
760729 Investigate what triggers the Windows 8 'display web pages' application popup
752539 Some of the AutoLocalJNIFrame code usage could be more robust
738458 Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.13.5 final
744357 text-transform should use the mappings from Unicode SpecialCasing.txt
744360 B2G MMS: Support WAP over SMS
760752 Frequent browser_dbg_debugger-tab-switch.js | leaked window property: _scriptDebugger and 87 more te…
754480 MemShrink nsIPresShell/PresShell more
744388 [Page Thumbnails] implement a custom storage, don't use the file cache
746658 Failed downloads can't be removed from panel
728017 Implement WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc
760791 GCLI 'tilt open' command is broken: "TypeError: value is undefined"
760793 GCLI node type fails with defaultValue:null
760794 tabView2.title and tabview2.moveToUnnamedGroup.label need l10n comments (
752604 Ergonomics improvements for HashTable::rekeyFront
760803 Address/Awesome bar: URL completion overrides selection from drop-down list
760804 PDF viewer should use a single unicode character instead of "..." and should have localization comme…
752632 Support building SpiderMonkey without E4X by doing: configure --disable-e4x
482298 Implement ES5 strict mode
736251 smooth wheel precise scrolling isn't very responsive
744444 delete CPP_PROG_LINK, purify/quantify targets
752640 Allow PCompositor to work with Basic Layers backend
728065 GCLI should be smart about showing helpers
736258 WebTelephony: rename "ringing" event to "alerting"
752643 Make CompositorParent eglSurface setup available for non-android environment
777220 Temporarily disable slow SQL reporting
744453 B2G RIL: Network Friendly / APN connection retry policy
752646 Symbolicate on fennec using the phone libraries
752648 TLS intolerance detection and SSL fallback are broken
756227 TreeContext generates lots of warnings
777237 Update testGoButton.js to match latest version of Litmus tests
752662 Graphite 2 use-after-free crash
769048 Attach to and report on crashes in FlashPlayerPlugin_*.exe processes which are children of our plugi…
777242 Rename utils.assertElementVisible() to utils.isDisplayed()
752668 Wrong array access in media/libtheora/lib/decode.c causes crash
748037 Identity doorhangers should anchor off of the identity icon
752674 device proximity needs y and z values
752675 Fix misuses of LOAD_FROM_CACHE
752676 Control pdf.js and Other PDF Plugins using Application Preferences
760882 XBL Bindings appear in the debugger script dropdown if the debugger is open when the page is refresh…
760883 "ASSERTION: Shouldn't be calling InstantiatePluginInstance in an inactive document" with DOMParser
744505 Windows 8 Metro Direct X and XAML interop
634719 destination receives dragleave event after (instead of before) source receives dragend
757600 Ogg Opus header version bump
769090 waitForDownload() has to return early if download failure occurs
695364 "ASSERTION: selection could not be collapsed after undo of deletetext" when loading editor/libeditor…
769097 Remember desktop mode preference after OOM
744527 Idle service waits for 5000 seconds before checking for user activity when all observers are idle
777309 Call controller instead of tabBrowser.controller in endurance/testTabbedBrowsing_PinUnpinTab
752737 Delete the default/copy constructors and assignment operator from JSString, JSObject
728168 Replace old synchronous favicons calls in feeds
769130 browser/app/ setting PREF_JS_EXPORTS _after_ including is useless
744555 Fennec Native/Firefox mobile has zero/no featured/recommended add-ons
588909 Replace Gecko/<date> with Gecko/<version> in UA string
719982 Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart | Modal dialog has been found and proces…
654448 pyxpt is slow during make package
760946 crash in nsFocusManager::SendFocusOrBlurEvent
752756 Extend nsINIParser/nsIINIParser/nsIINIParserWriter to read/write UTF-16LE INI files with BOM
752758 Separate TreeContext and BytecodeEmitter
760954 View source slower in Firefox 15 (hangs with high cpu for seconds) on some (many?) HTML pages
760955 crash in mozilla::net::nsHttpChannel::InstallOfflineCacheListener
752770 re-enable 'arguments' portion of browser_dbg_propertyview-07 and 08
744579 GC: Make Relocatable HeapPtr for non-post-barriered heap guards
745340 Improve disk cache smart sizing for mobile
752776 Upgrade pywebsocket to v631
760970 Custom menu button hard to press after recent redesign
760972 [AccessFu] After fix for bug 758884, inconsistent behavior when a skip link is encountered
752781 Intermittent test_bug607464.html | Pixel scrolling should have finished after waiting for one 0-inte…
777358 Tab curve is low resolution on ~170DPI
752784 mozCaptureStream on <audio> crashes
745326 GC: manual post barriers for Map/Set Object
752793 Remove Parser-only flags from TreeContextFlags
752799 Page background goes black after panning
687267 support for flash on Android Fennec on honeycomb
736421 crash in mozilla::AndroidLayerRendererFrame::DrawForeground @ CgDrv_Create on MB860, LG-P990 and LG-…
753521 Use libhardware_legacy to turn off screen
752816 Remove up-front flags from TreeContextFlags
670901 when the OTS sanitizer rejects a font, we should log a message indicating the specific reason for fa…
761014 Out of bounds read in qcms_transform_data_rgb_out_lut_sse2
695480 Remove support for Chrome -> Content leaks
761019 gfx/harfbuzz/src/ error: comma at end of enumerator list
752834 UI tweaks for the property view
758543 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Missing ReferenceError with __proto__ and ion
679112 crash: SpiderMonkey typed array APIs seem to lose type safety
761034 [D2D] graphical Glitches on Menu Popups
736460 When = true, -moz-radial-gradient seems to be broken
720081 Inline autocomplete drops https and completes without protocol/www.
662743 Session restore should do more than restore a <select>'s selectedIndex
449757 [meta][Solaris] Bugs that block Firefox 3.1 on Solaris
728294 Analyze cycle collection logs after test runs to detect leaks
752873 mobile/android/base/ $(shell cat) deps
752877 Cut wrappers after firing [inner,outer]-window-destroyed.
618365 3 "WARNING: Failed to get XPConnect?!: 'rts', file ../../../xpcom/base/nsCycleCollector.cpp, line 34…
761076 FileHandle: Add optional location parameter to LockedFile.truncate()
744697 Intermittent browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js | Test timed out, Cleanup function threw an…
744698 Intermittent test_nodb_pluschanges.js | command timed out: 1200 seconds without output
761086 crash in inDOMUtils::GetRuleNodeForContent @ nsINode::IsElement with Inspector
715307 Add ability to read profiles.ini
744709 B2G RIL: control radio power via Settings API
744710 Enable getting updates on how many bytes of an appcache update have been downloaded
752905 Move Prompt:Show handler out of handleGeckoMessage
752906 Fix GCLI memory cleanup issues found during Developer Toolbar memory work
744719 Don't download appcache files one file at a time
761105 egg-info directories checked in the source tree
752918 Convert expensive SVG masks to clip-paths
744727 firefox crash on mouse move
720154 Checkbox for restore_on_demand should always be accessible
777505 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.getInputMethodManager(Geck…
761123 dom/file/FileHandle.cpp:75: error: extra ';'
761132 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: column ''display'' does not exist at android.database.AbstractCu…
761136 Invalid uses of uint64_t vs PRUint64 in IndexedDBParent.cpp after bug 666693
736564 mozglue library should be included into xulrunner SDK
752953 Typo in calculation of 'allowExpansion' (result will always be an empty rect) in nsDisplayScrollLaye…
756277 XMLHttpRequest started from Cc[";1"] ends up bound to some rand…
761153 Use the same preferences for enabling and configuring the remote debugging server across products
744772 xhr js::BaseShape::getObjectFlags crash
761157 Sometimes network requests do not display all information
744780 Thumbnails never appear in the New Tab Page
759010 providers from origins with invalid, expired or missing certificates still get installed.
708494 testUntrustedConnectionErrorPage.js fails to find element getMeOutOfHereButton
703833 error: invalid conversion from 'const size_t* {aka const long unsigned int*}' to 'const jsuword* {ak…
752986 [AccessFu] Use left right D-Pad keys for content navigation
741263 Paris bindings constructors shouldn't abuse reserved identifiers.
741267 UserScript's XMLHttpRequest is undefined in 20120401 nightly
753012 B2G SMS: wrong calculated encoding value for dcs = 0xF?
744830 Implement fast serializer for innerHTML/outerHTML
753034 B2G SMS: readSwappedNibbleBCD may discard leading zeros
736655 [10.8] Mac dmg installer dialog doesn't look right
753041 Fix 32-bit address sign extension
761249 abort if map creation fails during XPCWrappedNativeScope creation
753058 Add SAMPLE_LABELS for shadows
736679 IonMonkey: Valgrind detects leak at Malloc (36 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost)
761256 Disable Mac a11y in Aurora 15
753067 initializer reorder warning + suggested brace (debug code)
744880 GC: make Relocatable HeapValue variant that does not trigger post barriers
753076 [AccessFu] Make directional controller interoperate with text entries.
753085 Desktop m-c does not compile with enable-b2g-ril on and enable-b2g-bt off
753093 crash in nsAccUtils::HasDefinedARIAToken
728524 OMTC: Implement WebGL OGL texture sharing
753101 Re-enable gc-zeal in the shell
753102 Refactor GeckoApp into a better base class
753105 Change Websocket "internal error" code to 1011.
736724 New tab Page: Fetch and display thumbnails for sites visited in the current session
753118 Uninitialised value use in nsWindow::Destroy
753119 Move thread_helper into MFBT
753123 Improve redit.exe to handle unicode file paths
744935 Remove JS_PROPERTY_TREE
736746 js_IsMathFunction appears dead
645714 Crash in mozilla::TimeStamp::Now @ PR_Lock
753134 B2G bluetooth interface crashes when trying to remove non-existent dbus watch sockets
753135 Add AddressSanitizer mozconfig files to the tree
769520 Fix IME race conditions by ensuring Gecko callbacks post results to UI thread
753142 NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_IID [nsIJSCID.createInstance] in B2G builds
769527 Syncing bookmarks between desktop and current mobile build (14) causes bookmarked feeds to turn into…
736764 Remove dependency on preferences dialog for tests which only set preferences
753159 Empty struct doesn't compile
663057 support RFC2231/5987 encoding for title parameter in HTTP link header fields
695829 Add telemetry probes to measure how long it takes for us to switch in and out of private browsing mo…
744982 Decide whether GCLI in the global toolbar should be fixed direction:ltr or not
753175 Race condition in Sync Migration / Preference:Get
736792 Add JSOPTION_STRICT_MODE for embedders to force strict mode
753179 Websockets: never send 1005 close code on the network
744992 crash in mozilla::widget::TaskbarPreview::MainWindowHook mainly with
663081 GCLI should have tests for sub-sub-commands
757682 SIGABRT on MapsGL; assertion failure with JSProto_DataView JSProtoKey in TypeObject::setFlagsFromKey
745018 Implement webapp runtime for Linux
736829 GCLI 'bugz' command should be fixed or removed
736835 GCLI output display should be cleaner
753225 Intermittent browser_dbg_createRemote.js | Test timed out | Found a after previous test timed out
745034 Add page fault counts to GC statistics
777805 Update plugin placeholder string for unsupported platforms, and add "Learn More..." link
745040 Move the Session Store Service to a module
753233 Pasting a 789503 character long data:image/png uri into textarea causes hangs
728663 [New Tab Page] Moving thumbnail on the grid leaks about:newtab
753248 [10.7][10.8] crash in coreclr with Silverlight applications with builds made on OS X 10.7 (Lion)
745057 Remove StackIter::fp usage where we want to abstract over StackFrame and IonFrames
752230 control characters above 0x7e should not be allowed in unquoted url()
753256 Cocoa widget shouldn't use GetCurrentKeyModifiers() directly
745067 Page Info Media preview fullscreen videos shouldn't have a margin
745069 DOMApplicationRegistry needs some changes to support AITC
761455 localize manifest.js
750867 Rip out libjpeg from libxul
745077 Touch event is not correct when the orientation changes
736886 test_nsIAccessibleDocument.html silently dies
753274 Television app crashes runtime
768688 Disable incremental GC for Firefox 15; re-enable compartment GCs
747411 Launching an application should only show the application window - No cmd prompt should appear
753277 Refactor transplant code and improve comments
753278 document.close and should be no-ops after window.location
704140 Failure in /testToolbar/testBackForwardButtons.js | Timeout waiting for element with id mission_stat…
763838 Spacing between lines changes while pixel scrolling on OS X
736915 Print Selection prints a blank page when the selection is inside a table in SeaMonkey2.8 & Firefox11…
757700 "ABORT: Unknown modification type" with mutation observer, SVG transform
753308 Call openUILink with named parameters
753311 Prevent the Debugger from opening on more than one tab
753313 Some divs and spans are created dynamically in debugger-view
753316 make -C objdir jstestbrowser is broken
736941 B2G RIL: Fetch SIM record
745141 crash in imgRequestProxy::OnDiscard with abort message: "Main-thread-only object used off the main t…
753334 Audit code that deals with java.nio.Buffer
745145 Crash getting screen dimensions from gonk content process
761534 App Tab for Gmail not loading
704191 Make web console use less obvious way of highlighting the current list item
736961 xpidl-parser/ delete itself
753350 crash in GLEngine@0xaa... with Flash
515785 Use new icons for each task in Win7 Jump list tasks
769745 Persist Android account settings to disk on each sync
745172 GCLI intro command should be promoted out of 'demo'
745177 Retain and re-use uploaded tiles
769754 Crash while using the debugger
761569 Failure in testCloseWindow | can't access dead object
753378 Support building on x86 gonk
746791 "Assertion failure: js_CheckForStringIndex(ida->vector[n]) == ida->vector[n]," with e4x
745426 Maintenance service description should wrap to allow long localizations
735869 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::shadow::Object::numFixedSlots] or [@ js_SuppressDeletedProperty]
745200 nsDiskCacheStreamIO::Flush() is sometimes called without holding the cache lock
687857 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | leaked ~2MB - 4MB running mochitest-chrome
745427 Fix XPCWrappedNativeScope::SetContext
753397 Add a field to nsCSSPropList for a preference that controls the property
761592 Change search default to Google in ru localization
745211 Remove SetScriptContext from nsIScriptGlobalObject
720641 Integrate GCLI into developer tools global toolbar
720644 GCLI selection matching should use more than prefix matching
753414 Contacts API: Add localized sorting
745233 test_finalizer.js crashes on Linux64 PGO builds [@ js::ctypes::CDataFinalizer::CallFinalizer]
760451 [AccessFu] Support skip links
745243 Startup crash in AndroidGLController::ProvideEGLSurface during LayerManagerOGL::CreateContext
737056 NS_CompareVersions is a confusing API
745250 java.lang.NullPointerException: at android.view.GestureDetector.onTouchEvent(
745254 Security UI needs to stop assuming that bytes transferred == bytes rendered
753455 Add details to "Unable to locate XBL binding" warning
720689 Highlight matching text in GCLI menus with commands/selections
753458 Unnecessary fields added in bug 746633
753459 WebIDL parser needs to accept strings for extended attributes
753461 Write shutdown time to disk
761655 Firefox ignores X-Frame-Options when set to SAMEORIGIN, SAMEORIGIN (duplicated header)
720702 GCLI needs an non-dialog alternative to arg_fetch and field
761665 [rule view] double clicking on a property value does weird things
753479 Make HashTable's rekeyFront take a separate Lookup
376649 F10 key should show active menubar item and open submenu
745292 Log non-empty shader/program infoLogs as WebGL (JS) warnings
314785 [tracking] Consistent use of .label, .accesskey and .commandkey suffixes
749539 Inline IsContextStable
738617 'let' reserved keyword breaks some websites
778073 Java in Firefox Extensions (but The and Window.packages attributes has been removed in …
769896 Make "Import from Android" use MultiChoicePreference
745322 GC: make a RelocatableId HeapId variant that does not trigger post-barriers
753518 Add a way to return a (nsISupports, nsWrapperCache) pair from GetParentObject
753520 B2G 3G: Fix typo in settings API hookup
720753 hoist caches/pools from JSCompartment into JSRuntime
753522 Add support for preffed-off methods/properties to Paris bindings
712570 Java-HtmlParser with endless Loop
434044 The tokenization of words for spellcheck is wrong when there is a ZWJ/ZWNJ/ZWS in the word.
737153 Enable mounting storage through USB from a host machine
720771 Support finalization for CData objects (ctypes.finalize)
753546 Fullscreen mode just broke for file:/// urls
737164 Make strings malloc-infallible by default
761742 No script is loaded in the script debugger for me
745362 IonMonkey: Math.floor() inlining incorrectly handles negatives.
737177 Port the security pane to the in-content preferences implementation
753565 webapp.json incorrect on Mac
696229 Text area : drag-and-drop to the start of a line : insertion point
753579 IonMonkey: failing e4x/GC/regress-339785.js on jstestbrowser
761785 Background behind webpages has disappeared
753595 getScreenshot property for <iframe mozbrowser>
769985 TI incorrectness on big BananaBread demos
769987 Crash [@ js::mjit::JITScript::nativeToPC] or [@ js::mjit::JITScript::findCodeChunk]
753607 Overhaul existing Marionette WebAPI tests
769993 20% performance regression on IE Maze If
753612 [b2g] properly close wifi connection so 3G-data can get its own route
722599 Make the change event fired by the content instead of the layout
753615 Ensure we don't re-enter a GC phase
729040 Mozmill test failure //testAwesomeBar/testGoButton.js | controller.assertJS: Failed for 'subject.vis…
753618 Remove outdated default theme icons and previews from Add-ons Manager
764579 PromptService.Show should be
745428 densify nsTextAccessible
745429 don't use QueryInterface() in CAccessibleImage
761849 GLTexture upload forces RGBA format on desktop, causing performance problems with video and accelera…
745447 XUL progress meter layout should match HTML
458728 gcc warning: src/nsAttrAndChildArray.cpp:169: warning: comparison is always true due to limited rang…
696297 Valgrind job isn't using our suppressions file
753642 Rip out the codegen for the Xray-related bits of worker bindings, since we don't have Xrays in worke…
753646 Test failure: "The tab with index '0' has been selected" in testPrivateBrowsing/testCloseWindow.js
753651 Unselectable class is useless
737273 drag feedback for input with placeholder showing has placeholder color
727722 Create an accessible for HTML table row by frame
753663 crash in mozilla::net::SpdyStream::UpdateTransportReadEvents