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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.16.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
761857 Make MOZ_CRASH() stop debuggers on the line containing it (or MOZ_ASSERT) on Linux, not in abort()
761859 mozalloc_abort() should use MOZ_CRASH(), not roll its own crash behavior
761861 Crash with contentEditable, insertParagraph, forwardDelete
753665 shutdown crash in nsWindow::FindTopLevel
770058 Switching main window between active and inactive doesn't update the title bar active state if disab…
770063 Intermittent test_sandbox.xul | Check number of loaded content types: application/javascript,text/ht…
761872 content/base/test/test_bug518104.html has race between <iframe> and parent document script
778263 JavaScript Error: "Error selecting word: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 …
761882 Hook up the WebIDL parser tests to run during make check
761884 LayoutView is causing an infinite loop by making changes within a MozAfterPaint handler
770079 Reload and Bookmark disappear from menu in Nightly on tablet with And. 4.03
761890 [Skia] Fix Skia bugs which prevent Azure canvas tests from passing
761891 HTML5 article element should expose xml-roles:article object attribute
770085 b2g-desktop builds broken by Bug 758357
761894 Bug 760675 breaks webgl on B2G
770092 JSScript::fullyInitFromEmitter() should only init JSScript
770096 Firefox 17.0a1 crash in mozilla::FrameLayerBuilder::DrawThebesLayer
745523 [css3-transforms] Unprefix transforms
655413 Firefox locks system timer resolution to 1000Hz once Flash is used once
770102 Crash in maybeSlot (this=0x0) at <pre>js/src/jsscope.h:710
761911 add text attribute testing for HTML strike and s elements
761912 add VS11 debug dll to trace malloc
761914 Clean up staticLevel and UpvarCookie handling
770110 GC: gcIncrementalState is now used by non-incremental GCs
770116 Test failure 'The pane did not load in time: paneTabs ' when switching panes in preferences window
770117 Test failure "Number of visible rows should equal max rows - '1' should equal '6'" in /testAwesomeBa…
761927 Focus is broken with <iframe mozbrowser remote>
770121 GC: Make GC more deterministic when JS_MORE_DETERMINISTIC is defined
761930 Multi-process support for MediaStorage
761932 Ensure OnStartRequest called in bug 738484 codepaths
606286 Back button should work for websites that quickly redirect
704598 JS Shell: Assertion failure: obj->getParent(), at jsapi.cpp:3244 with workers
761943 crash in nsXULListitemAccessible::NativeInteractiveState
770145 GCLI needs a command to log function calls
704623 track memory used by orphan DOM nodes in about:memory
753777 ringmark's matchMedia test fails because we don't flush to create presContext for newly-created ifra…
761975 extra ")" makes Firefox RPM Nightly build failed
761979 nsfilestreams.cpp(817) : warning C4700: uninitialized local variable 'rv' used
761980 Intermittent mixed-abspos-root/mixed-dimentionA.html?padding_parent, position-dynamic-changes/mixed/…
726378 Unprefix IndexedDB
770175 Assertion in registerIdleObserver when using navigator.addIdleObserver when Gaia starts
761984 Failure in testFocusAndSearch | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed
761990 On Windows the "Feedback" button's dropdown arrow overlaps the label
761993 Revert broken execCommand("insertparagraph") support
753157 slow timeout handlers in search.xml delay startup
761997 Cleanup nsHTMLEditRules::GetListItemState / nsHTMLEditRules::GetDefinitionListItemTypes
762003 Remove nsDocument::NodeType / nsDocument::NodeName
762007 mozIDOMApplicationMgmt inherits builtinclass so it must be implemented in C++, or changed to not inh…
770200 GC: Simplify use of GC lock
762009 Investigate if mozIDOMApplicationMgmt implementation leads to security bugs
712859 Add a way to help figure out what CSP is doing (CSP violation errors only appear in the error consol…
786588 Fix 32-bit --disable-methodjit builds after a recent jsscript.h commit
565274 Implement the accept attribute for the form and file upload controls for custom MIME types
762024 Intermittent crash during test_overlapping_lockedfiles.html | Exited with code -1073741819 during te…
778409 Compartment mismatch accessing during COW prototype remapping
778413 Invalid minimum cell width calculation for box-sizing:border-box
426163 MOZ_CRASH needs to use TerminateProcess instead of exit
762038 get rid HyperTextAccessible CID
762044 Move content/html/content/test/test_bug660238.html into content/html/content/tests/forms/
729278 IonMonkey: Inline polymorphic calls
762047 Improve content/html/content/tests/forms/test_progress_element.html
770243 MOZ_ASSERT(mCacheInputStream) failing @ nsHttpChannel::ReadFromCache
753862 Settings API: electrolysis support
770261 hoist eval code into builtin/Eval.{h,cpp}
762071 JS is being compiled with exceptions enabled
770264 HTTP Connection Diagnostics
762079 crash in nsFileStreamBase::MaybeOpen , Startup crash with WebMail Notifier
745703 XBL for menu-button inherits accessKey instead of accesskey
762092 Remove MPL 1.1 boilerplate from meter-related files
770287 IDBIndex.h:162:25: warning: ‘...mActorParent’ will be initialized after... ‘...mKeyPath’ [-Wreorder]
762101 Graphical corruption when omtc is enabled
590070 Remove Glass borders when Aero Basic is being used
762105 zimbra email not showing some email subjects
770299 MaskLayerImageCache.h:67:45: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-W…
762115 Missing null check at nsHttpChannel::GetProfileDirectory
762119 Simplify ParseMappedAttrAnimValueCallback
762128 JavaScript Error: "cpmm is null" {file: "file:///Volumes/mac/code/2/build/dist/…
737559 "Assertion failure: !proto->getClass()->ext.outerObject"
770332 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: obj->unknownProperties(), at jsinfer.cpp:1635
745773 [meta] The developer toolbar (including GCLI) should be preffed on by default
688430 "width" and "height" are not animatable as CSS properties
762162 Cannot connect to Gmail and Twitter with SPDY on
737597 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: TODO: implement bigger offsets :(, at ion/arm/MacroAssembler-arm.cpp:8…
713023 Websockets: don't prefer SOCKS to HTTP proxy until bug 449251 is fixed
713026 websockets bootstrap via proxy should always CONNECT
762180 Disable tests added by bug 157681 on native Android for now, until we split R3 into two parts
761910 add text attributes testing for HTML5 mark color
762182 nsScriptLoader.cpp:398:12: warning: unused variable 'rootElement' [-Wunused-variable]
762183 "ASSERTION: bad arg, numCharsToDelete. Not enough characters in node" with forwardDelete
762191 Volume control in video files is broken
762195 Runtime has window.locationbar.visible = true, so content can't detect to show navigation
762197 crash in JSObject::getGeneric
762199 IndexedDB: checking availability of IDBTransaction constants in a Greasemonkey userscript crashes Fi…
762203 Potential crash in IDBObjectStore::UpdateIndexes
762206 Use nsScriptErrorEvent when firing error events on window objects
770407 Assertion failure: JS_ObjectIsFunction(__null, this)
770414 Framebuffer stride isn't calculated properly for gonk fb back/Front Buffer
721264 Please consider blocking BabyFox.dll from Babylon
786801 document.all does not work in Firefox version 15.0 when prefixed with a frame name
770418 logging output is grody in identity/LogUtils.jsm
770419 Rename "Send Image...", "Send Video...", and "Send Audio..." to "Email Image...", etc
770421 tidy/shorten CallObject::getCalleeFunction()
639362 Files with MIME-type text/cache-manifest should display in-browser instead of being downloaded
795015 popup content in disk cache while in private browsing
762250 Receipts aren't exposed as an App property
762259 Drop vendor suffixes from EGLImage for internal uses.
762263 Add EGLSync
770456 Intermittent Robocop | testHistoryTab | Exception caught - junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Vie…
762265 Modernize EGL extension detection, similar to GLContext's IsExtensionSupported
762285 create a nicer C++ for "for of" iteration
761929 java.lang.IllegalStateException: The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView(…
614840 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/svg/clipPath-and-shape-rendering-01.svg | image comparison (…
770491 Fix leak introduced by System Message Handler API
762301 Don't retry after TLS-intolerance if TLS is the only enabled protocol
762302 [css3-animations] unprefix CSS Animation properties and @keyframes rule
762303 [css3-transitions] unprefix CSS Transition properties
720972 GCLI optional parameters should have a popup menu
762324 "Assertion failure: pc == bce->code(top + tableSize),"
664029 Make indexeddb mochitests run in fennec
786918 Fix test_platform_colors.xul for 10.8
762345 Skip all the QIing stuff in the TreeMatchContext constructor if possible
762349 Allow Sleep button to bubble from browser frames
770542 Intermittent leak in browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js, browser_dbg_bug723071_editor-break…
762358 .mozconfig changes don't cause configure to run
759209 IonMonkey: (ARM) Assertion failure: data == imm, at ion/arm/Assembler-arm.h:540
745980 integrate breakpad and crash reporter into desktop webapp runtime
762366 Refactor omx plugin's ReadVideo method
770580 crash in nsContentSubtreeIterator::Init
762389 de-ns-ify nsXULTreeAccessible and nsXULTreeGridAccessible
746006 "Assertion failure: thing->compartment()->rt == trc->runtime," with Worker
762394 replace do_QueryObject() with static cast in CAccessibleText
762395 Rename "Responsive Mode" to something more sensible
762396 replace do_QueryObject() with static cast in CAccessibleEditableText
721438 IM: Implement LCompareS
762403 Disable the chrome debugger menu item until it's ready
770598 Clean up NS_NewSVGDocument()
762409 localStorage throws "The operation is insecure." error with document.domain
762411 getScreenCTM scaling broken on inline embedded 'svg' elements
770604 should abspath during directory creation too
762414 IonMonkey: Implement GET/SETALIASEDVAR
655920 [css3-animations] implement reverse animation direction
746036 crash in js::GetNameFromBytecode or js::ContextStack::currentScriptWithDiagnostics mainly with Trust…
762421 IonMonkey: Implement Name ICs
762425 B2G 3G is not setup properly after toggle on/off
762430 warning: ‘res’ may be used uninitialized in nsHTMLAbsPosition.cpp
770623 IonMonkey: Use SSA for MBoundsCheck
762432 __lookup{Getter,Setter}__ broken for proxies
762434 Allow any element to be labelable
762435 Make progress labelable again
762436 Get rid of the nsresult return value for nsIXPCScriptable::GetScriptableFlags()
754251 Can't set breakpoint in Script Debugger
787020 Add a waitFor() method to the Expect/Assert classes in assertions.js to support soft-assertions
762446 Hook jemalloc 3's abort()
787024 Replace controller.waitFor with assert/expect.waitFor in tests/*/restartTests
737873 Implement mixed content highlighting in the web console
762450 Assertion failure: !script()->formalIsAliased(i), at vm/Stack-inl.h:250
762452 file filtering behaves strangely
541270 filter region for SVG filters on HTML content computed incorrectly when zoomed
762455 Make nsGlobalWindow::InnerSetNewDocument not return nsresult
778845 Must upgrade Aurora 16 to NSPR 4.9.2 final
770656 OS Idle API idle fuzz factor fix
705122 Mozmill endurance test for Add/Remove bookmarks via the awesomebar
770663 Add a JS shell function to turn on a static profiling stack
762473 Error appear in error console. And finally, a spinning mark has stayed.
770671 IonMonkey: TestCommonPropFunc() asserts if unknown Properties on prototype chain
762480 IonMonkey: Inline more unary math functions
762483 On Windows the context menu is not displayed in Full Screen using Flash 11.3 beta
762484 update OTS to upstream rev.92
729726 Use BGRA textures to back FBOs where more performant
772886 [ARMv6] armv6 build doesn't work on Motorola Backflip with cyanogenmod gingerbread
762505 Twitter's favicon slow loading due to SPDY v3
623242 Intermittent browser_bug553455.js | Should have seen the install fail - Got addon-progress-notificat…
721557 GC: Make marking interfaces indirect
787102 Change event is not fired when the input element's value is modified while the element is focused
762544 Intermittent assertions during test_overlapping_lockedfiles.html | Exited with code -1073741819 duri…
770737 Make JSContext::global() return Handle<GlobalObject*>
574130 Prototype Harmony's spread operator for arrays in SpiderMonkey
680636 Execute natively under PyMake
672448 Clamp quality factor ('q') values to 2 decimal places
762561 Specialize big typed arrays with a singleton type
770754 Allow build Qt mobility without maemo define
680644 [FGLRX] glxtest process crashes the X server
770759 Add mutable handles
762569 Implement "FrameWorker" component to handle persistent connections to social providers
770762 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: !unknownObject(),"
764706 Unused variable in nsToolkitProfileService.cpp
762579 Implement "SocialAPI service" (provider registry)
770772 Implement WebappRT test framework on Linux
762588 channel-prefs.js is at the wrong location in FF-on-XR setups
770171 "Assertion failure: mIdleTimer" with removeIdleObserver
770795 could we provide a terse Handle syntax for NULL?
770805 crash in mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::EnteredCxxStack
762617 URL classifier components are installed depending on safe browsing
770812 Merge nsIEditorSupport into nsEditor
770814 Make nsEditor::GetNodeLocation return already_AddRefed<nsIDOMNode> instead of having it as an out pa…
672514 Smooth out nsIAccessible keyboard shortcuts methods
705284 Mozmill endurance test for bookmarking all tabs and opening and closing them
647945 Scrolling framerate can reach unreasonable levels and should be throttled
729867 There is no way to pop up confirmation dialogs when the last private browsing window is being closed
762639 "Import Settings and Data" dialog show up on first run
770832 Add 'localeId' to WebApps registry
762641 Window matching unreliable for webapprt on Linux
754452 synthetic italics under GDI causes spacing problems for tahoma
762651 Add wrappercache to CanvasRenderingContext2D
762652 Add the new DOM bindings API to CanvasRenderingContext2D
770846 Convert some macros to methods and flags to bitfields in TreeContext.h
762657 Fix canvas tests to comply a bit more with the spec
770850 DOH! DefnOrHeader should be called DefinitionList
754478 clean up cycle collector JS tracing callbacks
762675 MOZ_CRASH() should have noreturn semantics
762676 When no symbol is found for a given offset, name it '0xNNNNNNNN' instead of '???'
762679 SVG Ellipse Hit Detection Fails in Two Simple Examples
770874 Remove the STARTUP_USING_PRELOAD_TRIAL telemetry histogram and preload call in Windows
754495 represent an entire compartment as a single CC node when tearing down a page
770882 resizer.xml visible in the debugger
770883 Disable functionality for clearing prefetch
779078 nsFrame::HandleRelease may cast aEvent to nsMouseEvent even if aEvent is a TouchEvent
770887 MutationReceiver doesn't need to be cycle collected
770889 IonMonkey: Clean up AutoDetectInvalidation
787274 Secure connection text overflows location bar
770189 dom/bindings/parser/ invocations need to be un-native-commandified
598864 Tracking: Composite shadow layers with GL
779089 Add proper Apache 2 header to files based on readability.js
770899 Prefetch clearing should be repurposed to delete 0 sized read only .pf files only
770929 GCLI should execute its tests asynchronously
762754 rename nsXULTextAccessible files to XULEelementAccessibles
762755 de-ns-ify nsXULMenuAccessible and nsXULListboxAccessible classes
762758 Cannot define nsIDOMKeyEvent.char even if I defined it as "_char"
762760 Add IDL for radioState of RadioInterfaceLayer
762764 "ASSERTION: Unexpected children: 'aRoot->GetChildCount() <= 2'" with forwardDelete
738189 VRAM not reported correctly with Azure in about:memory
705423 Crash in js::types::TypeSet::hasType
738192 Get rid of the horrendous "invalidate everything" hack in nsSVGUtils::FindFilterInvalidation
762770 implement IAccessibleEx
746403 "Assertion failure: isObject()," with Worker
770988 Seperate DumpAsDataURL into MOZ_DUMP_IMAGES
787373 Aurora download page needs updating to point to Fx17
762798 l10n tests shouldn't make use of window title but windowtype property
762799 Cannot open bookmark from sidebar with keyboard (with Enter key)
762801 Merge nsIEmbeddingSiteWindow2 into nsIEmbeddingSiteWindow
762802 Use mozapp/mozbrowser information when allocating remote iframes to content processes
779187 libcubeb AudioUnit backend isn't big endian compatible
770996 partial mars broken for mac partner builds
770999 Convert reference(), value(), raw() on handles and Root<> to get()
771018 Stop using "const Shape" all over the place
771026 Kill JSProperty and replace with rooted shapes
771039 assert some invariants in BindNameToSlot
771042 Motion on a path hardly displays when path is not rendered and group is animated
762851 [AccessFu] Introduce single letter quick navigation keys
771048 cannot instanciate nsAutoRef<T>::swap()
762862 Rename nsTypedSelection to mozilla::Selection
754671 [Page Thumbnails] size of thumbnails directory (in profiles directory) keeps growing infinitely
762864 Webapp runtime locale files are part of browser, not webapprt
762880 Missing MOZALLOC_EXPORT causes link failure on mingw
771074 Add API to allow off-main-thread consumers to hold strong references to main-thread-only objects
762887 IonMonkey: Add infallible MUnbox after known-object type barrier
771083 Shutdown telemetry causes "Assertion failure: r == count, at xpcom/build/mozPoisonWriteMac.cpp:194"
771087 2 strict warnings in test_constants.xul
771090 crash in RtlpCallQueryRegistryRoutine | BaseThreadInitThunk with Flash in webapprt (caused by incorr…
762903 In Full screen "Hide Controls" is not applied on OGG videos
771103 Support for externally enabling/disabling the profiler
754725 Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at jsval.h:760 or Crash [@ compartment]
779302 speed up arrow panel opening animation
771115 Use System Proxy Settings is not Working where as Manual Proxy Settings working.
681005 Restore pinned tabs before normal tabs
754739 Clean up front-end error reporting
762936 IonMonkey: Crash on heap, trying to execute invalid address from [@ js::gc::Arena::finalize]
762938 Decide about new tab page interaction in private browsing mode
760671 Hide the 'set as default browser' checkbox in the installer for Windows 8
770230 Broken symlinks in webrtc code
746570 has lots of cases of using rstrip() where it means stripTrailingWhitespace()
779339 unnecessary reflows being triggered on
699235 [meta] B2G Telephony
771157 IonMonkey: Crash [@ mozilla::DebugOnly<int>::operator++(int)]
762982 when not gczeal(4), MaybeVerifyBarriers shouldn't EndVerifyBarriers if rt->gcVerifyData
759464 IonMonkey: (ARM) Assertion failure: (imm & ~(0xff)) == 0, at ion/arm/Assembler-arm.h:498
771182 Don't use standard C++ way to detect/set NaN but use MFBT instead
762993 implement a sandbox iframe for Identity IdP provisioning
762996 Add errors count to the Web Console button in the developer toolbar
763000 Remove MOZ_Assert
713849 RIL: Figure out how to expose radio and network state to content
771199 [devtb] remove the Style Editor from the developer toolbar
771202 Custom-spliced plugin prototypes disappear after transplant
664707 Unable to use drop-down list (<select>) in a div with transform:translate
763013 Race condition in async stream copier
763014 crash in PresShell::HandleEventInternal
779403 Invalidation errors when animating masks
746644 Massive memory leak when opening web page ( and 'javascript.options.strict' enabled
763033 Keep url bar blank on about:home
763039 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: *ptr == 0xE9, at ../ion/shared/Assembler-x86-shared.h:1164
778438 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AwesomeBar.onCreate( on Honeyco…
787624 input text has changed position on open native help-autocomplete
771242 "Assertion failure: flags_ & HAS_ARGS_OBJ,"
771247 lazify social service initialization, and add getProviderList method
771248 Enable WebRTC in builds by default (except for Android/B2G)
771251 OOP crash reporting access the directory service off the main thread
779445 SegFault in WorkerMemoryReporter because it accesses mWorkerPrivate when null (only in debug builds)
754874 OMTC: Qt MessageLoop should use CurrentThread object for event dispatching
764104 Compilation fails if C++ keyword used in WebIDL enum.
771266 Inline nsCOMPtr_base's destructor
746691 IonMonkey: Don't throw code away on every GC
738511 Date constructor doesn't work when passed a String object, apparently
771281 remove shell workers
771285 IonMonkey: don't treat JSOP_LABEL as a jump opcode during preliminary analysis
763096 GC: Make ScopeIter support exact stack rooting
738528 Android still image support for getUserMedia
763111 Use gBrowser.docShell for brevity in bug 748477
558313 ipc/chromium/src/base/third_party duplicates code that is already in the mozilla code base
771307 Disable OMTC for small widgets
771320 Fix endian issues with handles
763133 border-radius not clipping SVG contents
779527 Fennec reports wrong screen resolution/density and pixel ratio
763144 de-ns-ify every class in XUL folder
763146 put TextUpdater into a11y namespace
770263 crash in _cairo_ft_font_face_scaled_font_create @ when opening links on http://www.…
763148 put Relation into a11y namespace
763150 remove notification methods from nsIAccessibilityService
763152 Building against libxul-sdk doesn't link against jemalloc
763156 Remove QSound and QtMultimedia from Qt port
763157 FileHandle: Fix the assertion in FileHelper::~FileHelper
771351 disallow plugins in popup panels gracefully
771354 Loading remote xul crashes gecko
771356 GCLI "console clear" command doesn't appear to clear the console
771365 Typo in FrameWorker.jsm
763175 Crash in AndroidGLController::ProvideEGLSurface during CompositorParent::ResumeComposition
787757 Multiple startup hangs of >10 minutes
763190 WebGL readPixels shouldn't call EnsureBackbufferClearedAsNeeded
771383 IonMonkey: constant fold length/elements accesses on singleton typed arrays
763192 Linux webapp failing with ‘Couldn't remove the old webapprt-stub executable’
771385 Use more heavily NS_floorModolu instead of fmod() in nsHTMLInputElement
746813 nsCanvasRenderingContext2D::GetMozCurrentTransformInverse crash with large canvas
771390 [css3-mediaqueries] resolution units (dpi, dpcm, dppx) should be dots per CSS inch/centimeter/pixel,…
763200 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp$FilePickerResultHandler.handleActivity…
771394 Update libpng to version 1.5.11
771395 show origin of page in window title when it is different from webapp's origin
771401 Change PRTime to signed long long
771403 Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.2.1
763212 Build fails with "/bin/sh: line 0: fg: no job control" - related to "%pythonpath" ?
763223 "ASSERTION: parentSize should be valid" with huge padding
763225 "Assertion failure: compartment mismatched" with Components.lookupMethod(v, "onclick")
759354 Add other device sensors to nsEventListenerManager::IsDeviceType
763232 Improper display of preference Nightly updates.
763234 Run all CompositorParents on the same compositor thread
771429 jQuery and $ not available in the console
763238 "Opens" and "Bridge" declarations need to use fully-qualified names
763241 Add double buffer EGL provider detection by define or permanently
763242 Fix freetype detection on Non X11 linux builds
771435 Fix nsEditor::DoTransaction to use transaction interfaces sanely
763247 "ASSERTION: rescheduling interval timeout without a timer" with setInterval, sync XHR, mozRequestAni…
779638 Don't clear the request's transaction in IDBChild::Recv[Success|Error] since it may be too early
771452 resume button need two clicks to go on after a breakpoint when the script is inside the .html file
771464 Duplicate CSS rules for the step-over button
746896 Crash in _cairo_surface_snapshot_copy_on_write during CC after printing a large canvas
763283 Add nsINode::AsContent, like nsINode::AsElement
752666 provide explicit mechanism to specify URL load target
722332 add async initialization API to nsIBrowserSearchService
771489 use standard threadsafe refcounting in host resolver
771492 Enable the dom.experimental forms by default in fennec
779687 Telemetry around SIGKILL
771498 FileHandle: getFile() should return a DOMRequest (instead of a FileRequest)
771504 Nightly is focusing last app tab instead of homepage
763313 Braceless functions have their destructuring-args bytecode duplicated
787891 Disable SSL DV tests due to broken certificate
558516 Fast-path attribute access for the case of no prefixes, and maybe correct cases
760735 Write tests for Screen Orientation API
607684 [OGL] OpenGL on mobile
763333 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !inBackref, at ../ion/shared/IonAssemblerBufferWithConstantPools.h:814
714186 Add padding to top of windows when fullscreen on Lion
763341 Chrome QI of content object fails for new bindings
763342 Cache hit rate telemetry is wrong
763343 Cross-compartment wrapping of nsIClassInfo singleton instances fails
763348 assertion errors in worker tests
763350 Clean up some includes in content/ and dom/
763351 kCacheMissedViaReval (3) is never reported in cache disposition telemetry (e.g. HTTP_CACHE_DISPOSITI…
763352 [SPDY] Accessing google homepage through proxy throws download prompt
763355 Intermittent on Android: test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | [conformance/reading/read-pixels-t…
763358 (webapprt-stub:8885): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed
771555 GCLI needs a addon, resize, restart, cookie and pagemanip commands
763365 Launching an installed web application with no supported version of Firefox installed for web apps r…
787947 Corrupted layer drawn
771569 startup crash in nsNSSComponent::ConfigureInternalPKCS11Token @ mainly on ArchLinu…
755186 add JSCompartment::global
763381 GC Hazard with new Xray Expando Architecture (Jetpack compartment mismatch)
763384 Out of memory error is raised when invalid RegExp pattern string is provided as String#match argumen…
763388 Remove enablePrivilege calls from IndexedDB and FileHandle tests
771588 libvpx encoder fails to build with "Too many sections"
771594 CSS parser should pay attention to the _pref field for CSS properties
771595 Gonk widget fails to initialize the framebuffer if GL context creation fails
730639 Blast DOM owned subtrees during canSkip
738832 Allow desktop runtime to support webRT installs (mozApps.install API)
763411 Elements cut-off in preferences dialog for rm locale
771608 Time tag causes crash with text based profile
285615 Implement a JS_ClearDateCaches method so that embeddings can tell SpiderMonkey to discard cached tim…
763424 CSS ::after doesn't work for <td> (dynamically)
774209 java.lang.NullPointerException: at android.widget.PopupWindow$PopupViewContainer.dispatchKeyEvent(Po…
763433 ExposedPropertiesOnly::check should leave the chrome compartment before checking UniversalXPConnect
763434 Intermittent container-with-clamping.html | image comparison (==)
755245 Implement System Message Handler
747055 crash in RtlEnterCriticalSection | PR_Lock | mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::WaitForNotify
771638 IDBObjectStore.cpp:1388:13: warning: unused variable ‘targetObject’ [-Wunused-variable]
755255 Remove XPCPerThreadData
763451 nsDisplayCanvas::GetOpaqueRegion fails to override nsDisplayItem::GetOpaqueRegion
779843 nsIdleService never fires the "back" notification if there's only one listener
763468 Use about:privatebrowsing for new tabs opened in private browsing mode
763474 Firefox win32 l10n builds broke since Jun 8th because Win2008R2 check not avail in NSIS 2.33
763491 [Windows] Launching a Web Application with no supported Firefox version installed shows incorrect Fi…
771669 Crash with memory-pressure, WebGL bufferData
763479 Update tests sometimes fail with 'New wizard page has been selected - got finishedBackground, expect…
763481 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting different TypeErrors ((void 0) vs. -1) without/with ion.
771678 [css3-values] unprefix calc()
738914 Intermittent test_websocket.html | Exited with code -1073741819 from a crash [@ nsHttpPipeline::IsDo…
771683 Mark some functions MOZ_ALWAYS_INILINE
763496 Using nsIPrincipal::Subsumes instead of nsIPrincipal::Equals in nsDocShell
591467 Implement HTML Microdata API
771720 Miscellaneous gc/Statistics.cpp improvements
771723 IonMonkey: defineReturn() ignores error return of fallible function call.
771742 Refactor many of the Date methods to be implemented in separate methods (not in single utility funct…
771743 Get rid of the generator_op mega-method
771744 Various Number.prototype.* refactoring to better accommodate method-guarding work
771749 Crash [@ nsEditor::RemoveContainer]
763559 Enable WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc for machines using Angle
763573 Don't export PrimitiveConversions.h
561989 The page is not auto scrolling, if you begin scrolling on table element with 'overflow:auto' and bo…
763580 Clang warning "field is uninitialized when used here" in jsinterp.cpp
763592 Page reloads get treated as same-document location changes
763593 Firefox 13 incorrectly displays photos on Skydrive
239307 Remove "Send Link..." from context menus
763599 IonMonkey: Inline string[int32]
771795 Stop over-invalidating SVG
763604 Use typename for type parameters of template template parameters in BindingUtil.h
788181 xhr instanceof XMLHttpRequest == false in workers
747231 layout is different (overlap / extra space) when loading from landscape and switching to portrait ve…
763617 Local file as mail start page doesn't show up
763621 Intermittent test_process_error.xul | Exited with code 1 during test run [@ + 0x424] […
780009 Update to NSS to version 3.13.6
771819 IdentityCryptoService.cpp:547:64: warning: narrowing conversion of ‘((hashAlg == (SECOidTag)4u) ? 20…
771826 implement toolbar ui
763636 GC: Do not OOM when rekeying a hashtable
771829 Add python script to make adding browser-element tests a bit easier
771833 drawImage doesn't work on MediaStream assigned to <video>
763651 link JS to zlib
722708 IonMonkey: Handle hoisted bounds check failures better
771870 adding files to js/src seems to require a clobber on tinderbox, sometimes
771874 make nsTextFrame::TrimmedOffsets::GetEnd const
747299 tests for testRestartChangeArchitecture broken due to a bug in startUserShutdown
83749 HTML4: Accept property for input type="file" should filter file types[form sub]
771879 minor code formatting tweaks in layout
763689 New initial value for "min-width" & "min-height": auto
780075 Flash Plugin settings for "Tap to play" is ignored for the flash embedded elements
763693 reduce overhead of telemetry in gfxFont::GetShapedWord
755503 transaction.objectStore should be available until the transaction is committed
755507 Sort objectStore/index names list
771892 [New Tab Page] check for private browsing mode *every* time a user drags a link onto the grid
755510 db.transaction function should work inside versionchange transaction's oncomplete handler
755511 Revert all in-memory data when aborting versionchange transactions.
771896 rm LOAD_ATOM, LOAD_NAME, and 'atoms' from js::Interpret
755514 Cursor.update support for keypath arrays
755515 Catch exceptions in error handlers/versionchange handlers
771900 don't have presentation attributes for properties we don't support
771903 fix member initialization order warning
771908 Get rid of Wrapper::leave
755525 Update layout/mathml/tests/various.xml to use the new maction syntax
616262 Remove cycle collection static initializers
763724 The WebIDL parser should detect interfaces that inherit from or implement themselves
755551 Allow whitelist configuration for what plugins can and cannot be ran within a gecko-based applicatio…
755554 Only enable flash within the desktop runtime, all other plugins should not be allowed to run
755557 support blocklisting flash versions
771946 "Assertion failure: ToInteger(year) == year," or "Assertion failure: ToInteger(date) == date," or "A…
763755 spread support for Reflect
763771 Uninitialised value use in TouchInputMapper::abortPointerUsage
771967 OS Idle API active to brief idle to active notification bug fix
763776 refactor nsXPConnect::Traverse
747393 races - "OSError: [Errno 17] File exists: '../../dist/bin/chrome/browser/content/browser…
763778 use PREF_JS_EXPORTS to preprocess/install webapp runtime's default prefs file
763780 remove unnecessary application flags from webapp runtime's components.manifest
766273 B2G telephony on Otoro: Can't hang up dialing call
640904 Crash in JSAutoEnterCompartment::enter
771979 Intermittent browser_newtab_drag_drop.js | Test timed out | ...and sometimes: uncaught JS exception …
771980 provider must be re-usable after having been terminated
771981 media/webrtc doesn't build on *BSD or other non-standard platforms
771983 crash in nsHTMLEditor::DoInsertHTMLWithContext @ nsEditor::GetNodeLocation
763800 Eliminate most uses of JS_THREADSAFE from the JS GC
755609 Reduce media cache size on B2G
747418 Add-ons restart tests are broken due to broken behavior in startUserShutdown
771998 add Handle<Value> specialization that is better suited for Value
616353 Make DOM constants constant.
763814 System XHR: Don't leak XMLHttpRequestParameters
772012 Assertion failure: !script()->formalIsAliased(i), at vm/Stack-inl.h:253
763821 Error console looks wonky on OS X
772017 Have the visual overflow rect for SVG frames include non-rendered stroke when 'pointer-events' deman…
722868 nsExternalAppHelperService uses global PB service to decide when to remove temporary files
722872 nsClipboardPrivacyHandler uses global Private Browsing state to manipulate clipboard data
764916 CreateXPConnectException not called for NS_ERROR_MODULE_XPCONNECT nsresults
763838 Spacing between lines changes while pixel scrolling on OS X
763842 Uninitialised value use in dosprintf(SprintfStateStr*, char const*, std::__va_list)
763848 Make it easier to link to libxul with js-ctypes
763849 Uninitialised value use in nsWindow::Show(bool aState)
632778 "Assertion failure: !((attrs ^ shape->attrs) & 0x40) || !(attrs & 0x40),"
772044 Metro manual install scripts shouldn't use L10NBASEDIR
763856 Need way to leave a JSAutoEnterCompartment without waiting for the destructor to be called
763861 Assign a flag in nsINode to say whether the node is content
763865 Layout tool is not positioned correctly when it is collapsed
763869 Investigate why nsContentSubtreeIterator::GetTopAncestorInRange handles the !parent case oddly
763873 avoid repeatedly accessing aRanges.Length() within ComputeRanges
764923 IonMonkey: Not inlining some functions due to OBJECT_FLAG_UNINLINEABLE
772076 [BrowserAPI] Fix race condition in loading BrowserElementParent.js for popup windows
772077 [BrowserAPI] Fix test_browserElement_inproc_ContextmenuEvents.html so it doesn't do SimpleTest.fini…
772078 Stopping the profiler doesn't remove JS entries
772079 invalidThebesContent is immediately destroyed after calling ApplyThebesLayerInvalidation
157681 [DHTML]We reflow when we should just move
747509 nsDocument::DocSizeOfExcludingThis should include ID and styled links tables
772087 IonMonkey: Immediate Invalidation from idempotent cache v8-raytrace.js:710
763898 Permaorange Android test_bug691215.html | Test timed out. | followed by: test_bug427060.html | finis…
763899 mouseenter events should fire top-down
772093 test fail on Mac: browser_inspector_bug_672902_keyboard_shortcuts.js | Test timed out
731134 Navigator mozapps implementation for mozilla-central
641025 Incremental GC
739330 navigator.mozApps - app uninstall
763911 Support interface members in dictionaries
788489 nightly mozconfigs in mozilla-aurora/beta should not have --disable-profiling
722956 Intermittent "###!!! ASSERTION: thread pool wasn't shutdown: '!mPool'" during test_history_tracker.j…
763920 Avoid hardcoding page size for jemalloc unless cross compiling
773123 IonMonkey: Remove unused scopeChain parameter from IonBuilder
731158 Mozmill test failure /testPreferences/testPreferredLanguage.js | could not find element Link: Gruppi
763932 [devtb] Add the right buttons to the Developer Toolbar
772127 Run Contacts and Settings API tests on desktop
722976 ConsoleAPIStorage uses global Private Browsing status to make decisions
722984 nsBrowserGlue uses global private browsing service to make decisions
722988 openLocationLastURL.jsm uses global Private Browsing state to make decisions
722990 NewTabUtils.jsm uses global Private Browsing state to make decisions
763954 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type in object [0x7ff9cfa00250] (index): string, at jsinf…
755767 Shut down indexedDB on profile-before-change
772155 Disallow nested content processes
370750 Add MOCHITESTS_DIR magic to config/
758112 use nsTypedSelection in a11y
758113 rm a bunch of nsIDOMNode stuff in nsHyperTextAccessible
763982 Arabic-character processing in nsTextFrameUtils::TransformText is out of date
763984 GC: Add new GC zeal modes to exercise incremental collection
763987 Normalize
763989 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: thing, at gc/Marking.cpp:85 or Crash [@ js::gc::MarkIonCodeRoot]
763990 Branch 13 bundles vulnerable libpng
772186 Support return values from pymake native commands
760848 select.size reflection is wrong
764003 Remove enablePrivilege calls from settings and contacts API tests
764005 optimize gfxFontGroup::FindFontForChar for the most common case, and lift array Length() accesses ou…
772201 Webrtc breaks builds with symlinked objdirs
772210 Fix warning: unused variable 'initFlushCount'
764019 Remove our prefetch when READOPS=0 on windows
723071 Add a pane to display the list of breakpoints across all scripts in the debuggee
764037 makefiles: stray parenthesis character in the unit test
764046 Fail configure when --with-system-zlib is used and the system zlib version is too old
774509 We need to communicate the FF17 OS X 10.5 EOL to our users (add-on hotfix)
772246 nsSVGUtils::GetPostFilterVisualOverflowRect should not offset the returned rect
772252 Numeral keys on physical keyboard don't work in Firefox for Android on Sony-Ericsson Xperia Pro and …
731293 Crash in nsBaseContentList::cycleCollection::CanSkipReal caused by nsDocument::NodesFromRectHelper
772255 IonMonkey: LCreateThis should accept constant operands
772259 Download history button shouldn't inherit the panel's background
772275 visibilitychange event should bubble
772282 InsertElementTxn crash
764091 Accessing mozApps manifest properties need __exposedProps__ set correctly
747720 Strange text rendering on because font inflation uses different width basis within the …
772297 Windows profile symbolication doesn't support JSON format
780494 Assertion failure: script->formalLivesInCallObject(i)
764117 Prefer performance over avoiding seaming
764119 [AccessFu] Add preference for explore by touch
752676 Control pdf.js and Other PDF Plugins using Application Preferences
772314 Kill off the majority of our interval timers
747215 Ensure redirect pathways always call both OnStart/OnStopRequest
755932 App width height are not preserved across sessions
755934 No feedback on install
764127 some return values in Windows runtime stub are wrong type or wrongly interpreted
764130 Don't crash if NULL is passed to DOMRequestService methods
766331 nsOggReader::EndRangeTime O(N^2) on invalid data
772327 Password mask timer is too short on Android
780522 Stack overflow nsHttpConnectionMgr with port out of range
780529 XMLHttpRequest getInterface weirdness
772338 jemalloc doesn't check the result of VirtualAlloc(MEM_COMMIT) in pages_commit
764148 TI: TypeObject properties incorrectly shadowed if prototype custom setter.
772341 Enable Opus support by default
772346 Heap-use-after-free in nsHTMLEditRules::DeleteNonTableElements
772351 Fix "conversion from string literal to 'char *'" warnings in
764163 IonMonkey/JM: getNewObject() should check needZealousGC() at runtime.
772356 add an IsEmpty method to SVGUserUnitList
764165 IonMonkey: Poison freed IonCode buffers.
780554 Mozmill test failure testSearch/testAddMozSearchProvider | Current URL contains the wrong search ter…
764171 crash in nsStorageInputStream::ReadSegments @ _VEC_memcpy
764172 [Win & Linux] Reinstalling an App that was previously launched deletes an old profile and re-creates…
731407 Re-implement DirectShow base classes for video capture
772373 Make hal/ warning free
764184 GC_REASON telemetry might be wrong due to quirk in telemetry API
764186 SpdySession3 closes its connection immediately when the first and only transaction is NullTransactio…
764192 Temporarily enable some jemalloc assertions in the hopes of catching heap corruption (bug 709860)
715041 Add API for content to be notified on "OS idle"
600356 Malformed font leads to crash [@VMPI_setPageProtection]
764203 Don't notify pivot change if it has not actually changed
764206 Otoro on OSX build failures (dbus and bluetooth)
772406 Make nsSVGGlyphFrame::UpdateBounds reuse GetBBoxContribution
764215 turn off iframe features ala browserid sandbox
764216 Turn on frame pointers on Nightly desktop builds
772423 Hook mozjemalloc's abort()
764237 Compile of XULRunner fails - 'strcasecmp': identifier not found, 'snprintf': identifier not found
764241 sidebar URL can be changed to a different domain
739671 Order of ColorLayers is reversed every paint
764249 Youtube HTML5 resize buttons(Small/Large player) in video controls are missing
706908 add Windows 8 to the OS list for gfx driver blacklisting
764259 don't expose the social api to inappropriate origins.
764260 Various networking telemetry probes are defined wrongly and may be giving misleading (wrong) results
764263 Use the frame message manager in Identity DOM instead of pmm
764265 "service windows" should be limited to same domain as provider/worker
772460 Replace '-moz-transition' with 'transition' in browser/
764270 Generalize use of Services.jsm in nsSearchSuggestions
764277 New DOM bindings codegen doesn't register classes with constructors
771817 Add-on compatibility dialog appears when launching app using different version from that previously …
739708 layout/reftests/canvas have 16 tests that fail on android
764285 Use virtual keycodes in SDK for Mac instead of defined by ourselves
764286 Remove unused AC_SUBSTs
766358 Update device storage paths for Gaia (again)
747911 Add plural rule for Breton (br)
764296 memory corruption of strings
788877 GMail inbox get rendered as component alpha layer
764304 IonMonkey: Use useRegisterAtStart more
772506 Make sure jsterm eval results are correctly formatted as strings
764318 [responsive mode] use
764324 Fix breakpoint handling for Fennec and B2G browser actors
772518 nsThread::mShutdownPending is unused
772519 Unused variable res in nsPlatformCharset::Init
772523 nsMemoryCacheDevice::mEvictionThreshold is unused
772524 Fix "data argument not used by format string" warnings in
772525 Unused variable on in nsCacheService::Lock
248239 borders and padding on the top and bottom of table cells reduce the height
764337 Firefox 14+ requests images inserted by JS multiple times if not cached
764355 Add new edgeui simple gesture for win8, and update tap gesture
445516 Support auto-generated=true text attribute on list bullets
600522 Sunspider trace-test 'check-date-format-tofte.js' fails on computers not set to Pacific time
772557 remove libs:: rules from layout/reftests/ makefiles
730873 (memmove) ArrayBufferView.prototype.move
764376 Fix references to |class nsArenaMemoryStats|
764378 RIL: sometimes RIL model was not detected
739804 &dArr; character entity and similar symbols cause excessive line-spacing under GDI
707037 Revert the update check frequency increase
764389 Inner window reuse can cause the compartment principal to not match the window
764398 Implement enum as dictionary member for WebIDL
764400 Move various nsIContent methods to nsINode
764401 Assertion failure: flags_ & HAS_ARGS_OBJ, at js/src/vm/Stack-inl.h:325
772600 Create WebappOSUtils.jsm to host platform-specific webapps code and implement native app launch
731642 Assertion failure: isDenseArray(), at ../jsobjinlines.h:504
764420 Incorrect type-check for ArrayBufferView arguments in generated code
764421 Intermittent browser_bug743421.js | Test 1b, Should have a click-to-play notification | uncaught JS …
772615 about:memory crash in nsScriptSecurityManager::GetSubjectPrincipal when refreshed
748042 mozApps Application record objects expose extra attributes
764432 IonMonkey: MUrsh constant folding assumes the result is int32
657938 Implement content part of the meter element
657941 Apply spec changes to <meter> (if needed)
772630 JS Profile feature crash if used on startup
764440 GC: Add option to enable use of exact stack rooting.
772638 Disable webapps support on Firefox 15
657953 Implement the basic layout of the meter element
756258 Support union types in new DOM bindings
502307 Closing multiple tabs in the last browser window with Private Browsing enabled yields no warning reg…
789030 Remove existing trailing whitespaces from our tests and shared modules
715307 Add ability to read profiles.ini
764467 resize event handler in browser.js gets triggered at unexpected times
756277 XMLHttpRequest started from Cc[";1"] ends up bound to some rand…
772665 Add console.profile API
764474 [inspector] arrow keys are creating problems
764481 Add pref to enable landing of experimental forms features
772676 History visit counts are all 1 after migration
674373 [10.7] Support HiDPI mode on OS X Lion
764487 Java7 compile errors
756296 nsIAccessiblePivot move to coordinate method
772690 Remove content-order check from SortByZOrder
772691 ban xml in function defaults
756308 Implement MacWebAppUtils to allow callers to locate and manipulate native webapps on Mac
764503 WifiStatusChangeEvent IDL and implementation don't match.
764508 "Assertion failure: !p.value().isHeader()" with redundant default params, "let"
412257 document.createComment rejects "--" in violation of the specification
764515 When setting default browser in Windows 8, should also set non http defaults
772711 Invoking default application does not work if default application is a metro app
772715 Use JSON instead of string profiles on mobile
625273 Intermittent browser_tabview_bug587503.js | In the end, the group was showing a dropSpace - Got fals…
338554 -moz-box-sizing is not applied to a table cell
676287 IonMonkey: inline some constant doubles in code
764540 browser_tabfocus.js is racy
764541 Crash in BidiParagraphData::PushBidiControl
764545 WebConsole default position should be "below"
764546 Temporary fix for: Hotmail no longer auto-updates (due to "globalStorage" removal)
772742 IonMonkey: Error compiling shell on Windows
772743 Add pref to prevent top level widget going fullscreen in b2g desktop client
769132 Add a receiver argument to the property-setting algorithms
764555 [devtb] Implement the style for the buttons in the developer toolbar
756367 gif playback restarts once a JS-inserted image is fully loaded
756371 Add ability to parent of mozbrowser to handle contextmenu
772758 Clean up some build warnings in html5 parser
772759 Fix a few build warnings
723609 Improve localization notes in
724080 Broken link to Mozilla Manifesto on about:mozilla page in Firefox
764578 WebGL context creation keeps failing after D3D device has been lost
764579 PromptService.Show should be
764591 crash in nsStyleSet::ReparentStyleContext when clicking / hovering NoScript icon in Add-on Toolbar
764594 Remove some unneeded calls in the Azure CG backend
764604 Device Storage - crash when using from gaia chrome
756419 White standalone image background flashes into view when switching tabs
772807 Try "include-what-you-use" on editor/
764616 platform.h: In constructor ‘Sampler::Sampler(int, bool)’: warning: ‘Sampler::active_’ will be initia…
748238 HTMLMeterElement should not be form controls
764625 Web Console and Debugger stay checked in Web Developer menu after closing them with the close X butt…
764634 Create profile on webapps installation for appcache
731868 cycles through CanvasRenderingContext2DUserData can leak everything
771877 associate WorkerAPI object with SocialProvider for centralized management of the "Worker API" messag…
764648 Incorrect Navigation Timing API responseEnd milestone
772841 doesn't do anything
764667 Implement ContactChangeEvent in C++
764671 Stop uploading symbols for test programs/libs to the symbol server
771883 minor nsTextFrame::GetCaretColorAt refactoring
764679 SecReview: Script Debugger: prefs
764682 Implement wifi events in c++
764686 Accessible::ChildAtPoint should be consistent with GetBounds
772883 System proxy settings on Linux in nightlies (16.0a1) are broken
756501 Scratchpad: Prompt to save file before opening another file.
731926 Refactor init/shutdown functions in browser.js
764698 Fix distinguishability checking for dictionaries
764703 Build warning in nsXPCComponents.cpp
764704 Reorder initializer list in gfxReusableSurfaceWrapper
764705 Unused variables in IndexedDBParent.cpp
781090 Firefox no longer responds to Spectacle's keyboard shortcuts to resize application windows
772901 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: false (Bad SSA value), at ../jsanalyze.h:1069
764712 Open files readonly when reading typelibs in
764714 Three small BytecodeEmitter clean-ups
731972 GCLI selection field should be clear when more options exist, and allow you to get them
763702 crash in nsFontInflationData::FindFontInflationDataFor at crash address 0x28 (((nsIFrame*)0)->GetSta…
752780 Convert invalid UTF-16 to UTF-8 in websocket send()
764746 [devtb] style the error counter
763703 optimize gfxScriptRunItemizer::Next
764752 gfxAndroidPlatform::Optimal2DFormatForContent assumes Android only
764753 Screen orientation isn't unlocked when the document is left without explicitly exiting fullscreen
781143 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.onBackPressed(
756579 nsXBLBinding::GetInsertionPointsFor is now infallible
764773 Gecko in B2G leaks around circa 500kB to 1MB/day with UI idling
764774 Remove unused instance of the old parser from nsParserUtils
486247 Mochitest test_bug435425.html "leaks" an event into test_bug438519.html
772968 Specify a different APP_ID for fennec webapp runtime
764779 sidebar opacity managed in code.
764782 Update closeAllTabs to use about:newtab instead of about:blank
772981 Microformats mochitests Makefile may have been overlooked in bug 370750
764792 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::ion::TypeInferenceOracle::binaryOp] or "Assertion failure: false (Bad SSA va…
772993 Compiler warnings in widget/android
764805 user fonts with src:local don't handle style descriptors properly under GDI
764807 Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart if using about:newtab
715658 [Azure] Images aren't properly updated
764813 Avoid using gfxMatrix::SetMatrix in SVG code where possible.
740238 B2G SMS: Emulator-to-emulator SMS not working
723860 Uninitalised value use in nsMediaCacheStream::GetNextCachedDataInternal
766446 nsEvent needs a copy constructor that calls MOZ_COUNT_CTOR
764824 Make it easier to spot when were using a temporary context
543644 Use of two mouse devices crashes Firefox - stack overflow near [@ nsWindow::OnScroll]
543645 Hang [@ nsRange::CutContents] with DOMNodeInserted event, deleteContents
773025 fix 2 warnings in dom/plugins
789422 actions="silent" not working for Firefox 15.0 -> 15.0.1 updates (What's New page is shown)
748464 refactor nsGlobalWindow::RunTimeout a bit
764850 Assertion failure: allocated(), at ../../gc/Heap.h:498 or Crash [@ js::gc::MarkTypeObject]
764851 Animating the width/height of an outer SVG element doesn't work
773049 Abstract away value forwarding in value wrappers
764860 Simplify the clipPath code
748477 Switch chrome privateWindow getter to check currentTab and remove setter
682944 snippets with iframes in them break the "Restore Previous Session" button on default homepage (about…
764867 Android Sync branding should match installed Fennec branding
770550 rename FrameWorker.jsm exported symbol (FrameWorker -> getFrameWorkerHandle?)
760995 mfbt Scoped should be in mozilla namespace
764905 Randomly flip preload on/off, independent of whether update service deleted prefetch
773100 bubblemark redraws the entire page on invalidation on mobile
773102 transition-duration and animation-duration should reject negative values at parse time
715761 Refactor XPConnect GC tracing
773108 Crash [@ EmitAliasedVarOp]
770558 Build failure at dom\tests\mochitest\dom-level2-html\files with return code 101120
773115 CheckStrictParameters: remove superfluous sc->needStrictChecks()
764928 Support short in dictionaries
764931 Don't use about:newtab for nsBrowserAccess
773128 Fix some build warnings
756748 Use nsIAtom and nsINode in nsHTMLEditRules::ConvertListType
732173 poison write during shutdown in a debug build
756750 Cleanup nsEditor::RemoveContainer
756752 Remove nsHTMLEditor::IsContainer(nsINode*)
756753 Simplify nsHTMLEditRules::LookInsideDivBQandList, nsEditor::CountEditableChildren
756754 Use nsINode in nsEditor::InsertContainerAbove
756755 Cleanup nsHTMLEditor::SetInlinePropertyOnNodeImpl
756756 Cleanup nsTextServicesDocument::GetCollapsedSelection
756757 Use nsINode in nsHTMLEditor::MergeCells
756758 Use nsINode in nsEditor::ReplaceContainer
773150 FailDelayManager passing wrong type to MOZ_COUNT_CTR
773153 With options('allow_xml'), the statement "" < ""; is rejected.
691234 Write MediaEngine backend for Desktop based on WebRTC code
764972 Typo in GLContext.cpp error message
773165 Make removal of iframe more robust
756786 xulrunner won't start on linux (and probably mac)
773174 GCLI help output should be sorted
764985 make memory reporter helper macros ever-so-slightly more efficient
771935 SVGs that are larger than the browser content area should scroll
773182 Remove unused db description parameter from IDB mochitests
773192 Always requesting compositor DrawToSurface() when using non-default target in content context
756811 ctrl++ doesn't work even with Ctrl+Shift++ when keyboard layout is Russian or Thai
773196 Remove -moz prefix from CSS transform properties in SVG reftests
773197 Add some tests for SVG clipPath on HTML elements under CSS transforms
781393 Value overwriting during VM stack scanning can overwrite copied values
756819 Use dom::Element for the result of GetElementParent
748630 Need to support IDBTransaction.error
724055 Create a really easy way to make new GCLI commands
707679 Efficient JS File API - Unix back-end
707681 Efficient JS File API - Windows back-end
773225 GCLI selected element should be clearer in menus
674922 Split up the memory reporters for layout into categories
765038 The fix for bug 761890 broke clang builds in gfx/skia/src/sfnt/SkOTTable_head.h
707696 [OS.File] Path handling
765041 VisualEventTracer.h: In constructor 'mozilla::eventtracer::AutoEventTracer::AutoEventTracer(...) ...…
650355 Stop accepting MD5 as a hash algorithm in signatures (toggle security.enable_md5_signatures to false…
330868 Paste Disabled After Copy from a Source That Is Not a Thunderbird Compose Window
765048 accept language header with q=0.500
765055 Assertion failure: !pn->, at frontend/BytecodeEmitter.cpp:918
756864 avoid quadratic cost of JS_GetFramePC in XPCJSStackFrame::CreateStack when the stack is very deep
773254 GCLI should match options case-insensitively
691336 Firefox/Thunderbird need option not to update themselves OR extensions until everything is compatibl…
765065 Annotation for crash reports: "Are we GCing?"
773262 CTRL + Z combo is not working with the latest Daily.
371859 browser.startup.homepage_reset is unused and should be removed
707733 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | layout/reftests/svg/smil/container/deferred-anim-1.xhtml…
781464 Do not add stack to result if assertion passes
770586 Move CallArgs and functions creating them into public API
781476 expando properties aren't accessible on certain objects when running same origin code in different c…
765094 replace worker injected cookie implementation with port-based implementation
765107 Filter output is mislocated with CSS transforms
765110 TextLeafAccessibleWrap is never instanciated
765116 mozglue/android: fix gcc -Wall -pedantic warnings
601277 Write tests for document.domain
756936 Incorrect MouseEvent.mozMovement{X,Y} values when pointer locked on secondary monitor
765137 cleanup around WebGL extensions
765139 Heap-use-after-free in nsDocument::AdoptNode
756954 GStreamer should not return "yes" for canPlayType("video/mp4")
773345 GCLI 'cookie list' command should have space at end of 'cookie set ' shortcuts
765156 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.PropertyAnimator.invalidate(PropertyAnimator.ja…
765158 Firefox thread behavior since 2012-06-13-03-05-35
732369 Content-Disposition parser does not require presence of ";" between params
543979 Absolutely Positioned input elements next to a contenteditable element is draggable
765166 IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE (U+3000) should cause line break after a white space
789743 FF 15.0 to 15.0.1 Internal Update adds extra Uninstall Entry in Windows 7 Programs and Features
765168 XHR.send shouldn't take a jscontext
752851 [Responsive Mode] if the inspector is open, the inspector should close first (when hitting Escape)
765172 Crash during a11y/accessible/focus/test_takeFocus.html | Exited with code -1073741819 during test ru…
765177 Import some more tests
765179 WebGL crash when empty string is passed to getUniformLocation, getAttribLocation or bindAttribLocati…
765180 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: types.ival == types.rval, at ion/IonBuilder.cpp:2626
756996 GCC warnings in gfx/2d
789771 Add an OSX variable to the reftest condition sandbox to make it easier to test Mac OS X versions
757005 Add .sx to PSL
765198 WebGL crash [@mozilla::WebGLContext::ReadPixels]
724239 Loading a page in a new tab enables the back button
765203 Support mode "unknown" when parsing cache manifest
688686 install mozinfo and manifestparser packages to $OBJDIR virtualenv
765208 IonMonkey: Increase maximum inlining depth
765211 [New Tab Page] AllPages.unregister() can possibly remove wrong pages
634074 Cannot validate valid certificate chain when looping/cross-signed certs are involved
765218 Out of bounds read in ElementAnimations::EnsureStyleRuleFor
773411 when running tests, freeze WebappRT config object after calling confirmInstall()
765226 [New Tab Page] update pages when leaving private browsing mode
765227 bgupdates upgrades the MozillaMaintenance twice, should only run on replace
773422 Update pdf.js for FF16
765235 [New Tab Page] test suite should make use of underlying storages
773432 Image in contentEditable div auto selects it's self when it's in text without spaces around it
789830 Graphics driver DriverVersion and DriverDate no longer present in registry location in Windows 8 (ab…
788365 ApplicationCache fails to update in FF16+ via HTTPS when manifest has Network:*
662756 The default value for attributes lspace/rspace of <mo> should be thickmathspace
748890 Make getting the load context in nsExternalHelperAppService work in multiprocess mode
765280 Assertion failure: blockDepth < ss->top, at jsopcode.cpp:4127
781676 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.gfx.LayerView.onTouchEvent( at c…
740719 b2g-gonk is hanging on shutdown again
765297 free up bits in String::lengthAndFlags for new string subtypes
765302 add noScriptRval option to evaluate()
765313 script->types is getting thrown out too soon in JSScript::ensureRanAnalysis
683243 Dithered gradients for 16bpp surfaces
757128 Remote debugging is possible even when disabled if netmonitor is enabled
765325 IonMonkey: Inline small functions more aggressively, turn off insertRecompileCheck for inliningDepth…
765326 about:memory's atom-table numbers should include the static atom table
771992 GCLI cookie command completion wonky in xmas tree case
705091 Crash [@ JSObject::lookupGeneric] with JS shell workers
773529 add temporary addProvider/removeProvider methods for testing convenience
773530 make additions to the workerAPI to support toolbar UI
765341 Make js_ValueToAtom's signature more normal (return JSAtom* rather than bool+redundant JSAtom** outp…
773534 Show briefly the typed character for <input type="password">
765344 xpti-working-set numbers should include stats on the hashtables in xptiWorkingSet
773545 Method ctx.putImageData not working in firefox 16,17 if an invalid number of arguments is passed in
757164 Move infallibility annotations into WebIDL
765357 Add xpcshell tests for the Profiler
773551 Build failure at creating library gkmedias.lib and object gkmedias.exp
765362 Remove some unused functions in IDB
781748 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.onCreateInputConnection(Ge…
765371 decomtaminate GetSelected-RowCount / ColumnCount / CellCount on accessible tables
765372 Add some null safety to isElementClickable
757182 Handle window.close in <iframe mozbrowser>
708033 Native app icon in window (frame) replaced with Executable icon when closing the app
765381 Hundreds of -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor compiler warnings in html/parser
767905 device storage - Move editable flag into DeviceStorageFile
765388 assertion: GL supports OES_EGL_image without supplying its functions.
773581 Failure in testGetMoreSearchEngines | Search engine 'IMDB' has been installed
757199 Assertion failure: [barrier verifier] Unmarked edge: shape, at jsgc.cpp:4443
749010 Perma-orange Linux64 test_memoryReporters.xul crash above mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::Bloc…
757203 crash in nsXULTreeAccessible::InvalidateCache when deleting cookie
773596 Alarm API - Make Up Missing sendAsyncMessage() for Some Early-Return If Blocks
765411 about:home loading performance optimizations
765413 Warning: Unknown property '-moz-transition-properties'. Declaration dropped. Source File: chrome://…
773606 XBL fastload creates XUL element before feeding proto attributes to the protoelement
699883 IonMonkey: Implement range analysis
749044 selection attribute on maction should be considered by default
683511 GCLI needs a 'cookie' command
765435 Make JS heap growth factor depend on the heap size after a GC and GC frequency
724476 WebGL noticeably slower recently on Firefox 12 & 13 with D3D9
757252 Kill nsinstall_win.c
762454 File filtering "@" operator doesn't search for functions
773653 Intermittent leak in browser_dbg_breakpoint-new-script.js
765463 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: at java.nio.Buffer.limit( or java.nio.Buffer.limitIm…
724507 [meta] New Inspector UI
765468 Use a dictionary for the argument to the XMLHttpRequest constructor
773665 crash in CrashReporter::GetPendingDir
765477 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: v.isBoolean(), at jsobj.cpp:5876
765478 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: unexpected type, at ion/Lowering.cpp:862
765480 IonMonkey: Crash [@ LInstruction] or [@ js::ion::LIRGeneratorShared::visitConstant] or "Assertion fa…
765483 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: throwing, at jscntxt.h:1329
732725 IonMonkey: truncatedToInt32 bailouts under bitand (13k) & bitxor (2.6k) bytecodes (v8/splay.js:43)
765494 Error: Microsoft.Live.Core.Internal is undefined in
765496 IonMonkey: fix non-methodjit build
314939 Combobox dropdown menu too high
765505 Clean up filter code
765195 crash in nsXULTreeAccessible::TreeViewInvalidated
765512 decomtaminate GetSelected (Cell / Column / Row) Indices() on accessible tables
773706 make install fails to build omni.ja in dist/firefox/webapprt: syntax error near unexpected token `)'
634444 Long lines with many warnings from javascript.options.strict cause memory spikes when a console or F…
773713 Stop using profile directory for Device Storage testings
765524 Register PrefChanged for CUBEB_LATENCY_MS so the pref has an effect
757339 No rule to make target `../../gfx/ots/src/libmozots.a', needed by `libgkmedias.a.desc'. Stop.
757340 Preferences window uses an animation on OS X which causes a early return in the paneId setter
765533 Host fails to mount SD card on otoro when UMS is enabled
757347 Share mask layers
773734 Have a separate preference to only enable the gc/cc notifications
437864 In <pageInfo.xul>, "Warning: XUL box for hbox element contained an inline img child, forcing all its…
724585 We need a way to scroll a page to center an element if the element is not visible
772643 Chrome hang monitor can deadlock the browser
773755 don't force a cycle collection with 0 suspected objects
757372 [AccessFu] Provide feedback when entering an entry field for editing
757376 History navigation error with late location.hash changes
749186 crash in nsFontInflationData::FindFontInflationDataFor at crash address 0x28 (((nsIFrame*)0)->GetSta…
773774 Don't clone document for reader mode check
732819 "ASSERTION: don't think me need this any more" with font-size: 0
790164 PresShell::DispatchTouchEvent should keep contentPresShell alive while using it
765590 CSSNameSpaceRule.type should be 10, not 0
757400 !!script->compartment()->debugMode() == !!originalDebugMode_
765595 Make nsEditor::DeleteNode infallible
765597 Pictures on the picture slideshow on become corrupted
790180 android.view.ViewRootImpl$CalledFromWrongThreadException: Only the original thread that created a vi…
790181 Permanent orange: test_bug248970_cache.js hangs without private browsing enabled on aurora and beta
773803 Remove nsIScriptObjectOwner
765620 XMLHttpRequest hangs (in pseudo-timeout) with responseType = "document" and certain HTML (DOM) struc…
757431 Assertion failure: v->toGCThing(), at gc/Marking.cpp:327 or Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::allocated]
773827 (CSP) use of undefined nsresult
773830 ###!!! ABORT: attempt to initialize OOP crash reporter before in-process crashreporter!: 'gException…
790218 Mozmill test failure /testPopups/testPopupsAllowed.js | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly c…
773837 Fix bug in reftests/svg/filters/feDistantLight-filterRes-01.svg
773844 Interface has disappeared in Bing Maps
765665 nsCacheService::GetCacheIOTarget takes cache service lock
691950 Set up directories for W3C CSSWG test suite sync to/from mozilla-central
765684 WebTelephony: invalid argument in Telephony::NotifyError
757503 decomtaminate GetColumnIndexAt/GetRowIndexAt/GetRowAndColumnIndicesAt on accessible tables
773888 DEBUGLOG is extremely expensive
765704 Don't throw when setting XHR.responseType to an invalid value
787924 Update tests in /testAwesomeBar to wait for the string in location bar to be fully typed
782096 java.lang.NullPointerException: at android.os.Parcel.readException( on Galaxy Tab 7.7" (…
772057 hidden symbol `vpx_codec_get_cx_data' isn't defined
732960 Updates for the PSL
765729 New Tab page thumbnails can't be tabbed to
765733 Don't emit singleton array initializers for empty arrays
765734 add gralloc-based layer buffers for gonk
792541 DLL block request: sprotector.dll
741174 Add a silent install option for Mozilla Maintenance Service
773943 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.getTempDirectory(
773952 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp$MenuPanel.onPopulateAccessibilityEvent at or…
749385 Use deferred release for documents in nsHTMLDocumentSH::ReleaseDocument
773962 Crash @ JSObject::swap
765772 input type=number should not allow its value to be a non valid floating point number
683855 Implement input.{width,height}
773970 Disable building WebRTC and mozGetUserMedia after Firefox 16 uplifts to Aurora
757587 WebTelephony: investigate .active and .calls behaviour
765799 newOffset used uninitialized in nsRange::InsertNode
695612 nsRemotedAudioStream::Write is non-blocking
757614 Settings API: allow to observe a single setting
765808 js/src/configure is created with a standalone line 'dn'
757618 [10.7] Lion fullscreen: Closing window while fullscreen leaves one on blank desktop for 10-15 second…
774015 Fix -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor warning
774018 Remove extra ;
757637 Rollup of make system changes for WebRTC
774022 Remove extra ;
765831 Clamp more IME selection and composing region indexes that may overrun our editable content
774024 Remove extra ;
774025 Remove extra ;
765834 Rework and unify keypath handling
766615 Fix nullable WebIDL dictionaries
774028 Fix variable declaration
774029 Remove extra ;
708494 testUntrustedConnectionErrorPage.js fails to find element getMeOutOfHereButton
765839 Enable OOP test suite
763378 arm detection should have correct define when -mfpu=neon on gcc or on MSVC
634773 CSPUtils incorrectly compares two CSPSourceLists - *.equals('none') returns true
774038 remove unused field.
774039 remove unused field.
774040 remove unused field.
756502 Add reason of change to pivot change notifications
757669 Verify licensing on import
774057 Hiding of jsb breaks unit tests
757678 Set IndexedDB permission settings during installation
634800 clean up reportCompileErrorNumberVA()
765874 Implement v1 of recommend/like share button
705182 Timeout exceeded for waitForElement ID: getMeOutButton in testSafeBrowsingWarningPages.js
774072 android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException: at android.os.StrictMode$AndroidBlockGuardPolicy.onNetwork(…
763893 Generate dependentlibs.list from actual library dependencies
708546 Use DOMError in WebSMS
495555 Crash [@ nsAttrValue::ToString] with aria-labelledby, observes and groupbox
750241 Intermittent test_bug708620.html | Not the right error message - got [ Places Maintenance ] or [ WAR…
774095 Make sure that we call nsSVGEffects::UpdateEffects() on frames that are added after the first reflow
733138 crash [@ java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: at java.lang.String.substring( ]
765907 eif-generator.js assertion error with gc zeal at 4
765909 GC: Make slice "when" report the beginning of the slice
774104 Miscellaneous incremental GC fixes
757722 unit_ipc/test_content_annotation.js fails on OS X 10.7 and 10.8
759802 Null-pointer execution/null out of bounds write at libjpeg/jdmarker.c
749538 Failure to create GLContext for RGBX windows (i.e. in RGBX_8888 format)
765930 Reader Mode: Optimize readability check
749551 Alarm API
757747 need enhanced profile data from provider
757749 Leak with canvas, addEventListener, matchMedia
774134 Support S3 texture compression with Mesa drivers
766382 webapps mochitests modify API call results
782332 Retained tiles should not be used with fixed-position layers
765952 Out of memory crash in libdvm or hang after a while in this testcase with font-size: 900;
765956 Remove the non-reentrant closure optimization
761174 Always show a property tooltip
757771 "ASSERTION: invalid end node offset" after select all on input element with maxlength
765976 Simplify CompileFunctionBody's control flow
774169 Strange zooming behavior has appeared in Bing Maps
774178 SocialProvider changes to properly handle "logout"
765989 Add fail on warnings to some gfx directories
765990 Never use Rooted as a temporary, only as a local variable
765992 MOZ_ASSERT failure in /caps/src/nsScriptSecurityManager.cpp:170
762546 Intermittent mixed/mixed-dimentionA.html?border_parent | load failed: timed out waiting for reftest-…
766000 CompositionNotifySink needs a virtual destructor
766002 B2G RIL on Otoro: TypeError: networkTuple is null
766004 Remove LookupCompileTimeConstant()
766007 Create scrollframes for frameset documents
766011 IonMonkey: Only monitor types in InvokeFunction when necessary
766017 Fix some skia warnings
766018 Use-after-free during GC on shutdown
757828 makefiles: move export logic into - batch #1
774216 B2G can't launch app since it's seen as an XP_UNIX by WebappOSUtils.jsm
766025 "Assertion failure: aEditor && aCharData && aNumCharsToDelete" with forwardDelete, <select>
716875 nsTextControlFrame shouldn't inherit from nsStackFrame
782421 Use parsed result when clicking the reader icon
766038 increase system NSPR requirement from 4.9.1 to 4.9.2
774233 The "Settings" button is not responsive when setting up Sync from "Accounts & Sync" settings on HTC …
757855 makefiles: move xpidl* logic into a named makefile - batch #1
774242 Firefox unusable due to constant janking in wininet.dll!IsWpadEnabledForConnectedNetworks innsWindow…
774243 [Linux] Process name changes to RunProcess
774250 IndexedDB: encoding error writing quota in sqlite file
766064 Assertion failure: bce->sc->funIsHeavyweight(), at frontend/BytecodeEmitter.cpp:886
757878 Add a fast path for 8888_over_565 with NEON
659577 Don't alias stack variables
192644 Arabic/Hebrew (done)/Thai (done)/Chinese (done) translation of…
782480 Fix JSDOMParser's removeChild()
774306 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AboutHomeContent$
700583 Crash in nsPluginFile::GetPluginInfo @ pr_FindSymbolInLib
766120 Stop conflating effects offset and continuation union size in nsSVGIntegrationUtils
757932 IonMonkey: Inline call to common getters and setters.
774330 Huge performance regression in Emscripten generated code
782524 window.navigator instanceof window.Window throws unexpected error
774027 Add hidden:true to selected GCLI commands
766159 User-Agent ProductSub depends on whether logging is enabled
766173 Potential malloc error in nsScriptSecurityManager::GetScriptSecurityManager()
659686 Re-license GCLI to a more liberal license
770771 Implement WebappRT unit test framework on Windows
766205 video playback seems to occasionally use RGB frame instead of YCbCr on Fennec
766218 IonMonkey: Make "value === boolean" fast
741644 Implement dppx unit for resolution media query
758034 Clean up how the browser triggers GCs
766227 More nsSVGIntegrationUtils cleanup to make it much easier to understand
766238 [AccessFu] Introduce utility module
758048 Use accelerated layers for <panels>
725286 Plugin placeholder text for the unsupported platforms is misleading
766250 Enable more release-time jemalloc assertions
766251 Reimplement GfxInfo on Android to get GL strings in a Java thread
766253 libyuv (imported with WebRTC) uses uint8 with signed initializers
741682 Support component alpha with BasicLayers
758079 Ordered list numbers cut off on Galaxy Nexus.
749889 Land necessary portion of media/webrtc for getUserMedia on m-c
774031 Remove extra ;
758499 Remove JSRESOLVE_WITH
758106 PoisonPtr should never be a valid pointer
749917 crash in mozilla::AndroidBridge::CheckURIVisited
774495 Matches containing ligatures in awesomebar results should not be underlined, use normal style instea…
766304 ScopedGfxFeatureReporter uses preference service off the main thread
766305 "ASSERTION: could not get text to delete" with large text node
766312 CSS not loading in iframes with pipelining on
749930 Replace uses of nsILocalFile with nsIFile (C++ bits)
749931 "Migration to a clean Firefox profile" feature doesn't suggest browser history migration
766317 Sony Ericsson Experia Pro's HKB cannot enter non-English characters in web forms
448573 configure fails - can't parse "$GCC -v" and retrieve version number with French VC8
766326 ###!!! ASSERTION: invalid default font returned by GetDefaultFont: 'defaultFont'
741755 Browser API: Add canGoBack and canGoForward properties to browser elements
741762 Make localization crop tests a bit more useful
766341 Fix debug warnings in nsDocShell.cpp
766342 Remove unneeded nsresult in nsExternalHelperAppService.cpp
766344 Fix some casts in
766347 It's not possible to pass Rooted<S> to a Foo method if it has Foo(Handle<S>) and Foo(Handle<T>) over…
766349 ClearOnShutdown_Internal::ShutdownObserver needs a virtual destructor
749967 GCLI text input styling can be affected by Light Weight Themes (Personas)
635281 Implement the value sanitizing algorithm for <input type="number">
766355 GC valgrind warnings
749974 Items in Developer tools menu have inconsistent check state
766360 "ASSERTION: bad args" with out-of-tree selection, inserthtml
668066 Oval gray gradient briefly visible when paging to top of webfwd page
766378 adds a createArrayIn() call to create JS arrays in a given scope
766379 Settings API: Add warning if we get or set a non-existing setting
733614 CSS 'height' property on a multi-column block is not respected
766387 "ASSERTION: GetPriorNode screwed up" with insertorderedlist
659894 Firefox 3.6 is the only browser that treats the text "INF" as a number (same for the text INFINITY)
733627 nsWindow::GetNonClientMargins() is using ::GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYFRAME) for both horizontal and vert…
733631 Unit test infrastructure for the webapp runtime
766403 Create a provider class for the social service
692677 Relax same-origin XHR restrictions for privileged applications
766407 B2G video controls display incorrectly
766413 Crash with contentReadOnly, forwardDelete
774607 Remove JS_{Is,Make}SystemObject API
758227 NPAPI plugin stream decomtamination: nsIPluginStreamInfo
733652 remove geolocation address
765034 GC hazard during global object creation
753060 Graphite 2 Assertion failed: (_pre_context == 0), function emit_opcode
766426 "ASSERTION: aNode isn't in mRange, or something else weird happened" with mutation events, extractCo…
766428 IonMonkey: Inline calls to Lambda when possible
766429 Minimize the size of the offscreen surfaces created for SVG group opacity, masks and complex clipPat…
714832 [Linux] the redo command should also have the ctrl-y shortcut
791011 When hitting the back or forward button socket connections are being dropped
758248 fuelApplication.js Window._shutdown() removeEventListener() call is wrong
725486 Failure in testSecurity/testSubmitUnencryptedInfoWarning.js | The value in the search field should e…
766447 TI: Allow tracking of DOM instances in TypeObjects
766449 Default header file name in bindings config should replace :: with / instead of using just the leafn…
774037 Fix -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor warning
766462 Intermittent test_cursor_mutation.html test_create_index_with_integer_keys.html…
758273 Device Storage - enumeration option to filter based on last modification date
766468 IonMonkey: Inline creation of callobjects with dynamic slots
750096 JavaScript execution via special HTML in RSS view; XSS when pasting malicious content into contented…
766481 Handle window.alert/prompt/confirm in <iframe> within <iframe mozbrowser>
758291 Remove PDF Viewer addon on update
758297 Move browser element code to dom/browser-element
761763 Re-enable Mac a11y in nightly
659999 Add a meterbar and meterchunk appearances
766497 wifiManager.enabled value is not "synced" across the frame
766500 wifiManager.connectionInfoUpdate does not fire every 5 sec as said on IDL
766505 update the default Mac font prefs to include Indic and other fonts now shipped with OS X
758314 Allow end-user to override error when MD5 cert is encountered
766510 We need to delete persisted.addons in teardown of testAddons_uninstallExtension/test5.js
766512 Rename tab.responsiveUI to tab.__responsiveUI
761268 GCLI has hard-coded strings (e.g. "Available commands:", "Commands starting with:")
791103 ARMv6 tests on ARMv7 for Beta 16
725572 Remove nsIAccessibilityService::GetAccessible()
766535 [devtb] this.DeveloperToolbar is undefined when starting Firefox with toolbar previously visible
758344 Arbitrary code execution using javascript: url
758357 Only show prompt after 50mb of quota was reached
733783 GCLI needs commands to support breakpoint stepping
758366 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting null vs. undefined with/without ion
766560 Remove --with-endian from in-tree mozconfigs
750178 [OS.File] Export OS.Constants to the main thread
766569 CSP lacks l10n support
635498 Make <input type='number'> behaves like <input type='text'>
635499 Implement the max attribute for <input type='number'>
766579 Support stack intertwining (C++/JS/Labels)
774775 XRayWrapper does not handle new bindings constants
766597 no option to move a tab to a group if the folder is empty
758408 "Assertion failure: &obj->getSlotRef(slot) == this,"
750217 Android crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::TimerWithID
758413 Move of jpeg to gkmedia breaks anything using JPEG_LIBS (which now refers to a library we don't buil…
537230 Modifying spellchecked text may lead to discontinuity in the misspelling marker
758415 Implement per-origin Xray expando sharing for Wrapped Natives
750231 Opus crash illegal instruction [@quant_band]
717466 IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_INSTANCEOF
635553 Implement the min attribute for <input type='number'>
635554 Implement :in-range and :out-of-range for <input> when the element is suffering from a value overflo…
651942 Add a list of recently-opened files to the file menu of the Scratchpad
770844 Consider putting indexedDB on the window object itself, not on Window.prototype
762654 Switch the 2d canvas context to new DOM bindings
766647 Multiple screenshots get queued up and processed unnecessarily
750279 [meta] Untangle front-end state
766664 make double-including not break things
766666 GLContext.cpp:2955:14: error: variable ‘found’ set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-variable]
766668 Screenshot buffer-copy assumes 0,0 is the top-left corner of the page
742099 Localize pdf.js strings and replace with the final strings for release
750297 Paris bindings for WebGLUniformLocation
766683 Export nsNSSShutdown.h from PSM so that other modules can use it
758496 Remove unused file libnetutils.js
758497 Figure out Cursor.advance arg size
758498 Add extra debugging for DHCP failures
750307 "Assertion failure: isBoolean(),"
766694 Add a test to check existence of each nsIDOM* interface in window scope
766696 MessagePump's event loop doesn't wake up when idle-work is added to the queue
758509 Create JSScript before doing bytecode generation
766707 Free dynamic slots if we OOM during object allocation
766713 IonMonkey: (ARM) LoadValue does not handle all of the cases that it should.
766717 nsNodeInfoManager needs to be able to add itself to the purple buffer
758533 crash in nsDisplayBackground::TryOptimizeToImageLayer
742151 WebIDL parser's error reporting seems to not be very good with line numbers
742152 Consider moving distinguishing index determination and verification of type-identity of preceding ar…
742153 Need WebIDL binding support for dictionaries
660238 Add pseudo-class to access optimal, sub-optimal and sub-sub-optimal <meter> elements
776325 WM_CLASS not set properly on xulrunner applications and apps where the app name is not the same as t…
758561 "ASSERTION: Mask layer has invalid transform"
766757 Can't use both REPLACE_HISTORY and BYPASS_CACHE flags when calling nsIWebNavigation::loadURI()
742185 Argument unwrapping should be converted to CGThings
742202 IsArrayLike needs to check for various typed array stuff
766779 [AccessFu] Introduce Android explore by touch
766780 [AccessFu] Introduce Android scrolling events
734015 Slow down parsing of web pages in background tabs.
758595 don't include CodeResources file in builds that aren't getting signed
742213 isDistinguishableFrom should check whether two interfaces can be implemented by the same object
742214 Refactor the interface case in overload resolution once argument unwrapping uses CGThings
766792 "ASSERTION: Somehow there's stuff in the op queue" in nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor::~nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor
766793 layout/media not always relinking when things change
766795 "Assertion failure: IsElement()" with fragment-owned element in selection
766796 No particles in Spectrascade WebGL demo (regression)
766797 Fix compiler warnings in APKOpen.cpp
774990 Copying a profile with a disabled restartless add-on to a different directory causes extensions to f…
766812 Exception in HUDService-content.js when the Web Console is closed during network requests
749029 Apps cannot operate offline right now - Offline cache cannot be used
775010 autocomplete.css is not preprocessed on Windows XP
766821 Clear dead wood from Bindings
766822 WebTelephony: add tests for hanging up dialing/alerting/holding calls
775016 [fr] Better translation for Email Link
750445 Fix for bug 235853 landed broken: unused variable in LookupProxyInfo.
758644 Contents/CodeResources isn't included in MARs
750454 FUEL causes lots of leaks until shutdown, can also cause 10+minute shutdown times
766783 nsBulletFrame::mComputedSize is unnecessary
766844 Non-callback interfaces must not inherit from callback interfaces
766845 "ASSERTION: bad aEndOffset" (and crash) when inserthtml deletes multiple ranges
660351 [l20n] Separate object referencing and attribute referencing expression
758659 Don't use int32 in GIF2.h
758660 Panorama telemetry gatherer checks global PB state
758661 Remove XAML interop support because MS is dropping support for metro browsers
381831 reftest 346774-1a.html fails with native form controls on Mac OS X (border of <select size="1">)
783241 add extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}/preview.png to
381834 reftest 348516-1.html fails on Mac OS X with native form controls (border of <select> listbox)
758670 Use stdint types instead of stdin ones in dom
766866 B2G RIL: DataCallInfo.apn is null in RILv6
725909 Make Maps and Sets iterable
766870 B2G RIL: Simplify the nsIRILDataCallback.dataCallStateChanged interface
766871 Handle in <iframe> within <iframe mozbrowser>
766877 EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT crash in nsXPCWrappedJSClass::DelegatedQueryInterface @ GetContextFromObject wi…
504735 --disable-threadsafe/--enable-threadsafe confusion in configure
775072 Firefox rewrites Wiktionary URL's server to wilt.wiktionary
758691 Failure in awesomebar tests with 'Autocomplete popup has been opened'
766885 [pt-PT] awesomebar placeholder awesomebar_default_text not translated
766891 B2G RIL: nsIRadioInterfaceLayer.DATACALL_STATE_* values is not synced with ril_consts.js
734125 Nonexistent file mochitest/globalstorage/ listed in
766896 Have InvalidateAllContinuations use GetNextContinuationOrSpecialSibling
766899 IonMonkey: Remove some unnecessary register moves
766902 Don't listen for fullscreenchange when screen has been locked by an application
766903 Cleanup eventlisteners when nsScreen is reseted
766904 Make sure unlockOrientation() is a no-op if the orientation wasn't locked
709564 [meta] B2G SMS
734145 B2G RIL: Support USSD codes
766929 NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(mConnectionInfo->UsingSSL()) failing [websockets http proxy]
570322 random fail of image map (area) accessible creation
747683 [adbe 3172259] Crash Report [@ LdrShutdownProcess ] with Flash 11.3 "Protected Mode for Firefox"
766798 Stop throwing NAMESPACE_ERR from querySelector(All)
753145 JSScripts should carry complete scope nesting information
766937 Add scrollMaxX/Y properties to elements
770896 Win8 Elm zip installs / installer currently missing vccorlib110.dll
742376 DisableDevice is being called with types that are not known device sensors
765436 Remove all unused maps in XPCMaps
750575 Invalid read (from deleted presShell) calling canvas strokeText during full-screen transition
759978 Inline property assignment after normal property assignment in constructor (much) slower on TI/JM
766975 xpcshell.o deps get clobbered on Unix platforms
734215 Constructing a typed array with a security-wrapped array buffer produces incorrect result
766985 Don't show the warning triangle icon for sites with mixed content
766988 Disabling screenshot code still allows incremental screenshot updates
758799 [Mac] remove mIsExpired from mozAccessible
750612 [Mac] Too much is exposed to VoiceOver that is actually not currently visible/interactable
766999 In the developer toolbar, the debugger should be named "debugger", not "Script"
765444 Update device storage paths for Gonk
767005 FF 13 "signed in or out another window" for due to use system proxy setting
769541 After landing Bug 758620, Some CSS causes a problem of re-painting(Tabstrip, Favicon, Label, etc.)
783393 Breakpoints not getting caught on reload
758823 configure creates egg-info directories in the source tree
758620 Better support for zooming (including asynchronous rendering) with fixed position layers
767021 [OS.File] A few bugs to fix
726062 B2G UA is wrong, better fix
767024 Building android on OS X fails due to missing readelf
767034 xpcom/glue/arm.cpp:165: error: expected declaration before '}' token
758844 Quiet graphics code during startup
758846 "Assertion failure: p.found()" with gczeal and chrome-content interaction
771056 Profile dump (temporary) path should not be hardcoded
751143 Add restart tests and disable skipped tests in manifest files
758861 Don't redefine stdin types in basictypes.h
734294 when installing an app the InstallTime is returning undefined
767064 WebGL should prefer 565 (or native) on mobile for alpha-less contexts
767074 Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at jsval.h:731 or Crash [@ js::gc::ArenaHeader::allocated]
775270 charset menu
717927 [jsdbg2] Crash [@ js::workers::Worker::jsTraceWorker] with shell workers and debugger
726125 Certificate of a signed extension is validated on each startup
767087 Add a flag to force content sniffing on nsHttpChannel and nsBaseChannel.
767088 Add SAMPLE_LABEL to nsDOMWindowUtils::SendMouseEventToWindow
767096 Optimize nsICachingChannel interface for offline cache writing
791687 Remove support for NSIS 2.33
709771 JS code needs to be able to figure the OS, even from a (chrome) thread
758925 update in-tree virtualenv to 1.7.2
769560 GCLI should include jsbeautifier in the set of tools it provides to Firefox
767130 Create nsINode.cpp
767133 Add slide-in animation for arrow panels
767134 Stuff principal for forms in the contentpolicy calls
765467 Fix special operations in the WebIDL parser
767141 moar rooting 1
772296 3D animation text disappears during animation
775350 navigational menu item expands and collapses, when it should open and remain open
767159 remove synchronous DNS resolution in nsSOCKSIOLayer.cpp
767169 "Assertion failure: NS_SUCCEEDED(nsRange::CompareNodeToRange(lastCandidate, mRange, &nodeBefore, &no…
758980 Certain font disappears when page scroll down and resize width
758990 Don't allow feed: URLs with an innerURI that inherits the page's security context
767184 Make test_complex_keyPath.html run in xpcshell too
767186 Always return the same JSObject for IDB[ObjectStore|Index].keyPath
742614 Allocation of string is not checked in WebSockets text frame parsing, which can lead to data being t…
767193 FileHandles do not get GCed/removed when overwritten in indexeddb
776399 undo incompatible IDL changes done in bug 663057
708133 adobe acrobat x pro addon
742626 Allow indexedDB parent directory to not be the default profile directory
766843 Menu no longer renders in Firefox
750820 Use-after-free in nsGlobalWindow::PageHidden
759013 Convert more makefiles to use TEST_DIRS
759014 Remove embedding/examples
783601 Remove extra textContent reference from getInnerText()
767218 IonMonkey: name cache attempts to use an uninitialized label
759036 [Azure] Enabling Azure-Thebes breaks mask layers
767230 Don't trigger a GC in MaybeGC when we are still sweeping in the background
742659 move nsARIAMap::UniversalStatesFor to aria namespace
775435 GC hazard with cross-compartment sNPObjectMemberClass::npobjWrapper
767250 redefined webrtc targets fails b2g build
761391 Add some more exact stack rooters
766853 Don't allow callback interfaces or non-interface types in implements statements
767264 remove uses of do_QueryObject() in CAccessibleHyperlink
767269 ia2AccessibleText and ia2AccessibleEditbleText QI shouldn't call QI for nsIAccessibleText / Editabl…
759082 Remove nsIScriptContext::InitOuterWindow
767275 Add more detailed cache lock telemetry
767289 [New Tab page] The :hover border should follow the dragImage instead of staying with the thumbnail t…
669002 Newer builds on OS X are a lot bigger
759115 Bump minimum Android SDK API level we require to 14
767312 Update PSL for .SH
760972 [AccessFu] After fix for bug 758884, inconsistent behavior when a skip link is encountered
754575 Cache.Trash* files fill up disk space
767329 virtualenv fails with an assertion error if python is installed into /
750953 FUEL Window objects create a large number of objects until shutdown
767338 crash in mozilla::HangMonitor::GetChromeHangReport @ GetPdbInfo
759158 Add accessibility status to about:support
775543 Passing a Worker object to console.log() results in a crash
767352 Switch WebIDL parser to create one object per method override
775552 Logic error in bug 755264
767370 Uninitialised value use in nsIDOMKeyEvent_GetCharCode
767373 The "Filter scripts" textbox is cleared when checking/unchecking the "Pause on exceptions" checkbox
767377 The filtering textbox expands when entering a string
767384 The script from the dropdown is kept when loading a page with no scripts after loading one with scri…
767388 Kill NS_DEBUG
767389 about:home and about:newtab are intermittently shown in the Debugger dropdown
767399 When navigating between web pages with the Back and Forward buttons, the same scripts are displayed …
775592 MOZ Transition Ruined by FF 14 - works in all previous - including competitor browsers. No smoothnes…
767401 Clearing the searched token in the scripts filter should also clear the "find next" history
767403 Fix dependent libs generation on *BSD after bug 763893
751858 location's PUNCTURE policy throws without setting an exception
759219 need exposedProps on injected objects
718260 Intermittent crash in test_xhrAbort.html [@ mozilla::dom::workers::xhr::XMLHttpRequestPrivate::Dispa…
742841 Store Debugger.X objects in the cross-compartment map
767419 IonMonkey: Support idempotent GetProperty ICs
718290 Crash [@ ClearAllTextRunReferences] with font inflation and 'white-space' that preserves newlines
701908 restartTests/testAddons_installMultipleExtensions causing a hang in testruns
751064 Facebook like buttons and Google +1 buttons do not operate properly within apps not on facebook or g…
636379 Intermittent WinXP (and no other platform except WinXP) TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS (not TEST-UNEXPECTED-FA…
759263 virtualenv uses CFLAGS instead of HOST_CFLAGS
767462 Allow controlling outside-click event consumption with an attribute
767479 Crash in NS_StackWalk
767488 Cache windows handle used for stackwalking
792065 Uninitialised value use in nsIdleServiceDaily::DailyCallback
759299 Remove identity-box-inner and page-proxy-stack
767493 GetUsage should participate in the WaitForOpenAllowed scheme
762796 Make access key tests more verbose in reporting affected nodes
753239 Implement a DOM component for
759309 de-ns-ify nsHTMLCanvasAccessible
710159 GCLI needs a command to control addons
772355 use nsStyleDisplay::IsFloating in a couple of places rather than inspecting mFloats
759317 IonMonkey: (ARM) Crash due to Illegal instruction 0xffff0004
767512 Fix connection pressure for non-SSL CONNECT
759323 IonMonkey: (ARM) Assertion failure:<InstBranchImm>(), at arm/Assembler-arm.cpp:1944 or Cra…
767519 Add NS_flooredModulo to nsMathUtils
783909 Fixup app update timer prefs
770993 ConsoleAPI.js consumes excessive amounts of memory
783912 [ARMv6] Use more conservative GC settings for ARMv6
767543 Multiple swyped words are broken in AwesomeScreen using Swype Beta
767546 WebIDLError should take a list of locations
772363 Implement installation API for packaged apps
759364 Run the Silverlight plugin OOP in 32-bit mode on OS X
751180 OMTC Linux: WebGL does not work with OMTC + layers acceleration
570968 Divison By Zero in pango code with font containing bad GPOS table
783971 [gcli] GCLI popup not appearing at its correct position
759402 crash in TraceXPCGlobal
710258 Don't allow the debugger to be open in more than one window
734835 Failure in testBackgroundTabScrolling | Right scroll arrow has been highlighted
792181 Suppress all WN pages for updates to FF16 (and only 16)
710262 Chrome profile migrator does not import default bookmarks.html
767607 Intermittent test_create_objectStore.html, test_remove_index.html | indexedDB error, 'NS_ERROR_DOM_I…
764181 Keep the output of the TRC between 0 and 1
769645 Use nsDisplayClip to do the content box clipping for nsSVGOuterSVGFrame
759442 IonMonkey: Create rectifier frames for overflow of arguments too.
767643 Incremental GC: Assertion failure in jsgc.cpp leading to a crash
767647 Stop invalidating once for every SVG descendant of a changed SVG container, and stop invalidating th…
759459 Build broken on FreeBSD since patch for bug #745034 landed
767654 Fix laughably out-of-date comment in nsIDOMMozBrowserFrame.idl
761457 Make NonGenericMethodGuard's signature more normal
775848 BasicShadowLayerManager::mRepeatTransaction is uninitialized
521898 IPDL should allow me to use a union in another protocol
734891 Content scripts need more privileges (cross domain features)
767660 "Assertion failure: pnu->isUsed(),"
767665 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting TypeError vs no TypeError w/without ion
767667 Differential Testing: Getting [object Object] vs null w/without -d
661172 The GCLI popup menu should be accessible in addition to the main command line
767672 Enable smooth scrolling on webapp runtime
767679 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: isObject(),"
743107 OrderedHashTable
767684 Font size changes inconsistently in the compose window when using the increase/decrease buttons
710347 Failure in testPasswordManager :: testPasswordNotSaved
767693 [New Tab Page] need to save block list when unblocking a site
751310 ensure Yahoo identity provider works in runtime
767697 Stop invalidating rendering observers of ancestors of SVG frames that only render by reference
636627 Implement stepDown() and stepUp() for <input type='number'>
767700 Mix of DOS and Unix line endings in the PSL
767701 Add missing nsSVGEffects::InvalidateDirectRenderingObservers() call to the clipPath code
767705 decomtaminate GetSelectedCells() on accessible tables
636634 Add GetMin() and GetMax() to nsHTMLInputElement returning float values and refactorize
759521 WebTelephony: investigate test failures for outgoing calls
775915 Fix eval cache performance regression
759535 RasterImage.cpp:1459:10: warning: unused variable ‘wasAnimating’ [-Wunused-variable]
767729 [GCLI] pressing Tab on an empty Developer Toolbar inserts "break"
767734 Give GetCanvasTM knowledge of what the request is for so it can do the right thing when SVG display …
784126 Fix JSDOMParser textContent setter
766933 Correct remaining nsIScreen_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH comment in nsBaseScreen.h
767744 rm UndominateInitializers
661252 Meter with "-moz-orient: vertical;" should have vertical dimensions by default
767750 rm JSScript::evalHashLink
661256 Port patch from bug 660200. to content/html/content/test/test_bug657938.html ("onFormSubmission is n…
767757 Move nsAccessNode::Init() to Accessible::Init()
767775 Firefox crash in mozilla::plugins::PPluginInstance::Transition with abort message: "###!!! ABORT: __…
718625 [Mac] VoiceOver says "text" after each chunk of text it reads inside paragraphs, does not do that in…
767779 Animated gif stops animating
775976 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.handleThumbnailData(
767790 Remove nsIHTMLDocument::{Get,Set}IsFrameset
761480 add Number.isFinite
767802 Building xulrunner fails on Windows when building redit.exe
767806 Don't create a useless string every time we check for input's validity
759616 Launch of a web application should be centered on first start-up of the application on a machine
636737 Implement valueAsNumber for <input type='number'>
759619 The location of the window needs to be remembered if a user moves it - each app launch should start …
767813 Set the consumeoutsideclicks attribute on panels instead of calling popupBoxObject.setConsumeRollupE…
767819 testDefaultBookmarks failed | waitForPageLoad(): Timeout waiting for page loaded
767820 Failure in testAboutPrivateBrowsing.js | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed
767821 Failure in testRemoveAllCookies.js | Timeout waiting for page loaded
767822 Failure in testGreyLarry.js | Timeout waiting for page loaded
767823 Make the SVG filter code use the visual overflow rect of SVG frames
759637 B2G RIL: Add DOM APIs for automatic and manual network selection mode
767835 new tabs show about:privatebrowsing with "Never remember history"
767836 show custom newtab page in private browsing mode if configured
767840 Let middleMousePaste call openUILink instead of whereToOpenLink and openUILinkIn
767844 Store meta data in profile
759653 BasicLayers.cpp ABORTs in DEBUG mode on B2G
759656 Some PopupNotification consumers expect a notification argument to the mainAction callback
718700 [Mac] WAI-ARIA landmarks are not communicated to VoiceOver.
767864 armv6 builds of Native Fennec need to use unique %BUILD_TARGET% in update queries
759675 crash in XPCWrappedNativeScope::TraceJS @ JS_DHashTableEnumerate
702344 Squash main thread PermissionManager sqlite outputs (moz_hosts table)
694594 Crashes with gcc 4.4.3
767894 Device Storage - move test from dom/tests/mochitest/devicestorage to dom/devicestorage/
759703 Intermittent browser_pluginnotification.js | Test 16b, Should have a click-to-play notification | Te…
792480 Gfx driver block request: AMD driver 8.982.0.0
702369 ensure that web app install caches them into app cache on B2G
759719 Crash [@ malloc_consolidate] or Glibc abort with memory corruption, related to invalid access in JSS…
759726 Make nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal::SetCanvasElement return void
784311 Dummy test necessary for remote restart tests due to 0 passing tests
759736 Add VO-only mode for FF a11y on mac.
767936 Switch CanvasImageCache to use Element as a key instead of nsIDOMElement
759754 With toolbar.customization.usesheet=true, the customization document stays alive after closing the s…
759755 Links on some web pages are rendered misplaced
767957 Dead code checks for shistory in nsDocShell::AddState
767965 Web App Runtime should disable installation of distribution extensions
759775 Checkerboard telemetry code doesn't take into account RTL pages
563169 Use system proxy settings doesn't work on Windows
743396 Don't unmark non-collected compartments during GC
563191 deprecated conversion from string constant to char* in nsAuthSambaNTLM::SpawnNTLMAuthHelper
767994 reset the toolbar error counter when the clear button is pressed
767996 crash in nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds
784382 Mixed subpixel and grayscale AA on windows 8
767999 Actually use QuotaExceededError
784386 Big memory spikes on readability check
768004 IonMonkey: Don't monitor the stack value for non-ResumeAfter bailouts
759817 Repair an inheritance issue
768019 Cached CSS warnings are displayed as JavaScript warnings on Web Console open
759833 ARIA documents should fire document loading events
784410 Scrolling by the turn of the mouse wheel stops working on certain element
768027 IonMonkey: Try to fold comparisons with null/undefined
760156 Cleanup LOCAL_INCLUDES in content/media/
735278 Linker doesn't call fini_array function in reverse order of those of init_array
768050 Make TypedArray::Create take a wrapper cache and create JS objects in the compartment of the cache's…
776253 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AboutHomeContent.onInterceptTouchEvent(AboutHom…
762891 IonMonkey: Fix ss-fannkuch phi specialization
768071 rm TypeSet::hasGlobalObject
768079 "ASSERTION: How did we end up with a 3D transform here?!"
759891 Update libjpeg-turbo to 1.2.x branch r831 (or later)
768085 Shut up the Yacc spew, and pickle the WebIDL grammar so we don't have to regenerate it every single …
637014 "Assertion failure: compartment mismatched" with makeFinalizeObserver
759895 Fix typed array rooting issues with destructor ordering
747876 Efficient JS File API: synchronous front-end
693263 Support CF_HDROP format for drag & dropped files
769723 Unnecessary kungFuDeathGrips in the idle API code
770000 Video control on html5 video repaint too often on Youtube player
523964 CROSS_COMPILE jscpucfg on OSX assumes OSX->OSX
751729 File dialogs don't open when SeaMonkey and Firefox are run with Visual Themes disabled in Windows 7
772457 Remove compile-time option to disable ANGLE, replace it by an option to disable WebGL altogether (al…
735355 Update mozmill tests to use MPL2 license block
792702 java.lang.IllegalThreadStateException: Expected thread 1 ("main"), but running on thread <n> ("Gecko…
776323 Crash with inserthtml, strikethrough on img
587909 Improve the visual style of location bar results
776329 crash in nsSurfaceTexture::GetTransformMatrix on Honeycomb and above
776331 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::RedrawPlugin on ICS and JB
735373 3D transforms of images seems to have been broken
776334 crash in mozilla::gl::GLContextEGL::ReleaseSharedHandle on Honeycomb and above
768150 The developer toolbar should be preffed on by default [devtb][GCLI]
759970 Result of reaching the end of a cursor should be 'null'
751785 Make Selection.toString() API use DOMString instead of wstring
735402 IonMonkey: Optimize JSOP_FUNAPPLY
735406 IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_ARGUMENTS
759989 Add test to ensure device sensors are shutdown when listeners are removed
759991 Rekeying can trigger infinite loop
719035 [New Tab Page] Write keyboard navigation tests
743612 Gonk fallback rendering path is broken
768190 Dictionary members should not allow [TreatNullAs] or [TreatUndefinedAs] annotations
760007 IPDL: Fix the C++ test harness and (cross-process) TestOpens
760011 Make nsIMozSmsRequest inherit from nsIDOMDOMRequest
719054 matrix() and matrix3d() with length units should be parse errors
743631 Check keycodes instead of scancodes when detecting keyevents
751826 crash in mozilla::plugins::parent::_getproperty
768214 Crash [@ ResolveRelativePath] or [@ js::workers::Worker::create] with Worker in js shell
760035 nsIBrowserSearchService asynchronous clients
771110 Properly log the file name under which profile data is saved
760047 Don't handle a null aDocument in nsGlobalWindow::SetNewDocument
760049 Move nsIScriptContext::CreateNativeGlobalForInner to nsGlobalWindow.cpp
743666 Figure out what to do about XHR.onuploadprogress
760052 execCommand() should return false if the command isn't enabled
768249 IonMonkey: Refactor MCallOptimize.cpp
746273 Double-check mfbt/FloatingPoint.h's bitwise floating point operations for correctness
686335 Bad plugin search order prevents upgrading Flash without an OS restart
784640 [fr] Infinitive for "Find the next/previous occurrence of the phrase" tooltips
760067 Release all OfflineCache custom profile files ASAP after custom profile cache update has finished
784644 Test failure 'The page title matches the underlined text - 'grants' should equal 'grant' ' in /testA…
768265 Really enable AudioUnit cubeb backend
768270 IonMonkey: Inline calls to constructors
760083 Clean up and consolidate toolbar customization tests
768276 Implement new behavior for getInstalled/getSelf/getAll/getNotInstalled
760088 content/chrome/dom/plugins/test/test_clear_site_data.html ran additional tests after finish() was ca…
768282 GCCycle may be run multiple times for any CC_FORCED GC
751904 [responsive] design view GCLI commands
784674 Improve byline fetching in Readability.js
760100 mozSettings throw a __exposedProps__ warning when returning a result
760102 Authorize web applications to use fullscreen by default
760109 Make __exposedProps__ more aware of the prototype
760118 crash in JSCompartment::wrap @ xpc::WrapperFactory::PrepareForWrapping
506172 going to malware site with redirect causes info bar to disappear
760130 Skip tests that rely on Flash if it's not installed
760131 Quickstub argument unwrapping fails for security-wrapped list proxy and paris binding objects
792903 crash in DrawingContext::CreateLinearGradientBrush mainly with Location Bar Enhancer
735560 WebGL multiple conformance-test-suite crashes in glsl/functions/
751949 Reloading a page when the debuggee is paused results in: ASSERTION: Mismatched calls to ResumeTimeou…
760143 Get rid of useless nsresult in editor/
768348 printout is empty when scaling below 25%
760162 Remove obsolete comment about nsCRT::mem* functions in nsCRT.h
776547 Crash [@ java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.TextSelection$…
760171 The inspector node menu feature allows the user to remove tabbed browsing
768364 Shutdown crash [@ mozilla::hal_impl::ModifyWakeLock]
768367 B2G RIL: send/received SMS failed on Otoro
768377 Back out Bug 762153 due to regression on akami
768381 [OS.File] More bugs to fix
768400 Re-opening a transparent panel sometimes renders outdated content for a split second
768403 GCLI completes a completed command with a command duplicate
768405 Update AddressSanitizer mozconfig for using Clang with tooltool
772738 Avoid "unused variable 'tmp'" warnings for empty CC traverse method implementations
776600 Implement the "orientation" property of the app manifest for web apps on Android
784809 createPattern should allow null for the repeat argument
768428 B2G RIL: REQUEST_GET_IMSI doesn't have response on Akami
768436 IonMonkey: Crash [@ JSScript::hasAnalysis] with use-after-free
768446 crash in CrashIfInvalidSlot
760264 when running reftests on android native, we have a failure in layout/reftests/text-overflow/scroll-…
743888 Replace SVGException and XPathException with DOMException
342486 nsSyncLoader::LoadDocument should take a loader principal, not URI
711130 summarize per-compartment data so that it is easy to see aggregate quantities/percentages
768494 Provide an accessibility string for the menu button on ICS
760304 Reflect.parse needs to be updated to support defaults and rest parameters
760323 Runtime fails to create WebGL contexts without Direct X End-User Runtime Installed
760336 When seeking in an unbuffered range on a live stream, playback stops and |played| reports bogus valu…
760337 Add JS_ASSERT(initialized()) where appropriate in HashTable.h
768533 mozilla::dom::Uint8ClampedArray::Create should use JS_NewUint8ClampedArray
309782 SVG group opacity performance should be better
768538 Fix undefined behavior in CheckedInt
760347 nsDeviceSensor.cpp ASSERTs in debug builds for light sensors
760354 implement IsInDocument as accessible flag
760365 Preload appcache into webapp's profile during installation
760374 testBlueLarry fails with Disconnect error
768570 Fix all the warnings in CheckedInt
752187 Drop prefix for gradients
760380 Stop calling mOfflineCacheEntry->GetLastModified when processing response from normal cache
752202 [comm-central, Windows] "Could not create the directory: ..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\_tests\testing\moch…
761613 Merge nsIPrivateDOMEvent to nsIDOMEvent
768598 add support for saving LR register
277079 "Close other tabs" should always warn about closing multiple tabs
760415 Firefox crashes if locking and unlocking Windows XP while on
768614 WebGL compositing broken on Android (affects only Firefox 14)
761618 IonMonkey: Use IonMonkey only for hot scripts
768626 Add missing PropertyId rooting methods
760443 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: ShiftAmount == imm, at ion/arm/Assembler-arm.h:555
760450 Work out why GCLI popup panels are not transparent on mac/linux
768654 Device Storage - Add test that verifies the content written
760463 de-ns-ify nsBaseWidgetAccessible
768669 Move remaining DOM list proxy bindings from behind the pref
752286 crash in nsJSNPRuntime::OnPluginDestroy @ XPCWrappedNative::GetUsedOnly
768677 Remote debugger asks for host:port, displays http://host:port/ as default value
768688 Disable incremental GC for Firefox 15; re-enable compartment GCs
793273 FF16 CTP blocklist should never be triggered
719552 Scheme-less URLs references in the style sheet are lost when editing
776909 Crash Report [@ java.lang.IllegalStateException: MultiChoicePreference entryKeys and initialValues a…
768723 Split up BasicLayers.cpp into a few files
752340 js::FunctionProxyClass needs a finalizer
539356 Replace Invalidate() calls in reflow with display list analysis
744157 Return nsICSSDeclaration from Element::GetSMILOverrideStyle
768736 Define constants of native virtual keycodes for nsIDOMWindowUtils::SendNativeKeyEvent() users
768742 OS/2 IME level3 support
662251 Default style and colors for the meter element
768748 "ASSERTION: bad args" with out-of-tree selection, insertorderedlist
761020 Add nsIDocument::GetDocumentType()
768765 "Assertion failure: selection->Collapsed() (Selection not collapsed after delete)" with multiple sel…
768766 css-valid reftest failures with DLBI
768768 Launch app from shell, close, then launch it from terminal results in no icon showing up in task bar…
768775 Gradient perf is unusably slow on test case
752407 Thumbnail cache should be created in the Local profile folder, not the Roaming ones
793370 crash in nsWebShellWindow::Initialize
757551 Remove JS_ConstructObject* APIs
760608 Preconnecting first connection with NullTransaction to non-SPDY HTTPS servers broken, hang for 30 se…
754202 Pull principals directly off the context/object compartment
686886 Port bug 680747 and bug 680518 to nsMeterFrame
760625 Use the blocklist to inform click-to-play plugins
580408 import latest jemalloc changes into our source tree
770297 Call to isLaunchable in getSelf/getInstalled/getAll/getNotInstalled needs to be the app origin, not …
760643 Device Storage - Delete isn't working
768842 [BrowserAPI] Inform embedder when we show a Gecko error page
761655 Firefox ignores X-Frame-Options when set to SAMEORIGIN, SAMEORIGIN (duplicated header)
785228 nsGlobalWindow is described twice during traverse
752468 Old jetpack versions cause zombie compartments (gecko regression)
761569 Failure in testCloseWindow | can't access dead object
768863 [AccessFu] EBT should give a bit more context for touched items
760675 Avoid using a global GL context on Android (we'll see later if we have to on some devices)
760680 Update shell integration default browser check for Windows 8
785259 the override in CheckCertOverridesbits are not correctly cleared
752493 Current metro builds crash on suspend
760707 Allow layout/mathml/ to download and convert the W3C dictionary
523140 Improve language of "Start New Session" string in about:sessionrestore
760709 Isolate E4X jittests
727956 investigate whether Emscripten/Mandreel benefit from type barriers and require chunked compilation
772590 The plugin category manager should account for multiple plugins per MIME
523162 prtypes.h always included in a CROSS_COMPILE build
768925 API for WebTelephony conference calls
768927 Improve error message strings for problems hit when launching an app in the web runtime
760747 Wrong check in Mac and Windows webapp runtimes
760749 Can't use an interface type as a constructor argument in Paris bindings
783517 Win8 crash in atidxx32.dll (ATI driver version 8.982.0.0)
760755 de-ns-ify nsHTMLImageMapAccessible
760756 de-ns-ify nsHTMLLinkAccessible
760757 de-ns-ify nsHTMLSelectAccessible
760758 de-ns-ify nsHTMLTableAccessible
760774 switch ARIA role map to atoms
760794 tabView2.title and tabview2.moveToUnnamedGroup.label need l10n comments (
760795 build failure in nsGenericHTMLElement.cpp when MOZ_MEDIA is undefined
760804 PDF viewer should use a single unicode character instead of "..." and should have localization comme…
768997 nsAccUtils::IsTextInterfaceSupportCorrect() is too expensive and called too often in DEBUG
556009 Implement step attribute for <input type='number'>
760812 correct bitflags for objects allocated by size in nsPresArena
769008 "ASSERTION: null node passed to GetBlockNodeParent()"
767848 backout NSPR MSVC version detection change from bug 448573
770849 Move StmtInfoBCE to BytecodeEmitter.cpp
760831 split out per-node type stats in about:memory
760834 Fix mIterationCallback initialization order warning
777220 Temporarily disable slow SQL reporting
760837 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js | expectUncaughtException was calle…
769040 Remove JSACC_PARENT
777237 Update testGoButton.js to match latest version of Litmus tests
769048 Attach to and report on crashes in FlashPlayerPlugin_*.exe processes which are children of our plugi…
777242 Rename utils.assertElementVisible() to utils.isDisplayed()
785436 PageThumbsWorker.js url is wrong when creating the worker in PageThumbs.jsm
760868 Gmail includes scripts names that make the debugger script list too long
777260 Text not rendered in <input> until switching tabs or otherwise re-rendering the window
760878 decomtaminate Get Row / Column Description() on accessible tables
760880 decomtaminate Is Column / Row / Cell Selected() on accessible tables
760881 decomtaminate Select Row / Column() on accessible tables
760882 XBL Bindings appear in the debugger script dropdown if the debugger is open when the page is refresh…
638004 Various "…deprecated for NSScrollWheel. Please use…" messages to console on first trackpad scroll
769077 Uninitialized render buffers do not report memory usage correctly
769080 Fix Azure build errors about Uint8ClampedArray on Android
787637 crash in js::NukeCrossCompartmentWrapper
769090 waitForDownload() has to return early if download failure occurs
760899 Cannot build debug Firefox with gstreamer enabled
778081 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.sync.CommandProcessor$Command.getArgsList(Comma…
760904 "Assertion failure: srcArgs.thisv().isMagic(JS_IS_CONSTRUCTING) || &srcArgs.thisv().toObject() == wr…
769103 Get SVG masks working for HTML elements under CSS transforms
769115 SVG marker orientation wrong on curved paths
777309 Call controller instead of tabBrowser.controller in endurance/testTabbedBrowsing_PinUnpinTab
769119 new Blob([], null/undefined); shouldn't throw
769128 Ionmonkey default build doesn't use ionmonkey.
769130 browser/app/ setting PREF_JS_EXPORTS _after_ including is useless
744555 Fennec Native/Firefox mobile has zero/no featured/recommended add-ons
760940 Bookmarks and history menus behave incorrectly due to non-node weak map keys
719982 Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart | Modal dialog has been found and proces…
711793 Delay websocket reconnection after abnormal termination
629882 Support currentColor in nsCSSParser::ParseColorString
760955 crash in mozilla::net::nsHttpChannel::InstallOfflineCacheListener
760966 [AccessFu] Severe performance difference between using a hardware keyboard or a virtual d-pad
793740 ARMv6 builds should specify JM usage, even when running on ARMv7 boards
769072 Assertion failure: !f.script()->strictModeCode, at methodjit/StubCalls.cpp:1347
769186 [devtb] Decide on a key sequence for the developer toolbar
687267 support for flash on Android Fennec on honeycomb
760996 Heap-use-after-free in nsTArray_base<nsTArrayDefaultAllocator>::Length()
736421 crash in mozilla::AndroidLayerRendererFrame::DrawForeground @ CgDrv_Create on MB860, LG-P990 and LG-…
769190 Should change the acceptable value of the argument of getModifierState()
760999 Intermittent browser_webconsole_netlogging.js | TypeError: content.wrappedJSObject.testXhrGet is not…
769195 IonMonkey: TestCommonPropertyFunc() adds overzealous MGuardShape
761014 Out of bounds read in qcms_transform_data_rgb_out_lut_sse2
777400 disable mozApps.installPackage API in Firefox for Desktop and Android
719845 [markup panel] The HTML Tree should have its own keybindings
769212 Cannot move window by drag TitleBar with MenuBar disabled
761021 cross_fuzz crash in mozilla::SVGStringList::GetValue
769214 Cannot toggle window size(Normal/maximized) by double click TitleBar with MenuBar disabled
761023 [devtb] Developer Toolbar should re-open automatically if browser closed with it open [GCLI]
761030 Crash with HTML 5 video with gstreamer enabled
761031 GCLI edit command help seems unfinished
761034 [D2D] graphical Glitches on Menu Popups
769234 [devtb] GCLI has focus issues when embedded in firefox
777427 BrowserApp should handle its menu items
769238 Rename aEffectsFrame to just aFrame in nsSVGIntegrationUtils
769242 Rename nsDisplaySVG to nsDisplayOuterSVG in preparation for adding other SVG display list item types
761051 Pasting of an image as JPEG inline results in incomplete attachment name
769245 Contacts API: Add ContactEmail Type
785636 Automated Blocklist Update (for tree checkin) failing on all approval-required trees
728294 Analyze cycle collection logs after test runs to detect leaks
761063 Add "avc1.42001E" to the list of supported h264 codecs. Unbreaks youtube h264 detection.
769262 pipeline read-timeout rescheduling problem
769264 http pipeline logging improvements
761082 TabMessageUtils.h is in both dist/include and dist/include/mozilla/dom/
761086 crash in inDOMUtils::GetRuleNodeForContent @ nsINode::IsElement with Inspector
752895 --enable-system-{sqlite,nss,nspr} results in make -C browser/installer failing
761089 Missing Opus export in glmedias.dll in mingw builds
777476 SVGLocatable.getBBox() fails with a <text><tspan> nodes
761094 Enable IE migrator on mingw builds
752905 Move Prompt:Show handler out of handleGeckoMessage
769291 Offload evicting offline caches to Cache IO thread.
793869 Gfx driver block request: AMD driver 8.982.0.0 for Direct3D 9
769294 Crash when dumping layers in the console
773586 Initialize JM PICGenInfo::pc field
769299 Make the Inspector less fragile when the selection is deleted
769304 Add accessibility platform status to about:support
769306 Move more code from nsSVGOuterSVGFrame::Paint to nsDisplaySVG::Paint
774021 Remove extra ;
761120 We allow inserting a text node as child of a document
761121 JS_ResolveStandardClass checks wrong JSClass for Typed Arrays
774023 Remove extra ;
752952 nsIDocument's PropertyTables should be accounted for in about:memory
769340 [AccessFu] We should not utter "list", it is redundant
761153 Use the same preferences for enabling and configuring the remote debugging server across products
769347 B2G SMS: Messages returned from database should be sorted by time stamp.
761157 Sometimes network requests do not display all information
769350 Implement trusted/certified app scheme support
761159 FileHandle: Better handling of the end of file state
769356 Calling transaction.abort() should leave transaction.error as null
767202 Cleave StmtInfo in twain
761169 [responsive mode] The resizers are not easy to discover
769362 Intermittent position-dynamic-changes/relative/move-right-bottom-table.html | image comparison (==)
695636 Update close steps to adhere to WS spec.
774030 Remove extra ;
662870 Use a native rendering for meter elements on MacOS X
749455 Click to play brings up missing plugins warning
654687 Combine stop and reload in the page context menu as done with the toolbar buttons by default
769377 Build warning: jswrapper.cpp:129:18: warning: base ‘js::IndirectProxyHandler’ will be initialized af…
761188 reuse layout code for accessible boundaries calculation
728426 Opening and then closing bookmarks sidebar keeps the bookmarksPanel.xul and/or history-panel.xul doc…
761201 [Skia] Drawing an RGB565 bitmap to another RGB565 bitmap is slow
761205 need to elaborate on "setting up phone" and how it relates to setting up an identity
765845 Hang in DrawTargetD2D::FillGlyphs
761218 Get rid of the bogus $(DIST)/include/nsprpub include path
761223 JS Debugger errors prevent me from debugging Orion
761228 Startup Crash - Assertion failure: mCacheAsyncInputStream, at ../mozilla/netwerk/protocol/http/nsHtt…
761231 Font for the Debugger panels should be message-box
654741 Notify Fennec chrome of window.scrollTo/scrollBy even when scroll position does not change
777628 Using postMessage to send an ImageData instance from a hiddenDOMWindow canvas crashes/throws
769437 nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:2925:59: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressio…
761249 abort if map creation fails during XPCWrappedNativeScope creation
761252 Missing devtools.debugger.remote-enabled pref breaks Marionette in B2G
761256 Disable Mac a11y in Aurora 15
761257 Further improve Web Console output performance
772679 subpixel shifting causes visible shift of some lines on second scroll operation to hit bottom of pag…
769452 use NS_FORWARD_NSIACCESSIBLETABLE on accessible tables instead of custom macro
761261 Instrument JS function pro/epilogue to push profile labels
769460 Add a build time option for enabling per-window private browsing
736695 crash in nsGenericElement::UnbindFromTree , when I open Customize Toolbar with Video DownloadHelper…
761279 VS 2012 RC compiler chokes on nsTArray's Init()
761288 Cleanup JoinElementTxn::DoTransaction
728524 OMTC: Implement WebGL OGL texture sharing
761296 Cleanup InsertElementTxn::DoTransaction
761297 Simplify debug code in DeleteRangeTxn::Init
761299 Cleanup DeleteRangeTxn::CreateTxnsToDeleteBetween
728537 Strange italic font rendering after bug 724231 landed
761306 Make nsInsertTagCommand::mTagName an nsIAtom*
761308 Cleanup CreateElementTxn
777693 crash in js::EncapsulatedValue::writeBarrierPre with {6dfff1b3-5c82-4a33-91e2-65f51c0d090e}
769504 Atomize strings when adding to Map (as a key) or Set
761313 Simplify nsHTMLEditRules::RemoveBlockStyle
718076 JS Correctness: Different output without -a and with -a
777706 Unable to tap the Twitter sign-in button
736750 Intermittent browser_tabview_thumbnail_storage.js | Test timed out
769528 binscope is currently failing on elm for firefox.exe
769529 Update nsIWebSocket*.idl comments to reflect that we don't always call OnStart
769531 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test/build/xpcshell/tests/netwerk/test/unit/test_304_responses.j…
736764 Remove dependency on preferences dialog for tests which only set preferences
769533 get rid of AppendwithConversion
769537 Actually use QuotaExceededError for database creation
695813 nsStyleDisplay copy-constructor uses init list for some args, and direct-assignment for others that …
753158 emit ALIASEDVAR ops for upvars
769545 Reinstalling an app previously installed that preloads the appcache uninstalls the app
720396 [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: isObjectOrNull(), at js/src/jsapi.h:547
753170 B2G 3G: Expose state information through WebMobileConnection
777752 [AccessFu] Disable EBT in Firefox 16 for Jelly Bean
761775 enable spdy v3 for firefox 16
769571 Unprefix battery and vibrator APIs
769575 GCLI needs page manipulation commands
772700 OOP from a JS component or JSM doesn't work
769583 Add methods to nsIPermissionManager to take principals instead of URIs
769585 Fix vim modelines
769586 Make PopupWindowManager using principal to test permissions instead of URI
761397 [Azure][D2D] Reduce churn on surface creation for PushGroup/PopGroup/Clipping
769597 IndexedDB should use nsIPermissionManager with principals
771639 "Assertion failure: node" in ValidateCurrentNode
769602 GCLI commands need a repo
769607 depends on dumpbin
785992 Sanitize parsed reader mode article when viewing
761419 Build failure in content/media/gstreamer/nsGStreamerReader.cpp when using clang
769612 Move the SVGAutoRenderState::SetPaintingToWindow() call to nsDisplayOuterSVG::Paint and kill nsSVGOu…
777805 Update plugin placeholder string for unsupported platforms, and add "Learn More..." link
663119 Implement native vertical meters for MacOS X
757688 Refactor KeyboardLayout
753238 Create a shared Identity.jsm module
769623 uses win line endings and doesn't dump failure logs
761439 nativeCall on non-cross-compartment wrappers leads to infinite recursion
771344 workerURL should be optional
769634 imgITools should provide cropping functionality
695908 Use bool in js/src/frontend rather than JSBool
761452 Allow constructing/initializing a nsDependentJSString from a JSFlatString
775442 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: at java.lang.String.substring( at org.mozilla…
761454 set MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL for armv6 mozconfigs to distinguish them from armv7 android builds
696253 Add support for parsing/computing properties for CSS Flexbox
723133 Crash Report [@ PluginWndProcInternal ] stack overflow from infinite recursion
761460 IonMonkey: Don't try to load Ion code for disabled JSScripts.
769653 nsDOMDataTransfer::FillInExternalDragData is missing an Init call for the new transferable
761462 Implement JS_CallNonGenericMethodOnProxy
769658 [OS.File] Split OS.Constants.Sys and OS.Constants.Path
753283 Assertion failure: allocated(), at ../../gc/Heap.h:497 or Crash [@ js::gc::Arena::isAligned]
769671 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:<init> at…
769672 GCLI shouldn't grab focus on startup.
761481 GCLI help output does not display the first time
761482 WebMobileConnection: make {voice|data}.operator an nsIDOMMozMobileOperatorInfo
761483 Google Map Maker editing broken in 20120531 Nightly
704140 Failure in /testToolbar/testBackForwardButtons.js | Timeout waiting for element with id mission_stat…
769679 Pass the correct document to copyString in copySelectedItems
761494 Cannot open all Bookmarks in tabs by Middle-clicking a folder in Sidebar (Ctrl+click open in all tab…
761495 add Number.isInteger/toInteger
761496 Cannot launch multiple different native applications on linux - all apps launch the 1st app
763162 crash in nsXULMenuitemAccessible::NativeInteractiveState @ nsMenuFrame::IsOnMenuBar
761504 Remove FunctionBoxQueue
761507 Crash with adoptNode, requiredExtensions
769700 doctstrings for pymake.parserdata
774087 Mark SVG filter primitive frame classes as NS_STATE_SVG_NONDISPLAY_CHILD
761516 Build webapprt/linux on any gtk2 platform including *bsd
745137 Make gralloc-based direct texturing work for b2g "Tier Is"
769721 Force-enable OOPP for Flash users on Windows Vista+
769722 Unnecessary parens in nsGlobalWindow::GetFuzzTimeMS
761531 FileIOObject should add mError in CC
745148 Support content processes pushing layer transactions directly to omtc in parent process
761533 WebTelephony: busy event is never fired
761534 App Tab for Gmail not loading
753350 crash in GLEngine@0xaa... with Flash
769742 Account for nsSVGOuterSVGFrames' border/padding offset
769743 simplify ScopedCoordinate::slot and fix names
761326 test_2d.path.arc.scale.1 assumes unrealistic 0.098 tolerance or luck
769754 Crash while using the debugger
761808 Fix OMX plugin build on osx
764539 The prototype class in Paris bindings stringifies to "Interface Prototype" instead of "InterfaceProt…
761572 click event not fired if element has been hidden by mouseup
769771 add ability to opt-in to content docshell for html:iframes inserted into chrome documents
769772 Print compiler version being used and drop checks for llvm-gcc and old versions of clang
765906 synthetic bold should be used where appropriate with system fallback fonts
777966 Change reader mode replaceBrs logic
761583 Actually, don't build ach and wo on beta yet, both desktop and mobile
761589 Make accessibility.force_disabled cross platform
769782 remove synchronous DNS resolution in network tests
761592 Change search default to Google in ru localization
769785 Settings API breaks due to IndexedDB Prefix change
728831 Don't expose the Firefox patch level (13.X.Y) in the UA string, only show the major version (13.X)
769803 WebSMS broken due to IndexedDB API Change
769805 Contacts API broken due to IndexedDB API Change
754989 Nuke dead cross-compartment wrappers during brain transplant
769810 Mac ATI OpenGL driver still needs math function emulation on 10.8
769812 ATI OpenGL driver renders point sprite upside-down
761621 interfaces inheriting a builtinclass-interface should be builtinclass too
761635 [MSVC8] "dom/indexedDB/IDBCursor.cpp(42) : error C2872: 'ipc' : ambiguous symbol" after bug 666693
753444 Remove device space pageSize from setPageSize()
778023 Need to figure out how cycle collected DOM files are supposed to play with workers
753630 Beef up animation detection heuristics for code discarding
704311 *Element::CopyInnerTo shouldn't be const
769853 IonMonkey: x86 buildFakeExitFrame() issued call instruction to push PC
761665 [rule view] double clicking on a property value does weird things
663365 Implement the rules for the fallback to the default rendering for the meter element
786258 Catch exceptions thrown in endurance tests so incomplete reports can be sent
761685 IonMonkey: Add support for call objects
769881 copyStringToClipboard Optional parameters should go at the end, also this will make it backward comp…
769514 Kill the Mac bitmap fallback code in nsSVGOuterSVGFrame
769894 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Hardware acceleration can only be used with a single UI thread. Ori…
761707 Use the same slot index for the "self" pointer for global and non-global objects
761708 Wrong |played| value when seeking back in the media.
769902 Avoid unnecessary precision issues in nsSVGUtils::ObjectSpace
769913 TestTXMgr.cpp should use fail() from TestHarness.h
761723 implement toString of function objects by saving source
757738 Websockets: release reference to nsIWebSocketListener after OnClose
761729 Either implement mozIDOMApplicationEvent in C++, or make WebApps use CustomEvent
769922 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test/build/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/bugs/482659-1d.…
753542 Add prefs to enable/disable E4X (javascript.options.xml.content and .chrome)
786312 android.view.ViewRootImpl$CalledFromWrongThreadException: Only the original thread that created a vi…
720778 Important threads should have a name for better debugability
761739 incremental GCs are very rare
761742 No script is loaded in the script debugger for me
769949 With WebGL antialiasing enabled, leaving a WebGL FBO bound causes broken compositing
761762 Audio playback garbled for Mp4
769955 Icons in the app window no longer show up after launching an app, even if the app has an icon
769963 Record responsiveness in jank mode
761772 Add support for IDL "implements" to Paris bindings
769967 "ASSERTION: MoveNode failed" with (de-)subscript, insertText
769970 Get SVG patterns working under HTML elements with CSS transforms applied
766789 Fire mouse events closer to the tip of the handle image
761786 Mp4 playback caused gecko to crash and restart
767306 Temporarily make assertion from bug 766641 non-fatal
769985 TI incorrectness on big BananaBread demos
769987 Crash [@ js::mjit::JITScript::nativeToPC] or [@ js::mjit::JITScript::findCodeChunk]
761796 F/MOZ_Assert( 2060): Assertion failure: sSensorStatus[index].count == 0 || mActivate, at /Volumes/ma…
769989 Store time information in each sample
769993 20% performance regression on IE Maze If
753614 enable DumpHeapComplete in non-debug builds
729040 Mozmill test failure //testAwesomeBar/testGoButton.js | controller.assertJS: Failed for 'subject.vis…
770001 combobox invalidated when scrolled
786386 add way to pref off typed array move
761814 Mp4 playback fails on h.264 video
770013 Cleanup NodeIsBlockStatic/IsBlockNode a bit
770014 GMail Mail Listing (e.g. Inbox) broken
557024 test_bug519468.js fails on non-English Linux systems
761837 inner-window-destroyed observer gets added twice for webapps
770033 HWA causes rendering issue on
786418 browser_newtab_focus.js shouldn't fail when FKA is enabled on Mac
761844 Don't link omx plugin to surfaceflinger_client
761854 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: [barrier verifier] Unmarked edge: <unknown>, at jsgc.cpp:4508
761849 GLTexture upload forces RGBA format on desktop, causing performance problems with video and accelera…
770046 test_ipc.html does not notice failures
767337 Layers hardware acceleration causing high memory consumption when playing a game using canvas and js