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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.17.0.1See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
770056 tab bar background does not change when window goes inactive (background/unfocused window title bars…
745483 Fatal assert on startup with javascript.options.typeinference set to false
782338 [B2G] Intermittent test_mobile_voice_state.js | Emulator callback still pending when finish() called
780973 IonMonkey: Try to enter outer loops rather than inner loops via OSR
745488 Intermittent crash in tests/layout/base/tests/test_image_layers.html | Exited with code 1 during tes…
778261 Gonk startup sometimes crashes after E/FramebufferNativeWindow(28557): couldn't open framebuffer HAL…
778268 Assertion failure: !pn->isDefn(), at ../frontend/ParseNode.h:1437
761895 [Azure] Get text in Cairo backend working for GTK
778282 image/test/browser/ should use MOCHITEST_BROWSER_FILES
786477 collapsing chatboxes on overflow is wonkey
783709 Launching a web application on Nightly shows a window with no title and white content
770096 Firefox 17.0a1 crash in mozilla::FrameLayerBuilder::DrawThebesLayer
671797 Too-much-recursion through array_forEach
778296 Add comment to nsITimer.idl about thread-safety
768692 Move DOM list binding generation to the new DOM binding codegen
786491 Fix v8-deltablue regression from bug 778724
778301 Remove old change for
778307 Don't shadow mFormat in DrawTargetCG
770117 Test failure "Number of visible rows should equal max rows - '1' should equal '6'" in /testAwesomeBa…
794696 disable @supports for Firefox 17
770122 Crash on websites with ico/favicon containing EXIF data in its bitmaps
671820 A file picker and an alert can be shown at the same time, making the window unresponsive
761936 Audio doesn't stop playing when out-of-process app is "closed"
778322 Remove the prefetch deleted registry key from machines that contain it
720987 Focus rings keep growing when repeatedly tabbing through elements
770141 xpcom/tests/windows/TestRegistrationOrder.cpp fails with Pymake
811102 frameworker reload failure
755045 Fix build warnings under layout/
794640 clicking a link in social content panels should close the panel
778347 Fix a few MSVC warnings
802929 A new port is created on every social.cookies-get message
778355 nsWebShellWindow destructor prevents nsXULWindow destructor from clearing pointers from tree owners
770165 Pymake and GNU make have different inter-path separators on Windows
794742 social tests with data: urls should specify a charset to reduce test output noise
778367 [Azure] Minimize intermediate surface size used by push/popgroup
761984 Failure in testFocusAndSearch | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed
778370 Track individual sweep phases in GC statistics
780993 Setting indexed properties on HTMLSelectElement to null no longer works
778382 ABORT: Creating second IPC server for '' while first still exists
778383 jstest: Use an options list to pass around extra args
778385 We perform 32bpp slow video decoding on arm instead of 16bpp neon
778392 Use handleEvent() for BrowserOnClick
786588 Fix 32-bit --disable-methodjit builds after a recent jsscript.h commit
770213 GCLI node type should optionally support multiple nodes
770215 [OS.File] Utilities for strings
778409 Compartment mismatch accessing during COW prototype remapping
770218 Shutdown crash in DOMSVGTransformList::IsAnimValList with deterministicgc() and watchpoints
756423 Make mention of the keyboard shortcuts in the comment on Scratchpad
778413 Invalid minimum cell width calculation for box-sizing:border-box
802995 crash in nsTextServicesDocument::DeleteSelection while using spell checker
352437 does not escape url
770231 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !lastIns_, at ion/MIRGraph.cpp:484
786619 Infobar reappears on some conditions even in 3D mode.
778428 Heap-use-after-free in nsHTMLEditor::CollapseAdjacentTextNodes
704702 Intermittent test_mozLoadFrom.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
767349 IonMonkey: All generated snapshots should be bailout friendly.
770243 MOZ_ASSERT(mCacheInputStream) failing @ nsHttpChannel::ReadFromCache
778438 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AwesomeBar.onCreate( on Honeyco…
647367 rm jshash.h and remaining uses
770263 crash in _cairo_ft_font_face_scaled_font_create @ when opening links on http://www.…
803046 Test failure "Only one autocompleted result is underlined - '0' should equal '1'" in testAwesomeBar …
778472 Clean up Java imports
524524 Intermittent failure in test_402799.js
786672 Position: fixed elements seem to be broken in Nightly
778489 Implement nice transition to Reader Mode
778495 pymake APIs for inspecting expansions and functions
778496 Layer should store ComputedTimingFunction directly rather than as a pointer
786690 Fix buffered streams when outputting 16bit
778501 Clean up nsPresContext
696583 Intermittent test_replay_metadata.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
779650 [Azure] Azure/Cairo canvas does not render smashcat benchmark with D2D backend
745746 Magic screen reader issue
778519 Don't include Layers.h everywhere Part 2
770331 Remove HTTP Keep-Alive disable pref
778531 Array.prototype.join must perform ToUint32(length) before ToString(separator)
770344 Experiment implementing __proto__ as an accessor
762162 Cannot connect to Gmail and Twitter with SPDY on
475444 HTTP standard violation, Content-length header appears to be ignored under some circumstances
778559 Update sequential ParallelArray implementation to new API
778560 js never uses zlib
742795 should be completely autogenerated
778569 Add uiautomationcore to accessibility client detection
614732 Implement SVG display lists
770381 Crash when changing opacity of multiple nested elements
737615 Remove use of synchronous cache API from unit tests
762197 crash in JSObject::getGeneric
775567 IonMonkey: Add a separate "scripts" spew channel
778595 [Azure] Add a reftest sandbox flag for a mismatch between Azure backends
778597 Intermittent browser_webconsole_position_ui.js | Timed out while waiting for: web console position c…
786791 MSYS mangles the signtool shlibsign cmd with Pymake because it begins with a space
778600 GroupRule::List should indent its closing brace
762221 Enable font hinting in "app" content processes
778606 SafeBrowsing.jsm should use nsUrlFormatter
737341 mozPower should return null for unprivileged websites
721264 Please consider blocking BabyFox.dll from Babylon
786801 document.all does not work in Firefox version 15.0 when prefixed with a frame name
770426 - replace double colon rules with dependency chains for Preprocessing rules
778627 recent warning abatement
774209 java.lang.NullPointerException: at android.widget.PopupWindow$PopupViewContainer.dispatchKeyEvent(Po…
786826 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: android.content.SharedPreferences$Editor.apply at org.mozilla.gecko.Web…
778640 [b2g-bluetooth] Firing devicedisappeared event
770453 [b2g] semi-transparent scroll bars should not occupy content-flow space
770461 Intermittent Robocop | testHistoryTab | Context menu has New Tab option (x2)
786852 Getting the interface for Ci.nsIWebNavigation on a modal window fails with "Permission denied for DO…
762280 use after free in js::gc::MapAllocToTraceKind
778666 crash in DocAccessible::DocAccessible
770478 Installer runs untrusted program
778680 Make nsISocketTransport constants compatible with nsresult
778681 Fix various incorrect nsresult usage
729536 Deadlock by xul!nsHttpConnectionMgr::Shutdown
762310 Clean up `Output()` function in nsBrowserApp.cpp on Windows
778695 Intermittent 328829-2.xhtml | image comparison (==)
786894 SVG in an active GFX layer is not invalidating properly
803288 Disable typed array move() operator for beta
754142 ASSERTION: Why don't we have a Window here?
770532 Make new nsIPrincipal and nsIDocShell attributes work in content process
786918 Fix test_platform_colors.xul for 10.8
778732 Change JSTerm's $ helper function from getElementById to querySelector
770542 Intermittent leak in browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js, browser_dbg_bug723071_editor-break…
746920 Uninitialised value use in nsDiskCacheMap::FlushRecords
778740 Allow to use Linux kernel headers for perf events
754169 Intermittent test_bug549262.html | Page is scrolled up - got 568, expected 0 and | Page is not scrol…
770555 restore 'else' that was accidentally removed in bug 253317
737792 Use for..of loops in browser.js
789248 fix failing social tests
672258 Wrong context menu can be shown if two different windowtypes have the same contextmenu id and xul ca…
803336 SocialAPI Toolbar button needs 4 pixels of padding in toolbar
778765 crash at [@ ] at MapsGL with webgl.msaa-level = 1
803344 poor discoverability of the enable/disable menu item for Social API
786978 Disable refresh driver painting for firefox 17
729640 Protocol parsing is broken in UrlClassifier
778799 When offloading animations, use the device pixels to figure out scale instead of CSS pixels
803385 Only dereference the cookie value if it is not undefined
778810 Show/Hide scrollbars depending on activity
785162 Disable test_bug760802.html on android
770629 Divs aren't rendered when using CSS 3D transforms
787020 Add a waitFor() method to the Expect/Assert classes in assertions.js to support soft-assertions
787024 Replace controller.waitFor with assert/expect.waitFor in tests/*/restartTests
725091 [meta] OMTC: Fix layer positioning glitches
795224 Nightly 27/9: no more backspace nor arrows on the deck Asus Transformer
795226 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection$…
778845 Must upgrade Aurora 16 to NSPR 4.9.2 final
705122 Mozmill endurance test for Add/Remove bookmarks via the awesomebar
639587 nsAudioStream U8 sound format conversion incorrect
766054 [debugger] experiment with collapsed panels
778855 Talos Ts regressions from bug 769960 (SafeBrowsing.jsm refactor)
778858 Web runtime does not use OOP plugins outside of Windows Vista/7
729725 IonMonkey: MTruncateToInt32 should support constant folding
770694 Fix Metro Firefox such that app renders properly after window is snapped or device is rotated
770695 land v1 serviceWindow
803473 Intermittent 580160-1.html | image comparison (==), max difference: 255, number of differing pixels:…
778902 When a video finished playing, "pause" should be fired, and |paused| should be true.
762519 Send xpconnect stack dump and javascript dump output to OutputDebugString
770713 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: <0xf6c03040>, at jsinfer.cpp:325
746142 Add @inputmode to input element
729760 GC: Incremental sweeping of shapes and types
778916 GCLI tab completion enters suggested value twice in input field
778919 remove CheckStrictParameters
778921 "warning: invalid manifest line element "pref(javascript.options.xml.content,true)" running jstests.…
753448 [New Tab Page] preload newtab pages in the background and swap them in when opening a new tab
755145 Define CCACHE_CPP2 when using ccache and Clang
760607 Update the Downloads Panel visual design
770770 refactor webapp runtime test harness to reduce complexity/special-casing
762580 Pageload responsiveness perf regressions, likely from IGC
778968 Avoid stat'ing remote blobs on the main thread
778979 Provide line number information to SPS for profiling
776998 [gcli] Behavior when part of a command is entered is unhelpful
778995 reftests/webm-video/zoomed-1.xhtml fails due to slight color change with SVG display lists enabled
779001 [Azure] fix falling back from D2D to Cairo DrawTargets with large surfaces
779003 Css bug (pagination in direction rtl, only in Firefox 14)
688895 crash nsXULPopupManager::ShowTooltipAtScreen
688897 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL layout/reftests/border-image/470250-2.html | image comparison (==)
779010 nsStyleSides comparison always assume Calc values are different
705284 Mozmill endurance test for bookmarking all tabs and opening and closing them
795397 click-to-play blocklisting: respect the "plugins" permission
779015 Typed Array Is*Array() throws.
779017 always create ScriptSource
779019 GLContext being destroyed on wrong thread
770831 nsIDocShell should carry the app id
779025 jit-test/tests/collections/Map-iterator-add-remove.js causes AddressSanitizer heap-use-after-free
574229 [Mac] Choosing "New Window" from Firefox's dock menu does not open the new window in the active Spac…
770844 Consider putting indexedDB on the window object itself, not on Window.prototype
779038 add a Evaluate() variant which can read a file
770847 [BrowserAPI] mozbrowserscroll event to inform embedder when the content has scrolled
770854 Put frontend code in the frontend namespace
754472 click-to-play: implement multiple plugin doorhanger ui
779054 SocialAPI sidebar is added to chromehidden=[menubar,toolbar,directories] window on session restore
770865 Rename TreeContext as ParseContext
779059 Alarm-Clock Fails to Remove Deprecated Alarm after Resetting It with a New Time
787253 Addons Manager XPCShellTests that set AddonManager.checkCompatibility too early are failing on Auror…
770882 resizer.xml visible in the debugger
779078 nsFrame::HandleRelease may cast aEvent to nsMouseEvent even if aEvent is a TouchEvent
808417 should print the actual exception if one occurred during dm.recordLogcat() or refte…
787272 disable recommend button on logout
787274 Secure connection text overflows location bar
738124 IonMonkey: OSI breaks if a pool lands in the wrong place
770894 Add a testing infrastructure to test stuff related to Web Apps in mochitests
779091 Fix incorrect nsresult usage in accessible/
435028 IPv6 sites not reachable when using SOCKS proxy
779093 IonMonkey: Fix --disable-methodjit orange
721750 Should "text-shadow" apply to "-moz-selection" now due to fix of bug 692752? (text-shadow doesn't di…
795481 remove bogus cookie-changed message
746335 IonMonkey: huge regression on kraken-gaussian-blur due to uninitialized specialization field in MAbs
787302 Most stacks are truncated (using minidump_stackwalk on a Mac Tinderbox debug build)
770193 Make it easier to start searching for scripts in the Debugger
779118 Intermittent crash in test_bug369306.html, browser_461634.js, input-maxlength-valid-changed.html bro…
779122 nsXPCComponents_Utils::RecomputeWrappers returns bool instead of nsresult
779123 nsDocShell::GetExtendedOrigin returns false instead of NS_OK
779125 IonMonkey: Crash on heap near [@ EnterIon] with invalid read
480745 Remove XP_MAC from mozilla/security
803704 Lighten SocialAPI sidebar and chat borders from #000000 black to #cccccc
795518 content api for closing panels
770945 "Simple events" on HTML5 media shouldn't be cancelable
787334 make package for XULRunner builds fails with " No such file or directory"
697230 Make style image decode block onload
803733 Remove the hack around otoro orientation issue when capturing still images
779172 GC: Incremental zeal modes interact badly with BudgetIncrementalGC
779176 Activities doesn't work with different entry points (not using href)
779183 GC: Incremental sweeping of atoms table
805704 Update sessionrestore module to not use remote pages and correctly handles dtds
779187 libcubeb AudioUnit backend isn't big endian compatible
770996 partial mars broken for mac partner builds
762805 plugins.click_to_play;true completely hides Java plugin
762806 implement UIA_AcceleratorKeyPropertyId and UIA_AccessKeyPropertyId
779196 Fix some initializing pointer as bool warnings
803775 chat window title bar blurry
766112 Intermittent accessible/events/test_docload.xul | uncaught JS exception - TypeError: currentTabDocum…
738244 Remove content-proxy code
779215 CallJS(Native|PropertyOp|PropertyOpSetter) should JS_CHECK_RECURSION
779217 Intermittent test_outgoing_hangup_held.js: got OK, expected outbound to 5555552368 : unknown | got f…
803794 crash in nsMediaPluginHost::CreateDecoder @ on Sony devices with Adreno 220/22…
771027 Assertion failure: isObject(), at ../../jsapi.h:474 or Opt Crash [@ js_IteratorMore]
779220 Add JS_InternStringN for callers that know the length of the string
779225 GCLI does not accept auto-completed 'help' command without arguments
730085 Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty calls ToString on first argument before calling ToObject on this
787432 After keyup in contenteditable, Firefox 15 replaces full node of inner text selection
786599 Firefox file picker is triggered when clearing the Android notifications after a file was already do…
418797 nsObjectLoadingContent::Instantiate assertion appears wrong
754671 [Page Thumbnails] size of thumbnails directory (in profiles directory) keeps growing infinitely
779249 checkin a script to create the tooltool manifests for clang
787443 CmdCmd.jsm and CmdCookie.jsm include Console.jsm with the wrong url
738298 navigator.mozApps.mgmt.getAll() doesn't handle non-ASCII characters in the manifest
762876 IA2_STATE_HORIZONTAL state is set for “aria-orientation=vertical”
779269 Google PDF Viewer pane gets rendered misplaced when you scroll down
771081 Rename CrossOriginWrapper
721935 Crash [@ js::LookupPropertyWithFlags] or [@ js_CheckForStringIndex]
762897 implement UIA_AriaPropertiesPropertyId
762898 implement UIA_AriaRolePropertyId
779288 Set CCACHE_CPP2 on linux too
738334 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_xhr_timeout.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with n…
607267 Image maps are display:block, but the HTML spec says they should be inline
761917 Investigate Linux test timeouts now that cubeb has landed
672814 Increase the set of script @type values that nsScriptLoader treats as JavaScript
787511 rename SocialProvider._getWorkerPort to getWorkerPort, remove SocialProvider.port
771130 IonMonkey: Make non-definite property accesses faster
771135 Add pull API for SourceMediaStreams
779329 Add labels for gonk widget
779331 Settings API: new permissions
762948 [adbe 3212446] Repainting issue of Flash content when scrolling with Flash Player 11.3.300.257
689223 content encoding error on on nightly Firefox Android mobile
779339 unnecessary reflows being triggered on
779344 B2G panning/zooming broken by forgetting about code path
771154 Large amount of over painting on some pages on fennec
779347 wrap OpenFile and ReadCompleteFile in a nice RAII interface
779353 B2G Telephony: Hook up to permissions manager
779360 Implement mozSocial.isVisible API
771169 Some linux window managers steal focus on noautohide panels (Which causes some bizarre focus issues …
779364 New DOM Bindings raises exception with incorrect exception usage warning "WARNING: Huh, someone is t…
779793 Properly send a NO_PROVIDER error when there is no options to handle a WebActivity
779369 IonMonkey: Define input() and output() on LInstructionHelper.
779372 Compile error on Windows js shells involving zlib
803949 Crash [@ gfxContext::PushClipsToDT]
779378 B2G Voicemail: Hook up to permissions manager
779379 B2G MobileConnection: Hook up to permissions manager
779384 B2G Bluetooth: Hook up to permissions manager
779385 Help CSS authors diagnose why animations aren't async
779386 Clean up some includes in a11y
779393 Compile error in js shells involving 'resizeUninitialized' in 'JS::AutoIdVector' in jsiter.cpp invol…
763010 expose metadata on media elements
730247 Improve SafeBrowsing store SubPrefix compression
779400 Split setSource into two methods
779401 [Azure] Azure/cairo canvas renders Asteroids canvas demo incorrectly on Android
779403 Invalidation errors when animating masks
779404 Rendering glitch with 3d transforms
779408 error: cannot convert 'std::nullptr_t' to 'mozilla::gl::SharedTextureHandle {aka unsigned int} on gc…
779412 Iterate over correct test array in test_info_leak
779413 SPDY compression infoleak (CRIME)
779415 The WebConsole autocompletion doesn't deal with non-objects (numbers, strings)
779416 Shrink some unnecessarily large char arrays used for codec types.
787619 Unable to use click-to-play when the plugin content is inside an <a> tag
787624 input text has changed position on open native help-autocomplete
689328 Intermittent ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/content/base/test/test_xhr_progressevents.html | ev…
779442 Fix still more nsresult misuse
779445 SegFault in WorkerMemoryReporter because it accesses mWorkerPrivate when null (only in debug builds)
744309 Random 100% CPU usage, due to image decoding
779457 GCLI displays the hints for boolean positional parameters as optional
779461 Do not transfer the ownership of the key string from nsCacheRequest to nsCacheEntry
779462 Use Device instead of Fennec prefixes in Fennec browser actors
771273 Make nsDocShell::GetSameTypeParent and friends respect <iframe mozbrowser> boundaries
787658 Some Pymake builds error out in dom/bindings, seemingly caused by output corruption caused by a buil…
738507 Showing large pdf files in pdf.js ends up having the spinner in most of the pages
795859 Toolbar item disappears when mouse hover.
771287 makefiles: unit test failure from edits
632027 Reflect.parse: ArrayExpression elements that are SequenceExpressions are discarded
804068 Don't set the share icon as the background image on the share button
738533 Review NS_QuickSort() documentation and uses: Solaris, qsort, ...
771317 Fix comment about FASTCALL and inline functions
779514 On Android XUL, reftests/svg/image/image-opacity-01.svg fails due to slight color difference with SV…
779516 BrowserAPI Methods are not defined if TOUCH_EVENTS_ENABLED_PREF is not defined
787717 ASAN: Test netwerk/test/unit/test_permmgr.js triggers error
779527 Fennec reports wrong screen resolution/density and pixel ratio
779535 defaultNoAlpha preference is not used in case if nsIPropertyBag argument is 0
771350 Support direct texturing of gralloc buffers in ShadowThebesLayerOGL
787738 Telemetry for Geolocation Prompt UI
785657 Enable async animations in content processes
763166 crash in mozilla::AndroidGeckoLayerClient::SetFirstPaintViewport
779826 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid size <n> at org.mozilla.gecko.mozglue.DirectBufferAlloca…
779566 CSS columns: incorrect alignment in right-aligned documents
771378 Remove need for MUST_FLOW static analysis from SpiderMonkey
779572 Zooming is not taken into account for min pan distance
779573 Empty string as default dictionary member in WebIDL causes compilation to fail.
779580 Blacklist WebGL MSAA on Intel driver on Mesa 8.1, as it was lying about GL_MAX_SAMPLES
771400 IonMonkey: Separate FreeList acquisition from getNewObject().
771401 Change PRTime to signed long long
775735 When filters/markers change, update the overflow rect/bounds of referencing frames
771408 Warn on WebGL drawing without attrib 0 array enabled
779601 Minor cleanup for JS_ValueToECMAInt32 and friends
784568 IonMonkey: Simplify call paths
722269 Firefox crash @ mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetD2D::DrawSurface
763232 Improper display of preference Nightly updates.
763233 IonMonkey: Forbid JITing annotated frames
779618 [Page Thumbnails] make tabbrowser use the thumbnail service
779621 B2G RIL: Give message.type a better name to avoid conflicts
746855 [ASan] READ heap-buffer-overflow in format-number()
779626 Javascript-global-constructor objects should be passed a window reference
779631 IonMonkey: on own properties of global objects with setters ignored.
771440 B2G RIL: GET_IMSI and ICC IO cannot work on Otoro ICS
779636 Add SAMPLE_LABELS to gralloc implementation
779638 Don't clear the request's transaction in IDBChild::Recv[Success|Error] since it may be too early
779641 error occurred while processing 'attach' request: TypeError: this._tabActor._tabbrowser is undefined
763266 PDF notice on the wrong page
746883 [Azure] Get Skia backend for Azure canvas working on Windows
787847 Missing property IC needs to check proto chain for proxies
705928 Intermittent ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/content/media/test/test_bug686942.html | Test timed…
755084 do animations on the compositor thread when possible
779662 click-to-play: click handler on overlay too restrictive
771481 "No scripts." should be displayed in the dropdown when there are no scripts matching the search stri…
730525 IonMonkey: Inline js_Array (new Array) constructor calls.
779679 FT2_ flags overriden by MOZ_TREE_FREETYPE env setup and fontconfig get's dropped
779680 about:neterror's GoOnline() should be invoked from events, not nsDOMWindowUtils
804258 The Facebook sidebar doesn't show up under View / Sidebar
779686 implement docked chat content areas
779688 invocation is missing $(PYTHON)
779694 "Assertion failure: ret == 1" in js::Compressor::compressMore
771504 Nightly is focusing last app tab instead of homepage
755122 remove bufferToArrayHack from frameworker
787891 Disable SSL DV tests due to broken certificate
787893 crash in js::types::TypeSet::hasType mainly with ARMv6 devices
779702 [b2g-bluetooth] Device and UUID array assignments wrong in BluetoothAdapter
779704 cleanup linker cruft for FreeBSD from configure
763323 Use .forget(I**) in a few places
796094 Fix category names
755136 Implement Social API sidebar
763329 [b2g-bluetooth] Set up system wide shutdown functions
779715 Create ProcessedMediaStream infrastructure and use it to fix media element mozCaptureStream
771526 GCLI needs a command to log function calls in chrome content
771529 Hover state is not active when mouse hover.. And hover state remains active until I make a window in…
779724 make source retention more fine grained
779726 Move QGL includes into isolated wrapper class, and fix qgl.h and GLDefs.h conflicts
763347 GCLI should have a shim for IE9
787924 Update tests in /testAwesomeBar to wait for the string in location bar to be fully typed
779735 Async pan/zoom broken
763355 Intermittent on Android: test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | [conformance/reading/read-pixels-t…
779741 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp$<n>.run(
804323 Repaint error: Delay until full display of element
787947 Corrupted layer drawn
781845 GCLI should support 'then-able' promises instead of checking d.isPromise (#58)
787952 When switching back to an inspected tab, the outline is not visible anymore
779786 "###!!! ASSERTION: Failed to create pixmap!: 'pixmap', file /home/cjones/mozilla/inbound/gfx/gl/GLCo…
738833 Add pref for forcing readback-based compositing for WebGL
770309 IonMonkey: Fuse polymorphic ICs with polymorphic inlining
807174 Drop-down list used inside a frameset document renders outside the frame
714279 range.compareBoundaryPoints should throw NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR when called with an invalid 'how' argumen…
779818 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: false (unexpected constant type), at ion/shared/Lowering-shared.cpp:33
706092 Inspector : can't close inspector pane
230959 Inconsistent extra 1 pixel width of XUL window
738866 Implement WebGL WEBGL_depth_texture extension
771636 Support enum value as default dictionary member in WebIDL.
738873 IonMonkey: Optimize truncates to have fewer bailouts
796218 make sure social docshells are marked as "inactive" by default
714299 Manifest fetched on install shouldn't be cached
796222 Create panels with more appropriate default width to avoid mis-aligned anchor
804416 toolbar notification cache used even when social is disabled
779841 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: script->hasIonScript(), at ion/Ion.cpp:1392 or Crash [@ js::ion::Inval…
779843 nsIdleService never fires the "back" notification if there's only one listener
779847 use optimized color conversion on BSDs
779849 Flash Plugin related Assertion failure: false (compartment mismatched)
779850 Assertion failure: pc[-2] == JSOP_ITER, at jsopcode.cpp:3820
697932 Intermittent test_errorPropagation.html | Test timed out
779857 Build failure with clang: widget/gtkxtbin/gtk2xtbin.c error: void function 'xt_client_xloop_create' …
771666 Update sandbox tests to reflect expected plugin behavior
783971 [gcli] GCLI popup not appearing at its correct position
771669 Crash with memory-pressure, WebGL bufferData
779864 onchange notifications of DeviceStorage should use code generator.
779865 CompileOptions needs to be marked JS_PUBLIC_API
779873 <Anoymous> instead of <Anonymous>
785339 crash in mozilla::gfx::ScaleYCbCrToRGB565
775782 IonMonkey: Instrument pro/epilogue for the SPS profiler
779885 navigator.mozContacts.getSimContacts() drops non-ASCII chars
779886 [JavaScript Error: "obj is null" {file: "jar:file:///system/b2g/omni.ja!/components/DOMWifiManager.j…
722555 Encoder for BMP should support RGBA.
763521 pdf.js unable to load pages from second half of particular PDF, stuck showing spinner
706179 Async CSS animation
788100 Remove social.initialize-response message
779914 Using the Audio Data API on otoro slow down the device
788107 crash in nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnStartRequest
730765 Media cache shouldn't be used when loading from blob: urls
779922 msconfig.vs2010 contains POSIX-style paths
779923 implement activity flyout panel
796309 opening an existing chatwindow doesn't invoke the callback.
738967 pdf.js doesn't work for embedded PDFs
779935 nsIAppsService.idl need to get mozIDOMApplication from manifest id
779940 Add a layers transactions meter
764872 Add a global way for users to enable and disable social functionality
583348 Fix Sync UI hacks around tabbrowser
673470 Replace the sqlite safeb store with a flat file
779971 "ASSERTION: Must not call under nsISVGChildFrame::ReflowSVG"
779975 ref count ScriptSource
779984 --enable-marionette should be useful
788181 xhr instanceof XMLHttpRequest == false in workers
779897 GC: Use arenaListsToSweep to queue arenas for background as well as foreground sweeping
779996 IonMonkey: Remove the greedy allocator
780003 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: index < stackPosition_,"
781265 abort crash in nsIFrame::GetOffsetToCrossDoc with abort message: "trying to get the offset between f…
780009 Update to NSS to version 3.13.6
771818 Using WeakMap to store popup notification object
736299 IonMonkey: Add a frame pointer for profiling & debugging mode.
780020 IonMonkey: Unbox int/bool more quickly in GetPropertyCacheT on x86_64.
788216 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Hardware acceleration can only be used with a single UI thread on J…
771833 drawImage doesn't work on MediaStream assigned to <video>
780027 Crash [@ js::gc::MarkInternal<JSString>] or [@ js::gc::MarkIdRootRange] or "Assertion failure: thing…
804605 Kerberos authentication does not work with CNAME
771842 "Assertion failure: aRows > 0" with text-shadow, scaled drawWindow
780035 font increases when typing in HTML text editor
780048 Some input stream types cannot be transferred via IPC
780051 convert JS_MIN and JS_MAX to emeritus status
780052 IonMonkey: Handle some multi-type comparisons without CompareV.
780054 IonMonkey: JM->IM ic's path for too few arguments does not push the correct number of arguments
747287 Codegen the metadata the JIT needs to go fast for getters and setters
747288 Generate faster jitcode for DOM getters/setters
775812 Web Console autocomplete should include full scope
780059 layers.acceleration.force-enabled on Linux breaks Nightly of August 2 2012
780063 B2G RIL : ICC lock cannot work on Otoro
804641 Work around Android armv6 compiler bug (again)
780069 msdmo.dll should be delay loaded
780072 default value of android version should be 9 on x86 or mipsel
780077 _MSVS_VERSION should be 2012 when using VS2012
771893 remove unused function from TestTArray.cpp
698175 Intermittent test_progress.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
771904 Update parsing and demo pages for mtable@align
782646 Make JSObject::doSomethingToThisObject methods static
763718 Restyle Popped Out Chat Windows
780104 Incorrect dictionary in SPDY response causes infinite loop
771915 Show the origin of the page in the chrome of the app when it is different from webapp's origin
780108 Get rid of the double switch in XPCConvert::JSData2Native
739151 Inspector 3D view (Tilt) doesn't support framesets
758125 Some timers in worker never fired
739160 "Fx10+ Conditionally Hidden Forward Button" Fx feature disabled by CSS element Id=fullscreenflex
771932 Import some more DOM4 tests
771933 Make nsDOMEvent::SetEventType return void
771934 Throw NOT_FOUND_ERR instead of HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR from nsINode::RemoveChild
780139 The sense of some GCLI command boolean parameters are wrong
730992 Bonding for B2G Bluetooth Devices
747377 Force direct 2d enabled to ignore block listed drivers
157554 Failure to instantiate plugin in nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnStartRequest does not cause us to lay…
773097 crash in gfxContext::~gfxContext()
763773 replace WrapperIsNotMainThreadOnly() with false
780159 Remove obsolete REGCHROME
804736 Allow reactivation from webpages of Social API
780164 Make nsAttrAndChildArray::GetModifiableMapped infallible
780165 Introduce nsPIDOMWindow::GetDoc()
771976 Heap-use-after-free in mozSpellChecker::SetCurrentDictionary
771977 unresponsive scripts in sandboxes associated with the hidden window are never terminated
771979 Intermittent browser_newtab_drag_drop.js | Test timed out | ...and sometimes: uncaught JS exception …
788364 Invalid write of size 8 [@ js::SetIteratorObject::finalize]
763805 Fennec crashes after about 10 seconds on Android emulator with abort message: "ABORT: We need a cont…
780198 Intermittent browser_dbg_reload-same-script.js | Test timed out, followed by browser_dbg_script-swit…
780199 MutationObserver changes the behavior when setting <xul:browser>'s src to the same value it has
780203 add some stdint types to xpidl
780210 B2G pinching-to-zoom is using an incorrect focus point
780212 Fix buffer overflow beyond MAXPATHLEN when querying Android's GRE_HOME
788405 importScripts failure
780222 Remove redundant check-sync-dirs call in js/src/
788419 crash in js::DebugScopeProxy::handleUnaliasedAccess
763854 Check file references (cleanup stored files) only when needed
780241 should not be a native command
772050 Remove 'classInfo' from AppsService and SettingsService
781307 Remove make rules from services/
780260 ShadowLayers repaint their image every transaction
763882 IonMonkey: (ARM) Issue in BoolValueToDouble
763883 IonMonkey: (ARM) -x does not deal with INT_MIN properly
763884 IonMonkey: (ARM) X%Y does not properly return -0.0
780272 Audit calls to MozillaUnRegisterDebugFD
690168 Implement Allow-From syntax for X-Frame-Options
763897 general XPC calling mechanism cannot handle interface inheritance in some cases (call, bind)
741717 Browser API : Add a reload method to browser elements
780288 "Assertion failure: false (compartment mismatched)," or "Assertion failure: JSVAL_IS_OBJECT_OR_NULL_…
788489 nightly mozconfigs in mozilla-aurora/beta should not have --disable-profiling
722957 Intermittent crashtests/481136-1.html | assertion count 1 is more than expected 0 assertions from "…
772113 Expose source map URLs in Debugger.Script
780332 rm getTypedArray
804910 handle worker load failures
600111 XMLHttpRequest.setRequestHeader() throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE inappropriately
780337 @supports rule should not parse if property value is empty
780340 Allow compositor-drive animation of visibility
780342 Don't allow compositor-driven animation of frames that are not prerendered, provide diagnostics for …
780345 Page down scrolls too far on pages with fixed header elements (page size is miscalculated)
780346 Add a sample label for the refresh driver
780350 [AccessFu] Introduce high-level touch gestures
780351 In-process mozapp/mozbrowser does not divide the window name namespace
763976 Add onchange notifications to DeviceStorage
804949 Change the way that panning works
780387 Don't use unnecessary PR* typedefs
780392 crash in _moz_cairo_set_scaled_font
800444 disable the HSTS preload list if firefox has gone 18 weeks without an update
747629 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (a ... b) ends beyond length c or has end before start…
780405 "Assertion failure: strictModeState != StrictMode::UNKNOWN,"
788598 logged out state has no login
780407 xul.dll crashes in AvailableMemoryTracker::VirtualAllocHook with a PGO Pymake build
780409 update HarfBuzz code following the HB Lemongrass (July 2012) hackfest
780414 Build failing with ../config/ ../src/config/ No such file or directory
772225 Disable GeckoInputConnection's clampSelection() to test whether SpannableStringBuilder IndexOutOfBou…
772228 Search Box in Tabview (Group Your Tabs) Does Not Resize When Out of View
780421 [Error 193] %1 is not a valid Win32 application
780428 Don't include nsIFrame.h in places where it's not necessary
780430 Builds fails with SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\x83' in file ./config.status on non-English Win…
774509 We need to communicate the FF17 OS X 10.5 EOL to our users (add-on hotfix)
780432 add --enable-pulseaudio configure option
780436 double or wavy decoration lines are not repainted correctly if it's specified to floating first lett…
780439 Kill off the remains of nsIBox
782703 nsObjectLoadingContent should null type/URIs in UnloadObject(true);
772252 Numeral keys on physical keyboard don't work in Firefox for Android on Sony-Ericsson Xperia Pro and …
780446 Infinite repeating message "Makefile is unchanged" unless clobbered (pymake build only?)
790897 Find in page can cause tabs to be switched instead of searching for the text
780457 Adapt to changes from bug 774032
731307 Add a new nsIFilePicker::ShowAsync method
780462 Stop removing dist/bin/components when starting a build
780469 Reduce unneeded includes for key headers in content/
780474 Enable -Wno-mismatched-tags for clang, or at least -Wno-error=mismatched-tags
781869 nsHTMLScrollFrame::ReflowScrolledFrame() redundantly passes NS_FRAME_NO_MOVE_VIEW with NS_FRAME_NO_M…
772288 SpecialPowers.wrap(Components).utils.import(url, window) is broken
772292 Convert JSObject2WrappedJSMap to a new-style HashTable
772296 3D animation text disappears during animation
780489 fix some warnings in plugin and mac code
780490 Fix and re-enable content/media/test/test_seek.html on Linux
780491 Fix and re-enable content/media/test/test_seek_out_of_range.html on Linux
780492 Fix and re-enable content/media/test/test_timeupdate_small_files.html on Linux
780494 Assertion failure: script->formalLivesInCallObject(i)
780497 Pymake build broken because it thinks touch {uuid}/Makefile contains shell metacharacters
780502 ASSERTION: Trying to compute style of detached element: 'doc'
780507 Expose the idle API only to certified apps
780508 Pymake: avoid spawning shell processes while compiling
764125 [Azure] Get Azure/Cairo canvas passing tests
772319 No option to disable the "Close other tabs" prompt
788704 Add telemetry for the enablePrivilege pref
772328 function statements shouldn't shadow formals
780522 Stack overflow nsHttpConnectionMgr with port out of range
780528 Webapp uninstallation on Linux through desktop action
780529 XMLHttpRequest getInterface weirdness
780530 Notification after webapp uninstallation
739572 IonMonkey: Inline Array.prototype.{push,pop,shift,concat}
780542 constructor functions return undefined in web console
780546 Add simple test for opening named windows inside mozbrowser
780547 Disable idle-api fuzz factor
780549 crash access violation mozjs!js::types::AutoEnterCompilation::~AutoEnterCompilation
780553 Providing an incorrect combination of parameters (video: true, picture: true) to getUserMedia - unex…
780554 Mozmill test failure testSearch/testAddMozSearchProvider | Current URL contains the wrong search ter…
780558 B2G RIL: expose cell location LAC/CID
764176 Crash with gradient, hugeness, "-moz-appearance: statusbar"
772369 Alarm API - Follow-Up Fix for System Message Integration
616722 -moz-column-count on parent element with border causes its margins to collapse with the kids' margin…
764190 PLACES_EXPIRATION_STEPS_TO_CLEAN telemetry might be misleading
805153 Drop down selector (combobox) stuck following new selection
780582 Text gets selected just by hovering the mouse over
780597 IonMonkey: Move emitter breakCycle does not handle spilled registers
784238 make isVisible API work for notification panels / chat windows
782146 Missing elements on
706883 Intermittent Linux crashtest leaked 315035 bytes during test execution (125 of AtomImpl, 1 Backstage…
780612 Add a "graylist" of characters to Pymake
805191 reflect HVGA minimum requirement in the AndroidManifest
780618 Move all error codes to nsError.h
780625 Followup fix for "Don't install quota handlers on chrome databases"
772434 Blob support for Zip file contents
805206 Social API keyboard-accessible menuitem is blank
739671 Order of ColorLayers is reversed every paint
782735 Turn nsNodeInfoManager into a native purple-bufferable CC class
706908 add Windows 8 to the OS list for gfx driver blacklisting
788829 popup not shrinking when its children are removed (linux)
780645 browser_595601-restore_hidden.js needs to wait for all tabs to be restored before continuing with th…
780646 Don't check for pango libraries when pango-disable option provided
780647 remove debug scopes' dependency on having shapes/slots for unaliased variables
797036 Update updater strings and icon
780653 CellIter on shapes/types is empty during incremental sweeping
772463 Replace '-moz-transform' with 'transform' in browser/
790931 Allow successful removal of Sync account when multiple Firefox versions are installed
780661 <select> boxes don't show content
780663 OS X gcc build failure: "nsFocusManager.cpp:2275: error: 'FrameIteratorFlags' is not a class or name…
780010 Update the browser_shareButton.js test to use common SocialAPI test functions
747903 Limit the number of items in the Downloads Panel
772487 Use CPP_UNIT_TESTS for TestPoisonArea.cpp
780680 gfxHarfBuzzShaper.cpp:1197:21: warning: variable ‘prevGlyphCharIndex’ set but not used [-Wunused-but…
788877 GMail inbox get rendered as component alpha layer
780686 DOMApplicationRegistry._cloneAppObject doesn't clone the `receipts` array
780691 DeviceStorage - Add onchange notifications for volume state changes
780693 IPC VolumeManager on Gonk
215450 uploading files that are larger the 2GB fails
772509 IonMonkey: Previous constraints can invalidate recompiled functions.
780702 nsIDOMWindowUtils sendQueryContentEvent comment is now wrong
780707 Contacts API: support prompting
780712 Crash [@ JSC::Yarr::execute] or [@ js::RegExpShared::execute]
766366 Add Texture -> Texture blit function to GLContext
780728 nsCanvasFrame.cpp:212:13: warning: variable ‘pixelRect’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
780739 B2G: Suppress gcc warnings about va_list mangling
780750 HTTP disk cache never gets used/fixed if wrong permissions on CACHE_MAP file
771832 File not found error for HTTP URL, can be fixed by a forced reload
780759 Splashscreens for webapps
780761 Race condition in initializing message manager for window.opened <iframe mozbrowser>s causes test_br…
772570 Build failure: Cannot open include file: 'vpx/vpx_encoder.h' @
780763 add MoTown to social activation white list
707037 Revert the update check frequency increase
773202 Generic install/copy rule
780791 WebConsole autocompletion doesn't autocomplete on string literals.
762282 After having finished the download of an OGG video, networkState is NETWORK_LOADING.
772615 about:memory crash in nsScriptSecurityManager::GetSubjectPrincipal when refreshed
773207 Heap-use-after-free in nsObjectLoadingContent::LoadObject
649740 support CSS feature queries (@supports, @-moz-supports)
780818 Remove getExtendedOrigin from nsILoadContext
780825 B2G RIL: Read code scheme 0x81, 0x82 UCS2 string on ICC
739870 IonMonkey: Optimize mod into & where appropriate.
780832 Make nsSupportsArray::GrowArrayBy infallible
780835 Intermittent build/macosx/universal/unify failure: "copyIfIdentical: files differ"
789030 Remove existing trailing whitespaces from our tests and shared modules
764456 Need to ensure that the RHS of "implements" (or any other consequential interface) is not flagged as…
797225 Add Stagefright software decoder fallback for hardware decoders that report unknown video color form…
780842 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: id == MakeTypeId(cx, id), at ../jsinferinlines.h:1401
625199 kill dummy frames
780852 Fix talos v8 timeouts on Windows
780860 IonMonkey: Mark some instructions as movable
764477 IonMonkey: Inline Math.max and Math.min
764480 bad assertion running test_NPNVdocumentOrigin.html
772679 subpixel shifting causes visible shift of some lines on second scroll operation to hit bottom of pag…
772682 make Mac OS X 10.6 the minimum system version
772688 add BindingIter and use it instead of directly touching a Binding's shape
774584 Remove $(shell) from browser/locales/
772690 Remove content-order check from SortByZOrder
748116 [Azure] Use Azure canvas for taskbar tab previews
731741 Need a way to decide if we should _exit(0) early or not
805474 chatbar title styling isn't compatible with high-contrast themes
772717 [adbe 3298955] Flash 11.3 crashes [@ F1942785704_____________________ ]
789102 Split browser_586068-cascaded_restore.js into multiple tests
748144 Opus codec in <audio> and <video> should support multichannel audio
797302 crash in mozilla::safebrowsing::Classifier::Check
625273 Intermittent browser_tabview_bug587503.js | In the end, the group was showing a dropSpace - Got fals…
715387 Too-much-recursion crash (js::Invoke, js::DefaultValue, js::array_sort)
772733 implement harmony string methods
461440 ASSERTION: Fix the caller, this type of node can never contain children.: 'parentTagEnum < NS_HTML_T…
747286 Create a way to attach DOM-related metadata to JS getters and setters
764567 Fix and re-land patches to support multicolumn 'column-fill' property
756382 --enable-xterm-updates with make -s spews blank lines into the console
780963 invalid cast with svg feImage
780965 jsutil.h:345:5: warning: C++ style comments are not allowed in ISO C90 [enabled by default] (also j…
780969 "ASSERTION: LoadObject called while not bound to a document"
780970 Add [infallible] attribute to XPIDL
756397 Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/media
784157 Google Play Campaign Tracking
797363 Remove user agent override since is fixed
780987 Call social.user-recommend-prompt during initialization of the Social API functionality
799617 Screen goes black when starting Fennec from external URL or resuming session
772801 B2G Wifi: Fix wifi scanning on ICS
748230 Crash in the desktop runtime shall identify the name of the application - Not as the Firefox build t…
766065 Assertion failure: iter.isNativeCall() && iter.callee()->native() == DumpStack, at shell/js.cpp:2141
756425 Intermittent test_mousescroll.xul | mouse-scroll of 'richlistbox' vertical starting ...
781009 Make CompileOptions constructor explicit
781014 Exiting full-screen gaia apps causes bad things to happen
748249 Pass ringmark ring 0
772829 Use in a few more places.
781024 Video sometimes doesn't play in gaia video app, although audio does
781035 convert more places to use the C++ compile/evaluate api
781039 Mouse input support for gonk
781040 BindingUtils XrayResolveProperty needs to fault in JSJitInfos
764660 Collect and report on the CPU utilization of a hung plugin process
781046 Modify 4rth parameter TypedArray.h function Create() to take a const T* instead of a T*
781047 [adbe 3306958] crash in F_773489510_____________________________________________
781056 [Azure] remove extraneous save/restores from DrawTargetCairo
781058 Fix -Werror=int-to-pointer-cast in dom/
781071 Crash [@ ExpressionDecompiler::findLetVar] or "Assertion failure: isObject(),"
782808 Orientation changes are ignored
772883 System proxy settings on Linux in nightlies (16.0a1) are broken
772892 IonMonkey: Optimize Math.pow
781086 horizontal scrollbar appears when not expected
781090 Firefox no longer responds to Spectacle's keyboard shortcuts to resize application windows
781102 Continue with debugger initialization after the editor finished loading
789308 socialchat reversed socialFrameShow/Hide events
781122 orion.css does not exist from debugger tests
781124 Report CPU usage for hung Flash processes
781125 Intermittent log truncation due to 110,000 lines of console message spam
781126 AllowPlugins = false on docshell is no longer working ? | Thunderbird Permanent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL…
781127 [b2g][Web Activities][System Message Handler] mozChromeEvent to System app does not expose enough in…
781128 Multiple identical talos jobs scheduled even though no re-triggers requested
621708 Update .au entry in PSL
781133 Fix locale specific numbers in hung plugin CPU usage reporting
568142 Expand source notes to carry column information
781138 Empty .mkdir.done files are bundled with packages
781143 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.onBackPressed(
781145 IonMonkey: js::GetProperty should have a fast path for string/array length access
748381 Downloads indicator should persist in the toolbar (not auto-hide)
674655 Drop references to ppc, switch x86 to using the 10.6 sdk
781153 ArchiveReader doesn't support zip-in-zip archives
740194 [Skia] Implement a version of SkMemory for Mozilla that uses the infallible mozalloc allocators
772966 force XBL parameter names to be non-zero
772987 Add Static{Auto,Ref}Ptr, like ns{Auto,Ref}Ptr, but without the static initializer
781186 Navigating between pages initially shows "No Scripts" in the menulist
781189 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/mathml/mtable-align-whitespace.html | image comparison (==)
756620 App-cache integration during OWA installation on desktop
781200 fixup several cache histograms
805788 exclude override.ini from mac signatures
756645 Implement "indexedDB jars" for apps
739092 Neterror icon behind robot
764869 determine simple solution for activation of a social provider
781256 Share FileDescriptors across processes in preparation for OS-level sandbox
756681 Scratchpad should display exceptions when throwing a string
773068 B2G Voicemail: API to retrieve Voicemail number
773071 use KHR_fence_sync instead of GuaranteeResolve with EGLImage WebGL path
797649 Truncate URLs logged in --DOMWINDOW
687267 support for flash on Android Fennec on honeycomb
781272 crash in nsRootPresContext::RequestUpdatePluginGeometry
682970 nsObjectLoadingContent::StartPluginInstance: continue with instantiation if mInstanceOwner already e…
780111 Share code with new DOM bindings for primitive conversions in XPCConvert::JSData2Native
781279 crash in nsRootPresContext::UpdatePluginGeometry
781281 segfault in mediapipeline_unittest
773090 [Mac] Image map are broken
797667 Add back the SocialToolbar.button getter
633828 "Assertion failure: !pn->isOp(JSOP_NOP),"
781289 expression decompiler: when searching for let variables, ensure matches are atoms
789482 Awesome bar suggestions briefly appear on wrong monitor with multiple monitors
781479 Remove unused Tru64 and QNX rules
617453 JS engine keeps unreferenced WebGLContexts around too long before GC'ing
707573 Intermittent test_media_selection.html | test 31 networkState = 0 expected >= 1 (also in test 32-40)…
781302 Drop support for gcc 4.2
782847 Pymake native commands don't pass the correct environment to subprocesses
805885 Set -moz-image-region on the .social-notification-icon-image class
775350 navigational menu item expands and collapses, when it should open and remain open
781313 Move the Euclid gcd and lcm algos from layout/style/nsStyleAnimation.cpp to mfbt/MathAlgorithms.h
797700 Restrict the height/width of the ambient notification icons to 16x16
781320 Forward name attribute down through remote <iframe mozbrowser>
771927 [OS.File] (de)serialize ArrayBuffer, C arrays, C pointers, Strings
715788 Add A-GPS support for gonk
781331 Hook up systemXHR to permissions manager
797716 tweak social panel auto-resize code
782852 full-screen-api.approval-required pref should affect nsDocument::mIsApprovedForFullscreen
683037 [meta] Type inference IonMonkey integration
781343 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending(),"
764962 GC: Make the heap barrier verifier work again
715814 Web Activities
773160 expose a reduced 'navigator' object to frameworker workers
781353 Hook up "power" to Permission Manager
707626 Hook up screen.mozEnabled, screen.mozBrightness to permission API
781355 Hook up mozBrowser to Permission Manager
773164 remove frameworker load listener
773167 Otoro: 3G Data Call fail on ICS
781362 Some SMIL reftests take too long to stop animating
781364 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::ShapeTable::search] or "Assertion failure: table_ && isOwned(),"
781368 IonMonkey: Fold TypeOf strings in MConstant.
683069 rm setParent hack in JSCompartment::wrap
791051 Session restore won't fail if there are no tabs in JSON
781380 [Azure] Memory leak in Azure/Cairo
781384 Allow web app script to exit fullscreen
781386 MoTown shouldn't be loaded when running tests
707659 Hook up WebSMS to new WebAPI permission manager
781390 Make barrier verifier testing work better with the methodjit
781393 Value overwriting during VM stack scanning can overwrite copied values
781394 Firefox displays "Install Missing Plugins" popup for home page
781398 [b2g-bluetooth] Wrong connection used on thread for GetDeviceServiceChannelInternal
781399 Fix warnings in networking code
781403 cull "performance" jstests
765114 IonMonkey: (ARM) forgotten bug!
789602 reftest harness should print pixel delta information on the UNEXPECTED-FAIL line
748646 Put all the block's text-overflow markers at the bottom of PositionedDescendants()
773227 GCLI should open a help menu on enter for non-VALID (like pressing F1)
773232 GCLI should propose subcommand completions with a space before the sub command
789620 click-to-play: a plugin made click-to-play by the blocklist won't go back to normal if unblocked
781431 A few minor build system improvements
765048 accept language header with q=0.500
797827 Make and variants less verbose on pass
781445 AttributeError: 'datetime.timedelta' object has no attribute 'total_seconds'
765065 Annotation for crash reports: "Are we GCing?"
707722 Flickering and rendering artifacts with OpenGL layers on Intel SandyBridge (Linux)
781457 use of undeclared identifier '_Unwind_Backtrace'
781461 c-c configure fails, config.status is bogus
357725 Top-level XUL windows should support size constraints
765079 Support text selection in inputs/textareas
781464 Do not add stack to result if assertion passes
781474 FP_X_DNML is not supported on FreeBSD non-x86
781476 expando properties aren't accessible on certain objects when running same origin code in different c…
780145 ArchiveReader doesn't unzip large files
781482 Plugins in dead/zombie compartments continue to play
765107 Filter output is mislocated with CSS transforms
781494 Code cleanup in nsMathMLChar
781498 TESTING_JS_MODULES should be conditional on ENABLE_TESTS
806081 Remove references from in our mozmill tests
779721 Simplify MediaStreamGraph
806085 Remove references from in our mozmill tests
806087 Firefox Sync uses all of my memory and doesn't succeed
781516 Fennec invalidation regression on Nightly
782882 Restrict pages which can be shared to http and https protocols.
773326 Inverted thread check in getJSToNativeConversionTemplate::onFailure
806097 Update autocomplete=off test to use a local page instead of
797909 Docshell sandbox flags should apply to initial about:blank
634074 Cannot validate valid certificate chain when looping/cross-signed certs are involved
773339 IonMonkey: Refactor Compile in Ion.cpp to be templated and not use fp
780168 Avoid a couple QIs in nsDocShell::GetInterface(nsIDocument)
773347 GCLI hidden commands don't execute properly
765156 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.PropertyAnimator.invalidate(PropertyAnimator.ja…
775592 MOZ Transition Ruined by FF 14 - works in all previous - including competitor browsers. No smoothnes…
781521 Fix new __exposedProps__ culprits
781545 Fix PluginInstanceParent.cpp build with GCC 4.6
765163 Implement code generator for simple DOM events
781548 Add WebAPI tests to resume held call (WebTelephony)
789743 FF 15.0 to 15.0.1 Internal Update adds extra Uninstall Entry in Windows 7 Programs and Features
795176 [markup panel] Twisties are not properly aligned on Linux
598868 Tracking: Support for pushing video frames directly to the compositor, bypassing content-main-thread…
773370 Fix rooting in JSArray creation for mozTelephony
699646 Get the alder branch to compile on windows
765186 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: TODO: implement bigger offsets :(, at ion/arm/MacroAssembler-arm.cpp:1…
773383 [Web Activities] Activities filtering heuristic does not support arrays in filters
789771 Add an OSX variable to the reftest condition sandbox to make it easier to test Mac OS X versions
773397 Disable pdf.js prior to FF15 beta 5
683290 We won't discard any images on the current tab even if they are not in the DOM
789791 Firefox for Android Nightly 20120905 fails to update ("No updates found") if system language is not …
740640 B2G 3G: Support HTTP proxy
773419 [adbe 3298954] Flash crashes in F_313572943______
765231 Telephony: Implement dialEmergency() to limit call to emergency numbers
781617 http is given from History even when https is explicitly typed in address bar
785630 nsIDocument's mstyleImageLoader can be nsRefPtr
757046 Investigate interim solutions for enablePrivilege
773432 Image in contentEditable div auto selects it's self when it's in text without spaces around it
781627 Copy security/nss/lib/freebl/sha_fast.c to mfbt
789824 Regression of min-/max-height on -moz-box containers
765252 crash in nsCaretAccessible::RemoveDocSelectionListener
776902 nsFilePicker nullptr related build error with vc11
773450 Lines don't show up in some Google Maps directions
716108 [New Tab Page] “Connecting…” should not briefly flicker in the tab title when a new tab is opened
781646 Windows widget AudioSession::Start not working in Metro
785635 Markup panel undo is broken
773460 [Azure] pref on Azure canvas
773462 OMTC: Fix calls to ImageContainer::SetCurrentImage in layer transactions
544088 Xt plugins broken by switch to OOPP (not implemented)
773466 Console will stop displaying output
773467 Make SVG patterns ignore their patternContentUnits attribute when their viewBox attribute is set
691553 Intermittent test_preload_actions.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
781667 Audio Data API broken on ARM since bug 775319
769254 Clicking a target=_blank link inside <iframe mozbrowser> crashes Gecko, should pass opened URL to mo…
773351 hookup the mozSocial api
781676 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.gfx.LayerView.onTouchEvent( at c…
773485 Update identity Makefiles to use MOCHITEST_FILES
781679 Assert that we do not destroy the layer manager while in the middle of painting
781680 IonMonkey: Track IonCode in MemoryMetrics
724339 text selection on mobile devices must support right-to-left (rtl) languages
707960 Resolve covered region hack introduced in bug 614732
724346 Ctrl-Tab should not cycle through hidden tabs
773500 nsStyleAnimation checks for common units of nsCSSValueTriplet are screwy
781693 Limelight networks logo (data: URL) fails to load because it contains errors
748928 UI: Accessible controls
781700 GCd databases do not unblock additional databases.
748933 Addon: Fallback to plugin option
740744 Asynchronous dbus events for bluetooth, Start/StopDiscovery and device event firing
781708 Log warnings about unexpected beginBatchEdit/endBatchEdit counts
773518 netwerk\cache\nsDeleteDir.cpp should lower IO prioritization on Windows Vista+ and OS X
773519 Speed up string arguments by faking an XPCOM string
781713 Inline getEditable() and remove unnecessary null checks
773527 B2G Wifi: Fix signal strength notification on ICS
773528 remove device.motion.enabled
781722 Crash from a scratchpad's sandbox: "Assertion Failure: rt->heapState == JSRuntime::Idle"
781724 Pre-launch "app" processes
773533 XBL elements (e.g. <marquee>, HTML5 video controls) make about:memory crash, possibly due to nsINode…
781734 B2G: Tune panning and zooming physics
773545 Method ctx.putImageData not working in firefox 16,17 if an invalid number of arguments is passed in
773546 Change Codegen to centralize specializing top-half for DOM methods and accessors
798124 Chat titlebar and chat menubutton UI issues
773549 IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_CALL on DOM methods.
789937 [inspector] Outline doesn't come back after a resize that makes a node highlightable
781748 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.onCreateInputConnection(Ge…
781749 Wifi is not detecting networks on 8-10-2012 daily otoro
798141 I can't type in Google docs if any social content has focus
691651 only reframe fixed-positioned descendants when whether an element has a transform changes
774732 Intermittent dom/indexedDB/crashtests/726376-1.html, dom/src/offline/crashtests/408431-1.html | asse…
777463 Options missing from Firefox Button Menu
789964 Root usage in updater scares users, doesn't work
773581 Failure in testGetMoreSearchEngines | Search engine 'IMDB' has been installed
806351 disable Notification Center support on beta (Firefox 17), it isn't ready
773587 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: isInt32(), at ../../jsapi.h:450
798166 Intermittent defaults display problem after setting default depending on helper.exe speed
769273 CCW "Nuke" feature for sandboxes
773592 B2G MMS: support multiple instances for some header fields
781786 GCLI should s/path.existsSync/fs.existsSync/g
773595 Have nsSVGPatternFrame::GetPatternMatrix use the correct attribute
462300 Implement infrastructure for self-hosting JS builtins
806369 Blacklisting for H.264 decoding
732653 Remove JS_FrameIterator
781808 [PATCH] make install fails on platforms with PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE
798197 Ambient notification toolbar buttons are distorted in small icons mode on Windows
740854 Remove SYSTEM_MAKEDEPEND and MOZ_NATIVE_MAKEDEPEND and associated crap
773626 Hash functions for MaskLayerImageCache::PixelRoundedRect and MaskLayerImageCache::MaskLayerImageKey …
798212 flyout may be misaligned horizontally after resizing
773637 Kill NS_SCRIPTABLE and friends
716295 Elf-hack failing on b2g builds
773641 Change in-product Twitter search icon
781839 Permanent OS X gcc build failure on Birch: "configure: error: installation or configuration problem:…
773651 on windows XP KeyboardEvent.location for CTRL keys is always set to DOM_KEY_LOCATION_LEFT
773653 Intermittent leak in browser_dbg_breakpoint-new-script.js
773655 IonMonkey: Don't destroy JM code before Ion compilation
765464 Throw TypeError for binding exceptions
749101 Move window.performance to the new DOM bindings
773683 Improve PCOMContentPermissionRequest usage safety
765498 Device Storage - Gaia - ensure /sdcard is backed by a file system
781883 Cannot go from about:home to about:firefox with "Don't Keep Activities" enabled
806460 NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE in nsINavBookmarksService.insertBookmark while inserting query
686442 Odd looking menu separator in awesomebar
765506 click-to-play: attach click listener to plugin element instead of overlay
784311 Dummy test necessary for remote restart tests due to 0 passing tests
778851 Turn javascript.options.xml.content off by default
785679 media/gfx push required a clobber
773724 XPCOM preloads delay load modules on Windows
790112 toolbar button doesn't reflect state of distinct buttons inside it
773731 SpiderMonkey: UseNewType pattern matching broken.
773732 After reloading a page, the selected script and line should remain the same
781929 Fix SpecialPowers.addPermission typo
773741 Cannot resize elements in Fennec that have the CSS resize property
773743 Add the portrait and user display name to the share button popup
773749 [AccessFu] In Jelly Bean, double-tapping to activate an item does not work in web content
781943 [Azure] gfx::2d should be able to deal with nullptrs
781945 Improve GC telemetry
765564 [devtb] Add a DevTools menu to the developer toolbar
659071 Ctrl + scrollwheel doesn't zoom when hovering a <video> element
773760 Cross-process clipboard setting doesn't reflect privacy status of original transferable
781956 <wizard/> : Using advance(pageId) on the last page should not close the wizard
777494 Avoid using == with float
773768 STL: Add another stl file to the "FIXME" list
769303 Heap-use-after-free in gfxTextRun::CanBreakLineBefore
790164 PresShell::DispatchTouchEvent should keep contentPresShell alive while using it
741014 pymake is busted with make l10n-check
773784 Launching an app with no version of FF installed - Update error messages to say FF 16
781977 Add optional pressure and source parameters to nsIDOMWindowUtils's sendMouse methods
781979 IonMonkey: Provide line number information to SPS
787102 Change event is not fired when the input element's value is modified while the element is focused
781985 IonMonkey: visitCallDOMNative() must dropArguments()
790181 Permanent orange: test_bug248970_cache.js hangs without private browsing enabled on aurora and beta
773798 Multi-process support for MediaStorage - Use PBlob
790184 [SPDY] Firefox V15 & 15.0.1 fails with attachment upload on gmail with squid proxy
765613 Intermittent test_browserElement_oop_DataURI.html, test_browserElement_oop_BackForward.html, test_br…
741040 Make an ArrayBufferObject subclass of JSOBject
782006 Preload the nsLayoutStylesheetCache
790201 Nuke social worker sandbox on shutdown
806587 Rename getNoAppCodebasePrincipal back to getCodebasePrincipal
749257 improve test plugin (
790218 Mozmill test failure /testPopups/testPopupsAllowed.js | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly c…
716495 Copy and Close keyboard shortcuts on scratchpad are the same In some locales (es-AR, fr-FR at least)
773842 Fix build warnings under content/
772046 ASan builds broken by WebRTC (Linker relocation error)
773847 Selecting to capture a picture for getUserMedia test page fails with an exception thrown on startMed…
773850 Redesign non-generic method guarding API
782043 Get rid of the fullscreencontrol attribute
798430 HTTP request headers lost on channel redirect (regression in Firefox 15)
798437 aboutSocialError.xhtml doesn't include Social.jsm with the right url
776632 Implement testing function getBuildConfiguration
773865 Ensure `MOZ_WINCONSOLE` preprocessor definition exists if env var is 1
806644 Back out bug 778993
708343 Intermittent test_bug463162.xhtml | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
782072 Regression in browser process shutdown time
782077 IonMonkey: Remove MIRType_Any
806656 Query records generated incorrectly
782083 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: thing, at gc/Marking.cpp:87 or Opt-Crash [@ js::gc::MarkIonCodeRoot]
790278 Add social.enabled and to the Important Modified Preferences in about:support
782087 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: float, at jsinfer.cpp:327
783179 Remove unused mCbCrSize and mCbCrBuffer members from nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine
782096 java.lang.NullPointerException: at android.os.Parcel.readException( on Galaxy Tab 7.7" (…
732945 IonMonkey: resetting pools does not reset the size
740733 IonMonkey: Implement GETELEM for typed arrays on ARM
774788 free text search across all scripts
773926 GCLI should use the term "add-on" consistently
773927 "Assertion failure: dn->isClosed(),"
626472 Switch from nsnull to nullptr
773929 Youtube HTML5 resize buttons(Small/Large player) in video controls are missing
773933 Remove libs rules from browser/components/sessionstore/src/
773934 don't depend on Function.prototype.toSource
782129 IonMonkey: Crash on heap near [@ js::mjit::ic::Call]
749366 Remove unused and mostly bogus size argument from Describe{RefCounted,GCed}Node CC callback
782136 add carrier field and ContactField interface to Contacts API
773945 Investigate if nsXULElement::mPrototype could be removed
749371 rm JS_ClearScope
782141 Heap-buffer-overflow in nsSVGFEMorphologyElement::Filter
781379 getNotInstalled should be under mgmt and return apps from all origins
765766 Convert more event interface implementations to be autogenerated
773961 'Browse' sometimes does not work
773962 Crash @ JSObject::swap
782155 Set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 10.6 for all architectures
782167 Downgrade MOZ_ASSERT(win->IsClosedOrClosing()) to an NS_ASSERTION until it stops happening so often
782171 Always create profile dir on installation
773980 Fix browser-api randomorange by not touching dead windows
782175 delta_multiplier_(x|y|z) should support less than 100 value and larger than -100 value
773435 Remove a few extraneous nsIImageLoadingContent includes
782181 Remove unused method nsMouseWheelTransaction::IsAccelerationEnabled()
782993 GC: Always sweep background finalized things at the same point in collection
782185 don't use EXTEND_NONE in image layers
773995 IonMonkey: Inline js_Array «new Array» with 2 arguments or more.
782190 Implement onwheel attribute
774003 cookies for worker
774009 Intermittent browser_overflowScroll.js | uncaught JS exception - TypeError: aTab.linkedBrowser is nu…
774016 Remove extra ;
774017 Remove extra ;
774019 Remove extra ;
774020 Remove extra ;
782217 Http request sent twice with evince or jsPDFviewer but not AcrobatReader
708491 testSecurityNotification.js fails due to timeout on cert_domain_link
774032 Implement autoconf substitution in Python
774033 Remove extra ;
782227 Add a todo() when there is no invalid form submission observer (content/ tests)
716694 IonMonkey: Extend JSOP_MOD to work with float arguments
782232 Regression: "false" returned as nsresult in nsObjectLoadingContent.cpp
774041 silence warning about unused private field
779361 IonMonkey: Reuse input in LAbsD and LSqrtD.
774052 crash in js::types::TypeObject::sweep
806821 GCLI should ensure that 'string' command return types are treated as plaintext
774054 Switch mochitest file $(INSTALL) to install_cmd
757671 IonMonkey: Values should be at least word aligned on ARM
774059 fImageTargetTexture2DOES re-added to GLLibraryEGL after being moved to GLContext and renamed to fIma…
774060 Compiling Firefox fails --with-system-libvpx when using libvpx 1.1 or later
741293 argument to :dir() and :-moz-locale-dir() is treated case-sensitively; should be case-insensitive
774062 Build failure using inbound 6ceeca8b4b73 "command 'expand "" -F:d3dx9_43.dll "../../dist/bin"' faile…
783005 need a system for deleting pings after N failed attempts
705182 Timeout exceeded for waitForElement ID: getMeOutButton in testSafeBrowsingWarningPages.js
774071 remove unused variable from nsJSScriptTimeoutHandler
785738 Build failure with gcc 4.2 since bug 579517
782272 Intermittent test_history_tracker.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | head.js| TypeErr…
765890 Make tests pass when javascript.options.xml.content is off by default
782275 Disable devicestorage tests on Android
774084 crash in nsBuiltinDecoder::GetSeekable
724935 Intermittent test_playback.html | short-video.ogv duration (NaN) should be around 1.081 and four mor…
782285 Reader Mode is offered for inappropriate websites
782287 minor SocialService cleanup
503761 "Remember passwords" check box is broken when no history - in Private Browsing mode or when Firefox …
790488 shareButton tests should check behaviour of multiple tabs
757722 unit_ipc/test_content_annotation.js fails on OS X 10.7 and 10.8
777943 Let WebGL getRenderbufferParameter return the WebGL format rather than re-querying the GL and tweaki…
749535 UnwrapObject slows down typed array APIs a lot
749536 Can we speed up JS_ValueToBoolean
782305 webconsole.xul should not load browser.css
774114 B2G RIL: Refactor the way of handling RIL_REQUEST_{ENTER_*, CHANGE_*} responses
782311 Scrolling causes artifacts on some NVIDIA GPUs due to removed D3D10_RESOURCE_MISC_GDI_COMPATIBLE fla…
774120 #ifdef fields only used in debug builds
774122 limit CSS parser hashless-color and unitless-length quirks to only the properties that need them
782315 GC: Cut out unnecessary work when not collecting atoms
782316 [AccessFu] Remove HOME and END key bindings
782317 [AccessFu] appinfo.OS == 'Android' does not always mean Android
782318 GC: Simplify compartment GC state
784381 Build bustage for comm-central - SHA1.h - Cannot open include file: 'stdint.h'
774131 Optimize process-launching code
774133 Make nsDisplayTransform take account of zooming for SVG transforms
774134 Support S3 texture compression with Mesa drivers
757751 "ABORT: Non-display SVG frames don't maintain overflow rects"
780287 Don't wrap jemalloc on gonk
774140 Remove code duplication for IsVistaOrLater
774142 Webapp uninstallation on Linux through mozApps uninstall function
774146 Get more detail on reason for DISK_CACHE_CORRUPT failures
773475 Revert bug 584863 to keep redirect semantics cleaner.
784386 Big memory spikes on readability check
782351 Device Storage - Expose sdcard/volume state flag on stat result
782352 Device Storage - track local io and broadcast onchange notifications
790545 cache toolbar notification icons for faster rendering at startup?
782354 Device Storage - separate unavailable state into unavailable and 'sharing'
716822 Remove nsIDOMNSEvent
774169 Strange zooming behavior has appeared in Bing Maps
774174 Linux styling for Social toolbar UI
798753 [OS X] Visual polish for social provider user menu
782372 Split ImageLayers.h into several files
782375 pageShowEventHandlers should check rather than event.originalTarget
806952 Update test for stop and reload buttons to test what it really should test
725038 No visual indication that final line of scratchpad is selected
782384 crash in nsIFrame::GetUsedBorder
782387 Blank SVG rendering, after clicking a link to a <view> fragment and then navigating back
782391 device storage - Watch should also go through the permission prompt.
774201 Avoid pointer to integer cast losing precision on win64
782401 missing error handling within @supports condition parsing
782405 delete UNIX_ASYNC_DNS
782411 OOP apps display blank white screen in b2g desktop if jsconsole is displayed
774220 Script URLs should appear in tooltips even when the menu list is not open
782413 b2g fails to initialize widget starting with m-c commit 75cdb3f932c6
757838 doesn't set lastTestSeen, so Android crashes fall back to the generic "PROCESS-C…
782416 [Azure] convert gfx::2d from NULL to nullptr
789859 Toolbar notification icons don't close on second click.
766038 increase system NSPR requirement from 4.9.1 to 4.9.2
774233 The "Settings" button is not responsive when setting up Sync from "Accounts & Sync" settings on HTC …
684125 Formerly infrequent timeouts in test_fragment_play.html, test_load_source.html, test_loop.html, test…
774240 data URI parsing mis-detects "base64" parameter as extension
774243 [Linux] Process name changes to RunProcess
774245 Reimplement Components.*.lookupMethod in terms of Xray wrapper
790630 scrollframes are busted on armv6 builds of fennec, causing it to fail a svg reftest with overflow="h…
774253 IonMonkey: off thread compilation
741487 Unify the progressbar output between jstest and jittests
774257 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !isOwn, at ion/IonBuilder.cpp:4997
782453 Add site-specific User Agent infrastructure and use it to fix AOL Mail
782460 Gaia video app doesn't play videos when run OOP
728426 Opening and then closing bookmarks sidebar keeps the bookmarksPanel.xul and/or history-panel.xul doc…
774271 improve DNS logging
782468 Implement Telemetry performance logging for SocialAPI
730925 XHR.getAllResponseHeaders should use CRLF, not LF per spec
700550 Intermittent test_delay_load.html | Test timed out.
782471 Add file name to JS error when ctypes.Create() fails
782473 Add keymapping for end call key
733323 Crash in nsAppShell::ProcessNextNativeEvent with abort message: "X_CopyArea: BadDrawable (invalid Pi…
782476 Notify webapps installation
553102 Flip __exposedProps__ default for non-WN objects to default-safe
692367 Intermittent test_seekable1.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
700562 Intermittent test_decode_error.html | Test timed out.
782485 Turn nsXULPrototypeNode into a non-nsISupports, purple-buffered cycle collected class
782487 Remove traces of JSStaticAtom.
733336 IonMonkey: Theoretical PIC bug on ARM
774298 Remove obsolete "Inspector / Highlighter" styling
716955 Improve naming of array behaviors parameters
757916 Mozmill test for quitting the application
774304 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.MultiChoicePreference.onDialogClosed(MultiChoic…
700583 Crash in nsPluginFile::GetPluginInfo @ pr_FindSymbolInLib
782508 Enable use of hardware H.264/AAC/MP3 decoders in Android libstagefright omx plugin for ICS/JB
782517 Make nsFrame:MakeFrameName() annotate an iframe's src
782521 pthread_setname_np's 3rd arg doesn't need const on NetBSD
774330 Huge performance regression in Emscripten generated code
774335 Implement unicode-bidi: isolate-override (replacing ability to combine isolate and bidi-override key…
774343 Move the JS shell SPS assertion so the browser can use it
684232 Intermittent test_play_events_2.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
774357 crash in nsHTMLMediaElement::EndMediaStreamPlayback
782552 Nightly not responding properly to left/right trackpad swipes
774368 Intermittent test_basic.html | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror -…
783057 Contacts API exposes raw JS objects to content via find
781692 [b2g-bluetooth] Make BluetoothAdapter property setting functions always fire a DOMRequest
782570 FF14 does not close network connections correctly (no TCP FIN packet sent)
777597 Making a geolocation permission crashes on
766194 [OS.File] Get file information
422132 font size 0px on div with scrollbars disables mouse wheel scrolling
774395 Measure prevalence of SSL MITM errors for Updates
684284 Intermittent test_seekable3.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
782590 Imprecise type information on 3d-cube
782591 needPaddingProp not always initialized in nsHTMLReflowState::InitOffsets
766210 Delay updating nsPrefetchNode's reference to redirect channel until we know redirect is approved
782598 runs forever when tests exceed their timeout
782602 Use NS_FAILED instead of boolean test for mBroken/IsBroken()
782605 Make nsNPAPIPluginInstance::SetCached infallible
782606 Use NS_FAILED instead of boolean test (dom/indexedDB/, dom/workers/)
782608 Use NS_FAILED instead of boolean test (image/)
782610 fix format of @supports reftests
782612 Move Xt plugins OOP
782614 Fix still more abuse of nsresult (rdf/, xpcom/)
748932 Addon: UX for controlling which viewer (plugin, addon, etc)
766240 Expandoify nsTextEquivUtils::gRoleToNameRulesMap
725286 Plugin placeholder text for the unsupported platforms is misleading
807213 Stop creating nsSVGMarkerProperty objects for non-nsSVGPathGeometryFrame frames
110894 Use favicons on webpage shortcuts in Windows
741682 Support component alpha with BasicLayers
782644 Click-to-play breaks video on, if Adblock Plus, NoScript, Greasemonkey, Request Policy, …
774454 Fix PA detection hack in sydneyaudio ALSA
782649 Remove old IPC::InputStream
774463 figure out why CheckNewScriptProperties doesn't work on nested functions
774464 JSScript::setSourceMap improperly handles OOM
782659 SIGILL when profiling on Android
579638 Reinstate intersectsNode on DOM Range
774471 Move source maps from being associated with JSScripts to ScriptSource
642444 Document compartment methods on MDC
782667 Add a JS source view to the profiler
782676 Enable test_stat.html on mac and windows
782677 CHECK_VALID_NODEINFO needs to be checked
782684 charsetLoadListener needs no event argument
774495 Matches containing ligatures in awesomebar results should not be underlined, use normal style instea…
774505 Don't include Layers.h everywhere
774506 Implement toast notification support
766317 Sony Ericsson Experia Pro's HKB cannot enter non-English characters in web forms
774510 Remove uncessary typeOf hooks
774511 remove unused JSMSG_BAD_INDIRECT_CALL
758504 [b2g-bluetooth] Implement function to register services
782707 LoadObject(aForceLoad = true) prints bogus assertion if mType == eType_Loading ("Trying to load new …
741758 Class not found exception in JAVA applets with Aurora and Nightly (Affects webmin file manager)
659839 IonMonkey: Implement OOM Ballast
774530 fImageTargetTexture2DOES(LOCAL_GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0) failed
496005 some locales will not allow you Unload PKCS#11 Device
774543 merge SocialProvider into SocialService.jsm
781720 alder needs -lrt for clock_gettime
741778 Pasting image into photo editor with Java then closing Firefox leaks firefo…
782739 mouse wheel zoom is lost after tab switch
774548 Heap-buffer-overflow in nsBlockFrame::MarkLineDirty
783086 [DeviceStorage]: in OOP apps, the enumerate() method ignores the since argument
774552 Add gralloc buffer support to ImageLayerOGL
774556 Remove nsIDOMWindowPerformance* XPCOM interfaces
774558 Typo in pymake.functions.SubstitutionRef.__repr__
774559 more workaround for
769435 Convert test_openLocationLastURL.js from a xpcshell test to a mochitest
782759 Remove --disable-auto-deps flags from Windows nightly builds
684462 Too-much-recursion through array_sort
782772 Support the href property in web activities
774581 Unable to know the status of audio/video recording
782776 IonMonkey: Add beginsIonActivation() to StackFrame
774585 Update GetCodebasePrincipal callers to use the correct "data jar"
782778 [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Receive 'connected' call event twice for the same call
766395 Video decoding using libstagefright on otoro device does not use hardware decoder on B2G
782782 Assertion failure: allocated(), at ../../gc/Heap.h:497 or Crash [@ js::gc::Arena::isAligned]
782784 update_nss and update_nspr should toggle the trailing whitespace line
782785 Compositing of WebGL canvases on B2G is broken unless canvas width is a multiple of 32
774597 Heap-use-after-free in MediaStreamGraphThreadRunnable::Run()
774598 Enable VP8 asm on OpenBSD/amd64 & OpenBSD/i386
782793 per-platform chat window icons
766411 [otoro] DBus communication with bluetooth does not work on otoro
774607 Remove JS_{Is,Make}SystemObject API
774613 Remove inspect element from context menu
774616 Scrolling results in a Force Close dialog on Nightly
774620 Unprefix -moz-animation properties and @-moz-keyframes rules in browser/
766430 Uninitialized local variable with childNodes, lookupGetter
774624 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting different TypeErrors ((void 0) vs. 0) without/with ion.
795387 Plugin blocks don't allow simultaneous plugin version and application version filters
782820 typos in
766437 Fire an event that allows mozbrowser embedders to deduce that mozbrowser content has crashed/died
782825 Disable bug 716014 for Firefox 15
725486 Failure in testSecurity/testSubmitUnencryptedInfoWarning.js | The value in the search field should e…
766448 Reflow PropertySpec and JS_DefineProperties to accept additional DOM metadata field.
758258 Add extendedOrigin, appd and appStatus attributes to nsIPrincipal for app isolation
782835 System Messages: oop processes not receiving web activities system messages
774644 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Missing ReferenceError with ion.
780373 scrollbars-01.svg & scrollbars-02.svg are perma-orange on Android
774660 openPreferences should consistently not return a window object
782853 Fix sometimes unitialized warning on nsGUIEventIPC.h
758280 Titlebar height in VS11 builds is incorrect
773548 Codegen metadata on DOM methods for JIT optimization
774667 Make media.navigator.enabled visible
770818 [inspector] highlighter v3
774671 Fix mismatched declarations
782866 Pymake: commands that don't use shells don't honour exported PATH on Win32
782869 IonMonkey: Crash during WebGL tests on Mochitest-1
782871 Move TreeContext and related things into the Parser module
782876 Remove unnecessary returns from media mochitest event handlers
782878 remove weak views
774688 WebGL compositing broken with basic layers
627234 HSTS header not honored for subordinate (img) resource loads
702555 debug method PrintImageDecoders() in imgLoader should be removed (Doesn't work and is confusing)
782888 assertion "Shouldn't be trying to restyle non-elements directly" when setting presentation attribute…
774705 Throw a TypeError when trying to construct an interface without a constructor
774706 weird dead xpc_UnmarkGrayScript floating around in nsJSContext::Serialize
774708 [b2g-bluetooth] Bluetooth event handler registration crashes gecko in the emulator when Bluetooth is…
782903 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_bug422132.html | not scrolled to right by 0.5 line delta va…
782905 [b2g-bluetooth] Calling setEnabled(false) twice in a very short period may crash
782908 Update harfbuzz to current version
791103 ARMv6 tests on ARMv7 for Beta 16
741953 unable to render pdf
799299 focus contention with two visible html content areas
782916 Do not compare nsresult to noErr
782918 Get rid of controller.assert() calls in favor of expect.* and assert.* methods
782919 Enum class replacement needs to have default zero-arg constructor
774728 [Skia] DrawTargetSkia doesn't handle NULL gradient shaders
684620 Make DOM full-screen work in multi-process Mozilla/B2G
774736 Don't use $(shell) for Sync's version
799314 Add utility method to PrivateBrowsingUtils to obtain nsILoadContext from window
782936 Conditionally build SCTP code when WebRTC is enabled
725597 SafeBrowsing fails to update persistent PrefixSet on Windows
774751 Use nsRefPtr in nsIDocument
774755 Update ANGLE to r1242
774760 Fix casting of (double *) to aligned address in jsscript.cpp
791146 getBuildConfiguration() returns the wrong value for gczeal and threadsafe
807532 notification panel documents leaked after disabling social functionality
773565 GCLI Autocomplete goes wild when boolean params are used in a group
774770 Intermittent dom/bindings/crashtests/769464.html, dom/indexedDB/crashtests/726376-1.html | assertion…
692851 Intermittent test_play_twice.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
774772 Launching of a web application with a l10n build results in a XUL error - app fails to launch
774775 XRayWrapper does not handle new bindings constants
782977 IonMonkey: Fix 3d-raytrace regression
782980 Temporary blank boxes on right and bottom while resizing browser window
782981 crash in nsObjectFrame::BeginSwapDocShells
758406 WebBluetooth DOM API Superreview
758408 "Assertion failure: &obj->getSlotRef(slot) == this,"
750217 Android crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::TimerWithID
774794 Make the aLineList param for MarkLineDirty mandatory; make nsBlockInFlowLineIterator have a valid mL…
780397 Convert FrameMetrics properties to float equivalents
774801 Disable the Downloads Panel in Firefox 16
774808 GCLI sometimes stops working
774809 [BrowserAPI] Add methods to send mouse/touch events to the content
774811 Thumbnail_capture causes 125ms of jank during load of webgl aquarium.
774812 JM: Treat known booleans like integers during bitops
774813 Bug 774139 will break Qt builds due to #define signals
750241 Intermittent test_bug708620.html | Not the right error message - got [ Places Maintenance ] or [ WAR…
774819 Handle system principals in nsPermissionManager when taking principals
783015 Chrome refreshdriver runs all the time
783016 Make space for Int32 string type
646599 Constant folding should happen before deciding whether to turn obj["A"] into obj.A
709297 Limit disk cache size until/unless "clear recent data" can be done async
766642 Intermittent test_traffic_jam.html | expect it to be fired at the transaction - got [object IDBTrans…
774835 Refactor ApplyMinMaxConstraints in nsBlockFrame
783030 Profiled line number is the head of a function too frequently
766647 Multiple screenshots get queued up and processed unnecessarily
774841 fImageTargetTexture2D is not defined properly on maemo/meego/ubuntu-arm linux
747637 Restore skew() support
701124 Threadsafe opt shell failures
694390 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/content/media/test/test_media_selection.html | applicatio…
725702 Reflect.parse should handle for-of loops correctly
781773 nsLocalFileWin.cpp clean up
733905 switch OS X builds to clang
799447 sometimes the social toolbar button is blank
783066 Gaia homescreen background isn't transparent when it's loaded out of process
783072 [AccessFu] Support gesture scrolling and pages
791267 We can now use CPU architecture (ABI) for multiple APK filtering
774888 Build should error out if there's no TimeStamp implementation available.
783084 [AccessFu] Enable accessfu when toggled in Gaia
406254 because we bold the selected text, the text shifts to the right (slightly) as you continue to match
784509 [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Develop automated tests to verify the various call state transitions
774901 Lots of video elements on a page will eventually prevent videos from loading
783101 Record mediaconduit test data in WAV instead of raw pcm
783103 Avoid layout flush from isElementVisible when attempting to focus the URL bar or search bar
774915 don't use the property cache for dynamic name lookup
774933 "Assertion failure: any" in AutoGCSession::AutoGCSession with verifybarriers
783134 Crash on startup [@ nsWebShellWindow::WindowResized]
783135 Remove jitstats.tbl
766753 move unrelated startup code out of command line handler component
783139 Crash [@ nsIView::GetViewFor]
783147 Collect telemetry to measure the effectiveness of bug 780960
742188 Verify whether the new binding unwrapping code for int64/uint64 does the right thing per webidl
774957 Update nsDocShell jazz so distinction between browser and app frame is clearer
783150 B2G RIL: Fetch ICC Record only when SIM_READY
783151 Contacts API: remove whitelist leftovers
742195 Implement the extended attributes for null and undefined handling on string arguments in Paris bindi…
668469 "Assertion failure in -[mozRootAccessible didReceiveFocus]" "trying to set focus to ignored element"
759945 Android ICS/JB Software decoding ("software platform decoders") support for H.264/AAC/MP3 video/audi…
774968 line-height percentage value not computed accurately
783162 Background image isn't shown at all
759946 Intermittent test_timeupdate_small_files.html 341963-1.html 371124-1.html 371124-2.html 375399-1.htm…
774974 IonMonkey: Implement constant folding for StringLength and Compare instructions
769504 Atomize strings when adding to Map (as a key) or Set
774978 Unable to pull profiles on Android Fennec
783172 HTML video shows invalid mime type when playing in B2G browser app
783173 Fix test_ipc implementations to handle mandatory __exposedProps__
758599 GCLI intro text needs UX love
766793 layout/media not always relinking when things change
774987 Memory leak and unnecessary copies in PresShell touch-event handling code
774988 Use event compression for cross-process events
774989 Cross-process touch coordinates are ... inconsistent
783184 navigator.language is not defined for OOP apps, which breaks localization
783197 Ensure restoreDefaultEngines() completely resets the installed engines
766817 websockets causing repeated auth prompts?
775010 autocomplete.css is not preprocessed on Windows XP
709477 random bolder words appear after scrolling on
783206 replace NULL with nullptr in intl except to OS API usages
799592 Add nsIDOMWindowUtils API to allow marking windows as closable-from-script regardless of dom.allow_s…
750445 Fix for bug 235853 landed broken: unused variable in LookupProxyInfo.
750447 Builds broken after libvpx update
676722 The output of console.log(object) isn't expandable/inspectable in the Web Console
783220 Animated images don't work in background
775031 GCLI should display [options] rather than either hiding them or showing them all
775032 System Message Handler - Fix B2G Installation Bug (MOZ_SYS_MSG not Defined Correctly)
775038 B2G MMS: various small defects in WSP/MMS PDU parsers
775041 Make nsIWidget::IsEnabled return bool
758663 Second JS file not shown in debugger dropdown for file:// URL
775049 DeCOMtaminate nsIRadioGroupContainer.
775050 Add keyboard shortcuts for stepping
775053 Intermittent Android dom/devicestorage/ipc/test_ipc.html | Test timed out. (due to abort at nsACStri…
766862 B2G RIL: GET_SIM_STATUS Failed on Otoro
725909 Make Maps and Sets iterable
766877 EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT crash in nsXPCWrappedJSClass::DelegatedQueryInterface @ GetContextFromObject wi…
775072 Firefox rewrites Wiktionary URL's server to wilt.wiktionary
785781 kill jsreops.tbl
783272 IonMonkey: Remove code to eagerly spill phis if there's no register available
787271 Expose some JNI to js through js-ctypes
729928 Cleanup unused cache preferences
783282 When dragging a tab within the tab strip, move it directly instead of displaying a drop indicator
709557 Intermittent test_bug465498.html | Test timed out.
709558 Intermittent test_bug493187.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
783290 IonMonkey: LMathD should allow memory operands on x86
693067 Intermittent test_audio_event_adopt.html | Test timed out, followed by other timeouts and a crash
791492 Do automated blocklist updates on mozilla-release and mozilla-esr10
291789 Deletion of list items in a table cell is not working properly
775119 e10s: implement nsILoadContext in ParentChannels, remove PrivateBrowsingConsumer
783315 Intermittent crash in jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_1/regress/regress-452498-117.js [@ js::gc::MarkInter…
775134 Remove extra ;
775136 SVG chess pieces are "erased" when one piece moves over another
791526 MathJax seems to fail on some (not all!) sites due to enablePrivilege removal
750570 Suspect native cycle collected objects
726002 Potential OOM in new UrlClassifier.
693238 "overlay is null" in browser.js with <object> fallback content
783351 nsObjectLoadingContent.cpp:2501:11: warning: unused variable ‘topUri’ [-Wunused-variable]
562169 Implement the :dir(rtl/ltr) selector to select on HTML directionality
775162 Turn on touch event tests
783357 use PARALLEL_DIRS in dom/
775166 Remove some ugly optimization in jsarray
688981 Place the web console in its own iframe
775170 Use naming convention from coding style guide for static member of StateMachineTracker.
799749 Add back the Show Desktop Notifications menuitem for the Social API toolbar menu
496653 Command line option --class <WM_CLASS> does not work, proposed MOZ_WM_CLASS workaround
627726 input event should not be cancelable
783376 codegenerator should be able generate implementations which inherit other simple events
775186 IonMonkey: Change polymorphic inlining to use single instruction instead of chained guards
783379 Image discarding not always working correctly on OSX and Linux
743598 GIF animation gets stuck when src and image size are changed
783383 crash in nsBaseWidget::GetAccessible
767005 FF 13 "signed in or out another window" for due to use system proxy setting
767006 Pymake build fails with "/usr/bin/sh: line 3: fg: no job control"
775199 Contacts API: remove whitelist approach for permissions.
750625 crash in nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::GetPrefixes
767013 only store aliased variables in scope objects
504870 Consider removing tabbrowser.xml DOMWindowClose hack from bug 263844
726062 B2G UA is wrong, better fix
767025 Store activity flags on offline cache entries in memory for better performance
783410 Stop the social sidebar from interfering w/ awesomebar and NewTab
783416 Stop saving the prototype in WindowStateHolder
775225 Unprefix -moz-calc in browser/
770911 Remove all prefetch clearing code
758844 Quiet graphics code during startup
783421 Crash [@ js::mjit::JITScript::chunkIndex] or [@ js::mjit::Recompiler::patchFrame] or "Assertion fail…
777057 MobileConnection: expose whether or not the radio is searching
783431 Fix js array initialization for bluetooth and telephony
775243 Create top-level directory for Python modules
783441 "Assertion failure: bi->aliased(),"
767064 WebGL should prefer 565 (or native) on mobile for alpha-less contexts
783449 popup menus show highlighted item from last time they were open
783454 [b2g-bluetooth] Create devicefound event with event generator
709732 double color correction with X Color Management
775270 charset menu
783464 TypeCompartment::constrainedOutputs leaks on testLeftShift.js
779111 Some dom/plugins/ mochitests fail when the crash reporter is disabled
726125 Certificate of a signed extension is validated on each startup
776381 Intermittent general/test_offsets.html | child position after vertical scroll - got 193.899993896484…
775016 [fr] Better translation for Email Link
775289 Codegen: Remove generateNativeAccessors branching.
709759 Browser API: Stop page loading
414853 Event handler attributes should be initialized to null, not undefined
791687 Remove support for NSIS 2.33
775304 Don't visit the descendant frames for the nsChangeHint_UpdateEffects hint
783497 refinePolicy doesn't respect other directives except default-src
513164 Remove "Manage Addons" from Preferences UI
783505 OS X gcc builds failing with "jstypedarray.cpp:1427: error: template parameter 'ValueGetter' of type…
758931 [10.7][10.8] crash in coreclr with Silverlight applications with 32-bits builds made on OS X 10.7 (L…
775317 Add a JSAPI test for the JSOPTION_VAROBJFIX behavior of JS_EvaluateScript
775319 Determine the sample type in the media code at compile time.
775323 build Bindings after, not during, parsing
636063 Add a |compress| qualifier for async messages
783520 [b2g-bluetooth] follow-up to bug 730992 (event codegen and value initialization)
775336 untargeted link clicks in the social sidebar sould open in a new tab
783532 Remove DOMError::CreateForDOMExceptionCode
783533 testValueABI.cpp and valueABI.c should use same prototype of C_ValueToObject()
791731 Animations on are not smooth, spend a lot of CPU time in the JPEG decoder
767158 remove synchronous DNS resolution in nsAuthSSPI.cpp
775354 Add a static method to be able to compute the origin based on nsPrincipal algorithm
758972 Is Spdy VerifyStream() needed?
775357 [adbe 3298009] hang | NtUserSetFocus | mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceChild::WinlessHandleEvent
791742 Alter blacklisting logic to consider substrings 'decimals'
775359 B2G 3G: Keep track of data call state
775365 Fill out the rooting API
775366 Cannot start drag in input tag
783565 meta viewport should override handheldFriendly and doctype in nsContentUtils::GetViewportInfo
775375 B2G 3G: Handle B2G "restarts" (let's be honest, crashes) gracefully
775377 nsIContentPermissionRequest should use nsIPrincipal instead of URI
775380 Intermittent leak in browser_social_sidebar.js
791765 telemetry may collect a lot of saved ping files
783574 IonMonkey: useMethodJIT is false if interpMode is JSINTERP_BAILOUT
636123 nsDocument::GetRadioGroup should be split in two methods: one to get the radio group and one to crea…
783590 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: !isOwn,"
767209 Consider changing GC slice time, or making it dynamic
775403 Focus (?) not working for tabs in Gaia browser app (virtual keyboard broken for remote content in br…
775405 Build fails with "arch: posix_spawnp: egrep: Bad CPU type in executable" when MacPorts egrep is on $…
775410 Remove nsinstall.exe.manifest
783605 DOM Full screen should disable social sidebar
775414 InitKeyEvent() should decide input string instead of InitKeyPressEvent()
775422 Bashism in
775428 Add long long template to ipc_message_utils.h for OpenBSD/64bits
775431 MOZ_DUMP_PAINT_LIST debugging output isn't terminal-friendly
718088 offer to re-set keyword.URL if it has a non-default value
775435 GC hazard with cross-compartment sNPObjectMemberClass::npobjWrapper
775436 Strips out the progressive upload logic and other unnecessary upload paths from ShadowThebesLayerOGL
783631 Make media/mtransport build on Windows
767248 IonMonkey: (ARM) visitAbsI relies on neg32 setting condition codes
775442 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: at java.lang.String.substring( at org.mozilla…
775448 Make synchronous-scrolling fallback for subframes more graceful
759067 (libpng) Progressive loader shouldn't always return APNG frames
775453 report-a-bug popup div on youtube does not redraw
764123 pdf.js isn't working on this example
775463 Implement double-tap-to-zoom content
767273 "Assertion failure: Chunk::withinArenasRange(addr)" with cross-compartment __lookupSetter__ on trick…
767274 write a very simple expression-only decompiler for js_DecompileValueGenerator
775467 Make readyState progress through all states without duplicate transitions
788701 Invalid read of size 2 [@ str_contains] involving map
750898 Review and land DirectX 10 support for Windows 8 Metro builds
808243 sidebar load event could cause sidebar's browser isActive and visibility event to be sent when hidde…
783241 add extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}/preview.png to
780511 Pipe additional output to the Windows debugger console
791434 Text shadow with transparency is rendered too light
786886 Force Pymake to spin up a shell for the signing command
783691 show/hide events for social content
750925 IonMonkey: crash in large test case
767314 IonMonkey: (ARM) more instructions should set condition codes.
775508 Connection Diagnostic problem with elapsed time of half open
668558 remove JSSecurityCallbacks::subsumePrincipals
783703 Don't use _snprintf for snprintf on Windows! (mtransport)
775515 nsHttpConnectionMgr::RestrictConnections should not restrict on 1/2 complete half open
644444 Using Background-Size Combined With -moz-repeating-linear-gradient hangs Firefox
791901 providers should specify the "You shared this page" and "undo share" button labels.
685406 Intermittent test_buffered.html | Test timed out, usually followed by test_bug448534.html | applicat…
685407 Intermittent test_bug448534.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
759157 Intermittent browser_tilt_02_notifications.js, browser_tilt_03_tab_switch.js, browser_tilt_04_initia…
775543 Passing a Worker object to console.log() results in a crash
783736 Navigating to MP3/MP4 URIs doesn't load native gecko media controls
783738 Use Components.results.NS_BINDING_ABORTED instead of hardcoding the value
750974 Move basic pan/zoom logic into Gecko-C++
775552 Logic error in bug 755264
750977 Hook async pan/zoom code up to gecko content
783747 Need less panning intertia/friction (new heuristics are slightly frustrating)
783751 Remove support for MOZ_OPTIONAL_PKG_LIST
783755 new value of browser.cache.disk.smart_size.use_old_max doesn't stick
767375 B2G network manager: expose IP Information of network interfaces
783763 browser_bug435325.js shouldn't reference nsIDOMWindowUtils, should be moved to /browser/
726422 GCLI only works when it is the top level element (github#4)
800157 Make User Agent overrides affect navigator.userAgent in addition to the HTTP header
783784 No Firefox win32 l10n builds for mozilla-central since Aug 15th
783791 When re-launching Firefox into maximized window, tabs start out below Firefox button and then shift …
718260 Intermittent crash in test_xhrAbort.html [@ mozilla::dom::workers::xhr::XMLHttpRequestPrivate::Dispa…
619964 Implement FillPaint and StrokePaint filter sources
783810 Intermittent browser_dbg_location-changes-new.js | There should be a selected script, | The source e…
685516 Mitigate flickering problems when inserting images into the DOM that have no decoded data
783824 crash in InsertViewsInReverseOrder while printing
701908 restartTests/testAddons_installMultipleExtensions causing a hang in testruns
761422 Handle failures in ReparentWrapperIfFound more effectively
677337 IonMonkey: Pass shell tests
783835 Compositor needs to know the css property being animated
783840 Fix build warnings in js
783841 Fix build warnings in layers
808419's waitForFinish() should print to the log when maxTime is reached
775653 [AccessFu] Refactor traversal rules
775657 [AccessFu] Add initial B2G support and dummy speech presenter
775659 [AccessFu] moveCursorToObject fails when object is null
775661 [AccessFu] Add dump tree and accessible states methods to logger
783856 Autogen PopupBlockedEvent
742899 investigate whether caching js in the startup cache is still useful
792054 Use the legacy User Agent string (containing Gecko/20100101) for some possibly-broken online banking…
783863 ArchiveInputStream::Tell incorrectly uses mStatus as an nsresult
767480 Support gralloc-backed video buffers
775676 Leak of 1 or more nsXULWindows when running dom/tests/mochitests/bugs on Windows
603646 Undo Close Tab should work even when a browser window is not active
775680 Math.pow should use powi if the second argument is an integer-valued double
792065 Uninitialised value use in nsIdleServiceDaily::DailyCallback
783875 Fix arm detection on OpenBSD
775684 rm PND_TOPLEVEL
775692 Rename rule.inheritedSource
775697 Cancel layer transactions that haven't ended after nsSVGFilterFrame::PaintFilteredFrame calls
800275 n^2 algorithm used to iterate pending worker ports in FrameWorker.createSandbox
783893 Clean up async animation code
767516 Rename: s/SSLConnect/ProxyConnect/g
792094 TelemetryPing unnecessarily defers opening ping files when writing them.
775713 nsStrictTransportSecurityService should use Principal to access the PermissionManager
783906 white Flashing on Transition of animated Images
699995 Intermittent media/test/test_wave_data_s16.html | Test timed out.
786012 Disable pdf.js prior for FF16 beta 1 and FF17.0a2
783915 Bug fixes for SVGFragmentIdentifier
783921 Application shortcuts wrongly scaled? (DPI)
783923 Crash [@ js::ParallelArrayObject::toStringBufferImpl] or "Assertion failure: isObject(),"
775734 remove dead hoisting code in BindVarOrConst
767543 Multiple swyped words are broken in AwesomeScreen using Swype Beta
783928 [SocialAPI] I keep permanently removing sidebar instead of hiding it
783932 [b2g-bluetooth] Fix wrong textwidth(tw=) value in Mode line
783934 [b2g-bluetooth] Add events onconnected and ondisconnected in BluetoothDevice
308801 min-height/max-height does not work for box-sizing:border-box
783940 Remove unnecessary nsOggDecoderStateMachine class
783286 Crash when clicking link in nightly in nsIDocument::EnumerateFreezableElements
800329 multiple locales donn't build properly on win32, empty values break
661076 test_seek_out_of_range.html times out intermittently
751198 anti-aliasing badly at points
808545 Tweak the exception message for profile cleanup failures
775779 social sidebar tests are marked as "leaking" the sidebar document
341604 Implement HTML5 sandbox attribute for IFRAMEs
759397 Remove per-item download rate clutter
783974 Log SSL errors to the error console
783978 disallow duplicated argument names when default arguments are used
775788 Reflow JSFunctionSpec to accept JSJitInfos
775793 nsBMPDecoder alpha channel processing memory corruption
775794 nsICODecoder transparency bitmask memory corruption
783989 Assertion failure: isObject(), at ../../jsapi.h:474 or Opt Crash [@ global]
767607 Intermittent test_create_objectStore.html, test_remove_index.html | indexedDB error, 'NS_ERROR_DOM_I…
775801 LambdaIsGetElem should look for JSOP_GETALIASEDVAR
751226 Refactor all the existing browser actor implementations to eliminate duplication
775803 Move WebappsInstaller from browser/modules to toolkit/webapps
775807 --dump-bytecode can observe partially-compiled scripts which breaks JSScript::enclosingScope
800386 Self signed certificates cannot be whitelisted with FoxyProxy Plus extension
759427 Multiprocess blob support
784004 Don't include Layers.h everywhere Part 3
775813 rename http connection mgr ReadTimeoutTick to just TimeoutTick
775815 SpecialPowers permission manager code should be updated to the new permission manager API
775817 Update tests to use the new permission manager api
775818 IonMonkey: Add JM inline cache for calls to Ion code
775824 AlarmManager should use the new permission manager api
767636 Update nsIObjectLoadingContent interface for click-to-play
775829 Updating browser id to use the new permission manager api
767639 Remove remaining ActiveX stub
784029 Revert 783505 when we drop support for gcc 4.2
775844 Need to include constructor signature types when we make up our lists of types to examine
775845 Fail codegen on variadic arguments until they're implemented
775848 BasicShadowLayerManager::mRepeatTransaction is uninitialized
702121 Incorrect hyphenation patterns used by CSS moz-hyphens in XHTML content (en-US patterns used, regard…
775852 use after free, webgl fragment shader deleted by accessor
736883 Contacts API: Add pictures
775860 copy appId and isInBrowserElement from nsIDocShell to nsILoadContext
775861 e10s: propagate appId and isInBrowserElement from child to parent process
775863 remove dead code from upload path
775867 Make it more convenient to break on protocol errors
767676 Implement Security UI Telemetry
759487 makefiles: services/sync - libs:: add deps so depend builds can be a nop
743107 OrderedHashTable
784071 Add __exposedProps__ warning string back to
743112 JS GC: Incremental deferred release
759502 include URL of active window or webapp origin in URL field of webapp runtime crash report
775896 OrderedHashTable should have a hashShift field like HashTable
472799 Use binaryname=CurrentTimeMoz annotation rather than #undef GetCurrentTime to address Windows macro …
792295 social flyout panel doesn't adjust to new yOffset while open.
775914 mozInlineSpellChecker copies OperationID enum from editor
775915 Fix eval cache performance regression
792300 armv6 builds of fennec fail test_bug560780.html in mochitest-1 which passes in armv7 builds
784117 Invalidate glitches in the awesomebar
784135 plugins.click_to_play = true does not block anything when Adblock Plus is installed
775958 Combobox dropdown menu only shows one item sometimes
784153 Change "Oops, undo" to "Undo" for Social API activation arrow panel
784154 SMIL crashes on mozilla-inbound TBPL
775965 <iframe>s sometimes not painted after entering fullscreen in B2G
784162 [AccessFu] Explore by touch in Android stopped working
767779 Animated gif stops animating
775972 crash in nsGenericElement::BindToTree
775976 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.handleThumbnailData(
784179 [b2g-bluetooth] Wrong thread assertion in GetPairedDevicePropertiesInternal
771354 Loading remote xul crashes gecko
784190 Fix Cycle collection casting in DOMRequest
764213 Implement provisional Desktop UI for website sign-in with Persona
776001 Unprefix the EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic extension
784198 browserIter.docShell is undefined errors
784201 Shape::dump should use maybeShortid to print out shortid
792394 Replace expect with waitFor to ensure the page title matches the underlined text in /testAwesomeBar …
767819 testDefaultBookmarks failed | waitForPageLoad(): Timeout waiting for page loaded
776016 " WARNING: no preprocessor directives found" when running Preprocessor unit test
776022 IonMonkey: Concatenating String objects is slow
776024 GCC 4.6 build failure after landings of bug 715814
767833 pymake on Windows is busted with config/tests/makefiles/autodeps/check_mkdir.tpy
776026 new integrated pdf viewer does not handle session cookie
751452 DNT (DoNotTrack) header can be modified in XMLHttpRequest using setRequestHeader
767839 Don't preprocess application.ini and update-settings.ini twice
776035 Make mozunit even easier to use, and use it in config/tests python unit tests
784233 Relax mandatory __exposedProps__ for jetpack until we can automatically repack
784236 Ensure chat windows don't end up in history/places.
237202 [META] AMD64 (x86-64) 64-bit tracking
776046 Add a pth file in virtualenv site-packages for $topsrcdir/build and $topsrcdir/config
784239 Perform async animations even when not all properties can be asyncified.
784245 Change UUID for nsIDOMApplicationRegistry
776054 Enable SVG display lists
765588 Named properties on CSSFontFaceStyleDecl broken
784255 [b2g-bluetooth] devicefound event does not come up correctly
780631 Don't change the selected script while filtering if the file part from the search expression hasn't …
684174 Intermittent test_fragment_play.html | Test timed out.
784260 [Azure] DrawTargetD2D::CreateBrushForPattern should be able to deal with surfaces from other Azure b…
743301 Too-much-recursion crash with Date.prototype.toJSON
767882 [adbe 3283045] crash in F_2000061728 @ PluginDestructionGuard::PluginDestructionGuard from Flash 11.…
776075 Command keys using upper-case non-ASCII characters are broken
776077 Hundreds of -Wconversion warnings in cairo for "implicit conversion from enumeration type 'cairo_sta…
776079 Many -Wsometimes-uninitialized warnings in xptcinvoke_x86_64_unix.cpp
784272 Docked chat boxes should not overlap vertical top-level scrollbars
776081 telemetry for a11y updating time
784274 No playback from gaia Music app (likely dup of bug 778300)
784282 GC: Assert that cross-compartment pointers are wrapped when marking
759709 Permanent leak in browser_views_liveupdate.js of bookmarksPanel.xul and/or about:blank
759711 browser_bug597218.js wrongly blamed for leaking tabview.html and a docshell
792480 Gfx driver block request: AMD driver 8.982.0.0
776108 Fix undefined behavior due to deleting forward declared pointer
776109 ###!!! ABORT: failed to construct LayersChild: file /data/jenkins/jobs/b2g-build/workspace/widget/xp…
776111 [b2g-bluetooth] Remove NamedChanged DBus listener since it spams logs
776116 Unbreak sync messages in BrowserElementParent.js after bug 773980
784309 CheckedInt.h Intel C++ compilation issue
792503 Keyboard access for Social API ambient notification panels
784313 Replace body[dir="rtl"] with :dir(rtl)
784315 CSP parser not correctly parsing single token hosts
579517 Use stdint types in gecko, replacing usage of NSPR types
751554 Support C++11 strongly-typed enumerations (enum class)
776135 Social toolbar styling on Windows
776140 Add GetExtendedOrigin method to nsILoadContext
778724 Allow purging analysis-temporary while retaining jitcode
776149 Gecko panning code does not correctly handle uneven steps between displacements
612311 Intermittent failure in test_suspend.html: Test timed out.
792541 DLL block request: sprotector.dll
776159 Thread more handles through jsarray
784360 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException: at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextEntry(…
776174 e10s: cleanup IPC nsILoadContext code
776176 e10s: propagate GetExtendedOrigin from child to parent process
776184 JSRefTest: Fix --no-progress, tty discovery, and simplify ProgressBar's interface
776185 ANDROID_VERSION_CODE needs to be based off MOZ_BUILD_DATE
776186 simplify NewBindingNode
776189 bug 771826 breaks Marionette's navigate() method
784382 Mixed subpixel and grayscale AA on windows 8
776191 "Assertion failure: slotInRange(slot),"
777089 consider changing size mapping function for font inflation
718849 [Skia] Handle cone radial gradients as per the canvas spec
743426 javascript console hangs when entering "document.body.innerHTML."
776195 Remove setIsBrowser() call from BrowserElementChild.js
784388 Remove setTimeout from device storage watch tests
776200 source compression kills SunSpider speed
776203 Add virtual dtor to GeckoContentController
776208 Provide API for JavaScript extensions to create native plugins previews for specific mime type
776213 Heap-use-after-free in nsHTMLSelectElement::SubmitNamesValues
702487 crash [@ PK11PasswordPromptRunnable::RunOnTargetThread]
776217 Orientation isn't honored by compositor thread
784410 Scrolling by the turn of the mouse wheel stops working on certain element
784414 Intermittent crash in xpcshell-unpack/test_hotfix.js [@ PR_Seek | nsDiskCacheMap::WriteCacheClean]
776224 CheckPref doesn't always initialize its outparam
776226 async scrolling: we are not skating to the puck (again)
786086 preferences ui displays wrong value for max cache size
800817 [Keyboard][Browser][SMS] Keyboard will vanish when press any button on it
784436 Switch to [infallible] for some nsIDocShell attributes
620598 Intermittent test_seek.html | Test timed out or application timed out after 330 seconds with no outp…
776249 Images and pages not fully loaded, web console reports "Image corrupt or truncated"
776250 Rename nsISVGChildFrame::UpdateBounds to nsISVGChildFrame::ReflowSVG to make it easier for non-SVG d…
776254 Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+J (Open Error Console) does not work in 21 July Nightly build
677957 Assertion failure: !cx->iterValue.isMagic(JS_NO_ITER_VALUE), at jsiter.cpp:1017
800840 startup crash in XREMain::XRE_mainStartup
776265 textarea & min-height & border-box buggy since FF16
809034 Add an entry to project-level .hgignore file for PyCharm config files
759883 [b2g-bluetooth] Divide out bluetooth specifics from DBusThread object
776271 Don't focus the content area when closing a places context menu
775182 Testing whether CRT text relocations are supported sometimes returns no when it should return yes
792665 Separate HTMLMediaElement.src from HTMLMediaElement.srcObject
776283 function.toString() is missing trailing }
784480 Unable to visit any about: URI with Search Suggestions disabled -- [JavaScript Error: "NS_ERROR_FAIL…
792677 social flyout panel doesn't adjust for dynamic content changes
776294 B2G 3G: Configure APN settings through SettingsService.
784496 Pymake: run tests in sorted order
776305 Link error in js/: js: hidden symbol `deflateInit_' isn't defined when using system zlib
776306 nsDisplayList::AppendToBottom updates mTop when it shouldn't
776310 Tune flinging friction and logic in AsyncPanZoomController
776314 "Assertion failure: src->length() > 0 && chars[0] == '(',"
735355 Update mozmill tests to use MPL2 license block
784508 Stop using setIsBrowserElement for docShell isolation in Frameworker.jsm
776317 toString and toSource allow closing "}" to end up in a line-comment
792702 java.lang.IllegalThreadStateException: Expected thread 1 ("main"), but running on thread <n> ("Gecko…
776323 Crash with inserthtml, strikethrough on img
776325 WM_CLASS not set properly on xulrunner applications and apps where the app name is not the same as t…
687831 Flickering & Broken Keyboard/Mouse Events
776328 "ASSERTION: Forgot to check if this is a wrapper?" with Components.lookupMethod
776329 crash in nsSurfaceTexture::GetTransformMatrix on Honeycomb and above
768138 EncNoDeclaration string contains a grammatical error
776331 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::RedrawPlugin on ICS and JB
776332 Crash [@ JSFunction::toString] with --enable-root-analysis
776333 "ASSERTION: We forgot to Morph a slim wrapper!" with Components.lookupMethod
776334 crash in mozilla::gl::GLContextEGL::ReleaseSharedHandle on Honeycomb and above
776337 "ASSERTION: Should not use nsSVGIntegrationUtils on this SVG frame"
743573 Build warnings in dom/
784535 enable opening chats from worker
784536 Birch OS X gcc builds broken by bug 784004 ("content/media/nsBuiltinDecoderReader.cpp:226: error: 'm…
211106 Can't programatically delete nodes under a -moz-user-select: all; element
784550 2x slowdown on emscripten memops benchmark from bug 775323
784551 remove JSSecurityCallbacks::findObjectPrincipals
784558 [Page Thumbnails] single thumbnail removal doesn't work anymore when the corresponding site is remov…
784560 Fix more enablePrivilege tests
776369 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.FontSizePreference.setPreviewFontViewWidth(Font…
776376 Old FCKeditor versions stopped working due to navigator.productSub sniffing
784573 [Azure] Cairo path transforms broken
751809 click does not work on a plugin content when a plugin is just activated
776388 Use PR_GLOBAL_THREAD for JS interp threads
776389 Function.toString() fails , Error: [Exception... "The URI is malformed" nsresult: "0x804b000a (NS_E…
735431 Import list2cmdline in
776399 undo incompatible IDL changes done in bug 663057
776401 Copy less arrays when constructing animations for the compositor
620756 Properly check the nsIScriptError flags
776405 Intermittent configure failures for win32-on-win64 builds - 'Breakpad tools do not support compilin…
773839 Fix build warnings under accessible/
776413 Async scrolling: initial displayport is going through the wrong codepath
784608 Clear dead wood from FunctionBox
775206 Random IndexedDB crashes with Trial Tool
784621 Empty address bar isn't always focused after startup
776430 Function.toString() is still broken after landing Bug 776389. if script loaded by nested mozIJSSubSc…
776431 Share panel profile information doesn't appear in the first window, doesn't look great on Mac
702718 Intermittent test_standalone.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
776447 layout/xul/base/src/nsSliderFrame.cpp(595) : warning C4305: 'return' : truncation from 'nsresult' to…
784640 [fr] Infinitive for "Find the next/previous occurrence of the phrase" tooltips
792833 Don't unset current transaction until after savepoint has been released
784644 Test failure 'The page title matches the underlined text - 'grants' should equal 'grant' ' in /testA…
784647 IPC messages starve XPCOM timers in child processes
798423 spdy enable reading of ping reply
325901 Some files are preprocessed unnecessarily
801040 Add Social API status-area menuitems to the keyboard accessible Social API menu
784657 Fix potential problem in nsDiskCacheMap timer handling
776472 crash in Accessible::NativeState
776480 B2G RIL: missing handler for ipc message 'RIL:GetRadioState'
776481 accessible/src/html/HTMLTableAccessible.cpp(1208) : warning C4305: 'return' : truncation from 'nsres…
784674 Improve byline fetching in Readability.js
775217 Symbol server doesn't work under XP
776488 content/base/src/nsFrameLoader.cpp(1987) : warning C4305: 'return' : truncation from 'nsresult' to '…
776490 variable lock (lockPref) does not work
760199 test_incoming.js: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | got false, expected true
760109 Make __exposedProps__ more aware of the prototype
669999 Add a library for parsing and consuming source map files to Firefox
768306 [b2g-bluetooth] Create interface for making synchronous calls on an outside thread
661813 Intermittent failure in browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js | test #5: error categor…
768310 initEvent on already-dispatched event should be a noop (rather than throwing)
776503 Build failures on Windows, with "OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../dist/bin/webapprt…
801080 window.close will not close social panels
710974 Possible bad parsing in SVGNumberList::SetValueFromString()
784704 GetViewportInfo does not read minimum-scale and maximum-scale correctly
784706 Assertion failure: CanUseDebugScopeMaps(cx), at js/src/vm/ScopeObject.cpp
719173 Specifying multiple transforms loses precision in the translate part
776518 Move Require.jsm somewhere into toolkit to fix comm-central's busted XPCShell tests.
751945 B2G Wifi: Add a notification for when wpa_supplicant dies on its own
727370 Bad(?) files in safebrowsing folder in user profile prevent loading any site after installing update
760139 Add new class to lib/ui/addons_blocklist.js to handle the Blocklist Window
768333 nsBufferedAudioStream::GetPositionInFrames reports bogus values in nightly Win32 builds
784718 Update pdf.js for FF17
751951 laggy display of large images in B2G on Nexus S
760145 Profilers save fail to reload
747918 pdf.js problems rendering bullet points and checkboxes
784726 Remove old IPC::URI
686424 Intermittent test_reactivate.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
776537 configure hangs in |running develop|
784783 [NSInternalInconsistencyException: Invalid message sent to event "NSEvent
768351 "ABORT: Passed bad frame" with mask pointing at data: URL
776547 Crash [@ java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.TextSelection$…
784741 --enable-debug --disable-methodjit broken without Yarr JIT
776550 Provide API to start Compositor Parent with external thread/messageloop
776552 Remove the MOZ_SVG_DLISTS build time flag
791612 "other origin" bar persists after pressing Back button to return to same-origin page
776554 Intermittent browser_workerAPI.js, browser_frameworker.js, browser_whitelist2.js | leaked until shut…
776556 Code Signing breaks ASan OSX builds
776561 OS_LIBS contains -lrt if there is no config.cache, and doesn't when then is
784756 DecodeABit can spend more time in Timestamp than image decoding on Win7
776570 [gcli] pref set Command broken
582719 Use nsQueryFrame in menu/popup code
735615 Remove AutoClean from mozglue/linker/Utils.h
555392 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/svg/smil/container/deferred-tree-1.xhtml
776579 Use HandleValue and MutableHandleValue in object hooks where possible
776583 GC: Make the post barrier verifier green in the interpreter in the shell
784776 build fails with clang 3.2
776591 unitless length quirk is supported in top/left/right but not bottom
776600 Implement the "orientation" property of the app manifest for web apps on Android
702877 Remove NS_OVERRIDE and replace all uses of it with MOZ_OVERRIDE
792990 Reset Sync causes all add-ons to be uninstalled
784809 createPattern should allow null for the repeat argument
693319 Factor out common code from RasterImage checking whether flags match
776606 Sanitize user portraits URLs in the Social API
793016 Very frequent hangs during leak tests on new linux build system
776635 Allow use of JSRootedObject using only external headers
784828 SVG Code to query/insert into nsSVGAttrTearoffTable should use nsRefPtr instead of explicit NS_ADDRE…
784829 Camera not working anymore
784837 call SetPrimaryFrame earlier during nsSubDocumentFrame::Init, so that container view can be found in…
776647 Drop to no-rights user after fork()
801224 redirect to second captcha page never loads
776649 Add a C++ helper to get an application permission set from IPDL actors
784842 Exception... "'JavaScript component does not have a method named: "open"' when calling method: [nsIF…
563659 Make nsDocumentFragment not inherit from nsGenericElement
793036 Close all service windows on logout.
784846 The ShouldPrerender check for async animations is wrong
334288 use early returns in nsObjectLoadingContent::IsSupportedDocument
776660 js/xpconnect/wrappers/XrayWrapper.cpp:218:16: warning: initialization of pointer of type 'JSObject *…
776661 silk_get_TOC doesn't zero out the entire silk_TOC_struct
195030 no protection against recursive plugin loading via EMBED/OBJECT tag
719320 Implement DOM3 wheel event
784858 Pass LD_PRELOAD to child processes on gonk
596453 Typo in test content/media/test/test_error_on_404.html
784873 Improve ParallelArray testsuite code
776685 Azure canvas should throw the correct exception types
776686 Remove bogus include path from the Editor
776687 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::ion::LIRGeneratorShared::visitConstant] or "Assertion failure: false (unexpe…
760307 implement support for preloaded strict-transport-security (HSTS) sites
768503 Allow moving cursor to overflowed text in selectable content
784889 Use nullptr in a function that returns a pointer
776700 Pref off new toSource method
784895 Remove unnecessary token pasting
793088 Startup failure in localization builds since Aurora17.0a2 20120920042010
777379 Ensure that default is always the default target
776724 loads ril_consts.js from arbitrary in-tree location
776726 osx panel shows up black for a moment
775257 Gstreamer backend on Meego N9 produce extra noise in audio playback
768537 Update dictionary support to recent changes
776732 Add more things to getBuildConfiguration()
784932 <audio>.buffered changes everytime <audio>.currentTime changes (inc. within buffered range)
776741 Talos Tp5, Ts, and Trace Malloc regressions from bug 761723 (implement function toString by saving s…
776742 FramebufferNativeWindow doesn't implement ANativeWindow::cancelBuffer
743975 View event handling cleanup
783927 Audio cuts out shortly after playing MP4 on Android
776747 Talos Regression :( SVG, Opacity Row Major increase 4.54%
776748 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: refcount_,"
768557 IonMonkey: dlmalloc is slow
760374 testBlueLarry fails with Disconnect error
776760 ecma_5/extensions/cross-global-getPrototypeOf.js always fails
776764 Allow permissionDB parent directory to not be the default profile directory
784746 Contacts API: optimize debug statements
771168 Assertion failure: isScriptFrame(), at ../../vm/Stack.h:605 or Opt Crash [@ AssertJit]
768578 GCLI needs a restart command
776773 tab bar loses active tab when window is maximized
795745 Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) [@ ComputePrecisionInRange]
768440 Animate CSS Transitions on the compositor
776793 [Azure] transparent text in XUL uses grayscale antialiasing instead of subpixel
773903 ~1s shutdown delay in xpcshell in xpcom shutdown
752223 NumberValue/DoubleValue are footguns
768608 test failure: dom/telephony/test/marionette/*.js | ScriptTimeoutException: timed out
776802 [Azure] gfxPlatform should be more precise in providing info about Azure backends
776805 Eliminate NO_GEN_XPT
785001 crash in mozilla::layers::PlanarYCbCrImage::CopyData
728850 IonMonkey: on ARM, Pools and caches violate each others assumptions
775272 Clicking on the page to the left of the options overflow menu does not close menu
768626 Add missing PropertyId rooting methods
776822 Many Makefile's from dom/ missing from
776824 Add isInBrowserElement to nsIPrincipal
785017 Use NS_GetStaticAtom in svg content where appropriate
785026 get rid of
776835 Apply security checks to PHal
776836 some garbage drawn when zooming in
776838 Fix gstvideo detection when gstreamer is enabled and not in the default ld search path
776849 nsHistory.cpp:242:12: warning: variable ‘rv’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
391834 Don't allow alert/confirm/prompt in onbeforeunload, onunload and onpagehide
776865 Fix annoying naming conflict (mWindow and mHWnd) in win32 widget's nsNativeDragTarget
776871 Enable the use of nullptr for vc10 builds or later
776875 GCLI: Move existing GCLI commands into JSMs
776876 GLContextProviderEGL nullptr related build error with vc11
776879 Remove unused variable in opt builds in nsComputedDOMStyle::nsComputedDOMStyle
776880 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: addr % Cell::CellSize == 0, at ../../gc/Heap.h:826
785076 [AccessFu] Work around timestamp issue in emulated touch events.
744121 QObject::startTimer: QTimer cannot have a negative interval.
793276 new android updater downloads on cell data connection without asking
785087 [SocialAPI] Can't chat twice with someone
785089 "Assertion failure: pn_type < PNK_LIMIT,"
776898 PluginInstanceParent nullptr related build error with vc11
785094 "Assertion failure: ptrdiff_t(column) + colspan >= 0,"
776907 quiet log spew from sydney audio on android
785102 Two different used while populating startupcache
776912 DocAccessibleWrap nullptr related build error with vc11
776914 nsProfileLock nullptr related build errors with vc11
776918 The rest of the nullptr related build errors with vc11
776923 Plugin tag management issues in nsPluginHost
785118 use PARALLEL_DIRS in netwerk/
776928 When doing lazy tab restoration, set the <browser>s in question to display:none until restored
776929 Let event implementation codegen to generate MozContactChangeEvent
768743 IonMonkey: Improve navier-stokes performance
768744 GCLI places input elements incorrectly if element ancestory has a 'fixed' or 'absolute'
776940 Trying to __delete__() PGrallocBuffer actor after it's dead to IPC
778024 Bug 774139 will break Qt/Maemo builds due to #define signals
310003 ESM mousewheel code should use AppendLiteral instead of Append for appending strings
785147 Contacts API: fix import contacts from SIM card
776957 OMTC: Remove unnecessary frame copies with canvas and layers acceleration
785151 Use ScrollIntoViewIfNeeded in the markup panel
776960 Re-enable ContactsChangeEvent tests
778027 [Settings API] addObserver & onsettingchange quirks
776966 Generate DeviceOrientationEvent implementation
768775 Gradient perf is unusably slow on test case
776968 Avoid modifying after running nspr configure
785161 Stop uninstalling all installed apps in WebApps tests
793354 Chat icon is stretched
776971 codegen DeviceLightEvent impl
768781 [b2g-bluetooth] The default value of Class of Device(CoD) should not be 0x080000
785166 Crash when dismissing gaia Clock alarm alert window
776664 Check capabilities for SMS access
776979 clean up nsTimeout timer initialization
785173 LinkedIn URL displays some form of auto-refresh that prevents site navigation
785175 Nightly can no longer run BananaBread
776986 Implement MozApplicationEvent using codegenerator
799877 java.lang.IllegalStateException: at android.widget.ListView.layoutChildren( with Adapt…
785186 Use the context menu in the markup panel
785188 Make Xrays work with newest DOM list bindings
785190 Plugin preview overlay shows click-to-play icon when preview is present
785191 Tons of "NS_ENSURE_TRUE(nsContentUtils::IsCallerChrome()) failed: file content/base/src/nsImageLoadi…
777001 [Developer Toolbar] "inspect" command refers to "node", should refer to "selector"
779399 Twitter Bootstrap buttons display unwanted horizontal line on hover.
780765 Do not allow DependentStrings to depend on InlineStrings
785200 Remove logging from OS.File
785201 IonMonkey: WorkerThreadState::wait() is not threadsafe
777011 [webconsole] implement the dark theme for the webconsole toolbar
785205 adjust wording for social activation prompt
785206 IonMonkey: WorkerThreadState::notify() is inefficient
768832 Set oom_adj values for background/foreground content processes
777032 use timeBeginPeriod when needed to do high resolution profiling
785226 warning spam: accessible/src/base/RoleMap.h:10:1: warning: comparison between 'enum mozilla::a11y::r…
785228 nsGlobalWindow is described twice during traverse
629597 Intermittent test_terminate.html | Test timed out
751749 cannot configure keyboard shortcuts to use Meta modifier instead of Alt
768865 Make NS_SUCCEEDED/NS_FAILED always inline functions for C++
752486 Calling gFormSubmitObserver.panelIsOpen() causes layout flushes
768871 Provide an option to disable per-client randomization
777066 WebSockets in WebIDL with a sequence<DOMString> in the constractor
785259 the override in CheckCertOverridesbits are not correctly cleared
777068 Consolidate some 3rd party Python packages to /python
719727 SVG: Gradient fill that is part of a pattern is cut off
777072 Update Permission Manager database to handle apps and mozbrowser
777074 doesn't handle 'unsigned long' types
785268 IonMonkey: Improve style/design of profiling
787757 Multiple startup hangs of >10 minutes
777078 Remove DeviceStorage .type
631956 Intermittent browser_522545.js | sessionstore got correct userTypedValue - Got undefined, expected e…
777083 ScriptSource::createFromSource leaks when ownSource is true
777084 stop returning arrays from DeviceStorage.getDeviceStorage()
777085 A new markup panel
777088 device Storage - file stat API
629633 Intermittent layout/reftests/bugs/363370-1.html | image comparison (==)
777093 Long script urls still confuse the debugger menulist
777094 Qt fail to compile due to wrong GL includes order
785287 Profiler: Add the document URL in DoReflow
777098 NULL dereference in LookupNPP after reparenting and reinstantiating plugin
777101 DeviceStorage - Add onchange notifications test
777104 provider menu style
793491 4 second hang in ScriptAnalysis::addTypeBarrier opening spreadsheet from Google Drive
784878 Use version 2 by default for permissions.sqlite when no version is found
784879 use collapsed instead of hidden for status panels
777117 provide TableCellAccessible interface
777123 B2G RIL: move quirk detection to config/build time
773958 Fix calling convention conflicts of NPN_xxx funciton pointer
785320 [b2g-bluetooth] Crash after renaming device in Settings/Bluetooth
760745 crash in js::InvokeKernel
760748 Add the category of the application to the desktop entry file
777135 Nix windowUtils::setApp and friends; convert users to principal methods
793523 Bookmarks Search doesn't work on big endian after 64-bit folder ID change
785333 Keep track of display-item data with merged frames
785335 Changing an elements tagName collapses the tree node with no way to expand the tree node
777146 Move ThreadActor.prototype.{_scripts, _breakpointStore} initialization to the constructor so that ea…
801723 nsJSIID::HasInstance shouldn't assume that any WebIDL binding object that's nsISupports has classinf…
785340 crash in OmxDecoder::ReadAudio
778058 wrap _malloc_message() on FreeBSD
777152 14.0.1 introduced severe rendering glitches when using -moz-transition on an element with opacity, s…
777165 Social toolbar should be to the right of the style toolbar
777166 correct cflags/libs for system libvpx
777174 3ms SunSpider regression on date-format-tofte
777175 Social side bar splitter should be styled like the standard side bar splitter
777176 Preload social api panels
777177 Keep the social sidebar loaded, and dispatch events when it is opened/closed
777181 missing SRC_HIDDEN note when breaking out of for-let-in loops
777182 IonMonkey: OOM Testing: Assertion failure: masm.framePushed() == frameSize(), at ion/CodeGenerator.c…
203745 non-ASCII font family names in CSS are not recognized
760802 JavaScript easy access to native window handle
785380 Can't close the page inspector after toggling markup panel
777190 don't compress files with huge strings
777191 Fix warning about uninitialized variable in DefineIDBInterfaceConstants()
777193 Fix warning about extra semicolon in APKOpen.cpp
785387 Autocompletion display glitch
777198 Scope ContactsService responses to the process that made the request
777202 RadioInterfaceLayer broadcasts request responses to all content processes
777203 WifiWorker broadcasts wifi info to all content processes
777207 Alarm API - AlarmService should use "activities" or "system messages", or not broadcast information …
621564 Use Map in nsContentPrefService's cache
806038 sidebar docShell is not defined after sidebar has been unloaded
777215 Add RTCPeerConnection to list of expected unexpected global symbols
776704 Default shell build for Windows is broken on zlib.h
777219 Prepare for converting the JSAPI to JSObject handles
777220 Temporarily disable slow SQL reporting
785415 WebConsoleUtils: getInnerWindowById is unused and broken
777224 Alarm API - .getAll() and .remove() can only interact with alarms scheduled by the same app
777226 Alarm API - If an alarm cannot be fired when the device shuts down, it should be fired when powering…
777228 Alarm API - The back-end needs to remove alarms that have been fired from DB, so that .getAll() won'…
777231 Skeleton for mozbuild package
777233 Add warnings module to mozbuild
777237 Update testGoButton.js to match latest version of Litmus tests
460969 Copy/paste of images from content area lose transparency information
777242 Rename utils.assertElementVisible() to utils.isDisplayed()
777243 Intermittent Android test_bug760802.html | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through wind…
785436 PageThumbsWorker.js url is wrong when creating the worker in PageThumbs.jsm
779852 crash in mozilla::gl::TextureImageGLX::BindTexture with abort message: "X_GLXVendorPrivate: GLXBadPi…
793634 Force builds to be compatible with gtk 2.18/glib 2.22
780125 B2G Armv7a ICS debug builds fail with "configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C co…
736298 CreateForNativePixmapSurface appears unused
777259 Device Storage returning null object
777260 Text not rendered in <input> until switching tabs or otherwise re-rendering the window
785454 Remove nsPresShell::GetFrameForPoint
777264 Throttle repaint requests in Gecko panning/zooming
785459 Enable the WebIDL parser to be used stand-alone for syntax checking
785461 Firefox recently imported GCLIs unit test harness, but not without changes. Backport them.
785463 Tweak PurpleBuffer Block size
777278 Implement nsIDOMStorageEvent using event implementation codegen
785472 The Web IDL parser should not allow inheriting from an interface that is only forward declared
777284 B2G 3G: Sometimes toggling off data call failed
777285 Autogenerate SettingsEvent implementation
780812 [b2g-bluetooth] Implement function to get RFCOMM channel of specific Bluetooth service
785482 JS_RemoveScriptRootRT is implemented as JS_RemoveScriptRoot
777293 Remove NS_NewCSSStyleSheet
785486 DomCameraManager redefines DOM_CAMERA_LOG_LEVEL
801874 Opening a minimized chat is broken
777304 const char pointer by get() uses after destructor of NS_ConvertUTF16toUTF8()
777306 Remove NS_NewHTMLStyleSheet
785500 CrossScriptSSA::cx is never used and should be removed
777309 Call controller instead of tabBrowser.controller in endurance/testTabbedBrowsing_PinUnpinTab
769120 Bad iterator in text runs
785510 [AccessFu] only instantiate a11y engine on AccessFu._enable()
752746 can't make liveconnect calls from javascript to applet's method
760940 Bookmarks and history menus behave incorrectly due to non-node weak map keys
719982 Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart | Modal dialog has been found and proces…
777328 Gather telemetry data for how much cache corruption reduction plan would help
711794 Firefox 9.0 Crash [@ js::Shape::finalize ]
785524 Remove JS_MakeStringImmutable
785528 Don't allow deletion of doctype nodes in the markup panel
777339 Use prlog for focusmanager logging
752764 document.write after page with <video> causes a CC crash [@ nsXPConnect::Traverse]
769150 Pointer lock doesn't work in web apps
785536 Add MPAPI GetPref so platform decoders can query about:config prefs
785543 Bug 778724 regressed emscripten-memops by 42%
777355 Move Console.jsm somewhere into toolkit to fix comm-central's busted XPCShell tests.
793740 ARMv6 builds should specify JM usage, even when running on ARMv7 boards
773998 Shut down single-browser ("app") content processes when the browser closes
785560 IonMonkey: ReportOverRecursed firing incorrectly
777373 CssRuleView.jsm uses invalid weak map keys
801951 update social provider manifest and whitelist
769184 don't write back cache entries into offline cache at every access
736419 IonMonkey: Code is not traced on ARM
736420 IonMonkey: Make multiplies more efficient on ARM
777381 B2G HAL SIGUSR2 interferes with profiling
769193 Update css code to use primitives for transform functions
777388 PDF Viewer settings not persistent
785583 BluetoothReplyRunnable instantiates nsAutoPtr template in the header
793781 In-product MooTools 1.2.x fix
711862 nsHTMLEditor::RemoveStyleInside may process the passed-in node even when aChildrenOnly is set
777400 disable mozApps.installPackage API in Firefox for Desktop and Android
777401 DictionaryHelpers.* build problems
771275 Repeated Thunderbird+browser crashes in gfxContext::SetMatrix(gfxMatrix const&)
777415 WebIDL Codegen (or Parser, don't really care) should ensure that the various infallible annotations …
752841 [New Tab Page] make the number of rows and columns adjustable
777421 Add AddressSanitizer mozconfig for MacOSX to the tree
736465 Pref for Inspect Element context menu item
785620 B2G RIL: datacall.dns is null
777430 Talos tsvgr_opacity regression when SVG display lists enabled
777431 Disable settingschange logging for the volume manager
785626 crash in mozilla::FrameLayerBuilder::BuildContainerLayerFor
785628 Markup panel not sending a change event
777438 Handle dictionary members of dictionaries when doing dictionary reordering
785631 Temporarily disable permission manager app awareness
752864 Intermittent t1204-reset-00-c-o-test.html | image comparison (==)
761057 B2G MMS: support sending M-Send.req PDUs
638178 Extend jsdIScript to allow fast retrieval of executable lines
744675 Autodetect a sane -j# for jsreftest runner
793829 no debug symbols for in-tree freetype
728294 Analyze cycle collection logs after test runs to detect leaks
785860 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_sts_preloadlist.js:6: TypeError: Cc['…
761069 B2G MMS: support email addressing model
671837 GCLI should not allow boolean parameters to be positional
785648 Improve OMTA logging
777460 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::CreateSharedHandle on Honeycomb and above
761077 Implement xptcall for FreeBSD/ia64
776745 [b2g-bluetooth] Crash in bluetooth discovery due to initializer buried in NS_ASSERTION
742612 Reflect.parse: separate guarded/unguarded catch clauses
793855's profile cleanup should be more resilient and output TBPL-compatible errors
777476 SVGLocatable.getBBox() fails with a <text><tspan> nodes
785671 nsHTMLMediaElement::mSrcStreamListener should be an nsRefPtr
253197 Show tiled preview in Set As Wallpaper
788589 generic buddy icon appears in profile section when logged in
769302 Please add about:support accessibility status to crash reports
777495 Failing to allocate gralloc buffer with A8 format
769310 [OS.File] Separate OS.Path from worker-only code
769312 [OS.File] Separate OS.File.Error from worker-only code
777511 #define nullptr __null for gcc <= 4.5
777514 B2G Updates: EventHub input loop stops the b2g process from exiting
777519 nsHTMLReflowState::InitResizeFlags unnecessarily checks for min-height:auto and max-height:auto
777523 Remove "XXX bug 3935" annotations in nsCSSPropList.h for properties whose parsed names match their i…
777528 Expose compartment names to the JS engine
777529 Superscript 1, 2, and 3 characters are marked as misspelled.
777537 JM/IonMonkey: Ensure that CompilerOuput status mirror validity without output pointers
777546 Root the minimum XML stuff necessary to pass jstests
793935 tests for closing all chat windows on logout
768568 Incorrect EV identity display (loading new page, identity not updated)
793943 expose an API to close flyouts
785754 Buttons on some sites are not rendered right and are like half cut off
777569 [Developer Toolbar] Web Console error count is too close to the label (win)
777570 IonMonkey: visitMathFunctionD() should be isCall().
703843 elfhack Makefile using order-only prerequisites, not compatible with PyMake
777578 Heap-use-after-free in PresShell::CompleteMove
777582 nsPrincipal deserializes members in wrong order
703855 performance timing tests involving fail
777585 Make nsIFrame::BuildDisplayListForChild check for clipped SVG on the correct frame
777589 jstest: Remove a 2 line workaround to a 2 line test fix
783593 Device Storage - Add test to verify that onchange notifications go to the correct device storage obj…
433529 Statically name anonymous JavaScript functions for the debugger and Error.stack
753021 Favicon shortcuts should be centered with a white background
703873 SVG in img tag very slow to drag compared to png as background
808171 setting enabled results in double notifications
793998 Planeswalker Points website fails to invalidate correctly
785808 crash in nsRootPresContext::RequestUpdatePluginGeometry
777617 Incorrect rendering of fixed position display items
777618 Kill VALUE_TO_BOOLEAN in interpreter
785593 Make the chatboxes larger and with a small gap between each one
777628 Using postMessage to send an ImageData instance from a hiddenDOMWindow canvas crashes/throws
777630 add missing prop ic
785828 Ensure that is loaded lazily
777643 JM: fix arguments.length jsop_getprop fast path
777647 IonMonkey: Four jit-tests assert: !hasLazyType()
777657 Fix some opt build warnings
761274 Linux <audio> broken, corrupted (and <video> b/c of audio) regression
761278 Remove XHR.onuploadprogress
769475 incorrect font used for italicized Arabic text when font-family is Arial or Times New Roman
777668 B2G RIL: EF_PATH_DF_PHONEBOOK not defined
736710 Voicemail API based on SMS Message Waiting
777671 [b2g-bluetooth] Need a way to get paired devices in nsIDOMBluetoothAdapter
777672 B2G phone ignores |body { overflow: hidden }|
744906 [meta] [devtb] Update the look of the developer toolbar and GCLI
671192 Command "Paste without Formatting" in message window is missing
671196 Kill content processes that cause processing errors in the chrome process
777693 crash in js::EncapsulatedValue::writeBarrierPre with {6dfff1b3-5c82-4a33-91e2-65f51c0d090e}
774053 GCLI adds 2 space instead of one when you press TAB after typing 'rest'
777696 Fix gstreamer backend on big endian architectures
780880 patternTransform in SVG - rotating by 90 degrees not working
777700 Graphics driver crash causes images to stop rendering
776785 Alarm API - hal::SetAlarm takes |long|s, but should instead take PRInt32s
777705 Access to Components.interfaces throws NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY when using expanded principals
777706 Unable to tap the Twitter sign-in button
777710 Remove platform and OS identifiers from B2G UA
774139 Dispatch touch events to out-of-process content
794100 h264 video player (Brightcove) is busted on non-flash enabled FF Android or FF OS
783614 Cutting a sub string from the location bar value can unexpectedly modify the value further
769531 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test/build/xpcshell/tests/netwerk/test/unit/test_304_responses.j…
785920 reload for workers
769541 After landing Bug 758620, Some CSS causes a problem of re-painting(Tabstrip, Favicon, Label, etc.)
777734 Uninitialized variable in ParamTraits<LogData>::Read
785927 js/src/vm/ObjectImpl-inl.h:214:1: warning: unused function 'IsValueInCompartment' [-Wunused-function…
782252 Fix still more abuse of nsresult (tree-wide, editor/)
712202 GC: add type information to HeapValue writeBarrierPost edge pointer
785947 B2G RIL: I accidentally a typo in the message manager refactoring
785951 remove padding from social panels
777776 Invalid read of size 1 or invalid write of size 1 [@ JSScript::markChildren]
802355 crash spike in mozilla::plugins::PluginModuleParent::StreamCast with abort message: "Corrupted plugi…
769594 Make nsContentUtils and nsObjectLoadingContent use TestPermissionFromPrincipal instead of TestPermis…
794171 Brightcove HTML5/H.264 video playback support not detected
777792 Uninitialized variable in ParamTraits<nsMouseEvent>::Read
752224 Switch Paris binding double/int64 wrapping away from JS_NewNumberValue once we have a better API
777796 PluginPRLibrary::mNPP_GetValue is write-only
745030 Refactor nsObjectLoadingContent
785992 Sanitize parsed reader mode article when viewing
327244 Eliminate CheckLoadURI() and CheckLoadURIStr()
777806 XHR use-after-free of JS
777810 MOZSETTINGS-SET-WARNING: _____ is not in the database. Please add it to build/settings.js
769621 Checking Contacts, Settings, Wifi and WebApps permission should use principal instead of URI
769624 Intermittent test_error_events_abort_transactions.html | request.transaction should still be set
786009 js has to be enabled to parse rss-feeds (regression?)
802395 frameworker json.parse occasional errors
802396 Android Service-based updater downloads wrong architecture update package for ARMv6.
786013 Add more localization notes to about:feedback strings to clarify tone/intent
777824 Remove nsIdleServiceDaily::mObservesIdle since it is never used
777829 Remove ThemeRenderer::mWindow since it's never used
777834 "Assertion failure: ptr,"
774077 Fix Clang warning in nsSVGGraphicElement.cpp
777843 Unable to launch from marketplace (Aurora)
761473 IonMonkey: Check & Fix usage of writeSlotHeader in Snapshots.cpp
802435 unload social sidebar after some timeout
802436 test for bug 800817 does not test non-mozbrowser iframes
589445 Intermittent timeout or uncaught exception @nsIDOMLocation.hash in browser_463205.js followed by une…
728722 Crash [@ js::ArrayBuffer::obj_lookupGeneric]
802457 Modal XUL dialog regression with FF 17 beta
777883 Avoid calling glLinkProgram when we know that a bad shader is attached
795930 ArchiveReader should live behind a pref
775451 Choose a suitable pre-render size for async pan/zoomed content
786085 Intermittent browser_notifications.js | failed to find the notification, | Found an unexpected alert…
802470 Invalidation problem with nested fixed-position elements
761511 [b2g-bluetooth] Base Property Get/Set Class + DBus Property Implementation for Bluetooth Objects
777899 speakerphone toggles off on answer call
794285 Bug 793634 broke comm-central builds
660765 GCLI Requisition._onAssignmentChange could be simplified
777904 mozWifiManager.connectionInformation.relSignalStrength does not exist
786103 Stagefright: Galaxy S III hardware decoder video is green (OMX_COLOR_FormatYUV420SemiPlanar)
786105 Setting to null no longer removes the property
745148 Support content processes pushing layer transactions directly to omtc in parent process
761534 App Tab for Gmail not loading
777919 Free LifoAlloc chunks on background thread
777923 untargeted link clicks in the social notification panels sould open in a new tab
777924 Opening a popup window causes web page parts to be rendered in incorrect spots
736965 Java applet would not run on certain site
745158 Crash [@ Decompile] with let expressions
704204 Allow user to increase Web Console font size
687823 Mozmill test for Disabled state of Plugin remembered after a Restart
777937 Remove the useless EXPORTS rule from editor/public/
777940 Only dereference body after checking for a non-null body
769998 Make nsIWidget::IsVisible return bool
777942 Add a label to nsDOMStorage::GetItem()
776825 Separate message managers into senders and broadcasters
777949 Make the editor's splendid
777956 With CPG, AutoCompartment no longer needs to store the target object
745202 Libpng 1.5.10 check for invalid palette index is ignored.
179956 Parser and editor should agree on blockness of captions
769791 Optimize adding ranges to the end of mRanges in nsSelection
748160 Update the Downloads command to open the Downloads view instead of the Downloads Panel
802568 PSL uplift for Firefox 17
783393 Breakpoints not getting caught on reload
777999 jstests: Fix recently introduced progressbar brokenness on windows
753158 emit ALIASEDVAR ops for upvars
778002 Identity should createInstance XHR, not getService it
761620 Throw an exception when attempting to add a non-preserved weak map key
712469 Inspector Rule View selectors can be more visually scannable
783663 ReadPixelsIntoImageSurface pulls from bound framebuffer, not the screen
774106 Change how virtualenv is populated
786207 Display name in share panel is white on gray on OS X
745251 Support the --jitflags= argument in jstests
778023 Need to figure out how cycle collected DOM files are supposed to play with workers
737064 sync CSP source-expression parsing with w3c spec
786219 Lack for pdfjs/content/web/images/toolbarButton-fullscreen.png
778028 Build editor/ in parallel
778031 don't XSync when already already synced
778036 Cross-process+omtc layers causing up to 5x excessive recomposites
802616 don't use software floating point math on ARMv6
778042 Add missing Makefile's to allmakefiles and
802620 crash in mozilla::FileBlockCache::Read @ on devices with Mali-400 MP GPU ru…
778045 add comment to ImageContainer
778056 malloc_usable_size is also available in libc on FreeBSD
778057 Segfaulting on startup at nsScreenGonk::GetPixelDepth
638794 TI: JM: Specialize on Prototype library's create() methods
782306 Remove bogus web console panel styling
786258 Catch exceptions thrown in endurance tests so incomplete reports can be sent
778067 Re-enable layout/base/crashtests/735943.html when we can support crashed content processes better
778070 Trigger ProtocolErrorBreakpoint() on |return false| from message handlers
430445 scroll position on boxes can be negative
778073 Java in Firefox Extensions (but The and Window.packages attributes has been removed in …
679775 Many decompressed images from a Facebook slideshow aren't released until the tab is closed
687972 Intermittent test_timeupdate_small_files.html | Test timed out, often followed by a shutdown timeout…
778085 Implement getPrototype proxy trap
769894 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Hardware acceleration can only be used with a single UI thread. Ori…
769908 Switch DIR_INSTALL to INSTALL
769911 Generate ICs which see through ListBase proxies
778104 NS_IMPL_STRING_ATTR incorrectly uses bool as nsresult
778105 nsOggReader::GetBuffered treats PageSyncResult as nsresult
761723 implement toString of function objects by saving source
745349 Various run-only-one-instance bugs in media/webrtc/signaling
786312 android.view.ViewRootImpl$CalledFromWrongThreadException: Only the original thread that created a vi…
778220 remove wildcard calls for GARBAGE definitions in xpcom/
769930 Split PSM and NSS builds so that we can build NSS early
778128 nsIDOMCanvasRenderingContext2D.putImageData NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED in nightly with non-Azure canva…
778129 GLContextProviderEGL.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64
784246 KeymapWrapper::GuessGDKKeyval() return wrong key for NS_VK_COLON
769942 DLBI broke invalidation of foreignObjects in filters
785050 ISA proxy negotiate auth broken (regression)
786338 NotificationHandler sending bad intents to gecko
696229 Text area : drag-and-drop to the start of a line : insertion point
769960 Refactor the terrifying code in nsSafebrowsingApplication.js
745391 IonMonkey: SETELEM: Fast path for typed arrays on ARM
763208 Update .jp entry in PSL
771871 [TI] Wrong result with bound saved as an object property
548788 [Shredder] Trunk packaging shouting about a missing file: "config/': [Errno 2] …
769976 pymake API for converting back to make files
778179 Intermittent crash in test_bug_462172.xul, test_clear_button_disabled.xul, test_cleanup_search.xul […
778180 Intermittent indexedDB/test/test_transaction_lifetimes.html | request.transaction should still be se…
778181 async protocol proxy service fails to record resolve flags
778184 Add GetScreenDepth API for Qt gfx platform port (bug 754426 followup)
786380 Write new Android service-based updater
761806 Support webapp uninstallation on Linux
770000 Video control on html5 video repaint too often on Youtube player
786386 add way to pref off typed array move
778195 DrawTargetCairo.cpp:764: error: 'memcpy' was not declared in this scope
778202 Filter out -pedantic for the Skia subdirectory
802784 possible to have two panels open at once
765947 Preprocess the config file for generated events
761831 "ASSERTION: obj must be a wrapper" with during DOMNodeRemoved event
782332 Retained tiles should not be used with fixed-position layers
745452 Infinite recursion crash with ArrayBuffer through js::ArrayBuffer::obj_lookupGeneric
786418 browser_newtab_focus.js shouldn't fail when FKA is enabled on Mac
786420 new Volume Control Scrubber seems displaced horizontally
786421 Extreme lag during text input on twitter/facebook/other web forms
783700 nsColumnSetFrame::BuildDisplayList should use nsFrameList::Enumerator to enumerate children
778234 remove wildcard calls for GARBAGE definitions in toolkit/library/
565245 Intermittent failure in test_bug493251.html | Wrong number events (16 through 21, one short on each)
770046 test_ipc.html does not notice failures
636245 Device Manager window size is hardcoded in XUL
815743 Backout the UA changes in bug 588909 and its follow-ups from all branches
814101 814101 – Font Issue in FF 17
795104 crash in _VEC_memcpy | js_NewStringCopyN
806192 crash in inDOMUtils::GetBindingURLs with Firebug and ShareMeNot
815042 leaving private browsing with social enabled doesn't reset all social components
814554 Firefox 17 silently stops processing permissions.sqlite when rejecting rules valid under Firefox 16
815359 Bing Maps v7 Ajax Pushpin Incompatibility