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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.18.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
811012 Allow forceAuthentication parameter to request for whitelisted Marketplace
786437 IonMonkey: (ARM) ensure that there is an IonContext when discarding Ion code pt. 2
786438 Wifi: fire events to DOM when entering wrong password for WEP
802823 Early cleanup of message listeners in ActivityProxy.js
778248 Figure out flashing mechanism for panda B2G builds
768684 Fix sequence<any> return type in WebIDL
770058 Switching main window between active and inactive doesn't update the title bar active state if disab…
786444 Make imgFrame locks counted instead of boolean
770063 Intermittent test_sandbox.xul | Check number of loaded content types: application/javascript,text/ht…
794640 clicking a link in social content panels should close the panel
786449 Explicitly initialize RasterImage on the main thread at XPCOM startup
794642 New fennec UpdateService service creates unnecessary components
778261 Gonk startup sometimes crashes after E/FramebufferNativeWindow(28557): couldn't open framebuffer HAL…
812378 Idleservice bricks the phone
786468 Support alternate nsIRadioInterfaceLayer implementations
811014 Support for disabled primaries (forced issuer)
794663 Allow downloading appcache for a specific appid/browserflag
819242 JAWS needs old IServiceProvider::QueryService
794667 GC: implement an AutoAssertCanGC guard object
794668 Add createFakeMediaStream to gUM
786477 collapsing chatboxes on overflow is wonkey
791901 providers should specify the "You shared this page" and "undo share" button labels.
819250 PhoneNumber.js overwrites national number
802867 Store lastModifiedDate for files in IDB
720949 Need API for "transferring" ArrayBuffer data between runtimes (via shared memory)
794679 IonMonkey: Cache for GetPcScript()
794680 Create a persona dialog for use on B2G
794681 Invisible IFRAME for on B2G
770106 20120701 Nightly Breaks this input form button
786491 Fix v8-deltablue regression from bug 778724
802877 Intermittent B2G emulator "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | * | EOFError: telnet connection closed"
794686 Text not rendered in <input> until switching tabs or otherwise re-rendering the window
786495 Dragging a tab to bookmark it or cancelling the drag-and-drop operation (pressing ESC) unexpectedly …
819264 Need a Policy & Mechanism for Audio Competing & Control (Patch-0 follow-up)
794694 Make sure to trace all the gray GCthings, not only wrapper
786503 Mark nsSMILInstanceTime::mVisited as mutable, instead of doing const_cast dance
794696 disable @supports for Firefox 17
819275 [Audio] The Usage of nsRefPtr for AudioChannelService is Wrong
794700 Remove a test that takes a long time to exercise dead code
786509 Remove broken, unused wildcard support from dbg-client.jsm's eventSource mixin
802894 Add a memory reporter for nsEffectiveTLDService
811090 Wrong scope for NSGetFactory
785889 Make search related keyboard shortcuts discoverable
794709 Print preview graphical problem when scroll the preview.
778326 Create Permission.txt that explains permisson-names and purpose
811095 re-enable native Identity dialog
794713 ASCII codec can't decode byte 0xc3
422543 nsISHistory.addSHistoryListener replaces the listener, doesn't really add it
811102 frameworker reload failure
802914 Implement Bagheera client
778341 Please create a Nightly update channel for B2G full-over-the-air updates
581734 mochitest-chrome persistent failure (+ intermittent elsewhere): toolkit/content/tests/chrome/test_bu…
786535 B2G 3G: Handling roaming setting correctly.
794729 mach fails to build on Windows: WindowsError: [Error 193] %1 is not a valid Win32 application
786540 Unused exports target in xpconnect/src/
811120 negative download times in stub installer pings
802929 A new port is created on every social.cookies-get message
794742 social tests with data: urls should specify a charset to reduce test output noise
778360 B2G Wifi: ensure NetworkManager state is correct after restarting the b2g process
819322 [nb-NO] crash due to misformed string in fennec
811131 3rd party app CrazyCopter is very slow, redraw issues
811132 Avoid some wasted space by making XPT arena chunks bigger.
778367 [Azure] Minimize intermediate surface size used by push/popgroup
770176 Typo in failedToParseUnrecognizedSource in…
498368 JS shell should default to running with the JIT enabled, not disabled
786564 Need a crossOrigin idl attribute on <link>s too
794757 add build config option to enable logging on release build
795711 Setting network.activity.blipIntervalMilliseconds in the user pref should make network blip notifica…
786573 Sensor thread is hanging on shutdown
794766 B2G Telephony: phone is hanging after a busy call is released by operator
794767 B2G RIL: Handle data call error without APN name
786579 Remove old MSVC (<=2003) support
786582 rename AccFilters.h/cpp files to Filters.h/cpp
811159 Save last uploaded payload
811162 After switching the language in the settings app, the entire gaia window is half as tall
786588 Fix 32-bit --disable-methodjit builds after a recent jsscript.h commit
778398 PDF viewer zoom issues when using mouse control
786593 Moving a tab to a different window leaves other tabs shifted in the source window
786596 [b2g-bluetooth] get device type information
811173 Some displaylist items are not snapping their bounds when they should be
794791 [b2g-bluetooth] Update Device/Adapter properties table
811176 Clean up JIT code more aggressively
147625 strange characters in message composer title/subject (was Strange undo/redo interaction with oninput…
811178 3rd party app SpaceWorm doesn't respond to taps
778414 Fix clang builds on OpenBSD
818626 crash in nsStyleContext::~nsStyleContext
811185 Implement Emulator class for screen orientation for Marionette
802995 crash in nsTextServicesDocument::DeleteSelection while using spell checker
794804 [Page Thumbnails] minimize chrome/worker communication when expiring thumbnails
802999 [AccessFu] Typed keys no longer echoed back by TalkBak in web content
778424 Frequent test_bug428988.html, test_aria_widgetitems.html, test_bug616841.xul, test_zoom.html, test_c…
786619 Infobar reappears on some conditions even in 3D mode.
811196 [b2g-bluetooth] Cannot receive call status change from RIL
786626 Intermittent crash in 727547.html, webgl-color-test.html, webgl-clear-test.html?__&alpha&preserve, w…
770243 MOZ_ASSERT(mCacheInputStream) failing @ nsHttpChannel::ReadFromCache
811204 [Dialer] voice call can't switch between speaker and bt sco audio path
751795 Alternative front-end for build system
778442 crash in nsPluginInstanceOwner::GetVisibleRect on Honeycomb, ICS and JB
770252 HTML Video / Audio Playback does not playback through Headphones
770253 Fix compile of skipRoots with unlucky --enable combinations
786639 XPCChromeObjectWrapper __exposedProps__ should expose the content of typed arrays like UInt8Array
801486 Deep tree traversal in HTMLOptionElement.prototype.text ends up displaying <script> tag contents
811222 Enable system app to get currently used audio channel
786650 Broken "Listen" buttons in Google Translate
806625 "Well, this is embarrassing :( We tried to display this webpage, but it's not responding." with wind…
778460 Tinderbox spidermonkey-rootanalysis builds broken since 2012-07-17
803039 Screen turns idle and then sleep after changing the Date or Time
786658 GCLI tests should pass under node
803046 Test failure "Only one autocompleted result is underlined - '0' should equal '1'" in testAwesomeBar …
812412 [b2g-bluetooth] the header "Name" should only contain file name, not file path
786666 workaround __exposedProps__ typed array issue in mozTCPSocket
786667 Opaque foreground content is invalidated by occluded background content on gaia lockscreen
762094 [Page Thumbnails] remove file cache fallback
786672 Position: fixed elements seem to be broken in Nightly
770289 JNIEnv->NewString can throw and needs to be caught before another JNI call
688378 about:license lacks license information about the MSVCRT dlls
786686 B2G Contacts API must not access RadioInterfaceLayer in content process
786687 crash in NS_strlen with SEO Toolbar 2.4
786688 Allow indexedDB to be created without window but be associated by the given domain / url
786690 Fix buffered streams when outputting 16bit
788938 Should use MOZILLA_DIR for include path
794884 Expose imgLoader to the rest of gecko
786694 B2G RIL: Import 2G SIM Contacts
794887 Some entities in debugger.dtd are unused
786701 B2G RIL: refactor read MSISDN
786703 fix dom/ build failures from introducing PARALLEL_DIRS
786706 only accept third argument to transform-origin when 3-D transforms are enabled
786708 remove unmatched paren from the AUTOUPDATE_CONFIGURE line
786710 The launch_path of a manifest allows for absolute URLs to launch an app at - this should not be allo…
786711 Stack frame listed as anonymous rather than the expected name
803096 Add HTMLElement.location to find location of element on the page
794905 nsLayoutUtils::FontSizeInflationEnabled can return nsresult instead of bool
794912 Remove dynamic privilege check in isCrossOriginAccessPermitted
808326 [Browser] Offline page mentions “B2G”
803112 [AccessFu] AccessFu completely broken starting in the 2012-10-18 nightly build
408284 [Linux/Gnome] Support for translucent windows on Linux
794922 Cant select input field after scrolling if window is launched by
808327 [settings] Re-enable security checks for settings.
762156 PDF Viewer does not finish loading page
688178 Import WebRTC library into core [tracking bug]
761933 Gaia homescreen doesn't repaint while panning around when loaded out of process
786736 Initialize nsSVGOuterSVGFrame::mFullZoom to the actual value in its ctor
770099 Send CSP policy and report information to Web Console
786743 Need real variable names for debugging self-hosted JavaScript
786747 Camera preview stutters when OOP (on otoro)
786749 Need better error reporting for self-hosted JavaScript
803136 [OTA update] updates broken today - either update URL or XML is incorrect
752352 Define and implement chrome extensions to getUserMedia and MediaStreams for privileged callers
811330 XML report generation fails when any tests are skipped
794947 Today's nightly (9/27/12) is extremely crashy in GMail, fixed by disabling ionmonkey
811335 Scan more bytes to find crash stacks on B2G
713032 Implement ICS Activity.onTrimMemory
770377 PeerConnection needs source media info through AddStream
811341 Crash reports aren't being submitted when the user is already online
794959 Use the right cast in GetAs* functions of union types in new DOM bindings
770384 ICE integration into SIPCC
786771 Aborting with "[Child 2353] ###!!! ASSERTION: Must have an actor here!: 'dbActor', file /home/cjones…
796046 Unable to enter text when logging in to Persona via browser
794966 pymake treats environment variables as := assignments
647225 Declaring an uninitialized JS var triggers a scoping bug
794973 Make mozIApplicationClearPrivateDataParams inherit nsISupports
786782 B2G SMS: can't sent multipart messages in some countries
786789 Blocked Store Forward in TimeDuration::ToSeconds in TimeStamp_windows.cpp
786791 MSYS mangles the signtool shlibsign cmd with Pymake because it begins with a space
786796 Contacts API: make id, updated and published readonly
786801 document.all does not work in Firefox version 15.0 when prefixed with a frame name
786803 GCLI help command panel is too big
770424 crash in PresShell::Paint
786809 (b2g-stk) B2G RIL: typo in Stk
786814 Aborting with "[Child 2353] ###!!! ASSERTION: Must have an actor here!: 'dbActor', file /home/cjones…
819584 [SMS] Don't perform an upgrade of existing sms yet
795009 REMOTE_PROFILE_NAME should actually be chrome
795015 popup content in disk cache while in private browsing
786831 B2G RIL: Simplify nsIDOMMozIccManager::sendStkResponse
786835 Stop using setIsBrowserElement for docShell isolation in Sandbox.jsm
811414 nsISettingsServiceCallback shouldn't use [implicit_jscontext]
819609 Be defensive about videos we send to the HW decoder (video app crashes with low pmem (dequeueBuffer(…
795034 Fix append_env argument to _run_command in
800154 Marionette needs log4moz.js, but it is no longer available
786852 Getting the interface for Ci.nsIWebNavigation on a modal window fails with "Permission denied for DO…
786854 "ASSERTION: Empty string?" with empty background attribute
729511 Import SCTP library from FreeBSD
729512 Implement DataChannel protocol on top of libsctp
795051 provide buildID, version, and dogfooding_prerelease_id in URL for b2g update requests
778668 Bubble the application name/origin/manifest in the desktop-notification mozChromeEvent
811442 [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Fail out of telephony test if call(s) exist at start
778675 Intermittent 481136-1.html, 466945-1.html, 468763-1.html, 459439-1.html | Exited with code -6 during…
803253 JS tests in Marionette are broken on TBPL
803254 Marionette should detect when a gecko/emulator instance it has launched has crashed
778679 (b2g-stk) B2G RIL: Handle RIL_UNSOL_STK_EVENT_NOTIFY
795065 Add privacy status to nsDownload
778682 drawImage doesn't work on loadeddata event with MediaStream <video/>
786880 Move JSObject::nativeContains* methods into ObjectImpl
811459 nsIdleService continuously reports both "active" and "idle" 5 seconds after going idle
786886 Force Pymake to spin up a shell for the signing command
778695 Intermittent 328829-2.xhtml | image comparison (==)
795082 http remove dead or redundant code
786891 Add capability to auto-prefix modules to python script that imports css reftests
803276 Disable typed array move() operator for specific channels
786894 SVG in an active GFX layer is not invalidating properly
802893 [OTA update] Set up otoro_stable builds & update process to match unagi_stable
786897 Command line option -private crashes, if privacy mode is enabled in preferences
786898 If overflow-x or overflow-y causes no scroll only along the axis, the overflowDelta should be zero i…
786903 new TypedArray(otherTypedArray) is way slower than it should be
786904 background image painting issues with HWA disabled
770524 Huge scrolling performance drop when viewing tag cloud
786913 [Azure] 0px fonts don't short circuit on text measuring and drawing
786918 Fix test_platform_colors.xul for 10.8
786922 Device Storage - use a properties file instead of the mime service
786924 Estimate Ogg buffered ranges on B2G
786925 IonMonkey: Re-enable JM inlining when IonMonkey is disabled
781053 Animate the throbber using empty transactions
795128 add memory reporting for attribute nodes and attribute maps
795132 Cache DPI to avoid making JNI calls
795134 Remove localStorage when clear private data API is used
803327 [AccessFu] No window is passed to Presenter.viewportChanged()
795136 DOM API glue for the network indication API
786946 text-decoration: line-through should not be painted on a <select> child
803336 SocialAPI Toolbar button needs 4 pixels of padding in toolbar
795150 IonMonkey: Crash in TestShouldDOMCall
811538 B2G SMS: Applying PhoneNumberJS to SMS DB
783449 popup menus show highlighted item from last time they were open
705047 mochitest-2 (or mochitest-3, depending on the branch) *and* mochitest-chrome failures on Mac OS X 10…
795161 dom/system/gonk/systemlibs.js is not importable
795162 B2G Wifi: Reuse systemlib's property_get
795164 navigator.mozApps.mgmt.onuninstall gets triggered a boatload of times
795176 [markup panel] Twisties are not properly aligned on Linux
737833 Implement install/uninstall/helper changes in Fx desktop installer for Fx metro
754220 Add support for getting and removing cookies from the page
754223 Intermittent test_install_app.xul | #Super Crazy Basic App# is expected to be true per template #== …
795184 iframe.mozAllowFullScreen should work across process boundaries
803377 Add function to compress string data
795186 Declare refptrs between WebGL objects to the CC even if there is no cycle at C++ level, because JS c…
786995 configure should check for SSSE3 support in the whole toolchain
786997 [responsive mode] the page background should be the same as the standalone image page
352822 apps since MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH don't build anymore on FreeBSD
803383 xul:panels not always in HiDPI mode on HiDPI displays
795192 don't use xpcom table interfaces in atk code
770617 SnappyTree demo doesn't re-render until I switch tabs
762426 B2G network manager: support multiple simultaneously connected network interfaces
801546 [gallery] [camera] Not able to add a photo to a contact from contact details
795203 B2g: clear private data: cookies
795204 Windows needing clobber too often
795209 System Message API: Fail to fire 'icc-stkcommand' system messages
795210 Intermittent accessible/events/test_docload.xul | test_docload.xul | an unexpected uncaught JS excep…
787020 Add a waitFor() method to the Expect/Assert classes in assertions.js to support soft-assertions
787024 Replace controller.waitFor with assert/expect.waitFor in tests/*/restartTests
746069 Expose coarse-grained network usage stats to (privileged) web content
795224 Nightly 27/9: no more backspace nor arrows on the deck Asus Transformer
795226 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection$…
795227 ParallelArray should check length range like Array
794725 Pointer movement should be reported as (0,0) when re-entering browser window
787040 eliminate warnings under ipc/
819809 Marionette not properly starting tests and switching to frame (regression: 12/09)
705122 Mozmill endurance test for Add/Remove bookmarks via the awesomebar
795235 B2G RIL: Use system message to notify a 'STK dialling' call
787045 Camera and video cause FPS counter to go fuzzy, and sometimes, panning fps to drop
596753 Flatten mozilla/layout/svg/base/src/ into mozilla/layout/svg/
794727 [Otoro] Lock screen arrow animation is mispositioned
787053 Check multiple digests in DTLS
795249 [b2g-bluetooth] Broadcast hfp connection status with system message
819827 Preprocessing of the actual channel removed by bug 721165
795255 B2G RIL: improve error handling mechanism for 'setCallWaiting'
787064 System Message API: add broadcastMessage()
803451 GPS code prompts even when GPS is disabled
798826 crash in gfxFT2FontList::FindFonts @ mozilla::scache::StartupCache::WaitOnWriteThread
795262 Highlighter depends on MozAfterPaint to detect that the size or position of an element has changed
746112 RegExp hang on ppc64 in execute
811649 [camera] Start video recording, audio clip keeps on playing in background
770691 Update nsCookiePermission to enable 'per site' 3rd party cookie blocking
804289 bump marionette_client version to 0.5.1
795275 Warn about Components removal and add Telemetry
783810 Intermittent browser_dbg_location-changes-new.js | There should be a selected script, | The source e…
798829 "ASSERTION: Using observer service off the main thread!" with getUserMedia
770705 Update about:permissions to allow editing per site 3rd party cookie prefs
787090 Fix the implementation of launch() when there is an entry point.
803475 [b2g-bluetooth] Failed to transfer audio back to bluetooth headset while in a phone call
787093 "profile" link in share panel opens in the current tab
770710 Crash serializing range when <math:mo> contains a space
768793 Remove DOMJSClass::mGetWrapperCacheVTableOffset?
705182 Timeout exceeded for waitForElement ID: getMeOutButton in testSafeBrowsingWarningPages.js
795300 Remove xpc_GetGlobalForObject
795301 Demacroize IS_{SLIM,WN}_WRAPPER{,_OBJECT}
795305 httpchannel::asyncopen failure holds on to callback reference
770731 Expose JS API for modifying app permissions
754348 PDF viewer does not work with CIBC's website (important Canadian bank)
811693 AppsUtils.jsm uses getSelectedLocale("browser"), should use getSelectedLocale("global") instead?
754350 Device Storage - Clean up error strings
795313 Uninitialised value use in nsFontInflationData::UpdateFontInflationDataWidthFor
795314 Intermittent test_resize_move_windows.xul test_pluginstream_err.html test_MozEnteredDomFullscreen_ev…
795317 wyciwyg:// URLs being passed via mozbrowserlocationchange events
795318 Tetris game triggers invalidation bug
787131 Move handling of dynamic type attr changes on <xul:browser> out of nsSubDocumentFrame and into nsFra…
672448 Clamp quality factor ('q') values to 2 decimal places
680644 [FGLRX] glxtest process crashes the X server
787148 Mac: Title bar and window repaint at different time during focus/blur
817955 Identity modules are installed both under modules/ and modules/identity
795351 Replace LL_MAXINT, LL_MAXUINT and LL_MININT with INT64_MAX, UINT64_MAX and INT64_MIN
770778 e10s support for JS TCP Socket
811740 Reduce the maximum amount of unused dirty pages kept by jemalloc
803549 [System] Replace default Android FOTA animation with our own for FXOS
801573 [Web Activities] Need to notify SystemMessageInternal when the apps' registration restarts, to avoid…
794747 Allow adjusting the size of the MediaQueue to consume less memory
787172 B2G RIL: Wait for the system app to load before turning on the radio
787175 B2G RIL: Use system messages to notify proactive commands
697064 Remove MOZ_CHECK_HEADERS(mmintrin.h) from
787180 Switch between FINAL_TARGET and DIST/bin in various places under browser/
787181 DebuggerController._isChromeDebugger is broken
746223 remove -l flag from nsinstall
787184 Use generic install/copy rule in
795379 Camera - video recording - expose recording profile configurations
787190 ubuntu system wide manual proxy settings not honored
779732 Make search operations in the debugger more intuitive
688895 crash nsXULPopupManager::ShowTooltipAtScreen
795393 Remove instances of "ifneq (mobile,$(MOZ_BUILD_APP))"
795394 "mach warnings-list | less" produces this error: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode cha…
795397 click-to-play blocklisting: respect the "plugins" permission
811784 Account for subscripts when figuring out what object to stick properties on
779018 Need to be able to send and receive DTLS fingerprint in SDP
795403 Cleanup nsXULWindow::GetWindowDOMElement
787214 s/this/self/ in mozTCPSocket context where this is not available
779025 jit-test/tests/collections/Map-iterator-add-remove.js causes AddressSanitizer heap-use-after-free
795410 [b2g-bluetooth] Implement nsIDOMBluetoothAdapter::SendFile()
729877 B2G Wifi: hook up to settings API
819992 Click-to-Play doorhanger appearing on every page with Flash
770844 Reintroduce window.mozIndexedDB
803614 [b2g-bluetooth] Save received file
816603 background-color does not print in certain site
779046 Default the nativeType for WebIDL bindings to mozilla::dom::IfaceName
811815 [Browser] A href links are not underlined/showing as links in Browser
754472 click-to-play: implement multiple plugin doorhanger ui
787242 GC: Document the observer/JSON GC stats interface
705323 Cannot edit the text part of a HTML element in the inspector
803628 Figure out why tests for Bug 795164 are failing
787246 rm OffTheBooks/Foreground/UnwantedForeground gunk
795442 Allow nsIChannel.contentDispositionFilename to be writable
803638 [AccessFu] Print more useful exception error outputs
811833 [System] When the device is woken from sleep, wifi does not automatically connect to the network
797889 [IPC] Ensure that we don't send messages to the child process after it has begun to shut down.
779073 "Assertion failure: any" with verifyprebarriers()
795458 Bluetooth pairing is still crashing and rebooting the phone
787267 Add capability to mark tests as failing in
787272 disable recommend button on logout
787274 Secure connection text overflows location bar
787275 Location bar tooltip shows shortened URL when full location bar address is not visible
795468 minor optimizations to accessible creation
779085 Move attribute stuff from FragmentOrElement to nsGenericElement
787279 build broken on BSDs after bug 782456 landed
783843 SCTP library doesn't consistently use HAVE_SIN_LEN, and we don't set it in configure
795477 Every "mach" command prints out: No handlers could be found for logger ""
795478 DeviceStorage: freeBytes is a very large number when I use up all the space on /sdcard
787288 IonMonkey: Get --disable-ion configure flag working again
795481 remove bogus cookie-changed message
787291 add pod_malloc<T> et al
787292 IonMonkey: Faster x64 boxed loads/stores
787298 982d02faef3f (bug 777145) breaks Marionette on B2G
607075 crash in gfxWindowsPlatform::UpdateRenderMode
787300 viewmanager.refresh-driver-painting.enabled false: invalidation failure switching from tab with wind…
787301 IonMonkey: Inline constants when deciding OSR types
787302 Most stacks are truncated (using minidump_stackwalk on a Mac Tinderbox debug build)
795499 Export ANDROID_CPU_ARCH to Makefiles
803692 Make SHA1Sum::update() take a void* instead of a uint8_t*
779118 Intermittent crash in test_bug369306.html, browser_461634.js, input-maxlength-valid-changed.html bro…
795505 Feeding TypedArray to js-ctypes
795507 Remove the usages of PR_BEGIN_EXTERN_C and PR_END_EXTERN_C from the tree
790553 Increase the timeout when connecting to Firefox for Android from the Remote Debugger
779127 Mozmill test for Switch to Tab feature
795518 content api for closing panels
798870 IonMonkey: crash in js::ion::FastInvoke
787334 make package for XULRunner builds fails with " No such file or directory"
803722 [Camera] Crash when choosing a wallpaper using the Camera option
787343 IonMonkey: LStackArgT
795538 [Skia] Don't nuke the alpha channel for cached clamp values in the gradient cache
811923 Device Storage: support "create" permission
803733 Remove the hack around otoro orientation issue when capturing still images
782489 B2G SMS: Use system messages to notify incoming sms events
795544 Implement StringEncoding API in non-worker windowless context
803740 Telephony tests not working with --gecko-path on TBPL
762010 "Open With Different Viewer" in pdfviewer/ lacks accesskey
770977 Remove dependence on IP addresses from SIPCC setup
779170 Intermittent OOM in browser_dbg_propertyview-08.js | Exited with code 1 during test run
797510 ###!!! ASSERTION: hmm? CanCallNow failed in XPCWrappedNative::CallMethod.
811944 Windows builds of B2G fail with "MSVCR100.dll was not found"
787370 B2G SMS: 'sent' and 'delivered' events not triggered
764743 IonMonkey: Call regexp_test instead of regexp_exec if possible
803756 offline message refers to "file" menu - doesn't exist
811953 [keyboard] Submitting a form from a text field with the keyboard up persists the keyboard
787378 Dispatch a "firstpaint" event for mozbrowsers
795571 Various nsIChannel consumers are checking for private browsing incorrectly
770996 partial mars broken for mac partner builds
795574 Crash [@ js::GetObjectClass] or [@ js::ComputeImplicitThis]
795576 Tooltip showing incorrectly since landing of DBLI
787385 E/GeckoConsole( 106): Attempt to use JS function on a different thread calling nsIRadioInterfaceLay…
781032 Crash in nsXMLNameSpaceMap::FindNameSpaceID using DevTools' Style editor
795584 Cannot compile the latest Nightly using MSVC 11
816630 B2G XPCShell tests don't use the proper binary
795591 crash in mozilla::FrameLayerBuilder::ClearManagerData
805708 [b2g-bluetooth] Cannot answer a waiting call during a phone call when press the headset
803789 RIL: refactor (un)registerMessageTargets() in RadioInterfaceLayer
787406 B2G Network Manager: Allow only one default route at the same time
754641 Fix 32-bit --disable-methodjit builds after bug 739512
803794 crash in nsMediaPluginHost::CreateDecoder @ on Sony devices with Adreno 220/22…
787412 HTMLOptionElement.prototype.text should use do a deep tree traversal
738261 PDF.js: blank page + spinner icon
800249 [b2g-bluetooth] Bluetooth*Manager does not know who connected to it via server socket
820185 nsAutoJSValHolder's copy constructor needs to initialize its members
795611 Background-color changed by mouse hovering doesn't clear correctly after dlbi landed
787420 B2G RIL: add setting for switching between 2G/3G
762846 [responsive mode] the user should be able to create its own presets
787423 B2G RIL: gSystemMessenger is not defined
795623 Cannot play a mp3 file from the sdcard on 9/28 otoro build - MPEG-4, MP3, AAC MIME types not recogni…
787432 After keyup in contenteditable, Firefox 15 replaces full node of inner text selection
795625 Don't push StmtInfo for function bodies
483495 Investigate forwarding code in nsWindowSH::AddProperty
787439 Ensure applications permissions are updated when doing a system update
803826 Repeated paints in a single transaction fail due to a NULL layer builder pointer
787443 CmdCmd.jsm and CmdCookie.jsm include Console.jsm with the wrong url
787445 B2G: Rip out async paint throttling code, use compression instead
795647 The string Firefox is in the SELECT_FOLDER l10n text
812034 Permissions: Connect access field for permission checks
795654 Add artwork and text positioning around artwork for nightly and aurora stub installer
656391 Rendering of quotes is not updated when removing lquote/rquote dynamically
795657 B2G meta viewport isn't setting zoom correctly, but resolution looks ok
803850 B2G: marionette dies at testing JS cases
795659 [b2g-bluetooth] Follow-up to bug 795458
795662 Update libpng to version 1.5.13
787477 B2G RIL: Add error handling for getICCContacts
795670 mach failed to build on Japanese Windows
795674 Fix DisplayItemData storage in FrameLayerBuilder
762908 Rip enablePrivilege out of spidermonkey tests
799015 Use correct syntax for findClass() in JNI
787490 Add microsecond-resolution timestamps for the start and end of each GC slice to JSON output
787498 Figure out whether we can put dom/bindings back in PARALLEL_DIRS
795691 b2g fixes for the web console actors
802016 [OTA update] Force update check during offline connection still returns an available update to the u…
795694 Content not redrawn after reversing scrolling direction on "The Verge" homepage
705583 Forgets Pinned App Tabs on Update
812086 Unprefix Page Visibility API
787511 rename SocialProvider._getWorkerPort to getWorkerPort, remove SocialProvider.port
787512 Pack bits in nsListenerStruct better on Windows
787517 mozbrowser throws an exception when its iframe is removed from the DOM
787519 getScreenShot() does not fire onsuccess or onerror when attempting to get a screenshot from a crashe…
785248 Ghost window on
795715 Remove B2G-specific stuff from nsIDOMWindow
803908 Enable font inflation for "browser tab" content
795721 FunctionBox should inherit from ObjectBox, not forward to it
713802 Build with GIO support (and drop GnomeVFS)
787532 Update the Android HAL backend to not allow new screen orientation lock values
795725 Remove booleans that prevents calling RemoveObserver() twice
787534 Update the Gonk backend to take into account the new screen lock orientations values
779789 Add support for Harmony modules to TokenStream
787538 Screen Orientation API: make sure the event listener is disconnected if the lock is rejected by the …
796174 Don't use high-quality scaler for non-downscales
762966 reset homepage pref for users who have it set to
787543 Reinstate the typedef bits in the WebGLRenderingContext binding
787549 B2G: Stop simulating mouse events unless there's a tap
795743 Miscellaneous rooting issues in self-hosting infrastructure and Method JIT
787552 B2G Wifi: Add APIs to get the MAC address and current IP address
795745 Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) [@ ComputePrecisionInRange]
787554 Drop the Get from WebIDL attribute getters which satisfy certain conditions
254139 File | Save Page As should default to <title>, not filename
795751 Build error when trying to make a css property preffable
782524 window.navigator instanceof window.Window throws unexpected error
803949 Crash [@ gfxContext::PushClipsToDT]
779374 include unistd.h for close
795765 Fix "used but never defined" warning for JSObject::asString().
787574 Add a script for creating stub implementations of Web IDL interfaces
787576 Refine telemetry data for how much cache corruption reduction plan would help
771195 Listen for memory pressure notifications from lowmemkiller driver
787580 GC: Root all jsval just below the api surface
787581 [b2g-bluetooth] Crash in bluetoothmanager destruction during shutdown
806656 Query records generated incorrectly
787588 IPC is still broken on DragonFly
795782 System Message API: Shouldn't pend messages for running apps to avoid re-firing them when restarting…
795785 editor isn't scrolled to the caret position if editor specified overflow: hidden;
787600 Shell commands in submakes don't honour exported PATH and don't receive exported envvars
779411 IonMonkey: Regalloc double-assignation of useRegister() and tempFixed() at isCall().
795796 Fix empty transactions
820373 crash in mozilla::dom::TextEncoderBinding::encode @ mozilla::dom::MaybeWrapValue
795801 IonMonkey: Enable ICing of StrictPropertyOp setters
795802 define content mFlags bits like frame state bits
795803 IonMonkey: Enable ICing of JSNative and PropertyOp getters
722078 Google maps (classic mode) are slower with UA > FF 4
805744 [Hardware button] Add Support for call answer/hang up on Wired Headset Button
787623 mousemove event fails to draw content on canvas
787624 input text has changed position on open native help-autocomplete
689328 Intermittent ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/content/base/test/test_xhr_progressevents.html | ev…
787637 crash in js::NukeCrossCompartmentWrapper
744309 Random 100% CPU usage, due to image decoding
787650 Add element ids to pageInfo.xul
787653 Allow compiling ANGLE on mingw-w64
787658 Some Pymake builds error out in dom/bindings, seemingly caused by output corruption caused by a buil…
779467 Proxy Authentication Problem in Aurora, Beta, Not in FF Current Version
795859 Toolbar item disappears when mouse hover.
795862 Cannot build with Visual Studio 2008SP1 (VC9) since Bug 486918
804055 Launching of Solitaire app from marketplace - missing background image, constant card flickering, an…
738522 pdf.js toolbar should be few pixels higher
787675 Trigger jemalloc release assertions from within a new stack frame
804068 Don't set the share icon as the background image on the share button
804073 B2G RIL: use system message to notify telephony new calls
779500 WebFM
798931 [Azure] Rendering Issues in Chrome UI Elements
795892 Playing video causes reproducible crash in nsCOMPtr_base::assign_with_AddRef
795897 Force NSPR logging for cache module in release build
787709 Crash [@ js::ArrayBufferObject::removeFinalizedView] or "Assertion failure: linkObj,"
787712 GCLI should not support synchronous test execution
795905 Setting proxies via applyFilter() (nsIProtocolProxyFilter) does not work anymore
787717 ASAN: Test netwerk/test/unit/test_permmgr.js triggers error
793473 crash in nsPrintEngine::ReconstructAndReflow
795914 Intermittent test_pointerlock-api.html | uncaught JS exception - ReferenceError: start is not define…
795921 Change MAR verification to use AND semantics for multiple signatures (not B2G specific)
787730 building tests fails with clang 3.2
746772 Downloads button disappears from toolbar when customizing
771354 Loading remote xul crashes gecko
815322 Phone rings on incoming call will pause audio
787743 Private Browsing mode not working in Firefox 15.0
787744 Intermittent browser_bug784142.js | Test timed out, Found a tab after previous test timed out, and a…
795940 crash in mozilla::image::RasterImage::*Worker::Run
797574 PermissionsInstaller.jsm broken for package apps
779560 dom/workers/test/test_recursion.html fails on ASan builds
722217 [Azure] Keep only a single snapshot in the Cairo backend
801671 [AccessFu] Regression in visual tracking
787757 Multiple startup hangs of >10 minutes
804143 [Identity] Make id flow OOP
787760 use strong enum class for StrictModeState
787769 Paste copied image from Aurora to Paint.NET v3.5.10 fails
795964 pack nsListenerStruct more carefully on 64-bit platforms
787775 crash in js::ArrayBufferObject::removeFinalizedView
795972 Upgrade NSS to 3.14 BETA1
801676 [BrowserAPI] Make getScreenshot() use JPEG instead of PNG
787788 Downmixing weights for 6.1 Opus files are wrong
771406 Graphics driver crash on Intel+Mac for glsl faceforward w/T = float
771407 crash in mozilla::FrameLayerBuilder::ProcessRemovedDisplayItems
795987 Upgrade NSPR to NSPR_4_9_3_BETA1
738648 Add images antialiasing support to PDF Viewer
812377 Data provider for system info
812119 [HOMESCREEN] Must reboot after deleting an app to see its icon disappear from homescreen
787805 Intermittent 752784-1.html | crash @ FileMediaResource::EnsureLengthInitialized
787806 Fix LD for Win64 builds
787808 Metro filepicker doesn't populate filename
787814 Fix errors in SIPCC found by Valgrind of unittests
812391 [b2g-bluetooth] Support audio stream of bt_sco
615785 about:home is busted in the first window of a new profile (depending on how Firefox is launched)
812395 Make mozharness emulator scripts re-try the run if a failure occurs during gecko installation
787820 Can't open downloaded files directly
746861 Navigating between pages does not take the height of the toolbar into account
812404 [b2g-bluetooth] Crash when connect with a bluetooth headset right after pairing completed
789396 Crash when changing opacity of multiple nested elements, with border
779642 Scratchpad Line numbers don't line up
763260 [pdf.js] Accented characters are not displayed
796029 [markup panel] Consider disabling the preview if we can't solve bug 795956
787838 E/LocSvc_afw( 1398): E/const ulpInterface* loc_eng_get_ulp_inf(), dlopen for failed, error…
812415 "prototype" in a sandbox no longer returns an object
804226 [OTA update] Nightly updater is throwing [Exception... "Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 …
787847 Missing property IC needs to check proto chain for proxies
807148 B2G Wifi: Make sure we successfully turn on background scanning
787853 Fix "failed to create pixmap" assertion in the layout/scrolling/image-1.html reftest
812430 [SETTINGS][BLUETOOTH] First time connected by laptop would crash the phone
787856 Allow for the possibility of dynamically-generated object prototypes
812434 support FM volume control for implement AudioChannel API
796051 Generate make target to package needed l10n files in gecko
787861 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting different TypeError messages w/without --no-jm involving in…
796054 Display of free space on disk is calculated incorrectly for the stub installer
785305 "Assertion failure: pn->isArity(PN_NAME) || pn->isArity(PN_NULLARY),"
787864 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting different TypeError messages w/without --no-jm involving to…
787866 Remove SharedContext::fun_
648603 Bump up max HTTP proxy connection limits
779845 Inconsistencies in the PSL test data and Example
648610 Implement <canvas>.toBlob
796079 language.current should map to general.useragent.locale instead of intl.accept_languages
755122 remove bufferToArrayHack from frameworker
787891 Disable SSL DV tests due to broken certificate
787893 crash in js::types::TypeSet::hasType mainly with ARMv6 devices
796086 protect against Obj-C exceptions in widget/cocoa/nsLookAndFeel
787895 Indicator for dropping links on the tab strip is misaligned if there are pinned tabs and the tab str…
787899 multipart/x-mixed-replace doesn't recover from bad frames
796094 Fix category names
787904 Assertion failure: size_t(sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE)) == PageSize, at gc/Memory.cpp:302
787905 GC: SweepBackgroundThings can be called with freed compartments in list
787906 IonMonkey: Don't generate a shift instruction for x >>> 0
798966 Bypass getUserMedia permissions with a pref
787921 IonMonkey: Crash with too-much-recursion through [@ js::FunctionToString]
768931 Each permission in the manifest should support a corresponding "intended usage"
787924 Update tests in /testAwesomeBar to wait for the string in location bar to be fully typed
804311 "original" (non-mobile) uploader triggers "Well, this is embarrassing. We tried to display…
797604 Make floor_div in TiledLayerBuffer.h static inline
787931 update the default compiler on OS X because we can't build with gcc 4.2 any longer
787933 Stop using stdin types in IPC code
796129 remove prtypes.h #includes in layout/
812514 B2G emulator unittests should dump logcat to stdout on failure
804323 Repaint error: Delay until full display of element
812517 Rendering of webpages creates jiggly/snapping effect when scrolling & zooming (text is still dancing…
763367 Add support for [EnforceRange] and [Clamp]
787947 Corrupted layer drawn
787952 When switching back to an inspected tab, the outline is not visible anymore
812531 Uses of TYPE_SPECIFIC_SCOPED_POINTER_TEMPLATE break when compiled with Clang
688382 :first-letter incorrectly overwrites text-transform rule
787961 Remove mDocument from WorkerPrivate
796156 fix test_bug574663 to drive scrolling explicitly
796157 Review b2g/locales/en-US for string freeze
591358 Crash [@ mozilla::layers::BasicLayerManager::PushGroupWithCachedSurface(gfxContext*, gfxASurface::gf…
787967 B2G RIL: report roaming if SPN is different from operator name
807760 Only enable OMTC for certain platforms
787971 Fix warnings about function pointers in gtk2 webapprt
797612 Remove PathCG::mFigureActive
794882 Add to PSL
804366 Marionette should always include the test filename in TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL messages
796176 [b2g-bluetooth] Paired devices do not autoconnect on power-up
796182 fix invalidation on Mac with OMTC
796183 Updating/invalidation broken for plugins running OOP on OS X
796184 [b2g-bluetooth] Crash on shutdown when a bluetooth device is attached.
796192 A/B test HTTP Pipelining on pre-release channel
779809 NS_FORWARD_SAFE_* produces incorrect macros for non-nsresult return types
812579 marionette_client (0.5.7) missing new touch/synthetic_gestures.js
804395 app:// protocol and XHR
788014 Reduce inclusions of prtypes.h in the tree to help using standard int types
804404 (xpcshell?) myFunction.toString() (as in Function.toString) returns "[sourceless code]" as the funct…
796217 Refactor Webapps.jsm and related files
796218 make sure social docshells are marked as "inactive" by default
796222 Create panels with more appropriate default width to avoid mis-aligned anchor
804416 toolbar notification cache used even when social is disabled
782603 B2G RIL: Expose Home Network Identity (HNI) in privileged DOM API
771653 Gonk EGL rendering should use hardware composer API's instead of eglSwapBuffers
788039 detect libevent-2.0 via pkg-config
788042 Use MOZ_X11 instead of MOZ_WIDGET_GTK2 under gfx/layers
788044 Make inactive layer tree coordinates relative to the ThebesLayer
795221 Zombie compartment after visiting due to expandos on cssRules[n].style
804436 [b2g-bluetooth] Failed to connect from a headset again after turn off and turn on the headset
777145 B2G Network Manager: support navigator.onLine / online / offline events
468568 [@font-face] printing pages with downloadable fonts doesn't render all fonts on the page
804441 Put our NSPR and NSS header wrappers before OS_INCLUDES to allow inline functions in headers to call…
804446 Disable the javascript: protocol when it is entered in the location bar of browser in Firefox OS
796255 Alarm doesn’t ring on time if the app is killed and phone is allowed to suspend
801723 nsJSIID::HasInstance shouldn't assume that any WebIDL binding object that's nsISupports has classinf…
792166 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: !isOwn, at ion/IonBuilder.cpp:5509
788076 Settings API: Need to notify content processes about the settings changes when calling SettingsServi…
788081 B2G tethering: correctly handle 1xx responses from netd
796275 Context menu fires on wrong target out of process
796277 [Dialer] holding number 1 on the keypad does not go to voice mail anymore
788086 Error in fix to bug 731594
788087 [Azure] Cairo surface patterns do not apply the pattern matrix
804474 [b2g-bluetooth] Null address value in system message of "bluetooth-hfp-status-changed"
788094 B2G RIL: SIM card state keywords is different between code and IDL
788096 Remove ObjectBox::emitLink
797632 Temporarily disable high quality downscaling because of crashes
788099 Remove BytecodeEmitter::constMap
788100 Remove social.initialize-response message
796293 [camera] Picking camera after long press causes app crash and phone reboot
804460 [b2g-bluetooth] Failed to set audio stream volume to correct value by bluetooth headset
804491 Policy and scheduling module for Firefox Health Report
788108 remove floating poing exceptions workaround
730765 Media cache shouldn't be used when loading from blob: urls
788111 IonMonkey: Fix double condition in OutOfLineTruncate
804500 B2G 3G: Connecting 2nd data call causes temporary state change of the 1st data call
788117 Fix ignorePC check in TypeDynamicResult
788118 Non-continuous sensor blocks thread from switching sensor
681623 GCLI keeps moving the cursor to the end of the line
788125 System messages don't work with different entry points if the app is not already open
818131 Volume Manager should create fake volumes
796320 Minor JSContext and JSRuntime clean-ups
820905 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::UnscheduleTimer
812716 Desktop Notifications: Race in nsDOMDesktopNotification constructor
812717 Crash when we don't pick up the phone.
804531 B2G 3G: When primary APN available, default route should not be set to secondary APN
788149 Empty dictionary for worker objects
795491 when I invoke mach with a misspelled command, its error output is redundant and includes odd "u" pre…
779968 Changing the transform on an element spends 1/3 of the time in style recomputation and comparison
747202 IonMonkey: Investigate memory usage
779971 "ASSERTION: Must not call under nsISVGChildFrame::ReflowSVG"
714358 Time API: notification and datetime set
796279 remove last remaining PR_MAX usages from the tree
796365 Contenteditable doesn't bring up keyboard
779982 Change behaviour of getSelf and add amInstalled function
673487 Add ability to map from original to the generated source to SourceMapConsumer
788178 Remove extraneous trailing whitespace from and
812756 Segfault while playing MP4 & hanging for playing second MP4
788181 xhr instanceof XMLHttpRequest == false in workers
788189 [Mac] Context menu sometimes slides to the bottom right
788191 MobileConnection: expose MSISDN and SPN
788193 Input doesn't show typed characters
739047 The lateral pane take way too much space
812776 crash in nsCSSRendering::PrepareBackgroundLayer @ nsIFrame::GetStyleVisibility
788202 When listing a frame tree, subdocument frames are not entered
730859 IonMonkey: JSOP*PROP and JSOP*NAME ops should use PropertyName instead of JSAtom
788204 Gecko doesn't detect MIME type of MP3 files
788205 Big new GC pauses in BananaBread
804595 [B2G RIL] Regression in USSD support
788215 GCLI problems when replacing valid arg value with a new value
771832 File not found error for HTTP URL, can be fixed by a forced reload
788218 Don't allow a null argument to nsEventStateManager::GetRegisteredAccessKey
788220 Add ParseNode::as<T>()
804605 Kerberos authentication does not work with CNAME
788222 Rename PNK_RB and friends
804480 Intermittent test_addons_store.js test_addons_store.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0),…
788227 Minor improvements to pn->dump()
814861 IonMonkey: add type specialized paths for instanceof
788229 String.indexOf should be replaced with String.contains in debugger-view.js
811315 Move wrapper out of the home screen process
509710 qcms doesn't support profiles without tone reproduction curves
780047 Prevent mozbrowsers from using PBrowser:CreateWindow
788242 Implement and make use of void versions of NS_ENSURE_* macros
788254 [b2g-bluetooth] nsTArray should not be passed back as return value
501536 Convert jsd to C++
804641 Work around Android armv6 compiler bug (again)
804644 some form controls are scaled too aggressively during full-page zoom
567077 Sniff types of media files that are served with no Content-Type
763689 New initial value for "min-width" & "min-height": auto
804650 [contacts] API sorting problems
780075 Flash Plugin settings for "Tap to play" is ignored for the flash embedded elements
788268 Device Storage - Convert tests to use public types
771888 Page Info > Media handles tree selection wrong (uses .currentIndex)
788275 Tab preview should respect the private browsing mode when attempting to load a favicon
788276 Properly check for broken (deprecated) compilers.
804663 Create a CryptoTask API to simplify the creation of correct async crypto operations
788107 crash in nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnStartRequest
796300 [b2g-bluetooth] Set audio device BLUETOOTH_SCO_HEADSET to unavailable when disconnect Sco socket
788949 [b2g-bluetooth] Add PrepareAdapter function for registering agent and adding reserved services
788300 [b2g-bluetooth] BluetoothSCOManager and BluetoothHFPManager
809954 Handle forward skewed clocks properly
804687 [b2g-bluetooth] Remove HfpCommandThread from BluetoothHfpManager
812880 Deadlock in hal::DisableSwitchNotifications at shutdown
788310 Hide mozAudioContext behind a pref
780123 [New Tab Page] Use the hiddenWindow to preload a single newtab page that then serves multiple window…
755552 marionette status() method throws error "unrecognizedPacketType"
812897 Context menu, awesome bar, and search bar popup content occasionally or persistently not rendered
788322 Intermittent test_ipc.html, test_webapp_clearBrowserData.html, test_webapp_clearBrowserData_oop_inpr…
796523 Periodically expire JS timezone cache
778557 "Assertion failure: !args.rval().isPrimitive() && callee != &args.rval().toObject(),"
780146 Various DOMClassInfo cleanup
780151 Simplify this-translating code
807231 Add functions to manage date preferences
793588 Exactly root jsiter.{h,cpp}
796309 opening an existing chatwindow doesn't invoke the callback.
796544 [vkb] use x-inputmode
780161 Improve nsGlobalWindow APIs for indexed properties a bit
788356 Valgrind detects leak at calloc, NewContext, Evaluate (8 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost)
804741 Camera - video recording - close video file some time after calling setOutputFile()
788359 Remove unused cvtargs functionality.
818156 Improve test chunking
788362 9,440 bytes in 107 blocks are definitely lost as detected by Valgrind with selectforgc
788364 Invalid write of size 8 [@ js::SetIteratorObject::finalize]
788365 ApplicationCache fails to update in FF16+ via HTTPS when manifest has Network:*
797677 getPluginInfo indexes into navigator.mimeTypes unsafely
788369 In Dropbox JS sample page, NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS: Could not convert JavaScript argument
815427 Improperly formatted strings in Fennec; results in startup crash
796568 Remove unnecessary "mozilla::" prefixes in nsLayoutUtils.cpp
788377 SIM Contacts Import is broken
812957 Add memory reporter for Freetype on B2G / Android
782661 Mozmill endurance test failure in testBookmarks_OpenAllIntTabs | "could not find element Selector: .…
788387 :fullscreen pseudo-class should have box-sizing:border-box style
788396 Send IPC logging to logcat when enabled
788397 Remove extra ';' from nsPagePrintTimer::Run
788398 Remove unused variable 'rule' from CairoPathContext::DuplicateContextAndPath
788400 Correlate samples with video frames
788401 Avoid warnings in EventUtils.synthesizeWheel()
788402 Improve queue handling in opensl backend
788403 ParallelArray.scatter iterates incorrect number of times and incorrect row bounds checking
788404 contenteditable=false nested in contenteditable=true breaks drag'n'drop
788405 importScripts failure
788409 Lock screen can be seen briefly when it is being faded out
788411 [Otoro] Lock screen arrow animation is not shown
788414 Fix DragonFly target in hal/Makefile
198594 DNS: "shift-reload" should reload DNS cache too, and be documented
788419 crash in js::DebugScopeProxy::handleUnaliasedAccess
804808 B2G could end up on a blurry page after zooming in on a page and then going to a link
804811 [browser] device becomes unresponsive after hitting back webpage and forward webpage a couple of tim…
755661 Debugger and debuggee may see different scripts
780239 Android's InputMethodManager calls GeckoInputConnection.finishComposingText() on the wrong thread wh…
788433 B2G RIL: DOM request didn't return anything when 'onsuccess'
788436 Firefox 17 crash in nsGfxScrollFrameInner::ScrollToImpl
524025 Remove LL_ constants from nsLineLayout
788440 B2G Contact: Permission denied to access property 'id'
804827 can't access dead object in forms.js line 49
773114 Permission UI events for apps
796640 [wifi] after disconnection, wifi does not connect back to known networks automatically
704848 reduce space required by nsEffectiveTLDService with more preprocessing
780258 Add support for max line box width API
797691 tweak stroke-dasharray-and-text-01.svg to avoid slight rendering differences
772069 Update .uy entry in PSL
815441 Errors should pre-empt emulator callback warning
819539 Bionic's _Unwind_Backtrace always (?) returns an error, so NS_StackWalk should ignore it
804852 Add support for fast-path 2d composition to Layers OGL (initially)
796329 [b2g-bluetooth] StopSendingFile() does not work
788476 IonMonkey: Fold x & -1 to x
788486 GCLI rollup bug fix for bugs 786317, 739947, 708984, 786658, 681623, 787712
788489 nightly mozconfigs in mozilla-aurora/beta should not have --disable-profiling
788491 Remove kSizeNotSet constants
763918 Implement ContentsScaleFactor for HiDPI (Retina) displays
804891 Shrink memory usage by reduce default chunk size for analysis-temporary (LifoAlloc).
788512 Add dumps for Flash processes to modified plugin hang report
780329 mozbuild features to land mach
804906 GonkIOImageSurface::GetAsSurface leaks
788525 Remove ErrorResult& arguments to infallible methods in WebGL
804910 handle worker load failures
788532 Add the new DOM bindings API to DOM lists
780341 [meta] Get gaia homescreen running at 60fps (again, on otoro)
801801 --runapp is broken
796733 [FM Radio] Really long annoying beep after disconnecting headset while FM Radio is playing
788546 Can't use XPCOM stack walking before NS_LogInit() is called
804932 Pass arbitrary options from RP callers to nsDOM up to BrowserID internal api methods
811053 [B2G] - More elements returning incorrect is_displayed properties
788561 SettingsAPI: Use createLock instead of getLock
804949 Change the way that panning works
796760 Exactly root JSTraceOp and FinalizeOp
586085 Add localizable language names to Firefox: Hawaiian, Hiligaynon, Kashubian
801809 Show a crash reporter dialog the first time there's a crash
804970 make fewer CSS units prevent styles from being cached in the rule tree
788588 Device Storage - Default location for device storage on windows should be NS_WIN_PERSONAL_DIR
788589 generic buddy icon appears in profile section when logged in
788598 logged out state has no login
804983 WebTelephony API: DOM does not accurately handle an outgoing call
804985 [browser] don't try to zoom out wider than the page width
788603 [B2G] all mochitests using bidi_numeral_test.js fail in OOP mode
739455 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/tree/test_tabbrowser…
788612 Device Storage - Move bundle handing into nsDOMDeviceStorage to avoid calls to the nsIStringBundleSe…
813190 MediaStreamGraphImpl hangs onto last displayed frame until GC
813195 [Apps] Cannot retry to download hosted apps with cache manifest
814104 Create the loadSubScript function in the right compartment
795234 crash in _pixman_implementation_fill
796827 [b2g-bluetooth] Destroy BluetoothHfpManager instance while in shutdown
796829 [b2g-bluetooth] Destroy BluetoothScoManager instance while in shutdown
788639 crash in GetPrintCanvasElementsInFrame @ mozilla::layout::FrameChildListIterator::FrameChildListIter…
788645 TabChild::Init returns bool instead of nsresult
796839 CK Editor video adding option on vB 4.2 not working since FF15
796840 Regular "The handle is invalid" errors trying to build with mach
805033 Specify Marionette deps using >=
813226 Add "always accept" preference
510128 mochitest-a11y: intermittent "test_events_caretmove.html | Wrong caret offset for textbox - got 5, e…
788659 WebRTC PeerConnection broken by m-c merge - proxy object on parameter for createOffer success
714937 replace GFX_PACKED_PIXEL with an inline function
788666 Multiple APK: Each APK must not exactly match the configuration support of another APK
773151 Rename nsCAutoString to nsAutoCString
805054 Bind the virtualenv version Marionetts uses in to a fixed release
805057 Comparison for fx_aurora-csb does not update
788681 Typedefs IOSurfaceGetWidthFunc and IOSurfaceGetHeightFunc swapped in
801281 Upgrade to SQLite
813271 Rev the IID of nsIMarkupDocumentViewer
788701 Invalid read of size 2 [@ str_contains] involving map
813278 JSVAL_TO_OBJECT called on string in TimeZoneSettingObserver
772319 No option to disable the "Close other tabs" prompt
788704 Add telemetry for the enablePrivilege pref
755943 [b2g-bluetooth] Electrolysize b2g-bluetooth
780520 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting js_ReportOverRecursed called with/without -a in debug build…
759506 Optimized libstagefright playback
739566 Add support to webrtc code for mediastreams
796911 Intermittent test_clear_browser_data.html | localstorage data have been deleted - got bar, expected …
780529 XMLHttpRequest getInterface weirdness
788729 nsDirectoryService.cpp:71:14: warning: variable 'rv' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
796922 Embedded video plugins stutter but are smooth in fullscreen: MacOSX, regression on 1-Oct Nightly
796927 xpcom does not compile on armv6 (sb2) for raspberry pi
786816 (b2g-stk) B2G RIL: Don't send Terminal Response in advance.
805123 Remove country code validation from navigator.mozPay()
772357 B2G RIL: Support network depersonalization
772358 Enumerate elevated privileges in manifest
786817 Combination of overflow and border radius cause entire elements to disappear when scrolling parent e…
772360 Mozmill test failure //testBookmarks_AddAndRemoveBookmarkViaAwesomeBar/ with error "The bookmark was…
818220 sometimes the audio restarts when an app is in background
772364 Implement update mechanism for packaged apps
788754 Simplify SourceClient's API for its consumers
706849 create accessible by tag name as fallback if table descendant style is used out of table context
731429 [meta] WebRTC Demo needs
732209 Allow access to the rules of cross-origin sheets that have undergone a CORS check
608554 Firefox crashes when executing the given javascript
813356 OS crash with this testcase, that's opening/closing windows
813357 nsDOMDeviceNotification doesn't give IPDL a strong reference
805168 IccManager doesn't QI to nsIObserver
780594 Intermittent browser_bug491431.js browser_privatebrowsing_windowtitle.js browser_bug565575.js browse…
796980 Fix test_wheel_default_action.html to drive scrolling directly
782729 Pointer lock does not work on FPS "PlayCanvas" demo
805178 Device Storage - Application Permissions do not match that of the Permission Matrix
813372 b2g process crash with this testcase, using -moz-transition
808879 expose Bluetooth earphone connection status to GAIA
805191 reflect HVGA minimum requirement in the AndroidManifest
764234 String Encoding Decoding API
805197 Page scrolling has become juddery since DLBI landed
715089 doesn't need to be shipped for Mac
805206 Social API keyboard-accessible menuitem is blank
706908 add Windows 8 to the OS list for gfx driver blacklisting
797021 "background-clip: content-box, border-box" does not seem to work
797022 Enable MOZ_FLEXBOX in builds
649567 Setting arguments.callee changes enumerability of callee property
805216 Add mozdevice to
788836 "ASSERTION: |First()| called on an empty string" (nsCSSParser.cpp - NonMozillaVendorIdentifier)
816871 Webapps.jsm is out of sync between mozilla-central and mozilla-beta
603880 Gecko doesn't apply system default scale on Windows
813426 Fail to assign mozAudioChannelType twice.
797049 Disable C4351 when compiling with MSVC, sync up disabled warnings between and js/src/co…
747899 PDF rendered with garbage characters
788862 SVGPathData.cpp:261:12: warning: 'segType' may be used uninitialized in this function
797059 Volume slider of HTML5 video does not move when I drag the volume slider
788872 Cannot run packaged apps after install without restarting gecko
797066 make javascript.options.mem.log only log the GC/CC details in the Console
813451 Updater can get into infinite restart loop trying to apply partially-downloaded update
788877 GMail inbox get rendered as component alpha layer
813462 Unable to send SMS from Contacts details
788890 GCLI screenshot command with no filename should copy to clipboard
813468 [Apps] Apps with webapps privileges unable to read application packages in /data/local/webapps (as w…
805282 MailtoProtocolHandler.js, SmsProtocolHandler.js and TelProtocolHandler.js in
797093 ./mach mochitest-plain fails
805292 A "pick" activity without type prop, doesn't work
805297 Marionette doesn't recognize relative test path from current working directory
788914 Remove dynamic UniversalXPConnect checks in security wrappers
788211 Fix a few bugs in CGDOMJSProxyHandler_defineProperty
805301 Rename mozallowfullscreen to allowfullscreen
788918 text-shadow-selected reftests only valid when focused
788919 "Assertion failure: IsElement()" changing markerStart on <svg:text>
666041 CSS Flexbox Layout Level 3 (disabled in builds by default)
788923 Link prefetching needs to open its channel with the correct loadgroup for the document it belongs to
788924 Device Storage - Default location for device storage on windows show use SHGetFolderPath
797117 GCC 4.7 build error, with "--enable-warnings-as-errors": nsSocketTransportService2.cpp:793:82: error…
797123 Fix JS_ALWAYS_TRUE(fallible ToNumber) in jstypedarray.cpp
797128 Justify SkipRoots in jstypedarray.cpp's copyFromArray()
814156 Need additional security checks for the "permissions" permission
805322 Device Storage - Application Permissions do not match that of the Permission Matrix
797131 IonMonkey: Optimize calls from C++ to Ion-compiled functions
788940 fallback-color-04 needs more dilation
805325 On about:home, searchEngineLogo alt-text is the string "undefined"
797134 Right-clicking on the Social API ambient notification buttons opens the panel and context menu
788943 Make parent processes consume less CPU time when delivering touch series to child processes
805333 Need a Policy & Mechanism for Audio Competing & Control
788954 Race condition installing nsIZipWriter.idl
788956 rename nsIPresShell:InitialReflow to Initialize
788957 Avoid duplication of fields in SharedContext and FunctionBox
797150 Rename AudioBufferSourceNode's noteOn and noteOff to start/stop
797153 Make remote xpcshell test runner not assume it's being run from the objdir
797157 Trying to pave-over install with the stub installer with nightly already running - warning comes up …
805352 Intermittent crashtests/459439-1.html | Exited with code -6 during test run after "Assertion failed:…
805354 Add read/write permission checks to chrome databases from other processes
788971 Pymake chokes when native commands raise exceptions without a "code" attribute
811432 Allow systemxhr permission for privileged apps (in addition to certified apps)
814163 Migrate existing data to most-recent table, ensure most-recent items have id
797173 BananaBread rendering broken by bug 795796
780792 Save/restore leaks in basic layer when needsGroup, is2D and clipIsEmpty are all true.
800511 Remove redundant validation from navigator.mozPay()
805377 [Camera] Change to video record mode will cause app crash
767240 Make it easier to create type-specific scoped pointers (TYPE_SPECIFIC_SCOPED_POINTER_TEMPLATE)
813575 [Apps] When canceling the download of a packaged app, the attribute downloading is still set to true
739850 PDF Viewer does not display full content
789003 Intermittent browser_586068-cascaded_restore.js | uncaught JS exception - NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Failure …
789005 System message API: decrease complexity of broadcastMessage()
789007 Unwanted border between pinned tabs and navigation toolbar when tabstrip overflows
821777 Populate flash version in telemetry data
789010 Use the PageThumbs API to get tab previews for tabs that aren't loaded yet
789014 [b2g-bluetooth] Broadcast bonding-related events via system message to settings app
789018 Websockets problems in FF 15 (speculative connect websockify)
641563 "Assertion failure: tp->begin.lineno == tp->end.lineno,"
797213 Various changes
789022 Interface object's prototype should be Function.prototype, not Object.prototype
780831 crash in on JB
504240 Duplicated header values in Access-Control-Request-Headers for preflight cross-site XMLHttpRequest r…
797219 OutputMessage in gfx/2d/Logging.h should be static inline
789030 Remove existing trailing whitespaces from our tests and shared modules
789031 Remove unnecessary tabPreviews.uninit
789032 Dragging a link over the tab strip's scroll arrows calls _getDropIndex unnecessarily
789033 Crash with Flashblock @ nsViewManager::InvalidateWidgetArea
811646 Add better handling for HTTP downloading for the stub installer
729522 Implement WebRTC navigator.getUserMedia() user interface
797230 Fix sizing of "Switch-to-tab" icon in HiDPI mode
780847 fluff out touch click targets
805428 Get B2G reftests running using bundled extensions
813621 B2G Contacts: Applying PhoneNumberJS to Contacts DB
805430 Install mochitest extensions on B2G as app bundles
797239 Prelaunch app loads too soon
795061 AssertAppProcessPermission: Kill any process that doesn't have the specified permission, not just ap…
805440 Mozrunner installed from pypi when running
789059 crash in nsACString_internal::EqualsASCII (or in debug builds: "Assertion failure: false (All IPDL U…
638949 Please add Copy Location in the context menu for URLs in the web console
674373 [10.7] Support HiDPI mode on OS X Lion
797254 Themed Titlebar on Mac repaints every frame
756299 [b2g-bluetooth] Socket connection for bluetooth devices (Needed for SCO/HSP Support)
780878 [ApplicationCache] Manifest file not reloaded
813650 checkForCrashes() should output the top frame of a crash in a TBPL-parsable format
789077 Since Bug 567077 landed, .xhtml files encoded as UTF-16 Little Endian are not displayed, but instead…
797270 markup view background should be white
789079 In the tab container's dragover handler, calculate the drop indicator's minimum and maximum margins …
780892 Split testFocusAndSearch.js into two test modules
797277 B2G SMS: expose message class info in DOM API
805474 chatbar title styling isn't compatible with high-contrast themes
782779 Using simple quotes for GroupItem's placeholder breaks some localized strings
789093 Slideshow is broken on
617062 Invalid test state in browser_586068-cascaded_restore.js
784145 Change hang report submission to submit all minidumps at once
797290 #undef DATA_NODE_FLAG_BIT like other content flag bit macros
739947 Changes to a GCLI assignment should go through a requisition
812435 Test failure "could not find element Link: Documenti" in testPreferences/testPreferredLanguage.js
789102 Split browser_586068-cascaded_restore.js into multiple tests
797297 Contextmenu fired on text nodes crashes
772726 nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::DrawWindow always uses Thebes for content drawing even if Azure-con…
789111 Ion: Inline path for LIntToString
780920 Cannot take on-device screenshot for Apps running in OOP (calculator, browser, Calendar)
789114 Make B2G and Fennec browser actors inherit the extensibility API changes
780923 Intermittent browser_dbg_scripts-sorting.js | Test timed out | Cleanup function threw an exception a…
800102 Emulator sometimes stalls while Marionette is installing a new gecko in it resulting in a "Timeout e…
729536 Deadlock by xul!nsHttpConnectionMgr::Shutdown
797314 Strange artifacts on some sites
789124 Bug 777591 assumes the jar command to be used is in the search path
789130 Not removing PHal listeners on abnormal subprocess termination
797326 Errors in are displayed with wrong line number
764559 [b2g-bluetooth] Don't fire BluetoothManager enabled domrequest until AdapterAdded message is fired
797806 Add a helper service or functions to deal with stringified JSON in C++
797334 Click-to-play plugin activation panel: panel background doesn't match panel arrow color on Windows, …
805531 Turn off javascript.options.mem.log for b2g
764572 add "Open URL" option to net panel items' context menu
322206 Firefox net / stub installer
797345 [b2g-bluetooth] send a system message to notify 'file transfer completed'
805539 [B2G] test_geolocation.js often fails on the emulator
674477 element with overflow-x:hidden can be scrolled horizontal
772782 crash in DocAccessible::Shutdown @ NotificationController::Shutdown
797359 Increase size of tile debug overlay
814074 Send a system message to the application when the application is not running anymore but waits for a…
797363 Remove user agent override since is fixed
782793 per-platform chat window icons
813762 Teach OS.File about compartment sharing
783523 Fix platform-specific nsresult misuse
813766 Set EXPORTED_SYMBOLS on this, instead of on the global.
753517 Convert CSSStyleDeclaration to Paris bindings
781000 [otoro] Simple WebGL app not rendering on otoro phone
756425 Intermittent test_mousescroll.xul | mouse-scroll of 'richlistbox' vertical starting ...
764618 Remove IsOnPrefWhitelist and URIIsChromeOrInPref
806007 [Browser] Images keep flashing continuously in US embassy (for Brazil) website in B2G browser
797391 Scrolling widget and doorhanger for Download Button not displaying
797393 FrameMetrics == operator is broken
813778 B2G Updates: Gecko can get wiped by the updater if a FOTA update fails to apply for some reason
813779 Make Marionette's xunit output compatible with Jenkins
821972 Plugin block request: versions of DivX <= 7.0
795086 nsConsoleService posts LogMessageRunnables to the event queue uselessly even when there are no obser…
813783 Don't create a global GL context at all #ifdef ANDROID, including B2G
756440 Intermittent Android robocop or mochitest TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | DeviceManager: pulling file '/mnt/s…
747300 Add mimetype info to nsIPluginTag
797403 Facebook: hover flyout is too narrow and cuts off content
797404 Sources which take too long to fetch incorrectly show up after a page refresh
801915 IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_IN
789224 Remove vestigial capability code
797430 Cannot move separator by drag & drop
789239 Unravel 30-line if condition in Parser.cpp
813817 [BLUETOOTH] Cancelling file transferring doesn't clear the notifications
797435 IonMonkey: Add rooting of IC stub IonCodes to OOL exit frames for callouts from those stubs.
780074 Use a sliding time window for layers fps calculations
789248 fix failing social tests
813828 Allow chrome code to launch Web Activities
805638 Nested scrollable regions doesn't work properly
797825 IonMonkey: Inline Array.prototype.concat
797448 Plugin video doesn't redraw that much
704983 Make request and response body logging more discoverable in the Web Console
805646 Allow access fields in manifest files.
745944 Accessorize PropDesc, make those accessors assert correct use (that attributes are present before be…
814211 Need additional security checks for the "fmradio" permission
748309 Typed Array structured clone doesn't do back-references
781078 Frequent test_bug421640.html test_bug667919-1.html test_plugin_position.xhtml browser_662743.js test…
805655 System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to
756504 Android D-pad and game controller key events should specify DOM_KEY_LOCATION_JOYSTICK
789278 XHR from Scriptish user script started failing (response object properties undefined)
812848 [unagi] parent process is crash for opening & closing camera app repeatedly
690989 Intermittent test_fullscreen-api.html | [rollback] FSE should be e('fse') - got null, expected [obje…
789295 Eliminate finalization cost of transferable ArrayBuffers
789300 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting different output w/without --ion-eager
797495 Crash [@ js::frontend::Parser::setStrictMode]
797496 Assertion failure: script->analysis()->getCode(pc).stackDepth == ((hpcdepth == unsigned(-1)) ? pcdep…
805689 Hitting omgslow fallback path and allocating large amounts of memory in LayerManagerOGL when unlocki…
789308 socialchat reversed socialFrameShow/Hide events
789309 Un-export jsatom.h, jsatom.tbl
756544 First cut at generic transport abstraction and DTLS layer
811351 We should call switch_to_frame() on delete_session() for B2G marionette sessions
731974 requestAnimationFrame generates too short/long frames, especially at the beginning of animation
789319 Add bogus --disable-ion flag
805704 Update sessionrestore module to not use remote pages and correctly handles dtds
797513 [b2g] Emulator setting a Geolocation
797515 Race condition in MOZ_ASSERT in ContentParent::~ContentParent()
740172 enabling pdf.js add-on in Nightly 2012-03-28 breaks HTML5 video in youtube and flash video in Flickr
805711 OMXDecoder trapped in infinite loop while seeking
805712 Intermittent test_archivereader_zip_in_zip.html | ArchiveReader + FileReader should work! (probably …
797526 some assertions in nsDOMClassInfo should be fatal in debug builds
797527 Remove InsideOutBox.jsm, DOMPlate.jsm and friends
813124 Cairo fills don't handle multiple clip paths
805724 [b2g-bluetooth] misc BluetoothOppManager cleanup
789341 Webapps.js catch eats everything
789346 misleading comment about .purgecaches and debug builds
789358 Enable event-target fluffing for b2g
797551 IonMonkey: Use callWithABI() for Math.random()
789360 references to modules using wrong url
748401 Clean API for SIPCC to isolate the SIPCC internals from WebRTC code
789364 Light theme for markup panel, orion, and rule view
691061 Don't use EXTEND_PAD on printing surfaces
789367 [Azure] Add content preference for GTK platform
789368 Get fenceposting correct in FPS calculations
818324 bump marionette_client version to 0.5.10
784893 Make nsITCPSocketEvent look more like a normal object
535422 Language code 'dsb' not recognised by spellchecker language selector
797569 DOMRequest FireSuccessAsync asserts on lack of live request
789382 nsIScriptError methods init() & initWithWindowID() should take nsAString, rather than wchar / PRUnic…
789390 "ABORT: Unexpected SVG paint type" with transition for -moz-objectStroke
797583 Assertion fails when getting Components via proto chain
756628 IonMonkey: OOM Testing: Assertion failure: ion::IsEnabled(cx), at js/src/ion/Ion.cpp:840
805788 exclude override.ini from mac signatures
805789 Handle null and undefined as correct values instead of converted to strings on USSDReceivedEventDict…
797601 Tweak flexbox unit tests to support being run with flexbox pref default-disabled
707492 GCLI should provide test files to firefox without concatenating them
756645 Implement "indexedDB jars" for apps
756648 Implement "cookie jars" for apps
813994 Alarm API - Need additional security checks for the "alarms" permission
813995 Need additional security checks for the "device-storage" permissions
789420 IonMonkey: Incorrectly optimizing bitwise ops
797614 Silence the warning about assignment in the condition in BasicTiledThebesLayer.cpp
789428 [b2g-bluetooth] the object path of BluetoothDevice is null
764856 GCLI should allow fuzzy matching of commands
801951 update social provider manifest and whitelist
789436 Remove obsolete SIGFPE workaround for FreeBSD
740285 PDF file incorrectly displayed
723904 Implement a EventEmitter mechanism that can be used by any tool
777445 Network activity indicator for B2G
789448 IonMonkey: Don't call GetPcScript under ToIdOperation
794903 [b2g-bluetooth] BluetoothSCOManager prototype
805837 add Growl support back for Firefox 18 (Aurora)
797649 Truncate URLs logged in --DOMWINDOW
805844 [OTA Update] The frequency droplist is inoperational (Daily, Weekly ,Monthly, Never)
797657 Change default CSP to desired policy for certified apps
805855 Reduce the memory consumption caused by dirty but unused pages kept by jemalloc
797666 Build warning: TiledLayerBuffer.h:368:12: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer ex…
797667 Add back the SocialToolbar.button getter
560100 Map MathML attributes lquote/rquote to style
797671 Update code from stable branch 3.12
789482 Awesome bar suggestions briefly appear on wrong monitor with multiple monitors
781291 [Developer Toolbar] Web Console error count is too close to the label (linux)
756717 Implement "appcache jars" for apps
758269 Install permissions from manifest to Permission Manager
797681 Facility to disable GonkGPSGeoLocationProvider required
797684 nsIProxiedChannel.proxyInfo being unavailable to http-on-modify-request observers causes NoScript (a…
666618 Drag selection(word by word selection) is broken if textarea is there.
795135 [Azure] Cairo paths helper not restoring transforms
805885 Set -moz-image-region on the .social-notification-icon-image class
814078 Send all queued up crash reports when we make a wifi connection
797695 GC: more ad hoc exact rooting
789507 Printing doesn't work and the tab hangs if mozPrintCallback doesn't call done()
797700 Restrict the height/width of the ambient notification icons to 16x16
797705 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEvent.createNativeGestureEvent(GeckoEvent.…
797708 test that gradients are positioned correctly on SVG text with a filter applied
781327 Use 2x images for HiDPI browser UI
797716 tweak social panel auto-resize code
797717 JS sampling doesn't work in xpcshell
814102 Make the object used for 'this' when compartment sharing a FakeBackstagePass.
789527 Change the way we install packaged apps
797720 IonMonkey: MonitorTypes is redundant if there's a type barrier
576543 random timeout in test_visited_reftests.html
778079 Support loading app packages from multiple locations
773161 Intermittent browser_gcli_addon.js | Test timed out
789546 data:image gif saved as file "index" without a filename extension, no longer as file "index.gif"
805934 Ignore unknown permissions during install and don't throw
789552 GC: Zero the exact root heads in the runtime.
795144 default --disable-gnomeui icon theme support
785588 Janky scrolling with parallax background effect
814139 Script timeout gets lost when switching to OOP frame
805948 b2g crash on 'browser pairs' from marketplace
773185 [devtb] key sequence should close toolbar if gcli already has focus
814149 Fix CanvasRenderingContext2D::GetCanvas()
814153 Need additional security checks for the "settings" permission
789578 The new HTML panel missing the arrows for collapsing elements' children on Windows.
781387 Paris Bindings: Codegen infalliblity for methods
781388 IonMonkey: Add infalliblity to appropriate DOM method calls.
805965 Geolocation fix "jerks around"
805966 10/26 daily build is hosed (boots only to black screen)
805967 [OTA update] much of my user data blown away in today's update
781394 Firefox displays "Install Missing Plugins" popup for home page
805971 Don't create and discard StartupCache instances on not-main processes
762382 Intermittent 10.7 test_defaultValue.html | finished in a non-clean fashion (in /tests/dom/plugins/te…
789592 rename nsChangeHint_ReflowFrame and use it less
797786 [b2g-bluetooth] Send a system message to notify 'progress updated'
797787 Update CentralNic submission date in PSL
797793 Disable format warnings on mingw
527459 Padding specified in percent ignored on text inputs
797796 getUserMedia backend needs to pass all necessary data to the UI
797797 small translucent spans with text not visible
347238 Dragging tab over scrolling arrows causes cursor to flicker
797801 [b2g-bluetooth] Cannot receive agent events after crash
822378 Update the overflow rects of the child frames when an nsSVGOuterSVGFrame's children-only transform c…
797803 System Message API: System App fails to receive system messages
781422 parameters should get defaults whenever they are undefined
789615 Update pdf.js to version 0.5.22
789617 Improve vorbis comment validation
797810 [b2g-bluetooth] No reaction when a Headset device press button
783714 author !important rules should override CSS animations
789620 click-to-play: a plugin made click-to-play by the blocklist won't go back to normal if unblocked
789623 make package-tests is packaging .pyc files for mozbase components
789624 [b2g-bluetooth] MOZ_ASSERT when bluetooth off during shutdown
797817 Otoro LED stays lit after disconnecting from mains following full charge
793085 Remove UseAzureContentDrawing() in favour of SupportsAzureContent()
781439 decrease running time of Environment-find-06.js
789633 GC: Improve naming of AssertRootingUnnecessary
789635 JSAtomState cleanups: move atoms out, don't have manually-listed one-offs
789636 Make QueryInterface and GetInterface chrome-only on new-binding stuff
773255 Intermittent mochitest-browser-chrome leak of 5023, 8163, or 8171 bytes (4 AtomImpl, 1 MemoryReporte…
806024 Enable Android product announcements client service
797834 build error on OSX 10.6 in widget cocoa
789643 Fix `GetCOMPtrCount() defined but not used` warning in nsTraceRefcntImpl.cpp
806029 Pmem buffers are not being dropped when an application is sent to the background
806032 Optimize allocation of RAM to gralloc pmem
789656 use lrintf() in libopus on BSDs
756897 Don't use XPCStringConvert::ReadableToJSVal directly in nsDOMClassInfo.cpp
347307 Need a way to determine the best local IP address for PAC files to use
814264 bug 795065 broke calling openUILink without an event parameter
767860 stop using nsIDOMHTMLInputElement in a11y
781498 TESTING_JS_MODULES should be conditional on ENABLE_TESTS
789691 BlobPropertyBag doesn't work correctly in Workers.
765119 IonMonkey: fix iloop in Range Analysis
814272 15-20fps regression in settings scrolling between 11-18 and 11-19 nightlies
806081 Remove references from in our mozmill tests
806085 Remove references from in our mozmill tests
806087 Firefox Sync uses all of my memory and doesn't succeed
781515 Use a default allowConnection handler in dbg-server.js so that add-ons don't have to provide their o…
789709 Intermittent browser_600545.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror…
789711 Can't build using MSVC 9 because it does not provide stdint.h
806097 Update autocomplete=off test to use a local page instead of
797908 [orange] SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list at resource:///modules/devtools/DeveloperToolba…
789717 Use JS_InternStringN to avoid large memory usage in the profiler
814294 Don't prompt for missing permissions (UNKNOWN_ACTION)
814310 disable @supports for Firefox 18 and (probably) 19
789735 IonMonkey: Crash [@ js::types::TypeObject::addProperty] or "Assertion failure: !hasLazyType(),"
789741 crash in nsMediaSniffer::GetMIMETypeFromContent
806127 ThirdPartyUtil should consider browser/app frames to be top-level windows.
601329 ToPropertyDescriptor({}) erroneously completes the property descriptor with missing attributes
797940 Don't use a static nsRefPtr for sScriptCacheCleaner
814326 Group audio channel if possible and make sound setting alignment with platform
789753 IonMonkey: Google's V8 test errors out on "Raytrace" on win64
773373 Implement "localStorage" jars for apps
806142 Password saved with * when showing password too quickly
814293 Remove unused permissions
797953 Intermittent failure in flexbox-widget-flex-items-1.html, flexbox-widget-flex-items-2.html, flexbox-…
683266 Remove certdata.c from the source tree, and autogenerate it from certdata.txt during the build proce…
797959 click-to-play: shouldn't change strings and keep the same entity names
797961 [AccessFu] Regression when nodes are hidden
789773 nsIWebProgressListener implementations referencing the load's window in onStateChange() (like NoScri…
789776 Log a message to the error console when X-Frame-Options vetoes a load
781588 URLBarSetURI takes about 63ms
797973 Applied updates should be removed from the Firefox installer
822551 navigator.userAgent is not affected by UA override in content processes
806168 Add test for bug 802366 and bug 806127
806169 DataChannels broken by thread tests in mtransport
797979 media.peerconnection.enabled should also enable mozGetUserMedia()
807472 Don't call NotifyDidPaint more than once per paint
814376 [b2g-bluetooth] follow-up to bug 812412
806185 Error: "caller is undefined" in ActivitiesService.jsm, line 305
812935 Undefined value error in memory reporter for web workers
781617 http is given from History even when https is explicitly typed in address bar
798002 Memory usage of b2g process rises significantly when loading web page, due to gc-able screenshots in…
781620 Bridge the DOM webapps registry with nsIPrincipal::GetStatus()
789817 DebugUtil::BeingDebugged() always fails on NetBSD/OpenBSD
765244 add a memory reporter for preferences
789824 Regression of min-/max-height on -moz-box containers
752864 Intermittent t1204-reset-00-c-o-test.html | image comparison (==)
791094 Fix some warnings about inconsistent uses of struct/class
789830 Graphics driver DriverVersion and DriverDate no longer present in registry location in Windows 8 (ab…
789833 Don't give pinned tabs a min-height on Windows
789837 Firefox and Thunderbird linux32 l10n nightlies busted - fatal error: opening dependency file .deps/e…
789838 Firefox win32 l10n nightlies busted with missing branding.nsi in make installers-ab-CD
798035 [b2g-bluetooth] Bluetooth Manager classes double-inherit refcounting semantics, crash
773460 [Azure] pref on Azure canvas
789847 Remove the usage of PR_CALLBACK from our tree
792274 Don't setup mediastreams in RecreateDecodedStream() if we did not have a mediastream before.
789849 Use PNG instead of TIFF for cursor/pointer resources
798043 Begin renaming Android sync code to allow for landing multiple services features
773469 OMTC: Remove unnecessary layer transactions when using async-video
806239 Sending the dump-memory-reports-after-minimize signal results in two sets of reports
789856 script errors not handled when script blocked by a Content Policy
801507 [b2g-bluetooth] Listen to ObjectPush service socket
789859 Toolbar notification icons don't close on second click.
793831 [b2g-ril] RIL crashes on desktop when trying to write to non-open socket
798061 Mismatched malloc vs delete[] in mozilla::gfx::AlphaBoxBlur::~AlphaBoxBlur()
798065 integer underflow in nsTArray::LastIndexOf with empty array
798068 nsContentUtils::GetViewportInfo() returns bonkers minZoom/maxZoom values on
785973 Device Storage - On gaia, default to use /sdcard (not directories under /sdcard)
808545 Tweak the exception message for profile cleanup failures
806283 Include native iterators in "object/misc" memory reports.
802029 The SENSOR_UNKNOWN passed to GetSensorObservers() Will Crash System
773520 Add a cache for mapping stringbuffers to JS external strings
789909 content-disposition: inline - specified filename is ignored
503190 [HTML5] Translation from Java to C++ loses assertions
806296 [b2g-bluetooth] Cannot create an encrypted socket
781725 Pre-fetch and precompile BrowserElementChild.js
806307 B2G RIL: shouldn't send icc-related messages unless content is ready
806310 "ASSERTION: canStoreInRuleTree must be false for inherited structs unless all properties have been s…
798123 Replace the array conversion functions in BluetoothUtils.cpp with those in nsTArrayHelpers.h
789936 Cache reduction telemetry data to ignore doom list to get valid telemetry data
789937 [inspector] Outline doesn't come back after a resize that makes a node highlightable
789941 Remove stdc++compat.cpp support on OS X
793844 crash in nsContentList::nsContentList on print preview
789960 crash in nsLayoutUtils::HasAnimationsForCompositor
811596 Shrink Channel::ChannelImpl::input_overflow_buf_ after each use
789962 Change comment in Preferences.h referring to nsIPrefBran2.idl
781772 Accesskey for Inspect entry in Tools > Web Developer popup menu should be "I"
798160 About:support should not copy the sync username and account as it may be personally identifiable
609748 Workers: If CSP blocks eval in a page, eval should also be blocked in workers created by that page
789973 B2G system time: adjust system clock after receiving NITZ timestamp
798166 Intermittent defaults display problem after setting default depending on helper.exe speed
806363 hal doesn't release wake locks when process crashes
797798 System App can't Receive Sensor Event During Early Suspend State.
789983 remove unused field.
806369 Blacklisting for H.264 decoding
789987 Create Mozmill test for Private Browsing cache handling
781797 dbg open and dbg close commands
799314 Add utility method to PrivateBrowsingUtils to obtain nsILoadContext from window
798194 When the URL bar scrolls out of view, content that's moved in is not invalidated / repainted
732660 Efficient drawElements validation on subarray and/or dynamically updated array
798197 Ambient notification toolbar buttons are distorted in small icons mode on Windows
716031 Intermittent chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/editor/libeditor/base/tests/test_selection_move_comm…
749053 FM radio support
740862 "ASSERTION: Freeze() failed" in nsEventSource::Observe(dom-window-frozen)
811605 B2G RIL: enable ril debugging output in run-time
798212 flyout may be misaligned horizontally after resizing
486918 Awful image quality in image scaling
790026 [gcli] screenshot command could use a 'chrome' option
577036 JM: Make the code pattern dromaeo uses fast
722861 imgLoader uses global PB notifications to clear the image cache
790034 Remove nsIDOMWindowUtils.goOnline
814618 B2G STK: STK DisplayText Command not working properly with coding scheme is GSM 7 bit packed.
790043 nsDeviceStorage compares (& interconverts between) PRTime (signed) and uint64_t (unsigned)
798237 Test for bug 797677
790051 IonMonkey: Fix invalidation code to allow for vm calls from ICs.
781866 Clear up and simplify some names in localStorage code
798255 Firefox net / stub installer for localized builds
790072 Crash with stroke: -moz-objectfill
806460 NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE in nsINavBookmarksService.insertBookmark while inserting query
804789 Remove commented out code caused by Bug 793955
781892 Camera - preview freezes after taking 4 to 6 photos on Otoro
790086 Try removing the Optimus WebGL/ANGLE blacklist
740936 nsCCUncollectableMarker should iterate all the windows and mark documents in black windows to be in …
800695 [b2g-bluetooth] Audio route is set to bluetooth sco when disconnected to a bluetooth headset
790092 IonMonkey: Completely disable IonMonkey on B2G
790093 Unnecessary const_cast in the nsGfxButtonControlFrame.cpp
814349 [gonk] remove default value of master volume setting
790096 Please create a hotfix add-on to address the update bustage on Firefox 15
740948 Scratchpad should provide a quick way to reload the tab and re-run the code
798298 Allow chrome JS code to know if it is being called as a result of a user input event
795237 Web API for setting audio stream type.
790112 toolbar button doesn't reflect state of distinct buttons inside it
765200 Shorten errors of type: "an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror - ..."
790117 JavaScript functions to control external profilers should be in js/src/builtin
798310 Include Accessible-inl.h in nsMaiInterfaceTable.cpp
790123 CSS2PropertiesBinding.h:141:1: warning: no newline at end of file [-pedantic,-Wnewline-eof]
790124 Delayed element repaint on vertical scroll
790125 Throbber in <video controls> not working in B2G
732782 Zombie compartment in Autopager
724594 Options : Content : Languages : replace “Scots Gaelic  [gd]” with “Scottish Gaelic  [gd]”
790132 Need a test to make sure we only sniff when we intend to.
790133 [b2g-bluetooth] Fire devicecreated event with a BluetoothDevice
747820 Style editor breaks non-latin (national) encoded text
790136 [b2g-bluetooth] Register HFP_AG/HSP_AG services
544377 Build fails on FreeBSD, with unknown platform, in ipc
790138 Error: WebGL: Exceeded 8 live WebGL contexts for this principal, losing the least recently used one …
790141 Implement / for sign-in with Persona
798346 nsContentUtils::PreserveWrapper should explicitly QI its argument to the CC ISupports
798349 TransportDIB::sequence_num_ is only used on Windows
798350 ChildProcessHost::resource_dispatcher_host_ is unused
798352 Windows build fails in sctp under VC9 because EALREADY is undefined
785688 Typo in 'atributes' instead of 'attributes
798354 Global variable sizecheck in is unused
792515 Failure for SCTP to create an association over DTLS
790164 PresShell::DispatchTouchEvent should keep contentPresShell alive while using it
781973 Use filepicker's open() instead of the obsolete show() in /browser/*
785689 Debugger breaking when it shouldn't
790168 dragstart handler cleanup
773792 gonk/GonkSensor.cpp declares global XPCOM objects
790181 Permanent orange: test_bug248970_cache.js hangs without private browsing enabled on aurora and beta
790183 Sending unnecessary IPC message during cross-process touch event dispatch
790184 [SPDY] Firefox V15 & 15.0.1 fails with attachment upload on gmail with squid proxy
798377 Don't use the deprecated stat64 function in
790191 Mozmill tests are failing with timeouts in waitForPageLoad() due to 'about:newtab'
790192 B2G SMS: support automatically replacing Latin characters with ASCII ones
790202 Protocol layer performance overhead is too much for local transports
806587 Rename getNoAppCodebasePrincipal back to getCodebasePrincipal
364223 PAC threadsafety problem: nsStandardURL not thread-safe: '_mOwningThread.GetThread() == PR_GetCurren…
741059 Make network favicon requests inherit private browsing context of document
806596 [Browser] Browser resets the viewport to upper-left corner every time I un-focus the Username or Pas…
790213 Measure page load time with FX_ Telemetry
785697 Typos/Errors in Comments always talk about 'step over'
790218 Mozmill test failure /testPopups/testPopupsAllowed.js | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly c…
806605 Replace loggedInEmail parameter with loggedInUser
790222 Fix Azure standalone build
798415 Add the ability to import signatures to a MAR file
803448 RadioInterfaceLayer.getDataCallStateByType always returns NETWORK_STATE_UNKNOWN when queried network…
790227 Reserve 'd' as accesskey for Debugger in tools menu > web developer
691925 Replace content.focus() with gBrowser.selectedBrowser.focus() and/or window.focus()
798423 spdy enable reading of ping reply
782040 Move ProgressEvent to event impl codegen
798426 spdy/3 handlegoaway payload length wrong
798430 HTTP request headers lost on channel redirect (regression in Firefox 15)
798431 Remove useless prtypes include in media/libjpeg/jmorecfg.h
806624 (dev mode only) Support using hosted apps with certified permissions
610017 _isCmdLineEmpty should not clobber window.arguments[0]
798437 aboutSocialError.xhtml doesn't include Social.jsm with the right url
814822 hal doesn't notify listeners when a wakelock is released due to child process dying
790247 reflect.parse "word with space" Identifiers aren't computed.
806634 Announcements: record browser launch in the correct place
798445 Send a ChromeEvent when the web activities is completed
782062 Form field dropdown Drupal overlay
798448 Video app fails to generate thumbnail for MP4 files
798450 make install installs precomplete and .mkdir.done files
806644 Back out bug 778993
790261 Avoid the profiler misbehaving randomly when mozilla_sampler_start is given impossible values
797909 Docshell sandbox flags should apply to initial about:blank
790265 Click-to-play is broken on various websites like or
773884 Remove special "index.html" path mapping support for app:// scheme
773886 Prevent loading resources from app:// URIs from outside that app
790272 Unnecessary repaints of the Layout View
790273 Implement support for [LenientThis] in WebIDL
790274 Remove Portrait and Landscape special ScreenOrientation values
773891 Allow packaged apps to specify a CSP in their manifest (app:// scheme)
790278 Add social.enabled and to the Important Modified Preferences in about:support
817930 [b2g-bluetooth] Support for receiving multiple files sequentially
790283 add newline to the end of two files
798476 Fallback to --with-system-libevent=/usr when system libevent doesn't have a pkgconfig file
798477 Add fallback page for the official stub installer
782096 java.lang.NullPointerException: at android.os.Parcel.readException( on Galaxy Tab 7.7" (…
798481 Make IndexOf a little more const-correct
782098 Remove IsArea in nsGenericHTMLElement.cpp
790294 GCLI screenshot command should show preview.
651033 Registering nsISHistoryListener seems to cause Session Store to lose its own listener
798491 Reduce number of system compartments in B2G main process
785714 gclicommand |help jsb| contains hardcoded string for url
798510 js::StackSpace::sizeOfCommitted() overestimates on non-Windows platforms
765750 Remove Yandex default search engine data from aboutHome.js
750217 Android crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::TimerWithID
601912 HTML 5's <ol> reversed attribute not supported
806713 [b2g-bluetooth] NS_ASSERTION failure in UnixSocket.cpp when create a sco socket
773956 toolkit/crashreporter/test/unit_ipc/xpcshell.ini is included with an invalid condition
790343 libsctp build is broken on FreeBSD
790344 "Error in worker: Exception: TypeError: url.startsWith is not a function" in Firefox < 17
339786 Need to reset whitespace bidi embedding levels after line breaking (UAX #9 L1)
790349 Make cx->names().foo a Handle<PropertyName*> for the foo atom
790350 B2G builds & crash reporting, step 2: upload symbols
798544 Prevent using the beta url override when official branding is not used
790354 Remove unused variable 'ch' in nsBasicUTF7Decoder::ConvertNoBuff
757593 PR_IntervalNow not monotonic for android / linux / Mac OS X
782991 Intermittent accessible/states/test_link.html | Test timed out, test_popup.xul | Can't get accessibl…
790374 Add ability to retrieve floats from libpref
803473 Intermittent 580160-1.html | image comparison (==), max difference: 255, number of differing pixels:…
781628 Crashreporter tests broken on symlink builds because JS __LOCATION__ gets dereferenced symbolic link
790379 add more profile labels for style change processing
790381 Update libopus to 1.0.0 release
798580 b2g mochitest chromeEvent handling is broken
749431 Build gtest
790393 "Factory reset"
823173 nsIDOMNavigatorTime exposed on navigator objects on desktop but xpt is not packaged
708491 testSecurityNotification.js fails due to timeout on cert_domain_link
782221 Add option to Download/open PDF with other application or Load in Browser
724878 Make nsPermissionManager input asynchronous
790417 ContentParent::GetAll should include the preallocated process
790422 Remove manual registration scripts for metro
790424 "Assertion failure: strictModeState != StrictMode::UNKNOWN,"
815001 Error: Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]
634778 CSP should warn and skip duplicates of directives while parsing a policy
782235 move HTTP convenience functions to nsHttp
790436 GC: JS::Rooted should be a GuardObject
806821 GCLI should ensure that 'string' command return types are treated as plaintext
282547 [XHR] Login dialog with wrong XMLHttpRequest authentication
787102 Change event is not fired when the input element's value is modified while the element is focused
790463 [B2G] several telephony tests often causes emulator to crash
782272 Intermittent test_history_tracker.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | head.js| TypeErr…
815046 [FM radio][sound] FM radio app needs to be notified after a phone call
823240 Include <sys/proc.h> on OpenBSD to get P_TRACED definition
749518 Use dl_iterate_phdr instead of proc/maps for Linux symbolicate
815423 Improperly formatted strings in Fennec; results in startup crash
773454 WebRTC tests fail to build using visual studio 2012
790488 shareButton tests should check behaviour of multiple tabs
790489 "Restore previous session" in about:home can flash visible on load
774109 bootstrap support for OS X
815070 [Wifi Tethering] Wait driver ready before turning on Wifi tethering
774112 mach: bootstrap support for Linux
790497 Alarm API - Adjust firing time for "ignoreTimezone" alarms when timezone is reset
790499 Time API: Call JS_ClearDateCaches() to update Date object's timezone when the system timezone is res…
798694 Add UA override for
790503 On Mac Mini, defaultCalibration reads outside of sensors[]
790504 Signaling code should directly use malloc/free
790505 Use empty transactions for transform changes of (prerendered) frames
487402 test_dynUnsecureRedirect.html intermittently fails, change timeouts to callbacks where possible
790508 Transition from Gaia lock screen --> home screen is <5 fps
782324 Add support in JarMaker for file names that contain '@'
790517 ICE, DTLS, and generic transport stack for WebRTC
790521 Fullscreen state changes doesn't propagate up to parent processes
790527 When rebooting/powering off, go through normal gecko shutdown
733186 Use MOZ_OVERRIDE more aggressively in layout
544773 [TSF] TSF related code should output logs on release build
782342 blob: protocol no Content-Length header
796116 installPackage broken by changeset c09a0c022b2e
790541 B2G STK: Revise implementation of sendICCEnvelopeCommand
790543 B2G STK: Support Proactive command 'SET UP EVENT LIST'
782352 Device Storage - track local io and broadcast onchange notifications
790545 cache toolbar notification icons for faster rendering at startup?
790547 B2G STK: Implement 'Location Status' Envelope command
795310 Uninitialised value use in mozilla::layers::BasicTiledThebesLayer::PaintThebes
790550 B2G STK: Update MozStkResponse
774169 Strange zooming behavior has appeared in Bing Maps
790561 [TSF] Separate InsertTextAtSelection()
785755 IonMonkey: Multiple Emscripten-compiled projects regressed by bug 774253
546822 [meta] OS Theme detection for the new Firefox theme
798758 crash in qcms_transform_data_rgb_out_lut_precache
806952 Update test for stop and reload buttons to test what it really should test
815145 Remove the JS REPL from shell.js
790579 Mozmill test failure /restartTests/testDefaultBookmarks/test1.js | "…
815156 B2G RIL: Expose serviceClass to DOM via nsIDOMMozMobileCFInfo
806965 B2G Network Manager: navigator.onLine starts true even if false
790593 Allow to register a listener for profiler start/stop events
782408 Make nrappkit compile use NSPR integral types
757838 doesn't set lastTestSeen, so Android crashes fall back to the generic "PROCESS-C…
806243 Blob memory reporter's SHA1s show up as (null) on B2G devices
815189 b2g builds should clone
766038 increase system NSPR requirement from 4.9.1 to 4.9.2
816850 geolocation timeout after airplane mode toggled
790617 don't use atoi() for 64bit ASCII to number conversion
798810 Promotional content blurbs can overlap each other when downloading over dial-up/slow speeds
815198 [Webapps] should call Webapps.applyDownload when installState is 'pending'
790628 IonMonkey: GetElementMonitored where it is not needed.
796119 remove vestigal PR_* bits from xpcom headers
798825 Add DataChannel DOM interfaces to RTCPeerConnection
774250 IndexedDB: encoding error writing quota in sqlite file
790635 Add to PSL
733292 The sidebar should have a close button
790637 Updating a localized Nightly build results in an en-US build
782453 Add site-specific User Agent infrastructure and use it to fix AOL Mail
782457 DASH: Add nestegg support for specifying byte ranges of init and cues metadata
790650 It may be a good idea to have the debugger start with collapsed panels
790655 l10n-check should ensure that the update.locale is correct
795328 Refactor some code in nsEventListenerManager by using GetTargetAsInnerWindow()
782467 Remove JSContext::sharpObjectMap
184452 Necko - Allow handling of files > 2gig (>2 GB)
798858 android.view.ViewRootImpl$CalledFromWrongThreadException: Only the original thread that created a vi…
790667 Setting default browser should never prompt for UAC on Windows 8
798860 Generate 1024-bit RSA keys
807055 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Modify sms timestamp test so won't random orange based on time drift
807056 [Browser] Clear History doesn't clear back/forward history in open tabs
790677 Update xpcshell test packaging to work for B2G
741526 Mozilla central mozapps implementation ignores Content-Type
782488 Use system messages to notify incoming telephony events
798873 Crash in SDP formatted with too many ICE candidates - 'Assertion failure: endbuf_p - *ptr > 0' [@ sd…
766112 Intermittent accessible/events/test_docload.xul | uncaught JS exception - TypeError: currentTabDocum…
807078 login and logout listeners not getting cleaned up after trusty ui close
486769 Apply a detect-and-recover strategy to http pipelining
782505 Intermittent test_addCorrectType.html, test_basic.html, test_dotdot.html | ###!!! ABORT: X_CopyArea:…
768029 Apply CSP policy to privileged and certified apps
782513 B2G RIL: Support multiple instances of RILNetworkInterface
766133 [gcli] selected text looks bad
790712 Implement WEBGL_compressed_texture_atc
798304 Cant specify sub directories for videos in CameraControl API
790716 Allocate shared YCbCr images in one Shmem instead of one per channel
804851 [Desktop Build] Contacts app never dismisses "Import from SIM" screen when trying to import from (no…
741576 Style tweaks for Computed view
798926 Firefox build with --with-system-cairo is broken after Bug 792188 (error: conflicting declaration ‘t…
790737 Can't build on a FAT partition
790739 [b2g-bluetooth] Server socket connections for bluetooth
782549 Intermittent test_bug742376.html | Must have the same listeners at this point - got [0 or 2], expect…
757978 Uninstalling Firefox leaves behind a Nightly\webapprt folder
790747 Move InitCSP Code to before reset call in StartDocumentLoad
815325 Turning bluetooth on and off multiple times causes restart
790750 OpenBSD backend for mozboot
774368 Intermittent test_basic.html | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror -…
798948 B2G Updates: Implement "force update check"
766181 Need an extra null check for aOutIndex in Selection::AddItem
807142 Gecko seems to be attempting to resolution-scale remote content (which can't be repainted)
807143 images appear and disappear on b2g (fixed by enabling image locking in b2g)
790764 B2G browser renders with black background and mis-placed text
643318 IndexedDB: Webpages running locally cannot create indexedDB
782586 [b2g-bluetooth] Firing onadapteradded event when bluetooth is ready to get default adapter
782588 [b2g-bluetooth] mozBluetooth is not a singleton
790781 Hal.cpp:409: error: ‘sSystemTimeObserver’ was not declared in this scope
790782 GC: missing a disable call on the StoreBuffer and Nursery
815359 Bing Maps v7 Ajax Pushpin Incompatibility
782594 Fix still more abuse of nsresult (content/, js/xpconnect/, layout/, etc.)
798980 [b2g] Crash when opening an inline Activity
798982 Wrong enum type in CCAppGlobal_t/gCCApp
758023 PDF.js TypeError: this.objs.objs[fonts[i]] is undefined on arxiv paper
790795 mozApps.installPackage doesn't call onsuccess/onerror handlers
807181 Report unique set size (USS) on Linux/B2G
798990 Don't call EnsureTarget in nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::GetCanvasLayer
798998 Add libjingle license to gtest_utils.h
790807 Add nsA[C]String::ToInteger64
782616 Fix still more abuse of nsresult (storage/, toolkit/components/places/)
768047 Intermittent crash during browser_gcli_inspect.js [@]
818766 White screen when resume crystalskull/cubevid app
790815 appStatus is not properly set for packaged apps
799008 findElements does not scope to parent
790817 Make installing xpcshell tests onto B2G devices faster
815398 Settings: set navigator.mozSettings to null if we don't have read or write permission
790823 test failure: Unexpected interface name in global scope: MozTimeManager
790827 make package-tests broken on B2G
807213 Stop creating nsSVGMarkerProperty objects for non-nsSVGPathGeometryFrame frames
787165 Move omnijar packaging out of installer-stage and install rules
790836 Don't mark IonJSFrameLayout twice
797217 Eliminate zeroPointer
782647 Move nullptr to MFBT
774458 Make mouse events synthesized from touch events comply with spec (in gonk widget backend and cross-p…
708927 Intermittent test_focus_menu.xul | Test timed out, sometimes followed by tens of thousands of gA11yE…
799043 Accessibility for menu completely broken, only see a fraction of menu items
782660 Rendering glitches when resizing a textarea with rows and cols attributes
807237 Add 'data' parameter to JS_StealArrayBufferContents
807242 [Wifi]: onconnected() function is not called when receiving CTRL-EVENT-CONNECTED event
799057 "Installing" part of progress bar in stub installer shows activity, not progress
790868 Remove duplicated --disable-ion definition
815445 Hook up telephony audio to audio channels backend
790870 Implement install/update API during installation of hosted apps
778980 Enable gcc -Werror=conversion-null for gcc >= 4.5
815452 Hook up FM Radio to audio channels backend
799069 Unresolved vpx_codec_vp8_cx export in --disable-webrtc build
799071 Clean up -Werror failures from clang on linux in media/webrtc/signaling
799076 Unable to Build SeaMonkey (or Firefox) with VS2008SP1/VC9 since Bug 792188
815461 wifi hotspot is not found after reboot
799081 Bar at the bottom of the error console should be a <statusbar>
807274 [markup view] Clicking on a node doesn't lock the highlighter
790891 Search operators are hardcoded in debugger.xul
799084 Error console filter shouldn't be applied on input
774509 We need to communicate the FF17 OS X 10.5 EOL to our users (add-on hotfix)
823665 Rename urlclassifier.confirm-age for Firefox 18 and up
782706 crash in browsemngr.dll bundled with Babylon
790905 Processing the mozilla.cfg file fails if the file contains JavaScript: "Failed to read the configura…
790911 [New Tab Page] link checker unnecessarily reports spams the error console
790921 Crash [@ js::ion::IonCode::raw] with OOM
749964 crash in nsWebBrowserPersist::SaveDocumentInternal
790925 IonMonkey: crash in JSRuntime::malloc_
668194 linux - iwlib only returns one ac resulting in an awful accuracy.
799126 Rename ClearRecentHistory to ForgetAboutSite
610713 Popup menus leave artifacts on the desktop and nc client areas
790938 add a test for SVG-in-OpenType glyphs in an SVG mask
789037 Make sure that bug 776928 has no major addon-compat impact
790946 Remove support for the MOZ_ prefixed EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic ext name
790952 Debugger server always creates new actor instances
782766 [WebActivities] support blobs
799152 nsExpandedPrincipal should use default extendedOrigin/appId/appStatus/isInBrowserElement
799153 Add UI for toggling the debugger server in Firefox OS
799161 Improve performance of activities registration at startup.
815547 [Apps] Inconsistent app attribute status when download error
659902 JSAtomState::commonAtomsOffset and JSAtomState::lazyAtomsOffset induce static initializers
790975 Support sequences as members of dictionaries in WebIDL
782786 Compositing of WebGL canvases on B2G intermittently flickers / disappears
750019 crash in nsIDOMHTMLDocument_Write
782792 Make XPCJSRuntime::mJSHolders infallible
815561 Limit Web Activities to the foreground application
742135 PDF Viewer fails to render 66 page PDF hosted on
790988 [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Develop a test to verify incoming call while have another call held
790991 [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Develop a test to verify swapping held and active calls
782802 GC: make Reflect.parse support exact stack rooting
790995 bootstrapper fails to install packages
815572 Standardize the Bluetooth permissions name (bluetooth or mozBluetooth)
791001 Segfault on responseType blob
791003 <meta charset="utf-7"> triggers NS_NOTREACHED in nsHtml5StreamParser
774622 crash with abort message: "mismatched CxxStackFrame ctor/dtors: file /builds/slave/m-cen-andrd-ntly/…
791009 When submitting a plugin hang report: Error: ReferenceError: extraData is not defined
791011 When hitting the back or forward button socket connections are being dropped
791019 Default file type association is broken on Windows 8
791027 Change Upper Sorbian [hsb] langGroup to x-central-euro
774644 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Missing ReferenceError with ion.
815605 Ensure the registered observer gets removed in places.js shared module
676344 Pulldown menu from <select> remains despite form submit, re-write
791037 Build issue from "IsInlineOutside" renaming, when MOZ_FLEXBOX is #defined
791039 Add support for 3rd party preinstalled apps to build system
815872 Memory leak in install confirm/deny notification code
799243 [b2g-bluetooth] Fix Bluetooth*Manager observer crashes due to non-RefCounted pointer
782860 Begin adding reftests for WebGL
811778 Make sure we only send crashes over wifi and queue them up otherwise for that case
782873 Need to provide sigslot.h from jingle or chromium/ipc for mtransport
782877 Intermittent browser_dbg_bfcache.js | uncaught JS exception - TypeError: element is undefined at deb…
815648 truncation of path and text with shadow
807457 [Browser] SVG content not repainted, when coming back from tab listing, or navigating back to it w/ …
627234 HSTS header not honored for subordinate (img) resource loads
766500 wifiManager.connectionInfoUpdate does not fire every 5 sec as said on IDL
807463 [sms] Possible wrong SMS DB upgrade code.
782888 assertion "Shouldn't be trying to restyle non-elements directly" when setting presentation attribute…
782890 BrowserNewTabPreloader.jsm and SafeBrowsing.jsm are referenced using the wrong URI
791084 Device Storage - Separate out different permissions based on storage type
788769 The update function in dbg-script-actors.js should also copy getters and setters to the target objec…
791088 Add telemetry for Connection Manager transaction time
791091 Fix some build warnings
807478 B2G: turn on jsloader.reuseGlobal
782903 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_bug422132.html | not scrolled to right by 0.5 line delta va…
799295 v8 crashing most runs on Linux32 PGO, in js::gc::MarkKind, on Gecko 18 and up
782915 Outparamdel nsHTMLTableRowElement getters
774725 Navigation toolbar height increased by ~10px after bug 771826 landed
782918 Get rid of controller.assert() calls in favor of expect.* and assert.* methods
724666 Use the CGIOSurfaceContext APIs on Lion
725580 Partially transparent transformed div unexpectedly invalidates content when visible content disappea…
791122 "Assertion failure: footer()->ionCode() == ((IonCode *)0x1) || footer()->ionCode() == ((IonCode *)0x…
799323 Intermittent test_profiler_actor.js | test failed, | false == true, | head_dbg.js got console messag…
776293 Right-clicking a hyperlinked image and pressing "a" no longer copies the hyperlink URL. (Email ImAge…
791138 SPSProfiler.cpp:410:73: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-…
774757 Paris Bindings cause static initializers
791144 Remove useless __exposedProps__
791146 getBuildConfiguration() returns the wrong value for gczeal and threadsafe
791147 [b2g-bluetooth] Implement pairing from remote side
807535 Avoid toggling Ion write barrier too often
791157 "Assertion failure: !bce->script->noScriptRval" with evaluate()
791162 [b2g-bluetooth] Fix off-main-thread access of BluetoothService::Get
788586 Inferred names for anonymous JavaScript functions could be more accurate
791167 SIGSEGV when decoding H.264 videos using hardware codec
807557 Prevent background apps from launching Web Activities
786317 [GCLI] selecting a completion from a menu no longer works
796410 "Assertion failure: !defined || enabled (We defined a constructor but the new bindings are disabled?…
802242 mirror mozbase -> m-c for week of Oct 16
791182 [b2g-bluetooth] Send system message when pairing process is finished
747629 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (a ... b) ends beyond length c or has end before start…
779225 GCLI does not accept auto-completed 'help' command without arguments
818627 UNSUFFICIENT_STORAGE error is not triggered correctly
791189 [b2g-bluetooth] Disabling bluetooth in settings app crashes main process
807575 Only register activities when needed at startup
766616 proper ui on transport failures
815769 Only require an https payment provider if the dom setting says to
791197 [b2g-bluetooth] BluetoothHfpManager prototype
799391 Remove libiw check
795047 Wifi: Add support for scan_ssid to search for hidden networks
815783 PAC file://localhost/User... urls in from system proxy configuration broken
791209 Nightly l10n repacks failing on Linux(32+64) due to old GCC (vers. 4.1.1) (Firefox & Thunderbird)
791213 GetIntPref() in nsMediaPluginHost.cpp returns nsresult instead of bool in failure paths
791215 Test plugin hang submission
791216 Work around gcc enum class compiler bug
783025 Replace String.indexOf(...) != -1 with String.contains(...) in browser/base/
785422 silence gcc -pedantic warnings in cairo
815802 Not showing installed apps in about:apps after fennec restarted
651965 Installer user interface rewrite
791230 nsTextStore.cpp fails to compile on GCC (mingw)
815807 Make Marionette load later in B2G startup cycle, except when --load-early is passed
742089 some italics are not rendered
791244 Undo the pref for the temporary hangserver for beta channels until Socorro is awesome
791245 Must include license for ACE for webrtc code
807631 Receiving multi-part SMS doesn't work.
799441 install gio extension
742101 Relicense pdf.js to Apache License 2.0
799447 sometimes the social toolbar button is blank
815833 [contacts] Add PhoneNumberJS to ContactsDB
783066 Gaia homescreen background isn't transparent when it's loaded out of process
799452 [b2g-bluetooth] Send system message 'receiving file confirmation'
807647 Hang when calling DataChannel.send
62178 implement mechanism to prevent sending insecure requests from a secure context
751739 Scratchpad could identify itself
791268 [b2g-bluetooth] No attempt made to enable/disable firmware if bt_is_enabled returns -1
791269 dlopen opensl library
799462 GCLI jsb command should revert jsbBraceStyleDesc, jsbBraceStyleManual strings
807659 B2G 3G: Support HTTPS proxy
799469 pac file alert() broken
799470 pac file dnsResolve() should return null on fail
791283 [b2g-bluetooth] Creating system message for pairing requires jsrequest
799477 compilation error in PeerConnectionImpl.cpp: CSFLog.h:68: ‘va_list’ has not been declared
791287 Device Storage - stat() doesn't always reflect disk usage immediately
799482 [OTA update] No way of resuming after app crashes
807676 Trusty UI for identity clobbers the scope of Trusty UI for payments
814549 nsAppShell destructor segfaults when no input reader thread is created (as happens in an OOP app)
742144 Need to support typedefs in the WebIDL parser
791301 Generic fallocate code is broken for files smaller than system block size
791305 Use libjpeg's color conversion code instead of our own.
799498 [responsive mode] Disable floating scrollbars
799502 Override the UA string for moodle to get the rich text editor rather than plain textareas
799506 Images with opacity<1 and border styling sometimes not painted completely since DLBI
779054 SocialAPI sidebar is added to chromehidden=[menubar,toolbar,directories] window on session restore
791318 Installing a packaged app that is certified or a privileged app that is not signed is currently allo…
791322 GC: Unexport Rooted classes that are not part of the public API
791328 fails
799536 Sync services are running on b2g
783149 System Message API - Buffer messages in shell.js until the system app has started
791344 Browser freeze, allocates all memory when viewing a particular type of video with a particular build…
791345 Support non-wrappercached objects in proxy-based bindings
791347 Support non-nsISupports refcounted natives and non-refcounted natives in new DOM bindings
774970 Allow new-binding this unwrapping to deal with old-binding objects in some cases
799547 Network stats landing in dom/network broke MozTCPSocket when MOZ_B2G_RIL is defined (like on Otoro d…
782777 mousemove events are dispatched with movementX and movementY both set to 0 every other time
791364 Using <canvas> instead of <img> on Gaia homescreen make the homescreen crashy.
791366 Implement memory reporters missing on BSDs
791367 nsDOMFileReader::ReadFileContent opens a channel without associating it with a load group
693067 Intermittent test_audio_event_adopt.html | Test timed out, followed by other timeouts and a crash
791372 Navigator::MozIsLocallyAvailable doesn't associate its docshell with a load group
791376 Simplify JSObject::swap
799572 clang update broke NSS
791384 Update Hyphen to version 2.8.6
783869 Convert nsDirectoryService::mProviders from nsISupportsArray to nsTArray
783197 Ensure restoreDefaultEngines() completely resets the installed engines
791392 mozWifiManager: expose a list of known networks
807777 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by read/unread
807779 [settings] allow readonly transactions
791398 Work around profiler OOM'ing on low-memory devices
791399 Profiler tries to write to directory where it doesn't have privileges
791400 [AccessFu] Refactor accessfu to allow OOP content
799595 Reduce the cost of taking screenshots for the app switcher
791404 Raise the sample interval to 10ms on android/gonk
701299 crash nsGlobalWindow::LeaveModalState
791413 Attempting to pair Otoro to a macbookair will crash immediately
791416 document parameters to nsStyleContext constructor and remove aPresContext parameter
799609 Disable places, global history in b2g
799611 Change stub installer fallback page for Nightly, Aurora, and Beta
807805 Remove app.reportCrashes from b2g.js now that we have crash reporter settings in the UI
791422 Support more flexibility in qcms output format
791427 Speed up SMIL reftests on Android
816004 password delay timer is too short on Gonk/B2G
815937 Search suggestions animation glitchy on some devices
807817 Let Marionette logging get dumped as well as saved to a logfile
791434 Text shadow with transparency is rendered too light
791436 [b2g-bluetooth] Readd reserved service reg/unreg for bluetooth
750480 hang when loading empty java applet with click-to-play
791445 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending(),"
783172 HTML video shows invalid mime type when playing in B2G browser app
799644 Graphical corruption with opacity and canvas in Maps app
791461 Can't create more than 10 datachannel objects
791462 IonMonkey: SIGILL in js::ion::Cannon on Snapdragon CPUs
799656 Decrease b2g's javascript.options.mem.high_water_mark from 32mb to 6mb
783273 Intermittent browser_350525.js, browser_bug734076.js | uncaught JS exception - NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Fai…
807850 Add a memory reporter for the nsScriptNameSpaceManager
570283 Stop sending Proxy-Connection
783288 "conformant" is not recognized as a valid word
785909 FileMediaResource::Open does blocking IO on the main thread
785910 [Developer Toolbar] Inspector button and Web Console buttons remain selected after opening a new tab
779084 Move querySelector stuff out of nsGenericElement and into nsINode
807884 Add memory reporters for nsComponentManager and nsCategoryManager
816079 Add --gecko-path and --logcat-dir to xpcshell harness
783313 Need to be able to negotiateRTP/SAVPF
791509 Mac OSX 10.8 failures and unexpected passes in webgl test suite
570326 add support for background-size in background shorthand property (css3-background)
807896 Reduce the initial size of SPS's strings hashtable
786406 Move the tab drag image away from the cursor to prevent it from obscuring the dragged tab
791518 crash [@ nsDragService::TargetDataReceived] dragging a tab to a different Firefox process
791521 crash in mozilla::WebGLContext::LoseOldestWebGLContextIfLimitExceeded
783331 Add Phdr pointer to dl_iterate_phdr implementation
791525 Context menu items for page rotation are hard coded in English
791526 MathJax seems to fail on some (not all!) sites due to enablePrivilege removal
791527 crash in mozilla::net::ProxyAutoConfig::SetupJS @ JS_ExecuteScript
791531 crash in nsStreamListenerWrapper::Release with abort message: "Main-thread-only object used off the …
798205 move ia2 files under ia2 directory
791538 Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(NodeList.prototype, "length") throws
594935 support calc() on gradient stop positions
635897 Weird rendering of the Identity information and Edit bookmark widgets with metacity compositor
766973 don't allow synchronous DNS queries from the main thread
791556 Can not build language pack for Firefox 18.0a1 anymore
783372 use HyperTextAccessible directly in atk{,Editable}Text impl
791565 Fix undefined variable use in nsDOMStorageDBWrapper::FlushAndDeleteTemporaryTables
791566 Update old new proxy bindings to BaseProxyHandler::hasInstance changes
791567 Cleanup nsSystemTimeChangeObserver::Notify
791573 Finalize ArrayBuffers in the background
791574 Use a Unix-compatible list2cmdline in
799768 B2G desktop doesn't redraw the UI properly
783392 RadioInterfaceLayer broadcasts radio-state information to all content processes
791589 IonMonkey: BraidJump crash: visitApplyArgsGeneric() doesn't use ImmGCPtr for ArgumentsRectifier
758823 configure creates egg-info directories in the source tree
779100 test_stricttransportsecurity.html manages to empty the load group for a docshell-generated about:bla…
783405 Selecting year of birth in using mouse is very slow
783408 Delete cookiejar when we remove a B2G app
799793 Bounds computed by bit and are incorrect.
780330 Only lock the surface in ThebesLayerBuffer when we need to use it
799796 Measure style sheets only visible from Loader
791607 Remove unnecessary |#include <new>| directives.
791608 Fix JS shell compiler warnings
758843 Building with GTest has visibility issue on Linux
791613 Taskbar shouldn't be migrated when installing silently.
791616 1 pixel dancing by caret moving in certain element
783426 Async firing for FireSuccess/Error on DOMRequest
799812 Android NoIon builds need to bump their branding on merge day
799813 cairo-qt fails to build
766817 websockets causing repeated auth prompts?
590690 Assigning to an array's length cheerfully deletes non-configurable properties
767056 crash in nsRegion::Or (when I test Bug 766956, browser crashes when resize browser)
799825 [wifi] Unable to connect to WPA Network
787299 Device Storage - Filter out mimetypes during calculation of disk usages
813241 Including and/or using ScopedNSSTypes.h sometimes causes linking errors due to GCC visibility featur…
803684 Add a memory reporter for in-memory blobs
791642 nsIAudioManager: support voice volume
794127 hal::AdjustSystemClock should take a 64-bit value
808030 Camera - choose smallest thumbnail non-0x0 size
791650 [b2g-bluetooth] 'Connected' attribute in device should a 2-byte array
791652 Navigator::GetMozTime doesn't always set its outparam when returning success
815974 [System] Remember geolocation permission for an app is broken
799849 Wrap nothrow libstdc++ operators so that dynamic libraries that use them go through jemalloc when it…
807783 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by delivery (sent/received)
784573 [Azure] Cairo path transforms broken
799592 Add nsIDOMWindowUtils API to allow marking windows as closable-from-script regardless of dom.allow_s…
791669 [New Tab Page] don't immediately preload the new tab page on startup
791674 B2G RIL: Revise (U)Sim Service Table
709756 expand/close marks and html elements are not aligned in html inspector
791682 Hal's sSystemTimeObserver should be called sSystemTimeObservers
791683 Remove legacy code parts from Panorama
799877 java.lang.IllegalStateException: at android.widget.ListView.layoutChildren( with Adapt…
775302 Stub out the implementation of mozAudioContext
791687 Remove support for NSIS 2.33
787308 convert table cell accessible implementations to new interface
783500 Hook up IdleAPI to permissions manager
815522 Start and stop the remote debugger without restarting b2g itself
783517 Win8 crash in atidxx32.dll (ATI driver version 8.982.0.0)
799902 need pretty branding for stub installer (file naming)
775327 App ID generation and storage is unsafe
791715 Device Storage - Ensure device storage is only used by webapps
783525 B2G RIL - Redefine the error report policy when handling SIM locks and PIN is wrong.
808106 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by date
783531 Implement a "select word at point" text selection routine in nsIDOMWindowUtils
808108 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by phone number(s)
808110 No HTTP Traffic is being seen fired for stub installer pings when installing Firefox
791731 Animations on are not smooth, spend a lot of CPU time in the JPEG decoder
758973 HTTP status 308 response results in nsIChannelEventSink::REDIRECT_TEMPORARY passed to nsIChannelEven…
791742 Alter blacklisting logic to consider substrings 'decimals'
799605 Mirror mozbase -> m-c for bug 799288 and bug 799507
696045 Battery API: MacOS X backend
769569 Check that was called as a result of user input
775368 Porting Websockets to WebIDL
783562 blob: protocol wrong Content-Type header
758992 Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning a…
799956 Slow scrolling in nightlies when using opacity < 1
783573 Remove permissions whitelist from navigator.mozApps
774607 Remove JS_{Is,Make}SystemObject API
791774 Hook DOM lists up to the new DOM bindings
562403 nsPrefetchNode::GetStatus warning: large integer implicitly truncated to unsigned type
799975 build failure in firefox/media/webrtc/signaling/src/media/VcmSIPCCBinding.cpp with system nss
703537 Implement Harmony direct proxies
799978 [OTA update] Update fails to locate update.xml file
808171 setting enabled results in double notifications
808176 should also show the Error Console menuitem
718067 Framework for metrics data collection
783605 DOM Full screen should disable social sidebar
791799 Settings: Remove mozSettings.getLock
791801 In constructor ‘mozilla::gfx::AlphaBoxBlur::AlphaBoxBlur... ‘mozilla::gfx::AlphaBoxBlur::mStride’ wi…
808193 [bluetooth] pairing crashes both phones
783618 Add support for verifying DTLS fingerprints to mtransport
791811 [b2g-bluetooth] DeviceCreated signal asserts due to BluetoothService access on DBus Signal thread
791816 [DeviceStorage] File overwrite on b2g device
567511 Setting document.domain breaks canvas getImageData functionality
750862 Implement WEBGL_compressed_texture_pvrtc
791829 [OTA update] No way of resuming a stopped/partial update
775447 Let content touch-event listeners cancel async pan/zoom
808218 Update more NSS declarations to have const parameters
808219 Firefox Health Report XPCOM service
808220 [SMS API] Retrieve a 'sent' message show field 'sender' as 'undefined' STRING, not undefined
791837 Talos Trace Malloc Leaks increase on multiple platforms
791838 build broken after bug 787933 landed
800031 Include paint time in tab switch telemetry
816416 B2G SMS: Use system messages to notify sent sms events
798356 Conversion from boolean to pointer type in TransportDIB::Map
808231 Make showing the homescreen instant again after bug 806029
732874 Telemetry stopwatch: "key was already initialized" errors in logs
813277 Unable to long-tap hold on the home-screen to invoke the wallpaper menu
808243 sidebar load event could cause sidebar's browser isActive and visibility event to be sent when hidde…
799229 Move the ForgetAboutSite module and the related tests from browser/components/privatebrowsing/ to to…
816442 crash in nsNPAPIPluginStreamListener::OnStartBinding @ QuickTime with Flip4Mac
729994 Jetpack content script specific wrapper
767296 pdf viewer plug "third-party" and disabled when using trunk build
808259 Don't kill a process because of missing permissions.
785974 IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_URSH with known double type without bailouts
808262 Otoro/unagi sometimes start up in landscape and can't be switched to portrait
783687 Use custom event in the chat box to update the titlebar, similar to apptabs
734546 Add DASH Support (WebM): Initial Code Drop
783702 getElementIfPresent ends up invoking non-own |has| trap on proxy with hasPrototype()
644444 Using Background-Size Combined With -moz-repeating-linear-gradient hangs Firefox
759133 turn focus logging macros into standard a11y logging
816480 crash in nsEventListenerManager::RemoveEventListener
791906 Replace NSPR integer limit constants with stdint ones
791907 Remove prtypes.h #includes in editor/
791908 Remove prtypes.h #includes in image/
791910 Wifi: Dying message managers don't get correctly unregistered
791911 Wifi: Dying message managers don't get correctly unregistered (real fix)
734569 The width of table cells are incorrect when colspan specified
783723 Intermittent test_bug751809.html | Waited too long for plugin to activate, | plugin should be activa…
800110 Mirror mozbase -> m-c for bug 800097
783727 Add psutil Python package to mozilla-central
791920 Keyboard does not always show up in inline disposition window
802366 Make the browser vs. app distinction clear, make our APIs sane, and let browser processes inherit th…
800118 provide buildID, version, and dogfooding_prerelease_id in URL for MAR update files
791928 [b2g-bluetooth] Broadcast bonding-related events with device name
742781 Implement WEBGL_debug_renderer_info extension
791935 B2G STK: Implement 'MT Call Event', 'Call Connected' and 'Call Disconnected' Envelope commands
742790 B2G SMS: rename ondelivered to ondeliverysuccess, add ondeliveryerror event and add SmsMessage.deliv…
775559 Configurable media streams using AddStream and RemoveStream up to 2 streams
791944 Use Object.defineProperty() instead of __defineGetter__ in XPCOMUtils.defineLazyGetter()
791945 [b2g-bluetooth] Assertion failed when checking type of propertychanged message
800138 setting "devtools.debugger.force-local" to false breaks Marionette in b2g
796909 Use 2x Images on About:Home for HiDPI
791953 gfxFont.h(2080) : warning C4244: 'return' : conversion from 'double' to 'float', possible loss of da…
777614 [Skia] Do another rebase
816535 [Apps] applyDownload() fails after restarting a canceled download
791962 Time API: Clean up the usage comment in nsIDOMTimeManager (s/seconds/milliseconds)
800157 Make User Agent overrides affect navigator.userAgent in addition to the HTTP header
783778 Update Google favicon in the search bar
734628 Firefox installer writes incorrect AppID value (with a leading space) to the Windows 7 registry resu…
800166 Fire low-memory notifications when a process is backgrounded (and ensure that this triggers a GC)
791975 move test_bug760802.html from mochitest-plain to mochitest-chrome
783784 No Firefox win32 l10n builds for mozilla-central since Aug 15th
800170 [BrowserAPI] Modify getScreenshot() so it accepts max-width, max-height
791981 PFS update required for new Shockwave v11.6.7.637 release
795549 [Skia] Ensure the TileProc functions only exist once in the Skia library
751034 Support remote profiling Via Remote debugging protocol
792001 IonMonkey: Fix FromCharCode race condition
792002 [b2g-bluetooth] Implement HFP message handler
800198 Stop unnecessarily invalidating transformed frames when the page is scrolled
803745 Need to package B2G mochitest manifest in
798284 [responsive mode] dispatch some events
784631 C++ compilation error jsinterp.cpp:3685
800206 Invalidation issues for images as they are loaded
718293 nsHTMLDocumentSH::CallToGetPropMapper uses JS_GetStringCharsAndLength but does not anchor the result
808411 Intermittent crash in test_richtext2.html, test_input_attributes_reflection.html, test_smilCSSFromTo…
792030 webConsoleButton.label appears unused, we should remove it
807845 provide a jsfriendapi to ask "who is my caller's outermost enclosing function"?
808417 should print the actual exception if one occurred during dm.recordLogcat() or refte…
808419's waitForFinish() should print to the log when maxTime is reached
766886 Intermittent test_pluginstream_seek_close.html leak of 1 nsAuthURLParser, 1 nsHashtable, 1 nsNPAPIPl…
783847 Webapp RT code living in toolkit should not load l10n from browser/
800235 Uploading and playing ogg videos doesn't work
792050 Allow to precompile startup cache without omnijar'ing first
792054 Use the legacy User Agent string (containing Gecko/20100101) for some possibly-broken online banking…
800247 [b2g-bluetooth] User has no way of knowing when device disconnects.
808441 Enable dom/base mochitest for B2G
811946 dom/bluetooth/BluetoothServiceUUid.h declares static objects in a header file
792065 Uninitialised value use in nsIdleServiceDaily::DailyCallback
538114 qcms doesn't support LUT ICCv2 profiles (both LAB & XYZ)
796929 [gcli] command line stops working
800267 [Cellular & Data] Doesn't work anymore
786008 Add a debug check to make sure that QueryInterface implementations always handle nsISupports
800275 n^2 algorithm used to iterate pending worker ports in FrameWorker.createSandbox
792085 IonMonkey merge broke powerpc and sparc64
788741 Crash in nsWebBrowserPersist::CalculateAndAppendFileExt() with too long file extension
792101 security.mixed_content.block_active_content causes crash in nsMixedContentBlocker::ShouldLoad
802396 Android Service-based updater downloads wrong architecture update package for ARMv6.
792109 Generate an outmix per opensl cubeb context, not stream
598401 remove support for Quickdraw NPAPI
603697 [Cocoa] Kana key and Eisu key don't fire key events
816695 Blocklist LLvmpipe graphics driver
800313 [b2g-bluetooth] Refine system messages interface for bluetooth file-sharing app
800319 Investigate possibility of gradient cache backend mismatches
808513 Intermittent errors during unagi and panda build: "/utils.js:67: NS_ERROR_FILE_ALREADY_EXISTS / mak…
792135 Add which Python package to the tree
800329 multiple locales don't build properly on win32, empty values break
783950 Refresh ffi patches
786019 gcc 4.2 is dead, simplify this code
726615 Support W3C touch event instead of MozTouch event
775777 IPDL actor deserialization allows type punning from maliciously-constructed packets
783971 [gcli] GCLI popup not appearing at its correct position
808550 Test failure 'An update has been found' because the same build as installed gets offered as an updat…
792168 Make network favicon requests inherit private browsing context of document (SeaMonkey Part)
792169 add NS_NewIMutableArray
817071 Desktop b2g builds broken by bug 809106 - 'nsINavigatorAudioChannelManager.h' file not found
800377 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify message timestamps
783995 enable <animate> of viewBox attribute in <view> element
792188 Import media/webrtc/signaling from alder to m-c
792190 Relax D3D9 driver version requirements
652928 manual proxy SOCKS configuration change doesn't have (immediate) effect
800386 Self signed certificates cannot be whitelisted with FoxyProxy Plus extension
792199 Only decode visible images immediately when switching to a tab
800263 [FM Radio] Launch the FM Radio with headphone already plugged-in will cause screen freeze
792202 mozboot not compatible with Python 2.6
792207 [Azure] Add recording backend for Azure.
792213 Conditionalize Mozilla crash reporter
792218 GC: more exact rooting for jsreftests
786031 nsFrame.cpp:846:42: warning: suggest parentheses around ‘&&’ within ‘||’ [-Wparentheses]
811175 should not install mozbase from github
87717 Conn: Offline: localhost/ not accessible
792231 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: [barrier verifier] Unmarked edge: element, at jsgc.cpp:5406
792234 IonMonkey: Differential Testing (--ion-eager): value of ('' / undefined) differs
792235 rm JS_SuspendRequest
792237 don't expose outstanding request count, just whether a context is "active"
792239 Assertion failure: [barrier verifier] Unmarked edge: <unknown>, at jsgc.cpp:5406
816817 Camera - improper MediaStream clean-up when DOMCameraPreview is not consumed
779209 Add support for 3GPP media files
800444 disable the HSTS preload list if firefox has gone 18 weeks without an update
808647 Disable failing sanity tests for B2G reftest
784075 Contacts API: DB upgrade error
784082 Disable non-mti codecs in media/webrtc
792277 Fullscreen mouse scrolling doesn't work
792279 Fullscreen mode is inconsistent
792280 function.caller returns null when called from different iframe
816859 [b2g-bluetooth] Failed to receive a file
800479 dialog.js cannot set properties on wrapped js object
816865 [b2g-bluetooth] When transfer is cancelled from remote, the progress bar hangs but not failed
792290 Change TimeSetting to TimeZoneSettingObserver
800486 Dump GC/CC logs upon receiving a signal
792295 social flyout panel doesn't adjust to new yOffset while open.
800488 leaking after page close
767725 Make a Windows Installer for MathML fonts
792302 Add a more useful pseudo stack entry for flushing to FlushPendingNotifications
792307 Gallery terminated on startup after "This file has not been opened (or could not be opened). Sending…
792314 Make print preview support display lists properly
784124 FreeBSD supports statvfs() since 5.0
784127 IonMonkey: Bailing from GuardShape from JM caches must update JM caches
792324 Access keys are fired for non-open popups
792325 Import libsrtp from alder to m-c
792329 AzureContentBackend : none after landing Bug 789367
767754 Move ApplicationAccessible logic from nsAccessNode to nsAccessibilityService
767755 Re-implement IsPrimaryForNode() using an Accessible::mFlags bit
784142 Assertion/crash when calling modal alert() from a closing window
792335 B2G RIL: Add a Helper to write Dialling Number
816913 B2G RIL: update phoneState when there's an incoming call
808724 Move the keyboard iframe above the application iframe and use the new property to ignore transparent…
792343 Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in some more of dom/
792345 [b2g-bluetooth] Handle call status change
792347 resource://app/ modules/components are cached as jsloader/resource/gre/... when the application dire…
808734 PermissionsInstaller.jsm AllPossiblePermissions doesn't expand correctly
792351 OOP frame is drawn mispositioned if both |transfrom: translateY()| and |top| CSS properties are set
808743 Better protection for PBrowser shutdown and database invalidation in multiprocess scenarios
818824 Fire an event when no audio channel is playing now
775987 Buttons in the Developer Toolbar should have a hover state
792372 crash in mozilla::ipc::AsyncChannel::CloseWithError
784185 Empty embed tags should not display plugin errors
792379 Don't include prtypes.h in base/basictypes.h
784188 IonMonkey: use BACKGROUND finalize kind template CallObject
775997 Message app crashes when run OOP
792385 nsJSEventListener as roots in CC graph
792387 Rule view should highlight which sections of a css selector matches an element
792390 Avoid calling textbox.focus() before
792391 Add a TARGET_LOCAL_INCLUDES variable to be used for compiling target sources only, not host sources
792394 Replace expect with waitFor to ensure the page title matches the underlined text in /testAwesomeBar …
808783 Get green set of Mn tests running on cedar so we can get them going on m-c
789904 QuerySelector doesn't set result to null on successful call with no matches
759639 Intermittent test_0202_app_launch_apply_update_dirlocked_svc.js | test failed (with xpcshell return …
784220 B2G telephony: expose call waiting status
792413 Large table renders Firefox unusable for a long period of time
767843 stop using nsIDOMHTMLOptionElement in a11y
792421 build failure in nsCookieService.h: "nsCookieService.h:72: error: cannot declare reference to ‘const…
784236 Ensure chat windows don't end up in history/places.
628590 nsIProtocolProxyService2 should have new iid due to changes in parent interface nsIProtocolProxyServ…
798355 Unneeded base class conversion operator in MachMsgPortDescriptor
784244 Intermittent "snow" artifacts in content
796452 #1931 forces excessive invalidation, causes bad perf with keyboard
806548 sync desktop b2g mozconfigs for linux
792442 increase dns cache grace period
792443 hal::RegisterSystemTimeChangeObserver should register the observer through sandbox
784256 Generate id->event type switch case from nsEventNameList.h
800641 Add mozfile to
784259 nsDOMMutationObserver should inherit nsWrapperCache
792452 MAR changes to embed multiple signatures (includes only libmar work not updater B2G specific work)
800817 [Keyboard][Browser][SMS] Keyboard will vanish when press any button on it
784262 Use generic install/copy rule in
817043 <audio moz-audiochanneltype="content"> doesn't work.
792471 accessing properties in window.navigator crashes browser
792474 Don't JS_ASSERT in xpconnect
795631 Valgrind on tbpl detects "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)" with mozilla::…
792480 Gfx driver block request: AMD driver 8.982.0.0
808865 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify getNumberOfMessagesForText
808866 do not create location providers in child process
751528 Click-to-play placeholder is broken on some flash pages
792489 Use filepicker's open() instead of the obsolete show() in test pilot files
784300 Make self-hosted non-constructor functions not have a prototype
792494 [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Develop tests to verify onstatechange events, and redundant operations
792495 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop test to delete an SMS
800689 [System] Support modal dialogs (alert/prompt/confirm) from inline activity frames
792502 Kill the FunctionTimer code
792503 Keyboard access for Social API ambient notification panels
767930 Implement typed arrays as return values for WebIDL
767931 Mark drawWindow and asyncDrawXULElement as ChromeOnly in WebIDL
489404 Yoruba missing from language preferences
800701 Firefox 16 Flickers Menus and Dropdowns on secondary monitor with hardware acceleration enabled
792510 IonMonkey: Crash with Illegal instruction (SIGILL) with gczeal(4)
743755 Remove OSMesa support once LLVMpipe support lands
792517 nsContextMenu.js save as handler creates a channel without regard for privacy status
784329 Stagefright: Galaxy Nexus hardware decoder video is blank. Need OMX_TI_COLOR_FormatYUV420PackedSemiP…
802466 Youtube stream url requires signature
792528 StyleEditor.jsm creates a new channel out of thin air
751572 OMTC Linux: Both content side and compositor side layers try to paint.
792533 gcli screenshot command provides a null privacy context initializer to the clipboard transferable
792536 Enable contacts and settings tests on mobile
792541 DLL block request: sprotector.dll
792542 CSPRep.fromString creates a channel out of thin air
563169 Use system proxy settings doesn't work on Windows
759780 nsAlertService::Init/Growl does main thread IO blocking for 2 seconds
802457 Modal XUL dialog regression with FF 17 beta
784367 Problem on non-ASCII document.cookie & document.write
784368 "make package" broken in ASan builds (GC related ASan failure)
792565 Clarify documentation for nsITransferable.Init
776182 [b2g-bluetooth] Socket communication for bluetooth devices (Needed for HFP/FTP Support)
784378 Apps API - Clear Private Data
784382 Mixed subpixel and grayscale AA on windows 8
792577 Crash when two activities have the same href in manifest.webapp
792582 Make nsBaseChannel inherit from nsIPrivateBrowsingChannel for PDFStreamConverter usage
817496 DeviceStorage does not fire a change event when a video is recorded.
784402 Pointer Lock must respect iframe sandbox flag
808983 Should not call hal_sandbox::Vibrate when ipc is broken
784410 Scrolling by the turn of the mouse wheel stops working on certain element
798383 crash in js::ion::IonCacheGetProperty::attachCallGetter , Peacekeeper crashes.
792604 Permission Settings followup fixes
792605 Replace manual isObject() check with NonNullObject in ParallelArray ops and refactor reporting error…
800799 http-on-modify-request now called after JS that started the load is no longer on the stack
784728 BatteryObserver is RefCounted, but pointer is managed manually
808994 B2G SMS: Expose the `strict7BitEncoding` setting through the setting API.
800804 [OTA update] Tapping Update now, does not restart and update
746502 Browser API: add support for <meta name=viewport>
817197 Packaging support for multi-locale gecko
809006 B2G Network Manager: Unable to set default route and DNS when required system properties not availab…
776239 Unpref XHR bindings
792625 xpcshell does not accept non-ASCII command line arguments
776243 Unpref WebGL context bindings
792631 IonMonkey: Slow property access perf regression.
792634 nsDeque.cpp:100:10: warning: deleting object of abstract class type ‘nsDequeFunctor’ which has non-v…
795658 Assertion failure: _mOwningThread.GetThread() == PR_GetCurrentThread() (GonkGPSGeolocationProvider n…
718910 Consider disabling Spotlight on profile dirs
669759 'Auto-detect proxy settings' causes some HTTP headers to be dropped
792641 Crash cleaning up gfxAlphaBoxBlur
792646 Implement the skeleton of source and destination nodes
792647 All Marionette telephony tests are failing on "cold boot"
800840 startup crash in XREMain::XRE_mainStartup
792649 Make the simplest of Web Audio test cases work (but not play any audio yet)
809034 Add an entry to project-level .hgignore file for PyCharm config files
800847 doesn't create working dependencies of Makefiles on gyp files
792656 [b2g-bluetooth] Fix typo of system message type
792663 BasicBuffer holds on to AutoOpenSurface buffers when it shouldn't
792665 Separate HTMLMediaElement.src from HTMLMediaElement.srcObject
784476 SDP C-Line should give default ICE candidate instead of local host IP
727133 Firefox shows as collapsed header only when used on Mac OS with multiple displays
768096 Make the Web Console use the remote debug protocol
792677 social flyout panel doesn't adjust for dynamic content changes
759911 include human readable build ID, version, and channel in device info
767818 Implement navigator.mozPay
792685 Add a way to have automagically inherited variable definitions in Makefiles
792688 Migrate the C++ translator away from NSPR number types
792689 Add some double negations to the macros in Likley.h
792698 IonMonkey: crash in js::Vector<unsigned char, 32, js::SystemAllocPolicy>::growStorageBy
806591 Add function to generate UUIDs
784508 Stop using setIsBrowserElement for docShell isolation in Frameworker.jsm
803861 [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Tests should wait for 'onalerting' event during outgoing call
751744 Add a Revert to Saved menu item to the scratchpad
779286 Can't scroll content in fullscreen in Firefox
800905 [AccessFu] Web content in every tab but the first is no longer accessible
751754 Allow separation between the update-available and start-download states in appcache
781731 [Azure] Cairo performance slow on Linux
809106 [music] Unplugging headphones while playing music should pause it
786117 Stagefright software decoder crashes playing Bloomberg video
784549 Screen Orientation API: lockOrientation() should accept an Array in addition of a DOMString
784563 Investigate being lazier about removing things from the purple buffer
727223 "Assertion failure: !obj->isBlock(),"
679626 crash in nsIDOMWindowInternal::GetDocShell with signature pointing to nsASDOMWindowEnumerator::GetNe…
760002 A lot of warnings if Aero Window Title is enabled on debug build: "WARNING: Multiple glass backgrou…
817349 "UnboundLocalError: local variable 'topFrame' referenced before assignment" in some logs, after bug …
809165 Add a updatedTime field to the application object
798413 Add the ability to export signatures from a libmar file
809172 Keyboard would not get onfocuschange when launched from Prompt window
786126 IonMonkey: Significant regression in dromaeo_dom
792790 Adapt translator/Java source to nullptr
784602 dom.identity.enabled pref missing from about:config
817371 [fr] Miscellaneous typo and inconsistent example
776416 Remove exceptions to 5MB quota rule in localStorage
776417 Prevent navigator.mozPay from being fired from apps in the background (in B2G )
817531 Wrong Referer is sent for table background images
792813 Fill in sessionConstants.h
760046 Add support for cubic spline interpolation in pdf.js
784765 IonMonkey: Inline actual string compare
785269 Replace a few DEPTH and relativesrcdir
792819 [b2g-bluetooth] BluetoothService::Notify() won't be called after receiving agent events
792821 Clarify documentation for imgITools.getImageCacheForDocument
792823 [b2g-bluetooth] BluetoothOppManager prototype
792825 Crash in js::gc::MarkObjectRange on CyanogenMod 10
792828 Fix warnings in netwerk/test/
809213 Move PhoneNumber.js from Gaia to Gecko
716501 Mark user data, which is owned by a black node, to black
792833 Don't unset current transaction until after savepoint has been released
792834 Make sure to always set errors on failed requests
784644 Test failure 'The page title matches the underlined text - 'grants' should equal 'grant' ' in /testA…
694539 Implement Long String grip actor message handling
792845 WARNING: GetScanCodeWithExtendedFlat() returns without extended flag
792846 SystemMessageInternal.js fails if one of the message receiver is closed
309524 Call ShouldProcess in all cases for <object>
722269 Firefox crash @ mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetD2D::DrawSurface
309531 remove some frame recreation from nsObjectLoadingContent
809245 Need a python abstraction layer for touch support
792867 Debugger mochitests leak when run separately
776487 Intermittent browser_dbg_propertyview-01.js, browser_dbg_propertyview-07.js, browser_dbg_location-ch…
768296 Ignore role="presentation" when global ARIA attributes are present or referred by ARIA relationship
792873 Intermittent crash in test_pointer-events.xhtml, test_value_storage.html, test_bug416317-1.html, tes…
809259 Camera - crash when rapidly switching back and forth between video and picture modes
809265 Update Identity js and jsm modules to use new global object
792882 Errant call to mm.broadcastMessage in Webapps.jsm
801075 [contacts] aRequest misspelled and a check for "request" which fails
817475 Unresponsive browser: Infinite Jäeger Monkey compilation.
792903 crash in DrawingContext::CreateLinearGradientBrush mainly with Location Bar Enhancer
801096 [settings] Set-Automatically for time should take effect *immediately* instead of waiting on next NI…
735561 Bugs in webrtc drop gyp files exposed by building on linux builders
727370 Bad(?) files in safebrowsing folder in user profile prevent loading any site after installing update
792907 Google Docs toolbar is not drawn
723362 Make an asynchronous variant of nsCacheEntryDescriptor::Doom
795704 Missing entries from test_interfaces.html
735576 [ruleview] The warning icon should disappear as soon as the value is correct
786148 s/IPC/ipc/
784783 [NSInternalInconsistencyException: Invalid message sent to event "NSEvent
792925 Dynamically-added tab-scoped actors should get a reference to their parent
791611 More exact rooting in jsinfer.cpp
792938 Device Storage - device storage report freeSpace as totalSpace.
792940 Minor cleanups in VolumeManager
799805 Failed fork (possibly during startup)
792952 B2G Wifi scanning using wpa_supplicant to improve geolocation.
817529 B2G RIL: SPN should be shown if device is in PLMN that is listed in EF_SPDI
792954 Add a WeakPtr implementation to use instead of nsISupportsWeakReference
784763 [DeviceStorage]: freeBytes in stat() result is wrong
798442 refactor Identity.jsm to allow delegation of work to a server-provided dialog
784766 Wifi: Verify that managers that talk to us have permission to do so
784768 Remove nsresult return value of nsMappedAttributes::SetAndTakeAttr
737003 Offer a way to apply user agent stylesheet on a given document
792968 Replace some regular expression string matches with String.startsWith and replace /^https?/ URI sche…
809367 SUTAgent gets into state where it will not execute commands, requires reboot
768399 GCLI output should not be forced to be xhtml
792980 Make it possible to skip adding an Bindings.conf entry for the classes which are currently empty
798446 startup crash in nsGlobalWindow::nsGlobalWindow
792983 Device Storage - device storage file types compares must be case insensitive.
784792 "ASSERTION: win should be closed or closing" with, gcslice
792988 Otoro builds broken: "media/omx-plugin/OmxPlugin.cpp:605: error: 'OMX_QCOM_COLOR_FormatYVU420SemiPla…
780698 Support more test suites in mozbuild
792990 Reset Sync causes all add-ons to be uninstalled
792993 Inverted colors drawn to screen after bug 788794 landed
753371 Invalidation/painting issues when paging down PDF
784808 Remove isInline GC size class check
719286 Implement embedded SVG glyphs in OpenType fonts
768442 It's impossible to add a sidebar inside a tab
793020 ###!!! ASSERTION: DOMBindingBase not thread-safe: '_mOwningThread.GetThread() == PR_GetCurrentThread…
795722 Firefox not rendering large images correctly since dlbi landed
793025 Convert FileReaderSync to WebIDL bindings
801218 Upgrade NSS to 3.14 Final (needs NSPR 4.9.3 final)
782070 Remove NS_NewPagePrintTimer and nsPagePrintTimer::Init
784840 Not getting OOPP crash reports for Flash Version: 11.4.402.265
801225 Cleanup and restructuring of Android services code to support product announcements feature
793036 Close all service windows on logout.
768461 add Accessible::HasNumericValue() method
776663 Assert permissions for WebTelephony and MobileConnection access
793051 Add pymake to virtualenv
776668 Split permission for Settings/Contacts access into ReadOnly and ReadWrite variants
776672 Check that app processes using the application management APIs have the right permission(s)
793061 Proper string type assertions in pymake
793062 Remove unused PostToJavaThread() and ExecuteNextRunnable()
801257 System Message API: Page would wrongly handle messages to be sent to other pages
743914 PDF renders as random noise
812114 Add an observer for the stop() method in private-browsing.js shared module
793073 B2G RIL: Quickly tapping Airplane Mode causes phone keeping in "Emergency Calls Only"
809459 SIGSEGV on startup in ClearOnShutdown<mozilla::StaticAutoPtr<nsTArray<nsCOMPtr<nsISmsRequest> > > >
793076 Do exact rooting in jsdate.cpp
743933 [b2g-bluetooth] Update B2G Bluetooth API to ICS code
793086 Exactly root JSClassInitializerOp functions
793088 Startup failure in localization builds since Aurora17.0a2 20120920042010
784897 Remove nsITCPSocket constants
784900 PDF Viewer In Aurora & v14 does not load
817669 WebSocket constructor fails from the scope of an add-on
809478 CSS Gradients aren't rotated correctly when used with CSS transforms rotate(90deg) and rotate(270deg…
797100 replace internal usage of nsIPluginInstanceOwner with nsPluginInstanceOwner
799019 Tweak per-compartment memory reporting
760331 Consider coalescing inline style rules across nodes when possible
784908 Fix terminology and coordinate spaces in FrameMetrics
784909 Add support for app-provided HiDPI mouse pointer/cursor
760334 Seemingly random characters appearing in
801295 mincore() call has incorrect type on tier3
784912 nsIStreamListener.onDataAvailable should handle 64-bit offset
793108 value selection popup will show up again while re-entering app
694807 Implement PeerConnection object
793116 Remove nsISupports argument to xpc_CreateGlobalObject
799834 Connect Android campaign product announcements preference to background service
781343 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending(),"
793126 crash with WebGL error message: "Failed to create temporary texture in system memory. Error code: 21…
809515 [b2g-bluetooth] No response when failed to connect to a headset
793132 Certain game benchmark screen is repainted partially
797106 don't use PR_BYTES_PER_WORD in nsTextFormatter*.cpp
776752 Handling adding Remote Media Streams to PeerConnection
793137 B2G STK: Support Proactive Command 'Play Tone', 'Refresh' and 'Poll Interval'
793138 In gcli typing inspect <selector> does nothing ... it should open the highlighter
793140 [b2g-bluetooth] Fixed wrong return value
795930 ArchiveReader should live behind a pref
809533 make nsPresArena and display list arena use infallible allocation
703041 WebConsoleHelp has an error at the top
809538 [b2g-bluetooth] Should reject file transferring request when there's no sdcard
760392 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Receiver not registered: org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoNetworkManager@<…
797111 GCC 4.7 opt build warning: ipc/glue/SyncChannel.cpp:91:13: warning: unused variable 'msgSeqno' [-Wun…
566370 Cleanup imageLib
790285 avoid nullptr -> false conversions
801362 Fixed typo (>= s/b <=) introduced in bug 797239
793175 Firefox 18 spike in crashes @ gfxContext::PushClipsToDT while hovering over tab preview in Task Bar
776793 [Azure] transparent text in XUL uses grayscale antialiasing instead of subpixel
776797 Lock down POfflineCacheUpdate
817758 using geolocation from the browser crashes
793186 MMI Codes: implement sendMMI() and cancelMMI()
793187 MMI Codes: Support PIN/PIN2/PUK handling via MMI codes
793189 MMI Codes: get IMEI
786193 callog chrome JavaScript spelled javascript
793192 MMI Codes: support call forwarding
736465 Pref for Inspect Element context menu item
793196 Speed up hasAttribute some
784829 Camera not working anymore
793201 Fix compiler warnings in Azure with MSVC
776818 Connect DTLS mtransport to SCTP
809587 canvas.toBlob() doesn't increment the JS malloc counter
793208 B2G RIL: Support call forwarding
744057 Assertion failure: copy < this
760447 Update .ua entry in PSL
776832 Add a scriptable API to assert app permissions through messagemanager
793219 DOM Bluetooth code uses nsresults where it means bools
809605 B2G Updates: Add %PRODUCT_MODEL% token for update URLs
793229 Some build configs broken by shadowed constant in OmxPlugin.cpp
776850 Kill content processes that fail backstop capability checks in the parent process
711315 RIL: reset state upon socket reconnect
785044 Replace the ThreadActor's private debugger object and its getter with a public property
785047 OOPP for Flash breaks some blind and low vision assistive technologies
793249 Change Hawaiian [haw] langGroup to x-western
793257 Crash [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::ProcessChildren(nsFrameConstructorState&, nsIContent*, nsStyleContex…
793258 s/PR_FALSE/false/ in defined-in-idl-files functions
785067 Outparamdel nsGlobalWindow::SaveWindowState
809644 Data provider for app info
793263 Remove #error from base/basictypes.h
785072 B2G RIL: Expose Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (ICCID) to certified apps through DOM API
801457 XULRunner windows builds busted since Sep 22 in winEmbed, cannot convert from 'uint32_t' to 'nsresul…
817842 Modify client to handle clock skew for If-Modified-Since header
809661 Need a speedy way to construct a thread list for SMS messages
711360 Mozmill endurance test for opening new window
809665 Boot animation support
809666 Cu.import("resource:///modules/ctypes.jsm").ctypes is undefined when jsloader.reuseGlobal = true
793284 IonMonkey: TestCommonPropFunc() may cause bogus invalidations
785095 B2G RIL - Error fetching records for ICC cards with RIL_APPTYPE_SIM = 1.
785096 Crash with Components.lookupMethod(sel.options, "add")
809677 recent httpd.js changes have broken xpcshell for B2G
793294 Implement AudioBuffer
96976 OBJECT alternate content fallback sometimes fails
795768 Clean up various JSContext uses
785109 Signaling code - strcat and strncat should be replaced with safe equivalents
785110 Signaling code - strtok and strtok_r should be replaced with safe equivalents.
801498 Bug 798040 uglified about:compartments
539356 Replace Invalidate() calls in reflow with display list analysis
701562 HTTPS DNS Sticks When Switching Proxies
793311 crash in nsDOMFileFile::nsDOMFileFile
776928 When doing lazy tab restoration, set the <browser>s in question to display:none until restored
793314 Remove PtrBits
793315 Fix mozGetMetadata with single-tag streams
793316 mai_util_get_root() called before nsAccessiblityService::Shutdown is set to false
686821 "level" object attribute not present on headings while tab is in background
776934 Camera - Hook up API (navigator.mozCameras) to WebAPI permissions manager
768744 GCLI places input elements incorrectly if element ancestory has a 'fixed' or 'absolute'
791676 [New Tab Page] don't start transition for dynamically created elements off a timeout
803385 Only dereference the cookie value if it is not undefined
785131 nsHTMLEditor::RemoveStyleInside may (still) process the passed-in node even when aChildrenOnly is se…
817901 Wi-Fi hotspot (Open) cannot be turned on with empty password
785134 Update jsb to fix various bugs
793329 If the trusted UI is closed on device, fire an onerror callback in mozPay indicating as such
826102 Geolocation maximumAge = 0 returns a cached fix
793338 click-to-play: implement multiple plugin doorhanger ui (vulnerability status bits)
809727 IndexedDB IPC blobs are missing FileInfo: [PBlobStreamChild] abort()ing as a result
786219 Lack for pdfjs/content/web/images/toolbarButton-fullscreen.png
801540 B2G AGPS should use the new RIL api to connect to the SUPL apn
793354 Chat icon is stretched
785167 ctypes gives out relocatable pointers to ArrayBuffer data
793361 Apps, SystemMessages: free message manager references for killed children
768786 Some accessible objects are not marked as offscreen
793365 Corruption when panning around in async pan/zoomed pages
785174 Implement Debugger.Object.prototype.evalInGlobalWithBindings
776985 Error in libs-xpcshell-tests command: shell metacharacter '~' in command line:
793370 crash in nsWebShellWindow::Initialize
793372 [DeviceStorage]: recognize 3gp videos and m3u and pls playlists
809758 Geolocation positioning stopped working
809760 [Contact][Keyboard] Keyboard can't be triggered after add a picture
784859 Make the Windows TimeStamp implementation faster
791686 png transparent alpha channel is displayed as a white background when using "view image" menu item
572200 Consider always caching reset structs on rulenodes when asked for them
797302 crash in mozilla::safebrowsing::Classifier::Check
785200 Remove logging from OS.File
793393 Can no longer build mozilla-central under windows using MSVC 9
809781 [b2g-bluetooth] Sending file failed
793400 Prepare test_bug370098.html for Node WebIDL binding
817983 [Wifi] DHCP failed to run, wifi status bar is always in connecting.
793408 Remove some prtypes.h #includes from gfx
793409 Fix OpenBSD/amd64 builds after bug 777292
793411 #include StandardInteger.h instead of prtypes.h in IPCMessageUtils.h
817989 [CONTACTS] Is not possible to save a contact with a very long phone number
768838 Intermittent test_bug549262.html | Page is scrolled down - didn't expect 0, but got it
793418 OS X Battery Backend: Report remaining time when charging if the power source supports it
796212 Add pref to toggle flexbox support
785233 Aborting with "[Child 2353] ###!!! ASSERTION: Must have an actor here!: 'dbActor', file /home/cjones…
736089 Wifi: Handle broken wifi configurations more gracefully
784869 Make createPattern's second argument not allow undefined for WebIDLbindings.
793440 Tautological constant out of range check on DOMSVGTransform.h
768868 App manifest should support application type
777061 Function .length property should not count rest parameters or parameters with default values
736104 WIFI: Don't treat all networks with the same SSID as equal
802620 crash in mozilla::FileBlockCache::Read @ on devices with Mali-400 MP GPU ru…
785259 the override in CheckCertOverridesbits are not correctly cleared
334700 Possible null pointer dereference in LogHeaders (nsHttpTransaction.cpp)
753659 Use fatal assertions for refcounting-on-the-wrong-thread assertions
785265 Pymake's use of subprocess.Popen is broken on non windows
793461 Uninstalling metro browser should remove the whole appusermodelid reg keys
809846 Click to Play doesn't play music on or other sites using the SoundManager2 library
790485 reflect-parse.js asserts since bug 788261 landed
797162 Make it possible to run b2g xpcshell tests from objdir/_tests/xpcshell
629633 Intermittent layout/reftests/bugs/363370-1.html | image comparison (==)
791711 [camera] camera sometimes shows completely black
768901 DMD double-reports heap blocks from the CSS code
793479 Rename AppProcessHasPermission to AssertAppProcessPermission
793482 Use xpc::GetCompartmentPrivate in a few more places
785291 Add support to load fonts from an APK
793484 Optimise simple gradients
793487 Edit Bookmarks Panel layout is incorrectly sized. Extra space area appears. The tree view is cut…
785298 Settings API: set() can carry a customized message to notify "mozsettings-changed" observers
793491 4 second hang in ScriptAnalysis::addTypeBarrier opening spreadsheet from Google Drive
793494 Non-libxul code can't include nsIWidget.h
651076 Weird rendering of the Identity information and Edit bookmark widgets with kwin compositor
793498 nsMediaSniffer.cpp:21:2125: warning: deleting object of polymorphic class type ‘nsMediaSniffer’ whic…
801693 Camera - video recording - need to plumb video recorder error-handling
580510 [fr] Update Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia logos for search plugins
801696 Device Storage doesnt enumerated 3gp files
744355 Add to the xpinstall whitelist
785319 Setting WebSocket.binaryType to an invalid value should no longer throw
785321 Replace PRUptrdiff with uintptr_t, prtdiff_t or etc
768939 [settings][l10n]Setting locale in gaia settings app should set LOCALE or general.useragent.locale in…
785324 Setting innerHTML on empty element selects the text in it
793517 Make nsDOMEventTargetHelper to unmark listeners during canSkip
801711 [OTA update] Set up 'promoted_to_stable' folder at
817651 Define MOZ_UPDATER in ics_armv7a_gecko builds to get xpcshell update tests
801716 Thunderbird Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_removeDataFromDomain.js | false == true
785333 Keep track of display-item data with merged frames
793528 Change default location for worker bindings headers to be "mozilla/dom/workers/bindings/InterfaceNam…
809913 SPDY fails with large POSTs with mod_spdy
785339 crash in mozilla::gfx::ScaleYCbCrToRGB565
785340 crash in OmxDecoder::ReadAudio
733002 Implement DOM layer for WebRTC dataChannels
793539 Valgrind on tbpl detects leak at malloc (24 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost) with GnomeVFS ent…
801733 [B2G] Some elements returning incorrect is_displayed properties
809930 Make provider collection API more resilient to failures
801742 B2G Updates: Display "No updates found" message during Force Update check
793551 Investigate lack of line numbers on some lines on tbpl Valgrind logs
793554 Devirtualize AddRef/Release on mozilla::css::Loader
808099 Camera - video recording - recorded video is always rotated 90° CCW
793558 Time API: changes does not persist after a restart
809944 Require access fields in manifests.
547801 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | ...layout/reftests/svg/smil/sort/sort-additive-1.svg
809947 Implement app.checkForUpdate for hosted apps
809948 [Webapps] Check for enough device storage before starting app download
777185 Hook up content process crash reporting for B2G
777186 IonMonkey: OOM Testing: Crash [@ js::ion::MBasicBlock::entryResumePoint]
818148 Use a system message when the application is closed
818152 dmADB uses subprocess.check_output() which is new in 2.7
777194 over invalidation when scrolling
793580 mochitest-other and xpcshell rather thoroughly broken on win64 by nsresult-enum
818158 mozContact.find() - contains lookup on the "tel" field failing
793583 Remove WINCE related code from js/src
777200 SettingsChangeNotifier should only notify processes with settings-change listeners
793585 Intermittent test_bug733553.html | Test timed out
793587 ASSERTION: "No frame for list item" in HTMLListBulletAccessible::Name
809972 settings.js: gracefully handle missing nsIAudioManager on desktop builds
784894 put NPOTB tools/utilities in js/src/devtools
777206 SystemMessageInternal broadcasts information to all content processes
777208 ActivitiesService should not broadcast information to all content processes
769021 Leak nsTArray_base with "backface-visibility: hidden", border-radius
801793 10-15-2012 Unagi builds are built off of m-c, not aurora
783021 System time: listen to timezone settings changes and update system timezone
797185 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting different output w/without --ion-eager with toSource
793609 [b2g-bluetooth] Wrong value passed into KeepDBusPairingMessage()
793612 nsSVGArcConverter is not robust against zero-sized arc segments
809998 [Apps] app.ondownloaderror never gets called
728079 Assertion failure: pn2->pn_u.binary.iflags & 0x1, at js/src/frontend/Parser.cpp:5504
797113 Form on VIA Rail Canada site not rendering properly (TypeError: Value not an object)
769041 Remove some unneeded __proto__ special-cases
760858 Need WebRTC Media Transport Abstraction for Peer Connection and mTransport
793634 Force builds to be compatible with gtk 2.18/glib 2.22
810025 Don't output loglines to stdout if they just consist of TEST-START and TEST-END
793644 Browser API - Fire an event on mozbrowser iframes to confirm reload of a POST request
798129 Unbreak --enable-jprof and --enable-dmd builds
793656 Progressive tile upload causes flickering when invalidating
810041 [B2G] SpecialPowers.pushPrefEnv throws in mochitest
785466 DebugProtocolTypes should be deleted
793659 Download button doesn't work
801855 [OTA update][Security Review] Check update download progress to prevent overly large update from bei…
810053 Add test for Bagheera obsolete document deletion
793672 Allow a RDP client to get events from the remote server
777292 Make nsresult an enum
769101 "App Tabs" should be renamed to avoid confusion
777298 Intermittent browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_propertyview-04.js | Test timed out | TypeEr…
818259 Remote xpcshell, undefined reference to DMError
784910 Pymake: adjust sys.path so that native commands can load other modules from their own directories
793690 background: radial-gradient does not repaint properly when close dialog box or maximize browser wind…
797199 Signaling - Unused methods should be removed from Call interface.
810082 click-to-play: improve handling of invisible or hidden plugins (e.g. on music sites like Pandora)
810083 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify receiving a multi-part SMS
736358 do not prompt users to "open the add-ons manager" when a restartless add-on finishes installing
695399 Remove calls to nsICacheSession::openCacheEntry on the main thread
683879 xpcom: no support for FreeBSD ia64 ipc/chromium/src/build/build_config.h
793709 Sign B2G MAR files, provide 3 certs to use for testing
793715 Switch to Tab no more 0.1 breaks awesomebar since 20120923 Nightly
812223 Take 2 - negative download times in stub installer pings
793725 [markup panel] Add a preview of the DOM tree (à la Sublime Text)
769150 Pointer lock doesn't work in web apps
785536 Add MPAPI GetPref so platform decoders can query about:config prefs
786283 Wifi: Report when a scan attempt fails.
801925 Display an informational banner on subsequent crashes
785542 Convert usages of PR_MIN and PR_MAX to NS_MIN and NS_MAX
752850 [Responsive Mode] It should be possible to hide the scrollbars
785545 unrefactor mozApps tests for maximum readability/reliability
793111 Mobile Virtual Network Operator Service Provider Name display
812226 Package synthetic_gestures.js with the marionette_client
785551 Do not use internal string pointers in the frontend
785554 TouchEvent.changedTouches[] includes unchanged touches in OOP processes
810132 Add remote data deletion to policy and scheduling
782311 Scrolling causes artifacts on some NVIDIA GPUs due to removed D3D10_RESOURCE_MISC_GDI_COMPATIBLE fla…
810137 remove video formats that we do not support
793759 Implement HalChild::ActorDestroy and prevent HalChild calls to HalParent after ActorDestroy is calle…
744610 [Page Thumbnails] WARNING: Surface width or height < 0!: file gfx/thebes/gfxASurface.cpp, line 359
777383 TI: Don't add undefined type to property reads before test instructions
810152 spdy 0 length no fin data frame handling
580781 Efficiently share BasicImageLayer/BasicImage data with BasicShadowImageLayer
662702 [meta] Land type inference branch to Tracemonkey
784925 Readback w/OGL layers broken on Mac
736432 IonMonkey: ARM can flush the wrong cache
802675 mozApp.checkForUpdate isn't working for packaged apps
801972 [OTA update] The same update version is notified and applied after updating
777400 disable mozApps.installPackage API in Firefox for Desktop and Android
795850 [b2g-bluetooth] BluetoothHfpManager failed to be added as observer of mozsettings-changed
801987 [OTA update] system notification never reappears after dismissing "Later" and then force updating
752839 Sluggish tab opening animation with about:newtab enabled
793809 Take FM radio initialization off main thread
797316 Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code
720083 Workers: add support for transferable objects from HTML5 spec
785622 Some files are always rebuilt during incremental builds because of dangling .pp files
774009 Intermittent browser_overflowScroll.js | uncaught JS exception - TypeError: aTab.linkedBrowser is nu…
793823 GC: exact rooting for Bindings
785632 Remove the permission manager workaround for Gaia
810209 Initialize cookie service at startup
785634 crash in JSContext::saveFrameChain mainly with Roboform
802683 packaged app issues
687332 Move various onfoo event listeners off of DOM objects and into event listener managers
793829 no debug symbols for in-tree freetype
785638 use yasm(1) on ELF platforms by default
810215 "explicit/atoms-table" reporter always returns 0
785642 Return failure from nsDocShell::CaptureState if SaveWindowState returns null
785645 Can't implement constructors in self-hosted JavaScript
567848 Split up nsSVGUtils into more granular utility classes
785650 Make it easier to stop searching for scripts in the Debugger
777460 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::CreateSharedHandle on Honeycomb and above
797225 Add Stagefright software decoder fallback for hardware decoders that report unknown video color form…
818425 [fr] Better translation for "Show product announcements"
777467 Update the same-origin policy for principals to include appid/isinbrowserelement
744700 B2G 3G: Notify connection errors in the WebMobileConnection API
785662 Create a media cache directory per "privilege domain"
785663 [keyboard]When IME appears, focused input element should not be hidden by keyboard
785666 [CC] Get rid of old-style Suspect and Forget
785667 Make plugins work with HiDPI mode on the Mac
785673 nsprotocolproxyservice::asyncresolve double applies filters
744714 B2G RIL: support for SIM card toolkit
785676 Intermittent browser_social_isVisible.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through wind…
761102 focus may be missed when ARIA active-descendant is changed on active composite widget
802063 [Settings] Won't remember the Data Connection status after reboot
810259 Add screenshot support to Marionette
810260 xul:deck hidden pages shouldn't be offscreen
793880 tautological-constant-out-of-range-compare warning in the assertion in nsCSSSelector::SetPseudoType …
802073 Receive input event twice from input tag type:time and type:date
654618 nptest.cpp:1084:58: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
797231 Clip path region is incorrect with direct2d
802080 [b2g-bluetooth] Send system message with valid connected device addresses
793136 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp.onPrepareOptionsMenu(…
795867 XHR getResponseHeader() should inflate the value
777508 Notify parent if child processes are terminated through message manager
548133 Remove special casing of <object> with <param name="pluginurl">
817232 Don't apply incoming deletions for special folders
753401 The debugger server root and tab actors should be easily extensible
793904 Intentionally crash if JS_TransplantObject fails
793905 IonMonkey: JM is recompiling when generating calls for newly Ion-compiled functions.
793906 disable desktop support while we get B2G going.
785715 GCLI "screenshot" command should refer to "selector" instead of "node"
777524 Add a=rtcp-mux SDP attribute support to SIPCC
780852 Fix talos v8 timeouts on Windows
793915 Remove unused starPage.png in pinstripe
802108 [MozActivity] fails for OOP applications
810301 AddonsManager.close in lib/addon.js closes the current tab without checking if it is the addons mana…
810302 Invalidation problems during scrolling after playing video
761155 Extend Mesa LLVMpipe preference to GLX
814778 [Gaia::Keyboard] Keyboard tooltips render slowly and sometimes don't render at all
785737 "poison overwritten" abort should print values to distinguish overwriting from hardware problems
785738 Build failure with gcc 4.2 since bug 579517
793935 tests for closing all chat windows on logout
785744 Async file picker cleanup
712018 International hardware keyboards input text as English qwerty (need implement IME support for hardwa…
769363 IonMonkey: LBoundsCheck should not require a register for the length operand
793943 expose an API to close flyouts
793947 Race condition in dbg-server.js breaks Marionette
777564 IonMonkey: fix math-partial-sums performance
793950 [b2g-bluetooth] Handle volume change in BluetoothHfpManager
793953 Support autoconf2.13 installed through fink
793955 [DeviceStorage] files returned by DeviceStorage.get() don't always have lastModifiedDate
785774 Intermittent test_bug733553.html | | Test 0 red.png width not correct - got 40, expected 1 followed …
777583 IonMonkey: Unregress 3d-raytrace performance
810353 [Window manager] Orientation misses up
793970 Reuse nsAppStartup's watchdog to compulsively power-off/reboot/quit gecko if profile synchronizing h…
777591 Compile new namespaces packages into separate .jar packages (and link .dex from .jar files, not .cla…
810363 Opus SDP should specify channel count
793983 Firefox 17 crash in nsWindow::OnPaint
671114 Possible zombie compartment for, may be caused by add-on(s)
761227 Support XMLHttpRequestParameters in workers
785805 Segmentation fault when calling %ThrowError for message with three arguments
793998 Planeswalker Points website fails to invalidate correctly
785808 crash in nsRootPresContext::RequestUpdatePluginGeometry
815000 Invalid calls to sizeSocialPanelToContent in error conditions cause console errors.
794005 [b2g-bluetooth] Broadcast dialer-related system message
753046 Add support for DragonFly/NetBSD
818583 Permissions Installer - states that a privileged app can access device-storage:apps via PROMPT_ACTIO…
794010 pdf.js can't open password protected documents
794011 MMI Codes: Add 'sessionEnded' to nsIDOMUSSDReceivedEvent
744867 Installation failure due to installs_allowed_from returns INVALID_MANIFEST
694484 OpenSL backend for libcubeb
794023 NECKO_UNKNOWN_APP should use std::numeric_limits
785834 telephone-event needs a payload type at the same clock rate as Opus
794034 Make sure tel: URLs that contain * or # are not dereferenced
802227 Add --testvars argument to Marionette
802228 Check for app updates when we check for system update
810421 Add a --tree arg to Marionette to specify which tree the --revision parameter refers to
794038 support HiDPI rendering in multi-screen OS X configurations with mixed resolutions
810427 Device storage - Add access fields to permission checks
802239 mozStorage leaks one thread per connection until shutdown
777665 [b2g-bluetooth] hook up to settings API
736706 B2G SMS: Support Message Classes
801355 Race condition setting up permissions at startup
785860 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_sts_preloadlist.js:6: TypeError: Cc['…
794054 [b2g-bluetooth] Received "NoSuchAdapter" error after enabling Bluetooth
810440 Camera - video recording - rotation angle dropped from function call
687561 nsProxyAutoConfig.js still uses XPCSafeJSObjectWrapper, causing PAC files to fail when they should n…
744907 Remove BlobBuilder
794061 Copying video frame to canvas with B2G Omx backend enabled fails
818638 B2G xpcshell tests abort test run on test timeout
785871 Make config.status importable
794065 array spread operator messes up holes at the end of the literal
662996 OCSP requests leak cookies
802724 MobileConnection doesn't QI to nsIObserver
785883 Pressing up/down/tab while filtering scripts should have some expected behavior
814783 terminate_string16 is called twice, causing segfault when an app exits
802270 Reuse a11y hover event for a11y focus event
749477 Searching from about:home broken if chromeappsstore.sqlite is deleted from profile folder.
802273 [AccessFu] Remove presentLastPivot antipattern
810470 Refactor background image invalidation
753127 Required: telemetry for tab switching speed
802280 Send LayerView focus state changes to js
794090 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify getMessage
810478 fix missing trailing null byte in strings read via extractBuf
785903 Markup panel selection should scroll to the center when highlighting
818674 "ReferenceError: manifest is not defined" in Webapps.jsm inline function readCSPs
794100 h264 video player (Brightcove) is busted on non-flash enabled FF Android or FF OS
794101 Update pdf.js to version 0.5.184
794102 isInstalled should return an app object
794103 Broken display of BonsaiJS Star SVG demo with hardware acceleration enabled
810494 Objects/embeds with a known mime type shouldn't trigger plugin errors
777727 Intermittent browser_dbg_debugger-tab-switch-window.js, browser_dbg_createRemote.js | uncaught JS ex…
785920 reload for workers
499203 null deref crash [@ nsProtocolProxyService::GetProtocolInfo]
794117 IonMonkey: string.split, and array.filter slower with Ion
802316 Opacity not working in code
777743 Report Stream Added on SetRemoteDescription Offer and Answer not on CreateAnswer
785942 Make sure WebMobileConnection is only defined in B2G build
816149 When updating hosted apps with appcache, the update is automatically done
818717 Backport fixes needed for B2G from NSS 3.14.1 BETA 1 (NSS_3_14_1_BETA1) to mozilla-beta and mozilla-…
785951 remove padding from social panels
744993 page block as "Reported Attack Site" even though block should have been removed
785954 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_599725_response_headers.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception…
785955 Device Storage - Filter out mimetypes based on device storage type
818730 Set CPU frequency governor to "ondemand"
785963 Device Storage - Improve Add (without a name) naming
761393 Cache gfxPatterns for gradients
802355 crash spike in mozilla::plugins::PluginModuleParent::StreamCast with abort message: "Corrupted plugi…
769589 Remove deprecated GetOriginatingURI from nsICookiePermission
798419 Fix incorrect spellings of success(ful) in test output
785975 Wifi: Actually reconnect after DHCP failure
794171 Brightcove HTML5/H.264 video playback support not detected
785981 Paris bindings need to honor global defines when munging nsCSSPropList.h
785982 B2G RIL: toggling on->off 3G data call quickly caused data call stay in UP state
745025 Implement CanvasElement.mozPrintCallback
785988 B2G RIL: possible empty carrier short name causes zero valued MNC/MCC
736838 Merge ekr's fixes from ekr_sandbox on alder
785992 Sanitize parsed reader mode article when viewing
630346 [Linux] With layers acceleration, doorhangers have black bar at the top
794188 Check "fmradio" permissions in hal
802381 fix clang build
581198 Fix xpcom/io/ header exports and remove content/base/src INCLUDE=
564815 implement window.devicePixelRatio
786003 Fix file handle leak in nsDOMFileReader, add tests to IndexedDB
786004 IonMonkey: (ARM) ensure that there is an IonContext when discarding Ion code
753237 [Azure] Implement mask in the Cairo backend
794200 When drawing progressively with tiles, draw them in an 'intelligent' order
810586 Collapsible table (wikipedia) not rendered correctly
786012 Disable pdf.js prior for FF16 beta 1 and FF17.0a2
810592 Add-ons manager has full page invalidation
786418 browser_newtab_focus.js shouldn't fail when FKA is enabled on Mac
794211 [OTA update] Check for updates when online if the network is offline during a check
794214 Intermittent rooting analysis failure in CheckNewScriptProperties
777204 Webapps.jsm broadcasts information to all content processes
802415 [AccessFu] Introduce better feedback when switching tabs and focusing on content area.
794228 addon-manager services are running in B2G
806059 A combination of <html style="background-attachment: fixed"> and <input type=submit> can cause page …
794231 Add specific font sizes to consecutive-inline font inflation tests
794233 Stagefright video playback is blank in release builds, but not debug builds
802427 Disable expected failures to prevent Python2.6 compat problems
786048 Rename a bunch of event functions from *JSEventListener to *EventHandler to more accurately reflect …
802435 unload social sidebar after some timeout
802436 test for bug 800817 does not test non-mozbrowser iframes
589445 Intermittent timeout or uncaught exception @nsIDOMLocation.hash in browser_463205.js followed by une…
802440 Some elements are invalidated when other elements are scrolled off the screen
777875 Frequent browser_privatebrowsing_cookieacceptdialog.js browser_homeDrop.js test_sibling-off-domain.h…
786068 make JS_EnterCrossCompartmentCall infallible
794262 Navigator.onLine is true if the device is started with wifi disabled
798695 Can't see body <textarea> after opening keyboard
774963 Move the removeDataFromDomain API into its own service
787738 Telemetry for Geolocation Prompt UI
761503 return a bool from PumpMessageLoop to indicate if work was performed
802465 Cant stream mp4 video on device
761506 Cleanup JSProtoKeys and object creation for typed arrays
507555 wrong accessible is created for HTML:li with float and "display: inline" style
786085 Intermittent browser_notifications.js | failed to find the notification, | Found an unexpected alert…
786086 preferences ui displays wrong value for max cache size
786375 AutoScriptEvaluate::mContextHasThread is unused
802476 Printing crashes with a local file.
794285 Bug 793634 broke comm-central builds
786095 Disable Social API when in safe mode
786103 Stagefright: Galaxy S III hardware decoder video is green (OMX_COLOR_FormatYUV420SemiPlanar)
786105 Setting to null no longer removes the property
507578 disable DNS prefetching when PAC or WPAD is used
786108 Large SVG files encoded as data URIs make firefox use 100% CPU and allocate several GB of memory, if…
794301 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify marking an SMS message read/unread
786114 Firefox 17 doesn't display graphs anymore on Khan Academy (recent regression)
802763 gonk needs to set OBJCOPY properly
777925 Remove HTML editor logging support
794314 Add .CA to the list of IDN white list to display u-labels
788794 Final basic layers paint goes down cairo slow path on gdi
802510 java.lang.RuntimeException: Buffer not large enough for pixels at…
786136 Associate JSRuntime with a single thread
777946 Zooming windowless plugin frame can cause it to "bleed" outside bounds
794331 [Permissions] change fmradio to new permissionManager API
810719 B2G: turn on jsloader.reuseGlobal on Beta
769764 remove synchronous proxy API and synchronous DNS resolution in nsProxyAutoConfig.js
810726 Infinite loop in nsBlockInFlowLineIterator::FindValidLine() with specific layout
794347 tweak text-layout-01.svg to avoid rounding issue when pixel snapping
794349 [b2g-bluetooth] Send correct +CIND: value to HS at SLC establishment
810734 Infinite loop for parsing metadata of a mp4 file with zero size
777967 Optimize WebGLContext::ValidateBuffers
786387 Add comments to document the subtleties of nsFrame::Reflow and better document the main dirty frame …
786164 Typo in SessionStore.jsm line 3038
786169 Corrupt non-latin text into debugger
786172 change event not fired for file dropped on file select box
794365 Valgrind on tbpl detects leak - 4 bytes are definitely lost (direct) with JSInlineString::uninline o…
777983 Add Marionette test for gps support
729139 Sign not dropped from negative arc radiis
802564 Can't set window.location in inline disposition web activity when its App frame is opened
786182 Disable the Downloads Panel in Firefox 17
802568 PSL uplift for Firefox 17
810769 [Browser] No keyboard available
794393 Remove package-xulrunner rules
794394 [scratchpad] Add support for native fullscreen on osx
786203 Permission Prompt should tell which app it comes from instead only gives the url
802590 [b2g-bluetooth] Add function "ConfirmReceivingFile()" to DOM API
786207 Display name in share panel is white on gray on OS X
794407 Web Activities should only be started by a user interaction
786216 Firefox 17 fails to respect evenodd fill-rule
745259 Alsa almost always crashes or i-loops when getting hints on Linux
794412 Update gonk-toolchain to support building OMX-in-gecko
778029 distorted windowless flash with X11 GL layers
815069 [Audio] A mechanism for Gecko components without media element to join audio competing policy
801935 Don't unload wireless drivers
794420 Win debug mochitest-other runtime increased from ~90mins to 115mins in the last 2 weeks
806611 Wifi: Add runtime support for turning on wifi debugging output
802616 don't use software floating point math on ARMv6
783668 Device Storage - use storage type to filter out change notifications - not the root
778044 Add a way to pref off interface objects
797322 Preprocessed .jsm files don't get //@line info
823264 On 12/27 or 12/31, let's move Flash CTP blocks back from 18 and up to 19 and up
778050 Support Opus tag metadata
794436 tabPreviews.capture() needs to check for pending tab restore
745296 Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in more of netwerk/
786258 Catch exceptions thrown in endurance tests so incomplete reports can be sent
567950 Intermittent browser_keyevents_during_autoscrolling.js | Timed out
802647 [BrowserAPI] Return screenshots as blobs instead of as base-64 strings
769880 Make createIndex throw InvalidAccessError instead of NotSupportedError
786267 B2G: Lower resolution while doing accelerated panning
761692 Exceptions rendering a PDF
761695 Implement per-origin expando sharing for Proxies and new dom bindings
794469 [b2g-bluetooth] Basic OBEX functions and implement sending "Connect" request
769894 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Hardware acceleration can only be used with a single UI thread. Ori…
761706 Better fix for: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException (Receiver not registered)
794475 IonMonkey: Inline string object creation
778093 B2G RIL: support Cell Broadcast
816445 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::SetWindow @ SetOrigin with DivX plugin
786291 Dragging a pinned tab is jerky when the tab strip overflows
786294 IonMonkey: Don't use emit-at-uses for double constants on x64
786295 Delete IndexedDB related to an app when uninstalled
786296 Delete permissions related to an app when uninstalled
786299 Delete app-cache related to an app when uninstalled
786301 Delete localstorage related to an app when uninstalled
720768 Add an equivalent to DispatchToSelf in nsContentUtils
769922 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test/build/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/bugs/482659-1d.…
794509 mach support for auto-loading command modules
786318 Mac OSX 10.8 test slave crashes on WebGL test glsl-function-faceforward.html
794512 Add a checkbox and preference to disable toast notifications for the Social API
794514 [b2g-bluetooth] Update OPP/HFP related DOM API
786326 first popup of flyout panel doesn't show arrow
794520 Replace string.contains with string.endsWith in formatValue
795703 Do not assert when calling do_GetWeakReference() on a nsISupport not capable of that
819103 Twitter fails to install from Marketplace
786338 NotificationHandler sending bad intents to gecko
786339 Implicit conversions from NULL to false in js code
720804 GCC 4.6 build warning: nsTextFormatter.cpp:855:22: warning: variable ‘fmt0’ set but not used [-Wunus…
778150 Infallibility annotations are ugly
797340 Upgrade mach_override
745386 [meta] IonMonkey: Land
783974 Log SSL errors to the error console
802734 Add pings for metrics to the stub installer
802740 Wrap manifests lazily in DOMApplication objects
786359 Missing #ifndef/#endif in netwerk/dns/nsDNSService2.h
270264 SVG frame construction for DOM-inserted nodes is pretty slow
794557 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify getMessages (multiple messages)
789703 [TSF] nsTextStore::InsertTextAtSelect() should allow readonly lock if dwFlags == TF_IAS_QUERYONLY
819136 Check application types when granting audio-* permissions
802753 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL : AttributeError: 'TestGetStatus' object has no attribute 'assertIn'
794563 Make app uninstall trigger new clear private data notifications
786372 eliminate warnings about C++ comments in C header files in media/
785057 Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending() because nsHTMLMediaElement::BuildObjectFromTags doesn't…
794571 Device Storage - device storage add sdcard type
786383 OS crashes when opening a page
770001 combobox invalidated when scrolled
786386 add way to pref off typed array move
794579 Hang when trying to print / print-preview from Google Maps
795982 Sign and upload stub installer
794582 Rename nsINode::GetSlots() to nsINode::Slots() and remove null-checks
799138 [b2g-bluetooth] Handle Connect/Disconnect/Put requests sent from remote devices
802777 [B2G] Lower image.mem.max_decoded_image_kb
794619 crash when storing a file returned by DeviceStorage.enumerate() into IndexedDB
794597 mozbrowser doesn't send auth request off a redirect
794598 Fix antenna detection in FMRadio.cpp
794599 Disable console by default in release builds
794602 nsWebBrowserPersist::SaveURIInternal creates a channel out of thin air
810987 When reuseGlobal is true, stick imported properties on the function's this object, not the global
786413 fix -pedantic removal in gfx/qcms
794606 nsDownload::Resume creates a channel out of thin air
810994 Update gonk-misc in B2G snapshot to pick up /494f34f5dc052335b75114ae87264a3072143315
786421 Extreme lag during text input on twitter/facebook/other web forms
802807 Mochitests broken by fix for bug 792647
778235 Add support for Gonk to NetworkGeolocationProvider.js
761853 ARIA grid with rowgroup breaks table row/col counting and coordinates
794623 Fewer virtual GetTargetForEventTargetChain calls