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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.19.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
663552 JS_BufferIsCompilableUnit should not use CESU-8 conversion for UTF-8 input
802820 Restore charset title fallback
786438 Wifi: fire events to DOM when entering wrong password for WEP
802823 Early cleanup of message listeners in ActivityProxy.js
770056 tab bar background does not change when window goes inactive (background/unfocused window title bars…
811018 DMD flags double-report of images on B2G
802829 Don't add nsXPCWrappedJS objects to CC graph if they only point to a certainly alive object
794640 clicking a link in social content panels should close the panel
802834 leaks
811012 Allow forceAuthentication parameter to request for whitelisted Marketplace
802849 Refactor nsPresContext::MediaFeatureValuesChanged so that it can handle rebuilding style data for al…
811014 Support for disabled primaries (forced issuer)
794663 Allow downloading appcache for a specific appid/browserflag
802856 Plugins don't always get focused in HiDPI mode if you click on them
819242 JAWS needs old IServiceProvider::QueryService
753707 Intermittent browser_dbg_update-editor-mode.js | Test timed out
811053 [B2G] - More elements returning incorrect is_displayed properties
819248 Intermittent b2g process crash on compositor thread (on tbpl: "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | dom-level1-cor…
778248 Figure out flashing mechanism for panda B2G builds
819250 PhoneNumber.js overwrites national number
802867 Store lastModifiedDate for files in IDB
802869 IonMonkey: Fast path for LIn for Int32 in dense array
794680 Create a persona dialog for use on B2G
794681 Invisible IFRAME for on B2G
802877 Intermittent B2G emulator "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | * | EOFError: telnet connection closed"
819264 Need a Policy & Mechanism for Audio Competing & Control (Patch-0 follow-up)
753730 Intermittent test_0110_general_svc.js failure in head_update.js | UPDATE TYPE complete
802884 Build libeditor/html fail for DebugOnly<nsresult> == NS_OK with --enable-debug
802885 Disable offline cache entries for private channels under e10s
819275 [Audio] The Usage of nsRefPtr for AudioChannelService is Wrong
802894 Add a memory reporter for nsEffectiveTLDService
819213 Re-enable test_filter_number_single/multiple.js marionette tests
802896 nsIMEStateManager should use nsPresContext::GetNearestWidget() instead of its GetWidget()
811090 Wrong scope for NSGetFactory
819286 Crash when browser tab closes while zooming
811095 re-enable native Identity dialog
802529 crash in js::detail::HashTableEntry with and javascript.op…
811100 JSObject::global() should use the compartment instead of the parent chain
811102 frameworker reload failure
802914 Implement Bagheera client
778341 Please create a Nightly update channel for B2G full-over-the-air updates
802920 Gather additional Telemetry on performance of LocalStorage operations
811115 Remove MOZ_EGL_XRENDER_COMPOSITE code paths entirely
819218 Permissions Installer - is coded to only allow |desktop-notification| to certified apps, but permiss…
802926 Crash with null canvas.toBlob callback
811120 negative download times in stub installer pings
802929 A new port is created on every social.cookies-get message
811127 Text(De|En)coder("utf-16").encoding should return "utf-16le", not "utf-16"
819322 [nb-NO] crash due to misformed string in fennec
811131 3rd party app CrazyCopter is very slow, redraw issues
811132 Avoid some wasted space by making XPT arena chunks bigger.
786566 ARIA menuitem acting as submenu should have PARENT_MENUITEM role
811143 ports used by user-recommend messaging are never closed if provider doesn't support recommending.
729225 Intermittent browser_dbg_debuggerstatement.js | Test timed out, | Found a tab after previous test ti…
811152 Fix nits from bug 800915
811157 Redraw issues in 3rd party app CrabJump
819351 [B2G] Marionette loses reference to imported JavaScript
802968 Intermittent test_bug801241.xul | [SimpleTest.finish()] this test already called finish! and test_ch…
811162 After switching the language in the settings app, the entire gaia window is half as tall
737435 Windows builds fail to start due to missing MSVCR100.dll
802977 B2G RIL : Update comments in SimToolKit.idl
818080 Release mozdevice 0.16 and make m-c and talos use it
811173 Some displaylist items are not snapping their bounds when they should be
811175 should not install mozbase from github
811176 Clean up JIT code more aggressively
802985 frame-poisoned crash in nsHTMLInputElement
811178 3rd party app SpaceWorm doesn't respond to taps
762032 Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js | WindowsError: [Error 13] The process cannot …
811185 Implement Emulator class for screen orientation for Marionette
802995 crash in nsTextServicesDocument::DeleteSelection while using spell checker
802999 [AccessFu] Typed keys no longer echoed back by TalkBak in web content
811193 nsIUrlListManager.safeLookup not updated with bug 775796
811196 [b2g-bluetooth] Cannot receive call status change from RIL
803006 sidebar width not saved at shutdown
811204 [Dialer] voice call can't switch between speaker and bt sco audio path
803013 Progressive tile painting can cause bad visual artifacts when scrolling on pages that invalidate whi…
801987 [OTA update] system notification never reappears after dismissing "Later" and then force updating
819399 Add b2g OS_TARGET to source/config/
770252 HTML Video / Audio Playback does not playback through Headphones
811214 Build failure in SpdySession3.cpp with clang 3.1
811217 EventNameType_SMIL seems to be wrong
803030 convert display to device coords in nsCocoaWindow before calling CreatePopupContentView
782882 Restrict pages which can be shared to http and https protocols.
803038 Can't view source of files with attachment disposition
803039 Screen turns idle and then sleep after changing the Date or Time
803046 Test failure "Only one autocompleted result is underlined - '0' should equal '1'" in testAwesomeBar …
786665 SCTP code using Windows APIs that require Vista, alder builds don't run on WinXP
703241 scrollIntoView should take transforms into account
803063 Skia cross compilation for Windows fails on case sensitive OS
803066 graphite2 fails to cross compile for Windows from case sensitive OS
803068 Remove IndirectProxyHandler and simplify proxies
598270 HUD should keep a reference to its <browser>
786688 Allow indexedDB to be created without window but be associated by the given domain / url
803074 Rendering is broken after restoring skew() support
811269 [AccessFu] Improve utterances for lists and list items
827654 about:compartments triggers "ASSERTION: QueryInterface needed" in nsThread::ProcessNextEvent
803084 Port bug 789753 to mingw-w64 builds
761901 HTML5 progress accessible should fire value change event
803088 Get rid of controller.assertText() and controller.assertValue() in favor of expect.* and assert.* me…
811282 Remote Console fails to close completely in the event of a connection error
803096 Add HTMLElement.location to find location of element on the page
647216 [OS X] Mouse event handling in the title bar
808326 [Browser] Offline page mentions “B2G”
803112 [AccessFu] AccessFu completely broken starting in the 2012-10-18 nightly build
811312 remove ATS-based font code
803121 crash in imgRequestProxy::GetStatusTracker
811315 Move wrapper out of the home screen process
786740 CSS transition with rounded borders cause rendering issues
803125 crash in imgStatusTrackerObserver::OnStartDecode
688439 Fix insideOutBox so that DOCTYPE is not nested inside of <html>
803129 Convert DOMStringMap to WebIDL
794940 Visible outline of the navigation toolbar present on the Nexus 7
753981 XHR in Web Workers bypasses Offline AppCache
786750 upstream opus support at
799536 Sync services are running on b2g
803136 [OTA update] updates broken today - either update URL or XML is incorrect
811330 XML report generation fails when any tests are skipped
811333 createOffer failing silently on windows builds
811335 Scan more bytes to find crash stacks on B2G
811336 Only pass --nsscmd to MOZ_SIGN_CMD when signing Windows builds
811341 Crash reports aren't being submitted when the user is already online
819539 Bionic's _Unwind_Backtrace always (?) returns an error, so NS_StackWalk should ignore it
812430 [SETTINGS][BLUETOOTH] First time connected by laptop would crash the phone
803159 Type determination does not take URI extension into account for embed, non-SVG documents instantiate…
786782 B2G SMS: can't sent multipart messages in some countries
811363 Autodetection doesn't recognize supplementary (four-byte) characters as UTF-8
707302 Optimize and refactor the debugger frontend to use constructors instead of attached functions to DOM…
819560 RIL: remember the last mcc code
803181 Change update background download interval from 10 minutes to 1 minute and update check interval fro…
811069 Make *Element.onerror return EventHandler instead of OnErrorEventHandler
778608 Move SafeBrowsing.jsm to toolkit
812435 Test failure "could not find element Link: Documenti" in testPreferences/testPreferredLanguage.js
811381 Remove ns prefix from media code
803194 Clicking the gear in the Facebook sidebar crashes nightly on Mac
598397 remove support for Carbon NPAPI
811391 fix interaction of viewport units (vh/vw/vmin/vmax) with @page styles
819584 [SMS] Don't perform an upgrade of existing sms yet
811394 Style Editor window close exits Firefox
819595 Keyboard closes when trying to scroll the page
819598 When opening keyboard, don't scrollIntoView() input elements that are already in view
795025 update Unicode support to v6.2
803219 Fix interpreter type checks
811414 nsISettingsServiceCallback shouldn't use [implicit_jscontext]
819609 Be defensive about videos we send to the HW decoder (video app crashes with low pmem (dequeueBuffer(…
819611 IonMonkey: Differential Testing: Getting different output w/without --ion-eager with Object.freeze
800154 Marionette needs log4moz.js, but it is no longer available
795043 [responsive mode] clicking "Cancel" after clicking on "Add" should cancel the creation of the preset
803236 build warnings for init list order of nsSTSHostEntry
795045 Confine cursor positioning thumb control to edit box
811432 Allow systemxhr permission for privileged apps (in addition to certified apps)
795051 provide buildID, version, and dogfooding_prerelease_id in URL for b2g update requests
778668 Bubble the application name/origin/manifest in the desktop-notification mozChromeEvent
795057 SDP buffer not null-terminated if generated offer larger than 2048 bytes
811442 [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Fail out of telephony test if call(s) exist at start
778675 Intermittent 481136-1.html, 466945-1.html, 468763-1.html, 459439-1.html | Exited with code -6 during…
803253 JS tests in Marionette are broken on TBPL
803254 Marionette should detect when a gecko/emulator instance it has launched has crashed
803255 Document that has been navigated away does not get released if its container is hidden
811449 Merge nsGenericElement and Element
729536 Deadlock by xul!nsHttpConnectionMgr::Shutdown
229827 CSS parser diagnostics should escape unprintable characters
811461 Switch IMAGE_DECODE_LATENCY to microseconds
778695 Intermittent 328829-2.xhtml | image comparison (==)
803274 Releng info for building beta and release stub installer from aurora and nightly
811467 Increase image decode chunk size
803276 Disable typed array move() operator for specific channels
648610 Implement <canvas>.toBlob
369108 Win32's nsIFile::Create and nsIFile::CreateUnique ignore permissions argument
565717 "Search Google for" context menu entry should be in textareas/inputs too
803287 Don't use GStreamer (when enabled) for Ogg/WebM if builtin backends present
803289 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp.onPrepareOptionsMenu(…
770524 Huge scrolling performance drop when viewing tag cloud
811489 Arguments in powHalfD are backwards
800166 Fire low-memory notifications when a process is backgrounded (and ensure that this triggers a GC)
815363 PB changes broke autocomplete-will-enter-text notification
770538 [OS.File] Recovering the File from a DirectoryIterator
828184 startup crash in nsPrefBranch::GetIntPref with QIPCAP.dll (Websense Endpoint)
795119 [jsdbg2] Debugger.Object.prototype.evalInGlobal fails to unwrap referent
803318 Improved handling of constraints and more tests
737786 Switch from :-moz-placeholder to ::-moz-placeholder (pseudo-class to pseudo-element)
817919 remove FM radio implementations in hal_sandbox
803327 [AccessFu] No window is passed to Presenter.viewportChanged()
819714 Take away the nice things from desktop builds
770564 The more text in a textarea, the more time it takes to update the content
802902 Heap-use-after-free in nsViewManager::ProcessPendingUpdates
803335 Fix Twitter built-in search engine URL
803336 SocialAPI Toolbar button needs 4 pixels of padding in toolbar
737803 Setting a breakpoint in a line without code should move the icon to the actual location
786956 Rewrite NSFlagsChanged handler
803344 poor discoverability of the enable/disable menu item for Social API
811538 B2G SMS: Applying PhoneNumberJS to SMS DB
803349 Restore NS_DECL_IMGICONTAINER to VectorImage/RasterImage
811544 build fixed-point opus on arm
795164 navigator.mozApps.mgmt.onuninstall gets triggered a boatload of times
803358 remove JSOPTION_RELIMIT
797445 remove prmem.h from imagelib
705057 Implement composition event manager
786978 Disable refresh driver painting for firefox 17
811555 Make AudioContext.createDelay not accept arguments greater than or equal to 3
795173 [jsdbg2] Debugger.Object.prototype.evalInGlobalWithBindings passes a bad 'this' value
795176 [markup panel] Twisties are not properly aligned on Linux
811562 %_CallFunction does not emit JSOP_NOTEARG
754220 Add support for getting and removing cookies from the page
803376 Stop doing TRANSPLANT GCs
803377 Add function to compress string data
811570 Gmail has an enormous component alpha layer
803383 xul:panels not always in HiDPI mode on HiDPI displays
803385 Only dereference the cookie value if it is not undefined
819772 DMD: Add memory reporters for its own data
811581 add a base class for all *RuleProcessorData classes
811583 [WebAPI] WebProximitySensor: Develop test(s) to verify the Proximity Sensor WebAPI
803392 Implement AudioParam
770626 'Back' gesture on Mac magic mouse/Macbook trackpad triggers infinite loop of unbeforeunload popups
795204 Windows needing clobber too often
808374 Crash on shutdown after mozAudioContext().createBuffer()
787016 IonMonkey: don't race when forbidding Ion compilation
811596 Shrink Channel::ChannelImpl::input_overflow_buf_ after each use
762445 Add missing bits to jemalloc 3 glue for about:memory to be happy
819790 B2G RIL: Number of PLMN entries to read
811605 B2G RIL: enable ril debugging output in run-time
811606 Crash [@ JSFunction::inStrictMode] or "Assertion failure: hasScript(),"
827995 Avoid spending a lot of time in sprintf while assembling for ARM
811612 Crash [@ strlen] or [@ js_ExpandErrorArguments]
795230 Use ASCII capable keyboard layout for computing charCode if current input source is an IME mode and …
811615 Miss file name when passing file by Web Activity.
811616 "Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: string," or "Assertion failure: [infer fa…
803427 content/media/test/gizmo.mp4 has wrong duration in manifest, causing GStreamer test failures
795237 Web API for setting audio stream type.
795238 Ensure nsresult is unsigned
819817 DMD: cache calls to NS_DescribeCodeAddress
803438 Convert the preflight cache to use mozilla/LinkedList.h rather than prclist.h
819827 Preprocessing of the actual channel removed by bug 721165
770679 review socialAPI sandbox hacks
803448 RadioInterfaceLayer.getDataCallStateByType always returns NETWORK_STATE_UNKNOWN when queried network…
819833 Make and work with DMD
797637 test_text_alg.html shouldn't print out gigantic strings of 'xxxxx's to the log
811646 Add better handling for HTTP downloading for the stub installer
795263 Actor names should not change when promoted to thread-lifetime
811649 [camera] Start video recording, audio clip keeps on playing in background
800193 Make the nsILoadContext.usePrivateBrowsing property read-only
803465 Iframe shouldn't override a sub document role
803470 Freeze when visiting Google Data Center via Google StreetView
811663 Create a DocumentFragment header
803473 Intermittent 580160-1.html | image comparison (==), max difference: 255, number of differing pixels:…
819858 Cannot get telephony channel change when calling
803475 [b2g-bluetooth] Failed to transfer audio back to bluetooth headset while in a phone call
803476 RunProcess may leak memory if ShellExecuteEx is failure
819310 Intermittent "talosError: 'Exception caught: java.lang.NullPointerException [browser_output.txt]'" i…
803483 OpenType script support is no longer dependent on OS X version
811679 Add nsIEditorObserver back
811680 B2G RIL, Geolocation: Test fail due to settings permission was split to settings-read and settings-w…
811683 [b2g-bluetooth] Use given 'max packet size' instead of 255
803493 Move WebRTC Mochitests from dom/tests/mochitests/media to /dom/media/tests/mochitest
793372 [DeviceStorage]: recognize 3gp videos and m3u and pls playlists
557738 Add user.js section to about:support
819884 Register new `open-remote-window`app permission.
811693 AppsUtils.jsm uses getSelectedLocale("browser"), should use getSelectedLocale("global") instead?
754350 Device Storage - Clean up error strings
811695 Stop using local socket transport to loopback captured audio
801566 Build fails if debug is disabled but dump-painting is enabled
798761 crash in mozilla::`anonymous namespace''::ContainerState::InvalidateForLayerChange
795324 GCLI can auto-complete argument with different value than visual hint
819902 Slow performance when proxy PAC file is used, which is retrieved using "System settings"
803519 Require indexed/named getters if we support indexed/named properties at all
803520 Don't use JSCList for JSRuntime::contextList
828099 upload a new to capture fixes for android and windows counters
811720 [AccessFu] Detach touch adapter when deactivating.
762571 Intermittent browser_layoutview.js | #element-size has the right value after style update. - Got 160…
803535 WebRTC crash [@mozilla::MediaEngineDefault::EnumerateAudioDevices]
811729 remove XForms a11y support
811730 HTML5 videos are played in black and white mode (and some pink traces) Galaxy S II
817955 Identity modules are installed both under modules/ and modules/identity
801459 remove unused nsCoreUtils function
803546 Previewing background theme causes Downloads button to jump around.
811740 Reduce the maximum amount of unused dirty pages kept by jemalloc
803549 [System] Replace default Android FOTA animation with our own for FXOS
801573 [Web Activities] Need to notify SystemMessageInternal when the apps' registration restarts, to avoid…
803556 incorrect rendering of context menu after correcting a spelling
795367 Establish makefiles/directories for gUM/webrtc test automation and add a simple gUM error test
794748 Add mochitest for "min-width:auto" computed-value in a horizontal vs. vertical flexbox
803564 Double focus ring around buttons in the downloads panel
787182 Ship Acholi locale in Firefox Desktop Beta
783729 Debugger: JS scripts can get HTML syntax highlighting
801576 Align Gecko and the spec on cross-origin access to window.history
738034 YARR asserts when anonymous mmap returns address zero
795379 Camera - video recording - expose recording profile configurations
811553 Only count major page faults when possible
819965 Unable to silence or control FM radio volume via 'audio.volume.content' (or using the device rocker)
688895 crash nsXULPopupManager::ShowTooltipAtScreen
803586 Infinite recursion in nsXMLStylesheetPI::SetNodeValueInternal
819971 Expose nsOfflineCacheUpdate::Cancel() via nsIOfflineCacheUpdate.idl
819973 Some Favicons disappear shortly after awesomebar opens
819974 [Apps] Allow to cancel hosted app download
811784 Account for subscripts when figuring out what object to stick properties on
787210 Modify script to include addition of ahem font, if necessary
819979 update gonk snapshot used by panda/otoro/unagi builds to include bug 818560.
803596 10/22: Need to update hotfix cert fingerprint for FF10-16.0.1 through a hotfix
819992 Click-to-Play doorhanger appearing on every page with Flash
828185 Change as many as possible instances of "throw" to assert.* calls
770844 Reintroduce window.mozIndexedDB
803613 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.gfx.ScreenshotLayer$ScreenshotImage.setBitmap(S…
803614 [b2g-bluetooth] Save received file
779039 Trying to play audio from multiple tabs leads to unexpected success
779042 Unicode character 'PILE OF POO' (U+1F4A9) is shown as a blank space
795427 More useful error messages
811815 [Browser] A href links are not underlined/showing as links in Browser
779048 Need better representation for callback functions in WebIDL bindings
803628 Figure out why tests for Bug 795164 are failing
828206 Fx 18 regression: loss of cleartype in portions of content (YouTube video page) after some scrolling
811827 Correct the @page margin in tests from bug 685012
803638 [AccessFu] Print more useful exception error outputs
811831 Don't draw opacity:0 display items
803641 TestTArray.cpp:741:35: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-c…
779743 browser_dbg_propertyview-05.js | Test timed out, followed by "TypeError: aTab is null" and "Found a …
803644 Bug in find_wrapped_to_bottom in pdfviewer/
770877 Add .com, .net, .name to IDN TLD whitelist
801589 Avoid redefining ERROR in ErrorList.h when wingdi.h is also included
803654 Import mock into virtualenv
803658 Canvas text rendering regression
803661 Can't save from the view source window
803665 convert nsGlobalWindow's timeout list to use mozilla::LinkedList
803666 convert nsDocLoader's outstanding status list to use mozilla::LinkedList
803668 convert string bundle caches to use mozilla::LinkedList
811864 Remove PannerNode.coneGain/distanceGain
795481 remove bogus cookie-changed message
811875 BaselineCompiler: Implement calls
803684 Add a memory reporter for in-memory blobs
803688 Remove LinkedListElements from their list when they're destructed, and assert that a LinkedList is e…
803692 Make SHA1Sum::update() take a void* instead of a uint8_t*
779118 Intermittent crash in test_bug369306.html, browser_461634.js, input-maxlength-valid-changed.html bro…
803695 TestCOMPtrEq.cpp:78:18: warning: self-comparison always evaluates to true [-Wtautological-compare]
795504 Remove usages of PR_STATIC_CALLBACK from the tree
795507 Remove the usages of PR_BEGIN_EXTERN_C and PR_END_EXTERN_C from the tree
811895 Fix WN Xray special methods so they can take new DOM binding objects
803704 Lighten SocialAPI sidebar and chat borders from #000000 black to #cccccc
803707 Don't assume pointers are 64 bits
795520 getComputedStyle returns null inside IFRAME that has no CSS box yet due to lazy restyle processing
800235 Uploading and playing ogg videos doesn't work
811908 remove svg inline-in-xul-basic-01.xul reftest
820103 bluetooth Hfp memory dialing and Hfp supplied number not supported
803722 [Camera] Crash when choosing a wallpaper using the Camera option
811159 Save last uploaded payload
795532 Inconsistency in cross-compartment map
811919 Include the pattern transform when painting patterns in azure CG
811923 Device Storage: support "create" permission
811926 TRAVERSE_NATIVE_PTR used on a nsISupports* pointer in TelephonyCall and CallEvent
803740 Telephony tests not working with --gecko-path on TBPL
811935 branding changes for Firefox 17 ESR
820128 New DMD reports double-report of imgFrame
803745 Need to package B2G mochitest manifest in
803746 nsWindowMemoryReporter::Init() needs to hold on to its reporter
795556 Propagate parent window privacy status to newly opened windows
800102 Emulator sometimes stalls while Marionette is installing a new gecko in it resulting in a "Timeout e…
820135 Preferences: We don't save prefs when we reboot
811944 Windows builds of B2G fail with "MSVCR100.dll was not found"
811946 dom/bluetooth/BluetoothServiceUUid.h declares static objects in a header file
820139 camera - crash when switching between camera and camcorder and in between recording videos
803756 offline message refers to "file" menu - doesn't exist
820143 bluetooth Hfp Calling Line Identification (CLI) not supported
811953 [keyboard] Submitting a form from a text field with the keyboard up persists the keyboard
820148 add global "RELEASE_BUILD" #define that depends on the build version number
803765 Document aRequestPrincipal in nsIContentPolicy.idl
656311 Remove XML Events, or improve the implementation
820157 bluetooth Hfp not sending status updates
803775 chat window title bar blurry
820160 b2g desktop builds sometimes show black screen
804461 build the context dependent tree
779205 Allow VP8 negotiation using SIPCC
803782 WebRTC crash [@mozilla::GetUserMediaRunnable::Run]
795592 invalid cast leading to out of bounds read in nsSVGUtils::GetCanvasTM
779209 Add support for 3GPP media files
795594 Startup 64-bit Windows PGO crash in mozilla::layers::LayerPropertiesBase::LayerPropertiesBase
803789 RIL: refactor (un)registerMessageTargets() in RadioInterfaceLayer
803794 crash in nsMediaPluginHost::CreateDecoder @ on Sony devices with Adreno 220/22…
487587 In mathml formulas the content of many <mo> elements is not highlighted when selected
803799 Audio delay caused by blocking MediaGraph for too long at getUserMedia startup
820185 nsAutoJSValHolder's copy constructor needs to initialize its members
820196 CSP slows down app startup by ~12%
795623 Cannot play a mp3 file from the sdcard on 9/28 otoro build - MPEG-4, MP3, AAC MIME types not recogni…
787439 Ensure applications permissions are updated when doing a system update
803826 Repeated paints in a single transaction fail due to a NULL layer builder pointer
813471 A breakpoint can be placed at the wrong line when using key shortcuts after opening the source edito…
820216 [bluetooth] Pairing screen shows incorrect character for apostrophe
820220 B2G SMS: extra octets sent in UCS2 encoded multipart messages
794794 Scrolling in zoom options with left/right arrow keys also changes page
812032 Refactor the media reader classes to not access MediaDecoder directly
812034 Permissions: Connect access field for permission checks
812039 mozIsPointInPath leaks CGPath objects
795657 B2G meta viewport isn't setting zoom correctly, but resolution looks ok
803850 B2G: marionette dies at testing JS cases
836620 Cleanup app binary copies used by app update xpcshell tests
803853 [FIX] Heap-use-after-free in ~nsHTMLEditRules
803861 [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Tests should wait for 'onalerting' event during outgoing call
812055 provide better naming for ETextEquivRule constants
795674 Fix DisplayItemData storage in FrameLayerBuilder
803872 Remove remaining references to the dom.new_bindings pref
803873 startup crash in DocAccessible::Attributes
812070 Greatly speed up
803880 vertical separator between buttons in social toolbar cause hovered buttons to appear to have a doubl…
803881 WebRTC unit-test crash [@AudioSendAndReceive::GenerateAndReadSamples]
779306 Wildcard for 'all events', nsIEventListenerService.addListenerForAllEvents(target, listener);
795691 b2g fixes for the web console actors
803884 IonMonkey: if (!x) slower than if (x == 0)
803885 WebRTC unit-test crash [@TransportTestPeer::SendPacket]
607280 In ContentAreaClick don't call getShortcutOrURI for link or panels clicks
795701 WebGL Renderer : no information in about:support
812086 Unprefix Page Visibility API
746553 Intermittent browser_dbg_propertyview-01.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through w…
812092 Build with system NSPR-4.9.3 is broken after Bug 804833 fixed
828480 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AllPagesTab.setSuggestionsEnabled(AllPagesTab.j…
803907 Miscellaneous GC cleanups
820292 [MMI/USSD] System message on incoming USSD
822114 Firefox WebGL: deleteTexture of a bound (but not active) texture makes the texture become the active…
836686 Test failure 'testDisablePlugin is not defined' in restartTests/testAddons_pluginDisabledAfterRestar…
812114 Add an observer for the stop() method in private-browsing.js shared module
795734 Out of bounds READ in nsRegion::Or
812119 [HOMESCREEN] Must reboot after deleting an app to see its icon disappear from homescreen
812121 DrawArrays and DrawElements don't allow drawing without using vertex attrib arrays
803933 Intermittent browser_dbg_reload-same-script.js | Timed out while polling for the scripts. followed b…
795742 remove unused check for allocation headers/functions from js/src/
501265 Shell load() interprets file as not-UTF-8 (always ASCII, I think)
812138 BaselineCompiler: Implement numFrameSlots/frameSlotValue for baseline frames
787563 Pymake causes builds to fail on Elm project repo
803948 Typos in localization comments for developer tools in Firefox 18
803949 Crash [@ gfxContext::PushClipsToDT]
803955 Fix systemwide extensions/plugins search path for the BSDs
664695 Improve signature of nsIConsoleService::GetMessageArray
795769 Mach command to perform bootstrap (mozboot integration)
771195 Listen for memory pressure notifications from lowmemkiller driver
509052 -moz-box-shadow applied to <html> tag in CSS stylesheet causes significant slowdown
792085 IonMonkey merge broke powerpc and sparc64
779392 Improve the ALSA PulseAudio bug workaround used to fix bug 761274
795780 Unnecessary rooting in proxy methods
795782 System Message API: Shouldn't pend messages for running apps to avoid re-firing them when restarting…
803976 Need support for LocalMediaStreams (and .stop())
803977 Focus ring around buttons in the downloads panel should be rectangular
803978 Remove WinXP-specific downloads panel styling
820366 INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE error is not triggered correctly *at restart*
771219 Tile base progressive painting
803990 Bootstrap support for Gentoo
803991 Intermittent test_file_uri.html | Test timed out
795801 IonMonkey: Enable ICing of StrictPropertyOp setters
820378 Try to postpone triggering CC if we're in middle of GC handling
803995 Resizing the "comment" textarea on the new attachment page (bugzilla) is interrupted by moving the c…
795804 Heap-use-after-free in nsTextEditorState::PrepareEditor
787619 Unable to use click-to-play when the plugin content is inside an <a> tag
796188 Crash while caret browsing is trying to move focus
794823 Refactor and move the debugger's PropertyView in shared, so that it can replace PropertyPanel.jsm so…
738480 Debugger.prototype.findScripts does not find non-compileAndGo scripts
820401 Default DMD to sample-below=4093
795826 crash in mozilla::`anonymous namespace'::ContainerState::Finish
818717 Backport fixes needed for B2G from NSS 3.14.1 BETA 1 (NSS_3_14_1_BETA1) to mozilla-beta and mozilla-…
817842 Modify client to handle clock skew for If-Modified-Since header
795833 Loading page in background does not update the SurfaceView
795834 Privacy issue with pdf.js remembering last view
795839 Include iostream in PathRecording.h
812226 Package synthetic_gestures.js with the marionette_client
804040 Selection event not fired when selection of ARIA tab changes
811212 many (all?) cycle collector assertions look like they should be fatal
812235 "Assertion failure: needsBarrier_,"
779473 Make nsresult an enum class
754899 Intermittent browser_bug707987_debugger_breakpoints.js | Test timed out | Found a after previous tes…
798926 Firefox build with --with-system-cairo is broken after Bug 792188 (error: conflicting declaration ‘t…
804055 Launching of Solitaire app from marketplace - missing background image, constant card flickering, an…
820443 Disable slow script modal for content in b2g
804062 Default screen position is off-screen on Windows
788005 Output of <Audio> Element is choppy in Windows Vista
804064 IonMonkey: Previously working pdf won't load
785275 Galaxy S III hardware decoder shows green bars when playing non-720p videos (OMX_COLOR_FormatYUV420S…
804068 Don't set the share icon as the background image on the share button
820456 Installing a big packaged app could kill the homescreen and make the phone unresponsive
804073 B2G RIL: use system message to notify telephony new calls
801661 Disable browser_privacypane_7.js and its in-content variant in per-window PB mode
812275 DataChannel.h:290:774: warning: extra ‘;’ [-pedantic]
812278 $OBJDIR/media/mtransport/standalone/*.cpp:87:131: warning: extra ‘;’ [-pedantic]
787703 "Assertion failure: src->length() > 0 && chars[0] == '('," involving gczeal
812280 IonMonkey: rm move32/movePtr overloads that take an Address
804089 "ASSERTION: DidReflow() was never called" with flexbox and MathML
812289 PermissionSettings doesn't enforce any restriction on permissions operations
554539 Compiler flag for JS_CStringsAreUTF8
746756 On first feature activation the panel should limit reported downloads
811222 Enable system app to get currently used audio channel
746759 Download list opens over the download button preventing easy closing
795921 Change MAR verification to use AND semantics for multiple signatures (not B2G specific)
804118 Fix crashtests to use mozRTCPeerConnection instead of mozPeerConnection
746775 Clicks to close a context-menu in a panel are also consumed by the panel
804120 Offer a way to apply author stylesheet on a given document
795930 ArchiveReader should live behind a pref
815322 Phone rings on incoming call will pause audio
811026 [Permissions] Grant a prompted permission for the duration of the session.
795940 crash in mozilla::image::RasterImage::*Worker::Run
812390 "Assertion failure: aDefaultValue <= aMaxValue" with createDelay(NaN)
804143 [Identity] Make id flow OOP
787766 Image slideshow stops working after navigate other page for 10-15sec
812343 Empty panel on Windows needs downloads richlist collapsed
812344 Don't use a qualified enum in CSSParserImpl::ParseDeclaration
812345 Downloads indicator button still resizes sometimes for some remaining download times.
820540 Some new DMD stacks stop at malloc() on Gonk
795969 Promote list of pause actors at once
787778 use-after-free in nsDocumentOpenInfo::DispatchContent
812362 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js | correct line is selected -…
820556 gfx code in Fennec has some cruft
804174 Eliminate some vestigial UniversalXPConnect functions from DOM
771407 crash in mozilla::FrameLayerBuilder::ProcessRemovedDisplayItems
820560 Security audit of ptrace
820561 Unnecessary painting while scrolling
542039 nsIFrame should return accessible type
812377 Data provider for system info
812378 Idleservice bricks the phone
779611 Paris bindings for the remaining WebGL interfaces
779834 Update .py entry in PSL
786662 Open Containing Folder in right click menu disabled after pause
787814 Fix errors in SIPCC found by Valgrind of unittests
812391 [b2g-bluetooth] Support audio stream of bt_sco
812393 Sweep strings and scripts incrementally
812395 Make mozharness emulator scripts re-try the run if a failure occurs during gecko installation
787822 crash in nsIFrame::GetFirstChild
812404 [b2g-bluetooth] Crash when connect with a bluetooth headset right after pairing completed
800319 Investigate possibility of gradient cache backend mismatches
812412 [b2g-bluetooth] the header "Name" should only contain file name, not file path
812415 "prototype" in a sandbox no longer returns an object
804226 [OTA update] Nightly updater is throwing [Exception... "Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 …
796038 Default browser prompt shows even after setting defaults for Firefox from control panel
796039 click-to-play: nsObjectLoadingContent::GetActivated can return true even if a plugin hasn't been act…
820617 Add a hook to make NetworkManager not manage offline status and use it in Marionette for B2G CI
796044 Firefox should get pinned to the OS taskbar after installation independent of default browser in Win…
796045 Improve install/update API for hosted apps
796046 Unable to enter text when logging in to Persona via browser
812434 support FM volume control for implement AudioChannel API
796051 Generate make target to package needed l10n files in gecko
730516 Intermittent test_fullscreen-api.html | [fullscreen] Moved to full-screen after mouse click | [fulls…
820630 Allow preinstalled packaged apps to specify the etag of the update manifest and package file
804252 Caret in the chat text box does not obey mouse or home/end keys
804258 The Facebook sidebar doesn't show up under View / Sidebar
796073 [jsdbg2] addDebuggee should not accept non-globals
820652 DMD: Refactor and reduce space consumption of blocks and block groups
787885 Firefox 17 crash in XPCJSRuntime::GCCallback
796079 language.current should map to general.useragent.locale instead of intl.accept_languages
812466 namespacify Accessible classes
787893 crash in js::types::TypeSet::hasType mainly with ARMv6 devices
798964 cause high CPU load
812480 [AccessFu] Jelly Bean 4.2: TalkBack announces that a page finished loading only after one touches th…
804289 bump marionette_client version to 0.5.1
820677 vkb doesn't work anymore in b2g
820682 DMD: Tweak stress mode
820683 geolocation.watchPosition timeout when device is stationary
804303 Add malloc instrumentation in memory/build
796115 Crash in mozilla::FrameLayerBuilder::ClearManagerData with preserve-3d
804311 "original" (non-mobile) uploader triggers "Well, this is embarrassing. We tried to display…
804319 Implement parsing of "stringifier;"
820704 Failure in "MW1: Music stays alive"; Music playback pauses when in background, unexpectedly
812514 B2G emulator unittests should dump logcat to stdout on failure
804323 Repaint error: Delay until full display of element
812517 Rendering of webpages creates jiggly/snapping effect when scrolling & zooming (text is still dancing…
820713 Assertion failure: cx->runtime->requestDepth || cx->runtime->isHeapBusy(), at js/src/jscntxt.cpp:149…
812531 Uses of TYPE_SPECIFIC_SCOPED_POINTER_TEMPLATE break when compiled with Clang
796148 Implement a 'gear menu'
798974 MutationObserver childList contains superflous nodes
812537 Move GetDenseArrayShape to jsarray
738811 "ASSERTION: can't mark frame dirty during reflow" resizing SVG
796157 Review b2g/locales/en-US for string freeze
787981 Use LongStringActor in the Web Console actors
804366 Marionette should always include the test filename in TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL messages
812559 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.fennec.db.BrowserProvider.updateFavicon(BrowserProvid…
796176 [b2g-bluetooth] Paired devices do not autoconnect on power-up
640529 too general "charset=" detection in meta into xss
812563 Give nsHostObjectProtocolHandler a virtual destructor
812564 Remove non-OMTC nsWindow code
804374 Test failure 'Lock icon is visible in identity box - '' should equal 'false' ' in /testSecurity/test…
820762 Expose voicemail info in nsIRadioInterfaceLayer.idl
801711 [OTA update] Set up 'promoted_to_stable' folder at
812572 Make MediaDecoderReader a non-runnable
800346 [GCLI] Autocompletion hint text is not visible in the latest Nightly
801712 Convert ImageData to WebIDL
812579 marionette_client (0.5.7) missing new touch/synthetic_gestures.js
794886 Avoid confusion caused by accidentally prefing off the panels
796198 Use the right cookie jar when downloading package and minimanifest for packaged apps
812584 [OTA update] When network issues interrupt the update, the UI still incorrectly says "Downloading up…
804395 app:// protocol and XHR
820780 WebSMS: return more segmentation information on calling getNumberOfMessagesForText
804400 Inspector stops updating when badly formed attribute input is given in the markup panel.
812594 PushLocalFrame in AutoLocalJNIFrame::Push taking more than 100ms when called from AndroidGeckoLayerC…
804404 (xpcshell?) myFunction.toString() (as in Function.toString) returns "[sourceless code]" as the funct…
812602 Don't decode jpegs progressively when we have all the data
804416 toolbar notification cache used even when social is disabled
796229 Use symlinks internally on gonk builds
771655 Debugger does not show up if any progress listener (e.g. NoScript) reads the WebProgress argument's …
804436 [b2g-bluetooth] Failed to connect from a headset again after turn off and turn on the headset
525909 Support ARIA role "rowgroup"
809913 SPDY fails with large POSTs with mod_spdy
804441 Put our NSPR and NSS header wrappers before OS_INCLUDES to allow inline functions in headers to call…
804442 Tools > Social menu not showing up on nightly since bug 772808 was fixed.
696591 Intermittent test_bfcache.html | Test timed out.
804446 Disable the javascript: protocol when it is entered in the location bar of browser in Firefox OS
796255 Alarm doesn’t ring on time if the app is killed and phone is allowed to suspend
812641 Merely creating a PeerConnection leaks a Mutex
801723 nsJSIID::HasInstance shouldn't assume that any WebIDL binding object that's nsISupports has classinf…
812647 Startup error: Could not open any libc. (osfile_unix_allthreads.jsm)
804460 [b2g-bluetooth] Failed to set audio stream volume to correct value by bluetooth headset
794898 Scratchpad should ask for confirmation before closing
796275 Context menu fires on wrong target out of process
804469 [Marketplace] Installed app can't be removed immediately if it has been executed (need reboot)
804474 [b2g-bluetooth] Null address value in system message of "bluetooth-hfp-status-changed"
804480 Intermittent test_addons_store.js test_addons_store.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0),…
796293 [camera] Picking camera after long press causes app crash and phone reboot
804486 horizontal scrolling amount is too small
812682 Updated eBay Logos for Desktop
820875 Implement MutexBase on Windows
804495 Allow nsGlobalWindow to support GetInterface(nsILoadContext)
804500 B2G 3G: Connecting 2nd data call causes temporary state change of the 1st data call
804501 Localized builds have Firefox button instead of Aurora/Nightly button
779930 Text-selection handles flip and collide in RTL direction text
804511 RegisterWaitForSingleObject from Chromium ObjectWatcher crashes in Visual Studio
795763 [Azure] Cairo gradients don't use extend mode
820905 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::UnscheduleTimer
812716 Desktop Notifications: Race in nsDOMDesktopNotification constructor
812717 Crash when we don't pick up the phone.
804526 Presentation mode does not work in pdf.js
804531 B2G 3G: When primary APN available, default route should not be set to secondary APN
804536 Build broken: "Error populating virtualenv"
796277 [Dialer] holding number 1 on the keypad does not go to voice mail anymore
779971 "ASSERTION: Must not call under nsISVGChildFrame::ReflowSVG"
799009 Remove support for obsolete SSL-related warning prompts
796365 Contenteditable doesn't bring up keyboard
804558 toSource on a chrome script trips JS::AssertCanGC()
812752 java.lang.RuntimeException: Buffer not large enough for pixels at…
812756 Segfault while playing MP4 & hanging for playing second MP4
747221 [meta] IonMonkey: Get green on TBPL
804571 [OTA update] cancel download
591580 There should only be one Templating system
779997 Import SoundTouch audio processing library in mozilla-central
804575 Implement a way of keeping the debugger panes always visible
812776 crash in nsCSSRendering::PrepareBackgroundLayer @ nsIFrame::GetStyleVisibility
820971 setting img.src=null triggers onerror when FirefoxOS app is run as inline activity
788204 Gecko doesn't detect MIME type of MP3 files
812782 Rename find_wrapped_to_bottom to reflect string change
804591 message window remains minimized when I click on a name
804592 CreatePipe from Chromium IPC requires Logon Session, fails otherwise
804595 [B2G RIL] Regression in USSD support
782633 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tab process nnn | automationutils.processLeakLog() | missing out…
804600 java.lang.NullPointerException: uriString at$StringUri.<init>(
812794 Follow-ups for Bug 722979 - nsStrictTransportSecurityService uses the global Private Browsing servic…
763643 Implement static operations for WebIDL
837373 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.Favicons.isLargeFavicon(
788225 Support WebIDL deleters
796418 [Azure] Cairo check matrix consistency before drawing
722691 Ability to increase/decrease values in rule view using arrow keys
812805 Awesomescreen: Favicon shown in Top Sites but not in Bookmarks for same url
804622 Sidebar asks me to Log In, even though I'm logged in.
812817 "ASSERTION: Invalid display item type!" with Ctrl+Tab preview of about:memory
821012 B2G automation should use busybox during the install_gecko step if it's available
804630 Add some more COW tests
812823 Update pdf.js to version 0.6.141
804632 Allow certain reserved words as argument names in WebIDL
821018 XML test output fails if there are tests that have been skipped
804635 Make binding codegen handle Document not being an external interface
804636 Consider decomposing LOCAL/ARG inc/dec ops
804641 Work around Android armv6 compiler bug (again)
804644 some form controls are scaled too aggressively during full-page zoom
812678 Remove yarr/TypeTraits.h
818627 INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE error is not triggered correctly
804649 Create a CommentNode header
804650 [contacts] API sorting problems
804653 Make docshell trigger PB mode exit from Destroy, not destructor
812846 densify nsAccTreeWalker
804655 HTTP channels should update the transaction and connection's callbacks when updating the channel loa…
812848 [unagi] parent process is crash for opening & closing camera app repeatedly
827699 Android mochitests and talos don't run on Beta 19 builds
804663 Create a CryptoTask API to simplify the creation of correct async crypto operations
804664 remove typedef nsAutoCString nsCAutoString.
803124 Implement isPointInStroke
739130 make GetDocumentNode() inline on nsDocAccessible
804491 Policy and scheduling module for Firefox Health Report
812869 Breakpoint clients sometimes don't know how to remove themselves
599882 Baseline of an inline block with relatively positioned block child is affected by the relative posit…
766263 Downloads Panel should not pop up automatically once per Firefox session
788300 [b2g-bluetooth] BluetoothSCOManager and BluetoothHFPManager
804687 [b2g-bluetooth] Remove HfpCommandThread from BluetoothHfpManager
812880 Deadlock in hal::DisableSwitchNotifications at shutdown
815416 Excludetest list of all layout test failures in layout for b2g.json
804690 security/manager/ssl/tests/unit/test_bug627234.js is perma-orange on Thunderbird's comm-*
771925 Extra semicolon warnings (-Werror, -Wextra-semi)
812887 nsUserFontSet/nsFontFaceLoader do not check result of nsIChannel::AsyncOpen, resulting in leaks
818148 Use a system message when the application is closed
774458 Make mouse events synthesized from touch events comply with spec (in gonk widget backend and cross-p…
739166 Incorrect fill arc path with canvas
755552 marionette status() method throws error "unrecognizedPacketType"
788322 Intermittent test_ipc.html, test_webapp_clearBrowserData.html, test_webapp_clearBrowserData_oop_inpr…
821091 Add a pref to make Marionette use force-local:true
745788 Intermittent a11y/accessible/treeupdate/test_imagemap.html | Test timed out
821101 Contacts: Fix phonenumberJS error
780142 Implement Wifi*Events using code generator
804725 Example codegen doesn't do the right thing with interface arguments whose nativeType doesn't match t…
807231 Add functions to manage date preferences
804732 Remove mCachedDOMPrototypes
804736 Allow reactivation from webpages of Social API
804738 Codegen for named getters/setters hardcodes 'name' for the first argument
812932 ICO files cannot be decoded on (at least some) big endian machines
804741 Camera - video recording - close video file some time after calling setOutputFile()
829318 Problems using Grooveshark sidebar search field
812935 Undefined value error in memory reporter for web workers
815427 Improperly formatted strings in Fennec; results in startup crash
812957 Add memory reporter for Freetype on B2G / Android
782661 Mozmill endurance test failure in testBookmarks_OpenAllIntTabs | "could not find element Selector: .…
722850 Manipulate cookie DB based on per-request private browsing data
821158 Fix the patch for bug 819164
821168 No longer enough space in /system to perform a full update
795772 Allow more customization of xpcshell runner
804789 Remove commented out code caused by Bug 793955
804790 Remove unused file in nsDOMDeviceStorage::GetRootDirectory()
788409 Lock screen can be seen briefly when it is being faded out
821181 Setting call waiting status only when user manually sets the value
804799 Freeze when searching for content with ::after and font-size: 0
778235 Add support for Gonk to NetworkGeolocationProvider.js
821192 nsUpdateDriver needs to waitpid() all subprocesses before applying update
804811 [browser] device becomes unresponsive after hitting back webpage and forward webpage a couple of tim…
794957 Use imgLoader instead of imgILoader
788441 B2G SMS: RangeError in semiOctetToBcdChar
804827 can't access dead object in forms.js line 49
804828 Talagent trips ValidWriteAssert (when Firefox tries to restart in safe mode due to previous crashes)
814074 Send a system message to the application when the application is not running anymore but waits for a…
796640 [wifi] after disconnection, wifi does not connect back to known networks automatically
799057 "Installing" part of progress bar in stub installer shows activity, not progress
788458 Fix issues with copy / paste in rule and computed views
829421 ArgumentObjects memory leak
804851 [Desktop Build] Contacts app never dismisses "Import from SIM" screen when trying to import from (no…
804852 Add support for fast-path 2d composition to Layers OGL (initially)
804857 be optimistic about source compression ratio for memory purposes
801793 10-15-2012 Unagi builds are built off of m-c, not aurora
804872 xpcom/tests/TestObserverArray.cpp uses a C99 extension, causing a clang warning, triggering a -Werro…
811351 We should call switch_to_frame() on delete_session() for B2G marionette sessions
813071 Fix license statement in gfx/thebes/gfxUtils.h
804881 Move the bookmarks arrow panel closer to the icon
804885 Frequent crash in Android tests [@ fast_path_fill [pixman-fast-path.c : 2316 + 0x0]]
804887 [Camera] [Unagi] Image doesn't save to Wallpaper when taken from camera
739354 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/parser/htmlparser/tests/mochitest/test_bug672453.html | a…
804891 Shrink memory usage by reduce default chunk size for analysis-temporary (LifoAlloc).
813086 Update license block in profiler where it refers to non-existent file "LICENSE"
788512 Add dumps for Flash processes to modified plugin hang report
722978 exceptionDialog.js makes use of the global Private Browsing service to make decisions
722979 nsStrictTransportSecurityService uses the global Private Browsing service to decide where to set per…
485412 pymake tracking
722983 Private Browsing autostart relies on global service
722985 nsSessionStore makes many decisions based on global Private Browsing state
804906 GonkIOImageSurface::GetAsSurface leaks
722987 Places UI makes decisions based on global Private Browsing state
804910 handle worker load failures
763960 [Tracking Bug] - Security Review
796733 [FM Radio] Really long annoying beep after disconnecting headset while FM Radio is playing
804927 heap-buffer-overflow in gfxShapedWord::CompressedGlyph::IsClusterStart
804932 Pass arbitrary options from RP callers to nsDOM up to BrowserID internal api methods
804944 add preferences for sets of CSS prefixed properties
804949 Change the way that panning works
804950 New DOM binding APIs for Element
821343 toolkit/mozapps/update/test/unit/xpcshell_updater.ini tests all fail in B2G (TestAUSHelper not compi…
800444 disable the HSTS preload list if firefox has gone 18 weeks without an update
804970 make fewer CSS units prevent styles from being cached in the rule tree
747628 Stop using BlobBuilder
821358 Port the trace-malloc Windows TLS macros to DMD
813172 Evaluating 'arguments' as a watch expression always yields an empty pseudo-array
804983 WebTelephony API: DOM does not accurately handle an outgoing call
804985 [browser] don't try to zoom out wider than the page width
804988 [Settings] [Clock] [System] System time doesn't take DST into account when changing timezone to DST …
804991 Make FromContent expect a non-null pointer and add FromContentOrNull
804992 Enable objects with new DOM bindings to be parent of other DOM objects
814102 Make the object used for 'this' when compartment sharing a FakeBackstagePass.
813190 MediaStreamGraphImpl hangs onto last displayed frame until GC
805002 [OS X] Need to flush accelerated canvas before composition
805003 Implement Map.prototype.clear and Set.prototype.clear methods
813199 Closing a tab with a conditional breakpoint panel open does not hide the panel
805014 Progressive tile painting causes reftests to fail
813207 Malformed license-header comment-block causes panel to look odd on gnomestripe
811375 setting extensions.blocklist.enabled to false doesn't disable click-to-play blocklisting
798235 "Assertion failure: aCoord.IsCoordPercentCalcUnit()" with flexbox
745840 Rework WebGL uniform/attrib setters, remove the huge macros
821412 B2G Updates: New Marionette based frontend for automated update tests
815473 Eliminate runtime computed constant tables
805032 Latest esr10 nightly installer sometimes fails on Windows 2000 because it requires Windows XP SP2
805033 Specify Marionette deps using >=
813226 Add "always accept" preference
788653 Make enablePrivilege pref name more dire
780462 Stop removing dist/bin/components when starting a build
796847 invalidation problems with SVG content inside a filter
803964 Cannot show "window" object with inspect viewer in remote web console
829623 FF 18.0 no click event on transform'ed element with overflow-y:scroll child
813241 Including and/or using ScopedNSSTypes.h sometimes causes linking errors due to GCC visibility featur…
805054 Bind the virtualenv version Marionetts uses in to a fixed release
821440 Make app-launcher perceivable (kill all other apps before homescreen)
805057 Comparison for fx_aurora-csb does not update
796866 Arbitrary code execution from Style Inspector
805067 remove redundant mozilla:: in http
821453 Lightweight theme buttons don't have a gradient on 4.2.1
805071 Chat window scrolled to beginning of chat history and can't be scrolled, when chat is open as minimi…
813271 Rev the IID of nsIMarkupDocumentViewer
813277 Unable to long-tap hold on the home-screen to invoke the wallpaper menu
813278 JSVAL_TO_OBJECT called on string in TimeZoneSettingObserver
600291 Update test module testSearchAddons to reflect the new Add-ons API
818696 Turning off bluetooth while pairing leaves bluetooth in bad state
796903 Move DOMImplementation to Paris bindings
805096 Better explain why we use __attribute__((weak))
796911 Intermittent test_clear_browser_data.html | localstorage data have been deleted - got bar, expected …
815423 Improperly formatted strings in Fennec; results in startup crash
813305's check_for_crash() should use "PROCESS-CRASH | %s | foo" not "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL - …
821498 Pending Reports are not getting sent after fix for Bug 814078
796925 build error in nsHtml5Parser.cpp with clang
821502 Type punning warnings in JS when compiling with GCC 4.4 causing miscompilations and crashes in JS. …
805123 Remove country code validation from navigator.mozPay()
821510 Settings: remove debug statements
805127 Upgrade virtualenv to 1.8.2
772360 Mozmill test failure //testBookmarks_AddAndRemoveBookmarkViaAwesomeBar/ with error "The bookmark was…
821514 Video from is not playing
772365 Implement signing mechanism for packaged apps
829710 Firefox "slants" on Mac 10.6
805153 Drop down selector (combobox) stuck following new selection
813346 getBitmapFromDataURI() assumes fixed-length data URI header
821539 Don't offer to connect to ad-hoc networks
805162 Rework IME code to properly handle events and notifications across threads
813356 OS crash with this testcase, that's opening/closing windows
813357 nsDOMDeviceNotification doesn't give IPDL a strong reference
805168 IccManager doesn't QI to nsIObserver
796983 Create a way to generate an example class declaration for a given WebIDL interface
785460 Text jiggles in code examples on…
805178 Device Storage - Application Permissions do not match that of the Permission Matrix
788191 MobileConnection: expose MSISDN and SPN
813372 b2g process crash with this testcase, using -moz-transition
803211 Max line box width API should not limit line boxes based on absolute position
805191 reflect HVGA minimum requirement in the AndroidManifest
821577 DMD: Hang on Mac at start-up
805197 Page scrolling has become juddery since DLBI landed
764240 window.sizeToContent() is not clamped to prevent ridiculously small windows
805202 depend on gio 2.20 for --enable-gio builds and directly call g_app_info_get_commandline()
797013 CheckInterfaceSupport fails on some hardware in metrofx
805206 Social API keyboard-accessible menuitem is blank
805207 ClearOnShutdown shouldn't have a static destructor
797016 GCLI does not properly handle suggestions containing spaces
823610 Contact image only intermittently loads into crop view of pick activity
797021 "background-clip: content-box, border-box" does not seem to work
805216 Add mozdevice to
739681 Allow DumpHeapComplete to print unreachable objects
805222 Change some usages of GetFunctionId to GetFunctionDisplayId
690542 HUDService.jsm, line 6028: window is null
800488 leaking after page close
813426 Fail to assign mozAudioChannelType twice.
723315 Animated images in an XUL deck cause paint updates
839705 Clean up tests in all branches with trailing blank lines
821633 Alarm API - .getAll() need to wrap the objects respecting to the content window.
797059 Volume slider of HTML5 video does not move when I drag the volume slider
821636 [b2g-bluetooth] No subscriber number information in Bluetooth Handsfree
805254 Simplify audio format handling
813451 Updater can get into infinite restart loop trying to apply partially-downloaded update
805260 Make errors related to not injecting mozSocial less scary
780692 Throttle interpolation of animations on the main thread when they are being performed on the composi…
813462 Unable to send SMS from Contacts details
803225 WebSockets and about:blank content triggers mixed-active-content blocking
813468 [Apps] Apps with webapps privileges unable to read application packages in /data/local/webapps (as w…
597061 throws for new deep nodes
805282 MailtoProtocolHandler.js, SmsProtocolHandler.js and TelProtocolHandler.js in
780708 Remaining uses of FORMAT_S16_LE probably want a native endian format
805287 Heap-use-after-free in nsTextEditorState::PrepareEditor
805292 A "pick" activity without type prop, doesn't work
805297 Marionette doesn't recognize relative test path from current working directory
808691 The remote and chrome debugger windows should remember their size across sessions
805301 Rename mozallowfullscreen to allowfullscreen
805306 Get rid of nsIMEStateManager::OnTextStateBlur() and nsIMEStateManager::OnTextStateFocus()
805310 Add some docs to our object-wrapping stuff in BindingUtils.h
797120 Assertion failure: _mOwningThread.GetThread() == PR_GetCurrentThread() (ValueObserver not thread-saf…
805322 Device Storage - Application Permissions do not match that of the Permission Matrix
805325 On about:home, searchEngineLogo alt-text is the string "undefined"
814157 Need additional security checks for the "desktop-notification" permission
771832 File not found error for HTTP URL, can be fixed by a forced reload
805330 Intermittent test_bug751809.html | Waited too long for plugin to receive the mouse click, | Plugin s…
805331 The Facebook sidebar stops the rendering of youtube plugins
805333 Need a Policy & Mechanism for Audio Competing & Control
829912 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.notifyIMEEnabled(GeckoInpu…
788955 make heap-allocated memory statistics work on FreeBSD
780764 "ASSERTION: null nsSVGPathGeometry frame" and crash
813533 Private browsing doesn't work correctly after opening new window
788959 Heap-use-after-free in imgRequest::OnStopFrame
797153 Make remote xpcshell test runner not assume it's being run from the objdir
805352 Intermittent crashtests/459439-1.html | Exited with code -6 during test run after "Assertion failed:…
805353 crash in Java_org_mozilla_gecko_mozglue_DirectBufferAllocator_nativeFreeDirectBuffer
805354 Add read/write permission checks to chrome databases from other processes
805355 startup crash in _pixman_implementation_fill
805357 nsIMEStateManager should always call nsIWidget::OnIMEFocusChange(false) when our editor loses focus
797167 Scroll speed is not syncing between embedded object and text
814163 Migrate existing data to most-recent table, ensure most-recent items have id
780790 crash in mozGetUserMedia (null mSuccess) [@ mozilla::SuccessCallbackRunnable::Run()][@ mozilla::GetU…
805367 PSL changes for Google private domains
436728 SAX reader should report namespaces
805370 PSL changes for Red Hat private domains
805372 Use INT32_MAX instead of PR_INT32_MAX in the C++ output
805373 don't expose explicit-name on unintentional empty name accessible
797183 On XP stub install progress bar starts at 100% and download progress bar doesn't go to 100%
805377 [Camera] Change to video record mode will cause app crash
805381 "TypeError: this._tabActor._tabbrowser.removeProgressListener is not a function" when closing the de…
813575 [Apps] When canceling the download of a packaged app, the attribute downloading is still set to true
657932 Web Console lacks symmetry in the handling of enter and escape keys during autocompletion
821777 Populate flash version in telemetry data
797203 Keyboard's windows and IME worker continue to use memory even after keyboard is closed.
797204 Remove use of GetCxSubjectPrincipalAndFrame
797206 Remove GetPrincipalAndFrame
780831 crash in on JB
772640 Arabic U+0622 not rendered correctly with Graphite rendering
805416 refactor macros to avoid the need for empty macro arguments
813610 android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: table history has 10 columns but 9 values were supplied: , …
805421 crash in js::ion::Cannon
805425 shutdown crash when doing DNS logging
797234 fix typo in BLIP_INTERVAL_PREF
805428 Get B2G reftests running using bundled extensions
813621 B2G Contacts: Applying PhoneNumberJS to Contacts DB
805430 Install mochitest extensions on B2G as app bundles
813623 window.URL.createObjectURL is not a function when going through Xrays (Xrays for static properties d…
805440 Mozrunner installed from pypi when running
817071 Desktop b2g builds broken by bug 809106 - 'nsINavigatorAudioChannelManager.h' file not found
797254 Themed Titlebar on Mac repaints every frame
797255 Add support for the layer attribute to nsImageBoxFrame
821833 Marionette timeout on switch_to_frame in gaia-ui-tests on desktop build
805451 Deadlock if calling mozGetUserMedia from a mozGetUserMedia callback
805452 Write Marionette tests for battery charging status changes
797431 Black clipping on resize with lightweight theme installed
805456 GCC 4.7 build warning: nsJISx4501LineBreaker.cpp:548:21: warning: comparison of unsigned expression …
805457 Add Telemetry on Proxy use and cross ref that against websocket handshake success
813650 checkForCrashes() should output the top frame of a crash in a TBPL-parsable format
801891 Fullscreen approval UI should be modal
812814 Add a way to edit or remove watch expressions while the debugger is paused
658006 Scratchpad breaks if you close the tab is was running in
795065 Add privacy status to nsDownload
756313 Don't load homepage URI before first paint
780892 Split testFocusAndSearch.js into two test modules
797277 B2G SMS: expose message class info in DOM API
805470 GCC warnings for "warning: extra ‘;’ [-pedantic]" in /media/mtransport
805474 chatbar title styling isn't compatible with high-contrast themes
815547 [Apps] Inconsistent app attribute status when download error
789093 Slideshow is broken on
789094 Style editor: scripts with unicode in the name are URL-escaped
821865 bump mozdevice to version 0.18 and release to m-c
813677 about:home telemetry shouldn't be measured if we don't show about:home
797294 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js | Timed out while waiting for: test…
799165 Panes are not refreshed if their content should be changed due to selection outside of the pane (e.g…
797297 Contextmenu fired on text nodes crashes
772722 Remove superfluous usage of Atomics in SpiderMonkey
821876 Fix ParseNumber so that it accepts a null defaultRegion.
797302 crash in mozilla::safebrowsing::Classifier::Check
797304 Reimplement MoveWrappers in terms of Orphan fixup
685844 element.setAttribute('onchange', 'second value') does not work completly
715402 Wait until chrome is painted before executing code not critical to making the initial window visible
567950 Intermittent browser_keyevents_during_autoscrolling.js | Timed out
811459 nsIdleService continuously reports both "active" and "idle" 5 seconds after going idle
805527 nsBindingManager.cpp:433:1613: warning: deleting object of polymorphic class type ‘nsBindingManager’…
805529 main thread never exit nsBaseAppShell::OnProcessNextEvent when mayWait param is true
813722 Create a layer for opacity:0 display items if opacity is animated
780957 Failure in /testAddons_pluginDisabledAfterRestart/test2.js | Shockwave Flash is enabled - 'false' sh…
729541 Implement JSEP/etc signaling for WebRTC
805537 navigator.mozSocial.openChatWindow's callback should be called only once
805539 [B2G] test_geolocation.js often fails on the emulator
821925 Update the appcache of non-removable hosted apps.
781425 ArchiveReader doesn't handle non-ASCII non-UTF-8 filenames correctly
740015 update Yarr import again
805552 g++ 4.7 opt builds w/ --enable-warnings-as-errors hit tons of error: variable ‘rv’ set but not used…
805555 nsXBLProtoImpl fields "cx" and "versionBefore" are unused in opt builds
797364 Stagefright: Galaxy SII & Galaxy Note hardware decoder video yields green layer over video
797162 Make it possible to run b2g xpcshell tests from objdir/_tests/xpcshell
813762 Teach OS.File about compartment sharing
813766 Set EXPORTED_SYMBOLS on this, instead of on the global.
805575 Privacy notification UX for stub installer
772808 menuitems don't inherit the "hidden" attribute from commands
797385 Blacklist ibm864 converter
813778 B2G Updates: Gecko can get wiped by the updater if a FOTA update fails to apply for some reason
813779 Make Marionette's xunit output compatible with Jenkins
797398 use harfbuzz for all text shaping on Linux
813783 Don't create a global GL context at all #ifdef ANDROID, including B2G
821977 ObjectWrapper.jsm needs to provide |type| property for the new blob
797402 use harfbuzz for all OpenType text shaping on OS X
805596 MediaEngineDefault must use reasonable values for fake Audio streams
690913 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/tests/mochitest/geolocation/test_worseAccuracyDoesNot…
797411 overflow: hidden on <body> or <html> doesn't prevent screen-drags from scrolling, in B2G
805606 nsXBLDocumentInfo.cpp:267:12: warning: unused variable 'rv' [-Wunused-variable]
805607 Mark /content/xbl/src as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS
789224 Remove vestigial capability code
797419 Fix strict mode warnings in controller.js
796457 Relicense media/webrtc/signaling under MPL2
813817 [BLUETOOTH] Cancelling file transferring doesn't clear the notifications
811076 progressmeter in downloads indicator needs native colours on winstripe and gnomestripe
813828 Allow chrome code to launch Web Activities
772869 getOwnPropertyNames for proxy-based DOM list bindings should add names for named items
805638 Nested scrollable regions doesn't work properly
805639 Intermittent devtools/webconsole/test/test_file_uri.html | file URI match
805646 Allow access fields in manifest files.
805655 System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to
822048 use a "fonts" subdir for any locally-added fonts stored in the profile
756514 Update documentation to reflect that sandbox.importFunction is no longer necessary
822053 List breaks within nested columns
805670 Add a getter for resolution of scalable web content
690989 Intermittent test_fullscreen-api.html | [rollback] FSE should be e('fse') - got null, expected [obje…
813880 unable to disable network when user connects to wep network with incorrect password.
805689 Hitting omgslow fallback path and allocating large amounts of memory in LayerManagerOGL when unlocki…
805692 64-bit Flash hang in F799232668 when in full screen
805696 Youtube user icon is black till mouse over it
805697 Remove StCaretHider
805701 WebRTC crash [@fsm_init_fcb]
797510 ###!!! ASSERTION: hmm? CanCallNow failed in XPCWrappedNative::CallMethod.
805703 Rename CreateInputStream to CreateSourceStream
805704 Update sessionrestore module to not use remote pages and correctly handles dtds
830281 Test failure "Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]" in l10n//testAccessKeys/test1.js
805708 [b2g-bluetooth] Cannot answer a waiting call during a phone call when press the headset
797517 <audio> (and <video>) stutters heavily under Remote Desktop connections
805711 OMXDecoder trapped in infinite loop while seeking
805712 Intermittent test_archivereader_zip_in_zip.html | ArchiveReader + FileReader should work! (probably …
764758 Intermittent crash during test_xhtmlManifest.xhtml [@ nsOfflineCacheUpdateItem::OnDataAvailable]
805721 MediaStreamGraph computation of stream consumption state is broken
805724 [b2g-bluetooth] misc BluetoothOppManager cleanup
805725 browser_frameworker should hit ws://mochi.test:8888 for websocket tests
830303 Fix plugin-container spawning on BSD after bug 753046
805730 Convert HasListenersFor(nsAString) callers to use HasListenersFor(nsIAtom*)
811625 Bug 791850 or bug 784294 completely broke the Jetpack tests
816957 B2G Cannot load extensions
805744 [Hardware button] Add Support for call answer/hang up on Wired Headset Button
805746 [BrowserAPI] mozbrowserscroll events not always fired at endpoint of scroll
756596 UX around discovery and install
805749 Crash with event.view
805753 Gtk 2.10 compat layer misses gtk_widget_set_has_window
803306 Named setters/creators incorrectly set an expando in addition to calling the setter
805759 Relax global search results auto-expand rules
797568 Crash in nsWindow::OnMotionNotifyEvent with abort message: "DRI2DestroyDrawable: BadDrawable (invali…
805761 FrameMetrics.h(89) : warning C4244: 'argument' : conversion from 'gfxFloat' to 'mozilla::gfx::Float'…
822148 DMD: More refactoring
805766 [TSF] TSF isn't available on designMode editor
805767 nsIMEManager::CreateTextStateManager() should use nsIWidget::GetIMEUpdatePreference() rather than th…
805771 Stop calling NotifyPull on finished streams
805773 TestSHA1.exe fails to link on mingw
812867 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: width must be > 0 at…
789398 Rework type inference memory reporters
805787 build failure (link errors for nsIMutationObserver methods) with apple clang on OS X since bug 80552…
805788 exclude override.ini from mac signatures
805789 Handle null and undefined as correct values instead of converted to strings on USSDReceivedEventDict…
805792 Avoid extra copies when calling RenderTile
813994 Alarm API - Need additional security checks for the "alarms" permission
813995 Need additional security checks for the "device-storage" permissions
805813 Flash 11.4 hang on youtube [@ hang | F_399546359____________________________________________________…
838583 Favicons are tiny in Awesomebar history tab
801951 update social provider manifest and whitelist
795126 Make iostream-based debugging DEBUG-only (signaling, mtransport)
805831 Add additional short lived gradient cache for border corners
756682 Move BloomFilter test at xpcom/tests/TestBloomFilter.cpp into mfbt/tests
805835 fails in fix_lib64 if target for symlink already exist
805844 [OTA Update] The frequency droplist is inoperational (Daily, Weekly ,Monthly, Never)
822231 Regression in css3 animations
797657 Change default CSP to desired policy for certified apps
805855 Reduce the memory consumption caused by dirty but unused pages kept by jemalloc
584672 JSTerm evaluation output needs truncation
779168 Intermittent browser_gcli_web.js | Test timed out
805862 Determine what broke the Windows PGO builds without --enable-profiling
797863 update graphite2 library to release 1.2
805871 Peer Connection cannot be established
797681 Facility to disable GonkGPSGeoLocationProvider required
797684 nsIProxiedChannel.proxyInfo being unavailable to http-on-modify-request observers causes NoScript (a…
773114 Permission UI events for apps
115199 @page in CSS2 not implemented
805885 Set -moz-image-region on the .social-notification-icon-image class
814078 Send all queued up crash reports when we make a wifi connection
282432 nsFileChannel::AsyncOpen throws for nonexistent files
519339 Change of outline near left edge of block causes the whole block to be invalidated
797705 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEvent.createNativeGestureEvent(GeckoEvent.…
835090 Where possible xpcshell tests should run on xulrunner
715798 add color emoji support to Gecko
814104 Create the loadSubScript function in the right compartment
805915 More detail in JS memory reports
805917 BaselineCompiler: x86-64 support
715809 AppCache should accept manifests served with non-standard mime types
707623 Keyboard events are fired twice inside a panel
805934 Ignore unknown permissions during install and don't throw
805939 White flash upon orientation change in gallery
801972 [OTA update] The same update version is notified and applied after updating
814139 Script timeout gets lost when switching to OOP frame
805948 b2g crash on 'browser pairs' from marketplace
805951 Fix typo in NullPtr.h
814149 Fix CanvasRenderingContext2D::GetCanvas()
805960 Intermittent toolkit/devtools/webconsole/test/test_file_uri.html | an unexpected uncaught JS excepti…
814153 Need additional security checks for the "settings" permission
814156 Need additional security checks for the "permissions" permission
805965 Geolocation fix "jerks around"
805966 10/26 daily build is hosed (boots only to black screen)
814264 bug 795065 broke calling openUILink without an event parameter
805971 Don't create and discard StartupCache instances on not-main processes
773204 Various SIPCC Cleanup and bug fix
592981 [meta] Inspector style panel bugs for
797794 -Fslashslash does'nt work
805988 Assert that nsWrapperCache is the first superclass of non-nsISupport refcounted classes
805989 Icons in the overflow chat menu are incorrectly sized
797798 System App can't Receive Sensor Event During Early Suspend State.
822378 Update the overflow rects of the child frames when an nsSVGOuterSVGFrame's children-only transform c…
797803 System Message API: System App fails to receive system messages
797806 Add a helper service or functions to deal with stringified JSON in C++
806001 nsListControlFrame passes the wrong type of status to DidReflow (a nsReflowStatus instead of a nsDid…
806002 Make nsDidReflowStatus into an enum
806007 [Browser] Images keep flashing continuously in US embassy (for Brazil) website in B2G browser
822392 "Restart" button not working
797817 Otoro LED stays lit after disconnecting from mains following full charge
797821 Attach XPCWrappedNativeScope directly to the compartment private
822398 Crash when trying to add contact photo during MW2
773247 Find freezes for quite long on a certain website
814211 Need additional security checks for the "fmradio" permission
806024 Enable Android product announcements client service
806028 Massive slowdown (about 5 minutes) in applying background updates on Windows
806029 Pmem buffers are not being dropped when an application is sent to the background
806032 Optimize allocation of RAM to gralloc pmem
806033 Remove remaining [Infallible] gunk
773267 The Downloads Panel flickers at the top left of the screen before anchoring to the button
796526 Debug builds spew "### ERROR: SymGetModuleInfo64: The specified module could not be found." messages
806038 sidebar docShell is not defined after sidebar has been unloaded
814232 Aurora 'nightly build' is actually packaged central "Nightly" (blue icon)
797893 ImageBridgeParent.cpp:60:32: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-W…
814247 HTTP auth cache is shared between apps
806059 A combination of <html style="background-attachment: fixed"> and <input type=submit> can cause page …
822444 Update the B2G panda snapshot to include marionette on
797871 Error when reading file from ArchiveReader
806068 Unprefix -moz-initial
799262 Better mach API for command/module loading
789687 update harfbuzz to release 0.9.4 (or later)
822456 SPDY stream ID out of order
801994 Make the height determination for elements with an intrinsic ratio in nsLayoutUtils::IntrinsicForCon…
748735 Black boxes or distortion shown when scrolling overflowing blocks
814272 15-20fps regression in settings scrolling between 11-18 and 11-19 nightlies
806081 Remove references from in our mozmill tests
789700 crash in vmsfdmff.dll@0x572. with Free Download Manager and below
806085 Remove references from in our mozmill tests
781510 IonMonkey: (ARM) Coalesce cache flushes
806087 Firefox Sync uses all of my memory and doesn't succeed
806091 Don't export WebGL headers
807458 Eliminate a SkipRoot from NewDenseCopiedArray
806094 Remove USE_ANGLE
806097 Update autocomplete=off test to use a local page instead of
806099 Floating button causes full page invalidation
814293 Remove unused permissions
814294 Don't prompt for missing permissions (UNKNOWN_ACTION)
789719 Frame Poison Crash [@ nsLineBox::IndexOf ] | [@ nsIFrame::GetNextSibling() ] during reflow
773337 Focus of empty "Filter script" field is invisible (the caret/cursor is black)
830688 Make use of the Services.jsm module in all lib modules and tests
761040 Offline cache entries are created for no-store entries
797924 pdf.js does not scroll in fullscreen mode
642257 Flash video in background tab degrades FF rendering performance
799090 error: conflicting types for 'malloc_usable_size' when building b2g with jemalloc 3
822510 Run camera and video with lower privileges
806127 ThirdPartyUtil should consider browser/app frames to be top-level windows.
806133 Intermittent reftest leak of 604 bytes (1 nsAuthURLParser, 1 nsHashtable, 1 nsNPAPIPluginInstance, 1…
814326 Group audio channel if possible and make sound setting alignment with platform
806139 Add "avc1.64001F" and "mp4v.20.3" to the list of supported h264 codecs, used by youtube
806142 Password saved with * when showing password too quickly
822528 PhonenumberJS: Start using previous MCC
796544 [vkb] use x-inputmode
683266 Remove certdata.c from the source tree, and autogenerate it from certdata.txt during the build proce…
806147 reftests that use setTimeout should use reftest-wait
814341 [BLUETOOTH] Sending large file would crash the whole system
801546 [gallery] [camera] Not able to add a photo to a contact from contact details
797964 complete spdy ping experiment
814349 [gonk] remove default value of master volume setting
798000 B2G RIL: support EF_PNN and EF_OPL
806160 Intermittent browser_dbg_reload-same-script.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported throug…
797972 B2G RIL: False roaming situation
830742 [fr] Change default search for searchplugin in French
797913 ok() and is() seems to be broken
806168 Add test for bug 802366 and bug 806127
806169 DataChannels broken by thread tests in mtransport
822558 TouchEvent.changedTouches[] includes unchanged touches
781602 Support multiple ion compilation modes
806180 "Restore Previous Sessions" missing from start page until reload of the page on Linux
806184 Can't use 'delete' method in WebIDL
806185 Error: "caller is undefined" in ActivitiesService.jsm, line 305
795186 Declare refptrs between WebGL objects to the CC even if there is no cycle at C++ level, because JS c…
806192 crash in inDOMUtils::GetBindingURLs with Firebug and ShareMeNot
798002 Memory usage of b2g process rises significantly when loading web page, due to gc-able screenshots in…
806200 Don't ignore "Encoding: gzipped" header
455839 Small cleanup in error handling in nsCSSParser/nsCSSScanner
802366 Make the browser vs. app distinction clear, make our APIs sane, and let browser processes inherit th…
765244 add a memory reporter for preferences
798014 Remove dead DefineConstructor definition
773440 OMTC: Remove unnecessary frame copies with async-video
806209 NS_StackWalk is not threadsafe
798020 Assertion failure: "Computed width should always be constrained, so horizontal flex containers shoul…
650567 layout/reftests/bidi/267459-2.html fails on Android
789846 Loading forever on since Firefox 17
781657 Investigate requiring JM+TI to keep a fully synced interpreter stack
822618 "FM" open FM and incoming calls arrival, two voices rings together-617001919025
822620 disable Notification Center support for Firefox 19 and 20, it isn't ready
798045 crash in mozilla::net::FailDelayManager::Lookup
798821 Disable touch events on Windows for devices that do not support touch input
806244 Can't move windows when persona activated
798053 mozilla::gfx::Scale always returns false
811580 [WebAPI] WebMobileConnection: Develop test to verify
806256 3D CSS Periodic table demo is unusably slow in Firefox
798068 nsContentUtils::GetViewportInfo() returns bonkers minZoom/maxZoom values on
806263 Move {Get,Set}ValueItemText up to MediaElement.
801277 resizer in corner of text-area does not draw correctly when page is zoomed
798083 chatbar overflow does not handle more than one child
814470 AsyncFetchAndSetIconFromNetwork may leak channel when setup fails
806279 Make CC macros more generic, to the extent possible
748936 Feature: Text search
806283 Include native iterators in "object/misc" memory reports.
778364 MacOS and Linux crash signatures no longer have C++ parameter information
806296 [b2g-bluetooth] Cannot create an encrypted socket
806298 IonMonkey: 3x slower when creating new array on constructing
789916 Get rid of controller.assertJSProperty() and controller.assertDOMProperty() in favor of expect.* and…
800187 Add memory reporter for the nsStyleSheetService
806306 Fix compile bustage for mediaconduit
806307 B2G RIL: shouldn't send icc-related messages unless content is ready
806310 "ASSERTION: canStoreInRuleTree must be false for inherited structs unless all properties have been s…
822698 [DMD] building with --enable-dmd fails for android when using NDK r8c (gcc-4.6)
798123 Replace the array conversion functions in BluetoothUtils.cpp with those in nsTArrayHelpers.h
822700 [DMD] DMD-enabled builds running with DMD turned off crash when asked to dump memory reports
799304 Document how to enable a CA root certificate for EV (extended validation)
806329 Restore MPL 2 headers removed by recent pdf.js update
798141 I can't type in Google docs if any social content has focus
806335 MediaPipeline destroys TransportFlow on wrong thread
814530 make @supports automatically be disabled by default on Release and Beta
781766 SIPCC ToDo List
798151 Object.prototype.toString doesn't override classList (DOMTokenList)
830920 Reduce running time of test_websocket_basic.html
812962 Intermittent browser_dbg_bug740825_conditional-breakpoints-02.js | an unexpected uncaught JS excepti…
791117 Addition to the public suffix list (
814549 nsAppShell destructor segfaults when no input reader thread is created (as happens in an OOP app)
798166 Intermittent defaults display problem after setting default depending on helper.exe speed
789975 Extremely long pause while collecting telemetry information on the main thread
740825 Implement conditional breakpoints
806363 hal doesn't release wake locks when process crashes
806364 Setting SELECT's innerHTML with empty OPTGROUPs with @label will cause Firefox hangs
642528 Exception in HUDService.jsm, aWindow is null
806369 Blacklisting for H.264 decoding
789987 Create Mozmill test for Private Browsing cache handling
798187 WebIDL bindings: add support for dictionary return values
814576 "abort" listener listening only for trusted events not executed for XHR if it's triggered synchronou…
798194 When the URL bar scrolls out of view, content that's moved in is not invalidated / repainted
628649 nsCoreUtils::IsXLink looks either incorrect or obsolete
757240 May 2012 batch of changes to the EV-activation list
806397 can't turn off Facebook chat on sidebar
817067 Many many concurrency problems in the thumbnailing code
750544 Library: Remove the scope bar.
806407 createOffer failing silently on opt linux builds
773646 mozGetUserMedia({audio:true}...) fails on the second attempt
806415 BaselineCompiler: Clean up FrameInfo
773649 mozGetUserMedia doesn't support getting both audio and video in one stream
822531 always assume the camera gives us yuv420sp, again
806422 Do not cache Complete's across a SafeBrowsing update
798233 Don't search firefox executable in $exe/../../dist/bin
814618 B2G STK: STK DisplayText Command not working properly with coding scheme is GSM 7 bit packed.
808879 expose Bluetooth earphone connection status to GAIA
806428 OMTC Linux is broken (startup crash)
798237 Test for bug 797677
806433 Use-after-free of XPCIncrementalReleaseRunnable
798245 Honor defaultZoom in AsyncPanZoomController
790054 Disable WPA Enterprise support
795228 Presentation mode not really useful for presentations
806442 Compiler.cpp:1293:14: warning: unused variable ‘slot’ [-Wunused-variable]
699951 Add a memory reporter for Necko's disk cache
790083 libsrtp reads past the end of a key buffer when setting up the internal prng (used in testing)
626245 Plugins bounce up and down when being scrolled
806472 NS_CONTENT_PERMISSION_PROMPT_CONTRACTID is used both as a service and an instance
806473 Expose MemoryInfoDumper via a service
800695 [b2g-bluetooth] Audio route is set to bluetooth sco when disconnected to a bluetooth headset
798829 "ASSERTION: Using observer service off the main thread!" with getUserMedia
798298 Allow chrome JS code to know if it is being called as a result of a user input event
798304 Cant specify sub directories for videos in CameraControl API
765200 Shorten errors of type: "an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror - ..."
839270 crash in nsStyleContext::nsStyleContext mainly with AMD Radeon HD 6250/6310/6320
806505 Flash plugin's context menu is in the wrong screen location when Social sidebar is open
812989 ACCEPTED_MAR_CHANNEL_IDS and MAR_CHANNEL_ID not updated for Firefox in mozilla-esr17
806515 Send an app identifier for B2G content crashes
757367 Add ! to PSL
814713 Heap-use-after-free in TableBackgroundPainter::TableBackgroundData::Destroy
798330 Intermittent browser_dbg_scripts-searching-03.js | There should be one line result for the first url…
790141 Implement / for sign-in with Persona
802069 Make "macintosh" the canonical name of its encoding, not "x-mac-roman"
806538 Update double-conversion and document the version we are at
798354 Global variable sizecheck in is unused
773780 New DOM binding APIs for node
781974 Unapplied property checkbox disappears when property is no longer hovered
806558 $(XPIDL_MODULE) link -vs- add missing dep
806566 PDF built-in viewer does not work in HiDPI
806568 BaselineCompiler: Move IC code into its own file
814761 B2G SMS: Exception in processParcel() at receiving multipart SMS messages (>= 379 chars) sent from e…
790191 Mozmill tests are failing with timeouts in waitForPageLoad() due to 'about:newtab'
804808 B2G could end up on a blurry page after zooming in on a page and then going to a link
814771 Homescreen takes long to render after exiting an app
797363 Remove user agent override since is fixed
806583 strange white border around textboxes appeared since some time in gecko 18
790201 Nuke social worker sandbox on shutdown
814778 [Gaia::Keyboard] Keyboard tooltips render slowly and sometimes don't render at all
806587 Rename getNoAppCodebasePrincipal back to getCodebasePrincipal
806591 Add function to generate UUIDs
806596 [Browser] Browser resets the viewport to upper-left corner every time I un-focus the Username or Pas…
790216 Optimize global search results
814793 Permanent browser_bug567306.js orange since packaging update landed on Aurora
806605 Replace loggedInEmail parameter with loggedInUser
798415 Add the ability to import signatures to a MAR file
819832 [b2g-bluetooth] Sending files to Mac would fail at the end of sending process
839380 zh-hk locale should use zh-tw translation instead of zh-cn
806618 rewrite PR_NewLogModule calls to not generate static initializers
823004 B2G STK: STK Set-Up idle mode doesn't work properly
806624 (dev mode only) Support using hosted apps with certified permissions
806625 "Well, this is embarrassing :( We tried to display this webpage, but it's not responding." with wind…
798834 Error: RangeError: invalid array length
814822 hal doesn't notify listeners when a wakelock is released due to child process dying
782972 Mask+Filter wrong clipping on embedding in HTML with different ratio
798442 refactor Identity.jsm to allow delegation of work to a server-provided dialog
798445 Send a ChromeEvent when the web activities is completed
798446 startup crash in nsGlobalWindow::nsGlobalWindow
798448 Video app fails to generate thumbnail for MP4 files
814376 [b2g-bluetooth] follow-up to bug 812412
806643 IonMonkey: Negate Doubles by Flipping Signed Bit
806644 Back out bug 778993
798458 changes to make minification of GCLI work [patch]
823040 we should update the app's manifest during update (for hosted apps with appcache)
773891 Allow packaged apps to specify a CSP in their manifest (app:// scheme)
536324 Change nsIChannel to support 64-bit content-length
814861 IonMonkey: add type specialized paths for instanceof
814864 Low precision tile rendering takes too much time away from high precision rendering
675602 Web console show "Cannot show responses of type «(null)»" for 304 "Not modified" responses
618260 Consider alternative placeholder styling since GrayText lacks contrast with various OS themes
806681 Port browser_privatebrowsing_certexceptionsui.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806682 Port browser_privatebrowsing_cookieacceptdialog.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806683 Port browser_privatebrowsing_crh.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806685 Port browser_privatebrowsing_downloadLastDir.js and its friends to the new per-window PB APIs
806686 Port browser_privatebrowsing_geoprompt.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806687 Port browser_privatebrowsing_localStorage.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806689 Port browser_privatebrowsing_opendir.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806690 Port browser_privatebrowsing_openlocation.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806691 Port browser_privatebrowsing_openLocationLastURL.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806694 Port browser_privatebrowsing_popupblocker.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806695 Port browser_privatebrowsing_protocolhandler.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806697 Move browser_privatebrowsing_sslsite_transition.js to the obsolete directory
806698 Port browser_privatebrowsing_theming.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806700 Port browser_privatebrowsing_urlbarfocus.js to the new per-window PB APIs
806701 Port browser_privatebrowsing_windowtitle.js to the new per-window PB APIs
749358 IonMonkey: discardPhhiAt/EliminatePhis has horrible behavior
806703 Port browser_privatebrowsing_zoomrestore.js to the new per-window PB APIs
790321 Firefox fails to recover after temporary proxy disconnect (SOCKS)
806706 Port browser_save_link.js to the new per-window PB APIs
798516 Remove support for gPrivateBrowsingUI.privateWindow
806709 Port browser_newtab_private_browsing.js to the new per-tab PB APIs
819849 Music will be resumed in the short time intermittently during video playing.
806713 [b2g-bluetooth] NS_ASSERTION failure in UnixSocket.cpp when create a sco socket
806720 Port browser_styleeditor_private.js to the new per-tab PB APIs
806721 Port browser_webconsole_bug_618311_private_browsing.js to the new per-tab PB APIs
806722 Port indexedDB browser_privateBrowsing.js to the new per-tab PB APIs
814921 Reduce the need to flush animations for SMIL
806734 Port contentprefs test_bug248970.js to the new per-tab PB APIs
806735 Port test_bug679784.js to the new per-tab PB APIs
822584 Breakpad can't deal with elfhacked binaries on ARM (B2G crash stacks are broken/corrupted)
823124 crash in nsRuleNode::ChildrenHashHashKey
757593 PR_IntervalNow not monotonic for android / linux / Mac OS X
782991 Intermittent accessible/states/test_link.html | Test timed out, test_popup.xul | Can't get accessibl…
806748 Intermittent browser_dbg_location-changes-blank.js | The source editor not have any text displayed. …
773982 Always show hidden entries when searching history
806753 e10s: Remove already broken support for child-side http-on-* observers
806755 "ASSERTION: Must have view manager" scrolling and closing tab
798565 may point to native anonymous content
798569 B2G STK: make eventList in MozStkEventList as an array
798573 remove prtypes.h #includes in dom/
823150 Installing a signed packaged app, updating it on the server, and doing a manual sync - no update not…
782191 Only begin streaming video/audio from camera/recording device when needed through mozGetUserMedia
798580 b2g mochitest chromeEvent handling is broken
790393 "Factory reset"
798510 js::StackSpace::sizeOfCommitted() overestimates on non-Windows platforms
806780 [Skia] PathSkia::ContainsPoint should use SkPath::contains(x, y)
806781 crash in nsXULPopupManager::UpdateMenuItems
774014 Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update.js, test_0201_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js | launch…
811669 nsICachingChannel.cacheKey may not be set on http-on-modify-request anymore
798595 remove useless prmem.h includes
801915 IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_IN
798599 remove prmem from editor
749448 Remove XTF
806793 IonMonkey: set ShapeGuard not movable after invalidation
708491 testSecurityNotification.js fails due to timeout on cert_domain_link
798607 Rendering layout problems for videos with screen resolution > 100% on win7
823191 DeviceStorage enumerate doesn't see files with 0060 perms
815000 Invalid calls to sizeSocialPanelToContent in error conditions cause console errors.
815001 Error: Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]
806812 #star-button should defer to the urlbar-icon class rather than using custom padding
798624 GC: specialize low-level character access for JSStableString
823203 Pulling your headphones out of the phone as soon as the music app loads causes a crash
806820 crash in SuppressDeletedPropertyHelper
806821 GCLI should ensure that 'string' command return types are treated as plaintext
503720 Implement vw/vh/vmin/vmax (viewport sizes) from CSS 3 Values and Units
798634 Minor mfbt/SHA1.* style cleanups, nits
798638 GC: exact rooting for TryNoteIter
683959 crash [@ nsFtpState::R_retr() ]
790463 [B2G] several telephony tests often causes emulator to crash
815046 [FM radio][sound] FM radio app needs to be notified after a phone call
823240 Include <sys/proc.h> on OpenBSD to get P_TRACED definition
798665 Inline TestCompile into IonCompile
798666 flexbox doesn't honor min-height on horizontal auto-height flex container
790475 Inline spellchecker does not correctly traverse text nodes
798677 Heap-use-after-free in nsPlaintextEditor::FireClipboardEvent
757721 [AccessFu] Implement explore by touch for web content in Android
823258 Asking for a PROMPT_ACTION for a privileged API in a privileged packaged app - remember my choice de…
815069 [Audio] A mechanism for Gecko components without media element to join audio competing policy
815070 [Wifi Tethering] Wait driver ready before turning on Wifi tethering
815071 Update jemalloc 3 to (mostly) 3.2
790499 Time API: Call JS_ClearDateCaches() to update Date object's timezone when the system timezone is res…
798694 Add UA override for
815079 [BLUETOOTH] Can't see received image in Gallery if the image size is too big or Gallery has been alr…
821211 Information presented to the user from the mini-manifest is not verified to exactly match the inform…
659445 location bar input should not be dependent on how long it takes the user to press enter
799401 URL bar scrolling out of view while a fling is in progress causes window to flicker
790524 The sniffing logic can overwrite sniffed content-type by application/octet-stream
798721 Fix up RTP/RTCP Demux
446469 Missing and/or incorrect object:state-changed:busy event when downloading files
757774 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/states/test_link.htm…
798736 Fix type issue in nICEr (clang 3.2)
806937 PBM - Change UI theme for private tabs
800481 Remove unnecessary second arg from HashTable::hash{1,2}
790556 Remember last IP address for remote debugger
823325 Text cursor handle doesn't disappear when switching tabs
741408 figure out a way to deal with accessibles with no content
798753 [OS X] Visual polish for social provider user menu
806952 Update test for stop and reload buttons to test what it really should test
815145 Remove the JS REPL from shell.js
692267 Remove jsgc.h from INSTALLED_HEADERS
798764 Global console: add support for a global ConsoleProgressListener
806964 Stop calling UpdateOverflow on frames that will be reflowed
806971 avoid passing a "null" charset to GetUnicodeDecoder
806976 Can't drag browser around on desktop; also getting errors in the console
806980 [AccessFu] incremental build improvement
815173 The interface feels sluggish when installing a big app
798794 Followup on bug 795654 - Artwork appears to be coming out pixelated or patched in stub installer
798800 ANGLE fails to build on Mac 10.6 and 10.8 with clang rev 161022 and clang rev 163716
806996 CreateTextStateManager not called when editor is reframed during focus
815189 b2g builds should clone
807001 Map.prototype.size and Set.prototype.size should be accessor properties
798810 Promotional content blurbs can overlap each other when downloading over dial-up/slow speeds
815198 [Webapps] should call Webapps.applyDownload when installState is 'pending'
814437 Talos Regression tcheck, tcheck2 and tcheck3 increase 400% on Android Nov 22
823397 Installing a privileged app from marketplace dev - appStatus should be privileged, but ends up being…
798826 crash in gfxFT2FontList::FindFonts @ mozilla::scache::StartupCache::WaitOnWriteThread
793959 MediaConduit - Roll Up Comments
774253 IonMonkey: off thread compilation
766066 mozKeyboard.onfocuschange shouldn't be raised when you are scrolling
823411 Permission Prompt Helper doesn't forward access field to prompt
803518 Garbage of context menu on Edit Bookmarks Panel
807034 WebIDL bindings fail to compile for static readonly attributes.
807035 IonMonkey: "Assertion failure: pobj,"
798853 Heap-use-after-free in gfxFont::GetFontEntry
831626 Switch cx->enumerators from a stack to a weak list
798861 Stub installer: Firefox is already dialog does not appear on front when it pops up, which makes the …
807055 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Modify sms timestamp test so won't random orange based on time drift
807056 [Browser] Clear History doesn't clear back/forward history in open tabs
790677 Update xpcshell test packaging to work for B2G
741526 Mozilla central mozapps implementation ignores Content-Type
798873 Crash in SDP formatted with too many ICE candidates - 'Assertion failure: endbuf_p - *ptr > 0' [@ sd…
798874 The variables view should be filterable
807075 New DOM binding APIs for HTMLElement
823460 Opacity transition doesn't happen all the time for window open/closing transition
807078 login and logout listeners not getting cleaned up after trusty ui close
766127 Intermittent crash during browser_gcli_pref.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no out…
815489 OOB write relating to mozilla::gfx::AlphaBoxBlur::Blur
807102 Beta and Aurora lock up when using a profile that's recently used Nightly
807103 PeerConnectionImpl shutdown incomplete after fixing leaked reference
807109 Turn off SO_LINGER for usrsctp DataChannel sockets
807112 change MOZ_EXPORT_API and MOZ_IMPORT_API to not take the type
799436 Disable the Downloads Panel in Firefox 18
798925 Error console accessible only using ctrl+shift+j/cmd+shift+j or by enabling devtools.errorconsole.en…
782542 Secure necko IPDL usage
782549 Intermittent test_bug742376.html | Must have the same listeners at this point - got [0 or 2], expect…
676054 Provide AUTHOR_SHEET type for registering with nsIStyleSheetService
397530 ecma_3/Function/regress-58274.js FAIL with JS_C_STRINGS_ARE_UTF8
815325 Turning bluetooth on and off multiple times causes restart
790752 Investigate more comprehensive measures of tab switching speed that includes event handler responsiv…
831714 Replace mozmill.utils.waitFor with assert/expect.waitFor in remaining Mozmill tests
798948 B2G Updates: Implement "force update check"
807142 Gecko seems to be attempting to resolution-scale remote content (which can't be repainted)
807143 images appear and disappear on b2g (fixed by enabling image locking in b2g)
659691 Re-license Pilot to a more liberal license
807148 B2G Wifi: Make sure we successfully turn on background scanning
798957 Add MOZ_PER_WINDOW_PRIVATE_BROWSING to the list of preprocessor macros
807151 Remove automatic inclusion of mozilla namespace in js namespace
807156 Crash at illegal address with Bus Error
798965 Avoid using gPrivateBrowsingUI.privateBrowsingEnabled in browser.js and use the per-window PB API in…
807161 Remove extern C and #ifdef __cplusplus from JSAPI
782586 [b2g-bluetooth] Firing onadapteradded event when bluetooth is ready to get default adapter
823550 Ensure all DB access happens on the GeckoBackgroundThread
807171 Implement AudioParam.cancelScheduledValues
798980 [b2g] Crash when opening an inline Activity
807174 Drop-down list used inside a frameset document renders outside the frame
807179 Give JSPropertyDescriptor a constructor
798990 Don't call EnsureTarget in nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::GetCanvasLayer
768045 Intermittent OOM during browser_gcli_break.js, browser_gcli_edit.js | Exited with code 1 during test…
807185 IonMonkey: optimize the non-native test in visitCallGeneric
799000 Don't double count when memory-reporting for JSObject2WrappedJSMap
799001 Stub out the necessary UI to let us open a private browsing window
799007 Remove support for low/weak/null cipher suites
799008 findElements does not scope to parent
790817 Make installing xpcshell tests onto B2G devices faster
815398 Settings: set navigator.mozSettings to null if we don't have read or write permission
828124 Adjust low memory bar for Reader Mode
790826 Heap-use-after-free in mozilla::plugins::parent
799019 Tweak per-compartment memory reporting
807212 Add JS_GetTypedArrayBuffer to jsfriendapi
807213 Stop creating nsSVGMarkerProperty objects for non-nsSVGPathGeometryFrame frames
790830 "Assertion failed: (len == 9 || len == 8), function parseHexColor" in test plugin
807215 Intermittent browser_social_isVisible.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through wind…
807217 Disable Social in private browsing mode
807222 Object.getOwnPropertyNames(window) is missing a bunch of things
807223 Implement JS_ArrayBufferViewBuffer
807224 Add native-to-JS conversion for unions
807225 Intermittent browser_social_isVisible.js | Sidebar should be hidden - Got true, expected false
807226 Convert nsJSEventListener to EventHandlerNonNull and company
807647 Hang when calling DataChannel.send
807228 clean up the JSFUN_* flags situation
782653 Web Console CSS links should open the Style Editor
708927 Intermittent test_focus_menu.xul | Test timed out, sometimes followed by tens of thousands of gA11yE…
823619 Make mouse events synthesized from touch events comply with spec (in apps)
807237 Add 'data' parameter to JS_StealArrayBufferContents
790854 Invalid write [@ mozilla::MediaStream::Destroy] with mozCaptureStream, onloadedmetadata
807242 [Wifi]: onconnected() function is not called when receiving CTRL-EVENT-CONNECTED event
792631 IonMonkey: Slow property access perf regression.
815441 Errors should pre-empt emulator callback warning
815445 Hook up telephony audio to audio channels backend
799062 eliminate "warning: '&&' within '||'" messages in gfxFont.cpp.
807259 Fix shutdown for WebRTC standalone unit tests
815452 Hook up FM Radio to audio channels backend
823645 [B2G][Keyboard] Keyboard does not show for advanced HTML editors (e.g. Gmail compose)
800219 Keep downloads button contents from overlapping its border
799071 Clean up -Werror failures from clang on linux in media/webrtc/signaling
708964 Create API to manage the power usage of the device
815461 wifi hotspot is not found after reboot
799078 GetContentsScaleFactor should get values directly from the device context instead of guessing
807274 [markup view] Clicking on a node doesn't lock the highlighter
807276 Make nsIWebSocketChannel.idl scriptable
823665 Rename urlclassifier.confirm-age for Firefox 18 and up
782706 crash in browsemngr.dll bundled with Babylon
799093 error: cannot run test program while cross compiling when building with jemalloc 3 on osx
790903 Accept unitless 0 as <'flex-basis'> in 'flex' shorthand
594304 Refactor HUDService NodeFactory (and maybe others)
799105 several of the reftests/text tests have resolutions > 600x600
817218 Move UnmarkGray to the JS engine
807311 Add a CompileScript label
725392 Source Editor: add a method to convert mouse coordinates to character offsets
799121 Build problems with nrappkit and 8.0 sdk
799470 pac file dnsResolve() should return null on fail
813124 Cairo fills don't handle multiple clip paths
799133 certain web sites miss focus event on reload
774560 Implement text-transform: full-width
807329 compilation error originating in content/media/webaudio/AudioEventTimeline.h: AudioEventTimeline.h:1…
807330 Make xpc_qsUnwrapThis/xpc_qsUnwrapArg deal with new DOM bindings
815523 Remote the app: and jar: protocols
806300 Use intptr_t instead of int64_t for the 3rd argument of GetInputContext() of PBrowser
782766 [WebActivities] support blobs
799152 nsExpandedPrincipal should use default extendedOrigin/appId/appStatus/isInBrowserElement
799153 Add UI for toggling the debugger server in Firefox OS
790962 Add to PSL
823736 b2g include.js must stringify params before sending to browserid internal api
799161 Improve performance of activities registration at startup.
807355 Only create marker effects if the content is markable
807357 Windows 8 N builds should call SHChangeNotify as per documentation
807360 Rename FullScreenDeniedIframeDisallowed in to reflect string change
815561 Limit Web Activities to the foreground application
799180 Same stub installer can be launched multiple times
815569 [Audio] Audio Competing Policy Should Pause Low Priority Streams not Mute
807380 IonMonkey: EnterAtBranch defaults to non-constructing
799191 crash in mozilla::MediaDevice::MediaDevice when clicking the "video" button on anant's gum test page
799196 warning: ‘virtual nsresult nsFrame::List(FILE*, int32_t, uint32_t) const’ was hidden ‘virtual …
774621 B2G SMS: save error messages before sendSMS()
799199 Use IndentBy() instead of looped "fputs" in ns*Frame::List methods
799207 Assertion failure: "using uninitialized baseline offset" with flexbox
823784 B2G crash: nsHTMLMediaElement::UpdateAudioChannelPlayingState
807404 Forward button slides in when switching tabs
823789 geolocation.watchposition position_options ignored
512497 Remove last files from mozilla-central
807410 Pass some things to the nsJSContext constructor instead of using setters
784467 switch computed style's url(invalid-url:) to [css3-values]'s url(about:invalid)
815605 Ensure the registered observer gets removed in places.js shared module
799229 Move the ForgetAboutSite module and the related tests from browser/components/privatebrowsing/ to to…
807422 Panels should open towards the center of the browser window
791039 Add support for 3rd party preinstalled apps to build system
799234 HTML5 audio tag can't play data from a Blob URL.
798124 Chat titlebar and chat menubutton UI issues
799243 [b2g-bluetooth] Fix Bluetooth*Manager observer crashes due to non-RefCounted pointer
807437 Eliminate redundant Traverse/Unlink CC macros
807438 [][] elle view full site can cause the phone to reboot.
823837 host records leaking PRAddrInfo
815646 Intermittent accessible/states/test_link.html | Doubled event { event type: document load complete, …
815648 truncation of path and text with shadow
807457 [Browser] SVG content not repainted, when coming back from tab listing, or navigating back to it w/ …
627234 HSTS header not honored for subordinate (img) resource loads
807463 [sms] Possible wrong SMS DB upgrade code.
799272 [jsdbg2] Debugger.Object should provide a way to get the global, and to unwrap
807465 Less QIs in nsXULPopupManager::UpdateMenuItems
791085 GCLI predictions list vertical scrollbar is positioned wrong
807472 Don't call NotifyDidPaint more than once per paint
799282 Google Maps causes hang or "Assertion failure: newRange->lower() >= oldRange.lower()"
802227 Add --testvars argument to Marionette
807478 B2G: turn on jsloader.reuseGlobal
807480 Separate per-thread fields used for debug GC root tracking out of the main JSRuntime*
684601 with native JS Object
799295 v8 crashing most runs on Linux32 PGO, in js::gc::MarkKind, on Gecko 18 and up
799297 IonMonkey: Pass explicit type to loadUnboxedValue().
799299 focus contention with two visible html content areas
782918 Get rid of controller.assert() calls in favor of expect.* and assert.* methods
823880 B2G SMS: Add permissions for sms-sent system message
799307 Remove some XPCDebug.cpp cruft that was obsoleted by bug 787856
807501 Add proper console logs when app cache manifest load failes
799312 mach help <command> should work
799314 Add utility method to PrivateBrowsingUtils to obtain nsILoadContext from window
834325 SVG graphic rendering broken when embedded
799323 Intermittent test_profiler_actor.js | test failed, | false == true, | head_dbg.js got console messag…
807525 needs to append newlines to lines without newlines
807526 Implement GainNode
799335 Images are blank momentarily on tab switch
807531 Clean up access keys in the sidebar menu
807532 notification panel documents leaked after disabling social functionality
807533 Implement DelayNode
807535 Avoid toggling Ion write barrier too often
799344 Clean up in content/media/
799348 [Firefox 16] load event is not always triggered by XUL windows
817141 camera preview doesn't work from lockscreen; camera remains broken even when unlocked
807548 error: addon-sdk: TEST FAILED: test-content-proxy.testCollections2 (failure)
807555 FTP crash if server reply is missing directory
807556 Remove imgIRequest::loadImage's aRequest argument
807557 Prevent background apps from launching Web Activities
791174 Object with freed shape causes JSObject::isFunction() to crash with deterministicgc, gcslice
684679 Mozmill test for installing and uninstalling a hardblocked extension
799138 [b2g-bluetooth] Handle Connect/Disconnect/Put requests sent from remote devices
823953 Improve sync queue handling
807571 popupboxobject's sizeTo() will not resize if already open and new size specifies the same height
791190 OpenType font rendering quality is low on otoro
807575 Only register activities when needed at startup
733848 Intermittent failures in a11y/accessible/name/test_markup.html | Can't get accessible for [object HT…
815769 Only require an https payment provider if the dom setting says to
823962 Cannot load marketplace dev in the browser - crash during load
823964 reftest-analyzer screen refresh broken on 2012-12-21 Nightly on Mac hi-dpi (retina) display, or with…
799391 Remove libiw check
783008 IonMonkey: Use better heuristics for recompile checks from JM on behalf of Ion.
799396 Use Map instead of object literal in browser-plugins.js for hash tables
815783 PAC file://localhost/User... urls in from system proxy configuration broken
791209 Nightly l10n repacks failing on Linux(32+64) due to old GCC (vers. 4.1.1) (Firefox & Thunderbird)
814535 Intermittent test_0203_app_launch_apply_update.js, test_0203_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js | launch…
807596 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | Crash during Thunderbird message-header MozMill tests [@ Ac…
799139 Remove DoScanOld() pre-10.6 Wifi scanning code.
783023 Support for a testing input driver
814555 [BLUETOOTH] After hanging up the phone, still ring tone from bluetooth
815795 stack buffer overflow with canvas
832180 Test failure "Unexpectedly found element ID: footer-right" in testToolbar/testStopReloadButtons.js
799417 Need visible indicator while a site has camera/microphone access while Firefox window is open
740764 Restrict object attributes inheritance through documents to ARIA attributes
799419 WebRTC Assertion failure: mod != NULL, at pk11slot.c:1766
823996 Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js, test_0203_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js | Wi…
807613 Option to choose if placeholder should disappear when text input is clicked
766654 Pasting a URL into download manager to start a download does not work with the new download panel
815807 Make Marionette load later in B2G startup cycle, except when --load-early is passed
799425 Target triplet used to build b2g on gonk is wrong
807623 panel displayed by tos;dr extension is blank since bug 803068 landed
799432 Remove signed nsresult hacks
791244 Undo the pref for the temporary hangserver for beta channels until Socorro is awesome
807631 Receiving multi-part SMS doesn't work.
799441 install gio extension
799447 sometimes the social toolbar button is blank
815833 [contacts] Add PhoneNumberJS to ContactsDB
799452 [b2g-bluetooth] Send system message 'receiving file confirmation'
594655 JM: same performance as non-JM builds on
791268 [b2g-bluetooth] No attempt made to enable/disable firmware if bt_is_enabled returns -1
791270 WebRTC crash [@sipcc::PeerConnectionImpl::AddStream]
799464 Make Element.getElementsBy* return HTMLCollection
799465 Add complete support for non-nsISupports objects in new DOM bindings
676586 [meta] Implement a script debugger
807659 B2G 3G: Support HTTPS proxy
799469 pac file alert() broken
791278 WebRTC crash [@sipcc::PeerConnectionImpl::SetLocalDescription]
758515 New download's button graphic upon completion is buggy
799477 compilation error in PeerConnectionImpl.cpp: CSFLog.h:68: ‘va_list’ has not been declared
799482 [OTA update] No way of resuming after app crashes
807676 Trusty UI for identity clobbers the scope of Trusty UI for payments
815872 Memory leak in install confirm/deny notification code
758531 crash in gfxContext::PushClipsToDT
799498 [responsive mode] Disable floating scrollbars
807697 Enable integer to float type coercion in the Web IDL parser
807701 Remove unused sanitizeItems.label entity from sanitize.dtd
824090 Fix gl config selection in boot animation
807709 Downloads Panel does not always close when handing off operations to the OS
807712 Remove LOG(("nsHttpHandler::NewURI\n"));
807713 Add comment warning about nsTObserverArray ElementAt and why there is no operator[]
791330 WebRTC crash [@ mozilla::NrIceCtx::GetGlobalAttributes]
807715 BaselineCompiler: support arguments
799526 Split the private browsing browser-chrome test suite into three buckets to make it easier to transit…
742186 Handle callbacks that are not nullable correctly
742187 Handle callbacks that are not [TreatNonCallableAsNull] correctly
742191 Fix Paris binding exceptions to be sane
807728 Windowless flash videos no longer display if HA is disabled (No video; only audio)
799537 move xpconnect chrome mochitests in tests/mochitest to tests/chrome
799540 XHR authentication prompt no longer appears for cross-origin requests (e.g. retriggering builds on T…
815156 B2G RIL: Expose serviceClass to DOM via nsIDOMMozMobileCFInfo
799547 Network stats landing in dom/network broke MozTCPSocket when MOZ_B2G_RIL is defined (like on Otoro d…
815937 Search suggestions animation glitchy on some devices
813195 [Apps] Cannot retry to download hosted apps with cache manifest
824132 Avoid resetting the theme on startup
815943 prevent drag detection if preventDefault is invoked on a touch move event
807756 Bad path for Services.jsm in DebuggerUI.jsm
802274 Starting Firefox with -private flag incorrectly claims you are not in Private Browsing mode
807760 Only enable OMTC for certain platforms
750417 closing a tab reflows the entire tab bar during the animation, making the animation crappy
799572 clang update broke NSS
811833 [System] When the device is woken from sleep, wifi does not automatically connect to the network
815961 After dragging & dropping a tab the tabstrip scrolls to center the tab
799579 Some image do not render properly after session restore.
783197 Ensure restoreDefaultEngines() completely resets the installed engines
824160 Assertion in SetMysteryBlobInfo
807777 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by read/unread
824162 unable to focus into content in chat windows, iframe receives focus
807779 [settings] allow readonly transactions
815974 [System] Remember geolocation permission for an app is broken
807783 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by delivery (sent/received)
799592 Add nsIDOMWindowUtils API to allow marking windows as closable-from-script regardless of dom.allow_s…
811836 Fast path the usage of eCSSUnit_Color colors when parsing colors in canvas
799595 Reduce the cost of taking screenshots for the app switcher
824172 Re-enable security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy
734062 stale image in the image cache when an updated version is fetched into HTML5 offline cache in backgr…
824177 mozbrowser frames inside gaia browser app are popping up with NO_APP_ID
800915 Refactor wrapper hierarchy so that the result of PUNCTURE can be statically known
676724 DMD: A Valgrind tool to find dark matter
799609 Disable places, global history in b2g
799611 Change stub installer fallback page for Nightly, Aurora, and Beta
807809 Facebook chat opens in all windows
818667 Put HTTP cache in cookie jars and hook it up to private-data-clearing API
816004 password delay timer is too short on Gonk/B2G
824200 Worker XHR doesn't have a tab context (Process abnormal termination when trying to import a calendar…
807817 Let Marionette logging get dumped as well as saved to a logfile
807822 No noise added to completion request in some circumstances
807824 IonMonkey: don't clobber output reg in oolcall
807829 More rooting miscellany
799638 Need a startup-profiling mode
799644 Graphical corruption with opacity and canvas in Maps app
799647 Flexbox review-comment-fix got lost, for style-context parent lookup to handle "align-self: auto"
799648 Move MozbuildObject functionality into mach mixins
816035 Add times for individual tests to the XML report
807845 provide a jsfriendapi to ask "who is my caller's outermost enclosing function"?
824230 Don't keep asking decoders to read audio and video after a (likely OOM) error has occurred
807847 Noise entries are erroneously entered into the misscache
799656 Decrease b2g's javascript.options.mem.high_water_mark from 32mb to 6mb
791465 Directive prologue detection needs to look across line boundaries
807850 Add a memory reporter for the nsScriptNameSpaceManager
562091 Make Unicode => EUC-KR converter identical to Unicode => UHC / Windows-949
807852 Position of real request is predictable in Completion requests with noise
799664 Disable xpcshell tests in per-window PB builds for now
709557 Intermittent test_bug465498.html | Test timed out.
811850 Fix Azure recording to work with 64-bit systems
797239 Prelaunch app loads too soon
807884 Add memory reporters for nsComponentManager and nsCategoryManager
816079 Add --gecko-path and --logcat-dir to xpcshell harness
797512 Replace sstrncpy with snprintf in gsm_sdp.c in SIPCC
816082 B2G SMS: UCS2 chars mapping to 7 bits default alphabet
685012 Implement page-break-inside: avoid
807895 Remove BSD/OS code
807896 Reduce the initial size of SPS's strings hashtable
805028 Progressive tile painting causes talos to return inaccurate results for checkerboarding
816101 System message when a call ends
824294 crash in nsHTMLMediaElement::AddRemoveSelfReference
807911 whittle mutation events processing
783338 Firefox button is the wrong height when built with VS2012
628903 Remove __exposedProps__ workarounds from the Console API code
797513 [b2g] Emulator setting a Geolocation
807919 stop invalidating text bounds twice on updates
807925 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::GetImageSize
807926 Don't handle outer windows in nsWindowSH::NewResolve
807929 DataChannel object needs to be refcounted - hard to manage the lifetime during deferring close
807931 Test failure "Active tab url should equal the page url - 'http://localhost:43336/mozilla_governance.…
807935 The chat window persists in DOM full-screen mode
807936 Add a configure flag to support running cross-compiled shells under qemu
807938 Fix nsGnomeVFSProtocolHandler.cpp compile problem (‘PR_FormatTimeUSEnglish’ was not declared in this…
799749 Add back the Show Desktop Notifications menuitem for the Social API toolbar menu
783368 Add a low res tile cache to TiledThebesLayer
791569 Downloads panel and download manager show up on first download, then only download manager (download…
791571 Session restore is never completed
816149 When updating hosted apps with appcache, the update is automatically done
799768 B2G desktop doesn't redraw the UI properly
627737 Icons in Firefox addons toolbar is in very left position
717853 Integrate DMD into the browser
799775 "-moz-order" needs to be inherited by ::-moz-table-outer in ua.css
783392 RadioInterfaceLayer broadcasts radio-state information to all content processes
799777 Unravel the threaded interpreter
799780 Remove gPrivateBrowsingUI.autoStarted and move that API to PrivateBrowsingUtils
807974 Be less chatty when the build fails
799784 Replace usages of nsIPrivateBrowsingService.autoStarted with PrivateBrowsingUtils.permanentPrivateBr…
749063 Improve progressive tile drawing order/priority
807981 Facebook new friend request notification link is not opened in new tab
799791 Remove some totally unused arguments
799793 Bounds computed by bit and are incorrect.
800947 Uninitialised value use in nsDOMUIEvent::GetMovementPoint
799796 Measure style sheets only visible from Loader
783415 Make all child elements of a flexbox have their "display" values compute to blockified forms
816187 Pass context-lost.html WebGL 1.0.1 conformance test
775228 use-after-free when loading html file on osx
799807 update reference to llvm bug
808002 nsIDOMDataChannel.reliable is a lie
799812 Android NoIon builds need to bump their branding on merge day
799813 cairo-qt fails to build
766817 websockets causing repeated auth prompts?
799818 IonMonkey: “getelem & MBoundsCheck” and “callprop & unbox” bailouts in pdf.js (octane)
824395 Separate out unused and used stack traces in DMD's output
799825 [wifi] Unable to connect to WPA Network
776377 Native PDF font display
791642 nsIAudioManager: support voice volume
808030 Camera - choose smallest thumbnail non-0x0 size
832609 test_823965.html : Assertion failure: (next == this) == (prev == this), at ../../../dist/include/moz…
808035 Pages opened by JavaScript in a new tab break the back button on first navigation
808036 OfflineCacheUpdateChild initializers in the wrong order
799849 Wrap nothrow libstdc++ operators so that dynamic libraries that use them go through jemalloc when it…
799591 remove reference to stat64 from
808045 BaselineCompiler: Split register definitions between architecture-specific directories
799856 crash in mozilla::InternalInvalidateThebesLayersInSubtree , Firefox17b1 crashes when I canceled lo…
816250 Fix 32-bit --disable-methodjit builds after a recent jsscript.h commit
808061 BaselineCompiler: Rename frameReg and spReg to BaselineFrameReg and BaselineStackReg
799875 Global scope polluter does not pollute qualified lookups: does not return the same thing a…
824458 [Bluetooth] Unable to search devices again after calling StopDiscovery()
824460 clang/libc++ build fails in netwerk/ipc/RemoteOpenFileParent.cpp
815522 Start and stop the remote debugger without restarting b2g itself
824465 B2G SMS: delivery state is reset to "sending" when getting the sms-delivery event
799892 DataChannelConnection::SendBlob can return nsresult instead of int32_t
799900 Wrong position of East Asian input method candidate box in HiDPI mode
799902 need pretty branding for stub installer (file naming)
791711 [camera] camera sometimes shows completely black
799905 .URL and .compatMode should be defined on Document, not HTMLDocument
808099 Camera - video recording - recorded video is always rotated 90° CCW
799909 decomify Accessible::GetNameInternal
799910 Fix ASCII range of EUC-KR and Big5 converters
808106 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by date
808108 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by phone number(s)
808110 No HTTP Traffic is being seen fired for stub installer pings when installing Firefox
802333 OOM crash profiling armv6 device
808114 urlbar slow on initial input resulting in lost characters
808116 Friend status indicator is different in sidebar and chat window
775350 navigational menu item expands and collapses, when it should open and remain open
808121 Future Android system linker changes break Firefox linker
724513 Startupcache can load invalid cache if unable to delete startupCache file
795511 Remove usages of PR_BIT and PR_BITMASK from our tree
805069 use SimpleTest.executeSoon instead of SpecialPowers.executeSoon in test_devicemotion_multiple_listen…
808146 nsProxyRelease.h:156:356: warning: deleting object of polymorphic class type ‘nsMainThreadPtrHolder<…
799956 Slow scrolling in nightlies when using opacity < 1
799958 remove prtypes.h #includes in parser/html/
791769 Update PSL for .ve
791770 Fix entry in PSL
799970 Activate HangMonitor for non-queued messages on Windows
800249 [b2g-bluetooth] Bluetooth*Manager does not know who connected to it via server socket
726246 GCC 4.6 build warning: nsSVGFilters.cpp:3794:21: warning: variable 'yExt' set but not used [-Wunused…
799975 build failure in firefox/media/webrtc/signaling/src/media/VcmSIPCCBinding.cpp with system nss
586984 [meta] Inspector style panel bugs for firefox4
726249 Intermittent browser_dbg_script-switching.js | (Possible uncaught JS exception) | Test timed out, | …
799978 [OTA update] Update fails to locate update.xml file
808171 setting enabled results in double notifications
824558 [GPS] Quickly enable/disable geolocation might break gps provider
808176 should also show the Error Console menuitem
718067 Framework for metrics data collection
808181 GC: don't allow implicit conversion of Return<T> to T
791798 crash in mozilla::plugins::parent::_releaseobject
799977 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.Tabs.loadUrlInTab(
840959 Content of is not displayed
808193 [bluetooth] pairing crashes both phones
824581 RemoteOpenFileChild::AsyncRemoteFileOpen crashes on Windows/Mac
808198 Facebook notification icons are clipped on bottom and right
791816 [DeviceStorage] File overwrite on b2g device
720325 GeckoSmsManager is missing serialVersionUIDs
791822 Add .gt to IDN whitelist
791826 Crash with SVG preserveAspectRatio, position:fixed
808213 ambient-notification icon creation should also set a "label" and "menuURL" property
816408 Add ability to specify promptWaitTime (added in bug 813322) in the update snippets
808218 Update more NSS declarations to have const parameters
798255 Firefox net / stub installer for localized builds
808220 [SMS API] Retrieve a 'sent' message show field 'sender' as 'undefined' STRING, not undefined
824605 B2G RIL: read length in getSPDI is wrong.
800031 Include paint time in tab switch telemetry
816416 B2G SMS: Use system messages to notify sent sms events
817371 [fr] Miscellaneous typo and inconsistent example
808229 rm a11yGeneric.h
808231 Make showing the homescreen instant again after bug 806029
791850 Lazily clone self-hosted methods installed via js_DefineFunction
808243 sidebar load event could cause sidebar's browser isActive and visibility event to be sent when hidde…
824634 fix some ways to crash in OnPaint
767292 Image moves slightly up/down or left/right with transform scale and opacity images
701760 Panel created with Jetpack "panel" API won't close on loss of focus if drop-down menu has focus
709954 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending()" with invalid regexp in <input pattern>
816452 Don't fire mozbrowsererror when we get a statechange with status NS_BINDING_ABORTED; that just indic…
808262 Otoro/unagi sometimes start up in landscape and can't be switched to portrait
808264 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js | Timed out while waiting fo…
808268 LocalStorage Telemetry to determine the fraction of dirty keys during a flush
808277 Show the progress of downloads that are not visible in the panel
808278 Unable to Build with VS2008SP1/VC9 since Bug 740015 (Update Yarr to WebKit rev 130234).
800093 adjust reftest-sanity tests to fit in a 600x600 window
808287 Intermittent test_bug386782.html | Editing failed. - got <p>contentEditabEDITED le</p>, expected EDI…
816480 crash in nsEventListenerManager::RemoveEventListener
808289 Win32/Linux Nightly localised builds use en-US strings for interface
800099 scroll-rounding reftest requires > 600x600 resolution
808294 Fix tracelogger builds after yarr update
808296 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AboutHomeContent.updateTopSitesThumbnails(About…
800106 Replace usages of NS_ALWAYS_INLINE with MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE and remove NS_ALWAYS_INLINE
800110 Mirror mozbase -> m-c for bug 800097
791920 Keyboard does not always show up in inline disposition window
808305 Pass a gfx::Rect instead of a gfxRect in InvalidateCanvasContent
759157 Intermittent browser_tilt_02_notifications.js, browser_tilt_03_tab_switch.js, browser_tilt_04_initia…
800118 provide buildID, version, and dogfooding_prerelease_id in URL for MAR update files
824695 Fix bustage from requiring etags for packaged apps to keep the phone in a consistent state during do…
808313 Crash in [@ nsFtpState::Init(nsFtpChannel*) ] when changing location.protocol
742781 Implement WEBGL_debug_renderer_info extension
791934 B2G STK: Implement Profile Download
816514 [B2G] When using marionette in the Keyboard frame the frame loses focus
742790 B2G SMS: rename ondelivered to ondeliverysuccess, add ondeliveryerror event and add SmsMessage.deliv…
808327 [settings] Re-enable security checks for settings.
800138 setting "devtools.debugger.force-local" to false breaks Marionette in b2g
808336 Refactor mach handler management
798275 crash in nsParser::WillBuildModel
816535 [Apps] applyDownload() fails after restarting a canceled download
808346 Don't scan sys.path to discover mach modules
800157 Make User Agent overrides affect navigator.userAgent in addition to the HTTP header
734628 Firefox installer writes incorrect AppID value (with a leading space) to the Windows 7 registry resu…
808358 nsWindow.cpp:388:5: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘if’
800170 [BrowserAPI] Modify getScreenshot() so it accepts max-width, max-height
767406 Uninitialised value use in mozilla::scache::StartupCache::WriteToDisk()
808372 After bug 807222, the variables view feels sluggish when expanding some nodes
644534 When SVG SMIL animation get rendered through XSLT, only initial drawing get rendered but nothing is …
808379 Assertion failure: isEmpty(), at ../../dist/include/mozilla/LinkedList.h:258 in mailbloat since land…
803744 PeerConnectionImpl Initialize: StartGathering failed: 2147500037
808389 nsIProtocolHandler uses same values for different flags
800198 Stop unnecessarily invalidating transformed frames when the page is scrolled
734668 Remove one of the two canvas 2D context implementations
800206 Invalidation issues for images as they are loaded
808411 Intermittent crash in test_richtext2.html, test_input_attributes_reflection.html, test_smilCSSFromTo…
783836 Intermittent browser_pluginnotification.js | Test 3, plugin fallback type should be PLUGIN_DISABLED …
792037 idle-daily delay wait may be too long for Metro tablets
800231 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js | Test timed out, | Found a …
792043 Network panel response image is loaded locally, not from the server
808428 RuntimeService::Cleanup() does not seem to work late in shutdown
792049 Network panel should only display/fetch the request/response bodies on demand
783858 Unicode in script names breaks scratchpad's recent files
792054 Use the legacy User Agent string (containing Gecko/20100101) for some possibly-broken online banking…
800247 [b2g-bluetooth] User has no way of knowing when device disconnects.
808441 Enable dom/base mochitest for B2G
791466 mozPrintCallback does not print the text if private use area chars are used
747066 xpc_UnmarkGrayObject is slow
800263 [FM Radio] Launch the FM Radio with headphone already plugged-in will cause screen freeze
808457 Add more Components telemetry
800267 [Cellular & Data] Doesn't work anymore
661762 Scratchpad source link may focus the wrong Scratchpad window
808464 HTML parser is non-conforming for particular <dd> + <optgroup> case
808467 Rewrite the cycle collector's memory reporter.
808469 Draw with Quartz when using OMTC on mac
816899 Provide a method for OEM to save firmware version
800281 Remove usage of MozWebSocket in FrameWorker.jsm
792090 ClientRectListBinding.cpp:381:23: error: variable ‘result’ set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-…
800287 Optimize display list processing
808483 "Assertion failure: chars >= base->chars() && chars < base->chars() + base->length(),"
824868 AutoLayerManagerSetup doesn't do the right thing if widget has been changed during painting
751141 Intermittent browser_dbg_scripts-searching-01.js | Test timed out
505385 Refactor Imagelib notifications
808491 CSS3 transform is incorrect when disable HWA
808498 Chrome debugging broke B2G debugging
800307 Update certificates are checked even if app.update.url.override is set in Thunderbird >= 10.0.7esr
808501 Focusing chat bar focuses incorrect chat
816695 Blocklist LLvmpipe graphics driver
800313 [b2g-bluetooth] Refine system messages interface for bluetooth file-sharing app
813322 Add ability to control time interval for restart prompt to apply update
824895 b2g crash via dbus_func_send_async
808513 Intermittent errors during unagi and panda build: "/utils.js:67: NS_ERROR_FILE_ALREADY_EXISTS / mak…
808519 BaselineCompiler: Refactor frame iteration to support baseline JIT frames
792137 Update [TreatNonCallableAsNull] to spec
808527 selectedBrowser frames appear when debugging chrome
726609 Intermittent browser_dbg_select-line.js | The correct line is selected. - Got 0, expected 5 OR | The…
751188 Intermittent browser_dbg_update-editor-mode.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported throug…
800343 Do not output nsresult to streams
816730 [Activities] filters do not work anymore
759397 Remove per-item download rate clutter
808550 Test failure 'An update has been found' because the same build as installed gets offered as an updat…
800363 XSS in Web Developer Toolbar's chrome privilege page
792180 Replace NS_{UN,}LIKELY with MOZ_{UN,}LIKELY
824949 Add support for FALLBACK appcache entries for pre-installed 3rd party apps
800377 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify message timestamps
800386 Self signed certificates cannot be whitelisted with FoxyProxy Plus extension
800392 nsXBLSpecialDocInfo causes an extra CC at shutdown
816630 B2G XPCShell tests don't use the proper binary
800394 The safebrowsing tests are fragile if SafeBrowsing is not yet initialized
800401 Stop forcing -Werror on everybody
808595 Firefox mobile (Nightly) doesn't obey 'only over Wifi' setting for downloading updates on Sunday/ear…
800407 Assertion failure: !funCon || !addUseStrict, at jsfun.cpp:668
801355 Race condition setting up permissions at startup
808611 Reimplement valueOf shadowing protection using IDL
808612 wrapper-cache and cycle collect nsLocation
816817 Camera - improper MediaStream clean-up when DOMCameraPreview is not consumed
792252 Cleanup ImageContainerChild
808647 Disable failing sanity tests for B2G reftest
816847 SpecialPowers.addPermission fails OOP due to importing WebApps.jsm
816850 geolocation timeout after airplane mode toggled
808659 BaselineCompiler: rm IonBaselineJSFrameLayout
743126 Intermittent browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js | the correct script is selected and five m…
792280 function.caller returns null when called from different iframe
816859 [b2g-bluetooth] Failed to receive a file
800479 dialog.js cannot set properties on wrapped js object
816865 [b2g-bluetooth] When transfer is cancelled from remote, the progress bar hangs but not failed
792290 Change TimeSetting to TimeZoneSettingObserver
802427 Disable expected failures to prevent Python2.6 compat problems
800486 Dump GC/CC logs upon receiving a signal
792296 popup.xml's state getter should try to avoid flushing frames
825070 systemXHR loads should be subject to checkLoadURI checks
792305 Heap-buffer-overflow in nsWindow::OnExposeEvent
800498 crash in mozilla::widget::TaskbarPreview::MainWindowHook
792307 Gallery terminated on startup after "This file has not been opened (or could not be opened). Sending…
800502 NULL deref in ccsip_subsmanager.c:add_content()
808698 Example codegen doesn't really work for proxy bindings
800511 Remove redundant validation from navigator.mozPay()
743171 Object.getOwnPropertyNames(this) is missing "Proxy"
801068 Requesting to get the camera, clicking away from the prompt does not persist the prompt and instead,…
779223 Downloads button is blank with custom themes
808720 stub installer ping is not consistent
816913 B2G RIL: update phoneState when there's an incoming call
808724 Move the keyboard iframe above the application iframe and use the new property to ignore transparent…
767765 Heap-use-after-free BuildTextRunsScanner::BreakSink::SetBreaks
800535 nsSimplePageSequence.cpp:673:53: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions…
808730 ReparentWrapperIfFound broken for the non-wrappercached not-found case
808734 PermissionsInstaller.jsm AllPossiblePermissions doesn't expand correctly
792351 OOP frame is drawn mispositioned if both |transfrom: translateY()| and |top| CSS properties are set
800546 Nothing should depend on *.pyc (media/webrtc/trunk/tools/gyp/pylib/gyp/generator/mozmake.pyc)
808743 Better protection for PBrowser shutdown and database invalidation in multiprocess scenarios
800556 remove the nsIDOMCanvasRenderingContext2D interface
800558 OK returned instead of possible error code in fsmdef_ev_hold_pending_feature()
818824 Fire an event when no audio channel is playing now
808756 memory-pressure events generated by MemoryPressureWatcher are being duplicated
775997 Message app crashes when run OOP
792394 Replace expect with waitFor to ensure the page title matches the underlined text in /testAwesomeBar …
808783 Get green set of Mn tests running on cedar so we can get them going on m-c
808786 Add a pref to disable sorting the variables when adding them in the view
800595 Add 'an', 'ur' to the Firefox build
751444 The About dialog's focus rings are barely visible in Nightly and Aurora builds
792405 Frames can shadow |top|
759639 Intermittent test_0202_app_launch_apply_update_dirlocked_svc.js | test failed (with xpcshell return …
800603 Don't bother rv-checking *and* outparam-null-checking, when calling imgIRequest::GetImage(). (just n…
792890 Fix JS-wrapping for callback interfaces to comply with the spec
800611 Remove trailing whitespace from signaling code
800612 Enable compiled code tests in content/canvas
800614 Require Python 2.6 to build the tree
800617 IonMonkey: Fix some ARM-specific uber-nits.
796452 #1931 forces excessive invalidation, causes bad perf with keyboard
800633 Remove cruft from mozbuild
800641 Add mozfile to
808834 Fix the length check when inlining a new dependent string
792452 MAR changes to embed multiple signatures (includes only libmar work not updater B2G specific work)
808841 Implement AudioContext.listener
800650 decouple CompileBackEnd from IonBuilder
743311 Expose a way to list all global objects and be notified when a new global is created
800657 Reenable WebGL index-validation.html test
817043 <audio moz-audiochanneltype="content"> doesn't work.
817730 Gaia does not come up reliably on the Pandaboard
825237 We should not save the ETag if the package is incorrect
710550 Firefox is already running messagebox not modal and brought to the front of the installer.
800666 Location can be spoofed using |valueOf|
800667 typo wih NATIVE_OUTPUT in qcms
800668 Hideous scrollbars when zoomed in
808862 When moving app icons, second long press requires too much time
808863 Notification panels show "Show all *" but are lacking content (messages/friend requests/updates)
808865 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify getNumberOfMessagesForText
808866 do not create location providers in child process
784291 IonMonkey: compile JSOP_INTRINSICNAME
808873 GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from `GtkWindow' to `MozContainer' opening print or file dialo…
825259 No working SUT agent on the b2g panda images - Add Negatus back to the nightly branch and update neg…
808876 Implement PannerNode
792495 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop test to delete an SMS
800688 local_dynamic_payload_type_value set and not used in gsm_sdp.c
800689 [System] Support modal dialogs (alert/prompt/confirm) from inline activity frames
784309 CheckedInt.h Intel C++ compilation issue
792503 Keyboard access for Social API ambient notification panels
801098 Unprefix CSS3 flexbox
800703 Rename the existing, Valgrind-based DMD as "DMDV"
808915 Large DataChannel transfers fail on Windows
802469 Make it a compile error to pass a non-literal to NS_LITERAL_{,C}STRING
767968 Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update.js, test_0203_app_launch_apply_update.js | WindowsErr…
817122 Figure out which xpcshell tests to initially run on b2g and create an xpcshell_b2g.ini
792550 Click to play fails with some kinds of YouTube embedding
795644 allow the provider send tooltips for toolbar buttons
776171 XMLHttpRequest authentication doesn't work after the first time
817134 Delete the low-res screenshot code
800275 n^2 algorithm used to iterate pending worker ports in FrameWorker.createSandbox
802016 [OTA update] Force update check during offline connection still returns an available update to the u…
817138 Back/Forward buttons should be recreated in code.
808949 CloneInterpretedFunction probably shouldn't call JSObject::clearType
784375 Add a pref to control maximum font inflation ratio
792577 Crash when two activities have the same href in manifest.webapp
808964 AccessKeyLabel should be empty string for elements without the accesskey attribute
792581 Remove LL_MUL, LL_Zero() and similar 64-bit helpers
792592 Need HiDPI versions of our custom OS X cursors
808980 Clicking on the empty area of the stack list produces error message: item is null
808983 Should not call hal_sandbox::Vibrate when ipc is broken
817179 Potential OOB read on Opus packets with a very large amount of padding
808988 The stackframes and breakpoints containers should have a min and max height
808991 Named getters should be called even for int32_t jsids if there is no indexed getter
800800 Ensure we always wait for removeAllHistory() in places.js to stop the failure 'Browsing History has …
808993 "ASSERTION: must have binding parent when in native anonymous subtree with a parent node: '!IsInNati…
808994 B2G SMS: Expose the `strict7BitEncoding` setting through the setting API.
800804 [OTA update] Tapping Update now, does not restart and update
809001 SafeBrowsing.jsm referenced using the wrong uri in browser.js
809002 Stick the variables view exported symbols on 'this'
809003 Don't dispatch load and error events on generated content images
817197 Packaging support for multi-locale gecko
809006 B2G Network Manager: Unable to set default route and DNS when required system properties not availab…
735280 Remove the Components object's dependency on caps.
800817 [Keyboard][Browser][SMS] Keyboard will vanish when press any button on it
776242 Remove Canvas2D classinfo
776247 Gmail background image painting issues with HWA enabled
809022 The downloads button opens the panel even if it's disabled
776258 [OS.File] OS.Shared.Type.path
776260 [OS.File] A few changes for the sake of multi-threading
800838 Android crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::UnscheduleTimer @ nsNPAPIPluginInstance::TimerWithID
792647 All Marionette telephony tests are failing on "cold boot"
809034 Add an entry to project-level .hgignore file for PyCharm config files
800847 doesn't create working dependencies of Makefiles on gyp files
817232 Don't apply incoming deletions for special folders
784466 [css3-animations] we should drop declarations in keyframe rules that have !important
792659 PeerConnectionImpl needs better error handling and logging
800854 Intermittent browser_bug400731.js | Ignore warning button should be present for malware (and several…
768087 "ASSERTION: aFrame should be first continuation" in nsSVGEffects::GetFilterProperty
800859 Make MozAfterPaint fire after composition
792675 Implement createObjectURL for MediaStreams
759911 include human readable build ID, version, and channel in device info
799188 Test building mc / mozilla apps using the Windows 8 SDK and VS2010
800878 IonMonkey: Assertion failure: isScript() && !isIon(), at ../../vm/Stack.h:1785
814783 terminate_string16 is called twice, causing segfault when an app exits
784515 Allow Audio without Video and unidirection Audio or Video in SIPCC
800905 [AccessFu] Web content in every tab but the first is no longer accessible
751754 Allow separation between the update-available and start-download states in appcache
799462 GCLI jsb command should revert jsbBraceStyleDesc, jsbBraceStyleManual strings
809106 [music] Unplugging headphones while playing music should pause it
776339 remove support of Content-Disposition "name" parameter
809123 disable browser_586068-reload.js due to buggy test
735399 Only do session restore after a crash
800944 crash with "ABORT: If we don't draw a tile we shouldn't have a placeholder there"
800945 Force logging of offline cache updates
797043 Clean up nsObjectLoadingContent mActivated state
809140 PGO build failures related to command execute handler
800952 Visiting in PB mode stores a fa…
759993 Can't select options in a select list whose parent is translated with a transform
817349 "UnboundLocalError: local variable 'topFrame' referenced before assignment" in some logs, after bug …
809158 vc10 enable-metro builds currently importing K32GetProcessMemoryInfo
637131 Unexpected load of chrome://browser/content/browser.xul when using the Web Console (Ctrl-Maj-K)
809165 Add a updatedTime field to the application object
798413 Add the ability to export signatures from a libmar file
809172 Keyboard would not get onfocuschange when launched from Prompt window
800983 Expose a way to get computed style taking only UA and user sheets into account
809178 bad drawing on a page with SVG embedded in iframes
809179 Please reinstate the js -w and -s command-line options
751836 After stepping in the debugger, any open nodes in the property view are collapsed
809181 VectorImage::ExtractFrame produces rendering issues if multiple images with the same underlying SVG …
776420 [Security Review][Action Item] Review trusted dialog js code
784620 Support compiling JS in self-hosting mode in the shell
653549 Add a close button to the selected node in the highlighter
809201 BaselineCompiler: Initialize locals to undefined
801013 imgRequest::AdjustPriority wrongly adjusts loadgroup instead of channel
833788 Collapsible table (wikipedia) not rendered correctly
809213 Move PhoneNumber.js from Gaia to Gecko
809218 Expose atob and btoa functions in xpcshell
801035 Keyboard access for Social API chat windows
801040 Add Social API status-area menuitems to the keyboard accessible Social API menu
792855 Add support for the profiling protocol in the Profiler Addon
801049 performing a search from the browser search field leaks search suggest results to the disk cache
801055 When Background Theme applied, Downloads toolbar button is strangely tall.
825635 Volume control stops working in FM when headset is unplugged and plugged
795648 Opening a new tab sometimes results in a corrupted tab region
792873 Intermittent crash in test_pointer-events.xhtml, test_value_storage.html, test_bug416317-1.html, tes…
809258 A white bar(approx.20px height) appears at the bottom of browser when the browser started in maximiz…
809259 Camera - crash when rapidly switching back and forth between video and picture modes
809260 Example codegen doesn't have #include for ErrorResult
802400 Talos Regression trobopan on Android, Oct 11
809265 Update Identity js and jsm modules to use new global object
801075 [contacts] aRequest misspelled and a check for "request" which fails
809271 Implement DynamicsCompressorNode
801080 window.close will not close social panels
809274 social may try and hide sidebar multiple times causing errors in the console
801083 Remove old proxy-based list bindings
776515 Move InternalIsSupported to nsContentUtils
817476 _Really_ convert Screen to WebIDL
678215 Scratchpad: associate <key> elements to <command> elements for Undo/Redo
801096 [settings] Set-Automatically for time should take effect *immediately* instead of waiting on next NI…
437856 Autocomplete only uses partial search string if 'tab' is pressed too quickly after entering the sear…
809290 document.referrer should be based on the script entry point
751947 Downloads panel appears at the top left of the screen
809292 realloc(0,0) may return NULL but not OOM
801101 Needs a option to scroll over one page
842064 Build bustage caused by expired certificates in test_signed_apps.js
801105 IonMonkey: Regressions in Dromaeo DOM-Attr
825687 [B2G][Crash][Camera] User can crash the phone when on the lockscreen and tapping camera, then tappin…
817496 DeviceStorage does not fire a change event when a video is recorded.
825692 Avoid mShouldBuildLayer for textboxes on B2G
801120 Support T* WeakPtr::get()
732902 java.lang.IllegalStateException: at android.widget.ListView.layoutChildren( with Adapt…
809318 Intermittent test_sameOriginPolicy.html | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through windo…
795708 Heap-use-after-free in nsEditor::FindNextLeafNode
817514 Fennec 19 crash in arm_neon_fill
809325 change version number to reflect not production-ready state
809328 Stop using nsChangeHint_UpdateEffects in nsSVGRenderingObserver::DoUpdate overrides
786152 Implement SDP for WebRTC DataChannels
801141 Add tests for window.close closing a panel when dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows is false
817529 B2G RIL: SPN should be shown if device is in PLMN that is listed in EF_SPDI
817531 Wrong Referer is sent for table background images
792957 "ASSERTION: Attempting to allocate excessively large array" with MozLockOrientation
801151 When leaving private browsing, we set the non-private flag on the existing docshells too soon
373111 media plugins feature-tracking bug for firefox 3
727429 Add support for watch expressions to the debugger
786156 Intermittent browser_dbg_scripts-searching-04.js | Test timed out
801162 loops onlogin event
776591 unitless length quirk is supported in top/left/right but not bottom
795715 Remove B2G-specific stuff from nsIDOMWindow
809367 SUTAgent gets into state where it will not execute commands, requires reboot
803908 Enable font inflation for "browser tab" content
743844 webrtc/signaling code crashes when multiple instances are running.
817475 Unresponsive browser: Infinite Jäeger Monkey compilation.
809390 IonMonkey: improve range analysis of bitand
809392 The remote and chrome debugger windows don't have a title
809401 Horoscopo app doesn't scroll properly as an App
801210 warning: extra ';' [-pedantic] in media/mtransport/
809403 Sync Gecko C++ version of the HTML parser with changes made for Rust
740551 ThreadActor should automatically add appropriate debuggee globals
801217 Huge performance regression for video playback on
801218 Upgrade NSS to 3.14 Final (needs NSPR 4.9.3 final)
793031 Open recent file fails if the file doesn't exists anymore
829858 Null dereference in nsHttpChannel::InitOfflineCacheEntry()
809425 Fix GCC 4.7 warnings in nsDocumentViewer.cpp
801237 Make browser_privatebrowsing_viewsource.js use "private-browsing-transition-complete" instead of usi…
809431 Get rid of controller.assertNode() and controller.assertNodeNotExist() calls in favor of assert.* me…
801241 location.href = "URL" fails in Scratchpad
809434 Get rid of controller.assertChecked() in favor of expect.* and assert.* methods
776668 Split permission for Settings/Contacts access into ReadOnly and ReadWrite variants
612830 make HTML document accessible work even when there's no body
809448 ns(Int)Region ToString should be const
801257 System Message API: Page would wrongly handle messages to be sent to other pages
776682 Signaling code - strcpy and strncpy should be replaced with safe equivalents.
809458 crash in nsWindow::GetToplevelWidget
809459 SIGSEGV on startup in ClearOnShutdown<mozilla::StaticAutoPtr<nsTArray<nsCOMPtr<nsISmsRequest> > > >
795655 gfx/2d/RecordedEvent.h:60:20: warning: ‘std::string mozilla::gfx::StringFromPtr(mozilla::gfx::Refere…
784893 Make nsITCPSocketEvent look more like a normal object
809472 IonMonkey: Do truncate analysis for MMul
806656 Query records generated incorrectly
793092 Replace controller.waitFor with assert/expect.waitFor in remaining mozmill tests and modules
809478 CSS Gradients aren't rotated correctly when used with CSS transforms rotate(90deg) and rotate(270deg…
809485 IonMonkey: don't stop at resumepoints in edgecase analysis
801295 mincore() call has incorrect type on tier3
793105 Add a third "visibility" class: not optically visible but still perceived by user
793108 value selection popup will show up again while re-entering app
801301 Aurora 18 menu bug
776727 We need to update the minimum system requirements for FF17 (Mac OS X 10.5)
801305 nsLocation::CheckURL still can use the wrong principal
694810 Support Opus in WebRTC
793121 nsLocation::CheckURL can use the wrong principal
776741 Talos Tp5, Ts, and Trace Malloc regressions from bug 761723 (implement function toString by saving s…
809515 [b2g-bluetooth] No response when failed to connect to a headset
817723 Only build the stub installer when building x86 and the update channel equals nightly, aurora, beta,…
809532 rm scary but fortunately unused CloneFunction overload
809533 make nsPresArena and display list arena use infallible allocation
801344 JSRuntime::initSelfHosting may return an uninitialized value
801345 Give MessageReplyDeserializer a virtual dtor since we delete the base class pointer
809538 [b2g-bluetooth] Should reject file transferring request when there's no sdcard
793157 Add a method to move a anchored popup to an new relative position
801350 Huge performance regression in certain demo when HWA disabled
793160 Crash [@ proxy] with proxy of object with null prototype
809547 Investigate whether we need to preserve Location wrappers
801356 LeafAccessible needs to override Append/InsertChild
801357 Remove nsIScriptContext::Get/SetProcessingScriptTag()
801358 Discard downscaled frames & account for them in memory counts
809554 Use device name as fallback if capture device doesn't provide uniqueId
744021 Source Editor jump to prev/next block should move to prev/next sibling block when caret has no paren…
793178 [meta] B2G RIL: Support MMI codes
817758 using geolocation from the browser crashes
766886 Intermittent test_pluginstream_seek_close.html leak of 1 nsAuthURLParser, 1 nsHashtable, 1 nsNPAPIPl…
793187 MMI Codes: Support PIN/PIN2/PUK handling via MMI codes
793189 MMI Codes: get IMEI
793192 MMI Codes: support call forwarding
801387 GCLI rollup bug fix for bugs 795324, 797016, 791085
815572 Standardize the Bluetooth permissions name (bluetooth or mozBluetooth)
809584 Move the placeholder visibility logic to nsTextEditorState
809585 Remove nsITextControlFrame::GetTextLength
809587 canvas.toBlob() doesn't increment the JS malloc counter
785015 Closing About dialog when there is already an update window open causes onUnload() to fail (Error: T…
825976 crash in!PL_DHashTableOperate
801402 Use EncodingUtils::FindEncodingForLabel instead of nsCharsetAlias::GetPreferred from HTML5 parser an…
801405 crash in imgFrame::Optimize
793214 A breakpoint doesn't stop JS Execution
809601 Drag and drop event coordinates no longer correct for plugin child windows (gtk)
801410 avoid inserting dotted-circle for run-initial Unicode combining characters in "simple" scripts such …
809603 Simplify border radius drawing
637578 Expose how accessible name was determined
801423 nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI and nsIDownloadManager.addDownload has new undocumented parameters
793233 bidi reftest 779003, 712600 broken with dynamic changes
801428 MozQWidget does not build due to wrong return value type
801116 Intrinsic width calculation for does not handle box-sizing correctly in the intrinsic ratio case
785050 ISA proxy negotiate auth broken (regression)
793244 Convert Screen to WebIDL
703135 Crash in oc_huff_tree_collapse()
801440 "ASSERTION: Mutation event dispatched in native anonymous content"
798491 Reduce number of system compartments in B2G main process
809644 Data provider for app info
801453 crash in mozilla::image::RasterImage::Discard
809650 handle mach @CommandArguments in the right order
793267 Implement [Unforgeable] in WebIDL bindings
801460 IDXGIFactory2 not declared build errors with --enable-metro
817845 [Browser] can't scroll in scrollable iframe
809654 Implement BiquadFilterNode
801465 [Azure] Implement DataSourceSurfaceD2D
809661 Need a speedy way to construct a thread list for SMS messages
801471 Failed to convert nsresult to HRESULT in nsDataObj.cpp on windows build
711360 Mozmill endurance test for opening new window
809665 Boot animation support
809666 Cu.import("resource:///modules/ctypes.jsm").ctypes is undefined when jsloader.reuseGlobal = true
809671 "Assertion failure: count.numLocks >= count.numHidden" switching tabs in full-screen mode
801483 make nsBufferedInputStream::Init fallible
809677 recent httpd.js changes have broken xpcshell for B2G
801486 Deep tree traversal in HTMLOptionElement.prototype.text ends up displaying <script> tag contents
801487 Update StringEncoding API per the latest spec and fix some bugs
716579 BOM should override HTTP-level charset
801507 [b2g-bluetooth] Listen to ObjectPush service socket
814886 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid selection offsets at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEditable$Act…
801512 Remove remaining printfs from content/media
812156 fix GCC 4.4 compile error with qualified enum values in CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp
621291 Network panel strings need to include the colons
817901 Wi-Fi hotspot (Open) cannot be turned on with empty password
793329 If the trusted UI is closed on device, fire an onerror callback in mozPay indicating as such
809715 Use MFBT's IsBaseOf to simplify QS_IS_NODE
752376 Avoid calling scrollbox.ensureElementIsVisible() if the tab strip doesn't overflow to prevent layout…
809727 IndexedDB IPC blobs are missing FileInfo: [PBlobStreamChild] abort()ing as a result
817921 can't get Images returned from the FilePicker in Webapps
826115 warnings about rollups too noisy
801540 B2G AGPS should use the new RIL api to connect to the SUPL apn
798508 Implement an API for opening new windows in private browsing
817930 [b2g-bluetooth] Support for receiving multiple files sequentially
826132 Don't restart emulator on socket.timeout
801557 [b2g-bluetooth] Can't get device name when DefaultAdpater just initialized.
797574 PermissionsInstaller.jsm broken for package apps
809751 presentational table related elements referred or having global ARIA attributes must be accessible
785176 Do some testing to make sure that enablePrivilege is not exposed to the web
809753 Intermittent reftest shutdown Automation Error: Exception caught while running tests
809756 Linux PGO builds timing out
809758 Geolocation positioning stopped working
793375 Search operator for finding a variable in scope(s) while the debugger is paused
809760 [Contact][Keyboard] Keyboard can't be triggered after add a picture
800112 If I pave-over install Nightly while Nightly is running twice or more in a row, then nightly will al…
809765 Stop compiling the beforeunload attribute into an event handler on elements other than <body> and <f…
809766 libsoundtouch doesn't build
572200 Consider always caching reset structs on rulenodes when asked for them
801579 Don't mix nsresult with HRESULT
777008 [adbe 3308053] startup crash in F_1330260112
809781 [b2g-bluetooth] Sending file failed
817982 Add support for preinstalled packaged apps in webapps.jsm
817983 [Wifi] DHCP failed to run, wifi status bar is always in connecting.
801601 remove code specific to OS X 10.5 in Cocoa widgets
817989 [CONTACTS] Is not possible to save a contact with a very long phone number
809798 Don't use BOTH_MANIFESTS
801609 Simplify popup and contextmenu handling and make the listener skippable
809803 Move strip flags in STRIP_FLAGS
809806 Make more importable
645974 Switching focus with uncommitted IME text does not commit or send events, and leaves corrupted text …
793433 crash in nsAppShellService::RegisterTopLevelWindow
768862 [meta] Update manifest to support security model
793444 Intermittent browser_dbg_scripts-searching-07.js | Test timed out
736104 WIFI: Don't treat all networks with the same SSID as equal
818025 Disabling progressive rendering and low precision buffers causes crashing
785259 the override in CheckCertOverridesbits are not correctly cleared
752496 gIdentityHandler.setMode() causes layout flushes
793459 Update File.lastModifiedDate to latest spec
793460 Implement File.lastModifiedDate
801659 clean up caching of DocAccessible on pres shells, and add fast path to nsAccDocManager::GetDocAccess…
785277 Implement PutForwards in the new DOM bindings
629633 Intermittent layout/reftests/bugs/363370-1.html | image comparison (==)
793474 [km]Multiple Character Render Issues
768901 DMD double-reports heap blocks from the CSS code
727942 Windows app can't read Firefox setting for "zoom level"
801671 [AccessFu] Regression in visual tracking
809865 Disable inputmode for Firefox 17 and Firefox 18
801676 [BrowserAPI] Make getScreenshot() use JPEG instead of PNG
823106 Bump version in order to release to pypi for bug 816514
821741 B2G Updates: UpdatePrompt should read prefs dynamically for automation
801681 "~" eats a char near chunk delimiter in HZ-GB-2312 encoding
802628 Fix broken invalidation in ReflowSVG implementations
809882 "Assertion failure: aMinValue < aMaxValue" in AudioEventTimeline ctor
793501 Graphical problem at start up browser window on Ubuntu12.04.
580510 [fr] Update Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia logos for search plugins
801696 Device Storage doesnt enumerated 3gp files
777122 Add telemetry reporting of late writes
744355 Add to the xpinstall whitelist
801701 crash in imgStatusTrackerObserver::OnStartDecode
768939 [settings][l10n]Setting locale in gaia settings app should set LOCALE or general.useragent.locale in…
805217 Remove duplicate menuitems when Tools is accessed using the keyboard.
809904 ImageContainerChild::CreateImage does not create gralloc images
817651 Define MOZ_UPDATER in ics_armv7a_gecko builds to get xpcshell update tests
809909 spdy/3 goaway frame wrong format
801719 Unmark certainly alive event listener and message managers
826297 B2G navigator.onLine + online / offline events no longer working
799903 Text in awesomebar suggestions not visible (Delicious Addon + Firefox 16)
801733 [B2G] Some elements returning incorrect is_displayed properties
760777 Downloads Panel’s focus ring is too subtle
809930 Make provider collection API more resilient to failures
809931 Static{Ref,Auto}Ptr cause static constructors despite documentation to the contrary
711628 Implement MediaStreamArray class for PeerConnection's localStreams/remoteStreams
798944 Switching between stub installer and other program moves Install progressbar to the right while stil…
801742 B2G Updates: Display "No updates found" message during Force Update check
818131 Volume Manager should create fake volumes
749390 Figure out which keyboard shortcut we want to use on desktop for opening a new Private Browsing wind…
809944 Require access fields in manifests.
809947 Implement app.checkForUpdate for hosted apps
809948 [Webapps] Check for enough device storage before starting app download
809950 remove obvious static initializers from webrtc code
809954 Handle forward skewed clocks properly
801763 crash in nsRootPresContext::ApplyPluginGeometryUpdates
809956 An odd number of ] characters before ]]> makes the HTML parser ignore ]]> in a CDATA section
793577 Create a new type for unrooted return values
818156 Improve test chunking
818158 mozContact.find() - contains lookup on the "tel" field failing
809967 include ostream instead of iostream in PathRecording.h to avoid static initializers
793585 Intermittent test_bug733553.html | Test timed out
809972 settings.js: gracefully handle missing nsIAudioManager on desktop builds
809973 Disable FileHandle in child processes
809974 Populate the Device Information->Last Updated field with the last update date/time
801784 Animated images stop playing when mousing over a context menu
809984 HTTP Connections drain socket input before close to avoid RST
801280 Update pdf.js to version 0.6.39
812203 crash in nsHttpConnection::SetSecurityCallbacks
801281 Upgrade to SQLite
801803 nsresult as enum class creates warnings in test files
654348 XMLHttpRequest incorrectly caches credentials used to create WWW-Authenticate header for HTTP Basic …
809998 [Apps] app.ondownloaderror never gets called
801808 DocAccessible should probably assume & assert that it has a non-null pres shell
801819 Remove nsIDOMCSS2Properties and CSS declaration classinfo bits
801826 duplicate request headers after doAuthRetry
801830 Ionmonkey: wrong negative zero check removal for Mull
810025 Don't output loglines to stdout if they just consist of TEST-START and TEST-END
793644 Browser API - Fire an event on mozbrowser iframes to confirm reload of a POST request
746674 Download icon progressbar hard to see for people with mono/dichromacy.
801839 IonMonkey: Clean up jsop_getprop().
801843 Video captured via getUserMedia() isn't correctly inserted into MediaStreams (blocks)
812041 ARIA slider and spinbutton don't provide a value for name computation
810041 [B2G] SpecialPowers.pushPrefEnv throws in mochitest
687165 Pseudo-TLDs causing problems for Chrome navigations
801855 [OTA update][Security Review] Check update download progress to prevent overly large update from bei…
810053 Add test for Bagheera obsolete document deletion
802658 strokeText and fillText bug with shadow and translate
801293 Remove printf from MediaStreamGraphImpl::FinishStream
801874 Opening a minimized chat is broken
818259 Remote xpcshell, undefined reference to DMError
785494 IonMonkey: when compiling off thread, keep JM code around until entry/OSR point is hit
799929 Downloads Panel item icons are practically invisible on OSX.
801883 New profile directories are hidden in Finder
826463 After disconnect BT headset while in-call, audio rerouting takes too long
810082 click-to-play: improve handling of invisible or hidden plugins (e.g. on music sites like Pandora)
810083 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify receiving a multi-part SMS
801297 Fix createAnswer API
810094 mDocElement in nsXMLContentSink can be a nsCOMPtr
556145 Placeholder text default style should use opacity instead of GrayText
813587 When performing global searches with very few characters the browser may become unresponsive
629876 Throw when drawImage's sw/sh arguments are zero
810103 Make nsCSSStyleSheet::mRuleCollection into an nsRefPtr
810107 Update pdf.js to version 0.6.123
703612 Make DBUS calls asynchronous to prevent slowness because of DBus daemon being overloaded in Battery …
801918 Frequent unnecessary invalidation of the entire content area while scrolling
801922 IonMonkey: LDefinition::BOX should only be defined with JS_PUNBOX64
802668 Use Service.jsm in toolkit/content/contentAreaUtils.js
793111 Mobile Virtual Network Operator Service Provider Name display
801935 Don't unload wireless drivers
801937 JavaScript strict warning in scratchpad.js
810132 Add remote data deletion to policy and scheduling
760982 Intermittent browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js | TypeError: gDebuggee.firstCall is not a f…
810137 remove video formats that we do not support
798951 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_737873_mixedcontent.js | Test timed out
801957 Heap-use-after-free in XPCNativeSet::Mark
810152 spdy 0 length no fin data frame handling
801961 perhaps we shouldn't create #cores unused compilation threads
761007 Intermittent failure in browser_tilt_* | Exited with code 1 during test run | Fatal IO error 12 (Can…
810164 Disable bfcache for pages with active PeerConnections
801982 Scratchpad doesn't show confirmation dialog after opening a file
810177 Refactor nsMediaDecoder and friends so that they do not depend on nsHTMLMediaElement
801986 WebGL test failures in framebuffer-object-attachment.html
779467 Proxy Authentication Problem in Aurora, Beta, Not in FF Current Version
801989 TextComposition needs to get identifier of native IME context for managing composition per it
801991 Remove the ability to generate custom quickstubs
801993 [Azure] remove Azure/Thebes canvas distinction in tests
810186 Don't unnecessarily nest inactive layers
810192 don't require a default constructor for Hash{Map,Set}; only construct objects for live elements
802007 Remove unneeded Mac-only memory reporters.
761049 Intermittent browser_bug666317.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.oner…
752860 Intermittent browser_dbg_scripts-sorting.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through w…
802013 Intermittent test_cached_messages.html | number of cached page errors - got 6, expected 2
801317 Support transforms in SVG fragment identifiers
785632 Remove the permission manager workaround for Gaia
810209 Initialize cookie service at startup
810215 "explicit/atoms-table" reporter always returns 0
802024 Intermittent browser_dbg_multiple-windows.js | Test timed out, | Found a tab after previous test tim…
797044 Uninstaller does not delete Metro Firefox profile
802029 The SENSOR_UNKNOWN passed to GetSensorObservers() Will Crash System
744686 Remove dead alpha_bits in nsPNGDecoder.cpp
777460 crash in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::CreateSharedHandle on Honeycomb and above
818425 [fr] Better translation for "Show product announcements"
777467 Update the same-origin policy for principals to include appid/isinbrowserelement
785663 [keyboard]When IME appears, focused input element should not be hidden by keyboard
810240 xpcom/ds/nsObserverService.cpp fails to link on mingw
802050 Assertions [Overwriting an existing document channel!] when opening pdf files
769283 Support concurrent private/public auth caches
826628 ShadowImageLayerOGL releases its gralloc buffer even though its not done with it
810248 java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEditable.length(GeckoEditable.jav…
793866 Spell checker crash after doing mean things with contenteditable
802059 Implement labels for existing encodings from the encoding spec
802063 [Settings] Won't remember the Data Connection status after reboot
810259 Add screenshot support to Marionette
810260 xul:deck hidden pages shouldn't be offscreen
826645 Add throws() and doesNotThrow() method to the assertions module
810262 Update libsoundtouch to current version
802071 [l10n] Sometimes, l10n does not get loaded properly
802080 [b2g-bluetooth] Send system message with valid connected device addresses
802081 listTabs returns empty tab titles after startup
548133 Remove special casing of <object> with <param name="pluginurl">
785708 Garbage of tooltip is drawn on top of Dropdown arrow panel [Wndows7 Classic and disabled "Show shad…
810285 BaselineCompiler: Fix jit-test failures
793906 disable desktop support while we get B2G going.
826675 Update B2G panda snapshot to include mozbase in (bug 826372)
802108 [MozActivity] fails for OOP applications
810301 AddonsManager.close in lib/addon.js closes the current tab without checking if it is the addons mana…
810302 Invalidation problems during scrolling after playing video
818324 bump marionette_client version to 0.5.10
793923 [Azure] Content using wrong pref
785734 Mesa crashes on certain texImage2D calls involving level>0
818507 Importing SIM contacts stays stuck on spinner
712018 International hardware keyboards input text as English qwerty (need implement IME support for hardwa…
630101 "Empty string passed to getElementById" error in Web Console
811778 Make sure we only send crashes over wifi and queue them up otherwise for that case
810332 don't include <iostream> in ipc code where it's not necessary
802143 ReusableTileStoreOGL miscalculates the content bounds
802144 crash in mozilla::gfx::BaseRect
785761 IonMonkey: speed up cancelling off thread compilations
785762 IonMonkey: off thread code generation
793955 [DeviceStorage] files returned by DeviceStorage.get() don't always have lastModifiedDate
810340 Downloads button changes size on OSX depending on the time remaining in a download
810343 Downloads button paused icon is too large in large icon mode.
816359 Heap-use-after-free in nsFrameSelection::cycleCollection::TraverseImpl
793967 Refactor Proxy::getElementIfPresent()
793969 Should we prevent redefining valueOf on Location objects too?
810355 Convert nsDidReflowStatus into an enum class
810359 [AccessFu] Introduce haptic presenter
621944 "Find and Replace" wrap around in compose screen does not work
810363 Opus SDP should specify channel count
810364 [AccessFu] Record starting touch coordinate in gesture detection
769405 No caret appears in an empty <input> if placeholder is defined
810372 [AccessFu] Don't mutter app URLs
810373 BaselineCompiler: Add WeakMap-per-runtime of baseline stubCode and enable their sharing between diff…
818566 Permissions Installer - states that a privileged app can access the camera API via PROMPT_ACTION, bu…
810375 BaselineCompiler: Support local/arg inc/dec ops
818569 When installing new gecko, we should stop B2G first
801346 Remove s_VOID_id from dombindings.cpp
793998 Planeswalker Points website fails to invalidate correctly
810388 Galaxy S II landscape mode's extracted text editor displays characters in random order
818583 Permissions Installer - states that a privileged app can access device-storage:apps via PROMPT_ACTIO…
794011 MMI Codes: Add 'sessionEnded' to nsIDOMUSSDReceivedEvent
802210 Change how virtualenv is created, populated
744867 Installation failure due to installs_allowed_from returns INVALID_MANIFEST
802223 Suppress harfbuzz warning about Unicode functions
809544 Print times as MM:SS.DD
810419 Duplicate Tools > Social Provider ambient-menuitems are not removed
802228 Check for app updates when we check for system update
810421 Add a --tree arg to Marionette to specify which tree the --revision parameter refers to
794038 support HiDPI rendering in multi-screen OS X configurations with mixed resolutions
818615 Release mozdevice 0.17 to m-c
810426 windowless plugin: Assertion failed at e:/builds/moz2_slave/try-w32-dbg/build/gfx/cairo/cairo/src/ca…
810427 Device storage - Add access fields to permission checks
802239 mozStorage leaks one thread per connection until shutdown
802242 mirror mozbase -> m-c for week of Oct 16
802243 WrapperCache DOMStringMap
808182 Intermittent test_cached_messages.html | number of cached page errors - got 1, expected 2 | Test tim…
810440 Camera - video recording - rotation angle dropped from function call
794061 Copying video frame to canvas with B2G Omx backend enabled fails
818638 B2G xpcshell tests abort test run on test timeout
818643 Animated background gif stopped working in beta 18
800935 Assertion failure: masm.framePushed() == initialStack, at /Users/kats/zspace/mozilla-git/js/src/ion/…
802273 [AccessFu] Remove presentLastPivot antipattern
630242 WARNING: No outer window available!: file dom/base/nsGlobalWindow.cpp, line 8451
810470 Refactor background image invalidation
748113 [Azure] Enable changing Azure backends
794090 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify getMessage
794091 [OS.File] Write session store with OS.File
801362 Fixed typo (>= s/b <=) introduced in bug 797239
810478 fix missing trailing null byte in strings read via extractBuf
802288 [b2g-bluetooth] BluetoothOppManager does not destruct correctly on shutdown
778152 Content window does not have an XMLHttpRequest property when accessed via an Xray wrapper in a subsc…
818674 "ReferenceError: manifest is not defined" in Webapps.jsm inline function readCSPs
794100 h264 video player (Brightcove) is busted on non-flash enabled FF Android or FF OS
810494 Objects/embeds with a known mime type shouldn't trigger plugin errors
801365 Graphical glitch in certain site when zooming in of a page
785920 reload for workers
802312 test_power_basics.html is failing on b2g mochitest
802316 Opacity not working in code
810509 stub installer ping does not happen if user cancels while it is downloading
802319 Various rooting fixes
802321 Repeated, unnecessary invalidation of transformed element as it scrolls
811301 setting html {overflow:hidden} resets window scroll position
810520 crash in mozilla::dom::XrayResolveProperty due to Xrays on window.URL
810525 unregress DecompileValueGenerator change to handle object literal reference bases
769569 Check that was called as a result of user input
810531 Invalidation artifacts when scrolling working draft pages
818730 Set CPU frequency governor to "ondemand"
752864 Intermittent t1204-reset-00-c-o-test.html | image comparison (==)
810544 don't include <iostream> in webrtc code where it's not necessary
718088 offer to re-set keyword.URL if it has a non-default value
802355 crash spike in mozilla::plugins::PluginModuleParent::StreamCast with abort message: "Corrupted plugi…
810554 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | states/test_link.html | Test timed out followed by states/test_p…
794171 Brightcove HTML5/H.264 video playback support not detected
671294 Opening the Inspect window with the web console open causes the panel to open in the wrong position
810559 nsSAXXMLReader::HandleStartDTD calls nsISAXLexicalHandler::StartDTD with reversed systemID, publicID
810560 Intermittent Assertion failure: !thing->compartment()->scheduledForDestruction in test_bug518122.htm…
801693 Camera - video recording - need to plumb video recorder error-handling
802378 PSM code cleanup
802381 fix clang build
818766 White screen when resume crystalskull/cubevid app
802384 IonMonkey: Bug in GeneratePrototypeGuards in IonCache.cpp
638413 Elements that use overflow hidden will lose their scroll position on resize.
783630 output shows up twice in logcat when done from OOP apps
802390 alt text is shown simultaneously with images
786009 js has to be enabled to parse rss-feeds (regression?)
802394 document.body is null in aboutHome.js
802395 frameworker json.parse occasional errors
802397 If I try to get access to my USB camera with a USB camera and built-in camera plugged in, I end up g…
802399 Cannot select across the listed microphones when requesting gUM audio - all of them become active in…
810592 Add-ons manager has full page invalidation
794211 [OTA update] Check for updates when online if the network is offline during a check
810597 crash in GetPrintCanvasElementsInFrame
679527 qcms performance regression from Fx3 using LUT ICC profile
802411 Refactor MediaEngine to use GIPS singletons
800018 Click-to-play is broken on various websites like or (2nd round)
802415 [AccessFu] Introduce better feedback when switching tabs and focusing on content area.
794228 addon-manager services are running in B2G
802422 Pay attention to the actual test result
807423 Android SpiderMonkey should support using GNU libstdc++ for providing C++ support
810618 crash in mozilla::dom::EventHandlerNonNull::`.* deleting destructor'
749866 Improve overload resolution to avoid double-testing as much as possible
791829 [OTA update] No way of resuming a stopped/partial update
802435 unload social sidebar after some timeout
802436 test for bug 800817 does not test non-mozbrowser iframes
761479 XMLHttpRequest with mozAnon=true should still send explicitly passed username + password
802440 Some elements are invalidated when other elements are scrolled off the screen
818830 B2G 3G: If we change APN name when data call is active, new data call cannot be established
599320 Don't inherit non-ASCII superset encoding as the tentative encoding of subframes
810642 Intermittent browser_dbg_panesize.js | Height preferences shouldn't have been updated yet.
786070 The window object has too many properties to scroll through
802456 ctrl+D bookmark menu folder select stays on screen
802457 Modal XUL dialog regression with FF 17 beta
802458 image/decoders/icon/gtk/nsIconChannel.cpp:486:21: warning: ‘rv’ may be used uninitialized in this fu…
800026 Speed up Canvas putImageData() without filling gfxImageSurface with zeros
818848 We should keep a small space on storage during download/install
802465 Cant stream mp4 video on device
802466 Youtube stream url requires signature
808219 Firefox Health Report XPCOM service
810661 Pure JS code causes PGO breakages in js-ctypes
802473 NS_FAILED returns values other than 0 and 1; NS_FAILED/NS_SUCCEEDED should use branch prediction mac…
774088 1Password extension broken in recent Nightlies
805492 The new decompiler is hitting an AssertNoGC()
794301 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify marking an SMS message read/unread
794306 When Persona takes longer than it should, error message is incorrect
786126 IonMonkey: Significant regression in dromaeo_dom
483023 Rephrasing at EOF lets network attacker XSS HTTPS pages
793208 B2G RIL: Support call forwarding
802518 basic shadowable canvas layer, webgl path, should call Painted()
564955 Extending a selection range from inside a <table> outside it does not repaint the selection
786142 Heap-use-after-free in XPCWrappedNative::Mark
794337 Canvas does not update properly without hardware acceleration
786146 IonMonkey: eagerly generate stubs/wrappers, store in runtime
786149 Universal XSS using utf-16be content with utf-16le header
810726 Infinite loop in nsBlockInFlowLineIterator::FindValidLine() with specific layout
794344 QNAP server's auth prompt isn't repainted
786154 enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in /netwerk/cache
810732 Fennec tests are not running on Nightly
794349 [b2g-bluetooth] Send correct +CIND: value to HS at SLC establishment
810734 Infinite loop for parsing metadata of a mp4 file with zero size
687859 BOM should take precedence for charset determination for scripts
818933 [Camera] Taking a photo from lockscreen when Camera has already been launched from the Homescreen ca…
810743 XPCWrappedNative shouldn't clobber explicit exceptions set on the context
720635 Add CCGeneration check for XPCVariant
802557 More cross origin location access problems
728830 Intermittent browser_dbg_update-editor-mode.js | Found the expected editor mode. - Got js, expected …
777983 Add Marionette test for gps support
802562 createElement(null) should work like createElement("null")
802563 Update PSL for .gt
802564 Can't set window.location in inline disposition web activity when its App frame is opened
802568 PSL uplift for Firefox 17
810768 Remove nsIDOMCaretPosition
810769 [Browser] No keyboard available
825987 Regression: Save As PDF renders JPEGs as black rectangles
524060 Places UI: From the Home Tab users should be able to browse into bookmarks and history
802778 crash in copyTexImage2D with image dimensions too large for given level
802590 [b2g-bluetooth] Add function "ConfirmReceivingFile()" to DOM API
827176 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.notifyTextChange(GeckoInpu…
810796 Fix invalid CSS in forms.css
799246 Conditionally enable webrtc unit tests
802616 don't use software floating point math on ARMv6
810810 xpcshell plugin test failures due to missing test plugin
829525 nsMainThreadPtrHolder needs a virtual destructor
810820 Test failure "Modal dialog has been found and processed" in /testSecurity/testEncryptedPageWarning.j…
663366 Going Fullscreen (Win -> F11) while Web Console is in window mode loses the options bar in the Web C…
810824 BaselineCompiler: Make frame iteration work
802636 Add a test that our binding codegen actually compiles against our generated example header
802787 Mixed video playback results on all channels (H.264, High Profile AVC1.64001E) on the Samsung Galaxy…
435513 svg graphic hangs browser
800058 graphite2-1.2.0 doesn't build with libc++
778078 disable glib slice allocator on systems with jemalloc in libc
761698 Intermittent browser_gcli_web.js | Exited with code 1 (or -11) after ###!!! ABORT: OOM: file ../../d…
802661 Clean up MediaStream handling in GetUserMedia
801425 Make hasFeature() and isSupported() always return true
794472 WebRTC build error on windows
615740 Ctrl-Shift-Arrow won't move the cursor in contenteditable regions.
798695 Can't see body <textarea> after opening keyboard
794476 MediaStreams produced by getUserMedia only work with video/audio
778093 B2G RIL: support Cell Broadcast
581487 Get rid of JS_C_STRINGS_ARE_UTF8 #define
802675 mozApp.checkForUpdate isn't working for packaged apps
786293 Delete data jars when an app is uninstalled
786295 Delete IndexedDB related to an app when uninstalled
798157 awesome bar dropdown background color is missing and looks wrong
802683 packaged app issues
810876 Incorrect overflow area size (affecting outline drawing) for broken images
800064 The watchdog time computation in JS Shell fails to properly account for units
802694 Pass along constraints from PC JS module to PCImpl
714050 Make JS helper threads optional
794510 Build with NO_NSPR_10_SUPPORT by default to remove the dependency on protypes.h
802703 [OS X] add LSApplicationCategoryType to the info.plist
802706 Remove usage of NSPRFormatTime.h from tree
814252 Scrolling with a focused input forces scroll top
786327 Master Bug for Codec , Codec Configuration and Payload Handling in VCM, SIPCC and Conduit Layers
786331 WebGL tests that use video can loop indefinitely
802718 Manually restore window at end of browser_minimize to avoid breaking rest of suite if test fails
819103 Twitter fails to install from Marketplace
802724 MobileConnection doesn't QI to nsIObserver
827304 rename browser/base/content/test/browser_clickToPlayPluginScriptAccessPopup.js to reduce the possibi…
802302 Remove dedicated OCSP responder functionality
802734 Add pings for metrics to the stub installer
802739 Make parent wrapping for DOM bindings fall back to XPConnect for nsISupports classes
802740 Wrap manifests lazily in DOMApplication objects
794557 [WebAPI] WebSMS: Develop a test to verify getMessages (multiple messages)
802751 Outdated documentation about JSFunction having 2 reserved slots
819136 Check application types when granting audio-* permissions
802753 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL : AttributeError: 'TestGetStatus' object has no attribute 'assertIn'
810946 BaselineCompiler: Mark baseline frames
802763 gonk needs to set OBJCOPY properly
810962 BaselineCompiler: Add some simple ops
810970 BaselineCompiler: use tagValue instead of new boxNonDouble
819164 Can't connect to network with SSID that includes UTF-8 encoded characters
802784 possible to have two panels open at once
828752 update to unblock firefox-beta
516091 Split CSS error reporter to its own file
794597 mozbrowser doesn't send auth request off a redirect
794599 Disable console by default in release builds
810987 When reuseGlobal is true, stick imported properties on the function's this object, not the global
786417 Broken display of downloads stats on SourceForge with Firefox 17 (recent regression)
802806 Make IsBaseOf work on multiply inherited classes as well
802807 Mochitests broken by fix for bug 792647
802809 IonMonkey: assert that PRESET LDefinitions are followed by LNop
794619 crash when storing a file returned by DeviceStorage.enumerate() into IndexedDB