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Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta 10 Fixes

See the complete list of bugs fixed by Firefox 4 Beta 10.

Bug ID Summary
624640 Browser-based gczeal is a trap for the unwary
624645 OOM crash [@ operator new | js::InitJIT | JSCompartment::init]
609287 "Assertion failure: OperationInProgress(cx, proxy),"
624648 IAccessible::get_accChild broken for child indices
619529 Crash [@ ToAttributeName] or [@ NewXMLQName] or "Assertion failure: proto,"
623629 fix copyTex[Sub]Image2D
626702 Web console's selection and copy functionality is broken on windows and linux
623277 Failed to build with --disable-methodjit
625684 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
613399 "Assertion failure: size_t(limit) <= inputLength"
625688 implement nsAccessible::GetParent() for application accessible
575516 In Fullscreen mode, move caption buttons to top
626855 Crash: trying to scroll HTML page with frameset
625423 Panorama video (Aza version) mysteriously plays when browser is launched
621601 Support empty transactions with D3D layer managers
617506 Unexpected rows of transparent pixels in Firefox chrome
625701 JM: Assertion failure: offset == stubShapeJumpOffset, at ../methodjit/ICLabels.h:321
622631 JavaScript Warning: "Error in parsing value for 'width'/'height'. Declaration dropped." {file: "chr…
544809 nsSVGPatternFrame::GetPatternWithAttr and callers should take account of SMIL animation
545834 Unable to open multiple tabs (examples) using the Omnis Web Client Plugin
484396 throws exception on empty string url parameter
624685 Remove legacy double border from fullscreen window controls
619568 Intermittent test_index_object_cursors.html | indexedDB error, code 4
625160 Need to load graphics blocklist entries from blocklist service
586859 Move startupcache write off the main thread
611381 crash in [@ nsDocShell::ConfirmRepost(int*) ]
616502 Arrows of the arrow panels do not show sometimes
604215 The zooming transition to the browser isn't smooth with a large number of tabitems
612408 mozJSComponentLoader::ImportInto() has clause that returns NULL instead of nsresult
625722 Firefox freezes in Mozilla TreeWalker demo
543805 FTP list parse error when list returns twice space between date and file name
621630 Plugin not loaded when inline code tries to access it, if in a form
624703 Add driver version to "App Notes" field of crash reports
626754 do not open a new tab when panorama is run for the first time
614467 Tabs scattered all over the place when entering Panorama
367686 uneval([#1=({}), {__proto__: #1#}]) results in "too much recursion" error
617543 nsEditorSpellCheck::SaveDefaultDictionary fails in content processes trying to set spellchecker.dict…
621068 Assertion failure: *(uint64*)&tm->storage->global()[globalSlots] == 0xdeadbeefdeadbeefLL
528460 xmlhttprequest.responseText should not been converted charset automatically
529485 PSM crashes [@ ProcessAuthKeyId ] when CERT_DecodeAuthKeyID(arena, extData) fails
623695 sync to npapi-headers r34
588880 D2D text in Firefox chrome and content looks awful on Win 7
624722 nsBidiPresUtils should participate in CC
624728 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///Users/cltbld/talos-slave/test/build/reftest/tests/layout/reft…
625508 Rework OpenGL blacklisting
585818 Define variable so Makefiles can easily tell if they're targeting either x86 or x64
621660 Stylish 1.1b1 breaks the extension manager which in turn breaks application update
620637 Assertion failure: result->isImmI(jsint(r))
624734 Star UI has no tooltip until bookmarked page is visited
546912 camera live view via LAN "broken"
624998 drag and drop into group causes tab order in browser view to be messed up
624316 [jsd] function objects .wrapValue fails
623463 Aero glass highlight effects move around when opening 2 or 3 tabs
609388 Reconcile group minWidth/Height
625773 uninitialised value use in FastConvertYUVToRGB32Row
624157 When maximising window, scroll buttons remain in tab bar
624505 Unnecessary uploads of canvas
623728 Crash when leaving fullscreen while playing OGG video
394353 Tag list is not updated when manually adding, renaming, or deleting tags from within the tags field
619220 Honor the first <base href> in doc for base URL and the first <base target> in the doc for the defau…
620664 Add support for the <track> element
625792 GetDeviceOrientation (-moz-device-orientation) does not work right on Android
618628 Optimize EGL backend for Maemo6
625800 nsSMILAnimationFunction::ParseAttr uses uninitialised stack allocated memory (SMILAnimatedNumberList…
598154 [meta] Panorama beta9
618007 JM: test fails in methodjit, works in TM and interpreter
601228 App tabs overlapping again
569487 generalize Reflect.parse to accept JS builder functions
616472 Unify sizes of toolbarbutton images to make life easier for extensions
614547 Fennec crash [@ GeckoStart ]
501908 UnlinkFunctionBoxes is slow for many nested functions
624789 Mac OS X plugin code does not support non-ASCII characters in plugin name/description
626841 Firefox 4.0b10pre crash in [@ nsAccessible::Role() ][@ nsAccessible::Role ]
616607 Arrow panels have sometimes a wrong position
466080 Make more things honor the LOAD_ANONYMOUS flag
561313 Cache asserts for two RW requests followed by a W request
623779 Middle-clicking back/forward/reload of an AppTab makes the duplicate tab also an AppTab
623893 Middle clicking the back / forward buttons doesn't go back / forward
618663 qt fails to build ifndef ipc ifndef meegotouch
624809 reproducible flash crash with no report available
627399 Html5 video (ogg) blocks if hovered
613551 JSGC_MAX_MALLOC_BYTES is too large on mobile
623792 Middle click Reload button messed up tabs after using Panorama, Middle click Back/Forward button als…
611175 "ASSERTION: bad ptr!: '!IsWrapperExpired()'" with document.write, cycle collection
623800 default new contexts to a NULL compartment
604458 Intermittent failure in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_privatebrowsing.js | corre…
623807 GDI compatible swap chains break optimus
616992 DOM classes have no properties when accessed from a sandbox
621762 Window title bar flickers between unified and non-unified toolbar
578422 toolbar button styling needs to take lightweight themes into account
612551 crash [@ nsXPConnect::GetRuntimeInstance ]
618701 AIX linking failure
625870 Add JS_NewDateObject, JS_NewDateObjectMsec, JS_ObjectIsDate to the JSAPI
625357 Wrong offset when copying tee surfaces in PushGroupAndCopyBackground
621778 GL layers cause too much painting
585943 Crash [@ nsHtml5TreeOperation::Init][@ TouchBadMemory][@ nsHtml5TreeBuilder::appendElement(nsIConten…
602331 selection addRange cannot select nodes that are being dynamically appended to the DOM
585253 Submenus in Firefox Button should be larger (localized strings are not fully displayed)
608480 Profiling gives a slowdown on the attached testcase
614625 Landing bug 611930 broke crosscompilation to windows on case sensitive systems
620773 when calling privileged Java methods from chrome
614631 Landing bug 578546 broke mingw compilation.
624679 Border between nav bar and content should be opaque
623852 [OS X] [Hardware acceleration off] Websites flickering, partially dis- and reappearing, tabs missing
605421 libffi: VFP hard-float calling convention support
624878 Remove dangerous uses of vanilla (throw-on-failure) |operator new|
600304 Segfault [ @ scopeChain] (on galaxy s)
558321 Tab Matches are not honoured in Private Browsing mode
457970 AVG SafeSearch crash: Firefox 3.0.x Crash Reports in [@avgssff.dll@0x9943][@strchr | avgssff.dll@0x5…
622835 Stacked group display is broken if restored after firefox restart
621918 character clusters and ligatures vanish when rendering SVG and Canvas text-on-path
588021 JM: Port PICs to ARM.
621816 "Assertion failure: unexpected constantly false guard detected" with typed array
624889 Useful startup debugging aids on android
623868 Qt popup menu content is not positioned correctly
625918 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
620799 [32-bit Mac OS X] Flash Crash taking down browser [@ gfxContext::Translate]
618368 Mozilla upgrade to NSS 3.12.9 final
615979 Update style of invalid form popup for gnomestripe theme
615688 Different alltabs toolbarbutton icon in the tab bar during toolbar customization
615689 New tab and alltabs toolbarbutton icons are squeezed when these toolbarbuttons are in the tab bar
613642 Web Console is hard to use with polling XMLHttpRequests
610571 Leak with crazy iframe testcase
506941 GMAIL extremely slow under firefox 3.5.1 (Skype)
621271 nsIPresShell.h causes very many warnings on Windows whose system locale is non-Western
601361 Single app tab collapses tab bar
621843 By Date and Site sidebar view does not group entries by date
619797 imgRequest::Init should manage observer more carefully
602390 nanojit: make Register a non-numeric type on SH4
621848 memory leak in nsNSSComponent::IdentityInfoInit
606491 Submit controls should be barred from constraint validation
605468 urls not directly visited are showing up in location bar
621274 Location Bar remembers invalid (Server not found) URLs
608987 Assertion failure: compartment mismatched setting up plugin proto chain
618788 Not initialized used in CairoImageOGL::SetData
618789 Allow ARMv7 builds for ARM code (rather than Thumb-2 code).
622886 spike in crashes [@ gfxContext::gfxContext(gfxASurface*) ]
464168 letter-spacing doesn't disable ligatures at larger point sizes
559402 "use strict" reported as strict mode warning 'useless expression'
623915 about:memory reporter for string chars
607539 mandelbrot "benchmark" is a lot slower with profiling on
626996 WebGL tests shouldn't be loading pages from the Internet
625974 Gradients in the address bar should be changed to borders on Mac for speed
539959 random failure in test_tmpl_bindingsmultiple.xul
624953 GroupItems.resumeArrange() does not arrange pending groupItems but re-pushes them
617787 Stop offering uninstall survey to users
626741 At Mozilla Careers site with NoScript forcing HTTPS for "###!!! ASSERTION: attempt …
613696 Minefield button randomly changes sizes.
624961 GroupItems.unregister() must remove groups from _arrangesPending[]
624962 Permanent browser_tab_dragdrop.js | tab0 uri - Got…
625718 Crash in mjit generated code
625377 JM: incorrect output for testcase involving, delete
603464 [PPC] Crash in [@ FlashPlayer-10.4-10.5@0x410380 ] [@ FlashPlayer-10.4-10.5@0x40fa00 ]
623945 Firefox 4.0b9pre Crash [@ mozilla::imagelib::SVGDocumentWrapper::StopAnimation() ]
616778 YCbCr conversion code may run SSE2 instructions on Windows machines which don't support SSE2
624971 RegExp sticky path assertion failure: isFlat
618828 Cannot access search results from secondary window via click
623330 Intermittent failure in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_privatebrowsing.js | verif…
616782 gfxAlphaRecovery.cpp should not be compiled with -msse2
576847 "Assertion failure: slot < StackDepth(jp->script),"
624977 Optimize nsXulTreeAccessible selectedItems()
601974 [clang]: error: exception specification in declaration does not match previous declaration MOZALLOC_…
624982 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
594263 Intermittent failure in TestDeadlockDetector | deadlock not detected
616193 Trademark attribution for Charlton Company should only appear in en-US and en-GB
619869 Fix white space in GLContext.cpp
626014 Crash when hiding Menubar with URL and search box [@ nsTextControlFrame::SetSelectionInternal(nsIDOM…
498015 update accessible tree on content insertion after layout
616841 String.localeCompare behaves incorrectly for international, uppercase and lowercase characters when …
620660 Ensure the disk-cache stays around until all cache-operations have finished
620898 warning ... will be initialized after mWindowId in Image and imgRequest
624995 Does not set filesystem permissions correctly for saved files
623974 Letter spacing problem with D2D enabled and ClearType disabled
598375 Tab group displays over the top of the tab search button in panorama view.
620906 Scrolling using the Scrollbar on Ckeditor is broken
617703 Add plugin support and prevent crash [@ ][@ ] in…
586130 warning C4099: '$TYPE' : type name first seen using 'struct' now seen using 'class'
615791 Web console doesn't support high contrast mode on Windows
625009 text offsets don't get updated when text of first child text accessible is changed
611698 Flash text rendered with black surface behind, should be transparent
600435 XULRunner universal for i386/x64_64 fails to unify nspr-config
622536 OnProgress/OnStatus events processing is very expensive in Remote fennec
587654 Tab restore does not work with framesets
623991 White list Galaxy S phones to have OpenGL acceleration
626042 Tweak the tab bar background gradient to be more subtle
549244 Alpha channel problem for PNG graphic on Linux (x86_64?) systems
599725 web console reports data which the server did not send (304 Not Modified)
626050 document.all() doesn't work, even in quirks mode
611715 Rename tab.tabItem
617860 Content process abort [@ RenderFrameParent::BuildLayer]
625029 Text in Firefox Button is bold when DW is enabled
589191 1Password Immediate crash submitting forms [@ libosxform_xpcom.dylib@0x550d ] [@ libosxform_xpcom.dy…
620936 Firefox 4 b6, 7 & 8 break dijit.form.FilteringSelect
622985 Plugin crash [@ gfxContext::gfxContext ] when loading "My T-Mobile" login page
624011 jsval.h:301:9: warning: type of bit-field ‘payload47’ is a GCC extension
549260 crash [@ nsTextInputListener::EditAction()][@ nsTextInputListener::EditAction ] while typing, pastin…
626062 Building with DEBUG_CC defined causes build error in nsCycleCollector.cpp
622829 Very slow scrolling and high cpu use on this page in Minefield
625042 nsIWeakReferenceUtils.h should include nsIWeakReference.h
620423 nsHTMLEditor::ParseCFHTML foolishly checks aStuffToPaste instead of *aStuffToPaste
609685 Having opened panorama once in a window affects all rendering in that window, even in tabs that are …
621976 Add mouse motion and Gesture magnify events compress for Qt Port
627099 Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::RecreateAccessible(nsINode*) ][@ nsDocAccessible::RecreateAccessible ]
619937 Clicking on empty area of Panorama makes empty group
613794 putImageData(self) throws uncatchable exception
490916 [HTML5] Meta charset sniffing fails with newlines in the attribute value
582053 Integrate WebGL conformance suite as a mochitest
624047 LocalStorage value is lost after a few seconds
617904 Kraken: Big performance regression in gaussian-blur
614834 Recursive code using the module pattern is always at least quadratic in recursion depth due to GetUp…
573875 for (var p in localStorage) is failtastic
626100 leak of multiple DOMWINDOWs in accessibility mochitests
605621 Web Console output box should be reskinned
620984 Firefox 4.0b8 Crash Report [@ DEBUG_CheckWrapperThreadSafety(XPCWrappedNative const*) ]
574907 [DW] Don't use subpixel positioning for bitmap glyphs
587196 Remove intl/unicharutil/note.txt
467392 Docshell leak with document.write(document.body.innerHTML) and window.location.reload
606657 moveTabToGroupItem fails if move the only tab in a group to the same group
613605 Panorama groups don't always layout properly with many tabs
593349 meta: Startup cache writing algorithm causes severe fragmentation
626118 String.match leaking
597448 NJ needs tweak to work with new valgrind scheme
623050 TM: ProhibitFlush is incorrect now that TM is in compartment
627150 Crash [@ JSC::MacroAssemblerCodePtr::executableAddress ]
595533 Characters are sometimes ignored when typing a filter search very fast
624080 "non-relocatable subtraction expression" trying to compile jsclone.cpp on mac os x 10.5
615890 Reduce Firefox button height in non-maximized windows on Windows XP
586198 Incorrect placement of tab after Undo Close Tab in Tab Candy
581881 bug 578262 broke return value for some cross process methods.
624088 Improve Direct3D 9 Device Reset handling
626138 Bug 616841 has broken non-libxul builds when trying to build xpcshell, with undefined symbol "xpc_Lo…
377307 nsILocalFile shows the wrong lastModifiedTime
608733 JIT profiling slows down roc's interpreter
605662 enable per-compartment GC
624100 "Assertion failure: fp->hasCallObj()" with strict mode in eval
624101 Make our canvases be moz-opaque
624102 Other tabs in tab group hidden after exiting private browsing
588265 Closing a tab when in Tab Candy should cause the containing group to become focused
627178 Build warning in gfxUtils.h
627179 Fix LayerManagerD3D10 debug name
595436 Fix backspace behavior in search
586192 Fix up XrayWrapper
618892 implement and use pbuffers in ANGLE for faster d3d interop
624123 Titlebar too big after leaving full screen if tab groups were used [tabs in titlebar]
619004 Crash [@ JSCompartment::wrap]
552445 Intermittent failure in test_tmpl_treeelementsimplesyntaxrecursive.xul | tree element - simple synta…
613888 transitionend doesn't fire when an unrelated style change happens while the transition is close enou…
626177 flash ends up in lower quality sometimes
626180 Name of plugin in List view and Detail view and about:plugins is wrong if the name contains non-ASCI…
610821 IME composition doesn't start by typing a character for searching a tab on Panorama
616967 Hovering on "Move to Group" on a new profile brings up in the current tab group the tab containing t…
279048 dynamically created iframe in a static page doesn't refresh source url on reload
613899 Crash when using feImage (infinite recursion)
625164 calling NPP_URLRedirectNotify with the original URL instead of the redirect target URL
623117 JetPack class Handle depends on invalid unqualified lookup into dependent bases of class templates
530959 Page does not redraw correctly when scrolling down; does redraw scrolling up
613907 Remove dead code in nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::DecodeLoop
624148 Middle clicking tab bar with tabs in title bar doesn't open a new tab
613909 Disable pinch gestures by default & revert three finger vertical swipe gestures
624151 Better positioning for the invalid form popup
624152 semi-transparent elements are printed to PDF as blurry, low-resolution image fallbacks
616196 HTML5 form demo hangs Minefield
588378 Drag and drop pictures from Fx to local computer creates copies in %TEMP% even while in Private Brow…
623135 browser_615394-SSWindowState_events.js is not cleaning up after itself
606752 DOM Worker can destroy JSContext while Cycle Collector is running
619440 Group item title field should use HTML5 placeholder
621091 Linux Theme should use moz-icon://stock/gtk-file for blank documents
559653 Record assignment before the interpreter goes; avoid record_SetPropHit
609832 Function statements should be banned (for now) in ES5 strict mode
620073 Firefox/Minefield start page "latest features" link is a 404
624170 Crash [@ mozilla::layers::OpaqueRenderer::End() ]
612103 Crash in SetShaderResource [@ mozilla::layers::ImageLayerD3D10::RenderLayer ] [@ nvwgf2um.dll@0xe1ed…
605618 Scroll iframes in parent process
594478 IndexedDB needs to be hooked up with "Forget about this site"
595208 Crash [@ js::PropertyCache::fullTest(JSContext*, unsigned char*, JSObject**, JSObject**, js::Proper…
615859 Deserialize with null argument crashes/asserts
566878 XHR Preflight Request not sending certificates withCredentials = true
618249 <browser remote> doesn't properly handle scrolling on its own
622138 Mark Depends on invalid unqualified lookup in templates for TypedMarker
622142 nsTArray class depends on invalid unqualified lookup into dependent bases of class templates
626240 Switching tabs results in blocking TabCanvas updates
591425 XML/XSL rendering after using Panorama fails
600642 Proxy enumerateOwn trap should be renamed to keys
529987 Get error message in error console if I click on a link where I have &lt;base target="_blank"> in th…
620101 Intermittent failing in test_nsIProcess.js | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | Component returned failure code:…
624199 Decompilation turns ignored "use strict" into top-of-function "use strict"
606824 Replace "typeof ... == undefined" checks
626253 Flash crash @ F_1360900201_______________________________
582223 Retained layers and fixed background forces grayscale rather than subpixel antialiasing
626259 nsILocalFile.diskSpaceAvailable incorrect on 64-bit OS X
595540 Show Error Console in Firefox button menu when Error Console is enabled
607396 port checksums work to l10n
623193 Fennec crash [@ nsEditor::InsertTextIntoTextNodeImpl ]
624218 Intermittent js1_5/Regress/regress-366122.js or js1_5/extensions/regress-347306-02.js | Exited with …
627291 GfxInfo no longer needs ISupports impl.
618078 Exception in asynchronous callback not visible in web or error console
625247 Firefox 4.0b10pre crash [@ arena_dalloc | free | nsDisplayListBuilder::LeavePresShell(nsIFrame*, nsR…
621152 personas wrongly aligned at captions buttons
626273 Frame accurate seeking isn't always accurate
625250 JS Float32Array and ArrayBuffer should use background free for finalization
624229 add API to enable/disable per-compartment GCs
610919 Move "Sync Now" to the left side of the Firefox menu
625256 Make the DOM timeout clamp a preference
625257 Undo Close Tab does not work for not-yet-loaded tab
585139 Migrate the enable/font pages of Mozilla MathML Project
615452 Audio shorter than the start threshold (375ms?) does not play
623216 "Syscall param socketcall.sendmsg(msg.msg_iov[i]) points to uninitialised byte(s)" sending Reply_Not…
626227 Opening panorama causes unresponsive GUI
625269 Reduce some unnecessary resizing of Items when resizing the window
626299 font/text disappear
620158 Crash while printing [@ nsCOMPtr_base::assign_from_qi | nsDocShell::SetTreeOwner ]
597269 TabCandy/Panorama buttons (Close & Search) should behave like buttons and be unified.
510593 BenchJS: 70% slower than Opera
622211 Chrome process intermittently aborts in content/media/test/crashtests/459439-1.html and crashes in c…
592880 base element target attribute for sibling frame no longer works in Hyperlatex output
625288 Large chrome ThebesLayer in standard Firefox window
601196 Console styling busted by personas
624267 Crash on Ubuntu [@ nsGNOMEShellService::SetDefaultBrowser ]
604098 Double click anywhere to create a new tab
594858 Do not ship Feedback XPI with Firefox 4 final
569850 For tabs in the title bar, background tabs shouldn't be transparent under Win XP and Win 7/classic
157334 IE6 3x faster than Mozilla, concatenating two local strings
622361 Leak nsGlobalWindow with localStorage, session history
610973 Script error when extending String.prototype
622238 In tests: JavaScript Warning: "assignment to undeclared variable item" {file: "chrome://browser/cont…
626336 Vertical lines on flash chart on
620486 window.wrappedJSObject != window.wrappedJSObject
620198 Right pane tree of Library is not updated when i delete a selected folder in left pane tree
624295 css enhancements for editBMPanel
619176 Plugins get Visible state every time when scrolling (:BuildLayer always make them visible)
608028 [Meta] Panorama Beta10
619178 Update gfx/ycbcr to new SSE.h interface
556715 Combining diacritics with OpenType features broken with Monospace
624301 background-clip fails if border is solid and opaque
585393 left tab title text shifts when a new tab is added
625333 tracer generated code reads stack memory it didn't write
624310 harfbuzz shaper doesn't compensate for dwrite synthetic bolding
627383 Autoscroll mouse icon missing
612025 window in a user script is no longer a XPCNativeWrapper object in FF4 nightly for Greasemonkey
623291 Firefox 4: change/blur event are not dispatched to input upon button click
542396 Intermittent failure in test_tmpl_treeelementquerysyntax.xul | tree element - query syntax
614081 Large back button shouldn't be hovered when it also open
621253 "Extension"/"Plugins" pane of "Add-ons Manager" is drawn wrongly if zoom level not equal 100% in s…
598726 Firefox hangs when transitions are used when blurring a textfield which has a placeholder and a valu…
623303 [Clang] expected the class name after '~' to name a destructor in jspropertytree.cpp
621257 Out of memory crash with slow audio stream
621258 ASSERTION: Changing refcount of nsCycleCollectorLogger object during Traverse is not permitted!: 'Er…
621260 Remove ancient and frightening htmlgen
622285 CSS warnings: "Error in parsing value for 'size'/'position'. Declaration dropped." Solution: remove …
626385 Don't reposition pinned tabs when closing regular tabs
625443 Arranging of expanded stacked groups is broken
623316 Provide way to remove IndexedDB from content
619223 Invalid form popup should take into account rtl
626394 optimize nsXULTreeAccessible::GetSelectedItem()
626395 In print mode, content hidden via overflow:hidden still impacts the layout
616156 Navigation button changes wrongly affect all toolbars
610015 Need a way to check the composed text window (IME) is currently in use to decide what to do with bac…
604897 Unable to cache small entries when _CACHE_00[1-3]_ is full
578274 Date modified on images saved from facebook are given the time stamp 12/31/2008 6:00PM
572134 [OOPP] Plugin-container crashes[@FlashPlayer-10.6@0x4d6879][@FlashPlayer-10.6@0x654702][@FlashPlayer…
612073 Dragging bookmark from menu onto tab bar and releasing leaves arrow artefact
526058 Establish Contact - Skype
626411 Selecting a section of URL, then clicking "Delete" stays at refresh, instead of "go"
627438 Tooltips become transparent when moused over more than once
587503 Improve reordering tabs in groups
614131 Compartment mismatches with JSD: CallJSNative(exn_toString)
626436 Crash in js_EmitTree
598779 Remove start menu directory and safe mode shortcut creation
625962 unbitrot shark profiling
590591 pixman-remap and cairo-remap not up to date
572160 Put tabs in the title bar when the window is maximized
625409 Element lost rgba transparency effect when position is fixed
620290 Switch to Tab does not unregister open pages when entering Private Browsing mode
608555 Specify private browsing and addons menu icons under linux
617220 Enable D3D10 HTML5 Stereo Rendering
626437 New shark code only works once, then fails, then hangs
624390 With GLX, blacklist everything but NVIDIA proprietary driver
623367 EGL Context Resize() needs to create pbuffer attribs correctly
620640 TM: "Assertion failure: pendingGlobalSlotToSet == -1"
619278 :-moz-ui-invalid should apply as soon as the user tries to submit the form
603919 nsHTMLInputElement.cpp: 'changed' event should be sent even if we can't store the last used director…
597776 Design and implement custom expand icon
596781 Don't allow the last group to close if there are app tabs
625454 Resizing causes us to spend a lot of time in -[NSView _getNextResizeEventInvalidatingLiveResizeCache…
589441 Settings "clear browsing history when Minefield closes" causes crashed sessions to not be restored
615556 Animated adjoining unselected tabs overlap each other when closing
625434 HTML5/Canvas demo ends up using lots of memory
595740 Crash [@ nsFloatManager::GetFlowArea ] or [@ nsStyleContext::DoGetStyleDisplay(int) ] when print-pre…
623394 don't allow non-ascii characters in shader source
622371 [Ckeditor] Images, smileys, flashes... always insert at beginning of editor (not at cursor)
620327 Intermittent crash in jsreftest.html?test=ecma/LexicalConventions/7.1-2.js or js1_5/decompilation/re…
608042 Add ability to make "fat" android builds that extract APK to disk
622379 Current session data is lost upon browser triggered restart (e.g. upgrade) if the option to clear br…
615212 GCC's win64 ABI change broke compilation using mingw-w64
622184 implement webgl color conversion/premultiplication semantics
599854 Drop down list is empty on certain site
589615 Put all preshints (at least for HTML, independent of document type) in the author level
626480 Cannot compile Windows 64-bit since January 12th
627848 Start menu shortcut isn't migrated as implemented in bug 598779
497458 [meta]Performance on pixastic desaturate is slower than Safari 4
624265 Undo most recently closed tab creates a new tab group and switches to it
597300 test failure reftest/tests/layout/reftests/text/synthetic-bold-metrics-01.html | (!=) on Windows Opt
620028 "Assertion failure: compartment mismatched" with uneval(InstallTrigger)
623423 Permaorange reftests on WinXP: editor/xul/empty-1.xul, editor/xul/autocomplete-1.xul, editor/xul/emp…
585538 Use SIMD UTF8 to UTF16 code on Linux 32-bit
616075 HTML5 offline event support for Android
626500 Don't put the Panorama button on the tab bar by default
593733 Support some form of component alpha with GL layers
606022 "ASSERTION: Cannot draw partial ligatures without a dirty rect" with astral han in svg:text
623404 even more misc webgl test fixes!
625480 memory leak when using PAC file (regex ?)
583499 OpenGL acceleration breaks QuickDraw plugins
625484 rename defaultCompartment
623441 JSCompartment::wrap missing oom check
617300 nsDocAccessible::AttributeChanged may update the accessible tree before layout
623445 IAccessibleHypertext::hyperlinkIndex out of order
623446 Turn the layer prefs into a tri-state
489303 No resizer since the statusbar is gone
591704 [meta] Loading the Panorama (tab view) view can be very slow with many tabs
601946 Build ID in application.ini and pref 'browser.startup.homepage_override.buildID' do not match
623451 "Assertion failed at gfx/cairo/cairo/src/cairo-surface.c:588: CAIRO_REFERENCE_COUNT_HAS_REFERENCE (&…
625503 convert NaN correctly with typed array array conversion
601955 Pinning/unpinning an app tab does not trigger saving of session state
544612 When trying to "Save Page As...", saves previous page when output of form has content-type unknown o…
623405 svg text rotation reftest failures on WinXP: anim-text-rotate-01.svg & dynamic-text-04.svg
606055 Memory leaks on with the Web Console open
626536 speed up drawing of background colors with border radius
537451 jemalloc can be deadlock with fork(2)
610789 Intermittent failure in dom/indexedDB/test/test_writer_starvation.html | indexedDB error, code 1
611183 Java applet public method isn't called from JavaScript.
601064 "Listen" buttons in google translate not working
623474 String length PIC crash [@ js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT]
620406 Constant folding branch condition leads to assert in Assembler.cpp
619385 Previews within a group are not restored properly on startup
623482 Present error message when someone tries to use remote XUL
606075 Grayscale antialiasing makes textareas ugly when scrolled
614272 Pictures disappear in the clipdrag12.svg demo when the mouse is at the left edge
612225 Assertion failure: compartment mismatched,
597995 Tags of bookmarks is lost doing UNDO after a CUT or DELETE
624518 JM: Assertion failure: !isTypeKnown(), at ../methodjit/RematInfo.h:167
625452 Cannot rename a bookmark by using the "Del" keystroke
598921 Reduce default addon bar height
619330 Unknown error alert displayed when trying to print from computer that has no installed printer
593807 United Easy Check-in for customers outside of US not possible due to missing fields
622482 Support subpixel-AA when drawing to transparent surfaces with DirectWrite
535448 simple innerHTML ok on all browsers but Firefox
623428 TM: avoid bloat caused by multiple mReserve arrays in VMAllocator
624540 Assertion failure: compartment mismatch in cycle collector during xpcom-shutdown
609495 "move to group" on app tab context menu should be hidden, not disabled
576837 YARR allows what seems like a bogus character-class range
581536 Resizer direction doesn't handle dynamic changes correctly.
615408 Web Console gets stuck at 0px height w/ border and keyboard shortcut breaks
626599 Crash mainly at startup [@ js_SetDebugMode ]
577450 inherited style doesn't affect content in "position:fixed" div beyond the first page
625479 Sync tab in preferences is empty
626605 Arrow panels behave randomly when in RTL mode
617117 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/components/sessionstore/test/brow…
622512 Remove dead groups.jsm
616369 Add Kraken to
622514 Remove XPCOM cruft from tabview.js
618420 Area of bottom-left and bottom-right window resizer too small
622517 Non-reproducible Fennec crash when playing videos on youtube/html5
592822 Remove quit warning dialog
625993 Restore old shark start/stop functions
608184 After closing the current tab, Firefox switches to another group
624970 expose DirectWrite version via GfxInfo
624224 cleanup compartment sweep code
622528 Open RTF document in Thunderbird with OpenOffice is not correct Ascii mode
626170 remove unused nsHyperTextAccessible::mLinks
610242 Don't show tab icon if there isn't one?
625771 crash [@ xul.dll@0xb8334c ][@ nsTextControlFrame::SetSelectionInternal(nsIDOMNode*, int, nsIDOMNode*…
598006 "Character Encoding" under Menu Bar does not work correctly.
514568 ES5 strict mode: eval code gets its own variable environment
626632 nsFilePicker is broken in qt desktop
627657 Allow domain name without dot in <input type=email>
583626 Location of new windows is incorrect; new windows open off screen
621515 Improve "no corresponding type!" warning in nsScriptNameSpaceManager.cpp
624588 Change Panorama shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+E (Shift-Cmd-E on Mac)
320462 input event (oninput) not fired by autocomplete and list selection (from <datalist>)
594253 Playing demo eventually maxes out CPU until I switch to another desktop
602064 Fix assertion with nsDisplayTransform and gDumpPaintList
625617 nsFrameScriptExecutor leaks every nsFrameScriptExecutorJSObjectHolder in sCachedScripts
509908 Very slow load time for weather image (Skype)
595278 Crash in [@ js::DeepBail ] when clicking "Skip" in video
617430 Firefox 4 hangs when loading the AWS S3 Console
619481 after binutils upgrade, 'xptcinvoke_arm.cpp' fails to compile for ARM thumb2 with hardfp ABI
562138 Ugly white flash before (colored) opaque popup window (e.g. <select> dropdown) appears (GL: flash of…
501066 Ampersands not escaped in moz-icon: URIs for ftp:, gopher:, file:, jar:, and application/http-index-…
625629 Don't define MMX define in SSE.h since Microsoft compiler for x64 doesn't support MMX
622558 When .setCustomValidity() is used, :-moz-ui-invalid should always apply
608223 Tab groups not restored after Force Quit / Crash
222176 Animated GIF loops 1 time too many
626683 tabitems.js:905 - TypeError: this._reconnect is not a function
625640 JavaScript Warning: "assignment to undeclared variable <varname>"
612329 [Mac] Firefox 4.0b7 crash in [@ ReplaceCallback ]
622570 Firefox button menu remains open when middle clicking a bookmark
622571 Firefox button menu no longer works when CTRL-clicking a bookmark from the FF button
585708 Rework SSE.h so that it supports and encourages putting intrinsics in a file separate from the main …
623597 Properly align layout elements in net inspector when horizontal scrolling is needed
620526 yv12_to_rgb565_neon should not be used on CPUs without NEON
531453 Attachment is lost when Forwarding a message containing an Attachment in Yahoo Mail
593904 Add special chars check for beforeSearchKeyHandler() in the search.js
624625 change home page of Google search plugin to
625654 Entering another tab doesn't trigger collapse of an expanded tab group
619511 ZWJ may affect the font of the following character
607224 Need the ability to have certain menu items appear only for keyboard access
576507 Add support for getting locale from content process (or forbid it and fix callers)
606890 ai-astar should trace
607231 Closing tabs from browser window causes tab group layouts to be borked