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Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta 11 Fixes

See the complete list of bugs fixed by Firefox 4 Beta 11.

Bug ID Summary
622594 Remove _options (OptionsClass) as a browser builtin
622597 form.novalidate should not be taken into account for validity UI when focusing an element
613383 Setting runtime JS options can override the JSVersion
628745 skip rounded rect clips whenever possible
628747 SVG-as-an-image can load resources from other domains
617485 "Assertion failure: global->getClass()->flags & JSCLASS_IS_GLOBAL"
585745 Crash [@ nsIDOMElementCSSInlineStyle_GetStyle | js::callJSPropertyOp] from MathML element with HTML …
623637 Can start playing too soon on live streams
627736 fix tab focusing after closing a group in panorama
169476 Bugs that annoy bugzilla users reading bugmail
625693 nsAccessibilityService::NotifyOfAnchorJumpTo should be processed as document notification
627776 sporadic layout/reftests/bugs/621253-1.xhtml | image comparison (==)
618541 Remove obsolete contents.rdf in official branding
627758 fails intermittently
625712 docShell's useGlobalHistory=false doesn't work in ff4
600584 Add more detail to CSP inline script violation logging
622259 In Yahoo Mail! Unable to activate Show Images in Spam Folder
622647 mozJSComponentLoader.cpp:351: warning: ‘nsresult ReadScriptFromStream(JSContext*, nsIObjectInputStre…
625722 Firefox freezes in Mozilla TreeWalker demo
628063 IndexedDB: Indexes created after data are added are sometimes improperly populated
117821 Fix unbalanced FIXptr pair
628800 VALIDATE_STATUS should always be 1 on MacOS X
549958 Hourly/Nightly builds should have some way to see which {comm-central|mobile-browser|camino} changes…
628807 Firefox button split menu sub-menus disappear immediately on mouse out of the main command, if you t…
614474 [Windows 2003] Intermittent "ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/indexedDB/test/test_bfcache.htm…
593421 Provide link to "Restore Previous Session" on Firefox Start
624483 JM: different output with testcase involving typed arrays, "Infinity"
629846 tab key event doesn't change focus
569431 Optimization in DrawElements: cache the max-in-sub-array computation
609372 Better icons and color palette for the Web Console
618590 IndexedDB: Don't put windows with active transactions into the bfcache
628832 The Radio Player on the web Bassdrive doesn't work on Firefox 4
629862 text update notification should schedule notifications processing
627817 Add ANGLE license to about:license
615530 Update .bt entry in PSL
627819 Broken icon in the message "The Web Console logging API has been disabled by a script on this page"
611440 Smart abbreviation for URLs in the Web Console
394353 Tag list is not updated when manually adding, renaming, or deleting tags from within the tags field
620658 Crash [@ + 0x326b5 ] during browser_auth.js on Linux64 mochitest-other debug
612470 Closing the last tab of a group switches to another group even if an app tab is selected
628861 Drop down menus show up in the wrong place every second time
627840 DirectWrite: text spacing busted for 12px and 13px Calibri
629889 open all in tabs is broken from Library when no browser window is open
628866 browser_579868.js loads about:credits, which hits the network
628867 browser_tabview_bug586553.js loads about:credits, which hits the network
617609 Upvar analysis marks functions as NULL_CLOSURE incorrectly
613515 JS properties set from chrome are lost
627858 Use gfxContextAutoSaveRestore / gfxContextMatrixAutoSaveRestore in SVGDrawingCallback::operator()
600215 Update Initial Developer list in about:license
629912 4.0b11pre crash [@ NotificationController::TextEnumerator(nsPtrHashKey<nsIContent>*, void*) ][@ nsI…
628890 mochitests-2: test_bug509055.html should not call SimpleTest.finish() before it actually has
614555 Blurred fonts on some websites
611485 Passing a Location object as a string argument of a cross-origin XPConnect call fails
613915 [OOPP] Not enough storage is available to process this command [async plugins regression] (copy/past…
613541 Panorama closes browser window when closing "undo close group"
629933 WebGL mochitest mistakenly disabled on Mac OS 10.6
603311 HashMgr::load_tables leaks dict when decode_flags fails
623796 nsPNGDecoder.cpp:642:44: warning: passing NULL to non-pointer argument 2 of 'void MOZ_PNG_set_crc_ac…
579767 Frame borders are sometimes not redrawn correctly after dragging them or resizing the window
628922 layout should use cached nsIAccessibilityService
613564 layout/style/crashtests/418007-1.xhtml | assertion count 1 is more than expected 0 assertions (with …
629950 [@ nsIPresShell::RemoveRefreshObserverInternal(nsARefreshObserver*, mozFlushType)]
619713 [SeaMonkey] mochitest-browser-chrome: 192 failures due to not supporting 'let' anymore/again
628930 JSAutoRequest in Handle::ToJSObject is not necessary
410820 <svg> elements respond to mouse events when they should not
626886 OS X should only use an arrow for the List all Tabs menu
603337 border-radius plus overflow!=visible forces grayscale font anti-aliasing
629964 dom.disable_window_status_change unexpectedly set to false by default (DOM status text persists when…
497869 Prohibit all FutureReservedWords (whether restricted to strict mode or not) as identifiers in strict…
625871 FF4 Audio Demo getting killed by CycleCollector pauses
629969 Don't show status messages for XHR requests
504019 When hiding the program via 'Set program access and computer defaults' the Start Menu entries aren't…
600280 [gfxInfo] Driver version and date are empty or null for some graphic cards under Windows 2000/XP
620762 Currently selected tab should be indicated in Panorama
590373 Crash mainly at startup [@ _VEC_memzero] with MS hotfix KB2454826 installed (automatic on 1/11/11), …
605409 Document load progress no longer accessible
627938 Bad call to nsGlobalChromeWindow::CleanUp causes segfault
613606 Tab view breaks the Aero glass effect
627943 Compartment mismatch on exception in nsXPCWrappedJSClass::CallMethod
628970 test_bug347174_write.html loads over the network
588011 "Bookmark All Tabs" should ignore App Tabs; hide the "Bookmark All Tabs" menu item unless the user i…
623853 Drag drop on background from expanded stack window causes abnormal behavior
624880 JSD_GetScriptFunctionName should be renamed
629971 Failure on shared non-libxul build: undefined reference to `ShInitialize'
628980 browserscope richedit tests load over the network
590069 [Meta] Tweak Firefox menu a bit
608502 A couple of declarations dropped (background-image-opacity in tabview.css and size, position, width,…
629289 forcing value to bool (performance warning C4800)
628984 test_Microformats_hCalendar.html loads o…
628988 Fix-up symbol tables after elfhack
610557 Tab group resizer handle hover area is too small
630014 Crash Report [@ FontAliasKey::HashCode() ]
269568 crash when performing a drag and drop in various parts of the ui [@ JS_GetPrivate][@ nsWindow::OnDra…
630019 After landing Bug 629538, ANGLE disabled
629000 the text leaf accessible bound to the tree shouldn't be checked for relations
629004 crash dimissing test pilot notification [@ nsViewManager::SetViewVisibility ]
601360 Workaround as much as possible to be able to build with Clang on Mac OS X
601304 border absent between browser content and add-ons bar
626962 Implement empty transactions for GL
622868 nsDocument.cpp: remove bug 595708 workaround, obsoleted by bug 610936
622872 Broken experience with the following STR (leads to frozen UI)
616729 rearranging tabs in panorama won't match tab ordering on tab bar
571610 "ASSERTION: Can't create document accessible!" in test_focus.html
627998 Clothes are tigered in Google Bodybrowser using ANGLE
626979 WebM video freeze picture when changing resolution
494121 When video skips duration scroll bar should move
608552 HTML5 video tag has memory leak when playing multiple videos in a loop
629035 Crash Report [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::SetUpDocElementContainingBlock(nsIContent*) ][@ nsCSSFrameCon…
581937 "Recently closed tabs" list keep blank tabs
615475 Crash [@ nsTextFrame::GetTrimmedOffsets] [@ GetTrimmableWhitespaceCount] with a11y, text wrapping
626997 Bogus resizer in maximized and fullscreen windows
582967 Harmony proxies: Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(proxy,name) cannot return undefined
624952 Firefox 4.0 often shows all tab groups' tabs on startup
625984 621918-2.svg doesn't seem to load its remote filter correctly
625991 Crash when running Mozmill builds in offline mode [@ nsServerSocket::nsServerSocket]
594999 "Security Manager vetoed action" exception when accessing any property of InstallTrigger
613710 Cmd+. on OSX should cancel the dialog
613861 [OOPP] Can't input chinese with scim on Flash Player 10.1
630096 Issues with release order in cairo_d2d_finish
628051 Remove killNewTabGroup
589146 Firefox menu items should display sub-menu on a slightly delayed hover
627309 Forward button wrongly clipped in RTL mode when using lightweight themes
624998 drag and drop into group causes tab order in browser view to be messed up
628071 Crash [@ `anonymous namespace''::OpenDatabaseHelper::GetSuccessResult(JSContext*, unsigned __int64*)…
595310 Drag and drop of text into an input field does not remove placeholder
541039 WARNING: Bad accessible tree! [toolbarbutton combobox]
628627 Should display a message about --disable-elf-hack when elfhack fails
628088 be smarter about pbuffers & bind-to-texture in EGL
610682 Position of the reload button in the location bar in RTL firefox should be at the same side in all p…
628091 Type1 fonts in Firefox UI and on web pages show up as squares with hex codes
626049 mingw build crashes in [@ EnumAllChildWindProc]
629655 JS_DumpHeap triggers JS_ASSERT(!rt->gcRunning)
432524 [Minefield] Add-on icons should get their own buttons in Navigation Toolbar
628110 Sunspider regression (350 -> 380ms)
551313 Gill Sans font displays incorrectly when using DirectWrite / Direct2D
625043 MozTransform draws html elements over Firefox chrome if H/W acceleration enabled, as of 2010-10-22 n…
628117 nsAppRunner.cpp fails to compilr with dwrite disabled
626071 Remove unused edit.png
629145 test_reftests_with_caret.html doesn't actually test anything!
615834 warning: inline function ‘JSCompartment* JSObject::getCompartment() const’ used but never defined
618907 location bar steals focus (or shares it?!) with a Google document
629149 Crash in [ @ mozilla::WebGLTexture::NeedFakeBlack() ]
576931 "ASSERTION: Wrong children repair!" upon enabling accessibility
627146 Bookmark panel doesn't open in the correct direction in rtl
624041 enumerator should skip elements deleted via array_shift/array_reverse
619955 pointer-events is fairly broken on SVG text
629172 [bidi] Switch direction not working in Firefox 4 beta 10
603721 Creating a new tab in a tab group which only contains app tabs sometimes causes the group to be dele…
628152 mozalloc_abort (possibly NS_RUNTIMEABORT) crashes in gfxFontGroup::BuildFontList [@ mozalloc_abort(c…
563643 [Debug MacOSX SeaMonkey] leak test: "ASSERTION: Want to fire mutation events, but it's not safe" sin…
604262 Crash [@ nsImageLoadingContent::OnStartDecode]
620991 test_windowed_invalidate.html runs after mochitest shutdown, trips assertion / JS_Assert
579488 typing in text entry box on twitter is incredibly slow (again)
628165 Windows key should not be mapped to Panorama search
603594 No loading indicator for popup windows (or any window without tab bar)
443853 ligatures enabled even when letter-spacing is non-zero
628178 nsContentUtils.h doesn't need to include jsapi.h
625118 [Intel card] Crash on one WebGL conformance test [@ ig4icd32.dll@0x5769e ] with OpenGL (…
617953 Hunspell::analyze leaks p = pSMgr->suggest_morph()
626148 Opening link in new tab from background window opens tab in foreground window
624101 Make our canvases be moz-opaque
630280 Shiretoko nightlies still say 3.5.17pre
581096 aria-hidden should expose hidden attribute and fire attributechange events
626157 Drag and drop is disabled by 3rd party flash website
612846 Support some form of component alpha with D3D10 layers
629233 Intermittent "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/t…
465395 Honor TEXT_DISABLE_OPTIONAL_LIGATURES in the Windows font backend
625248 Empty layer transactions don't update mozPaintCount on windows
590325 TM: Global Object created in CentralizedAdminPrefManagerInit needs its own compartment
550392 "Assertion failure in -[NSNextStepFrame lockFocus]" (NSInternalInconsistencyException)
630265 Bookmarks menu broken in non browser windows
616363 Contents of Add-on Bar should be centered vertically
625156 Tab Groups menu button does not toggle Tab View when browser window is out of focus
625157 TM and interp disagree on function equality for null-closure
628232 Add thumb support for elfhack
628233 elhack breaks Android because linker assumes there is only one read-only PT_LOAD
624727 Removed app tabs get overriden and reused in nsSessionStore::restoreWindow()
297484 Toggle "Page Style" to "No Style" and back to standard breaks display: table CSS property
627213 nptest.rc doesn't compile with windres
627099 Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::RecreateAccessible(nsINode*) ][@ nsDocAccessible::RecreateAccessible ]
624110 TM: Crash [@ js::TraceRecorder::traverseScopeChain] or "Assertion failure: isObject()," or TraceReco…
629275 Recent nightly kills Win7 Taskbar Jumplists/Tasks
557598 Support strict-transport-security (STS) in private browsing mode
613919 Make characterCount fast
628258 inverted method arguments in treeView.js::_buildVisibleSection
501285 Really slow videos (1.8 frames/week) are boring to watch...
501289 Really fast videos (393 frames/millisecond) are exciting to watch...
628267 Tab and content rendering faulty when performing tab functions (close, open, switch)
621103 Should js::Anchor be JS::Anchor?
554544 Wikipedia crashes [@ nsDisplayTextDecoration::Paint(nsDisplayListBuilder*, nsIRenderingContext*) ] a…
609843 Improve usage of Meego Input Method
463413 Firefox does not form ligatures in fonts under 20 pixels
618039 Ogg Vorbis streams sampled at 8 kHz won't play using HTML5 audio
628283 debug builds of elfhack fail test when linking with -z relro
627262 Elements with opacity < 1 are not printed on OS X
622144 code must include string.h to use memset
625217 security review for panorama
626244 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_594477_clickable_output.js | found a network message followed by…
623176 Scripts don't work on Facebook
627273 Implement (basic) tiling of (basic) ImageLayers
619959 pointer-events:visiblePainted (and others) on a zero opacity stroke should dispatch mouse events
629324 Mac OS X Menubar is inactive
628303 HOST_LDFLAGS is ignored
625251 Assertion failure: strComp == right->asCell()->compartment() || right->asCell()->compartment() == rt…
625237 DecrementAnimationConsumers not always called in nsDocument::RemoveImage
627288 Tabs restored from last session show stale cache data
627301 Update Firefox Start Page design (with no string impact)
388704 drop XPointer support
627472 Change values for sessionstore.privacy_level_deferred to not save secure session cookies
607234 Remove "Release Notes" from the Help menu
624227 Fennec crash in nsAString_internal::Assign [@ ][@ ][@ ]…
625253 Scrolling is extremely slow and almost unusable on youtube. it is remarkable when I scroll with ar…
627302 UMR [@ nsSVGMarkerElement::SetOrientToAngle] with InstallTrigger
619117 Invalidation problems on
320116 extra space added when doing position:absolute and position:relative afterwards
606837 Gray out Panorama background on inactive windows
601723 Animated GIFs do not run when the page is reloaded.
627324 Bottom toolbox border interrupts shadow on the sides
616061 Disable TLS in jemalloc on Android
627332 add-ons compatibility check always presents "Minefield is working offline" dialog when network link …
591495 browser crash [@ SkypeFfComponent.dll@0xe481 ]
625290 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/bugs/621918-2.svg
627341 Wrong stack alignment in Convert_ascii_run call on mingw build.
628333 Object.getOwnPropertyNames() does not returns non-enumerable names if given object is from other com…
611984 Compilation failure on mingw in modules/libjar after bug 598416 landing.
629394 add hypertext downcasting
629396 failures in /tests/content/canvas/test/webgl/test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | Test expected …
616085 The test case for bug 508908 touches network, causes grief, lack of sleep, and tree closure
627355 Crash at 0x12 [@ nsContentPermissionRequestProxy::GetUri ]
628382 Use 24 bit depth buffers where available
627824 DirectWrite causes some text in menus to be cut off
626338 Searchbox doesn't get the focus if it's activated using the search button
612007 Block D3D9 layers on nvidia 6200 TC due to black & white horizontal bars/glitches in page content ar…
602792 dwrite initfontlist causes large IO load on cold startup
626345 Assertion failure: !addPropShapeBefore, at jstracer.cpp:7226
613040 Firefox add-ons manager kills sub-pixel anti-aliasing for all text, chrome and web
563891 ReferenceError: java is not defined in XUL window
608030 Disable MozAfterPaint for content by default
617076 Large white space under Add-on Manager when switching tabs and panes
628410 Flip __exposedProps__ default for functions to default-safe
627387 GUI bugs
593597 Design and implement updated CSS styling for Linux
626368 Empty space left between tabs when closing multiple pages in Panorama view
627393 [Accelerated Layers] Whole content area gets black for a second for pages that uses a dimming effect
613058 nsIFrame::GetRenderedText may return wrong result on character change DOM mutations
624758 crash [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange] and [@nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer] don't ha…
628422 pages load forever
625353 Vertically flipped (upside down) text when using "show image" on a WebGL canvas element
629450 [si] Sinhala rendering is broken in Firefox 4.0 beta
606924 create complete accessible tree
622288 CSS warnings: "Error in parsing value for 'height'/'width'. Declaration dropped."
629640 remove rudiment aContainer argument of UpdateTreeInternal
624931 Panorama zoom should use -moz-transform() for speed
621273 Internal URLs show up as results after RSS feed preview
597627 Adding and removing lines in big textareas is really slow
628452 Invalid end of tag in bug445004.html
623338 Block all old drivers for ATI, NVIDIA, and only whitelist the big three, to control risk
595691 TM: fix versioning across VM instances (i.e. setTimeout/let compilation failures)
600812 Dragging tab between groups doesn't work
624366 Assertion failure: compartment mismatched, at jscntxtinlines.h:541
610088 "Assertion failure: script->main <= target && target < script->code + script->length" with evalcx, O…
567029 Titles of tab items get clipped off within groups
622326 Tab-modal confirm(): browser freeze
622328 on window re-size part of Adobe's Acrobat Reader X plugin becomes transparent
614137 cache eval CSP check
628477 nsCSSRendering.cpp:360: warning: ‘void PaintBackgroundLayer(...) declared ‘static’ but never defined
618240 Crash Using window.showModalDialog() [null deref]
612098 Firefox 4.0b7 crash [@ nsTextFrame::GetTrimmedOffsets(nsTextFragment const*, int) ]
625415 Position is lost after a few seconds
577325 function definition (statement) doesn't call preexisting setter on window, calling it does not invok…
625424 Dropping a tab onto the "undo close group" dialog adds the tab to that group
625425 Don't re-share the plugin surfaces every time we flip front/back buffers (on Windows at least)
627475 JM: Clean up OOM handling
625284 Very high CPU usage on
625438 JM: watch handler is not always called
629538 Upgrade ANGLE to r550
591652 Make the tab view (Panorama) background transparent to reveal glass (if enabled) on Windows
268069 copy/paste ordered lists should not have numbers
589608 Namoroka in 3.6 nightly UA string busts google jsapi
501545 Problems playing short Vorbis sounds
627498 GL disabled on OS X, Android due to not calling Init
521863 Vorbis audio file with enormous hole in it refuses to play.
598829 Gap in media is incorrectly timestamped for AudioAvailable
579374 Tooltip border is inconsistent when one is used on a web element.
562998 Selecting commands from a bookmarks context menu while the window isn't active does nothing
627511 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
627516 regex JIT crash with --disable-methodjit
626501 [OS/2] build break in nsprpub/ after checkin for bug618789
623435 Rip out deprecated |RegExp.compile| builtin method
531280 ogg/theora/vorbis video stuck at start
621393 Getting GfxInfo driver date seems to fail if date has 8 digits
618322 Web Console: Inspect pop-up should have scroll bars and be wider
594771 animated gif doesn't reset when .src changed with javascript in firefox 4
629590 Click events on new trigger a whole bunch of function decompilation
626526 OOM error during JS_NewContext (jscntxt.cpp:1110)
628197 Implement do-not-track HTTP header
628198 Implement UI for do-not-track HTTP header
629603 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
599909 to-be-reloaded tabs don't show up in switch-to-tab
629611 add font cache size to about:support
629612 non-libxul builds broken because of incorrect code committed in bug 628922
611986 nsWindow.cpp compilation failure on mingw after landing bug 586228
628593 elfhack fails to build on Fedora 14
628595 Warnings when building elfhack
586612 HTML5 <audio>: no playback of WAV data URI if shorter than 370ms
628603 Crash in nsDocAccessible::CacheChildrenInSubtree [@ nsAccessNode::IsContent() ]
629628 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/docshell/test/test_bug344861.html | has corre…
628606 elfhack causes bustage since ARM target may not return "arm"
626667 deal with cached accessible tree only
628612 Facebook Unable to read messages
612232 Gray box appears at the bottom of Panorama. when enter Panorama
628618 elfhack broken with some versions of binutils gold
609163 Get rid of Item.locked
628620 intermittent timeout in content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug606657.js
624531 IndexedDB: Change the enum values of IDBTransaction to match spec
624533 IndexedDB: Allow IDBTransaction.abort() to be called any time before it completes
625559 catch escaping chrome eval with wrappers
621464 Inconsistency with E4X XML.replace
627609 Empty group matching fails on /((a|)+b)+/.exec('bb')
625562 Intermittent test_a_href_01.xhtml | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.onerror] An error occurred - f…
627614 PluginModuleChild init list out of order - "PluginModuleChild.h:277: warning: ‘mozilla::plugins::Plu…
613280 Cannot copy result text in console
624549 Overly aggressive calls to nsJSContext::MaybeCC() cause pauses in Flight of the Navigator
628209 Unsigned typed arrays half the speed of regular arrays for simple integer arithmetic
597931 New CSS' Item bounds incorrectly include highlighting
627628 be smarter about dispatching starved paints
628654 Show connecting / waiting / loading status messages in small overlay on top of content at bottom of …
586671 AffixMgr::parse_convtable leaks pattern/pattern2 if it can't create both
628658 [D3D9] tabbar is empty (not painted), toolbox becomes black, tabs disappear
620472 "Work offline" shouldn't be managed by Firefox, only by the user
624572 Abort in content process receiving PAudio:SampleOffsetUpdate: "Error: Route error: message sent to u…
586686 Hunspell::spellml + Hunspell::get_xml_list are messy
619455 WebGL shader hang during compilation [@readCPPline]
606145 Compress/pack relocations in ELF binaries
606148 When Panorama starts to stack tabs, it becomes extremely slow
609227 Cannot print / print-preview messages from a google webmail account
624588 Change Panorama shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+E (Shift-Cmd-E on Mac)
627661 RGBA surface clear was broken in 593733
629923 statuspanel shouldn't inherit text-shadow
539605 Seek forward small amount of time optimization
600025 CSS timing attack on global history still possible with MozAfterPaint
222176 Animated GIF loops 1 time too many
601060 Hovering links shows "moz-action:switchtab" text and hides "Switch to tab:" label in URL bar when it…
591846 Non-std ocap-breaking properties on built-ins can't be neutered.
490475 fontconfig render settings affect spacing of characters when printing
627693 GfxInfo.cpp fails to compile on mingw after landing bug 590373
625652 make sure accessible tree is correct when rendered text is changed
606200 NVIDIA driver crash [@ nvwgf2um.dll@0x45e14 ] in CD3D10Device::DestroyDriverInstance