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Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta 12 Fixes

See the complete list of bugs fixed by Firefox 4 Beta 12.

Bug ID Summary
632833 Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::LeaveModalState(nsIDOMWindow*) ]
626691 "Log In To My T-Mobile" flash text is mispositioned, when loading "My T-Mobile" page in background t…
620206 nsFrameMessageManager::ReceiveMessage returns non-nsresult values
628758 Startup compartment assertion failure with firebug
452631 setTextContents fails on midas document
452632 copyText/pasteText fails on html:input
628764 Sometimes zooming out of a tab does not properly set initial CSS state.
632867 Firefox Beta 11 crash in glXQueryVersion [@]
634916 Crash on shutdown [@ nsCycleCollector_collect]
632871 Crash [@ _moz_cairo_surface_flush ][@ gfxAlphaRecovery::RecoverAlphaSSE2(gfxImageSurface*, gfxImageS…
630827 Crash [@ nsINode::GetSlots() ] with Firebug
583727 DOMCI_CASTABLE_INTERFACE: macro redefinition
630835 Transition paint wrong fragments at the end of transition for 1-2 seconds.
626743 Don't miss compartments in js_SetDebugMode
630841 Crash in nsHyperTextAccessible::GetText()
628795 [1.9.1 & 1.9.2] put en-US.xpi under obj-firefox/dist/platform/xpi rather than obj-firefox/dist
630844 gfxWindowsPlatform.cpp fails to cross compile on case-sensitive OSes after landing bug 629611
632901 TM: crash when assigning to function.arguments
622670 js::Bindings::findDuplicateArgument is O(n**2)
407633 Can't close window via close widget after dragging in bookmark menu
491602 Investigate JSGC performance on real workload
632920 elfhack doesn't support R_ARM_THM_JMP24 and R_ARM_REL32 relocations
632923 Painting problem in the tab titles
630877 Crash [@ nsGenericElement::GetPrimaryFrame(mozFlushType) ]
581726 [Win7] Aero-Peek issue with Navigation Bar redrawing when TabCandy is displayed
630883 Crash at [@ nsDOMWindowUtils::FindElementWithViewId]
626791 Add the Panorama button to the toolbar automatically after the user has entered Panorama for the fir…
630891 nsSubDocumentFrames are always repainted when they move
635757 Intermittent crashtests/420439.html | assertion count 16 is more than expected 0 assertions from ASS…
411764 All-in-One Gestures addon not available/working for Firefox 3
628854 Content is blured for a while after applying -moz-transition: scale(N)
561273 [OS/2] Window Position Bugs
635346 Crash [@ nsAccessNode::GetContent] [@ nsDocAccessible::AddDependentIDsFor] setting "for" attribute o…
635004 flash movie doesn't display, or flashes (!) quickly
411775 Firefox Companion for eBay addon not available/working for Firefox 3.5
616811 CRs in aboutCacheEntry.css aboutCache.css LightweightThemeConsumer.jsm actions.dtd
632964 String.match will stop matching once it encounters a very long match
411781 Gspace addon not available/working for Firefox 3.5
628872 BBC iplayer fullscreen function broken in FF4 beta 9, 10 and nightly builds
626825 Hide redundant menu commands unless the user invokes the menu using the keyboard (make use of the op…
624781 Text being corrupted when scrolling
626830 jsd.asyncOn fails
630927 Redirected to mobile version of
602256 Using history.pushState in the main page breaks history tracking for inner frames
630932 High memory usage by the JS Engine even with no tabs open for > 12 hours
628885 Add a crashreporter annotation when we're about to intentionally abort in nsDebugImpl (e.g. for RUNT…
600215 Update Initial Developer list in about:license
587928 Disable support for <meta http-equiv="Link">
632994 When previewing personas, tab bar moves into title bar and jitters
608423 configure assumes GNU sed
632484 Land feedback strings for stable releases as Firefox 4.0 strings
630957 Firefox 4.0b11pre Crash [@ nsGenericElement::GetChildrenList ] with Firebug 1.7X and below
633014 Start menu shortcut not removed on uninstall
631497 Restore http to link target overlay
633016 Memory corruption on scriptObject->getGlobal()
633020 ArgSetter can return false without reporting an error on trace
633023 xpcshell needs -p (enable profiling)
354497 For each character typed on a line in a textarea, the caret gets more and more out of position
621259 USE -OPT:REF,ICF on Win64 PGO
635085 Links in street list of city map of do not work. Only the first link works
624847 "Undo Close Tab" closes current group when only one blank tab is left
633040 [regression] Text rendering looks scaled
583889 can use scroll position of outer frame to check for existence of ids in cross-origin frames
633043 "Assertion failure: !vp->isPrimitive() && callee != &vp[0].toObject()" with InstallTrigger
633044 After inserting and deleting a text node, caret visually jumps into a wrong position
628949 Tab bar turns black bar temporarily when maximizing window
577913 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in xpconnect
631002 Crash [@ mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::RPCFrame::Describe(int*, char const**, char const**, char const**…
336091 "ASSERTION: bad action nesting!" using execCommand('justifyleft') with no selection
618716 warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsPermissionManager.cpp
631006 make-package (make-sourcestamp-file) broken when using MOZ_PKG_PRETTYNAMES=1
622818 Background image on elements with a css skew transform applied doesn't render completely
577915 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in libjar
624202 Make sure to remove subscribers
583909 Low resolution images shown when mouse is moving or near centre of window.
634844 Non-animated plugins constantly reupload image with accelerated layers and async rendering
634236 Crash [@ JSCompartment::wrap] or "Assertion failure: isProxy(),"
524522 Tinderbox debug build unit tests don't capture a stack trace for JS_ASSERT assertion failure
619559 nsPermissionManager doesn't notify observers in content process
633069 "Assertion failure: JS_THREAD_DATA(cx)->profilingCompartment == NULL", including in test_form_submis…
628974 Every dom-level1-core mochitest loads over the netwo…
633213 An invalid (non-functional) Scroll bar is present in the Panorama view where the AppTabs icons shoul…
631026 text_changed signal emitted for wrong object
620788 Do not silently fall back to bundled NSS/NSPR if system ones can't be used
620789 Intermittent browser_bug581253.js | Test timed out followed by Found a tab after previous test timed…
614649 SVG in <img> without viewBox and with CSS height/width should scale, not clip
631035 Tinderbox log sends memory usage through the roof
626940 Zoom out transition doesn't show if repeats zooming in and out of the same item
635142 <strong> not showing bold text
508167 NPAPI additions for clearing recent history (e.g. for "flash cookies")
631170 mouse hover broken in Qt build
626962 Implement empty transactions for GL
631059 Creating a FunctionType pointer instance from a JS function can fail
635156 typos in test svg files.
629016 Permaorange reftests on OS X 64
631068 NVDA stops reading field label after hide/show cycle
624936 Cannot close tab group if it has certain size because "rename" field pops up and overlays close butt…
635593 Compilation failure in gfxWindowsPlatform.h during compilation without DWrite
633820 nsCrashOnException.cpp compilation fails to compile on mingw
620850 silentfail tests should run with ulimit to limit memory usage
626997 Bogus resizer in maximized and fullscreen windows
635191 Crash [@ nsObjectFrame::GetImageContainer(mozilla::layers::LayerManager*) ]
565561 Include option to delete Flash cookies
631098 Slow arrays should always (after creation) have explicit length properties
618816 Character by character selection using the mouse in the tab group name field.
631105 crash [@ js_DestroyScriptsToGC]
633155 intermittend failure in browser_tabview_bug626525.js | There are two group items - Got 1, expected 2
620869 Unexpected failure in JavaScript shell if snarf() is used
411975 Live HTTP Headers addon not available/working for Firefox 3.5
624968 Assertion failure: proto->canProvideEmptyShape
618827 JS: instanceof fails when object's constructor is initialized from an iframe
633164 Zoomed ogg video renders at the wrong size until I move the mouse
608589 Tab fails to close, waiting for the closing animation's transitionend event
626403 Scroll wheel stops working after pressing no on 'Do you wish to add a printer?' prompt
579924 [linux] Text renders with dark stripe at left edge on some characters in translucent X surfaces, whe…
616793 Fullscreen toolbars fail to show on mouseover, after Firefox is minimized and then restored
635227 crash [@ nsJSContext::CycleCollectNow]
631139 Put Shape::numSearches and Shape::table in a union
616808 CRs in fullscreen-video.xhtml browser-tabPreviews.js
616809 CRs in nsIHttpAuthenticator.idl nsHttpAuthCache.cpp
633195 Overflowing tab bar jerks around when selecting the add-ons manager
616812 CRs in nsTimeRanges.cpp PaintTracker.cpp PaintTracker.h
616813 CRs in NSSErrorsService.h NSSErrorsService.cpp
635251 Don't call GC or CC unexpectedly during shutdown.
631156 Bug 628885 breaks non-libxul builds with an undefined reference error for CrashReporter::AppendAppNo…
631160 embedded accessible may expose wrong text
627065 "Copy Link Location" doesn't work on links on pages open in the sidebar
633210 Single hyphens are marked as spelling mistakes
627067 Dialogs are broken in qt desktop
577916 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in plugins
610685 App tabs disappear in RTL firefox
577918 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in parser
470140 gTranslate 0.5.1 not available/working with Firefox 3.5
633218 Add removeOnDismissal option to addons notifications that should go away after restart (addons manag…
633221 Setting FF as default browser throws error when GIO Service is not available
598406 Silverlight not supported by i386/x86_64 universal binary on Mac OS X 10.6
620937 Crash [@ nsContentPermissionRequestProxy::GetElement] [@ nsContentPermissionRequestProxy::GetUri]
635275 [D3D9] Black squares appear then disappear with hardware acceleration
627085 Reduce font size in urlbar autocomplete
631184 Messed up location bar
629143 Investigate OS X 64 perma-orange on reftests img-height-meet-2.html, img-height-slice-2.html, img-wi…
631192 Overlay with status messages is misaligned with aero glass in non-maximized windows
436635 Menus do not update their layout when their direction is changed
635295 Crash in GMail [@ js::mjit::JaegerShot ]
606624 Undo close tab group causes painting issues
627106 Assertion failure: 0 (./nanojit/NativeX64.cpp:1334)
565667 'Tools' > 'Add-ons' only works when browser window is in the foreground
625060 reftest-ipc hanging on shutdown during crashtest run and during startup on reftest run
625062 Update eBay Search Plugins (Metabug)
610727 Panning around canvas on is laggy without GL compositing
631213 Crash Report [@ TextUpdater::FireEvent(nsAString_internal const&, unsigned int, int) ]
629833 Remove the toolkit.networkmanager.disabled pref
631225 __exposedProps__ change breaks console.log.bind,
596412 Close button is difficult to see on tabs with dark coloured thumbnails
635329 Crash [@ nsBidiPresUtils::RemoveBidiContinuation] with large margin, changing text node
627139 currentTime reports "old" value after seeking until "seeking" is fired
614852 Enable multiple roots from NSS 3.12.9 for EV. (Nov/Dec 2010 batch)
629189 Rect.contains should be inclusive
631240 Status overlay should not overlay edge of left hand window border
629195 Restore previous session does bad things if you have an "undo close group" and an app tab
629197 disable jetpack service
627153 Chrome and Opera get to a ready state of HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA sooner than Firefox
567762 JM: JSOP_IFEQ branches are not properly patched (for forward branches).
631252 Use -mstackrealign on 32-bit mingw
616919 With no windows open, choosing a bookmark from the menu does nothing.
631257 Only default snippets are styled in Firefox Start Page design
625115 Update default eBay Search Plugin
633315 Make "namespace mozilla" usage consistent across DOMSVGxxxList.cpp files
635302 Content flips vertically when scrolled with opacity on two levels
629227 Logging into requires an extra step since Firefox 3.6
633332 crash [@ nsCOMPtr_base::assign_assuming_AddRef | nsCOMPtr_base::assign_with_AddRef | nsHTMLMediaElem…
625141 JM: incorrect result for test case involving typed arrays
629242 js/jsd/jsdebug.c:584:5: warning: implicit declaration of function 'jsd_EnableSingleStepInterrupts'
633342 Text on webpage uses greyscale AA
631298 Status/link bubble doesn't shrink to fit contents when it's too large from previous text
623110 new default search engine overrides user-installed search engine with same name (Bing search in Fire…
627207 "Text" cursor instead of "Move" in the top of tab group
573960 bordercolor for table is not used as grid color anymore
631305 Deleted watchpoints don't always come back when assigned
606735 aero basic tabstrip picking up the wrong color.
633360 Tab bar's toolbar/scroll button borders overlap nav bar
633361 Layerized -moz-transform on leaves artefacts
623129 x86_64 NS_InvokeByIndex_P asm decl to reserve registers is not guaranteed to work as advertised
555547 A command of placesContextMenu is carried out for a wrong bookmark item
623136 speed up font loading on android
631329 Intermittent "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/layout/base/tests/test_bug629838.html | Test timed out."
619045 crash [@ nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor::RunScript(nsIContent*)], [@ nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor::RunScript] (Mac a…
633382 Xray wrappers don't cache resolved native properties on the holder object
633383 [Mac] Firefox 4.0b12pre crash [@ NS_StackWalk ]
631336 Advanced should be the last pane
631337 cannot resize Firefox window on XP with Start Page (or any other page with position: relative in the…
635434 Crash after hitting Ctrl+T while status message textbox is open in Gmail Chat [@ nsPresShellEventCB:…
629291 Using Safe File OutputStreams to overwrite file with unicode characters in file name results in file…
377392 "copy link location" fails to copy the letter H and the number 0 where present
635442 Crash [@ nsSVGComponentTransferFunctionElement::DidAnimateNumberList]
631352 Dynamic changes to :lang() not reflected
635451 Firefox changes font mid-line on some numerals
629309 Unmatched enum warning in nsDeviceContextSpecGTK::GetSurfaceForPrinter
623166 Fennec crash [@ js::AbortRecordingImpl ]
631359 Failed assertions in content/test/reftest/xml-stylesheet reftests and content/xslt crashtests (with …
633408 32bit Firefox failed to start on a machine with 16GB (or 32GB ...) memory
633409 modified iterators are reused after delete suppression
621123 Assertion failure: dn->pn_atom == atom, at jsparse.cpp
633414 IndexedDB: Update property names for spec change
633196 Object details don't open in the Web Console, when trying a second time
635465 JavaScript menu is not working on
619089 onKeyDown event, do not add the character!
629331 javascript document.domain and parent in iframes
627289 "Exit" hard coded string needs to be localizable.
631388 Investigate not centering plugin images in their frame if the frame/image sizes mismatch
633453 Crash [@ gfxTextRun::FetchGlyphExtents ]
631406 PeekOffsetNoAmount doesn't accept null as its second argument
619120 Add a run function to the shell
633457 Firefox hangs at startup
578162 Open a link in a new tab in the background doesn't highlight the scroll button anymore
631412 Bug 629401 breaks non-libxul builds due to unresolved reference to nsContentUtils::DispatchTrustedEv…
633463 Java 1.6 crash clearing private data [@ npjpi160_23.dll@0x1657 ][@ npjpi160_07.dll@0x1674 ][@ npjpi1…
467581 Greasemonkey addon not available/working for Firefox 3.5
467582 Forecastfox addon not available/working for Firefox 3.5
627328 ###!!! ASSERTION: This is unsafe! Fix the caller!: 'Error' (required for Personas Plus compatibility…
602756 Fix "a the" in comments (libffi upstream)
627335 Port patch from bug 567707 to GCC assembly
633481 maxlength doesn't work on about:home
629386 Square Boxes Appears in Many Text Labels and Webpages (RTL Versions of FireFox)
633483 don't update children of container for dependent content that has an accessible
635532 Crash [@ nsHTMLEditor::HideGrabber() ]
635534 When entering tab candy with an overflowing tab bar and exiting it with not enough tabs to overflow,…
631440 Crash [@ nsDocShell::AddToSessionHistory] with pushState
615058 CC not threadsafe with DEBUG_CC on
584340 nsIXMLHttpRequest.statusText in Blocklist.prototype.onXMLError
545429 location bar blocks file-open dialog
629401 Carbon plugins that cannot load in X64 Mac should send an event or notifyObservers of failure
631452 LazyIdleThread can race with newly dispatched events when shutting down
625315 Invalid ssize_t define on Windows x64
633511 WebGL broken with D2D [@ gfxASurface::GetContentType()]
500392 keydown.preventDefault() should behave consistenly
467628 FireFTP addon not available/working for Firefox 3.5
610990 Regression: SVGPathSegList should allow manipulation of invalid paths
633520 "ASSERTION: wrong context on XPCJSContextStack!: 'cx == topJSContext'," with xpcshell
633524 When maximising window with scroll buttons visible, they remain in tab bar (aero glass only)
633525 Assertion failure: cx->enumerators == obj, at ../jsiter.cpp:792
592572 Mystery White Box under pointer
606909 Don't put the tab drop indicator above tabs
601888 Teach ThebesLayerOGL about resolution-scaled drawing
631494 Massive memory leak with Adblock Plus 1.3.3 installed
625353 Vertically flipped (upside down) text when using "show image" on a WebGL canvas element
631499 Crash [@ nsHyperTextAccessible::GetChildOffset(nsAccessible*, int) ]
631509 Don't enforce a size on add-on toolbar button icons
631513 ots fails to compile on mingw
619230 leak test build: "WARNING: The category has no corresponding type!: file ../../../dom/base/nsScriptN…
590563 Manually restored tabs are not shown in the main browser view
625385 Add-on Bar changes its height when adding icons to it
631530 Panorama preview of tinderbox page looks crappy
629485 Show close window warning when closing the last window
635636 Crash [@ nsHTMLEditRules::DocumentModifiedWorker] with navigated-away designMode document
631544 *** REGRESSION *** Cannot access Printer Properties within Crossword Flash application (worked with…
628863 Provide an entry point for the disablechrome attribute for add-ons
355071 Flash stops keyboard input in other FF windows (TSM doc problem)
622381 Crash [@ mozilla::dom::PBrowserChild::SendPContentPermissionRequestConstructor]
619283 JS built-in methods still generally box undefined/null as |this| into the global object, instead of …
633622 Make the webgl mochitest use ANGLE on test machines
631575 Failing "!mPresShell && !mWindow" assertion in CreateDeviceContext() after SetDocument(), in content…
596765 SVG foreignObject never renders if its document is initially zero-sized
631585 Leaking ViewWrappers during crashtest/reftest-ipc, from content process
621346 Addon icons doesn't show up on the customize toolbar window. (ff4b8)
592676 (Tabs On Bottom) Toolbars background is missing gradient in upper part
631598 Panorama uses the wrong font on Mac
411784 FEBE addon not available/working for Firefox 3.5
622585 CSS3 transforms + hardware acceleration: Transformed elements that are partially clipped are painted…
621366 Content process nsDOMStorageManager observes notifications needlessly
632969 X error handling fixes
633656 When split menus are hovered, both the main item and expansion arrow should display on mouse in
633661 After context menu of addons is closed, buttons are not correctly repainted
631615 Suppress CSS parser diagnostics in ParseSelectorString
633666 PathifyURI breaks caching of packed XPI js components
633667 incorrect stream error value sent to plugins when they reject a redirect
607046 VendorID and AdapterID are 0000
621386 Crash [@ mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::CxxStackFrame::CxxStackFrame] (from PContentParent::SendGeolocati…
631607 Crash while spell checking with French modern dictionary 4.0.3 [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) …
623437 Making an argument optional changes the order in which the method is enumerated
609104 move the property tree into the compartment
398161 offline web applications
609106 Add plugin-container.exe to ShimInclusionList via installer
629587 page scroll synchronization with the turn of a mouse wheel is lost when mouse pointer hover over but…
588630 When invoking TabCandy/Panorama with many open blank tabs, Firefox hangs & then pops up "Unresponsiv…
625495 Clear Adobe Flash Cookies (LSOs) when Clear Cookies is selected in the Privacy > Custom > Clear Hist…
625496 Clear Adobe Flash Cookies (LSOs) when Cookies is selected in Clear Recent History
625497 Clear Adobe Flash Cookies (LSOs) when "Forget This Site" is selected
631643 Check for ARB_ES2_compatibility before using it, fix MAX_VARYING_VECTORS emulation, clean up getPara…
633692 When scrolling page with extensions in add-on manager, add-on compatibility reporter menu change pos…
631649 CSS error -moz-column-count since bug 595965 landed
545634 AIX failure to run configure script in js/ctypes/libffi
609127 The "gripper" to resize the window on Mac OS X interferes with items in the add-on bar
626492 Assertion failure after OOM: jspropertytree.cpp:241
633709 Leak nsDocument with contenteditable, lots of execCommand
631662 We are painting thumbnails while in the background
629202 "ImportError: No module named automation" during valgrind-linux test
629618 Artifacts when seeking ogg video
623478 Compiling nsHtml5NamedCharacters.cpp takes too much RAM on AIX
629623 Consistent crash [@ atioglxx.dll@0x597e7] when opening above URL, even in safe mode and/or hardware …
621432 Assertion failure: script->main <= target && target < script->code + script->length
608405 GroupItem.add should auto remove from previous group
633728 After an update, the Firefox desktop shorcut is moved to the top left corner from a user set custom …
631682 window.onload event is fired before background image for html element in style
629635 Still some problems with GNU_REL_RO segments with elfhack
594821 Initial paint of browser window delayed compared with 3.6
629638 elfhack doesn't support SHN_COMMON symbols that -flto adds in injected object file
629639 elfhack: unsupported symbol in relocation when building with stack protection
633738 bloats out of control (part 3)
630935 Mac OOPP implementation needs to make Carbon support status (NPNVsupportsCarbonBool) available
627596 Move about:home snippets url to https
633741 Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending(), at ../jscntxtinlines.h:704
508816 Scrollbox overflows on the wrong side in RTL mode
628888 SVG SMIL: Animations in external document sometimes don't run
631698 1px border visible below active app tabs when there is tab overflow (using Aero Glass with DirectWri…
633748 JavaScript Error: "tabview error: paint"
627606 Remove PGO hack on Win64 by bug 413019
471959 [SeaMonkey] test_bug458898.html reports incorrect innerWidth/innerHeight
590744 Add an edit sub menu to the Firefox menu
625561 Flickering due to late application of external CSS when loaded/reloaded; inconsistent across browser…
631707 pass buffer-data-array-buffer... again
635805 "Assertion failure: fp->isFunctionFrame() && !fp->isEvalFrame()"
633762 Content View unexpectedly being scrolled downwards with Smooth Scrolling enabled
596901 "ASSERTION: Attempting to nest call to BeginSecureKeyboardInput" when iframes fight over password-fi…
621481 App Tab Icons shift upwards when closing a normal tab
560042 [OS/2] Build break in js/src/jsgcchunk.cpp
591687 [Mac] Flash performance heavily degraded in Firefox 4 Beta 4
578477 Link can be manipulated to display a different link on hover than actual link
631730 Lots of "Error in parsing value for 'width/height'. Declaration dropped." in console
631733 When idle the GC holds on to unused chunks indefinitely
556873 exiting a password field by pressing return fails to disable secure entry mode
627642 Don't restore session into a new window if only the home page is open
558011 RTL horizontal scrollbar bad default position
632612 Minor improvements to js_DumpObject
631747 Minimize DOM manipulation on startup/TabItem-creation
631749 <body> top margin is made automatically.
631751 A saved html page is rendered improperly
627656 Crash in nsCocoaWindow::DrawOver [@ GeForceGLDriver@0x12910 ] in glDeleteTextures
629709 White line of highlight pixels appears above navigation toolbar if the window is maximized
629710 Firefox 4 works slow in Windows 7 with basic theme(disabled Aero)
629711 Menus in Firefox 4 are not redrawn properly in Windows 7 with basic theme(disabled Aero)
631760 don't hard code "/data/data/<package name>"
541656 Display hyperlink URLs at bottom of window (instead of right side of location bar)
615386 Add ability to run reftests using <browser remote>
629723 Decompiling for blame erroneously prints "use strict" directives
631772 Hashtable recursion assertion with nsDocAccessible on the stack
633826 YouTube (Flash) videos not drawing properly
633827 [de] The settings button in the FF button menu is too small for the german entry "Einstellungen"
623589 Remove aCanBePercent parameter from nsAttrValue::ParseSpecialIntValue
584680 nsWindowsDllBlocklist.cpp compilation failure on mingw
633833 Add 'function' keyword to all the single function JSD interfaces
631788 Assertion failure: unexpected constantly false guard detected, at jstracer.cpp:4444
632817 Cannot filter search for NET events in the Web console
631794 After click Flash movie, I cannot type any text in any text field in content or in chrome
625653 [meta] prevent accessible creation at unsafe time
633846 Places tests hit the network from bookmark properties
634708 nav bar needs more horizontal padding in large icons mode
629756 Remove the aboutHome.brandStart string
603134 Minefield does not render any content in new windows until the window is moved
607232 Remove "For Internet Explorer Users" from the Help menu
631812 URLBar broken on certain themes
633861 Re-enable browser_overflowScroll.js test on linux
624129 A maximized window with tabs in the titlebar isn't easily draggable when there are many open tabs.
625672 missing content when scrolling
625320 Move "Tab Groups" to the "list all tabs" menu
594958 Tab thumbnails sometimes have gray (now black) bars at the bottom
590867 It is difficult to display context menu "Exit Full Screen Mode" by right-clicking, if browser is "Ta…
629780 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
633879 bloats out of control, part 4: wrapper proto keeps old windows alive
580638 App Tab closes with keystroke or middle click
496673 Needless check in nsCanvasRenderingContext2D::Render
633890 Assertion failure: prop == (JSProperty*) shape
631302 Cannot drag a bookmark to the bottom in Bookmarks Sidebar
629799 Alpha extraction in plugin subprocesses is broken on windows
631848 status panel causes artifact during page loading
626525 Disable "move to group" and "next group" if Panorama hasn't been run
631856 sidebar splitter visible above new statuspanel
631868 Tab drift in TabItem_setBounds code
635966 elfhack fails with llvm LTO
629823 Use the right VM for the parent view in nsViewManager::ResizeView. Assert that the root view size i…
631872 Flash plugin Youtube player steal mouse wheel scroll focus when mouse cursor is outside the plugin a…
549958 Hourly/Nightly builds should have some way to see which {comm-central|mobile-browser|camino} changes…
633929 TM does not work without JM
621644 $ is shadowed in web console
615501 Update pushState's behavior when called before load to match spec
629838 Fire MozAfterPaint events when empty transactions occur
605264 Crash [@ strcmp | nsHTMLMediaElement::Observe] with QI to nsIObserver
629841 Remove padding from .toolbarbutton-1 with menu-button type
629845 Rich text editor on Lang-8 does not apply text effects, returns Javascript error Component returned …
625753 AMD64 Firefox 4.0b10pre Crash Reports [@ malloc_rtree_set | KERNELBASE.dll@0x659f ] [@ malloc_rtree_…
629851 Permanent failures in test_bug481335.xhtml on 1.9.2 | Should be visited now - "rgb(0, 0, 238)" shoul…
609372 Better icons and color palette for the Web Console
68702 Implement inter-process communication (IPC) in Mozilla (protozilla)
365666 allow XUL scroll frame to scroll to right of initial position for RTL
629860 Closing in Full Screen mode then Relaunching FF causes repaint issues
629265 Crash in NVIDIA driver 260.19 on linux 64bit w/ layers acceleration & flash plugin [@ zero@0x5fddf ]…
629866 Investigate regressions in wmode="opaque" GUIMark3 testcase
631115 Make about:home search field re-use autocomplete values from the old page
603245 Installing Firefox 4 Beta 6 gives Procedure Entry Point "SHCreateItemFromParsingName" Error
605295 computeThis returns weird things that are all silently converted to bool
626195 Spell checker crash with French dictionaries 4.0 or Hunspell 1.2.12 and below [@ AffixMgr::suffix_ch…
629878 Cursor goes to the end of the editing box in Wikipedia and WordPress
631657 Panorama triggering WARNING: Overflowed nscoord_MAX in conversion to nscoord
631932 Aero Peek tab previews are always enabled after entering and exiting Panorama
631934 Remove childHitResult.shouldZoom switch in TabItem_zoomIn
631937 Use case insensitive string comparison in TypeForClassID for clsid test
631939 New SVG list item DOM wrappers get confused if there are more than 256 items in list
570500 [meta] a11y performance improvements for Firefox 4
629898 Set min-width on statuspanel for less jitter
632343 Running automated Firebug tests crashes Firefox [@ js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT]
631951 JM: interpret (some?) scripts a few times before compiling them
631953 Linked video makes Firefox enter a busy loop
634003 yasm version check broken
629908 crash in [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::RecreateFramesForContent]
580757 [windows] Text renders with discolored edges when scrolling, when Cleartype is enabled
631959 [zu] Enable Zulu language pack builds for Firefox 4
593052 Disk cache stops adding new items after some time
631969 gc_per_compartment option does not work
604699 Store thumbnails in the browser's image cache rather than in sessionstore
631978 Forward and back arrows reversed in RTL UI
593067 Enable TC TrustCenter Universal CA III root certificate for EV in PSM
599215 Update addon-bar style for aero glass theme
634032 remove FIXME in test list filenames
623797 Build with system cairo is broken
631992 [rtl] link tooltip appears as rtl
607418 Intermittent failure in dom/tests/mochitest/localstorage/test_localStorageOriginsSchemaDiffs.html | …
632003 var statement should not pay attention to properties on the prototype
629968 Investigate possible regression (-j only) caused by changeset b90090c29571
634745 Fix ARM SIMD/NEON tests to work with LTO
584922 leak of unicodePw SECITEM in nsPKCS12Blob::ExportToFile and nsPKCS12Blob::ImportFromFileHelper
394459 unequal columns when printing 100% width tables and shrink to fit selected
634077 tabviewshown/hidden events are dispatched before Storage.saveVisibilityData() was called
629982 Constant crashes (possibly) due to recent nightly build changes [@ nsGenericElement::GetBaseURI()]
562399 Enable Camerfirma root certificates for EV in PSM
629987 Undefined overlays itself on location bar when hovering over a link on a blank page.
634085 Stacks do not show last-visited tab in the front for children after number 6
607464 Smooth scrolling + pixel scrolling + inertia = fail
630000 crash [@ NotificationController::Shutdown()]
630001 use cached text of text leaf accessibles
632061 Firefox 4 does not always properly handle HTTP/0.9 responses
623870 Update the message in the invalid form popup if the error message changes
634112 NoMethodJIT build is broken since cec3c87c99b1
634752 Always drop jsPrincipals before returning from LoadSubScript
632066 Display of link targets with long queries isn't very usable
631339 White flash when new windows (awesomebar, form complete, about window, etc) open
447749 text area scrolls to strange position on changing direction
634118 JM: fix incorrect m_size assignment on ARM
584967 mark deprecated dom interfaces and methods with [deprecated]
580873 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/image/background-image-zoom-1.html
537873 Assignment to readonly properties should throw a TypeError in strict mode
633731 Border absent between content area and tab bar when Add-ons Manager is open (with aero glass, tabs o…
630036 Throw NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR instead of SYNTAX_ERR when calling cx.create{Linear|Radial}Gradient with non…
632366 Add a hidden pref for the overlink delay duration
630039 fixing JSScript size static asserts
631946 SVG DOM lists should limit the number of items to the number they can index
633051 Video controls break if you go back to a page containing a video document
623911 First tab in stack changes when expand button is opened and then closed
630056 Don't throw on setting miterLimit and ignore non-positive values
634153 Words are incorrectly marked as misspelled when in single quotes and suffixed with a period
630059 "Advanced search" and "Preferences" links in about:home are broken in Russian Firefox build
630062 Don't throw on setting lineWidth and ignore non-positive values
621873 Pin to taskbar when setting as default browser on Windows 7
610526 Firefox never loads flash in "out of process" mode on some older macs with GMA9xx GPUs
630072 bloats out of control, part 1: js_UnbrandAndClearSlots leaks
630083 Use SetParsedAttr in nsSVGElement::DidChangeXxx instead of SetAttr
611653 Assertion failure: obj->containsSlot(slot)
411810 Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) addon not available/working for Firefox 3
594438 Extremely slow behavior of the Add-ons Manager in a popup
628045 Firefox does not display "errors" at live-signup
633400 Vertically align geolocation "Learn More..." link with menubutton
630102 The unpinned tab doesn't display in the correct place in Panorama view
632155 crash [@ gfxWindowsPlatform::GetDLLVersion(unsigned short const*, nsAString_internal&)]
558431 CSP policy-uri policies should be fetched asynchronously
626016 Facebook Chat not working properly on trunk with Quicktime fallback for sound (on Windows)
634210 Assertion failure: shape.writable(), at ../jsobjinlines.h:154
630117 rename typed array slice() to subarray()
494481 Decide the location of user-specific NSS shared databases on Linux
580970 Tabs on top with Ubuntu Radiance and Ambiance looks less unified than it could
617836 XBL re-creates wrappers to its injected prototype object from their prototype chains
613747 Small screen increase probability of being phished because of missing status bar
634232 If a transformed transparent div is rendered over a div with opacity set it is not transparent
630138 [kn] Access key conflicts
623996 Offline Application Cache Breaks with Iframe and Shared Empty Files
634240 No caret move events are fired for XUL textbox accessible
630149 [or] Access keys are conflicting at "Privacy" tab in "Preferences" window
498241 "Reload image" doesn't work at HTTP 500'd images
621962 Missing icons with gtk+-2.22
630157 double clicking anywhere in a group with any mouse button creates new tabs
630159 User reviews do not display since Firefox 4 beta 7
632215 Caret stays behind when typing in SMF 2.0 editor
634436 "Assertion failure: !tm->profile"
589219 [OS X] Update Close Buttons Appearance
628132 Crash [@ mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::CxxStackFrame::CxxStackFrame] (from PContentPermissionRequestPare…
635462 "/tests/dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/prototype/test_Prototype.html or /tests/dom/tests/mochitest/bugs/te…
630184 Crash in [@ OPENGL32.dll@0x3726 ] when opening about:support
632358 Assertion failure: invokeSegment == currentSegment
630193 Crash [@ PL_DHashTableOperate | nsTHashtable<nsUniCharEntry>::PutEntry(unsigned short const*)][@ PL_…
630194 Language sub menu no longer spoken by AT once more than one dictionary is installed
589236 Toolbar buttons on the tab / add-on bar lack hover feedback with classic OS themes
630202 Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::UpdateTreeInternal(nsAccessible*, nsIContent*, nsIContent*, int) ][@ nsDoc…
634784 Black squares appear then disappear with hardware acceleration
628157 Ctrl+p renders print dialogue but pressing enter will not execute printing, and Tab Key Keyboard Nav…
581536 Resizer direction doesn't handle dynamic changes correctly.
632260 Java Applets + Resizement of window
628165 Windows key should not be mapped to Panorama search
628173 [D3D9] Panorama previews are blurry with hardware acceleration enabled
628179 navigation and tab switching should always hide the find bar
632280 Remove NS_NOTREACHED occurrences near nsCacheEntryDescriptor.cpp:686
593372 Touchpad gestures don't work anymore with Elantech drivers
630243 Crash Reports for [@ js::MaybeGC(JSContext*)]
630697 Flash crash [@ _SEH_prolog ] | [@ _SEH_prolog4 ] | [@ InternalCallWinProc ]
632314 Ephemeral stack frames do not get cleaned up
628222 Add support for >= libnotify-0.7.0
624127 mouse movement changes selected text even when no key or mouse key is pressed
625920 Panorama: display of the lower part of character like g, j or p (in the title tab) is cut
630276 Neither exiting full-screen video nor closing full-screen window restore menubar/dock
632326 Synthesize a Paste command instead of calling the internal goDoCommand in the test for bug 520189
622088 XHR referer header is not modified with history.pushState
618722 Incorrect rendering of background-attachment:fixed when opacity<1
630284 - cloud9ide breaks on nightly build (works on beta)
382210 "ASSERTION: transaction did not execute properly" involving designMode, execCommand('bold'), MathML
631725 Cannot change user review pages since Firefox 4 beta 10
593426 Bump discard timer to something like 1-5 minutes
634387 [Mac] Firefox 4.0b12pre crash in mozilla::plugins::PPluginInstanceChild::FatalError [@ mozalloc_abor…
633433 If I chose Clear History when Minefield closes, Firefox would not start after quit browser immediate…
628252 fails to compile against GCC 4.6, missing #include <cstddef>
626206 Flash menu and games rendered with black background
618017 Parsing XML can override the version
626214 Background tabs title is still hard to see
530012 [OS/2] build break in nsPresArena.cpp
630180 ###!!! ASSERTION: No parent accessible where we're not direct child of window: 'xpParentAcc', file .…
628270 Undo close (hidden) tab causes panorama and session restore(?) to break unrecoverably
395597 <script> created by innerHTML setter on element not in the document, followed by adding the element …
611934 [OS/2] Follow up to bug# 598862
630328 non-libxul build broken after bug 629611 check-in
632379 Can't select some bookmarks
630332 Treat FutureReservedWords as errors when encountered as function or argument name for a function con…
595522 Omnijar breaks prefs initialized via mozilla.cfg
634435 Add a property to document to expose current state
630340 Compartment assertion with undefined value
632389 Renders <p> outside of its enclosing <a>
620106 Auto-detection of character encoding fails
616015 Add a keyboard shortcut to reveal and hide the add-on bar (Accel+/)
632411 Huge context menu pops up when right click after selected text in sidebar web page. And Context menu…
499292 [@font-face] hide fallback text for a short time while a font downloads
607838 When playing a sound with play(), calling currentTime = 0 doesn't rewind the sound.
586683 Images transformed using "-moz-transform: scale" don't re-sample until the transition is complete an…
607844 Rounded corners cause significant excessive rendering
587369 [OS/2] let YARR build on OS/2
628334 TM: Assertion failure: shape->hasDefaultSetter(), at ../jstracer.cpp:12207
617749 useless null check in nsSVGGlyphFrame::IsAbsolutelyPositioned
630405 about:Home breaks due to localstorage not loading
634504 about:home Info Box can be clicked but doesn't go to specified link
634616 Build bustage when --disable-ipc
491150 canvas arc with negative radius doesn't throw INDEX_SIZE_ERR
591504 Tab drop indicator does not appear just after the start of browser
603793 Popup menu disappears on Submenu mouse over when using Aero basic on a secondary monitor
629358 Baum Retec AG Cobra screen reader popup compatibility issue
290456 Clear plugin data in "clear private data"/"forget about this site"
634521 Let Mac plugins trigger empty transactions
607900 [startup-notification] Two windows started when Firefox launched for the first times
609949 Impossible to retrieve prototype of objects returned by evalInSandbox with wantXrays=false
626334 Duplicated sIFR objects
624292 Don't completely override titlebar backgrounds (missing gradient when Firefox is maximized)
626341 adding/sorting/syncing bookmarks screws sort order if position column is out of sync
626343 Crash [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::CreateWidget() ]
635164 "Assertion failure: userbuf.base <= tokptr && tokptr <= userbuf.limit,"
632490 Use a content-type hint for the channel in mozJSSubScriptLoader::LoadSubScript
630445 JM: shrink JITScript by optimizing the representation of variable-length sections
634542 Spike in crashes [@ call_trace ] among users with Firebug installed + [@ JSStackFrame::callObj() ]
628401 On failblog entry w/ embedded video, w/ acceleration enabled: ###!!! ASSERTION: Failed to make GL co…
589495 Win32 native exceptions (which could be crashes) on WoW64 are not fatal
630456 Convert objects to dictionary mode less aggressively
626361 Fennec crash [@ EqualityCompiler::update ]
630461 Comparison between signed and unsigned integers in nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.cpp
634558 Hidden tabs flicker when dragging tabs out of a stacked group
607936 Make possible to apply transform on topLevel LayerManager scene
630465 getContext("2d") should throw if allocating the backing store fails
630471 Compartment mismatch in XPCJSStackFrame::CreateStack
540360 reftest borderhandling-rules-border.html failed (row height inconsistency)
626382 Simplify toolbarbutton stylesheet requirements to make life easier for extensions
630479 remove "advanced search" and "preferences" from Firefox Start (about:home)
630488 ASSERTION: Document accessible isn't a child of outerdoc accessible in nsOuterDocAccessible::CacheCh…
587484 warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value in while (... = GetNextContinuati…
632544 tracemonkey crashes with jsdScript with NULL function
634593 Assertion failure: proto->isNative(), at jsobjinlines.h:917
632546 pass is-object test
620259 add fall through comments to nsTableCellMap::SetNotTopStart and rename to nsTableCellMap::ResetTopSt…
632551 Remove \r's from ThebesLayerD3D9.cpp
631421 Leak nsDocument with two image-document iframes
468720 All-in-One Gestures addon not available/working for Firefox 3.5
630517 Crash [@ nsGenericElement::GetScrollFrame(nsIFrame**) ]
624376 Remove unused member - nsHttpConnection:mLock
630533 JM: OOM crash [@ JSObject::updateFlags]
630733 web console does not report data which the server did send (301, 302 and 303)
597774 Clicking back navigates to the previous page but no painting happens (even after bug 592596, althoug…
630543 Constant folding assumes `this` is truthy even in strict functions
602432 Stacks should generate thumbnails for non-front tabs at a lower priority
634158 The resizer is displayed in the wrong position on orphan tabs
620312 crash [@ nsTableFrame::InsertCol] because lastColGroup guard did not cover lastColGroup->GetColCount…
583452 With hardware acceleration disabled text in the add-ons manager is not rendered with cleartype
629722 The border around the content area should be transparent as the border of the toolbar
610080 Border effect for tab overflow
632611 Record failures in crash reports
630564 Ctrl+shift+x should switch directions in location bar in RTL mode
612135 Content Encoding Error (partial content request) on
624425 Only one scrollbar arrow rendered when two are requested, plus track size too large
634669 transform stresstest is broken on d3d9
540474 window controls do not respond / become unresponsive after dragging a bookmark from Bookmarks Menu t…
630588 nsGlobalWindow.cpp:8399: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
630593 DocShell history gives NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY for useGlobalHistory
544672 Installer offers to add quick launch shortcut despite there being no quick launch bar in Win 7
624452 menu text is rendered without cleartype
620359 Wrongly ordered members in nsAudioStreamRemote::nsAudioStreamRemote() constructor
630601 Comment in LIR.cpp contains non-ASCII char, causing some Windows compilers to complain
628706 Crash Report [@ gfxDWriteFont::GetSpaceGlyph() ] Search Mozilla Support for Help
632654 Scrolling gesture on Alps touchpad zooms instead of scrolling
618322 Web Console: Inspect pop-up should have scroll bars and be wider
628564 TM: "Assertion failure: hasInt32Repr(*vp),"
624470 Dark pixel sticks out when tabs are in title bar on Windows XP
630621 Cleanup about:home with relative font-sizes and cleaner Session Restore icon scaling.
618337 regress-336409-1.js fails with wrong error message
630628 Extract d3dx9_??.dll and d3dcompiler_??.dll from DirectX SDK at build time, and ship them with the b…
630634 After uninstalling restartless add-on, empty add-on bar reappears on next restart
630635 [@~nsFilePicker] crashes on close
634734 Fennec ASSERTION: mFUnitsConvFactor not valid: 'mFUnitsConvFactor > 0.0f
630760 DOMSVGLengthList ctor synchronizes animVal instances to the baseVal internal list
628599 Post-close() navigation causes nsGlobalWindow leak
630649 jump bypasses variable initialization
620413 useless check of stopFrame in nsSVGGradientFrame::GetStopInformation
620416 hopefully useless null check of aCol in nsTreeBodyFrame::GetCellAt
633152 Customize Toolbar window doesn't redraw automatically if a button is dropped on it
632707 Scrolling mouse wheel changes pages zoom instead of scrolling page
620421 remove useless check of mTokenPos from nsSVGTransformListParser::GetTransformToken
622470 Decode on draw must be enabled for Mobile Fennec
634762 Page CSS causes corruption in chrome
546700 Ogg video fails to load when server lies about accepting range requests
622479 Crash [@ mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::CxxStackFrame::CxxStackFrame] (from TabParent::SendCompositionEve…
620434 useless null check of result in nsXULTreeBuilder::ReplaceMatch
632729 sweeping native call ic prevents future native call ic formation
628636 visual glitch, hovering a bookmark overlays "undefined" and "Go to a Web Site" in location bar
626592 Assertion failure: op == JSOP_CALL || ... in LeaveTree
630690 Flash crash [@ gfxASurface::GetType() ] getting surface type
634787 Fix frame wait duration logic in nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::AdvanceFrame
520101 Audio/video sync lost when hotswapping sound output
634865 Non libxul build bustage: undefined reference to xpc_UnmarkGrayObjectRecursive
633500 No text displayed, xul dialog, tree, etc
626602 Implement background copying for windowless async plugins
622507 [harfbuzz][D2D]Unexpected autorepeat buttons or space at bottom appear in Bookmarks menupopup of men…
626607 Select All on webconsole includes messages that were filtered out
626608 Crash [@ nsNPAPIPluginStreamListener::HandleRedirectNotification ]
632754 Annotate svg-as-an-image reftests that fail on d2d as "fails-if", not "random-if"
619350 Better identify the 2 'Deadlock detector correctness' tests
626616 book mark add popup doesn't allow focuse to be moved away from it.
634814 further limit Flash logic for deciding whether or not to run OOP
608191 "ASSERTION: EnsureReflowFlushAndPaint() called with no docshell!" with prompt()
632769 build/unix/elfhack/elfhack -b aborting when building from source
630723 Deferred session restore doesn't work with browser.session_restore.resume_from_crash = false
629100 Fullscreen video stretches top and bottom rows of pixels to edge of screen
632822 Hookup LayerManager report failure to LogFailure
634825 crash [@ nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::Run()][@ nsBuiltinDecoder::GetPreloadAction ]
614347 XPConnect-wrapped JSObjects must clear their gray bit when they are handed out
632781 Tall <canvas> element fails to scroll with the rest of the page
622542 Switching main window between active and inactive doesn't update the title bar active state
630735 NodeVector isn't GC-safe
616400 crash on Silverlight update page [@NPObjWrapper_NewResolve]
633507 Crash in [ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozcrt19.dll@0x1327f | mozilla::plugins::PluginInstan…
614356 default to next action hint for form inputs
628695 Make invalid form popup offset aware of the zoom level
634532 Intermittent test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | Unexpected timeout in this test page (URL: con…
597980 Switching into and out of Panorama mode quickly can cause the wrong tab to be selected on return
628701 Panorama doesn't render thumbnails for many tabs
634846 Drop Down Menus Stopped Working
632802 warnings are lying in PresShell::Observe
626660 cache rendered text on a11y side
591846 Non-std ocap-breaking properties on built-ins can't be neutered.
634855 Memory leak with NoScript installed
632808 ASSERT(offset) when 0 is a valid offset on ARM.
620522 Make default add-ons snippet identifiable by AMO
629415 Landing of "deal with cached accessibility tree" broke Thunderbird MozMill tests | TEST-UNEXPECTED-F…
616433 BING Maps Doesn't Show on multiple listing service website (Previously Google Maps, incorrectly)
630770 "Assertion failure: !p.found(),"
598006 "Character Encoding" under Menu Bar does not work correctly.
630777 Tab view should use the native system font (Segoe UI) instead of Tahoma on 7 and Vista
595965 App tabs bleed out of the group box
624639 Arrows in Bookmarks panel shouldn't change direction until mouse release