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Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta 8 Fixes

See the complete list of bugs fixed by Firefox 4 Beta 8.

Bug ID Summary
614401 nsImageDocument does not QI to its own CC participant
610306 MarkStackRangeConservatively in jsgc.cpp marked wrong objects on big endian system.
610307 Clean up packaging of WeaveCrypto
602117 "ASSERTION: FindAncestorForm should not be called if @form is set!"
602129 JM: make fast
602131 Trace "in" for an array RHS
610325 Moving location and search bar to another *bar is not saved across sessions/new windows
368663 label should be placed after checkbox for boolean input
612356 Add NS_SetDllDirectory to dlldeps.cpp
585754 "Assertion failure: defineProperty access check failed"
606235 Android file picker should honor file type filters
573469 cache relations defined by ARIA attributes
610309 Increase DEFAULT_MAX_STACK_SIZE to make "make check" happy on sparc.
405541 Location Bar don't revert back to the correct url of the tab when you middle click go after entering…
598055 MSVC jsscope.h(211) : warning C4307: '+' : integral constant overflow
610345 Support named character references that expand to two characters
507946 When toolbars are hidden, the content area of the window grows, the but the scrollbars just move up,…
614447 Request unpacking of XForms XPI because of binary components
614449 Build bustage in netwerk with --disable-ipc
610216 Build bustage when SMIL is disabled
610362 Map HTML5:aside landmark element to role="note"
585787 Replace global compares with compartment compares in quickstubs once the latter are fast
610365 [QAC generated] Crash when typing ".." on location bar on File Upload dialog [@ UploadLastDir::Store…
606270 xpcjsruntime.cpp:1072: warning: ignoring return value of 'int moz_posix_memalign(void**, size_t, siz…
544833 Tab preview feature activates even when turned OFF
610370 Shapes that should be hashed don't seem to be
606276 More WebGL message fixes
606277 YouTube's playbiennial page does not work
561222 JM: Improve front-end binding of global variables
606281 IndexedDB: Don't return different objects representing the same object stores and indexes
610378 drop event is not fired when trying to set a value to dataTransfer.dropEffect other than 'move'
606285 Hulu homepage video doesn't play with async layers
616461 Firefox Button History sub-menu not showing Recent closed Tabs/Windows
569425 13 intermittent failures in accessible/tests/mochitest/states/test_aria_imgmap.html on Linux
589907 Fix unused variable warning in docshell/
610390 Object wrappers no longer compare equal (among other things, window.wrappedJSObject != window.wrappe…
602200 Canvas content is blurred and washed out with D3D10 layers
613732 Image does not appear and forever Loading... on
561243 Name field in edit bookmarks panel ignores mouse events while focused
507996 random failure in test_playback.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.onerror] An error occurred:…
581725 Flash videos stutter after switching tabs or scrolling
606304 Replace setOverLink's use of set/clearTimeout with set/clearInterval for great performance win
548964 [DW] Spellchecker's underline is rendered incorrectly for one line text input fields. Most of the l…
611686 Eliminate WARNING spew from nsCSSFrameConstructor
610406 Grafx Bot failures: green rectangle is black, black bar in green rectangle (Grafx bot running stale …
614417 no Drag Feedback on Item using setDragImage
508009 Generating tables with images (php) some images are not shown / not shown completly
602223 crash when typing javascript:this in the Web Console [@ js::PropertyTable::search(int, bool) ]
606320 [Exception... "An invalid or illegal string was specified" code: "12" nsresult: "0x8053000c (NS_ERR…
503922 opens new window on non existent screen
610419 animation not running in SVG-as-an-image
577653 Allow to build against system libvpx
610427 Remove aNotify in nsHTMLInputElement::SetCheckedChangedInternal
610435 Firefox/4.0b8pre crash in [@ mozilla::WebGLBuffer::FindMaximum<unsigned short>(unsigned int, unsigne…
610436 Add an inline GetValueChanged() in nsHTMLInputElement
610437 clasp->ext.equality should continue to be available for embedders
589975 NS_GetRadioUpdateValueMissingVisitor shouldn't have a aNotify parameter
614552 fire reorder event on XUL tree when treeview is changed
589977 nsGenericHTMLFormElement::ClearForm should not have a aNotify parameter
614556 Can not return to tab browser and can not close the browser, when I closed tab group in Panorama
594078 ‽ (interrobang) and other chars are incorrectly rendered as italic by font fallback
614561 pprint() does not take string arguments any more
610466 feDiffuseLighting with filterRes larger than filter region causes filter not to work
614563 isolate text attribute change event test from attributes/test_text
606372 [D2D] Fix brushes for transformed strokes
614565 Lotus Notes webmail (at Hawaii DOE) broken by eTLD list update
598190 Malformed font leads to crash [@CFRetain]
612381 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
610480 Silence current MSVC warnings
600776 Update in-tree libvorbis and remove bug487519.patch
610482 "ASSERTION: unexpected size" with fieldset, box-shadow
610491 Animations should initially be stopped (until VectorImage::StartAnimation is called) in SVG-as-an-im…
606399 SVG SMIL: Animating rect rx or ry only should animate corresponding attribute
614597 Auto-update on russian windows nightly builds of ff4 is broken
594121 Investigate nice'ing the content process above the chrome process
590026 Geolocation requests should disconnect their timer on shutdown
614603 RegExp.length and Error.length are wrong
590030 Both success and error geolocation callbacks can be called
614610 content process crash reporting needs to add ProcessType=content annotation
606419 crash on Windows 7 [@ gfxDWriteShaper::InitTextRun(gfxContext*, gfxTextRun*, unsigned short const*, …
581850 Stop generating 'charCode is meaningless' warnings.
602333 Crash in [@ JSC::X86Assembler::setRel32]
593957 [meta] Firefox 4b7 Developer Tools
606432 "ASSERTION: GetOffsetTo called on frames in different documents"
594145 Intermittent failures in browser_HUDServiceTestsAll.js | Four children in output - Got 5, expected 4…
606435 Lost Tab After drag & drop tab in tabstrip and using Panorama
180455 [meta] Event ordering rewrite regressions
618730 Crash [@ mozilla::layers::BasicThebesLayer::Paint] (almost permaorange on Thunderbird)
610544 Navigation toolbar moves a pixel when last normal tab is closed
504052 Configurations like browser.gesture.swipe.down does not work in the view source window
618537 Android - broadcast memory-pressure from onStop
608980 Assertion failure: locals[local] <= offset
610554 Round advances rather than truncating them
610556 Linker errors on shared builds with NS_SetDllDirectory
618759 Stop putting bloaturls.txt and bloatcycle.html in dist/bin/res/ where nothing wants them
610568 mochitest with extra whitespaces for nsIAccessibleText
610570 Keyframe skipping activates when low on downloaded data
393483 Onchange event is fired for changes made by script on combobox
602387 nanojit: make Register a non-numeric type on PPC
577812 One declaration rule violation in Mozilla sources
614677 Connection is reset message appears intermittently after landing of bug 592284
594198 SVG SMIL animation on stroke-dashoffset should not require units
610583 Inlining js_Array_dense_setelem_hole seems to slow down peacekeeper SHA1 testcase
610587 improve jsvector.h
610592 Detail of search result of hotel does not show on
561444 "Assertion failure: title->ownercx == cx || title->ownercx->thread == cx->thread, at ../jslock.cpp:1…
561449 test_csp_redirects.html is busted
606508 about:home records last-update time only for a successful snippet fetch
602413 "Assertion failure: !f->typeMap.matches(peer->typeMap)"
594225 [meta] Firefox 4b8 Developer Tools
577843 Video scaling (up or down) is too slow
614708 Calling setTabValue too early causes correct values to be ignored when access early
606942 Still notifying SMIL animation controller even though all windows are closed
618807 Two items are highlighted in bookmarks menu
598328 "CoCreateInstance() FAILED." on startup
610618 JM produces incorrect result for NaN, prefix increment
614717 Make test_bug369787.js not hang when the test fails
614723 nsSVGFeatures::PassesConditionalProcessingTests doesn't need to get the intl.accept_languages pref o…
594244 Some arrow extenders are borked in Seamonkey nightlies with STIX v1
565575 Retain location bar focus when switching tabs
508232 skype add-on causes a login loop after PIN/Password entered at
601177 Errors/Warnings checkboxes are confusing
610638 Make "More Encodings" submenus (intl.charsetmenu.browser.more{1,2,3,4,5}) non-localizable
618832 spike in crashes [@ nsIFrame::InvalidateWithFlags(nsRect const&, unsigned int) ] [@ nsIFrame::Invali…
557393 mochitest-plain: intermittent "test_mozLoadFrom.html | Test timed out"
610642 In function ‘JSBool JSID_IS_ZERO(jsid)’: warning: NULL used in arithmetic
610643 Firefox 4 doesn't render the title bar precisely when maximized in Windows XP
610645 Provide the possibility to navigate back/forward through add-ons manager menus
610646 100% CPU hang running crashtest: modules/plugin/test/crashtests/598862.html
489529 Report path data parse error to error console
594264 [Firefox Button] need more height (Windows XP)
605043 partial wrong Letter Spacing in Textfields and Tooltips
610652 JM: overflow not handled for x - (-2147483648)
77882 getComputedStyle returns incorrect font-weight value if |font-weight:bolder| or |font-weight:lighter…
610654 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /Users/cltbld/talos-slave/mozilla-central_leopard-o-debug_test-xpcshell/build…
614751 can't compile nsHapticFeedback.cpp on maemo6
602171 CAIRO_FORMAT_A8 not allowed for cairo-qt image backend
614756 Firefox pointer dereference
614757 getElementById returns XrayWrapper when called from chrome on unwrapped content document
614760 Should not send Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate when requesting audio/video
616508 JM: Crash [@ js::mjit::ic::Name] or "Assertion failure: shape,"
614762 crash [@ nsRefPtr<nsPluginArray>::assign_assuming_AddRef(nsPluginArray*) | nsRefPtr<nsAccessible>::S…
577905 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in svg
602482 Update XHR forbidden headers to latest spec
614771 crash on Windows XP [@ mozilla::layers::SwapChainD3D9::PrepareForRendering() ][@ @0x0 | mozilla::lay…
598078 DocShell warning: Could not fetch previous flags, URI will be treated like referrer
557432 Intermittent timeout in test_playback.html and test_playback_errors.html
577920 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in cocoa
610690 Crash when printing many documents successively [@ nsCOMPtr_base::assign_from_qi | nsDocShell::SetTr…
610697 Lazy resolution of standard classes changes the shape of Object.prototype
610698 Prebrand standard classes with standard methods
609687 crash jsd single stepping [@ jsd_FunctionCallHook]
582381 Enable GlobalSign Root CA - R3 root certificate for EV in PSM
614800 coalesce text attribute change events and fire caret move event for the document where event occurre…
602516 Either PresShell::Freeze needs to consistently null check mDocument to avoid a crash [@ PresShell::U…
602517 missing null check of xmodmap in [@ nsWindow::OnKeyPressEvent]
614468 gfxPlatform::SetupClusterBoundaries should treat halfwidth Katakana sound marks as extending a clust…
610714 Add nsIDOMGlobalPropertyInitializer that allows "JavaScript Global Properties" to know about the win…
594333 smeared pixels when elements with background-image & background-position are moved around
602533 Update required pixman version to 0.19.2
590248 test_resizer.xul in mochitest has 532 failures when run on fennec n900 devices
569770 [harfbuzz] use harfbuzz shaper under Linux
500141 border-radius joins to a side with border-*-style:none broken since Firefox 3.5
381358 performance regression with XUL and XHTML
614832 Changing orientation causes fennec to stop drawing with opengl
610737 [D2D] video is very delayed to not playing at all - times out after approx 20 secs, Menu-menupopup h…
610748 Don't try to unregister SVGDocumentWrapper as shutdown observer once we're in shutdown
618942 window closes when picking a location bar result with alt+enter in a window with only one blank tab
594367 Keep the firefox button lit when the window is inactive
598470 content plugins display on top of <stack>ed chrome.
613793 "ASSERTION: Not an element?" with doctype, document fragment
595756 Fix build warning - 'argument' : conversion from 'PRUint16' to 'PRUint8', possible loss of data
610381 nsIThread#dispatch fails silently from JS
610769 Align the Firefox menu with the Firefox button
614867 Fix WebGL FBOs (pass framebuffer-object-attachment.html)
610773 In the Firefox menu items in the right and left panes need to be vertically aligned
609017 Default style for :-moz-ui-invalid
549340 reorganize ContentAreaClick, give it consistent return values and comments
614879 SVG SMIL: Indefinite to-animation should just set the base value
606691 combined location bar buttons should not appear in popups without toolbar items
573924 sa_stream_write hangs indefinitely inside snd_pcm_writei
606700 IndexedDB: Remove IDBDatabase.description
606701 IndexedDB: Make IDBErrorEvent have readonly attributes
606703 IndexedDB: Remove preloaded cursors
586228 Frame border doesn't repaint properly when the main window loses focus
614903 Arabic joining broken in tab titles on Mac
614907 The shape guard in BindName is not linked to the exit sequence.
606717 Comparison between signed and unsigned integers in nsTextEditRules::CollapseSelectionToTrailingBRIfN…
610815 TM: print more info for guards in LIR dumps
334721 Cairo performance issues: Mac
594433 Ensure the matched tab isn't over the search box in the Panorama UI
606722 figure out what to do about animations to/from values of skew whose tangent is infinite
614915 [undefined].sort() returns sort function
606730 Remote thebesLayer BG color rendering always, even if it's not visible
614925 App menu button increases the tab bar height
614928 PropertyTree::insertChild returns without unlocking cx->runtime when hash->add fails
602641 JM: Refactor GETELEM IC
610848 merge js::Int32ToString and js_IntToString
434721 onchange event is triggered incorrectly if input is removed and inserted again
610852 colors swapped when running Firefox under VNC
389672 Popup Blocker does not block Popunder windows.
614958 Browser freezing on exit, requires forced quit after going offline/sleeping (event loop spinning for…
606301 Tab bar overlaps Firefox Button if you reduce 'Caption Button' size
528946 Intermittent failure of test_bug497665.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.onerror] An error oc…
594489 webgl shader validator truncates floating point literals?
516670 file ownership changed if ff was invoked from within an sudo command
618592 freeze on typekit
614979 Flash Plugin Crashes [@ RtlEnterCriticalSection ]
590407 [D2D] missing border sections on toolbar buttons
614988 "ASSERTION: We should never try to use the editor if we're not initialized unless we're being initia…
606797 Cursor scales width with height under Ubuntu 10.10
602703 TM: create a layer over Nanojit's LIR creation API
614993 Assertion in the browser-chrome suite due to gPrivateBrowsingUI.uninit trying to remove its observer…
614995 Assertion in the browser-chrome suite due to BrowserOffline.uninit trying to remove its observers ev…
610901 need to explicitly construct/destruct JITScript
615002 "ABORT: Got a regular sample during startup state, expected an end sample instead"
598619 Switch-to-tab shouldn't suggest about:blank (closes the current tab if that's blank and switches to …
615007 Two minefield instances per click of launcher after first. Unresponsive instances left after a sessi…
516704 window freeze when firefox loads, fixed by unmaximizing firefox window
590436 nsCSSParser.cpp failed to compile with Sun Studio compiler
615013 Implement section 6.8 on mutually incompatible blend factors
508518 Implement nsUITimerCallback with one-shot timer
615015 "ASSERTION: bad action nesting!"
610921 Intermittent failure in test_play_events.html | Check expected event got canplaythrough at canplay f…
610922 "Options..." and "Show All Bookmarks..." should not end with an ellipsis
606827 Released and collapsing drag regions fade back into... somewhere
615021 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
610927 Use a different icon for Exit in the Firefox menu
593342 glFlush call in LayerManagerOGL::Render hurts performance
610934 Firefox quits while opening a tab in Tab candy
610935 The display style problem of div insides a table
610938 build bustage when configuring with relative path, can't find
610941 Assertion failure: compartment mismatched [@ jscntxtinlines.h:541]
606846 nsPluginNativeWindowWin.cpp compilation broken on mingw
610945 layout/reftests/svg/filters/feSpecularLighting-1.svg seems to fail on opt Linux 32-bit
615045 [SeaMonkey] check: TestTXMgr.cpp (nsITransactionManager tests) intermittently times out in "Aggregat…
610951 Failure to build in PluginInstanceChild.cpp with -std=gnu++0x
610954 "ASSERTION: aFrame should be first continuation" with CSS filter
610956 <video> causes nsGlobalWindow to leak until shutdown
595395 Add pin events to AllTabs.jsm
615061 Domino's Pizza website does not work correctly due to hashchange now being sync
602777 Quit pretending in Items.arrange
594586 Screen reader accessibility for doorhanger notifications
605872 leak of hb_blob objects when using downloadable fonts with opentype layout tables
615068 obj is only used ifdef DEBUG in JS_NextProperty
607002 Fix "first declared as struct" warnings from IPDL-generated code
615070 Newline after backslash is invalid in regexp literals
381599 Inverse relations cache
602786 lirasm: fix trivial Windows test failure
615084 Minefield doesn't keep placements of "bookmarks toolbar items" when placed in another toolbar.
602804 jsclone.h must support String objects, etc.
606901 Tab close button doesn't show after moving some tabs to other group
602806 jsclone.h can create invalid Date objects
545465 clean up the code of accessible initialization and binding to the tree
594618 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's libTrueTypeScaler [@fnt_DeltaEngine]
614517 Active tab still inherits a text shadow
594627 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's ATSUI [@OTL::GCommon::FilterFeatures]
590533 GC blocks and never completes while workers are running
352970 JS Error Reporting for long lines of code could be made more robust
557771 TestPoisonArea.cpp only builds on arm, ppc, x86, x86_64 and sparc
606925 Refresh the HTML5 parser to spec on insertion mode resetting
615118 StudiVZ, MeinVZ, SchülerVZ Chat Application broken in 4.0 Beta 7 and on Trunk
593357 Stop/Go/Reload button breaks resizing the location and search bar after it was relocated and reattac…
594640 TM: avoid redundant snapshots when recording GETELEM
615121 vertical glyph offsets are inverted
611027 driver suggestion not displayed in about:support due to forgetting to assign
606932 Hang in nsSMILAnimationController::DoMilestoneSamples
602838 Make script-inserted external scripts that have .async=false execute in the insertion order
606936 userTypedValue sticks around after session restore (favicon and star button missing)
611033 ABORT: RenderComposite: RenderBadPicture in pluginproblemui-direction-2.html or pluginproblemui-dire…
615134 Intermittent timeout of content/media/test/test_seek.html on Linux64
615136 Gmail Contacts
615146 "ASSERTION: prev sibling not in line list" with <svg requiredExtensions>
582379 When :hover transition oscillates, some transitions continue all the way through
611052 [hebrew]undo close group option is not coming up after a tab group is closed
479981 Firefox causes gmail width to increase infinitely and shrink gmail to an unreadable size
615208 Android keyboard does not insert/delete at the caret in content forms
611060 Support both -r and -l in Disassemble, allow options in DisassFile
615159 nanojit: test both SSE2 and non-SSE2 code on tinderbox
606976 SharedDIBWin doesn't need to map its shared memory
467722 Inconsistent font selection (?) with zwj, Chinese characters
602891 Backend support for Jetpack crash reporting
615180 introduce ARIARole() method
557837 processing Spotlight() demo does not work on Vista
611089 The private browsing service can leak windows
590612 Speed up js-wrapping in classinfo when we already have a wrapper
615189 clean up FireAccessibleFocusEvent
598807 Remove code for "GroupItems.arrange" which is no longer used
615194 Image Discarding does not work until tabs have been touched at least once.
477999 JS_SuspendRequest should suspend requests from all contexts
594720 Use GTK dialog icons in sync
607016 If a tab is never restored, attributes (eg. hidden) aren't updated correctly
614333 Remove the empty script optimization
594730 Make the meta prescan pay attention to http-equiv
553778 "Assertion failure: cg->fun->u.i.skipmin <= skip, at ../jsemit.cpp"
615220 Don't fire focus event for current focused accessible when document gets focus
586553 Optimize tab movement in reorderTabsBasedOnTabItemOrder
607711 JM does not constant-fold JSOP_MOD
613173 We incorrectly use $target instead of $host
611136 Support WebPluginTypeEnabled key in
510774 JPEG image resizing problem
549703 replaceItem() on polyline/polygon points is not implemented
598859 379105-1.xhtml | assertion count 3 is more than expected 0 assertions
598862 Child processes that share X surfaces with parents need to send the parent a dup of their Display so…
598866 Ability to read from front-surface shared memory owned by parent process in child process
562004 Wave tests time out intermittently, aborting the test suite: test_wav_ended1.html, test_wav_ended2.h…
596110 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's libTrueTypeScaler [@fnt_ALIGNRP]
615256 warning: 'PRBool FramesOnSameLineHaveZeroHeight(nsIFrame*)' defined but not used
604303 [adbe 2742652] can't interact with Flash internal popups (local storage, AIR install)
611164 Intermittent failure in 580160-1.html | reftest unexpected-fail | image comparison (==)
607069 Turn off CSP warning command line output in opt builds
611166 Use window's context for tracking modal state
602976 Implement full screen mode for Android
615265 unused variable textStyle in nsTableCellFrame::VerticallyAlignChild
615269 IndexedDB: Cursors should not copy all results before iterating
406375 In modal dialog ( with modal=yes) child windows and dialogs do not populate with expected…
615277 JM: Support break-on-next functionality
611182 Backspace key does not work without typing something first
553840 "ASSERTION: No current inner window available!: 'Error', file .../nsPIDOMWindow.h, line 111"
607089 Home button should open in a new tab when current is an app tab
615282 Make test_keys.html pass on OSX
615283 Fix the recent RTL theme regressions on Panorama
611189 Parchment IF Reader Misbehaves
423401 Please use a local variable and copy the string once
598907 crash [@ _purecall | nsGenericHTMLFormElement::IsDisabled() ]
611197 Force pluginreg.dat refresh to propagate fix for Quicktime pdf display bug
607040 IndexedDB: Rename all "Remove..." functions to "Delete..."
611206 [OOPP]vertical or horizontal mouse coordinates are off when inside the plugin and moving the mouse o…
569327 inconsistent for loop performance
570249 if firefox hang detector fires after/at the same time as flash slow script dialog browser hangs
598923 add-on bar should be made visible if there are any add-ons installed
615310 Make webgl.verbose discoverable
607122 IndexedDB: IDBKeyRange cleanup
517016 cashing problem: 4 accounts, 4 sets of login details - can only access one account!
586650 txFnStartOutput leaks qname when qname->init fails
611231 [SeaMonkey] mochitest-plain-5: "test_arrowpanel.xul" fails now
361377 Performance regression with this testcase, which continuously reloads a page
603045 JM: don't optimize away JSFRAME_HAS_RVAL check in debug mode
615340 mChromeFlags will be initialized after mIgnoreXULSizeMode in nsXULWindow::nsXULWindow
594863 Encapsulate code in the GroupItems.removeHiddenGroups inside groupItem
594865 Firefox 4.0b5 Crash [@ gfxDWriteFontList::InitFontList() ]
582579 Enable multiple new roots from NSS 3.12.8 for EV.
611254 gfxPangoFonts.cpp:2168: undefined reference to pango_cairo_font_map_get_default
615355 Remove the assertion at the beginning of nsChromeRegistry::Init
492477 mochitest-plain: toolkit/components/alerts/test/test_alerts.html needs to report success
615359 CheckForFullscreenWindow is only used ifdef XP_WIN
615361 warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size in jsd
611276 JSOP_CALLEE pushes null, not undefined, for this
606155 LayerManagerD3D9.cpp compilation failure on mingw
435151 XPCSafeJSObjectWrapper breaks evalInSandbox
607196 Assertion failure: size_t(atoms - script->atomMap.vector) <= script->atomMap.length
594909 Intermittent failure in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_launch.js | Tab View is vi…
508895 tools/options advanced/general tab: "Check Now" refuses to "take" status as default
455650 restrict search to open tabs in the awesomebar
578536 WebM decoder doesn't set {SoundData,VideoData}::mOffset
578540 _HAS_TR1 macro redefinition warning spam when building with MSVC10
607213 Disabling hardware acceleration results in windowless plugin misalignment on page scroll [mouse inpu…
578546 warning C4290: C++ exception specification ignored except to indicate a function is not __declspec(n…
607219 dynamic role attribute change on body doesn't affect on document role
599029 Restore Default Set doesn't remove toolbar items from Add-on bar
615417 Races in async plugin painting code
590843 Investigate cookie loss on trunk
611325 valgrind detects leak under JS_GetStringBytes
586750 Pages on start loading and then reload and only Google ads are visible
615425 warnings in prefetch
603141 Dropdown is not rendered
607242 TM: inline js_Array_dense_setelem_hole
607243 Uncatchable exception with function proxy due to new'ing a builtin that returns a primitive
615440 Method jit crash with "Array.prototype.__proto__ = null"
570385 iteration doesn't detect all deleted properties
594966 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's ATSUI [@ProcessSingleMorphRun]
611352 Create a HTMLElement when createElement('isindex') is called and the html5 parser is enabled
545817 Tracker for placeholder accessibility
615450 Crash [@ nsEditorUtils::IsDescendantOf]
476191 bookmarks import from IE aborts on hitting a corrupt bookmark
615462 Crash [@ gfxAlphaRecovery::RecoverAlpha]
558599 mochitest-plain-1: intermittent "test_ended2.html | Test timed out."
524466 Image is not properly scaled using forward button from a zoomed webpage
582702 Move Undo Close Tab option on tab context menu
558127 Bookmark folder not updated after being dragged and dropped
599089 Remote audio
582712 remove nsHTMLDocument::TryBookmarkCharset
603193 "Assertion failure: flags_ & JSFRAME_HAS_PREVPC,"
607292 Eliminating JS_GetStringBytes
611389 Minefield 64-bit crash of NVIDIA driver [@ nvwgf2umx.dll@0x56f71a ]
615486 GetDeviceName is defined but not used ifndef USE_LINUX_QUOTACTL
595009 Video controls don't show error UI when source element is in error
611396 StartupCache.cpp has 3 "warning: unused variable 'rv'"
611400 mjit::Compiler::finishThisUp: pc->ncode map wastes space
595026 Malformed font leads to hang [@FindSegment]
599127 Wyciwyg channel writes end up doing synchronous disk IO
607326 ASSERTION: Received "nonqueued" message 126
615528 gfx/ots/src/ randomly clobbers VISIBILITY_FLAGS ifndef MOZ_ENABLE_LIBXUL instead of using…
615536 nsIFrame::GetMouseThrough need to be optimized
586866 `in` in loop condition quirks with JIT
603667 nsIDOMFileError currently exposes outdated error codes for the constants
586869 Remove abandoned and unbuildable extensions/jssh
574586 Intermittent test_mixed_principals.html | Test timed out.
599163 a11y should use the disabled state to know if an element is disabled instead of the disabled attribu…
611462 Abort at startup, after installing Adblock Plus in debug build: "Assertion failure: OptionsHasXML(op…
603272 starting private browsing from the taskbar button in Win7 doesn't launch Minefield
615569 warning: statement with no effect for each png_warning/png_chunk_warning
615571 pymake doesn't display build errors anymore
599188 potential overflow in shell ShapeOf
595100 Intermittent test_bug369306.html | Test timed out.
537761 Potential security issues involving redirects of XPI installs
611498 Overdrawing/not clearing when scrolling sites
615596 Perfstats draws over the vertical scroll bar
609821 "ASSERTION: frame must not be dirty" (nsIFrame::GetCaretBaseline) causing crashtests/420439.html | a…
222384 onchange triggered before checkbox/radio loses focus instead of after
611505 ASSERTION: TabParent not thread-safe
572275 JM: Make calls fast
513205 Saving password in manager blockates googlemail for other accounts
603318 attempt to schedule the GC when making arrays slow under the GC
389321 Caret invisible or at wrong place with empty contenteditable nodes
599225 [Add-ons Bar] Spacer/Separator widgets aligned to top with no height
603323 angle: TPoolAllocator::totalBytes is never initialized
595132 pausing Flash Video (e.g. YouTube) prevents Opening of Toolbar context Menu ,Tab context Menu
558270 unroll Duff proper
521407 <text> (on <textPath>) with 'stroke-width' not properly displayed
615617 GetDocumentMetadata does not return data from META elements added by scripts (breaks jQuery Mobile)
603334 useless dereference of str for *str++ in RecordToken
574663 When two-finger Scrolling with the trackpad (with momentum), pressing Ctrl while scrolling finishes …
586954 Speed up mask drawing
607444 Quicktime plugin claims 'application/pdf' MIMEType resulting in single page image for pdf
599253 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_586068-cascaded_restore.js | Test timed out
603352 infinite loop in hb_ot_tag_from_language because i is never incremented
603354 hasKHRImage is used uninitialized in EGLLibrary::EnsureInitialized
611549 Web Console console input box should be LTR even for RTL locales
603358 gfxHarfBuzzShaper::InitTextRun leaks hb_font_funcs_create() and hb_unicode_funcs_create()
603367 Use ANGLE to render WebGL
615658 SMIL animation of some filter attributes don't invalidate correctly
611563 Hang/freeze when trying to display certain Unicode private-area glyphs at large sizes (<h1> and <h2>…
603373 Remove unused library argument of NS_TRY_SAFE_CALL_* macros.
611566 Remove Enter/LeaveModalState calls from nsGlobalWindow alert/confirm/prompt
615666 SMIL animation does not work with percent units for "offset" attr on <stop> elements
611574 Inset -moz-box-shadow can break outside of buttons if blur radius is 0.
562424 IPDL: Replace nsTArray with InfallibleTArray
607482 When in Private Mode, opening a new window causes FF button to flash orange and then turn purple
605347 @font-face SIGFPE crash with Google Web Font directory in libpangooft2 [@…
611590 Don't distinguish an url or not for "Paste & Go"
613249 <output > should have :-moz-ui-invalid and :-moz-ui-valid applying
607496 feed button code cleanup
611593 plugin crash [@ @0x0 | mozilla::plugins::PPluginInstanceChild::OnCallReceived(IPC::Message const&, I…
611595 crash [@ mozilla::layers::CairoImageD3D9::SetData(mozilla::layers::CairoImage::Data const&) ]
607502 JM: "Assertion failure: isShape()" with Object.freeze(this)
611600 Possible to get Web Console into unclosable state
615697 file input's change event is not propagating during bubble
582161 TM: new Array(non-unsigned-32-bit integer) works incorrectly
472343 Managing multiple bookmarks in the Library is very slow
505112 Window Not Active when starting Firefox (following upgrade to 3.5)
361754 Bad scrolling performance with Cairo builds using large background-image
599324 Tracker: Mozilla upgrade to NSS 3.12.9
599325 Addon bar should be shown when customizing
607518 After performed Paste & Go and Paste & Search , Ctrl+Z makes blank, Ctrl+Z is necessary twice to und…
603423 nsHtml5StreamParser::OnStartRequest shouldn't propagate errors from GetUnicodeDecoder
615714 remove unneeded check for non-null frame when computing visibility of display lists
582950 When there is only App tabs in tabstrip, browser UI freezes when I narrow window width
591145 Build fails with mv: cannot stat 'nsImgBuildDefines.tmp': No such file or directory
366130 "path data parse error" should not be an assertion
607538 remove support of accessibility.disablecache preference
607539 mandelbrot "benchmark" is a lot slower with profiling on
615736 Intermittent jsreftest.html?test=js1_5/Regress/regress-68498-001.js | timed out waiting for reftest-…
516319 Open file window slows down active downloads
609162 Do not invalidate textarea at every value change (when a placeholder is set)
611647 Use stringbuffer when creating responseText for XMLHttpRequest
423233 cycle collect libeditor
591172 JM: Optimize 'typeof' comparisons.
591175 Intermittent failure in test_bug346485.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.onerror] An error oc…
615753 Figure out buffering on android
578890 something is leaking xpcom-shutdown nsObservers
595277 30-50ms Ts regression on Sept 6 2010 after turning on D3D9 accelerated layer composition
607566 Test for bug 595930 takes too long to run
607573 <input type=hidden> should not set frameset-ok to "not ok"
611672 NPN_Construct doesn't work on native JS functions
607578 Display issues on
615994 CanvasRenderingContextWebGL classinfo should avoid name check
607584 CR in a paragraph with an id attribute creates a second paragraph of same id
554338 Incorrect time zone abbreviation string given by js Date objects
615781 "ASSERTION: frame must not be dirty" (nsIFrame::GetCaretBaseline) after turning a textbox into a rad…
615782 revert null checks added in bug 590403
611693 Txul, Ts regression on XP after landing bug 610201
604392 WebGL is no longer enabled on Windows x86_64
595330 Blindly clicking on top left corner of maximized window should activate Firefox menu button
611724 Assertion failure in TraceRecorder::emitIf()
615831 comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsBaseAppShell::RunSyncSections
615837 unused variable rv in nsXMLHttpRequest::GetStatusText
615838 comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsMediaCache::FlushInternal
615840 mBuildCaret/mMode initialized out of order in nsDisplayListBuilder::nsDisplayListBuilder
615841 ourA11yNotification is only used in nsFrameManager::ReResolveStyleContext ifdef ACCESSIBILITY
542116 Cursor/caret inside empty input text/password or contenteditable element ignores font-size
615846 correct name/test_markup.html, extend events debugging in mochitests
599464 "Assertion failure: obj->isExtensible(),"
613959 mochitest word boundaries nsIAccessibleText
550325 "ASSERTION: We should have padding here" with abs pos, overflow:scroll
599480 When the about window is opened the app menu's check for updates menuitem is a noop
607678 JEP breaks (Yahoo! games, applets that attempt to open new windows in pop-up windo…
603583 Bookmark - error - set parent node - just 3.6.12pre 12.10.10
603584 Filter feDisplacementMap broken
615875 Extend the protection range for constant pools around ICs.
583109 Add Visibility notification NPAPI for plugins
615881 fix bugs in handling of NPPluginFuncs structure's size and version fields
468426 Do not force validation when "Vary: Cookie" is in cached response and no Cookie header is in the req…
595405 "Object.create(window).InstallTrigger" causes "too much recursion" error
607695 Avoid unnecessary JS_GetStringBytes
599507 [OpenGL] Pass down opacity/transform from single-child ContainerLayerOGL
611797 Move GetAnimationMode/SetAnimationMode from RasterImage/VectorImage to Image
611798 Loading a simple web page stops rendering in the entire browser window
558551 Remove the lock icon from the status bar
611803 Caption buttons should only be pressed when they're also hovered
611804 Fix RTL styling of the app menu
587231 [Win7] Thumbnails sometimes like an abstract painting in TabCandy
583138 Update to latest Chromium YCbCr conversion and scaling code
595432 Invalid form popup should use an arrow panel
615913 fix focus hyperlink tests
595435 "ASSERTION: Invalid offset" and more with rtl, huge line-height
615918 hide mouseover/EVENT_DRAGDROP_START from ordinary debug build
587248 Add RTL support to Panorama
607729 IndexedDB: Allow IndexedDB events to propagate, and error events to hit window.error
611827 #titlebar-buttonbox shouldn't be stretched to fill the title bar (can cause white border under capti…
550391 Lots of MISMATCH_EXITS exits due to protohazardshape on voxel rendering demo
603641 Crash may occur when clicking in the awesome bar right after being in form view [@ nsIMEStateManager…
589261 Tab changes group if asking for input at startup and doesn't change back
615935 cancel any complex text composition for a Cocoa NPAPI plugin when it doesn't return kNPEventStartIME…
595459 can fail to install files in symlink or flat chrome on weird systems
603292 PRUint32 countU < 0 is useless in nsHTMLEditor::AddNewStyleSheetToList
611851 Restyle the Web Console splitter
611855 h1 and h2 headers are displayed in italic (after OS X 10.6.5 update)
615953 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | layout/reftests/bugs/421710-1.html | assertion count 4 is more than e…
493074 Investigate performance regression caused by bug 483672
604419 Selecting "Don't show this message..." should prevent pop-up blocked info bar from being displayed
599573 Only allow one about window to check for / download / etc. updates
615959 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | file:///c:/talos-slave/mozilla-central_win7-debug_test-crashtest/buil…
603674 User-modifiable preference for base URL of snippets service in about:home
607774 Implement the spec on Renderbuffers and Framebuffers
603679 Shockwave fails to load (10-9 nightly and newer)
599588 Scripts created using createContextualFragment should be executable
615975 |python tests/ path/to/shell ecma_5/strict/function-name-arity.js -g| uses wrong working d…
615977 Make nsCSSValue::BufferFromString() return an already_AddRefed pointer
611888 XForms broke due to changes in nsEventState
611890 Intermittent failure in test_tmpl_wherenosubject.xul | correct number of logged messages - got 3, ex…
607799 typeof(regexp from sandbox) is "function"
591418 JM: "Assertion failure: fp->argv[-1] == fp->getThisValue(),"
611899 SetFullscreen called with wrong JNI method
608358 inspect() and pprint() console helper functions not working on window object
615314 be silent on uninitialized textures
407103 "ASSERTION: nsIPrintSettingsX::ReadPageFormatFromPrefs() failed"
595521 When closing the last group, the undo button should stay indefinitely
579140 fatval review
599623 multiple prompt of onbeforeunload popup when close group, and Tabbrowser is *completely messed up*
587336 Hang with CSS filter property (infinite loop of restyling)
599626 After perform close group in Panorama, the browser becomes unresponsive
587342 [d2d] on darkroom demo, image doesn't display unless it's zoomed
616017 Add gradient to add-on bar on OSX for operating system consistency
616019 10mb places.sqlite database due to aggressive file growth.
616020 Use armeabi-v7a for thumb2 builds on Android
579158 js_XDRAtom creates unnecessary JSString during decoding
587351 Close tabs with middle click in TabCandy.
554584 Frequent calls to _semwait_signal cause Minefield to constantly use some CPU
484953 Make CharacterIterator more robust
611930 Crashreporter should provide information on installed LSPs.
583262 Security checks on f.prototype.constructor property (CheckCtorGetAccess, CheckCtorSetAccess) can die…
599647 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/content/media/test/test_framebuffer.html | Test timed out
607163 webConsole.css should be in browser.xul
595560 Make "/" and Ctrl-f TabCandy search shortcuts, have Panorama shortcut act like return
583275 remove unnecessary unboxing cost of obj->getPrivate() on x64
542317 Caret missing when an iframe is put into design mode when it already has focus
513648 Pasting URLs with line breaks don't work when pasting into the main window
607857 caret rect gets zeroed if frame containing caret is dirty
611960 bustage on Win64 after bug 583138 is landed
521849 SSL broken, may crash [@ ntdll.dll@0x22272] & [@ RtlEnterCriticalSection ] when FIPS softtoken che…
611967 [RTL] Firefox 4 Windows theme mirror the text for the 'Forward' button
611970 Win64 crash [@ xul.dll@0xc51dab][@ sse2_composite_src_x888_8888]
610582 TMFLAGS=tracer is broken
611975 Gradients on stroke broken
616074 enable state tests in test_doc.html for dynamic role changes
616078 Make sure we have a new process for android restarter
616081 Make possible to set gDumpPaintList as true with ENV variable in debug builds
616082 correct designMode tests
427672 U+FE00 VARIATION SELECTOR-1 causes the base character to render as a hex box
611994 The play/pause button doesn't switch to 'play' when the file has ended
616093 When the MacBook Air looses it's connection, Firefox becomes unusable
607856 long hang loading page
612015 Put all external strings in one arena
612018 "ASSERTION: frame must not be dirty" and non-blinking caret
599735 Add feed icon to the new Subscribe entry in Bookmarks menu
599737 Fully end-of-life Python 2.4 for build support
616127 Prevent nsIFrame.h from being included by extensions
608544 Don't console-spam a totally-expected warning about not getting the pref plugins.unloadASAP which ha…
547787 New style for the tab bar
615923 mochitests-2: intermittent "test_fallback.html | Exited with code 1 during test run" (ASSERTION: XPC…
604449 New crash [@ nsQueryInterface::operator() ][@ nsContentUtils::CanCallerAccess ][@ nsContentUtils::Ca…
612042 Hardware acceleration causes responsiveness to lag
616056 Registering binary components through manifest multiple times leads to a crash
616146 Remove stray strings after bug 599480
550611 Implement optionally infallible nsTArray
607958 Async plugins: reftest failure with opaque plugin with 50% opacity
562905 Select all in contentEditable selects the contentEditable element itself.
558812 Intermittent test_play_twice.html | Test timed out.
589435 Style Firefox button's submenus
616165 test_bug551412.html | Result of transform should be '1 <b>2</b> 3' - got "<b></b>", expected "1 <b>2…
603879 update harfbuzz to v0.2
612072 Crash [@ nsCookieService::EnsureReadDomain(nsCString const&) ]
603883 command-L when link is hovered draws highlight bar without URL text
603885 Fix bad cases caused by swap-and-invalidate (implement swap-and-readback)
595697 "nsIPluginInstance.h(30) : warning C4099: 'gfxASurface' : type name first seen using 'class' now see…
595703 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's ATSUI [@OTL::GCommon::ApplyLookupAt]
612090 Firefox 4.0b7 crash [@ nsBaseWidget::AutoUseBasicLayerManager::AutoUseBasicLayerManager ]
605091 Arrow keys do not work in Search Box in Panorama
498955 intermitent: /test/test_bug468190_wav.html | Expect at least one playing event
591619 combo box displays text not inside option tag
231179 SVG images in CSS
603917 SMIL animation on "fill" fails when base value is a paint server (even when base value isn't ultimat…
616206 constructor init lists out of order in dom/ipc/ContentChild.cpp, dom/ipc/TabParent.cpp
595727 ASSERTION: Where did the clip region go?: '!needs_clip || rect_count != 0', file gfx/thebes/gfxXlibN…
616219 Continuous "test_bug614116.html | Test timed out" on branches since that test landed there
613338 Lots of "‘virtual void mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::RPCListener::OnChannelConnected(int32)’ was hidden"…
612131 Crash [@ mozilla::scache::NS_NewObjectOutputWrappedStorageStream ] when storageStream fails to get …
583460 [clang] nsClipboard: cannot initialize a parameter of type 'NSString *' with an lvalue of type 'NSSt…
608037 Undo close tab in Panorama UI should keep you in Panorama UI
595752 canvas demos opened in tab in background dont get resized
611292 Block software and non-GL2 OpenGL on OS X
599852 initial group switch is very slow (nothing for seconds)
595758 Crash [@ nsTableFrame::MarkIntrinsicWidthsDirty] on print preview
616244 doesn't skip empty/comment-only lines
612150 Eliminating JS_GetFunctionName
600183 Web Console: currentContext is always used in network logging code
616256 Don't stat files on directory enumeration on windows
587585 SVG effects on anonymous XBL elements referring to an element in a different document always tries t…
608066 Update libvpx to v0.9.5
612164 DATA_CLONE_ERR has the wrong constant
599878 test_encoding.js fails on Windows because windows sometimes uses an alert notification
612171 Regression: severe scrolling glitches with GL layers
616271 Plugin-like files add overhead on every startup
616281 fix the wordwrap-02 reftest to be independent of platform fonts
591707 e10s: handle redirects from HTTP to a different protocol
587615 lastTimestamp reset problems in WebConsole
616290 upgrade ANGLE to r498
612667 C only libraries not wrapped on Android
612198 XULRunner win32 build broken since ~ Nov 9
612199 Displaying of running Flash video not updated after switch tabs
530282 QA Companion (in Tools->Options [Testing] Tab) takes long time to load simple info
616300 crash [@ nsPrintEngine::DoCommonPrint(int, nsIPrintSettings*, nsIWebProgressListener*)]
608111 Paste-and-go should appear when the clipboard's contents might reasonably be construed to be a URL
616310 JM: reduce fragmentation in ExecutableAllocator
575351 Long-press on Android system keys (Menu, Search) does not work in Fennec
608120 optimize js_ValueToString on int32s
595834 Crash [@ js::Interpret(JSContext*, JSStackFrame*, unsigned int, unsigned int) ][@ js::Interpret ]
604031 JM: fast path for JSOP_CALLELEM
612230 The bookmarks toolbar is empty in RTL Firefox if even one bookmark overflows the width of the toolba…
439276 Silent script termination when calling atob() with illegal input in JS component
612234 [gtk2] Menu item rendered with wrong color in open or hover state
612235 "Forget about this site" makes Library a zombie.
612237 extra ";" after JS_DECL_USE_GUARD_OBJECT_NOTIFIER
587670 Process leaks file if it is a tty and it hits a line error or a buffer error
614724 Quickstub createElementNS
556698 Intermittent failure in test_twostreams.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.onerror] An error o…
608158 Exiting Panorama when nothing but hidden groups and no app tabs, should create new tab
612256 On plugin invalidate only plugin layer (and not thebes layer) should be updated.
612258 xulrunner compilation failure after landing bug 603679
608166 Add ARM assembly optimizations for libtheora
616360 missing return in webgl
608170 ChromeWorkers should have atob, btoa
608171 Make ChromeWorkers available to JSMs
595884 JM: make f.apply(x, arguments) fast
599914 Kraken: audio-beat-detection and audio-fft computes on NaN and undefined
604078 Two comparisons between signed and unsigned integers in nsTextFrame::PeekOffsetCharacter
612271 Cursor jumps back to the end of the previous line after pressing enter at the end of a textarea mana…
612272 crash [@ ShowNativePrintDialog ] when trying to print some pages
612276 Confluence 3.2 edit box does not work properly with Firefox 4.0 beta 7
563125 "Assertion failure: m != TT_INT32 || isInt32(*vp)" with array.length
604086 Comparison between signed and unsigned integers in nsHTMLCanvasElement::ExtractData
608186 IndexedDB: Transactions should expire when we return to the event loop
604093 references to undefined variable "XULWindowBrowser" and calls to undefined function setStatusText in…
608195 IndexedDB: Expose more breadcrumbs on IDB objects
608198 Prefixing text in the location bar with "?" includes that in the search
493511 Video playing get stuck when the network connection drops and then reconnect.
608201 File chooser and some other dialogs are not added to Firefox a11y tree
616394 Firefox 4 doesn't re-size multiple TinyMCE instances correctly
612300 Web Console opening and closing transition is too slow
612305 tabbrowser.xml is only interested in resize events for the chrome window, should ignore those for co…
595924 Firefox 4.0b5 Crash Report [@ crc32_little ]
587734 Integrate lazy window console API into WebConsole code
591831 Intermittent mochitest-browser-chrome leak where leaked URL is…
587742 Malformed cmap table in TT font leads to crash [@TcmapUnicodeTable::GetSubtable]
613146 isn't read by NVDA
553981 first-letter splits up Hangul Jamo sequences
612336 fix a number of webgl tests
598416 add try/catch in places in nsZipReader.cpp that access mmaped memory directly
477171 svg file with flowRoot not rendering correctly
613374 [SeaMonkey 2.0, nightlies] new OTS code causes "gfxUserFontSet.cpp:281: undefined reference to `ots:…
595960 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's ATSUI [@GetLeftRightMaxima]
571386 WebM skips many frames
613283 content/canvas/src/WebGLContextGL.cpp:127: warning: 'PRBool InternalFormatHasAlpha(WebGLenum)' defin…
612353 Account for the width of the app tab tray if present in RTL mode
616452 Dynamically inserted select options aren't reflected in accessible tree
579597 interactive flash causes browser to barely responds to commands (after landing of retained layers)
591890 Focus element from mouseDown event doesn't work when the focus is set to an chrome element
526356 invalid debug memset of global native frame in ExecutreTree
575515 Resizing or Dragging the window sometimes locks up the browser (apparently under heavy cpu usage)
595997 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's ATSUI [@ProcessKerningRun]
604190 nsEventStateManager.cpp:2776: warning: 'bool NodeAllowsClickThrough(nsINode*)' defined but not used
600095 Followup test fixes after lazy console lands
575521 Make TextureImageCGL fast
583715 Invalid values in TTs glyf & EBLC table leading to hang [@GDI32!NtGdiGetCharABCWidthsW]
604196 jsval return types in xpidl are broken (non-quickstubs)
612392 Starting to type a url causes hangs
604201 browser_tabview_snapping.js test fails if you run it by itself
608300 Terminating hung Silverlight does not un-freeze the browser window
612399 Remove nsIScriptLoader.
612405 Devise a better way to determine the web console is a 'native' console object
608313 TM: AccSet assertion failure in typed arrays
587835 Remove all dev menu code
501820 Synchronous AJAX calls cause entire browser to freeze until call completes
612414 XrayWrapper.cpp:239:21: warning: converting to non-pointer type ‘uintN’ from NULL
616513 Regression: Fennec crashes with Simeji IME
522306 Add support for SMIL animation of the <path> element's 'd' attribute
587843 mochitest-plain: intermittent failure in test_mozLoadFrom.html | [Exception... "Component returned f…
522308 Add support for SMIL animation of the <polygon> and <polyline> element's 'points' attributes
614070 Array.prototype.unshift does not set new length if argc == 0
612429 Can't build debug on MaeMo/ARM due to inclusion of SSE2 asm
616014 Add a close icon to the add-on bar to dismiss it
596063 Fix 4 "warning: suggest parentheses around && within ||" warnings in SVGLengthListSMILType
448611 File upload can be forged using a textarea
596070 Fix nsDebugImpl.cpp build warnings for "missing terminating ' character"
575591 IE migration fails to import settings
596075 Move First-Run Video To Be A Tab Pointing To A Mozilla-Hosted Web Page
600175 Don't check for noembed, iframe or noframes when running a script
604276 Silence some MSVC warnings
596087 update shipped locales for Firefox 4 Beta 7 (fx4b7)
512362 clearInterval does not function correctly within a web worker.
571518 Invalid offset to LookupList table in GPOS header forces Firefox to hang
612479 Sydney audio Android Issues
616577 Style restarter to match GeckoApp
612484 Intermittent browser_overflowScroll.js | Test timed out
612488 gfxFontStyle::featureSettings should be a direct nsTArray
615435 Relocate the Home button to the right side of the browser
616590 Mail reply window stops painting.
616591 Firefox 4.0b8pre crash in [@ nsHttpPipeline::GetConnectionInfo(nsHttpConnectionInfo**) ][@ nsHttpPip…
596112 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's libTrueTypeScaler [@fnt_GC]
604307 contains text relocations
587925 Intermittent browser_privatebrowsing_windowtitle.js | Timed out
575642 [e10s] rename GetMessageManager to EnsureMessageManager
313503 Spelling dictonary should drop country part in xx_XX dictionaries
616608 Pass the rest of webgl-specific.html test (sections 6.4, 6.5, 6.7 of the spec)
452769 mochitest for nsIAccessibleText
612515 crash [@ _alloca_probe_16 ] when trying to turn off HW acceleration
575653 [e10s] string assignment to LossyCopyUTF16toASCII in nsHTMLCanvasElement
608423 configure assumes GNU sed
575657 [e10s] TabChild should use NS_NOTREACHED in addition to NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED
575658 [e10s] TabChild::ParamsToArrays string optimization
612527 Tweak U+0000 handling edge cases
612528 <option><span><option> parsed wrong
612529 Make annotation-xml allow HTML content
612530 Sync html5lib tree builder tests into mozilla-central
592052 Missing NSGetModule export (binary backwards compatiblity)
596151 when in touch-screen mode app tabs aren't as tall as real tabs, therefore self-conscious
610198 Replacing JS_GetStringBytes usage with JS_EncodeString
596169 <summary> should implicitly close <p>
608458 "ASSERTION: points should be different" in MaybeMoveToMidPoint
579788 Qualify access to dependent base in imported Chromium code
616655 Pass the tex-input-validation.html test
612565 Unresponsive script when loading EtherPad document (or pages which use the ACE editor)
547031 Improve async error handling in cookies
612568 HTML5 fragment parser doesn't drop nsIContent handles until deleted
606138 "Assertion failure: compartment mismatched,"
616668 crash [@ mozilla::dom::TabParent::RecvGetDPI ]
604381 Panorama stops working, if set to true
604391 Expose placeholder as name if name is otherwise empty
616680 Clean up app button styling in browser-aero.css
543100 Long "else if" chain causes "too much recursion" error
611927 "ASSERTION: Trying to add incompatible types" with svg:animate
575647 [e10s] Move FlushLayoutForTree to nsContentUtils
600301 Optimize ReplacePrep
577011 [OS/2] make _declspec unconditionally default symbol export
607225 nanojit: add MODRM() and SIB() to Nativei386.cpp, plus other clean-ups
608497 mSize not updated in XXXTextureImage::Resize() function
616691 Update list of getParameter pnames
612598 Error: this._timer is null Source File: jar:file:///Users/juanb/Desktop/…
616700 Transparent plugins rendering not clearing surface correctly
608515 After nVidia driver is crashed, Aero glass isn't recovered if Firefox button is visible
612613 Comments only: Clarify intention of nsIX509CertDB::findEmail[Encryption|Signing]Cert
608791 onBeforeLinkTraversal should compare host strings instead of top level domains
616714 Bug 603367 breaks non-libxul builds
612625 intermittent orange: test_bug607584.xul continues executing after we've left the page, mostly showin…
616836 Remove remaining access keys from the app menu
601135 Change LIR_d2i to prefer truncation over rounding
616733 disable and/or remove WebSockets for gecko 2.0 due to security problems
612640 JM: Setting debug mode should purge call ICs
608545 Set cookie: unexpected "deleted" observer notification when cookie already exist
608549 "ABORT: Negative sample time for active animation"
615066 potential crash [@ nsPluginHost::HandleBadPlugin] if !aInstance
604455 Checkin for bug 601440 caused 2.3% Ts regression on 10.4
604457 switchToTabHavingURI shouldn't close selected tab or revert URL bar
600363 Remove duplicate CSS in pinstripe theme
604469 ReadPixels from cx/FBO without alpha must return 0xff for alpha values
612572 Crash [@GLContext::ListHasExtension] when extensions is null
369034 TestTXMgr has error and leaks object
612677 TEST_PATH has stopped working for 'make crashtest'
551243 media Test timed out: test_bug465498.html test_bug468190_wav.html test_bug495145_wav.html test_new_a…
604557 SVG Animations in content with display animated to "none" still triggers repaints
616786 warning: kXPCVARIANT_CID defined but not used
538965 MathML mfenced: whitespaces in open/close attributes are not collapsed
543062 scripts loaded using document.write aren't loaded in parallel
596311 Include whatwg specs in dom/interfaces/html/ idl comments when needed
604504 Consolidate eval functionality into a single utility function, and use that directly from JSOP_EVAL
596315 Animate the opening and closing of the Web Console
616797 Menu bar does not appear by Alt key
588129 symbols.txt file missing from *
579985 Black bar drawn and flickers across footer
612717 Crashes after turning debugging off because JM releases running code
607293 JM: Turn SETELEM into an IC
600433 shlibsign not run when packaging i386/x86_64 universal build (no fips support)
604531 Styles for toolbarbutton inside #TabsToolbar not applied if it's also inside a toolbaritem
604533 "Tearing"/"Shearing" while panning on local pages/error console in Fennec
608630 Media element's simple events shouldn't bubble
612730 Make :-moz-ui-valid and :-moz-ui-invalid apply for required select elements
608636 BasicLayers renders transformed opaque elements incorrectly
608637 Panorama exit button should perhaps reflect the number of groups as well?
555393 Intermittent failure in js1_5/Regress/regress-211590.js | Math.random should be random
600452 share font entries between gfxFcFonts with the same cairo_font_face_t
616837 Fix two cases where appmenu_* nodes are accessed without MENUBAR_CAN_AUTOHIDE being defined
608646 "Script busy" message at different places when enabling/disabling jägermonkey - javascript.options.m…
512503 Floating Chat Windows
600456 Intermittent test_play_events_2.html | Test timed out followed by shutdown hang
612745 Prevent cross-thread XPConnect access to nsIClassInfo::MAIN_THREAD_ONLY-flagged objects
608653 SVG patterns with unspecified width/height attributes should not paint
489871 CSS comments should not be allowed in presentation attribute values
608657 Remove misplaced and rapidly becoming unused "network.hosts.(pop|smtp)_server" prefs
613433 Invalid caret position on facebook's status textbox (styled with min-height and overflow-x or overfl…
608662 Crash [@ nsDSURIContentListener::CheckFrameOptions(nsIRequest*) ] [@ nsDocument::CheckFrameOptions(…
592284 Accelerate HTTP Connection Timeout
608669 "chrome-document-global-created" broken since 2010-09-04
502176 [HTML5] Make jArray into a constructorless struct
600476 Google maps auto scrolling while drawing a route is jerky and slow
613434 Rename the browserscope richtext suite in preparation of richtext2 integration
616884 plugins shown when we don't want them to be on Linux
608696 Cross compiling libffi is completely broken on TM
522683 restart when minimized allows only full screen or minimized mode
612798 Remoting Audio - Thread per stream to avoid problems with blocking drain/write calls
616901 Trivial bug in in-process windowless test plugin rendering
612807 IndexedDB: Transaction thread observer isn't quite safe
571849 Iterator severely broken with calls back and forth between privileged code and unprivileged code
608714 Unable to edit tab group names
612812 remove text shadows from tab text
608717 Add CAN_DRAW_IN_TITLEBAR since MENUBAR_CAN_AUTOHIDE is overloaded
608718 Firefox quoting messages twice on a forum running the TinyMCE editor
604631 nsPrintEngine::SetupToPrintContent() leaks docTitleStr and docURLStr if mIsCreatingPrintPreview & !s…
604632 nsPrintEngine::DoPrint leaks docTitleStr and docURLStr if !seqFrame
596443 SVG embedded by reference is not loading
612828 Link target and current URL in location bar should transition at same non-linear rate
608733 JIT profiling slows down roc's interpreter
604641 Jetpack SDK isn't compatible with Firefox nightlies, Firefox 4 Beta 7 relbranch
596451 Asynchronous layer-based plugin painting on Windows
612836 "Assertion failure: parent,"
611799 Prefill newly created buffers with old content
604650 Make accelerator-text-in-tooltip work for top-level app menu items on Linux
612843 Unicode corrigendum 8
604653 64bit Mac build crashes with negotiate auth and Kerberos [@ Kerberos@0x6a163 ]
592366 Do not execute scripts whose owner doc is not the doc of the inserter parser or not the owner doc at…
588271 Improve border rendering code for running on GPUs
612854 Tabs on glass should be opaque to get sub-pixel anti-aliasing
600569 Version string in "About" window should show build date for "pre" versions
608763 JSD breakpoint does not work
612861 Some content is missing on, gmail reply is broken
604670 OneClickYouTubeDownloader - HEAP: Free Heap block a285a70 modified at a285b54 after it was freed
580096 move the cycle collector off the main thread
604673 <output> should be subject for constraint validation
596485 Provide visual indication of Switch to Tab override
608778 Rename JSString::MUTABLE to JSString::EXTENSIBLE
608779 Qt - ASSERTION: Old pixman and rotate transform
612876 Driving directions not working with Google Maps on latest Minefield
614829 menupopup end event isn't fired for ARIA menus
612881 crash [@ ns_if_addref<nsIDOMHTMLCanvasElement*>(nsIDOMHTMLCanvasElement*) ] [@ ns_if_addref<nsIReque…
612887 crash [@ nsSHistory::RemoveEntries(nsTArray<unsigned __int64, nsTArrayDefaultAllocator>&, int) ]
605274 JM: Check for OOM in data structure usage
596511 Implement the required attribute for HTMLSelectElement
608800 "Assertion failure: compartment mismatched" & abort at, with NoScript
616994 Image dragging (probably) causes big space leak
617000 webconsole doesn't load for firefox-on-xulrunner setups
608810 Yahoo Mail error when opening an email
608818 nsFilePicker::Show uninitialised use of mAllowURLs
601182 Spurious focus events sent to NPAPI plugins on OS X
592442 WebConsole: Completion throws error if closing more bracket are closed then opened
412219 make sure that CalculateFrecencyInternal() does not return 0 for places with at least one visit of b…
604735 artifact (line) shows at left edge of tab just as tab close animation completes
571970 Main browser chrome should be hidden when viewing in-content UI
600645 App tabs don't appear in the group app tab tray if their icon fails to load
615485 warning: format '%11x' expects type 'unsigned int', but argument 3 has type 'PRUint64' in nsTextNode…
558861 Compartmental GC
408144 [meta] SpiderMonkey SunSpider perf regressions
617048 Firefox 4.0b8pre crash in [@ nsXBLService::GetBinding(nsIContent*, nsIURI*, int, nsIPrincipal*, int*…
617051 app menu panes should not have a separator when using a 'windows-default-theme' theme
608862 Compartment mismatch resolving prototypes
604771 Allow spoofing GfxInfo and circumventing the blocklist on Windows
596580 javascript let statement doesn't work when loaded using mozIJSSubScriptLoader
363109 body of HTTP 304 response is treated as a HTTP/0.9 response to subsequent HTTP request
303548 Viewing page with SWF/Flash or PDF disables Print Options/PrintPDE.plugin
612978 GetDPI on Maemo should use the true DPI when known
608887 elements appended outside the body aren't accessible
588410 make install doesn't work with omnijar
612989 JSON.parse should try to convert numbers to integer
592510 Web Console cleanup: deleteHeadsUpDisplay() should delete the weak reference itself
617093 Get rid of old XOW cache
613000 Fennec OpenGL layer crashes [@ShadowBufferOGL::Upload] [@ gfxContext::SetOperator ] in WebM video pl…
617097 JavaScript toLocaleString has a nasty memory leak
604816 remove style system support for wider and narrower values of font-stretch
608914 Move AppendFloat/AppendInt up to nsAString
600727 shell reftest js1_8_5/extensions/scripted-proxies fails with -j
600728 shell reftest js1_8/extensions/regress-394709.js fails with -m
613021 Don't make an element invalid if the value length is higher than the maxlength value
613027 Leak with <fieldset>, <legend>
606662 Crash [@ js::mjit::JITScript::release] or "Assertion failure: unsigned(sp - entries) < nargs + scrip…
592551 dist\include\nsTArray.h(416) : warning C4244: 'return' : conversion from '__int64' to 'nsTArray_base…
608939 XMLHttpRequest.statusText and getAllResponseHeaders shouldn't throw
424627 ctrl+clicking on a text field border followed by an editing operation (e.g. paste) removes the table…
612809 Unable to cross compile 32-bit shells on Mac OS X 10.6
601204 [VKB] Fennec is not responsive to system context menu for landscape keyboard
604858 Tracer hang
608958 Omnijar doesn't load preference files in reverse alphabetical order
449215 Text children are not checked for validity
604864 JM: make '=== undefined' faster
604866 Zoom-in not working above a certain preview size
608963 "ASSERTION: bad this object in get" crash [@ xpc::holder_get ]
613061 xpcshell/tests/js/jetpack/tests/unit/test_jetpack.js and chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/js/jetpa…
608968 Editing the name of a bookmarked page is not reflected in Bookmarks menu.
506572 dragging tabs to create links (shortcuts) broken since Shiretoko
555728 Fire a11y event based on HTML5 constraint validation
613076 GetDPI is wrong in the content process, breaks CSS media queries
617173 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
613079 WebGL crash [@mozilla::gl::GLContextProviderGLX::CreateOffscreen]
608984 Minimize, maximize/restore, close buttons have a blue hue when hovered if the Firefox Button is on.
617181 Remove CPU detection code from Java wrapper
502497 js1_5/Regress/regress-312588.js - Assertion failure: nentries != 0, at js/src/jshash.cpp:225
613091 js/src/jsdbgapi.cpp:1424:16: warning: converting to non-pointer type ‘JSBool’ from NULL
603624 Only blacklist I9000 devices with Android 2.1 (Linux 2.6.29).
604905 Significant javascript performance regression since ff4b6
593703 When scrolling with D3D9 layers, plugins aren't clipped properly against chrome
609016 Remove default style for :invalid
613113 Invalid output element doesn't block the form submission
613118 WM_SYSCOMMAND doesn't properly filter wParam
584447 Crash in [@ nsGlobalWindow::SetDocShell ]
609024 JS_DeepFreezeObject impl is not correct
596737 [OS/2] [JAEGER] linking problems of MethodJIT
613122 "Assertion failure: capacity >= fixed"
613125 nanojit: improve codegen for LIR_q2i in X64 back-end
609030 Rename createBlobURL/revokeBlobURL
613127 jsprobes.cpp failed to build with --enable-dtrace
604937 Remove -OPT:NOWIN98 from the tree
613130 Paste list structure from MS-Word styles lost
613131 role nothing should allow recursive name calculation from children
604941 new toolbar border is too opaque or too dark
617231 mixedChartype-02 reftest failures with HarfBuzz
592663 SmithBarney login form broken on Minefield
551704 ContentEditable is inconsistently rendered
617242 D3D10 doesn't render upside-down transforms
613147 [SeaMonkey] mochitest-plain-1: new test fails = "test_bug574663.html | Ctrl-scrolling should zoom wh…
613151 TM: "Assertion failure: JSID_IS_INT(id),"
514848 audio and video are choppy with 100% cpu during playback
613153 GMail broken with method JIT on
613156 Implement splitmenu binding
592677 (Tabs On Bottom) Increase space between Bookmarks bar and Navigation bar
604636 nsJSCID::HasInstance bails too strictly: enforces both other_wrapper are obj2 non null instead of on…
609066 nsIJetpack.registerReceiver throws NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE in e10s tests on trunk nightly
551724 Disable ctypes on x86/msvc if MASM is unavailable
600880 screen.width / screen.height are 0 on Android
613170 video controls become invisible after interaction with video
609075 speed up JSString::flatten a bit
592693 can't add bank on
613174 ###!!! ASSERTION: Changing refcount of nsDocument object during Traverse is not permitted!: 'Error',…
617271 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
613176 app menu panes lack a separator when using a non-'windows-default-theme' theme
609083 Workers: Fix leak introduced by structured clone change
498826 canvas putImageData doesn't implement optional arguments
589621 (ietestcenter) HTML5 Selection 1/17: This test attempts to call getRangeAt()....
600900 [clang]: cannot initialize a parameter of type 'NSString *' with an lvalue of type 'NSString const i…
509750 Microsoft Image writer Doesn't work properly (ver 12.X)
613193 Fix illegal JSON in 'softkb-change' notification
609103 Threadsafe GC jsapi-test fails
617296 A map is not displayed on
605013 "Assertion failure: JSID_IS_INT(id),"
588630 When invoking TabCandy/Panorama with many open blank tabs, Firefox hangs & then pops up "Unresponsiv…
605015 "Assertion failure: (this)->containsSlot(slot),"
609114 use freetype's configure script configure its build rather than hard coding the makefile
605019 IndexedDB: Figure out what when to evict windows with live databases from the bfcache
614403 nsPluginDocument does not QI to its own CC participant
609121 nanojit: handle small immediates specially in CseFilter
612838 indexOf gives wrong result for empty string and position > length
617319 HTML5 canvas 2d context arc() method requires a parameter that should be optional
588648 Don't copy chars when scanning
609129 TM: fix emitIf(), re-enable implicit guard optimization
609139 QueryInterfaced objects forget some interfaces when they cross compartments
609141 Compartments mismatch in jsdScript::GetFunctionSource
600901 [clang]: cannot initialize a parameter/variable in
514936 Entering "/." in the adress bar doesn't show a real error page
559993 finding text doesn't scroll it into view properly
568188 Make id-table hold weak references
334719 Cairo performance issues: Windows
592768 When using async launch, the toplevel actor doesn't have a process handle
605057 Utility function to convert a surface into an image surface
596870 "ASSERTION: Detaching editor when it's already detached" with iframes and contenteditable
605063 fix Android GL startup
334729 cairo correctness clean up: Mac
334730 cairo correctness clean up: Unix
334732 Cairo overall regression tracking: Mac
609165 Crash with nsIFile.contains when passed a null file reference (Mac OS X)
584603 JM: function-statement can disappear if it shadows a subsequent var declaration
617372 mochitest fails because it is expecting sans-serif and it gets serif
580515 TM: LIR_cmovd mishandled with X86_FORCE_SSE2=no
555940 [HTML5] Named character names should use Java String and a dedicated type in C++
576425 textbox caret initially the size of textbox with padding, not line height
609195 can't depend on REPEAT for GL textures without npot texture support
613292 nsXULWindow.h:181: warning: 'nsXULWindow::mChromeFlags' will be initialized after...'PRPackedBool ns…
601006 Re-enable API enumeration test
617270 Geolocation icon is stretched
609206 Can't compile JS with --disable-methodjit
609207 wyciwyg moved to necko_wyciwyg.xpt, but Firefox isn't shipping it
613306 fix bufferSubData quickStub
617405 Assert isObject() in shell
609218 XMLHTTPRequest in web page will raise exception 0x80004005 if a protocol handler is provided as wrap…
605124 Add :-moz-ui-invalid pseudo-class
605125 Add :-moz-ui-valid pseudo-class
609222 JM: Fix call mechanism and recompilation
613321 11/18 nightly won't start on Galaxy S
420810 The res directory needs major cleanup
598519 Web console close button pressed state is one pixel off (vertically and horizontally)
613324 update WebGL constants
596947 intermittent failure in test_timeupdate_seek.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.onerror] An er…
601046 "Assertion failure: t->freelist < slotSpan"
605146 Glitches with ipc/ and fakelibs
596955 [OS X] [OpenGL] Painting errors while resizing window using nsIWidget::Resize, causing Preferences w…
588764 Content area needs a grey border around it
617637 nsTableFrame::PushChildren imagines it can pass null to [@ nsFrameList::RemoveFrame] violating its p…
609248 Trunk build fails with gcc 4.3.2 on debain 5.0.5 in StubCalls.cpp
601061 input.size should be limited to non negative numbers greater than zero with a default value of 20
613350 Pass 2 more WebGL draw-tests
617448 Browser fails to load correctly with svg.enabled set to false due to unqualified use of svg
594429 Update the live filter search button in Panorama UI
535538 searchplugins cannot be found if chrome:// search engine loading is used with flat chrome
613365 If URL in locationbar is selected, hovering a link overlays a blue area on top of the selected URL
613367 Log diagnostic information when computing JIT-brokenness
609272 Iframe containing route information doesn't show up in print preview for
605177 Fix build warnings in editor/
605179 Fix build warnings in gfx/
601086 WebGL shader crash due to endless loop [@TOutputGLSL::visitLoop]
617475 WebGL doesn't work on my Mac
528042 [webgl] missing ToDataURL()
605192 JM: make f.apply(x, obj) fast
580618 GC removes HeadsUpDisplay after reloading the page
588817 Using "Bookmark all tabs" initially mislabels new folder menuitem in Bookmarks menu
613400 "Assertion failure: start >= largestStartSeen"
613403 Fix existing tests to work with tab-modal prompt changes
617505 Don't OOM so easily growing dense arrays
511010 dismissing menu popup in editbookmark overlay causes chrome UI to flicker
477882 frame-targeted visited links disappear when closing and reopening Firefox (should not be considered …
506920 page view now not correct
617514 Hardware acceleration on Minefield builds after 20101206 cause very poor performances and high CPU u…
613068 Structured clone read functions should have an extra "version" argument
613423 dehydra: use fast natives
613424 dehydra: remove JS_GetStringBytes
613425 dehydra: unbreak static-checking builds
527410 AIX Compilation error for 3.7a1pre source js/ctypes/libffi/src/powerpc/aix_closure.S Assembler: unde…
576570 bookmarks toolbar height smaller in preview image than in actual browser
502836 "script stack space quota is exhausted" error on Large GWT App (5,632KB)
523319 debug mochitest-plain hanging during shutdown on Windows with nsBuiltinDecoder or nsWaveDecoder on t…
617529 command-line option to provide XUL info
597050 Intermittent test_bug495145.html | Test timed out followed by shutdown timeout
617531 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
511038 Fix Ogg/Theora on ARM
592962 "Assertion failure: simsp <= i.sp()"
515140 Clicking a link with an internal page anchor shows top of page but doesn't scroll to the anchor in p…
605255 repeated occurrences of same SVG <object> don't load correctly
607864 TM: systematically annotate bytecode boundaries in LIR dumps
592976 JM: Optimize formal arguments access
609363 Recompile operates on the wrong frames
515157 mochitest-plain: test_load.html, test_load_candidates.html, test_reactivate.html times out intermitt…
314457 ###!!! WARNING: Adding child where we already have a child? This will likely misbehave
613466 crash [@ IDRefsIterator::IDRefsIterator(nsIContent*, nsIAtom*) ]
601179 Clearing web console is rocket science
605277 Do not show the error message in the tooltip if title is set
531550 "ASSERTION: Trying to do sandwich add of more than one value" with svg:animateTransform
601183 Investigate Bespin/Safari-style completion styling for the Web Console
592992 hoist outerizing from js::Invoke to js::ExternalInvoke
606737 Java Applet: JSObject.getWindow(this) returns null
605296 CORS XHR fails if username/password arguments are supplied as "undefined"
613492 parseFloat("infinity") should return NaN
588918 Make WebGL test suite pass without Valgrind errors
589673 Intermittent test_paused_after_ended.html | Test timed out.
580730 Invalid values in TT's glyf table leading to crash [@TSparseCoordsListPerComposits::GetCoords()]
539771 Add support for context attribs to canvas
568445 does not work correct with flash player 10.1 beta for solaris sparc
613502 Map <article> like we do aria role "article"
609414 Remove unused nsHTMLInputElement::SetSingleFile
609417 We shouldn't always call SetValueChanged when clearing the file list
609418 double vs const double for nsGeoPositionCoords::nsGeoPositionCoords(...)
535691 "ASSERTION: unknown nsISVGValue" with animateTransform
613516 xpcshell dump doesn't print newlines
605327 Implement correctly error handling and cancellation in WyciwygChannelChild and WyciwygChannelParent
597136 Remove the HUDService onerror event handler and use the window ID from nsIScriptError2 messages
605330 Mismatched enters/exits in --enable-trace-jscalls
609427 extra ";" after NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS in nsContentPermissionHelper.h
531606 Gecko 1.9.x (Firefox 3.x / Seamonkey 2) truncates print job name to only 30 characters
597147 switch from pango_itemize to gfxScriptItemizer
605341 remote orientation api for android
597151 The HUDConsoleObserver is never removed
605345 "ABORT: Got a regular sample during startup state, expected an end sample instead"
556194 Use-after-free of PluginInstanceChild.mAsyncCallMutex; crash [@mozilla::BlockingResourceBase::CheckA…
572579 Our media cache files are not always deleted
601253 Ignore -private-toggle on the command line if permanent private browsing is on
609446 Remove GroupItem's xDensity and yDensity properties
617639 Hopefully useless null check in PresShell::SetIsActive for mDocument or [@ PresShell::UpdateImageLoc…
363693 input type=radio doesn't fire onchange event for unchecking
605362 Add (coarse-grained) memory reporters for shmem
601273 warning C4700: uninitialized local variable 'hr' used in ThebesLayerD3D10.cpp
605370 Add Pref to disable desktop notifications
580796 "ASSERTION: Returning unknown unit type" regression from bug 515116
608959 Object.create misbehave across js sandboxes
355521 Expose CSS visibility and CSS visibility changes properly
617667 useless null check of aIsMisspelled in [@ mozSpellChecker::CheckWord]
597188 application closes when "undo close group" is up and you go into private browsing mode
523473 Sometimes Swedish diacriticals are not displayed directly above the base characters (ä, ö).
613589 Function timer build busted by bug 607292
609496 XPCWrappedNative::TraceOtherWrapper iterates wrapper map without holding the map lock
561700 Permagreenorange: 8 (unnoticed) failures in "test_jQuery.html | ajax module" in every mochitest-2 ru…
597212 hold a reference to language nsIAtom from gfxFontStyle
609501 Change nsIThreadManager for bug 580096
605406 Small issues with in-tree freetype2 build
613603 Don't check the manifest in the omnijar
601318 finish implementing the rest of GfxInfo on cocoa
597224 HTTP Cache: use directory tree to store cache files
572651 ThebesLayer shader program (GetBGRXLayerProgram) is slow on mobile...
580844 "ASSERTION: Wrong offset" with zoom, iframe reload
478445 canvas arc function produces different results when strokeText function is called afterward
589039 valgrind - Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) in nsOggReader::ReadMetadata()…
609521 browser_bug538331.js leaves alert windows open on Windows
584946 e10s: localStorage
597235 Remove Java Console extensions in the install directory's extensions directory on install and app up…
601982 Crash in [@ AtSafePoint ]
611540 [SeaMonkey] mochitest-plain-5: intermittent test_alerts.html failure "Observer is notified within 15…
576764 incorrect #define for PowerPC in mozilla-central/gfx/ycbcr/chromium_types.h
597248 Make sure Panorama's thumbnail cache is solid
580871 text-path appears to get bigger more quickly than rest of drawing in this example
613643 nsBaseChannel.h:301:12: warning: ‘nsBaseChannel::mStatus’ will be initialized after ... ‘PRPackedBoo…
580876 Intermittent failure in test_play_events.html and test_play_events_2.html | Check expected event got…
564362 <embed type="*"> crashes the default plugin
572696 Fennec should understand meta viewport with spaces
605466 Implement new spec limits for formatting element growth
458016 TM: JIT compilation of javascript does not speed up the attached example
609574 ###!!! ASSERTION: invalid array index: 'i < Length()', file nsTArray.h, line 339
572713 On hover text gets underlined
568661 make sure the console initiates with about:blank pages
594482 Java applets broken with content policies (NoScript, Adblock Plus, GreaseMonkey...)
601309 Add xpcshell tests to schema-validation
601396 TM: "Assertion failure: isFunctionFrame() && !isEvalFrame(),"
539957 random failure in test_importScripts.html | Worker had an error:tryBadScripts is not defined
601399 Property enumeration order is altered after a property has been read
601400 JM: "Assertion failure: offset < script->length,"
605241 JavaScript strict warnings from external scripts do not show in the Web Console
585020 Remove build time option to disable svg
613055 update shipped locales for Firefox 4 Beta 8 (fx4b8)
597321 Need id for "Move To Group | New Group" sub menu entry in the tab context menu
609617 delete(eval(...)) calls indirect eval
613714 Switch tab modal prompts from blur to slight dim
601429 x-mac-arabic, x-mac-farsi and x-mac-hebrew are vulnerable to XSS
617817 SMIL animation resamples <set> animation (and animation with dur="indefinite") way more frequently t…
613722 Embedded .mp3 doesn't play when hidden
556382 Link 32-bit Windows builds with LARGEADDRESSAWARE
609632 Image files dragged and dropped into compose window don't get inserted as image
597345 Discard script preload if the charset doesn't match
613731 nsEventStates.h uses undefined NS_ERROR
580964 Style toolbarbutton[type="menu"]
609637 Don't swapBuffers with NULL EndTransaction call
580967 TM: Crash [@ js::DefaultValue]
564584;1 overrides crashes the application [@ nsNSSComponent::LogoutAuth…
612511 JSAPI test testOptionsAreUsedForVersionFlags fails with gczeal
552302 Can't hide the menu bar on Linux
548207 allow make check to run over remote connection from
613744 crash [@ nsCOMArray<nsIDOMRange>::nsCOMArray<nsIDOMRange>() ][@ nsCOMArray<nsIDOMSVGPoint>::nsCOMArr…
613748 Keyboard inputs do not work when tab-modal alerts are open in another tab
593270 EXTEND_PAD path is slow in cairo Quartz backend
610196 Alt+Home should open in a new tab when current is an app tab
576890 Crash [@ nsFrameList::InsertFrames] on print preview
589717 Undefined reference to mozilla::gfx::ScaleYCbCrToRGB32 in non-libxul builds
605569 "nsXMLContentSerializer.cpp(650) : error C2248: 'nsAString_internal::nsAString_internal' : cannot ac…
605419 [Web Console] Provide a help command to list the available helper functions
527749 Drag events out of order
585370 Implement the Firefox button on Linux
609671 custom Android linker prevents system libraries from being dlopen'd
609673 Incorrect syntax for ipc plugin tests in
609678 Memory leak in BasicThebesLayerBuffer::SetBackingBuffer
593133 TM: PGO doesn't use tracejit profile
617877 Web console code completion suggestion sticks around when it shouldn't
597399 Panorama: Typing in a digit when the search box isn't displayed produces letter in the box
609691 Investigate crash [@ gfxTextRun::IsClusterStart]
613790 Most Drop down menus/boxes do not appear with hardware acceleration.
609696 Provide scriptable api for Fennec front end to display input method section dialog
581025 random timeout in /tests/content/media/test/test_timeupdate_small_files.html followed by shutdown ti…
609700 Shift-clicking the back button or middle-clicking it with browser.tabs.opentabfor.middleclick=false …
581029 Invalid values in TT font lead to crash [@CGSScanconverterRenderMask]
585129 mIsActive should be propagated to resource document presshells
613807 Caret is moved at second row when undoing after committing IME text
613810 Undo(ctrl+z) does not work continuously after committing IME
583582 hunspell double buffer w/gcc-4.5*
617910 Broken instanceof checks in head_cookies.js
589240 treehydra: handle virtual member function pointers
605626 "ASSERTION: viewBox width must be greater than zero"
410109 [c3d] Transparent canvases are composited incorrectly
589246 Closed window state getting corrupted when closing and reopening last browser window without exiting…
613823 [SeaMonkey] test_idcheck.xul causes "mochitest-chrome: T-FAIL L-FAIL", after bug 612447 push, due to…
601536 Intermittent failure in mochitest/dom-level0/test_location.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.…
522144 On opening Firefox, Bookmarks toolbar always loads with only search box, no bookmarks
613828 Intermittent crash [@ nsNodeInfoManager::GetDocument] "/ a11y/accessible/name/test_markup.html | Exi…
482759 xulrunner xptcall MIPS patch
613835 crash close to startup [@ nsCOMPtr_base::~nsCOMPtr_base() | nsTHashtable<nsBaseHashtableET<PrefCallb…
613289 nsAudioStream.cpp:337: warning: unused variable 'result'
556493 No click fired when mousedown on the text of an element and mouseup on empty area
593358 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/tests/mochitest/geolocation/test_manyWatchConcurrent.html or test_…
613843 In RTL UI, the arrow appears on the wrong side of the "Remember password" panel
597460 Web Console scrolls to top when (at least) a filtered network event occurs
593368 Provide mappings for html5 <nav> <header> <footer> <article>
613853 Qt - ASSERTION: Old pixman and rotate transform +compilation bustage
601570 parallel xforms and schema-validation build sometimes fails due to race
618406 crash [@ @0x0 | gfxFT2LockedFace::GetUVSGlyph ] from the checkin for bug 569770
462318 disabled select after ajax request
602024 mixed licensing in HUDService.jsm is confusing
617971 nsStyleAnimation::ExtractComputedValue leaks pair when StyleCoordToCSSValue fails
536061 -moz-box-shadow doesn't well-support -moz-transform: translate() and/or rotate()
605700 TM: improve naming in LIR dumps
572938 SMIL animation of "display" on <use> triggers infinite recursion & ASSERTION: Registering content du…
589324 Switch-to-Tab after Session Restore does not respect Tab Candy grouping
605711 Harmony proxies: 'get' on child of proxy fails
599982 Optimize nsHTMLContentSerializer::AppendAndTranslateEntities
609814 SVGDocumentWrapper never unregisters as a shutdown observer (causing leaks, effectively)
618008 Separator spree in the Web Developer menu
93725 'bolder' and 'lighter' keywords of 'font-weight' don't compound correctly
618016 Make a new media query for device orientation
615003 copyTex(Sub)Image methods also need to check/init the FBO
597540 Dotted borders are slow in painting/scrolling
605739 GPLv2 license text in about:license is not consistent with the official GPLv2 text at the FSF Web si…
609244 crash [@ PopActiveVMFrame ]
609838 Fennec double-tap zoom is broken with HW acceleration enabled
597557 Bookmarks & Identity panels should use an Arrowpanel
613943 [@ nsWindow::DoPaint] crashes when trying to access MWindow::orientationAngle
605752 crash [@ JSC::ExecutablePool::ExecutablePool(unsigned int) ]
605754 crash [@ memcpy | DoReplace ]
613948 typed characters do not appear when link preview is for a javascript: link / bookmarklet
605760 crash [@ xpc::AccessCheck::documentDomainMakesSameOrigin(JSContext*, JSObject*) ]
605762 Changes in extensions directory break globals initialization
601667 Web Console toolbar styling
597942 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's ATSUI [@AppendOTFeaturesFromTable]
495175 Download program does not insert the name of the file to be downloaded
613960 CKEditor toolbar customisation stopped working in recent nightlies
597581 Switching tabs should update location bar immediately, even if a link is hovered
261715 Alt+click sometimes focuses menubar (keyrepeated Alt shouldn't trigger menubar focusing behavior)
618071 Incorrect painting in bugzilla change columns
608868 Firefox/4.0b8pre crash [@ GetPropertyHelper<ScopeNameCompiler>::testForGet() ][@ GetPropertyHelper<G…
614330 Add role name for html:aside
596227 Malformed font leads to crash in Apple's libTrueTypeScaler [@ fnt_FLIPPT]
601695 Paste & Go should only appear when the clipboard is a URL
613999 nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:4751: warning: unused variable ‘sGenericContainerData’
609905 reTempAlloc: 512k heap allocation for no purpose
511603 Windowless plugins not supported in FF 3.5.2 on Mac OSX
372345 [Midas] text cursor overrides CSS mouse cursor styles for some elements
482939 Need to use nsAutoMonitor::New/DestroyMonitor when using nsAutoMonitor to grab monitors
589439 Add support for SMIL animation of number list attributes
589442 [tbplbot fails] Intermittent failure in test_suspend.html: wrong url, already suspended, already res…
605462 WebGLContextGL.cpp:3248: warning: unused variable 'debugFlags'
618118 Crash when uninstalling an add-on with bad bootstrap.js [@ JSCompartment::wrap ]
532106 [d2d] Background shows through when switching tabs with direct2d
597644 Status of "Subscribe to This Page…" menu and toolbar button is not updated when Back/Forward Navigat…
609942 js1_5/extensions/regress-376052.js fails (all jit flags)
593559 "Assertion failure: !argv[-1].isMagic()" with iter.throw
605850 Top outside corners of Personal toolbar need border radius when tabs are not on top.
589467 Intermittent test_play_events.html | Test timed out
601756 Tests for TreeWalker.nextSibling, previousSibling, as suggested by Traversal spec
609950 Make sure CAO_observe use getHudIdByWindow(getWindowByWindowId(ID)) (fix console API for subframes)
609952 Move sendToWebConsole functionality from ConsoleAPIObserver to HUDService
605858 TM: Trace inc() on all primitives
614051 TM: wrong behavior setting existing properties to joined function object values again
614058 DocumentFragment.isEqualNode regression with child nodes
593580 "Assertion failure: !p,"
601774 IndexedDB: Audit exceptions thrown from indexedDB methods
618160 Don't show progress dialog in crash reporter if a report isn't being sent
609970 JM: Register syncing bug with heavy pressure, pinned registers
577206 vp8 warning: implicit declaration of function ‘mach_task_self’
593867 crash [@WebGLContext::ValidateProgram] in NVIDIA driver on Mac
585412 warning: unused variable 'allowScripts' in nsXBLService::GetBinding
614089 SSTabRestored should be fired for each tab
601803 Support adopting a node cross-compartment
544462 HTML5 Offline features - Asterisk (*) not supported in network section of manifest file
605906 Intermittent Assertion failure: *(uint64*)&tm->storage->global()[globalSlots] == 0xdeadbeefdeadbeefL…
503508 style and iframe
606158 duplicate null check of construct in NewProxyObject
581335 Hook up crash reporting for content processes
523994 Clean up control flow in XPCConvert::NativeInterface2JSObject
598650 OperationCallbacks and GCs occurring during SunSpider tests
614111 Direct3D 9 (non-ex) Devices cannot be reset
605928 Repaint issue after detaching/reattaching a tab that contains Flash video [non-Aero]
573161 Intermittent timeout in test_progress.html, test_reactivate.html, test_replay_metadata.html, and tes…
618219 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
618525 _create_locale needs to be paired with _free_locale
601837 Hide progress notification when reached 100%
597742 intermittent timeout of modules/plugin/test/crashtests/522512-1.html | timed out waiting for reftest…
581359 Invalid values in TT font leading to crash [@TAATLookupTable::SetTable]
589556 Make SVGMotionSMILPathUtils::PathGenerator use SVGLength, not nsSVGLength2
610038 apply ignores indexed properties on arrays and arguments objects with holes
605481 Firefox 4 doesn't render multiple TinyMCE instances correctly
610040 OOM abort under nsBufferedStream::Init
614138 Remove the temp value rooting traceable quickstubs do
597756 Fx 4 Web Console fails to show javascript errors if a tab is closed and the same document is then re…
617215 JS_NewString leaks
618250 Broken instanceof check in test_bug435425.html
587735 redefine nRegisterAllocFromSet in terms of lsReg or msReg
539949 Regression : Clicking some links with anchors doesn't scroll downward their destinations [allocine.c…
614160 Assert and crash on shutdown with IPC when remote audio active
614161 Add more comprehensive spellcheck reftests to make sure that it works correctly for input and textar…
610071 Stretch the app button to match the caption buttons' size
601881 video and audio should never play automatically in editor
613679 pluginreg.dat rewritten on plugins list construction, even if there are no changes
610078 JS_LookupPropertyById doesn't retrieve values out of proxies
597791 When MOZ_MEDIA isn't set, the build is broken
597794 --disable-raw breaks build
618277 It is no longer possible to left align the status bar shim in the addons bar
507686 I use roboform to log into yahoo. AS OF July 30, 2009 when I log into my yahoo verizon mail account …
614183 Remove ancient /extensions/access-builtin/
605992 support GL on Intel X driver (GLX 1.2, with extensions equivalent to parts of 1.4 that we need)
474255 Editor "bogus node" not cleared on DOM changes
591154 Quakelive flickers in fullscreen mode
573232 Intermittent failure in test_play_twice.html | Expect at least one playing event
597809 javaScript-global-constructor does not work
597811 [SeaMonkey] mochitests-1/5: "WARNING: NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv) ... nsHTMLInputElement.cpp, line 436…
585524 JM: Incorrect prediction of free variables when using WITH
601909 Persist web console height
589623 (ietestcenter) HTML5 Selection 3/17: This test attempts to call collapseToStart() and collapseToEnd(…
595397 Global pref to allow XUL and XBL for file://
568629 Small footprint, lazy console component
589635 Crash [@ nsSubDocumentFrame::AttributeChanged] with throwing error and removing type attribute on if…
503623 mochitests-1/5: intermittent "test_seek.html | Test timed out"
597832 Compile nsUTF8ToUnicode.cpp with SSE2 options for Solaris Studio compiler
610122 Speed up mask drawing for SVG elements
569163 Intermittent failure in test_play_events.html | Last event should be canplaythrough for http://mochi…
609592 Win7 JumpList is freeing up resources too early for History
614228 [SeaMonkey] Windows bustage in nsUrlWidget after bug 581596 landing
614229 Recursive layout-module initialization in content processes of Firefox
544601 Intermittent failure in browser_480148.js | Timed out, followed by several "Found a browser window a…
614241 Late <body> tag should set frameset-ok to "not ok"
507749 Implement device url, protocol handler and camera channel and input stream
593767 Support platforms without SA_SIGINFO
613692 Assertion failure: LIR type error (start of writer pipeline): arg 1 of 'eqd' is 'immi' which has typ…
606061 The border on the download manager doesn't wrap all the way around
606064 Support conservative marking for a specific compartment only
606070 warning C4244: 'return' : conversion from 'const PRUint64' to 'PLDHashNumber' in nsHashKeys.h
614264 Build problem after tracemonkey merge: libjs_static.a(debug.o) cputype (16777223) does not match pre…
614265 Balloon demo is missing the background
616495 Firefox 4.0b8pre crash in [@ nsCSSBorderRenderer::DrawRectangularCompositeColors() ][@ nsCSSBorderRe…
606077 Stop Autoplay extension broken (can't play flash) after landing of compartments
569214 test_seek_out_of_range.html times out intermittently
606082 update accessible tree when root element is changed
614279 nsHTMLDataListElement QIs to the wrong CC helper
470923 "Unsorted Bookmarks" should appear in Bookmarks menu.
601999 Too-much-recursion crash with css filter property
614288 (ANGLE) Tearing in the Aquarium WebGL demo if webgl.shader_validator is on
524179 fixing js_DateGetXXX, js_DateGetYYY
593812 <tree> causes CPU load spikes when D2D is enabled
606101 "ABORT: observers should have unregistered" with <svg:animate>
589718 Bug 577843 (changeset dbbb9575aae1) causes build break on Win64
593815 Auto-renaming at download is not working
610201 Window's Control Button(min/max/close)is wrong shape in Aero Basic
597915 [OpenGL] ASSERTION: Expected integer device offsets in gfxXlibNativeRenderer.cpp, line 223
606109 build fails with --disable-ogg --disable-wave
610214 Create reftest.js to add methods to check HTML attribute reflection
593832 Intermittent shutdown crash during media mochitest on linux, following 4 tests skipped due to "Test …
94123 expand our support for the Vary header
499628 Potential canvas bug with strokeText() and clip()
606125 develop a way to handle visibility style
615069 qStyle is unused in nsLookAndFeel::GetMetric(const nsMetricID aID,PRInt32 &aMetric)
597937 4.0b6 fails to compile ipc/glue/GeckoChildProcessHost.cpp due to changed LaunchApp API
614323 ARM: prevent constant pool from being dumped in the middle of MICs
614324 Permanent reftest failure in svg/text-gradient-03.svg | image comparison (==) on Windows optimized b…
614325 Make Shape::initRuntimeState not do its thing with macros
614326 browser_privacypane_*.js cause ASSERTION: XPConnect is being called on a scope without a 'Components…
597946 WebGL - GL driver crashes when fragment shader contains bad #ifdef and ANGLE is used
610975 When you drop a 'Separator' on the Add-on Bar a space for the separator is created, but the separato…
595209 scaling svg text causes it to be unreadable
606141 Javascript JIT engine crashes when array initialiser too large
610238 sync to latest npapi-headers
585663 Mouse move events are ignored when using Visor 2.2 in full screen mode
614338 Move some call object property methods into the js namespace
597963 crash [@ nsIDocument::GetContainer() ]
615074 to + backing are unused ifndef JS_PUNBOX64 in FrameState::ensureFeSynced
614350 Web console's console object colliding with content breaks sites
606160 Topmost and Rightmost pixels of Close, Maximize, don't work
610266 Remove Drag.isResizing
618533 forward oom notifications to child content process
614366 separate binary finding logic from
614578 Remove nsAutoGCRoot
612123 [D2D] Firefox 4.0b7 crash [@ cairo_d2d_surface_create_for_texture ] when trying to turn off HW accel…
581628 Segfaults in nsUrlClassifierDBService.cpp when homedir is inaccessible [@ nsUrlClassifierDBServiceWo…
589807 printf_stderr doesn't check if _dup call succeeded
593905 Add the ability to search the URLs of tabs in Panorama UI
610290 `TEST_PATH="foo/reftest.list" make reftest` doesn't run reftests
601894 Black boxes on depth-of-field chrome experiment
593911 Check for dlopen in the libc. .
614392 attempt to set animationMode on imgIContainer results in a crash [@ mozilla::imagelib::Image::GetAni…
610303 Function fpclassify in v8-dtoa/ may return random value.
618492 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
614397 Drag feedback image not shown for position:absolute element
606207 Dojo dropdown buttons are broken