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Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta 9 Fixes

See the complete list of bugs fixed by Firefox 4 Beta 9.

Bug ID Summary
569350 support Variation Selector sequences on all platforms
600079 Crash in [@ @0x0 | mozilla::gl::GLContext::MarkDestroyed() ]
509970 xpcshell-tests: random failure in test_removeVisitsByTimeframe.js | 2 == 10, 6 == 10, etc.
616469 Video sync is slow because of slow yuv2rgb conversion
618526 "Security Error: Content at http://mochi.test:8888/tests/dom/tests/mochitest/general/test_focusrings…
575519 "make buildsymbols" doesn't work on systems without Visual C++ 2005 installed
491552 Firebug toolbarbuttons don't work
616454 Assertion failure: !IsNonCanonicalizedNaN(d)
620584 Hardcode app id to org.mozilla.firefox instead of org.mozilla.@MOZ_APP_NAME@
604201 browser_tabview_snapping.js test fails if you run it by itself
622637 warning: ‘nsresult nsCaseConversionImp2Constructor(nsISupports*, const nsIID&, void**)’ defined but …
610350 Assigning to a named function's name in strict mode code should throw
575535 ES5 Function.prototype.{apply,call} do not coerce |this| to object
618546 Add-on bar covers lightweight theme background
569399 autofocus sometimes does not work because the element has no frame yet
620600 Leaking virtual address space/threads during media mochitest run
620608 Firefox Aero theme requires unnecessarily large ThebesLayer
579649 Update Hunspell to 1.2.12
620610 Dump layer tree assignments when dumping display lists
618565 Don't do flash hack for maemo platform
618570 -mfloat-abi=softfp should not be hardcoded in pixman
622667 incorrectly treating NPError values as nsresult values
618572 Assertion failure: *userbuf.ptr == c, at ../jsscan.cpp:349
618577 TM: "Assertion failure: 0,"
610390 Object wrappers no longer compare equal (among other things, window.wrappedJSObject != window.wrappe…
620633 flash content keeps blinking
622684 updates should not be downloaded to "<sdcard>/downloads"
614493 Move name information from JSFunction into JSScript
602207 <animateMotion><mpath> uses path's "transform" attribute on <path> elements, which it shouldn't
594017 localize android java files
620643 JM: "Assertion failure: obj" with typed array
591972 JM: generate inline code for JSOP_TABLESWITCH
622695 allow android's logger to handle logging exceptions
620562 TM: Imacros are broken
569454 bad ownership model for allProperties in GRE_GetGREPathWithProperties
610415 Make :-moz-ui-invalid and :-moz-ui-valid not applying when the form element has @novalidate set
618616 IndexedDB: Make IDBObjectStore.get() accept a key range
620665 New intermittent crash on Talos[@ nsRefPtr<TypeInState>::assign_assuming_AddRef(TypeInState*) | nsRe…
614522 SVGPathData::GetMarkerPositioningData reads uninitialised stack allocated memory
620668 spike in crashes [@ nsAString_internal::IsEmpty() ]
620669 d3d9 layout does not compile on mingw
621931 Widget Qt scrolling is slow because of non optimized SetCursor
592918 TM:set right compartment in nsXBLDocGlobalObject::EnsureScriptEnvironment
592007 TM: New Scope patch changes GC behavior in browser
620683 Star button flashes distractingly when switching tabs, loading pages, going back or forward, etc.
620684 Possible attempt to use invalid mGLContext.
622733 A horizontal line appears on tabbar, when opening 3 (or more) tabs [Aero]
569487 generalize Reflect.parse to accept JS builder functions
479385 Undo shortcut doesn't work in Save Page As dialog
565615 TraceRecorder::stringify is odd
618652 //@line n "f" busted, easy fix and test
485535 build breaks when JS_HAS_SHARP_VARS is disabled and JS_HAS_XML_SUPPORT enabled
585891 ES5 Object.create misbehaves in particular scenario
616612 Speed up str.substring and str.substr
612523 array comprehension hangs if JSOPTION_JIT is enabled
536748 Assertion failed: i < callInfo()->count_args() | Crash [@ nanojit::Assembler::asm_arg(nanojit::ArgS…
331959 Make nested links work
532666 Installing moonlight plugin corrupts pluginreg.dat
567483 HTML5 <header> top margin applies itself to parent <body>'s background image
594977 Scrolling with trackpoint/touchpad (Thinkpad, Synaptics drivers) won't work
611362 application security initialization error with 4.0b7
620750 "arguments;" sneaks into decompilation (eval in strict mode, for, genexp)
553172 ff36 immediately quits (no crash!) when quit and started for 2nd time
606423 crash [@ EnableTraceHintAt ]
614616 Flash text labels not displayed. Flash Settings menu labels also invisible + does not respond to mou…
594138 TM: testConservativeGC fails with gczeal
618717 IndexedDB: Fix error codes to match spec changes
579808 unpainted lines with MozTransform scale after scrolling
524524 Intermittent failure in test_402799.js
588016 Avoid reporting OOM when background has not finished
622838 Scaling retained layers when we don't want to be
612599 Gray lines when using content.scrollTo
594644 Return from Private Browsing Mode, Panorama forgets tab groups, until Panorama is manually re-launch…
487674 JS_IsArrayObject should check whether obj is a wrapper of an array object
614651 Canvas element(Google images) show through the add-on bar and horizontal scrollbar with D3D9:on
614653 avoid O(n^2) rope node marking
612609 browser_discovery.js is permaorange on Places branch
510219 random orange in xpcshell/tests/test_browser_places/unit/test_browserGlue_smartBookmarks.js : 2 == 3
190735 deCOMtaminate nsIFrame
612624 dtoa.c Omit_Private_Memory option fails to compile
610580 TMFLAGS=abort no longer works
618777 Fix cpuid for x64 on Solaris
618779 crash [@ nsRootAccessible::FireAccessibleFocusEvent(nsAccessible*, nsIContent*, int, EIsFromUserInpu…
606498 Make sure the new nsIScriptError2 is used in all possible places
613083 IndexedDB: Switch serialization format from JSON to structured clone bytestream
604452 Layers-accelerated scaling is nearest-neighbor, not bilinear on at least some hardware configuration…
620838 Incorrect optimization to global with local function inside control flow
557353 JM: PIC for object-wrapped string length
559402 "use strict" reported as strict mode warning 'useless expression'
574514 Hide personal toolbar only if user did not customize it or edited bookmarks
618205 SVG SMIL: Correctly fallback to non-additive animation on display and shorthand properties
596273 cursor over the form's error popup let you think you can select text
618889 Web Console doesn't animate away when you click the close button
592184 TM: XPC_WN_CallMethod has to set the right compartment
618810 Qt Message Pump locks up in case of nested loops in flash plugin
617525 MozAfterPaint events are delivered differently for in-process and out-of-process frame scripts
612675 JSTreeContext::fun/scopeChain should be private, only accessed through methods asserting consistency…
538949 firefox doesnt quit when executing the quit application command from menu bar. can only execute a fo…
594247 JM: Add specialized codepaths for typed arrays
620875 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js | Test timed out followed by failur…
586060 "warning: unused variable ‘cx’" in js/src/jscntxtinlines.h
620880 make jit tests use browser-configuration by default
598357 use toSource() instead of toString() for some types of output in the Console
553304 Browser OOPP keeps downloading something even when minefield has been closed
616800 Audio playback is very choppy, pauses every second during playback
618849 TypeInference: Assertion failure: !isCopied()
618850 TypeInference: Assertion failure: reg_ >= Registers::TotalRegisters && reg_ < Registers::TotalAnyReg…
618853 TypeInference: inference failure for "new builtin()"
620905 generally fails to set ELOG to for make -s
616810 CRs in
620907 js/src/build/unix is missing
622956 stub out webgl extension mechanism
622957 fix depth-stencil attachment points
618863 TypeInference: kraken imaging-gaussian-blur correctness bug
622961 fix webgl getparam/getuniform test
511684 intermittent failure browser_bug304198.js | Timed out
557429 oversize window impossibly placed on 2nd monitor
618870 CompressedGlyph::SetMissing should not overwrite FLAG_NOT_CLUSTER_START (missing glyph hexboxes do n…
618871 Assertion failure: compartment mismatched [@ jscntxtinlines.h:541]
614780 TM: "Assertion failure: !js_IsActiveWithOrBlock(cx, &regs.fp->scopeChain(), 0),"
610687 Make all the radio button group suffering from being missing (instead of only radio's with the requi…
610690 Crash when printing many documents successively [@ nsCOMPtr_base::assign_from_qi | nsDocShell::SetTr…
432516 SM: consider doubleToInt32 optimization
589206 Drawing a tab group should be transparent or in background view
618561 Enable direct Qt rendering for Maemo6
614793 Web console window should automatically scroll to display results
575886 Random Crash during tsvg_opacity [@ nsDeque::PopFront()]
612752 Focus rings and default style for :-moz-ui-invalid should be re-thought
622999 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
606617 re-enable browser_tabview_multiwindow_search.js
620955 spike in crashes [@ mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::EnteredCxxStack() ]
594333 smeared pixels when elements with background-image & background-position are moved around
620968 GetUnixXDGUserDirectory can leave rv uninitialized ifdef MOZ_PLATFORM_MAEMO
616861 crash [@ nsPrefetchNode::OnStopRequest ]
614834 Recursive code using the module pattern is always at least quadratic in recursion depth due to GetUp…
613790 Most Drop down menus/boxes do not appear with hardware acceleration.
611401 crash in [@ xpc_CreateSandboxObject]
620988 preferences code uses getFolderContents but never closes the container.
617117 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/components/sessionstore/test/brow…
586827 RegExp::execute wastes lots of time in ArenaAllocate and ArenaRelease
618948 foo.oninput and foo.oninvalid should be working
604618 [Web Console] Area outside the network traffic messages should not trigger the "Inspect Network Requ…
487883 Image not properly cached, in disk but have 0 bytes (page info or properties)
602572 Log request and response bodies checkbox issues in Web Console
608721 Next character of U+3001 or U+3002 should break line even if it is "["
602580 After using setCSSViewport, window.innerWidth/innerHeight should return the viewport size
606678 use openLinkIn in nsContextMenu ("Open Link in New Tab" shouldn't add tabs to popups)
621018 Some browser chrome tests in browser/base/content try to load AMO content
526074 NJ merge: handle nothing-to-import case in import script
621023 presContext = GetPresContext() is unused ifndef DEBUG in PresShell::Paint
614887 Use grayscale-AA fonts for text in canvas
612840 Clean up layer text flags to prepare for subpixel-AA changes
610793 JM: Support single-stepping with Firebug in compiled code
608746 JM: TypeInference: recompile scripts on dynamic type changes
616940 removed select option accessibles aren't removed until hide event is fired
608750 JM: TypeInference: Use inferred types for stack slots
618996 nsDisplayClipRoundedRect::TryMerge always returns PR_FALSE
590326 TM: Global Object created in TestXPC needs its own compartment
619003 failure to detect duplicate args if enough destructuring args are present
590333 TM: Global Object created in xpcthreadcontext needs its own compartment
621055 JM: ReferenceError inside catch hangs JM
623105 Crash: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///home/cltbld/talos-slave/test/build/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.h…
330243 Array.prototype.concat isn't even as generic as ECMA requires
614917 If Solaris Studio is used, strip LD LDFLAGS when configure libffi
610823 nsTArray should default to infallible
514568 ES5 strict mode: eval code gets its own variable environment
590346 TM: Global Object created in GlobalForLocation needs its own compartment
621067 upgrade ANGLE to r515
586252 Assertion failure: !cx->prevRequestContext, at /work/mozilla/builds/2.0.0/mozilla/js/src/jsapi.cpp:7…
621072 TM: Traces shouldn't bake in interruptFlags
614931 Number.toLocaleString adds trailing NULL-byte
621081 New feed discovery icon is never shown in disabled state on Linux
614940 'setting a property that has only a getter' when adding a new tag to bookmark
616989 JS_ASSERT when calling loadSubScript from a sandbox
621099 plugins.unloadASAP set to true no longer unloads plugin-container.exe after closing tab that was usi…
598575 Scroll redraw on print preview is off by one line of pixels (triggering dark horizontal lines)
490035 "Script is busy" ("Unresponsive Script") warning from places flush script (nsPlacesDBFlush.js) on in…
620297 crash [@ nsPluginHost::SetUpPluginInstance] if !aOwner
623162 [kk] Add Kazakh back to the Firefox 4 builds
584251 Crash in [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::CreateWidget() ]
584259 Add experimental support for packed format 3D video to libnestegg/WebMReader
617593 for-in statement visits deleted properties
622691 data race on JSContext::defaultCompartmentIsLocked
621144 ConservativeGCThreadData::recordStackTop should annotate its use of setjmp
588379 Errors in the Web Console should link to the source file
620532 TM: integer promotion/demotion doesn't distinguish signed vs unsigned sufficiently
619102 Javascript is not displayed : content of the page is blank
608867 Tune JIT heuristics for v8-crypto
621156 Painting problems in when hardware acceleration and Flash are enabled
580710 Drag&Drop onto sidebar loads page into sidebar
621161 add (void) to markIfUnmarked() in js::gc::TypedMarker
623210 Nested A and DIV elements erratically terminate/repeat
620647 plugin-container crashes after channel error
617074 Fix for building with Android 2.3 SDK (android-9 platform)
610936 Require SP1 of VC8 EE to build (successfully)
621180 Move JSThreadData::cachedNativeIterators into the compartment
526974 lirasm: Add configuration options to lirasm test utility.
510593 BenchJS: 70% slower than Opera
618262 Removal of JS_NewString
604807 Crash [@ nsHTMLSelectElement::GetOptionIndex] with QI to nsISelectElement
621194 Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central
408205 Need a test (litmus) for FIPS mode
618606 IndexedDB: keyPath parameter for createObjectStore should be optional
623255 Crash [@ ShadowLayerParent::ActorDestroy] with OGL layers
615065 NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED [nsIDOM3Document.documentURI] if methodjit is enabled
621210 Reusing SVG masks with objectBoundingBox units fails to update CTM of child content
569114 TM: don't use tinyids in jsxml.cpp
541342 Dialog to allow a new cookie doesn't appear and blocks some functionality
510624 Function.prototype.{apply,call} insist on a Function object, instead of trying [[Call]]
621222 Broken firebug menu background
621226 extern "C" necessary for older libproxy iirc
621227 Optimize thebes layer render function
619182 Convert moz_indexedDB to mozIndexedDB
623281 about:memory reporting for method JIT code space usage
623285 Crash uploading to shadow-layer texture from gfxSharedImageSurface
623286 fix webgl framebuffer attachment test, and misc
618954 Extra space for smart keyword results
617152 Reftest harness test termination logic needs an overhaul
621250 Assertion "TagForPlugin has failed" destroying instance of disabled plugin
618217 js::Anchor specialization for jsval could be cleaner
596088 <input type='file'> doesn't look disabled when inside a disabled fieldest but is disabled
541396 Intermittent failure in test_fallback.html | Fallback page displayed for top level document
412373 String assignment too slow
617175 deleteTabValue doesn't use early access
604101 Implement TextureImage::DirectUpload to avoid wasteful temporaries
615131 Installer crashes if 'Next' button is clicked while 'Looking for existing installation...' dialog is…
576823 YARR incorrectly matches later in string with alternate and sticky flag
578274 Date modified on images saved from facebook are given the time stamp 12/31/2008 6:00PM
613092 Method "addScript" in jsdbgapi.cpp returns JS_FALSE instead of a pointer value
584423 "Assertion failure: *pc == JSOP_GETARG,"
590568 [D3D9] plugin area is shown in toolbars when scrolled off the screen as a rectangle about the size o…
592617 JM: cannot compile without JS_METHODJIT
582379 When :hover transition oscillates, some transitions continue all the way through
541423 With Firefox 3.6, after disabling autocomplete in nsloginmangaer, password not coming up
615153 Workers: nsIWorkerFactory.newChromeWorker() throws NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED
586482 arguments.callee.caller not equal to proto-delegated joined function object method
621301 TypeInference: inference is super wasteful on memory
537335 NYTimes skimmer never finishes loading even though it appears to have fetched everything
527099 sporadic timeout in chrome/dom/tests/mochitest/chrome/test_focus.xul
572160 Put tabs in the title bar when the window is maximized
586198 Incorrect placement of tab after Undo Close Tab in Tab Candy
619271 TypeInference: shape should determine type, type should determine prototype
619272 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/css-import/290018-1.html | image comparison (==)
598795 Clean up reconnect code once we have instant access to sessionstore
602892 When a scrollable box appears inside a box with border-radius and that border overlaps the scrollabl…
621328 TypeInference: JM: Kraken stanford-crypto-pbkdf2 regression
617236 Investigate per tab memory usage increase caused by bug 558451 (Merge JSScope into JSScopeProperty, …
619286 ZWNJ and ZWJ affect letterspacing
620335 TM: "Assertion failure: !argsobj.getPrivate(),"
621341 Make and executable
621344 Displaying print preview stacks app tabs
621348 Intermittent jsreftest.html?test=js1_5/extensions/regress-336410-2.js | application timed out after …
586533 TM: Flag rarely used JSStackFrame members
559912 Setter exposes JSOP_SETMETHOD optimization
621365 localstorage session-only determination in parent process is broken via IPC
602935 TM: Always verify js_malloc(), js_calloc() return values.
617273 make editable text tests async
615226 warning: unused variable 'resultArray' in getWindowPosition
621374 Assertion failure: v.isNumber() / Crash null-ptr dereference
621376 TM: Different output with Function, prototype, encodeURI
619333 TypeInference: inference failure when calling array methods on objects
619338 TypeInference: type inference crash for "new Function.prototype" [@ TypeObject::getNewObject]
619339 TypeInference: Assertion failure: op == JSOP_DIV && type == JSVAL_TYPE_INT32
619343 TypeInference: reading holes is slower with type inference
623441 JSCompartment::wrap missing oom check
570195 hasOwnProperty doesn't set DETECTING flag
475991 Extend the NPAPI to allow plugins to participate in redirects
617304 Keyboard events get sent twice when doorhanger is active
332636 backspace/delete in HTML editor don't handle Unicode plane 1 characters correctly (UTF-16 surrogate …
600930 intermittent mochitest-other failure in browser/base/content/test/browser_tabMatchesInAwesomebar.js …
623459 Permaorange - layout/reftests/bugs/600974-2.html on WinXP
592741 TM: set right compartment in nsXPCWrappedJSClass::CallQueryInterfaceOnJSObject
621414 mochitests-1: test_fileapi_slice.html logs 12 _very_ (too) long lines
619369 Assertion failure: *pc == JSOP_GETARG with JSD, but only when using wired ethernet
604647 [d3d] Firefox Desktop Notification window is black after desktop lock with Intel Graphics card on XP
615277 JM: Support break-on-next functionality
621032 Move JSThreadData::(mathCache, iterationCounter) into the compartment
623474 String length PIC crash [@ js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT]
609141 Compartments mismatch in jsdScript::GetFunctionSource
621430 Freeze (OOM) when playing Agent 008 Ball (NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY) []
559992 Zoom flicker with back/forward navigation
603002 History folders labelled with wrong month names
603005 HUDService should avoid the use of DOM mutation event listeners
619397 Add-on bar no longer shows Personas footer image
547718 XML Parsing Error: no element found
598920 Remove button styling for buttons added to Addon Bar
568204 Fennec on xulrunner does not build with --enable-debug
502673 Possible to crash with multiple document state listeners on the same object
615316 Should be able to use any ImageContainer with any ImageLayer
615318 Add a "not now" choice to all doorhanger notification split buttons
535448 simple innerHTML ok on all browsers but Firefox
486297 Removal of struct JSProperty definition
582557 Intermittent failure in test_tags.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: -2147483645)
127903 <a> link tags intercept events meant for form submit buttons
617718 Fennec crash [@ nsPresContext::IsRootContentDocument ] when loading GrooveShark (plugin.disable=fals…
611238 Intermittent crash in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug590606.js | Exited with c…
611241 xul:image with a SVG filter won't display on "about:" pages
621484 Hang at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.getExtractedText(
590766 "Assertion failure: PN_TYPE(pn) == TOK_NAME || PN_TYPE(pn) == TOK_ASSIGN" with Reflect.parse, let-bl…
621487 TypeInference & TM + JM: Assertion failure: fe->data.synced()
596743 Need external RenderDocument API for embedding
590774 Crash [@ js::ASTSerializer::function] with Reflect.parse("function::x")
590775 Assertion with Reflect.parse("default xml namespace=x")
609212 Peacekeeper's SHA1 hash algorithm is slow compared to Chrome due to profiling
601030 autofocus could be used to steal user's focus
621512 JM: jsop_length should use urshift32 instead of rshiftPtr
594889 [Dwrite] wrong margins between characters in text and overlapping chars with no Cleartype
533450 js_GetStringBytes ignore js_CStringsAreUTF8 when JSString::isUnitString
605133 Sync js/src/ with
621522 TypeInference: JM: crash when accessing property of undefined variable
553939 Firefox steals focus from games when Ff is minimised
607190 Add recognition of 32-bit Linux/MIPS platforms when setting CPU_ARCH to
621527 ShadowLayersParent::RecvUpdate crashes when trying to use destroyed layer manager
617433 TypeInference: (x >>> 3.14) asserts with isInt32()
619485 add WebGL info to about:support
617440 TypeInference: Assertion failure: frame.stackDepth() == opinfo->stackDepth
615394 Session Restore should notify when it is beginning and ending a restore
590820 Reflect.parse() crashers
332773 Drop XLink support
592871 TM: compartment for Global Object created in nsXULPDGlobalObject::EnsureScriptEnvironment
594699 startup crash [@ nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJSInternal(nsIDOMWindow*, char const*, char const*, char…
619497 Use the WHATWG license in the license header of files transformed from the WHATWG spec
617450 TypeInference: Assertion failure: backing->isType(JSVAL_TYPE_INT32)
613357 Fading address bar text briefly paints bright blue
601070 "Assertion failure: offset < length" [@ TypedArrayTemplate::copyFromWithOverlap]
552445 Intermittent failure in test_tmpl_treeelementsimplesyntaxrecursive.xul | tree element - simple synta…
617458 TypeInference: Assertion failure: !synced()
613364 javascript strict errors fail to show
623606 Crash [@ nsDisplayClip::nsDisplayClip ] when dragging selected text
566266 opening 2 page, but 1 only exist on the windows menu
615419 Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004003 (NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER) [nsIURI.equals]…
619516 Rename nsSVGPreserveAspectRatio to SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio & split out its inner helper-class
615423 Shutdown crash [@ mozilla::imagelib::SVGDocumentWrapper::StartAnimation]
621571 fix webgl is-object test
611332 Applet embedded via JS/JQuery call will not start
596481 Geolocation sometimes hangs without returning result or running any callbacks.
623447 "ASSERTION: AreDialogsBlocked() called without a top window"
615445 gfxUniscribeShaper should treat halfwidth Katakana sound marks as extending a cluster
623638 Crash [@ nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::SetUpStreamListener ] [@ nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::SetUpStrea…
594972 JM: weird performance numbers for constructor/apply
621598 Crash [@ nsSVGMarkerFrame::GetCanvasTM] with recursive marker, nested marker
556065 Make the OpenGL layers backend work on Mac OS X
592930 TM: set right compartment for mozJSComponentLoader::ModuleEntry::Clear
617511 bug fix for test breakage by 594644
476207 js1_8_1/trace/regress-462459-{01,02,03,04}.js fail.
617522 Tab strip moves a pixel when you have app tabs open and close the last normal tab
597043 [meta] Panorama beta8
623669 Minor cleanup in _positionPinnedTabs
619578 Add GfxInfo for android
420925 Incorrect error message when missing argument to map()
508998 The TAMIL fonts are not getting displayed properly.
613449 DWM fails to composite plugin windows correctly when they're over glass margins
539723 Alt+"1-9" does the same as Cmd+"1-9"
617549 TypeInference: Assertion failure: fe->getKnownType() == original->getKnownType()
614752 "Assertion failure: simsp <= i.sp()" with apply
617558 TypeInference: Assertion failure: !object->isDenseArray
621655 TypeInference: JM: "Assertion failure: !fe->isType(JSVAL_TYPE_DOUBLE)"
576605 intermittent mochitest-other failure in browser/base/content/test/browser_tabMatchesInAwesomebar.js …
531552 Firefox opens two windows when opening external links
613477 Make the primary Star UI (bookmarked indicator) asynchronous
619622 JM: shrink BasePolyIC by improving the ExecPoolVector representation
611432 Add assertions to check that compartments are stay the same for JM activations
619626 make splash screen faster
605294 Leak nsGlobalWindow hiding a focused iframe
618344 Web Console pprint() command should display something useful for functions
611443 Create cairo_quartz_surface_create_for_data
617589 TypeInference: Assertion failure: !ic.pools[index]
595062 Intermittent mochitest-ipcplugins failures: test_cocoa_focus.html | Test timed out then multiple fai…
599159 Assigning to obj.length does nothing when .length is inherited from a slow array
617592 TypeInference: Assertion failure: Call site vanished.
619641 jsd should return "anonymous", not an empty string or NULL, for nameless functions, for Firebug comp…
620394 crash [@ PresShell::GoToAnchor] if selectAnchor && xpointerResult && !sel
605317 TM: Special case 'function(a){return b[a]}' in String.replace (and friends?)
310056 CheckLoadURI exception for files about to be uploaded (let sites show preview of image referenced in…
546328 javascript freezings
621716 crash [@ js::LoopProfile::profileOperation][@ js::LoopProfile::decide][@ js::LoopProfile::profileLoo…
619670 onLowMemory may not work on Android
511097 After reinstalling disabled addon it continues to be disabled. Need to reload firefox twice.
617624 TypeInference: Assertion failure: !fe->isType(JSVAL_TYPE_DOUBLE)
605338 Turn off Aero Peek until we can implement a delayed hover
584860 TM: Move TM into compartment
609440 make JSString::chars / JS_GetStringChars fallible
617634 SVGPathData::GetMarkerPositioningData checks for PATHSEG_CURVETO_QUADRATIC_ABS instead of PATHSEG_CU…
615589 -moz-mac-focusring color should be keyboardFocusIndicatorColor (NSColor)
601262 Octal in directive not caught in ES5 strict-mode code
613551 JSGC_MAX_MALLOC_BYTES is too large on mobile
617656 Discard jitcode to avoid excessive memory consumption
586938 missing VIEWPORT enum in WebGL context
617670 TypeInference: Assertion failure: op == JSOP_DIV
614583 crash [@ nsDocument::AddToIdTable(mozilla::dom::Element*, nsIAtom*) ]
612642 JS base64 code needs to be updated for removal of JS_GetStringBytesZ
622797 #ifndef does not work for config/system-headers config
617688 TypeInference: wrong result for x = -(void 0)
619737 TI: Kraken audio-fft much slower with type inference
609502 TM: "Assertion failure: hasInt32Repr(*vp)"
617699 nsDOMFileReader::DispatchProgressEvent compares PRUint64 mReadTotal >= 0
619749 JSD: can't reach the last line when single stepping
603366 NewCompartment leaks compartment when compartment->init() fails
611564 8% DHTML talos regression from bug 575521
617712 TypeInference: crash in debug and release builds
621809 Update WebGLContextNotSupported.cpp
621814 Incorrect decompilation with non-ASCII property name in destructuring
619768 upgrade ANGLE to r511
617729 Update Bookmark Star Icon
617737 SVG text white space handling incorrect
605457 Ogg code uses a singlethreaded hashtable on multiple threads, causing assertions during random tests…
484627 TM: Generate code for js_CallTree directly on trace as LIR
621845 Assertion failure: compartment mismatched with pending exception
617750 TypeInference: Missing type at #1:00033 popped 0: RegExp:prototype:new
619800 Enable scriptability for nsIPrincipal methods
619802 nsLocaleService::nsLocaleService leaks resultLocale when posixConverter->GetXPLocale() fails
617757 TypeInference: Missing type at #1:00039 popped 1: int
619630 Support no comma or whitespace between points in polyline
570662 TM: eagerly call thisObject hook and cache result in global objects
615723 Turn on methodjit for DOM workers
601392 "ABORT: DOM wrapper's list length is out of sync" [@ DOMSVGLengthList::Length]
607537 SVG SMIL: Support paint servers an animation values
619827 throw from AudioTrack constructor kills fennec
595253 IndexedDB: Notifications should auto-dismiss in some circumstances
611639 NS_ProxyRelease does not work for RefPtrs
523578 test_places/queries/test_redirectsMode.js fails, and then reports a failure in head_queries.js
578877 Re-enable ANGLE and WebGL on Linux
615745 CookieServiceChild doesn't receive preference observer notifications
597315 Frameset history does not work properly when restoring a tab
576837 YARR allows what seems like a bogus character-class range
619849 JM: shrink JITScript on 64-bit platforms
615764 Remove nsRadioUpdateValueMissingVisitor
363861 GDI ClearType rendered to RGBA surfaces sometimes looks bad
580962 testcase from bug 580233 (unexpected values in GPOS table) crashes on Linux
373990 New feature suggestion: window.redraw() or similar from javascript
623974 Letter spacing problem with D2D enabled and ClearType disabled
595307 IndexedDB: third-party checks
615788 Reusing SVG patterns with objectBoundingBox units fails to update CTM of child content
617838 javascript: URIs don't work in <browser remote>
597360 Closing the last group results in weird behavior (window closes after pressing Ctrl+T, unresponsiven…
615794 Fix incorrect usage of ToNearestPixels in FrameLayerBuilder and elsewhere
615805 Resizing Inspect Network Request window causes window to move
600982 Clear DOM storage entries for a domain when using the Forget about this site feature
619910 Misplaced autocomplete suggestions when typing a command in a new line
617863 "ASSERTION: video changed size?" from plugins' BasicImageLayers
595180 [OS X] [OpenGL] Window resizer not drawn
617870 Compartment mismatch with JSD: lineToPc(1, PCMAP_PRETTYPRINT)
617872 Focus manager allows F6 to focus elements inside non-focusable iframes/browsers
613781 Window buttons (close, minimize, maximize) appear hovered although they are not when resizing window
593302 "ASSERTION: Removing id entry that doesn't exist" after moving nodes between documents
578968 Hover-state of buttons at the end of the tabstrip isn't cleared when moving mouse up to the window b…
615833 Change event should not be cancelable
619934 startup crash [@ mozilla::gl::GLContext::UploadSurfaceToTexture(gfxASurface*, nsIntRect const&, unsi…
621986 fix webgl is-object test
621987 unary - applied to unsigned var in ConvertImage
607653 avoid temporary fbos/textures on transformed layers, when possible
583078 Too much padding on toolbars on Mac
617905 refactor gfxFont::InitTextRun to make the splitting of long runs universally applicable
593294 TM: various other defaultCompartment fixes
559006 Wrong behavior with JSClass::convert hook and JIT
617913 FuzzOneInvalidCaseConversion could check result of CaseInsensitiveCompare/CharByCharCompareEqual
615870 Remote HTML5 video rendering pipeline should be shorter
619968 feGaussianBlur with a zero std deviation in either direction should not cause rendering to fail
619970 Assertion failure: data.s.payload.why == why, at jsvalue.h:527
157123 Browser scrollbars continue scrolling after I release mouse button
620790 crash [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::UseLayers() ]
601545 Clear Recent History dialog jumps downwards and to the right each time details panel is opened/close…
611789 Web Console cleanup: Remove the window registry
622042 IndexedDB: Rework events and requests
620794 crash [@ nsNPAPIPluginInstance::HandleEvent ]
605662 enable per-compartment GC
568801 object received with no cache/expires headers using xmlhttprequest is sometimes after next request (…
622053 Devolve CallPropertyOp into its callers, for great assertiveness/readability
603625 Network Panel heading alignment
622060 jsreftest.html?test=ecma_3/Number/ | application timed out after 330 seconds with no o…
617965 IPC::ParamTraits<nsIDOMGeoPosition*>::Read leaks GeoPositionCoords when ReadParam(... address) fails
622063 Make Fennec-Gtk compiling on Maemo6
552432 Determine whether to shadow a property based on slotful *or* has JSPropertyOp setter (given writable…
609785 Startupcache urls should not depend on install-location
620029 TM: newArray doesn't catch negative array lengths
620034 "ABORT: DOM wrapper's list length is out of sync" [@ mozilla::DOMSVGNumberList::Length]
616705 Enable readBack for SharedMemory plugins pipeline
619096 nsMemoryReporterManager should be threadsafe
613909 Disable pinch gestures by default & revert three finger vertical swipe gestures
593497 JM+TM: use iteration count blacklisting only if methodjit is enabled
587288 TM: Fix RegExp ExecutablePool race
620059 Tab bar icons have wrong gradient when window loses focus.
622678 [d3d9] Minefield gets black window interior with Intel graphics card on XP after screen lock
593444 JM+TM: make Dromaeo+sessionrestore not inhibit tracing
622117 Links with href broken if JavaScript is disabled and onclick attribute is present
620070 Permaorange - js1_5/extensions/regress-342960.js - No test results reported. (SCRIPT)
609832 Function statements should be banned (for now) in ES5 strict mode
585258 Performance regression on the testcase in bug 424715
620078 Crash [@ nsAutoFocusEvent::Run] with autofocus attribute in removed frame
562736 Request for relative uri after 302 redirect is occasionally relative to the original request
566836 Eliminate JSObjectOps::dropProperty
619785 nsComputedDOMStyle::DoGetMozBackgroundSize leaks valY when it has problems with valX
603706 Need a way to track the originating window for all nsIConsoleMessages
529987 Get error message in error console if I click on a link where I have &lt;base target="_blank"> in th…
591430 Reflect.parse(): TOK_NAME statement nodes with pn_lexdef
591431 Reflect.parse(): JSOP_*XMLNAME nodes as lvalues
595530 Searching bookmarks and history is much slower after SQLite 3.7.x upgrade
586679 Figure out how to show glass through TabView iframe
601676 Configure should reject python3
591437 Reflect.parse(): can't reliably use pn_cookie for function args
622158 Fix DirectX SDK platform detection
620114 File size of pluginreg.dat increases steadily when I toggle enable/disable plug-ins
615011 Intermittent timeout in jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_5/extensions/regress-336409-2.js | a…
601684 JSFUN_PRIMITIVE_THIS is redundant with fun->u.i.script->strictModeCode
613973 Do not hide the invalid form popup if the user types in the invalid form control
609878 no longer generating en-US langpacks after bug 578393
613977 Intermittent invalid certificate error prompt in security tests causing timeouts
591450 crash parsing destructuring function with rebound non-destructuring arg
613979 oninput should fire after the validity state update
539959 random failure in test_tmpl_bindingsmultiple.xul
620130 Calls to eval with same code + varying strict mode of script containing eval == fail
603750 nsWebSocket connection failure messages do not show in the Web Console
617745 Jaegermonkey: Assert isDenseArray() && idx < getDenseArrayInitializedLength()
609898 JM: TypeInference: do floating point register allocation
609899 JM: Allocate registers across branches and joins
620140 Bug 616271 causes CanLoadPlugin returns failure when plugin path is non-ASCII
566895 Tabs in Gmail are not displayed correctly
620144 clip paths and masks that can't be resolved should be ignored
622194 Animated GIF just flashes instead of proper animation
607860 remove navigator.mozNotification from Firefox desktop
619113 Invalid vim modeline in nsDocShell.cpp
584969 Remove references to nsIFileSpec from the "supported" set in nsIPrefBranch
623915 about:memory reporter for string chars
538242 window.moveTo(0,0) has no effect
620169 [@ SVGAnimatedLengthList::SetBaseValueString][@ SVGAnimatedNumberList::SetBaseValueString] useing do…
581263 remove slow natives
550548 Remove PRBool return-val for |nsCSSDeclaration::InitializeEmpty| (and always assume success)
618134 IndexedDB: Rename cursor types to comply with spec changes
618135 IndexedDB: Implement update() on index cursors (not on index key cursors)
620184 remove null checks from GetDOMSlots() and rename it to DOMSlots() because it is infallible in m-c
580965 Vertical lines between non-tab tab bar elements look out of place in the tabs on top mode
616090 nsDOMStorageDBWrapper is causing constant 5s timer
618139 IndexedDB: Make delete() and get() not return an error event when the key does not exist
618140 IndexedDB: Don't fire success event callbacks once a transaction has been aborted
618141 IndexedDB: createObjectStore and createIndex should accept an optional object argument
544414 Use locale info when converting numbers to string in JS on Android
618143 IndexedDB: Don't accept null as a valid key
618096 Use 16x16 for extension toolbar icons on Mac
620194 "ASSERTION: nsLoadGroup not thread-safe" under nsWyciwygCloseEvent::~nsWyciwygCloseEvent
622246 Drop down menu href links dont work when clicked
618151 Overwriting state can lead to unrestored tabs
503465 Image with a dimension of 65535px or greater does not display
556715 Combining diacritics with OpenType features broken with Monospace
606834 [OS/2] follow-up Make int32* and int32_t* inter-convertible
620637 Assertion failure: result->isImmI(jsint(r))
585393 left tab title text shifts when a new tab is added
542396 Intermittent failure in test_tmpl_treeelementquerysyntax.xul | tree element - query syntax
595648 investigate and test handling of '0' in calc() expressions
593604 Support some form of component alpha with D3D9 layers
609990 JS_ASSERT(!initialVarObj->getOps()->defineProperty); triggered while browsing
618183 nsDocument leak due to nsTypeAheadFind
607944 Canary fails to build with --disable-libxul (missing symbol XRE_GetProcessType)
538314 TM: Add dmandelin's ad hoc closure tests to trace-test suite
585420 Drop files from intl and restore nsCaseConversionImp2
610594 "ABORT: F.6.6.3 should prevent this. Will sqrt(-num)!"
620242 [@ JetpackActorCommon::RecList::remove] mishandles node
618196 IndexedDB: Error events and exceptions thrown during success events should abort transactions
538326 Large regression in test case from bug 534590
620252 RomanToText could use // FALLTHROUGH comments for 3 and 2
620253 nsResizerFrame::AdjustDimensions fall through comment is misplaced
620255 add comment nsHTMLInputElement::PostHandleEvent for isMovingBack falling through
623228 WebGL context destruction hangs on Droid
620267 All newlines immediately following a start <pre> tag get stripped
620269 unreachable code in nsPlatformCharset::GetDefaultCharsetForLocale if HAVE_LANGINFO_CODESET
605935 Use private-browsing-transition-complete instead of sessionstore-browser-state-restored
622321 { x: 1, get x() { } }, { get x() { }, get x() { } }, { set x(v) { }, x: 2 } are all syntax errors, e…
614131 Compartment mismatches with JSD: CallJSNative(exn_toString)
604798 JM: Move JM ThreadData stuff to compartment
614136 Hang in sa_stream_write on shutdown when IPC enabled due to stream being paused
616186 fail the event tests if dupe event is fired
573039 Segfault with CUPS 1.4.4 (Print and Print Preview do not work)
610044 Crash [@ mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::CxxStackFrame::CxxStackFrame]
593195 TM: Blacklist based on iteration count/weight
620295 SVG <a> elements do not expose their href properties in JS
618248 When I start drag a bookmark in any Bookmarks popup, the Bookmarks popup closes immediately
610057 Persona theme overlap caption buttons when opening a new browser window and parent window is maximiz…
536331 bradley hand tic tt bold font not available
597634 Intermittent browser_522545.js | sessionstore got correct userTypedValue - Got undefined, expected e…
534829 Dark Red Designer D persona automatically loads whenever I receive an automatic add-on update
620304 crash [@ nsTypedSelection::GetIndicesForInterval] if !aStartIndex/!aEndIndex
622959 fix webgl vertexattribpointer test
610070 Large amount of heap allocation from js::PropertyTable::init
618265 Leaking gfxSharedImageSurfaces
608026 [PATCH] fix some minor compilation warnings
620315 "Assertion failure: unexpected constantly false guard detected" with "use strict", 4>this
602757 Hardware acceleration disables ClearType on the add-on bar
623921 Backout HTTP Syn Retry
541661 Dragging the map does not work on browser game, Grepolis, JavaScript attachEvent object not working.
620337 TI: Inference failure when using non-int/string properties
611635 [OOPP][D2D][D3D10] Flash doesn't show its version in the about Flash page when OOPP and D3D10 is ena…
620345 Textarea doesn't allow keyboard input in modal dialog
606011 onfocus event not fired on click for elements made specially focusable via tabindex
611296 QuickTime plugin not recognized for some Mac OS X users
620355 Uninitialized variable warnings in GLContext::UploadSurfaceToTexture
620356 Uninitialized variable warning in CreateOffscreenPixmapContext
622405 Container of browser.xul identity-popup-more-info-button (an hbox) is missing ID
620358 Uninitialized variable warning in SVGAnimatedPointList::SetBaseValueString
536391 When scrolling down, the whole PC freezes and must be rebooted
380747 Numeric and string literals after get/set
619490 Don't use double-buffered shadowed layers with OGL compositing
593742 TM: nsDOMWorker has to set the right compartment
577359 Don't generate INITPROP/INITELEM for constant initializer elements
620376 ArrayToIdVector from jsproxy.cpp should check for operation callback invocations
618334 Web Console: normal GET requests should show up under Net/Log, not Net/Error
592869 TM: set right compartment in XPCNativeMember::Resolve
622436 Crash [@ GLEngine@0xaa6bc ]
616294 delete x, in function t() { return eval("var x; (function() { return delete x; })")(); }, doesn't wo…
597864 Javascript strangely slow/ locking up browser ( and tabs)
606058 Non-chrome XUL overlays can create JSObjects in the wrong compartment.
597867 New addons do not appear in the addons section FF4B6
618350 TM calls setter for array literals
555653 Inability to save Sections, Categories, or Articles in Joomla 1.5
620402 crash [@ gfxTextRun::BreakAndMeasureText] if haveHyphenation && !aProvider
603322 new[] mismatch with delete instead of delete[] in TVariable::shareConstPointer
538488 Controls on pages do not indicate visually when the mouse pointer is over a clickable label
622461 CSS3 transition delay ignored when transition duration is 0
479102 TM: Improve performance of code we don't trace well
561023 second instance of 3.7a4 tries to open
622474 [QT] ipdlunittest does not work on Qt port
604045 TypeInference: identify packed arrays
596776 IndexedDB: Prevent quota prompt from hanging on shutdown
554648 Crash during exploration of folders
614290 pinnedonly="true" incorrectly set after session restore
623598 avoid repeatedly extracting and deleting libraries
620445 useless null check of prefix in XMLToXMLString
620446 Provide support for RTL languages in simple SVG text elements
618399 content area border color implemented in bug 588764 is incorrect - too light
272288 Allow SVG source for <svg:image>
562406 Omnijar js components from startupcache during build
622235 ipdlunittest.exe doesn't build on windows anymore
622503 Build failure when JS_TRACER is not defined
614314 Windows created after entering/exiting fullscreen mode are created at maximum size
612267 Methods added to Window.prototype don't show up on window
610973 Script error when extending String.prototype
615872 "ASSERTION: Sample time should not precede current interval" with removed documentElement
618422 jstracer msvc warning in profiler code
617460 TypeInference: different result in JM and interpreter
614333 Remove the empty script optimization
618485 64-bit big-endian jsval_layout is not defined, compile fails
615072 obj decl from top of Parser::letStatement is unused
612292 Rename array allocation functions
618437 No indication of blocked popups when the notification bar is disabled
556998 Save box do not work correctly until I close the first box and try to save the file again.
622536 OnProgress/OnStatus events processing is very expensive in Remote fennec
614348 browser/fuel/test/browser_ApplicationQuitting.js causes ASSERTION: XPConnect is being called on a sc…
616397 New Image() doesn't work in Greasemonkey scripts
595922 tooltips should not show form validation message if the form element has @novalidate
612312 Change DEBUG_ARRAYS to DEBUG
559067 tracemonkey MSVC warnings fixes
616412 "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)" in nsScriptSecurityManager::CheckFuncti…
606173 Firefox crashes [@ xpc::ResolveNativeProperty ]
616414 "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)" at IPC::ParamTraits<PrefTuple>::Write (…
620512 Firefox 4.0b9pre crash in [@ nsNPAPIPluginInstance::UseAsyncPainting(int*) ]
619488 Inform child processes of the compositor's layer-manager type
613372 IndexedDB: Success event for setVersion request has wrong result
612334 have typed arrays treat length params more sanely
618484 Workers: Allow ChromeWorkers access to XPCOM objects
493557 "Recent Tags" and "Recently Bookmarked" are flipped when smart bookmarks are updated.
620534 Plugin-like files add overhead on every startup on Mac(nsPluginsDir::IsPluginFile is doing IO)
618487 Starting Nightly Win32 20101208 Trunk Build Divx Web Player Videos won't play on and Vidx…
619519 Fix android key down/press/up handling
617813 "ASSERTION: does it make sense to Resize() a disabled or hidden widget?" in PuppetWidget