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Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 RC 1 Fixes

See the complete list of bugs fixed by Firefox 4 RC 1.

Bug ID Summary
632833 Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::LeaveModalState(nsIDOMWindow*) ]
626691 "Log In To My T-Mobile" flash text is mispositioned, when loading "My T-Mobile" page in background t…
635397 when tabbar and menubar have unified appearance, tabbar should be just as draggable as menubar
635400 crash [@ nsBuiltinDecoder::GetBuffered]
635401 Segfault when checking name of graphics driver vendor
634380 Problem with drop down menus on Nike and also on other sites
635405 Zooming windowless plugin frame can cause it to "bleed" outside bounds
628048 hovered highlight on menu item sticks around too long after moving to a different menu item
636945 add downcasting for nsRootAccessible
634387 [Mac] Firefox 4.0b12pre crash [@ mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak_P | mozilla::plugins::PPluginInstanc…
620206 nsFrameMessageManager::ReceiveMessage returns non-nsresult values
636692 Remove the Hotmail-specific hack that forces the old parser for
513616 [meta] nanojit: clean up register allocator
635417 Regular expression bug (breaks splinter patch review)
635418 TabShow & TabHide should cause saveStateDelayed
629167 FFT algorithm runs 5X faster with Tracemonkey-only than with Jaeger and Trace Monkeys working togeth…
635420 Clicking on content within Normal tab of Composer and stops switching to other tabs
623136 speed up font loading on android
633890 Assertion failure: prop == (JSProperty*) shape
637987 IPDL protocols used in unit tests are always built, even without --enable-ipdl-tests
633892 Blacklist NVIDIA NVS 3100M on driver
635943 Check Items.arrange() calls to make sure tab bounds are correctly calculated
636968 Startup crash [@ InitDwriteBG ] in virtual environments
619565 "Assertion failure: scopeChain_ == calleeValue().toObject().getParent()"
633390 Crop long link URLs in the middle instead of at the end (as the location bar hover link did)
636465 misspelled words in the subject line get underlined despite disabled "Spell Check As You Type" in a …
635442 Crash [@ nsSVGComponentTransferFunctionElement::DidAnimateNumberList]
630835 Transition paint wrong fragments at the end of transition for 1-2 seconds.
622942 Gmail's chat contact list layer is not opaque when scrolling on OS X
536630 TM: awful LIR generated for bitwise-and.js (and everything else)
635451 Firefox changes font mid-line on some numerals
632893 Remove useless Cc/Ci/Cr/Cu/Components.*/Services.jsm from Firefox tests
635966 elfhack fails with llvm LTO
635968 JM: Crash on Google Spreadsheet
387138 immediately after instantiation (cut/paste or subscribe), livemark looks like a regular folder in so…
632587 implement getSupportedExtensions and isContextLost
632901 TM: crash when assigning to function.arguments
635462 "/tests/dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/prototype/test_Prototype.html or /tests/dom/tests/mochitest/bugs/te…
635465 JavaScript menu is not working on
635980 Frequent harmless ASSERTION Nv3DVStreaming Nv3DVControl failed!
463950 When feed is refreshed in Thunderbird, <video> in feed starts playing
636495 Make enabling profilers actually --enable-profiling
626768 Startup crash [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozcrt19.dll@0x1327f | nsCycleCollectorGCHookRu…
635475 nsIdleServiceDaily can cause pointer corruption
633941 Mac OS X "Open with..." / double-click on "web" file horked (browser launches without actually loadi…
562262 fix license in a11y files
626617 Remove Termiadur search plug-in on major update to 4.0
637019 regression at - Sorting feature doesn't work (Sort by A-Z; Z-A; etc)
631388 Investigate not centering plugin images in their frame if the frame/image sizes mismatch
624733 Add .masr (Egypt) to IDN TLD whitelist
634974 JavaScript strict warning: chrome://browser/content/tabview.js, line 3274: anonymous function does n…
629857 Gray bar is added after repainting layer
636002 better messages about attrib index validation
627729 Selectively use the old HTML parser for Hotmail to work around repeated reloading
636008 [Maemo6] Fennec crashes on startup, with Xlib error.
632423 Text poorly rendered with hardware acceleration off (most noticeable with white text)
632941 statuspanel's minimum width should be an em value and max width should be a percentage value
629358 Baum Retec AG Cobra screen reader popup compatibility issue
637040 iframe embedding youtube not displaying in os x
637032 Repeated Console messages in the Web Console not showing number
609396 Some Frames are rendered inconsistently after restart.
602558 MSVC10 fails to compile with Google OTS source
621686 Enable IDN for .ua
637559 Add logging to Android Bridge
634132 The page flickers/flashes black when scrolling the page while a flash video (on BBC, Engadget, and p…
635005 new RegExp(undefined) should work like new RegExp("")
637901 Video in youtube goes white
635008 browser hangs every time on the "categorize your question" page on yahoo answers and needs to be kil…
386690 Negative width attribute and percentage height on <svg:foreignObject> causes "ASSERTION: reflow stat…
635014 Don't draw the checkerboard behind undefined content in "sync scrolling mode"
588426 Restoring multiple solely hidden tabs (after crash) breaks session restore
621707 Add to PSL
621710 Add to PSL
631491 toolbar's iconsize attribute is not updated correctly after switching themes
603798 our tabs look great on XP but don't fit as well with Windows 7 and aero
623768 Pressing Backspace in Panorama causes last focused tab to navigate backwards
636219 JM: Interpreter's useMethodJIT flag needs to be reset when entering a new function
638106 CKEditor document should be editable
607900 [startup-notification] Two windows started when Firefox launched for the first times
634906 Allow CORS from nsXmlHttpRequest when script is loaded from file
636613 Let WebGL mochitest run on Windows XP
638116 use different background gradient colors in split menu buttons in Firefox Button
634534 Firefox 4 crash Silverlight video [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozcrt19.dll@0x1327f | mozi…
601768 Ensure it's safe to hand a function to a sandbox
635051 revert experienced_first_use to experienced_first_run
634542 Spike in crashes [@ call_trace ] among users with Firebug installed + [@ JSStackFrame::callObj() ]
591537 Freeze UA build id for Firefox branded builds
635059 Update WebGL test suite to version 1.0.0 from
636086 build bustage when building with --disable-pango
637385 TM: Assertion failure: obj == globalObj, at ../jstracer.cpp:15253
636088 Blocked LSP: Microsoft Proxy Client / Microsoft Firewall Client Service Provider
635068 WebGL test array-unit-tests.html fails
636093 "ABORT: Shadow layers can't be destroyed during txns!: '!HasShadow() || !BasicManager()->InTransacti…
636611 Block WebGL on Mac OS X 10.5 (not on 10.6)
633462 Talos turns orange on "###!!! [Child][RPCChannel] Error: Channel closing: too late to send/recv, mes…
628938 Treewalker not working properly in Mozilla Treewalker Demo
630306 "jsobj.h:1239: warning: inline function 'JSCompartment* JSObject::getCompartment() const' used but n…
636877 Improve android restarts
635768 pages print improperly
636114 Crash [@ PluginBackgroundSink::~PluginBackgroundSink() ]
638414 Missing toString() function on Array.prototype - TypeError: Array.prototype.toString called on incom…
633465 Turn off bug 591836 workaround on Win64
635608 Clean up sizemode=normal & disablechrome styling for aero glass
636637 "e is not defined" error while trying to log "Error while loading thumbnail"
634590 Unqualified function invocation doesn't use the global object the property was gotten from as |this|
634593 Assertion failure: proto->isNative(), at jsobjinlines.h:917
636131 iBus freezes when it retrieves surrounding text and if the caret is at end of line (IA__gtk_im_conte…
636143 Full screen tab bar doesn't drop down after minimize and top of content is cut off.
606960 crash [@ js::Interpret(JSContext*, JSStackFrame*, unsigned int, JSInterpMode) ]
621411 Hardware acceleration in Firefox/SeaMonkey causes Oracle VirtualBox 3.2/4.0 to crash
633074 Zoom in animation is not shown for tabs deep within stacks
637683 crash [@ memcpy | NS_CopySegmentToBuffer(nsIInputStream*, void*, char const*, unsigned int, unsigned…
626421 Non-clickable area on top of each tab in Windows XP (tabs in titlebar)
636666 paste option doesn't appear in context menu for text boxes in content on android
619773 WebGL: Crash with blue screen : "NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error" with ATI Mobility FireGL V…
637184 Missing newline at end of file in MacIOSurfaceImageOGL.h
631553 crash [@ PL_DHashTableOperate | nsFrameScriptExecutor::LoadFrameScriptInternal]
627464 Annotate crash reports about gfx features in use
636169 Web Console notifications needed for customization via Addons
629514 Use public domain headers for our tests
627979 [clang] "cannot compile this __asm__ yet" in xptcinvoke_x86_64_unix
615693 Improve the inactive window appearance of tabs-on-top
623405 svg text rotation reftest failures on WinXP: anim-text-rotate-01.svg & dynamic-text-04.svg
636176 Sync should not sync general.autoScroll
636689 Rename the HTML5 parser pref in order to reset it for everyone who has flipped it during the beta cy…
635666 WebGL crash [@mozilla::WebGLContext::CopyTexSubImage2D]
635155 Get full JIT-tests coverage back
635156 typos in test svg files.
624917 undo close tab does not restore page with frameset
637206 Random pauses while watching Hulu videos
524761 Intermittent failure in test_resolveNullBookmarkTitles.js
634648 re-enable tests disabled due to debug shell reftest assertion: !CompartmentHasLiveScripts(comp)
638218 Asynchronous policy-uri fetching causes connection problems when using NTLM proxy
632612 Minor improvements to js_DumpObject
620326 Intermittent failure in /tests/content/media/test/test_playback.html | Test timed out.
633133 Testing for named items in HTMLCollections using 'in' operator always returns false
635696 restore focus after "Undo Close Group" of last group
612872 HAL/Supernova needs more sophisticated window emulation
635195 Assertion failure: !wp->setter, at jsdbgapi.cpp:781
615741 too large canvases don't draw and are black
553278 Video should decode into buffers allocated by layer backend we are targeting.
637401 [regression] Console message nodes do not have unique IDs anymore
638276 Update (and fix) nsTextEditorState.h documentation
635594 Assertion failure: !tm->recorder, at jstracer.cpp:7131
414690 match case checkbox and label not aligned vertically with find toolbar buttons
631119 Dummy popup widgets created in content process can interrupt IME state
635728 Favicon background must match group item background color
617297 Fennec 4.0b3pre Crash Report [@ nsXPConnect::GetPrincipal] [@ nsScriptSecurityManager::doGetObjectPr…
609106 Add plugin-container.exe to ShimInclusionList via installer
635733 Weird transparency when dragging tabs out of groups
635737 Zoom animation frame is rotated when we zoom out of a non-top stacked tab
637278 Full CPU load as long as is displayed with hardware acceleration disabled
637282 Crash [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P | mozilla::plugins::PPluginInstance::Tr…
632379 Can't select some bookmarks
594596 Crash in [@ nsMenuPopupFrame::CreateWidgetForView(nsIView*) ]
613221 TypeInference: make inference structures GC safe
636776 Crash [@ nsSHEntry::GetParent(nsISHEntry**) ][@ @0x0 | nsSHEntry::GetParent(nsISHEntry**) ][@ nsDocS…
638318 Page starting with lots of NUL chars is incorrectly sniffed as UTF-16BE (with HTML5 parser enabled)
635844 Update pushState to latest spec. Again.
635252 Autocomplete textbox gets corrupted after customizing toolbars
634942 HelperApp launch is broken with GIO
621432 Assertion failure: script->main <= target && target < script->code + script->length
636281 crash [@ -[ChildView setMarkedText:selectedRange:]]
636795 PROCESS-CRASH | test_index_messages_imap_online_to_offline.js (and others) crash after latest tracem…
633725 docload_wnd.xul (and nsRootAcc_wnd.xul) tries to load about:robots which is Firefox specific (atm)
601988 Translated C++ code is not as fast as it could be
637321 Fix tests that try to use the 'telephone' input type instead of the 'tel' input type
634454 The Find bar at the bottom of the page keeps going away
633741 Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending(), at ../jscntxtinlines.h:704
636817 Video only plays on mouseOver
620434 useless null check of result in nsXULTreeBuilder::ReplaceMatch
636820 Test for bug 634590 fails with -a -m
635286 ":not()" pseudo class in ":-moz-any()" selector doesn't work correctly
627096 [Meta] Panorama BetaN
631194 Overlay for connecting / waiting / loading status messages is no longer "small"
636655 Creating large textnodes became slower since 1.9.2
635665 nsPrefBranch::GetComplexValue code incorrect after e10s merge
476570 need an message to console or in the page when src not found for video tag
577438 Make NodeIterator and TreeWalker not use GetChildAt
586145 JM: improve string concatenation speed in date-format-xparb.js
565667 'Tools' > 'Add-ons' only works when browser window is in the foreground
630180 ###!!! ASSERTION: No parent accessible where we're not direct child of window: 'xpParentAcc', file .…
596901 "ASSERTION: Attempting to nest call to BeginSecureKeyboardInput" when iframes fight over password-fi…
635814 add shellName and shellVersion to nsSystemInfo
570279 Tab+NavBar Connecting Curve Adjustments
629160 Generating CASE_EXIT for some default cases in tableswitch when tracing
636828 browser.js nsINavBookmarkObserver::onItemAdded incorrectly expects aURI when folder added
637200 GET-request to is removed from WebConsole
634745 Fix ARM SIMD/NEON tests to work with LTO
637361 REOPEN : SSL pages don't work when using a NTLM proxy
631733 When idle the GC holds on to unused chunks indefinitely
630201 Crash [@ nsTArray<DWRITE_GLYPH_OFFSET, nsTArrayDefaultAllocator>::Clear() ] with pre-Windows-RTM ver…
632763 Block level links and dynamic HTML
633788 "closing last tab" inconsistency between main browser window and panorama
604944 new crash starting in 20101015 nightlies [@js_GetReservedSlot(JSContext*, JSObject*, unsigned long, …
627649 [Mac] Some events incorrectly passed to a plugin that occur over the plugin
613314 Firefox/4.0b8pre crash in [@ nsWindow::IPCWindowProcHandler(unsigned int&, unsigned int&, long&) ] m…
636356 WebGL crash [@mozilla::WebGLBuffer::ZeroDataIfElementArray]
626678 Firefox becomes unresponsive when docking or undocking my laptop
636870 Using webgl on optimus hardware causes instant crash
637004 Crash [@ mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceChild::EnsureCurrentBuffer() ]
523928 Partner contact for McAffee
636364 Followup fixes and tests in wake of global |this| binding change (shell failure on js1_8_5/regress/r…
636365 Add separate GCTIMER interval for sweeping Shapes
637390 Test interpreter only in jit-tests
73681 RANGE:Child Nodes of Attr Nodes have a parentNode property set to null.
611795 Repeated messages in the Web Console should be collapsed into one
633305 about:memory should display memory reporters that live in the child process
637915 nsJNIString is leaky with zero length strings.
634844 Non-animated plugins constantly reupload image with accelerated layers and async rendering
636894 Audio 'MozAudioAvailable' event timing behaving poorly
630693 Web console's copying adds extra newline between groups.
635873 Assertion failure: compartment == rt->gcCurrentCompartment
635362 Assertion fails when closing group item
586212 Don't carry out the command when clicking on a disabled splitmenu
631270 Status panel gets in way / obscures a Find result at the bottom of the page
628049 Improve the hover styling of split menus in the Firefox menu
636906 GFX blacklisting not affecting WebGL?
632817 Cannot filter search for NET events in the Web console
635892 Invalid HTTP version triggers text/plain or text/xml rendering
635668 The zoom in animation doesn't work for new tab by group "+" button or double click on group or empty…
636408 When opening stack window the titles of the website are not visible
624636 Allow reftests to set a "displayport" and "view transform"
596478 Intermittent fail in layout/reftests/svg/image/img-dyn-1.html
556117 Either breakage or missed fix in nsPNGDecoder.cpp in