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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.5.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
546315 Firefox choses wrong font for generic family with non-default font prefs
645121 Add StringBuffer::finishAtom to create an atom from a string buffer
651266 Google Map Maker is missing elements
632835 Firefox doesn't pass iframe test from bug 363109 correctly
635222 [css3-images] Radial gradients show the wrong color when there are 2 100% color stops at the end
313351 make nsIDocument::ContentStatesChanged take only one content node
644517 Implement channel selector UI for updates
647178 Warnings with mIsPending and mSuspendCount when running content/media tests
655703 accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound is true by default, this is a PITA of 98.34% of linux users
604172 at-import-009 in CSS 2.1 test suite fails
604175 ignoring of invalid at-keywords (@-keywords) should stop at end of containing block ({})
612368 Beef up the notes() output in the JS shell
604179 url() tokenization should not be contextual
569365 kill
535897 Building libxul builds on Mac takes forever
462872 Under Linux/Unix Firefox (and also Thunderbird) should output send print jobs in PDF to the printing…
452636 Fix "a the" in comments
647199 TI: Crash [@ js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT]
650519 Firefox crash [@ js_GCThingIsMarked(void*, unsigned int) ]
630817 The value of native keyevent's state doesn't refer to the event
643109 TI+JM: add JSOP_RSH to jsop_bitop
645160 jsdIStackFrame is incorrectly truncated at indirect eval calls
643113 TI: Crash (Null Pointer) @ JSString::isAtomized()
630828 Crash [@ nsAccessible::UpdateChildren() ]
614445 delete used to free memory allocated by operator new[] in Ogg backend
630830 "key" attribute changes to menuitems are not handled
643119 Ctrl+Drag to duplicate does not work for orphaned tabs
654003 test mozilla-aurora, mozilla-beta changes against specific Add-on SDK revision
618552 "Undo Close Group" button does not fit for some locales
585786 Get rid of slimwrapper checks in quickstubs when we can
646495 TI+JM: Assertion failure: !fe->type.isConstant(), at ../methodjit/FrameState-inl.h:484
643132 TI: [infer failure] Missing type at #2:00011 pushed 0: void
645184 Amazon Product option picker does not work
643137 strict alignment issues when displaying OpenType fonts on sparc64
641090 context/right-click menu "Search Google for" broken in popup windows, displays assertion failed dial…
655427 make sharedIDs used by automation not depend on package name
632900 Disable NetworkGeolocationProvider on Android.
55366 Don't reveal UI language to site/page -- Change navigator.language to use Accept-Language instead of…
632904 Editor/IME/spellcheck use content states when they mean IsEditable()
329740 Can we remove JSXDR_FREE
632907 Use Element more in the frame constructor
641102 Local WebM videos don't show controls with K-Lite Codec Pack
641103 Parser::emptyCallShape should be traced
620626 Upgrade to Hunspell 1.3.2
645203 a couple of safety checks in tree content view
280661 SOCKS proxy server connection timeout hard-coded
610391 Don't eagerly create widgets for combobox dropdowns
647183 TI: Crash [@js::types::TypeSet::destroy] // GC related Memory corruption
643164 Fire MozScrollAreaChanged before "load", not after
643169 TI: [infer failure] Missing type at #3:00029 pushed 0: bool
624739 Sort Idle HTTP Connections by CWND
497768 JSDependentString, JSFlatString to keep string types simpler
630889 textarea.rows and textarea.cols should be unsigned long and limited to only non-negative numbers gre…
637034 Add a native mkdir to pymake.builtins
653419 WebGL crash [@ mozilla::WebGLContext::GetCanvasLayer(nsDisplayListBuilder*, mozilla::layers::CanvasL…
650228 Lag when redrawing text whose opacity is changed when also animating height
643182 TI+JM: Assertion failure: Call site vanished., at ../methodjit/Compiler.cpp:2448
620311 crash [@ nsTableFrame::MatchCellMapToColCache | nsTableFrame::RemoveFrame] because cellMap guard did…
638312 JS_IsBuiltinEvalFunction and JS_IsBuiltinFunctionConstructor
616562 speed up JSString::isStatic()
643187 Add support for generators to mochitests
624758 crash [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange] and [@nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer] don't ha…
628073 JSOP_CASE aborts mjit compilation, rendering much of our *switch code useless
637049 No GUI to return from fullscreen mode with popups
639099 TI+JM: inline scripted calls
561276 Cookie dependency on cache determination for image redirects
637054 proxies finalize on clear, don't do anything on finalize
638997 Remove PropDesc::id
635010 new Error(undefined).hasOwnProperty("message") should be false
641157 handle addTab calls in popup windows more gracefully
542401 set TCP_NODELAY for all SocketTransport sockets (not just SSL)
647532 TI: Crash [@ js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT] or "Assertion failure: Call site vanished."
585867 Remove OOM checks from property getters in nsComputedDOMStyle and make them not return nsresult
645263 dangerous deadlock detection data divergence
630746 Add a flag to to skip extension tests
643217 Replace "ASSERTION FAILED" message with "Assertion failure" in assembler
616594 overflow:auto causes DIV to get tab focus
647315 Black bars or duplicated chunks randomly appear, when e.g. scrolling TBPL or near the middle of very…
618644 onpopstate after onload should fire with event state of null even if replaceState is fired
643222 "Assertion failure: !obj->isCall(),"
641175 Protect timer in browser_tabview_bug599626.js from being eaten by GC
483481 Under some situations we fail to set the initial directory for the file picker instance under Window…
639130 "ASSERTION: Principal mismatch" after using XMLDocument.load on navigated-away document
649583 Panning regression on google reader in 2011-04-12 nightly
553116 _confirmOpenTabs function exists in both controller.js and utils.js
604317 Remove support for UTF-32 per HTML5 spec.
641182 Remove stray outdated ARIA namespace in security prefpane
536735 missing-glyph is not at atom
577904 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in media
647332 "ASSERTION: Invalid offset" with soft hyphen
618662 nsIDocument::GetWindow() should be a const method
645288 Associate the webm file extension with Firefox
645289 Crash [@ nsNPAPIPluginInstance::GetImage ] mainly with Webex
643244 TI: Crash [@ js::types::TypeFailure] with missing type pushed inference failure
641198 Rollover animated gif show only one frame.
643249 TI: "Assertion failure: !unknownProperties,"
647347 FIx openSUSE name and rpm recommendations
610484 Firefox 4 Beta Does not Play Local WebM Videos
637111 [OS/2] eliminate copy to clipboard at shutdown
649400 [css3-animations] should animate each property across the keyframes it's present in
577908 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in nsCommandGroup.cpp
637116 Leak documents+windows with replaceState, focus, event handler closure
641738 Intermittent test_pluginstream_seek_close.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.onerror] An error…
215232 missing "window:*" events
600257 Only flush when really needed in content lists
643266 TI: Assertion failure: compartment mismatched, at jscntxtinlines.h:530
641219 HTMLElement.getElementsByTagName broken with foreign children
641221 Turn on -MD on mingw by default
639175 Unable to refine searches on Y! Answers
643272 TI: Assertion failure: isGet(), at ./methodjit/PolyIC.h:518
651980 Intermittent dom/src/threads/test/test_chromeWorkerJSM.xul | Test timed out
641227 Crash in mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceParent::GetImage [@ mozilla::layers::MacIOSurfaceImageOGL::…
557260 use MercurialBuildFactory for mobile builds
585933 Only unknown elements should implement HTMLUnknownElement
635087 nsCryptoRunnable::Run leaks JSPrincipals
614608 String.prototype.split argument evaluation order is wrong
645331 Unused autostring in nsGenericElement::RemoveAttributeNS
643284 TI: Crash [@ JSString::isRope] (Memory corruption?)
643285 TI: [infer failure] Missing type at #5:00003 pushed 0: void
530647 CSP vulnerable to UTF-7 encoded script injection
608473 |var eval = otherWindow.eval; eval(...)| should behave like indirectly calling that eval from a scri…
639194 ParamTraits<nsQueryContentEvent>::Read is wrong
643291 chnage nshttpcompressconv NS_ERROR to NS_WARNING for data input error
534749 TM: we try to overflow guard loads
645987 Canvas invalidation broken
641250 showdown-highlight page rendering funny
643299 TI: Assertion failure: script->fun && arg < script->fun->nargs, at ./jsanalyze.h:210
639204 Fix link with xcode 4
637157 @font-face family names should hide system fonts
628966 test_bug428847.html (by way of file_bug428847-1.xhtml) loads ove…
633066 Remove nsICiter and make nsInternetCiter a static class
643307 Crash [@ nsThebesFontMetrics::GetMetrics ]
534764 Make NSPR_LOG_FILE work for multiple processes
639220 Replace the strcpy function with strlcpy function to avoid possible overflow
640968 Start-up crash [@ mozilla::scache::StartupCache::WaitOnWriteThread] when showing profile locked dial…
585978 Add SSE implementation of is-ascii check in nsTextFragment
639227 one trace hook is enough, really
637180 Unused function IsFloatInteger
637181 Unused variable sh in gfxAlphaRecovery::AlignRectForSubimageRecovery
639231 separate reset and inherited nsStyleStructID (SID) ranges and store structs in arrays-by-SID rather …
645376 [Mac only] when there are graphics blocklist entries, what is blocked depends on uninitialized varia…
647552 compiler warnings about initialized variables in GLXLibrary::EnsureInitialized
637186 Ignoring return value of SendDeleteSelf in HttpChannelParent::Delete
639235 mark watch points after the main GC phase
647428 TI: Assertion failure: top->getKnownType() != JSVAL_TYPE_STRING, at ./methodjit/Compiler.cpp:4056
635948 Check for valid compiler/Mac OS X SDK combination works by chance
461066 Add support for XHR's loadend event
200972 Enable tracemalloc based stacks for autolocks
647440 TI+JM: Assertion failure: !isEntryCopied(fe), at ../methodjit/FrameState-inl.h:878
646983 "ASSERTION: nsTextFragment length mismatch" with soft hyphen, bidi
637204 Some unconditionally reserved words are reserved only in strict code
583958 Add NEON detection to SSE.h?
643352 Keep-Alive header syntax invalid
637212 Bookmarks toolbar has an unwanted border in maximized windows with tabs on bottom, aero glass and a …
602397 TM: clean up TraceRecorder::alu()
571685 Move remainders of webshell into /docshell/base
639270 sweep compartments when they are empty, no longer mark them
647463 TI: "Assertion failure: currentCapacity == initLength,"
647464 TI: Crash [@ js::types::TypeFailure]
616745 warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsHttpTransaction::LocateHttp…
616746 remove HTML option/optgroup stuff from nsTreeContentView
647467 AssertValidColor failed with setTimeout, CC
641325 PGO build (RC1) doesn't merge all .pgc files (mozjs is left out)
645423 nsPresArena.cpp fails to build with -DDEBUG_TRACEMALLOC_PRESARENA. (ARENA_POISON undefined)
643376 TI: [infer failure] Missing type in object #49:14:Object SECTION: float
639286 Replace thick transparent border on tabs with proper CSS padding
585097 nsHTMLInputElement needs a GetValue(...) const method
647480 Crash [@ TextRunWordCache::MakeTextRun] with canvas mozDrawText, mozPathText, mozTextAlongPath
633146 Remove unnecessary locking in nsCacheService::OpenCacheEntry
557371 Does JSON.stringify(new String("foo")) return '"foo"' unconditionally, or does it depend on String.p…
656778 Enable session restore when Panorama usage is detected
637246 generator.close() should return undefined
631106 JM: simplify allocation of executable memory
643395 Update the Java baseline in m-c with post-Gecko 2.0 Java-only changes
429166 Drag-and-drop of text to search bar in another window searches in source window
653644 assert that CommonElementAnimationData are destroyed as expected
614733 Do exponential backoff on background tab refresh drivers
618830 initial assignment to kidNextInFlow is useless in nsTableFrame::ReflowChildren
584015 gpsd has changed protocol, GPSDGeolocationProvider is broken
643410 Handle character tokens in special places in foreign content correctly
616787 mEventloopNestingLevel is initialized out of order in nsBaseAppShell::nsBaseAppShell
656782 Runtime CPU features detection does not work for pixman in Android
641366 Remove Tiger's entry in CellRenderSettings
622935 Map 0x7F to U+007F rather than U+FFFD in mac and soviet encodings
620888 ReadParam(msg, iter, uint32) is extracted to ReadParam(msg, iter, size_t/intptr_t) on Windows x86
634596 On Windows, use hardlinks when --enable-chrome-format=symlink is specified
631132 Expose public APIs for converting doubles to signed/unsigned int per ECMA spec
628794 Crash [@ nsIDOMElementCSSInlineStyle_GetStyle], SVG element with HTML __proto__
649566 @keyframe(s) missing from <style> sanitizing code in nsHTMLFragmentContentSink
637280 avoid AutoKeepAtoms when calling the resolve hook
641378 Crash if I import bookmarks backup in offline mode [@ nsXPCWrappedJS::`scalar deleting destructor''(…
647524 TI: Different output with testcase with and without -j
643429 Remove IsBetterLocation functionality
577899 Provide NS_DEBUG_ONLY
641388 Crash in nsRefreshDriver::Notify with assertion in CSSFrameConstructor
639343 TM: Crash [@ js::DefaultValue] or "Assertion failure: obj,"
631152 Search autocomplete popup opens in the wrong position in RTL mode
647537 TI: Crash [@ JSObject::getClass]
596338 Undefined symbol js::JMCheckLogging
608628 aMask argument to tabbrowser's addProgressListener is only used when not in tabbed mode
577910 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in jsd
577912 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in intl
629114 crash on add comment link in review board [@ nsBulletFrame::GetListItemText ] [@ nsBulletFrame::GetL…
647547 TI: Assertion failure: kind == NAME || kind == XNAME, at ./methodjit/PolyIC.h:530
594666 Intermittent failure in build/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?* with "assertion count 3 is more than …
647550 Signed-unsigned comparison in nsIconChannel::InitWithGnome
577919 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in security
606592 Make nsExceptionService practice safe refcounting
641409 Move methods using only GetType from nsGenericHTMLFormElement to nsIFormControl
647554 Uninitialized variable oldSize in nsPluginInstanceOwner::InvalidateRect
649604 crash [@ nsAccessible::NativeState()]
637317 Re-enable elfhack
647559 TI: Assertion failure: (strBits >> JSVAL_TAG_SHIFT) == 0, at ../jsval.h:632
641802 "Move to group" option stays populated with the old data even after the groups have been deleted in …
637325 Fix a typo in xpcom/tests/TestStrings.cpp:test_strip_chars
457102 kill nsIXPointer
645519 Firefox-4.0 compile fails if "--with-system-png" is ON
602514 [@ AutoGCRooter::AutoGCRooter] if !ccx.IsValid() in nsXPCWrappedJSClass::CallMethod
653717 Add aurora branding to fennec
577945 Mapping of 0x7F..0x9F in ISO-8859 encodings to U+7F..U+9F vs. U+FFFD
637337 Website's title remains active during zoom in animation from stacked pile in Panorama
637232 Update browser_tabview_firstrun_pref.js to test the existing behavior
646895 Firefox crash [@ trayToolkit.dll@0x2140] (Minimize to Tray addon)
641436 yield in new
637341 crashsymbols-full's .dbg files come from non-elfhack'ed versions
639391 Make nsMediaDecoder::GetBuffered() implementations threadsafe
652016 When switching channels, I get a failed update
639729 inline GC mark path
645532 Content process xpcshell doesn't print newlines
635975 Older jetpack addons cause tabs to become totally disorganized in Panorama
438702 Canvas text baselines not fully implemented
647600 crash [@ AsyncCallbackAutoLock::AsyncCallbackAutoLock ]
619592 JM: TypeInference: fast path compares on known objects
604596 Outparamdel GetSMILOverrideStyle
577974 Remove nsICSSGroupRule and deCOM methods that came from it
637367 Firefox 4.0b12 crash [@ DrawPlugin ]
577976 Cleanup multiple inheritance of nsICSSRule and nsCSSRule
534970 [MathML3] Update MathML Operator Dictionary
645535 when starting Firefox, lots of WARNING: NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv) failed with result 0x80520012: fil…
639420 Speed up the scanner ten ways
639733 Crash [@ nsIsIndexFrame::RestoreState]
655435 Error console is leaking memory
650139 Enable mobile Feedback extension on Aurora channel
621000 AIX: jsnativestack.cpp fails to compile, add AIX GetNativeStackBaseImpl()
629194 Don't clobber all packages in mobile's package target
621004 AIX(,HPUX): jsval.h JSVAL_ALIGNMENT definition for AIX / skip C++ enum usage
649678 Date Missing from About Nightly Window
612816 Remove some dead prefs from firefox.js
563669 Move nsGenericHTMLFormElement::AcceptAutofocus to nsIFormControl
646851 build slaves not able to build rpms because of old version of desktop-file-utils
645593 crash [@ nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::PlaySilence(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned __int64)]
641499 Don't throw when event.type is called before initEvent
633308 Add toString method to various Panorama objects
621021 AIX: patch to suppress 2 superfluous xlC warnings
625119 When displaying moz-icon://unknown: ###!!! ASSERTION: Empty aExtension parameter!: '!aExtension.IsEm…
643552 TI: Assertion failure: (strBits >> JSVAL_TAG_SHIFT) == 0, at ../jsval.h:625
621026 AIX(,SOLARIS,HPUX): jstypes.h compile failure due to lack of JS_64BIT definition
621027 AIX: jshashtable.h/jsvector.h spew due to missing private keyword
645607 Intermittent failure in test_0072_notify_verifyFailComplete_noPartial.xul or test_0081_error_patchAp…
647657 TI: Crash [@ JSObject::getParent] in testcase involving Function and Array
655852 Typing past the boundaries of the textbox will start clearing the beginning characters, instead of s…
635373 Small artifacts appear then disappear with hardware acceleration
656331 XPCOM binary component registration ignores Module::kVersion
644861 --enable-application should default to browser
621043 AIX: avmplus.h fails in xlC due to GCC-isms only on #ifdef __powerpc__
645620 Remove nsCSSStructs
650858 Instantiating nsICertOverrideService at startup throws NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE and makes Fi…
608759 Stop calling ContentEnumFunc through a function pointer
643576 <input accept="{image,audio,video}/*"> does not work on MacOS X
633337 pattern viewBoxes still not treated correctly
573948 Replace libjpeg with libjpeg-turbo
637437 Fix --enable-debug --disable-methodjit
648277 Flash fails to paint until mouse is moved
645632 TI: Assertion failure: !unknownProperties, at ../jsinferinlines.h:1164
584999 remove unused nsresult rv in nsHttpChannel::ContinueOnStartRequest2
659972 Remove channel switching UI
637446 Run jit-tests even if ENABLE_TRACEJIT isn't defined.
645889 JM: Add RegExp.exec -> RegExp.test optimization
635400 crash [@ nsBuiltinDecoder::GetBuffered] [@ nsBuiltinDecoder::GetBuffered(nsTimeRanges*)]
629257 Mochitest for bug 598375
623116 Add constructor for nsASCIICaseInsensitiveStringComparator (which inherits from nsStringComparator) …
645645 TI+JM: Assertion failure: f.fp()->hasCallObj() || f.fp()->hasArgsObj(), at ../methodjit/InvokeHelper…
619026 Timer in file_bug543062.sjs is susceptible to garbage collection
643502 Telugu rendering goes bad if it does not have a font tag specified
623126 Add constructor for nsDebugImpl, nsTraceRefcntImpl, EmptyEnumeratorImpl, and nsSimpleUnicharStreamFa…
463384 "Tabbed mode" is an unnecessary complication
645657 TI+JM: Assertion failure: type == JSVAL_TYPE_DOUBLE, at ../methodjit/FrameState.cpp:2460
641562 dexpcom GetChildAtPoint
623132 Add constructor for nsCaseInsensitiveCStringComparator (which inherits from nsCStringComparator) to …
645662 Should not consume mouse down event at the sub menu of splitmenu or toolbarbutton rolled up
645666 TI+JM: Assertion failure: prevInline_, at ../jsinterpinlines.h:91
641057 [Mac] Firefox 4.0 crash [@ -[ChildView updatePluginFocusStatus:] ]
592422 preallocate individual (non-block) cache files
637481 Cannot load Japanese OTF/WOFF with CFF outline as Web fonts when DirectWrite is disabled
644871 Combine MarkAndSweep/MarkAndSweepCompartment
656947 Crash in canvas code with print() while busy [@ JS_updateMallocCounter]
598578 Crash [@ PL_DHashTableOperate | nsTHashtable<nsBaseHashtableET<nsUint32HashKey, nsCOMPtr<nsILocalFil…
643635 TI: Incorrect results with compiled raytrace benchmark
614969 Ordered list items with overflow hidden have a zero counter
655864 Aurora: password field is not masked immediately and shows artifacts, when typing past the end of th…
619069 Command line options --new-tab and --new-window not documented
643649 Incorrect length passed to RegEnumValueW for value name buffer size in gfxGDIFontList::GetFontSubsti…
635458 Tab look regressed after 580970 with some GTK themes
649795 crash [@ nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::ServeStreamAsFile(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*)]
660036 places.sqlite-wal size grows more in Firefox 5 than in Firefox 4
625222 Intermittent dom/src/threads/test/test_chromeWorkerJSM.xul | Test timed out
627272 Cannot start dragging titlebar when Firefox button opens its menu
639415 Video offsets are ignored when pre-scaling
642695 Debug logging in nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::DoReflow()
633421 Clamp setTimeout/setInterval to something higher than 10ms in inactive tabs
586321 Crash in TabChildGlobal due to mListenerManager not Disconnected()
649810 SeaMonkey 2.1pre Windows installer ignores extension choices (installs always all extensions)
494163 (gio / gvfs) Port gnomevfs extension to GIO/GVFS
571989 Merge directories and modules in gfx/
643670 TI: "Assertion failure: script->compartment->types.inferenceDepth,"
442967 Reduce fsyncs and writes in Places
643674 firefox 4 crash [@ nsCookieService::HandleCorruptDB(DBState*) ] and t [@ nsCookieService::HandleCor…
641466 surrogate handling is broken when deleting Plane-1 unicode in <textarea>
643678 plugin geometry update frames could be in bfcached documents
639583 Don't do a range-check/growStorageBy for the js::Vector::infallibleAppend methods
637397 JM: Assertion failure: cx->compartment->debugMode, at ../methodjit/Retcon.cpp:205
313956 expand installer .exe contents to make complete mar
553577 failure to save searches to form history breaks the search bar
522859 Quartz backend handling of unbounded operators doesn't handle bounded-size sources
633452 Crash [@ nsPluginHost::GetPluginName(nsIPluginInstance*, char const**) ] [@ nsPluginHost::GetPluginN…
643693 TI: Crash @ [js::types::TypeCompartment::nukeTypes]
643695 new dependency: requires
588403 Auto-scroll can cause rendering artifacts
643700 ARM js shell fails to compile due to warnings
645750 nsCSSParser.cpp:8060:19: warning: unused variable ‘variantMask’ (also ‘table’)
635511 Improve performance getting parent SVG elements
643704 Allow to trigger PGO builds through mozconfig
586362 xpcshell: gczeal() doesn't work in the content process
641661 Strange border with CSS Transitions
641663 Hidden memory costs of strings in nsCacheEntry instances
396512 Provide a way to get disassembly output
643720 when adopting child don't invalidate old parent children
600715 Remove JIS X 0212 support from EUC-JP encoder
631437 Make SVGxxxList array indexable like NodeList (enable list[i] so authors can avoid list.getItem(i))
660111 Blocklist McAfee SiteAdvisor 3.3.1 due to [@ nsTArray<ObserverRef, nsTArrayDefaultAllocator>::Append…
653971 Mac XULRunner packaging broken by bug 386760
596078 remove 4.x plugin dir scan
584474 Stop building intermediate static libs with fakelibs
600734 TM: some jstracer.h clean-ups
637599 Move nsIPlatformCharset from intl/uconv to intl/locale
635552 nsIAlertsIconListener removes non-weak observer in destructor
645793 configure should be permitted to disable gconf support all together
643746 Firefox 4.0 Crash Report [@ JSObject::shrinkSlots(JSContext*, unsigned int) ] mainly with TestPilot …
617123 Images are randomly corrupted when fallocate used on block files
662181 "Deactivate this device" doesn't update UI instantly on slow internet connections
641705 Deferred message processing drops gecko notification events
641706 Add (non-CORS) Cross-site XHR powers to SpecialPowers
651947 Build error on Windows in winEmbed.cpp:171 - missing type specifier - int assumed
630898 Inconsistent definition of js/JS_CurrentThreadId
658094 Partial updates for 5.0b1 on Mac fail
649672 File.slice has different semantics from Array.slice and String.slice
646259 "###!!! ASSERTION: Potential deadlock detected" in nsCacheService
615092 Add a way to dump gfxASurfaces to a data url
641718 Store video/audio timestamps in microseconds
619201 nsCertOverrideService needs to initialize on the main thread to use the directory service
645826 shouldn't throw away error text
557768 A11y should use nsImageMapUtils
639689 Miscellaneous performance improvements to canvas.drawImage
643786 Crash [@ nsHTMLEditRules::~nsHTMLEditRules]
637643 subarrays of subarrays of typed arrays have the wrong byte offset (affects audio API)
637644 adding elements through javascript to Popup windows does not work.
639695 Caret fails to show on FF4.0 with Orion Editor
598736 Use higher-quality image interpolation on mobile
625367 With tabs in the title bar, Firefox dialogs and target=_blank links open a new maximized window with…
638756 Crash in nsWindow::HandleScrollingPlugins when using the mouse wheel and with the Elantech hack enab…
577914 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in layout
613157 Embedded elements with display: block should be treated as bidi paragraph separators
639721 Data race on nsBuiltinDecoderReader::mInfo
641770 Image element with position:fixed is drawn on scroll bar
537325 Address bar and other text edits stop working after loading a pdf into the browser using Adobe Reade…
639727 don't try to shrink object slots during GC marking
639728 Crash [@ mozilla::DOMSVGPathSegList::ItemAt] with GC
303857 last available tests for SpiderMonkey out of date
644613 NPE in setComposingText when using VKB
643829 TI: Incorrect results with compiled zlib
635639 Vowels are not rendered correctly in some Persian/Arabic/Hebrew fonts
635640 [DWrite] force font metrics of Arial Black to match the main Arial family
254714 while loading a page, on a new tab/window, the location bar does not display the address URL
369403 GBK aliases should be aligned with IANA registration
643836 Invalidation does not always trigger a displayport update
642355 "You're about to close 2 tabs..." dialog when closing popup window; triggered by Print Preview
639743 JM: clean up Executable{Pool,Allocator} some more
635649 Refactor Wave backend to use content/media nsBuiltinDecoder framework
639754 Remove MOZ_IPC checks since IPC is always built now
646509 proxyserver with PAC doesn't work in latest nightly
619282 continuing is always false in nsFind::Find
623948 Re-Implement HTTP Connection Acceleration (i.e. Syn Retry)
637178 Unused variable warning in GetContentMap
645914 Highlighting last word of a line with double click will highlight newline character of it
592557 Eliminate uses of PR_Atomic{Increment,Decrement} functions in favor of PR_ATOMIC_{INCREMENT,DECREMEN…
584476 Turn on incremental linking
448747 Provide Mechanism to clear TLS Session IDs
647973 TI+JM: crash or error "d.getTime is not a function"
656167 Temporarily disable fixed layers (bug 607417)
643548 Remove mozalloc_undef_macro_wrappers hack from JS engine
633645 Add startup cache to omnijar during make package
598832 Consider eliminating RuleProcessorData
645938 uninitialized memory read in nsContentList::Item
617267 xpcom/io/nsWildCard.cpp(212) : warning C4244: '=' : conversion from 'const PRUnichar' to 'char', pos…
645943 valgrind warnings related to timer duration from refresh driver
605033 Crash in js::ValueToNumberSlow [@ js::DefaultValue(JSContext*, JSObject*, JSType, js::Value*) ]
645947 Remove unneeded copy constructors
645951 crashes [@ mozilla::css::ImportRule::SetSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet*)]
641856 No -moz-column-rule with overflow <> visible
643906 Firefox 4.0 Crash Report [@ nsAccessible::AsHyperText() ]
645956 Remove NS_NewCSS*Rule functions
654152 Move all-locales for repacks from source repo into build config
605605 Uninitialised value use in nsMathMLChar::StretchInternal
629559 Using anchor navigation in the main page breaks history tracking for inner frames
645964 Part of the undo close group button doesn't response to click
605009 Linux debug build with --disable-pango crashes during shutdown
617298 Text input causes SwiftKey keyboard to force close
633690 add HashMap::lookupWithDefault helper
582494 Lookup implementors of nsIAutoCompleteResult
641887 Disable secure CRT deprecation warnings for host binaries
645985 TI+JM: Assertion failure: top->isType(JSVAL_TYPE_OBJECT), at ../methodjit/Compiler.cpp:4440
420707 Remove MOZ_META_COMPONENT ifdef from
643945 Consider using a <button> element as the anonymous content for drop-down comboboxes instead of the <…
586603 HTMLContentSink::BeginContext should null check mCurrentContext before creating sc
580461 WAV buffering logic doesn't kick in
586606 NS_NewHTMLParanoidFragmentSink should nsHTMLParanoidFragmentSink::Init before allocating
637807 Use GetEntry on the ID hashtable in nsDocument::LookupImageElement
646001 TI: Assertion failure: a->freeRegs.hasReg(reg), at ./methodjit/FrameState.cpp:1712
584562 Add algorithm string for RSA-PSS
646004 TI: Assertion failure: (uint8*)ic.funGuard.executableAddress() + ic.joinPointOffset == returnAddress…
629621 Remove the nsContentSink code for writing HTTP headers back to Necko
646006 TI: Assertion failure: stubsGenerated < MAX_PIC_STUBS, at ./methodjit/PolyIC.cpp:2103
632953 After using the resizer on XP, the next mouse click on a chrome area is ignored
629626 Remove unused nv_stopped and nv_done strings
577002 Remove nsICSSImportRule
629632 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///Users/cltbld/talos-slave/test/build/reftest/test…
643969 LIR_jf can generate jump-to-location-zero code on i386
648066 Set up aurora branch
607721 XML_Parse returns undefined value in test_bug592829.html
648068 In Blocklist, Remove the OOB value "reset" from days since last request
635782 LSPAnnotationGatherer::Run should use nsAutoArrayPtr
641927 too many compiler warnings in Cocoa widgets
625760 Make "Remote XUL unsupported" error page localizable
608407 GroupItems.getActiveOrphanTab should use UI.getActiveTabRef
639884 Teach packaging code how to create RPM files from normal builds
639885 Crash [@ memmove ] via mozilla::layers::ReadbackManagerD3D10::ProcessTasks
635794 nsRawReader::DecodeVideoFrame should use nsAutoArrayPtr
656277 Prevent loading WebGL textures from cross-domain images
648087 Support channel changing
639896 The window controls look reversed in full-screen mode
648004 TI+JM: crash [@JSString::isLinear]
615323 warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in xpcjsruntime.cpp
625818 Check Panorama mochitest test suite coverage
582562 loopfilter.h uses C++ // comments in C
650149 Firefox 4.2a1pre Crash Report [@ nsDocument::CreateElement(nsAString_internal const&, nsIDOMElement*…
639910 NoTraceJIT build is orange due to bug557070.js
637864 Give nsIViewManager::GetRootView a sane signature
639915 Remove old & dead code
646060 TI: Assertion failure: consistent, at ./methodjit/Compiler.cpp:6040
588719 remove nsVIQRToUnicode, nsVNIToUnicode, nsUnicodeToVIQR, nsUnicodeToVNI, and nsUnicodeToISO2022KR
651456 [css3-animations] Saving during CSS3 animations causes animations to stop
662450 canvas not properly cleared when images drawn -- clearRect seems broken
580531 Expose framerate/statistics of <video> playback
643913 TI+JM: incorrect result for testcase involving eval, neg
635835 Crash with nsTreeWalker::NextNode setting currentNode as JS object from chrome
408514 nsFileOutputStream asserts when tested with NS_OutputStreamIsBuffered
627651 Improve the smooth scroll animation
654838 Create a unique branding for Fennec beta
631752 Tab aspect ratio gets changed on drag-drop orphaning
637772 Problem with multiple vowel diacritics on one consonant in SBL Hebrew font with Harfbuzz
586698 Add SSE versions of LossyConvertEncoding
635383 Rewrite flipping and clipping for OGL Layers.
644045 Video track of Ogg file freezes after a few frames but audio continues
640321 Images in contenteditable can not be resized if stopPropagation is called within mouseup
637905 Add infallibleAppend methods to Vector for use when the corresponding space has been reserve()d
639954 TM: calling SwitchToCompartment(NULL) does nothing
639956 Unused variable in ContentParent::Observe
636750 Float content attributes should be double-precision instead of single-precision
644054 Support WOFF on Android
626716 Remove VC7.1 support code
562138 Ugly white flash before (colored) opaque popup window (e.g. <select> dropdown) appears (GL: flash of…
648156 Remove gtkmozembed
648357 TI: Assertion failure: currentCapacity == initLength, at ../jsarray.h:100
517092 Diagonal scrolling around scaled images slow
644069 Crash if javascript code makes more than 100 unique cross domain requests
644070 nsNSSCertificate::defaultServerNickname leaks in case of server name conflict
21479 Embellished operators
619498 Allow animation between absolute and relative path segments of the same type
605351 fix and re-enable browser_webconsole_bug_593003_iframe_wrong_hud.js
588781 Content-Disposition: suboptimal fallback behavior when both "filename" and "filename*" params are pr…
645629 TI+JM: Assertion failure: ((size_t)atom & 0x7) == 0, at ../jsatom.h:73
644081 Build failure on OSX: error trying to exec '/usr/libexec/gcc/i686-apple-darwin10/4.2.1/collect2': ex…
647551 Uninitialized variable rv in imgLoader::LoadImageWithChannel
644084 crash [@ nsAccessNodeWrap::get_attributesForNames(unsigned short, unsigned short**, short*, unsigned…
643241 TI: "Assertion failure: getType()->hasSpecialEquality,"
650235 Assignment instead of comparison in nsOuterDocAccessible::GetChildAtPoint
652666 ltm is not defined
640800 setting select.size=0 in DOM causes exception
644097 favicon is misplaced when resizing a stacked group
625666 Resize code can magically change aspect ratio of orphan tabs
655190 backout syn retry from aurora-5
539660 Remove sessionstore.interval and sessionstore.resume_from_crash default values from nsSessionStore.j…
615437 warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsXULCommandDispatcher::Updat…
601102 Crash in exn_trace [@ js::Shape::trace(JSTracer*) ][@ js::Shape::trace ] mainly with TestPilot 1.1 a…
643051 document.cookie should only allow setting one cookie at a time
605200 TM: names not bound by XML filters
637975 Intermittent failure in editor/libeditor/text/tests/test_bug636465.xul | Setting the spellcheck attr…
631837 Make querySelector iterate the DOM instead of recursing
581812 should use hashlib instead of md5 which has been deprecated
648230 TI+JM: [infer failure] Missing type at #3:00036 pushed 0: float
651441 HTML5 application cache doesn't work when there's no manifest attribute (even if cache previously in…
648235 Use more underlying HTML input states for XUL textboxes
613420 nsFirstLetterFrame is a query frame target that does not declare |nsQueryFrame::FrameIID kFrameIID|
642093 [DWrite] map commonly-used bitmap font names to truetype equivalents
635952 crash [@ NotificationController::IsTreeConstructed] on shutdown
646194 Firefox crashes when hitting OPTION+DELETE to beginning of textbox. [@ nsEditor::CreateTxnForDeleteC…
656435 add --ipcplugins flag to testing/mochitest/
259861 Should log errors on bindings with no id attribute
629815 macosx/universal/mozconfig.common should not select the compiler
623673 Consolidate code for "new window" tests into newWindowWithTabView
642108 JS errors from HUD in Error Console
582717 Make regular expressions not callable
644277 Titlebar right-click system menu missing entries added by 3rd party software?
613440 Cannot load ICM profile if profile path is non-ASCII
609803 Intermittent timeout in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_launch.js followed by "bro…
633924 MethodJIT broken on mingw-w64 win64 build
646215 TI: Assertion failure: script->hasJITCode(), at ./methodjit/Retcon.cpp:406
640072 Represent /a/.{lastIndex,global,source,multiline,sticky,ignoreCase} with plain old data properties
640075 "Assertion failure: tp->begin.lineno == tp->end.lineno,"
640076 TOK_XMLATTR tokens can span multiple lines
633934 nsIJSON.encodeToStream() broken
648271 msaa/nsTextAccessibleWrap::get_fontFamily probably doesn't do what it's supposed to
613457 Clean up JSString
638034 Make scanning safer
615507 Kill DOM L&S with fire
640085 Debug OS X SpiderMonkey Shark builds dying in -a -m -d jit-test/tests/v8-v5/check-splay.js with "Err…
651578 Aurora About Dialog channel switcher should have left-aligned, not centered text
642140 nsEventDispatcher should dispatch chrome only events to TabChildGlobal
615518 Blocklist RelevantKnowledge extension because of crashes [@ rlxg.dll@0x12da1 ][@ rlxg.dll@0x9ef3 ][@…
623711 erratic font selection with multiple @font-face rules and bad font resources
644192 Firefox 4: Dynamically-created SELECT boxes have no OPTION tags, throw NS_ERROR_DOM_INDEX_SIZE_ERR e…
642145 'document-element-inserted' event is fired when inserting non-element nodes to the document node
648290 Set up beta branch
602341 remove nsIAtoms from nsCSSPseudoClassList
502892 disable broken html5 volume slider (due to it disappearing outside element rect)
640110 ChildView uses outdated pointer of plugin event for nsGUIEvent
640113 Unchecked return value in AudioParent::RecvShutdown
629875 Handle negative arguments to drawImage
640117 Unchecked return value in AudioParent::Notify
640118 Wrongly ordered members in PluginModuleChild constructor
639849 Remove nsIDOM3Document
167035 track memory usage and performance via help|about
658968 javascript ternary operator evaluation bug
636029 don't use two huge switches over all CSS properties to parse CSS properties
642174 JM: jsop_instanceof only tests isFunction if !rhs->isTypeKnown
637461 data race in StartupCache.cpp
646336 js/src/shell/js.cpp fails to compile with -Werror
636034 -moz-box-ordinal-group should not accept '0' value
638083 browser_tabview_orphaned_tabs.js | tabview assert: callback arg must be a function
629894 createImageData and getImageData should work for sizes smaller than one pixel
636039 replace use of nsRuleData* structs with arrays of nsCSSValue
636040 remove tracking of which family names came from quirks-mode HTML
650379 mozRequestAnimationFrame lags the UI
639168 Fennec 4.0b5 crash [@ gfxContext::gfxContext]
643669 TI: Crash [@ js::mjit::JaegerShot] or "Assertion failure: Call site vanished.,"
352792 converting ({ toString: []}) to string causes "InternalError: too much recursion"
642199 Disable the Windows crash dialog in JS test binaries
494744 Incorrect canvas test - getImageData() with negative dimensions
646460 Don't allow to override after treating certificates as revoked
609434 warning C4065: switch statement contains 'default' but no 'case' labels in IPC IPDL files
586607 BuildContentLists should allocate contentList after getting parent
642205 Do not build layers for asynchronous scrolling if element shouldn't be scrollable
418975 Soft hyphen not working in tables.
646304 Warning C4099: 'JSString' : type name first seen using 'struct' now seen using 'class'
632347 Expanding a property in the Object Inspector whose type is Generator causes lockup
631973 configuring to open firefox in private browsing mode thru quicklaunch shortcut icons, opens 2 window…
646311 -Werror is not an option of Sun Studio.
545650 Downloading (large) files to network drive on Windows 7 results in corrupted files (Bug of SMB2, Set…
646685 Fix watchPosition after isBetterPosition was removed and cleanup android implementation
646321 qcms: Avoid unnecessary conversion to double
642227 remove support for <pre variable>
561694 e10s HTTP: Implement nsIProgressEventSink: part2
640201 mGeolocation should NOT be set before Init() is called
521405 Remove alpha and mips Windows NT code from mozilla-central
646334 Remove references to MICROSECONDS_PER_SECOND and replace them with USEC_PER_S
263359 bidi algorithm implementation inconsistent with msie (newlines in <pre>)
644288 Make HashCompleter tests
638145 remove plugin SDK
646340 [gcc 4.6] Can't build JS core code on 64-bit system without disabling warning-as-errors.
638149 Need a way to disable -dead_strip on OS X
642246 Don't build ThebesLayers for elements with no displayports
644297 _MD5*/_SHA* symbols not found during Shark universal build
623818 Audio stuttering playing Wave on certain sound configurations
619598 Up and Down does not retrieve command history in the same way as other consoles
646350 Add a test for dynamic chnages of CSS generated content
613595 Speed up getElementsByTagName cache hits
617693 testURL/writeout use delete[] on nsMemory::Alloc o_Result and strdup(temp) when they don't leak
646368 don't check whether children are cached while tree is traversed
646369 UpdateTree should rely on accessible tree walker rather than DOM tree traversal
640226 in full screen (f11) pdf files become transparent ( Firefox 4 ) and top bars don't disappear / don't…
628603 Crash in nsDocAccessible::CacheChildrenInSubtree [@ nsAccessNode::IsContent() ]
646375 libxul links against wrong js lib if spidermonkey is installed when built with different options
646376 remove unused nsAccUtils::HasAccessibleChildren
654106 Setting innerHTML leaks an observer until the page is closed
646380 [@ JSContext::popSegmentAndFrame]
646382 Caret moves down a line after entering a LTR character in a RTL textarea (and the opposite)
601332 Sunspider 0.9.1 never paints its subframe
646389 js/src/nanojit/Containers.h:173: error: dereferencing pointer 'data' does break strict-aliasing rule…
638199 Shrink ArenaHeader
646393 TI: Crash [@ JSObject::getClass]
640250 Update pixman for Firefox 5
647039 PERMAORANGE - ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL - test_videocontrols_audio_direction.html and test_videocon…
609532 Stop checking in code with warnings
648446 Don't build qcms with pedantic
620757 TM: don't trace JSOP_TABLESWITCH
642307 TI: [infer failure] Missing type at #5:00018 pushed 0: int
650501 Crash [@ nsScriptElement::MaybeProcessScript] with several innerHTML sets
646406 AccTreeWalker::NextChild should return raw pointer
654601 cannot use copy and paste keyboard shortcuts in panorama
646411 TI: Crash [@ JSString::length]
627981 [clang]: A lot of errors for libtheora
647424 TI: Crash [@ js::mjit::JaegerShot]
587023 Double focus on web page and browser XUL UI after XUL Modal dialog
584976 mark deprecated xpconnect interfaces and methods with [deprecated]
621841 "ASSERTION: Reflow hint bits set without actually asking for a reflow"
640274 rm {JS_,js_,}GetExternalStringGCType
642324 TI: Crash on large test case
584983 mark deprecated exthandler interfaces and methods with [deprecated]
630040 Implement createImageData(ImageData)
646425 [OS/2] dropdown lists do not scroll using scroll button or arrows on the scroll bar
644379 Safe mode restart dialog's button should use a more descriptive label
419100 'direction' override for 'auto' margins on absolutely positioned elements happens when only one marg…
646429 TI: Assertion failure: Call site vanished., at ./methodjit/Retcon.cpp:112
638241 DoDrawImageSecurityCheck is 10% of the profile in FishIE Tank
638171 FireFox does not read Java Plugin Info.plist correctly.
630052 Handle non-finite and negative arguments to createImageData according to spec
648485 Intermittent failure in content/base/test/test_bug482935.html | Received fresh value for second requ…
640294 needNewString in js_AtomizeString is now a constant
644206 attributes/test_text.html should be loaded as UTF-8
607529 mozRequestAnimationFrame callbacks can be called after document has gone away
636202 Turn ipc/ipdl/ipdl/ Python 2/3-agnostic
634155 NewCompartment should account memory using gcMallocBytes
648804 Upgrade all windows build slaves to June 2010 or later version of the DirectX SDK
648498 TI+JM: Assertion failure: location_ != PhysLoc_Invalid, at ../methodjit/RematInfo.h:279
648499 TI: Assertion failure: !obj->isPackedDenseArray(), at ../jsarray.cpp:2276
648502 TI+JM: incorrect result with stricteq, inlining
636215 browser/locales/ cleanup, remove prepare-repackages and prepare-upload-*
648508 Remove the Windows CE code for accelerometer support (follow up)
642367 Update documentation for JS_DeleteElement2
636224 rm cx->interpLevel
630081 Undo close group buttons should not act as snapping targets
657292 Firefox 6.0a1 Crash Report [@ xpc::XrayWrapper<JSCrossCompartmentWrapper>::createHolder(JSContext*, …
628043 The last closed window is restored when a secondary window is left open and a new browser window is …
645653 Middle-click on reload button to duplicate orphan tabs does not create a group
642274 Provide a way to compare to jsvals with '=='
621453 Clean up ContentParent cruft
646480 TI+JM: Assertion failure: Call site vanished., at ../methodjit/Retcon.cpp:112
651177 [Mac] Crashes [@ nsObjectFrame::GetLayerState ]
638291 remove obsolete JSMarkOp API, make JSTraceOp default
646485 Include path in jpeg/ is wrong
581177 Have 64 bits for nsINode flags
646489 Require yasm 1.0.1 instead of yasm 1.1.0 for libjpeg-turbo on Linux
636251 Use JSOPTION_NO_SCRIPT_RVAL in nsFrameMessageManager.cpp
589148 Tracking for removing shared build options (--disable-libxul)
587103 AIX: 6 source files fail to compile in xlC due to template/static inline scoping
619685 unused variable dataSize in nsDiskCacheStreamIO::FlushBufferToFile
642408 Drop nsStringArray
636265 Don't pass unused return value in nsJSConfigTriggers.cpp
634218 dexpcom accessible state methods
576877 Remove nsICSSNamespaceRule
630127 mozRequestAnimationFrame can produce poor framerates if callback function takes close to 16ms
654707 Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::FireDelayedDOMEvents]
595316 Crash in HTTP Pipelines - nsHttpConnectionMgr.cpp 697
638326 getTextAtOffset line boundary may return more than one line
648567 TI+JM: incorrect result with array testcase
644473 lirasm does not support backwards jump.
648570 increase total idle pconn tool to 256 (matches chrome)
646523 Make sure Tab Group view takes the focus away from the Tab Group button so that 'esc' key can leave …
644476 Move CORS implementation out of nsXMLHttpRequest.cpp
639858 ES5 getters don't trace due to profiler selecting methodjit
636243 Use JSOPTION_NO_SCRIPT_RVAL in nsDOMWorkerScriptLoader.cpp
626051 Fennec crash [@ ] [@ ] [ @ nsACString_internal::Replace | mozilla::ipc…
654725 [10.7] Changes in OS X 10.7 break our Wi-Fi monitor code, causing crashes [@ libsystem_c.dylib@0x8c4…
636296 simplify activation object creating/putting logic
645356 Use pymake builtins
648586 TI: Crash [@ JSStackFrame::pc] or "Assertion failure: frame not in stack space,"
554955 Property cache bug walking the scope chain across a heavyweight frame (involving JSOP_NAME, teleport…
648593 Remove JavaXPCOM from mozilla-central
636307 fix misnamed parameters in nsXULScrollFrame
615829 mCachedKeysCount/mExposeCacheUpdateStatus are initialized out of order in nsDOMOfflineResourceList::…
618052 Intermittent test_utils_queryAsync.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | false == true
646561 "ASSERTION: Invalid offset" with soft hyphen in table, bidi
581644 Don't use nsIDOMHTMLMapElement in nsHTMLDocument::GetImageMap
632227 NetUtil should have a helper method to read an input stream asynchronously
658852 When a page is loading, the status panel should appear immediately rather than being faded in (affec…
576933 Firefox crashes/aborts inside of MOZ_gdk_display_close with X_CloseDevice: XI_BadDevice after I clos…
640064 crash [@] going to about:support crashes ideos s7
544170 [SeaMonkey 2.1] mochitest-a11y: tree/test_tabbrowser.xul fails, due to "tabbrowser API" dependencies…
650141 [Fx5.0] Add Netflix Streaming to the bad UA Sniffer list
636336 img/video/audio/source.setAttribute()/getAttribute() on src trims whitespace
414064 Remove support for UTF-7 (and others) per HTML5 spec
636344 Android Geolocation provider does not provide geocoded civic addresses
646587 TI: GC related Crash [@ js::Invoke]
554428 MathML tag mfenced fails to show opening and closing default fence
632253 Avoid redundant serialization of script filename
656629 integrated Twitter search should lead to mobile twitter page
630209 Unsafe usage of JS_Compile*/JS_ExecuteScript in shell and tests
646594 TI: [infer failure] Missing type at #8:00116 pushed 0: float
560579 bitfield-induced race in class nsHttpTransaction
429508 JS1.8.5 tracking bug
630213 ASTSerializer::leftAssociate right-associates
145313 Ctrl/Shift/etc state should be registered at click time, not later when loading/processing
630218 Reflect.parse("x.*") shouldn't mark the MemberExpression as computed
627277 rm -r widget/src/beos
484818 Remove (or use) |signnss| target
644568 Add loadend tests for CORS-XHR
652761 ABORT: half open complete but no item: 'index != -1' with embedded src port 80000
497115 nsHTMLEditor.cpp contains unnecessary includes
638429 Disallow --disable-libxul
628190 use target visual to determine target format in gfxXlibNativeRenderer
638431 Hover feedback missing for disabled splitmenus
644576 First row with no cells breaks painting of collapsed borders for the whole table
615908 comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in UnhookTextRunFromFrames
644006 [@ nsNSSCertificateDB::ConstructX509FromBase64] crashes on zero-length string
640486 <iframe> is empty (due to missing network request?)
644585 Firefox 4 cannot find plugins whose path contains high-ascii
636394 "Assertion failure: canHaveMethodBarrier(),"
640935 Data race on global var vp8_build_intra_predictors_mby_ptr
591341 Add color keywords for default text and background colors
653312 specific update check should be skipped if channel-changing
621961 TI+JM: inline some native functions
601590 Make AppendElementStart, AppendElementEnd take Element
648695 Android builds broken by missing java, javac, and jar in configure
622072 Refactor canvas to take advantage of empty transactions
558585 Window flashes white when a new tab is made, despite settings
642931 Mochitest in wound up with contents of an unrelated test
607741 NS_SOCKET_MAX_COUNT in nsSocketTransportService2.h is un-necessary limit
630271 Throw a TYPE_MISMATCH_ERR on createPattern(null)
611840 Don't fsync pluginreg.dat
631040 Parse default-src as equivalent to allow in CSP header value
618790 handling of chunk in arena_run_alloc while loop is odd
634373 crash [@ nsCSSStyleSheet::WillDirty] using cross_fuzzv3
644012 crash with an empty issuer name in SSL certificate, +leak fix [@ strcmp | AuthCertificateCallback(vo…
643671 some of the range and selection API's are behaving differently than specified in standards.
587276 KeyEvent in TabCandy window affect browser
562701 Use Element in nsStyleAnimation::ComputeValue and nsSMILCSSValueType::ValueFromString
646254 libjpeg-turbo requires yasm >0.8.0
626192 firefox crashes when attempting this URL (XF86DRIQueryVersion) [@ ][@…
648721 Fix linking of xpcshell and plugin-container (X libs path missing)
615954 Intermittent Failure in tabview/browser_tabview_bug597248.js | Tab item is showing cached data and i…
564757 nsCharsetAlias2::Equals should use case-sensitive equality comparison
632344 autoconf-2.13's AC_CHECK_HEADER is too slow for some headers e.g. atlbase.h
462361 Remove support for building with Cygwin
646682 test_wave_data_{s16,u8}.html audio test has incorrect value checks
644015 In "strict mode" properties of an Arguments object can not be directly modified.
642588 Clean up the drag & drop caret on the editor correctly when the mouse leaves the editable field
644637 new trunk topcrash [@ nsQueryInterfaceWithError::operator()(nsID const&, void**)] called from nsDown…
544617 crash [@ _cairo_dwrite_font_face_scaled_font_create]
642592 TI: Assertion failure: key.index() >= 0, at ./methodjit/BaseAssembler.h:693
624163 Compatibility: IME input does not work in rich editors
644645 Error on startup: "ASSERT: gBrowser.addProgressListener was called with a second argument", w/ Greas…
654890 [css3-animations] -moz-animation-play-state should not be part of -moz-animation shorthand
566827 Privacy Leak: Windows 7 Jump List ignores "Clear history when Firefox closes" setting
610267 tracking patches waiting for m-c to reopen after Gecko 2.0
392751 getImageData is supposed to allow out of bounds rects
646704 cannot build Win64 package after landing libjpeg-turbo
583219 Transitions get stuck when downloadable fonts load or page zoom changes
626229 trunk doesn't compile with --disable-{ogg,wave,webm}
321079 Firefox allows "class" as a valid variable name in JavaScript
595513 Reduce makefile recursion
646714 gdk_flush() should be used before gdk_error_trap_pop()
645320 Persona won't be shown completely in the navigation toolbar
646718 Remove the --no-xshm command line option from help
596833 Refinement for bug 595943: No need to iterate over all tabs, just the ones at the beginning
603716 [MathML3] Update XML Entity Definitions for Characters
644682 New version of JEP (, please land on branches
646731 Avoid promotion to double in IsPaddingZero and IsMarginZero
630029 Throw INDEX_SIZE_ERR instead of SYNTAX_ERR when calling CanvasGradient.addColorStop with non-finite …
429649 too fat block_xdr serialization.
646071 Remove nsInt64 and nsUint64
407127 ContentEditable Iframe Content gets uneditable if iframe is position style is changed
644697 jsreftests shell test runner throws "Failed to test XUL condition 'Android'"
636510 Change GCTimer output to msec
640272 Crash [@ nsCSSRendering::PaintBorderWithStyleBorder ] [@ DrawBorderImage ] | ASSERTION: You can't de…
649754 update dialog no longer centered
632419 HTTP 100 level parser race condition
628324 Implement bilinear scaling with NEON
646757 List item in css-drop down menu losing hover when moving in nested list (sub menu)
484966 Rename and move nsSVGUtils::GetParentElement
584977 mark deprecated caps interfaces and methods with [deprecated]
653307 Adjust reCAPTCHA NoScript hack in Sync
642666 .json is not print in the name file backup
630034 Throw when attempting to create a radial gradient with negative radii
646766 Make test_info_leak use MediaTestManager
425584 Turn the status bar off by default on OS X
647785 TI+JM: Assertion failure: Call site vanished., at ../methodjit/Retcon.cpp:112
646776 compile errors caused by -Werror and current gcc versions
640636 jQuery removeAttr('size') not working correctly in Firefox 4
577130 xmlparser should tell channels that it expects the content to be xml
636544 Some js/src/tests that check tracemonkey stats fail with just -j -m
628353 DATA_CLONE_ERR should be exposed on DOMException
229367 <br> confuses our bidiness (punctuation before <br> at end of line starting with number doesn't foll…
648839 TI: Assertion failure: stackDepth == newDepth, at jsanalyze.cpp:100
648843 TI: Assertion failure: Call site vanished., at ./methodjit/Retcon.cpp:112
640652 Firefox 4.0 Crash [@ nsEditor::Init(nsIDOMDocument*, nsIPresShell*, nsIContent*, nsISelectionControl…
603790 drop the drop shadow on buttons and textfields on windows 7 toolbar so we look like a modern app and…
637549 Speed up expression parsing
632464 Handle non-finite values for globalAlpha per spec
648472 [OS/2] avoid crashes when FcFontMatch() fails
649551 Needs to back out bug 59109 only from Aurora
628371 GTKEmbedDirectoryProvider needs a constructor
632469 Handle non-finite values for clearRect per spec
638617 Warnings at nsOggReader:946 while seeking
647710 Huge leak in Mac OS X plugin CoreAnimationSupport.
642716 nsHTMLCopyEncoder::IncludeInContext should check for |var| element rather than |variable|
642717 Refresh driver needs to hold strong refs to |targets| in Notify
566942 nsTextFragment::SetTo can be slow
648511 Firefox 4.0's PDF plugin scan doesn't find full Acrobat installation
644164 make configure depend on the various version files
540322 Improve the external string API to align it with the internal string API
646819 Intermittent out of memory situation in content/media/test/test_seek.html | Exited with code [number…
528368 crash during spell check [@ nsTextServicesDocument::IsBlockNode(nsIContent*)]
646428 Remove nsIHttpProtocolHandler's language attribute
643015 Some OpenType (OTF) fonts linked inside an SVG file don't render
569422 Allocate Shapes from the GC heap
632493 Handle non-finite values for lineTo per spec
632495 Handle non-finite values for moveTo per spec
605128 Very slow page rendering with lots of textfields: 3 minutes vs. less than 1 s in other browsers
644787 [D3D9] Disable D3D9 layers on NVIDIA 6100/6150/6200 series due to glitches (black & white stripes) w…
632502 Handle non-finite values for quadraticCurveTo per spec
648137 Intermittent timeout in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug618816.js | application…
632505 Handle non-finite values for shadow{OffsetX|OffsetY|Blur} per spec
644794 Remove "browser.panorama.welcome_url" legacy preferences
581307 XPCOMUtils should provide a convenient way to lazily import modules
632508 Handle non-finite values for rotate per spec
581309 Remove unused properties from XPCOMUtils
644801 Remove Native uconv from the tree
646850 When a length base value is non-px-valued & SMIL animation ends, value ends up at length in pixels, …
632515 Handle non-finite values for transform per spec
632516 Handle non-finite values for translate per spec
643733 TI+JM: Assertion failure: Call site vanished., at ../methodjit/Compiler.cpp:2443
642758 TI: Assertion failure: op == JSOP_DIV, at ./methodjit/FastArithmetic.cpp:381
616137 Failing to parse attribute selector should skip to the next ']'
646858 Remove old geolocation learn more link code from nsBrowserGlue.js
587469 Remove image map quirk from bug 264624
638670 Add to list of Xt plugins that are run in process.
650189 Recent performance regression in loading huge tinderbox logs
633459 Invoke creation callback on JSFunction scripts
634586 Improve full screen transitions
646875 Remove unused mTooltipNode
626398 A decision to abort in the tracer gets lost
644832 Flash content doesn't render when scale transform is applied to parent element.
620258 add additional fall through comments to nsEventStateManager::PreHandleEvent
620260 add fall through comment to nsHTTPCompressConv::OnDataAvailable
59109 implement CSS3 text module's text-decoration-style and text-decoration-color
624359 mozTextAlongPath should iterate by character clusters, not individual codepoints
642794 add support to android for removed-files file
642795 Remove support for finding system XULRunner in the standalone glue
525438 l10n-merge doesn't merge all files required to build
630511 Lowercase mime type argument to toDataURL
642800 Textarea within floated or overflow hidden div in iframe don't display content and can't get focus w…
634609 Fix GetNativeStackBaseImpl() on OpenBSD
638709 DOM change while print dialog shows never allows changes/refreshes anymore
618793 please add a return or comment in STATUS_REJECTED case of nsCookieService::SetCookieStringInternal s…
620280 crash [@ XPCJSRuntime::GCCallback] if !self
586648 NS_NewXHTMLParanoidFragmentSink should call nsXHTMLParanoidFragmentSink::Init before allocating it
643711 don't use GetChildCount xpcom version internally
640765 App tab order not maintained in Tab Groups view
646912 nsSVGAngle::GetDegreesPerUnit is wrong for grad
614145 Fast-path null return values in quickstubs
642823 Make nsISelection::Modify consistent on word granularity selection modifications
614155 TM: lazily construct toSource cache
634637 Remove
641858 SVG changing the fill gradient is not working for text element
638736 Remove the need for nsDocShell::DisplayLoadError(NS_ERROR_DOCUMENT_IS_PRINTMODE) on non-printing doc…
556821 broken first frame for oggz-choped videos
636695 Make --enable-debug-symbols on by default
636697 Crash [@ js_watch_set]
624410 nsReadableUtils.cpp:577:38: warning: suggest parentheses around ‘&&’ within ‘||’
610077 Nested setTimeout should clamp to 4ms instead of 10ms (HTML5 spec)
642327 Add OOM regression checking to |make check|
638753 - Scroll to comments anchor fails in Firefox 4 (works fine if javascript disabled)
638755 Disallow --disable-ipc
569124 The top-Level math element should support the attributes of <mstyle>
644743 Remove the Windows CE code for accelerometer support
618800 MOZ_XMLIsNCNameChar and MOZ_XMLIsLetter should have /* fall through */ comments for switches
634672 Minimum tab size is no longer being respected
636723 Turn Workspaces into a Jetpack
636872 allow CSS style cursor property to be used for plugins
647647 Stop grovelling around in --enable-extensions for things that have been gone for years
632503 Handle non-finite values for rect per spec
655162 A missing updates property in an update.rdf should be counted as no available updates not as a failu…
646972 An interval started in a background tab ends up clamped to the 1Hz clamp forever
644747 font.cache storage off by one
640838 Remove OpenVMS support
618311 Inspect Network Request window persists on close of Web Console - PB data leak
323582 JS_HasArrayLength() throws errors if there is no length property
570382 TM: Function.prototype.toString doesn't work with proxy functions
657227 JM: IsCacheableProtoChain must check for a null proto
653133 Fennec crashes when loading a page with huge background-attachment:fixed background
634702 __NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x117918a20 of class NSCFString autoreleased with no pool in place -…
645773 Crash when switching to fullscreen video on [@ nsMediaCacheStream::Read ]
642896 Fatal assert in resetInvokeCallFrame running Firebug tests
589651 (ietestcenter) SVG 55/56: Test passes if there are fourteen blue shapes on the page.
640852 can we remove the atom-compartment-avoidance gunk from string marking?
642902 we leak invalid profiles in the jpeg decoder.
649051 window doesn't resize properly for all landscape keyboards leading to hidden UI
642908 <img> inside <noscript> preloaded when <noscript> appears in document.write after <script src>
644957 black box on the browser, impossible to see some tabs etc
642704 Integrate the BrowserScope richtext2 test suite into our automated testing framework
629734 Integrate hunspell's tests into our test suite
620390 useless null check of host = flat.get() in nsStandardURL::SetHost
633271 Simplify nsEventStateManager::SetContentState
628585 Pressing ctrl key in Flash doesn't work as expected
644970 TI: Assertion failure: frame.stackDepth() == opinfo->stackDepth, at ./methodjit/Compiler.cpp:1108
626539 GtkPaperSize leak in nsDeviceContextSpecGTK::Init()
589682 Times New Roman Italic format error
620179 crash [@ TestNode::Constrain] if cantHandleYet
640884 Can't delete Korean characters in any input text area
620408 add fall through comment to txXPCOMExtensionFunctionCall::GetParamType
576831 Remove nsICSSStyleRule
401276 Fix comment that claims that Range.ExtractContents should merge resulting adjacent nodes
642026 nsWindowSH needs an enumerate hook
526207 Add IP address and port info to nsIHttpActivityObserver
640897 TI+JM: large ai-astar performance regression
586731 jsd_NewSourceText leaks new_url_string ifndef LIVEWIRE
640901 Crash [@ mozilla::plugins::PPluginIdentifierParent::CreateSharedMemory(unsigned int, mozilla::ipc::S…
606087 don't recreate frames for inlines with overflow style applied
610185 Daylight Time failure in ecma/Date/ | TDATE = new Date(TIME_NOW); (TDATE).setMonth(11,…
636811 Use JSSCRIPT_NO_SCRIPT_RVAL in js component loader
620167 nsEventStateManager::SetContentState inconsistently handles mPresContext [@ nsEventStateManager::Ens…
524173 Off-by-one bug in Cairo's rendering of some degenerate linear gradients
647991 TI+JM: Assertion failure: Call site vanished., at ../methodjit/Retcon.cpp:112
636818 Crash [@ js::CallJSPropertyOpSetter] or [@ js_SetProperty]
597911 Generate different application ID for 64-bit builds of Firefox.
619503 Support SMIL animation of the 'class' attribute
632474 Throw a TYPE_MISMATCH_ERR on drawImage(null)
642975 Ancient bug lexing break and continue restricted productions
610208 When closing a tab, other tabs should not resize until cursor leaves the group
642977 Iframe contents flicker while resizing browser
642979 TI: Assertion failure: INT_FITS_IN_JSID(i), at jsapi.h:381
610212 canvas.width and canvas.height should be reflected as unsigned int
616170 Assertion failure: found js::analyze::Bytecode::mergeDefines
642985 TI: Crash @ [JSFunction::isInterpreted()]
640939 TI+JM: incorrect result for bitwise operator after recompilation
650254 Permanent fail on update xpcshell tests for Thunderbird | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_0110_general.j…
589744 js/src/perf/pm_linux.cpp doesn't build on some architectures
640946 Add a method to nsIFormControl or nsIContent to know if an element is natively draggable
604147 nsSMILTimedElement::GetNextInterval should return PRBool instead of nsresult
645044 TI: Assertion failure: Call site vanished., at ./methodjit/Compiler.cpp:2452
628665 Unnecessary buffering when playing at start of load
626618 [d3d9] Graphics glitches on NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200
633369 gfxAlphaBoxBlur::PremultiplyAlpha should use GFX_PREMULTIPLY rather than float division
642720 Page Back and Page Forward Buttons incorrectly skinned.
640963 Add nsHTMLInputElement::IsValueEmpty() const
640082 Use texture_from_pixmap on GLX when possible
294854 nsIsIndexFrame::OnSubmit is just brainless
645063 Increase discoverability of Do Not Track
646067 Browser no longer uses entire screen when using full screen mode from maximized window state
644428 cursor position on wyiswyg editors
552951 nsKeygenFormProcessor::GetPublicKey doesn't use pqgParams/arena created by decode_pqg_params
647118 Remove support for --disable-plugins
653645 css3-animations should not override user or UA !important declarations
645072 mozilla-central (4.2a1pre) topcrash [@ nsTextFragment::CharAt(int)] with crash address 0x0 or at [@ …
638627 Properly handle failures to patch guards due to non-32-bit offsets
653270 simplify nsSMILAnimationController construction
585689 [meta] Panorama bugs for Firefox 4.0 RC
620506 Remove debugging rect code
644431 Adobe PDF Files Larger than 5 MB Won't Load in Browser
597980 Switching into and out of Panorama mode quickly can cause the wrong tab to be selected on return
645086 Stop using [deprecated] Storage methods (nsPrivateBrowsingService.js)
614367 "ASSERTION: unknown nsISVGValue" with transform property
655328 Canvas drawImage error on
624635 Recent (and extreme) regression, showing lots of Flash of Unstyled Content
645093 Stop using [deprecated] Storage methods (nsUrlClassifierDBService.cpp)
645094 Stop using [deprecated] Storage methods (nsDiskCacheDeviceSQL.cpp)
645099 Stop using [deprecated] Storage methods (nsPermissionManager.cpp)
645101 Stop using [deprecated] Storage methods (nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorStorage)
647150 Fix compile of nsWifiScannerSolaris.cpp
553390 Add an option to the context menu for customizing the tabbar toolbar
641010 crash [@][@ ][@ ][@ ]
628723 Create JS 1.8.5 source release
636917 Livemark only added to _livemarks array after anno has been added
641014 NEON Y'CbCr to RGB conversion broken for everything but 4:2:0 with no picture offset
643753 Wrong dbghelp.lib linking argument for mingw compilation
641621 incorrectly returning NPError value as nsresult in nsNPAPIPluginInstance::GetValueFromPlugin
645115 With two scripts in innerHTML, the first one runs, even though neither should run
636924 Copied livemarks appear as folders in sidebar
620181 crash [@ nsXBLPrototypeBinding::LocateInstance] if the while loop condition becomes false
645119 Caret doesn't correctly move to the next line when also creating a new line in gmail