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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.6.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
610305 decom nsEventStateManager
631467 NULL dereference of jsdc->dumbContext
659457 Update Gingerbread UI for Preferences/Downloads/Addons and Context Menu
655368 Allocator mismatch: js::WeakMap::finalize uses "delete" on table allocated with "malloc"
651273 cycle collector doesn't add marked JS objects correctly with WANT_ALL_TRACES
625325 Reorder some items in the Bookmarks menu
610323 [TraceMonkey] Implement Jaegermonkey Sparc back-end.
569365 kill
658777 TI: Assertion failure: numProperties == obj->slotSpan(), at jsinfer.cpp:2790
626716 Remove VC7.1 support code
651298 Assertion failure: hookPrincipals == compPrincipals ... at jsobjinlines.h:877
643112 IPC not building on Linux PPC
651307 For Flash Text Input, previous characters disappear when changing IME input from one type to another
651311 Race condition in TabView._initFrame()
634936 Crash [@ nsFocusManager::Init ]
307258 Support beforeprint and afterprint events
657418 Firefox Crash [@ nsJSPrincipalsSubsume ]
577599 [10.6] Upon launching: __NSAutoreleaseNoPool() ... leaking messages in console (profile manager win…
655427 make sharedIDs used by automation not depend on package name
589894 Fix build warnings in content/
658785 Text in plugins (PDF and JAVA) is transparent, showing content behind the browser window, if a sideb…
671818 play a webm file report error after fennec6.0, crash [@ mozilla::gfx::ScaleYCbCrToRGB565]
655435 Error console is leaking memory
655439 Use $(LIBXUL_DIST)/bin/xpcshell instead of $(DIST)/bin/xpcshell
614480 ###!!! ASSERTION: RECURSION_LEVEL(table_) > 0: 'RECURSION_LEVEL(table) > 0'
655451 Poison frame crash [@ nsMathMLFrame::GetAttribute] with <frameset>
661910 Windows XULRunner Aurora 6 SDK is missing
634983 Use-after-free vulnerability in OBJECT's mObserverList (ZDI-CAN-1033)
647273 Remove nsIContentUtils
674731 WebGL/ANGLE interop with D3D layers requests incorrect extension
647280 Fix Clang Warnings
655473 Remove WinCE code from IPC
655475 Remove WinCE code from I18N
655480 Remove WinCE code from memory/*
659578 Remember Password notification is cut off at the bottom
654015 "ASSERTION: Requesting refresh driver after document has disconnected"
654698 <select> appearance on RTL
655488 Remove WinCE code from RDF
639105 A new entry does not appear in History menu for certain pages
602245 PGO builds fail with --enable-tests where SIMPLE_PROGRAMS are linked against objects compiled with -…
655496 Remove WinCE code from Mozilla owned parts of media/*
655497 Remove nsISVGGlyphFragmentLeaf
655498 Remove WinCE code from profile/*
652364 Building with osxspell is broken since Bug 629734
655505 TI+JM: Assertion failure: checkedFreeRegs == a->freeRegs, at FrameState.cpp:1371
651041 Need API to store private data on JSExternalStrings
655508 TI+JM: Assertion failure: obj, at jsval.h:514
585877 remove document.height / document.width
655512 Forward implementation of nsIDOMDocument from nsHTMLDocument to nsDocument
655513 Remove nsIDOMDocumentRange
655514 Remove nsIDOMDocumentTraversal
630939 Constructor function name retrieved incorrectly
655517 Remove nsIDOMDocumentEvent
643233 Popout window in Google Reader doesn't contain player
659620 Hang when trying to edit a page on WikiMo with NVDA running
553125 Make window.postMessage generate a structured clone
658801 TI+JM: Assertion failure: !fe->isConstant(), at ../methodjit/FrameState-inl.h:537
667818 Can't login to Bankwest net banking with Firefox in Ubuntu
651441 HTML5 application cache doesn't work when there's no manifest attribute (even if cache previously in…
651442 Tabs change groups in panorama after Firefox restarted
638323 Cache the current GLContext to avoid calling MakeCurrent unnecessarily
577721 allow repositioning of the web console: above, below and out into a panel/window
651451 TI: dense array initializedLength can be > length
643786 Crash [@ nsHTMLEditRules::~nsHTMLEditRules]
666997 Firefox Crash @ mozilla::net::nsPreloadedStream::AsyncWait(nsIInputStreamCallback*
651456 [css3-animations] Saving during CSS3 animations causes animations to stop
663746 Change Scratchpad shortcut key to something other than F4
651461 Build failure in nsAudioStream.cpp on OpenBSD
655562 Crash in the No Comply demo (mozjs!js::GCMarker::drainMarkStack+0x0000029b) [@ js::gc::PushMarkStack…
557260 use MercurialBuildFactory for mobile builds
651469 Scrolling up renders page unreadable (X11 with GL layers)
663823 Cross-domain textures generate NS_ERROR_FAILURE instead of NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR
676052 gingerbread theme for android 2.3.5
651477 Update setTreatsFilePackagesAsDirectories when user change the filter
651480 Only show the filter list when there are multiple filters
647385 We should have a ToInteger helper
647388 Remove makefile.ref
643293 Intermittent browser_tabview_bug626791.js | drag-to-create-group: panorama button should be in the t…
598736 Use higher-quality image interpolation on mobile
585956 Implement console.trace() in web console
654716 Remove WinCE code from other-licenses/*
651498 gfx initialization requires that prefs be read (e.g., gfx.direct2d.disabled no longer has any effect…
663789 activation objects management might not correctly set actual argument number
102440 Mozilla obeys invalid maxwidth attribute on text form controls
659698 nsJSURI not correctly updated for the ref changes
658814 about:memory: Negative "heap-used/other" value due to overlap between image and gfx memory reporters
651510 Signature for JS_StructuredClone differs in jsapi.h and jsapi.cpp
647421 -moz-text-decoration-color and -moz-text-decoration-style should be reset by text-decoration
647425 Arguments object bugs within closure in Firefox4
532738 Do not open the virtual keyboard on untrusted focus (caused by content page scripts)
659718 OS X mobile nightly fails during
585991 Show a popup listing possible completions
33032 Display Unicode space characters as space
661113 Progress with "-moz-orient: vertical;" should have vertical dimensions by default
512266 JSON.stringify serializes \n to \u000a
655628 Remove unused Accept_Charset atom
618765 unbind VBO required in order to share GL context with toolkit
317485 Implement getObjectId for js
659728 Android app menu layout broken in Gingerbread theme with >4 items
655633 Code cleanup in nsGNOMERegistry.cpp
655641 Expose RegExp flags and source in JS API
651546 Remove stackLimit from GCMarker
655407 Crash on startup [@ nsTextFragment::CharAt(int) ] or [@ kernelbase.dll@0x179b ]
650629 Clean-up and fix tests landed with bug 583514
586016 Update JS_GetImplementationVersion for JS 1.8.5
635170 DeCOM nsIWin32Locale
647462 Video layer should not be ARGB by default
651563 GC: Document the new GC marking behavior
545070 plugin-problem UI shouldn't say "click here"
651567 nsMathMLmunderFrame.cpp:285:11: warning: unused variable 'xHeight'
654729 Weird highlighting when adding text to an existing address
624692 Undo close group cause tabs to overlap group name and close button when used in fullscreen
651578 Aurora About Dialog channel switcher should have left-aligned, not centered text
655675 Should remove needless G_OBJECT macro
434494 Opening a new window with Cmd-K does not always focus the search field
643392 A "ghost tab" appears inside a Tab Group
643393 nsJSContext::GetGlobalObject is slow
647490 ASSERTION: RECURSION_LEVEL_SAFE_TO_FINISH test_service_sync_checkServerError.js test_tab_store.js 52…
639303 FF4 crashes on multipart image/motion jpeg stream changing image size [@ @0x0 | mozilla::imagelib::D…
651598 Make test_bug288392.html report better errors
618835 Cannot login to phpmyadmin if I made a typo during my first login attempt
655701 Remove test dependencies on the html5.parser.enable pref
655703 accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound is true by default, this is a PITA of 98.34% of linux users
643419 SVG: pathLength attribute don't work
655708 TI: add JSOP_NOTRACE bytecode
655711 TI: [infer failure] Missing type at #2500:00066 pushed 0: Unique:new
651618 Java Plugin2's name has changed on OS X Lion (10.7)
590181 Use smarter optimization flags on Linux
651622 Remove WinCE code from browser/*
651623 Fix SO_VERSION expansion on OpenBSD
639338 Unable to specify XBL modifiers for all possible mouse events
651627 TI: incorrect result with try..catch, loops
654057 Combining character doesn't work right in "Segoe UI" font
670442 CanvasRenderingContext is broken after being sized to 0 and back
659842 X_GLXMakeCurrent: GLXBadContextTag SIGABRT with indirect Mesa at closedown and on about:support
643460 Update OTS version to r62 or later
647560 Incorrect font rendering with 2 sec delay greyscale->subpixel on scrollable div
651657 Remove WinCE & Windows Mobile code from dom/*
655756 Remove final XP_MAC remnants
651663 TestXPC unit test failure
655769 TI: Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at ../jsval.h:702
328090 remove -fpascal-strings from mac build options
655776 Web Developer > Get More Tools menu item
627113 Thin line on the right edge of the window on pressing "right" button in panorama
651694 Sort out NS_PLUGIN_EVENT
635311 iQ(".appTabIcon", this.$appTabTray).each() calls in groupitems.js should return early if possible
655797 Recalculate whether to show close buttons after resizing tabs
649973 TI+JM: crash in mjit-generated code
655810 TI: Infinite loop and memory explosion with array2 test
659910 Evaluating console.log or other API messages in Scratchpad presents wrong source link in web console
664009 Array.reduceRight() info leak and potential code execution
643532 Implement JS_ParseJSON, JS_ParseJSONWithReviver
643537 JSON.stringify(_1, _2, space) doesn't implement space=boxed string/number correctly
606681 deleteTabValue should not throw an exception
661583 xhr.response needs to hold on to the cache token when the responseType is blob.
606693 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/svg/as-image/img-widthAndHeight-meet-1.html
659945 Disable bug 566489 on Aurora
639467 External URI handling broken due to protocol handler registration changes
545261 Change the "yikes! spinning on a line over 1000 times!" abort to an assertion
655854 TI+JM: Kraken crypto-pbkdf2 regression // Assertion failure: v.isObject(), at jsnum.cpp:1309
652785 Nightly updates notification disappears after "Downloading: Fennec 6.0a1" (04/25 -> 04/26)
655860 Major Performance Regression (tp4, Ts, TSVG)
655864 Aurora: password field is not masked immediately and shows artifacts, when typing past the end of th…
655865 Fix --enable-accessibility build with clang
635389 Crash with too much recursion in array_toString
635390 Enable Certum Trusted Network CA root certificate for EV in PSM
648804 Upgrade all windows build slaves to June 2010 or later version of the DirectX SDK
627200 Background Finalization for Strings and Objects
639490 Remove nsHTMLInputElement::GetNameIfExists
659972 Remove channel switching UI
643590 nsJSON::DecodeFromStream should buffer up data, then parse the entire thing as JSON all at once
606727 _handleNewTab should only be called once even if a tab's max-width is later modified
635402 Get rid of :not([inFullscreen]) workaround selectors for sizemode transitions
656130 "ASSERTION: unexpected child list" and more
627215 Post-FF4: Enable browser.sessionhistory.optimize_eviction
651801 share a little more code between implementations of css3-animations and css3-transitions
664095 Wrong behavior after load html file in composer (red Table border missing)
471588 Remove String docs
574897 Fix wrong cookie handling in WebSockets (need to confirm this is a bug with the new websockets code)
639530 Suggestions bubble persists on results page after filling out the search form
654770 "ASSERTION: Won't check if this is chrome..." with accessibility enabled
655918 We can input longer text by IME on <input> which has maxlength and length of the value has been same…
655921 Do CSP checks fast and early in Function function
664114 Context Menu doesn't resize properly when switching the window orientation
651827 TI: "Assertion failure: v_.s.tag != JSVAL_TAG_CLEAR,"
658185 Y!Mail: iframe containing actual mail message has a non-clearing busy state
655932 black flicker when opening or enlarging arrow panels
655938 TI: Crash [@ js::types::TypeFailure] involving missing type object jitstats:prototype:new HOTLOOP: i…
655940 TI: Crash [@ js::mjit::JaegerShot]
385609 Cannot type into an editor in a xul panel
655949 TI: "Assertion failure: Bad rejoin getter op,"
631374 "Edit This Bookmark" dialog: checking an existing tag in the tags list scrolls the tag out of view
631377 Add compartment asserts to jsdbgapi.cpp
655954 TI: Crash [@ JSObject::getClass] // Null pointer dereference
643667 Remove HAVE_XIE
659335 Learn More links are broken in sync discovery dialogs
651861 ipc/chromium compilation broken on mingw
414294 &DoubleVerticalBar; (U+2225 PARALLEL TO) does not extend correctly
655960 Use a native rendering for vertical progress bar (Cocoa)
451165 CanvasRenderingContext2D.fillStyle and strokeStyle accept invalid colours
651872 Create access key for Workspace menu item
651874 Wrong library prefixed in dependentlibs.list in mingw compilation
629875 Handle negative arguments to drawImage
643690 Get rid of dependencies on libstdc++ symbol versions > GLIBCXX_3.4.8 (gcc > 4.1)
651887 Use macro for NodeWillBeDestroyed in nsXULTreeBuilder
655986 Remove POLL_WITH_XCONNECTIONNUMBER since no longer defined
655987 Respond to the WebGL cross-domain image theft vulnerability
655990 TI: Assertion failure: !fe->isNotType(JSVAL_TYPE_DOUBLE), at methodjit/FrameState.cpp:715
655991 TI: Assertion failure: frame not in stack space, at vm/Stack.cpp:273
647802 WebGL textures broken when decode-on-draw is enabled
655997 Crash when changing the orientation from portrait to landscape or vice versa
655998 TI+JM: Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending(), at jscntxtinlines.h:296
651905 Caption buttons show on top of the Firefox button with a RTL language pack applied to a LTR Firefox …
606855 [OpenGL] On linux, HWACCEL benchmark runs slower with layers acceleration
651915 Fix MarkStack size
647820 Don't use -mno-cygwin on mingw compilation
627342 re-enable browser_webconsole_js_input_expansion.js
631442 Intermittent test_redirect-caching_passing_wrap.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1) foll…
643732 DirectX SDK not detected on WinXP
492181 test_plugin_freezing.html causes focus problems for the following test
651926 gfxPlatform::Init needs to crash rather than returning an error if it fails
631447 Intermittent infinite loop of "ASSERTION: XPConnect is being called on a scope without a 'Components…
656027 It should be possible to pref out the Style Inspector
660565 HTML5 HW accelerated video is slow
639648 crash due to stack exhaustion in BindToTree with setUserData
659569 Unable to connect to Ubiquiti Network radio equipment w/o getting stuck in redirect loop.
656041 Some parts of page scroll at different rates in Fennec
651947 Build error on Windows in winEmbed.cpp:171 - missing type specifier - int assumed
651952 Fix final jemalloc-on-mac bug
638408 Remove unused nsUConvDll.*
656050 Fix jar reordering on linux PGO builds
610996 TabView should set its visibility with tab-view-deck.selectedPanel rather than selectedIndex
643772 dom/plugins can't compile on mingw due to implicit function pointer to void* casts
651968 Fix libsydneyaudio's ossaudio backend on OpenBSD (and probably other BSDs)
643778 WindowsMessageLoop.h fails to compile on case-sensitive OSes
651973 RegExp not released on error path in createObjectNoStatics
651975 [OS/2] pyxpt doesn't work - no python mmap module found
651978 TI+JM: incorrect result with array length
656075 browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug624265.js | Found a tab after previous test tim…
651980 Intermittent dom/src/threads/test/test_chromeWorkerJSM.xul | Test timed out
647885 getComputedStyle of background-position:0px 0px; returns "0% 0%", breaking Javascript CSS parsing
651984 Add ability to detect if a page has registered touch event listeners
619217 Undo action writes Z character when undo stack is empty on FF4 in Silverlight in 32-bit mode
651990 Investigate crash [@ js_TraceScript]
656089 Windows magnifier tool doesn't focus correctly when there is a text editing at firefox 4
643805 TI: Incorrect results with compiled FreeType
586462 [Tracking bug] Reftest failures running with OpenGL accelerated layers on Linux
586463 File all reftest failures and crashes from running reftests with accelerated layers on Linux
656096 TI+JM: Kraken crypto regression
656099 xpcshell failure: Not enough arguments [nsIOfflineCacheUpdateService.scheduleUpdate]" nsresult: "0x8…
164580 speed up nsID::Equals
652007 Painting artifacts with RTL trees
629610 "Assertion failure: !rt->gcRunning" browser_quotaPromptAllow.js browser_quotaPromptDeny.js browser_b…
643817 Replace xpt_link/dump with pyxpt
652014 Add diagnostic for nested at-rules so we give an error when @-moz-keyframes is inside @media
639730 Please check instead of menuItem.hasAttribute("keepme")
647931 Tests in browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser should use utility functions in head.js
643839 Crash [@ js::gc::MarkChildren]
652034 Firefox 4 hides/reduces the text area of popular Cbox's chatboxes (HTML/Ajax chat) after restarting …
586508 Improve GL error code output
652052 don't create |nsImageLoader|s for null border-images
652053 nsLineList::swap is broken
656152 Improve string for 32-bit plugin restart
607003 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/svg/as-image/img-width-meet-1.html & img-width-meet-2.html
652060 Incorrect result for -x === x on 64-bit
655493 Remove WinCE code from layout
656165 g_free accepts NULL so we do not need NULL checking before invoking it.
656167 Temporarily disable fixed layers (bug 607417)
656171 Assertion failure: callerPrincipals->subsume(callerPrincipals, calleePrincipals), at js/src/jsobj.cp…
643885 Optimize nsContentUtils::RemoveScriptBlocker to minimize the number of memmove's
647984 Maemo permaorange in content/media/test/crashtests/495794-1.html | load failed: timed out waiting fo…
656183 getContext() calls SetCanvasElement twice
541496 Always provide strings rather than streams to the CSS parser
656187 Remove modules/lib7z/ since it was only used for the WinCE installer
590665 Panels such as those of the Inspector jump around when dragged across multiple monitors
656205 Remove unused browser migration code (MacIE, iCab, OmniWeb, Dogbert a.k.a. Netscape, and Camino)
652110 Make nsFileDataURI inherit directly from nsSimpleURI
648022 Firefox 4.2a1pre Crash Report [@ js_XDRScript(JSXDRState*, JSScript**) ] [@ js_XDRAtom ] [@ js_XDRSc…
656215 Crash when creating a too-large WebGL canvas, and perhaps also too-large 2D canvas with GL layers
653888 JSON Walk algorithm should be able to delete properties from parsed arrays
656218 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///home/cltbld/talos-slave/test/build/reftest/tests/layout/refte…
656220 Style Inspector should cache cssLogic and cssHtmlTree outside the Highlighter
656221 TI+JM: Assertion failure: fe_ != NULL, at ../methodjit/FrameState.h:223
631648 [canvas] URL causes Firefox to be extremely unresponsive for well over a minute
639842 Implement GfxInfo on X11 by running a small glxinfo-like program as separate process
635749 Don't assume we can press ENTER on an <input type='file'> to submit a form
652135 Add more CC edge names
652139 C++0x narrowing conversion inside {} compilation error in nsDocumentViewer.cpp
652142 TI+JM: [infer failure] Missing type in object TableObject:1 a: float
660968 Jprof doesn't build shared library
602994 Calling the eval function from native code, without any other JS active, should work
648053 Always use absolute paths when specifying the source file to the compiler
657556 crash in WebGL uniform setters when no program is bound (and the uniform object isn't bound to a pro…
652154 On SM builds on windows, |make check-jstests| fails with a MemoryError
656252 TI: Crash [@ js::mjit::Compiler::arrayPrototypeHasIndexedProperty] or "Assertion failure: !unknownPr…
484221 onDeleteURI of nsINavHistoryObserver does not fire when deleting more than 10 entries at once
656259 TI: Assertion failure: !fe->data.inRegister(), at methodjit/FrameState-inl.h:909
656260 Showing/Hidding bundle package doesn't behave correctly
652167 Remove space from layout/html/tests/printer/js/change_while_in printdialog.html
578442 Hangs when opening Aspera file selection dialog box
635790 Depends on gnu89 inline
226193 Javascript exception when accessing document["config"] or document["domConfig"]
652178 FIREFOX 4 not printing from correctly
656878 nsStringArraySH::GetProperty copies string to js, but it could probably share it
651079 Use addLoadEvent instead of <body onload=""> in content/html/content/tests/
654707 Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::FireDelayedDOMEvents]
648090 Mozilla Firefox SVGPathSegList.replaceItem Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (ZDI-CAN-1142)
656283 accessing document.activeElement throws an exception
656284 XUL progressmeter is clipped on Windows
652192 Remove layout/html
648102 UTF-8 support for shell read/snarf function
660391 After closing Print preview, the favicon and the domain name highlighting disappears from the naviga…
676780 Fennec is unable to load webpages and close tabs
414638 Disallow mixed space/comma syntax for CSS rect() value
654573 Crash [@ mozilla::storage::StorageMemoryReporter::GetPath ] [@ mozilla::storage::Connection::getFile…
652215 Implement js::StringObject
664506 Shutdown cycle collection only garbage collects once
578499 Enable root certificate for EV in PSM
504773 Firefox does not insert saved password without Username (blank Username)
639943 Convert IDL formatting to JS engine house style
656331 XPCOM binary component registration ignores Module::kVersion
656349 Sync Setup error dialog appears when bypassing easy setup
639967 TI+JM: handle stack patching native calls on x64
648160 Mozilla Firefox SVGPointList.appendItem Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (ZDI-CAN-1144)
656354 Firefox 6.0a1 Crash Report [@ nsDocShell::SetDocCurrentStateObj(nsISHEntry*) ] [@ nsDocShell::SetDoc…
656357 Startup of Thunderbird with Lightning enabled has become extremely slow
619494 e10s: Make IndexedDB work in multi-process Fennec
656360 webDeveloperMenu.accesskey can not be localized
644074 consolidate VM stack code, maybe into js/src/vm/Stack.h ?
652268 dynamic changes to link state of root element don't cause correct restyling
656365 Creating an arguments object shouldn't require a parent, only a callee
513006 Some scrollbars disappear if GTK2 theme has scrollbar buttons turned off
660989 NPAPI OOP Plugin System does not transmit NPPVpluginWantsAllNetworkStreams
623601 problem with blur(); and focus(); for manipulate windows
660466 Segmentation Fault glxtest.cpp:172
656373 Turn off Form Assistant zooming, panning and next/prev on tablets
656381 "Assertion failure: js_GetOpcode(cx, fp->script(), pc) == op" trapping nullblockchain op for "with"
635903 Arrow of Edit Bookmarks Panel is missing after toggling the expanded folder view
656386 nsUIEvent should generate nsDOMUIEvent, not nsDOMEvent
640003 WebSockets - upgrade to ietf-07
672772 Bump Chatzilla compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.5 / Firefox 8.0
648197 Remove ALERT_MISSING_FONTS code from nsMathMLChar.cpp
672774 Bump Venkman compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.5 / Firefox 8.0 / Thunderbird 8.0
492553 containment breach NJ/MMgc
541707 Intermittent mochitest-plain or mochitest-ipcplugins failure in test_crashing2.html | Reloading afte…
561148 Startup issue: Shutdown takes a long time for some users (30-40 seconds)
648208 Follow up to bug#630209
652305 TI+JM: Kraken crypto-aes regression
652306 About dialog css shouldn't depend on MOZ_OFFICIAL_BRANDING
603159 implement exslt-date:date-time()
652314 TI: Crash [@ js::types::TypeSet::add] or "Assertion failure: v.kind() != SSAValue::EMPTY && pv->valu…
656411 TI+JM: Assertion failure: !unknown(), at ../jsinferinlines.h:1132
648223 stop support of accessibility.disableenumvariant
652321 JM: inline jsop_mod on 64-bit
657585 Crash [@ js_GetPropertyHelperInline] or [@ js_str_charAt] or [@ js_ValueToString]
640048 Fix edge case for z-ordering for async scrollable elements
656433 Disallow javascript: and data: URLs entered into the location bar from inheriting the principal of t…
656435 add --ipcplugins flag to testing/mochitest/
197686 :hover (dynamic pseudo-class) doesn't work after class selectors with no tag name in quirks mode
648248 Buggy Hebrew fallback font on Mac OS X
480317 Provide a way for atk-based plugins to slot into our a11y tree
640062 Panorama tabs-from-other-windows button displays &nbsp;
659215 Try harder to get a JSContext in PostMessageEvent::Run
644161 "Open All in tabs" does not work from bookmarks menu if no window is open
658273 mozsqlite badly positioned in dependentlibs.list
652361 [OS/2] build break in nsObjectFrame after checkin for bug 266236
652363 Dragging selection into location bar doesn't set GO button immediately
595020 Group name isn't displayed in title before TabView is loaded the first time
607114 Present an easy way to create nsIDOMFiles in chrome
657592 GCLI example command doesn't work properly
615509 Remove nsIDOMDOMConfiguration, Document.domConfig
659641 Loading icon for Aurora is the one for Nightly
660569 Settings missing their checkbox in Gingerbread theme
652378 dexpcom nsAccessible::getDescription()
652380 nsRootAccessible::nativeState() should only call getChromeFlags() once
660573 Disabled Add-on entries need to enhance their state of appearance in Gingerbread theme
656480 Make test_bug495300 should use MediaTestManager
652385 nsLayoutStyleSheetcache has odd destructor
618683 Flash plugin hang [@ hang | NtUserMessageCall | RealDefWindowProcW ] [@ F1546913566________________…
648721 Fix linking of xpcshell and plugin-container (X libs path missing)
648299 -moz-text-decoration-style: -moz-none; does paint the decoration lines
656914 TI: Assertion failure: codeArray[offset], at ./jsanalyze.h:902
652399 Using system libjpeg should disable building embedded libjpeg-turbo
652401 Push cx to stack before calling mozRequestAnimationFrame callbacks
664692 Calling `new WebSocket()` results in a TypeError: "WebSocket is not a constructor"
605033 Crash in js::ValueToNumberSlow [@ js::DefaultValue(JSContext*, JSObject*, JSType, js::Value*) ]
631928 Check for libffi_cv_as_x86_pcrel should not look for just "warning"
627834 Intermittent failure in browser_625257.js | newly created tab should be in save state
658282 Previously checked radio button does not get the invalid style
652416 race when returning GC arenas from the background finalizer to GC arena allocator
639168 Fennec 4.0b5 crash [@ gfxContext::gfxContext]
664708 GetCharNumAtPosition should only accept native points
660613 WebSockets-07 implementation doesn't randomize all 32 bits of the mask
652422 TI: [infer failure] Missing type at #3:00035 pushed 0: string
656520 Make sure the gc-heap memory reporter is in the right place
636042 When two fonts with the same name but different available characters exist we should be able to use …
631952 Intermittent browser_394759_privatebrowsing.js | Test timed out and | Found a browser window after p…
631954 Right-clicking on back button menu item opens additional back button menu
664723 update for bug 643816
652438 TM: Crash [@ JSString::isLinear] on out-of-memory
660632 Tweak selection color in Gingerbread theme
652442 Script feature support should depend on whether javascript is enabled
595482 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | layout/reftests/svg/as-image/img-width-slice-1.html, img-width-slice-…
660638 OOM in Compiler::compileScript when |script| is not checked
652447 Straighten out the weirdness of Pinstripe's livemark-item.png and livemarkItem.png
648355 Function.prototype.isGenerator
631973 configuring to open firefox in private browsing mode thru quicklaunch shortcut icons, opens 2 window…
652459 TM Windows nightlies (twice) and Linux64 opt builds (permanently) fail multiple mochitest-a11y tests…
641906 Use system theme colors in nsLookAndFeel on Android
623791 [ANGLE] WebGLES shader assertion failed: (oldhashloc >= 0), function IncreaseHashTableSize
627892 Remove (Safe Mode) string since it is no longer used
586933 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///work/mozilla/builds/2.0.0/mozilla/layout/reftests/font-featur…
586934 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///work/mozilla/builds/2.0.0/mozilla/layout/reftests/bidi/mirror…
586935 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///work/mozilla/builds/2.0.0/mozilla/layout/reftests/bidi/bidi-0…
652473 PlacesUIUtils deprecation messages need to lay off the whitespace
672955 Thai pages not displaying some characters correctly
652486 Computed value of text-decoration should be empty when its style or color is not initial value
651468 Panning through the add-ons manager doesn't stop at the end of the screen
656591 TI+JM: [infer failure] Missing type at #2:00028 pushed 0: void
624163 Compatibility: IME input does not work in rich editors
640213 Implement RFC 2616 "Upgrade" (Section 14.42)
566486 Allow form restore/recover on crash for HTTPS
652506 Remove WinCE code from xpcom
488314 Kill SetMatrixPropagation
586977 Investigate how the inspector style panel works with shorthand properties
644325 addMessageListener with an function object causes a compartment mismatch
637671 Highlighting broken with subselect and hiding/showing dom elements
435442 Implement Webkit's CSS Animation proposal
636149 Home Page -> Use Current Pages; Does not respect Tab groups
451833 Highlight the domain name in the address bar
591101 bholley testing bug for git-bz
627966 Use Places db's favicon service
656640 DOM Files should DEFER_OPEN their streams
619777 obj_toSource guard of IS_SHARP instead of !ida confuses coverity
656647 File constructor should take nsIFile
644361 Improve the default rendering of the progress element
647208 youtube html5 video renders strange on PowerPC
652559 nsGlobalWindow.cpp:8812:93: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
627985 ASSERTION: RECURSION_LEVEL_SAFE_TO_FINISH test_geolocation_provider.js test_service_sync_updateEnabl…
668950 Disable WebSockets for Mobile Firefox 6
595223 Keep track of file:// url 'loadGroups'
653530 HTTP Transaction multiply dispatched
668960 [RTL] Scratchpad JavaScript editor should be LTR
648483 Image doesn't successfully redraw on full page scroll, instead gets covered by nearby content..
652580 Firefox 6.0a1 Crash Report [@ IsBreakElement ]
648485 Intermittent failure in content/base/test/test_bug482935.html | Received fresh value for second requ…
632102 Intermittent test_bug629838.html | Got MozAfterPaint event 25 time(s).
648490 Remove the "heap-used/js/string-data" memory reporter because it is totally bogus
549767 Write/flush cache metadata off main-thread
652590 TI+JM: incorrect result with JSOP_OR, double
647389 Remove WINCE stuff from Spidermonkey
591152 mozilla/js/src/configure: line 10134: test: : integer expression expected
607544 Remove DDRAW junk from configure, missed part
659087 "Always Ask" defaults for geolocation and indexedDB don't work
574346 [meta] Support building with Clang
644419 Console should have user-settable log limits for each message category
660806 Autocomplete shows during history navigation
659633 Pseudo-hang when a XUL tree element is instantiated
628043 The last closed window is restored when a secondary window is left open and a new browser window is …
648531 regression with table borders and the rules attribute
652628 Fix for 638056 breaks MeeGo armv7 build
468313 Having to click 'Ignore this warning' for every page on the suspected 'Attack Site' is seriously ann…
595292 browser_394759.js seems to hit network with dns failures
525882 Don't hardcode anything in application.ini files
648545 Remove outdated instances of META_COMPONENT from mozilla-central
628069 onhashchange event object missing newURL, oldURL properties
652646 TI+JM: Assertion failure: v.kind() != SSAValue::EMPTY, at jsanalyze.cpp:1583
542058 implement window.matchMedia API for matching CSS media queries (like window.evaluateMediaQuery propo…
656748 TI+JM: incorrect result with x++, -0
656749 If Opacity is set to zero SWF Objects will not respond to click handler events
308590 SVG patterns, gradients and filters don't work when SVG is loaded from a data: URL
656752 WebGL crash [@gleRunVertexSubmitImmediate()]
656753 TI: Assertion failure: m_pools.empty(), at ./assembler/jit/ExecutableAllocator.h:180
636279 _tabsRestoringCount goes negative if setBrowserState called at browser startup and last session had …
669049 .response with .responseType='blob' doesn't work correctly for large remote file
648570 increase total idle pconn tool to 256 (matches chrome)
648573 Implement touch event interfaces
656277 Prevent loading WebGL textures from cross-domain images
640387 onhashchange not fired on navigation when navigation entries created via history.pushState
641942 Make Windows progress bars RTL-friendly
654725 [10.7] Changes in OS X 10.7 break our Wi-Fi monitor code, causing crashes [@ libsystem_c.dylib@0x8c4…
656778 Enable session restore when Panorama usage is detected
656782 Runtime CPU features detection does not work for pixman in Android
659693 domain highlighting doesn't work with IPv6 literals
652692 Remove extensionsManagerOverlay.xul
648599 When an extension changes from being softblocked to unblocked it should become enabled
657648 Don't use high resolution scrolling when acceleration is enabled
656804 build broken with --enable-raw
654999 Valgrind complains about unitialized values created by stack allocation in nsHyperTextAccessible::Ge…
656815 javascript: URIs refuse to load when channel owner is null
652721 Minor robustness improvements for Ogg seeking code
587187 properly test for TabView being defined
603574 [Windows VC++] --disable-profile-guided-optimization is ignored
656826 Redesign nsPrefService for helpful static utility methods
652731 Remove check for ZIP in js/src configure, since spidermonkey does not require it
644542 css rule :after with 'content' property crashes firefox when applied on <select> [@ gfxContext::gfxC…
656831 test_mozPaintCount.html | Exited with code 1 | crash in!mozilla::layers::Image::GetFormat
648647 Eliminate JSObjectMap
517579 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_bug413909.html | Secure page did not load, adding exception failed?
648653 Update version numbers everywhere to those specified in the process document
644559 - Site homepage is blank in Firefox 4, as of 2009-12-02 nightly
652752 Click event isn't fired if mousedown event and mouseup event are fired on different textnode of same…
157137 Next API Changes Metabug
652754 pages containing korean cause font tables to be read at startup
632275 Web Console: Error message when click on an object to create an inspect window
652761 ABORT: half open complete but no item: 'index != -1' with embedded src port 80000
619996 Remove nsISelectElement
619997 Kill Document.renameNode
619998 Kill Document.strictErrorChecking
620000 Remove nsXULPDGlobalObject::OnFinalize's language id parameter
632294 Unify setActive... functions
652775 text in <legend> doesn't wrap
644584 Intermittent chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_b…
656873 When I right-click on a link in a page containing MathML, parts of the page content disappear.
656875 Scaling down the body makes the smallest text pieces disappear.
611922 "ABORT: aRelevantLinkVisited should only be set when we have a separate style"
640494 error: 'signbit' was not declared in this scope when building js shell with g++ -std=c++0x
656881 parser/htmlparser/tests/mochitest/file_bug534293-slow.sjs uses a timer that is at risk of getting ga…
558585 Window flashes white when a new tab is made, despite settings
566779 Refactor the way HTML 5 media backends handle find start/end time
284156 SHGetMalloc API call is deprecated (in nsIconChannel.cpp)
607741 NS_SOCKET_MAX_COUNT in nsSocketTransportService2.h is un-necessary limit
648705 Possible security sensitive crash [@ mozilla::WebGLProgram::DetachShaders() ]
652803 [Harmony proxies] recursive fixing doesn't throw
644613 NPE in setComposingText when using VKB
566793 menuitem-iconic and type=checkbox can't be mixed
656909 Use a native rendering for vertical progress bar (Windows)
652814 Rename nsIDOMTouchPoint to nsIDOMTouch
427537 Implement CustomEvent DOM3 specification
644626 move plugin tests from "/modules/plugin/test" to "/dom/plugins/test"
652821 remove views from positioned inline frames
656920 TI: polymorphism read barriers
648730 Fix Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication on OpenBSD
538143 [@ XPCJSStackFrame::CreateStack] should not use recursion
648739 Crash [@ JSID_TO_STRING] or [@ fun_bind] with testcase involving toString, Function.prototype.bind
648741 Entire window is black with hardware acceleration enabled on Linux
587308 Properties view breaks if one quickly opens/closes the group view in the new Style panel
662450 canvas not properly cleared when images drawn -- clearRect seems broken
659777 Cannot access remote/desktop tabs: "Svc.Private is undefined"
656944 test_hunspell.js is orange w/ unexpected pass, after I fix bug 656829
656947 Crash in canvas code with print() while busy [@ JS_updateMallocCounter]
652854 The OS X file picker dialog has stopped working, crashes [@ libobjc.A.dylib@0x511c ] [@ libobjc.A.dy…
656954 Add defaultPrevented to nsIDOMEvent
558651 "Check Spelling" should only be showed in context menu when input element is in 'text' or 'search' s…
652862 Remove disable-svg references in tests
602380 Regression. Firefox 4 is 40% slower at HWACCEL than Firefox 3.6
640587 Page up/down behaviour changes to "page back/forward"
659778 Web Console autocomplete is behind the Web Console window
587345 deAgnostify nsXULPDGlobalObject some
648786 Fix checkArenaListsForThing
644692 bsdiff build failure with system bzip2
639711 Selecting "Tabs from other computers" on home screen directs to Preferences
640601 Firefox loads Flash "in-process" on Macs with GMA950 in 32 bit mode
667919 window.ondevicemotion and window.ondeviceorientation
656989 nsHttpConnection doesn't change mCallbacks to actual during Activate
656990 [10.7] Ensure compatibility with OS X 10.7's arrowless scrollbar
656991 JSStructuredCloneWriter leaks memory
656992 546 lines of build warning spam from "NeckoMessageUtils.h:* warning: unused variable 'rv'"
653584 crash in nsLinkableAccessible::NativeState()
673378 Crash at nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContext
656996 Remove NS_NewHTMLCSSUtils
624230 Error: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsINavHistoryService.executeQueries]
669289 Fennec UI is unresponsive and browser becomes unusable if a restart is triggered with a single blank…
628332 Double-free when compartment allocation fails.
501357 New history clearing features do not send onDeleteURI or onClearHistory Places events
513648 Pasting URLs with line breaks don't work when pasting into the main window
611953 GNOME 3.0 readiness
398962 Add regular expression function for -moz-document rules
648819 "ASSERTION: unknown nsISVGValue" with patternTransform
627591 preload dlls on windows
657013 Remove the old JSON parser
665209 Hang with recursive "content: url(data:image/svg+xml,...)"
658143 Stop creating nsFrameSelection with CreateInstance
652929 First printed page is blank (aside from header/footer), despite being fine in Print Preview, on itma…
665218 Crash [@ gfxContext::gfxContext ] when printing boarding passes on American Airlines
652931 Proper handling of large mark stack insertion
603789 [Meta] Panorama bugs for Fx5
595601 Option to not load tabs from inactive groups on initial browser startup (and until such time as the …
609219 [OpenGL] CairoImageOGL::SetData fails with gfxXlibSurfaces
632475 Enable Go Daddy G2 root certificates for EV in PSM
632476 Handle non-finite values for fillRect, strokeRect per spec
672026 code evaled from javascript component is not privileged
648862 nanojit: Remove WINCE code (split from bug 647389)
632481 Handle non-finite values for arc per spec
648866 Remove WinCE code from main build system + that of js/src/
648870 Stop trying to package the tests in proxies/, since proxies/ doesn't exist
648817 "Assertion failure: !rt->gcRunning" browser_bug580298.js browser_webconsole_bug_613013_console_api_i…
648872 Mismatched calling convention in worker code
648873 Mismatched calling convention
652970 nsXULDocument doesn't unlink enough
648876 Remove superfluous $(OS_ARCH) filter-outs from js/src/ (bug 647389 follow-up)
648878 Implement Get(Local|Remote)(Address|Port) in HttpChannelChild
648882 TabPriorityQueue updates tabItems when UI is busy
523663 Firefox crashes [@imgRequest::NotifyProxyListener(imgRequestProxy*) ]
648885 Remove nsIImageFrame
669366 Handle negative arguments to drawImage
194231 4k+ text blocks create adjacent DOM text nodes
620216 [D2D] [CANVAS] Craftymind - HTML5 Video Destruction - slow blow up
523936 xpcshell-tests: Random Test Failure in test_browserGlue_distribution.js
632511 Handle non-finite values for scale per spec
648898 Remove the xptinfo tests we don't want to bother running
640707 aria-sort should fire attributechange
603844 Leak txUnknownHandler+ with transformToDocument(textnode)
468678 remove support for resource (.rsrc) files in Mac OS X plugins
654967 Firebug stays disabled when switching back from Beta to Aurora
648911 Kill --disable-libxul entirely
663465 crash [@ nsWebSocketEstablishedConnection::ConsoleError]
624338 Update check for default browser to work the new way (glib >= 2.27.1)
648919 CallJSPropertyOp incorrectly called with obj instead of receiver in Shape::get
648925 Remove nsICSSRule
591582 Style Panel CSS properties are limited to hard coded values
657120 TI+JM: incorrect result with JSOP_AND, JSOP_LT
648929 frequently getting is null error in tabview.js
653026 GC hazard with NoSuchMethod
648935 Firefox freezes when an alert box generated by Flash is shown.
657131 Create a new Execute menu for Scratchpad
648943 Make .childNodes actually use the wrapper cache
657136 Rename top-level Context menu to something less confusing in Scratchpad
620274 nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::PaintSVG needlessly checks aDirtyRect
644855 Animated gifs that have finished animating don't restart when src is set
654601 cannot use copy and paste keyboard shortcuts in panorama
620286 White space at beginning (end) of tspan should render when there is preceding (following) non-white …
583423 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | layout/reftests/bugs/220165-1.svg
468736 PSM nsPSMBackgroundThread::requestExit is racy and not threadsafe
657153 Yahoo search is broken for non-ascii search requests
647467 AssertValidColor failed with setTimeout, CC
657160 Remove NS_NewHTMLEditRules, NS_NewTextEditRules and NS_NewCare
657164 ExecutablePool::release can mask leaky references
608013 Silverlight: Firefox window appears over fullscreen window that is supposed to be fullscreen
632595 Update public suffix list for changes in .eg and .uk
657173 don't format URL bar value when location bar is focused
595734 Move nsSVGUtils::ConvertToSurfaceSize back to nsSVGUtils.cpp, once we're in a libxul-only world
657177 Intermittent content/media/test/test_preload_actions.html and test_closing_connections.html | Exited…
653082 Style Inspector stylesheet selector should be removed
653084 Style Inspector should have specificity removed
648989 crash [@ nsXULButtonAccessible::ContainsMenu()]
653086 clean up editor configuration lines in a11y files
657185 Intermittent timeout in content/media/test/test_closing_connections.html
636707 [Mac] Firefox 4.0b13pre crash [@ mozilla::layers::ImageLayerOGL::RenderLayer ]
661284 Blue selection color used in Gingerbread 'Find in Page input field' theme
653093 Rename Workspace to Scratchpad
657190 webgl/conformance/more/functions/texSubImage2DHTML.html and texImage2DHTML.html (at least) hit the n…
657191 When SVG background hits HTTP 500: crash [@ mozilla::imagelib::VectorImage::OnDataAvailable(nsIReque…
653098 remove unused function gfxUserFontSet::RemoveFamily
620331 Remote nsAudioStreamRemote::GetMinWriteSamples
653100 remove redundant storing of OpenType table copies, now that OTS doesn't discard them
657197 TI: "Assertion failure: bad,"
649006 Clicking any two mouse buttons opens new tab
657201 WebGL crash [@createProgram/@gldCopyTexSubImage]
653108 Scratchpad is tied to the tab it was first run in
636725 Unit tests for Workspaces
649017 TM: Crash due to call stack overflow [@ js_ValueToString]
657210 Outparamdel nsEditor::GetPresShell
668639 Apple's Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 10 breaks Java in FF 4 and up
653125 remove misc SVG views
657225 TI: Crash [@ JSString::length]
653131 cleanup box frame view creation code
653133 Fennec crashes when loading a page with huge background-attachment:fixed background
653134 Create Fennec Gingerbread theme
653142 Create a pilot.jsm javascript module for use with GCLI/Ace
653146 switch awesomescreen tabs immediately on tap, then load content
646799 Content area <iframe> is not clipped to content edge curve when using border-radius
647482 jstests looks for config/ in the wrong place
657247 TI: [infer failure] Missing type in object #2:9:Array 123\x00456: int
653153 parseInt fast-path can cause incorrect results
657252 Clean up some random packaging warnings
657041 "ASSERTION: invalid call to GetPreferredStretchSize"
653161 Big shutdown time regression on 4/27
657259 Should remove needless GTK_OBJECT macro
612204 TypeInference: nop CALLPROP fetching known values
657262 Consider using ThreeDShadow instead of ThreeDDarkShadow for the border for the location bar and sear…
637245 "ASSERTION: Default canvas font is invalid" working with fonts on a canvas that has no presshell
641342 Same-origin policy not applied when chrome: resources are loaded via a custom protocol handler
612214 Intermittent failure in reftests/svg/as-image/img-anim-1.html
640887 WinXP debug intermittent but very frequent: test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | Test expected t…
636792 Coalesce keyboard pan with zoom to element pan
644985 Pass correct host triplet to libffi configure
653179 nsPresShell.cpp:8829:52: warning: 'width' may be used uninitialized in this function
649089 test_after_paint_pref.html should use SpecialPowers
657287 TI: Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at ../jsval.h:702
657288 TI: Assertion failure: offset < script->length, at ./jsanalyze.h:906
649099 " is null" when resizing groupItems
657292 Firefox 6.0a1 Crash Report [@ xpc::XrayWrapper<JSCrossCompartmentWrapper>::createHolder(JSContext*, …
655682 rendering is delayed until page is completely loaded
657296 Crash [@ nsAccessibilityService::GetAccessible]
657297 Telemetry probe for preloading
657304 TI: Assertion failure: !fe->data.inRegister(), at methodjit/FrameState-inl.h:922
649119 remove parsing and storage of CSS 2.0 aural style sheet properties
653221 Create Web Developer Sub-menu in the Tools menu
649127 Intermittent timeout in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_rtl.js | application timed…
649133 Implement XHR2 responseType/response attributes
649134 Blank link rel causes subsequent conditional CSS to be displayed
657331 Fix the registerCleanupFunction() in browser_tabview_bug625195.js
652958 FormHelper does not work well with IME compositions
653238 nsSMILAnimationController::mDocument is suspicious
583608 warning: ‘const char* GetMIMEType(nsIPluginInstance*)’ defined but not used in nsObjectFrame.cpp
657337 Form input selection arrows are rendered partially off screen after switching from landscape to port…
653243 TI: Crash [@ JSString::isLinear]
628669 Provide support for relative URLs in Components utils import (JSM, JS modules)
649152 TI: Crash [@ js::gc::MarkChildren]
384672 Escaped newline handling should be limited to strings
640964 Add a C implementation of ConvertYCbCrToRGB565
648865 Remove WINCE code from js/src/assember/*
649163 nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetCSSParsingEnvironment should not AddRef its output
504714 about:sessionrestore should suppress middlemouse.contentLoadURL
624593 Un-blacklist OpenGL drivers on X11 as soon as they get good enough
649170 Crashes every time i print html pages & am a frequent user of these 'on line' sites. [@ nsPIDOMWindo…
600020 "ASSERTION: Must know the source we were loading from"
653270 simplify nsSMILAnimationController construction
648471 If the replacer is an array, only get the list of property names to use once, and use non-enumerable…
174055 deCOM nsIFontMetrics
657384 cx->new_ Allocators shouldn't have const ref parameters
648871 Mismatched calling convention for CanvasStyleSetterType
649198 Switch to Aurora branding by default in the mozilla-aurora repository
636913 implement webgl required clear semantics
641010 crash [@][@ ][@ ][@ ]
657396 code coverage builds busted in elfhack
653309 "Assertion failure: thing->compartment() == gcmarker->context->runtime->gcCurrentCompartment"
653310 ipc:content-shutdown notification maybe should always set a dumpID property
653311 Jprof doesn't work for many (most?) Linux distros
663211 safebrowsing tests shouldn't load internet pages
649223 Reftest for bug 366207 wastes two seconds, needlessly
642062 TI: add types for jitstats
264205 customizable statusbar (allow reordering of icons there)
636942 pass webgl-specific.html again: adapt to latest spec changes
649233 For Macaw and Firefox 5, update ANGLE to the chrome_m10 branch
645142 "ABORT: negative lengths and percents should be rejected by parser" with huge font size
673815 trackpad scrolling fails in Nightly, works in Firefox 5.0
641048 proper constructor for JSThread/JSThreadData
612193 Move Find In Page, Share Page, and Save As PDF to app menu on Android
608603 datepicker (popup) Forward button: October 31 advances to December
653349 clean up nsPluginHost::FindPluginForType
657447 Missing include guards in nsTimeRange class
645160 jsdIStackFrame is incorrectly truncated at indirect eval calls
632874 make it clear that first-run startup time isn't normal
653356 fix comment describing nsHTMLReflowState::availableWidth
649261 TI: Crash [@JSString::isAtom] // Null pointer dereference
641074 Broken folder shortcuts should not interrupt a Places result (nsINavHistoryContainerResultNode.child…
653364 isTrusted undefined on new hashchange event
653662 Disable incremental linking
612407 Add FPS counter like fraps
649272 TI: Assertion failure: getSlot(slot).isUndefined(), at jsobj.cpp:4620
652299 Remove unnecessary character conversion in CreateNPAPIPlugin
616516 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/svg/smil/anim-rect-rxry-1.svg | image comparison (==)
669767 Crash [@ nsTextControlFrame::FinishedInitializer] with textarea, font-face in iframe
661582 xhr.response should return a Blob, not a File, when appropriate
657487 Include static keyword in definitions of signal callback functions
653395 TI: Crash [@ js::types::TypeSet::unknown]
653396 JM: Assertion failure: length <= JS_ARGS_LENGTH_MAX, at ./methodjit/MonoIC.cpp:1209
653397 TI: Assertion failure: obj, at ../jsval.h:711
649307 focused tab is opened after naming a group and pressing enter
653408 OTS sanitizer incorrectly drops OpenType Layout tables from LinLibertine_Re-4.7.5(.ttf/.woff)
649319 tab focus when resizing or moving a group in panorama
653419 WebGL crash [@ mozilla::WebGLContext::GetCanvasLayer(nsDisplayListBuilder*, mozilla::layers::CanvasL…
653420 nsHTMLMediaElement should traverse/unlink mSourceLoadCandidate
649326 'onmouseout' handling doesn't work
657528 Use a volatile pointer to force a trap.
637049 No GUI to return from fullscreen mode with popups
649345 Disabled Options Color changer
649347 about: pages do not have favicons on the thumbnails
604294 unicode-bidi: bidi-override doesn't work on table cells
563337 "Error: preview is undefined" and "this.preview is undefined" when closing the last tab with browser…
408599 FeedProtocolHandler creates horrifying nsIStandardURLs
657548 Remove duplicate and unused CIDs from nsContentCID.h and nsLayoutCID.h
604302 Windows DLL blocklist support for Windows x64
657554 mochitest error output: test_bug519928.html, line 115: endTest is not defined
645268 Intermittent failure in toolkit/components/console/hudservice/tests/browser/browser_webconsole_bug_5…
653461 avoid uses of enablePrivilege in style system mochitests
649367 "nightly is up to date" does not have enough contrast against the new about window dark backgrounds
649373 Remove "Alpha #" from blank window titles for Nightly and Aurora
624798 nsBidiPresUtils should not keep state as member variables
649376 JM+TI: direct instance property accesses
628901 Intermittent layout/base/tests/test_after_paint_pref.html | Test timed out
653681 TabMatcher._getTabsForOtherWindows() must not use nsIWindowMediator.getMostRecentWindow()
628907 Silverlight content does not render after on postback call
636339 Better VKB integration for form assistant
600241 Major part of Minefield's files has a modification date set to 2010-01-01
657586 TI: Crash [@ js::types::TypeFailure] involving missing type in object #3:26:Object set: #2
366774 Remove unused preference bidi.characterset
649400 [css3-animations] should animate each property across the keyframes it's present in
653497 Once bug 335998 is fixed, SVGPathDataAndOwner::mElement leaks documents
465086 When closing a tab, other tabs should not resize until cursor leaves toolbar region
657608 javascript tests - remove all Sisyphus and Antediluvian cruft
649417 Do YUV -> RGB conversion on the GPU on mobile
641227 Crash in mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceParent::GetImage [@ mozilla::layers::MacIOSurfaceImageOGL::…
649428 l10n repacks broken on all platforms on mozilla-central (probably aurora, too)
633209 Add a pseudo-element to access <progress> bar element.
657624 TI: Crash due to call stack overflow [@ AnalyzeNewScriptProperties]
616666 switch to an explicit mark stack
649439 TI: crash [@JSObject::getClass]
649440 Fire OnStopFrame notifications per-'frame' (draw-request) in SVG images
657634 Don't use high resolution scrolling when scrolling speed is customized by prefs
637160 window-modal prompts used instead of tab-modal prompts when reentering a page using back/forward
616684 Remove support for DOM Views
633072 [D2D] consistent few-px failures in SVG-as-an-image tests w/ scaled circles, on Windows with D2D
637169 Sometimes, no tab gets the keyboard focus when entering Panorama
653564 ContentParent.cpp:654:53: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
596221 PSM should use new function to find encryption certificates of email recipients
567552 Non-installed fonts (on external drive, downloaded, etc) are activated by Firefox, and preference to…
657665 ArgumentsObject needs documentation, fast-path methods to access element values
649477 TI: Assertion failure: inContext(), at jscntxt.cpp:114
663893 Unsafe uses of mListener in nsWebSocketHandler.cpp
657677 Require.jsm needs unit tests before it can be used by GCLI
657678 Remove GCLI dependency on Pilot
649488 move contents of dom/plugins to dom/plugins/ipc
637207 "name" and "message" enumerable on *Error.prototype
649502 Expose histograms to JS
645407 Implement proper GfxInfo-based driver blacklist on X11
620832 Web console attempts to remove its observers multiple times
653607 IAccessible::accChild fails on ARIA documents
657709 Cleanup histogram API
657710 strict-aliasing violation in JS_Stringify / Valueify
657713 eval JSON parser hack misfires in strict mode, for objects with duplicate property names
657715 unbreak build for FreeBSD (since it doesn't have libossaudio)
485685 Review|dtd for obsolete entities
551225 Make pushState use structured clone
649531 tidy up this-computation logic a bit, add some asserts (b/c #jsapi told me to)
629053 Add .lv to IDN TLD whitelist
649534 Remove nsIXSLTProcessorObsolete
653631 Crash [@ JSStackFrame::isDummyFrame] with mozRequestAnimationFrame
645442 XPCWrappedNative::FlatJSObjectFinalized manipulates map without acquiring map lock
637253 decomtamination: remove nsIPlugin and nsIPluginInstance
653639 TI: understand types of window objects
641352 Add nsHTMLTextAreaElement::IsValueEmpty const
653644 assert that CommonElementAnimationData are destroyed as expected
653645 css3-animations should not override user or UA !important declarations
649551 Needs to back out bug 59109 only from Aurora
661843 GeckoSurfaceView may double memory requirement for painting
649556 Document JS_ConcatStrings
645461 Crash when restoring previous session after closing all tab groups in panorama view
649558 move contents of modules/plugin/base/src and modules/plugin/base/public to dom/plugins/base
653655 "this.childNodes[i].tab is undefined" errors every time the List All Tabs menu is opened
571739 Use SIMD for conversion from RGB to YUV on Win64
649566 @keyframe(s) missing from <style> sanitizing code in nsHTMLFragmentContentSink
649568 Clean up logic for addition & interpolation in SVGPathSegListSMILType
649575 Date.prototype.toISOString must throw a RangeError for non-finite dates
649618 If the canvas has a horizontal dimension of zero, then toDataURL() must return the string "data:,".
641393 In test_SVGxxxList.xhtml: ###!!! ASSERTION: Axis() isn't valid: 'mElement', file SVGLengthList.h, li…
645491 Very-very slow mark files on with a large number of directories. To 5-10 seconds on on…
657780 FrameLayerBuilder warning pldhash
506774 update in-tree v8 benchmark to v5
649593 TI+JM: v8 benchmark harness correctness bug
650987 OfflineCacheUpdateParent.cpp:43: warning: 'gOfflineCacheUpdateService' defined but not used
649604 crash [@ nsAccessible::NativeState()]
514437 Implement content part of the progress element
653705 MacOSFontEntry::mIsCFF may be used without initialization
633232 nsIMIMEService.getTypeFromURI(null) crashes [@ nsExternalHelperAppService::GetTypeFromURI(nsIURI*, n…
641426 Unify point/size/rect types
662261 [Mac] When trying to choose a helper app, the app bundle expands
653718 incorrect struct size check in can cause overrun
631193 The font "MS Sans Serif" is ignored
633240 nsIMIMEService.getTypeFromFile(null) crashes [@ nsExternalHelperAppService::GetTypeFromFile(nsIFile*…
637339 Improve error handling in HttpChannelChild
645532 Content process xpcshell doesn't print newlines
668743 ANGLE fails to load on WinXP after upgrade from r653 to r686
653741 Scrolling back to the anchor in the url no longer works
670126 fix state of shipped-locales on mozilla-beta to include 'vi' again
604595 Kill DocumentType.entities and DocumentType.notations
653750 download manager is not working
539067 random timeouts before running test_browserGlue_prefs.js and after test_browserGlue_migrate.js
645565 Crash due to double-delete in nsDirIndexParser
649666 Do not create container layers for scrollboxes with (0, 0) scrollRange
645572 Crash in xul!nsBlockInFlowLineIterator::nsBlockInFlowLineIterator [@ nsLineBox::IndexOf ] [@ nsLi…
657862 SVG arc path segments are broken
649672 File.slice has different semantics from Array.slice and String.slice
656460 Skip dummy frames for function.caller
629194 Don't clobber all packages in mobile's package target
657143 Reorder mature CSS properties in nsComputedDOMStyle.cpp
657868 [OS/2] build fix after removal of the nsIPluginInstance interface
649678 Date Missing from About Nightly Window
555474 While bookmark is dragged, the tooltip should not appear
633299 Adding new @font-face declarations causes existing fonts to briefly revert to core fonts
649685 Setting layers.prefer-opengl to true causes screen to be flipped horizontally upside down
653782 "Assertion failure: JS_IsArrayObject(cx, scx->replacer),"
649689 TI+JM: crash in mjit generated code
649693 JM+TI: make kraken-ai-astar fast
551390 Dead code in content
657890 TI+JM: Assertion failure: !types->unknown(), at Compiler.cpp:7163
621031 AIX: jsstr.cpp #pragma pack options not valid for OS
641517 Have a native rendering for <progress> on Windows Vista and Windows 7
666094 Crash [@ js::StackFrame::initJitFrameLatePrologue() ] / [@ js::mjit::stubs::CompileFunction(js::VMFr…
649722 allow MOZ_APP_NAME to be set by configure
649726 Move nsHTMLContainerFrame static view methods to nsContainerFrame
648277 Flash fails to paint until mouse is moved
633348 ANGLE breaks windows builds with Visual Studio 2008 Express
576006 Implement timing interface for channels
649735 Attaching files on Gmail fails
653839 don't call DidPaint on hidden documents
653842 [css3-transitions][css3-animations] disallow interpolation out of property's range
653847 JSON.parse() should throw a SyntaxError, not a TypeError
660570 Awesomebar, Bookmarks and History panes have different visual appearance in contrast to other panes …
657952 minimize methods in nsIPluginHost
535078 New Crashed-Plugins UI
649769 TI+JM: incorrect output with stricteq, inlining
625195 "Move to New Window" is disabled if a tab is orphaned or the only tab in the active group
657964 FileReader should throw when abort is called and readystate is not LOADING
649775 TI: Crash in mjit-generated code
646854 Let the user change the filter in the file picker when opening a file on MacOS X
657975 TI: Crash [@ js::types::TypeFailure] involving missing type at #2:00008 pushed 0: string, with trap
657979 TI: "Assertion failure: op == JSOP_NEWARRAY || op == JSOP_NEWOBJECT || op == JSOP_NEWINIT," with tra…
657984 TI: "Assertion failure: JSOp(*iterpc) == JSOP_ITER," or "Assertion failure: nop == JSOP_TRACE || nop…
657986 TI: Crash [@ js::types::TypeFailure] involving missing type in object Global i: #4:15:Array
649795 crash [@ nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::ServeStreamAsFile(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*)]
649797 ASSERTION: How come our status is not clear?: 'mLastKeypressEventWasTrusted == eTriUnset', file edit…
625222 Intermittent dom/src/threads/test/test_chromeWorkerJSM.xul | Test timed out
481863 Remove nsIDOM3DocumentEvent
600648 Inefficient calculations of the mark bitmap
657997 loadFrameScript should never use http and should use a script runner when needed
641614 Omnijar ordering is not preserved by l10n repacking
473687 Widget removal of unneeded WinCE stuff
649819 Remove JS_BeginJSONParse, JS_ConsumeJSONText, JS_FinishJSONParse
649820 Change browser CSS based on Android OS version
641630 ANGLE's libEGL.dll and libGLESv2.dll don't have ASLR enabled
649824 TI: Assertion failure: f.fp()->hasCallObj() || f.fp()->hasArgsObj(), at ./methodjit/InvokeHelpers.cp…
649825 refactor DeviceManager to allow multiple underlying implementations
588389 content-disposition: escaped characters in quoted-string give funny results
653930 Setting marginWidth and marginHeight on an iframe should trigger a reflow
664996 After quitting the application by tapping the Home button, re-entering it will show a black screen
653934 Add a comment to point people to original Workspace repo to Scratchpad.js
649842 Intermittent failure in browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser/browser_590268.js | tab 4 has c…
637555 get rid of nsIMacLocale
596600 Window-level mouse exit events fail to NotifyMouseOut when sent to a different ESM than the currentl…
670043 Polish locale not shipped with Firefox mobile (Fennec) 6 beta 1
600702 Harmony proxies: for-in loop on proxy does not suppress properties deleted during enumeration
608021 Crashes based in nsFrameMessageManager::ReceiveMessage [@ js::Interpret] [@ js::TraceRecorder::recor…
658053 Fix #ifdefs for disabling methodjit and tracejit
653959 warning C4273: 'js_DeclEnvClass' : inconsistent dll linkage
633282 Aero glass glaze effect jumps down when status info overlay appears
653971 Mac XULRunner packaging broken by bug 386760
338583 Add support for Server-Sent DOM Events (Remote Events)
653977 Text not appearing on sourceforge forums
653978 GCLI should be prefed out
653980 TI: Crash [@ js::StackFrame::isScriptFrame] or [@ js::mjit::Recompiler::recompile]
559773 make HTML5 progress element accessible
658082 Wrong argument of user data for GTK+'s signal
658084 Add IDN ccTLDs + XXX to PSL
662181 "Deactivate this device" doesn't update UI instantly on slow internet connections
648988 crash [@ nsIContent::Tag()]
625322 Reorder some items in the History menu
608940 remove unused function gfxTextRun::Clone
658093 BuildFileList can potentially try to read a signature beyond the end of the zip file
576175 TM: rename js_Unbox{Double,Int32}
608947 Get rid of the Netscape 4.x profile migration, from Firefox
641718 Store video/audio timestamps in microseconds
657865 High resolution scrolling should be able to be disabled by pref
641720 Make nsHTMLInputElement::GetRadioGroupContainer saner
658111 Enable Windows high resolution scrolling in default settings
654017 nsTreeBodyFrame.cpp:3530:11: warning: unused variable ‘rightEdge’
612129 Template editing in IPB Admin Control Panel is jumpy when switching between templates
649929 Improve screen reader readability of the Help/About window
633552 Enable AffirmTrust root certificates for EV in PSM
653091 Updating from 04/26 nightly to 04/27 corrupts the application user interface
658137 Add API for iterating over the entire GC heap
648997 Implement BlobBuilder
629472 Parts of windowless, transparent nspluginwrapper/Flash plugin not repainted correctly
662242 Cannot access App Tab iframe.document in tab from session restore after FF upgrade
658555 Make deleteFromSitesList select the "All Sites" entry rather than hiding stuff manually
508369 mochitest-plain: intermittent "test_bug369814.html | iframes.html loaded from view-source jar type (…
658153 At using high resolution scrolling, the mouse wheel transaction doesn't work fine
637674 TypeInference: handle OOM
675623 [de] German localization for Firefox 6
473841 "ASSERTION: NULL mIconRequest! Multiple calls to OnStopRequest()?"
654069 Style Inspector "Effects and Other" group should be extracted into more than 1 group
670454 Certificates usage in Certificate Viewer is always shown as "could not verify this certificate for u…
658167 Swap mozilla-aurora to gcc 4.5 when m-c merges there on May 24th
654073 Crash [@ js_GetClassPrototype] or [@ JSID_IS_VOID] or [@ js::PropertyTable::search]
654080 Display which GLIBCXX symbols cause an error
658177 gVolumeScaleLock deadlock
654082 Building in gcc c++0x mode uses symbols from libstdc++ 4.5 on debug builds
658561 TI: Assertion failure: rejoin == REJOIN_BINDNAME || rejoin == REJOIN_GETTER || rejoin == REJOIN_POS …
280364 SVG asserts when running this testcase
649997 Remove use of no-longer-needed out param nsresult on nsIHTMLCollection
632404 Preload Firefox libraries at startup
650001 SVG innerHTML getter doesn't encode entities, enabling XSS
654106 Setting innerHTML leaks an observer until the page is closed
657364 dom/tests/mochitest/dom-level2-html/files/document.html has an applet
658209 TI+JM: Assertion failure: !cx->compartment->activeAnalysis, at jsinterp.cpp:624
658211 TI: Crash [@ JSC::Yarr::RegexCodeBlock::execute]
658218 Remove the use of Internet config API in Safari migrator
658220 Invoking bookmarklets by keyword no longer works (broken by Bug 656433)
465719 Bookmarks properties' name picker should be a real textbox when there are no microsummaries
654136 Bixi site causing browser content interactivity issues in Fennec
654137 should not be replaceable
658239 Add a missing storeDouble implementation for ARM to fix TI build.
658240 TI+JM: incorrect result with +=, parseFloat
658249 Update pixman to 0f6a4d45886d64b244d57403609f0377b58cc7fb
654154 GPSD not being used for Geolocation
653794 improve management of plugin MIME types, MIME descriptions, and extensions
642189 GCLI should support grouped parameters
645970 Search engines in fennec language packs don't work, search service doesn't unpack jar:jar:
658259 Incorrect function tested in browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser/browser_345898.js
654167 1px double borders not painting at all with border-collapse:collapse
625496 Clear Adobe Flash Cookies (LSOs) when Cookies is selected in Clear Recent History
650076 JM+TI: incorrect result with testcase involving many variables
671960 Crash [@ _moz_cairo_surface_get_device_offset ]
650080 nsContentEventHandler.cpp:867: warning: unused variable 'pEventWidget'
650081 Fix ipc_channel_win.cpp WARNING about Connect called twice
650083 nsEditor.cpp:1147: warning: unused variable 'rv'
605029 ArenaHeader versus Arena<FreeCell> and other cleanups
654182 anim-text-rotate-01.svg and anim-feFuncR-tableValues-01.svg leak when parentNode and ownerdoc are st…
637801 console.log shouldn't display escaped strings
355178 spell checker doesn't accept "scot-free" (tokenization, Hunspell 1.2.8)
642194 Add .asia to IDN TLD whitelist
645998 Loading forever on
641905 Use native rendering for indeterminate progress bar (Windows)
658290 TI: Assertion failure: v.isObject(), at jsnum.cpp:1308
629620 Copied bookmarks shouldn't inherit all annotations, since they are new entitities.
654197 nsWebSocket::Initialize uses an unanchored JSString unsafely
658294 TI: Assertion failure: v.isNumber() || v.isBoolean(), at jsobj.cpp:6578
654201 ASSERTION: Invalid start index: 'count == 0 || start < Length()' browser_bug581076.js browser_search…
629634 Crash [@ ffplugin.dll@0x19d0c4 ][@ _purecall | ffplugin.dll@0x19d0c8 ][@ ffplugin.dll@0x19caa4 ][@ f…
650390 osversion in chrome.manifest files should query android os version
646025 Add file location to console.log, info, debug, etc.
658314 gfxContext::UserToDevice has incorrect comment
666510 the binary distribution of xulrunner 5.0 doesn't correctly work on mac os x
657901 TI+JM: [infer failure] Missing type in object Global f: #7
659267 Need gray text definition on Mac for notifications
633750 deCOM nsIHTMLEditRules
399998 some preference dialogs have an access key for close and some don't
660778 Stack Overflow Crash [@ js::gc::Cell::arenaHeader() | js::gc::Cell::address()] | ASSERTION: JSEventL…
644250 fix Apple gcc bug caused by -fstack-protector
650148 TI: [infer failure] Missing type in object Global s: float
433063 write tests for bug 418206
658344 Create some useful introductory text for the Scratchpad
605098 Kill navigator.securityPolicy
596907 Fix glScissor calls in ContainerLayerOGL
113580 switch uses of getAttribute to hasAttributeValue whenever possible
650157 Push nsBuiltinDecoderReader::mDataOffset down to nsOggReader
650162 "arm.cpp:165: warning: 'bool<unnamed>::check_edsp()' defined but not used" -- same for "check_armv6(…
650163 JM+TI: rejoin into the interpreter
646070 Respect chrome developer tools preference in workspace
653129 view creation code cleanup
637888 TI: optimize access to globals with singleton TypeObjects
657227 JM: IsCacheableProtoChain must check for a null proto
650141 [Fx5.0] Add Netflix Streaming to the bad UA Sniffer list
650189 Recent performance regression in loading huge tinderbox logs
658383 Location bar "Go" button is not subject to the javascript: URL security changes in bug 656433
658391 Move nsStructuredCloneContainer's definition out of nsDocShellModule and into nsLayoutModule
642008 Courier font defaults to variable-spaced serif font instead of to monospace
650205 Implement devicemanager using adb
670687 Origin handling in websockets is bogus
650209 Allow DOMDesktopNotification to use a custom icon in the expanded android notification
644959 Disabled button after async reload
658405 Use NS_ARRAY_LENGTH as possible in widget/src
666604 Allow untrusted events to trigger a link
551918 Deleting a cert while filtered results in a random item being displayed
560112 Implement HTML5 dataset attribute
646312 Enable chrome methodjit (and profiling) by default
650228 Lag when redrawing text whose opacity is changed when also animating height
557566 Allow building with WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS in specific directories
650235 Assignment instead of comparison in nsOuterDocAccessible::GetChildAtPoint
650236 merge aurora backouts into l10n-central
597162 potential arbitrary code execution when type=content chrome frames web content
633857 missing #includes for OpenBSD
656555 "Assertion failure: op2 == JSOP_POP || op2 == JSOP_POPV", trap on pop following setmethod
628566 Implement basic tiling of ImageLayerOGL
650246 Replace %APP% with firefox in firefox preferences
654346 Types.h:91:9: warning: C++ style comments are not allowed in ISO C90 (also for Util.h:77:9)
642419 Errors in content scripts don't get displayed anywhere
633868 Regression: chipTAN flicker code broken
601102 Crash in exn_trace [@ js::Shape::trace(JSTracer*) ][@ js::Shape::trace ] mainly with TestPilot 1.1 a…
615597 Implement the W3C DeviceOrientation Event Specification
655872 Cleanup get_inner_gdk_window
650263 Build the test plugin on GNU/kfreebsd
658464 TI: "Assertion failure: op != JSOP_TRAP,", with trap
658465 TI: "Assertion failure: JSOp(*pc) != JSOP_TRAP,", with trap
654370 instanceof operators doesn't work in a sandbox
654371 nsOggReader.cpp:1065:18: warning: unused variable ‘range’
654372 nsWebBrowserPersist init list out of order - "warning: 'nsWebBrowserPersist::mWrapColumn' will be in…
646184 Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::GetLocalStorage] getting localStorage from removed frame
642908 <img> inside <noscript> preloaded when <noscript> appears in document.write after <script src>
657245 TI: Assertion failure: length <= INT32_MAX, at jsobjinlines.h:452
347185 when using wmode="transparent" for flash movie, german keyboard produces english characters
630622 Update the Library design to the browser aero style
633913 Add a pseudo-class to access indeterminate <progress> elements
658491 TI: "Assertion failure: retval == !isDummyFrame(),", with trap
642109 Web Console REPL "readline" occasionally stops working right
658494 Build warnings for out-of-order init list in nsAccTreeWalker.cpp
654399 Prevent rapid memory growth on pages with ShareThis: cache the string buffer for location.hash
650304 Use gcc C++0x mode by default, when it works as expected
638018 [1.9.2] crash [@ ycc_rgb_convert] on image with src set to a resource with multipart/x-mixed-replace…
658500 Adobe InDesign panels are treated as transparent
649057 Make all nsINodeLists (except maybe the XBL one) inherit from nsWrapperCache
650312 Nightly Update is not giving the update notification for 4/14 build
658505 removal of thread synchronization when setting a prototype
638026 "ASSERTION: should have a JS object by this point" with setUserData, GC
654411 domain highlighting lightens and de-emphasizes the rest of URL too much
642127 Improve the Windows Vista/7 progress bar glow effect
412758 Erase functions in nsNavHistoryExpire iterate all history visits many times
654423 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/ta…
657935 Should refer computed delta value at dispatching pixel scroll event
654430 Style Inspector - unmatched rules do not work for string values
642144 Enable multiple roots for EV. (March 2011 batch, depends on NSS 3.12.10)
642148 Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.12.10
547941 Implement Harmony Weak Maps [ES6?]
638056 #error "The cacheFlush support is missing on this platform." on mips, s390 and ia64
658539 TI: Crash [@ js::types::TypeFailure] involving missing type at #2:00019 pushed 0: ArrayBuffer:protot…
658546 websockets - deflate stream and pywebsockets-07 unclean closes
638067 IndexedDB: Inserting data with multiple indexes on an autoIncrement object store throws an error
642238 GCLI metadata should have types on return values
646263 TI: Incorrect results with compiled CPython
609401 "Section [Build] not found" spammed to the terminal
646267 TI: crash in mjit-generated code
654463 Remove WinCE & Windows Mobile code from content/*
642176 Integrate Workspace extension into the browser
650369 Add a js::GlobalObject subtype of JSObject
654472 Remove WinCE & Windows Mobile code from embedding/*
650379 mozRequestAnimationFrame lags the UI
588941 Computed style for property is sometimes wrong in the new Style panel
601234 avoid an extra indirection and a branch on the fast path of GC thing allocation
658579 TI+JM: Assertion failure: !fe->data.inRegister(), at FrameState-inl.h:949
658580 IsAlive() is more cpu intensive with pr_poll than with recv(MSG_PEEK) (SSL)
662678 w3c device orientation spec changes
654493 error: cannot use typeid with -fno-rtti when building with gcc 4.4
638112 Assertion failure: chars[length] == jschar(0), at js\src\jsstr.h:252
654504 Remove WinCE & Windows Mobile code from dom/plugins/base/
650410 Test for bug 383369 uses a timeout because it doesn't know how to use the download manager API!
642226 GCLI should support use without an input element
556214 Make mozilla::Monitor non-reentrant, add mozilla::ReentrantMonitor
642231 Prepare GCLI for review
564410 xpcshell tests using the PNG encoder fail when using system png library
650429 Enable TestProtocols with libxul
588990 Remove lazy hashing of names to avoid walking full DOM
638143 XUL numberbox shouldn't have their internal html:input inheriting from type
636790 intermittent timeout in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug626791.js
642246 Don't build ThebesLayers for elements with no displayports
654536 TI+JM: incorrect result with
634065 Implement design for identity block and persistent indicators
640889 [Firefox] WinXP debug permaorange: "test_leaf_layers_partition_browser_window.xul | Leaf layers shou…
654552 Remove WinCE & Windows Mobile code from netwerk/*
638176 Make <progress> friendly with -moz-appearance:none and author styling
650467 Build failure with LDFLAGS=-static-libstdc++
650469 [css3-animations] "ABORT: should already have refreshed style rule" with css-animations
634086 Use native rendering for indeterminate progress bar (GTK)
634088 Use native rendering for indeterminate progress bar (Cocoa)
634090 JIT tests should have a timeout parameter
675236 portrait view shifted on tablet awesomescreen
572652 Remove the Accept-Charset header from HTTP requests
126189 event.shiftKey always false in oncommand="" of <menuentry> when triggered by mouse/keyboard
650480 Building with gcc 4.6 uses symbols from libstdc++ 4.6
650483 Descenders cut off on one-line input fields
621812 --as-needed breakage when compiling spidermonkey from trunk
658683 XMLHttpRequest copies data from ResponseBody every time GetResponse for ArrayBuffer is called
650493 Simplify mutation events and userdata handlers
654590 crash [@ js_strtod(JSContext*, unsigned short const*, unsigned short const*, unsigned short const**,…
667520 querySelectorAll nth-child returns inaccurate results
613634 NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS on (investigate if we should have optional useCapture pa…
649771 TI: [infer failure] Missing type at #3:00024 pushed 0: RegExp:prototype
650501 Crash [@ nsScriptElement::MaybeProcessScript] with several innerHTML sets
650503 Tinderboxes display CHECK_STDCXX command lines as errors
654600 Remove WinCE code from security/manager/
650505 Get rid of ComputedCSSStyleDeclaration
642327 Add OOM regression checking to |make check|
614181 Remove app.update.timer preference and add app.update.timerMinimumDelay preference
650522 Can not login on and in Firefox 3.6.17/3.5.19
584989 Add .<Lanka> and .<Ilangai> to IDN whitelist
650526 Follow up to Bug 648102, changes to JS_BufferIsCompilableUnit
589088 configure check for GL/glx.h does not respect --x-includes on OpenBSD
474401 Firefox on Mac does not register itself as being capable of opening SVG files
642338 crash [@ nsBarProp::GetVisibleByFlag(int*, unsigned int)]
503075 SVG: text-anchor="end" should ignore trailing whitespace
658729 Bug 465086 breaks with suggested CSS tab min/max width work around for bug 574654
597291 Lazily resolve URLs and other CSS values
652509 Style Inspector displays styles that are not yet supported - they should be skipped
638256 nanojit: remove LIR_xtbl
654641 After scroll pull-down, font becomes thin for 2-3 seconds.. Maybe anti aliasing issue.
658741 [adbe 2882374] (with flash player 10.3 installed) youtube video hang when clicking on it, then firef…
658746 "Assertion failure: JSID_IS_STRING(id)" with dataset[0]
646460 Don't allow to override after treating certificates as revoked
654653 Some CXXFLAGS is missing for non GNU_CXX compiler
654655 ieeefp.h is required for finite() on Solaris
638274 re-enable tests disabled due to debug shell reftest assertion: !CompartmentHasLiveScripts(comp)
613699 nsOggReader should always capture Theora granulepos
642381 Move LazilyConstructed (and dependencies) out of jstl and into mfbt
650574 Crash with too much recursion in exn_toSource
650579 Avoid using flaky timeout values in geolocation tests
650581 Test for bug 500328 should avoid using flaky timeouts
650583 test_postMessage_special.xhtml should not try to duplicate the test harness timeout detection code
646489 Require yasm 1.0.1 instead of yasm 1.1.0 for libjpeg-turbo on Linux
654685 Remove Boolean.prototype.toJSON
642400 Ace/Pilot/GCLI doesn't have a good definition of the environment
564577 __noSuchMethod__ no longer invoked for defined non-function properties
650594 REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS in modules/plugin/test/reftest/plugin-transform-1.html on Android
653201 Remove expose image / maemo specific npapi support
479393 Add libpkix-based certificate validation to PSM (off by default)
650602 Intermittent failure in content/html/content/reftests/583514-1.html and content/html/content/reftest…
564774 nsMacCharset.cpp looks obsolete
654705 TI+JM: v8-richards performance regression
662898 Canvas regression: Cannot draw image into canvas
658803 TI: "Assertion failure: !newScriptCleared,"
642420 XPFE autocomplete.xml: investigate removing explicit <children includes="menupopup"/>
654709 Find a real fix instead of a workaround for bug 568825
654710 TI: [infer failure] Missing type at #2:00000 pushed 0: Shell.bindMethod
642423 Bookmarks Toolbar tool tips appear when they should not
650617 "Assertion failure: op(cx, o) == &scopeobj,"
646524 Workspace: cache the sandboxes
650621 Assertion failure: str->length() < JSString::MAX_LENGTH, at jsscopeinlines.h:158
654718 Remove WinCE code from xpfe/*
663445 [Java][SwiftKey] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in String.substring() via GeckoInputConnection.getE…
359809 Bookmark Keyword searches are not encoded properly (though keyword.URL is)
667012 ensure that PKG_PATH exists when generating checksums file
253317 Provide hyphenation dictionary for justified text
658822 Fix implementation of DNS timing in nsITimedChannel
650476 Build --with-libxul-sdk is broken
650639 Firefox 6.0a1 Crash [@ nsUserFontSet::ReplaceFontEntry ]
638352 tab-modal dialogs can get into bad focus state and key events can bleed through tabs
654737 Remove WinCE code from editor/*
658834 nsTextFrameThebes.cpp:1148:19: warning: unused variable ‘sc’
593305 "ASSERTION: Load event should not be delayed at start of resource selection"
650653 test_ident_escaping.html and test_parse_ident.html fail if Firefox is built on DBCS locales
608421 disallow new on non-function [[Call]]-able objects without [[Construct]]
650658 TI: Assertion failure: !fe->isConstant(), at ./methodjit/FrameState-inl.h:510
658852 When a page is loading, the status panel should appear immediately rather than being faded in (affec…
650662 TI: Crash in mjit-generated code
650663 TI: Crash [@ JSString::isLinear]
519592 mochitest-plain: content/html/content/test/test_bug514856.html fails occasionally
634286 remove font cache size from about:support
650674 common deadlocks of nsProxyObjectManager.mProxyCreationLock
638195 Update PSL for .br
658876 nsHttpChannel.mAsyncOpenTime should be set after mLoadGroup->AddRequest
642502 Some about:support fixes/improvements
654792 TM: Give Shape::shape and Shape::id better names
650699 Sort out MSVC DLLs packaging in Debug builds.
654797 Clarify comment about MacOS in documentation for nsIURI::Clone
605648 Support high resolution scrolling on Windows
655950 TI: "Assertion failure: isObject(),"
619769 FrameState::init leaks cursor when reifier.init() fails
650715 JM+TI: do SSA
650723 add ClearType parameter info to about:support
585196 telemetry infrastructure
650742 Define AVMPLUS_UNIX for *-openbsd*)
651177 [Mac] Crashes [@ nsObjectFrame::GetLayerState ]
568825 moz-appearance: progresschunk overflows on the bottom
658939 e10s HTTP: not calling on-examine-response observers
650753 Crash [@ js::gc::Cell::compartment] with WeakMap, forced GC
646660 fp::pc should work on frames outside the current context
634373 crash [@ nsCSSStyleSheet::WillDirty] using cross_fuzzv3
646662 ###!!! ASSERTION: This is unsafe! Fix the caller! in nsEventDispatcher
658952 some korean(2byte character) broken when using euc-kr page encoding - there is some doubt about usca…
650543 Rewrite the test for bug 419132 to make it sane, and re-enable it
654858 Perma-orange on Linux opt reftest with -O3 for img-widthAndHeight-meet-2.html, img-widthAndHeight-sl…
609803 Intermittent timeout in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_launch.js followed by "bro…
335375 changing accesskey on a <broadcaster> via an overlay doesn't propagate to its <toolbarbutton>
650499 "ASSERTION: Invalid offset" with soft hyphen, white-space:pre
658965 Update PSL for .uk
658968 javascript ternary operator evaluation bug
654873 ARM target (gcc 4.5.2 or later) should use built-in atomic function instead of arm-kuser
650780 evaluating a null object in the web console returns TypeError: aObject is null
556573 OpenGL video support doesn't support non-multiple-of-4 widths/heights
658977 Add and to PSL
658982 Highlight issue in youtube's search box due to YouTube setting a too-small line-height
585255 Remove nsTreeWalker usage from nsFocusManager
654890 [css3-animations] -moz-animation-play-state should not be part of -moz-animation shorthand
536108 Remove hard-coded space between "Many thanks to our" and "contributors"
652753 Remove listener and observer in head.js even if test is timed out
593460 Tests must properly close the Inspector
642615 If I paste over an auto-suggestion in web console, the suggested text remains
654904 Link tap highlight does not disappear after panning ends
658016 TI: Crash [@ JSString::isStaticAtom()]
638540 Progress element should be shown vertically when -moz-orient value is 'vertical'
644987 Wrong EXPAND_LIBNAME on mingw compilation
654926 Hang in nsDiskCacheStreamIO::CloseOutputStream while downloading WebM video from YouTube
654928 "ASSERTION: Didn't SaveReflowAndBoundingMetricsFor frame!"
654929 XPConnectJSMjit/JSTjit should be used only within #ifdef JS_METHODJIT/JS_TRACER
650834 Android debug build bustage
675416 Fetching bookmarks information during onBeforeItemRemove may break the bookmarks cache
654941 First tab in group has black thumbnail after "Undo close group" is used
638562 JSDGlobal not updated for strict property setter
567872 Implement the basic layout of the progress element
646757 List item in css-drop down menu losing hover when moving in nested list (sub menu)
654950 [HW-Layers] when using a transparent DIV, and acceleration enabled google maps marker are invisible
650855 Followup for bug 627200
654953 Remove ! rule from PSL (reverse bug 606922)
642667 Let authors set the progress bar's width when in indeterminate state
654956 Missing a private statement in nsAudioStreamRemote class
650864 TI: Assertion failure: isScriptFrame(), at jsinterp.h:330
654962 GCLI needs a demo
650573 Panorama hangs when restoring a session
650871 nsHttpConnectionMgr.cpp:1064:56: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
449396 MATHML: <mstyle> attribute mathvariant not applied to underlying <mi>
654970 GCLI user interface needs tweaks
654975 PGO breaks Linux crash reports
654976 Weird ReentrantMonitor name in AudioChild class
653249 TI: Assertion failure: backing->data.inMemory() && backing != fe, at ./methodjit/FrameState-inl.h:66…
654986 Initial GCLI screen lists only some of the available commands - it should list them all
650519 Firefox crash [@ js_GCThingIsMarked(void*, unsigned int) ]
605701 Make WIN32_REDIST_DIR support stricter and more explicit
654989 Add a method to specify the style context of a frame to nsIAnonymousContentCreator so we don't have …
654990 Don't use SetInitialChildList to specify the style context of the progress bar anonymous child
632161 add Syrian IDN ccTLD souria (xn--ogbpf8fl) to whitelist
589457 Intermittent failure in test_x-frame-options.html | test deny - got true, expected false and/or test…
487059 clearUserPref shouldn't throw if a pref doesn't have a user value
654393 TI: Assertion failure: v.isBoolean(), at js/src/jsbool.cpp:202
646807 Remove extra RHS checking in CheckDestructuring
655003 Sort out optimization defaults
650912 TI: Assertion failure: a->isProxy() && b->isProxy(), at jsobj.cpp:3654
642721 _cairo_d2d_mask reads uninitialized memory
655010 Remove WinCE code from Mozilla owned parts of ImageLib
646820 Function in destructuring assignment can't see up to other variables in the assignment
655017 Panorama: Crash (X_GLXCreatePixmap: BadAlloc) with layers.acceleration.force-enabled=true
411591 expose frecency as a sort order for place queries
630444 Trim LSP annotations
642734 Crash [@ nsTArray_base<nsTArrayDefaultAllocator>::Length()] [@ nsCharSinkTraits<CalculateUTF8Size>::…
650931 No API to determine if a JSObject is a RegExp
634549 Cocoa's progress bar widget should use HTML progress element's values
634551 Cocoa's progress bar widget shouldn't have a max size
658845 "ABORT: Reset() expects non-null URI for referenced elem"
634557 Implement efficient scaling YUV-to-RGB conversions for ARM (using NEON).
660036 places.sqlite-wal size grows more in Firefox 5 than in Firefox 4
618176 Failure to serialize array returned by content in frame script
655042 Missing prtypes header in jscpucfg causes cross-builds to fail.
650950 Simplify DOMMouseScroll event handler
618188 browser-chrome: browser_600545.js (and _601955.js) intermittently times out
658623 TI: release GC lock before calling JS_ClearAllWatchPoints
202019 Built-in functions should not define constructor automatically
642772 TM: [infer failure] Missing type at #3:00006 pushed 0: String.split
653262 TI: Assertion failure: isScriptFrame(), at ../jsinterp.h:329
618198 redraw issues after restarting firefox from fullscreen mode
655065 Add a -moz-orient CSS property
593629 Only perform checks for ARM SIMD and NEON features when the CPU target is ARM
642793 The focused Tab is not set first in the stack
671466 If a page does not load, and the 'try again' button appears, it is disabled after a second page load…
642795 Remove support for finding system XULRunner in the standalone glue
655084 Teardown of pages with large number of form controls is O(n^2) due to weakFrames
675568 SIMD of libjpeg turbo is disabled on Windows
634609 Fix GetNativeStackBaseImpl() on OpenBSD
650994 Disentangle Ogg timestamping from decode
626421 Non-clickable area on top of each tab in Windows XP (tabs in titlebar)
573176 Implement Site-Specific Privacy Preferences
651001 Test for bug 583948 uses flaky timeouts
162024 Remove NS_RENDERING_CONTEXT_CID and related code
651013 a couple of layout/base mochitests should be moved to mochitest-chrome tests
651017 DeCOM nsIDeviceContext
651023 Intermittent Linux & Linux64 test_playback.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no ou…
646938 JM: x === x fails when x is -NaN
614171 Store the nodeName on the nodeinfo for DOM elements
651036 SMIL: Change discrete to-animations visit the underlying and the 'to' value
638749 Update PSL for .do
610081 Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/svg/as-image/img-height-meet-1.html
540450 reordering markers while editing custom google maps broken
569125 Complete/Improve implementation of mstyle
658737 Untrusted Connection page document doesn't clear busy state after loading
651048 Connect to Sync popup is still displayed even if the app is already connected to Sync
675625 Crash in WebGL conformance test glsl-conformance.html on NVIDIA cards (Win and Linux) [@ libnvidia-g…
658055 Replace uses of fun->u.i.script with fun->script()
643037 JM: OOL path to truncate small doubles
663344 Maintenance may cause history loss
675634 Firefox crashes while on a page that uses WebGL [@ gl::VertexDataConverter<float, gl::WidenRule<int,…
651059 Data race on AsyncChannel::mChannelState
626484 Incorrect order of lines when copying from web console
524091 Remove microsummaries support. Seldom used, undiscoverable and unmaintained.
655168 add facilities to read binary files in the shell
659266 Need a minimalistic Sync glyph for notifications
651075 Make content/html/content/test/test_bug386496.html non flaky
651077 Make content/html/content/test/test_bug209275.xhtml and content/html/content/test/test_bug481335.xht…
651078 Make content/html/content/test/test_bug613113.html non flaky
655175 Add entrance and exit time to GCTimer
655176 Remove WinCE code from docshell
663372 some addon manager tests fail when network access is shut off
645773 Crash when switching to fullscreen video on [@ nsMediaCacheStream::Read ]
589648 stroke-linecap:square doesn't show a line cap for zero-length path in SVG and canvas
651089 Make content/events/test/test_bug534833.html non flaky
655190 backout syn retry from aurora-5
651100 Browser becomes unresponsive while watching embedded Youtube <video>
655197 Win7 debug intermittent but very frequent browser_tabview_bug597248.js | All tabs were saved when wi…
655198 The 'all' value for -moz-hyphens is not actually implemented, so not be parsed in CSS
647007 Intermittent Failure in browser_tabview_bug595436.js
647011 Convert #ifdef DEBUG variables into DebugOnly<T>
601958 TabView should directly call show and hide routines in the frame
655207 Uninitialized memory used in nsTextFrame::AddInlineMinWidthForFlow with -moz-hyphen
651113 Remove windows-936 converter
651114 Clean up browser_tabview_bug612470.js
610155 Use SurfaceDescriptor for ImageLayer and probably CanvasLayer
651119 TI: Mochitest-2 prototype test failures
589682 Times New Roman Italic format error
647028 pushState plus session restore doesn't quite work
659324 prefix the JS API for WebSockets
656021 Update Scratchpad menu access key to S
651136 Make content/events/test/test_bug238987.html non flaky
667527 array initialiser too large
561032 Move official branding into browser/branding/official
663532 cycle collector fails to invoke JS GC except at shutdown
651147 TI: Assertion failure: fe <= top, at ./methodjit/ImmutableSync.cpp:152
630672 implement WebGL OES_texture_float extension
573385 No busy indicator in fullscreen
651155 TI: Assertion failure: !f.script()->failedBoundsCheck, at ./methodjit/StubCalls.cpp:2913
659349 WebGL allows access to uninitialised graphics memory
655260 Burning JaegerMonkey (TI) for ARM.
662170 Go to top anchor "#" doesn't work in Firefox 6 and Firefox 7
655267 move the synth mouse move handling from the view manager to the pres shell
655273 Back button right-click menu doesn't have page title for history entries created by pushState
610218 Quotes in "path" for Set-Cookie are taken literally
651193 fix delayedOutOfMemory in js_InvokeOperationCallback
642589 expose prefs for tweaking DirectWrite/D2D antialiasing behavior
651209 TI: Crash [@ JSString::isAtom]
659402 Fullscreen video controls are broken
659447 Tweaks to Firefox Gingerbread UI
659405 content page bleeds through Desktop Tab view
642401 Ace/Pilot/GCLI doesn't have a good definition of pref scopes
655313 Use a native rendering for vertical progress bar (GTK)
659412 Motorola Defy users get low memory warning
643032 Fennec network status listener is started on device boot
651229 nsLineBox.cpp:663: warning: unused variable 'presContext'
655328 Canvas drawImage error on
647139 As for first several seconds, the flash movie playback only sounds.
421865 Zero width <canvas> becomes 300pixel width wrongly
655340 update to require NSS 3.12.10 and NSPR 4.8.8 for --with-system-nss
490153 test_not-opener.html | Should not be able to navigate popup's popup by submitting form or by calling…
561146 Startup issue: Don’t ask about updates all the time
266236 deCOMtaminate nsIRenderingContext
561149 Startup issue: Delay loading of background tabs (BarTab-like behavior) when restoring session
651262 Update histogram.h/cc