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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.7.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
663288 SVG SMIL: Instance times should not be dependent on themselves
663211 safebrowsing tests shouldn't load internet pages
667652 Make the fix for Bug 663479 less hacky
667653 Make NS_FRAME_SELECTED_CONTENT on text frames less sticky so we can take the fast text painting path…
659463 Make check fails on Mac 10.6.7 Xcode 4.0.2: No PPC assembler installerd
666135 Disable -Wcast-align when building with clang
665609 Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID from content
659466 Fix remaining "#-in-data-URI" issues in test files
669015 nsTextBoxFrame shadows aren't rendered anymore
671756 crash via mozilla::gl::GLContext::UploadSurfaceToTexture on mac playing a video
585741 Remove from list of default search engines in en-US
661518 about:home page is not repainted correctly when it comes back in focus
667663 gfxwindowsplatform.cpp(506) : warning C4715: 'gfxWindowsPlatform::GetScaledFontForFont' : not all co…
665617 GCLI startup/shutdown functions might be unnecessary
665622 Fix unused variable warnings in GLContext.cpp & GLContextProviderEGL.cpp
673815 trackpad scrolling fails in Nightly, works in Firefox 5.0
327706 ASSERTION: unbalanced suspend/unsuspend calls
663215 move test_selection_move_commands.xul to mochitest-chrome
557084 Remove deprecated attributes and empty <mrow/>'s in mozilla/src/layout/mathml/tests/
663586 Unable to restore window by clicking taskbar button after minimize from fullscreen, Unable to resto…
564388 canvas' toDataURL method accepts no 2nd quality parameter (NS_ERROR_DOM _SECURITY_ERR exception)
661998 Intermittent test_auth_proxy.js command timed out: 1200 seconds without output, attempting to kill
672774 Bump Venkman compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.5 / Firefox 8.0 / Thunderbird 8.0
658220 Invoking bookmarklets by keyword no longer works (broken by Bug 656433)
507569 crash if val is null and mSpec is not empty [@ strncmp - nsStandardURL::SegmentIs][@ PL_strncasecmp …
663592 aboutPermissions.xul typo
664924 Remove MOZ_CSS_ANIMATIONS ifdefs
182279 select.add() should have the second parameter optional
653321 Add disk image (DMG) background for non-official branding OS X downloads
668804 GCLI styles exist for pinstripe but not for other style sets
655089 nsXPConnect::ToParticipant calls js_GetGCThingTraceKind twice
665660 Both GCLI and JS command radios are labeled 'Command'
665610 Fix unused debug variable warnings in netwerk/
663614 remove double-click to create a new tab in a group
659126 Implement additional NavigationTiming properties
667818 Can't login to Bankwest net banking with Firefox in Ubuntu
669025 "ASSERTION: Class name and proto chain interface name mismatch!"
507976 anchor parameter in HTTP link header ignored
665612 More cleanup around mInputData and IsSingleLineTextControl()
659530 Clean up after mutationevents
659533 Replace nsContentUtils::GetBoolPref() with Preferences::GetBool()
663630 Remove unused places UI perf tests
661517 nsWebSocketHandler.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64
659536 Replace nsContentUtils::GetIntPref() with Preferences::GetInt()
591953 "Open link" context menu should be activated for urls with dashes.
659315 move content/base/test/*.xul to mochitest-chrome
659539 Move more useful information into nsINodeInfo
662114 MSVC warning C4251: 'js::ForceFrame::frame' : class 'js::DummyFrameGuard' needs to have dll-interfac…
665686 Fix unused variable warnings in layout/style/
682073 AndroidBridge uses wrong method for calling setClipboardText
659546 clang warns about alignment requirement increase in nsID::Equals after bug 164580
655451 Poison frame crash [@ nsMathMLFrame::GetAttribute] with <frameset>
669792 is not considered to be a public suffix
452706 test_Prototype.html | testUpdater - 1 (3, 6) assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors
538724 Firefox 3.6.x + winxp topcrash starting ~Dec 30 and increasing [@ nsHttpTransaction::DeleteSelfOnCo…
633190 Inconsistent animation behavior for creating new tab in Panorama
659559 test_bug338583.html takes too long
659560 SIGSEGV with OpenGL layers and in classic r600 _mesa_glsl_parse_state under GLContext::fCompileShade…
569451 JS shell function for triggering GC "soon"
624748 Remove unused nsITheme::RegisterWidgetGeometry after 2.0
653423 Undo option is grayed out although action is applicable in Scratchpad
659569 Unable to connect to Ubiquiti Network radio equipment w/o getting stuck in redirect loop.
663666 After landing of fix to Bug 650874 - Fix correctness issue with JSOP_CALLGVAR build fails in jstrace…
614515 Remove MOZ_SVG conditions in the tree
622357 nsHttpChannel::SetCacheTokenCachedCharset() fails if cache-entry is unavailable
654068 Style Inspector rows should show visual indicator when there are unmatched rules but not matched rul…
657769 nsIDOMWindowUtils.FindElementWithViewId uncaught exception - failure code: 0x80040111
647288 Crash loading binary components bigger than 4KB
663674 Remove cross-commit
665723 Fix unused variable warnings in layout/generic/
659580 Flush CanvasImageCache from xpcom shutdown
659581 Clear debugger activation callback after calling it
378901 Update RSS/Live Bookmarks icons to the new version
663680 Invisible gap between zoomed html elements
661636 [10.7 SDK] QuickDraw APIs undefined when doing 32-bit builds using the OS X 10.7 SDK
659591 Fire SSWindowClosing when session store handles a closing window (on domwindowclosed)
576100 Flash windowless embed is not displayed when a CSS transform is applied on a parent node
651628 Four tests in /accessible/tests/mochitest/ have been 'temporarily disabled' since 2009
646840 Remote XUL Fails on some servers
659596 option.label should be reflected like option.value
661869 Consider including Segoe UI in the list of typefaces that fall back to GDI classic
667618 Firefox Crash @ strlen | AppendASCIItoUTF16(char const*, nsAString_internal&)
643779 Error: selected processor does not support ARM mode `bkpt #0' in nsDebugImpl.cpp on armv4t
598165 test_Prototype.html | testUpdaterWithInsertion - 1 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors
661529 Make <canvas>.toDataURL more efficient.
655512 Forward implementation of nsIDOMDocument from nsHTMLDocument to nsDocument
598169 The new "About" dialog should allow version-string to be selectable (e.g. for Copy/Paste into bug re…
661658 Firefox Crash [@ _cairo_scaled_glyph_page_can_remove ]
669851 Don't use nearest-neighbour filtering when neon isn't available
663709 browser_tabview_bug627288.js depends on other tests
661662 Speed up the population of about:permissions' sites list
659620 Hang when trying to edit a page on WikiMo with NVDA running
659621 Remove EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS, EXTRA_DSO_LIBS and OS_LIBS, now that libxul always built
641190 Remove Document.normalizeDocument
668017 Context menus on objects are lost with content selection
557226 [OOPP] plugin name should be reflected in Mac OS X plugin process names
641195 Make about:licence work again, or remove the vestiges of it (about:license is not affected)
670687 Origin handling in websockets is bogus
662117 Intermittent browser_tabview_bug598375.js | Test timed out
659632 Add MOZ_MEMORY_ELF and refactor memalign visibility on ELF
659633 Pseudo-hang when a XUL tree element is instantiated
600244 Some cleanups in search and sidebar code found by SeaMonkey's OpenSearch work
665781 Do not shrink XML arrays during the GC
661876 Kill obsolete nsIDOMFile properties/methods
618683 Flash plugin hang [@ hang | NtUserMessageCall | RealDefWindowProcW ] [@ F1546913566________________…
655549 CSS text color change not applied to elements in tables
662901 about:support empty after bug 660732
663746 Change Scratchpad shortcut key to something other than F4
416459 Implement proper cut action for bookmarks (was: undo/redo a cut requires two steps, bookmarks are lo…
663749 Remove load-event-listening code from nsXMLHttpRequest
663752 Remove load-event-listening code from DOMParser
640375 ctypes marking code should use slot getter without compartment checks
663213 move content/xbl/*.xul tests to mochitest-chrome
666317 Discard decoded images on a memory-pressure notification
625016 Users have app tab and panorama data loss depending on window close order
659666 PSM passes uninitialized value for inout checkValue argument of promptPassword
663763 Provide helper function for opening the library in tests
676052 gingerbread theme for android 2.3.5
626903 The "List all Tabs" menu should visually identify which tabs are on-screen (rather than scrolled off…
667864 Tests more nsHTMLInputElement attributes reflection
646180 init list order warning in nsPresContext (nsPresContext::mPPScale’ will be initialized after ‘PRInt3…
667866 Misc stuff for reflect.js
663771 HistoryMenu.toggleTabsFromOtherComputers doesn't account for other uses of the HistoryMenu class
659676 [trunk] Build process is broken while processing creating gfx/ots/src/Makefile - related to bug 5627…
612712 Revert followup to Bug 610796 once we drop support for non-libxul builds
655584 awesomebar suggestions don't update after tab is closed
668368 Logging.h compile fail due to missing stdio.h
663295 "ASSERTION: Can't find frame in lines!" with -moz-column, pre-line, bidi
661846 Highlight of on-screen tabs in the List All Tabs menu looks like visual glitch [Windows]
671960 Crash [@ _moz_cairo_surface_get_device_offset ]
647399 Live bookmark fails to load if network connection is available *after* firefox launch
663784 gfxWindowsPlatform.cpp doesn't compile without D2D
665833 Use nsCRTGlue rather than nsCRT in nsStyleStruct.cpp
418027 Win32 buttons do not enter hover state when both focused and hovered (or: hover state should take pr…
659693 domain highlighting doesn't work with IPv6 literals
653550 Add a close button to the highlighter
648480 Add shadow-layer support to d3d9 backend
574897 Fix wrong cookie handling in WebSockets (need to confirm this is a bug with the new websockets code)
663795 clean up browser_tabview_bug587990.js
665845 Fixes to content/html/content/test/test_bug561634.html
659187 nsMemoryReporterManager init list out of order (nsMemoryReporterManager.h:24:11: warning: 'nsMemoryR…
653936 StartupCache uses nsZipItemPtr without ensuring that the JAR module is loaded, causes leaks
659707 Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement to CFLAGS
665853 Crash [@ nsAbsoluteContainingBlock::GetChildListName] with null this | ASSERTION: The frame is marke…
653567 GCLI should be checked for accessibility
674048 nsXMLHttpRequest::SetRequestHeader should check mState instead of GetReadyState
665857 computed 'list-style-type' value is the empty string for ordered lists
663810 Remove modules/libreg/standalone
663813 clean up browser_tabview_bug589324.js
659718 OS X mobile nightly fails during
659719 about:permissions should use moz-icon://stock/gtk-file as the default favicon
647433 Rename mContent -> mElement in implementations of nsIContentSerializer
665866 Test input.type reflection with reflect.js
260364 Fixup radiogroups to use new .value functionality of radio.xml
670082 When setting Sync options for the first time, clicking Done does nothing [error: Weave.Engines.get("…
655630 Intermittent failure in test_play_events.html or test_play_events_2.html | Last event should be canp…
663823 Cross-domain textures generate NS_ERROR_FAILURE instead of NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR
659728 Android app menu layout broken in Gingerbread theme with >4 items
667011 WeakMap values can be incorrectly classified as garbage by cycle collector
663829 [Regression] Checkboxes are difficult to check on Gmail
645398 Code cleanup, substitute PR_(MAX|MIN|ABS|ROUNDUP) macro calls
667927 Problem with deletions in IME when in composition mode on Honeycomb
665880 [highlighter] If a <embed> node is highlighted, a "node.getSVGDocument() is null" exception is raise…
667929 OGG media buffered member is not correct when the stream is infinite
659738 Move implementation from classinfo to nsHTMLDocument
592943 switch nsXULPrototypeCache to use startupCache instead of fastload
653528 Strip out Style and DOM panels and support code from Inspector.
663838 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/ta…
659743 Remove nsImageMapUtils
655648 Intermittent test_play_twice.html | Expect at least one playing event
653601 aria-selected ignored for ARIA tabs
465186 Detaching a tab does not open the new window at the drop location (dragging tab to an empty second m…
659748 jump bypasses variable initialization
565541 Web sites shouldn't be allowed to resize main window
655655 decom nsIPosixLocale
663848 move dom/tests/mochitest/general/*.xul to mochitest-chrome
667947 Canvas measureText loses precision
663853 move layout/xul/test/*.xul to mochitest-chrome
538926 about:licence is listed twice in about:about page
604463 Request for session store to retain the browsing history and scroll offsets
663856 move layout/base/tests/test_bug495648.xul to mochitest-chrome
637234 timepicker element ignores locale specific configuration, e.g. 24h clocks
641333 Remove nsIDOM3Text
657719 warning: 'virtual nsresult nsAccessible::GetIndexInParent(PRInt32*)' was hidden [...] by 'virtual PR…
659768 HTML5 video does not render anything on Maemo
635194 body.background should not be resolved according to the HTML spec
661819 Values for All Sites in about:permissions displays last selected site's values
641342 Same-origin policy not applied when chrome: resources are loaded via a custom protocol handler
663871 Websockets Protocol IETF 08
614721 Remove some DirectDraw left overs
655682 rendering is delayed until page is completely loaded
658486 Add loop hints to IonMonkey basic blocks for register allocation
663879 Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID from extensions
659852 Remove nsContentUtils::ReleasePtrOnShutdown
508128 httpd.js running in xpcshell GC's too infrequently
662242 Cannot access App Tab iframe.document in tab from session restore after FF upgrade
618835 Cannot login to phpmyadmin if I made a typo during my first login attempt
657748 Update ANGLE to r653
663893 Unsafe uses of mListener in nsWebSocketHandler.cpp
682326 Disable method jit for chrome
645464 js::ClassMethodIsNative is so wrong
668000 browser_pageInfo.js leaks
649576 Extricate JSHashTable from JSAtomList death grip
659817 [10.7 SDK] Build error in PluginInterposeOSX.h due to Cursor type not being defined
369002 config.trim_on_minimize does nothing on Vista/Win7
660199 static_cast to the wrong event listener base class
659820 Replace nsContentUtils::GetCharPref() and nsContentUtils::GetStringPref() with Preferences::GetCStri…
659821 Replace nsContentUtils::GetLocalizedStringPref() with Preferences::GetLocalizedCString() or Preferen…
636989 Object.getOwnPropertyNames considers enumerable getter inherited properties as own
663920 Cycle collector telemetry: num of RCed and GCed nodes in graph, num of objects collected
659825 [10.7 SDK] Conflicting definitions of NS_DEPRECATED
663922 Unsafe uses of GetTransactionAtIndex in nsSHistory.cpp
666003 Assertion failure: size_t((regs.fp()->hasImacropc() ? regs.fp()->imacropc() : regs.pc) - script->cod…
633204 Autocomplete in the Web Console isn't fully cleared on ctrl+backspace
633207 Implement the progress element enough to ship
659832 Make WebGL working on Maemo
661973 Create templated reference counting for Spidermonkey
664647 Work around MSVC 2005 PGO bug in GetJSObjectSlotsCallback and friends
656990 [10.7] Ensure compatibility with OS X 10.7's arrowless scrollbar
641910 non-grey nodes are added to the cycle collector model graph
667370 fails due to todo_isPixel not being defined
655742 Crash at [@ js_Interpret:1282] after OOM with traced eleminc/propinc op
672128 copying entire URL shouldn't copy "wyciwyg://" URIs or username/password
665985 Remove unused preference app.update.nagTimer.restart
659842 X_GLXMakeCurrent: GLXBadContextTag SIGABRT with indirect Mesa at closedown and on about:support
633219 Replacing resolving hash with a linked list
617115 Fixes for building with Android NDK r5
563591 Focus event incorrectly fired on document when moving between tabs on tab bar
647560 Incorrect font rendering with 2 sec delay greyscale->subpixel on scrollable div
666348 Move icon setting code to drag-begin signal
659851 [10.7 SDK] [32-bit] Firefox and Lion disagree on GLintptr
627084 UI becomes sluggish/does not redraw/repaint unless mouse is moved after long browsing sessions
613442 IPDL: Offer a PFoo::Open(actor) interface to open a new IPC channel between the current process and …
549262 Can not scroll down on a Page using contenteditable="true" by pressing "Space" Key
663277 Increase memory allocated to JS Runtime in Dehydra
647570 Clean up nsSimpleURI inheritance in nsJSProtocolHandler
663955 gtk2 nsFilePicker preview uses memory and decodes twice
659182 Crashing on startup [@ DisableFontActivation() ]
661910 Windows XULRunner Aurora 6 SDK is missing
663959 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | editor/libeditor/html/crashtests/467647-1.html, 615015-1…
598425 Asynchronous layer-based plugin painting on Mac
662534 Let imgRequestProxy implement nsITimedChannel, collect telemetry
637339 Improve error handling in HttpChannelChild
645532 Content process xpcshell doesn't print newlines
659871 nsStandardURL::SetPort() allows negative ports to be set
655776 Web Developer > Get More Tools menu item
667376 Intermittent browser_tabview_bug643392.js | Test timed out
663970 Disable nice on systems that have multiple CPUs.
641444 text-decoration problem if direction:rtl and text-indent <> 0
659261 GCLI commands should use (args, env) rather than (env, args)
661927 API to force a precise GC (return to event loop, GC with no JS stack, then call a callback)
678422 nsPresArena wastes almost half its memory
669767 Crash [@ nsTextControlFrame::FinishedInitializer] with textarea, font-face in iframe
659884 Help-free GCLI demo has un-scrollable output area
659885 Create GCLI command to support restarting the debugger
606641 Remove the DoInstantiateEmbeddedPlugin goop added in bug 484992
543154 Uninitialised value use in nsNativeThemeWin::ClassicDrawWidgetBackground
647603 a.replaceChild(b, b) does not remove and re-insert the affected node
657844 SynthesizeMouseMove calls should be disabled in fennec
657845 Remove Core Text checking on OSX
653750 download manager is not working
319929 accessibility.accesskeycausesactivation is broken
512442 JSON.parse accepts octal-syntax numbers as input
666015 Embedded GCLI shouldn't display the &gt; prompt b/c the console already provides an arrow
671818 play a webm file report error after fennec6.0, crash [@ mozilla::gfx::ScaleYCbCrToRGB565]
666047 GCLI completer text doesn't line up with the inputter text
666968 Remove nsIDOM3Attr
654411 domain highlighting lightens and de-emphasizes the rest of URL too much
666052 Remove unused NSPR defines for events, hashtables and arenas
657861 HTML5 Textarea with a placeholder and focus and non-focus styles causes FF to consume 100% cpu when …
659910 Evaluating console.log or other API messages in Scratchpad presents wrong source link in web console
641479 "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending()" with JSON.parse
659913 Remove nsContentUtils::GetPrefBranch()
666058 Don't share chunks for system compartments
576247 TM: asm_stkarg not implemented for x86 [nanojit]
557474 [MathML3] mpadded: add support for the voffset attribute
489934 TM: record_JSOP_TABLESWITCH aborts unnecessarily
303567 In live bookmarks, entries not having a <link> element should use the <link> child of root
661969 GCC 4.6 build warning: "gfxFontUtils.h:874:18: warning: variable ‘timerInterval’ set but not used [-…
657874 Flash movie with w_mode shows wrong color on a screen with xBGR visual
666221 Inspector leaks browser and content window through the highlighter
666068 Avoid calling UsingEffectsForFrame() on SVG content
661582 xhr.response should return a Blob, not a File, when appropriate
601261 nsXPCOMDetector::DoIt didn't call Reset resulting in crash [@ nsSJISProber::HandleData] triggered by…
664996 After quitting the application by tapping the Home button, re-entering it will show a black screen
661583 xhr.response needs to hold on to the cache token when the responseType is blob.
661980 Add support for scriptable-but-not-script-implementable interfaces
653789 Crash [@ js_CheckForStringIndex] or [@ js::DefaultValue]
645598 Trim last bits of fat from the scanner
661984 Add [nostdcall] as an extended idl attribute
614881 Add a "closing" property to closing tabs
663423 Memory usage reports via telemetry
631269 Reduce duplicate code in CloneAndReplaceChild
659942 Clean up profiling data during PROFILE_GENERATE phase
659944 Remove leftover MOZ_IPC ifdef in nsHttpChannel.cpp
666091 custom file for GCTIMER output
577224 nsCARenderer::DrawSurfaceToCGContext comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
666706 Don't pass IPv6 literals to the effective TLD service, since the brackets prevent them from being re…
659950 Replace codesighs with something much simpler (staged package size & installer package size)
666424 configure: command 'no' not found on a glib-less system
662001 Implement mozilla::RangedPtr
594418 [Meego] GLDefs.h GLsizeiptr, GLintptr gl types definition conflicts with khronos gl types
659956 Remove unused variable from nsOfflineCacheUpdate.cpp
666101 Memory usage gradually increases on
664055 Consider including Microsoft Sans Serif and Consolas in the list of typefaces that fall back to GDI …
666104 Gradual memory increase on test case using setInterval and xmlHttpRequest:
664058 Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID from layout
469499 kill macbrowser ifdefs
575997 Remove the shared permanent hack (JSPROP_SHARED | JSPROP_PERMANENT)
658582 Re-submitting IDN patch for Pakistan IDN ccTLD
658425 Move special-casing for passwords to the Site object
664066 mGLMaxTextureUnits is used uninitialized with OpenGL < 2.0 in WebGLContext::InitAndValidateGL to set…
668163 Broken overlay on top of Bing maps
659972 Remove channel switching UI
668166 Adds reflectString method to reflect.js
662023 Remove ActiveX embedding API
621066 [regression] Panning about: pages always makes sidebar disappear
670222 Accidental text selection
653741 Scrolling back to the anchor in the url no longer works
385552 "ASSERTION: unsuspending redraw w/o frame"
670226 "ASSERTION: negative length" with rtl, pre-line, :first-letter{float}
664083 warning in nsHTMLTableAccessible.cpp:325
664084 set but unused variable in nsHTMLTableAccessible.cpp:1208
659990 Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLHRElement
664087 Regression in caret positioning in bidi text
668184 Make nsIDocument::AddXMLEventsContent return void
659993 Highlight of on-screen tabs in the List All Tabs menu looks like visual glitch [Linux]
664095 Wrong behavior after load html file in composer (red Table border missing)
651812 When setting a group item to be active, its "active tab" should be selected
582181 Incorrect rendering of directionality in mixed LTR and RTL texts
627239 Don't store thumbnails for cache:control:no-store pages
619048 Crash when trying to optimize zero-sized image
657961 Use async API to get favicons for site permissions page
664107 Calling drawImage with non-finite arguments should not throw
663229 e10s HTTP: initialize prnetaddrs correctly in child
666717 URL bar highlighting treats URLs with hyphenated schemes (e.g. view-source) as scheme-less
653872 Make js_IndexToId not-inline, remove jsxml.cpp:IndexToId
660017 Can't use redo keyboard shortcut in Panorama
662963 Add JSString::charsHeapSize()
664116 AllTabs.jsm needs to remove event listeners from browser windows
590389 some methods into nsICharsetConverterManager should be noscript
655926 Add support for even-odd-rule filling and clipping
684599 crash nsDeviceMotion::DeviceMotionChanged
662072 TI+JM: crash in mjit-generated code
549471 Freeze on reloadAllLivemarks()
664123 "ASSERTION: Why don't we have a document type node?" and null deref
672316 accessibility.browsewithcaret is sometimes enabled when it shouldn't be
664125 Offline error page only appears for caching channels
664127 Allow to set opacity on moz-tree-image
664128 JS heap grows continually when is left idle due to insufficiently frequent GC
612448 Intermittent test_xulbrowser_plugin_visibility.xul | Test timed out.
639554 "make install" doesn't install the full SDK
668227 Remember the urlbar being focused when switching to a tab with a modal prompt
594500 Mouse wheel scroll not working in special condition (PDF open in other tab)
667518 Don't trim white-space from <link> href attribute value
543061 Serialize nsID
660039 SpiderMonkey needs a WeakMap usable from C++
29256 Illegal character in window name warning on '-' (nsWindowWatcher::CheckWindowName is too strict)
662089 nsObjectFrame.cpp:2237:8: warning: extra tokens at end of #endif directive
678475 Make mozconfig-find always return an absolute path
558337 Wrong S/MIME recipient certificate selected if two certificates have same subject
662094 WARNING: NS_ENSURE_TRUE(aURI) failed: file nsContentUtils.cpp, line 4706
651858 [Azure] Implement Direct2D Azure Backend
545366 Javascript button doesn't react (onclick).
683449 Remove the exemptions for the Staat der Nederlanden root
664153 GCLI's Object Literal Syntax should be the only syntax
659267 Need gray text definition on Mac for notifications
666203 Progress bars on Windows Classic need a padding
685727 Remove What's New page from the Firefox Update Experience.
639418 nanojit: add OPCODE and IMM8 to i386 backend
664158 move content/base/test/chrome/test_bug574596.html to mochitest-chrome
664159 Firefox 7.0a1 Crash Report [@ js::ContextStack::popInvokeArgs(js::InvokeArgsGuard const&) ]
645729 Make sure 'body' data is sent along with special links (mailto and sms)
660066 Crash when comparing a moz-filedata: URI with null principal
553571 SInhala text with zero width non-joiner (ZWNJ) doesn't render as expected
666212 summary attribute content mapped to accessible name in MSAA
664165 move editor/libeditor/html/tests/test_contenteditable_text_input_handling.html to mochitest-chrome
662122 Add leak logging annotations to various websockets classes
668267 print preview tests do not close the window they open on Mac
666734 GCLI should not turn the background grey when the command can not work
662125 nsDocShell::ConfirmRepost passes uninitialized PRBool as inout param to nsIPrompt::ConfirmEx
662126 Audit ConfirmEx callers to ensure that aCheckState is not an uninitialized PRBool
512624 TM: Remove JSStackFrame::dormantNext
655987 Respond to the WebGL cross-domain image theft vulnerability
651892 [elfhack] Remove __cxa_pure_virtual relocations
660088 OpenType sanitizer needs to handle 'name' table, not just replace it
664188 Dryice packages too much for help-free GCLI builds
651902 Make content/base/test/test_bug592366.html non flaky
664191 Find a consistent name for GCLI's Request[s]View and Report
667520 querySelectorAll nth-child returns inaccurate results
667452 CRASH on Windows when testing JSD2
645768 In quirks mode, tables constructed at the same time as the body's frame don't pick up the body color…
662155 addTab should report the exception when loadURIWithFlags fails
584332 Improve lookup of char variants for large operators
642471 Rewrite PanelHighlighter using transparent xul iframe and HTML
662160 ipccode does not build on gecko >= 5.0
656017 Re-remove WinCE ifdef from js/src/vprof/vprof.cpp (was incorrectly added by bug 644900)
426643 Right click does not bring up the context menu on google maps
662164 Use fast iteration in
663662 "ASSERTION: Weird break found" with rtl, -moz-column
660121 Remove all other nsContentUtils methods related to pref
662170 Go to top anchor "#" doesn't work in Firefox 6 and Firefox 7
665816 nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp:161: error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant with NDKr5 after…
663020 Javascript/SVG Animation not working correctly in background tabs
672772 Bump Chatzilla compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.5 / Firefox 8.0
668319 Allow to set opacity on ::-moz-tree-cell-text
658451 Intermittent test_npn_timers.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
649381 implement moz-icon android support
605979 "ASSERTION: IDN node too large" with globalStorage.namedItem
606884 "aNode is null" when calling method: [nsIController::isCommandEnabled]
608934 About window needs a close button
668328 nsEventListenerManager doesn't initialize new bitfield members
656041 Some parts of page scroll at different rates in Fennec
660693 Comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsAccessible.h
666292 "Assertion failure: pc_ >= script->code && pc_ < script->code + script->length," with trap
660149 nsAccessNode::IsDefunct() should be const
610998 Remove dead intl.accept_charsets pref
666057 The GCLI repo contains built files. Should it?
660153 comb next/prev accessible methods
666298 test_crash_submit.xul fails to run inside mochitest-chrome
664252 Recent TraceMonkey merge broke clang builds
670318 Google+ home page creates multiple SHEntries, and if you go back to the first one, you can no longer…
651966 DEFFUN and SETCONST should mark aliased local names as closed
668352 TabParent::RecvGetIMEEnabled doesn't always return a value
668355 Measure plugin enumeration with telemetry
653133 Fennec crashes when loading a page with huge background-attachment:fixed background
662217 Update the Windows RDF for the Flash Player Security Update
613066 Need recursive support for structured clones
656075 browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug624265.js | Found a tab after previous test tim…
654028 70MB of collectible garbage not cleaned up
647886 Pulling down Back/Forward menu requires an unnecessary delay
515492 change to wince-style jemalloc usage for win32
598736 Use higher-quality image interpolation on mobile
629458 nsHttpConnection::PushBack uses NS_NOTREACHED for code that is reached
391535 Meta: Gecko 1.9.1 accessibility bugs
467669 Need chrome-accessible API for getting list of font faces used by content
662231 Re-disallow embeddings reaching into our guts (jsnum.h)
658952 some korean(2byte character) broken when using euc-kr page encoding - there is some doubt about usca…
588506 nsSessionStartup is keeping restored session in memory
578268 Turn off MOZ_MORKREADER in Firefox
659578 Remember Password notification is cut off at the bottom
666334 GCLI should use its own CSS classes, not the ".jsterm-*"
658213 Use [implicit_jscontext] on, delete cry for help in nsContentUtils::ReparentContentWra…
659438 TI+JM: Assertion failure: copied == 0, at ../methodjit/FrameEntry.h:180
666337 "ASSERTION: null data pointer" in nsAccessibleWrap::FirePlatformEvent with <audio>
664290 Find the lowest acceptable value for image.mem.min_discard_timeout_ms
662243 Hook up more a11y classes to CC
638758 reformats the text displayed or corrupts the text
543463 Make it easier for non-Mozilla devs to get and use the JavaScript Shell
660200 Intermittent failure in content/html/content/test/test_bug514437.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, w…
631529 Need a better strategy for handling :nth-* index caching
670442 CanvasRenderingContext is broken after being sized to 0 and back
649965 elfhack fails to build with gcc 4.6 lto
654063 nsIPlatformCharset on Android should return "UTF-8"
664305 Implement websockets connection limits
656114 Clicking is broken in position:fixed elements in Fennec with MOZ_ENABLE_FIXED_POSITION_LAYERS enable…
670452 Test for bug 113934 fails to complete due to JS error
662261 [Mac] When trying to choose a helper app, the app bundle expands
670454 Certificates usage in Certificate Viewer is always shown as "could not verify this certificate for u…
664311 Remove WinCE code from gfx/
656120 Increase GC frequency: GC occasionally based on a timer (except when completely idle)
662266 Tabs are not re-arranged when closing a tab in an expanded group
642175 Fix plugin crash mochitests to clean up minidumps after they run
660220 GCLI double executes commands when embedded in Firefox
420605 fragment links have wrong favicon and description in history entry
649983 Use more vertical space for dialogs
612480 Middle-clicking bookmarks toolbar item does not work when Firefox is in the background
656130 "ASSERTION: unexpected child list" and more
656131 Typo in nsWebShellWindow::ConstrainToOpenerScreen
660229 about:permissions left-side list auto resizes when string not found
582408 Websocket Request Header Capitalization - Sec-Websocket-Key1/2
661292 Make nsChangeObserver::ContentInserted not use the index parameter
598794 Intermittent failure in uriloader\exthandler\tests\unit\test_punycodeURIs.js | test failed (with xpc…
666383 [highlighter] make sure devtools.inspector.enabled is preffed off if not ready
664340 Build with --enable-stdcxx-compat fails when CXX env var is not set
673037 No selection handles when trying to select text inside iframe
664343 SVG SMIL: Tear down of syncbase intervals is inefficient
667295 Enable JavaScript Shell packaging only when js executable is generated
635673 Content inside xul:iframe with type=content is always able to resize top chrome window
413019 crashes with WPO (-GL) in cairo
611099 remove handling of percentages as intrinsic widths/heights (SVG height="100%" width="100%" defaults)
617244 nanojit: remove AvmCore
654810 Split out Inspector mochitests tests from browser
672543 Don't set accessibility.browsewithcaret pref when selecting text in Fennec
664353 Make alloc policy realloc() easier to implement
664354 nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::GetUndecodedData() returns result in milliseconds not microseconds
666075 Add memory multi-reporters
654117 libXt library is not needed for Qt firefox
462983 always calculate extra states
664364 Entering newline after Japanese in a textarea doesn't change cursor position
664366 elfhack fails with "PT_GNU_RELRO segment doesn't start on a section start"
664367 LDFLAGS is not passed to the link command for elfhack's
598833 Consider storing intrinsic state in a direct member of Element
594741 Web Console stress test
660279 Truncated "Learn more" and button in geolocation doorhanger (does not fit, too long, Russian, Espera…
664376 table rows of XUL trees no longer containing cell content as accessible name
666094 Crash [@ js::StackFrame::initJitFrameLatePrologue() ] / [@ js::mjit::stubs::CompileFunction(js::VMFr…
654079 Reposition app tabs when leaving private browsing mode
475968 Windows (ClearType): make all area painted by text be part of text frame's ink overflow area (Render…
666927 Cleanup nsBoxFrame::SetLayoutManager
639811 [ANGLE] Very simple shader crashes Minefield [@ TParseContext::constructorErrorCheck(int, TIntermNod…
504645 Stop shipping document.png on Linux
646373 nsITraceableChannel.setNewListener() is unimplemented under e10s
660584 nsILanguageAtomService.LookupLanguage should use nsACString instead of nsAString
658251 Wrong DT_NEEDED entries in and on Android fennec builds
652109 SetProcessDPIAware is called regardless if the process is really DPI aware
670542 Crash in nsStandardURL::SchemeIs or nsSimpleURI::SchemeIs mainly close to startup, mainly with a ran…
570192 Intermittent timeout in browser_394759.js
659889 GCLI should auto-start
676690 Firefox Crash [@ nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::GetImageData_explicit(int, int, unsigned int, unsi…
651501 document.body fails to autocomplete in Web Console
666452 [Azure] Azure canvas should use as small surfaces as possible when drawing shadows
598869 Allow migrating AsyncChannels to a different thread from the one on which they were created
648022 Firefox 4.2a1pre Crash Report [@ js_XDRScript(JSXDRState*, JSScript**) ] [@ js_XDRAtom ] [@ js_XDRSc…
649319 tab focus when resizing or moving a group in panorama
312156 implement text-overflow: ellipsis from CSS3 text
666426 Ionmonkey: Build an explicit dominator tree
668513 W3C Test failures for NavigationTiming: type and redirects
668515 Remove intl xpcshell-test platform-specific directories
660325 Don't ship WorkerTest.jsm and friends
660326 send java exceptions to crash-stats
653116 use plugin with most recent modification date when multiple matches for MIME type
668223 Firefox 5: Div onclick() doesn't work
663483 IDB IDL files pull in jsapi.h when they want jspubtd.h
668524 Fix warning in nsMemoryReporterManager.cpp due to wrong order of initialization list
670573 Corrupted (skewed) video when using OpenGL layers; crashes on OS X in libGLImage@0xaddress
664430 Make sure PopupManager doesn't keep objects alive after xpcom-shutdown
598895 Nodes imported into a the document of a newly-opened window fail to be displayed (no layout)
680816 Reusing an XHR2 object with responseType of "arraybuffer" does not work
666481 jsatom.cpp:945:12: warning: variable ‘count’ set but not used
664434 Make sure to Destroy the old document when setting a new print document
590708 test_Prototype.html | testAsynchronousRequest - 1 assertions, 0 failures, 1 errors
664437 editor should use mozilla::Preferences
664438 Don't keep DelayedBlurFocusEvents alive after xpcom-shutdown
572279 JSON.parse should not allow trailing decimals
662393 Avoid overwarning on undefined property accesses in strict mode
680827 Undo nsPresArena workaround from bug 678422
664444 Unlink nsGlobalChromeWindow
656253 intermittent failure in /tests/content/base/test/test_XHR.html | hello pass
670870 HTML table and caption should be linked by label relations
662403 reftest-analyzer is broken
607108 focus group name field after creating new group
656261 better GC arena layout
672646 Radial gradients in <canvas> are opaque (regression from Azure)
664455 Traverse/Unlink contentsink some more
666504 Ignore role presentation on focusable elements
644588 Signed XUL script into IFRAME component
641010 crash [@][@ ][@ ][@ ]
663028 Make Print Preview themable with CSS, and modernize its look
662414 Provide error page/msg for new necko error NS_ERROR_CORRUPTED_CONTENT
664463 Don't load anything to frameloader if it isn't in the docshell tree anymore
664464 Unlink XBL some more
634386 [RTL] Arabic pages don't render correctly
664467 Unlink content/html some more
656277 Prevent loading WebGL textures from cross-domain images
660374 Mulitple lines of this spammed on startup: "WARNING: Serializing document without system principal: …
553879 Unused GIFs in layout/reftests/table-background/
625951 Android content process crash if crash reporter is disabled
637852 Move resolution handling out of layer system into FrameLayerBuilder
559258 Enable Quicktime OOP
383902 No "... is read-only" strict warning for assignment to declared const
658185 Y!Mail: iframe containing actual mail message has a non-clearing busy state
553888 Additional XHR request after Redirect response doesn't forward non standard headers
666529 test_npn_timers.html bugs - crash and bad dependency on timer event ordering
663532 cycle collector fails to invoke JS GC except at shutdown
572571 "ASSERTION: FBO not supported" and "ASSERTION: nsCARenderer::Render failure"
660389 Some addons stopped working after applying bug 592943
660391 After closing Print preview, the favicon and the domain name highlighting disappears from the naviga…
674731 WebGL/ANGLE interop with D3D layers requests incorrect extension
664492 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/ta…
660398 Speed up test_value_cloning.html
664495 Clean up duplicated function in imgLoader.cpp
529328 DOMTokenList index out of bounds should return undefined, not the empty string
662961 Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling jsstr.cp…
664009 Array.reduceRight() info leak and potential code execution
660404 Pages do not get bfcached when navigating to a multipart response
654494 [adbe 2867930] Firefox Crash [@ F_1184324021__________________________________ ]
651081 Ensure GCLI commands are executed securely
668960 [RTL] Scratchpad JavaScript editor should be LTR
529338 test_Prototype.html | testFormActivating - 3 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors
666505 Angry Birds game is broken on latest Aurora
654154 GPSD not being used for Geolocation
480191 Memory leak of content nodes when right-clicking a button element, then closing the browser
666784 kNotifyData.redirectCallback in nptest.cpp is not initialized with NULL
510915 BOTH test_Scriptaculous.html | testInPlaceEditor - 31 assertions, 2 failures, 0 errors AND | testHov…
648133 Fire state change event for aria-busy
664519 Auto-remove iQ event listeners
639945 html5-inlineSVG-title display tooltip
651093 nsFilePicker does not honor privacy settings when saving a file
668151 Bug 515492 (VS2010 jemalloc) doesn't work Win64
648140 Some namespaces should be checked in nsMathMLContainerFrame.cpp
517070 Replace manual refcounting of nsTimeouts in nsGlobalWindow.cpp with equialent nsRefPtr usage
685007 initialize mark bits in Chunk::init
659053 Remove nsIDOM3Node
660433 Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLFormElement, nsIDOMNSHTMLTextAreaElement
666578 Inputter fails to read 'text!gcli/ui/inputter.css' on GCLI load
660438 TM: Different output with testcase with and without -m, -a and -j
668633 Elements with scrollable overflow are cut off when panning (e.g. Google Reader)
671555 Preferences/Beta force add-ons compatibility option is not updated to the latest Beta build
666587 Context menus do not work on Dropbox
667130 SIMD/THUMB2 detections fail under Android NDK5
660446 Use tab.closing property instead of _removingTabs
664543 Remove nsIDOMWindow2 and nsIDOMWindow_2_0_BRANCH
660448 Subpixel antialiasing too strong/incorrect everywhere
666448 Remove confusing escape() extra-argument extension behavior
603106 mfrac linethickness="medium" does not match the default linethickness
668643 TI+JM: No comply demo crashes in mjit-generated code
662500 Drop pref that forces OOP tabs
570341 Initial implementation of web timing specification.
431078 Editable menulists in Vista are rendered in the style of non-editable menulists
674791 dragging the left text selection marker down selects to the bottom of the page
584680 nsWindowsDllBlocklist.cpp compilation failure on mingw
508905 /Zc:wchar_t- is no longer required
666604 Allow untrusted events to trigger a link
660461 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/attributes/test_obj_group.x…
665009 Replace the retired Public Domain Dedication link with CC0 in SVG reftests
660466 Segmentation Fault glxtest.cpp:172
631795 HasPotentialResource should use HasAttr, not GetAttr
621558 Implement "happy eyeballs" IPv6 autodetection at TCP open, or similar
668663 OFNHookProc callback in the file picker code should return a UINT_PTR
665964 The backbutton stops working if an nsISHistoryListener vetoes navigation.
656379 CSS Hover and active should propagate from labels to the labeled content
650236 merge aurora backouts into l10n-central
644093 Do not throw an error when some compilation options are passed (but ignore them)
664577 Fix inclusion of jsobj.h in Content code due to ArrayBuffer optimizations
622315 "ASSERTION: Entry added to loadgroup twice, don't do that"
578564 deCOMtaminate nsIFrameSetElement
652294 intermittent failure in url-classifier/tests/unit/test_hashcompleter.js, failure after "Now on compl…
664583 Colorize type inference spew
658441 intermittent crashtests/552651.html | load failed: timed out waiting for reftest-wait to be removed
652303 TI+JM is slower than TM on this array testcase
658450 ONLY test_Scriptaculous.html | testHovering - 1 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors without testInPlace…
635923 Cannot build xulrunner on Windows 64-bit
663393 Maemo6/Meego VKB doues not work properly without meegotouch
649939 Crash with too much recursion in js_IteratorMore
647001 Timeouts clamped in background tabs don't immediately unclamp when switching to the tab
504324 Hyper-linked MathML formulas should have default text-decoration property set to none
662554 Make websocketestablishedconnection getinterface and close() check mOwner != nsnull
663728 XUL tree twisty state won't persist if XML template is used
631844 Should remove event listener for "load" event.
646129 [[DefaultValue]] on Date objects is wrong when called with no hint
627752 pause button blocks part of html5 video
619561 Add GC stats to Test Pilot
637994 Inherited non-configurable accessor properties mis-reported as own properties
660524 Useless use of PromiseFlatString
660525 Useless uses of PromiseFlatString
660527 Useless uses of PromiseFlatCString
660529 Useless use of PromiseFlatString
662946 Remove a bunch of headers from INSTALLED_HEADERS, making changes necessary to do so
660533 Useless uses of PromiseFlatCString
660534 Useless use of PromiseFlatCString
660535 Useless use of PromiseFlatCString
660536 Useless uses of PromiseFlat(C)String
660538 TM: Crash [@ js::DefaultValue] or "Assertion failure: v.isObject(),"
660539 Remove nsIDOM3TypeInfo, schemaTypeInfo
666684 embedding/components/windowwatcher - compiler warnings on mac
659215 Try harder to get a JSContext in PostMessageEvent::Run
666689 Implement text-shadow for the text-overflow marker text (ellipsis)
638018 [1.9.2] crash [@ ycc_rgb_convert] on image with src set to a resource with multipart/x-mixed-replace…
670788 Firefox does not run when what is called through $PATH is a symbolic link and a file of the same nam…
671428 Firefox Crash @ _moz_pixman_image_create_bits
619590 Remove unused cruft from nsPrefetchNode::AsyncOnChannelRedirect
660551 Remove nsIDocument::mShellIsHidden
606085 add accessibility service (kNS_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE_CID) to service cache
676023 crash js::StackIter::settleOnNewState
595020 Group name isn't displayed in title before TabView is loaded the first time
656462 JS debugger needs to be able to recover calls to JSNatives that aren't from script
660560 Scratchpad lacks indentation, pressing TAB key should indent code
637393 Profile execution of all ops, broken down by run mode
666707 Add a telemetry probe to record whether we started following a successful shutdown
658516 nsHTMLEditRules.cpp:5810:52: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
660565 HTML5 HW accelerated video is slow
654423 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/ta…
660568 nsImageFrame::IconLoad doesn't remove pref observers
666714 GCC 4.6 warning: nsScanner.cpp:305:25: warning: variable ‘start’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-…
664667 JSObject::slotsAndStructSize returns incorrect size
556124 layout/reftests/bugs/508908-1.xul reftest persistent failure since ff6b54ac276d
664669 tab._tabViewTabIsRemovedAfterRestore should be attached to the tabItem rather than the xulTab
502824 Don't allow window.focus on *self* in response to clicks (prevent pop-unders)
664672 When a tab has been removed, cut off its link to the browser
672955 Thai pages not displaying some characters correctly
660580 Don't use infallible allocators for storing image source data in RasterImage
656488 Command-H to hide app doesn't work when in Panorama
660586 Selecting a large number of files in <input type="file"> hangs browser
660587 Remove nsRuleNode::gLangService
660588 Crash [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::FindFrameForContentSibling(nsIContent*, nsIContent*, unsigned char&,…
658714 Many nsDOMEventRTTearoff instances allocated and destroyed when processing user input in a variety o…
668782 Add csb and sw to the Firefox build
660591 Bug 625600 causes bustage on Win64
668743 ANGLE fails to load on WinXP after upgrade from r653 to r686
664692 Calling `new WebSocket()` results in a TypeError: "WebSocket is not a constructor"
667497 Add documents' element size to documents' size computation
662649 Fixup fps display
642239 GCLI should have history retention
660604 Remove nsIHTMLDocument::GetBodyContentExternal
435325 Offline-mode error page should switch to online mode when clicking 'Try Again'
529534 [tracking] Firefox 3.6 l10n release trackers
666751 Crashing on (RSS reader)
664708 GetCharNumAtPosition should only accept native points
660613 WebSockets-07 implementation doesn't randomize all 32 bits of the mask
645284 crash [@] [@ vp8_decode_mb_tokens]
656519 Step 1 of planned improvements to typed arrays
636042 When two fonts with the same name but different available characters exist we should be able to use …
660619 Silence a warning during tests
665969 Make C4553 fatal
664721 1st party iframe request treated as 3rd party when initiated by and replacing a 3rd party origin
664723 update for bug 643816
658580 IsAlive() is more cpu intensive with pr_poll than with recv(MSG_PEEK) (SSL)
488597 Random Test Failure (test_punycodeURIs.js) - Nothing to do with trunk 64 bit builds
660630 Only error once on OOM in NewCompartment
617623 Add support for SMIL animation of <number-optional-number> attributes
654489 Remove fastload
660635 Remove Notation
662685 txMozillaXMLOutput.cpp:1082:66: warning: suggest parentheses around ‘&&’ within ‘||’
660638 OOM in Compiler::compileScript when |script| is not checked
660640 Preferences spams lots of failing NS_ENSURE_TRUE at shutdown
662689 MSVC js.cpp(723) : warning C4242: 'argument' : conversion from 'int' to 'uint8', possible loss of da…
666788 Remove vestiges of JS_sscanf
662726 Remove unused ANGLE source
666790 addon download progress doorhanger has error when asking permission to install
441197 Gecko does not maintain an audio session on Vista+ (leading to no volume slider, inconsistent sessio…
666140 should fail if MOZCONFIG is specified but points to a nonexistent file
597162 potential arbitrary code execution when type=content chrome frames web content
636077 when idle, memory slowly increases on and it takes a long time until we GC
660657 Make nsCSSRendering::Init return void
679090 IPv6 broken in Firefox 7
662765 Respect _M_IX86_FP
564086 IPDL: Offer a PFoo::Bridge(process1, process2) interface to open a new IPC channel between process1/…
664758 Add page fault reporting to telemetry
660663 Make element.dir a real enumerated attribute
656244 Crash when a malformed SVG is included in a page [@ mozilla::imagelib::SVGDocumentWrapper::GetWidthO…
537787 e10s: Remote WebSockets
660668 Assertion failure: !start->hasTable(), at ../../jsscope.h:751 after OOM
660669 Remove nsHTMLDocument::OpenCommon
660670 js::Parser::analyzeFunctions does not report OOM errors
263359 bidi algorithm implementation inconsistent with msie (newlines in <pre>)
641227 Crash in mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceParent::GetImage [@ mozilla::layers::MacIOSurfaceImageOGL::…
660676 nsSize/nsIntSize copy constructors are causing me to lose my sanity while debugging, and also for th…
662390 Define a preprocessor var for e10s compatibilty
664774 Loading and Install text has mixed capitalization.
658632 Provide easy way to add non-leaky classinfo to JS components
660681 LeaveFunction doesn't check outer_ale enough for OOM
660682 block child of inline element not rendered with parent's opacity
664780 All uploads to Box Net fail
658637 Traverse/unlink IDBRequest::mTransaction
668882 Please! Remove <button> line-height restriction
650451 Associate the application with playable media types on Mac
664788 console.log(message) doesn't show leading whitespace in message
664789 console.log(string) hides some parts of the string
660694 Comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsDOMBlogBuilder.cpp
632024 Reflect.parse(Array(1000).join("x + y - ") + "z") crashes with stack overflow
668889 simplify boolean attribute parsing
632026 Reflect.parse: `typeof(0?0:a)` and `typeof a` parse the same, but are different programs
470791 SpiderMonkey long long emulation (JSLL stuff in jslong.h) is no longer necessary
632029 Reflect.parse incorrectly optimizes away comprehensions containing `if (false)`
632030 Reflect.parse doesn't handle doubly-declared variables correctly
656607 Reduce the use of FromData on nsStringBuffer in atom implementations
662754 javascript.options.mem.gc_frequency should be removed
666852 Crash [@ JSContext::generatorFor] or "Assertion failure: fp->isGeneratorFrame(),"
644325 addMessageListener with an function object causes a compartment mismatch
660710 Stop jarring up a copy of mozicon128.png that aboutHome no longer uses
670951 Mac XULRunner builds fail intermittently during unification
659324 prefix the JS API for WebSockets
660714 Remove Pinstripe's unused Secure-background.gif
650475 "ASSERTION: Creating ContinuingTextFrame, but there is no more content"
466157 Need tool to find CC roots
662766 parseInt fast path should return integers instead of doubles
611568 Move "File->Import" to the Library
660721 move nsPluginInstanceOwner to its own files in dom/plugins/base/
674003 Radial gradient in <canvas> on glass (Aero Window Title extension) doesn't have the same opaqueness …
636148 Upgrading to 4.0 from 3.6 with offline state auto detected to true leaves the user offline since 4.0…
316661 Remove NULL-check before delete
648438 TM: Assertion failure: !cx->regs->fp->hasImacropc(), at ./jscntxtinlines.h:424
668919 The ellipsis with text-overflow: ellipsis is sometimes one pixel too low
632056 Reflect.parse fails to distinguish between FunctionStatement and FunctionDeclaration after constant-…
668921 Text disappears after scrolling
666874 intermittent timeout in chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/tabview/browse…
658683 XMLHttpRequest copies data from ResponseBody every time GetResponse for ArrayBuffer is called
683261 Better coverage for DigiNotarGate in NSS
660734 Strings are not counted by GC heuristics (high memory use with regexps on large strings)
664677 calling InitRuntimeNumberState when instatiating the runtime
663245 Reduce exposure of jsbool.h, jsiter.h, and jsstr.h in INSTALLED_HEADERS
657653 stdc++compat.cpp checks for compiler version but needs libstdc++ version
660742 accessible should use mozilla::Preferences
662836 JS_EvaluateUCInStackFrame should not be expected to extend all call objects
654601 cannot use copy and paste keyboard shortcuts in panorama
660746 about:robots misspelled hitchhiker
662795 Intermittent failure layout/base/crashtests/331883-1.html | load failed: timed out waiting for refte…
662796 Remove and
587021 drop HTMLImageElement.x/.y
658703 widget/src/windows should use new pref utilities
658704 widget/src/gtk2 should use new pref utilities
663768 Clean up syncloadservice
665837 "ASSERTION: negative length" with -moz-column, rtl, pre-line
505108 Early returns in Area::ParseCoords leak "char* cp"
666901 docshell should use mozilla::Preferences
668950 Disable WebSockets for Mobile Firefox 6
666903 uriloader should use mozilla::Preferences
664452 Unlink content/xul more
660762 Remove --disable-mathml support
666908 edits x 2
666842 Use an ellipsis for long tab names in Panorama
638238 Large memory increase in firefox while minimized
666501 --enable-jprof broken by build system changes in bug 552864
660768 modules should use mozilla::Preferences
660770 caps should use mozilla::Preferences
660771 parser should use mozilla::Preferences
659018 missing property-changed::accessible-name on inbox refresh in Thunderbird
666502 Document how we make sure HTTP headers have been read by time OnStartRequest called.
660774 e10s necko: refactor channelEventQueue to allow async resume/flush
660778 Stack Overflow Crash [@ js::gc::Cell::arenaHeader() | js::gc::Cell::address()] | ASSERTION: JSEventL…
668972 blocked-popups options popup leaks content windows
676340 Crash [@ nsAccessible::NativeState() ] (called by nsXULTextFieldAccessible::GetValue)
666845 GC doesn't get triggered for this javascript
660785 Tabs are always restored at startup after closing in Private Browsing mode
623922 combo boxes crop their longest string, in e.g. "Set as background image" dialog, "When Firefox Start…
640307 notifications opened in one tab leave a blank area at the bottom of webpages loaded onto another tab
664884 Implement getters/setters for CTM and inverse CTM
658741 [adbe 2882374] (with flash player 10.3 installed) youtube video hang when clicking on it, then firef…
588027 Clean up places library code
666938 No warning when Binary XPCOMs fail loading due to Module::kVersion
662224 NS_ATTR_MALLOC and NS_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT not defined when mozalloc.h is indirectly included in embed…
467168 migrate libgnome and libgnomeui to GTK/GIO functions
660806 Autocomplete shows during history navigation
571617 make constant-folding in the parser optional
661388 Support selecting text in web content
664906 nsViewManager.cpp includes unnecessary pref headers
664907 Use MOZ_CHROME_FILE_FORMAT=symlink for omnijar builds
671053 causes a zombie compartment for 2-3 minutes because an XHR is holding things alive
661584 Code cleanup, substitute PR_(MAX|MIN|ABS|ROUNDUP) macro calls
664913 Hook xptiWorkingSet up to about:memory
546131 [tracking] Localize
664916 Crash [@ nsIDOMElement_GetTagName]
664917 Add Preferences API for getting default pref values
529750 Move GetImportantRule to nsICSSStyleRule and make it nonvirtual
664919 Crash with document.normalize, DOMCharacterDataModified mutation event
671064 [Mac] Update to cairo 1.10 causes Print Preview to always crash on some pages on OS X
654369 Remove OOM checks from layout
671066 Unknown error on conclusion of easy setup of second client.
633743 reverting closed tab with pushState changes sends request with HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH:XMLHttpRequest
595292 browser_394759.js seems to hit network with dns failures
628061 Panorama button should reflect the number of groups before Panorama has launched
664927 [css3-animations] "ASSERTION: unexpected value" with font-weight, invalid cubic-bezier
660833 Forms with <input type='file' multiple> does not accept more than 253 files at once.
663180 Make configure write mozinfo JSON data about build configuration for test harnesses to use
664934 Add user and system usage in GeckoLibLoad log
666985 Accessing quotes on does not work in FF5, but does in FF3/FF4
666989 Shmem.cpp:357:8: warning: variable ‘checkMappingFront’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
621117 NSCursor class methods, SetThemeCursor() and SetCursor() not working for OOP plugins on mac
652657 Provide opt-in UI for Telemetry
663443 No indication to which tab a Web Console window belongs (esp. an empty one)
666997 Firefox Crash @ mozilla::net::nsPreloadedStream::AsyncWait(nsIInputStreamCallback*
664951 "Assertion failure: !args.rval().isPrimitive() && callee != args.rval().toObject()" with fixed proxy
669049 .response with .responseType='blob' doesn't work correctly for large remote file
664955 "ASSERTION: parser should have rejected negative length"
646037 Drop down menu disappears
663104 Livemarks status menuitems are incorrectly updated
667010 "ASSERTION: unexpected block frame" with text-overflow: ellipsis, <fieldset>
667012 ensure that PKG_PATH exists when generating checksums file
664470 Unlink document some more
664969 xpfe should use mozilla::Preferences
603530 Intermittent cascade of failure starting with browser_tabview_dragdrop.js | Test timed out
662082 TI+JM: some AWFY graphs have a gray background
664974 Plugin Stack Overflow Crash [@ _SEH_prolog ]
663789 activation objects management might not correctly set actual argument number
658832 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tabview/browser_tabview_privatebrowsing.js | verify normal 2: we have 2 group…
667025 Crash [@ nsTextFrame::ClearTextRun] with rtl
662930 Consolidate IDB structured clone [de]serialization
664979 Merge nsISHistory_2_0_BRANCH into nsISHistory
649338 Expose mUploadStreamHasHeaders on the HttpBaseChannel to allow removing appended headers to nsIUploa…
505238 JSON.stringify custom toJSON method is called without a "key" parameter
658840 Forked glxinfo process leaks strings
660036 places.sqlite-wal size grows more in Firefox 5 than in Firefox 4
646815 VP8 source generates non PIC code on ARM
658849 "WARNING: Failed to create timer: [...]/nsJSEnvironment.cpp, line 3387" spammed at least 4 times on …
644514 -moz-box-ordinal-group:0 doesn't work, as opposed to ordinal="0"
675236 portrait view shifted on tablet awesomescreen
662086 jsval.h:466:5: warning: C++ style comments are not allowed in ISO C90
629870 Drop support for globalCompositeOperation=over,clear
665841 Move some tests to HTML Forms test directory
665003 browser/components/nsBrowserContentHandler.js contains unecessary const
480686 "ABORT: comparing iterators over different lists" with -moz-column, rtl, background image
659266 Need a minimalistic Sync glyph for notifications
664136 GCLI should use constants for key codes rather than (commented) magic numbers
662962 Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling jsscript…
621937 JM: TypeInference: re-enable assignment ICs on monitored assignments
662964 Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling jscntxt.…
667062 Content text selection highlight should match Gingerbread theming style
662969 Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling jsparse.…
662971 Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling mfbt/Uti…
456266 [tracking] Firefox 3.5 l10n release trackers
632255 Implement FileReader.readAsArrayBuffer()
662977 File upload control needs a change event on drop
660930 InlineGetProp not being inlined on Mac x86-64
665027 Remove useless code which only purpose is to make me feel pain
656844 Disable drawing of shadows with non-OVER operators
662989 Avoid crashing if a DB connection isn't asyncClose()d when it should be
658894 Collect basic telemetry for HTTP requests and page load
667087 Cookies cannot be stored with single character hostnames
665040 find -not is not posix compliant
658898 Intermittent browser_tabview_bug624265.js | There is one single groupItem - Got 2, expected 1
646611 Image corruption with fglrx on
665044 Don't garbage collect while we hold the nsCycleCollectorRunner mutex
654926 Hang in nsDiskCacheStreamIO::CloseOutputStream while downloading WebM video from YouTube
650489 "ASSERTION: Can't find frame in lines!" with -moz-column, break-word
658904 Remove nsIDOMDocumentStyle
654809 [QAC generated] url color no longer changes properly with theme
658906 Remove nsIDOMNSDocument
638430 <select> doesn't render correctly in iframe within a panel where we use swapFrameLoaders on it!
655269 Don't rely on "domwindowclosed" being fired in the expected order
644959 Disabled button after async reload
669154 Empty button briefly visible during startup from locale picker
661755 [session restore cleanup] Fix line endings in tests
50660 [FILE]Drag and drop for file upload form control
632293 Why does GroupItem constructor add children before it sets its bounds?
669158 "ASSERTION: How did that happen?" in nsGlobalWindow::ResetTimersForNonBackgroundWindow
660968 Jprof doesn't build shared library
650732 Crash [@ nsSMILInstanceTime::HandleChangedInterval(nsSMILTimeContainer const*, int, int) ] [@ nsSMIL…
462687 cseuckr charset alias misspelled
596221 PSM should use new function to find encryption certificates of email recipients
663253 Remove the 'browser.offline' preference (don't remember offline mode from the previous session)
658069 Rename GlobalObject::isEvalAllowed
663465 crash [@ nsWebSocketEstablishedConnection::ConsoleError]
173561 request flags should use a #define instead of masking w/ 0xffff
634362 Xorg loads 100% CPU when displaying page
663036 gfx should use mozilla::Preferences
660989 NPAPI OOP Plugin System does not transmit NPPVpluginWantsAllNetworkStreams
439808 Backspace & Delete doesn't work correctly in contenteditable inline elements (such as spans) nested …
663041 layout should use mozilla::Preferences
587268 "Assertion failure: !p" with duplicate form elements [@ Enumerate<KeyEnumeration>]
658949 data URL with hash - content doesn't match location.
646662 ###!!! ASSERTION: This is unsafe! Fix the caller! in nsEventDispatcher
537857 Remove dead symbols with linker
656904 view-source: URLs with a relative nested URL should resolve the nested URL against the base URL
654858 Perma-orange on Linux opt reftest with -O3 for img-widthAndHeight-meet-2.html, img-widthAndHeight-sl…
658956 Use $(TAR) instead of hardcoding tar in toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/
665858 Using Japanese IME, response of input is painfully slow on Wikipedia editing page
468496 Stretched images can show black blobs at edges on Linux (nearest neighbor scaling is not a substitut…
656913 Search results show wrong (old) tab title
666307 update zip telemetry
673301 Reproducible crash on bookmarks drag&drop involving clipboard and compartments
682927 Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate
675920 Difficult to select text after these steps
652832 Dynamic changes to <use> width/height aren't honored, for special-cased <svg>/<symbol> targets
666869 Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::GetPerformance]
605732 test_taskbar_jumplistitems.js leaks items
624165 Cleanup plugins code, remove kill MOZ_COMPOSITED_PLUGINS and MOZ_USE_IMAGE_EXPOSE
634406 In Web Console, "Select All" unexpectedly results in multi-line input
666097 [Azure] Radial gradients in canvas don't always work as expected
653099 [Meta] Panorama bugs for Fx6
661036 nsWebSocket::SetProtocol allows U+0020
663331 U+2028 and U+2029 don't update line-state in the scanner
658995 Trace malloc doesn't work on linux with standalone xpcom glue
667217 Intermittent test_reftests_with_caret.html | Reftest chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/layout/base/…
661045 Devirtualize some RasterImage methods
650806 javascript:links may operate on the wrong document
665865 Make test_bug590363.html apply for all input types
663096 websockets - deflate stream and pywebsockets-07 unclean closes
435124 Cannot move (drag, copy, or cut) live bookmarks that have no site location
562746 Update cairo to 1.10
667195 Ctrl + Click on SVG/MathML links does not open pages in a new tab
663100 [highlighter] Re-implement the highlighting mechanism in HTML + flex box model
450112 HTMLModElement has no prototype
667202 Provide 'ss' centrally for all browser-chrome sessionstore tests
470876 anti-phishing support not in fennec
429642 Crash [@ nsAccessibleWrap::get_accKeyboardShortcut(tagVARIANT, unsigned short**) ]
640587 Page up/down behaviour changes to "page back/forward"
661068 Create TraceMonitors lazily
538189 Touchpad/trackpoint scrolling does not work with some versions of Synaptics drivers in Thunderbird 5
659022 Implement copy from content
666893 Windows (ClearType): make all area painted by text be part of text frame's ink overflow area (Direct…
640593 Remove fun.arity
662115 DirectWrite with an anti-aliased mode does not work with certain typefaces if ClearType is disabled …
632404 Preload Firefox libraries at startup
668030 Warn when enablePrivilege is used
675416 Fetching bookmarks information during onBeforeItemRemove may break the bookmarks cache
667225 Latest TinderBox (Azure Build) crashes upon opening Psychedelic Browsing (IE Test Drive Experiment)
667396 Crash [@ nsINode::GetOwnerDoc()] with getAccessibleFor(null)
667919 window.ondevicemotion and window.ondeviceorientation
664506 Shutdown cycle collection only garbage collects once
398942 Can't enter leading whitespace in text fields when Page Style -> No Style
661093 TI+JM: Win64 port (need port bug 650163)
663136 Add test coverage for tablist as implicit live region
624225 Non-clickable areas on both top corners of each tab and "New Tab" button
673378 Crash at nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContext
661091 iQ.animate: only animate properties that are changing
669284 Checkbox styled with margin:0 is replaced by ellipsis when next to the edge in a text-overflow block
665189 hoist JSString and family into vm/String{.h, -inl.h, .cpp}
667485 Add windows' document size to windows size
658705 widget/src/cocoa should use new pref utilities
634472 disable |yield| and |arguments| in generator expressions
669289 Fennec UI is unresponsive and browser becomes unusable if a restart is triggered with a single blank…
587370 darwin/x11 gtk build fails in PluginInstanceParent.h
666735 Don't offer a Firefox 7 update to users with a too-old version of Freetype
661101 widget should use mozilla::Preferences (except win/cocoa/gtk2/xpwidgets)
577138 Move nsMediaDocument and subclasses into the mozilla::dom namespace
667582 Stop const_casting in nsHTMLOptionElement
482935 Cancel() from OnStopRequest should not cause cache entry to be doomed
661113 Progress with "-moz-orient: vertical;" should have vertical dimensions by default
663162 Update ANGLE to r686
659068 GCLI display needs splitting into command line part and help part
657685 Embedding/extending documentation for GCLI needs review
665218 Crash [@ gfxContext::gfxContext ] when printing boarding passes on American Airlines
383383 Remove nsIScriptEventManager and nsIScriptEventHandler
666220 unecessary variable kAppendChromeManifests in toolkit/xre/nsXREDirProvider.cpp
669975 websocket ASSERTION: nsLoadGroup not thread-safe
661132 Fix test for bug 642338 so it doesn't rely on firefox.js prefs
667277 Don't use already_AddRefed::get in nsAccessible::GetURI
657038 [Snippets] Add graphics and tracking tags to default snippets
611983 Kill Document.createEntityReference
661136 websockets setuprequest in redirect path return not used
671378 Sync interval doesn't adjust after error during initial Sync on additional device
661140 test_bug596350.html tests focus on display: none elements
681621 Panning breaks when element is made visible (
667286 cairo.h should be included as "cairo.h" instead of "cairo/cairo.h"
661145 always_inline incorrectly set when building with clang
663194 Calling drawImage with zero-size canvas should throw INVALID_STATE_ERR
655003 Sort out optimization defaults
672026 code evaled from javascript component is not privileged
662200 nsISHistory::requestedIndex is not reset after page reload through nsSHistory::Reload
672709 Adding elements to contenteditable DOM in designMode will cause the -moz-read-write state not to upd…
666224 error when checking argument boundary in nsCommandLine::GetArgument (leads to segfault)
632482 Handle non-finite values for arcTo per spec
655011 Remove WinCE code from libpref
663204 move content/events/*.xul tests to mochitest-chrome
632486 Handle non-finite values for bezierCurveTo per spec
666225 [@ nsFrame::HandlePress ] Browser crash on changing <input type=text> to type=file
664821 Compartment mismatch in nsFrameMessageManager::ReceiveMessage
659113 Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument
648875 SVG use width/height = 0 should disable rendering
665260 Store start time in sessionstore data
666669 Text under the text-overflow marker (ellipsis) is displayed (overlaps) when text is selected
648878 Implement Get(Local|Remote)(Address|Port) in HttpChannelChild
577060 JSON.parse should allow only numbers conforming to NFA spec at
579249 xpcshell should handle EINTR from fgets (makes attaching in gdb possible)
652721 Minor robustness improvements for Ogg seeking code
679604 After upgrading to Firefox 6 and Thunderbird 6, Add-ons Manager has no category set
657077 "ASSERTION: wrong frame type" with svg requiredExtensions, unsuspendRedrawAll
669366 Handle negative arguments to drawImage
666569 Remove the Intel Direct2D GPU blacklist
665272 build failure about "find: jsloader: No such file or directory"
665273 Crash [@ GetElement] or "Assertion failure: index >= 0,"
667322 dom/ipc tests are copied when tests are disabled
661791 Rectify wording of "Clear all cookies" button in about:permissions to match the "Remove all cookies"…
665546 Fix unused variable warning in nsMediaStream.cpp
671422 First sync should prompt for Master Password
632513 Handle non-finite values for setTransform per spec
664778 add distributions/ to
666592 Intermittent failure in browser_tabview_bug589324.js | Test timed out, followed by "Found a browser …
665286 Crash [@ JSContext::generatorFor] or "Assertion failure: fp->isGeneratorFrame(),"
587463 Drop support for HTMLDelElement and HTMLInsElement
616136 Give popup notification panels role="alert" and make their close buttons tabbable
597706 Response Smuggling - Dealing with multiple Content-Length Headers
650530 Names for negative spaces are not supported
646757 List item in css-drop down menu losing hover when moving in nested list (sub menu)
663124 Simple help-free version of GCLI has 1 string needing localization
599764 Conflicting typedefs for uint64/JSUint64/PRUint64 leading to build failure
666574 Advanced pref pane shouldn't use setBoolPref
665209 Hang with recursive "content: url(data:image/svg+xml,...)"
663844 move layout/generic/test/*.xul to mochitest-chrome
663259 [Mac] Async Plugin should default to true
663262 2 unboxes when there should be 1 and missing phi operations
658725 NS_EXTERNALSHARINGAPPSERVICE_CID value is wrong and fail to compile
651071 Enhance the web console with a command based input system in addition to the existing JS based one
24139 implement OpenType "locale" feature
658351 Add extra assertions to jsval.h to check for malformed JSBools
604796 react to server initiated close of idle http persistent connection
671466 If a page does not load, and the 'try again' button appears, it is disabled after a second page load…
624935 SIGSEGV in dri2FlushFrontBuffer/MakeContextCurrent
658386 eliminate mLastChild field from PtrInfo
63890 GetPrimaryFrame could still be faster, and more space efficient
675568 SIMD of libjpeg turbo is disabled on Windows
661800 elfhack/elf.cpp:285: Elf::Elf(std::ifstream&): Assertion `segment->getFileSize() == phdr.p_filesz' f…
650995 Support max_entry_size prefs for disk & memory cache
665334 Crash with two <svg:animate> elements with the same ID
673528 using Shift to bypass "switch to tab" doesn't work anymore (loads
591611 Clean up FIREFOX_VERSION handling
662678 w3c device orientation spec changes
476927 Mac: make all area painted by text be part of text frame's ink overflow area (Reftest failure due to…
468736 PSM nsPSMBackgroundThread::requestExit is racy and not threadsafe
667422 Add localization note for the Web Console panel title string
663300 If \u is not followed by four hex characters it must be a syntax error (mutatis mutandis for \x)
659207 --enable-shared-js builds are broken
421644 Firefox saves wrong window restore size while closing a full screen mode window.
665359 Remove unused variable res from nsHTMLEditor::AddPositioningOffset
575248 Double-click on the Tab Toolbar still acts on the window size when tabs are on bottom
659217 HW accelerated video crashing with OGL layerss enabled
608021 Crashes based in nsFrameMessageManager::ReceiveMessage [@ js::Interpret] [@ js::TraceRecorder::recor…
661967 GCC 4.6 build warning: "nsIOService.cpp:432:12: warning: variable ‘listedProtocol’ set but not used"
495577 Rename the "Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session" checkbox in privacy prefpane …
665368 Indeterminate progress bars look wrong in Windows Classic
663172 Build issues in latest ionmonkey change
653083 Call one method in javascript, but another executed in flash player
659229 Fix bustage from bug 648911
653086 clean up editor configuration lines in a11y files
636707 [Mac] Firefox 4.0b13pre crash [@ mozilla::layers::ImageLayerOGL::RenderLayer ]
68120 Can't print alternate rendering for object elements
675625 Crash in WebGL conformance test glsl-conformance.html on NVIDIA cards (Win and Linux) [@ libnvidia-g…
665387 Remove unused variable document from nsHtml5TreeOperation::Perform
665388 Remove unused variable rv from imgLoader::Init
665389 Remove unused variable rv from nsPSPrinterList::Init
665390 Remove unused variable 'count' from nsXULPrototypeCache::WritePrototype
665391 Remove unused variable maiAtkHyperlink from nsMaiHyperlink.cpp getUriCB()
659248 Increase pseudo-element enum storage from 4 bits to 5 bits
675634 Firefox crashes while on a page that uses WebGL [@ gl::VertexDataConverter<float, gl::WidenRule<int,…
666931 segfault when trying to play webm videos on ARM (armv7) when thumb2 is enabled
405300 <canvas> isPointInPath doesn't transform its coordinates
654985 GCLI help should sort commands alphabetically (according to locale)
661305 Use telemetry to track mismatched crc32 in the omnijar
665402 Dehydra fails to build with gcc 4.6
668639 Apple's Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 10 breaks Java in FF 4 and up
665404 Create JaegerCompartments lazily
665405 Dehydra test failure with gcc 4.6
659263 move content/xul/*.xul tests from mochitest-plain to mochitest-chrome
664544 Remove HTMLHeadElement.profile altogether
663362 Correctness fix in getCaCertForEntityCert (Certificate Manager)
657219 Intermittent timeout in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_undo_group.js
667461 Biolab disaster is slow with Azure enabled
350022 Radio checked state is saved/restored even if it has not changed
666593 GCLI should only do the '-> completion' thing when the completion isn't a strict extension
667465 Fix unused variable warnings in WebGL
667468 Add a dummy 'dom' memory reporter behind a compilation flag
668642 Make nsIHttpHeaderVisitor a [function] interface
667470 Track all created windows in a global hash table
661327 Warn in of to-be-removed Attr functions
667474 Do a basic computation of windows' size in the DOM Memory Reporter
616275 nsEstablishedWebSocketConnection::RemoveFromLoadGroup always short-circuits
653141 allow language choice on first-run
653143 Detect duplicates in omnijar
653145 move layout/xul/base/test/* mochitests to mochitest-chrome to avoid enablePrivileges
659087 "Always Ask" defaults for geolocation and indexedDB don't work
679772 Send any existing site Cookies and/or HTTP Auth headers with CSP violation reports
658746 "Assertion failure: JSID_IS_STRING(id)" with dataset[0]
610249 nsWebSocketEstablishedConnection should implement securityInfo attribute
664549 Delete references to the tab when unlinking a TabItem
577377 Provide a means of retrieving the screen rectangle of a popup
15529 some files in js/src have no license boilerplate at all
657251 Finish off the removal of content_xmldoc.xpt
668646 Invalid cookie hosts causes sessionstore to stop updating
661351 Handle errors in sysconf in PR_GetPhysicalMemorySize on Android 2.2
659295 Expose the current document to GCLI commands so they can return DOM elements
646460 Don't allow to override after treating certificates as revoked
662038 Add support for dashed stroking
683883 Improve DigitNotarGate handling in PSM
655216 "Error: We don't want these libstdc++ symbols to be used" with some optimization levels
571249 Add memory reporters for JSScripts, non-fixed object slot arrays, and string chars
653971 Mac XULRunner packaging broken by bug 386760
672063 Complete nsIJSON implementation again
659177 nsAboutProtocolHandler::StartClone needs to change signature to continue overriding inherited method
663421 Don't close empty groups automatically
548734 ui.use_native_popup_windows breaks <select> dropdowns
662165 Windows debug jsatom.cpp(448) : warning C4804: '>=' : unsafe use of type 'bool' in operation
649088 Use default favicon consistent with rest of browser
663190 Calling strokeRect with zero width or height should do nothing
655238 stylesheet link header doesn't support official XSLT media type
680257 :target pseudo-class not updating when pressing back button
655240 Intermittent failure in content/html/document/test/test_bug448564.html | Test timed out.
673674 Fennec freezes when viewing a non .txt file from disk
657292 Firefox 6.0a1 Crash Report [@ xpc::XrayWrapper<JSCrossCompartmentWrapper>::createHolder(JSContext*, …
659778 Web Console autocomplete is behind the Web Console window
681870 IndexedDB: Prompts can crash when multiple windows are open
407439 Support for Asana Math font in MathML
657297 Telemetry probe for preloading
481603 Add a way to unload JS modules loaded with Components.utils.import
663547 Something made ecma_5/Object/* much slower in the past couple weeks
659349 WebGL allows access to uninitialised graphics memory
655254 When an add-on moves to a different directory but doesn't change in any other way we should keep upd…
546713 [tracking] Localize "" Marketing Campaign
659439 TI+JM: [infer failure] Missing type in object #6:22:Object x: BoundFunction
665502 tabItems are resized when closing the active tab in a group
655264 clean up some a11y code and make it less reliant on views
657619 the webgl program works differently on windows7, but works correctly on firefox 4 linux version
653979 WebConsole UI should have toggle to switch from JS mode to command mode (GCLI)
663461 Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID from editor and embedding
554919 Support panels which can be moved by dragging their background
658076 nsSubDocumentFrame uses content to get docshell
632748 new windows spawned from a full-screen window should be normal windows not in an in-between state
665517 GCLI commands should use (args, context) rather than (args, env)
552605 Image preloads of a URI which is redirected mis-prime the image cache
665521 Update Ruben Arakelyan's email address in the PSL
661426 Wrong style sheet file name in test_xulbrowser_plugin_visibility.xul
601075 bump-allocator for GC arenas
593566 Bookmarks with blank name are wrongly exported (broken codepage symbols in the exported file)
663479 Move all IDB structured clone serialization/deserialization to the main thread.
667577 Telemetry opt-in UI should only be on for Mozilla official builds
665247 can we throw away a lot of this #ifdef'd metering code?
665930 Safebrowsing code has minor bugs, protocol violations
649150 Blobs do not have a filename if sent via FormData
666955 Ajax library/ Response.redirects do not work in firefox 5
657353 Stop sending BeginUpdate/EndUpdate on content state changes
567242 test_Scriptaculous.html | testLoadsTextFromServer - 3 assertions, 2 failures, 0 errors
662519 By-pass popup blocker checks when we have Chrome privileges
667298 Taskbar Tab preview in Windows 7's (Aero enabled) do not show up in latest Nightlies
647119 eval('(this)') == true, while (this) without eval function is an object.
661456 WebM video rendered with incorrect aspect ratio
659412 Motorola Defy users get low memory warning
427990 XLink href not working on MathML elements (including <mrow>)
657367 eval('("\u2028")') is evaluated as valid, but, this is illegal ECMAScript source.
656036 odd behavior with viewports and zooming into pages with position:fixed elements
665564 New mozilla::RefCounted class conflicts with CycleCollector enum
659340 Add back paranoia on Frame life from last patch of bug 655084
650244 Error in test_tmpl_storage_bad_parameters_*.xul or test_tmpl_storage_badquery.xul or test_tmpl_stora…
661471 Create preference(s) to allow specific font families to be forced to use GDI Classic rendering
661472 building with crash reporter disabled is broken by bug 660326
661474 Add per-compartment memory reporters
231395 Wrong MIME type for XSLT transformations
550884 Deadcode in nsWindow::SetParent for aNewParent = 0
546812 Tree items in "Items for Offline Use" dialog have incorrect accessible name
665579 Merge nsIThreadInternal and nsIThreadInternal2
665580 Hide http:// and single trailing slashes in the location bar
665582 Fix unused variable warning in nsIconChannel.cpp
612335 Read back WebGL canvases directly into shared surface
667632 Consistency bug: link mouseover works for all browsers except for Firefox 5
125608 NewURI does larger allocations than needed
653298 The --enable-static and --enable-shared options are dead and should be removed
661843 GeckoSurfaceView may double memory requirement for painting
659379 Localized files not ordered in l10n omnijars
679783 crash [@ mozilla::net::WebSocketChannel::OnInputStreamReady]
666964 Prepend http:// to URL copy selection if the first character is included in the selection
665595 Fix unused variable warning in ExternalHelperAppParent.cpp
665596 Remove loadlistenerproxy
665599 Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID from XBL code