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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.8.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
679936 Firefox 6 breaks simple jQuery v1.4.2 selectors (regular expression too complex)
217089 Fix compiler warnings: "unused variable" and "defined but not used"
673795 Avoid hashing empty GC chunks
671749 Rename incorrectly named SMIL crashtest 665335-1.svg to 665334-1.svg
677897 should use objcopy from the NDK to copy debug info
671756 crash via mozilla::gl::GLContext::UploadSurfaceToTexture on mac playing a video
661518 about:home page is not repainted correctly when it comes back in focus
673808 _CACHE_MAP_ is storing nsDiskCacheRecord structs with uninitialized data containing bits of Fx memor…
669713 In <munderover accent=true> the scriptlevel of the over child is not incremented, even when rendered…
663571 OS agnostic webapps backend
675861 Crash [@ AccIterator::GetNext()]
692249 Persist nextSync and numClients, use nextSync for sync after startup
678479 Add an easy way to regenerate idl parser caches when things change
598043 New loading bars look and work really badly in Linux
672939 fennec package name repeats itself with NDKr5 and greater
675615 Fix test for 570341 to support keep-alive connections
675873 Switch nsHttpConnectionMgr from nsHashtable to nsClassHashtable
692260 Increase in network.http.max-connections appears to cause hang, requires browser restart
668133 Add telemetry probes for font enumeration
462892 need a mechanism for easily identifying synthetic documents (e.g. VideoDocument)
462893 libpng #ifdefs should be added back into libpr0n
682031 Cannot access App Tab iframe.document in tab from session restore after FF upgrade
671259 Disable use of GL when TFP is not available
690227 Back out bug 455694 (tab drag/detach animations)
671796 "ASSERTION: unexpected block frame" with text-overflow, overflow, mathml
565301 Inspector highlighter panels for partially offscreen windows are leaking out of bounds
671798 Prefs from $gre/defaults/pref are not used in some cases
671799 Crash [@ nsUserFontSet::LogMessage] with data: URL
675896 stops loading
679604 After upgrading to Firefox 6 and Thunderbird 6, Add-ons Manager has no category set
675898 Test what we can test of elfhack when cross-building
663611 display pointer cursor when hovering tab groups
663612 clicking a group should zoom into the group's active tab
663613 remove "new tab" button from groups
571454 Back button does not work along edge of screen (would like to see Fitts Law applied when on left mos…
679094 Crash [@ JSScript::isEmpty] // GC related corruption
671808 start windows emulation for multiprocess Firefox
671809 Cmd+shift+F shortcut doesn't work while in Panorama
669762 TabItem has incorrect close handler after unsuccessful TabItem.close() call
673859 CTRL+Enter to open link in a new tab broken since July 23, 2011 build
403524 implement CSS2.1 text-decoration rules for both quirks and standards modes
674486 browser_410196_paste_into_tags.js leaks places.xul
663622 notify the user that session restore was enabled
669767 Crash [@ nsTextControlFrame::FinishedInitializer] with textarea, font-face in iframe
630856 "Open All in Tabs" change a currently selected App Tab with the first URL of the folder
673804 Utils.trace() fails since Panorama uses ES5 strict mode
671818 play a webm file report error after fennec6.0, crash [@ mozilla::gfx::ScaleYCbCrToRGB565]
675916 nsTreeSanitizer should restart iteration over attributes when nsTreeSanitizer::SanitizeURL removes a…
555086 NPP_New failure are not handled
675919 Websockets - FAIL connection on recv of any unknown opcode
675920 Difficult to select text after these steps
673806 test_SVGLengthList-2.xhtml leaks when parentnode is strong (bug 335998)
616744 JM: getelement pic for arguments
677975 Exception [nsIShellService.createShortcut] @ BookmarkHelper.js :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 92
682073 AndroidBridge uses wrong method for calling setClipboardText
637018 White line above content in glass w/maximized window, navigation bar and favorites bar disabled
678586 Trigger a delayed sync after pairing a new device
669790 clean up browser_tabview_bug580412.js (fails in single-mode)
671839 Graphical corruption on context menus, drop down for URL-bar
669792 is not considered to be a public suffix
624740 Alerts service shouldn't use nsDependentString to convert an nsAString to an nsString
624742 Places shouldn't use nsDependentString to convert an nsAString to an nsString
626792 Content view contentWidth/Height do not update immediately after scaling
675945 about:permissions auto-shows basic auth login for saved site
670055 Make DecodeToTarget sample accurate for audio
646157 Stops responding when selecting a checkbox on the Netapp admin page inside deeply nested <label>s
677999 Make home screen bookmark icons pretty
462960 Implement nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement::GetSeekable()
666984 Remove/substitute NS_FloatIsFinite since it's the same as NS_finite
669810 IndexedDB: IDBDatabase has an unused field mOnBlockedListener
629196 [OS X 10.6] Sporadic failure in layout/reftests/bugs/579323-1.html
665716 build breaks when building SUTAgent with sdk level 11
634997 no synthetic bolding on Android
647288 Crash loading binary components bigger than 4KB
675961 Websockets - error in removing processed control frame from buffered fragment sequence
563322 Does nsGenericHTMLElement::SetInnerHTML need to call scriptloader->SetEnabled(...)
129147 nsIsIndexFrame::HandleEvent(nsIDOMEvent *) hides nsBlockFrame::HandleEvent(nsIPresContext *, nsGUIEv…
669820 [TI] Permaorange on WinXP debug - buildbot.slave.commands.TimeoutError: command timed out: 5400 seco…
671082 Abstract creation of constructor functions
335998 parentNode of element gets lost
653333 Remove legacy splash screen code (nsSplashScreen, MOZ_SPLASHSCREEN, splash.bmp) now that no platform…
678016 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
673921 Non buggy GNU ld wrt debugging symbols when using --gc-sections not properly detected
669958 Measure type inference memory usage
678022 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
619201 nsCertOverrideService needs to initialize on the main thread to use the directory service
675976 delete extensions/spellcheck/hunspell/tests/suggestiontest/Makefile.orig
635017 /undefined/.match() should succeed
670913 LayerManagerD3D10.h fails to compile on mingw
673815 trackpad scrolling fails in Nightly, works in Firefox 5.0
675983 Websockets - fail connection on 1st fragment with a continuation op code
671892 Simplify a common filter number conversion pattern
491670 text-decoration on inlines is not drawn on blocks inside of those inlines
669721 Annotate xpc::CompartmentPrivate for trace-refcnt
669851 Don't use nearest-neighbour filtering when neon isn't available
666650 [highlighter] create a global toolbar for the highlighter
624798 nsBidiPresUtils should not keep state as member variables
669855 GCLI dialog clear button doesn't work
694432 Nightly fails to start on Windows 8 since 20111012 build
657569 MSVC miscompiles nptest.dll with optimization but no PGO
671906 Cache logic for CORS in imagelib seems to be broken
675867 Enable Identical Code Folding when supported by the linker
645284 crash [@] [@ vp8_decode_mb_tokens]
678053 Blacklist WebGL on some cards on Mac, like Chrome does
678054 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
669863 Update libpng to version 1.4.8
441372 Potential integer overflow in gfxImageSurface::gfxImageSurface
557226 [OOPP] plugin name should be reflected in Mac OS X plugin process names
669823 ASSERTION: TabChild::SetStatusWithContext not supported in TabChild
671916 crash @ mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak_P | X11Error during windowless Flash Player painting
678258 More image decoding telemetry
674806 Allow Fennec to build with clang
680113 Select Add-ons dialog lists distribution add-ons as installed by the user
669875 Broken widget/src/windows cross compilation on case sensitive OSes
680117 Footer string in the new Add-on selection window should wrap to fit long localizations
671926 decomtaminate GetNumActions()
676023 crash js::StackIter::settleOnNewState
458936 Replace binary xpidl xpt output with a python version hooked up to
676025 Websockets - failure to connect should generate onerror
661690 GC: More GC zeal options
618683 Flash plugin hang [@ hang | NtUserMessageCall | RealDefWindowProcW ] [@ F1546913566________________…
655550 Persisted tab attribute gets lost after restart twice
274626 Disabled form controls (buttons, inputs) don't show title tooltip attribute
467143 mixed state change event is fired for focused accessible only
671947 Unqualified function invocation uses the global object the property was gotten from as |this|
674888 elfhack fails with "Moving section would require overlapping segments" when there is PT_INTERP info
667853 Missing close() event if websocket::init fails?
655567 The Aurora channel gives links to central because app.update.url.manual is http://nightly.mozilla.or…
676048 Report RuleCascadeData and friends in about:memory
674003 Radial gradient in <canvas> on glass (Aero Window Title extension) doesn't have the same opaqueness …
676052 gingerbread theme for android 2.3.5
671438 nsOggCodecState::PacketOutUntilGranulepos() doesn't propagate unrecoverable errors
596182 Should cache fragment parsers on a per-process basis instead of per-document
671960 Crash [@ _moz_cairo_surface_get_device_offset ]
676057 Nuke AttributeSelectorEntry
653531 Shared knowledge of selected node in highlighter and web console
625018 Duplicated access key for search engines entry in update panel
639413 "Assertion failure: compartment mismatched,"
674803 Should remove needless G_OBJECT macro
671970 Crash [@ nsPrintEngine::ReflowDocList] with frameset onbeforeprint window.print() in foreignObject
651643 Private browsing service executes transition even when no mode switch required
672280 Use c99 zero length arrays in qcms
671978 Raw video decoder doesn't build
667883 Implement nsAttrAndChildArray::SizeOf()
669932 munderover: incorrect computation of logical vertical metrics
667887 Implement nsMappedAttributes::SizeOf()
669936 emacs mode lines for websockets 2 space indents
666132 ASSERTION: Decoded samples for Vorbis packet don't match expected
671986 ImageLayerOGL does not apply offset/transform for layer
666964 Prepend http:// to URL copy selection if the first character is included in the selection
671991 decomtaminate GetFocusedChild()
414946 Use jemalloc on mac
674048 nsXMLHttpRequest::SetRequestHeader should check mState instead of GetReadyState
524545 A popup opened with large margins appears offscreen ("ASSERTION: Popup is offscreen")
563462 Remove support for Photon
661767 History and Bookmarks search result is wrong. Searching history and bookmarks is completely useless …
649480 Change appmenu button color on Nightly/Aurora builds
606473 Enable plugin hooks once WindowsDllInterceptor supports 64-bit
667915 Assertion failure: pc_ >= script->code && pc_ < script->code + script->length | Assertion failure: c…
678274 nsSHEntryShared defines nonexistent method SetDocIdentifier
672014 Image preloading needs to take crossorigin attribute into account
674861 contentEditable lists should not be splittable
659729 Add global value numbering to IonMonkey
673850 Fix YARR with Solaris Studio compiler
669972 use jswin.h to clean up from windows.h crapping on STRICT
670033 Persist deferred session across a browser restart
678166 Use the original CID for the mock object in mockObjects.js
667927 Problem with deletions in IME when in composition mode on Honeycomb
672026 code evaled from javascript component is not privileged
669979 When two-finger Scrolling with the trackpad (with momentum), pressing Ctrl while scrolling finishes …
588061 bogus initial tokenizer position
626975 [OOPP] Google Earth Plugin causes freezes/crashes when activated/switched
646845 The value set for textarea via javascript gets reset inside Jquery Dialog.
449243 contenteditable stuck inserting <br> instead of <p> in some cases
674085 TI+JM: Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: float, at jsinfer.cpp:331
690354 Idle expiration never runs for clean databases
672040 Hunspell test suite is still generated when using --disable-tests
678189 Crash [@ RelatedAccIterator::RelatedAccIterator(nsDocAccessible*, nsIContent*, nsIAtom*) ]
672046 Valgrind suppression files are still generated in objdir even when building without --enable-valgrin…
676144 IM: Implement codegen for LTestIAndBranch
667577 Telemetry opt-in UI should only be on for Mozilla official builds
672050 Draw toolbar buttons with CoreUI
674099 IM: Implement lowering and codegen for LInteger
675215 CTRL+dragging tab into the bookmarks should get bookmark's title from page title, not the file name
649525 WebGL layer compositing through the BasicCanvasLayer is very slow (desktop version)
649526 some icons/logos still need updating for Nightly/Aurora branding (document icons, about:logo, disk i…
672055 Use nsCharSeparatedTokenizer to parse number-optional-number attributes
577848 Flash video player doesn't display on website
678201 [jsdbg2] Use CallArgs throughout Debugger.cpp
662599 Allow cross-domain textures with CORS approval
653627 Don't use char** in nsIMemoryReporter
672063 Complete nsIJSON implementation again
614720 [Meta] Remove support for WinCE/Windows Mobile
680257 :target pseudo-class not updating when pressing back button
670962 Make nsGenericDOMDataNode and nsTextFragment participate to the DOM Memory Reporter
483651 Trailing <br> node not removed when it should be
674934 treeupdated/test_contextmenu.xul fails to run
579909 Move WebConsole code to browser
614727 HTTP authentication page will be shown when Firefox restart even if it's tab is not in the current t…
678216 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
561481 Remove README.txt from release packages
673052 Memory leak in the shell's new option parsing code
627019 Letters are replaced when typing fast
676173 Canvas globalAlpha for radial gradient doesn't work with hardware acceleration
676174 Remove RuleHash_CSMatchEntry and resulting complicatiosn from AtomSelector_CSOps
672079 bad handling of single quotes inside HTTP Link header fields
672080 Crash [@ nsLineLayout::ReflowFrame ]
672081 Heuristic encoding detector (chardet) interferes with late <meta> charset (after 1024 bytes) handlin…
670035 remove test browser_tabview_bug625666.js
672086 Workers: Recycle threads to prevent churn and stack recursion problems
680279 Splitting Gmail rich-text list with Enter misplaces the caret
670040 Make nsISessionStartup.state a jsval to save repeatedly stringifying/parsing the initial state
675556 Switch from PRPackedBool to PRUint8 in nsILineBreaker
663898 [highlighter] make sure the selected node is identifiable even on very dark and very light backgroun…
661903 Move script filename table to the compartment
672092 Access keys not exposed as part of AtkAction
679994 checkboxes in "disable add-ons you no longer use" dialog have no labels, names aren't accessible
567013 Please remove dead code interface: nsIBaseStream
676240 Crash [@ nsXULTreeAccessible::GetChildCount()
624699 Incorrect landscape printing
518502 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX, in mozilla-central
672103 Inability to open menus or context menus under Cygwin/X
671804 Provide NS_APP_PREF_DEFAULTS_50_DIR and NS_APP_PREFS_DEFAULTS_DIR_LIST in xpcshell dir provider
670059 add some initial telemetry counters to SpiderMonkey
665964 The backbutton stops working if an nsISHistoryListener vetoes navigation.
668013 Add nsHTMLStyleSheet::SizeOf()
662589 [Mac] YouTube videos freezing when player controls animates
672112 Hashmap lookups may return wrong values
668017 Context menus on objects are lost with content selection
657418 Firefox Crash [@ nsJSPrincipalsSubsume ]
631155 undefined return value in function '_cairo_surface_wrapper_flush'
676213 document load and busy events may be fired before subdocuments are ready
645494 Tab bar background gradient is not smooth
625017 Multiple access key usage for hardware acceleration entry in advanced pane
692605 Perma-orange Aurora (and Beta) Linux opt (non-PGO) browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.…
670079 stop caching plugin instances
672128 copying entire URL shouldn't copy "wyciwyg://" URIs or username/password
657472 'Tune' the time to wait before displaying the update been downloaded / restart notification and prov…
670082 When setting Sync options for the first time, clicking Done does nothing [error: Weave.Engines.get("…
658155 High resolution scrolling should be enabled even when scrolling speed is customized by prefs
622981 UTF-8 URLs ending with ? fail to load when a relative URL tries to change the query
581697 restored window size and position lost when using Aero Snap
676232 CSS text-decoration img Bug; Img in paragraph cant get his own styles!
670091 Undefined reference to js_myfmod on mingw-w64
627084 UI becomes sluggish/does not redraw/repaint unless mouse is moved after long browsing sessions
670094 nsAppRunner.cpp fails to compile on mingw
659855 [meta] Leaks and quasi-leaks reported against Firefox 4 betas
659856 [meta] Leaks and quasi-leaks reported against Firefox 4
659857 [meta] Leaks and quasi-leaks reported against Firefox 5
659858 [meta] Leaks and quasi-leaks reported against Firefox 6
659860 [meta] Leaks and quasi-leaks reported against Firefox 7
668053 Add a DIR_INSTALL nsinstall shortcut, and allow $(INSTALL) to support target-specific makefiles
661910 Windows XULRunner Aurora 6 SDK is missing
675420 cache is now cleared on every startup
680344 Session history navigation can break after removing an iframe from the document during a history nav…
670106 OGL/GLX does not like image layers that are not xlib surfaces
649236 AccessibleObjectFromEvent not working in-process in 64 bit builds
659871 nsStandardURL::SetPort() allows negative ports to be set
582048 Make network error pages mobile friendly
675568 SIMD of libjpeg turbo is disabled on Windows
663970 Disable nice on systems that have multiple CPUs.
676260 dcamp needs to spawn a new process
557481 MathML start/demo pages: remove the alternate TeX and Mathematica stylesheets
676267 expose stale state on accessibles unattached from tree
672172 Remove nsIDOMWindowUtils_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH remnant from test-ipcbrowser-content.js
655792 Final media progress event fires before media.buffered TimeRanges are full to 100%
684467 backout bug #338427 from aurora
676277 onmessage event.origin handling in websockets is wrong
674230 Land qcms LUT support with Pref
673865 WebGLContextGL.cpp failed to compile with Solaris Studio
458720 gcc warning: nsCompressedCharMap.cpp:575: warning: the address of ‘otherPlaneObj’ will always evalua…
674207 TM: Assertion failure: isNumber(), at jsvalue.h:604
678333 Zoom Toolbar Control broken after Lion toolbar styles
674238 Simplify favicons INSERT query
668095 Write a proper option parser for SpiderMonkey CLI
674240 updated to latest npapi-sdk (r12)
516547 Remove the browser.display.base_font_scaler preference and backend code that processes it
670148 Remove some unnecessary xul c interfaces
676293 Add ability to make "home screen shortcut" for Bookmarks
670152 Restore per compartment empty call shape
657865 High resolution scrolling should be able to be disabled by pref
424395 Do we need to invalidate during DocumentViewerImpl::Destroy() ?
672204 Intermittent timeout in tests/dom/workers/test/test_eventDispatch.html | application timed out after…
672207 Add image decoding telemetry
591790 Frequent timeouts in test_buffered.html, test_bug465498.html, test_bug495145.html, test_framebuffer.…
616918 Turn on ANGLE on Win64
590297 Dropping a tab in another window should transform it into the same type as that of the drop region
676314 Count RuleHash's mArena in about:memory
676315 ANGLE build problem: d3dx9.h not found unless $DXSDK_DIR points to it, since bug 641630 landed
676316 Crash Report [@ @0x0 | nsDeviceMotion::DeviceMotionChanged ]
671482 Don't rely on the system principal's name for the system/user chunk split
555429 TM: encapsulate JSObject slots better
672225 Remove some PRBools that were hurting my eyes.
590307 CSS editor should properly edit inline style sheets
674276 Backout bug 335998 from Aurora/FF8
647653 It should be possible to create nsIDOMBlob in JavaScript XPCOM components
612839 Remove nsAHtml5FragmentParser
611068 Listening to all mouse events causes WindowServer to use lots of cpu when debugging with gdb
674283 Add source map urls to JSScript
674284 Add nsTArray::SizeOf
669437 Implement BlobBuilder.getFile
666097 [Azure] Radial gradients in canvas don't always work as expected
661855 build/unix/ - escape regexpr chars in directory paths to avoid exclusion by wildcard (dot)
686579 Kick off a sync immediately after setting up Sync on Fennec
676340 Crash [@ nsAccessible::NativeState() ] (called by nsXULTextFieldAccessible::GetValue)
565749 Tab-tearing threshold needs to be more robust
641942 Make Windows progress bars RTL-friendly
670201 Remove most #ifdef DEBUG from custom loader
338427 Spellchecker should respect @lang
664061 Remove isindex layout code
672254 The arrow panel's height should be limited by the screen height.
672854 Crash [@ js::TokenStream::TokenBuf::getRawChar]
573958 plugin-container ignores LD_LIBRARY_PATH
676361 Plugin hangs when content's script accesses plugin at mouse wheel event which wasn't consumed by the…
674315 move test_clear_site_data.html to mochitest-chrome
627212 2 NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS failures spammed to console each time I open find-bar, if there's already text t…
610829 Japanese IME: The textbox may move to a different window prior to commit
670222 Accidental text selection
673197 Enable jemalloc on VC8/9 express
610834 New windows opened don't get painted until resized
675587 document.location.hash="" executed as the first thing in the DOM doesn't work
223764 almost-standards mode underline weirdness
675246 Crash [@ nsLayoutUtils::GetStyleFrame(nsIFrame*) ] when printing with tfoot::after position:fixed
670230 [OS/2] missing includes in nsPluginInstanceOwner
678423 We need to conditionally define the 10.7 Cocoa symbols for 10.6 SDK and lower.
676376 prevent multi-threaded JSRuntime access in new web worker memory reporters
672283 eval cache should hit if both 'principals' and 'script->principals' are null
520095 Should encoded U+FFFE and U+FFFF decode to U+FFFD?
669786 JSCodeGenerator::upvarMap should be a js::Vector
694454 Function caller property no longer skips over eval frames
576034 Remove aliased properties (JS_AliasProperty, JS_AliasElement, etc.)
676387 XUL Elements with -moz-appearance shouldn't respond to clicks in their overflow
652721 Minor robustness improvements for Ogg seeking code
688681 Patch for bug 674321 disabled most of our bfcache tests, and probably various other docshell tests
668204 Merge nsMathMLmunderFrame and nsMathMLmoverFrame into nsMathMLmunderoverFrame
686637 Stop extracting hyphenation files from the APK
691988 OS X: Spurious 'back' events from idle observer cause too many instant syncs
660017 Can't use redo keyboard shortcut in Panorama
494130 log downloadable font errors to console
688692 Fennec is not sending crash reports
662812 Panorama isn't aware of the current SSWindowState when being initialized
684599 crash nsDeviceMotion::DeviceMotionChanged
672313 class declared in one namespace and defined in another
672316 accessibility.browsewithcaret is sometimes enabled when it shouldn't be
676413 crossOrigin attribute invalid-value-default should be Anonymous
674229 Repeat bubbles in Web Console are too close to the Source Link
524865 DebugPrintAllKeyboardLayouts is 80% of startup time
668195 Consider using CoreUI to draw unified title/toolbars and statusbars
680518 progress element display:block update issue
683885 Assertion failure: self, at dom/workers/EventTarget.cpp:170 | Crash [@ mozilla::dom::workers::events…
671500 Remove remaining bits of /etc/gre.d
506844 Clearing the kids of a div in SetInnerHTML and SetNodeTextContent leads to quadratic behavior due to…
626448 Ctrl-E doesn't focus web search input
669155 intermittent failure layout/reftests/svg/smil/anim-filter-filterRes-01.svg | image comparison (==)
674384 Jprof improvements
678481 Hovering over a Persona in AMO causes tabs to move and persona flashes
565845 finish encapsulating JSObject::fslots
666200 support select.add(element, long before)
690959 Wrong results with String.prototype.replace, rope
685727 Remove What's New page from the Firefox Update Experience.
671504 get rid nsIPresShell::gAccessibilityIsActive
676450 Lots of mistakes in printf format in nsGtkIMModule.cpp
672356 plugin-container not set to background cgroup
676455 modutils fails to build with undefined references recent gold or ld --no-add-needed
672361 Firefox 8.0a1 Crash @ IOSurface@0xb5b
467563 percent-encoded port numbers are mis-parsed in URIs
670318 Google+ home page creates multiple SHEntries, and if you go back to the first one, you can no longer…
698753 Entrust SubCA: 512-bit key issuance and other CPS violations; malware in the wild
659560 SIGSEGV with OpenGL layers and in classic r600 _mesa_glsl_parse_state under GLContext::fCompileShade…
672370 Intermittent crash in dom/workers/test/test_eventDispatch.html | Exited with code -1073741819 during…
610931 Intermittent test_bug495145.html | Test timed out followed by shutdown timeout
670111 Add double overloads to NSToCoord(Round|Floor|Ceil|Clamped) to stop numerous build warnings
684661 Backout bug 191864 from aurora branch
677993 GCC 4.6 Warning on 64-bit linux: "jsobjinlines.h:353:24: warning: cast to pointer from integer of di…
660090 TexturesImageEGL on non-maemo does not call glTexImage2D on creation
670331 Remove nsIDOMStorageWindow
673862 Fix compile of nsWifiScannerSolaris.cpp
670333 Content-Disposition parser does not require presence of "=" in params
672384 WebSocket connection drops on moderately-large fragmented messages
670338 Add double overload to NSToIntRound to stop build warnings
670341 about:permissions queries hosts for favicons
676486 TM: Assertion failure: hasArgs(), at vm/Stack-inl.h:271
562328 test_frames.html depends on SimpleTest.waitForFocus(), which makes the test timing-sensitive
674441 GCZeal trips "Assertion failure: script->ownerObject == owner"
688779 restore en-US hyphenation to the Android package
395917 simulating a click on an anchor using dispatchEvent and initMouseEvent does not trigger a real click
674446 Add a bit of logging to nsGlueLinkingOSX.cpp
688783 Back out bug 641836 to fix keyboard issues until bug 669995 is fixed
494360 [@font-face] font family names should hide platform fonts, even when errors occur
668307 Minimum loadURI support for remote content
670794 GCC 4.6 build warning: "jsemit.cpp:4112:10: warning: variable ‘forInLet’ set but not used [-Wunused-…
625302 Add JS API to trigger cycle collection (without garbage collection)
590490 [Inspector] Can't right click to open context menu on selected images
653423 Undo option is grayed out although action is applicable in Scratchpad
668316 canDrop is not implemented for about:sessionrestore's treeView
696989 Lower network.http.max-connections to 48 on windows until bug 692260 is resolved
666271 Frequent timeouts in test_bug495145.html, test_framebuffer.html, test_load_source.html and test_new_…
649618 If the canvas has a horizontal dimension of zero, then toDataURL() must return the string "data:,".
674467 Keep around when elfhack test fails
651940 When hashing a jsid, assert that js_CheckForStringIndex(id) == id
674469 Add -xarch=sse2 flag for *SSE2.cpp with Solaris Studio compiler
611328 Replace Utils.trace() calls with Utils.assert().
656041 Some parts of page scroll at different rates in Fennec
481962 Force logging on in imagelib
678002 [MAC] Titlebar is black when a persona (lightweight theme) is applied on 10.6
576174 "ASSERTION: Losing track of existing primary frame" on layout/xul/base/src/crashtests/432058-1.xul
440093 Don't overwrite current tab when opening multiple bookmarks in tabs
674480 Add memory reporter for number of empty GC chunks
670454 Certificates usage in Certificate Viewer is always shown as "could not verify this certificate for u…
672438 Crash [@ nsINode::CompareDocPosition(nsINode*) ] with too many attr children
672439 Avoid duplicate names for system compartment reporters
671029 test262 shell test failures due to UTF8+BOM
664249 Step 2 of Typed Array creation speedups
676538 After landing Bug 403524, CSS { text-decoration:underline; vertical-align:top; } drawn overline
672444 warning: unused variable 'oldValue' in nsMathMLmpaddedFrame::UpdateValue
660158 Remove head_ipc_setup.js
671341 GCC 4.6 build warning: nsSMILParserUtils.cpp:317:20: warning: variable ‘start’ set but not used [-Wu…
666305 Crash [@ js_CheckForStringIndex] or [@ js::ArrayBuffer::obj_lookupProperty]
672450 C4233/C4267 warning for jsobj.h, vm/String.h and jsatom.h
649924 HTML5 Canvas slow/out of memory on Win7/64Bit
662646 Snapshot the stack at every GC
668361 File ctor should fail if passed a directory
676556 GCLI requirejs tests log when they shouldn't
675618 Crash during startup on ARM when linked with recent GNU ld
660175 [Meta] Panorama bugs for Fx7
684152 Don't even bother trying to unpackComponents if the APK hasn't changed
641748 GIF decoder doesn't support multipart/x-mixed-replace, leading to ABORT: Decoder frame count doesn't…
672470 Fix memory leaks in Web Console code
672472 hyphenator does not handle non-ASCII characters correctly
674522 s390x freeze in javascript interpreter
660189 text-shadow drawn on top of text-decoration (underline) in standards mode
674820 input/textarea.selectionStart/selectionEnd/selectionDirection should not require the presence of a f…
674527 Update WebSocket API to latest draft - array of protocols in ctor
676577 IPFX is confusing, causing a crash
669819 [TI] Permaorange on WinXP debug, frequent on 10.5 debug and Win7 debug: test_websocket_basic.html | …
675519 build failed vc8/vc9 new-style jemalloc
637671 Highlighting broken with subselect and hiding/showing dom elements
670442 CanvasRenderingContext is broken after being sized to 0 and back
664299 Add crossorigin attribute
674541 Test for DOM Worker Threads XHR (in dom/src/foo/) is still generated when using --disable-tests
635630 typo in nsWebHandlerApp.js: OPEN_DEFAULT_WINDOW instead of OPEN_DEFAULTWINDOW
674275 Multiple HTTP basic auth (401) dialogs are not collapsed
666352 Image decoding doesn't yield often enough to make the UI responsive
670452 Test for bug 113934 fails to complete due to JS error
672501 [Clang]: Not able anymore to build with the 10.7 SDK
660214 mochitest-a11y: intermittent test_doc.html | Wrong character count for 'document node' - got 0, expe…
675625 Crash in WebGL conformance test glsl-conformance.html on NVIDIA cards (Win and Linux) [@ libnvidia-g…
514808 Regex whitespace character class deficiencies
588537 Generate ETW events from js engine for xperf etc.
671632 Nightly shark build broken
635643 remove nsIRegion
545532 moz-icon://.zip is missing in Linux
666092 Frequent timeouts in test_replay_metadata.html, test_seek.html, test_seek_out_of_range.html and test…
672510 remove nsIAccessNode::ownerWindow
539093 Implement high-resolution platform timers for OS X
678656 fix some debug only warnings in js/src/jsemit.cpp
669824 [TI] Frequent Win7 debug: dom/tests/mochitest/geolocation/test_manyCurrentSerial.html | Test timed o…
674562 Web Console windows don't close on osx
670467 micromedex 2.0 doesn't work properly with firefox 4 and later
667047 ArrayBuffer: __proto__ inconsistent behaviour
678588 Drop singleDeviceInterval to 1 hour
672519 Incorrect vertical alignment of tspan inside dominant-baseline
695345 Bring back ISO8601DateUtils.jsm
635658 ContentParent NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS doesn't include nsIAccelerationListener
668431 move test_bug361111.xul to mochitest-chrome
674578 Support resizer[dir="bottomstart"]
670851 browser_bug519216.js, browser_popupNotification.js and browser_library_middleclick.js cause exceptio…
664341 Reduce video thread stack size, on 32-bit linux at least
668438 Crash [@ MakePlaceholder] or [@ LeaveFunction] or "Assertion failure: !p,"
670487 Fixing rl_ttyset prototype in js/src/editline.
672536 Merge nsISelection* interfaces
684506 Nightly is using old file manager window
672543 Don't set accessibility.browsewithcaret pref when selecting text in Fennec
658210 Separate thumbnail storage from the current storage
670499 Make nsEditor::CreateEventListeners return void
670500 Make nsCellMap::Init return void
661638 [10.7 SDK] Problems building with the OS X 10.7 SDK
669776 Rename hash AtomStateEntry to TaggedPointerEntry
676649 Include jspubtd.h automagically when necessary
680747 progress element in table flows out of column
664364 Entering newline after Japanese in a textarea doesn't change cursor position
641838 dexpcom accessible relation methods
543535 Remove ISO8601DateUtils.jsm
639794 Opening a webpage from an external app should hide sidebars and panels
672563 Back out bug 663251 so we run the profiling step only once on Linux
610930 Intermittent test_bug465498.html | Test timed out followed by shutdown timeout
434998 contentDocument.execCommand gives error in <editor> FF3 RC1 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)
615223 Webpages loaded in the parent process (about:credits and UI-based iframes) fail to load [JavaScript …
674618 ././js-confdefs.h:110:1: warning: "__STDC_LIMIT_MACROS" redefined
664379 make callbacks for head.js functions optional where appropriate
677002 Various docshell tests no longer work correctly with WindowSnapshot converted to SpecialPowers
414526 [contenteditable] DELETE & BACKSPACE when selection at the beginning or the end of a contenteditable…
668479 TM: Assertion failure: fp->hasCallObj(), at jsfun.cpp:248
672577 Crash [@ SelectionChangeEvent::Run]
672578 Stop decoding previously-discarded images when the containing tab loses focus
668811 In windows, the GCLI complete element is mis-aligned
691054 Back out bug 667980 (getNetworkLinkType) on Android because of scary permissions
672583 incorrectly uses NS_ARRAY_LENGTH on a pointer
566089 Highlight area is very jittery when scrolling
621367 nsPermissionManager doesn't allow enumerator access in content processes
668493 Create subdirectory for devtools under browser/
635726 Intermittent test_seek.html "ASSERTION: Page read cursor should be inside range: 'mPageOffset <= end…
676690 Firefox Crash [@ nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::GetImageData_explicit(int, int, unsigned int, unsi…
666452 [Azure] Azure canvas should use as small surfaces as possible when drawing shadows
674074 about:memory blank in presence of WebGL contexts
674646 Do not kill child process when AndroidBridge is not available
422744 For ARIA menupopup, focus event for new menuitem must be after menupopupstart event
670553 ABORT: didn't read as much as was available: 'n == aCount'
623450 Fix 579323-1.html
676700 Slightly optimize js::IndexToId
664254 Make nsIDOMFile subclasses immutable when shared across threads.
668816 Refactorize test_input_email.html
680802 Upgrade Firefox when there is an add-on update waiting to be installed hides the add-on
586555 groupItemStorageSanity: if it's a check, let's really check it!
676708 Remove split global stuff from the shell
670565 Small icon Back button does not work along edge of screen
691046 worker.postMessage behaves like there is a hidden exception in Cloud9 Ace
668817 Changing the multiple attribute doesn't change the input element validity
678761 Add-on selection UI footer won't look good on non-aero themes
672619 TBPL zombie compartment lasts 15+ minutes with It's All Text extension
648045 Mark the active tab in minimized windows as inactive
623470 Intermittent test_framebuffer.html | Test timed out (usually followed by timeouts in other media tes…
680816 Reusing an XHR2 object with responseType of "arraybuffer" does not work
674143 See if there are any benefits to having the tags for js::Value be 8-bit sign extended values
676723 change unofficial android package name based on user
664436 [highlighter] Remove the main iframe
683838 Different regular expression result since Firefox 7
662390 Define a preprocessor var for e10s compatibilty
678036 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
691690 Can't copy the multibyte character correctly from the location bar
297854 Components.toSource() is broken
659324 prefix the JS API for WebSockets
670528 FF5+: [link].click no longer returns undefined, though [link].click() still unsupported.
676738 Change jsint index arguments to JS_*Element functions to uint32 index
447979 Add Mochitests for clickable items on HTML pages
592772 Fennec should offer to use master password
664453 build with --enable-jprof often crashes at startup if JP_START is set
672646 Radial gradients in <canvas> are opaque (regression from Azure)
666505 Angry Birds game is broken on latest Aurora
672651 Track cache init times via telemetry
678207 With GL layers enabled, Fennec crashes on startup
637985 Reimplement watchpoints using a JSObject bit
682326 Disable method jit for chrome
428599 text-decorations are drawn through descendant frames where the decoration is inappropriate
486289 Search textbox in toolbar of Library has different paddings on Vista
671689 [highlighter] Nodes should be selectable from the HTML tree
677699 TiledTextureImage::GetTileRect() computes the wrong offset
666516 overriding ";1" causes a crash in the certManager.xul
672662 Provide a chrome registration flag for the platform version
578534 navigator.cookieEnabled does not take exceptions into account.
670874 Tests all attributes in test_textarea_attributes_reflection.html
672671 GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed
674721 Add memory reporting for web worker data
506821 Clean up trailing whitespace
646641 If a document has multiple history entries (either by pushstate or anchor navs) only the last one is…
648104 reftest failures on desktop - can't drawWindow remote content fails
674731 WebGL/ANGLE interop with D3D layers requests incorrect extension
674732 Cannot duplicate tab via holding CTRL key
578478 can't parse [deprecated] attributes/methods
672687 Add more asserts for cross-compartment pointers in proxies
620407 JM: "Assertion failure: tpa == TPA_Error,"
666549 Deleting empty weak maps during marking interferes with parallel marking
672694 Add memory reporters to count compartments
668599 Cannot enter new input in contenteditable area if there’s a text selection inside of it
672697 Use nsTextEvent for rendering text coming from QInputMethodEvent.
674893 Expung Makefiles that no longer exist from
648125 Allow caching JS loaded with loadSubScript
553918 Add more reftests for mfenced
671189 Error replies to sync messages are ignored
656320 JSClass.delProperty should allow properties to not be deleted
691137 Awry text rendering on canvas using hardware acceleration
666562 HTTP link header field title param: quoted-string not processed correctly
574403 Build failure with --enable-dtrace
668019 prepend http:// to URL copy selection if URL has been selected (but not loaded) from location bar
672709 Adding elements to contenteditable DOM in designMode will cause the -moz-read-write state not to upd…
666566 newWindowWithTabView() should wait for browser-delayed-startup-finished
660424 Intermittent failure (WinXP) test_dockids.html | Different amount of expected children of [ 'documen…
656329 Use a Honeycomb-style action bar on Android tablets
677743 Store base of data directly in typed arrays
663714 Subscribable API doesn't seem sane
685007 initialize mark bits in Chunk::init
613452 "Assertion failure: obj->isExtensible()" with Object.seal, sharps
564387 "Save Video As..." does not respect the filename set in the Content-Disposition header
674775 Implement js::IndexToString(cx, uint32_t)
672728 js::HashMap should support "move" semantics for its elements
672732 Don't report per-compartment measurements that have zero bytes
672736 JavaScript tests should be able to directly check GC edges
680929 empty relations returned to atk
613163 "Assertion failure: outer && outer == obj,"
668646 Invalid cookie hosts causes sessionstore to stop updating
674791 dragging the left text selection marker down selects to the bottom of the page
664552 Open Web Location dialog should prevent loaded URIs from inheriting the current page's principal
676842 nsTextEditorState.h should include nsString.h
660461 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/attributes/test_obj_group.x…
638549 Add about:memory accounting to WebGL
648175 Get rid of JSOP_FOR* opcodes
674800 Print address of XPTCStub with nsXPCWrappedJS, to help debugging
672755 Add memory reporters for media code
674805 Clang complains about explicit instantiation of WorkerPrivateParent outside of namespace
672758 make -C [browser|xulrunner]/installer fails
672760 The tokenizer should not pass EOF directly into the unicode support code
676857 Make it a compile-time error to have a script-implementable interface with more methods than xptcall…
657917 Update nsIClassInfo docs
586748 text-decorations are drawn through text areas
667818 Can't login to Bankwest net banking with Firefox in Ubuntu
668672 NEON detection in MSVC doesn't respect HAVE_ARM_NEON
674819 Tab dragging animation does not work properly
672772 Bump Chatzilla compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.5 / Firefox 8.0
672774 Bump Venkman compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.5 / Firefox 8.0 / Thunderbird 8.0
478215 Unexpose js_AllocStack
678060 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
676874 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/relations/test_gener…
634711 Firefox 4.0b11 Crash [@ avmplus::BitSet::grow(int) ]
652301 Focused non-link <a> does not show a focus ring
504847 Dragging a tab to create a new window shows the drop cancellation animation
678928 WebGL JS broken after pushing 649202
667480 [10.7] Update Firefox’s Toolbar Button Style for OS X Lion
668690 scripts blocked by CAPS are still fetched, starting with Fx 4
672787 Aurora build crashes [@ _moz_pixman_image_composite32] at start-up (07/20)
682927 Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate
586776 Highlighter panel in Inspector gets displaced when moving windows
668698 Fixed position layers has been broken in 637852
654170 Make js_InitArrayClass non-generic
674847 Prevent tooltip suppression during drag from breaking tab clicking
674558 Implement the HTML5 selectionDirection property for text controls (input and textarea)
586786 Many legacy reflected attributes have nonstandard and probably unnecessary behavior (align, ch, vAli…
675581 "Assertion failure: js_CheckForStringIndex(id) == id" with e4x
672804 "Assertion failure: parent,"
620721 Intermittent test_timeupdate_small_files.html | Test timed out. followed by shutdown timeout
642088 Crash while printing or print-previewing [@ nsFrameList::RemoveFrame(nsIFrame*) ] - [@ nsTableFrame…
666665 Remove isindex content code
672810 ctrl+shift+arrow should extend selection in multiselectable listbox (HTML select)
666383 [highlighter] make sure devtools.inspector.enabled is preffed off if not ready
672813 content isn't focused after clicking the Go button (focus remains in the location bar)
674862 nsResizerFrame may deanchor panels
615473 Make ctypes.stdcall_abi and ctypes.winapi_abi aliases to the sole ABI on Win64
670870 HTML table and caption should be linked by label relations
670772 JSCodeGenerator::upvarMap should use exactly as much space as it needs
674869 Delay corrupt cache deletion to avoid startup I/O contention
670900 font downloader does not handle 404 errors well
648250 image based navigational bar is useless in remote Fennec (window.outerWidth throws js errors)
670779 Abstract ctor.prototype = proto, proto.constructor = ctor better in String/RegExp and in JS_InitClas…
676924 uint64/JSUint64 conflict leading to build failure in dom/base/nsGlobalWindow.cpp and dom/indexedDB/I…
672829 Land jsdbg2 branch in mozilla-central
584767 webapps frontend
674883 Remove temporary workarounds in mozilla-central for bugs in nspr
670788 Firefox does not run when what is called through $PATH is a symbolic link and a file of the same nam…
668743 ANGLE fails to load on WinXP after upgrade from r653 to r686
676936 Refactor Iterator/Generator/StopIteration initialization
676937 Make entering a compartment and pushing a dummy frame an atomic stack operation
674890 Update WebSocket API to latest draft - send() should return void
674658 nsDOMEventTargetWrapperCache fails to unlink inherited fields
664659 All image surfaces are counted on the heap, even though some don't live there. This can cause about…
662612 rewrite test_websocket.html to be faster
668758 @font-face rules can interfere with generic-font prefs
671091 Add DefinePropertiesAndBrand to consolidate branding with defining properties/methods
670564 "ASSERTION: illegal left edge" in nsDisplayText::Paint
674319 move test_bug391728.html to mochitest-chrome
678074 Implement js::PropertyName to represent property names which are never store characters for an index
664670 imageDataCb passed to Storage.getTabData in TabItem__reconnect runs when the tab is already gone
658530 Update about:permissions style to use common in-content page styles
674662 Enable Android NDK r5c in Aurora for Firefox 8
648294 Opening and closing Panorama fails because keys as given in the DTD are not recognized anymore when …
605290 Crash in [@ JSCompartment::wrap(JSContext*, js::Value*) ] [@ JSCompartment::wrap] mainly with Firebu…
670226 "ASSERTION: negative length" with rtl, pre-line, :first-letter{float}
668782 Add csb and sw to the Firefox build
675038 Websockets WSS:// tests
674929 assignment to undeclared variable in browser_tabview_undo_group.js
674930 events/test_tree.xul fails to run
664692 Calling `new WebSocket()` results in a TypeError: "WebSocket is not a constructor"
669886 Make nsMappedAttributeElement, nsStyledElement, nsStyledElementNotElementCSSInline, nsGenericHTMLEle…
595062 Intermittent mochitest-ipcplugins failures: test_cocoa_focus.html | Test timed out then multiple fai…
669719 the <math/> element does not support the displaystyle attribute
674324 Remove leftover references to HAVE_CPP_MEMBER_TEMPLATES/HAVE_CPP_NUMERIC_LIMITS
670911 "clear cache now" (or cache delete after crash) is slow (and hangs UI) on Windows/NTFS
678039 [Mac] White line appears on the very top of browser window
672893 Don't #include jscompartment in xpconnect
660606 Highlighter should allow registration of developer tools
632341 ###!!! ASSERTION: Shutdown called when mLibrary is null?: 'mLibrary'
677630 Extend 'Add to Home Screen' to Bookmark Popup
666475 Intermittent browser_tabview_privatebrowsing.js | Test timed out
660612 Utf8ToOneUcs4Char passes invalid UTF-8 octets '%ED%A0%80', so decodeURIComponent('%ED%A0%80') doesn'…
678422 nsPresArena wastes almost half its memory
636042 When two fonts with the same name but different available characters exist we should be able to use …
607371 Greater-than-maximum argument count handling is prone to silent errors
669890 Can't compile with --enable-profiling since 28be8df0deb7 (bug 667915)
670573 Corrupted (skewed) video when using OpenGL layers; crashes on OS X in libGLImage@0xaddress
672912 Some accessibility tests scroll window
664721 1st party iframe request treated as 3rd party when initiated by and replacing a 3rd party origin
668820 Improve how we pass arguments to reflects.js methods
684910 [Aurora] - Remove 'Install as App' from site menu
668822 Move input.size reflection tests to test_input_attributes_reflection.html
668824 Move content/html/content/test/test_bug630889.html to forms/test_textarea_attributes_reflection.html
670873 Use 'todo' for non-implemented attributes reflection in test_input_attributes_reflection.html
668826 Make reflectString able to test reflections with different IDL attribute and content attribute names
674972 Building jemalloc on MSVC 2010 with pymake is broken
670877 Virtual Keyboard visible area is calculated ignoring orientation
631967 Unsafe use of mResponseHead in HttpBaseChannel::GetEntityID
670235 Remove nsIDOMWindowInternal
662692 Do not allow mixed-content WebSockets
693413 Service.startOver resets Status.sync too late, prefs pane flickers
671630 Various cleanups to typed array initialization
578705 Behave consistently in the face of too many args to fit on the stack
672938 Make work better with pymake native commands
671943 TI+JM: Assertion failure: Unpossible rejoin!, at InvokeHelpers.cpp:1371
601261 nsXPCOMDetector::DoIt didn't call Reset resulting in crash [@ nsSJISProber::HandleData] triggered by…
640175 Search criteria typed in URL Bar doesn't match with the history/Awesomelist content
677035 Build error with Android SDK platform 13: reference to ClipboardManager is ambiguous
679090 IPv6 broken in Firefox 7
593075 Inspector highlight overlay clips content when displaying the menu bar
545972 TM: gcc warnings in jstracer.cpp
558262 encapsulate dslots
672951 [OS/2] build break due to mismatch in function - follow-up to bug668758
670905 Update mingw cofigure checks to current version
677050 UI lock when HTML parser is used from a http-on-start-request observer triggered by an object load f…
672955 Thai pages not displaying some characters correctly
671635 [Windows] "ASSERTION: This is unsafe! Fix the caller!" on startup
673940 Thunderbird Mac 64 bit builders failing to run buildsymbols
672959 [OS/2] build break due to mismatch in function - follow-up to bug467669
670912 nptest_windows.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64
668865 Store _scheme & _host in _serializeHistoryEntry
678091 Remove unused struct
638488 When dragging a tab, its tooltip should not appear
672971 can we remove SetSafeJSContext and its single caller in nsAppShellService?
677068 [OS/2] Use MOZ_CHROME_FILE_FORMAT=flat
672980 Macro name in AC_DEFUN should be quoted
674905 Update WebSocket API to latest draft - extension handling
605732 test_taskbar_jumplistitems.js leaks items
675037 async fullzoom callback needs to handle being called after window is destroyed
625668 Resizes for single groups don't stick correctly, returning them to their userSize values
669904 Count size of nsAttrValue
672994 Use fixed-width font in Scratchpad
677091 Layout broken on preference dialog and find bar
652517 [OS/2] make package fails to generate
677095 1px background-image mishandled when position is fixed
619752 Duration should be +Inf on infinite length video streams
667516 breaks when panning
673002 Analyze binary add-ons from
673003 Handle \\\n in pymake
669670 Remove workaround for getOwnPropertyDescriptor from chrome code
677101 Various #include improvements
649537 Workers: Make one OS thread and JS runtime per worker, and lose XPConnect
666863 a11y namespace
658672 reduce BlockSize for NodePool and EdgePool in cycle collector
677105 <noscript> content cannot be copied to clipboard
670746 Modernize nsDocShellTreeOwner::Get{WebBrowserChrome,OwnerWin,OwnerRequestor}
668915 JSAutoStructuredCloneBuffer shouldn't require a 'cx'
670964 Add NS_FINAL_CLASS annotation to nsTextFragment
564094 more dslots encapsulation
613530 Fix a typo in nsSessionStore.js
670249 Get rid of NFSPWD from
668921 Text disappears after scrolling
403283 quirks mode: double underline (text-decoration) with font-weight: bold, and Arial
660731 Add GetExplicit and GetResident methods to NSIMemoryReporterManager
689404 Changes to inline settings broke existing Firefox Mobile add-ons
683261 Better coverage for DigiNotarGate in NSS
675072 can not enter text into comment textbox for online picasa web picture
675073 GLXBadDrawable error with OpenGL layers on X11
660662 Eliminate NS_(ceil|floor)
670542 Crash in nsStandardURL::SchemeIs or nsSimpleURI::SchemeIs mainly close to startup, mainly with a ran…
668933 intl should use mozilla::Preferences
687367 Bionic domain name functions are not thread-safe on pre-3.0 Android
668936 Arguments to String.prototype.replace not stringified in correct order
522796 [OOPP] Implement NPN_SetException
670986 Create nsLocation.h to declare nsLocation instead of doing that in nsGlobalWindow.h
633047 Win64 reftest failures due to different hardware
673037 No selection handles when trying to select text inside iframe
646414 Width/Height mismatch in nsPluginNativeWindowGtk2.cpp
662807 Error bubbles for multiline messages in console look silly
668953 [10.7] Support two-finger horizontal swipe on OSX Lion
665532 Fix unused variable warnings in nsWifiMonitor.cpp
678447 ###!!! ASSERTION: frame tree not empty, but caller reported complete status: 'aSubtreeRoot->GetPrevI…
292124 Print (and print preview) drops some lines when trying to render a TABLE with a CAPTION
674010 Remove "check for DLL-challenged libcs"
613662 Implement insertAdjacentHTML
668960 [RTL] Scratchpad JavaScript editor should be LTR
665819 tracemonkey build fails when ENABLE_YARR_JIT disabled
648484 Cross-process rendering with d2d/d3d10
677159 Don't allow to include config/ twice
589595 random timeout in test_load_source.html followed by shutdown crash and timeout
668969 Empty mfenced elements should display fences
673066 "Assertion failure: op == JSOP_CONDSWITCH,"
673068 Assertion failure: from <= commitEnd_
669234 Use AutoRestore to manage depth recursion tracking in nsSMILTimedElement
673070 "Assertion failure: sharedBlock," with e4x
230703 Link header parsing is too loose
660784 Add the Orion source code editor to the browser
660785 Tabs are always restored at startup after closing in Private Browsing mode
663042 Disable some breaking parts of the code in e10s builds
683316 DOMStorageImpl::GetKey performance regression
691509 Run ANALYZE at each schema change (and force a schema change)
675126 DeviceMotion is busted.
585015 Invoke as a pymake native command
670260 add 'WebGLExtension' to webGLContextNotSupported
671035 Remove windows.h from JS headers, added in bug 588537
675132 JSRope::flatten wastes ~25% of the memory it allocates due to bad rounding up
103745 evaluate performance of mozilla cookies implementation
664898 Cleanup startup cache api
676747 fix warning about function type
667476 [10.7] Update Firefox’s Toolbar Gradient to match OS X Lion’s
671046 NS_FUNCTION_TIMER requires unwrapped functions
649441 Resizing occurs when pointer is moved to screen edge just above the gap between tabs
654664 setNumber / JSDOUBLE_IS_NEGZERO performance regression on OS X
664907 Use MOZ_CHROME_FILE_FORMAT=symlink for omnijar builds
674943 treeupdate/test_doc.html fails to run
671053 causes a zombie compartment for 2-3 minutes because an XHR is holding things alive
667533 Display application/json data as text
673104 Use ES5 strict mode for Panorama
670313 "ASSERTION: Expecting non-negative active time"
664916 Crash [@ nsIDOMElement_GetTagName]
669241 [meta] Leaks and quasi-leaks reported against Firefox 8
671064 [Mac] Update to cairo 1.10 causes Print Preview to always crash on some pages on OS X
622059 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL in layout/reftests/ogg-video/poster-14.html
601436 mtable 'align' attribute: negative rownumbers are wrongly interpreted
664925 "ASSERTION: We shouldn't have another size than small and regular for the moment"
447838 Fix warnings in nsTextFrameThebes.cpp
675045 crash seeking in webm file [@ nsBuiltinDecoderReader::DecodeToTarget ]
626017 Name functions in NetworkPrioritizer.jsm
421435 Tune sizes of arenas using jsarenas
641937 Improper hostname to IP address handling when multiple IP addresses returned via DNS
671080 Add assertion checking to ensure no unintentional cross-compartment wrappers are created
693610 Drawing text to a <canvas> overlaps incorrectly (Windows, probably Azure)
675179 Errors in cached dynamic overlay script cause XBL to trip up with an assertion
671084 TI+JM: add LICM for typed arrays
585069 xul images should support ratio scaling
659907 Expand console object with a dir method that displays an interactive listing of all the properties o…
669040 Remove mork from mozilla-central
669043 "Assertion failure: script->code <= target && target < script->code + script->length," with trap
669044 TM: "Assertion failure: obj->getPrivate() == fp,"
675191 Cached dynamic overlays still get saved to fastload (startup cache)
669049 .response with .responseType='blob' doesn't work correctly for large remote file
650618 Crash [@ js_ErrorToException] or "Assertion failure: obj->isGlobal()," or "Assertion failure: isGlob…
670205 JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL is lost in ContextHolder::ContextHolder
386444 using vertical scrollbar changes horizontal scroll position with overflow-x: hidden and overflow-y: …
684266 text-overflow: ellipsis with negative text-indent but padding bigger than text-indent shows ellipsis…
671015 JS GC crash instrumentation is crashing with new web worker code
678184 blank tooltips/popups/dialogs/selects blank on 10.6 (maybe after running a while?)
583040 redesign inspector highlighter (milestone 0.7)
673154 possible memory leak in WebM reader
516331 mac OS performance regression with decode-on-draw switched on
678457 jsscan.cpp should not assert that cx->isExceptionPending() on errors.
120198 [trk] Rendering errors on MathML demos
574017 make node_child_of relation for ARIA trees perfromant
675208 Use NSTrackingArea for mouse event targeting
671113 Poison JSScripts when freed to get more crash data
675210 Some pages entirely black on Fennec when GL Layers enabled
673164 Sync button in tab bar changes to Back button while syncing
679149 VKB jumping too much on maemo
673168 7/21 nightly crashes on startup after update
677924 JS shell: version(4096) asserts
591057 Handle multiple GPUs in about:support
670958 Javascript 1.8.5 js_GetScriptLineExtent does not always return the correct value
421865 Zero width <canvas> becomes 300pixel width wrongly
669727 nsNodeUtils.cpp:518:10: warning: variable ‘isDeepDocumentClone’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-v…
663465 crash [@ nsWebSocketEstablishedConnection::ConsoleError]
677273 Firefox 8/9 Crash in mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::RescheduleTimeoutTimer
619930 Change the back/forward buttons tooltips to notify users that right-clicking/click-holding the butto…
505243 When text-shadow and underline used together, shadow is displayed over underline breaking it up.
669084 Crash [@ nsPrintEngine::DoCommonPrint][@ nsDeviceContext::GetDeviceSurfaceDimensions] with onbeforep…
662500 Drop pref that forces OOP tabs
677279 Scrolling in <option> box closes box quickly
578977 Crash [@ IsPercentageAware] with first-letter, position:fixed, etc
675236 portrait view shifted on tablet awesomescreen
535861 LInsHashKind iteration can trigger compiler warnings
671143 Rename ValueToNumber to just ToNumber for spec similarity/consistency with other recent To* methods
601512 background of text inside box-shadow becomes black after highlight
674716 Update WebSocket API to latest draft - close codes and reasons
655297 XPCWrappedNative keys can disappear from WeakMaps
673196 When creating a new TabGroup near the edge of the screen in Panorama, a part of it is invisible
690418 ChromeWorker global inaccessible out of DOM scope
671150 Add memory reporter for the JS PropertyTable
669105 Leak-until-shutdown with deviceorientation and unload listeners
609714 Fix tests layout/reftests/backgrounds/background-size-no-intrinsic-{height,width}-image.html
585141 Update Screenshot pages of Mozilla MathML Project
667062 Content text selection highlight should match Gingerbread theming style
669866 Export CXX instead of defaulting to c++
669112 Intermittent test_partial.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1) from "###!!! ASSERTION: op…
673209 configure continues after failure when generating mozilla-config.h
421433 Error.prototype properties are JSPROP_ENUMERATE
613820 Regular expression corner-case back-reference issue, forwards ref in quantified parens
669117 Necko memory cache needs an about:memory reporter
681407 crash nsLocalFile::CopyMove
693698 3rd Party add-ons from the application folder are not disabled on upgrade
667075 Safe Browsing shouldn't use SQL queries to generate random numbers
667076 Expand CHECK_SAME to non-jsvals in jsapi-tests
645998 Loading forever on
607687 Fennec should take care about Texture MAX size HW limitation
676465 Replace PRBool with boolean in IDL files
640457 [meta] memory size reductions for Firefox 5+
669130 [atk] Page setup dialog is not added to Firefox a11y tree
673227 clang build is broken
673228 Use MOZ_ASSERT instead of NS_ASSERTION in TimeStamp.h
691663 SyncScheduler should obey backoffInterval at all times
671185 Incorrect return of NS_ERROR_* codes in functions returning PRBool
662996 OCSP requests leak cookies
656853 The URI "file://" doesn't handle hash references correctly
677340 Stop returning nsCOMPtr by value in various places
672229 Intermittent failure in dom/workers/test/test_errorPropagation.html | This test left crash dumps beh…
665571 DrawCellWithSnapping should handle special NSZeroSize value in CellRenderSettings
507361 localStorage doesn't work in file:/// documents
652771 Update Unicode Table
673252 Add MOZ_QUIET env var to suppress ++DOCSHELL, ++DOMWINDOW printfs
669158 "ASSERTION: How did that happen?" in nsGlobalWindow::ResetTimersForNonBackgroundWindow
603623 Intermittent browser_inspector_highlighter.js | Test timed out followed by failures after already ti…
678211 Assertion failure: isScriptFrame(), at ../vm/Stack.h:538 with dummy frame
677642 [css3-mediaqueries] media queries defines <resolution> as accepting <number>, not just <integer>
177643 Lone tab can spoof tab bar (make it look like there are multiple tabs)
675309 get rid of unnecessary calls to nsNPAPIPluginInstance::Start()
693743 3rd party add-on check doesn't disable those add-ons on start-up, if they were installed into the pr…
669168 last character of tab group name is sometimes lost
341494 phishing: target of "nested link" depends on mouse button used when clicking
536256 png image saved out to desktop is completely black
677370 Fixup Android bits
663035 Retrieving docShell of remote frames should simply return null instead of throwing
673277 Investigate speeding up test_resize_move_windows.html
663038 Set some preferences for e10s builds
663039 content should use mozilla::Preferences
663040 Implement webNavigation for remote browsers
652802 intermittent failures in mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/relations/test_tabbrowser.xul | Can't ge…
624133 Update libpng to version 1.4.7
670687 Origin handling in websockets is bogus
211201 Java applet doesn't show anything.
669196 Session Restore losing nearly all tabs
689679 Add What's New page to the Firefox Update Experience
675802 Instrument DestroyScript to identify double-free caller
675416 Fetching bookmarks information during onBeforeItemRemove may break the bookmarks cache
675075 Reinstate nsIDOMWindowInternal
673301 Reproducible crash on bookmarks drag&drop involving clipboard and compartments
632342 ###!!! ASSERTION: mSensor should be null. Startup called twice?: '!mSensor'
671255 Pressing space at the start of a GCLI command shows misaligned completion
673304 zombie compartment
593435 [Inspector] Unable to return focus to form elements when another element is selected
671261 Dehydra: remove support of local gcc in configure script
667166 wrong shape of letter when it comes at the end of word in the arabic version of Firefox 5.0
675359 Follow-up fix for bug 588506
673314 Multiply instructions are not generated on Arm
669220 cubic-bezier() computed style serialization outputs locale-dependent floats (test_value_storage.html…
673825 Release space at group bottoms that was reserved for the new tab button
669225 Another crash with two <svg:animate> elements with the same ID
661035 make errors in scripts compiled by nsFrameMessageManager::LoadFrameScript more visible
677423 Add togglePrivateBrowsing() to head.js
671282 Replace nsDebugAutoBoolTrueSetter in docshell and AutoBoolSetter in SMIL with AutoRestore
675383 DWrite font using GDI rendering mode has erratic spacing when a transform (e.g. synthetic italics) i…
677433 Run jit-tests in valgrind automatically if available, in |make check|
654049 Change optimization level when building cairo, pixmap and sqlite
670645 Cannot find texture from pixmap symbols
651185 double quotes aren't a legal delimiter for 2231/5987 encoding
675396 Fennec Desktop: error while loading shared libraries:
669253 [atk] When print dialog popup/close, get GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gsignal.c:2924: signal id `xxx' is…
583241 [tracking] Localize Firefox Home Project
671307 Add Twitter to the default search plugins (en-US only)
675804 e10s HTTP redirects - test_bug397427 fails in Fennec
673378 Crash at nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContext
592469 Web Console cleanup: Kill getHeadsUpDisplay() and other methods
669263 Delayed creation of a11y tree for slow loading iframe document in background tab
669265 Shift+Ctrl+Tab should open the classic all-tabs menu with browser.ctrlTab.previews=true and browser.…
666666 Reflect HTMLMediaElement.preload like an enumerated attribute
679509 Synology file browser fails to list local hard drives with FF7 and newer
677463 <menuitem>.label should return .textContent if there's no label content attribute
669272 Session Restore moves windows around unnecessarily
677107 Sprinkle IsHTML(nsIAtom*) pixie dust over select-option-optgroup code
677466 Add memory reporter for the atoms table
677467 focusedChild crashes on application accessible
646748 "Unknown error" occurs when trying to open a file with Across Lite from Firefox
482909 [HTML5] Re-implement HTML sanitizer using the HTML5 parser
528046 Print / print-preview crops very tall images at page boundaries
636512 document.getSelection() should return the same as getSelection(), not stringification
644707 Avoid calling system abort(), generate useful stack traces through a manual segfault instead
669284 Checkbox styled with margin:0 is replaced by ellipsis when next to the edge in a text-overflow block
673382 Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.12.11 and NSPR 4.8.9
669289 Fennec UI is unresponsive and browser becomes unusable if a restart is triggered with a single blank…
620138 Toolbar corner not rounded when using in-content UI like add-on manager
673389 AccGroupInfo::ConceptualParent() shouldn't consider random parent accessibles to be a parent
673390 Crash on Linux [@ nsNativeTheme::IsIndeterminateProgress]
671550 provide correct parent HWND for content process window
204401 <del> doesn't strike all contents (text-decoration stops at inlines)
633942 add debug logging for OOPP model negotiation
669299 uneeded nsPrintfCString.h includes
640629 Fix all creations of nsITimer that are locally-scoped and susceptible to GC before firing
677495 Image documents now have things other than the <img> in the <body>
670759 Move prototype-creation shared by String/RegExp into one method
636538 Remove xul: prefixes in createElementNS calls in HUDService.jsm
673403 don't rely on non empty result from nsAccessible::GetParent()
669308 Introduce Macros and method helpers to simplify participation of classes to the dom memory reporter
650858 Instantiating nsICertOverrideService at startup throws NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE and makes Fi…
669310 Various includes and forward declarations fixes
679551 Workers: Deadlock in WorkerPrivate::BlockAndCollectRuntimeStats if worker is blocked (LastPass exten…
665218 Crash [@ gfxContext::gfxContext ] when printing boarding passes on American Airlines
670315 Add option to use GNU libstdc++ under Android NDK5
659077 TM: "Assertion failure: fp2->isDirectEvalOrDebuggerFrame(),"
592833 Reduce thread usage of media elements
673417 imgLib cleanups
667077 btoa function is not defined in frame scripts
669975 websocket ASSERTION: nsLoadGroup not thread-safe
671188 elfhack throws SIGSEG with gcc/arm 4.5.2 (Ubuntu 11.04)
675470 Interpolating between already-interpolated transforms crashes Firefox
675437 crash nsContentUtils::IsEventAttributeName
670659 gdb doesn't display line numbers for some functions in debug builds
681621 Panning breaks when element is made visible (
460740 [contenteditable][list-item] invalid results when pressing ENTER inside 1. a contenteditable LI or 2…
675482 Misuse of PRBool found by use of ++ or -- operators
675483 sLastModifierState should be a NSUInteger, not PRBool
671570 test_iniProcessor.js leaves some files behind after running
692506 Regression in SVG content generated via DOMParser.parseFromString() in FF7
650181 Design & implement IonMonkey IRs
547440 New buttons in Firefox 3.7a2 don't look good if you have mode "icon and text"
675490 Crash [@ nsFrameList::RemoveFrame] on printing/print preview
670965 Make nsCommentNode, nsTextNode, nsXMLCDATASection and nsXMLProcessingInstruction participate in the …
564900 Add folder to Library sidebar specifically for downloads
428657 stop using deprecated winable.h, use winuser.h instead
448168 Apply |s/entires/entries/g|
655017 Panorama: Crash (X_GLXCreatePixmap: BadAlloc) with layers.acceleration.force-enabled=true
673451 Refactoring to ease the way for write barriers
675500 Remove --disable-storage
671346 build fails with android NDKr6
669358 Grey background on GCLI input shouldn't be there on web build either
651889 Add support for dynamic symbol lookup in the dynamic linker
675784 WebSockets - problem cancelling pre-bootstrapped connection
673460 Failure to build on Hurd and GNU/kFreeBSD because of lack of libossaudio
673461 ANGLE needs to stop automagically turning itself off in configure if the DirectX SDK is not found
669366 Handle negative arguments to drawImage
665272 build failure about "find: jsloader: No such file or directory"
671417 Incorrect use of PRBool when other types are more appropriate (or vice versa)
673467 Loading Something Awful forum creates five session history entries
673472 Segfault when using acceleration event handler that calls console.log
673473 Remove off-main-thread JSRuntime use in GetKeyPathValueFromStructuredData
671428 Firefox Crash @ _moz_pixman_image_create_bits
667336 children.item(-1) causes "ASSERTION: PopulateSelf left the list in a dirty (useless) state!"
624329 Toolbar's context menus do not render and slide down repeatedly
648910 Make nsIDOMHTMLImageElement widths and heights unsigned to match the HTML5 spec
691612 Backoff handling is broken
671441 Detect whether the crtdll.obj hack is necessary
677587 [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: debuggees.has(global), at vm/Debugger.cpp:1564
677589 [jsdbg2] Crash [@ JSObject::getClass] when cloning null
670329 Avoid bumping arm target because of neon code
677593 [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at ../jsval.h:705
663259 [Mac] Async Plugin should default to true
671453 IDL |[implicit_jscontext] attribute T foo| with doesn't work for the setter part
673503 WaiveXrayAndWrap can create illegal objects
669408 Clear cache when running PGO step multiple times
669938 nsIJSON::decodeFromStream fails to parse files <4 bytes
665315 OOPP Contextmenu loses messages
671460 clean up browser_tabview_bug599626.js
657125 Venkman crash in XrayWrapper<JSCrossCompartmentWrapper>::createHolder
675561 Calls to GetMetric should pass a pointer to PRInt32, not PRBool
671466 If a page does not load, and the 'try again' button appears, it is disabled after a second page load…
632555 Scale about:sessionrestore based on viewport height
648941 Starting private browsing: keep-alive http connections are not terminated
675567 Fix PRBool/JSBool mixups
669424 get rid of shared ID
485105 improve tab-to-window experience
489202 selection moves to top when html containing meta, link, or style elements is pasted or inserted
671475 IonMonkey does not build for arm
560766 "ASSERTION: How can the mouse be over a window but not over a view in that window?"
673528 using Shift to bypass "switch to tab" doesn't work anymore (loads
669433 Clean up File implementations
669434 CompileFileHelper bugs
620283 crash [@ nsHTMLEditor::RemoveStyleInside] if !aAttribute
243453 Change comment about deferred release...
669438 nsDOMFile.cpp:154:1: warning: ‘nsresult DOMFileResult(nsresult)’ defined but not used [-Wunused-func…
673535 RasterImage::Anim::ensureAnimExists() should be cleaned up
683777 Firefox Crash in nsDocShell::InternalLoad
551138 Allow to build against system libffi
665354 alternative bump-allocation for GC arenas
677643 crash nsTHashtable with HTTPS everywhere extension
665356 "Assertion failure: proto" with ArrayBuffer
677506 Enable the DOM Memory Reporter
677648 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
463491 When save dialog is open in pop up blocker does not work at all
673556 We use UINT32_MAX in c++ but don't define __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS
231189 No copy-paste-etc... context menu on <ISINDEX> form field
671510 make sure accessible tree is created for content processes
626455 modal dialog in onbeforeunload: browser freeze after removing last tab group in panorama
665368 Indeterminate progress bars look wrong in Windows Classic
674436 NS_ENSURE_TRUE(JS_GetProperty(ctx, object, "receiveMessage", &funval) with message manager and sandb…
677658 crash mozalloc_abort [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozalloc_handle_oom() | nsHtml5TreeOpera…
665371 Parent Process stack overflow crash with null PluginInstanceParent
620316 WrapEscapingClosure and js::GetCallVarChecked are dead code
677661 Remove nsTPtrArray and add a SafeElementAt(index_type) API to nsTArray when it's instantiated with a…
620319 crash [@ nsHTMLEditor::GetInlinePropertyBase] if !aAttribute
683449 Remove the exemptions for the Staat der Nederlanden root
661282 make xpcshell run on android
519972 Move NSTextInput implementation to nsCocoaTextInputHandler
675621 Useless assertion [@ nsContentUtils::MaybeFireNodeRemoved] when calling insertAdjacentHTML
442150 "Backup all" button not enabled after cert import
675121 mozRequestAnimationFrame does not run synchronously with other JavaScript code
675624 Enumerate style sets to add to about:memory
661289 Scratchpad Save File prompts to overwrite existing files twice.
677674 absolute path is required to build test pilot
675627 "error: Unrecognized directive ifndef" in nsIURIRefObject.idl
675499 in a utf-8 page, a utf-8 encoded NBSP (c2a0) from a linked css with unspecified encoding is decoded …
675630 Crash [@ nsBuiltinDecoderReader::VideoQueueMemoryFunctor::operator()]
412781 writes to non-existent location.* properties permitted across domains
673584 Call QueueAnimatedContentForRefresh with 30 instead of 60 for the progress element
661297 Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID
670003 [OS/2] update Yarr files
670686 jscrashreport.cpp fails to compile on mingw
621954 common BindLocalVariable harder in jsparse.cpp
636727 Add a source editor to Scratchpad
675641 Enumerate nsIStyleRuleProcessors for about:memory
668639 Apple's Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 10 breaks Java in FF 4 and up
653116 use plugin with most recent modification date when multiple matches for MIME type
417418 Right clicking on the empty spaces to the right of paragraphs selects the whole paragraph
665406 Support XF86Copy, XF86Paste, XF86Cut, XF86Undo, XF86Redo keysym
677173 css3-3d-transforms isn't fully disabled since properties (which sites detect) are added to IDL
653120 Switch sBlockedScriptRunners to be an nsTArray
671553 Remove the navigation toolbar's custom button appearance in small icons mode; invert icons on dark p…
442186 execCommand justify* fails on first line of contenteditable
673612 JS shell does not show help for profiling functions
675267 Remove unnecessary target arguments from some event listener manager apis
663375 css media="print" text-decoration styles not being processed correctly
673616 --enable-shared-js + --enable-shark breaks xpcom test build
628561 DNS caching forcing one to restart Firefox to eliminate temporary DNS redirection
669522 Build warning: gfx/src/nsRect.cpp:51:13: warning: 'bool IsFloatInteger(float)' defined but not used …
653140 GCLI needs a commonjs require system
618325 Web Console use of tab for command line completion is inconsistent
671576 test_libPrefs.js leaves a savePref.js file after running
673625 Add more asserts for scripts
673627 --enable-callgrind should turn on --enable-profiling
679772 Send any existing site Cookies and/or HTTP Auth headers with CSP violation reports
552251 text-decoration should not underline images (imgs)
672742 zombie compartment when using BugzillaJS extension
679783 crash [@ mozilla::net::WebSocketChannel::OnInputStreamReady]
669544 Cocoa log not created in content process
505706 display:inline-block;position:absolute hypothetical box calculation doesn't account for inline-ness
683883 Improve DigitNotarGate handling in PSM
583533 Implement AccessKeyLabel attribute
472942 VideoDocument should center video in tab
673647 Make it more obvious which bits in JSObject::flags are up for grabs
530290 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in netwerk/
675492 Crash with mouse over Forecastfox
530293 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in /xpinstall
653175 Incorrect result with \0 in property name
530297 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in /widget
530299 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in /xpcom
669564 XMM6 and XMM7 aren't scratch register on Win64 ABI
675405 Create a header listing events we know about so we can preprocess it in various ways
675711 test_computed_style.html fails partly on Fennec because of lack of scrollbars
530305 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in /gfx
655339 [10.7] error: expected initializer before ‘NS_ATTR_MALLOC’
673481 Remove the border of the reload button in the location bar
694149 Tweak sync intervals to reduce server load
644998 Session should not be restorable after "Clear Recent History"
675722 Reduce severity of "Expecting to be paused for pagehide before disconnect" SMIL warning from ABORT t…
669580 Add a reflectBool method to reflect.js
677773 Simplify JS crash diagnostics and disable for Aurora/beta/release
681870 IndexedDB: Prompts can crash when multiple windows are open
667535 xpcom proxy use in netwerk/wifi can lead to scripted QI off main thread
673680 Add support for koi8_r charset encoding
673681 libxul linking error with --enable-system-ffi and static js lib
670726 Audio is scrambled when playing chunks of ogg in sequence
694595 Some settings for add-ons aren't being migrated when we change database schemas
673685 unneeded null assignements in nsHTMLCanvasElement.cpp
671385 ASSERTION: no font metrics
662511 localStorage.key() gets out-of-sync when localStorage is updated in a separate window
665995 Memory reporter for cycle collector
658074 Android NDK5 perf regressions
561042 cannot load page send too large cookie
224633 quirks mode text-decoration "inherits" differently into tables in IE and Mozilla
675745 XML initialization simplifications
669602 Fennec/OGL: Paint Artifacts on chrome pages' background after scrolling
677796 findReferences() crashes when called with no arguments
624552 In Fennec w/ locked Master Password, a manual Sync "Connect" goes to JPAKE instead of Master Passwor…
627015 ABORT: What is the next frame supposed to be?: 'haveFullNextFrame || (mDecoder && mFrames.Length() >…
674879 Move Scratchpad to browser/devtools
649202 Fast property access for typed arrays on ARM
673710 Assertion failure: top != 0, at jsopcode.cpp:1154
675485 Fix PRBool misuses found in a debug build
669616 Audio controls : duration are inaccurate.
669617 crash (SIGSEGV) in JS_ON_TRACE during test_precisegc.xul
673715 TI+JM: Assertion failure: !script->createdArgs, at jsinfer.cpp:1537
670025 GLContext.cpp:1008:20: warning: variable ‘depthType’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
671672 Reduce a bunch of console spam in debug builds caused by the HTML editor
530361 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in /intl
624570 In profile w/ saved Gmail password, Fennec repeatedly prompts me for Master Password when I type eac…
530363 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in /modules/libpr0n
677820 String.prototype.match for a global RegExp sets match results on the returned array (rather than def…
486081 nsTime should be removed
673836 Intermittent failure in accessible/tree/test_tabbrowser.xul | Different amount of expected children …
673729 When a stacked group's expand button is clicked the group starts to zoom
665540 Select (drop-down) box customized with CSS appears in upper left corner of the window if in fullscre…
665541 Remove unused instances of variable iface_info from xptcstubs_*.cpp
530374 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in XSLT
686025 nsNavHistory::AsyncExecuteLegacyQueries uses synchronous createStatement call instead of async creat…
675710 test_URIs.js doesn't test protocol-relative URIs ("//site/foo/bar")
669611 Add memory reporter for GC heap fragmentation
673742 Allow postMessage()ing File and FileLists between windows
458703 gcc warning: nsWindow.cpp:5804: warning: unused variable ‘gtk_xim_context_class’
674112 Make nsNavigator participate to the DOM Memory Reporter
659412 Motorola Defy users get low memory warning
678222 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
678256 Init list order build warning for nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.h / nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.cpp
669656 [highlighter] Once a node is locked, the highlighter should give a visual feedback
654131 Firefox 4 update/installer failed to scrub old java extensions
669671 When navigating to a history entry created via pushState or touched by replaceState, we should not f…
673760 Avoid clearing ArenaHeader::chunk before finalizing all GC things so it can be used in asserts
577872 Create WebM versions of Ogg reftests
597989 dragging a tab to a new window should focus that window before drop
530408 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in /modules/libpref
601084 WebGL shader crash due to endless recursion [@glrCompCreateStream]
530416 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in the rest of mozilla-central
665586 Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID from plugin code
579571 nsITimelineService should be taken out and shot
675068 change off-thread cycle collection to not use a safe JS context
675797 Log deprecation warnings in the console when using nsIJSON.{en,de}code
671564 Initialize NS_XPCOM_LIBRARY_FILE from NS_GRE_DIR
657401 Page flickers once when scroll to top by dragging thumb of scrollbar. (disabled Hardware acceleratio…
636922 Missing symbols for d3d10_core.dll in breakpad
669694 App tabs do not stay selected when toggling Panorama
675839 Linux libsydneyaudio backend updates playback position infrequently