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Firefox Bug Fixes

v.9.0See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
671745 Intermittent failure in test_replay_metadata.html | Should have received two ended events for 320x24…
481282 xpconnect warning fix
661505 Nightly icons missing in start panel (activity)
677897 should use objcopy from the NDK to copy debug info
682327 ASSERTION: Failed to make GL context current!: 'succeeded' GLContextProviderEGL.cpp, line 795
661518 about:home page is not repainted correctly when it comes back in focus
678573 GCC 4.6 build warning: "nsSocketTransportService2.cpp:681:12: warning: variable ‘pollError’ set but …
684049 cairoint.h uses lround in C90 programs
683457 test_bug430392.html calls SimpleTest.finish() twice
653335 Sync setup wizard triggers Change Master Password dialog
688152 [TABLETUI] Updating Nightly blows away tab thumbnails
692249 Persist nextSync and numClients, use nextSync for sync after startup
686106 JM: don't allocate an extra register for JSOP_MUL if one operand is constant
678820 about:memory - nsMappedAttributes::SizeOf - "ASSERTION: mBufferSize and mAttrCount are expected to b…
675870 remove nsIAccessible::relationsCount and getRelation()
686671 Reduce border radii of the url bar, search bar and toolbar buttons on the navigation toolbar
677922 Package pyxpidl in the SDK
679971 remove Navigator.taintEnabled()
692260 Increase in network.http.max-connections appears to cause hang, requires browser restart
686117 Port TI assembly changes to mingw-w64 variant
694311 Unable to open Sync connection dialog prompt after providing faulty credentials - no access to Sync
679977 TM: Variable assignment fails, gets assigned undefined
663138 Improve performance for non-reentrant closures
673799 Improve auto-discovering of Android toolchain directory
671792 "ASSERTION: ImmAssociateContextEx failed to restore default IMC"
649266 Certificate window is broken with long text labels
684083 crash nsXPCWrappedJSClass::CallQueryInterfaceOnJSObject calling Components.utils.getWeakReference(un…
684084 Assertion failure: fe->isType(type), at methodjit/Compiler.cpp:7024
675166 Make DocumentTypeNode to use NodeInfoManager of the document
657463 move adjustTabStrip for _fullyOpen tabs out of _handleNewTab
665694 GC can cause debug mode to be turned off, leading to crash
682041 When in a select menu, if the scroll bar is held down and you right click outside of the menu, Firef…
684091 Telemetry for image decode count
673854 (TypeInference)Fix TI for Solaris x86
679094 Crash [@ JSScript::isEmpty] // GC related corruption
657472 'Tune' the time to wait before displaying the update been downloaded / restart notification and prov…
682051 Optimize textframe handling of a single large textrun during a horizontal resize
675908 TiledTextureImage BeginUpdate/EndUpdate are broken
690870 [TABLETUI] Add white horizontal divider after first group of Sync JPAKE characters
679708 Further Lion-ize Toolbar Icons
682058 nsGenericElement::SetInnerHTML should suppress DOMNodeRemoved when dealing with a non-HTML5 document
684110 clean up JSObject::clasp usage and a few other refactorings from bug 683361
294991 Print & Print Preview truncate tables over 1 page long if there is a caption
678938 "ABORT: Shouldn't have current interval in startup or postactive states"
684115 Test XMLHttpRequests when they're moved between origins
626455 modal dialog in onbeforeunload: browser freeze after removing last tab group in panorama
650589 layout/reftests/image-element/element-paint-native-widget.html fails on Android
592009 AppendPrintf truncates output to 31 ASCII characters
682073 AndroidBridge uses wrong method for calling setClipboardText
686170 Remove modules/zlib/standalone
683709 Add 'layers.acceleration.draw-fps' pref to profile
686778 Web console: Move close button to the left on Mac
655455 Long GC pauses on netbooks (50s+)
630880 Decrease update interval length for nightly users
680035 Filter elements don't react to color-interpolation-filters attribute changes
680037 possible use of uninitialized values in nsFontFaceLoader::LoadTimerCallback
671846 GCLI completion shows incorrectly for sub-commands
684135 Shutdown crash reporting exception [@ nsTHashtable<nsBaseHashtableET<nsUint64HashKey, nsGlobalWindow…
678362 Assertion failure: length < (uint32(1) << 23), at jshashtable.h:368
446569 Implement CSS3 columns shorthand
665706 semicolon in URI path handled incorrectly
680043 GCLI startup has too many dependencies for both content and chrome
680044 Closing the script debugger UI does not disable the debugger
662258 GCC warning about BasicThebesLayerBuffer::CreateBuffer getting hidden by ShadowThebesLayerBuffer::Cr…
682685 Dynamic changes to use elements only work too/from invalid states
602225 crash [@ js::gc::MarkObject ]
481395 get rid of nsAccessibilityAtoms in favor of nsGkAtoms
675957 GCLI should have a way to not require the user to press '}' when entering JS.
669815 Type inference uses too much memory
684152 Don't even bother trying to unpackComponents if the APK hasn't changed
684155 Remove MOZ_STATIC_BUILD
680060 [queryCommandEnabled] check `GetIsSelectionEditable' results
680061 The script list in the debugger can contain duplicates
680062 The script editor appears empty even with scripts in the page
669825 [TI] [tracking] Test failures blocking TI's TraceMonkey -> mozilla-central merge
366723 Mozilla exposes incomplete MSAA Name when multiple HTML labels are associated with a form control
678021 browser/base and browser/devtools are racing to make jars
505991 Location bar should not decode precent encoded overlong UTF-8 sequence
675976 delete extensions/spellcheck/hunspell/tests/suggestiontest/Makefile.orig
669036 "ASSERTION: Getting architecture of plugin container failed!"
683802 Refactor XPCWrappedNative argument conversion
573580 ALT-RETURN (enter) should be equivalent to RETURN when operating on a blank tab
679618 uninitialized memory in gfx/2d/SourceSurfaceCG.cpp
678030 Expose pci subsystem through GfxInfo
573583 enable decode-on-draw
684178 throws error selectionRange is not defined in nightly 09/01
677571 Investigate nsTArray's growth behavior.
684180 Avoid wasted space caused by AssemblerBuffer's growth strategy
679475 Turn on Orion by default in Scratchpad post-merge in fx9
673817 Improve auto-discovering of Android platform directory
687722 Swapping two nsAutoTArrays shouldn't move them onto the heap
669132 Nitro's FP loads are inefficient on ARM.
679779 Add #define to always log the cycle collector graph
272541 Empty disposition type treated as "attachment"
589982 gfxQtPlatform::CreateFontGroup fails to build with --disable-pango
694432 Nightly fails to start on Windows 8 since 20111012 build
678961 The nested JS parser in GCLI does not handle nested { and }
686247 <textarea>s no longer honor some combinations of dynamic changes to 'overflow' (between visible/clip…
621745 [OGL] Duplicate urlbar flickers at bottom of awesomescreen when keyboard appears (Android + GL)
680111 style inspector is not showing the correct selected rule
686257 nsMenuPopupFrame.cpp:149:18: warning: unused variable 'presContext'
690354 Idle expiration never runs for clean databases
651444 qcmstypes.h redefines intX_t types already defined by sys/types.h
684213 Improve the extraction code in the custom Android linker
694454 Function caller property no longer skips over eval frames
684215 [win] intermittent Tp crashes with infinite recursion in mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceChild::SetW…
670068 Open Containing Folder spawns multiple instances of explorer.exe
614586 Implement string substitution in all console API methods
682172 texImage2DBadArgs.html test failures
680126 Fix checkerboarding during loading
685429 Avoid wasted space in JSFunctionBoxQueue due to jemalloc rounding up
673984 crash in _purecall | nsImageLoader::DoRedraw(nsRect const*)
663748 (make check failures) Windows x86-64 failing a few random things in most builds
684230 test_bug434998.xul throws an exception
686279 Fix GCC 4.6 warnings in js/src
682184 SVG SMIL: Rename nsSMILTimeValue accessors so IsResolved means is resolved
682031 Cannot access App Tab iframe.document in tab from session restore after FF upgrade
678090 Assertion failure: spoff == js_ReconstructStackDepth(cx_, fp_->script(), pc_), at vm/Stack.cpp:1012
686283 JSAPI Test "testScriptinfo" hangs on ARM.
674738 Geolocation XPCShell test really slow on Windows 7 build slave
561359 "Assertion failure: &shape.methodObject() == &prev.toObject(),"
669905 Searching in the new Downloads folder should limit the search to downloads
692434 == instead of = when trying to assign a new encoding name in XHR
677582 Implement CSS3 text-overflow: <left> <right>
678008 Fix elfhack build in c++0x mode
678607 [10.7] crash with two finger swipe
674014 Remove "check whether mmap() sees write()s"
647391 Increase maximum size for objects stored in disk cache
444641 Canvas's .getImageData throws when accessing <img src="file://...">
683729 GCC 4.6 build warning: "js/src/vm/Debugger.cpp:874:11: warning: variable ‘frame’ set but not used [-…
686312 Firefox/WebSockets denies to receive certain valid UTF-8 sequences
682217 HUDService uses some resource://gre/ urls that ought to be resource:///
684266 text-overflow: ellipsis with negative text-indent but padding bigger than text-indent shows ellipsis…
667885 about:support causes screen freeze
682224 Get Bookmark Add-ons is missing icon
650280 Switching from Private Browsing to Normal Browsing keeps search strings while in Panorama
690418 ChromeWorker global inaccessible out of DOM scope
685438 Avoid wasted space in nsTArray_base due to jemalloc rounding up
678134 With GL layers on X11/NVIDIA, selecting text erases the text
595888 Show file size when attempting to download a file
684281 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type in object [0x7fc592604680] (index): int, at jsinfer.…
454532 Font glyphs incorrectly displayed with certain printer drivers
637179 Signed-unsigned comparison in CharacterIterator::ClusterLength
680190 jemalloc can deadlock during IPC fork on Android
682239 Tests all HTMLFormElement attributes reflection
506113 extra reference to removed directory gfx/shared in toolkit/
672002 Move HTML panel to a docked "panel" in the main browser window (highlighter)
59652 Numerous places where uninitialized variables might be being used before being set.
645505 "Assertion failure: caller->fun()->isHeavyweight(),"
678155 Remove NS_COM completely.
686350 Check in configure script that the selected Android SDK is valid
598289 Unable to paste CF_HTML from clipboard if StartHTML/EndHTML set to -1
686354 hgignore addition for Vim swap files
682259 Problem linking code with XulRunner SDK 7.0
602389 nanojit: make Register a non-numeric type on MIPS
663831 Style inspector should be controllable from the highlighter
684312 Webgl Water demo not working, with "compile error: ERROR: 0:1: 'unexpected EOF' : syntax error"
692506 Regression in SVG content generated via DOMParser.parseFromString() in FF7
684315 Remove private browsing code from nsEditorSpellCheck.cpp
646913 Massive memory usage when viewing
683738 Function can contain both a return statement with an argument and a yield expression
669061 Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.13.1
666672 media/ - compiler warnings on mac
680226 Load Tabs Progressively extension can be installed in Firefox 6 and 7
604451 Provide a way to play the "ding" system sound used to indicate typing too many characters in a text …
680228 Add notes output to -D
657702 html5 email field does not use trim function to remove whitespace
684327 Create unified XPConnect argument conversion testing framework
677596 Don't store thumbnails in private browsing mode
682283 Define XP_IOS in configure, shuffle some configure checks around
557358 JM: getprop PIC for getters
684336 Abstract Call objects into vm/CallObject.h
684337 JS shell won't compile
612658 Implement ConsoleAPIStorage - add caching for the window.console API
678195 Get rid of old style jemalloc
645428 "sessionstore-windows-restored" is not sent for empty sessions
688438 [VKB] Typed characters not displayed in landscape when using VKB
436276 SVG SMIL: Add support for animating non-length SVG attributes
682298 "Assertion failure: compartment mismatched," or "Assertion failure: addr % Cell::CellSize == 0," or …
684348 "Assertion failure: type_->proto->newType" with proxy freeze
680255 Add Urdu to the list of RTL languages
680257 :target pseudo-class not updating when pressing back button
682306 Remove JSFunction::U::Scripted::wrapper
694595 Some settings for add-ons aren't being migrated when we change database schemas
684358 nsSVGFEImageElement calls inherited method nsImageLoadingContent::GetOurDocument when it could direc…
596295 Removing call_trace workaround (added for bug 592352) leaks
633160 move away from the page by file drop is possible in spite of modal file picker dialog
682313 Firefox 9.0a1 Crash [@ je_free | mozilla::ipc::windows::DeferredSettingChangeMessage::~DeferredSetti…
627019 Letters are replaced when typing fast
682319 use C99 isfinite() on OS X
653649 Kill nsIFrame::GetAdditionalChildListName
680275 test_delay_load.html incorrectly appends a video to a new window before it has begun loading
680277 Debug builds should always be compiled with frame pointers
682326 Disable method jit for chrome
680279 Splitting Gmail rich-text list with Enter misplaces the caret
477528 Replace [amp]image to [amp]#8465;
663899 .jar should not be openable on Mac or Linux, download only (CVE-2011-2372)
676188 Misc misuses of PRBool caught by the compiler while attempting typedef bool PRBool
688478 [regression] mozilla addon builder broken due to platform regression
676192 Remove kHashEnumerateRemove and make nsHashtableEnumFunc return PRBool
670049 Start adding accessors for pn_* members of JSParseNode
682338 nsXULPopupListener::HandleEvent intends to focus contextmenu target on platforms where it's shown on…
676195 IME doesn't work with hardware keyboard on Android
682650 "ASSERTION: bad arg, numCharsToDelete. Not enough characters in node" in DeleteTextTxn::Init
676202 GCLI should use 2 space indents not 4
278891 white-space:nowrap next to non-whitespace miscalculates text width
665964 The backbutton stops working if an nsISHistoryListener vetoes navigation.
684397 [Tablet] Form autocomplete arrowbox has no arrow in Honeycomb theme
655727 Implement responseType='moz-json'
692593 Rev uuids for nsIDOMDocument subclasses on Aurora
668019 prepend http:// to URL copy selection if URL has been selected (but not loaded) from location bar
684404 Fix ARM assembler VFP instructions
670071 make Invoke + InvokeArgsGuard less error prone
679090 IPv6 broken in Firefox 7
692605 Perma-orange Aurora (and Beta) Linux opt (non-PGO) browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.…
682366 remove nsINode::ChildIterator
686538 update to npapi-sdk r13
698753 Entrust SubCA: 512-bit key issuance and other CPS violations; malware in the wild
670082 When setting Sync options for the first time, clicking Done does nothing [error: Weave.Engines.get("…
665987 win32 nsFilePicker does not clear out mFiles on showing picker
688516 nsBuiltinDecoder::NotifyDownloadEnded uses mElement without null-checking
686469 Tab-modal alert can overflow the browser window
668038 nsFilePicker.cpp (WIN32) Returned filenames like "C:filename.ext" are not canonicalized
681974 [10.7] Update LocationBar and SearchBar for Lion
661900 LRU-SP not fully implemented in memory cache: small entries avoid eviction
670093 gfx/2d fails to compile on mingw
672493 intermittent failure in make check: Assertion failure: gnsb + 0 == (char*) thread->data.nativeStackB…
622992 Fennec crash in base::CloseSuperfluousFds at startup
685464 DOMMenuItemActive is not consistent for menulist items
684435 Nix class equality hooks on DOM objects where possible
631189 About Mozilla overlaps on to the other elements in the home page
680344 Session history navigation can break after removing an iframe from the document during a history nav…
686948 Add Telemetry for hit rate & revalidation rate
684443 Make unpacking files from the APK faster
676252 PGO has very few profile data on incremental builds
676253 Make the Highlighter Toolbar look like faaborg's design on OS X
684447 Drop WANT_EQUALITY from windows and nix the window equality hook
676256 Remove equals tests from GCLI test suite
686497 Hang [@ _cairo_bo_point32_compare] when spellchecking large string
684450 Remove stop/go/reload button affordance and streamline other location bar icons
668068 ICO width/height of 0 should mean 256 width/height
688551 Fixing GCC 4.6 warnings from bug 684526
680361 rm modules/plugin/
682411 "Invalid (negative) scale factor" (nsSVGFilterInstance::UserSpaceToFilterSpace)
682412 Pretty up the Control Panels
679666 TI+JM: rendering glitch with WebGL demo translated from C++ to JS
688558 Context Menu for Inspect Element can Create 2 Highlighters
674224 "ASSERTION: Remote window should be null"
684465 Add Reflect.parse support to xpcshell
684467 backout bug #338427 from aurora
680373 Link jemalloc to mozutils instead of mozalloc on Android
684470 Remove the FromParser argument from nsHTMLMediaElement and subclasses' constructors
684471 Make nsGenericHTMLFormElement::mFieldSet a nsHTMLFieldSetElement*
684472 Reduce QIs in nsPrintingPromptService
659188 Camera support for Android
425034 Treehydra: Fix enumerator support
684479 Bounding boxes for strokes are unnecessarily big for many shapes
679933 Crash [@ nsLayoutUtils::GetFirstContinuationOrSpecialSibling] with input and mask
661491 Intermittent REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS on reftests/svg/sizing/dynamic--object-svg-unloaded.xhtml
684489 Firefox won't show user-generated maps on Google Maps
661962 GCC 4.6 warning: "nsINIParser.cpp:91:14: warning: variable ‘rv’ set but not used"
674251 Make JSScripts gc-things
645538 when starting Firefox, a bunch of WARNING: Subdocument container has no content: file layout/base/ns…
686545 Fix build bustage with nsRefreshDriver/nsARefreshObserver not being defined
455122 Page incorrectly renders border certain sizes
688595 Hide Inspect Element context menu items if not enabled
581467 warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in XPT_ParseVersionString
683063 Crash opening about:memory in Fennec
684506 Nightly is using old file manager window
684111 Remove codePool and notePool
659932 GLXtest process should check for GLX >= 1.3 before calling glXCreatePixmap
686558 Fix nsNetUtil.h warning about "enumeral mismatch"
682463 "ASSERTION: unexpected disconnected nodes" with DOM range, splitText
588256 e10s HTTP: clean up more aggressively in DocumentChannelCleanup
414178 "ASSERTION: selection could not be collapsed after insert"
674276 Backout bug 335998 from Aurora/FF8
687858 Avoid measuring telemetry for size decodes
692712 Pre-filter recommended add-ons JSON instead of filtering at startup
72444 Proxy: "bypass proxy server for local addresses" (IE pref)
686571 Add preference for turning on JSOPTION_PCCOUNTS
680428 onEnterFrame does not work with tracejit
684525 "Assertion failure: shape->compartment() == compartment()," or "Assertion failure: compartment misma…
684526 Figure out what to do about gcc pr50284 by reunifying jsval and JS::Value (né js::Value)
684527 make sure that new GC things are not allocated from finalizers.
688624 Use nsAutoTArray in nsDisplayList::HitTest
686579 Kick off a sync immediately after setting up Sync on Fennec
688628 js-ctypes access to JNI
676341 Fennec 7.0a1 Crash Report [@ ][@ mozilla::AndroidBridge::SetClipboardText ]
686582 Use element-valued ObjectOps methods
676343 Lexical scoping bug in Firefox 6
680440 Clean up jemalloc linkage
682751 Remove build/hcc and build/hcpp
679320 Add currentURI as a property to the xul:editor element
655869 Permissions tab assumes all consumers use testPermission
678997 memory leak in widget/src/android/AndroidBridge.cpp
684544 Crash [@ LocationSetterGuts]
665344 Playback stutters near the end of some videos
680450 Rm the now empty db/ to save traversing it during the build
686507 Don't spam my console when processing IPDL files
629253 Firefox hangs when dragging two emails from Thunderbird over it
655878 Using a jsval for an IDL interface is broken
647687 wrong filter area / clipping for stroke, with SVG feOffset
429484 Win32 nsILocalFile.exists() returns false for an existing system file (such as hiberfile.sys or page…
682506 Upgrade ANGLE to r740
684557 JS_LookupPropertyWithFlagsById()'s documentation does not include objp parameter
684559 YARR interpreter performance sucks compared to PCRE
682512 A bookmark’s tag disappearing when bookmark Cut and Paste to other bookmark folder
684561 Improve styling of Web Console on Windows
678420 Test for bug 613433 causes browser to navigate BACK unexpected, losing test results
670809 Backspace & Delete don't work on first or last character in a selection in contenteditable inline el…
596504 DOM attribute for the group node needed which references the undo button
684569 Remove custom chunk allocation
664090 test_service_filelog.js/test_errorhandler_filelog.js failure when jemalloc is enabled
684574 Bad appearance of the page
692767 about:home shows tabs from last time with wrong encoding, non-ASCII characters are broken
684576 Assertion failure: !fe->data.inRegister(), at methodjit/FrameState-inl.h:977
679473 TestNativeXMLHttpRequest.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 6 unresolved externals
668194 Geolocation times out and/or does not properly use wifi access points information (awful accuracy)
683099 NS_NATIVE_WINDOW value should not be used as IPC shareable
675545 Completely re-do jsarena.{cpp,h}
686513 RenderFrameParent::BuildDisplayList crash when shadow root layer is null
680488 QFeedBack include is not needed for geolocation provider file
688681 Patch for bug 674321 disabled most of our bfcache tests, and probably various other docshell tests
674871 [highlighter] there is something wrong with iframes
682759 NPRemoteWindow.window shouldn't be unsigned long
688685 Property cache handling of property adds is unsound when the JSClass has an addProperty hook and the…
684591 interface '%s' not derived from nsISupports
676401 The queryCommandEnabled API doesn't take the active editing host into account
684595 Don't visit WeakMap keys from the WeakMap in markEntry
688692 Fennec is not sending crash reports
456798 queryCommandSupported throws errors in Firefox 3.0.1
684599 crash nsDeviceMotion::DeviceMotionChanged
680505 missed some code removal in bug 403524
682554 Yandex maps doesn't load (onreadystatechange should be on the document only)
676412 xpcshell test "unit/test_nsIProcess.js" is slow on Windows
686654 "Almost stacked" group might switch between stacked and unstacked display
684469 Various cleanup in nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor
686656 [css3-animations] when animations interrupted by restyle, implicit 0% or 100% values (from base valu…
688705 Debugger mochitests leak
680515 Setting MOZ_OPTIMIZE_FLAGS in js/src/ is not effective
594500 Mouse wheel scroll not working in special condition (PDF open in other tab)
680518 progress element display:block update issue
682568 Fix ICO crash with decodeondraw = true and BMPs with alpha bitmasks
678474 window.focus() doesn't work intermittently after multiple modal dialogs are opened quickly in succes…
680523 Vector move constructor needs to initialize mBegin
680525 GCLI docs are out of date WRT supported environments
680528 Make use of the cached value for user agent in PluginModuleChild
3512 Implement font-stretch property
684627 Make nsEventStateManager::IsHandlingUserInput() time-limited
679301 Intermittent browser_scratchpad_bug_646070_chrome_context_pref.js | Test timed out (followed by many…
680534 Clean up IDL Directory Rules in
679612 cppcheck indicates resource leak in APKOpen.cpp
682767 warning nsISupportsImpl.h: unused owner
549468 Add basic support for .ico icon encoder
684638 Google Docs Spreadsheets Sluggish
549472 Add support for fave icons on jump list uri entries
682593 Crash, null pointer deref [@ nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::GetBuffered ]
580194 Tabbrowser icons or buttons are hard to see on mildly dark backgrounds (personas, glass, third-party…
667021 Remove nsIDOMDocumentCSS from the tree
686694 Don't extract libraries
624743 Resource protocol shouldn't use nsDependentCString to convert an nsACString to an nsCString
670318 Google+ home page creates multiple SHEntries, and if you go back to the first one, you can no longer…
318065 Value is wrong during oninput for ctrl+z (undo) if text was blank before undo
684659 Fix inline asm so that we can drop a use of -fno-omit-frame-pointer
295540 Multi-monitor: download "save-as" dialog remains on secondary monitor even if detached
684661 Backout bug 191864 from aurora branch
684662 js\src\methodjit/MethodJIT.h(690) : warning C4305: 'argument' : truncation from 'js::MaybeConstruct'…
678519 GCLI needs to distinguish between sufficient completions and insufficient ones
684664 js\src\methodjit\BaseAssembler.h(1282) : warning C4146: unary minus operator applied to unsigned typ…
615034 "ASSERTION: Element without owner document" with GC'd document
681407 crash nsLocalFile::CopyMove
684670 js\src\vm/Debugger.h(406) : warning C4099: 'JSCompartment' : type name first seen using 'struct' now…
684671 Virgin America website won't load correctly : Illegal operation on WrappedNative prototype object du…
678528 Consolidate node CC code
688769 rm resource.h and t/ from js/src
684674 js/src/methodjit/FastBuiltins.cpp(511) : warning C4146: unary minus operator applied to unsigned typ…
656006 Crash [@ nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnStartRequest(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*) ] | ASSERTION: You ca…
537223 Cleanup of gfxColor.h
688779 restore en-US hyphenation to the Android package
683952 jump to anchor freezes Fx for about 15 s in 500 K data
682637 "ASSERTION: EventListener with no context or scope?" and crash
688783 Back out bug 641836 to fix keyboard issues until bug 669995 is fixed
666256 Unable to drop a file on an embedded SWF
682776 nsPluginInstanceOwner.h should declare "struct nsIntRect"
674452 Always restore pinned tabs (regardless of restore_on_demand)
684695 Document the effect of non-null mLSHE on subframe entries in session history
340634 spell checker doesn't suggest "alot" correction
682651 "ASSERTION: Element without owner document" with createDocumentType
696989 Lower network.http.max-connections to 48 on windows until bug 692260 is resolved
678558 Detect broken vrp and disable it
681206 loadFrameScript has no unload counterpart to allow bootstrapped addons to properly clean up
690849 Fix height of dialog buttons
678637 crash libxul (SEGV @ 0x0) at startup of ChatZilla
674468 glxtest.cpp fails to compile with Solaris Studio
645799 Hide the crash reporter from the recently used apps window
676520 GCLI fails to read from input element when embedded
684713 shell help() shows help for the wrong function (prefix match)
679251 InlineReturn should advance the pc always
684716 Consistent crash inside NVIDIA driver when zooming on Galaxy Tab 10.1 with GLES layers enabled
688925 Use unique links for the plugin-crashed UI (notification bar vs in-content)
211636 nsHTMLTableElement MapAttributesIntoRule is broken
684726 Remind people to update nsContentBlocker when they update nsIContentPolicy
678586 Trigger a delayed sync after pairing a new device
629535 add do-not-track signal to navigator global object
682684 Crash [@ nsTextControlFrame::FinishedInitializer] with mask and generated content and input in mask
668349 add or update script to run xpcshell tests on Android
674494 Uninitialised variable in ThebesLayerBuffer causes incorrect marking of mDidSelfCopy flag
668351 add make targets to run netwerk xpcshell tests on Android
682688 Some icons missing first 3 pixels because FF6 moz-icon URIs sometimes generate bad icons
680642 MacroAssemblerMIPS.h is included but missing
678595 Remove content/base/test/test_bug482935.html assumption that cancel causes cache invalidation.
692078 Second attempt to open addons.sqlite is doesn't work
680647 undefined variables in some tests cause leaks
690888 [TABLETUI] The height of the menulist should match the buttons
680649 inspector leaks iframe [chrome://browser/content/inspector.html] until shutdown
679031 Expose jsdbg2 Debugger object as an XPCOM component
693505 Sync error muffling causes undesirable lack of logging on error
539426 Print to file by default PostScript, other Gnome apps default to PDF
682445 Don't copy C++ object into Objective C block; instead, hold on to an Objective C object
659576 bool nsGlobalWindow::ConfirmDialogAllowed() returns nsresult
683470 "Assertion failure: *f.regs.pc == JSOP_CALL || *f.regs.pc == JSOP_NEW || *f.regs.pc == JSOP_EVAL || …
679375 nsSound can cause GC to be reentered
682716 Remove remaining support for Symbian
682717 Assignment to a DebugOnly variable is automatically elided in non-debug builds.
678623 "too much recursion" with physics engine in worker thread
682458 Disable default gesture filters in Qt widget
692961 Capturing image on camera api crashes [@ mozalloc_abort | __swrite ]
662242 Cannot access App Tab iframe.document in tab from session restore after FF upgrade
684771 js/src/jsscript.cpp(300) : warning C4309: 'specialization' : truncation of constant value
684773 Unpin all tabs earlier when restoring a session in overwriting mode
639720 JM: Different code generated in shell and browser (browser much slower) for global var access inside…
676585 fix JS compilation for Darwin/ARM
676589 xpcom/configure ios build fixes
680686 Remove AllTabs.jsm until the all-windows feature gets properly implemented
672893 Don't #include jscompartment in xpconnect
676594 Use Orion for displaying script source in the debugger
680692 GPOS contextual chaining positioning does not work
669822 [TI] Permaorange on Linux64 opt SpiderMonkey warnings-as-errors - testConvertibleObjectEqUndefined.j…
684790 Frequent Android failure in anim-css-strokewidth-1-by-no-no.svg, anim-css-strokewidth-1-to-em-em.svg…
680696 Remove nsPSPrinterList::Init
684796 Assertion failure: freeLists[kind].isEmpty()
676605 Refactor the script debugger to use the modified hook API
682750 Fix comment typo in nsIDOMHTMLSourceElement.idl
684799 Measure slop in more JS memory reporters
683945 crash [@ PL_DHashTableOperate | nsScriptError::InitWithWindowID ]
670466 Add basic support for .bmp encoder
672515 remove nsIAccessible getAccessibleToRight/Left/Above/Below
688902 Document as to whether Color is premultiplied or not
680711 Remove unused build variable
660233 Move nodePrincipal, documentURIObject, and baseURIObject onto XrayWrapper and remove from nsDOMClass…
682762 ftp URI with "param" component does no longer work
690959 Wrong results with String.prototype.replace, rope
680722 invalid-passed-params.html test fails because we don't check for illegal characters in strings
680724 framebuffer-object-attachment.html test fails because we don't allow zero-sized renderbuffers
666414 ns{Ref,COM}Ptr operator-> shouldn't allow AddRef, Release
678361 Missing corner case from bug 655339
684824 Assertion failure: !a->analysis->trackSlot(entrySlot(fe)), at methodjit/FrameState.cpp:801
684825 ASSERTION: QueryInterface needed: 'query_result.get() == mRawPtr' trying to get experimental-webgl c…
684826 Last typed character from password field is not visible when password is filled in
633627 Optimize gfxAlphaBoxBlur::Paint on ARM
686876 Move libraries at the top level in the apk
690973 [tabletui] Opening a new tab in portrait mode does not open the awesomescreen
678686 package-manifest should has $(GLOBAL_DEPS) dependency
669829 remove atlbase.h check from configure
570144 After pressing Enter, editable DIVs in list items are duplicated
688930 Fix detection of installation location when in /system
682460 Leak when forcing layout during mutation event for table attribute
682794 is not rebuilt when changes
680747 progress element in table flows out of column
508716 Fluid dynamics simulator is slow
690990 "ABORT: should not get marked modified during parsing"
690992 App tabs break deleting cookies on close (FF8+)
690235 fix mac build with clang
680755 Missing goto out in CompileUCFunctionForPrincipalsCommon
678708 nsMathMLmactionFrame::MouseListener::HandleEvent may abort in debug mode
679733 Widget Qt should send system notifications (display, taskswitcher, flight modes)
686900 Make the primordial Function and Object bootstrapping not use functionality itself depending on boot…
679324 remove the update channel reference from the about page when the user has no permissions to update a…
684859 Telemetry for when canvas is used
672574 When GL Layers enabled, restarting Fennec causes black screen
634997 no synthetic bolding on Android
683416 Remove build support for standalone necko and standalone xslt transformiix
566084 Highlighter should be disabled when navigating to new pages
72518 If compreg.dat is corrupted, reregister from scratch
686144 Eliminate gc::MarkingDelay
678028 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
674615 Remove nsPermissionManager's GetSingleton
596450 DOM attribute for the tab node needed which references the tabgroup
686417 [Tablet] Add a way to hide the tabs sidebar in landscape tablet mode
674957 mochitests-5: test_alerts.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output
676690 Firefox Crash [@ nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::GetImageData_explicit(int, int, unsigned int, unsi…
670323 Fixes for nanojit on ARMv4T
639830 WyciwygChannelChild is not thorough about checking for cancellation
676696 Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_618311_private_browsing.js | Test timed out followed by | correc…
684889 refactor Android font management to remove redundant code and avoid double-scanning fonts dir
623450 Fix 579323-1.html
410460 Acid3 tracking bug
581474 possible uninitialized variable use in nsXPCWrappedJS::GetNewOrUsed
555482 should be able to reset a resized textarea
680802 Upgrade Firefox when there is an add-on update waiting to be installed hides the add-on
682852 XPIDL_COMPILE explicitly used in Makefile
688997 Pointer truncation in waveOutProc callback (x64)
691046 worker.postMessage behaves like there is a hidden exception in Cloud9 Ace
678763 Intermittent browser_sourceeditor_initialization.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with n…
680812 Excessive space between "280" and "KB" in download dialog
688274 remove zero-length copy of android_npapi.h
691054 Back out bug 667980 (getNetworkLinkType) on Android because of scary permissions
680816 Reusing an XHR2 object with responseType of "arraybuffer" does not work
645608 If FF Window is minimized and restarted, the window is minimized/maximized then restored
680818 HAVE_STDCALL is unnecessary on Win64
691612 Backoff handling is broken
682871 make package fails when $(MOZILLA_DIR) is a relative path
687864 Add offline renderer awareness for Mac OGL
656251 reduce verbosity of Accept header for fetching XSLT
676732 Measure and/or avoid slop in important JS memory reporters
684927 unchecked null pointer in nsMenuBarListener::KeyUp
672641 Implement CharTokenizer which takes arbitrary chars as delimiters
670461 Fix conversion from 'double' to 'PRUint32' build warning in gfx/src/nsRenderingContext.h(73)
678998 Make js_IsFunctionQName infallible, so that determining the nature of a property lookup is clearer
682886 menuitem should be serialized as a container
678792 Remove --disable-necko-disk-cache
673260 HttpChannelChild::RecvAssociateApplicationCache needs to be buffered like other necko IPDL messages
628887 When in an expanded stack, arrow keys should only move between those
684943 Assertion failure: Unpossible rejoin!, at js/src/methodjit/InvokeHelpers.cpp:1330
686992 Draw to native window, if available
676753 canvas does not always use subpixel AA when moz-opaque is true
666516 overriding ";1" causes a crash in the certManager.xul
672661 Backspace key in Swype or Swiftkey X causes characters to be duplicated
598937 On or Off status bar.... Should we have a third option?
684957 doesn't update disk_entries field
680862 Flash plugin crashes
684959 Remove GetKeyURI.
680864 Remove CHROMIUM_MOZILLA_BUILD ifdefs, since always defined and #ifndef codepaths broken anyway
680865 TestDllInterceptor.cpp fails to compile on mingw
680866 nsFilePicker.h fails to compile on mingw
684963 Set targetSdkVersion to Android API level 11, to remove menu button from system bar
680868 pldhash.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64
678822 "ASSERTION: wrong type" with invalid SVG @accumulate attribute
589292 Add contentDisposition{Filename} properties to nsIChannel.
680872 PolyIC.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64
678825 Tab strip background becomes dark gray when window is narrow and https site is loaded
682922 Crash with -moz-transform-style: preserve-3d
669410 Use a PrefixSet to reduce amount of times SQLite DB must be queried
682925 Remove a duplicate #ifdef/if pair in vm/Stack.cpp.
678830 Use JSScript, not script objects, in compile/evaluate API.
682927 Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate
345010 Flash plugin's use of TSM calls can disable keyboard input in FF (trunk and 1.8 branch)
680883 unneeded nsIPluginHost QueryInterface in sanitize.js and nsPrivateBrowsingService.js
681033 With GL Layers enabled, zooming in Fennec causes flash of out-of-position content
678842 remember spell check setting per site
678845 testIndexToString.cpp:46:5: warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90
686581 Disable theming in SVG images
403616 --enable-application=standalone is no longer supported
682946 GCC 4.6 build warning: "nsJSEnvironment.cpp:2248:12: warning: variable 'flags' set but not used [-Wu…
682827 Crash [@ nsINode::GetOwnerDoc]
291780 List outdent is not working properly
680903 Sort out classinfo for modal content windows and chrome windows
642551 FindUnfinishedRequestCallback is silly
689101 Binary compatibility of jsval on MSVC
685007 initialize mark bits in Chunk::init
678988 potential null pointer dereference in js/jsd/jsd_scpt.c
689106 No video controls when directly viewing a video
683171 make -C browser/install on cross compiler is always failed
533460 Allow custom panels/windows to be used as drag/drop feedback images
683875 Should remove library when switching to fakelib/expandlib
629719 Experiment with turning the UNREASONABLE_WORD_LENGTH limit for spell checker off in the nightlies
680922 Crash [@ nsIdentifierMapEntry::RemoveNameElement] on reload with form in binding and name, id, obser…
677711 [OOPP] Trigger child shutdown on parent time outs
683514 Use GL_EXT_unpack_subimage when available on GLES
680926 Long tapping for too long will copy text to clipboard
685025 Shell should be able to read from stdin
660453 Crash [@ txExecutionState::end]
672743 Remove category view from style inspector
672744 Add search filter to style inspector
582633 Tracker for recent focus regressions
672746 Add an "Only user styles" checkbox to the style inspector
678891 [10.7] Bug 668953's current two-finger swipe has ~700ms delay but no animation to hide it
682564 Dictionary keeps switching to en-US despite being set otherwise
680786 Firefox4 and later hangs while displaying large page with many copies of an icon
687087 Support "chunked" data for XMLHttpRequest
685041 Convert #ifdef DEBUG variables in jsgc to DebugOnly
611315 ThebesOGL buffer Rotation not handled correctly for shadow layers
615413 Clear out old weave/* annotations
621558 Implement "happy eyeballs" IPv6 autodetection at TCP open, or similar
562168 Move inspector.js into a jsm
670719 javascript engine doesnt build on powerpc (cacheflush support missing on this platform)
621228 Make plugins listening presShell SetActive calls
678376 High heap-unclassified (70%+) when viewing large changeset diffs on hg.m.o
673125 Implement Debugger.Frame.prototype.onStep
687118 Add a helper script for adding/removing a few words from the Hunspell en-US dictionary
686855 Undeclared variable causes the tab key navigation to stop working
680792 Remove support for Irix from our build system
672787 Aurora build crashes [@ _moz_pixman_image_composite32] at start-up (07/20)
545812 API for controlling fullscreen from content
687125 Assertion failure: fe->isType(type), at methodjit/Compiler.cpp:7187
680793 Remove support for Irix
685082 Transparent plugins not cleared on Maemo
662555 Race condition when measuring requestEnd
685084 unused variable 'lm' in mozilla::widget::PuppetWidget::DispatchPaintEvent()
689181 Reduce the Places organizer search field's border radius to match Firefox nav bar changes
682264 Make EventListenerManager participate to the DOM Memory Reporter
683040 bug 614879 forgot to update the signature on subclass SVGMotionSMILAnimationFunction
670896 Add inner window ID and timestamp to nsIScriptError2
684782 Readd support for the explicit $topsrcdir/mozconfig location (but error if mozconfig and .mozconfig …
547875 No OOM check on trace when creating a null closure in JSOP_LAMBDA
691377 crash [@ mozilla::net::CameraStreamImpl::transmitFrame]
644136 libffi fails to build on some setups
581468 warning: signed and unsigned type in conditional expression in XPT_DoString
678954 Build failure with --enable-dtrace on Solaris
543789 Implement DOM3 composition events
682845 Bug 665706 changes IDL without changing IIDs, changes nsStandardURL serialization format
273456 Plugins (mainly PDF/Java) steal shortcut keys/focus/mouse events when tab is out of focus (inactive)…
695345 Bring back ISO8601DateUtils.jsm
679091 GCC 4.6 build warning: "gfxASurface.cpp:533:16: warning: variable ‘size’ set but not used [-Wunused-…
666677 modules/libjar/zipwriter - compiler warnings on mac
641552 Provide hook for adding APIs to window.navigator
672823 GCLI needs to provide completion hints for Javascript to match the JSTerms hints
672824 GCLI should have a single input area when embedded in Firefox
685113 Enable/Disable/Resize Web Console corrupts content rendered
572983 ctypes.Int64(0x7fffffffffffffff) and ctypes.Int64(0x8000000000000000) does not throw type error on S…
678069 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
681024 Accessing mozIndexedDB in a chrome window throws
681026 glxtest should wait() for its child to exit
682166 Allow absolute pathnames in js console read()
676934 Large stack traces can hang browser for a long time
676937 Make entering a compartment and pushing a dummy frame an atomic stack operation
685130 Should build libffi as thumb when compiling for ARM
681036 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
683085 NativeParentWidget used incorrectly in Widget Qt port
691725 Unable to use mouse to select an item in Select Drop Down list in 32-bit mode on Mac
683084 Loading forever Google Earth plugin
685139 node.contains(node) returns false per spec and in Gecko, true in other browsers
685141 csshtmltree.css & arrows.png are missing from aero theme
175190 display:block style in tables has nasty side-effects
670807 Delete doesn't work on last character in contenteditable inline elements (such as spans) nested in a…
683096 Error: [Exception... "Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 5 [calIOperationListener.onGetResult…
672857 Make IM working for IPC plugins in remote browser
689679 Add What's New page to the Firefox Update Experience
674909 Synthetic bolding uses too large pixel offset when zoom is applied to the cairo surface
685150 Math.min is slower in TI+JM than TM
666719 Locationbar result list closes immadiatly when using trackpad or magic mouse
682539 Add nsTreeColumn::mNext to CC
685154 Cleanup nsIFrame::GetParentStyleContextFrame and related code
664676 GCLI conversion error messages should be localized
679013 [jsdbg2] Crash when a scripted proxy handler throws Error.prototype
691541 content area is incorrectly offset a few pixels to the right upon startup
690705 Nightly/Aurora restart their process when running when selected from 'Recent Apps'
679016 Remove outdated Seamonkey Profile Migrator
679019 Initialize Error classes more simply and less generically
682744 Sprinkle some do_QueryObject fairy dust around the tree
674926 refactor the webProgressListener used to keep track of whether to save tab thumbnails
681071 Lower the boom on cross-compartment pointers
687216 XHR in worker to bogus URI leads to Assertion failure: foundIndex != size_t(-1), at c:/dev/mozilla-c…
689267 Layout problems and "this.control is undefined" because prefs-uilanguage should not be type="menulis…
687220 XHR POST in worker with null body and upload load event listener leads to Assertion failure: GetPriv…
676713 Places browser-chrome tests should use head.js:waitForClearHistory instead of defining their own imp…
658805 Shell trap() should bounds-check
689564 fails
687295 ThinVNC screen not updating with Firefox due to use of deflate-stream in websockets; works with Chro…
666748 Replace ContentParent::GetSingleton to allow for multiple content processes
681085 sync cache map file after writing the header
679038 error building WatcherService for SUTAgent
682881 jorendorff can't stop believin'
683883 Improve DigitNotarGate handling in PSM
548263 XML content sink doesn't split rel value properly before looking for dns-prefetch
679149 VKB jumping too much on maemo
691338 [TABLETUI] Reposition arrowbox container on rotation
683149 Break out layout memory reporters on a per-shell basis
683150 Content area of remote desktop pane displays area of previously viewed page
255119 Don't show redirect content after denying automatic redirect to javascript: URL
681104 Add flag to make JS_Tracers not visit WeakMap bindings
642196 GCLI should allow JS to be entered using {}
689301 Compile error in nsTimerImpl.cpp with gcc 4.6.0 on Fedora core 15 x64
584217 Add Meego Touch based filepicker implementation
686428 disabled reload button should not show border on hover
148636 Enormous memory usage rendering with lots of form elements
685214 Hyphenation dictionary will not load correctly if Firefox is installed to a unicode path on Windows
684010 remove JSScript::isAboutToBeFinalized
98160 Replace Accel+Shift+X (Switches text direction) with more intuitive keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Left/Ri…
677027 Implement conditional forward button for gnomestripe
693413 Service.startOver resets Status.sync too late, prefs pane flickers
339111 README.txt should be readme.txt (or the other way round?)
398505 nsMathMLmactionFrame::Init munges style context
649526 some icons/logos still need updating for Nightly/Aurora branding (document icons, about:logo, disk i…
649603 Make nsIScriptContext::GetNativeContext return JSContext
419698 File->Quit should ask ONCE
611503 Constructing an nsTDependentString from an nsTAString makes no sense
686280 build error in xpcwrappedjsclass.cpp
685234 GCC 4.6 build warning: "jsparse.cpp:8457:16: warning: variable 'afterComma' set but not used [-Wunus…
488627 Datepicker doesn't work with some short date formats.
683188 nsISound should be used in Win32 widget code, not PlaySound directly
593077 Remove SSL 2.0 support
674998 someday we should rip out InvokeSessionGuard and self-host its 3 uses
677050 UI lock when HTML parser is used from a http-on-start-request observer triggered by an object load f…
686597 nsAutoTArray doesn't have a copy-constructor.
675005 "ASSERTION: nsWindow::SetParent - reparenting a non-child window"
683199 [OGL] Fix JSReftest2 Android failures
678432 Sending arraybuffers using XMLHttpRequest.send
687298 Preference checkboxes re-toggling on tap
689349 Don't Suggest Values for Password Text Boxes
678928 WebGL JS broken after pushing 649202
683207 crash js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT
681161 Shrink nsCSSCompressedDataBlock on 64-bit platforms
664783 Implement FileAPI: FileReaderSync
683216 Intermittent test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | Test failed, "gl.getExtension("OES_texture_flo…
678451 Remove unused gfx files (mozilla-decoder.*, gfxIFormats.idl and gfxidltypes.idl)
679459 "ASSERTION: mEndOffset is beyond the end of this node" in nsRange::ContentInserted
689366 Crash [@ mozilla::layout::RenderFrameParent::GetLayerManager]
687319 Spell check dialog shows no misspelled word and no suggestions
341211 Text disappears depending on window width
687326 Kill txAtoms.h and s/txXPathAtoms|txXMLAtoms|txXSLTAtoms|txHTMLAtoms/nsGkAtoms/g
677087 Firefox tab bar scroll buttons are too narrow on Linux
679136 JSOPTION_PCCOUNT should use js::Interpret's interrupts to count opcodes
679138 argv past script argument should not be interpreted as options
680827 Undo nsPresArena workaround from bug 678422
578790 Stop building xpidl binary
687313 Clear up non-referenced curSHEntry variable
678520 GCLI's caret handling is incorrect when completing non-final parameters
290026 Outdent of List does not work properly
687340 Make dynamic changes to mask, clipPath and marker attributes work
684242 Unresponsive browser on resume from sleep on tablet device
687342 arm.obj : warning LNK4221: This object file does not define any previously undefined public symbols
678452 misuse of NS_ENSURE_ARG_POINTER
678440 Firefox 8.0a1 Crash [@ nsNSSSocketInfo::EnsureDocShellDependentStuffKnown()]
679154 Copy of SunSpider in js/src/jit-test should be deterministic
681203 Fallback to bind all symbols when dynamic symbol lookup is not supported
685302 Use "website" instead of "web site" consistently across all strings in the UI
668921 Text disappears after scrolling
683258 Size reported as -1 bytes when attempting download with no Content-Length header
681211 crash PL_DHashTableEnumerate in the DOM memory reporter
689404 Changes to inline settings broke existing Firefox Mobile add-ons
683261 Better coverage for DigiNotarGate in NSS
650494 Remove nsIXULPrototypeCache
685313 Assertion failure: [infer failure] Missing type pushed 0: string, at jsinfer.cpp:341
685315 Remove JSOP_GETGLOBAL
126212 mozilla is much slower then IE6 ! and uses 90MB
678785 resource leak (not closed directory) in gfx/thebes/gfxFT2FontList.cpp
683320 data:text/html,basic%20style%20inspector%20tests leaked during mochitest-browser-chrome
669792 is not considered to be a public suffix
683275 Geolocation should avoid triggering a remote prompt if the testing pref is set
675084 PGO builds with pymake are broken because pymake chokes on a builtin with shell metacharacters
681858 Improve gfx3DMatrix multiplication performance
678794 Remove NECKO_OFFLINE_CACHE checks
682541 [10.7] Give search fields in window chrome the new on-chrome style on 10.7
646333 Video constants should all consistently be either #define or const T
677138 Remove unused "non-blocking" code from nsAudioStream
681238 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | WindowsDllInterceptor | Failed to add hook
679191 Improve XPT Arena size increasing behavior
668953 [10.7] Support two-finger horizontal swipe on OSX Lion
652571 xptstubs on x86_64 does not pass float correctly
662812 Panorama isn't aware of the current SSWindowState when being initialized
686637 Stop extracting hyphenation files from the APK
687392 Use nearest filter for mobile plugin rendering
685347 Context menu selections in URL bar removes focus on the URL bar
683300 IonMonkey skeleton for ARM
687399 Assertion failure: copied == 0, at ../methodjit/FrameEntry.h:180
634759 Re-enable rotation of buffers using buffer-space rotation coordinates
697647 flicker on html5/webm video
662833 makefiles: split of config/ into a hierarchy of makefiles
507186 checkbox inside a prefwindow doesn't affect the preference when it has a command
673331 Add identifying information to system compartments
683316 DOMStorageImpl::GetKey performance regression
677173 css3-3d-transforms isn't fully disabled since properties (which sites detect) are added to IDL
673080 Dropping a link on Firefox from an external program has no effect.
682478 Wait longer to get correct filename for "save link as"
685372 type inference changes GC edge names; findReferences tests need to be updated
678250 Filter bounds rounded before scaling so small filters may be too large
675135 should use -Fo instead of -o on MASM (LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'methodjit/…
689025 Language button has a label referencing location of
684797 Crash [@ js_ValueToBoolean(js::Value const&) ]
679236 Add Maemo6 geolocation provider (Qt Mobility based)
529733 Crash in nsCacheMetaData::SetElement
357601 Drag and drop from an external program to Firefox does not use the proper drop effect
650569 layout/reftests/border-radius/clipping-3.html fails on Android
677431 GC: MarkAndSweep cleanups
683822 Delete and the patches from media/libsydneyaudio, and fix the readmes
677198 Remove some Windows line endings introduces by bug 505115
677091 Layout broken on preference dialog and find bar
687445 Don't round mask size till after the CTM transform has been applied
679255 “Close” Button on Tabs Reacts to Spacebar but Performs No Corresponding Action
685404 nsAutoTArray-ize callers to nsDisplayList::HitTest
679261 sa_stream_get_min_write returns frames but caller expects samples
679262 Seeking to end of file during loadedmetadata event breaks further playback
637840 after closing a group in panorama, focus should go to the last used tab in the last used group
687458 TimeStamp in FPSState uninitialized, leads to crash
576867 "Firefox is already running, but is not responding" window has no icon
669028 DeCOMtaminate nsILookAndFeel
679269 Rename SoundData{,Value} to AudioData{,Value} and fix inconsistent use of "sound" vs "audio"
660369 Consolidate widget debug output, use nspr logging instead of printing to stdout
691560 crash [@ mozilla::AndroidBridge::InitCamera]
679615 Remove config/gtscc.c
693610 Drawing text to a <canvas> overlaps incorrectly (Windows, probably Azure)
670951 Mac XULRunner builds fail intermittently during unification
136556 Image title should use "×", not "x".
679283 Implement DeviceMotion deviceOrientation for Qt port
681333 crash [@][@ mozilla::gl::GLContext::InitExtensions ]
191864 Range and Selection broken with splitText() and normalize()
685435 Remove some unneeded multithread support
660861 pyxpidl tracking
587134 Context menu item for Highlight Element (highlighter)
56703 leak global object, etc., in main mail window
675201 Intermittent ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | layout/generic/test/test_bug632379.xul | Test timed out.
593283 persist each group's active tab across sessions
648581 If DLL blocklisting hook fails, annotate crash reports
673158 Separate regexp JIT code and normal mjit code in about:memory
674212 Modifying text of a contenteditable DOM Node removes spellcheck underlinings.
677256 Migrate to Google Location Service v2
676275 Update sdk on build slaves to api level 13
654734 TrampolineCompiler::generateForceReturn should emit a call to ScriptDebugEpilogue
681359 GCLI needs a way to add to the list of strings files
683410 Add TI to overall view on AWFY
648595 Implement temporal dimension portion of Media Fragments URI specification for video/audio
589735 JS engine completely broken on ia64
673176 Separate image decoding telemetry by decoder
677273 Firefox 8/9 Crash in mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::RescheduleTimeoutTimer
689562 [TABLET UI] Refresh button is not fully highlighted when it's tapped
685468 warnaserr: js/src/jsinterp.cpp(6176) : warning C4805: '&=' : unsafe mix of type 'JSBool' and type 'b…
683421 Make MediaTestManager less batchy
687518 Remove nsSVGUtils:: from nsSVGUtils methods
677279 Scrolling in <option> box closes box quickly
677787 Remove unique_pointer from typelib code
682618 test_contextmenu.html's IsCommandEnabled calls can be dispatched to the wrong element
679334 LINK : fatal error LNK1266: error reading instrumentation file 'firefox.pgd'; File not found
699633 Inline workers broken in Firefox 8
658856 implement drawingbufferWidth/Height
591780 spell checker should support dictionaries from restartless addons
681387 caretPositionFromPoint seems to return different offset as what the selection offset is (backout bug…
671148 test_evalInSandbox.xul appears to be partly bogus
654891 warning C4509: nonstandard extension used: 'PluginWindowEvent::Run' uses SEH and 'inst' has destruct…
605174 Fix build warnings in dom/
652721 Minor robustness improvements for Ogg seeking code
679346 js/src/jsdbgapi.cpp:1233: warning: ‘void UnsafeError(const char*, ...)’ defined but not used
684621 Assertion failure: copied == 0, at methodjit/FrameEntry.h:180
683447 GCLI predictions are confusing
681400 assertion failure in win debug in WebGL test drawingbuffer-static-canvas-test.html
683449 Remove the exemptions for the Staat der Nederlanden root
681403 Some border-image reftests have invalid HTML syntax, causing tests to be NOP
669116 Add memory reporter for the spell checker
677310 Thumbnails are lost when switching to private browsing mode
689599 search drop-down does not work while on an about: page
678816 web console re-attaches console to non-tab-browser contentWindows
693698 3rd Party add-ons from the application folder are not disabled on upgrade
682571 nsLocalFile::isWritable behaves wrongly on Windows
675269 restore |arguments| in javascript shell
91363 Efficiency issues with nsObserverTopic, etc
673226 Null timestamp usage in telemetry code
673228 Use MOZ_ASSERT instead of NS_ASSERTION in TimeStamp.h
685518 Shouldn't taint the canvas when drawing images with @crossorigin into it
691663 SyncScheduler should obey backoffInterval at all times
681424 With GL Layers, scrolling some pages on Fennec causes black rectangles to replace content
671190 Stop using BOGUS_DEFAULT_*_PREF_VALUE in prefapi.cpp and cleanup PRBool abuse
619992 feSpecularLighting with point light incorrectly determines light position
484825 Border weirdness when table cell is display:inline
46555 "Select All" is enabled even when text field is empty
648668 update blank document default favicon
684444 Clicking on a background tab's close button selects the tab before closing it
678480 First-run animation is busted and tab sidebar is visible at startup
697827 [Mobile] Pull out Aurora in-product lightbox promo for Firefox 9 Beta
684666 js/src/methodjit/MonoIC.cpp:1357:51: warning: format '%lu' expects type 'long unsigned int', but arg…
683494 Version 6 Back/Forward Button UI less clear than earlier releases
690227 Back out bug 455694 (tab drag/detach animations)
691690 Can't copy the multibyte character correctly from the location bar
648683 Expose tabs on-demand preference
683500 glxtest should use glXGetProcAddress, not dlsym
693743 3rd party add-on check doesn't disable those add-ons on start-up, if they were installed into the pr…
682920 Remove build support for old Unix platforms
685554 Set OS_TARGET to WINNT when crosscompiling on mingw
628214 Shutdown Crash after playing webm video [@ @0x0 | mozilla::layers::GLTexture::Release ]
677367 [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: !fp->isEvalFrame(), at jsinterpinlines.h:276
687610 [OOPP] [10.6] [10.7] QuickTime hangs FF while trying to play a sound from the plugin process
650749 Fix xptcall on OpenBSD/powerpc
679509 Synology file browser fails to list local hard drives with FF7 and newer
663049 Intermittent failure in tabview/browser_tabview_bug597248.js | Test timed out
673285 Investigate speeding up docshell/test/navigation/test_sessionhistory.html
674856 The style inspector should not redraw the whole UI every time it is used
605427 Implement FpReg move on icc or fcc for asm_cmov()
677386 Fix jsdbg2 breakpoint GC rules
685581 PHP $_SESSION problems because Firefox 6 requests the site two times when an embedded image has an e…
669199 Fennec "Enable Sync" checkbox is wrong
642576 Create a universal constructor check for functions
675416 Fetching bookmarks information during onBeforeItemRemove may break the bookmarks cache
687634 testing blackImage->CairoStatus value twice in gfxXlibNativeRenderer::Draw
673301 Reproducible crash on bookmarks drag&drop involving clipboard and compartments
661978 Input type file will cause a hang in fennec
685593 remove unused argument gcKind from Debugger::markAllIteratively
681599 Ctrl+T while in search mode should close search layer
683610 Restore support for 1bpp RLE bitmaps
648735 Fix ipc/chromium build on OpenBSD
677409 Remove nsICipherInfo API
683555 GCLI NumberType needs max and min to be dynamic
605732 test_taskbar_jumplistitems.js leaks items
617052 Use ITaskbarList2::MarkFullscreenWindow for proper windows taskbar integration
677418 Remove unused nsNSSComponent::GetNSSCipherIDFromPrefString
687367 Bionic domain name functions are not thread-safe on pre-3.0 Android
678834 [10.7] Tab swipe scrolling behavior changed for the worse
667183 Create a static nsGlobalWindow::Init method to do all one-shot initializations currently in nsGlobal…
683441 Sign NSS libraries from
687260 crash js::mjit::EnterMethodJIT
677427 xpcshell test netwerk/test/unit/test_bug650955.js fails on Android
683614 content/html/content/test/test_bug618948.html sets onvad property instead of oninvalid
675383 DWrite font using GDI rendering mode has erratic spacing when a transform (e.g. synthetic italics) i…
671291 </iframe> and </html> overlap in the Inspect window
679486 Create some BMP reftests for OS/2 bitmaps
600556 Support Vista-style ICO files
682592 do bidi scan when nsTextFragment content is changed
679494 "compartment mismatched" when listening message event
671307 Add Twitter to the default search plugins (en-US only)
538189 Touchpad/trackpoint scrolling does not work with some versions of Synaptics drivers in Thunderbird 5
687373 Provide mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptorX11 non xlib surface ctor
681190 crash nsPNGEncoder::ConvertHostARGBRow
657985 Panorama mixes up tabs between different groups
423506 occasionally when clicking link, the download box opens and asks whether i want to open the php scri…
671465 Misc build-system cleanups
695421 Loading the web page crashes Gecko > 8
681913 Dryice should have override path feature so we can cleanly customize embedded GCLI
669272 Session Restore moves windows around unnecessarily
620122 crash [@ nsContentList::PopulateSelf(unsigned int)]
687710 Restoring session causes hang from nsSHEntry parent loop
683616 Remove vestiges of pre-4.5 support
683618 synthetic bolding on Android (gfxFT2Fonts) does not adjust glyph metrics properly
683619 Clean up dehydra's configure
687621 More ObjectOps property-type splitting
678161 msvc*.dll missing when building with new style jemalloc
683624 Get xhydra to work with gcc 4.6
587370 darwin/x11 gtk build fails in PluginInstanceParent.h
678214 NSS doesn't depend on jemalloc in new style jemalloc
691763 Fennec Layout is broken on initial startup after landing bug 688505
652914 Preferred page background color is printed, even when "Print Background Colors" is unchecked
681588 Cleanup wrap malloc and its use on Android
671350 Implement responsive UI for Style Editor
697975 [TABLET] First start animation is performed for the first startup if device is in portrait
685688 Use a one-off global object slot for storing generators' [[Prototype]]
678847 "ABORT: Update current interval recursion depth exceeded threshold" with <svg:animate>
644733 Can't open new windows if any windows are on a secondary monitor & primary and secondary are NOT TOP…
685694 GLES2 doesn't support glDrawBuffer
688405 rowspan values are capped at 8190
683400 SandboxDump should flush stderr after writing output
456323 mask-transformed-01.svg reftest fails
683654 Make TraceVis compile and run again.
691137 Awry text rendering on canvas using hardware acceleration
675806 Static strings should be GC things
687755 Make it easy to forward methods from the DOM storage wrapper to the right implementation class
689804 Disable orion in scratchpad on aurora
673214 nanojit.h should probably include njcpudetect.h
681615 Move a couple of tests from content/html/content/test to content/html/content/test/forms
689808 Disable highlighter on aurora
672024 Mingw build error: undefined reference to `WinMain@16' in nsinstall_win.c
675474 svg/as-image failures with OpenGL layers on linux
300692 Win32 nsLocalFile::Create returns not found if no access and a directory hierarchy is needed
667929 OGG media buffered member is not correct when the stream is infinite
683672 Style Inspector is counting some unmatched rules incorrectly
582596 Style view centered around answering common CSS questions
677531 GLXtest process stays around as zombie until the data is used by GfxInfo
415389 All tags removed when moving a bookmark in the Bookmarks folder structure (cut & paste)
685727 Remove What's New page from the Firefox Update Experience.
604747 TM: shell GC heap size should match browser heap size
527643 Firefox 3.6b1 hangs when visiting the URL
686705 Source Editor with the textarea fallback displays undefined without a placeholderText
689832 syncSetup.js refers to outdated string change.password.pwSameAsSyncKey
679196 Mem leak when preferred effect is set for drag and drop
682951 Youtube video does not start with flashblock
681645 SVG SMIL : Animation skips 30th and 58th frame
687389 MSVC 2010 warning C4005: '_WIN32_WINNT' : macro redefinition for various files under accessible/publ…
681648 Sandboxes with the same URI string end up having different Principals
681651 Move Highlighter's TreePanel associated code to browser/devtools
681653 Augment RegisterTools API in Highlighter to deregister tools
669369 Try simplifying Parser::setFunctionKinds and removing funarg analysis
681659 Execute mozconfig-find just once and make sure mozconfig detection errors are handled properly
681660 [win] GetDiskSpaceAvailable doesn't work on files
687805 Allow DIST_FILES, DIST_CHROME_FILES and PREF_JS_EXPORTS to be in objdir
691534 Use asyncFetch when loading files in aboutHome.xhtml
671423 "non-relocatable subtraction expression" trying to compile content/canvas/src/CanvasUtils.cpp
124608 Imagelib memory usage issues
601261 nsXPCOMDetector::DoIt didn't call Reset resulting in crash [@ nsSJISProber::HandleData] triggered by…
681666 Add formnovalidate attribute to test_button_attribute_reflection.html
681667 Create a test_form_attributes_reflection.html with novalidate check
671428 Firefox Crash @ _moz_pixman_image_create_bits
532378 A cross site URL-encoded XMLhttp POST request generates a preflighted (OPTIONS) request
677577 Force an early failure when fails
681674 aria-autocomplete not supported on standard form text input controls
682615 OOM crash in BasicPlanarYCbCrImage::SetData
675532 Add GLX Debug mode
685774 Implement document.scripts
378577 "Use Bookmark" button needs three dots after the text
675107 Remove doctype specific code
687830 Simplify marker implementation
681688 Outparamdel nsXMLHttpRequest::GetLoadGroup
683737 browser/devtools/styleinspector/test/browser/browser_styleinspector_webconsole.js | Test timed out
685786 give nsPresShell a .h file
669403 Build both VC9 and VC10 exception-wrapping code
685788 Test for bug 593174 conceals its location after it's done
686714 Move the debugger code into the devtools module
609431 LNK4221 MSVC build warnings in js/src/ (object file does not define any previously undefined public …
683745 Fix OGL FPS Counter on Android
435356 Stop using nsIDOMSVGMatrix internally
679653 li.value attribute reflection doesn't follow the specs (allow negative <li value>s)
685798 Node.parentElement not implemented
688081 Reorder condition checks in RequestDecode()
622312 "ASSERTION: nsWindow::EnableDragDrop() called after Destroy()"
657129 [Direct2D] [Win64] Flash x64 Crash on GMail [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P ]
636650 Stop redefining STAGE_DIST in browser/locales/, is enough
624363 Reloading all tabs does not show progress in List all tabs pop-up
686857 Tab is closed when tapping near the "X" button
687854 Move the Inspector code to browser/devtools
677501 Build a mozutils library containing jemalloc and other things
687856 crash [@ mozjs.dll]
681714 fails to compile nsILDAPOperation.idl
681715 buffer-offscreen-test.html fails because the canvas falls outside the visible area
681716 Sort out glue linking situation on iOS
679671 element.setAttribute trim leading and trailing whitespaces when the attribute is of type long or uns…
673528 using Shift to bypass "switch to tab" doesn't work anymore (loads
685820 Fix uint64/uint64_t breakage in PluginMessageUtils.h
679893 JS shell's -D option misses early scripts
653056 Figure out why Visual Studio PGO miscompiles JSDOUBLE_IS_NAN
683777 Firefox Crash in nsDocShell::InternalLoad
575234 Create attribute-value editor for HTML inspector
386821 need better solution for firing delayed event against xul tree
679689 ASSERTION: Empty string? trying to parse HTML image with empty crossorigin attribute
681740 pyxpidl doesn't properly resolve const names
686449 Make ProcessingInstruction inherit from CharacterData
665360 Crash [@ gfxMixedFontFamily::ReplaceFontEntry(gfxFontEntry*, gfxFontEntry*) ]
620306 crash [@ nsFtpState::Init] for oom from BeginWriting()
691988 OS X: Spurious 'back' events from idle observer cause too many instant syncs
685846 DOMMenuItemActive is not fired for richlistitem of richlistbox autocomplete popup if it's selected r…
685847 Crash in nsLocalFile::RevealUsingShell() on release builds
685849 Update the script debugger to work with the new jsdebugger module
679877 cannot get classDescription of Components.ID, Components.Exception and Components.Constructor
689948 Fennec won't open again if minimized
694047 Turn off the locale picker
675481 Space reserved for expand button should be determined at run-time
675618 Crash during startup on ARM when linked with recent GNU ld
679717 Add "mac-lion-theme" system metric
677670 "New tab opened" popup does not work in tablet mode
677671 Add unit tests for
489259 Loading indicator stays loading when remove iframe in onload
679725 Create some BMP reftests for bitmaps with negative heights
689966 Custom Page has a double entry for Start Page option
665907 [highlighter] Bounding boxes update are slow while the page is scrolling.
687070 Unused variable result in nsDisplaySelectionOverlay::Paint
681623 GCLI keeps moving the cursor to the end of the line
683859 Dryice should package mini_require so it doesn't need to be copied into each child project
683999 "Assertion failure: hasSingletonType()" in JSObject::splicePrototype (jsinfer.cpp)
683838 Different regular expression result since Firefox 7
691509 Run ANALYZE at each schema change (and force a schema change)
679879 Change JSFunction macros to methods
680402 Hang on certain site
670493 JM: for loop with "i--" as loop condition is 2x slower than same loop with "i-- > 0" as loop conditi…
260406 cellpadding mapping fails if table cells have other display types
677703 Add element-valued property methods to ObjectOps
683852 Implement Node.contains(node)
685901 Remove the nsTableOuterFrame::mInnerTableFrame and mCaptionFrame members in favor of accessing the c…
653135 GCLI command help should be localizable
677712 Make Qt port support No X11 build
685905 Add a ReplaceElementAt to nsTArray
591699 Wrong clickable area for "close tab group" button
683862 Using JSGCTraceKind in the public API
683710 Should probably strip comments from shader sources before validating bad character and passing to th…
475045 Can't drag unlinkified URL to bookmarks toolbar (regression from Firefox 3)
379535 Throttle setTimeout/Interval callbacks in content if callbacks are called too frequently (in backgro…
679772 Send any existing site Cookies and/or HTTP Auth headers with CSP violation reports
673631 Refactor profiler management
690017 Favicons in portrait tab menu are scaled fuzzily
683874 Remove modules/libimg/
581477 possible uninitialized variable use in xpcwrappednativeproto.cpp
696167 test_contextmenu.html doesn't respect highlighter preference
649532 improve cycle collector logging information
681835 object-deletion-behaviour.html test failures
683885 Assertion failure: self, at dom/workers/EventTarget.cpp:170 | Crash [@ mozilla::dom::workers::events…
472942 VideoDocument should center video in tab
679791 nsIFrame::IsFocusable incorrectly uses the absolute size of scrollbars to determine if a scrollable …
674177 Style Editor should use Orion for editing
679796 js_DumpStackFrame should walk saved frame chains
677752 [contentEditable] indent and justify* fail on editable nodes that have only one child
386937 ConvertPixel doesn't work as nsColor and gfx_color are not compatible...
674794 favicons of app tabs aren't updated on Panorama
599938 moz-transform:translate shows selectbox content on non-translated position
680929 empty relations returned to atk
687885 Don't use resetUseCount() outside of ifdef JS_METHODJIT
694149 Tweak sync intervals to reduce server load
678209 Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang
683998 GCC 4.6 build warning: "jstracer.cpp:17174:20: warning: variable 'v' set but not used [-Wunused-but-…
669578 Add a reflectInt method to reflect.js
681867 Scrolling a GMail email conversation is really slow and chunky
681870 IndexedDB: Prompts can crash when multiple windows are open
687768 Crash [@ JSString::length]
679361 Tweak GCLI's bugz command to display a summary of minotaur bugs
686317 format string/argument list mismatches in ARMAssembler.h
659350 don't rely on slots to hold event handlers, IDL-ify event handlers
650794 Disable HTML panel and make it use registerTools API
503108 Memory usage climbs slowly but continuously on
562815 SVG/SMIL: Don't always force-recompose animations of CSS properties (Slow perf w/ many frozen animat…
681884 Faster slow path of GC allocation
685981 'oversize' is the only suggestion for 'exersize'
602759 SVG SMIL: Implement SVGAnimatedTransformList properly
432698 mouseenter and mouseleave events are not supported
583588 Crashes when download completes (successfully) -- always reproducible
681893 Fixups for MSVC > 8 after bug 678161
462758 elements with contenteditable=true and position:absolute can be moved around the page
681895 Tag <pre> is ignored on Firefox under Mac OS 10.6/10.7 (Cyrillic script)
679771 [10.7] Lion Large Back Button is Fuzzy
685995 DOM chrome worker tests do not really test anything
679853 switching from private browsing does not show panorama if it was open before
681905 Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::ProcessContentInserted]
688115 Can't use GL layers on Samsung Galaxy S II: "I/Gecko ( 2827): Failed to create EGL config!"
681908 Remove obsolete MOZ_CRT_CPU_ARCH in
679861 Looking up a nodelist element through an XRayWrapper using a string index fails
679864 Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
686009 Bad-comment fixing related to standard classes
590299 Virtual keyboard is not invoked for input fields in Qt plugins
679872 Support for returning a Javascript object from C++
686017 Cell::arenaHeader() should be avoided on the fast paths
679499 Add nsHTMLAnchorElement, nsHTMLSpanElement and nsHTMLDivElement to the DOM Memory Reporter
681924 HookSetWindowLongPtr is called several times
674806 Allow Fennec to build with clang
678561 Firefox fails to use fallback font assigned in css rule in Linux
669640 Fix the message manager API/impl for multiple content processes
686025 nsNavHistory::AsyncExecuteLegacyQueries uses synchronous createStatement call instead of async creat…
686026 test_mozGetAsFile.html runs finish three times, instead of once
675691 Get rid of all the mozconfig guesswork
186317 border spec crosstalk
686032 Test for bug 622088 conceals its location after it's done
687096 Remove entries for removed folders from LOCAL_INCLUDES
675794 about:config - must strip whitespace as a name for new alphanumeric
681941 update() method of nsIGeolocationUpdate cannot be used with multiple tabs
690134 Fennec shows non-interactive UI on firstrun instead of splash screen
692183 Incorrect behavior of preventDefault() when used with context menu
688090 crashes with stacks in js engine
675837 Add 3d transform support to BasicLayers
691226 about:memory can fail due to generating invalid XML
679551 Workers: Deadlock in WorkerPrivate::BlockAndCollectRuntimeStats if worker is blocked (LastPass exten…
458722 gcc warning mainly 64 bit: src/xpcconvert.cpp:1931: warning: comparison is always false due to limit…
593891 Fennec nsICapturePicker implementation
690151 Bump Chatzilla compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.7 / Firefox 10.0
677864 Components.results class description is wrong
657389 nsHtml5MetaScanner should use PR_INT32_MAX instead of -1 as a special marker value for indeces
653295 nsFrameSetFrame.cpp:1391 warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions (or: Wh…
690160 Bump Venkman compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.7 / Firefox 10.0 / Thunderbird 10.0
684018 DOMWindow printfs are broken
686067 Standardize max time for necko telemetry stats at 30 seconds, not 10
677876 console.js in GCLI polutes the namespace more than it needs to
677878 no jquery action ellement on enabling css3 properties -moz-transform to ellement input[type=file]
679783 crash [@ mozilla::net::WebSocketChannel::OnInputStreamReady]
677880 get rid of nsIScriptableInterfaces
669693 Dehydra: Unhandled type_pack_expansion/decltype_type etc.
677886 Labels on "Previous" and "Next" buttons are cropped in the Find Bar
661503 CPU usage is high, high temperature in