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Mozilla Firebird 0.7.1 for Mac OS X - Release Notes

Mozilla Firebird 0.7.1 is a service update to Mozilla Firebird 0.7 for Mac OS X. For all other platforms, Mozilla Firebird 0.7 is available.

Mozilla Firebird 0.7.1 for Mac OS X is a Technology Preview. While this software works well in most cases, generally well enough to be relied upon as your primary browser, we make no guarantees of its performance or stability in its pre-1.0 state and it should not be relied upon for mission-critical tasks. See the License Agreement for more information.

This document covers what's new, download and installation instructions, known issues and frequently asked questions for the Mozilla Firebird 0.7 release. Please read these notes and the bug filing instructions before reporting any bugs to Bugzilla.

We want to hear your feedback about Mozilla Firebird. Please join us in the Mozilla Firebird forums, kindly hosted by MozillaZine.

What's New

This service release fixes the following bugs in 0.7:

  • Unable to open URLs sent by other applications when set as default browser. (Shows XML error window)
  • Save Page As, Save Image As, Save Link As, are non-functional.
  • Double clicking a tab when using the Pinstripe theme opens a new one
  • Automatic download of files to desktop not enabled by default
  • First new window after closing all windows has non-functional UI (bookmarks, navigation, session history, etc)

This release also contains some performance enhancements resulting in 15-40% improvements in startup time on Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar and Mac OS X 10.3 Panther depending on the speed and memory of your system.

Download, Install and Uninstall

Mac OS X:

Simply download the file, mount the disk image and drag the application file to where you want it to go.

For the 0.8 Milestone, we will be transitioning to Kevin Gerich's Pinstripe theme as the default theme on Mac OS X. In the mean time, we highly recommend you Install the Pinstripe Beta in Mozilla Firebird 0.7.1 to enhance the Aqua look and feel.

To remove Mozilla Firebird from your system, drag its icon to the trash.

Known Issues

This list covers some of the known problems with Mozilla Firebird 0.7.1. Please read this before reporting any new bugs, and watch it regularly (we'll update it as new bugs are found in the release).

  • Mozilla Firebird utilizes large chunks of Mozilla Application Suite code. Many of the problems you may experience in Mozilla Firebird are actually problems in this Mozilla core code. If you find a problem with page content or connectivity then it is probably a Mozilla problem and should be reported to the Browser product in Bugzilla, not to the Mozilla Firebird product.
  • "Use this theme" checkbox in theme install doesn't function properly and you may have to switch themes by going to Tools > Options > Themes. Some themes may not apply completely until you open a new window, or restart the browser.
  • An option exists to disable Form auto complete, but it only disables the UI, data is still collected as you complete forms. A future release will completely disable data collection.
  • Firebird on Mac OS X is new and still very rough around the edges. Some UI may look or feel like Windows UI. The Firebird team is devoted to Mac OS X and producing the best possible experience on Mac OS X and optimizations and enhancements are planned before 1.0.

For additional issues, FAQs, Tips and Tricks plus general Mozilla Firebird help be sure to check out David Tenser's very useful Mozilla Firebird help site and the Mozilla Firebird forums hosted by MozillaZine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does Mozilla Firebird look like a bad port on Mac OS X?

    Mozilla Firebird has not received a lot of development attention on Mac OS X in the past because the development team either does not have Macintosh computers or is busy with other work. This has recently changed. The code we are using is unoptimized for Aqua's UI guidelines but has a lot of potential, especially on the new generation Apple hardware. Work will be carried out in the coming months to optimize the experience for users of Mac OS X. In the mean time, you can install the Pinstripe theme for Mac OS X Firebird to improve the look and feel of most aspects of the UI.

  2. What can I do to help?

    We need all the exposure we can get. Make it your mission to convert 5 friends, family members or coworkers. If you're a student, get it distributed at your college. Submit a story to Slashdot and other news sites about the release. Make some noise on your blog. Mass distribution via the Internet is possible--look at Kazaa. Spread the word!

  3. I use another browser because...

    If you're not using Mozilla Firebird, tell the development team why. We read the feedback at the Mozilla Firebird forums.

  4. Why haven't you responded to the mail I sent you?

    Use the forums. The Firebird team reads them regularly. E-mails are likely to be ignored.

  5. Where can I get themes and add-ons (extensions)?

    Extensions and Themes.

  6. Who is working on Mozilla Firebird?

    The main developers include Dave Hyatt, Blake Ross, Pierre Chanial, noririty, Ben Goodger, Dean Tessman, Mike Kaply, Jan Varga and Brian Ryner. Asa Dotzler provides help doing releases, bug triage, the website, and other odds and ends. David Tenser helps with documentation, the website and releases. Arvid Axelsson maintains the default theme. Notes of appreciation, offers to help and most other inquiries should be directed to the forums.

  7. Where's the Mozilla Firebird source? Mozilla trunk + mozilla/browser + mozilla/toolkit.

  8. Is Mozilla Firebird just Mozilla with a couple UI tweaks?

    The 40,000+ lines of code already added or changed from Mozilla beg to differ.

  9. What happened with the name Phoenix?

    It had to change because of trademark issues. The new name is Mozilla Firebird.

  10. Where is the mail client?

    Many of the current users of the full Mozilla Application Suite are also using it for mail and news. This isn't possible in Mozilla Firebird since it's a browser only. However, you don't have to give up Mozilla's mail client by switching to Mozilla Firebird. You can download builds of the new Mozilla Thunderbird mail application, the perfect complement to the Mozilla Firebird browser.

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