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Have You Seen These Hackers?

Note: the relicensing is now complete; this information is of historical interest only.

The Mozilla relicensing effort is reaching its final stages. The response has been overwhelming, with over 99% of respondents (300-odd people), including all major contributors, backing the change from MPL to an MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.

However, there are a few contributors who have gone missing and seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth; we have been unable to reach these people to ask their permission for the relicensing. Have you seen these hackers? We want to find them and reunite them with their code.

We are asking the community to help us find these missing contributors. If you find out any of these people's current contact information or whereabouts, please let us know. This page will be updated with the current status of the search. Feel free to use any tools (legally) at your disposal. Please don't mail them yourself, otherwise we might have twenty people all emailing the same person. Instead, let us know that you've tracked them down.

Your reward: General kudos, our thanks, a credit on this page, and a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

If your name appears in this first table, please, wherever you are, head for the nearest computer and get in touch! We love you, and want to hear from you again! Thanks!

Still To Find

Last Known Address (non-functional) Name Last Seen Their Code Current Status Uncle George 1998-05-06 An Alpha Linux NSPR fix. May be called George Baeslack; appears to be still using same address. Please get in touch! Makoto Kato 2001-02-21 Fixed unicode conversion problem Is not (someone else.) Is not,,,,,,,,,,, or (they bounce.) His ICQ# might be 14395562, or he may be or (no reply from either.)

Already Found

Last Known Address (non-functional) Name Their Code Finder Joshua 'Josh' Gough Many Chatzilla enhancements. Found by Johannes Schmid ( Sanjay Gupta Defined IP_MULTICAST to get the IP multicast macro/struct. Found by himself. Jiwei Wang Contributions to Transformiix. Found by himself. Larry Fitzpatrick Contributions to Transformiix. Found by Jonas Jorgensen ( Marc Fraioli DG-UX port of NSPR. Found by Olav Vitters ( Tom Kneeland Contributions to Transformiix. Found by Axel Hecht ( Gabriel Finch Minor wording improvements. Found by Olav Vitters ( Gavin Ho Adding a new converter for HKSCS. Found by Dennis Andersen ( Glen Nakamura xptcall changes for Linux Alpha Found by Jonas Jorgensen ( Dean Tessman Miscellaneous UI and build system fixes. Found by himself., Sammy Ford Address-book fixes. Found by Olav Vitters ( Wade Majors Fixed image colors on BeOS. Found by Frank Tobin ( Joe Keane Patched PR_Poll to use a stack pollfd array when caller's PDA can fit in it. Found by himself. Yannick Koehler Added -Wno-multichar to WARNINGS_C*FLAGS for BeOS. Found by Olav Vitters ( Mark G. Adams Added gcc check for -pthreads if -pthread check fails. Found by Olav Vitters ( Marcello Nuccio base64.c fixes. Found by Olav Vitters ( Tim Rice Unixware build system fixes. Found by Olav Vitters ( Tom Weinstein NSPR NetBSD/MIPS port Found by Dan Mosedale ( Vilya Harvey Various contributions to MathML Found by Olav Vitters ( Justin Smith Various contributions to Transformiix. Found by himself. Bob Miller Contributions to Transformiix. Found by Olav Vitters ( Nathan Pride Contributions to Transformiix. Found by Adam Souzis ( Bernhard Zwischenbrugger Contributions to Transformiix. Found by Olav Vitters ( David Nebinger HP-UX build fixes. Found by himself