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Release Notes

v.16.0.1, released: October 11, 2012

Check out what’s new and known issues for this version of Thunderbird below. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think, or file a bug in Bugzilla.

If interested, please see the release notes for the previous release.

What’s New

    16.0.1: Vulnerability outlined here
  • NEW
    We have now added to the list of online storage services that are available for use with Thunderbird Filelink
  • NEW
    Silent, background updates. Thunderbird will now download and apply updates in the background allowing you to start quickly the next time Thunderbird starts up.
    No longer supporting MD5 as a hash algorithm in digital signatures (650355)
    Various fixes and performance improvements
    Various security fixes

Known Issues

  • Unresolved
    If you are unable to view content for your RSS feeds in the Wide View Layout, you may need to disable the Lightning Calendar add-on if you have it installed or switch to Classic View and restart Thunderbird. (see 531397)