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2nd March, 2010

about the open to choice campaign

The European Commission’s agreement with Microsoft is a milestone in the history of the Web – having choice is important to keeping the Web healthy and vibrant.

Open to Choice was launched by Mozilla to educate the general public about the importance of the browser as crucial to each individual’s online experience. We hope to build a setting in which citizens understand they have a choice, realize they can demand better by changing browsers and aren’t penalized for doing so. It is a fundamental step in building an Internet that retains vibrancy, innovation and choice. We hope this campaign is a catalyst for greater awareness and, ultimately, more informed choice.

about Mozilla

Mozilla is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to an open, shared and innovative Web.

We’re a community who believe that the Internet is a public resource, which should be accessible to everyone.

And we’re an open source project whose software has been used to build some of the Internet’s most innovative applications, including the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client.

The mission of Mozilla is to make the Internet better for everyone.

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If you’re interested in helping us, visit our get involved page at Mozilla and see how you can help build a better Web.

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