If you’re a Windows PC user in Europe and use Internet Explorer as your default browser, you’ll see a screen in Internet Explorer asking you to choose your browser. It’s an important opportunity to take control of your online life and make a decision that has implications on your privacy, security and how you use the Web.

We encourage you to think about what matters most to you about your browser. Is it protecting your privacy? Security against viruses and other threats? High performance? Unique features? Take time to understand the options on the Browser Choice screen so you can make an informed choice.

Overview of Browsers

26th February, 2010

These are the browsers included on the Browser Choice screen. We encourage you to read about them and talk to friends and colleagues so you can learn more about your options. Apple Safari Avant Browser Flock Google Chrome GreenBrowser K-Meleon Maxthon Mozilla Firefox Opera Sleipnir Slim Browser Windows Internet Explorer What does the browser choice [...]

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The EC Agreement and the Browser Choice screen

In December 2009, Microsoft reached an agreement with the European Commission about competition in the Web browser market. As part of this, Microsoft announced a ‘Browser Choice screen’ for all Windows users in Europe using Internet Explorer as their default browser. This screen gives users the choice of staying with their default browser, or choosing [...]

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