Someone right now is wondering, “what’s this browser screen?”

3rd March, 2010

Thanks to all of you who helped us launch Open to Choice last week.  You jumped into the conversation, and began spreading the word about why browser choice matters.   Today, we are launching more content and information that we invite you to consider and comment, and use to share and inform your friends and colleagues.   This is an important week as the Browser Choice screen moves from piloting in select countries to widespread distribution.

At, discover what’s new – and help raise awareness among the 70 percent of Europeans that don’t know anything about their pending opportunity to choose their own Web browser.

We invite you to

We’re bringing Open to Choice to those of you that already know how important it is to choose your own browser, and asking if you can help others make the right browser choice for them.  To those who are not aware about this significant decision that will appear any day now on their computer screen, we’re using all channels available to us to reach both the uninformed and the unaware by:

  • Engaging our amazing wider community
  • Encouraging media, both technical and consumer, to help us raise awareness
  • Using social networks to spread the word
  • Launching a digital ad campaign

With the Browser Choice screen officially launching this week, there’s no time to lose.   Right now, there are people launching their IE browser wondering, “What’s this new screen I’ve never seen before and what should I do?”  We invite you to help your family, friends and colleagues make an informed decision.

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