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11th April, 2010

If you want to promote browser choice in your community, there are a number of ways to go about it.  So far, Open to Choice has essentially been online, (on this website, on Twitter, on blogs, on social networks), and in the media, as the campaign has been featured in a number of publications.  We invite anyone who is passionate about browser choice to engage in other activities to spread the word to as many people as possible.

Give a talk

If you enjoy public speaking: is there a local event where the topic of browser choice is a good fit?  A group or body which uses technology, but it is not necessarily technology-centric, might find such a talk especially useful: help people to understand that they can improve their online experience, or at least choose it for themselves.  With the browser choice screen still a news topic, it is a very good time to go out and give a talk on how much the browser defines people’s experience online.

Organize a booth

If you enjoy meeting people: is there is a technology event which is looking for participants, where you could set up a booth?  We can help with Open To Choice materials, and you could display all browsers, and use materials from other campaigns, such as and  If you’d like help with producing materials, get in touch!

Distribute flyers

If you’d like to distribute flyers to people, you can download and print the Open to Choice flyer and distribute them locally. You can either give them away to passers-by, put them in post boxes or leave some at your shop, school or workplace for visitors to take.

Put up posters

We have created both color and black and white posters, which are easy to download and print. You can put them up in your apartment building, school, local community center or place of work (please ask permission first!).

No matter what you choose to do (and maybe you have your own ideas), we believe that educating people around you on the subject of browser choice can be both fun and a service to your community.  If you do take part in any of these activities, do take your friends with you and take some photos.  You can put them up on your favourite photo sharing site and please send us a link.

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