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Firefox Notes (First offered to release channel users on July 17, 2012)

Check out what’s new and known issues for this version of Firefox below. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think, or file a bug in Bugzilla.

If interested, please see the complete list of changes in this release.

What’s New

Known Issues

  • Unresolved
    If you try to start Firefox using a locked profile, it will crash (see 573369)
  • Unresolved
    For some users, scrolling in the main GMail window will be slower than usual (see 579260)
  • Unresolved
    Focus rings keep growing when repeatedly tabbing through elements (see 720987)
  • Unresolved
    Windows: The use of Microsoft's System Restore functionality shortly after updating Firefox may prevent future updates (see 730285)