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The Web Can Make a Difference

We believe a group of committed, energized, service-minded people can accomplish almost anything. That's why this week we're harnessing the power of the Web and the passion of the Mozilla community to see how big a difference we can make.

What Is Mozilla Service Week?

This week - September 14-21, 2009 - we've asked individuals to step up and make a difference by using the Web to better their community. We've looked for people who want to share, give, engage, create, and collaborate by offering their time and talent to local organizations and people who need their help, and its not too late to get involved.

Mozilla believes everyone should know how to use the Internet, have easy access to it, and have a good experience when they're online. By utilizing our community's talents for writing, designing, programming, developing, and all-around technical know-how, we believe we can make the Web a better place for everyone.

Mozilla has a history of changing the world – and the Web – in all kinds of amazing ways. When members of our community decide to take action, they can make a serious difference:

  • Teach senior citizens how to use the Web.
  • Show a non-profit how to use social networking to grow its base of supporters.
  • Help install a wireless network at a school.
  • Create Web how-to materials for a library's computer cluster.
  • Refurbish hardware for a local computer center.
  • Update a non-profit organization's website.
  • Teach the values of the open Web to other public benefit organizations.

Mozilla Service Week is available in 10 languages, which have been translated and readied over previous weeks by volunteer members of the Mozilla community. Mozilla Service Week is proud to have a long list of very important non-profit organization partners who have helped create a successful week of service.

Share your project with us!

Once you have a project in mind and in process, please come back and tell us what all about it. Be sure to register your project so your volunteer's donated hours count towards the Mozilla Service Week grand total! Register your project.

What Is Mozilla?

We're a global community of thousands who sincerely believe in the power of technology to enrich people's lives. We're a public benefit organization dedicated not to making money but to improving the way people everywhere experience the Internet. We're an open source software project whose code has been used as a platform for some of the Internet's most innovative projects. Above all, we're focused on a single goal: making the Internet better for everyone.

We are building a better Internet in very concrete ways. Our work includes:

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