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26th February, 2010

Teach others about how important Web browsers are and help them understand the browser choice process by joining Open to Choice.  Read on for some tips on how to spread the word – even if you don’t have much time.

tell your friends, colleagues and more

share your views

- Read the open letter and leave a comment. Have your say about browser choice.

- Take part in the Twitter discussion by tagging your tweets with #opentochoice.

- Blog about your perspective on browser choice. Explain why it’s important and how to best choose a browser.

want to do more?

- become a browser choice watcher!

Help keep people informed! Tell us where and when you saw the Browser Choice screen. Send articles, blog posts, events, pictures, and more.

- get creative

We’re open to ideas:  Are you a writer, a designer, a blogger, a translator or a speaker?  There are so many ways to explore this topic and connect with other people. Send us your ideas!

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