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Community Corridor Planning

By Mary Ann Sclafani Somerville Community Corporation (SCC) is in need of a skilled web designer to prepare a content management system (CMS) for an online mapping tool. As part of our efforts to facilitate a community based planning process around the pending arrival of the Green Line in Somerville neighborhoods, SCC is creating an online mapping tool that utilizes Google Maps to identify community assets and articulate community visions for the areas around each new station. Given the degree of change that will transpire with the arrival of this new line of public transportation, SCC is committed to working with community members, particularly low income families and immigrant residents who ordinarily don’t have a voice, to influence the kinds of changes that will take place. While many of the impending changes will benefit the community, if unchecked, market changes could lead to the displacement of a sector of the population unable to keep up with increasing costs associated with the arrival of the Green Line. SCC is excited to introduce this innovative mapping tool to give people an accessible, unique, and interactive means of understanding and directly influencing community planning decisions.

The CMS will need to support photos, video, and blogging generated by users of the tool. Our intended use of this tool would require that user generated content could be uploaded in real time without administrative discretion but could be altered at a later time for quality control.

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