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School Garden Program Seeks Web Designer & Developer

By Sanaz Ebriani Urban Sprouts is looking for a volunteer web designer and CSS/HTML web developer (ideally the same person) to update the design and improve the UX (usability, information architecture (IA), and user interface) of the blogspot website. Experience with working within the blog environment is a plus.

We would also like consultation on upgrading the blog site to a easily manageable and updatable website with the blog component integrated and featured.

Improving the blog site will help expand our online presence, provide better access to information, and streamline the online donorship and volunteer sign up process.

Urban Sprouts is a school garden program that serves low-income youth from San Francisco’s under-served neighborhoods. By cultivating school gardens in San Francisco’s under-served neighborhoods, Urban Sprouts partners with youth and their families to build eco-literacy, equity, wellness, and community.

Our gardens help students become more engaged in school and connect with food, the environment and each other.

Thanks to Mozilla Service for offering volunteer support!

A Quote from one of the students:

“I want to be eating more greens EVERYDAY, and less sugar. I plan on sharing my knowledge about nutrition with my parents and brother.”

Please send your resume/portfolio to:

Sanaz Ebriani
sanaz[at]urbansprouts[dot]org Related Link