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Creating Connections for Confidential Communication

By Alyssa Ford Morel Pathway Homes is a non-profit in Northern Virginia providing non-time-limited housing and support to more than 350 homeless and other adults with mental illness. We are faced with an urgent need to develop a method of communicating with our staff at approximately 30 remote locations in a confidential, HIPAA- compliant manner. We need to securely transmit confidential:
- Email
- Clinical records
- Accounting records
- Personnel documents such as timesheets, reimbursement forms, etc.
- Other sensitive administrative documents.

We believe we need some type of virtual private network and intranet which would allow users to log into our central server allowing access or sharing of files and data. A content management/version control such as SharePoint would be very useful. We are looking for a volunteer with expertise to assess, develop and implement this crucial agency-wide tool.

Helpful information: Pathway Homes currently uses Dell servers with Intel-based processors operating on 32-bit architecture at the administrative location. The workstations are 75 percent Dell and 25 percent other name-brand hardware. Remote locations currently do not connect to the main servers. Staff members at the administrative location share files via a series of network drives. We have no dedicated IT personnel or budget for this project. We do not have an intranet site. Related Link