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Baby's First Home

By Kari Being resourceful has been a must to get Baby's First Home (a transitional living shelter for homeless teen mothers in NYC) off the ground. With no money and high expectations, we've had to figure out how to do a lot with a little. And that is how we ended up with a website designed entirely in Flash by someone (me) who doesn't actually know how to program at all.

The site actually looks pretty good, but since I don't have any formal knowledge about this stuff, every time I want to add a new feature (scrolling panes, submission forms) it's like wrestling with a crocodile. We need your help!

We're looking for someone who can convert my behind-the-scenes jerryrigging into a website with a similar feel, but a more conventional (preferably html based) underlying code. Ideally we'd love someone who would be interested in sticking around as our web guru longer-term, but even a one-shot rebuild that we could then pass onto someone else to maintain would be truly phenomenal.

Please check out our website and if it catches your eye don't hesitate to get in touch!
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