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Asylum Access seeks chatline design assistance

By Elizabeth LaCroix Asylum Access is a non-profit that helps refugees assert their rights to live safely, work, put kids in school and access healthcare and social services within their first countries of refuge. Through legal aid, strategic litigation, policy advocacy and community education, Asylum Access empowers refugees in Africa, Asia and Latin America to assert their human rights.

Asylum Access strives to assist as many refugees as possible with a limited amount of resources. One of the innovative ways that Asylum Access seeks to accomplish this goal is through the development of a chatline. The Asylum Access chatline will connect U.S.-based attorneys to refugees around the world in order to provide free legal aid to those in need. Using innovative technology, the chatline will enable refugees, who could not otherwise obtain legal advice, to access information and legal services that would allow them to successfully pursue their right to asylum.

If you have any experience in chatline or web design and are interested in helping us with this project, please join us for Mozilla Service Week. If you can help, contact Caroline Swindells at ***@***.*** Thank you!
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