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Relocalizing Massachusetts & Transitioning MCHC to Drupal

By Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities Our ideal match would be to find a local web developer who is proficient in Drupal, and looking for a way to volunteer for an important cause.

The Mass. Coalition for Healthy Communities is working to defend and strengthen the social, economic, environmental, and democratic foundations of healthy communities. We are advancing cross-cutting, holistic solutions to multifaceted and interconnected crises. We are part of an emerging grassroots movement to transition to the the healthy, just, and sustainable future that is within reach... and we need to harness the democratizing power of Web 2.0 and beyond to make the connections and build communities based on cooperation, justice, and sustainability.

Help transition Massachusetts to a secure green future, and help transition MCHC's website to Drupal so that we can better advocate a relocalized Massachusetts. Related Link