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Tom Bradley Elementary School, LAUSD, Monday 14

By Kenneth Wyrick Yesterday I went onto the playground during recess time with my Indamixx portable studio and recorded some 5 or so little boys doing human beat box with their hands up to their mouths.

I went to the office and the principal was not available so i spent 45 minute talking with the man who runs the reprographics for the school. He asked me about which Internet service he should get at home. He said he uses AT&T so I told him that's where he needs to start. He should be able to get DSL service and they should send him a modem and filters which he should get a rebate for so he does not have to pay for the equipment.

He asked me what a modem is, so I explained, that the standard analog phone uses over a 100 tones to transmit our voice over the phone wires and the modem modulates and de-modulates the tones to digital, which is binary, the system that the computer produces and understands. He asked about the filters and how long they last? I told him they last for years and typically do not need to get replaced. That the filters come with the modem and that he will need to go around the house and put a filter on each analog/voice line he has because when they activate the service they will change his line from analog to digital.

We then talked about the 8 LiveCD/DVDs kit for the school to provide Open Source Software operating systems and applications to run on computers in the computer lab and on several computers they have sitting around that do not work. Related Link