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How Open source Changed My Life ?

By Lakshmipathi.G Though I have used computers in college- Until my second year in master degree ,I don't even know how to insert a CD in a CD-Drive (lol).I got computer (using loan) and installed linux and started exploring it and did a linux mini-project,which allowed me to get campus recruited with my average skills in english.Although campus recruitted,company didn't offer me job at appropriate time.So decided to write a project to get a job.I thought about writing ext3ed (inspired from Gadi oxman's ext2ed ) but later ended it with giis.-an ext3 undelete tool-It's true the project didn't follow any coding standards or anything.
But a recover company came forward with an offer.Later the project won FOSS India Awards.
I have never met Gadi Oxman (I don't know where he is from,what's his job), but he (through his open source project ext2ed and it's documents)_really_ made a difference in my life.I would love to meet him :)
I strongly believe my life is powered by Linux and Open source.I would spent rest of my life supporting open source, thus helping others :)

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