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Steam-powered computers at Millvale Library!

By JoeMcL I'm the techie for the Millvale Library, an all-volunteer effort to create a library with a community focus in Millvale, near Pittsburgh, PA. This small, walkable community has been devastated by floods in recent years, so a group of civic-minded folks decided to do something to promote it- with very little money, I might add! As a result, we started a new library, now housed in a rented room. Even more exciting- last year we bought a building right downtown, with hopes of rehabilitating and opening it soon. A modern library needs on-line computers, of course- which is where I came in.

A while back we inherited some random computer parts that gave some promise of actually working. I was no stranger to the inside of a computer, but I surely learned a lot by salvaging these old machines. OK, so "steam-powered" is a bit of an exaggeration- maybe "Soviet-era" is more suitable. They are cranky and slow- every day they still work I am amazed- but they get the job done! They are the most popular service of the library, used constantly by our patrons.

So this week I spent a few hours coaxing them along (TG for Windows SteadyState!). Just the usual- run Windows Updates, fix a busted profile, all mysterious little things that are part of the techie's world. It is a privilege and honor to use my modest talents for such a good cause. Related Link