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Help requests, like waves, will continue to roll in...

By Vectrexer As a father, I receive daily requests for for love and attention. Since my child is in the fourth grade I also receive requests for help from Ocean Shore School. I am glad to give the time I can in helping to to act as a computer lab aide for my daughter's class. The help needed for the lab extends beyond the classroom time into the need for maintenance for the system in the entire school.

With the California budget cuts our school has been able to offset the money and manpower lost from the state with parent volunteer hours. As a team we have provides a valuable resource to the school. As and individual I was able to provide about 10 hours of service this past week in the maintenance of the systems as well as the installation of newly allocated software the teachers and students. Also planned for the coming week is the addition of another network interface to the school server.

However, the need for parent volunteer hours does not end with the final day of the Mozilla Service Week. I encourage others to volunteer with the school in your local community whether you have children or not. The time spent will be one of the most rewarding periods in the lives of the children, the community, and yourself. Related Link