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Greneteam created gardens for the Community

By Patis Patio No Work? Yes, the Greneteam put this project together with (almost) no work.Four beautiful growing gardens in 4 ft by 4 ft square units all promising fresh food for the community.The members just stood there waiting and watching, still I pushed on until Sunday two of the members brought seeds and Ellen an elder handed me $23.00 cash. I did all the research using Mozilla and came out with this idea to use your balcony/front steps /community clubs and churches to teach a simple gardening method taught by Mel the engineer from Utah. I was there in Park city painting murals for the resorts and could see the lushness of the landscapes..Historical idea to have edible landscapes. Now that I have finished this one prototype...I will do the entire neighborhood on Havendale by my Gallery.God blesses the,"Doers", and I'm not one to be stopped. I did this in honor of my son, Eric Mills, that passed away in Feb 2009.
This was our first church when he was young boy.
Join me with the Greneteam...The Ideas are all over the internet that can help people in these trying times. Feed the hungry and teach them to Plan and Plant. by Pati Florida Artist (The Next square Foot Garden will be by the Boys and Girls Club on Havendale in Winter Haven,Fl.) Related Link