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Can you suggest a solution to my company's need of the hour

By Priya Ranjan Shrivastava Please Visit at :
Please help my company and suggest a solution !
Although I am quite stranger to you , but I do believe that brotherhood should be practiced by all successful leader in the hour of need to another business person who wants to succeed in any adverse conditions !
May I get your kind blessing in terms of Financial Bailout for my Pharmaceutical Company named ORISCON BIOTECH ( I) PRIVATE LIMITED My Company is ready to provide 12% interest per annum on the total amount of bailout package.The requirement for my company is of INR Rs. One Crore [ US $ 0.25 million ; (BritishPond - 0.15 million) ] only.
My COMPANY is still in the process of generating the required fund of Rs. One Crore which is the least amount needed to launch its Fifty Branded Products after creating an all India marketing network . I have already roped in 20 hard core Marketing Professionals who are having strong potential to generate optimum sales volume at the tune of Rs. Two Crore [ US $ 0.50 million ( British Pond - 0.30 million) ] per annum that will yield a net profit of Rs. Twenty Five Lakhs for the company in the first operational year.
I strongly believe in one of those statements that :" Success depends upon your ability to shape the future by anticipating and responding to change according to hour of need besides you should also know that you have never been better positioned to achieve this. "

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