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Stories & Inspiration

Read below to see all the amazing ways the Mozilla community shared, gave, engaged, created, and collaborated during the week of September 14-21, 2009, by using the Internet to make a difference in people's lives.

People from all over came together to make a difference in their local community, and helped fellow public benefit organizations gain from the open Web. Thank you for taking part in Mozilla Service Week. Thank you for joining the cause - you made a difference.

We're THIS close to being awesome.

By Patrick Smith For almost 40 years, People's Community Health Centers has provided solid, dependable health care to people in Baltimore, regardless of their insurance status or their ability to pay. We believe that everyone's entitled to quality medical care.

We get decent enough traffic on our Wordpress-based blog/web site. But we're a long way from being as solid a web presence as we are a medical presence. We need help connected our disconnected web site. Things like smooth e-donation and volunteer info. Things like video capabilities and blogging capabilities for our doctors and nurses. Things that can put our visitors right next to us on the front lines of the fight for health care and against poverty.

We're also behind the curve when it comes to social media. Sure, we have a modest Facebook presence. But we could do so much more. With a little help and guidance from someone with some experience, we could use social media to tell our story to donors, to patients, to funding sources and to government and private influencers.

We have a committed staff. We have great doctors and nurses. We have great patients and we have inspirational stories. And we know how to tell them. But we need help with new WAYS of telling them.

If you believe that everyone's entitled to quality medical care, we could really use your help. Related Link

Unique NGO (non-profit) needs help with Website and others

By Dr. Kushal Banerjee Ragging (Hazing) is a serious menace in India. Every year about 10 "ragging-deaths" get reported, while hundreds of students get badly injured and/or disabled. COUNTLESS of innocent teenagers suffer extreme forms of brutal abuses for several months!!!

In its long presence, ragging has ruined countless of innocent lives and careers.

Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE) is possibly the first registered non-profit organization in India dedicated to address this issue.

SAVE was conceptualized by young professionals and students from diverse academic fields. It has been working mainly in the following areas -

(i) Spreasing the awareness.
(ii) Providing medical, legal and counseling supports to the victims,
(iii) Promoting Anti-Ragging units within campuses to render the campus environments hostile to "ragging".

We are in dire need of tech helps, mostly for the following areas -

(i) Upgradation of our website.
(ii) Use of social-networking or other tools to increase volunteer / support base.
(iii) Publishing eNewsletters.
(iv) Getting online supports.

Several media have published articles on our activities.

We shall be highly thankful, if we may get the necessary help for our cause.

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Serious Website Makeover

By Jessica Meehan We offer quality healthcare to the elderly poor population. Our first priority is to make sure the residents we serve are well taken care of and we truly believe we do this extremely well. But, we recognize that there are many potential residents and resources that could help us acheive or mission better. Since hurricane Katrina we have not been able to update our website. The information on the site is incorrect and the site itself is out of date. We need to revamp our site so that residents and other resources can find our facility and offer their services. Any help to get this site up and accurate would be an extreme help to the mission we serve. Related Link

Internet for a Remote African Village

By Tribal Networks Tribal Networks first visited this amazing place in the spring of 2008. We were told that people living in the tribal area of Ait Attab in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco needed modern communications. We found more urgent problems such as poverty and lack of clean water.

Using the internet we are getting people in to help solve these problems, and we've put off the internet project until after we have built a school and community centre, and alleviated the water shortages.

What we're doing now will show very well the benefits to the community of having decent communications to find other communities who are familiar with their problems.

We need help with our websites and internal wiki, and later with the web services we will provide to the community. We want to observe web standards and accessibility guidelines. We're open to ideas beyond just what is mentioned here.

What we're doing shows technology as a means to an end, not an end in itself. The real-world manifestations will make a huge difference and improve the everyday life of many people.
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Inspiring young people in Asia! Looking for IT Genius!

By Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship We are looking for creative IT talents to make a true difference to our youth entrepreneurship campaign in Asia Pacific!

The Asia Pacific Future 100 ( is an program that aims to inspire thousands of young people in Asia to become entrepreneurs by providing them with positive and successful young entrepreneurs as role models!

In order to reach out to as many young people as possible we aim to create a website that showcases our 100 young entrepreneurs with their stories, photos from their work and discussion forums to connect young people with those fellows.

We need your golden hands and creative mind to support our team in programming the youthful and exciting website!

Volunteers get the glory and fame of being THE ONE who creates the most amazing website on youth entrepreneurship ever in Asia, but most importantly you can work on a cool project that can make a huge difference to entrepreneurship and our youth in Asia! Related Link

Need Transcribing Equipment & Transcribers

By Hayehwatha Institute The Hayehwatha Institute, a nonprofit located in Mt Shasta, California, offers programs to see into the spiritual dimensions of the universe and use that information and experience for the benefit of humanity on earth. All the programs have been audio taped and many of them are on video. We are looking for Transcribing Equipment and Volunteers to transcribe the tapes so they can be made into study materials, books, CDs and DVDs. The material is profound and leading edge. Related Link

Tutor/Mentor Connection

By Tim Hogan We are working with an organization called Tutor/Mentor Connection here in Chicago, helping them rearchitect and redesign their current site ( to make it more useful and more powerful tool. We are currently seeking a technical partner to help implement the updated interface modifications. Related Link

SEO/SEM help needed for Disability Group

By Dave Tinker ACHIEVA, is western Pennsylvania's largest provider of lifetime supports for people with intellectual disabilities and developmental delays, such as autism and mental retardation. We serve approximately 7,000 individuals with disabilities and their families each year.

We need assistance building search engine optimization into our website. Because over 90% of our funds go into direct services and programs we do not have additional resources for search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

As more and more parents and family members of people with disabilities visit web sites to learn about programs and services in the community it is vital that they are able to easily find the model programs best suited to their needs. Our website provides more details on our programs and services.

Your help is greatly appreciated and will benefit many individuals with disabilities and their families. Thank you!
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Internet site for charity Barka (L'Arche) Slovenia

By Ales Cerin I will organize and create internet site for not-for- profit organisation Barka (L'Arche) Slovenia, where they will present themselves to community, to share experiences among volunteers, to present themselves to donators.

L'Arche is an international network of faith-based communities centered arou Related Link

An organization helping to bridge the digital divide

By David Rolnitzky I recently started working with the Computer Technology Network in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization is working to improve digital literacy by training and providing support for local computer labs. I hope you'll join me during Mozilla Service Week to help this great great group!
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