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Read below to see all the amazing ways the Mozilla community shared, gave, engaged, created, and collaborated during the week of September 14-21, 2009, by using the Internet to make a difference in people's lives.

People from all over came together to make a difference in their local community, and helped fellow public benefit organizations gain from the open Web. Thank you for taking part in Mozilla Service Week. Thank you for joining the cause - you made a difference.

Wilderness High Adventure Camp Seeks Web Development Help

By Camp Amnicon Camp Amnicon, a wilderness high adventure canoe and backpack program for junior and senior high youth located on the South Shore of Lake Superior, is in need of your technical aid!

Amnicon, which serves many youth from inner-city, reservation, mental health, and foster care backgrounds that do not normally have the chance to spend time in the wilderness in safe, caring groups like those formed a camp, has several areas of its website that are in need of updating, revision, and technical help. These include newsletter archiving, a new subpage featuring one of our new programs--Adizokan Village, creating better supporter communication and highlighting individual camper stories.

If you are interested in finding out more and helping out please call 715-364-2602 or email the camp at ***@***.***. Thank you for your consideration. Related Link

Non Profit Seeks Dance Crews

By Naeem Callaway We are looking for dancers to put videos together that promote Get Out THe Box, a nonprofit that mentors at-risk youth!! The music used should have a positive message that will promote our mission! When doing these videos please plug! Check our video message: Post videos to youtube and email link to ***@***.***!

Let's Get Our Youth Out of the Box!

Naeem Callaway
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How to make the most of your social media channels

By Racepoint Group Racepoint Group, a global PR consultancy with expertise in digital relations, is pledging hours to help Starlight (, the childrens charity.

Starlight has a Facebook page and Twitter handle already but feel they could do a better job in using the platforms to benefit the organisation.

On September 17th, Racepoint will visit Starlight's Paddington office to offer training and guidance on a social web strategy specifically design for Startlight to help their just cause. Related Link

Intergenerational Narrative Audio Stories

By Glenn McKnight Oshawa Remembers is a intergenerational project with local high school students who record audio stories and edit them in Audacity then they are posted to our Wordpress site.
Over 180 audio recordings to date available to listen on the website or download from Internet Archives at
The project uses Open Source tools and all the stories are donated to the Public Domain
They are short and POV stories which provide insights to young people on the life experiences of the veterans who fought in World War Two and the Korean Conflict
Glenn McKnight
Oshawa, Ontario Canada
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Asylum Access seeks chatline design assistance

By Elizabeth LaCroix Asylum Access is a non-profit that helps refugees assert their rights to live safely, work, put kids in school and access healthcare and social services within their first countries of refuge. Through legal aid, strategic litigation, policy advocacy and community education, Asylum Access empowers refugees in Africa, Asia and Latin America to assert their human rights.

Asylum Access strives to assist as many refugees as possible with a limited amount of resources. One of the innovative ways that Asylum Access seeks to accomplish this goal is through the development of a chatline. The Asylum Access chatline will connect U.S.-based attorneys to refugees around the world in order to provide free legal aid to those in need. Using innovative technology, the chatline will enable refugees, who could not otherwise obtain legal advice, to access information and legal services that would allow them to successfully pursue their right to asylum.

If you have any experience in chatline or web design and are interested in helping us with this project, please join us for Mozilla Service Week. If you can help, contact Caroline Swindells at ***@***.*** Thank you!
Related Link website needs an overhaul

By devolute are a charity that seeks to engage young people with politics. They are the UK’s first internet television channel based at Westminster – run by young people, for young people.

Their website is a little tired and it needs work to enable visitors to find all the great video resources that exist there and make it easier for volunteers to become involved. Related Link

Waste Reduction Organization Looking for Website Help

By Hudson Valley Materials Exchange Mission: HVME is an educational waste prevention organization that fosters business and community development, art and culture, environmental protection, and sustainable living through its services.

We're looking for someone to help us re-organize our website, making the site far more navigable and user-friendly. There is a wealth of information about materials we have in stock, ideas and photos from folks who have used our materials in many creative ways, and much more available on our site, and we'd love to have some help in making this more accessible to the world! Related Link

Baby's First Home

By Kari Being resourceful has been a must to get Baby's First Home (a transitional living shelter for homeless teen mothers in NYC) off the ground. With no money and high expectations, we've had to figure out how to do a lot with a little. And that is how we ended up with a website designed entirely in Flash by someone (me) who doesn't actually know how to program at all.

The site actually looks pretty good, but since I don't have any formal knowledge about this stuff, every time I want to add a new feature (scrolling panes, submission forms) it's like wrestling with a crocodile. We need your help!

We're looking for someone who can convert my behind-the-scenes jerryrigging into a website with a similar feel, but a more conventional (preferably html based) underlying code. Ideally we'd love someone who would be interested in sticking around as our web guru longer-term, but even a one-shot rebuild that we could then pass onto someone else to maintain would be truly phenomenal.

Please check out our website and if it catches your eye don't hesitate to get in touch!
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Battling Poverty via Enviornmenal Remediation Seeks Web Help

By Miriam Gillow-Wiles The Western Hardrock Watershed Team (WHWT) is a coalition of community/watershed-improvement groups, confronting the challenges that remain from historic mining in the West. We address environmental degradation and community impoverishment by providing rural mining communities with the skills and capacity they need to make their neighborhoods, communities, and watersheds better places to live and work.

The WHWT provides important capacity-building support to rural mining communities through an innovative partnership between the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) and AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) - often referred to as the domestic Peace Corps. We help build capacity, sustainability, and environmental awareness by placing OSM/VISTAs with local community watershed groups throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana.

All our OSM/VISTAs are college graduates, passionate, and willing to live at poverty for a year or two to make effective and lasting change. We come from all different walks of life. We vary in age from mid 50s to early 20s and have bachelors and masters degrees ranging from Religious Studies to Geology. Some of us are locals, some have moved thousands of miles from home for this opportunity. What ties us together is the belief that we can undo the environmental and economic damage and thus break the cycle of rural poverty, as well as a strong desire to change the world, one small piece at a time. Related Link

Creating Connections for Confidential Communication

By Alyssa Ford Morel Pathway Homes is a non-profit in Northern Virginia providing non-time-limited housing and support to more than 350 homeless and other adults with mental illness. We are faced with an urgent need to develop a method of communicating with our staff at approximately 30 remote locations in a confidential, HIPAA- compliant manner. We need to securely transmit confidential:
- Email
- Clinical records
- Accounting records
- Personnel documents such as timesheets, reimbursement forms, etc.
- Other sensitive administrative documents.

We believe we need some type of virtual private network and intranet which would allow users to log into our central server allowing access or sharing of files and data. A content management/version control such as SharePoint would be very useful. We are looking for a volunteer with expertise to assess, develop and implement this crucial agency-wide tool.

Helpful information: Pathway Homes currently uses Dell servers with Intel-based processors operating on 32-bit architecture at the administrative location. The workstations are 75 percent Dell and 25 percent other name-brand hardware. Remote locations currently do not connect to the main servers. Staff members at the administrative location share files via a series of network drives. We have no dedicated IT personnel or budget for this project. We do not have an intranet site. Related Link

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